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Proposed Basildon. Billericay and Wickford Council for Voluntary Service 
(BBWCVS) Service Level Agreement renewal 


1. Enable — the BBWCVS should enable voluntary and community sector 
partners to deliver their services to the highest possible standard, through 
access to skills, training and resources. The BBWCVS should consider where 
the Service Level Agreement key performance indicators can be delivered 
through the enablement of voluntary and community sector partners, rather 
than direct delivery by the BBWCVS. 

2. Be aware — the BBWCVS should be aware of local societal needs and the 
services available in the borough in order to identify any gaps in services 
provided and propose solutions to these. 

3. Connect — the BBWCVS should have an extensive network of cross-sector 
partners in order to identify opportunities for collaboration and partnership 

Reporting should take place quarterly in the form of detailed narrative that shows 
evidence as to how the behaviours and key performance indicators have been met. 

The BBWCVS should have an annual work plan in place which sets out priorities to 
achieve the objectives in the Service Level Agreement. This work plan should be 
agreed by Basildon Council and Essex County Council colleagues and monitored as 
part of the quarterly update process. 

We would be looking for the work plan to be based on an annual Local Needs 
Analysis which supports the focus of the annual plan. This should include a gap 
analysis around skills as well as in relation to the voluntary and community sector 
(VCS) whole system — identify the societal challenges in the locality and the plan 
should demonstrate CVS led activity to help address these gaps. 


Due to the changing nature of societal and sector priorities and needs, this Service 
Level Agreement, its key performance indicators and subsequent work plan will be 
reviewed annually with the BBWCVS, Basildon Council and Essex County Council. 


Key Performance Indicators 


To provide effective support to 
the Borough’s Voluntary and 
Community Sector (VCS) 
partners to enable them to best 
support borough residents 
through the COVID-19 pandemic 
and recovery. 

Provide relevant training and upskilling to 
VCS partners based on evidenced need 
Initiate an open, ongoing dialogue with 
VCS partners in order to identify emerging 
priorities and allow services to be adapted 

Promote relevant funding opportunities to 
VCS partners and support with applications 
and bid writing in order to bring external 
investment into the borough 

Engage a wider audience and new 
membership through maximising 
promotional opportunities and creating 
engaging content 

Encourage BAME communities and Indices 
of Mass Deprivation (IMD) areas 1 — 4 to 
actively engage with CVS services 
Conduct organisational health checks using 
a nationally recognised governance 
framework, providing support to 
organisations when governance, policies 
etc. are not satisfactory or out of date 

Number of members engaging 
with CVS services (training, 
funding bids, health checks) 
Evidence of actions taken to 
understand emerging VCS needs 
and how these have been/will be 

Number of new memberships 
Number of BAME groups 
engaging with CVS services 
Number of groups working in IMD 
areas 1—4 engaging with CVS 

Evidence to show creative 
engagement and promotional 
activity including results of this 

To maximise digital opportunities 
both for the CVS and VCS 
partners to enable them to better 
support the community. 

Explore digital opportunities to make 
volunteering more accessible 

Work with Basildon Council and VCS 
partners to identify opportunities and 
deliver initiatives that support the digital 
inclusion agenda in the borough 

Number of volunteers and 
organisations engaging with 
digital opportunities 

Evidence of how BBWCVS have 
added value to the digital 
inclusion agenda in the borough 

Demonstrate how technology has 
contributed to connecting 

To engage with, support and 
identify opportunities to deliver 
the Basildon Council Connected 
Communities and Health and 
Wellbeing Strategies and 
improve health inequalities 
through the promotion and 
embedding of public health 
initiatives in communities 

Promote the strategy visions to VCS 

Identify opportunities to engage with VCS 
partners in order to deliver the strategy 
action plans and where appropriate, 
suggest where the vision may be delivered 
by the CVS itself 

Create and facilitate the Mental Health 
Forum, ensuring its purpose, aims and 
outcomes align with the Basildon Health 
and Wellbeing Strategy 

Initiate a clear strategy for embedding 
public health initiatives through training and 
upskilling of the VCS sector and 
communities e.g. My Weight Matters, 
Mental Health First Aiders etc. 

Establish a physical presence for the 
Volunteer Centre in Basildon Town Centre 
Ensure that the approach supports all 
sectors of society including those less 
engaged communities e.g. Learning 
Disabilities, Autism, Carers etc. 

Evidence of the progress made in 
establishing priorities and an 
action plan for the Mental Health 
Forum. Evidence of outcomes 
delivered from the Forum 
Evidence of how BBWCVS have 
added value to the Connected 
Communities Strategy delivery 
Evidence of progress made to 
establish a physical presence for 
the Volunteer Centre in Basildon 
Town Centre 

Evidence of how BBWCVS have 
contributed to better health 
outcomes through the promotion 
of public health initiatives, training 
and interventions as set out in the 
Basildon Health and Wellbeing 

Evidence of how the approach 
has supported those less 
engaged communities 

To have an awareness of live 
and pipeline projects and 
services within the VCS in order 
to better identify opportunities for 
co-production, collaboration and 
partnership working. 

Facilitate and encourage social listening 
through VCS partners in order to gain 
insight on changing societal needs through 
Covid-19 and recovery 

Evidence of knowledge about 
societal needs and service 
provision in the borough, including 
any actions taken to fill gaps or 
identify opportunities 

Initiate an open and ongoing dialogue with 
partners in order to gain an understanding 
of pipeline projects and services 

Use above insight to identify where gaps in 
service provision are and initiate solutions 
Conduct local sector research in order to 
identify emerging trends, needs, 
opportunities and ensure best practice is 
shared across partners 

Encourage collaboration between VCS and 
other sector partners in order to strengthen 
outcomes and widen reach of projects and 

Encourage VCS participation in the 
ongoing work of the Basildon Community 

Evidence of local sector research 
undertaken and actions taken as 
a result of findings 

Evidence of successful 
collaborative working with VCS 

To harness the increase in 
volunteering and neighbourliness 
we have seen as a result of the 
pandemic in order to best 
support borough residents. 

Increase both formal and informal volunteer 
participation across the borough through 
engaging promotional activity 

Offer a diverse and innovative range of 
volunteering opportunities that reflects the 
needs of VCS partners and residents 
Create a sufficient reserve of volunteers 
that can be called on for short-term, 
emergency response type roles 

Create a diverse and inclusive community 
of volunteers that represent a vast range of 
demographics (age, race, gender etc.) 
Utilise the ‘Our Community’ befriending app 
and available coordinator post funding to 
establish a sustainable volunteer-led 

Number of new volunteers signed 

Number of VCS partners 
supported with filling volunteering 

Evidence of a diverse and 
innovative range of volunteering 

Evidence of a diverse and 
inclusive group of volunteers that 
represent a vast range of 

Evidence of the progress made in 
establishing a volunteer-led 
befriending service 

befriending service for the borough. The 
‘Our Community’ app has been developed 
in order to streamline the Basildon 
befriending service, improve customer 
service and encourage voluntary 
participation in the service. It allows 
volunteers of trusted organisations to sign 
up as befrienders and provides a digital 
platform to log calls and flag concerns, as 
well as using smart technology to match 
service users to the appropriate befriender 
based on their interests. 

Evidence of supporting the 
development of neighbourhood 
schemes that contribute to 
connectedness within 
communities of place, purpose 
and identity