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Joint Report of: Director of Community Services & Head of Infrastructure 
Date: 17'" May 2021 

Cabinet Portfolio: Planning and Infrastructure 


It is my opinion that the information contained in Appendix A should be taken in private 
session as it involves the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in 
Paragraph 14, Part 4, of Schedule 12 A to the Local Government Act 1972. It is also my 
opinion that the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public 
interest in disclosing the information. 

Home to School Transport Procurement 


Approval is sought under the Authority’s Contract Procedure Rules to invite, evaluate 
and award a number of separate contracts for the provision of Education Transport 
Routes for Home to School/College Transport. These will be procured by undertaking 
further competition exercises under the Authority’s existing Dynamic Purchasing 
System for the provision of Bus and Taxi Services. All contracts will be for an initial 
term of 6 years with an option to extend by up to a further 4 years. 

Whilst on an individual basis each contract would not exceed the threshold to bring 
this matter before Cabinet, advice is that on the basis that the combined value of all 
106 contracts is currently £2.1m per academic year this requires the matter to be 
reported to Cabinet, taking into account the aggregate value of this contract. 
Consideration had been given to placing this on Cabinet on 28 June. However, given 
the non-contentious nature of this issue, and in consideration of the timescales, 
particularly on operators to respond to tenders and then (subject to awards) prepare 
for mobilisation in September, this report has now been submitted as a supplementary 

Background and Context 

Education Transport procures around 270 routes made up of taxis, minibus and large 
bus contracts to provide transport for both mainstream pupils and those with additional 
needs at an annual cost of approximately £6.5million. The Authority has a statutory 
duty to provide this transport. 

Main Issues 

Existing contracts have been procured over several different tender exercises during 
the last 10yrs. There are 106 routes due for tender this year through a combination of 

contracts that are expiring at the end of their term and new routes that are being 
electronically tendered for the first time to comply with our Contract Procedure Rules. 
The value of any individual contract will not exceed £2million and the combined value 
of all 106 contracts is currently £2.1m per academic year. 

Comments by Director of Resources 

No specific comments are required other than to confirm that this will be funded from 
the Education Budget. Part funding is received from Pembrokeshire College for the 11 
routes serving the college. 

Comments by Head of Legal and Democratic Services 
Legal advice has been provided on the processing of this matter. 
Comments by Head of Human Resources 

There are no human resources issues arising from this report. 

Impact Assessment 

The procurement has been considered against the five ways of working (long term, 
prevention, integration, collaboration, involvement) in the Well-being of Future 
Generations sustainable development principle. There are no important issues to note. 

The proposed procurement will not have any differential effect between groups defined 
within the Equality Act 2010. The procurement is for education transport which will be 
made available to persons entitled to such transport in accordance with the relevant 

Finally, the procurement is unlikely to impact on the Council's obligations under the 
Welsh Language Standard Regulations 2015. 


Cabinet approves the invitation and evaluation of tenders for the 106 via a further 
competition exercise under our existing Dynamic Purchasing System and to delegate 
the subsequent authority to award the contracts to the Service Director under Contract 
Procedure Rule 31.3 as budget has been allocated for this expenditure. 


To enable the Council to provide transport in compliance with statutory requirements 
and Council policy. 

Background Documents: None