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1 June 2021 
Audit and Scrutiny Committee 
Title: Supporting North Ayrshire Together — Update on our 
response to the Coronavirus pandemic 
Purpose: To provide an update on our response to the Coronavirus 
Recommendation: That the Audit and Scrutiny Committee notes our response to the 

Coronavirus pandemic so far. 

Executive Summary 

The "Supporting North Ayrshire Together — Update on our response to the Coronavirus 
pandemic’ report attached at Appendix 1 provides an update to the original "Supporting 
North Ayrshire Together" report presented to the Audit and Scrutiny Committee on 9" 
March 2021. It provides an overview of how our Council has worked alongside partners 
and communities to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic as at 23 March 2021 (one year 
since the initial lockdown period). 


At Quarter Two our half yearly performance progress reporting was enhanced to include 
a comprehensive update on our response to the Coronavirus pandemic. The Quarter 
Two report was approved by Cabinet before being presented to Audit and Scrutiny on 
9th March 2021. 

The Audit and Scrutiny Committee requested an update to the report for their meeting 
on 1st June 2021. The Corporate Policy, Performance and Elections Team have 
created the attached report to include information up to 23rd March 2021, marking a full 
year since the initial lockdown period. 

Due to lead in times the report has not been viewed by Cabinet. Therefore, to ensure 
Cabinet have full visibility of the updated report it will be included in our end of year 
Council Plan Progress Report as an appendix. In addition, we have been mindful to 
only include updates relating to our Covid-19 response in this report rather than Council 
Plan progress. 

3. Proposals 

3.1 Thatthe Audit and Scrutiny Committee notes our response to the Coronavirus pandemic 

so far. 
4. Implications/Socio-economic Duty 

4.1 There are no financial implications. 
Human Resources 
4.2 There are no human resource implications. 


4.3 There are no legal implications. 


4.4 There are no equality/socio-economic implications. 

Environmental and Sustainability 

4.5 There are no environmental and sustainability implications. 

Key Priorities 
4.6 This report helps to demonstrate delivery of our Council's strategic priorities. 
Community Wealth Building 
4./ There are no community wealth building implications. 
5. Consultation 
5.1 Feedback from the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) informed the content of this 
Andrew Fraser 
Head of Democratic Services 

For further information please contact Isla Hardy, Corporate Performance Services Lead 
(Corporate Policy, Performance & Elections), on 

Background Papers 
Our Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic and Progress Report September 2020 




7 Y X NN 
LN Y | 



bA < 

Supporting North Ayrshire Together 
Update on Our Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic \ 

March 2021 
North Ayrshire Council 

WOTTITI dll le ~~ A | a Ai r a Tua tl ] 


Our Response at a Glance 
Supporting Our Communities 
Community Hubs 
Food Provision 
Childcare Hubs 
Period Poverty 
Our Young People 
Covid-19 Testing and Vaccination 
Child Protection 
Further Activities 
Employability Services 
Supporting Our Businesses 
Financial Support 
Keep It Local 
Protective Services 
Our Council Operations 
Services Update 
Scottish Parliamentary Elections 

Our Workforce 

The Corporate Policy, Performance and Elections Team welcome any feedback you may have. We strive to make 

our Council and reports as accessible as possible and appreciate opportunities to discuss how this can be achieved. 
For further information please contact: 

E con MOUs , 
$ 5 
The Corporate Policy, Performance and Elections Team [^ $ 
Tel: 01294 324648 p = 
. . . - S 
Email: zx Mg 
% E 

Jo ojdoo? 

E Ze / E 

Our Response at a Glance 

Holiday Hunger provided food 
During their first year, our We provided for eligible children during 

Community Hubs school holidays plus 
: £100 Christmas & 
i hoppin 
Received 33,152 calls 60,000 s Opping Spring Hardship 
(65% for food access) vouchers worth Payments 
VELE 96,465 £1.7million 

food deliveries We visited 1,247 

to children eligible , 
Collected 13,713 For free School children a total of 
7,333 times 

(September to December) 

To ensure our pupils \\ iN em. ae Childcare Hubs cared for 
could access online | Wy B a 

learning we provided 

ame S E | 1002 children 
3,194 iPads, -> ETI Pw : 

an average of 

Chrome Books S3 an Me b^ 3 ji 5 bus : in January & February 
Wi-Fi routers & EX 
SIMs Over £14 million 
in grants 
Since April we’ve provided over distributed to local 

4 million items businesses since 

of PPE September 

including over Average of 
1 million masks 240 
Up to 
560 visits per week Health & 
to our Trading Standards 
Health & Wellbeing interventions per 

for Care Home & Care At month 
Home employees to protect our residents 


This report marks a full year since we entered lockdown in March 2020. Throughout the past 12 months we 
have witnessed the dedication of our teams, communities and private, public and third sector partners in 

supporting the people of North Ayrshire in the most difficult of circumstances. We continue to be incredibly 
grateful to everyone for continuing to support our communities and businesses during this exceptional time. 

In September we provided a summary of our joint response during the first six months of the Covid-19 pandemic 
in our report "Supporting North Ayrshire Together". Now, in March 2021, most of our teams are working 
remotely, while some frontline services continue and others find innovative new ways of providing services. 

This report provides an update on our response to the pandemic. Progress on the delivery of our Council Plan 
priorities will be provided separately through our end of year performance reporting. 

Supporting Our Communities 

Community Hubs 

Trust, we contributed to the Trust's Covid-19 and 
Communities Listening Project: A Shared Response 
report. The report explores the experience and 
knowledge gained from the response to the Covid-19 
pandemic as well as potential new ways of working. 

Our Community Hubs continue to support our 
residents by providing access to food, prescriptions 
and other assistance. During their initial year they 
have received 33,152 calls, made 96,465 food 
deliveries, collected 13,713 prescriptions and directed 
3,746 enquiries to other services. Each team has 
worked tirelessly to support their communities 
including some of our most vulnerable residents. 

Food Provision 

Access to food has by far been the most common "To All of you, 

reason for our residents to contact our Community 

...We can't thank you all enough. There are 
Hubs, amounting to 6596 of all calls received. This is y g 

followed by isolation support (13%) and health advice 
(6%). The Community Hubs also offer support with 
financial advice, period poverty and signposting to 
other services. 

simply no words to describe how devastating 

this has been for everyone and for a team of 
hard working people to keep my family fed 

and make sure everyone in North Ayrshire has 

help is more than I could have ever imagined. 

Due to the impact our Community Hubs have had and 
our long standing partnership with the Carnegie UK 

The staff put themselves at risk to support my 
family and many many others in a time of 
uncertainty in their own lives... ...| wish there 
was another way of thanking you all?? 

Please take care, stay safe and know that my 
family will never forget what the Council and 
its hard-working hands of staff have done!" 

In addition to Community Hubs, our Food Hubs led by 
our Physical Environment Service and supported by 
our Contact Centre, have provided 60,000 shopping 
vouchers for children eligible for school meals since 
July 2020, worth £1.7 million. 

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Prior to the move to a voucher scheme, our Food 
Hubs delivered the equivalent of 1.26 million meals to 
families across North Ayrshire. 

For children and young people returning to school in 
August 2020, we ensured a good selection of hot 
meals were available from the first day to encourage 
pupils back into the dining halls. We recognise the 
importance of social activity within dining halls in 
supporting our school children's wellbeing. To aid 
this, we introduced staggered lunch breaks to manage 
bubbles safely and ensure children felt safe in their 

Our Holiday Hunger initiative continued to help feed 
families during the October and Christmas school 
holidays by providing vouchers worth £20 per week 
for each child. We also provided £100 payments for 
each child in receipt of free school meals in December 
to help support them over the Christmas holidays. 
This was followed in March by £100 Spring Hardship 
Fund payments for eligible families including those 
with pre-school children. 

During the phased return of secondary school pupils 
in early 2021, we provided a full menu selection in 
schools as well as £20 shopping vouchers to all pupils 
eligible for free school meals. 

The pandemic further highlighted that many of our 
residents need better access to good quality 

Woodwynd's Wee Shoap 

affordable food. Our North Ayrshire Food System 
network has been launched as "North Ayrshire Fairer 
Food" to meet this ongoing need. The Whitlees 
Quaint Larder, Ardrossan South Larder, Woodwynd's 
Wee Shoap and Cranberry's Community Larder 
introduced their pantry initiatives, with more planned 
from April. 

These use a membership system to provide a mini 
supermarket-like environment where our residents 
have the opportunity to choose their own food and 
top up their weekly food shop. This dignified 
approach to addressing food insecurity helps make 
our residents' money go further by giving them access 
to good food at lower cost. 

Childcare Hubs 

Our schools and Arran Community Hub became 
Childcare Hubs for children of key workers as well as 
our children and young people who required more 
support. They enabled our key workers to continue 
with their crucial frontline services knowing their 
children were being looked after, while supporting our 
vulnerable children and young people. 

The average number of pupils attending the Childcare 
Hubs during the first lockdown period was 523. This 
rose to 1,002 across our primary, secondary and 
additional support needs schools in January and 
February 2021. 

Children who attended our Childcare 
Hubs were given the same 
schoolwork as those learning from 
home, with class teachers providing 
remote learning. 


Our schools moved to remote 

| learning in January, with a mix of 
online and paper-based resources 

provided. Pupils in need of digital 

devices were provided with them 

alongside internet access. Phased 

“% reopening of our schools commenced 

| on 22nd February. 

All our schools have access to 

4 asymptomatic Covid-19 testing kits. 
; The voluntary home testing 
programme aims to reduce related 
risks in schools and help keep our 
teams, children and young people as 

= safe as possible. 

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We continue to work towards our vision of being a 
nurturing authority through our "Nurturing North 
Ayrshire's Recovery" approach by building emotional 
resilience in children and developing stronger 
relationships. Following lockdown, it was found 
children who had experienced nurture approaches 
coped well with the return to school. 

To ensure our pupils could access 
online learning we provided: 

1217 Wi-Fi iPads 
189 cellular iPads 
306 Wi-Fi units 
900 Chrome Books 
582 anywhere SIMs 

In 2021 our senior pupils’ final grades for Scottish 
Qualification Authority (SQA) qualifications will be 
estimated grades based on pupil class work and 
tests. Each grade will be quality checked in school 
and through SQA sampling. Estimated grades will 
be submitted to the SQA in June and pupils will 
receive their awards in August 2021. 

The Professional Learning and Leadership 
Development initiative within the Communities and 
Education Directorate launched a new podcast 
“Let’s Chat Leadership”. In each episode, they 
discuss current issues influencing educational 
leadership including the power of facilitation and 

Period Poverty 

Our pupils were offered a subscription service for two 
to three months’ supply of free period products. This 
allowed primary and secondary school pupils to 
register for products, including sustainable options, 
for delivery to their home address. 

Our Young People 

Our first fully online Joint Cabinet took place in 
November and involved 110 young people from 
across our secondary schools. They were joined by 
our Council Cabinet, senior officers, Members of the 
Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYP) and the Youth 
Council Executive. Our young people shared their 
views on the issues that really matter to them 
including their community, digital connectivity, 
employability and health and wellbeing. These will 
inform our post Covid-19 recovery and renewal. 

The Joint Cabinet session announced two successful 
funding bids totalling £120,000 from the Youth Work 
Education Recovery Fund for youth projects in North 
Ayrshire. A joint funding submission with the National 
Portrait Gallery, North Ayrshire Alcohol and Drugs 
Partnership, our Health and Social Care Partnership 
and our Youth Services team was successful in 
securing £60,000 from the Youth Recovery Fund. This 
will explore artist interventions that could be used in 
local communities to improve mental health and 
wellbeing. The remaining £60,000 will be targeted 
towards a range of smaller initiatives benefitting our 
young people, including family learning, mental health 
support, food provision and outdoor experiences. 

With libraries and community centres closed, Library 
Services worked alongside the Health and Social Care 
Partnership to coordinate the Christmas Gift Appeal 
and allocate gifts to families across North Ayrshire. 

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Covid-19 Testing and Vaccination 

Our Health and Social Care services continue to adapt 
and change their normal working practices to ensure 
compliance to the national restrictions whilst 
continuing to deliver essential services to our most 
vulnerable residents. 

We saw increased levels of Covid-19 testing across 
Health and Community Care services, including the 
introduction of lateral flow testing in care homes for 
employees and essential visitors. 

We established rapid Covid-19 testing centres for 
those who are not experiencing symptoms to identify 
positive cases more quickly. 

Our Covid-19 employee vaccination programme 
began with the first priority groups such as Care Home 
employees. This will be extended further to other 
employee groups. 

Partnership working across teams has remained 
essential, with Connected Communities venues and 
employees working within vaccination centres to 
support the successful delivery of the vaccination 
programme. Approximately 900 vaccinations are 
given each day at one site. 

Many of our employees were seconded to the NHS for 
the delivery of the Test and Protect service for a 
period of six months. 

Since April 2020 we have distributed 

over 4 million items of PPE 
to care providers, care homes, unpaid 
carers and personal assistants. This 







bottles of 

(1,531.7 litres) 

13,445 958 

lateral flow 

(since January) 

pieces of 

Child Protection 

Between September and December our Children and 
Families Team visited 1,247 children a total of 7,333 
times. Of these visits, 3,965 related to particularly 
vulnerable children. We also made 4,219 telephone 
calls and 222 online contacts. 

The Child Protection Committee offered a range of e- 
learning modules for employees and partners to 
ensure all our teams are confident in recognising the 
signs of a child or young person at risk of harm and 
how to report this. In addition, we launched a social 
media campaign to raise awareness of child 
protection. This resulted in an increase in the number 
of calls relating to child welfare from members of our 

In February our Fostering Service publicised the need 
for additional foster parents for children as a result of 
the pandemic. 

Further Activities 

In March a £100,000 Community Renewal and 
Recovery Fund was launched to support the third 
sector due to the challenges faced during the 
pandemic. The short-term fund from the North 
Ayrshire Ventures Trust will help organisations over a 
six-month period while more sustainable funding 
solutions are explored. 

We supported the White Ribbon 16 Days of Action 
campaign online with our partners by showcasing a 
series of films, books, television programmes and 
podcasts, addressing issues of violence against 

We launched our 'Let's Do This’ campaign in 
November asking everyone to support North Ayrshire 
in suppressing the virus. 

KA Leisure provided access to online classes and 
limited use of gym facilities, swimming pools and 
some indoor sports between October and December. 
The pandemic continues to have a significant impact 
on KA Leisure’s operations. 

On Tuesday 23" March we marked the National Day 
of Reflection on the one-year anniversary of lockdown 
by collectively pausing for a minute’s silence. The 
flags at our headquarters in Cunninghame House were 
flown at half-mast. We illuminated Saltcoats Town 
Hall and the Portal in a symbol of respect and 
solidarity to all those who have been affected by the 

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| > Á 
Eam E 
E rm 

i re 

Employability Services 

Employability services have moved their services to 
mostly digital forms of engagement since the 
pandemic began. The team have provided vital 
wellbeing support to vulnerable residents and has also 
managed to secure employment for over 285 
residents by the year end despite a significant 
reduction in opportunities locally. 

We have continued to deliver our Modern 
Apprenticeship programme to ensure opportunities 
for young people to work within our Council are 
sustained during the pandemic. Priority has been 
given to opportunities in the outdoor environment 
with the aim of fulfilling the annual 50 apprenticeships 

We are a Gateway provider of the Kickstart 
programme, a national programme established in 
response to increasing levels of unemployment. By 
the end of March this year, local businesses had come 
forward seeking Kickstart support for over 400 

jobs. These are currently in the system with 
significantly more to follow. 

New funding streams have been secured to assist 
employability services to respond to the expected rise 
in unemployment in the next year and plans are in 

development to build capacity across the 
service including additional redundancy 
support, key worker capacity, significant 
new incentives for employers to recruit 
and provision of laptops for young people 
to address digital exclusion. 

Supporting Our Businesses 

Financial Support 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and the need 
to assist in the management and 
distribution of additional financial support 
to businesses, the Business Team has 
diverted normal activity to assist with the 
distribution of Business Support schemes 
on behalf of the Scottish Government. The 
Business Team and Revenues Team have 
managed and administered the following 
Business Support Schemes since 

Large Self-Catering Grant 

This £2,000 per property grant was 
available for businesses with a property 
that accommodates seven or more people 
for which they pay Non-Domestic Rates. We have 
been allocated £182,000 for this fund and estimate 
that this will be fully allocated. Applications are still 
being processed and the final figure will be confirmed 
in early April. 

Exclusive Use Properties Grant 

This £10,000 grant is for businesses evaluated by the 
Scottish Assessors Association as an “Exclusive Use 
Venue” providing overnight accommodation and who 
pay Non-Domestic Rates. The Scottish Government 
identified eligible properties, of which one is within 
North Ayrshire. 

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Restrictions Fund 

The purpose of this fund was to support 

hospitality and other businesses (excepting 
takeaways) required to close by extended Covid-19 
restrictions up to 2"? November 2020. The Business 
Development Team and Revenues Team assessed, 
approved and administered 194 grants to eligible 
applicants via this Fund totalling £598,880. 

Strategic Framework Business Fund 

The Strategic Framework Business Fund (SFBF) 
provides grants to businesses that were required to 
close by law, or significantly change their operations 
due to Covid-19 restrictions from 2 November 2020. 

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The Business Team and Revenues Team assessed, 
approved and administered support to over 1,100 
businesses via this fund totalling £12,873,700 
(including Top Up Payments for Retail, Hospitality and 
Leisure businesses). 

Furlough Top Up Fund 

This fund relates to the 2096 contribution that 
businesses were initially expected to make towards 
October employee furlough payments. The decision 
was reversed and companies were compensated. The 
Business Team and Revenues Team assessed, 
approved and administered 99 grants to eligible 
applicants via this fund totalling £163,350. 

North Ayrshire Council Discretionary Fund 

This fund was established to support businesses that 
were ineligible for support under the SFBF Fund. This 
fund provided a payment of £2,000 to eligible 
applicants. To the end of March this year, 126 Grant 
awards had been processed, totalling £252,000. 

Bed and Breakfast Support 

This support was offered in three stages. The first two 
stages consisted of a £2,000 per four-week period 
grant for eligible Bed and Breakfast businesses that do 
not pay Non-Domestic Rates but pay Council Tax. This 
support ran from early January to 31* March 2021 
and is in addition to earlier Covid-19 support for the 
eight eligible businesses in North Ayrshire. 

The third stage is to benefit eligible businesses not 
benefitting from stages one and two. So far, we have 
administered £60,000 of grants under this stage of the 

Keep It Local 

We encouraged our residents to spend locally at 
Christmas and use local supply chains to support our 
local economy. The 'Keep it Local' campaign is part of 
the Council's wider Community Wealth Building 
approach to encourage local spend and investment to 
support employment. 

Protective Services 

The Trading Standards and Environmental Health 
teams, in addition to ensuring the general safety of 
our residents and businesses as usual, have been on 
the front line of our Covid-19 response. In 
conjunction with our partners, the teams have been 
providing both proactive and reactive Covid-19 advice, 
carrying out compliance visits and taking enforcement 
action where required. This equates to an average of 
approximately 240 interventions per month. 

Our Council Operations 

The fast-moving nature of the pandemic and its 
impact means high quality immediate communication 
with our residents, businesses and employees 
continues to be essential. Our website is constantly 
updated with the most recent information. As well as 
utilising local media, our social media channels saw 
substantial growth during this period in terms of 
followers and engagements, reaching our residents as 
quickly as possible. 

Between April 2020 and the end of February 2021, our 
social media following grew by 7,750 and our posts 
have been seen over 13.4 million times an increase of 
4696 on the previous year. We have issued 1,177 
posts relating to Covid-19. These have been seen over 
6.8 million times and achieved 686,000 engagements. 

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Our 2020/21 Budget engagement was carried out 
online to ensure our communities could contribute to 
the discussions. Our Council Leader Joe Cullinane and 
Chief Executive Craig Hatton hosted a 

. This enabled 
residents to hear directly about our budget plans for 
2021-22, our response to the Covid-19 pandemic and 
the measures we are putting in place to ensure that 
we build back better as well as providing the 
opportunity to ask any questions. The session has 
been viewed over 13,000 times. 

Our Sensory Impairment Team launched a new 
Facebook group to share important updates and 
information. This includes links to information from 
the Scottish Government and NHS in British Sign 
Language (BSL) as well as providing online 
opportunities for socialising and sharing advice. 

Our Locality Teams established Virtual Community 
Centres for each Locality area in order to support local 
groups and organisations with delivery of events, 
activities and sharing of information. 

Services Update 

We are proud to be one of the few local authorities to 
provide a full waste collection and recycling service 
throughout the pandemic, despite resourcing 
challenges and significantly higher amounts of 
household waste being generated as people adhered 
to the lockdown restrictions and spent considerably 
more time at home. Our environmental enforcement 
teams continued to work tirelessly to tackle fly- 
tipping and have issued 438 Fixed Penalty Notices to 
fly-tipping offenders during 2020/21 to deter this. 

"| want to thank the staff at Bartonholm. Like 
everyone, | wasn't feeling particularly jolly 
today. | was met with pleasant smiles and 
one man made me laugh out loud with his 

joke about onion layers. The area is well kept, 

the staff are helpful and efficient. 

So thank you." 

The introduction of extensive traffic management and 
safety measures at our Household Waste Recycling 
Centres following the national re-opening in June 
2021 continues to protect our visitors and employees. 

During the winter weather our Roads Service was able 
to provide our normal gritting service, including 
throughout a prolonged spell of cold weather in early 
January when our gritting fleet was out around the 

Housing emergency and urgent repairs are being 
carried out within the approved timescales and our 
capital programme has continued to be delivered, 
with some reprofiling of projects to focus on external 
work where internal work has not been possible. Our 
Homeless and Community Safety Service continues to 
ensure our homeless residents and those requiring 
temporary accommodation are housed safely and are 
fully supported. 

While grounds maintenance focused on essential 
areas during the lockdown period last year, our open 
spaces were all quickly recovered back to their normal 
standard in May 2020 and will be maintained as 
normal during the spring/summer growing season this 

Our Transport Hub has provided support to NHS 
colleagues in transporting patients requiring critical 
care to and from hospital, and also transported a 
number of vulnerable residents to their vaccination 


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Our Licensing Service extended licences in relation to 
taxi and other civic government licences which were 
about the expire. We agreed to extend these in line 
with the national extension of MOTs. We also agreed 
that all holders of premises liquor licences could delay 
payments due in October 2020, to the end of March 

Scottish Parliamentary Elections 

Preparations for a Covid-19 Safe Scottish Parliamentary 
Election are in progress. The restrictions mean a 
considerable amount of additional preparation is taking 
place to ensure a safe environment for voters, 
candidates and those working at the election. 

We have published information on our website and 
social media channels to assure residents of the steps 
being taken so they can cast their votes safely on 
Thursday 6 May 2021. This includes our standard 
guidance on registering to vote and obtaining a postal or 
proxy vote. 

Our Workforce 

Most of our employees have now worked remotely for a 
full year. Our ICT Team have ensured our employees 
can continue to collaborate, such as through video 
calling, throughout the pandemic. The swift transition 
to home working built on the extensive work already 
undertaken through our Digital Strategy. This included 
promoting agile working, the rollout of Microsoft Office 
365, creation of "Digi Guru" technical support within 
teams and the provision of appropriate devices from 

The ability of all our teams to adapt their operations 
during the past year has been exceptional. This includes 
our supporting services who have adapted to provide 
critical services to ensure the core functions of our 
Council continue. On many occasions employees have 
been temporarily moved to other roles to ensure we 
meet the needs of our residents. 

Ensuring our employees are supported has been key to 
delivering services through such a challenging time. We 
promoted our Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions 
every week to all employees. This included a summary 
of advice regarding Covid-19 as well as other 
information such as how we would work with our 
employees to provide flexible working arrangements to 
support home schooling. This comprehensive document 
has become the key source of information for our 

Our Council Leader Joe Cullinane and Chief Executive 
Craig Hatton held online ‘Fair Say’ engagement sessions 

to update teams on Council business and enable 
colleagues to ask any questions. 

We launched our new Staff News website, making it 
easier for our teams to receive information including 
regular video updates from our Chief Executive. 

We issued over 50 shout-outs on social media for 
individual colleagues and teams to recognise their 
exceptional work throughout the pandemic. 

The wellbeing of all our employees continues to be a key 
priority for our Council. We introduced our Wellbeing 
Warriors - volunteers from teams who are then trained 
in Mental Health First Aid to support colleagues through 
listening or signposting them to services. 

All our employees are regularly updated with 
information on how to support their health and 
wellbeing. Occupational Health provides information, 
support services and advice on a range of topics, while 
our Live Well programme provides opportunities to 
maintain a healthy lifestyle including mental and 
physical wellbeing. 

Our new more efficient online Occupational Health 
portal was launched for occupational health referrals 
and reports. This service provides online access to 
information and guides for employees and managers 
and supports our digital agenda. 

Our DrEAM (Drop Everything and Move) initiative was 
launched to remind us to take time to be active and 
ensure that we take appropriate breaks. 

Our Health and Social Care Partnership Staff Wellbeing 
Hub at the Training Centre, Ayrshire Central, remained 
open to all our partnership employees. The Hub 
operated a drop-in service with teams experienced in 
offering confidential peer support. 

Five of our libraries hosted our Health and Wellbeing 
Hubs for care home and care at home employees. There 
were up to 560 visits per week. This has been 
highlighted in the Carnegie UK Trust report Making a 

Difference: Libraries, Lockdown and Looking Ahead. 

We have signed up to the Scottish Government’s 
Coronavirus Fair Work statement, which ensures our 
employees will get time to attend their vaccination 

All of this support puts our teams in the best position to 
continue to deliver excellent services alongside our 
partners during this exceptional time. 

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For further information please contact: 

The Corporate Policy, Performance and Elections Team 
Tel: 01294 324648