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Full text of "Report of the committee appointed by the Philomathean Society of the University of Pennsylvania to translate the inscription on the Rosetta stone"

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? Ι 
᾽ν : 
i ἣν 
ΠῚ 4 
a Π 
δ Νὴ i! g a . 
ἊΝ fe £7 ᾿ 
Wo 4 
on ἀά : 
ἔν ΟΝ A SS Ian Ls 
ιν ον ὟΝ 
ΧΗ; NR)! 7 
ἐν BP n 
» 7 ὦ 
. i 
Ἃ ἷ 
2 : 
| * 
| — P 
| σ΄ \ 
\ a 
\ 4 
| $ 
{ i Α 

Gigi ns δἰδιδ δὰ 




= el 
aa = = 
; = == 
Seat es es 5 Γῆν οι 
ὃ ; 
Dey ee br Hint ee she 2 Ὁ She Nt, καὶ 


tong itl le <A, i | 
“LW ~ gk 

Pa τ im all rs, -_' 6 7 "ity ἣν 
Soon? hada ag 
a | a " έ ὃ! 
ν nd y Ἢ ᾿" [ 
7 i ARR 
δι Ν 
cers (3 ᾿ 
. > 3 la 
iv δι 
= » ᾽ν 

4 Ν - Ψ 
ῃ ᾿ a ᾿ 
᾿ f ~ fr 
Ϊ Pl ᾿ 
hat} ᾿ (Te) 
᾿Ξ ΟΡ 
‘ ᾿ ‘ 
= # - 
= 9 
τ , 
- η = 
» ’ 
7 4 
᾿ ce - * 
4 ν bs 
Ἵ Ἀν 
᾽ν τ ᾿ 7 £ 
Ὗ ᾿ ᾿ ᾿ , 
4 i ᾿ - 
Aa : a) i 4 
‘ ᾿ ͵ 
- i - ; 
." τῳ ν᾿ f ἡ 
* a γε 5 A 7 
= > Ψ 
; % ᾿ ἌΝ I 
: 5 " " Γἣ 
4 , ‘ i ; ᾿ ! 
Φ Ρ 7 ον 4 a oe i ‘ 
@ ᾿ Ἁ 4 f 
ee i ΝΣ 
m Φ δ, egy oe Ξ-: ‘ 
Py — es , 4 “ b 
aed Vy fur - 
A έ xf ν᾿ . 
‘ ‘ 
t ἢ é = es 
+ Ἢ A i 4 tte - 
Γ Ἢ γι} 
F ᾿ oF A : 
i 4 ον , 
4 ee, ‘ P υ ᾿ ν ¥ 
e ~ I sow vie 
2 τ ΓΝ ὧν -- ΑΣΑ 
* ΓΙ mae 
; a “fe t ᾿ 
[ΠῚ . 4 4 
‘ ᾽ν : a; - 7 ᾿ τ΄ [4 
re 4 } ᾿ ΕΠ. ® « 
- ΙΧ ΩΝ «ὧν Ss vot ἢ 
' Ρ Νὴ “ἰ, é at row i 4 
Fe) ‘ ὰ & Ἢ ? ” 
γιὰ ; ity, > Ἂ 

i : {ite eS —_ 

a Paes Ἢ] vs oY Atte. 
7 M (7 

i ἃ, Poe, 
st we by 
yo he 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2017 with funding from 
Getty Research Institute 3 


fon i eile 


Sy GC 

ς ΐ rae 


é 4 v πῃ, 



Kae arohen ὧν 

Gali of SIMON GRATZ, BSQ., November 1925 

= 4 Meo Kee Kove Ven Od 10) ΄ 
ἃ 155-0] ae Na: 


oe re 
ay, a re usembr ah Kes }. 

ates remo We 


beans nal 
PDA oe 
LH wee tars 



io ha 





ho | 

ἀντι a 
aan Loswinaitos| Ho νὰ δ 

; mete Ἃ 

“ ξεν: 
eB 5. & = 
Lar SS = Se ἄρ 16 S 
= wae 9) = : 

\ a Vhs Q 
ἃ drove. 

sa aL Woe 

͵ ΟΝ pernne, Kanne we UE wed 
‘ ae fdas Nuanave 

eta Wel eo ts 

Spinto occ” 
δ Voto αἰεὶ 
Si se νυ δον ΟΝ Ἐπ 

Neakows ΜΝ ‘randhahuns aes Wbthnie 
ian ho 0 ( cA! 

Ἔν Em pote ᾿ 
psn dota Vibes, νον μωλιο ῤ 

᾿ he Laas Wd ιν ee 
aol tee =) 

τ uray hwwAW oy hed 

Deak rhone nue μαι; WM oe 

oom oll if Kalo Nssauin cnn 

Tha νολσών dere bresenteo μ᾽ 
Yramilatedc. out of the orginal Yeh, 
and with the former Gantlationd 
With comparen ana peel ἮΝ 

rintipal of thee being the tue with EAN 

le oriti cal. annotation. ά Leltionne One. Ἢ] | 
AN ἘΣ: (mM Prench * rhe bs § 

| Ve G μι Ni 
ἵ corrected. ty, Sham juttated ἐπ: lon [ΠῚ] 

laum Uritivum ; a translation of oLetronne A 

Hct albemations, in Brmenct Cpypttion A.-M 

tequitiee; ana that vm Oabumd Tnmumm! 5 
bak History of Coufal. Whak ὦ Unrderdcnee | 
uu tronca Ge from contectarral reihora- || 

fi ty Letronmne ano othert, oF partiof ᾿ 

, the 

on Hero g by hae ana Demole Wx, Ar lee ἢ) 
ΠΝ tor, 0 far αὐ wre knows for the fet lime, ΟΥ̓ 
howe wen usec ὥ therm bight m otecun part. , 1 

am "ite ci ian a 

Pinel Ler 
Ss Dan the aa igs of oe preth pit kim 
4 4 ute recewed tie King dome ae. Avid father, ey : 
lord of diadems greatly plorioed, itu had 9 v @% 
fy battested Coupt ana cous Crurarcta the Wy) | 
“ eae lo tus mums, whe has set g (G2 
ἱ ΛΕΥῚ fife of amen , Le -ο gt PECL AD ων 
90) thirty wart, the Hephautr the great, 
Jhing Like the Jum Phe rat king, of oh. @ 
D the upfirr and Lower cruntrced, ok bepring _j~ 
of the 2.44 Puilifalire, whom Hephoed- 
Pit afarovred ὦ he ae age gare γτο ae 
7 ΠῚ the Livin ice os of Ἷ hied. LOK of he \ | 
PP Vlog ne trerkering , heeLin-ed of “| 
Pha: in Che menct, 470: Helis Che L01 gy | 
Rot Aetis Lain pret at Alex on cer, of Ὁ Z 
= pres dolins of Che gorda ἐπ τυ, 
o the gard ἔνογλεξιε, of Ele. gtd Phite 

| 3 ; ) 1 s) 

v τ τα, 
OM Vorw, and of the Risphaless Laken 

Wy vt Ad ; Dae Re Ghhnwe of [Derencee Ci AC, 
fag being Poth a σφε ler Chtinut aN 
πα Peo is ον of itis m τ ΨΚ ΩΣ 
*Bo¥ PArin ἀααφέαν of Biagunuy he prohihe & 
KS Ariimnoe th Ὁ προ being “ον, “κε ‘yh 
ie of Plirlemy Pirtemy of tiie mmth Xanadeced, 2 
cs " ἐγωνοί͵ με mae ὠ: ‘Gate Cpph Ὁ < 
Ὁ ans the Ligh leerth of Mech ir, Decree FQ A 4h 
ia He ete eeg frente onal. hrvpneei, ont Chiat gr a), 


io Cue in tur the Cie eo) 4. for the array O 
lev ΕΝ @” rg, δῇ κ GCA Wn [herot rae, De, 

W DP ona dared «μύες, and all the obhorg’~4 
ἣ : (Ὁ fr wid who were come “2 νι the tmf q 
Vee bhrrn gk rut the tona GB. Trem. By, 
ae this, rnb the furenenee of the Keun 9. for sy 
a pcremoncal of he pepam, im Vite’ gp 
¢ ee trerliriny , ttrred of At: “225 4, 


Woy iim San a Lae ae 

at AM lomflict δι file. Way Arti, Acre i 
Ui 22,2. 2. Ὁ»: ever) ΩΣ 

I inag  Lecnedt A Cita, gia Ehyfbana| 
: Ei Ley: Yeahs ing “Ὧν ἐμ 

Wy 4: "εκ 1. Ὁ νη 

νὴ en a (AAA 1. Cee trig | 

LAL LT Bed CMG | we few Be cieg Ζ. 

oD ! 

Υ σε oe Lee So, SZ ae, a τ LY, 
N Morus Che (em rf Secu ana. Decreqikh 4h 
a Bett eae Gtired, tA “aM 
ἄγαν erat” a hia br ane aa 2007, | a 

᾿ AN x ar eae 
a Le rs Guta Cpyfe ὦ ζω... 
eee aie wrt errantles: 21K 
ade wieand 25: fled yj err Ξε Ὁ 
eae of os χα sea foal baca> 


Ae 2 Ae van Air teed oe Gee 
Or pL FLEE whet. the br oy Sipe 
the Peel rh fed ge ae Pte, bere: 
cond aerwle, He υ atl, 
ἀνε Mees Hat uf mn Aritn por tech dob | 
a Choe “τ Γι 
[2 long lore , we δασέα from Ge 
ee wo Yor Glos hi oy 

At ata Pettitte of Phe “ἤσουν 

LEI 75:7 | 4 

ana: ae ie fnrade. 0 om gaara aa 

ὰ ᾿ 
i MW the UL ttn tf Cee poet farina gi W Sy ay 
Ne ae frm Lhe Wee GA? Mt, AE Νὰ A 
We what Lhe telerigect Le ὥζε. γα Lae ἴω ky f 4 5 
ζ fi VF a 
es free on, Ae face, pea: pt Ate “πέσε. wh 7.3 
ὟΝ ἢ ἐς Lan Sn je commana atts coe yy ie 
Ὗ Lrning Ke priced (hat hey “ες me 


bang φΖιστέ (or: ee, fe ba re ik A! 

wrod parr Me Li 26 frtl year Lee Fee \ ἢ 

ear, 27 . Ae See Lilie Cicee ᾿ 19 
Pe iie Va catd Lret-td og 222 fe aA Ζ Ὺ Υ | 
% Kin bo A*lenauane alte Ve OPEV EAL | ἣ Wp 
| C42 otc 2iirr. ox Bern MA c4d ro Ble he | ““» 4 
wade : “3 ν»--.--. Bh Aa Ζ: 4 ; 
δ eth mate we Ge ὦ ποιάν for a Ps 
V\ cUislace ne remetit bn hes ia 

Won Vet Ween lew fe JOT Bn“ We POPP AL. 

& tt OVAL; Vi. are Apa 

re Ain hie Wrik ps ws rs be Nf a 
Harmssthe. ἄντε great; So me Ζέπε whe WI 
pilurned, beth of lhe ἐπάν" tnk ther sf the Ufad 
lnc ne Tine γ the Aidarbonce, rn coming, Frek he 

kot im jit UL LIM af ge a he liek tape abe lat 

i Ure thruld. 7: τ“ OF Arte. tin (OE bed gpg - va . 

τ ) ee theit rare Meng by yfok bth. A, Gy “42 ted (tnd, under / / : 

] ΩΣ ne ΟΣ bd, brth 7 tniney tnd rarinires Hah | μ | 

— ἀκα alk He λεγε κά Gypit meg hi Vern De. : Ν 
git 1g, postal alta dl bysepchs i, Budiey 

ἊΝ Aad bei. thin ani farliped ag aint a diye bya Nv? 
Ἰὴ | 6: Abadia ee re ised tate Al her snumiin, ἢ} 
| ! I Limnce for a leg Pine σὰ Lie tbl m bad baled NY 
ha Wee rt rut “ὦ pathered Lhe r-t, hee had. cone be the TR) 

| lender fant the. tnhattane af Spf Murch ret, Wy, 
1 μιά lay neg Ὁ Liege 4 κα Ae Larruantid tb rh ye | i 

tavbtrwcl tong οι Wak walls ery περι ΝΜ 

ι) Pp WA ey Ly 4 Poe Wing ke 

VA peel-aintd At 22,227: ‘4 7 decir mg. Lhe one. lfed 
gy ‘s he Canale bx fee, tn B Ge dias to 

= oe Lb aes ΓΝ fic Ao Ca ue ©) 
| συν σζε aes Hl 
é U dea Lory eal, Ad Hermes and ρα) ie ie rf Stu Ween } 

Ἀ. Nurs, srorhrwtrtr ΝΒ tee pho Me Ve Lanne “art Lig | 
ἋΣ... τἀν Ge wing leaders ples ob th, We 
ON perttlirt κε Avi ae fathert PLL gr, whe “2,5 Ζνκαξάς Cle Ζ- 

ΔΝ cren: Vy Ante εν the ὥρη ιν, 1 “εν Σ. | 

29 _. 
ΕΣ AVON GIT A Ie by ther ait ot δῷ er. creat a 

agrees frre, At ee ene 
Meee for bev herbomnnce δὲ Ζ Gee ἽΝ ( 

em ἜΣ VE Cit liar "ὡς τς. ΦζζοζΖε. ! he eee alte | 

Ahly tured bi “Vs Lentter 6 the facrce ie | 

vai “Ἢ Gs ᾿ | ΠΣ pee Patri beer tae Ato The (el 

YPN we " en bet has whl ζω 
| hivt. fio Lae palace , Arr of Yeti. whew 
Aad Pete gvren pa Lee pefhacedniet of buck 
| 42 Bf frerec prom. 7: jee lar ft 4 2 the tame 
| Marte; he releaeea ee linepler ater of. 

| arte rtata fer MA TUR th Lhe CA MLA Larrth aus 

jadi Ott φερε At bo the Coramniine fr. Arp re. 

jad Lhe bey ae’: bo Apa tn Miners ht ade ma 
- Ὁ τ Ad ΠΣ be Che ptber thew “2 "εν 222 
| 7272: han; purch Geller tare Haw Bea tes 4:7 Ce bes 
| Ave ditt. for Mrkat Aebrged Le Chew. tir all o6- 
Lprtca Ana. poring, bran lifeclly Ane ΠΟ what 
Mee proper for Ulu frreraty with tha tece bom 

| ile egllrt ΡΣ es prdhctes wok oe | 
lol int, fan apy ree Lie Pea belie "ζ΄. we 
τράγο th ie Σου tnt of Lpyffet Aachiad Lace ~ 
47. ae ss Ge tame δε free Lhe 

ἍΝ eo Peceweer essa 

ΓΝ he ey Attn til seh Te) Bhititrn 7259 



L toil 
᾿ ee De Lif dong ahve 7 ame pus. tL, Di OLLIE Bend 
é: ΩΣ links ty biniedl ηηε,ε, Arid here fried me 
‘Yes fa Merits fis. AGI; leat Jota Need. ak 2¢faecr~ 
| he 1taLnth, having the Lhe Betpiedilin. apa ta tewdpectnct 7 Gill nw 
fat wnncened bt “τ earning ιν» 
yee anal ΠΟ lhe. elle bs fla peste ble 

indir himied tf Lhe Cop flor; A «εζδεσος Kor “ε 
27:52 Wee pire Ain healthe, varie 

e's ai 
beet. |2o2 other gove hong; Lhe. ΤΏ 
x Atdiwel Le Ve ae eS eS akih 
oe rik a vo Ζσσας Lelie a & (Lys gee : 
Weert (5 Ee 4 all Lhe ἐξέ of tte Leis | 
Ie LE peteee Ζ Ae greenl gt aly OL 4mar nm 
BB iia 5 he creping bin, ἀξάοιχ, Select | 
- Vibha pe Eprpk are ee Ae | 

Sawn) 7 a ᾿ 5 te » “ Lo D- 
57. 2: Minter 2 ἀρέκΖεας Ata oe 


© 4 

A I The 47 υἡαεζίίε Aart JG ple. of 

ete () LY ,»--ΣΘ 
TD rw. α( , J y / 
SS hee" 4 ΞΖ —— 
OS eee en gs NEM See rl oe A 
> - ———eemp FG 

bart Lt Bre 

ΡᾺ ἥμψ Cuctiarinler, tn brung ἂν ἐαοό εξ, pe Che {{ 

7 : Reterny the χέει: of Egy jit, pear πε shotl [ 

MM jronct corchicures βάρ Stuih. “ζω be entitled θὴ} 

bb tine 2 Linguring atafrrnr , wher h τ WN 

Ια We fn lhe frie 2 peforne atorrcee Aefore 

W hee tare Gh. ite CR Hag, and Jae Wr 

a then Ue tank atoning and fator~\ 

τὸ Wie: pte Alben client εξ, ἄπ be Lhe ptr 

pros po he fanrcgyres ot ἐσέ setup [δὴ] 

] \ | Liv tang. “γίνε, gon EC fifleiin ec ltd Fe @ | 
ἴῶ one, oping of ὰλ “δόσιν mek gusen te WM 

| Ἢ] “ἕως, Gra Pht palirt, 2 ithe ut ἃ rire, |} \y: 
Ι (a) brite 24. Chite of Lia Lethe {Gad oy 

Vie ye 
Vea “ξω We 


Ἂς QD Vf a> 
= [.) Sel [9 OO yy oa y 
"OO aay \) μ απ Ὃ a Ln XS 


Sa Sos Cfpifphaned ξω- 
βου χδο» Le 29 ζεῖ 
el hij that 
may be well mark. Te 
eal both. ROU Ar, 
for 2 ἄν: line, Lo 
plate upton We Bes 
= ers \' 
PD, hick thalt be af. Νὰ 
feed Air Bete, Litrc- 3 
Lar 2 the assrning 
of udp - tithe ormamenl 
SS ae Oe ye | 
of uth thall Lethe crour called Zea \ Ἷ 
Hu. ἐς, cislecen Che. ὀκξ doa 


C ἵ 

Λ] ae ζη- the Crna ne ct of es. “ 
ΠΩΣ ie 

Udi tie ᾿Ξ οὐ σέ ee raminl bout ᾿ 
he af iret a0 rite bre Ge phyla clirces 

Ves ie ocd ott ἄς ἅς ἐφγχέζδει, pine «ἄρ ]} 

of Pee See lang Whe wine Ne. Pees otk Ya 

uffer a And the Laver} and tince the " : 

@\ [he 
ie of the bang wrt he brraed, we KN) 

Wheel: fe rececred the ktrng barn - po hat 
eagle ited. εὐ ζῶν Ley are Ahartingerd oh 

Mg back: Ge “Alle, Lb tebrtr-ak these haghe a ) 
ἬΝ een ancl and Hirliecl) feast and fanagy. ἢ 

pits te Lhe Lae Lemftes of © Cy igfut Drone Helg ano L ~ 
at 3 anu a tetatimed Aud 

@ δ give the, netral ὙΠ φεσέξιιν 4. alt [δὲ | 
Ἢ Ὁ ΠΑ: ὡς toned ἐν the Cormplu; lo MYM 
ἀν ἐδένόνα a fiat and a hana gory b ὡς Re f 
He ) orliring ana telorer of FARA, Kong ttt ὦ 
if Q tag , poe Orphaned Lick arcelud, ae A || 
SG ἐς the Lonetee Gore thrrnghnct Che the - Lanne, fore RG i 
uel atdo iste thatl weir garlaanti ee wi 
OM a Sa Gara εὐ ώμω ὥσι οί phat leg HAN 

}} aaa ne Ξῷ ον ane mane: os 

4 | free Aoeel Ap eae that ut te Law fl F wikis 
the reel, prvale fpertm ,& celebrate the pratt 
Wand Lee ores os, EN 50}: 

aa ὩΣ hrited, Po ‘Let 
ἃ prepht m Che ᾿ς Cree aS 

ἘΣ ie oe “proc Ae 
of tard tlie tn danek and tncte. 
| ual and Greek Lehlerd, Grd (lace “ΖΓ 

πού σα bea 
| Grace prufcy AE GE ALE A PO % if. 
' Ee «νιν Aeatlece dirrdwls ὥξε ' e 
S Necro yliyflece amc Coplic, pining a thyht eer 

| hela. of Che healiry nf dizcarerces pate 2 

Ψ 7 we, Ann Util, ώσζεςε of charac- a A 

; il Fa oharactnit sf rtm ire ' 
natin. Lo do anny Aitlinc- {| 
lia SG trtteney ὦ a Corel. INS 
| ling Tre Lines of dear a- , | 
ΓΝ herny faced. She barbie? | 

π the Jurkat the puene of Hoel ai 
LE ΑΝ OR ἡ LAs v 
, nye that AC . MM Wee beconang : 
yh oes π᾿ teke Cue ζει 4 δ ἐφ 
Md cud terntins he. tape lady, x 
Yat tr ancemnt Ame, dhirisa. mate | 
"ἢ Σὐ σε Dien. Utfferenrt clits rn fp Hi’ 

Ue Lame nal were Atefnud δὰ 

able Jee ORAS {\ 
ag fot fees lrg we May sc aa J\\ 

¥ ford. Che ee of eck, “οί. 
Merlinclinw wn Any nahn κε φέεξα- 
ted ὦ Lee ty a errertilg of halect, 
ana facts tear tut rut tin bare Life 
foal. ἔσει, before EAE Recovery 
2) of the Jenene 2h ue τε εν for 
9 λει ξέρεις gucthetrd χάδι τς 
rs dialects thohen m φᾷς Tyas 
ἔνι of Ae ea eh iy Σ hee Tore 
of Mobeni wit calle Pi ΓΖ ΤΣ 7, 

ἔνια, Aank ὅδ lhe Crmnmne Keele : 
: 0 j od 

Ti pep Vk kaw Leper γλωσδαν βασίλεια σημμιγες 


ta be 2S Whemmyr ETLLEKAS ττὸ Eber: Kalba BH Kou 

\I vir ἐνωλεκτον. Joseph. Cont Avion Cap. il. 

.---“ῳ..ὕ.---ΠΡῤΡϑῸ [ἐἔὀἔ  .. 

lect w calla ty other Greek aeqhod Ν 
femeolic Heme” and Ὑκωφάγτηθα ἢ > 
Ὡς. Viala Slinky εξ Geek ΖΞ N | 
calls it tnchorial, in Che es 
Ze » wreling of ὑπ Ma ree 
whrck Che fame ὥρισε aed 44 
Contininlrh sche rlars bern beat la 



oi σα a aif ference ἄς. 
Lamed ana Chat of Che 

sae for thc id Pa: ee : 

Ta ὦ ἐν δημι oF ike. Hered. if. Ὁ. 16: Taper tnuwwdn 
‘ deod- See. Ul. 2.3. Tyr ecetohopeeperny. Chin Mey. § 

Ww “Ξ.- ον. γεν tes | {= m=, 
eee laypt Fre. τ. “7 ἢ oa τι 

9 oe 28 J CHEE vig ΖΖες Gn - 

Tee 22 prcage of the foieat iat «tea cr 7 
“ Ζέ:. ΠΣ yan Lela 7 Of δέει ba ' 
ΥΩ hat ad iain: 
| Ca ‘Maio. 

ΒῚ ΓΞ ΚΟ ΟΣ eg OE  ΞΞ:Ξ mg 
pes ' τε ες for raped arelineg, "ὦ comple. Ε' 
= cated 7 were ah ln Ὁ WN) στ Ξ — 

Ἦ ΝΣ the ἀρ ALL: tae 

pus \\ wen ὥ threes es Aeate ct. 
ἜΣ aN νυν να 

@' “4 _. 

z | 
The carticet Utnrotic prfyynd erlint, 
Wg rile. OC br, Dorks tery much tke 
: Je Be IE not frratioed Lilt — 
py | eeccedt cn Wee Geel Le referent Lo 
σέ; were ntet anil, atrutAl ΤᾺ ae - 
2%, Chrittianily vin ἔψσξέ tad Iman S. νυ 
\\| 2eeck ΚΟ “ἡ Val ie THA 
᾿ γφησέσε of the Sgly der lred rad " 
catlhea for. Nite. ἐς Aalst Pepin. ae fi 

be | Se | 5 ! 
AI Foreign pf tirtnee thir: rel gated : 
A teal Adlinderr cy Pin Le: Peer ote ok 

7 tre. telat 4 LeArec Loma. 

\Ni eA " 
_f δ ἱ γχγιζνι ge Ζχεζά et Priwctttunt tnotes 

at en 

paw cathea Cope - “ζω Shargte 1] 
«ΖΖ uted WwW the toric af Che Cf. ἢ} 

| "7,5 174 lew bivry Jin a συνε feral 

l cf cs tacd 4 
1.0 Φ AD *g. 

πῆρ τῆ Cee ee 
prttirr. ἔα af Atrrrrtice 4 betes ἢ 
εξ: Κες Wee ee Oe Anning ἘΝ 
| μιά» λεά WWM O42 Cn eraniie & 
lin. of the dennirtic ἄπ Ζ af Rrevtea ~ 
lace Abn Be jeer “2, Ana a Vi 
| : ᾿Ξ. wage ALL ΧΩ Re ο. 
| ἢ 2ειικ. acetlalinr pp the Sree k, Atanglic, 
eae Aart of he pierrgty, 
hinphina ar The Creda δήσεις, 
gh Bo ml hs began her Atnrlic 

ν᾿ «. eleca se y At Lee Jan Lsey ran " "ἤν 


Ce | Irittancen Be (E14 ie 2s ες ΣΟῚ 
φέρνει, ἄνα γέ (seein by mechan. 
| pleat Compare pity, ἐκεέσ rn Cre 
., Yok prot nares Wet hadirnend of 
Will | crcknial chmacla affpuarced m Fd, 
RA cath, Aw 143, ede Saatey αὶ σι 

oa wes . lopli Mgpnrrirlopres And tar “525 ὩΣ 2 
de. Mosse continasing Ma .2 44 2κακῶ 

AA 4 he ceratte thettin ft a heat 
«Ξ 2) οὶ with A Yrcatutacy af (3 hatte wick 
AX Mihi rotirmne bot tas Arratger rar 
ὟΝ Wnakicate da Axle δδρεεσΖεις de Lord 
Sy ILA ee i nes 




ή Za ee 


SS 4 

rae , 
i. ee Ann wGlrerear Cran. ΓΙ 
LD soaks And pa ee ᾿Ξ: 
| are. “δεΐειε Aijplaged te L, er 
cand Ge thang Wat the denirtltc gud dred ἢ 
od Wales ae radically “Ζῶ: cent Ace OLN 
ἢ 2... La hom astray. ei Weil Feng apt 
i acteiare at Werliin, publihed aR 
wall wok wlth dprpliers. Aezefps) ce) 
fern demetecz, ee Oe i Δ 
ον ἘΣ πᾶς ee Ν᾽ Υ ἘΣ. 
NW) ler cto, Se maet Coupe d nk " 
a gel wrilin δε Che titjet. at Ae YEA 
Lions 4 πεόξοι Doone esse ckalE Ζ 


ORT | 

ferrer. den ie “ζω: Attrog bgp how 
roy ζει κι pron thts [race Ef 
| fee Tre ΖέκξΖεε Lo mrt txacth, corre 

111 τον A 

[|| ore. A cenfariin, fu The af fitrttig, 
a pha tine Ar tac wrtl mate Chew 

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| 490 w ων A Raed by Ur KML, 
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4) WW). ἀρ, ᾿ἀουσαλλδλ᾽ 44 Ly νυν ἐρτω | ke ee wwe’ anil \b., { 
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Ie : ΟΣ 0 ὅϑθωα, οἱ λ hel Kan Od MW ne ayer bie bass LOM Ads VO. ΔΑ. 
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ΠΝ ὔωω ob UW Kis Rose andl uae ΠΝ 
ἡμφυλν 1 Whey Loum Mia υσνυμμω rater ΝΠ 9 deo. ἀλλάων sonnet: nahre 
δ πὴ ΝΗ ΝΣ ΔῊΝ κι wre 
δῖδεν. δ bh : os w dak. ΩΝ ἢ Dae. of 
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ΠΥΡῚ (Sin δὶ. γὐνοῦ. ΕἸΣῚ ὑχαυν Rule | 
ἣν 7 Ao aan Ni ΝΥ Waly ie 0) You. seer NEB ὑπ γ᾿ 

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ὃ ἐἰφανῷᾷτος ὁ μέγοις βασιλέως κα θα περ ΟΉλιος ἧμ ἐγοις βασ λενς Τῶν τε α- 
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ανθρωπηκςε TATA, Kat are τῶν ὑπαρχουσων ἐγ ΑἸγνπτῷ προσοδων κι. 

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λων τῶν οιλλοτρια, $po γηδοιγτῶν CY Του κατος THY Τρ αχῆν κι ϑοι ἡ ατελ.-- 
Bovras aceveiv ἐπι των ἰδίων KTHOLWV' Ττροεγοηθη DL K OW ὅιτως L{amogtTaa- 
WEIV ὅννα εις; TIPITIKOL Ὑτ ICO) TTL Ὁ KOI KOI VES CTI τῶν! CoA 0 ov ras en: 
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Τέλεσαα σγοὶ "Καὶ αὐτίκα θισα,, γὼ κι AOIVTE KAITAD Pols καὶ TEIZE DY AVINV OF 
10a yous TrEpitrAa θέν,τοντε Νειλον THY AYO ale Pita ad TIOIRGT RAL VavE v- 
Tey ογδοῳ ETRE, καὶ εἰ θισαειγον κατακλνχειγτά ἐπεδιᾳ, κατεσχεν CK πολλωγ. 

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yw pay Σἰνοχλησίοιντας, καὶ τὰ τερα. ο«δικησαντοις TEpPErlyoutyos εἰς Mowe 
piv -παικνγωγ Τὼ Tate Και τ εαντὸν POTIALIO,TOAVTOS εκολᾶ σεν κάθη- 
Kovtws κα δ' Ὃν Kaigoy παραγενηθη προσ τὸ Φνντεὰ εἐσθηναὶι ἀντῳ ταΐπροσ: 
ΗΚογτα. Voutite & TH TAO oe ληῴει tas BPaATIALIAS: ἀφῆκεν ὅς KOI TH eh] Po es: ( £0- 
Oly OPLiAomcYa Lis TO βασιλικὸν Las TOV oytoor ἐτουγοντα εἰς σίτον TE KAI 
ἄργυριον, τλῆ 605. ove Ολιγογ, ὡς αυΐων δε κοι τα: τ; TEOVALH σ᾽ νντιετελισ. 
με γῶν τί ρτο BastrKoy. Bveciywov en ame καιτων CVVTETEAN COTM εγῶντα. προς: 
Τον δειγίακαπισίμο ν die Popa Cos των AUTWV χβονωγ΄ QNLAVELy St Ta cepa Ka 
ΤῊΣ αἰποτεταγεενη: Ge pra Pris τῷ αρονρᾷ ΤΗΣ LEPAS VHS, KaITHS AALITE As Tidos 
OLA s]ro κεράμιον TH Hpovpartea Te Ait) KITE Μνένει Toda τύωρη τος 
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dem. [+A χίλι Koby: οἴ. 76 Jo δε thd tr Hee Vote bes Mes pact atte, 
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τος UL PH Weta θυσιώων Kor τγανηγυρεων Καὶ των HANWY τῶν vouud) οὐ γω νὴ, 
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LIT HAAV ET AV ΤΟΣ TH Arye Trey ἢ Keep e TT ir} arene OE Kg) κυρ, OTATO) Aas Tov ran ον 6 dst) Οὐ τον, 

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pucern βασ λεῖα ψγεν Hr πέρι Acuaceros φτισηλιεν εἰσ το cr Meuse yee ἔρον, ζω: aury 
σνηήτελισ δὴ ὦ TORO ME re τὴ ΠΣ “Ξ ληφε, ΤΗΣ ὅασιλει as’ cm becra: αι ἐπι 
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ὃ ν Ξ =e 
= Sa 
- a ὃ, μ“ a 
be - 
τ a 
-- ὃν 
3 - 2 Ἂ ᾷ γ s 3 (a 
i - τσ 
2 4 Ψ “ Ρ 
4 a oe 
--- - ’ 

= Lae... = . κα ‘ 

_ - Αι; ΡΤ 

ὲ Wes - _ Ἂς = 

: ὦ res δι - x 7 
Γ + re. ne a ἢ 
5 τὰ - ΡΟΝ :: 
Ν 4 = ee Ἢ 

Ae ail oe - _ . eT a A Bes ᾿ ὧν : ΡΝ ὡ A τὰς 
— 7 ‘ a Ὁ i οῦσῦΧΚΐΓΚ, ὡς “ΠῚ tae 
- ᾿ . ᾿ es τ Ξ * - ΠΡΟ πὰ ee m3 rs ea roan :? 

2 ᾿ 7 . - ἐκ aoe i a 4 Fas