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photo by Andra Gusman '14 



Orientation was super fun! Driving up to campus freshman year I can vividly 

remember all the BKH's and Blue Key's standing on the corner of Main Street 
in the pouring rain screaming. Of course my parents had to embarrass me, so 
when we drove by, my dad rolled down the window blaring his horn. I remem- 
ber the seniors, who I was petrified of, running up to the car, asking my name, 
being incredibly enthusiastic and welcoming. I knew at that moment that I 
wanted to be just like them. So finally, when senior year orientation rolled 
around, I could not have been more excited to share that experience with all 
the new students. I'm sure that we embarrassed multiple students and scared 
them with our incredible amount of school spirit, but I know that when their 
senior year comes around, they will be doing the same thing. All I can hope 
for, is that they had as memorable of an experience as I did!!!! 
-Becca Wagman '13 

As a Blue Key Head, 
it was so nice seeing 
all the new students 
welcomed as warmly 
as we were four years 
ago. It's a crazy feel- 
ing knowing that the 
class of '13 has come 
full circle! - Stephanie 
Petrella '13 

I am so thankful for 
the set of Blue Keys 
we had this year. 
They took their job 
seriously by being 
friendly and depend- 
able which is all I 
could ever ask for. 
-Unwana Abasi '13 

Running around, 
welcoming everybody 
here, and watching 
everyone slowly get 
less and less nervous 
and smiling was so 
great, especially when 
we were cheering 
around the ArmiRary 
sphere. - Henry Ken- 
nelly '13 

The magical bond 
that a sour throat and 
tons of new students 
bring, it's like nothing 
' could possibly have 
imagined. You go 
in not really know- 
ing what to do and 
suddenly everything 
falls into 
Agbi '13 

■ everytning 
place. - Theo 

1. Pearson Goodman '13 leads a cheer at orientation. He said, 
"Cheering with all of the clusters on the great lawn was really 
unique and sure, it might have been tough because my voice was 
non-existent (or rather, it sounded like Batman from The Dark 
Knight), but the excitement of all of the kids in Abbot and my fel- 
low BKH Rhea Lewis '13 more than made up for me." 
2. Henry Kennelly '13 and Becca Wagman '13 
3. Rhea Lewis '13 and Unwana Abasi '13 
4. Theo Agbi '13 and Chia Okorie '13 
Tahera Doctor '13, Stephanie Petrella '13, 
Unwana Abasi '13 
6. Kaitlin Poor '13, Amelia Calvin '13 



113 ^* 

kphnto by Stephanie 

7. New students walking to matriculation 

8. Dan Martucci '13, David Crane '13, Luca 
Tresham '13 

9. Ali Belinki '13 

10. New Students gathered in the cage for 

11. New Students at the ropes course 

12. Rory Ziomek '13, Susanna Rademacher '13, 
Emily Carrolo '13, Connor Fraser '13, Jessica 
Lee '13, Jordan Johnson '13 

13. Emily McKinnon '13, Kevin Newhall '13 

14. Matt Deorocki '13 

15. Caelyn Colde '13, Amanda Simard '13, 
Kristin Mendez '13, Lucia McCloin '13, 
Meaghan Haugh '13, Katherine Lee '13, Jessica 
Lee '13 

16. Rhea Lewis '13, Theo Agbi '13 


Ian Song '13 

Blue Key Heads at Midnight March 

Erin |ohnson '13, )D Schink '13, Carrick Gu '13 Aaron Finder '13 

Harry Wright '14 

Julie Doar '13, Raeva Kumar '13 

"Exeter Students" 

Laz Nymakazi '13, Andrea Vargas '13, Andries Feder '13, Gabbi 
isher '13, Ceorge Avecillas '13 
Blue Key Heads at Midnight March 
Kit Li '14, Sophia Lloyd-Thomas '14 

0. Kristin Mendez '13, Claudia Ciles '13 

1. Chris Hohlstein '14, )ake Howell '14 

"As a stud en 

worries rushing through me. But, the student environment 
here is so open and accepting, that you make friends 
immediately. Not only do you meet many students in 
your own grade, what I found amazing was how warm 
and approachable the upperclassmen were towards me. 
The returning students that you meet on the first day are 
extremely friendly, and help you integrate into the Andover 
community immediately. With all of the new students that 
you meet and all of the exciting, funny activities organized 
during the weekend, you forget about your worries instantly. 
I felt immediately accepted into the community, and that 
is an essential factor that definitely contributed to my 
successful start here at Andover. Most importantly, it made 
me feel happy." 

-Marcello Rossi '16 

!\ 1 


"Everybody, I've been waiting for this moment 
for a long time. The moment that I could stand before you all today and say: It feels good to be 3 
Senior. No matter how many years you've been here, '13, we all now have the privilege to be the leaders 
of this campus, we have the responsibility to be the role models, and we will have the honor to graduate 
together as the class of 2013. As seniors we'll have all sorts of fun. We can have senior tea in our senior tees 
and be happy with our Seniority. We can finally flaunt our class sign with pride and yell at the top of lungs, 
that very lucky number: 13. Thirteen is a very special number. In many cultures it is considered both lucky 
and unlucky. Now I have a couple of questions for you. Originally, how many American colonies were there? 
How many items are in a bakers dozen? What is the first year of being a teenager? A little history lesson for 
everybody here: the class of thirteen has been called many things during it's time here, freshman, juniors, 
sophomores, lowers, uppers, juniors again, the class of rain, the unlucky class, the lucky class, the best 
looking class, the most spirited class... and just plain old thirteen. But today, today we are called seniors. And 
while I don't necessarily know all of you, there is no class, no group of people that I would rather share that title 
with. So to all of my fellow seniors, thank you and let's let this year be the best year at Andover." 

' HnrlKii-itCJuury 'Kil; 

-I pJi .1 

best memory from fall term? 

"The best part of fall term 
was arriving on campus the 
first day of orientation. I will 

never forget turning down 
Chapel Ave. on the way to 

GW and seeing all of the 
blue keys shouting holding 
signs saying 'Honk if you love 
PA.' Meeting everyone and 
starting friendships that will 
last a life time is something 
that I personally won't ever 
forget." -Payton Jancsy '16 

"My favorite memory from 
fall term was during my 
first pep rally. Seeing the 
whole school rally together 
to beat Exeter was a great 
experience. Also having 
the Blue Keys lead us in 
the school cheers was 
exhilarating! One that I will 
remember for the rest of my 
life." — Michaela Hagler '16 

"Fall term was a great 
experience. Everyone 
was open and welcoming 
and I had a blast meeting 
new people and learning. 

I'll never forget it." 
— Pranav Tadikonda '16 

Grasshopper was one of the 
highlights of my senior fall. There's 
nothing equal to dancing with my 
Blue Strut girls and all the crazy fun 
that goes on backstage. Plus I love 
any excuse to wear glitter! 
- Rochelle Willbun' 13 

photo by livio Elson '15 

"I've always wanted to be a clown, 
so when I heard that there were 
auditions to MC the circus themed 
Grasshopper, I just couldn't resist." 

- Stephen Moreland, "14 

A Geek's Wardrobe: 

"It's real red and real shiny 



photo by Stephanie Nekoroski '1 

_ mmm m I § 

photo by Stephanie Nekoroski '14 

1. Bridget Higgins '14 and Maggie 
Kobelski '15 
2. |DSchink'13 
3. Stephanie Petrella '13, Catalina Feder 
'15 , ) Reader '13, Aaron Finder '13 

4. Claire Carroll '14 

5. Emily Carrolo '13 
6. Nya Hughes '15, Claire Carroll '14 

7. Vincent Mocco '15 
8. Claire Carroll '14, Sophiya Chiang '14, 
Erin Johnson '13, Walter Chacon '13, Ali 
Belinki '13, Rachel Xiao '13 
9. Catherine Haseman '14, Bridget 
Higgins '14 

10. Katherine Weaver '15, Alison Hill '15 
11.M) Engel '13, Walter Chacon '13, Emily 
Carrolo '13, Alexi Bell '13, 
12. Creer Sallick '14, fake Rauh '14 
13. Campbell Howe '14, Kathryn 
Williams '14 
14. Amy Morin '14, Emily Ewing '14 


r 6 

1. Maria Mata '13 , Susanna Rademacher '13, 
Claudia Giles '13, Kristin Mendez '13, and 
Emily Fang '13 cheer at the pep rally. Susanna 
Rademacher '13 said, "My favorite part about 
the pep rally was running out on the field at 
the very end with all of the other seniors. Co 
class of '13!" 
2. Andries Feder '13 
3. Sophiya Chiang '14, Alex Rubin '14, and 
Paul Tulungen '14 
4. Cunga 
5. )ake Pelton '14 

6. |i Tae Park '14, James Coombs '16, Lydia 

Kaprelian '13 

7. Chia Okorie '13, Andries Feder '13, Theo 
Agbi '13, Laz Nyamakazi '13, Henry Kennelly 

n3, Stephanie Petrella '13, Cunga, Unwana 
Abasi '13, Rhea Lewis '13, )ohn Palfrey, and 
Becca Wagman '13 
8. Stephanie Petrella '13 
9. Jack Ward '13, Lawrence Kemp '13, and 
Boy's Varsity Football 
10. Olivia Cabral '14, Julia Marcus '15 .Eliza 
Quigley '15, and Hannah Burns '15 
11. Chia Okorie '13 

best skit 

! oi the night: 

Volleyball! I really 
thought it was great 
because they were so 
well rehearsed - Ellie 
Blum '15 

My favorite skit was 

from girls varsity 

// J' • S '\ 

soccer. The one 

girl in a wheel chair I 

looked so sad and \ 

1, j y 

left behind, it was 

hilarious!- Paul 

Turiano '13 

Boys Soccer! 
Because they are 
hot as can be. Some 
of their bodies were 
ungodly! -Mikayla 
Raab '14 

>ne w 


Stephanie Nekoroski '14 


- Katie Kreider '14 , 


-Zoe Chazen'14 

photo by Andra Cusman '14 

andovei/exeter 2U 1 z 

In one instant, the very second the ball lands in Larken Kemp's receiving hands, the entire stadium 
explodes. Blue and white pompoms fly into the air, and people let out outrageous cheers of joy. The 
energy is palpable, and the adrenaline coursing through your body is out of control. As a Blue Key 
Head, there's no greater feeling than looking out at this ecstatic sea of blue faces. Andover /Exeter is the 
culmination of my love for Andover. During this time, all cliques and social boundaries disappear, and the 
school transforms into one united a sea of blue. Everyone in the stands has the same purpose. Everyone 
in the stands wants the same thing. We all want to wreck the Ex. We are Andover. We are it. 

photo by Emmie Avvakumova 1- 

hoto bv Claudia Gilos ' 13 


1. Justin Aimonetti '13 

2. Gunga waving the Andover flag 

3. The Andover crowd at the Boys' Varsity Football game 

4. Madeleine Engel '14, Laura Ippolito '14, Amelia Danovitch '13, Julia Smachlo 

5. Andries Feder '13 
A 6. Zoe Leibovitch '15, Victoria Everett '14, Meredith Collins '14, Veronica 

Hildenbrand '14 

7. Emmie Avvakumova '14 and Theo Agbi '13 

8. Head of School John Palfrey 

9. Natalie Kim '14, Stephanie Nekoroski '14, Catherine Haut '14, and Katie 
« Kreider '14 


Running Sadie this year was a great success and a lot 
of fun. As the head of Oxfam (a charity dedicated to 
fundraising for poverty and hunger), it was exciting to 
see how many people were purchasing tickets and ready 
to get dressed up to dance. The wonderful members 
of Oxfam gratefully volunteered, selling over 575 
tickets during lunch periods. Once the night ended, we 
made close to $2,350, which was then donated to the 
international Oxfam charity. In the few minutes I had to 
visit the dance, it looked like everyone was having a great 
time. However, I was also having a great time on my own, 
admitting couples with some good friends -- or as we like 
to call ourselves, the OxFam-family. 

1. Max Vortex Carrillo-Ostrow '13, 
Myracle McCoy '14 , Lily Zildjian '14, 
Liam Fortin '14, Katherine Tobeason '14, 
and David Yoon '14 
2. John Perkins '13 , Julia Smachlo '13 
3. Hannah Sorkin '14 and Rolando 
Bonachea '13 
4. Katherine Tobeason '14, Caroline 
Carrity '15, Sophie Landay '14, Lily 
Zildjian '14, Helen Leahy '14 
5. Tessa Peterson '15 and Austin Caiss '14 

asked Nick DiStefano '14 by buying 
bunch of balloons from CVS, writing 
ick, Sadie?' on each one in huge 
tters, then dropping them onto the 
ys Varsity Soccer Team as they were 
exiting the stadium after their pep ral 
skit. - Kaitlin Poor '13 

"I'm really bad at drawing so my friend Rachel Xiao 
'13 drew the letters of Sadie on five pieces of paper 
g and a few of my friends and I held them up in my 
date's math class. His math teacher was really 
excited." -Julie Doar '13 

"I figured Jack Ward '13 wouldn't say no if I 
^flj asked him in a super public way! Putting it in the 
P weekender was a great choice given my pulls in 
I SAB!" -Claudia Ciles '13 

best part of the season? 

"The team itself, no one expected much of us this coming 
year based on our record last year. We could only depend on 
eachother, and that made us stronger. We all had a hunger for 
changing the nature of the Andover football program; and we 
did. We won two games and almost walked away with one 
against Exeter. That in itself says something about the TEAM 
that we had this year." —Robert Rush '14 

"The best part of our season had to be our 
first win against NMH. We had all worked so 
hard and put in so much effort, it was only 
a matter of time before we got that first win. 
Everyone of the boys on the team deserved 
that W." -Alec Tolentino '14 

into by Lauren! joli-Couer '15 

Jack Ward* '13, Robert Rush 
'14, Devin Etcitty '13, John 
Cifrino '14, William Young 
'14, Corbin Lee '13, Jumaane 
Ford '16, Jack MacWilliams 
'15, Nathan Scyocurka 
'13, Francis LaRovere '13, 
Matthew Deorocki '13, 
Josiah Legaspi '14, Aaron 
Oberst '13, Julian Wolfson 
'14, Brendan Deorocki '15 
Alexander Kramer '13, 
Jackson Kim '14, Justin 
Aimonetti '13, Robert 
Needham '15, Connor Farrell 
'13, Tyler Marshall '14, 

Michael DeLaus '14, Thomas Cifrino '13, Alec Tolentino '14, John Simourian '16, Will Clark '13, 
DeWitt Burnham '16, Thomas Lane '15, Thomas Mullen '14, Jake Howell '14, Joey Verhaegh 
'13, Max Carrillo-Ostrow '13, Duke Butterfield '13, Aidan Mattrick '13, David McCullough '13, 
Larken Kemp '13, Kurtis Weber '15 

Managers: Didi Oyinlola '13, Zoe Callagher '14, Katie Williams '14, Auggie Horner '14 

.Tom Mullen '14 

2. Tyler Marshall '14 

3. Brendan Deorocki '15, Kurtis 
Weber '15, Aidan Mattrick '13, 
Corbin Lee '13, William Young '14 

4. Joey Verhaegh '13 

5. Joey Verhaegh '13 

6. Joey Verhaegh '13 

7. First line 

8. Connor Farrell '13 

9. Larken Kemp '13 

10. Larken Kemp '13 



photo by Minii Leggett '13 

1. Team gathering for a 

2. Eliza Quigley '15 
3. Team gathering for a 
4. Cara Daly '13 

5. Evagelia Toffoloni '15 

6. Evagelia Toffoloni '15 

7. Emma Mehlman '14 

8. Anna Fucillo '15 and 
Evagelia Toffoloni '15 

pHoto by Minii Leggett '13 

6 I pboto by Minii Leggett ' 13 

be a 


"PAFH has a proud tradition 
and is a paradigm of success 
and passion, embodying 
determination and unity. Field 
hockey is sport where it is 
impossible for one player to 
dominate alone, requiring 
each player to be aware and 
to contribute. PAFH is like no 
other team on campus and 
the team shares a bond that 
is not easily replicated. PAFH 
has impacted me as an athlete 
and a person, highlighting the 
importance of diligence and 
perseverance. Most importantly 
PAFH would be nothing without 
the incredible teammates and 
dedicated coaching staff." 
— Cara Daly '13 


Cara Daly* '13, Katerina Toffoloni '15, Sara 
Merker '15, Emma Mehlman '14, Kristin 
Mendez '13, Amy Morin '14, Kristen Overly 
'15, Kelly McCarthy '16, Julia Marcus '15, 
Eliza Quigley '15, Anna Fucillo '15, Hannah 
Sorkin '14, Ashlyn Aiello '14, Sarah Marcotte 
'13, Olivia Cabral '14, Nikoletta Toffoloni 
'15, Evagelia Toffoloni '15, Lila Dolan '15, 
Hannah Burns '15 

Managers: Matthew Jacobs '14, Nathaniel 
Meehan '14 


Nicholas DiStefano '14, Conor Soules 
'13, Kene Adigwe ' 14, jack McGeachie 
'13, Gabriel Freund, '13, Conner 
Cameron '15, Andreas Manos '15, Will 
Kim '13, Dylan Mott'15, Josh Murphy 
'15, Taylor Chin '15, Sam Block '15, 
Graem Henderson '15, James McLeod 
'13, Demetrios Papageorgiou '13, Zach 
Merchant '13, Tyler Olkowski '13, Peter 
Cordon Bensen '14, Brandon Girard '16, 
J.S Dackiw '14, Jack Katkavich '13 

Managers: Colby Fagan '14, Claire Frankel 

photo by Andre Cusman '14 

1. Dylan Mott '15, Conor Soules '13, 
Graeme Henderson '15. 

2. Team Photo 

3. Graeme Henderson '15. 

4. Brandon Girard '16 

5. Nicholas DiStefano '14 

6. Gabriel Freund '13 

7. Jack Katkavich '13 

8. Sam Block '14 

9. Taylor Chin '14 

10. Dylan Mott '15 

"Overall, I think we had a successful 
season. I think day in and day out we 
came to practice prepared to work 
hard for each other and had fun while 
doing it. By the end of the season we 
were all close friends. I don't think the 
number of games won and lost determine 
whether or not a season is successful, 
but by whether or not we had fun and 
were able to accomplish our team goals. 
Looking back on the season, we had a 
lot of fun while still accomplishing most 
of the goals we set for each other at the 
beginning of the season." 
— Jack McGeachie '13 


"Right before the St. Paul's game, PC's Jessica 
Vocaturo '13 and Giovanna Pickering '13 handed out 
little slips of paper with an inspirational quotes on them 
and told each girl to put the paper in their shinguards. 
'When the game is over, I want that paper to be 
absolutely NASTY with sweat,' said Pickering. '1 hen 
you'll know that you've done whatever it takes for this 

-- Anjali Krishnamachar '13 

freshman from Alaska, had 
an incredible first season. He is a very talented 
player, and though he did not play every game 
this year, when he was in the pool he made 
every second count. I'm very excited to see him 
progress and lead the team in the future." -Rome 
Arnold '14 

"We were a group of young, relatively 
inexperienced players, and so it was important to 
have someone like ®G$M *04 on the team. 
We could always rely on him to set an energetic, 
focused standard during practices and on game 
days. He's the type of character every team 
needs." —Marc Sevastopolouo '15 

Ij^llfi never backed down from 
a tough opposition and his intensity was an 
example for the team to follow. Whether before 
the final quarter or the last set up squats, his 
positive spirit and enthusiasm was always great to 
have around." —Scott Simpson '14 

photo by Claudia Ciles '13 


lome Arnold '14, Alexander Sweeting 
'14, Andries Feder '13, Henry Kennelly* 
'13, Travis Bouscaren* '14, Dong Heon 
Cho '14, Joseph Faller '14, Peter Fanikos 
'14, Scott Simpson '14, Andrew Yang 
'14, Alexander Li '15, Christopher Li '15, 
Alfred Neumann '15, Marc Sevastopoulo 
'15, Nicholas Faulkner '16 

Managers: Corinna Torabi '14, Amelia 
Danovitch '13, Timothy Wynter '14 

be a 


"This year's Water Polo team 
was a great team to be apart of. 
We had guys come up from )V 
and guys who had never played 
before, which meant we were 
inexperienced but also really 
excited to play every game. 
After every game we always had 
multiple things we all agreed 
we could work on which made 
practices during the week very 
helpful to everyone. As captain, 
I tried to lead by example in 
both games and practices but I 
always ended up learning new 
skills from watching other players 
and listening to our three very 
experienced coaches." 
-Travis Bouscaren "14 


"what the hell are you wearing 
psych that we do before our 
first game every year." -Kathryn 
Wincek '14 

"Every year at the end of the 
season, Clyfe gives each player 
a blue rose, and he gives the 
seniors a bouquet of white and 
blue roses." --Isabel Taylor '15 

"At the end of the year, we email 
Clyfe something we liked about 
each of our teammates, and he 
compiles them in a list and gives 
them out to everyone." —Erica 
Shin '16 

"I loved the team dinners that 
we would have, it was always 
home cooked and reminded 
me of my family back home." 
-Annette Bell '16 

"Every year the volleyball team 
has THE MOST swag. Without 
fail, we keep people guessing 
with crazy psychs and rockin' 
pep rally skits. Expect nothing 
else next year!" —Lucia McGloin 

oto b\ 

team photo 

■ Evie Eteon '15 

Lucia McCloin '13, Veronica Hildenbrand 
'14, Alexandria Becker '15, Kayla 
Maloney '13, Rebecca Federman '14, 
Abigail Chung '13, Olivia Bren '13, Erica 
Shin '16, Amanda Simard '13, Amanda 
Reichenbach '14, Annette Bell '16, 
Kathryn Wincek '14, Alexi Bell '13, Isabel 
Taylor '15. 

Managers: Theo Agbi '13, Richard Levy 
'13, JiTae Park '14 

1. Lucia McCloin '13 

2. Team Photo 

3. Team Photo 

4. Kathryn Wincek '14 

5. Abigail Chung '13 

6. Lucia McCloin '13 and Amanda Simard '13 

7. Alexi Bell '13 

8. Abigail Chung '13 

9. Alexi Bell '13 

10. Amanda Simard '13 

Being the captain of the volleyball team 
was a phenomenal experience. We had 
a really fantastic group of girls this year, 
both on and off the court. As captain, 
I know many of my teammates looked 
to me throughout the season, which 
was a lot of responsibility but I would 
not trade it for anything. From the first 
game of the season to A/E and "Creased 
Lightning", we had some outrageously 
fun times as team that I'll never forget. 
Saying goodbye will be tough, but I'm so 
incredibly lucky to have had the chance 
to be a part of PAVB. After all, we're the 
best team on campus! -- Alexi Bell '13 

team photo 

rlotte Chaz 


iosso '14, Sofia Barbosa '16, Liana Brooks '15, Cha 
;a Cross '16, M) Engel '13, Virginia Fu '13, Harshita Gaba '14, 

15, Alana Gudinas '16, Bridget Higgins '14, Caroline Hoskins 
. i Howe '14, Elana King-Nakaoka '14, Margaret Kobelski '15, 
Kramer '16, Vienna Kuhn '16, Audrey Leduc '14, Katherine Lee '13, 
amiile Little '16, Caroline Lu '15, Peyton McGovern '16, Lauren Montieth 
4 Haiiey Novis '13, Qiqi Ren '15, Ashlie Rockwood '14, Sarah Schmaier 

• '16, Christina 
'16, Anoush 
Shehadeh '15, 
Hyun Jin Shin 
'14, Lauren 
Smith, '15, 
Evelyn Tackett 
'15, Parker 
Tope, '16, 
Samantha Tope 
'14, Kasey Welch 
'16, Rachel 
Wittenberg '13, 
Erin Wong '13 
Kelly Xia'15 

jrge Avecillas ' 1 3, Logan Blaine ' 14, Thomas Burnett ' 1 5, Jeremy Chen ' 1 3, Wooyoung 
>i '15, Nolan Crawford '15, Christian Cruz,'16, Scott Diekema '14, Arthur Doran '15, 
jmas Feigenbaum '15, Matthew Fischetti '14, Connor Fraser '13, Kevin Fung '13, Sina 
lkari '15, Harrison Gottlich '14, Miles Harris '16, Michael Huang '15, Alexander Jiang ' 
;ry Jonas '16, Skanda Koppula '13, Eric Lawrence '16, Daniel Lee '14, Paul McGovem 
5, Ethan Mcintosh ' 1 5, Nickhil Nabar '13, Patrick Naughter '13, Jared Newman '15, Bei 
Ogando '15, Matthew Osbom '15, JongHo Park '16, Joel Anthony Pena, '16, Fernando 

j Ramos '13, Bri 
Robert '16. Julii 
'13, Erich Ro 
'13, James Schi 
Nathaniel Smith ' 1 3 
Justin Stachtiaris ' 1 
Kailash Sundaram' 1 
Jordan Swett '15, Ja: 
Teng '13, Christian 
'14, Charles Van Eijk 
'14, Abhinav Venigalla 
"15. Matthew Walk, 
Christopher Wang ' 
IanWhittall 'M, ( a 
Wong '16, Hirsh Chi 

doctor -U"3 '- - 


Our sJasorl^/asn't easy, and we had to work hard to earn our^ 
teairwsuccess. Our 4th place finish at Interschols, though, Wc 
testament to all the effort our runners put into their training and 
competitions, and I am honored to have spent 4 years running with 
such inspiring people and to have served as their captain this year. 
My entire cross-country person has made me a better runner and 
person, and PAXC will stay with me for a long time." -- Connor 
Fraser '13 

photo by Tahera Doctor '13 

rahera Doctor '13 

1. Ian Whittall '14 

2. Anoush Shehade '15 

3. Team photo (boys) 

4. Team photo (girls) 

5. Peyton McGovern '16 

6. Team Photo (boys) 

7. Grayde Tope '14 

8. Ian Whittlall '14 

best part of the season? 

"In my first year running cross country, 
placing fourth as a team at Interschols was 
incredibly special. While we weren't the 
most experienced team at first, I thought 
our captains, Connor Fraser '13 and Patrick 
Naughter '13, did a remarkable job keeping 
everyone dedicated in what ultimately 
proved to be a successful season." - Kevin 
Fung '13 

"If I could describe the cross country team in one 
word it would be family. This past season has 
made up some of my most cherished memories 
here at Andover and I could not have asked for a 
better group of girls to share them with. Whether 
it was singing "Lose Yourself by Eminem, giving 
pep talks, running all out, or yelling "Spark it", 
this team gave it their all and I couldn't be more 
proud to be a part of it!"-- Hailey Novis '13 

"I couldn't remember the last time it had snowed this much at 
Andover, so I was shocked when I woke up Saturday morning 
to mounds of snow that were as tall as me! As a I walked from 
Thompson House to Commons I actually lost my sight, all I could 
see was the snow whirling around in front of me. After eating 
brunch, my friends and I took advantage of the abundance of 
Commons trays and went sledding behind gelb and the chapel. 
However, we took a break from sledding around 1 in order to 
make it to the all school photo. All in all it was a great day, not 
only because of our snowy adventures, but also because it was 
a day in which we could relax, have fun, and enjoy each others 
company with no stress at all." — Lila Dolan '15 

1. Lila Dolan '15, 
Alba Disla '15 

2. Edward Mole '13 

3. Eden Livingston 
'15, Sina Colkari '15 

4. Haille McKenzie 

5. Carolyn Nigro '13, 
Hannah Cuzzi '14, 
Angela Batuure '13 

e loving people, 
ove kissing people. 
I love Valentine's 
Day. I love you." 
-Andries Feder '13 

"I loved seeing the 
smiles on people's 
faces after they got a 
kiss. I was so happy 
to spend Valentine's 
Day in a really cute 
way." --Rhea Lewis 



are my first Head of School day. 
ctually, it was the most fun thing I've gotten to do during 
my first year on the job. The students were so excited — 
but not at all surprised. There was a dance party in lower 
right in anticipation. I have no idea how all the students 

knew which day it was going 
I to be, but somehow you 

I all just did. I loved it." 

/ -- )ohn Palfrey 

reading the S^^-S' 

1. Students celebrate HOSD Eve in 
Lower Right. 

3. Matt Walker '14 & Henry 
DeRuff '14 

4. )S Dakiw '14, Veronica 
Hildenbrand '14, Doris Nyamwaya 
'14, Monica Traniello '15 and John 
Cifrino '14. 

6. Matt Abrahamsen '13, Theo 
Agbi '13, and Arianna Chang '13. 

7. Ben Yoon '14, Amogh Sharma 
'14 and 

8. Christian Langalis '13 

describe head of f) 

school day in 0K€- W0lT^\ Sj*f*fl 

Oliver Chemyk'15 Steph Nekoroski '14 MarjoriifiKozloff '14 ClairejTelle 


kson-Hash H 

photo by Will Reid '15 

.hoto by Will Reid'15 

photo by Will Reid '15 

best part of the season? 

photo by Julia 

"It has been an honor to have been elected 
by such an amazing group of hockey players 
and to be their captain. It is the coolest 
group of guys both on and off the ice, and 
because we have been able to build an 
unbreakable bond throughout the year, 
there is an unbelievable amount of diversity 
and triumph that will last a very long time 
through all of our memories." —Eddie Ellis 

"This season has been a lot of fun and very 
memorable to say the least. Easily the most 
exciting part of the season was our huge 
dub over KUA, the top team in the league. 
Nobody gave us a chance, but we pursued 
that lofty goal. It resulted in the biggest 
win of the entire season. I'm not sure I 
have ever been as happy as I was after that 
game, sharing it with the bovs." --Patrick 
Daly '15 



"I am so proud of our team and so 
honored to be a captain. I love hockey 
so much and am so lucky to be able 
to play it everyday. As an upper, I 
had to find my footing and try to lead 
the team the best that I could. I love 
being a leader and have learned that 
it's about how much you try and your 
grittiness that determines your value 
as a player and a leader. Next year, it 
will be my fourth year on the team, 
so I look forward to that! This season, 
we have stayed scrappy, and I know 
we will play to the very end. We are 
still finding our way as a team, but we 
are still working together to be the 
best we can be." —Amy Morin "14 

team photo 

Ashlyn Aiello '14, Hannah Sorkin* 
'14, Evagelia Toffoloni '15, Nikoletta 
Toffoloni '15, Katerina Toffoloni '15, 
Renee LaMarche '14, Kasey Welch '16, 
Cara Daly* '13, Amy Morin* '14, Eliza 
Quigley '15, Julia Marcus '15, Elizabeth 
Kemp '15, Kelly McCarthy '16, Anna 
Fucillo '15, )enn Davis '16, Miranda 
Nestor '16, Caroline Garrity '15, Sara 
Merker '15 


photo by W 

1. "Swiss Rick" Richard McAllister '13 
swoops down the court. 
2. Sahil Bhaiwala '13 
3. Sahil Bhaiwala '13, Richard 
McAllister'13, Rory Ziomek '13, and 
Gregory Devlin '14 
4. Richard McAllister '13 
5. Rory Ziomek'13 
6. Sahil Bhaiwala '13 
7. Richard McAllister '13 
8. Sahil Bhaiwala '13 
9. Richard McAllister '13 

photo by Will Reid '15 

team photo 

Kene Adigwe '14, Nate Meehan '14, 
Cregory Devlin '14, Sahil Bhaiwala '13, 
Germaine Wright '15, )} Hayward '13, 
Brendan O'Connell* '13, Rory Ziomek 
'13, Christopher Hohlstein '14, Jake 
Howell '14, Richard McAllister '13 

Managers: Didi Oyinlola '13, Erin Wong 
'13, Sierra Heneghan '14 

'Our win over Tabor late in the 
season really showed how far we 
lave come because we lost to them 
at the beginning of the season." - 
lake Howell '14 


"We started off the season playing 
way too pop, but over time we 
saddled up and realized it was our 
time to eat." - j) Hayward '13 

"The Andover Ball Squad had a lot of 
chemistry this year. It was awesome 
to win games with contributions from 
every single member of the team." - 
Brendan O'Connell '13 

photo by Will Reid '15 

photo by Will Reid "IE 

'Amanda Simard '13 is a natural 
leader who keeps us unified and 
motivates us to work hard at practice 
and to give our all on the court. 
She also brings positive energy 
and makes sure that the team is 
staying positive and supporting one 
-- Savannah Mastrangelo '16 

1. Maggie Brown '13 

2. Giovanna Pickering '13 

3. Victoria Everett '14 

4. Meredith Collins '14 

5. Amanda Simard '13 

6. Maggie Brown '13 

7. Giovanna Pickering '13 


team photo 

Travis Bouscaren '14, David Cao '14, Dong 
Heon Cho '14, Thomas Choi '16, Joseph Faller 
'14, Connor Fraser '13, Alexander Li '15, 
Christopher Li '15, Heson Oh '14, Marcello 
Rossi '16, Scott Simpson '14, Aaron Teo '15, 
Darren Ty '16, Charles Van Eijk '14, Justin 
Wang '13, Timothy Wynter '14, Andrew Xuan 
'13, Andrew Yang '14 

Managers: Gregory Cameron '13, Franco 
D'Agostino '13, Marc Sevastopoulo '15 

1. Charles Van Eijk '14 

2. Joseph Faller '14 

3. Andrew Yang '14 
4. Craham Johns '14 

5. The diving team practices. ' 

6. KadeCall '14 if 

7. Kade Call '14 I 
8. The boys prepare to race. ™ 


hoto by Alex Donovan '13 

boys'* • o 

swim ming & 

ai vin 

be a 

"joe Faller '14 has really embraced 
his role as captain this year. 
He's the one pushing us durring 
practice, giving us inspirational 
words of wisdom before our races, 
and telling us oh-so-tender and 
witty advise. I could not have asked 
for a better captain, and better 
friend this year." 
-- Christopher Li '15 

"Swimming this year has been a 
blast. I've realized the water is 
quite wet, and the speedos have 
diminished in size. Yet the team 
remains extremely strong with a 
tight bond. We are going to miss 
the positivity of the captains and 
the seniors." 

-- Scott Simpson '14 




plTo(T>.b>.'Atpxnndra Donovan '13 

photo by Alexarf(J^*Bfif 

Fa Cleary '13 


best part of the season? 

"I would have to say my favorite 
parts are the team dinners just 
because our team is so extremely 
close and have built such strong 
bonds that the dinners are always 
a blast and a lot of fun. I feel so 
lucky to be surrounded by such a 
supportive family!" — Danielle Liu 

"I love having the massive crowds 
faithfully attend all our meets and 
cheer us on!" — Campbell Howe 

team photo 

Emily Carrolo '13, Lauren Conte '14, 
Amelia Danovitch '13, Elizabeth Duserick 
'16, Lucy Frey '13, Campbell Howe '14, 
Claire Im '15, Danielle Liu '14, Evelyn 
Liu '15, Samantha Martinez '13, Emily 
McKinnon '13, Mary Catherine Nanda 
'14, Hailey Novis '13, Qiqi Ren '15, Kaitlin 
Simpson '14, julia Smachlo '13, Corinna 
Torabi '14, Kelly Xia '15, Amy Zhao '14 

Managers: Samuel Green '13, Christiana 
Nguyen '13, Lazola Nyamakzi '13 

1. The girls practice their favorite 
tradition and team cheer. 

2. Mary Catherine Nanda '14 

3. Amelia Danovitch '13 

4. Julia Smachlo '13 

5. Kay Xia '15 

6. Amelia Danovitch '13 

7. Lilybet Macrae '13 

Willi en 

Maria Amorosso '14, Rachel Andresen 
'13, Sofia Barbosa '16, Alex Becker '15, 
D) Bierwirth '14, Julia Boyd '16, Charlotte 
Chazen '15, Caitlin Clancy '13, Alessa 
Cross '16, Larissa Danovitch '16, Angela 
Dolan '16, Alana Cudinas '16, Caroline 
Hoskins '15, )enny Huang '16, Laura 
Ippolito '14, Charlie )arvis '15, Maggie 
Kobelski '15, Amanda Krakauer '15, Anna 
Kramer '16, Vienna Kuhn '16, Samantha 
Lin '16, Camille Little '16, Cassie Naranjo 
'15, Victoria Naranjo '15, Matilda Nickell 
'16, Shanice Pimentel '14, Christine 
Rajarigam '16, Elizabeth Rao '14, Ashlie 
Rockwood '14, )uhi Saxena '16, Anoush 
Shehadeh '15, Eyelyn Tackett '15, Angela 
tang '16, Meghan Tao '15, Diana Tchadi 
'14, Katherine Tobeason '14, Parker Tope 
'16, Craydon Tope '14, Becca Wagman* 
'13, Aly Wayne '14, Claire Wolford '15, 
Andrea Yepez'14 

Rocco Amorosso '15, Thayer Anderson '15, Jonathan Arone '14, Tejasv Arya '15, George Avecillas '13, Ollie Ballinger '14, 
Benjamin Beckwith '15, Babatunde Bello '13, James Bloxham '15, Ryan Brigden '15, Jonathan Chacon '14, Diego Chavez '16, 

«4 : 

I • I 

l | If! 1 " 





Freeland '15, Brandon Cirard '16, John 
Corton '15, Christopher Hedley '13, 
Ian Jackson '16, Matthew Jacobs '14, 
Alexander Jiang '15, Thomas Johst 
'15, David Jordan '13, Samuel Kane 
'16, Benjamin Kelleher '16, Nicholas 
Kochakian '15, Eric Lawrence '16, 
Josaphat Lee '16, Josih Legaspi '14, 
Tyler Lian '16, JA-Lamar Lyons '14, Cray 
Mackall '15, Andreas Manos '16, Tyler 
Marshall '14, Bryan McCuiggin '15, Patrick 
Monaghan '14, Nickhil Nabar '13, Yuhan 
Nam '14, Patrick Naughter '13, Robert 
Needham '15, Michael Ohakam '15, 
Matthew Osborn '15, Timothy Ossowski 
'16, Demetrios Papageorgiou* '13, JongHo 
Park '16, Joel Anthony Pena '16, Theodore 
Perez '16, Isaac Pierce '16, Matthew 
Powers '14, BrianPaul Robert '16, Erich 
Rothmann '13, Samir Safwan '16, Shun 
Sakai '13, J D Schink '13, Noah Singer 
'15, Ralph Skinner '16, Kailash Sundaram 
'15, Jason Teng '13, Jonathan Thompkins 
'13, Abhinav Venigalla '15, Andrew Wang '16, Chandler Washburn '16, Ian Whittall '14, Cameron Wong '16, Justin Yan '13, Eric 
Zhang '14 

Before each practice, one of the 
captains, either Papa G or Becca, 
would throw their varsity jacket or 
sweater into the air while everyonre 
else says "aaaaaannnnndddd' . — 
Diego Chavez '16 

My favorite tradition would have 
to be when the meet is over and 
we huddle together as a team 
and thank the refs and the other 
team, whether we won or lost- 
Brandon Girard '16 

The day of the meet we will tape 
up our poles, maybe writing a 
message on them, or name them. 
(Mine's named Old Faith-pole). 
We all stay to watch and cheer 
until after the last person. - Topher 

During warm ups, a member of the 
team whose birthday is that day is 
called to the center of the warm 
up circle, and gets to lead us in 
jumping jacks. -- Julia Boyd '16 

Before our warm-up lap, the captain 
would yell "Ready! ' to which we 
would reply "Break!", then he'd say 
"Fiesta!" and we'd say "Ole!" and, 
lastly, "51 \" and we would chant/ 51 
back to him. - Maria Amorosso '14 

1. Demetrios Papageogiou '13 

2. Ian Whittall '14 speeds ahead in a 

3. Bridget Higgins '14 

4. Justin Aimonetti '13. 

5. A high jumper clears for the next 

6. Anoush Shehadeh '15. 


best part of the season? 

We entered the season uncertain of what the 
team was capable of, worked our hardest, 
/ had fun and ended up being placed in the 
top division for Interschols. It was a great 
season. -- )al<e Rauh '14 

"I love Squash. It's a timeless sport I plan 
to play into retirement at the country club." 
Malachi Price '13 

1. The boys' varsity and JV teams gather up before their 

2. Malachi Price '13 

3. Cameron Morose '13 

4. Michael Huang '15 

5. Justin Curtis '15 

6. Malachi Price '13 

7. Reid Bradt'15 

8. Kung Woo Kim '14 

Reid Bradt '15, Alexander Buck '13, Justin 
Curtis '15, Alexander Demeulenaere* '13, 
Michael Huang '15, Kun Woo Kim '14, 
Cameron Morose '13, Malachi Price '13, 
Jake Rauh '14 

Managers: Alexandra Barr '15, Rachel 
Gerrarcl '15 

^ Oi ^ 


1. Camille Price '15 4 

2. Emma Crowe '15 
3. Madeleine Mayhew '15 

4. Jessica Lee '13 
5. Madeleine Mayhew '15 
6. Emma Crowe '15 
7. Madeleine Mayhew '15 
Claire Frankel '14 plays up at a 
Varsity match. 
9. Jessica Lee '13 

Adele Bernhard* '14, Hannah Burns 
'15, Emma Crowe '15, Misha Hooda 
'14, Laura Kister '16, Jessica Lee* '13, 
Madeleine Mayhew '15, Camille Price '15 

lanager: Henry Kennelly '13 

photo by StephaniflBw«)r(fcki 14 


i _ - 

"My favorite part of the season 
was right after the Exeter meet. 
We all had really close matches, 

and we came off the courts 
red-faced and so excited. It was 
amazing beating Exeter 7/0." 
— Jessica Lee '13 

"The perfect sequel to the 
2012 season, the 2013 squash 
season was challenging, 
rewarding, and fun. The 
supportiveness of the team 
combined with our desire 
to impove lead us to a very 
successful season. Our 7-0 
victory over exeter late in the 

season was definitely the 
biggest highlight of the year, in 
addition to our trip into Boston 
to see the Harvard -Trinity 
— Camille Price '15 


1. Zach Merchant '13 pins down an 

2. Justin Muchnick '16 

3. Andreas Sheikh '15 

4. Andreas Sheikh '15 

5. Christian Vallis '14 

6. Vabuk Pahari '14 

7. Justin Muchnick '16 

8. Alexander Rubin '14 


team photo 

lexander Rubin '14, Alyssa Augustin, 
'15, Aneesh Ashutosh '15, Andreas 
Sheikh '15, Christian Vallis* '14, Dong 
Hee Hahn '15, Henry Curtis '15, Henry 
Manning '14, Ian Blythe '16, Jonathan 
Aladin '15, Jason Young '15, Justin 
Muchnick '16, John Little '15, Clint 
Yoo '14, Paul Tulungen '14, Robert 
Humphreys '15, Roshan Mathi '15, 
Thomas Daly '16, Tennyson Teece '15, 
Timothy Bulens '15, James Palmer '14, 
Matthew Simon '14, Nikhil Baradwaj 
'13, Sven Lerner* '13, Zach Merchant 
'13, Vabuk Pahari '14 

Managers: Tasmiah Ahmad '14, Elaine 
Chao '14, J Reader '13 



photo by Sean Burkitt '14 
photo by Sean Burkitt '14 

photo by Sean Burkitt '14 


"I would probably say that the best 
moment of Nordic season was after 
our NEPSAC league championships, 
all of the respective schools came 
together to produce one giant Nordic 
Harlem Shake video. I doubt you could 
say that happens in many sports." 
-- Aaron Finder '13 

photo by Sean Burkitt '!• 

"On the rally wagon back to campus from 
Cunstock, I remember falling asleep and 
waking up to some comedian that KRob 
was listening to on the radio or on tape or 
whatever. I just remember being extremely 
dazed as I listened to this strange, unknown 
man crudely discuss the differences 
between men and women and the entire 
rally wagon resounding with laughter. It 
was incredibly surreal and it reminded me 
how closely knit the Nordic team is." 
- Hallina Bletzer '15 

team photo 

Charlotte Berry '15, Logan Blaine '14, 
Hallina Bletzer '15, William Bloxham '13, 
Madeline Broccoli '15, Laura Bucklin 
'14, Sean Burkitt* '14, Zoe Chazen '14, 
Elizabeth Chesley '13, Piper Curtis '13, 
/es Fabyan '13, Aaron Finder '13, Liam 
jrtin '14, Harshita Caba '14, Elana 
Cing-Nakaoka* '14, Anjali Krishnamacha 

13, Olivia LaMarche '16, Audrey Leduc 
\, Daniel Lee '14, Paul McCovern '15, 
syton McCovern '16, Bianca Navarro 

jwman '15, Autumn Plumbo '14, Creer Sallick '14, Rebecca Somer '15, Alexander Sweeting 

14, Frances Yackel '15, Kinsey Yost '15 

1. Anjali Krishnamachar '13 

2. Piper Curtis '13. 

3. The scenic Nordic course. 

4. Laura Bucklin '14 

5. PA Nordic prepares for the 
start of a race. 

6. Harshita Caba '14 

7. Olivia LaMarche '16 

8. Olivia LaMarche '16, 
Kinsey Yost '15, Elana King- 
Nakaoka '14, Harshita Caba 
'14, Hallina Bletzer'15 

9. Charlotte Berry '15. 

photo by Sean Burkitt '14 


photo by Sean Burkitt '14 

af-lat-am african student union alianza latina 
andover ambassadors aaa andover bbq society 

andover christian fellowship adaac 

"I was attracted to Af Lat Am my freshman year because it was a sate place where I could voice my opinions 
as well as learn about the experiences of others. This year we are trying to focus on having more fun interactive 
events such as our fall farm trip, fried plantain munches, and hopefully our own Hunger Games. Black Arts 
Weekend is our biggest event and takes a lot of planning. This year the theme for the dance was Mardi Gras and 
was a ton of fun. Also, Grammy winner Rudy Currence performed! (swoon)" — Lydia Godo-Solo '13 

"\ love Azure for a lot of reasons - it brings a ton of girls together, it gives them an 
outlet to do something they love and it's a great distraction from all the homework we 
have to do on Thursday nights. I've never had more fun in Azure than this year... the 
group is such an awesome mix of big voices and personalities. " — Gaelyn Golde '13 

andover ems andover ethics society archeology club 
andover independents andover korean society 

alpaca andover japanese connection amic 
andover mock trial andover motorsports club 

jjjii Y&oi Pot&u/'X really like Asian Society 

because it provides a 
place of support and 
infrastructure for the 
students while also 
welcoming those who 
have an interest in Asian 
cultures. Different from 
the Asian affinity clubs 
under our umbrella, we 
reach out to the whole 
Asian community and try 
through that to bring a 
sense of unity." -- Lauren 
Kim '13 

tfn& strut 

Blue Strut is more than a club. It's a way 
of life. Tuesday, better known to some 
as Strutday, is always the highlight of 
my week, and the Strut girls are like my 
second family." — Rochelle Wilbun '13 

andover movie makers andover political union 
architecture club astc art for expression 

andover rock climbing andover wordplay society 
asian society azure andover oragami club 

'We secretly play checkers, but don't want to admit it..." 

--John Little '15 

"Chess club provides 
an enjoyable, no-stakes 
environment to learn 
chess, for someone like 
myself, who admires the 
complexity of the game, 
but lacks an ounce of skill. 
At the same time, players 
from the full range of skill 
regularly attend chess 
club." —Thayer Anderson 

"Jisoo Chung '14 and I started 
the Chinese Language Club to 
bring together a group of Chinese 
speakers, both language students 
and native speakers. The club meets 
once a week over dinner to practice 
speaking Chinese, meet new people, 
and plan upcoming events and 
activities." - Allison Roth '14 

i; .■ 

ballroom dance society blue key society 
blue strut CAFE cage club Chinese club 
campuses against cancer catholic student fellowship 
chess club Chinese taivvnese student assoc. 

lis a great group of kids interested in learning about and 
fundraising for different cancers and cancer-related organizations. 
We were so proud to have helped Day Hall raise over $7,000 this fall when they participated in the 
American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. As a group we Iook forward to 
hosting fundraising events in the Andover community in the future, as well as helping students learn 
about the disease and what they can do about it." - Sophia Lloyd-Thomas '14 


"At Andover Economics Society, we strive { > create an 
environment that harbors knowledge acquisition about 
current economic issues, as well as an environment where 
people can learn to make bank. We get at it, it's the best 
society on campus, hands down." -Mike Queenan '13 

"PA Democrats campaigned for 
President Barack Obama and 
Senator Elizabeth Warren this 
fall. In addition, we participated 
in debates on campus, promoting 
liberal causes. PA Democrats had 
a busy year on campus, promoting 
democratic politicians and creating 
debate during the 2012 election. 

-Tyler Olkowski '13 


I I 

Sutch collaborative 


'C'est magnifique! Good food, good people, CREAT 
times." --Catalina Feder '15 



"French club is a 
highlight of every 
week. The people 
who come, the food, 
the Franglais blend 
of languages... French 
club is my favorite 
place to unwind and 
relax. Not to mention 
Auggie Horner '14 
and Maia Hirschler 
'13's supreme 
classiness." --Tessa 
Peterson '15 



"I especially like the bond that the board has. The nine of us are incredibly 
close, and we're almost like a family. We've got a great working dynamic. I 
also think we've succeeded in providing a safe space for LGBTQ students, and 
members seem comfortable asking questions and diving into discussion. Since 
we have increased the size of the board since last year, we've been able to 
think of broader meeting topics, delegate tasks more efficiently, and plan more 
events. In addition, we've taken a slightly different approach to meetings than 
last year's board, as we've held more educational meetings. The mix of both 
education and discussion based meetings has allowed us to cover a broader 
range of LGBTQ-related topics. We've also moved our meetings to Celb and 
started serving pizza at our meetings, and I think it's helped us attract a broader 
audience. Overall, I'm more than satisfied with the direction in which GSA is 

headed." — Kai Korneygay '14 

"I've been a member of the club since my first year at PA when I attended the 
orientation, and since I have attended the sleepover, barbecue and many of the 
other great events that I club organizes. The I club stands for so much more than 
just being international, and I think that the great thing about being on the board 
is that you receive an opportunity to demonstrate the sense of community and 
love for all of the world s cultures in a really healthy and fulfilling way." --Djavaneh 
Bierwirth '14 

"IndoPak has been the highlight of my Mondays for the jlltt^^^l l|S 
past four years. I have met so many people and have I ^ U 
really enjoyed being a part of the club, participating in the 
events, and co-heading the club this year with Brendan 
O'Connell '13. I value the friendships I have made through ^ 
IndoPak and enjoy celebrating my culture with such a great 
community at Andover." --Rhea Lewis '13 



"Simplify your opponent's speech, 
misrepresent his words, destroy his 
argument with superior logic, and pull at 
f people's heartstrings. All of these skills Philo 
I has taught me. The most important lesson 
is that debate's noblest goal is the rigorous 
pursuit of truth." -- Edward Mole '13 


My favorite part of 
mock trial is being a 
witness because it 
combines acting with 
knowledge of the 
law. I've been doing 
mock trail for four 
years so I'm really 
happy to continue it 
at Andover." ~ Rachel 
urree '14 

"I love AKS because Korean culture is very interesting to me and 
there is no better way to fully immerse myself in the culture than t 
be an active member of the club. Also, I've learned a lot about Ko 
from my roommate Yeo Bi Choi '13. Plus, the always engaged clu 
members never stop making meetings interesting. My love for the 
club grows everytime new people, especially non-Koreans, attend 
meeting and get their first sense of how interesting Korean culture 
is." — Ali Belinkie '13 

middle east/north africa club IIKB] IMII13 
PA democrats PA historical tours 
non si bi society PA first tee 
model UN OXFAM math club 

"I like jSU because it is really 
cute; it is a really small group 
of people. It is very relaxed and 
very chill. Everyone is super 
welcoming; I don't feel like 
I'm out of place even though 
I'm not Jewish. Usually when 
I'm there, half of the people 
aren't Jewish, which I think is 
a testament to how fun it is." 

- Ali Decker '14 

"JSU meetings are a combination of 
song, laughter, challah, and discussion. 
We talk about Jewish current events 
^ and bring in guest speakers, reaching 

out to the extended Jewish community 
1 at Andover. JSU has great people, 
great food, and great fun. Hope to see 
you there!" — Adam Brody '14 

"An organization's overall quality depends 
upon the determination and dedication 
of its membership. Phillips Academy 
Republican Society consistently instills 
and inspires nuanced thinking in my 
opinions of America's political climate 
and its influence on the world. I am 
delighted and humbled to have served 
as a member and leader of this excellent 
group of intellectual, open-minded 
political thinkers." --Mark Meyer '13 81. 

PA speech PA 


"Unaccompanied Minors has been a trul^y wonderful 
experience throughout my Andover career. It s unlike the 
other ensembles because we have a range of instruments 
and experience, and that's part of the challenge that makes it fun! Unaccompanied Minors 
isn't about how good you are or how much you practice, it's about people who love music. 
I am so glad to have been able to find a club like Unaccompanied Minors and the people 
I have met through this club are some of the most incredible people I have ever met." 

— Maita Eyzaguirre '14 

"At first you're like, this is 
a really bad idea. Then you 
decide to try it and you're 
super scared and paranoid. 
But then it feels awesome 
and you're addicted." — Jackie 
Murray '13 

the wild 


WPAA WWII model buildi 

the yorkies 

"In WoFo, we talk about gender 
issues around anything from 
politics to social movements. I've 
been involved since lower year, 
and I love that I come away from 
every conversation with new 
knowledge and perspectives in 
mind." —Devon Burger '13 

"The Yorkies this year is more 
like a group of really good 
friends who just so happen to 
like singing. I've had a great time 
hanging out with the guys at 
rehearsals and performing with 
them at Grasshopper, Yorkling 
(Yorkie Christmas Caroling), 
Coffeehouses, ASMs, and even 
Admissions events." — Devontae 

Freeland '15 

backtracks courant frontline 

pot pourri the record phillipian 

"Having been on two 
boards, I can't really 
remember life without 
Phillipian! Seeing all 
these different people 
come and go from the 
newsroom is so surreal. 
It's amazing how one 
newspaper can impact 
so many minds in the 
production and the 
publication to the Andover 
community (and beyond). We 
even got attributed in the New 
York Times this year, which is 
a huge deal! The Phillipian has 
defined so much of my time 
at Andover and I know any 
other newspaper experience 
won't have the same amount 
of intensity and intimacy that is 
found in the newsroom." — Jing 

"I love that the publication fosters innovation and 
aims to attract a breadth of student submitters, 
encouraging people with all sorts of interests to 
delve into their respective creative sides." —Veronica 
Harrington '13 


1. Rachel Gerrard '15 i 
2. Anna Krakowski '15 ***** 

3. Mr . Scheier's class 
4 Sam Hawley '16. 
5. Thomas Oliver '16 
6. Evagelia Toffoloni '15 

7. Alex Thomas '15 

8. Kaitlyn Poor '13 
9. Jada Sanchez '15, Alex 

Westfall '15 
10. Adham Moustafa '14, . 
Ben Holly '16 Eliza Quigly ' 15 
11. Olivia La Marche '16 , 

1. Madeline Silva '13, Connor'^ * 'SWR 
Fraser '13 
2. Meera Bhan '14, Caroline 
Chen '14 1 
3. Graydon Tope '14, Caroline 

5. Paul Tulungen '14 

6. Teddy Higgins '16 

7. Mr. Mundra 
8. Olivia Lamarche '16, Julia 
Boyd '16 

biology ( 6 00) 

Biology 600 is a competitive 
research biology course which 
has opened me up to the world 
of science. Thanks to this 
opportunity, I have designed 
a project focusing on autism, 
now have the skills to evaluate 
scientific articles, and am part 
of an international scientific 
collaboration. - Anna Harrison '13 


My project investigates whether a hormone in 
the blood called angiotensin has an effect on 
the rate at which skin tegrows. Using the tools 
in the lab, I'm growing skin cells, cutting them 
to mimic a wound, and using a microscope 
to see if there are any differences. So far, 
my experiment is supporting the idea that 
angiotensin speeds the recovery of wounds. 
Hopefully, my research can contribute to the 
study of a drug that could help skin growth 
in humans. Bio (300 really helped me see 
how much my research could impact the 
real world and how good of a scientist I had 
become at PA. -- Saroj Courkanti '13 

3. Thomas Oliver '16 
and Julianne Xenakis '16 

4. Oliver Chernyk '15 

and Rob Irvin '15 

5. Katie Chapman '14 

6. Christian Vallis '14 , 
Chase Cottlich '14 and 

Zen Wolfson '14 

8. Anna Fucillo '15 


Mr. Bardo 

Being in Mr. Bardo's 
class has been quite the 
experience. Every calss is 
an enriching, interactive 
xperience ranging from 
Mr. Bardo's sardonic sense 
of humor to controversial, 
relevant current issues." - 
Tom Daly '16 

photo by Olivia Cabral i4 

2. Julie Zhou '13, Emma Kukielsk 

'15, Ayaka Shinozaki '1 

3. Ben Griffiths '13, Kevin Ma '1 

4. Seho Young '1 
5. Sam Cohen '16, Brandon Cirar 
'16, Michael Najem '16, Will Rei 


6. Jing Qu '1 
7. Sydney Adams '1 




Sra. Allen's class is 
always a lot of fun 
because nosotros 
aprendemos y 
hacemos muchas 
acividades que son 
muy divertidas. -- 
Amy Morin '14 

photo by Cataliria Tcdi'i ' lc 


1. Julia Boyd '16, Michael Najem '16 

2. Fiona Yonkman '16, Evelyn Liu '15, 

Diego Chavez '16, 
3. Francesca Siracusa '15 
4. Will Reid '15 
5. Michael Najem '16 

6. Evelyn Liu '15, Diego Chavez '16, 
Justin Williamson '16, Rohan Dixit '16 

7. Alexis Lefft '16, Caroline Mesinger 
'16 , Allison Dumitriu '16, Olivia Xiong 

'16, Jake Taylor '16 
8. Alexis Lefft '16, Caroline 
Mesinger'16 , Allison Dumitriu '16, 
Olivia Xiong '16, Jake Taylor '16 
9. Peter Hahn '16, Duschia Bodet '16 

"Before Asian Religions, I was completely 
unfamiliar with the ideas of Buddhism and 
Hinduism. I am certainly no expert now, but 
I have learned in this class how to think of 
religion from an academic perspective, and 
have been able to identify values in every 
religion that resonate with me personally. 
In all honesty though, I probably have more 
questions now than I did before I started!" 
—Tessa Peterson '15 

"RelPhil is an engaging and interesting 
class because everyone brings such 
different experiences and world views 
to the table. We have stimulating 
discussions that constantly lead to, 
"wow, I never thought about it that 
way," moments." — Viv Garth '15 


photo by Issrna I ai/ '15 





"I sounded like a mixture 
of a cartoon character and 

a chipmunk, I ate food 
throughout the entire show, 
and dressed like a sexy 30s 
grandma. What's not to love? 
(ireat group. Lots of laughs. 
I'd do it again and again if I 
could." --Susannah Hyde '13 

Ibrighton beac 
"With seven witty and distressed Jews living 
under one roof in Long Island, I don't think it 
gets much better than this! With Tour de force 
performances across the board, brilliant directing 
and riveting dialogue, I 
it was a true American I 


triumph of the stage. It's 
been nothing but fun 
working with Professor 
Heelan, Julius Ross '13, 
Ben Yi '14, the whacky 
Ian Song and my fellow 
cast members— I hope it 
showed on the stage." 

"Seven strong, the 
small cast size allowed 
us to get incredibly 

close during this 
term. We rehearsed 
every day as our sport 

requirement, and I 
quickly found that the 
rehearsals provided a 
welcome respite from 
the daily pressures of Andover life. Mr. Heelan 
encouraged us to explore the possibilities ot our 
characters and constantly imagine new ideas for 
the show." -Adam Brody '14 

158 Main 

John Gorton, James Herman 

Alumni House 

Claire Jacobson, Jennifer Kaplan, Rachel Murree, 
Bianca Navarro Bowman, Annika Neklason, 
Alexandra Thomas, Kayla Thompson, Alejandra 
Uria, Katherine Weaver, Kinsey Yost 

America House 

Gabriel Braunstein, DeWitt Burnham, Diego 
Chavez, Edward Conklin, Rikuto Fukumori, Miles 
Harris, Richard Ira, John Isenhower, Samuel Kane, 
Christopher Kralik, Sarp Orgul, Benjamin Sallick, 
Alexander Sweeting, Pranav Tadikonda, Ian Tan, 
Carson Wardell, Cameron Wong 

Bertha Bailey House 

Johnathan Aladin, Cole Benedict, Thomas Burnett, 
Harrison Cohen, Yugyel Dorji, Arthur Cildehaus, 
Robert Humphreys, Hyung Jin, Ji Kim, John Lane, 
Kyu Hyun, Wei Han Lim, Santiago Rodriguez, 
Andreas Sheikh 

"Being the Abbot cluster 
president takes hard work, 
determination, integrity. But they 
couldn't find someone with those 
qualities, so they voted for me." 
— JJ Hayward '13 

Carter House 

William Bloxham, Junyeol Kim, Julius Ross, 
Peter Solazzo, ]akob Solheim 

Carriage House 

Tejasv Arya, Logan Bilich, Wooyoung Choi, John Gibson, 
Michael Huang, Achindra Krishna, Michael Ohakam, James 
Towne, Cermaine Wright 

Clement House 

Victoria Bian, Jordan Bond, Nana-Efua Essuman, Josephine 
Federici, Harshita Caba, Rachel Cerrard, Evelyn Liu, Farris 
Peale, Adella Pierre, Autumn Plumbo, Sabrina Rivers, Lily 
Rockefeller, Indira Sanchez, Adza Tarka-Oyebode, Anna 
Teirler, Jessica Yin 

Double Brick % 

Sofia Barbosa, Alisa Bhakta, Katherine Carson, 
AnnaMaria Dear, Jenny Huang, Mia LaRocca, Alexis 
Lefft, Samantha Lin, Lauren Luo, Molly Magnell, Leah 
McKinney, Matilda Nickell, Sabine Nix, Thomaia 
Pamplin, Alexa Rac Rodriguez, Karen Xia 


Draper Cottage 

Taylor Chin, Colby Lapointe, Custavo Lopez, 
Andreas Manos, Israel Montiel, Clark Perkins, 
John Quamme, Andrew Wang, Cardner Wilson 

Flagg House 

Zachary Baum, Benjamin Hawley, Elijah Jackson, 
John MacWilliams, Callum Slater 

French House 

Cregory Devlin, Brandon Cirard, Ian Jackson, 
Josaphat Lee, Thomas Marshall, Theodor 
Perez, Nathaniel Redding, Robert Rush, Noa 
Wintman, Terrence Xiao 

Morton House 

Isabel Cropsey, Fatoumata Diarra, Angela 
Leocata, Lauren Montieth, Saranya 
Wallooppillai, Claire Wolford, Amanda Zhu 


Ceorge Avecillas, Omar Bekturov, Matteo Brun 
Jeremy Chen, Hirsh Chitkara, Fanco D'Agostinc 
Quinn Daly, David Cutierrez, Yanlin Ho, Cregor 
Hosono, Alexander )iang, Roshan Mathi, Dylan Motl 
Benny Ogando, Christopher Russo, Amogh Sharme 
Kailash Sundaram, Christopher Teng, Jason Ten£ 
Christopher Wang, Andrew Xuan, Nikhil Baradwa 
Klodian Beqiri, Oscar Chim, Matthew Fischetti, )ohi 
Henry Fitzgerald, David Caetano, Irvandra Cusmar 
Joshua Hayward, Kit Li, Charles Manuel, Mathanie 
Meehan, William Merchant, Ji Tae Park, Nicola 
Swenson, Andreas Tonckens, Charles Van Eijl< 

Andrew Zhen 

Samaritan House 

Shay Collins, Dong Hahn, Noah Hornik, Patrick Huber, 
JA-Lamar Lyons, John Shumway, Andrew Vallejos, Julian 

Stowe House 

Unwana Abasi, Alexandra Bell, Molly Engel, Mary-Claire 
Leggett, Lillian MacRae, Kayla Maloney, Jacklyn Murray, 
Madeline Silva, Suzanne Wang 

Whitney House 

Leta Elias, Cameron James, Ravn Jenkins, Ava LaRocca, 
Darlina Liu, Kana Rolett, Elaine Sohng, Julia Xia, Emily Zhu, 
Sarauniya Zulu 



Justin Aimonetti, Diego Blandon, Elliott Crofton, Arthur Doran, 
Ben Griffiths, Joshua Henderson, Matthew Jacobs, Hyun Woo Kim, 
Eric Meyers, Aaron Oberst, Marcus Thompson, Daniel Wang, Ben 
Yang, Justin Appleby, Reid Bradt, Gregory Burgess, David Cao, 
Walter Chacon, Dong Cho, Liam Fortin, Matthew Powers, Alexandei 
Tamkin, Timothy Wynter, Benjamin Yi, Gregory Young, Aneesh 
Ashutosh, Babatunde Bello, Alexander Buck, Max Carrillo-Ostrow, 
Collurn Freedman, Cabriel Freund, Cregory Fulcher, Michael Garai, 
Forrest Huang, Reid Meyer, Matthew Simon, Harry Wright 

Nathan Hale 

Alessa Cross, Larissa Danovitch, Nathalie Griffiths, Lucia 
lannone, Kai Kornegay, Stephanie Park, Olivia Picchione, 
Christiana Schoeller, Skyler-Bree Takyi, Tien Vo, Lauryn Barnes, 
Adele Bernhard, Anna Chang-Chien, Janice Cheon, Casey 
Durant, Evelyn Gutierrez, Saraswathi Kowdley, Anna Kramer, 
Claire McDonnell, Sophie Mcintosh, Noreen McNamara- 
Bordewick, Isabella Olivia, Tamar Sifri, Parker Tope, Olivia Xiong, 
Victoria Bergeron, Allison Dumitriu Carcoana, Isabella Haegg, 
Jennifer Kim, Natalie Kim, Laura Kister, Vienna Kuhn, Savannah 
Mastrangelo, Sloane Sambuco, Sarah Schmaier, Ashley Scott, 
Arzu Singh, Oona Singh, Angela Tang, Diana Tchadi, Kasey 


■J Stevens 

Zelly Atlan, Shireen Aziz, Esther Cohen, Josephine 
Hicks-Jablons, Carrie Ingerman, Catherine Liu, Reva 
Nohria, Giovanna Pickering, Anoush Shehadeh, 
Lauren Smith, Anna Stacy, Jessica Vocaturo, Kelly 
Xia, Ashlyn Aiello, Alyssa Augustin, Alexandra 
Fowler, Pin-Shin Huang, Rani Iyer, Dorothy Johnes, 
Nicole Navarrete, Amanda Reichenbach, Antonia 
Schwiedernoch, Piyapat Sinsub, Olivia Unsworth, 
Daphne Xu, Barbara Cleary, Emilia Figliomeni, 
Samantha Coldberg, Hannah Cuzzi, Yasmine Lazrak, 
Dorothy MacFarlane, Loida Pan, Caroline Sambuco, 
Craydon Tope, Andrea Vargas, Katherine Vega, Marie 

I've absolutely loved being Pine Knoll Cluster President! 
It's been a great way to get to know kids I would not have 
otherwise, and it's an awesome way to convey the feelings 
of the students to the faculty. I've also loved getting to go 
to Dean's Table. Who would have thought the presidents 
and deans could have so much fun every other Thursday 
morning at 8am while everyone else is still asleep! (But 
really, we make it a party). - Olivia Bren '13 



Rolando Bonachea, Conner Cameron, Benjamin Croen, Tyler 
Devlin, Connor Coggins, Harrison Gottlich, Hyun Jung, Evan 
Kudlinski, Ethan Mcintosh, Michael Michiue, Alfred Neumann, 
James Palmer, Vijay Rajkumar, Nicolas Robertson, Dakyung Song, 
Jaleel Williams, Mofei Wu, Seokjun Yoon, ]ake Zellner, Richard 
Butterfield, James Heaney, Lawrence Kemp, Brian Kim, Michael 
Kim, Michael Lata, Corbin Lee, jaeyoung Lee, Kevin Ma, Aidan 
Mattrick, Kenta Nomoto, William O'Donnell, Seamus O'Neill, 
Chayakorn Pongsiri, Malachi Price, Conor Soules, Harrison 

Wallman, Rory Ziomek 

Alexandra Becker, Meredith Collins, Emma Crowe, Victoria 
Everett, Emily Craue, Cory Greer, Monique Hartemink, Andrea 
Hewett, Veronica Hildenbrand, Emily Jia, Yuriko Nakamura, 
Mary Catherine Nanda, Cassandra Naranjo, Victoria Naranjo, 
Melanie Oliva, Adrienne Pisch, Hyun Jin Shin, Ayaka Shinozaki, 
Kaitlin Simpson, Rebecca Somer, Jenny Zeng, Olivia Bren, Jamie 
Chen, Cabriele Fisher, Mari Fubanashi, Anna Harrison, Eun 
Jae Kim, Zoe Leibovitch, Ekaterina Lezine, Olivia Lord, Kristine 
Pelley, Stacy Ramos, Nikita Singareddy, Jennifer Sluka, Evagelia 
Toffoloni, Katerina Toffoloni, Nikoletta Toffoloni, Amy Zhao, 
Aiganym Zhumashova 



Zoe Chazen, Misha Hooda, Meghana )ayam, Eun )in Kim, Anjali 
Krishnamachar, Jennifer Kroon, Kaylee Llewellyn, Julia Marcus, Eliza 
Quigley, Sofie Siegel, Anna Zhang, Elanor Blum, Kathryn Chapman, 
Maia Hirschler, Jessica Kahan, Elana King-Nakaoka, Raeva Kumar, 
Pallavi Prakash, Mikaela Rabb, Malina Simard-Halm, Rebecca 
Wagman, Sydni White, Kathryn Williams, Angela Batuure, Carolyn 
Bresnahan, Charlotte Chazen, Caelyn Colde, Nya Hughes, Katherine 
Krabek, Eden Livingston, Emily McKinnon, Arianna Mello, Jada 
Sanchez, Rochelle Wilbun, Kathryn Wincek 

Blanchard House 

Timothy Bulens, Oliver Chernyk, Robert Irvin, 
Foster LeBoeuf, Zachary Weinger 

Rockwell South 

Kenechukwu Adigwe, Peder Bakken, Samuel Cohen, 
Thomas Daly, Nicholas Faulkner, Jumaane Ford, 
Dustin Coldberg, Noah Halloran, Lincoln Herrington, 
Payton Jancsy, Theodore Lasry, Eric Lawrence, Tyler 
Lian, Timothy Ossowski, Joel Pena, Isaac Pierce, John 
Simourian, Jake Taylor, Alec Tolentino 

Moses Stuart House 

Devontae Freeland, Matthew Osborn, Jason Young 


Being a Cluster President is 
awesome! It's great getting to 
know all the students in WQS 
and working with Ms. Russell. 

-r-l . lO. r I.I. 

There is a lot of work that goes 
into the position but it is a ton 
of fun and super rewarding! - 
Angela Batuure '13 


Maria Amorosso, Elisa Benedetto, Olivia Berkey, Malka Berro, Sara 
Brown, Amanda Chatupron-Lacayo, Sequoia Chun, Julie Doar, Charlotte 
Doran, Emily Fang, Jessica Cammon, Emily Hoyt, Sierra Jamir, China 
Kantner, Tasfia Khan, Maria Mata, Anastasiya Prokhorenko, Alexia 
Rauen, Francesca Siracusa, Rachel Wittenberg, Aliyah Belinkie, 
Djavaneh Bierwirth, Olivia Cabral, Caroline Chen, Yeo Bi Choi, Ida 
Dhamuka, Katherine Flynn, Stephanie Hendarta, Diana Howland, 
Emma Kim, Katherine Kuhl, Emma Kukielski, Efua Peterson, Madeline 
Schlehr, Monica Traniello, Katherine Wilbur, Rachel Xiao 

Thompson House 

Everett Elson, Zoe Gallagher, Catherine Haseman, Isabel Taylor 


Tavlor Hall 

Christopher Amendano, Patrick Daly, David Jordan, Jair Kornegay 
Connor Light, Felix Liu, Michael Queenan, Elliot Sagay, Timothy 
Salvadore, Armaan Singh, Jonathan Thompkins, Thomas Bakken, 
Stephen Fehnel, Christopher Hohlstein, Auguste Horner, Craham 
Johns, James Judelson, Henry Kennelly, Dale Lattanzio, Shin-Jae 
Lee, Patrick Monaghan, William Thomasco, William Young, John 
Cline, Samuel Creen, Craeme Henderson, Peter Higgins, Joshua 
Murphy, Luca Panaccio Tresham, Jay Reader, Joseph Salvo, Marc 
Sevastopoulo, Charles Talcott, Kurtis Weber, Miguel Wise 

Tucker House 

Ashok Aggarwal, Cordon Bensen, Samuel Block, James Bloxham, 
Ryan Brigden, John Cifrino, Jean-Sebastien Dackiw, Scott Diekema, 
John Little, Carter Page, Jacob Pelton, Remington Remmel, Clifford 
Ressel, Daniel Shleifer, Scott Simpson, Abhinav Venigalla 

Andover Cottage 

Ross Burnaman, Christopher Hedley, Henry Kalb, Christian 
Langalis, Vincent Lau, Stephen Lerner, Conal Lynch, Adham 
Moustafa, Thomas Mullen, Tyler Olkowski, fames Schink, 
Timothy Superko 

Eaton Cottage 

Peyton Alie, Maita Eyzaguirre, Lily Crossbard, Angela Gu, Marion 
Kundla, )i Hyun Lee, Marlene Ortega, Di Ouyang, Cina Soutendijk, 
Xinyi Wang, Yue Wang, Alexandra Westfall 


Annette Bell, Taylor Crutison, Jennifer Davis, Elizabe 
Duserick, Colby Fagan, Samantha Hawley, JeeEij 
Hong, Angela Hui, Abigail Keller, Kailey Kirkwoc 
Angellica Lara, Camille Little, Olivia Michaels, Eri 
Shin, Milena Silva, Lindsay Tausch, Fiona Yonkm 

Rockwell North 

Alexander Armour, Roshan Benefo, Yahweh Cherukuri, Thomas 
Choi, Christian Cruz, Whitney Findlay, James Flynn, Theodore 
Higgins, Jeffery Lee, Zicong Liu, Sean Maloney, Carlos Mendez, 
Bennett Michaels, Justin Muchnick, Thomas Oliver, Roberto Rabin 
Marcello Rossi, James Taylor, Junius Williams, Justin Williamson, 
Minseung Yoo 

Being Cluster President has been one of the 
most incredible experiences that I have had 
Andover. I got to know so many new students 
that I might not have met otherwise. It's great 
to be able to voice student opinions to faculty 
who can help turn ideas into reality. Mr. Tipton 
has been wonderful to work with, as well as the 
student representatives seated on the Cluster 
Council. Besides, when you're the president of 
the best cluster on campus, there's not much 
that can go wrong. — Christopher Hedley '13 



Rome Arnold, Gregory Bitler, Nolan Crawford, Pranav Dorbala, 
Daniel Feeny, Sina Golkari, Sims Han, Won Woo Kim, Christopher 
Li, Gray Mackall, Kent McLaughlin, Patrick Naughter, Jared Newman, 
|ames Robertson, Matthew Schwolsky, Simon Sharp, Kory Stuer, 
Jordan Swett, Andrew Yang, Isaac Berg, Logan Blaine, Thomas 
Cifrino, Drake Danner, Connor Farrell, Sung Woo Hong, Daniel Lee, 
Henry Manning, Jacob Marrus, Michael May, Richard McAllister, 
David McCullough, Yuhan Nam, Vabuk Pahari, Shun Sakai, )ohn 
Secatore, Johannes Verhaegh, Gregory Wang, Ian Whittall 

ainab Aina, Charlotte Berry, Mackenzie Bradford, Laura Bucklin, 
)onnie Cheng, Abigail Chung, Sarah Cornelius, Holland Delany, Alba 
)isla, Caroline Gutierrez, Schuyler Hazard, Caroline Hoskins, Lydia 
^aprelian, Anika Kim, Rhaime Kim, Anna Krakowsky, Madeleine 
ippey, Samantha Martinez, Jennifer Powers, Qiqi Ren, Thea Rossman, 
illian Scherlis, Rashana Shabazz, Julia Smachalo, Mackenzie Strabala, 
rin Wong, Bo Yoon, Julia Zell, Heather Zhou 

Pemberton Cottage 

Lavon Burgo, Kavan Canekeratne, Avery Jonas, Joshua 
Jordan, Maximilian Kim, JongHo Park, Nicholas Rauen, 
Charles Stacy, Luke Stidham 

Pease House 

Andries Feder, Saroj Courkanti, Jaeduk Kim, Richard Levy, Haonan 
Li, Mark Meyer, Harvey Mole, Lazola Nyamakazi, Justin Wang 

Paul Revere 

Isabel Bolo, Hannah Burns, Sophiya Chiang, Amelia 
Danovitch, Anna Fucillo, Veronica Harrington, Meaghan 
Haugh, Jessica Lee, Katherine Lee, Antonia Leggett, 
Annalee Littlefield, Iman Masmoudi, Madeleine Mayhew, 
Myracle McCoy, Haille McKenzie, Sara Merker, Hailey 
Novis, Camille Price, )ing Qu, Hannah Sorkin, Arianna 
Chang, Cara Daly, Madeleine Engel, Catalina Feder, 
Rebecca Federman, Victoria Grice, Alison Hill, Susannah 
Hyde, Charlie Jarvis, Jordan Johnson, Audrey Leduc, 
Dylan MacDonald, Sarah Marcottee=, Lucia McCloin, 
Kristin Mendez, Christiana Nguyen, Adeola Oyinlola, 
Diondra Peck, Tessa Peterson, Shanice Pimentel, Susanna 
Rademacher, Ashlie Rockwood, Frances Yackel 


Bryan Ackil, Travis Bouscaren, Nathaniel Burbine, Will 
Clark, Michael Das, Devin Etcitty, Aaron Finder, Alasdair 
McClintic, Cabriel Parlin, Chien Png, nathan Scyocurka, 
David Shin, Ian Song, John Tucker, Justin Yan, Alexander 
Demeulenaere, Henry DeRuff, Matthew Hosman, Ji Seok 
Kim, Paul Kinard, Alexander Li, Scott Livingston, Andrew 
Mao, Dylan Refeld, Jack Scheufele, Brian Wagner, Matthew 
Walker, Jack Ward, Benjamin Wiegandt, Lucius Xuan, 
Samuel Zager, Jordan Boudreau 

I love being Cluster President! 
Sometimes it's a lot of behind 
the scenes dirty work, but its so 
rewarding to see everyone else 
happy in the end. Go Flagstaff! — 
Matt Abrahamsen "13 

Day Hall 

Anastasia Avvakumova, Esha Bansal, Hallina Bletzer, 
Margaret Brown, Harriet Chiu, Josselyn De Leon, Elizabeth 
Kemp, Amanda Krakauer, Sophia Lloyd-Thomas, Vanessa 
Merino, Sonia Okorie, Kristen Overly, Isabel Saad, Ellie 
Simon, Evelyn Tackett, Katherine Tobeason, Julie Zhou, 
Lily Zildjian, Sydney Adams, Isabella Berkley, Rozenn 
Carrio, Claire Carroll, Elaine Chao, Elizabeth Chesley, 
Bridget Higgins, Elizabeth Howe, Claire Im, Stephanie Kim, 
Alex Kingston, Sohyumn Lee, Julia Lord, Nicole Ng, Natalia 
Slattery, Dulguun Tuvshintugs 


Rocco Amorosso, Sean Burkitt, Jonathan Chacon, Yong 
Hyun Cho, Henry Curtis, Kirk Davenport, Wesley Fabyan, 
Bach Hoang, Ryan Miller, Eric Ouyang, Fernando Ramos, 
Alexander Rubin, Aaron Teo, Harvey Wu, Alex Anderlik, 
Carrick Cu, Jonas Katkavich, Se Hwan Kim, Skanda 
Koppula, Alex Kwon, Pak Kin Lai, Frederick Lee, James 
McLeod, William Reid, Nathaniel Smith, Paul Tulungen, 

Erik Wurman 



Smith House 

Sonya Chen, Catherine Choi, Jisoo Chung, Claire 
Frankel, Janani Hariharan, Mariorie Kozloff, 
Nekele McCaJl, Emma Mehlman, Allison Roth, 
Katlierine Shih, Camilla Sing, Qiaoyi Wang 

i i 


Allen House 

Matthew Abrahamsen, Theodore Agbi, Samuel Koflman 

Newman House 

Taekmin Chung, Laurent Joli-Coeur, Stanley Ng, Tyler 

Tsav, Harim Woo 

era H 

Burtt House 

David Crane, James Freney, Austin Heffner, Daniel Martucci, 
William Rodriguez 

Hearsey House 

Amy Chou, Madeleine Kemper, Christine Rajarigam, Claire 
Ressel, Helen Simpson 

117. ... 

Wv onvws onsws 

an inside look at four upperlassman houses 

Knifing people left and right. 

Outrageous fun." 

"It's like ordering a sandwich 
from Subway, you know what 
you want, but you never know 
exactly how it's gonna taste." 

-David Crane '13 

Sydney Alepa, Michaela Barczak, David Benedict, Kaylcigh 
Bishop, Duschia Bodet, Jacob Boudreau, Julia Boyd, Liana 
Brooks, Cara Cavanaugh, Nicodemo Cicca, Madeline Comer, 
James Coombs, Owen Corey, Sarah Cronin, Ali Decker, Ben 
Del Vecchio, Nick DiAdamo, Rohan Dixit, Julian Donovan, 
Sarah Eikenberry, John Elliott-Higgins, Thomas Feigenbaum, 
Isabella Flynn, Tafadzwa Gambiza, Taryn Gangi, Caroline 
Garrity, Viviane Garth, Frank Geng, Andrew Grottkau, Alana 
Gudinas, Alexia Hagler, Michaela Hagler, Jinwoo Hahn, Sean 
Hawkins, David He, Sierra Heneghan, Jake Howell, Brooke 
Keene, Karina Keus, Olivia LaMarche, Francis LaRovere, Ada 
Li, Caroline Lopez, Caroline Lu, Scott MacDonald, Malynna 
Mam, Elizabedi McGonagle, Vincent Mocco, Stepheni 
Moreland, Victoria Morgan, Any Morin, Anirudh Murali, 
Kelsey Norris, Sara Nunez, Alexander Pareto, Meera Patel. 
Thomas Philps, Austin Robichaud, Samir Safwan, Juhi Saxena. 
Robert Schwartz, Alexander Scolnik-Brower, Caroline Shipley, 
Corinne Singer, Victoria Skrivanos, Grace Tully, Hanover Vale. 
Andrea Vargas , Julianna Xenakis, Christine Zhang, Allen Zhou 

Eric Alpert, David Belluche, Darian Bhathena, lan Blvthe 
Benjamin Bolduc, Michael Carbone, Rebecca Cheng, Rosalyn 
Chen, Hannah Cregg, Robert DeLaus, Angela Dolan, Emily 
Ewing, James Falese, John Festa, Lucy Frey, Claire Glover, 
Lydia Godo-Solo, Samandia Hagler, Cadierine Haut, Corissa 
Hollenbeck, Julia Jackson, Samathan Johnson, Thomas 
Johst, Poonam Kamdar, Eunji Kim, Maggie Kobelski, Nick 
Kochakian, Janine Ko, Hyunji Koo, Renee LaMarche, Tiffany 
Lam, Sophie Landay, Helen Leahy, Alphose Le, Maxwell Lee, 
Josiah Legaspi, John Lu, Abriana Mayer, Kelly McCarthy, 
Paul McGovern, Peyton McGovern, Kristin Mclntire, 
Ravenne Nasser, Stephanie Nekoroski, Doris Nyamwaya, 
Andrew O'Brien, Heson Oh, Juliette Randazza, Elizabedi 
Rao, Rebecca Savord, Nadian Sheng Leah Shrestinian, Ral])h 
Skinner, Mihika Sridhar, Claire Tellekson-Flash, David Todd, 
Genevieve Tuite, Cadierine Wang, Aly Wayne, Xin Wen. 

Matthew Alpert, Thayer Anderson, Benjamin Beckwidi, 
Meera Bhan, Madeline Broccoli, Kade Call, Lauren Conte, 
Justin Curtis, Andiony D'Ambrosio, Katherine Graher, Angela 
Gu, George Gu,Jack Harrington, William Hubschman, James 
Hunter, Erin Johnson, HemangKaul, Samuel Landay, Thomas 
Lane, Olivia Legaspi, Danielle Liu, Liana Margolese, Tadeas 
Nemec, Nicole Pelletier, John Perkins, Jake Rauh, Kadrerine 
Santoro, Ryan Simard, Corinna Torahi, Andrea Yepez. 

West Quad North 

onathan Abbott, David Abou-i'.zzi, Tasmiah Ahmad, Rachel 
Andresen, Miranda An, Jonadian Arone, Ollie Ballinger, Gabriel 
Blanchard, Devon Burger, Audrey Burnim, Jason Canavan, Emily 
Carrolo, William Casagrande, Felipe Chamon, Caidin Clancy, 
Brendan Deorocki, Matthew Deorocki, Nicholas DiStelano, Lila 
Dolan, Eddie Ellis, Emily Field, Connor Fraser, John French, 
Kevin Fung, Chiraag Gohel, Nicholas Golas, William Harpin, John 
Herget-Nolan, Cadierine Hoang, Alexander Hyder, Laura Ippolito, 
Benjamin Kelleher, Cameron Kerry, Samuel Khalandovsky, 
Julia Kichorowsky, Alexander Kramer, Gabriel Mahaniah, John 
Mayer, John McGeachie, John McGovern, Headier Mei, Jonathan 
Melideo, Caroline Mesinger, Angelo Morlani, Cameron Morose, 
Robert Morris, Madison Murphy, Miki Nagahara, Michael Najem, 
Robert Needham, Nupur Neogi, Miranda Nestor, Kevin NewhalL 
Patrick Niedzielski, Carolyn Nigro, Erica Nork, Dylan Norris, Sid 

Palaniappan, Demerios Papageorgiou, Jorge Piccole, BrianPaul Robert, Soha Sanchoravvala, Kimberly Sarro, Jessica Schmitt, Sam Shapiro, 
Jiay Shida, Amanda Simard, Noah Singer, Mark Sullivan, Jeffery Tao, Tennyson Teece, Parker Thomas, Haley Tomaszewski, Amelia Trant, 
Meghan Tucker, Darren Ty, Christian Vallis, Derek Yau, Eric Zhang 

Alexandra Barr, Aidan Beckley, Ross Bendetson, Sahil 
Bhaiwala, Adam Brody, Gregory Cameron, Piper Curtis, 
Alec D'Alelio, Michael DeLaus, Tahera Doctor, Alexandra 
Donovan, Issraa Faiz, peter Fanikos, Joseph Feller, 
Lawrence Flynn, Virginia Fu, Austin Gaiss, Amelia Galvin, 
James Garth, Claudia Giles, Pearson Goodman, Kasev 
Hartung, Cooper Hurley, Jacob Kozol, Katherine Kreider, 
Rhea Lewis, Victor Liu, Vivian Liu, Tyler Marshall, Bryan 
McGuiggin, Nickhil Nabar, Jason Nawrocki, Brendan 
O'Connell, Stephanie Pattella. Brian Picarillo. Kaitlin Poor, 
Harrison Roche, Eric Rothmann, Gina Sawaya, Nicodemo 
Scarfo, Makemzie Schwartz, Justin Stactiaris, Paul Turiano, 
Sarah Vinchesi, Justine Wang, Chandler Washburn. 



ibe . 


Alexander Armour 
Sofia Barbosa 
Annette Bell 
Roshan Benefo 
Victoria Bergeron 
Alisa Bhakta 

Darian Bhathena 
Kayleigh Bishop 
Gabriel Blanchard 
Ian Blythe 
Duschia Bodet 
Benjamin Bolduc 

Jacob Boudreau 
Julia Boyd 
Lavon Burgo 
Dewitt Burnham 
Felipe Chamon 
Diego Chavez 

Janice Cheon 
Y. Thomas Cherukuri 
Thomas Choi 
Amy Chou 
Nicodemo Ciccia 
Samuel Cohen 

Madeline Comer 
E. Foster Conklin 
James Coombs 
Hannah Cregg 
Alessa Cross 
Taylor Crutison 


V \ 




Gardner Wilson 
Julianne Xenakis 
Terrence Xiao 
Olivia Xiong 
Fiona Yonkman 

James Taylor 

Claire Tellekson-Flash 

David Todd 

Haley Tomaszewski 

Parker Tope 

Meghan Tucker 

Darren Ty 
Andrew Wang 
Carson Wardell 
Chandler Washburn 
Kasey Welch 
Justin Williamson 

"The Class of 2016 is comprised of thoughtfu 
intelligent, and above all, kind teenagers. The v 
'kind' has become a useless term used to descno< 
someone you do not know very well. I will admit t 
knowing everyone in our class. However, when 1 1 
the word 'kind' to describe the Class of 2016, 1 me* 
that the students are generous; willing to step 01 
their comfort zone for others; people who can cheer 
others up with a sentence or two; teens who will listen 
to the voices of their colleges [teachers, friends, etc.] 
and do their very best to hear the true voices of these 
people, after which they will respond to the best of 
their ability...sure, every so often we'll stumble. But we 
always get back up. Because every student in the Class 
of 2016 will Charlie Mike until they complete their 
' >n."-Emar »™ 

Conner Cameron 
Calvin Carbone 
William Casagrande 
Cara Cavanaugh 
Charlotte Chazen 
Harriet Chiu 

Yong Hyun Cho 
Taekmin Chung 
Owen Corey 
Owen Corey 
Nolan Crawford 
Sarah Cronin 

Emma Crowe 
Henry Curtis 
K. Addison Davenport 
Benjamin Del Vecchio 
Nicholas Diadamo 
Alba Disla 

Yugyel Dorji 
Everett Elson 
Catalina Feder 
Josephine Federici 
Daniel Feeny 
Thomas Feigenbaum 

John Festa 
Isabella Flynn 
Katherine Flynn 
Devontae Freeland 
Anna Fucillo 
David Gaetano 

Caroline Garrity 
Viviane Garth 
Frank Geng 
Rachel Gerrard 
John Gibson 
Arthur Gildehaus 

Hilary Gillis 
Connor Goggins 
Sina Golkari 
John Gorton 
Phoebe Gould 
Emily Graue 

Emma Kukielski 
John Lane 
Thomas Lane 
Dale Lattanzio 
Alphonse Le 
Foster Leboeuf 

Ji Hyun Lee 
Maxwell Lee 
Olivia Legaspi 
Antonia Leggett 
Zoe Leibovitch 
Ada Li 

Alexander Li 
Christopher Li 
Wei Han Lim 
John Little 
Annalee Littlefield 
Evelyn Liu 

Felix Liu 
Vivian Liu 
Eden Livingston 
Kaylee Llewellyn 
Caroline Lu 
Scott MacDonald 

Dorothy MacFarlane 
Gray MacKall 
Julia Marcus 
Liana Margolese 
Madeleine Mayhew 
John McGovern 

Paul McGovern 
Ethan Mcintosh 
Haille McKenzie 
Kent McLaughlin 
Sara Merker 
Cassandra Naranjo 

Victoria Naranjo 
Ravenne Nasser 
Nicole Navarrete 
Robert Needham 
A. Miles Neumann 
Stanley Ng 

Meghan Tao 
Aaron Teo 
Alexandra Thomas 
Kayla Thompson 
Marcus Thompson 
Katerina Toffoloni 

Nikoletta Toffoloni 
Andreas Tonckens 
James Towne 
Monica Traniello 
Tyler Tsay 
Grace Tully 

Olivia Unsworth 
Alejandra Uria 
Hanover Vale 
Abhinav Venigalla 
Justine Wang 
Xinyi Wang 

Kurtis Weber 
Zachary Weinger 
Xin Wen 

Alexandra Westfall 
Katherine Wilbur 
Jaleel Williams 

Harim Woo 
Germaine Wright 
Erik Wurman 
Kelly Xia 
Lucius Xuan 
Frances Yackel 


Derek Yau 
Kinsey Yost 
Jason Young 
Seho Young 
Julia Zell 
Christine Zhang 

Andrew Zheng 
Allen Zhou 
Emily Zhu 
Sarauniya Zulu 

Molly Magnell 
Henry Manning 
Andrew Mao 
Jacob Marrus 
Tyler Marshall 
Iman Masmoudi 

Abriana Mayer 
Myracle McCoy 
Reid Meyer 
Michael Michiue 
Ryan Miller 
Patrick Monaghan 

Lauren Montieth 
Amy Morin 
Adham Moustafa 
Yuhan Nam 
Stephanie Nekoroski 
Tadeas Nemec 

Doris Nyamwaya 
Andrew O'Brien 
Heson Oh 
Melanie Oliva 
James Palmer 
Thomaia Pamplin 

Ji Tae Park 
Gabriel Parlin 
Farris Peale 
Jacob Pelton 
Clark Perkins 
Efua Peterson 

Brian Picarillo 
Autumn Plumbo 
Jennifer Powers 
Mikaela Rabb 
Stacy Ramos 
Elizabeth Rao 

Pearson Goodman 
Saroj Gourkanti 
Samuel Green 
Ben Griffiths 
Garrick Gu 

Caroline Gutierrez 

William Harpin 


Anna Harrison 




^ ^) Meaghan Haugh 
Joshua Hayward 


Austin Heffner 
Andrea Hewett 
Josy Hicks 
Maia Hirschler 

Sung Woo Hong 
Diana Howland 
Emily Hoyt 
James Hunter 
Susannah Hyde 
Alexander Hyder 

a Emilyjia 

JH Erin Johnson 

I Jordan Johnson 

^ Dorothy Jones 

^4 David Jordan 

1 Jessica Kahan 

Lydia Kaprelian 

Jonas Katkavich 

Hemang Kaul 

Lawrence Kemp 

Henry Kennelly 


Julia Kichorowsky 
Hyun Woo Kim 
Jaeduk Kim 
Lauren Kim 
Se Hwan Kim 
Stephanie Kim 


I ^Ib ' I 


n Lee « 


gLee • Jt 

aLee / jr 

e Lee 

leLee ^ 
n Lee 

Claire a 
:ggett ^± 



[ Levy 

- ■ ■ I 

Lewis |B f^S* V 
nan Li j|B 

na Liu j 

l ,^F~ w 
^^^^l / ^^^^^ 

or Liu 

L\ '__] 

V. : JlA v 




■ Richard McAllister 
I Alasdair McClintic 
^ David McCullough 
John McGeachie 
Lucia McGloin 
Emily McKinnon 

James McLeod 
Kristin Mendez 
Zach Merchant 
Vanessa Merino 
Mark Meyer 
Eric Meyers 

Edward Mole 
Victoria Morgan 
Angelo Morlani 
Jackie Murray 
Nickhil Nabar 
Miki Nagahara 

Yuriko Nakamura 
Patrick Naughter 
Jason Nawrocki 
Annika Neklason 
Kevin Newhall 
Nicole Ng 

Christiana Nguyen 
Patrick Niedzielski 
Carolyn Nigro 
Reva Nohria 
Hailey Novis 
Sara Nunez 

Lazola Nyamakazi 

Brendan O'Connell 

William O'Donnell 

Seamus O'Neil 

Aaron Oberst 

Sonia Okorie 
Tyler Olkowski 

Eric Ouyang 

Adeola Oyinlola 


Diondra Peck 

Nicole Pelletier 

: Pelletier^ 


John Perkins 
anie Petrella 
Adrienne Pisch 
Chien Hong Png 
Chayakorn Pongsiri 

Kaitlin Poor 
Pallavi Prakash 
Malachi Price 

Michael Queenan 


Vijay Rajkumar 
Juliette Randazza 
Jay Reader 
Harrison Roche 
William Rodriguez 
Kana Rolett 

Elaine Sohng 
Peter Solazzo 
Dakyung Song 
Ian Song 
Conor Soules 
Justin Stachtiaris 

Anna Stacy 


Timothy Superko 

Chris Teng 
Jason Teng 

Parker Thomas 


Amelia Trant 

Luca Tresham 

Genevieve Tutie 

Paul Turiano 


Andrea Vargas 

Andrea Vargas 


Sarah Vinchesi 

Jessica Vocaturo 

Rebecca Wagman 

Harrison Wallman 


Christopher Wang 

Gregory Wang 

Justin Wang 

Suzanne Wang 
Yue Wang 
Rochelle Wilbun 
Rachel Wittenberg 
Erin Wong 
Rachel Xiao 
Andrew Xuan 
Justin Yan 
Bo Hyung Yoon 
Gregory Young 
Jake Zellner 
Jenny Zeng 


4- OA1 9 


-Anna Stacy '13 

"theSCKSeof WriJjtthat ^ 
comes with being a senior" 

Angelo Morlani '13 

#Hreg Young '13 

the five 
year plan" Tyler Olkowski '13 

-Larken Kemp '13 
we have all been through together, irom j 

four year seniors to one year seniors/' - u x i iM 

Eddie Ellis '13 ^ I 1 lo ])P Wa Y W 

PDM^i as a class - took four 
years, but we did it." 

-Alexandra Donovan '13 





"May the BOD be ever in your favor" --Billy 

ngela Batuure 

If 4 '*M f 1 

r r 

"Friendship is not something 
you learn in school. But if 
you haven't learned the 
meaning of friendship, 
you really haven't 

Muhammad Ali 


fcjNE P0tP( 


Devon Burger 


Bo Hyung Yoon 

Pour Unforgettable Year; 

e ma^Bteortant thing is to 

enioq L 4^H *° ^ e ^ a PPi) ~ 
all tWj matters." 


Unwana Abas 

new Abrahamsen 

ifctin Aimonetti 

Christopher Amendano 

"The truth is, it is all your 
memories, the joyful ones and the 
hearthreakim) ones that make up wfw 
you are as a person. " 
-JD, Scrubs 
Thank you, ftndover,for making me 
wfw 1 am. 
Chris 'Amendano '13 

wt, why yoto no hew boyfrvw 

\ "life; move* pretty fa$t. 
v If you/ aMtxtcrp avid/ 
Look/ ar&uvicV ov&& ^ cv whiles 
^ you/ could/ wuAfr it." 

could/ mCw it." 

- FerrLyBueller 

Zelly Atlan 

George AvecillE;; 

Shireen Aziz 

Nikhil Baradv 

till Alexandra Bell Babatunde Bello 

Ross Bendetson 

I want to stand, as close to 
the edge as I can without 
going over. Out on the edge 
you see all the kinds of 
things you can't see from 
the center. 

- Kurt Vonnegut 

Thanks for pushing me to the edge, Andover 

- Isaac 

Tkernks for fcUe fun, 

Awvciover , 


. ) ''V 

TUere Is 

pleasure j 
in. kavtucil 
iKotkinct t(| 
fcke fuK i;i 

Lots to 

dLolng it I 

Isaac Berg 

)livia Bren 

Rolando Bonachea 

Carolyn Bresnahan 

Richard Butterfield 

Max Carrillo-Ostrow 

jvmanda Chatupron-Lacayo 

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I 
have ended up where I needed to be" -Douglas Adams 

Jeremy Chen 

"I wcvyhere/. I dAxL, l\& d/yY\&, 
ev^rytfu/vu^ that I waited/ 
cuv\jdb it wo* more/ thcwv 
I thought it would/ be/" 

Thank you for four incredible 

MUN | Music | ACCO 
Tennis I XC 
ABB | America | Stearns 

Elizabeth Chesley 

Oscar Chim __ Catherine Choi 

Yeo Bi Choi Abigail Chung 

fbmas Cifrino 

Caitlin Clancy 

1 hanks, 
Will Clark 

Yill Clark 

Trie onl<| thing I'm addicted to is wmnme," 
- Charlie ^heen 

V_ivf we. \ tS^^^ ^ \ 


4; A- UIXAi&J tin,- 

"Do not go where 
the path may lead, 
no instead where 
jyj there is no path and 
leave a trail." 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 


OJUi urO-lt t 


*n m H * 5 

J/iXy u. uflt to- cawu. I 
thai trt, friAJU. 

I i^W. I*/ 





Barbara Cleary 



Sometimes you just have to P 13 
close your eyes and jump. 

JV Puck 

David H. Crane America 


"When Gotham is ashes, you have 
my permission to dance.*' 

- Bane s \ 


ott Crofton 

Isabel Crops] 

>er Curtis 

Franco D'Agostino 

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can 
steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you 
know what you know. And YOU are the 
one who'll decide whe re togo..." 
-Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You'll Go! 

)ara Daly 

Quinn Daly 

Amelia Danovitch 

ft* '<~- 

• mull i i I i ■ i .vw 

Michael Da: 

•rom where I stand, the sun is shining all over the place. 

Sinftin' itt the Rain 

l liriiiks for everything, Andovor! 
love always, Amelia 


"Flight is learning how to throw yourself; 
the ground and miss" - Douglas Adams 

The road is long and in the end, the journey is the destination. 
Thanks for the journey Andover! 

Hearsey. PRev. Day. Alianza. Gospel. 13. ^j^j^^^. 

(osselyn De Leon 

Holland Delan 

exander Demeulenaere 

'I don't read the script. 
Ihe script reads me." 

- Kirk Lazarus 

Matthew Deorocki 


in life is to 
be feared. It 
is only to be 



— Loves 
y Matt 

"Good things, 
when short, are 
twice as good." 

-Tom Stoppard 

"I think I ought to get some eddication.. 
I can't think of anything to do." 

-The Once and Future King, T.H. White 

Fatoumata Diarra ^^.——i—^^—^^^— 
3LAM. ASU. Pot Pourri. VDO. OB. Morton. J avelin 

e have stopped for a moment 
to encounter each other, 
to meet, to love, to share. 
This is a precious moment, 
(t is a little parenthesis in eternity." 

- Paulo Coehlo 

Alexandra Donovan 

Devin Etcitty 

Wesley Fa by; 

Thanks Andover! 

"And there's not 
enough time/' 

-Cosmic Gate 

Two words: endCess gratitude. 

Lmily Fang 

'Thank you, 

TmiCy Jang 

uonnor hars 

'Thanks JKndoveY 

(Emily Field 

CS '13 T>SC&A 

Aaron Finder 

ihn French 

lames Freney 

mean destiny, yes there is 
'estiny. Some things are made 
<y destiny yes, other things by 
tardwork, but qualityyou 
lon't learn. Qualityyou are 
)orn with. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic 

Success is th e~ 
bility to go from failure 
failure without losing 
• enthusiast 

Gabriel Freund 

Virginia Fu 


Sometimes we forget 

tPould fall ^ 19 %1 any 
LLi. poetry. (+pe 0P ie) cy©uj 

mOment "but not here) 

- SD 


Cregory Fulcra 

tip.- v*£ ^'i.^Vv^«' v 
■ f 

it 1 1= " 



"All kids need is : [ 
little help, a littlil 
hope, and soinelxxB 
u ho heliex es ii 

-Maine Johnson 

^nelia Calvin 

One of the biggest mistakes you 
an make is going through life 
rying not to make a mistake" 
- Anonymous 

Michael Garai 

fhanks, Andover, for many 

wonderful mistakes. /tmelia 

AfLATAH, AAc, Aft?, A6U, OUti, Wn?kjt(Ls 

Lydia Godo-Solo 


Saroi Gourkan 

"Keep away from people who belittle your ambitions. 
Smart people always do that, but the really great make 
you feel that you, too, can become great.' 
- Mark Twain 

Thank You, Andover! 

Samuel Green 

Ben Griffith 

larrick Gu 

Caroline Cutierrez 

"It's a magical world, Hobbes 
ol'buddy... Let's go exploring!' 

V ( 

It's only work if 
somebody makes [Gu] 
do it. 

- Calvin & Hobbes 
Thanks Andover! 

Crew. DLabs/520's. Foxcroft. 
Varsity Classics. KS. EM T. 
I/J.i«8. Blue Keys. Weil/L-Kokko 

>nica Harrington 


"No regrets, Just love. " 
Thanks Andover for three unforgettable years. -MecLghar^ 


Thanks for stargazing with 

A/i/c7i /ore, 

S&R/OP: F'09, S'lO, Squirrel!, WOP'll 
RVVR, F'11, G&tRL, Robot Mika 
Tree House '()Q-'i2, Veggie 'io-'ii 

Hale 'oc)-'io. Stimson '10-' 13. DSLers 'og-'l.3 
CYAil 10/1- 10. Hio ()i)o 12-13. ConinisiMAc 

"If people sat outside and 
looked at the stars each night. 
I'll bet they'd live a lot 
differently. When you look 
into infinity, you realize that 
there are more important thini 
than what people do all day." 
-Bill Watterson 

Meaghan Haugh 

Joshua Haywan 

(nristopher Hedl 

Austin Heffner 

lay God bless and keep 

'ou always, 

lay your wishes 

.11 come true. 

lay you always 

)o for others 

Lnd let others 

po for you. 

May you build t~ "] 

ladder to the 

Itars and climb 

Pn every rung 

kay you stay 

I forever young 


wtmSntes, And over. 

-Bob Dylan 

- 5' '.i i'^R j, 

ndrea Hewett 

You wonder about your eighteen years, 
ricocheting between a stubborn determination 
that you've done well for your own capabilities 
and opportunities... You wonder if you've got 
what it takes to keep building up obstacle 
courses for yourself, and to keep leaping 
through them, sprained ankle or not. 
Again the refrain, what have you for your 
eighteen years? So you will rot in the groi 
and so you say, what the hell? Who cares? Bij 
you care, and somehow you don't want to . 
just one life, which could be typed, which coi 
be tossed off in a thumbnail sketch: "She was ! 
the sort of girl..." and end in 25 words or less.] 
You want to live as many lives as you can... 
and because you're eighteen, because you're 
still vulnerable, because you still don't have 
faith in yourself, you talk a little fliply, a little 
too wisely, just to cover up... so you can still 
laugh at yourself while there's still time... 
Yes, you can outline the people you've lived 
with these eighteen years in a few sentences. 
Yet could you give an account of their lives, 
their hopes, their dreams? You could try, 
perhaps, but they would be much the same as 
yours... for you are all an inexplicable unity — 
this family group with its twisted tensions, un- 
reasoning loves and solidarity and loyalty born 
and bred in blood. These people are the ones 
most basically responsible for what you are. sylvia plath 

Josephine Hicks-Jablo-ns 

• Hirschler 

\nil in that moment, 
I swear 'ire were infinite. 

Tl,r IV.l, ... tt€„.;. . \\ .1111.. 


* ^ 

4 The first method of estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to 
look at the men he has around him." 

- Niccolo Machiavelli Fondest, 

Sung Woo 

Sung Woo Hong 

Diana Howlan 

Emily jia 

Erin (ohnsoi 

8 A 


7* ' v BJIBj 

we'Re all pRettu biz^RRe. 

; some of us oRejust betteR 

; ai hidinq it, that's oil. • the bRe<*tet en* 

I ■ 

-too Short -(V all -me 
fhouqhts H want tc 

ThanfcS -fix -ftouahtt , -ft*. WfllldS, 
-B*, booths ,arti Wfcfcofau <k.-fKent«. 

'four more years and I'll be done with school, 
then I'll be making history like I do--- 
Hey there flndover, here's to you-" 

-Plain White Tees 

Jordan Johnson 

Dorothy )one' 

ydia Kaprelian )onas Katkavich 

Henry Kennelly Samuel Khalandovsl 

lia Kichorowsk 

Hyun Woo Kim 

"You are young, darling 
for now but not for long." 

-Julian Casablancas 


f 4f < 

Thanks for everything 


With love, Lauren 

Lauren Kim 

I Think We Have It. 

Samuel Koffman 

f\U Dover] 

Skanda Kop|c| 

Raeva Kumar 

Christian Langat 

phen Lerner 

"I want to stand as close to 
the edge as I can without 
^oin^ over. Out on the edge 
you can see all the kinds 
of things you can't sec- 
from the center 

-Kurt Vonnegu 

Thanks for the tim 
on the edge, Andove 

Rhea Lewis 



Haonan I 

Darlina Liu 



Conal Lynch 

Olivia Lord 

Kevin M 

Malynna Mam 

Daniel Martui 

"Why do you go away? So that you can 
come back. So that you can see the place 
you came from with new eyes and extra 

di ver 1 

a viia 

< i i 

por Barme la oportunidad 
a con nuevos ojos. 

T ,W 

Maria Mata 

ilichael May 

Richard McAllister 

•I I™ '^c^^r ~* 

The idea of evolution is so 
beautiful and sad -Nicole Krauss 

Bve team, 

1 I ' 


Procrastinators are the leaders of the future. 
-Swiss Rick 

David McCullough 

Emily McKinnon 

|ames McLei 

i. . 

William Merchant 

CXXXXJ I BUS I Stearns I JV Ball 

"This way of 
Cife is worth 
defending. " 
-(george w. 
'Busk '64 


Political Union ■' 
republican society 


UNICEF * Room TO Read 


CouGfolt -Resist! 
lHank you Andover, 


Vanessa Merino 

Mark Meyer 

"tarn as I am and 
so will I be but 
how that I am 
none knoweth 
truly... be I bound 
be I free, I am as I 
am and so will I 
be." Sir Thomas 

Eric Mevers 

Yuriko Nakamura 

Patrick Naught 


Tyler Olkowski 

Seamu s O'f 

"Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of 
those who dare to make dreams into reality" -Jonas Salk 

$ ' * 1 

phillips academy | andover | class of '13 | foxcroft | 
phillipian online | acco | violin | ultimate | photography 

"Just cause it's a theme song don t /neon it's not true 
-Tropic Thunder 

- _ d 

Eric Ouyang 

Adeola Oyink 

)emetrios Papageorgiou 

\drienne Pisch 

Lucas Pi 

S*i cn/i o r u S A a. v*-e 

bo*j~ iii//n*>) /j> o^^t r e y<n* -hnd huffing. 




i £ 

've found 
I hanks to 


i Mom for the ad 

\hc and 

Andover for the opportunity 

Pallavi Prakash 

Thanks? <3 Pallavi Prakash 

if You're going through Hell 
keep Going 

The genius is not in technique 
it is in being present. 




Michael Queena 

Harrison Roch 

Until we accept the fact that life 
itself is founded in mystery, we shall learn nothing. 
-Henry Miller 

Everybody's youth is a dream, 

a form of chemical madness. " 
_ -F. Scott Fitzgerald 

(HI II Ml Un 

Thank you Andover, 
for the crazy dreams. 

Shun Sakai 



Do you know 
lie (lilTcrciicc 

Kimberly Sarro 

Go BIG, raioe. 


K/*& STU IT'S W£R. GO MOMS. GO.'-Fen-o M 

Lillian Scherlis 

Jack Scheufel 

Nathan Scyocurka 

"Then fet us aft do wfiat 
is right, strive with ad our , 
might toward the 
unattainahfe, devfop as 
fidfy the gifts Cjoahas 
given us, and never stop \ 
Learning." -Ludwig van 


Rashana Shabazz 

Katherine Shf 

Nikita Singareddy 

"It sometimes feels like a strange movie. It's all so 
weird that at times I wonder if it is really happening at all." 

- Eminem 

Are All People Like This? 

Like What? 

So Much Bigger on the I 
Thanks For Every 

Natalia Slattery 

len Ginsberg, - 
Jeffrey Eugenides, 
"David Foster Wallace, 
.Hunter S. Thompson, 
^ Sylvia Plath, tfunot Diaz, 
laruki Murakami, Ken Kesey, Tom 
Jorge Luis Borges, J.D.^alinger, Joan Didion, , 
Federico Garcia LorcafJulia Alvarez, Ben Lerner, 
tyj^fcael Chabon, Douglas Adams, Stephen Chboskjl 
tcouldnj^ave done it without you."- — tf^^ 

Jennifer Slul 

ilia Smachlo 

Nathaniel Smith 



we had so much time and so 

• little to do. strike that, reverse it. 

' - Roald Dahl 

"5infl wit/i tmr, sing for the years 
Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears 
Sing with me, if it's just for today 
<Maybe tomorrow the good Lord wiffta^e you away 
-Steven TyCer 

For four unforgettable years, I am forever grateful. 
'Peter SoCazzo 

JV Swim/ WoPo, Crew, Carter 

laine Sohng 

Peter Solazzo 

Dakyung Song 

iron sharpens iron, 
oe person sharpens 

Proverbs 2*j : 17 

Jfl I- 


hainiks-, An'dover 

Conor Soules 

"You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be 
defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the 
defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can 
from, how you can still come out of it" - Maya Angelou 

Justin Stachtiai 

iuch is given 

uch i 



Luke 1 2: 

Thanks, Andovei 
for teaching me 
to expect more 
from myself 

Parker Thomas 

Jonathan Thompkis 

"I think that if life separates us and we end up in 
totally different places, I'll always remember when 
our past aligned for this period of time. And I'll be 
thankful for that. And 1 hope that wherever 

are, you'll be thankful too. I think that's the best we 
can wish for." 


'You're off to Great Places! 
Today is your day! 

Thanks for 
an amazing 
four years 



Dulguun Tuvshintugs 

Andrea Vargas 

Andrea Vargas 

Johannes Verhaegh 

Maria Vele 

Sarah Vinches 


Erin Wong 

We make angels of out- nigmclubs, 
bards ofom bums, 
outlooks^ our outcasts and 
infrffigfofour sums. 

We are the children of empathy, 
the pathos of slums, 
we heal like Heljps # s 
lihfffclical 'drums. 

Rachel Xi 

lihtffclical drums. 

We enlist life from listle. 
And so in it in tes 

Even ge^ thhigs done. 

Adam Ciorrticb 

thanks for keep ingoings 
creative, anaover. fro been real 

Andrew Xuan 

lake Zellner 

Anna Zhang 

Heather Zhou 

Julie Zhoi 



Amanda Zhu 

Aiganym Zhumasho\ 

Amanda Chatupron-Lacayo 

We celebrate your 
accomplishments and the next 

chapters of your journey! 
We are very proud of you and 
love you as always, 
Mom and Dad 

Catherine Choi 

]j Catherine, we are very proud of you for how much 
you have grown and achieved, emotionally and 
academically, during the last four years. Keep up 
the good work in college and beyond. We love you so 
much. And don't forget that we are always here by 
your side to love and support you in all that you do. 

Congratulations on your graduation! 


Mom, Dad & Christine 

1 Sung Woo Hong 

| Congratulations, Sung Woo! 

We are so proud of what you have 
accomplished. But we are even more proud 
of the person you have become. 
Love you, Mom and Dad 


BobatundG BgIIo 

0(? £W? 









Emily Hoyt I 

Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make 
anything happen. ~ Johann Wolfganf von Goethe 

Thank you to all 
the faculty, coaches, 
house counselors, 
and staff for an 
incredible Andover, 
Big Blue experience! 

-The Hoyt Family 

We believe in you, Ems! 
Here's to reaching for your dreams 

Love you 
forever & ever, 
Mama, Dad, 
Catie, and RosieB 

Julie Zhou 

Remember where you have been, and you will go far. 
Congratulation Julie! We are very proud of you! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Kellie and all our family 

jake Zellner 

C onsratulations, 
6 Jake! 

We are very proud 
of you. 

With good . 
humor, humility 
and the spirit of 
adventure you can 
accomplish all of 
your goals. 

Love, Mom & Dad 

Kristin Mendez 

Connor Fraser 

Michael Garai 

— Joshua Hayward — 
Congratulations Josh! ! ! 

Your hard work has paid off. 
We are so proud of you. 


Mom, Dad and Frankie 

- Christopher Amendano ■ 

Just keep being the way you are; 
our suoer star with a Big heart. 
You ve made us so proud. 


Mom, Dad, and Emily 

Cregory Fulcher 

Words cannot truly 
express how much we 
love you, and how proud 
we are of you. 

Mom and Dad 


Lauren Kim 

We are so proud of you. 
You have grown to be 
such an intelligent and 
compassionate individual, 
and we can't wait to see 
where your future leads 

We love you and feel so 
blessed to have you in the 
family. We hope and pray 
for nothing but happiness 
and health in your future. 
May God bless you and 
watch over you as you 
head of to college! 


Mom, Dad, and Loies 

Jing Qu 

J "You are braver than you believe, stronger than 
you seem, and smarter than you think." 

We are proud of you! 
Mom and Dad. 

Emily Field 


We are so very proud of you 
for all you have accomplished 
and all that you have become. 
We love you so much. 
Mom and Dad 

Justin Stachtiaris 

"Life isn't about finding yourself, 
Life is about creating yourself/' 
-George Bernard Shaw 

Congratulations Justin 

Love - 
Mom, Dad and Lukas 



G ongr atulations ! 
We are so proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, Ali, and Liv 

Josy Hicks-Jablons 

Congratulations, Rachel! 
Your perserverance and 
enthusiasm for lite is .amgg 
inspiration to us-ajljMpey 
' 1 ^ '" u !»#y^ 

Rachel Wittenberg 

celebrate, ev<el5, 
have, accomplished. 

O - 

We love you, and we are so proud of 
you. Can't wait to see what the next 
chapter fo your life beholds for us! 


Keep making us 
i v proud! 

Keep making us 
* laugh! 


We couldn't be 
more proud of the 
amazing young man 
that you have become! 
Congratulations on four 
incredible years at Andover! 


Mom, Dad, Chris and Stephanie 

Genevieve Tuite 


Alec Buck 

Congratulations Alec! 
We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments. Wishing 
you much love and success as you fulfill your dreams. 

Mom and Dad 

Justin Appleby 

2jJ. . 

James Freney 

Kevin Fung 

Congratulations Kevin! 
We are so proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, and Alex 


Rolando Bonachea 

"If one advances confidently 
in the direction of one's 
dreams, and endeavors to 
live the life which one has 
imagined, one will meet 

with a success..." 
-Henry David Thoreau 

We have watched you over 

the years be a loyal friend, 
hard working, persistent, 

polite, respectful, and kind. 

You are a great master to 
Skipper, compassionate, and 

an emerging leader with a 
courageous voice for the less 
fortunate. We are very proud 
of the inner person you have 

become. A chapter is now 
closing and we can't wait for 

the next chapters of your 
book. Adelante! 

Mom, Dad and Skipper 

Susannah Hyde 

We are so proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, Claire, and 

joey Verhaegh 

Johannes Christian Verhaegh 

Be a leader, not a follower 
Except to: 
Follow your heart, mind & soul 

Rebecca Wagman 

Ross Bendetson 

Sara Nunez 

Congratulations Sara - you have filled 
our lives with joy and pride! 

Stay sassy - Love Mom, Dad, Alex, 
Grandpa, and Nami 

Devon Burger 

My, How You've Grown! 

You make our world - and the 
world - a much better place. 

We love you like crazy. 
Mom, Dad, Jordan and Carly 

Fernando Ramos 

on Graduating! 


Mom & Dad 

Mari Funabash 

Mike Queenan 

it*; n 


We are proud of who you are and who you are becoming. 
We admire your intelligence, compassion, and sensitivity to 
others. You are a leader who "knows the way, goes the way, 
and shows the way" John Maxwell). This speaks of you: 

If the going is tough and the pressure is on; if 
reserves of strength have been drained and the 
summit is still not in sight; then the quality to see in 
a person is neither great strength nor quickness of 
hand but rather a resolute mind set on its purpose 
that refuses to let its body slacken or rest. 

-Sir Edmind Hillary 

All our love, 

Mom, Dad,Jenna, C.J. '09, Max '11, and Simba 

Samuel Green 


You have chosen a path 
of self-challenge. We 
applaud you and we 
love you. 

-Mom & Dad 

Thank you, Andover! 

I Aidan Beckley 

Aidan, the world is your oyster. 

Ti akt'asalb abjatlud. 

We are so very proud of you. 
love from Mom, Dad, and Jacob 

Andrea Hewett 


You didn't just seize the day, you owned it; a real- 
life dreamcatcher. Never take the rose colored 
glasses off; never stop coloring outside the lines or 
eating the oreo middle first. You are a gift.,, and 
my special cowgirl. 


Love, Mom, Dad, Marilyn & Geoffrey 

Meaghan Haugh 

"It takes courage to grow up 

- E. E. Cummings 

Love Mum and Dad 

Audrey Burnim 

Congratulations Audrey! 
We are so proud of you! 
All our love 
Mom, Sam, Dad, Kay, Nana, Grampa, 
Gram pa T, Grammy, All the Aunties, 
Uncles and Cousins 

Be Sweet 

Be You! 

Vanessa Merino 


We Know this is only the beginning. 

The best is yet to come. 
We are are all very proud of you and 
all of your accomplishments. 

Mom, Dad, Alex and Edwin 

Rachel Wittenberg 


r~,~ir-" - 


"Go confidently in the direction of your 
dreams. Live the life you have imagined." 
- Henry Thoreua 
Congratulations Rachel! 
Your perserverence and enthusiasm for life 

are an inspiration to us all. We celebrate 
everything you have accomplishd and are so 
rpoud of the daguther and sister you have 
always been. 
We love and treasure you, 
Mom, Dad and Ruthie 

Ci Q 


Aliyah Storm Belinkie 

We are all so proud of you! 
We know you will take the world by 

Seamus O'Neill 

"Great moments are born from 
great opportunity. 
And that's what you have here... 
That's what you ve earned here... were meant to be here... 
This is your time... 
This is your time! 
Now go out there and take it!" 
-Herb Brooks 

Congratulations! We Love 
You and are So Very Proud 
of You! 

Dad, Mum & Cor 

Alex Demeulenaere i 

Cuess Who? 

(ya|) uu/(|j aouajMe-| pue (l^Su) uidjej-| || ■ A/\ : V 


Nicole Ng 

We are so proud of your achievements 
and the confidence you have 
Congratulations and love from all of us, 
Mom, Dad, Jacqueline and Alexander 

"Twenty years f 

^appointed bvthlT- now you will h 
th « ones vou d M ? J' ngrs tha * vou dH„i , 6 more 
a *av from tl d da So throw i t « ,* 1 do ^an by 

Llf e *ri„ ts or «,,„ , "' i " n 
eraser -^^s i„ ^ ^ 

" Yo " don't neerl * . 
We know what h 

Jf you have h»;» 

n °t be lost th ' C3St,es the air v. 
" In and dr„ ^ Da ^ Thoreau 

Tou decided to r 

c °ngratuJat,v,n Passions. 
We Jove y ou an . _ u U at Adorer. 

We,0 -eyouan t " " 

ne *t chapter to 



Jeff n . 
,Jeff > Daphne &Momy 


Ihoto by Mimi Leggett '13 


all, the Pot Po 
s Academy Andov 

Layouts of this yearbook were made on four Mac Desktops using In-Design CS4, and photographs 
were edited using Adobe Photoshop CS4. The main fonts used in this book were Baskerville Old Face, 
AHJ Imperial, Jenna Sue, and Coneria Script. The yearbook was printed by Herff Jones and all layouts, 
photographs, and text was submitted through E-Page on 

The board would like to sincerely thank our Herff Jones representative Susan Happel for her unconditional 
love, support and advice -- none of this would be possible without you! Additionally, we owe our deepest 
gratitude to our faculty advisor Mr. Capano, Mrs. Scofield and Mrs. Mohammed, Scott Diekema '14 and 
The Phillipian for use of their Brighton Beach Memoir photos, and Gina Sawaya '13, Christopher Hedley '13 
3, and Kristin Mendez '13 for their photos from 2009-2010 used in "Then and Now. 

potpOlim zOlz-zOld -f^fy^visor 

4tD^iK-W CfiVWaV&datiz Chris°Capano 

Gaelyn Golde Alexander Hyder 

Tahera Doctor MelanieOliva 

• ft • Stephanie Hendarta Q \ 

{^Ute^TOrS' William Harpin Catalma Feder 

Bo^Hyung Yoon Hyunji Koo Enn J ohnson 

Devon Burger Jackie Kim Alexandra Donovan 

V^DrS ,*Lx Catherine Haseman ) lso ° Chun g 

W-^Efr Hirsh chitkara Amelia Danovitc 

Amelia Lraht" a Barbara Cleary 

O0\?\fr eJfxtOY^ {^tUOlct rt£$064#tB£ Andra Gusman 

Ankh Batuure Amo § h sharma lssr A aa F , aiz 

Stephanie Nekoroski Lila Dolan E , mmie A y vak " mova 

Q r \ Isabel Taylor Laurent Joli-Couer 

Ke^l^plMrtO^r^ku Marjorie Kozloff Myracle McCoy 
, Clau'dia GiTes 1 I J}S^^J.r^^± William Reid 

S'ara' Nanez OlivaCabral Ellie Simon 

Stephanie Petrella I n r , n , D.r . 

ufy&^cRaf^ Fatoumata D,arra 

Catanna Feder 
Erin Johnson 
Alexandra Donovan 

Jisoo Chung 
Amelia Danovitch 
Barbara Cleary 
Andra Gusman 
Issraa Faiz 
Emmie Avvakumova 
Laurent Joli-Couer 
Myracle McCoy 
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Julia Zell 
Charlotte Berry 
Ellie Simon 

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Corey, Owen 120,131 

Cornelius, Sarah 137 

:r;mo, David 7, 10, 117, 118, 143, 

1 86 

Crawford, Nolan 40, 62, 1 13, 131 
Crege, Hannah 120, 124 
Croen, Benjamin 109, 143, 186 
Crofton, Elliott 108, 143, 186 
Cronin, Sarah 120, 131 
Cropsey, Isabel 106, 143, 186 
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Crowe, Emma 66, 109, 131 
Crutison, Taylor 112,124 
Cm/, Christian 40, 112, 125 
Curtis, Henry 69, 115, 131 
Curtis, Justin 65,121 
Curtis, Piper 34, 35, 71, 121, 144, 

D'Agostino, Franco 58, 107, 144, 

D'Alelio, Alec 121,137 
I VAmbrosio, Anthony 121,137 
Dackiw, (ean-Sebastien 33, 47, 
111, 137 

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157, 187 

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Danovitch, Amelia 23, 37, 61, 114, 

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Danovitch, Larissa 62, 108, 125 
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1 89 

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169, 294 

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190, 294 

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Dumitriu, Allison 96 
Durant, Casey 108,137 
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109, 137 

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Fabyan, Wes 71, 115, 144, 192 
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Garth, Viv 97,98,120,131 

Ceng, Frank 120, 131 

Gerrard, Rachel 65, 88, 105, 131 

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144, 157, 171,294 

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94, 106 

Glover, Claire 120, 125 
Godo-Solo, Lydia 74, 120, 144, 

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Goldberg, Samantha 108, 137 
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168, 294 

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157, 198 

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Could, Phoebe 131 

Gourkanti, Saroj 91, 98, 113, 145, 

161, 198 

Graber, Katherine 121, 125 

Crane, Emily 109, 131 

Creen, Samuel 61, 111, 145, 153, 


Creer, Cory 109 

Grice, Victoria 40,114,132 

Griffiths, Ben 94, 108, 145, 198 

Griffiths, Nathalie 108, 125 

Crossbard, Lily 112, 132 

Crottkau, Andrew 120,132 

Cu, Angela 112,121,132 

Gu, Garrick 9, 115, 145, 199 

Gu, George 121,137 

Gudinas, Alana 40, 62, 120, 125 

Cusman, Andra 98, 107, 137, 294 

Gutierrez, Caroline 113, 145, 199 

Gutierrez, David 107, 132 

Gutierrez, Evelyn 108 

Guzzi, Hannah 34, 45, 56, 108 

Haegg, Isabella 108, 125 
Hagler, Alexia 120,125 
Hagler, Michaela 13, 120, 125 
Hagler, Samantha 120,125 
Hahn, Dong Hee 69,107,132 
Hahn, Jinwoo 120,125 
Hahn, Peter 96 
Hale, Nathan 108 
Halloran, Noah 110 
Han,Sirus 113,145,199 
Hariharan, Janani 98, 116 
Harpin.Will 121,145,199,289, 

Harrington, Jack 121 
Harrington, Veronica 84, 99, 114, 
150, 153, 200, 292 
Harris, Miles 40, 104, 125 
Harrison, Anna 91, 109, 145, 157, 

Hartemink, Monique 109, 137 
Harking, Kasey 56, 121 
Haseman, Catherine 18, 111, 119, 

200, 285 

Haut, Catherine 23, 120, 137 
Hawkins, Sean 120, 125 
Havvley, Benjamin 106 
Havvley, Sam 88,112,125 
Hayward, )) 54, 55, 105, 107, 145, 
1 54, 200, 261 

Hazard, Schuyler 45, 113, 132 

Heaney, )ames 109 

Hedley, Topher 62, 63, 112, 113, 


Heffner, Austin 50,117,145,157, 

Henclarta, Stephanie 111, 137, 294 
Henderson, Graeme 33, 111, 137 
Henderson, Joshua 108,132 
Heneghan, Sierra 54, 120, 138 
Herget-Nolan, John 121, 125 
Herman, James 104,132 
Herrington, Lincoln 110, 125 
Hewett, Andrea 109, 145, 201, 

Hicks-Jablons, Josy 108, 145, 201, 

Higgins, Bridget 1 8, 40, 63, 1 1 5, 

Higgins, Peter 111 
Higgins, Teddy 90, 112, 125 
Hildenbrand, Veronica 23, 39, 47, 
109, 138 

Hill, Ali 18,50,114,132 
Hirschler, Maia 78,110,145,158, 

Ho,Yanlin 107,145,202 

Hoang, Bach 115,132 

Hoang, Catherine 121, 132 

Hohlstein, Chris 9,54,111 

Hollenbeck, Corissa 120, 125 

Holly, Ben 88 

Hong, JeeEun 112,125 

Hong, Sung Woo 113, 145, 202, 


Hooda, Misha 66, 110, 138 
Horner, Auggie 29,78,111 
Hornik, Noah 107 
Hoskins, Caroline 40,62,113,132 
Hosman, Matthew 114,132 
Hosono, Cregory 107, 138 
Howe, Campbell 18,40,60,61, 
115, 138 

Howell, Jake 9, 29, 54, 55, 89, 
120, 138 

Howland, Diana 111,145,202 
Hoyt, Emily 34,35,111,145,203, 

Huang, Forrest 108 
Huang, Jenny 62, 105, 125 
Huang, Michael 40, 65, 105, 132 
Huang, Pin-Shin 108 
Huang, Stephanie 138 
Huang, Yinghua 138 
Huber, Patrick 107, 138 
Hubschman, William 121, 132 
Hughes, Nya 18,110,132 
Hui, Angela 112,125 
Humphreys, Robert 69, 104 

unter, James 121,145,203 
ley. Cooper 121 
Hyde, Susannah 101, 114, 145, 
203, 277 

Hyder, Alexander 121,145,203, 

Hyun, Kyu 104 

lannone, Lucia 108, 125 
Im, Claire 61,115,132 
Ingerman, Carrie 108,138 
Ippolito, Laura 23, 62, 121 
Ira, Richard 104, 125 
Irvin, Rob 92, 110 
Isenhower, John 104,125 
Iyer, Rani 108, 132 

Jacksoft^lijah 106, 132 

Jackson, Ian 62, 106, 125 

Jackson, Julia 120,132 

Jacobs, Matthew 31,62,108 

Jacobson, Claire 104 

James, Cameron 107 

Jamir, Sierra 99,111,138 

Jancsy, Payton 13,50,110,126 

Jarvis, Charlie 62,114,132 

Jayam, Meghana 110,138 

Jenkins, Ravn 107, 132 

Jia, Emily 109,145,204 

Jiang, Alexander 40,62,107,132 

Jin, Hyung Joon 104,132 

Johnes, Dorothy 108 

Johns, Graham 58, 111 

Johnson, Erin 9, 18, 121, 145, 204, 


Johnson, Jordan 7, 53, 114, 145, 

Johnson, Samantha 120, 138 
Johst, Thomas 62,120,132 
Joli-Coeur, Laurent 116, 132, 294 
Jonas, Avery 40,113 
Jones, Dorothy 145, 204 
Jordan, David 62,111,145,205 
Jordan, Joshua 113,126 
Judelson, James 111, 138 
Jung, Hyun 109 


Kahan, Jessie 

Kahan, Jessica 16,110,145,205 
Kahn, Emma 138 
Kalb, Henry 112 
Kamdar, Poonam 120, 138 
Kane, Samuel 62,104,126 
Kantner, China 111,132 
Kaplan, Jennifer 104,132 

Kaprelian, Lydia 113, 145, 205 
Katkavich, Jack 33, 115, 145, 205 
Kaul, Hemang 11,121,145,153, 

Keene, Brooke 120, 126 
Kelleher, Benjamin 62, 121, 126 
Keller, Abigail 112 
Kemp, Elizabeth 53,115,132 
Kemp, Larken 20,22,29,50,109, 
145, 151, 206 

Kemper, Madeleine 117, 126 
Kennelly, Henry 6, 7, 20, 36, 37, 
66, 111, 145, 152, 206 
Kerry, Cameron 121, 126 
Keus, Karina 120, 132 
Khalandovsky, Samuel 121, 206 
Khan, Tasfia 111 

Kichorowsky, Julia 121, 145, 158, 

Kim, Anika 113 

Kim, Brian 109, 138 

Kim, Emma 111 

Kim, Eunjae 109,132 

Kim, Eunjin 110 

Kim, Eunji 120,138 

Kim, Hyun Woo 108, 142, 145, 


Kim, Jackie 294 

Kim, Jackson 29 

Kimjaeduk 113,145,207 

Kim, Jennifer 108,126 

KimJiSeok 104,114,132 

Kim, Junyeol 105,138 

Kim, Kun Woo 65 

Kim, Lauren 75, 145, 207, 262 

Kim, Maximilian 113,126 

Kim, Michael 50, 109, 138 

Kim, Natalie 23, 108 

Kim, Rhaime 113,132 

Kim, SeHwan 115,145,208 

Kim, Stephanie 115, 145, 208 

Kim, Will 33 

Kim, Won Woo 113,132 

Kinard, Paul 114,132 

King-Nakaoka, Elana 40,71,110, 


Kingston, Alec 115,138 
Kirkwood, Kailey 112, 126 
Kister, L. Claire 126 
Kister, Laura 66, 108 
Ko, Janine 120 

Kobelski, Margaret 18,40,62, 
120, 132 

Kochakian, Nicholas 62, 120 
Koffman, Samuel 116, 146, 208 
Koo, Hyunji 120,294 
Koppula, Skanda 40, 115, 146, 

Kornegay, Jair 111 
Kornegay, Kai 78, 108, 138 
Kowclley, Saraswathi 108, 126 
Kozloff, Marjorie 47, 116, 294 
Kozol, Jacob 121,132 
Krabek, Katherine 110, 138 
Krakauer, Amanda 62,115,132 
Krakowsky, Anna 88,113,132 
Kralik, Christopher 104,126 
Kramer, Alexander 29, 121, 146, 

Kramer, Anna 40, 62, 108, 126 
Kreider, Katie 21, 23, 34, 56, 121 
Krishna, Achindra 105,132 
Krishnamachar, Anjali 34, 35, 71, 
110, 209 

Kroon, Jennifer 110, 146, 209 
Kudla, Marion 112,132 
Kudlinski, Evan 109, 146, 209 
Kuhl, Katherine 111 
Kuhn. Vienna 40, 62, 108, 126 
Kukielski, Emma 94, 111, 133 
Kumar, Raeva 9, 16, 110, 146, 21' 
Kwon,Alex 115,138 
Kwon, Celine 146,210 

LaBoeuf, Foster 34 
Lai, PakKin 115,138 
Lam, Tiffany 120,146,210 
LaMarche, Olivia 71, 88, 90, 120> 

LaMarche, Renee 53, 120 

Landay, Samuel 121 

Landay, Sophia 24, 120, 138 

Lane, John 104,133 

Lane, Thomas 29, 53, 121, 133 

Langalis, Christian 47, 112, 146, 


Laoshi, Zhao 95 
Lapointe, Colby 106, 126 
Lara, Angellica 112,126 
LaRocca, Ava 107 
LaRocca, Mia 105, 126 
LaRovere, Francis 29, 120, 146, 

Lasry, Theodore 110 
Lata, Michael 50, 109, 138 
Lattanzio, Dale 111,133 
Lau, Vincent 112,146,211 
Lawrence, Eric 40, 62, 110, 126 | 
Lazrak, Yasmine 108,146,211 
Le,Alphonsc 120,133 
Leahy, Helen 24, 120, 138 
LeBoeuf, Foster 110, 133 
Leduc, Audrey 40,71, 114, 138 
Lee, Corbin 29, 109, 146, 211 
Lee, Daniel 40,71, 113, 138 
Lee, Frederick 115,146,212 
Lee, Jaeyoung 109,146,212 
Lee, Jeffrey 112,126 
Lee, Jessica 7, 66, 67, 1 14, 146, 

Lee, Ji Hyun 112,133 

Lee, Josaphat 62,106 

Lee, Katherine 7, 40, 98, 1 14, N 

156, 212 

Lee, Maxwell 120, 1 33 
Lee, Sarah 99 
Lee, Shin-Jae 111,146,213 
Lee, Sohyun 115,146,213 
Lefft, Alexis 96, 105, 126 
Legaspi, Josiah 29,62,120 
Legaspi, Olivia 121, 133 

eggett, Antonia 114,133 
eggett, Mimi 107,155,213 
eibovitch, Zoe 23,109,133 
eocata, Angela 106,146,213 
eon, (osselyn De 115, 188 
erner, Sven 69,112,146,155, 

evy, Richard 39,113,146,214 
ewis, Rhea 7,20,45,79,121, 
46, 153, 214 

ezine, Ekaterina 109, 138 
i,Ada 120,133 
i, Alexander 37, 58, 114, 133 
i, Christopher 37,58,59, 113, 


i, Haonan 113,146,214 

i, Kit 9,107,138 

ian, Tyler 62,110,126 

ight, Connor 50, 111, 146,215 

im, Wei Han 104,133 

in, Samantha 62,105,126 

ippey, Madeleine 113 

ittle, Camille 40,62, 112, 126 

ittle.john 69,76,111,133 

ittlefield, Annalee 114,133 

iti, Catherine 108 

iu, Danielle 60,61,121,138 

iu, Darlina 107,146,215 

iu, Evelyn 61,96,105,133 

iu, Felix 111,133 

iu, Victor 121,146,215 

iu, Vivian 121, 133 

iu, Zicong 112 

ivingston, Eden 45,110,133 

ivingston, Scott 114,146,215, 


lewellyn, Kaylee 110,133 
loyd-Thomas, Sophia 9, 77, 115, 


opez, C. Eman 126 
opez, Caroline 120 
opez, Custavo 106 
ord, Julia 115,146,216 
ord, Olivia 109,146,216 
u, Caroline 40, 120, 133 
.u, John 120,126 
no, Lauren 105, 126 
ynch, Conal 50,112,216 
yons, )A-Lamar 62, 107 

Via, Kevin 94, 109, 146, 216, 282 
MacDonald, Dylan 114, 146, 217 
VlacDonald, Scott 120,133 
VlacFarlane, Dorothy 108, 133 
Vlackall, Gray 62, 113, 133 
VlacRae, I ilybet 10, 61, 107, 146, 
217, 294 

\ lac-Williams, jack 29, 100, 106 
Jvlagnell, Molly 99, 105, 139 
Mahaniah, Cabriel 121, 126 
Maloney, Kayla 7,39,98, 107, 118, 
146, 217 

Maloney, Sean 112,126 

Mam, Malynna 120, 146, 153, 217, 


Manning, Henry 69,113,139 
Manos, Andreas 33,62,106,126 
Manuel, Charles 107 
Mao, Andrew 114,139 
Marcotte, Sarah 31,114 
Marcus, Julia 20,31,53,110,133 
Margolese, Liana 121, 133 
Marrusjake 15,113,139 
Marshall, Thomas 106 
Marshall, Tyler 29, 62, 121, 139 
Martinez, Samantha 61, 100, 113, 

146, 218 

Martucci, Dan 7, 117, 118, 146, 

Masmoudi, Iman 114, 139 
Mastrangelo, Savannah 56, 57, 
108, 126 

Mata, Esperanza 20, 111, 146, 218 
Mathi, Roshan 69,107 
Mattrick, Aidan 29, 98, 109, 146, 
159, 218 

Maxwell, John 283 

May, Michael 113,146,219 

Mayer, Abriana 120,139 

Mayer, John 121,126 

Mayhew, Madeleine 66, 114, 133 

McAllister, Richard 54,113,147, 


McCall, Nekele 34, 56, 116 
McCarthy, Kelly 31,53,120,126 
McClintic, Alasdair 114, 147, 153, 
159, 219 

McCoy, Myracle 24,114,139,294 
McCullough, David 29,101,113, 

147, 219 

McDonnell, Claire 108,126 
McCeachie, Jack 10, 33, 121, 147, 

McCloin, Lucia 7,10,38,39,114, 
147, 220 

McConagle, Elizabeth 120, 126 
McGovern, John 121,133 
McCovern, Paul 40, 71, 120, 133 
McCovern, Peyton 40, 41, 71, 120, 

McCuiggin, Bryan 62, 121 
Mclntire, Kristin 120 
Mcintosh, Ethan 40, 109, 133 
Mcintosh, Sophie 108,127 
McKenzie, Haille 45, 114, 133 
McKinney, Leah 105, 127 
McKinnon, Emily 7, 61, 110, 147, 

McLaughlin, Kent 113,133 
McLeod, James 33, 50, 115, 147, 

McNamara-Borclewick, Noreen 

Meehan, Nate 31,54,107 
Mehlman, Emma 30, 31, 116 
Mei, Heather 121 
Melideo, Jonathan 121, 127 
Mello, Arianna 110 
Mendez, Carlos 112,127 
Mendez, Kristin 7, 9, 20, 31, 114, 
147, 221, 258, 294 
Merchant, Zach 10,33,68,69, 

107, 147,221 

Merino, Vanessa 56,115,147, 
221, 286, 288 

Merker.Sara 31,53,114,133 
Mesinger, Caroline 96, 121, 127 
Meyer, Mark 81,113,147,221 
Meyer, Reid 108, 139 
Meyers, Eric 50, 108, 147, 222 
Michaels, Bennett 112,127 
Michaels, Olivia 112,127 
Michiue, Michael 109, 139 
Miller, Ryan 115,139 
Mocco, Vincent 18,120 
Mole, Edward 45,80,113,147, 

Monaghan, Patrick 62,111,139 
Montiel, Israel 106, 127 
Montieth, Lauren 40, 106, 139 
Moreland, Stephen 15, 120 
Morgan, Victoria 120, 142, 147, 

Morin,Amy 18,31,52,53,94, 
120, 139 

Morlani, Angelo 121,147,151, 
156, 222 

Morose, Cam 1 0, 65, 1 21 , 1 58, 

Morris, Robert 121 
Mott, Dylan 12,33,107 
Moustafa, Adham 88, 112, 139 
Muchnick, Justin 69,112,127 
Mullen, Tom 29,89,112 
Murali, Anirudh 120,127 
Murphy, Josh 33 
Murphy, Joshua 111 
Murphy, Madison 121, 127 
Murray, Jackie 10, 82, 100, 107, 
142, 147, 157, 223 
Murree, Rachel 80, 104 

Nabar, Nickl 

Newman, Jared 40,113 

Ng, Nicole 115,147,225,291 

Ng, Stanley 116,133 

Nguyen, Christiana 61, 114, 147, 


Nickell, Matilda 62, 105, 127 
Niedzielski, Patrick 121, 147, 225 
Nigro, Carolyn 34, 45, 121, 147, 


Nix, Sabine 105, 127 

Nohria, Reva 108, 147, 226 

Nomoto, Kenta 109 

Nork, Erica 121, 127 

Norris, Dylan 121, 127 

Norris, Kelsey 120 

Novis, Hailey 40, 41, 61, 114, 147, 

152, 226 

Nunez, Sara 120, 147, 171, 280, 

Nutting, Veronica 127 
Nyamakazi, Laz 8,20,61,113, 
147, 153, 226 

Nyamwaya, Doris 47, 120, 139 

Nabar, Nickliil 21, 40, 62, 72, 121, 
147, 223 

Nagahara, Miki 121,147,223 
Najem, Michael 94, 96, 121, 127 
Nakamura, Yuriko 109, 147, 224 
Nam,Yuhan 62,113,139 
Nanda, Mary Catherine 61, 109 
Naranjo, Cassie 62, 109, 133 
Naranjo, Victoria 62, 109, 133 
Nasser, Ravenne 56, 120, 133 
Naughter, Patrick 40, 41, 62, 113, 
147, 152, 158, 224 
Navarrete, Nicole 108, 133 
Nawrocki, Jason 50, 121, 147, 224 
Needham, Robert 29, 62, 121, 133 
Neklason, Annika 104, 147, 224 
Nekoroski, Stephanie 21, 23, 24, 
47, 120, 139, 141, 294 
Nemec, Tadeas 121,139 
Neogi, Nupur 121, 127 
Nestor, Miranda 53, 121, 127 
Neumann, A. Miles 133 
Neumann, Alfred 37,109 
Newhall, Kevin 7,121,147,225 

O'Brien, Ana re 

O'Brien, And rew 120, 139 
O'Connell, Brendan 54, 55, 79, 
121, 147, 227 

O'Donnell, Billy 50, 109, 147, 158, 

O'Neill, Seamus 50, 109, 147, 
228, 288 

Oberst, Aaron 29, 100, 108, 147, 

Ogando, Benny 40, 107, 134 

Oh, Heson 58,120,139 

Ohakam, Michael 62, 105 

Okorie, Chiamaka 7, 16, 20, 115, 

147, 153, 227 

Oliva, Isabella 127 

Oliva, Melanie 109, 139, 294 

Oliver, Thomas 88,92,112 

Olivia, Isabella 108 

Olkowski, Tyler 33, 77, 112, 147, 

151, 228 

Orgul, Sarp 104, 127 
Ortega, Marlene 112 
Osborn, Matthew 40, 62, 110, 134 
Ossowski, Timothy 62, 110, 127 
Ouyang, Di 112,134 
Ouyang, Eric 115,147,228 
Overly, Kristen 31, 115, 134 
Oyinlola, Dicli 29,54,114,147, 
159, 161, 228 

\ ■ 

Pagano,|Mexa Rodriguez 12/ 
Page, Cclrter 111,134 
Pahari.Vabuk 69,113 
Palaniappan, Sid 10, 121,229 
Palmer, James 69, 109, 139 

eng, Chris 107,149,244 
eng, Jason 62,107,149,244 
eo, Aaron 58,115,135 
nomas, Alex 34,88,104,135 
homas, Parker 121,149,244, 

homasco, William 111,140 
hompkins, Jonathan 62, 111, 244 
hompson, Kayla 104, 135 
hompson, Marcus 108, 135 
obeason, Katherine 24, 62, 115, 

odd, David 120, 129 

offoloni, Evagelia 30, 31, 53, 88, 


offoloni, Katerina 31, 53, 109, 


offoloni, Nikoletta 31, 53, 109, 


olentino, Alec 28,29,110,140 
omaszewski, Haley 121, 129 
onckens, Andreas 107,135 
ope, Crayclon 40, 41, 62, 90, 
08, 140 

ope, Parker 40,62,108,129 
Torabi, Comma 37, 61, 121, 140 
fbwne, )ames 105, 135 
(raniello, Monica 47, 111, 135 
Irani, Amelia 121, 149, 172,294 
("resham, Luca 50,111,149 
I say, Tyler 116,135 
Fucker, )ay 50 
Tucker, John 114 
rucker, Meghan 121, 129 
ruite, Cenevieve 120, 149, 245, 

lullv, Crace 120,135 
lulungen, Paul 20,69,90, 115, 
1 40 

ruriano, Paul 20, 121, 149,245 
luvshintugs, Dulguun 115, 245 
Iv, Darren 58, 121, 129 


Jnsworth, Lane 16 
Insworth, Olivia 108,135 
Jria, Alejandra 104,135 

Vale, Hanover 120,135 
Vallejos, Andrew 107,141 
V'allis, Christian 40, 68, 69, 92, 
121, 141 

vargas, Andrea 9, 108, 120, 149, 
1 53, 245, 246, 264 
Vargas, Dre 56, 151, 154 
vecchio, Hen Del 120 
Vecchio, Benjamin Del I3I 
Vega, Katherine 108, 141 

Velez, Maria 108, 246 
Venigalla, Abhinav 40, 62, 111, 

Verhaegh, )oey 29, 113, 246, 277 
Vinchesi, Sarah 121,149,246 
Vo, Tien 108 

Vocaturo, Jessica 34,35,108,149, 

_-r / 


Wagman, Becca 6, 7, 12, 20, 62, 

110, 149, 247, 278 

Wagner, Brian 114,141 

Walker, Matt 40,47, 114, 141 

Wallman, Harrison 109, 149, 247 

Wallooppillai, Saranya 106,247 

Wang, Andrew 62,106,129 

Wang, Catherine 120,141 

Wang, Christopher 107, 149, 248 

Wang, Daniel 108 

Wa ng, C reg 1 1 3, 1 49, 1 57, 248 

Wang, Justin 58, 113, 149, 248 

Wang, )ustine 121,135 

Wang, Qiaoyi 116,141 

Wang, Suzanne 107, 118, 149, 248 

Wang, Xinyi 112,135 

Wang, Yue 112,149,249 

Ward, Jack 20,25,29,114,158, 


Wardell, Carson 104, 129 
Washburn, Chandler 62, 121, 129 
Wayne, Aly 34,62,120 
Weaver, Katherine 18, 104 
Weber, Kurtis 29, 111, 135 
Weinger, Zachary 50, 110, 135 
Welch, Kasey 40,53, 108, 129 
Wen, Xin 120,135 
Westfall, Alex 88,112,135 
White, Syclni 110 
Whittall, Ian 40,41,62,63, 113, 

Wiegandt, Benjamin 114, 141 
Wilbun, Rochelle 14, 75, 110, 149, 

Wilbur, Katherine 111,135 
Williams, Jaleel 109,135 
Williams, Junius 112,141 
Williams, Katie 29,110,141 
Williamson, Justin 96, 112, 129 
Wilson, August 93 
Wilson, Carclner 106, 129 
Wincck, Kate 38,39,100,110, 

Wintman, Noah 106 

Wise, Miguel 111,141 

Wittenberg, Rachel 40, 111, 149, 

249, 269, 287 

Wolford, Claire 62,106 

Wolfson, Julian 29,107 

Wolfson, Zen 92 

Wong, Cameron 40, 62, 104 

Wong, brin 40, 54, 113, 149, 250, 


Woo, Harim 116,135 
Woo, Sung 255 

Wright, Cermaine 54, 105, 135 

Wright, Harry 9, 108, 141 

Wu, Harvey 115 

Wu, Mofei 109 

Wurman, Erik 50, 115, 135 

Wynter, Timothy 37, 58, 108 

Zhu, Amanda 106,150,252 
Zhu, Emily 107,135 
Zhumashova, Aiganym 109, 156, 

Zildjian, Lily 24, 115, 141 
Ziomek, Rory 7,10,54,109,150, 


Zulu, Sarauniya 107,135 

Xenakis, Julianne 92, 120, 129 

Xia, Julia 107 

Xia, Karen 105 

Xia, Kelly 40,61,108,135 

Xiao, Rachel 18,25,111,149,250 

Xiao, Terrence 106, 129 

Xiong, Olivia 96, 108, 129 

Xu, Daphne 108 

Xuan, Andrew 58,107,149,250 

Xuan, Lucius 114, 135 

Yackol, I ranees 71, I 14, I35 
Yan, Justin 62, 114, 149, 153, 250 
Yang, Andrew 37,58,113 
Yang, Ben 108 
Yau, Derek 121, 135 
Yepez, Andrea 62,121,141 
Yi, Ben 101,108,141 
Yin, Jessica 105,141 
Yonkman, Fiona 96, 112, 129 
Yoo, Clint 69,112 
Yoon, Ben 47 

Yoon, Bo Hyung 113, 149, 173, 294 

Yoon, David 24, 141 

Yoon, Seokjun 109 

Yost, Kinsey 34, 71, 104, 135 

Young, Cregory 108, 142, 149, 151, 


Young, Jason 69,110,135 
Young, Seho 94,135 
Young, William 29,111 

Zager, Samuel 114 
/ell, Julia 113,135,294 
Zellner, Jake 109, 149, 154, 251, 

Zeng, Jenny 109,149,251 
/hang, Anna 16,110,251 
Zhang, Christine 120, 135 
Zhang, I ric 62, 121, 141 
Zhao, Amy 61, 109, 141 
Zheng, Andrew 107,135 
Zhou, Allen 120,135 
Zhou, Heather 97, 113, 150,252 
Zhou, Julie 94, 115, 150,252,257 


Phillips Academy 
Spring Supplement 


J spring 

My favorite memories from freshman spring have 
to be the late night conversations with the girls 
in my dorm. Even though you may have tons of 
homework still left to do, you eventually end up n 
someone's room - laughing and talking about youi 
day to your closest friends who were total stranger 
only a few months before. - Isabella Haegg '16 

The most fun I had freshman spring was w hen 
most of die freshman were outside the library 
[awning, playing frisbee, talking, and just chilling. 
- Gustavo Lopez ' 1 6 

I loved freshman spring! The weadier is fantastic 
(for the most part) and I feel like I am finally fulh 
adjusted to die Andover lifesty le. I am getting to 
know many more people in my grade, and that I 
am starting to get closer to classmates outside of 
my friend group. I have loved dorm life in Hale 
and my hall has grown super close, so it will be 
hard to move out. - Victoria Bergeron '16 

1. Alessa Cross '16, Anna Kramer 

2. Sloane Sambuco '16, Isabella 
Haegg '16, Olivia Picchione '16 

3. |ames Flynn '16, Whitney Findlay 

4. Teddy Lasry '16, Claire 
McDonnell '16 

5. Alana Cudinas '16, Claire 
Tellekson-Flash '16 

6. Kasey Welsh '16 

7. Jake Taylor '16. Thomas Oliver 
'16, Julianne Xenakis '16, Andreas 
Manos '16, John Quamme '16 

■ * 

3esttrf fifteen? 

Just remember: we were the last ones to live (suffer) 
through Saturday classes. But the sock, tan w ill 
probably return next year. - Alexandra Ban '15 

Lower spring: The air was lull of happiness, pollen, 
and feminism. -- Meera Patel '15 

Spring term was playing banjo on a unicyclc lor a 



W&t % Worst 

Upper spring was awesome only because it 
wasn't the catastrophe that was upper fall. 
I haven't had a stress induced breakdown 
yet. Least favorite part of upper year was 
running out of peanut butter last week 
when I had 4 major assignments, an AP, 
and my 310 paper. I also ran out of dark 
roast coffee at the same time and had to 
resort to a medium roast house blend. 
The best part of upper spring, well actually 
all of upper year, was making some of 
the greatest friends I've ever had. — Kai 
Kornegay '14 




1. Makenzie Schwartz '14 

2. Zoe Gallagher '14, Graham 
Johns '14 

3. Emily Ewing '14, Amy Morin 
'14, Sophie Landay '14, Abriana 
Mayer '14 

4. Christian Vallis '14, David 
Belluche '14 

5. Scott Diekema '14, Rem 
Remmel '14 

6. Cat Haseman '14, Sophia 
Lloyd-Thomas '14 

7. ]oe Faller'14, Liz Rao '14, 
Henry DeRuff '14, Mandy 
Reichenbach '14 

8. Taylor Chin '14, )amie Chen '15 

9. Austin Caiss '14 

10. Sierra Heneghan '14 




I'm going to miss showing off my sweet dance moves 
at the den dances! - Susanna Rademacher '13 

Senior Spring... they should call it pot full of 
random. You never know what to expect, one day 
youre on the lawn in die sun, the next day youire 
disheveled from an all nighter looking like you 
rolled up out of Shrek. - Theo Agbi ' 1 3 

Playing cluster frisbee was awesome. My team, the 
Marxist Rabbits, fought hard to earn our status as 
the worst team. I've never been prouder. - Mimi 
Leggett ' 1 3 

The thing I'll miss most is my friends and our 
comfy chair room shenanigans. - Erin Johnson '13 

-Chris Hedley '13 


The team this year was like a family. We 
stayed composed through a rough middle 
part of our season and played our best 
when it mattered most. We knew we had 
the talent and that we were finally firing on 
all cylinders and that translated to two easy 
wins and our decked straight central New 
England tide. 

- Tim Superko '13 & Chris Hohlstein '14 

1. John Festa '15 

2. Team gathering 

3. Rory Ziomek '13 

4. Matthew Hosman '15 

5. Chris Hohlstein '14 

6. Kasey Hartung '14 

7. Kayla Maloney '13 

8. Kayla Thompson '15 

9. Abby Chung '13 

10. Caitlin Clancy '13 

11. Mackenzie Bradford '15 

Our spring break trip to Disney World 
was so much fun. We played a lot of 
good softball, and I felt like I knew 
everyone so well by the time the regular 
season started. I'm really going to miss 
the girls on the team, especially the other 
seniors, whom I've been playing with for 
3 or 4 years. 
Abby Chung '13 


Because we're such a small team, 
we get extremely close throughout 
the season. The best tiling 
about GVT is that we don't take 
ourselves seriously: we have like 
seven different anthems that we 
sing and dance to on the courts, 
we feast on mango, we frequendy 
hit each odier, and were all about 
PPR. GVT lives high and heavy. - 
Campbell Howe ' 1 4 

The highlight so far was probably 
die trip down to Maryland for the 
NEMA tournament where we came 
in second place. We still have the 
New England tournament coming 
up, which we're pretty hopeful 
about. It's looking like we have 
a good shot of taking the trophy 
home this year, so we're working 
hard now to get ready. - Henry 

1) You're so lucky 

2) Nole 

3) Good take Daly 

5) That's a Serb 

6) Yummy! 

7) Feels good to be in the 
royal blue 

Best memory has to be 
when we went down 
to Maryland for the 
NEMA tournament. 
We exceeded our 
expectations and finished 
2nd which we were all 
psyched about. 

\W ft 

1. Alasdair McClintic '13 

2. Malachi Price '13 

3. Quinn Daly '13 

4. Camille Price '15 

5. James Heaney '14 

6. M) Engel '13 

7. Isabella Haegg '16 

8. Mackenzie Strabala '13, Katherine 
Tobeason '14, M) Engel '13, Camille 
Price '15 

9. Henry Kalb '14 

10. Katherine Lee '13 

i boys'^girls' 


1. Caroline Garrity '15 

2. Stephen Fehnel '13 

3. Tim Bulens '15 
4. Caroline Carrity '15 
5. Tom Mullen '14 
6. Eliza Quigley '15 
7. Jack Katkavich '13 
8. Austin Caiss '14 
9. Hannah Burns '15, Caroline Garrity '15 
10. Eliza Quigley '15 
11. Taylor Chin '14 
12. Hannah Guzzi '14 

We learned how to not only make 
ourselves look better, but how to 
make our teammates the best they 
can be as well. For me Exeter was 
my favorite game because it was 
truly a culmination of all that we 
learned and strived for together. 
Also, jumping in die Exeter river 
with Kate am Marth after the game 
was priceless! - Cara Daly '13 

We started off slow, and despite 
some losses to some pretty good 
teams early on, we've banded 
together and started to get on 
a roll. It feels great to beat this 
year's founders league champs 
and we're all stoked to go up 
against Exeter. Should be a 
banger! - David Belluche '14 

track % field 

While I absolutely adore 
running, the most special 
thing about track is the 
people. All of them are 
amazing, hard-working, 
talented, and extremely 
nice. They're all like my 
family and I love diem to 
death, and I realize diat 
that sounded super cheesy. 
- Anoush Shehadeh '15 

My favorite part about 
track is the anxiety. 
You're always trying to 
improve and get better 
since it's a sport where 
performance can be 
quantified. Honestly, die 
anticipatory nausea and/ 
or urge to pee is my tave. 
- Babatunde Bello '13 

1. Efua Peterson '14, Rachel Murree '14, 

Amanda Krakauer'15 

2. Aaron Finder '13, Marc Sevastopoulo 

'15, Kevin Newhall '13 
3. Boys gets ready to launch 
4. Anna Zhang '13 
5. Rome Arnold '14, Peter Solazzo '13 
6. Emily Carrolo '13, Victoria Everett '14, 
Anna Zhang '13 
7. Ben Hawley '15. Marc Sevastopoulo 
'15, Franco D'Agostino '13, Henry 
Kenelly '13, Crant Bitler '14, ]ay Reader 
'13, Samuel Green '13, Michael Queenan 


8. Kate Winceck '14, Olivia Picchione '16, 
Lane Unsworth '15, Isabella Berkley '15 
9. Boys' first boat 
10. Grant Bitler '14, jay Reader '13 
11. Colby Fagan '14, Alec Kingston '14, 
Cara Cavanaugh '15, Victoria Everett '14, 
Mary Catherine Nanda '14, Elizabeth 
Kemp '15, Qiqi Ren '15, Susanna 
Rademacher '13 

Andover Crew has meant so much to me throughout the years. I 
will miss practices on the Merrimack and even swimming in the 
toxic water and the countless good times out at the boathouse. 
Crew is it's own world, you spend so much time doing it that the 
team becomes your family, and I couldn't have asked for a better 
family for the past four years. - Dylan MacDonald '13 

There's nothing better than swinging down the Merrimack River in 
an Andover Crew shell. Hitting a sprint the right way at the end of 
a workout feels like flying, and we had that feeling a few times this 
season. Even though things didn't always go as planned, everything 
was worth it just for that. - Sam Green '13 

boys' % girls' 



Over die course of the season we 
improved drastically as a team. At the 
beginning of the year, we were still 
figuring out everyone's strengtiis and 
w eaknesses and die different types of 
defenses diat we were running. By the 
end of the season though we had an 
extremely solid defense and we were 
able to elevate our level of play and 
compete with some of die best teams 
in die area.- Cameron Morose '13 

9 "l^fw 

M! ) 

% cyclin 

1. Rem Remmel '14 

2. Piper Curtis '13 

3. Armaan Singh '14 

4. Graeme Henderson '14 

5. Ian Jackson '16 

6. Nicholas Swenson '15, Ian Whittall 
'14, Logan Blaine '14, Sean Burkitt '14 

7. Daniel Lee '14 

8. Felix Liu '15 

9. Rachel Wittenburg '13 

10. Maria Velez '13, China Kantner '15 

11. Ian Whittall '14, Logan Blaine '14 



I think the secret to this 
sport is remembering that 
nothing seems that bad 
after it is over. Although 
climbing hills is painful 
during the race, I always 
feel so happy when I 
finish. The team is also 
super fun. Everyone 
is really enthusiastic 
and supportive of each 
other. - Zoe Chazen '1 I 

Whether we're in practice 
or eating dinner togedier or 
on a ridiculously long bus 
ride to a tournament, diere 
is always the sense that we 
do everything for each other 
and that we are first and 
foremost a team. I find it 
much, much easier to push 
myself to my own limits if 
I know that my teammate 
beside me is also giving 
all he has lor the team. - 
Anjali Krishnamachar '13 

It was a great pleasure working 
with everyone on the team, but 
in particular I enjoyed playing 
with my fellow seniors, Theo, 
Chris, and my co-captain 
Haonan. At the tournament 
we lost to Choate in the finals, 
but I returned to campus happy 
diat everyone had done their best 
and played dieir hearts out. - 
David Crane '13 & Haonan Li '13 





■ ■ 

1. Haonan Li '13 

2. Team Huddle 

3. jitae Park '14 

4. Andra Cusman '14, Alex 
Kwon'14, Kade Call '14, 
Oliver Chernyk '15, Jitae 
Park '14. 

5. Soubie Im '15 

6. Team Huddle 

7. Kaitlin Simpson '14 

8. Emily McKinnon '13 

9. Andrea Hewett '13 


This was the best water polo team ever! We're all 
such clowns- I don't think there wasn't a single 
prac tice thai I wouldn't end up doubled up laughing 
hysterically at least once. I definitely think that the 
amount of fun we always had as a team helped us 
work together really well as a group in games. Thanks 
for the best season, girls! -- Amelia Danovitch '1,3 

1 1 1 

W e have had a tremendously successful 
campaign diis season. Team chemistry is 
always paramount, and this season we've 
had great camaraderie. 
Luke Stidham ' 1 4 

Season's off to a great start so far. Our 
top 5 played well at the prestigious 
Andover Invitational, putting together 
the third-lowest total in die history of die 
event for a strong second-place showing 
and an average score of 77. 
- Evan Kudlinski '12 

1. Shin-Jae Lee '13 

2. Eleanor Blum '15 

3. Casey Durant '14 
4. John Perkins '13 

5. Evan Kudlinski '13 
6. Alex Hyder'13, 
Justin Stachtiaris '13 I 
7. Francis LaRovere '13 
8. Will Harpin '13 
9. Zach Merchant '13 

style tips from pro-tennigolfer 
Francis LaRovere 

your caddy and a 
portable lounge 
chair for pensive 
thinking about 
game strategy 

you can't do it right 
without the classic 
ray- ban 

sperries and/or 
barefoot... there 
are no other 

the sophisitcated 
cut-off muscle tee 


Asian Arts Festival was a really great experience for me. I had a lot of fun 
cooking the Thai Green Curry and the legendary Thai Tea. Although this 
was my very first time cooking, I was so proud that the food turned out to 
be precious (and eventhing was sold out)! Thanks to the Festival, I had a 
chance to try doing new things, to meet new friends, and to show Americans 
that Thai food has otiier things to do than Pad Thai! -Poupee Sinsub '13 

My favourite dishes were the chicken from CTSA and the Thai rice. 
Although they were very simple dishes, it was very nice to have proper asian 
food. My favourite memory from the festival was the street dance in the 
talent show. I had only seen sd eet dancing scenes in movies and on TV, 
and it was very entertaining to watch it live. - Harriet Chiu '15 


of the bands 

1. Aaron Finder '13 

2. Special guest Magician 

3. Rochelle Wilbun '13, Gina Sawaya '13 

4. Dan Kim '14, Eunji Kim '14 

5. Molly Magnell '14, Eunji Kim '14 

6. Josephine Federici '15 

7. Grace Tully '15 

8. Isabella Flynn '15 

9. Alec D'Alelio'14 

10. Karina Keus '15 

11. Shay Collins '14 

12. Rebecca Savord '15 


iS^Mm4 putnam county 

spelling bee 

"Spelling Bee" was such a 
rewarding experience! My 
favorite part of the show was 
iteracting with the audience 
filers. They had no idea 
what was going on, which made 
each performance unique, 
exciting, and (most importantly) 
amusing. - Adam Brodv '14 


My favorite part of the musical 
was how we got to connect with 
the audience by getting guesl 
spellers on stage with us. A 
funny moment in one ol our 
performances was when a kid 
had to spell "cow " and ended up 
spelling Caow. I couldn't stop 
laughing. - Sophiya Chiang '11 


1. Andra Gusman '14, David Yoon '14, John Palfrey, Alex 

Kwon '14 
2. Reid Meyer '14 

3. Elizabeth Rao '14, Katherine Tobeason '14, Hannah 
Sorkin '14, Amy Morin '14, Sophie Landay'14, Emily 

Ewing '14 

4. Robert Rush '14, Junius Williams '14, Jason Canavan 
'14, Kene Adigwe '14, Greg Devlin '14 
5. Amy Morin '14, Aly Wayne '14, Hannah Sorkin '14, 

Helen Leahy '14 
6.Esther Cohen '14, Casey Durant '14 
7. David Belluche '14, Crant Bitler 

8. Stephanie Nekoroski '14, Crant Bitler '14, Dan Kim 
'14, Austin Caiss '14, Kasey Hartung '14, Catherine 

Haseman '14, Marjorie Kozloff '14 

9. Scott Diekema '14, Rem Remmel '14, Clark Perkins 
'14, JA-Lamar Lyons '14, Kavan Canekeratne'14, Taylor 

Chin '14, Luke Stidham '14 

10. Sarah Cornelius '14, Caroline Sambuco '14, Laura 
Bucklin '14, Katie Williams '14, Jackie Kim '14, Caroline 

Chen'14, Kate Wincek '14 
11. Campbell Howe '14, Scott Diekema 
12. Elana King-IMakaoka '14, Katie Williams '14, Jackie 
Kim '14, Katherine Krabek '14 


Upper Spring... it's rough, tough, 
but you can never get enough. 
Worst parts? Most of it! Best 
parts? All of it! - Dan Kim '14 

going to take senior by 
storm! For three long years 
I've been a mere princess, 
but now I can step up to my 
throne as queen. - Diana 
Tchadi ' 1 1 

head ow § 

heels 1 

1. Kapreder 

2. Pevie 

3. Jisabel 

4. (aylor 

5. Queenowsky 

6. Renalachi 

7. Xenderson 

8. Carstin 

9. Andrlex 

10. Dr. Nabar 

11. Gralec 

12. Mendkavich 

13. Merchoroski 

14. Nory 

15. Rolex 

Together since: End of senior winter 

Favorite snuggle spot: Under a tree, any tree, as long as I have my oF 
gee-tar with me. I play while Lucia freestyle raps. 
She looks best in: Red, it really brings out her personality. 
INh Favorite couple to double date with is: Jack Ward and Claudia Giles. 
' They get us. 

Favorite restaurant: Well we don't go out to eat much, but I make 
Lucia a soufle every Tuesday night. 

Best gift I've given: An engraved heart shaped locket with a picture ot 
myself in it. I have a matching one. 



1. Natalie Kim '14, Stephanie Nekoroski '14, Elana 
King- Nakaoka '14, Katie Williams '14, Graham Johns '14 
2. Isabella Haegg '16, Olivia Picchione '16, Victoria Bergeron '16, 

Savannah Mastrangelo '16 
3. Ben Yi '14 
4. Alex Rubin '14, Chris Li '15 
5. Alec Tolentino '14 
6. Phoebe Gould '15, Rebecca Somer '15 
7. Shay Collins '14 
8. Jackie Murray '13 
9. Jack Shumway '15, Sina Colkari '15 
10. Kinsey Yost '15, Katie Weaver '15, Mackenzie Bradford '15 
11. Kristin Mendez '13, Dylan MacDonald '13 
12. Jimmy Hunter '13, Olivia Lord '13 
13. Ellie Simon '15, Tom Mullen '14 

The whole tiling was quite a blur. The one thing I 
remember was sitting on top of Becca and nying to forc e 
feed her blue jello. It was pretty disgusting actually. - 
Marjorie Kozloff '14 

1. Abigail Keller '14, Stephen Fenel '13, Amanda Simard '13, Cara Daly '13, 

Marjorie Kozloff '14 
2. M) Engel '13, Hemang Kaul '13 
3. Didi Oyinlola '13, Andrew Vallejos '14 
4. Meredith Collins '14, Rory Ziomek 
5. Becca Wagman '13, Michael Kim '14 
6. Madeline Sllva '13, )) Hayward '13, Zach Merchant '13, Stephanie Nekoroski 


7. Chris Hedley '13, Lilybet McRae '13, Emily Carrolo '13, Peter Bensen '14 

8. Caeyln Colde '13, Tyler Olkowski '13 
9. Rhea Lewis '13, Demitri Papageorgiou '13 
10. jake Rauh '14, Dory (ones '13, Andries Feder '13, Lydia Kaprelian '13 
11. Unwana Abasi '13, Kene Adigwe '14 


The best part was 
seeing her face light 
up as she walked 
across the street and 
saw the sign. It made 
all the work and the 
early morning wake 
up worth it. -- Tyler 

I diink Oliver was more 
interested in all the people 
sitting out on the grass than 
carrying die tennis ball, but 
he's pretty cute (although 
I'm biased) and not one 
to say no to a belly rub. - 
Connor Fraser '13 

He stole my car and 
vandalized it with 
'PROM?'! I was 
really surprised and 
impressed at how well 
he kept die secret. - 
Renee Lamarche '14 

I wanted to make die 
promposal funny, but 
embarrassing for bodi 
Rachel and I, so I thought 
diat the combination of a 
song with backup dancers 
would achieve that! - 
Rolando Bonachea ' 1 3 

I knew I wanted the 
proposal to be within 
theatre, and so I thought, 
'Hey what if I asked him 
via an actual show? - 
Arianna Chang ' 1 3 


1. Blue Key Heads, Chia Okorie '13 and Andries 
Feder '13, lead the Commencement procession. 
2. Max Carrillo-Ostrow '13, Ben Griffiths '13 
3. Cregory Fulcher '13 
4. Edward Mole '13 
5. Richard McAllister '13, Connor Farrell '13 
6. Alexi Bell '13, Amanda Simard '13 
7. Peter Solazzo '13 
8. The beginning of the end. 

9. A single rose. 
10. Cameron Morose '13, Mr. Palfrey 
11. Jordan Johnson '13, Becca Wagman '13 
12. Hemang Kaul '13 
13. Susanna Rademacher '13, Lucia McGloin 
'13, Claudia Giles '13 
14. Tori Morgan '13, Emily Field '13 
15. Brendan O'Connell '13, Aidan Mattrick '13 

Caitlin Clancy, 
You are one of the most 
amazing people I know. I 
don't think I could've made 
Jjj " it through the year without 
you. You are an inspiration 
to me. Thank you. 

I will miss you, 
Casey Durant '14 

I i 

Frederick Lee: 
Thank you for staying by my 
side for our two years here. 

I can't imagine being as 
happy as I was at Andover if 
you weren't for you. 
Always, Kana Rolett '13 

Ian Song, the first guy I met 
on campus— man, you've 
kept so much energy and 
happiness in everyone's 

lives, just by being around. 
From, Julius Ross '13 


Alex Donovan, 
You have always been there 
to support me through any 
issue. You always have 
a positive attitude and a 
smiling face, and I will miss 

seeing that each day. 
Love, Julianne Xenakis '16 

Thanks for the endless 
chatter from the bow. Not 
sure how Liz, Jules, & I 
will get through without 
you. Hope you keep your 
weight under! 
Love, Alec Kingston '14 

Vanessa Merino: 

Lil Nessy, 
Keep rockin into the night 
and the many years to 

Your friend, Jerry Li '14 

SAB, Courant, Prev, and 
countless other beautiful, 

spirited, and restless 
people. Thank you for the 
best four years. 
Much love, Jing Qu '13 

Diondra Peck, 
Hot, funny, and twitter 
famous... so glad I got to 
know you! 

From, Soha Sanchorawala 

To all the guys in Pease: 
Thank you so much for the 
past two years. I've grown 
to love you all like brothers, 
and I can never thank you 
enough for making PA my 
true home. 
— Cooper Hurley '14 


Diondra Peck, 
Hot, funny, and twitter 
famous... so glad I got to 
know you! 

From, Soha Sanchorawala I 

Richard McAllister, you're 
a sexy Swiss stud. I realize 
you might not know what 
that means because of the 
language barrier. 
— Sahil Bhaiwala '13 



Nicole Ng, you inspire me. 
xo, MJ Engel '13 


Christian Langalis '14 
shoults out to Ross 

Hi Ross! 

Hailey Novis & Emily 
You were the best friends I 
could have asked for in my 
first year at Andover. You 
manage to bring sunshine 
wherever you go. 
-- Kaitlin Simpson '14 


ear smors, 

It's about 


time that you guys finally 
Yes, it has been tough 
churning through the grind that we call 
Andover, but that is all in the past now. 
After the blood, sweat, and tears you 
have shed over the past one, two, three, 
or lucky four years, you finally made it to 
the top. The sad reality is that this is being 
stripped away only for you to be thrown 
into a completely new environment called 
college." This next chapter will be 
filled with new friends, experiences, and 
expectations that will direct you toward 
the rest of your lives. That apprehensive 
advice aside, this note is to thank you, not warn you, for 
your powerful presence over the years. We want to celebrate 
the memories we have shared with you, class of 2013. We 
want to highlight the impact that you have left in our hearts. 
You were all role models to someone, to at least one person 
whose life changed simply after meeting you. Whether you 

spent your time on 
the Turf, in Graves, 
or in the common 
room, you set high 

, I ^ , 1 '1 1 standards for the 

them to the impossible. **** ~ *« 

A will walk m your 

footsteps, learning from your actions. It will be a challenge to 
replace such stellar athletes, musicians, artists, and scholars, 
but it will always be more difficult for us to watch our senior 
friends walk down the vista that one last time. Though we 
may not all be in the same place anymore, you will always be 
in our hearts. We, the class of 2014, are honored to succeed 
such a fantastic group of students in our final year at Andover. 
Thank you and congratulations! 

jonly way to discover the 
i the possible is to go, 

Cam Morose: 
You are a role model in 
every aspect of life. You 
lever fail to brighten myday, 
and you always bring out 
the best in others. Thanks 
Cam, for an amazing three 
— Armaan Singh '14 

Your new Editors in Chief, 

Stephanie Nekoroski & Andra Gusman