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Full text of "The American Journal of Pharmacy 1903: Vol 75 Index"

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Abel, John J. Epinephrin and its compounds 

Beal, J. H. Draft of a proposed anti-narcotic law 
Beringer, George M. Tincture of kino 

Boston, L. Napoleon. Microscopic study of urine 
Bransome, D. E. A trip to Bermuda 

Clowes, G. H. A. Estimation of phosphates in stomach contents . . 
Cone, E. H. Salicylic acid and sodium salicylate 

Cook, E. Fullerton. Granular effervescent salts . 

Cook, E. Fullerton. Pharmacy of liquid petrolatum 

Dare, Arthur. Determination of the alkalinity of the blood 

Eberle, E. G. and Frederick T. Gordon. Report of committee on the 
acquirement of drug habits 

Ellis, Evan Tyson. Story of a very old Philadelphia drug store 

England, Jos. W. Basham’s mixture .’. 

England, Jos. W. Reactions of albumin with acids and alkalies . . . 510, 549 

Gilman, Daniel C. Carnegie Institution of Washington 169 

Gordon, Frederick T. and E. G. Eberle. Report of committee on acquire- 
ment of drug habits 

Gotthelf, August. Preparation of medicinal manganese, dioxid . o> 84 

Hallberg, C.S. N. External preparations and their therapy 
Hancock, John F. The father of American pharmacy 
Haussmann, Frederick W. Notes on syrups 

Kebler, Lyman F. Alkaloidal color-tests 

Kebler, Lyman F. Presence of arsenic in chemicals 

Kebler, Lyman F. and Geo. R. Pancoast: Essential oils of fireweed and 

Kraemer, Henry. Conservation and cultivation of medicinal plants. . . 553 

La Wall, Charles H. Syrup of calcium lactophosphate. . . . . . . 393, 462 
Leffmann, Henry. Detecting cases of poisoning by druggists... . 51, 98 
Lowe, Clement B Pharmaceutical and chemical notes 

eee, John and Leon A. Ryan. Retention of arsenic by animal char- 

Marshall, Wm. B. Tea 

Mason, Harry B. The legislative year . . 

Matusow, Harry. Syrup of ferrous iodide 

Moerk, Frank X. Assay of ferrous carbonate preparations 

Moerk, Frank X. Simple forms of laboratory apparatus 

Pancoast, Geo. R. and Lyman F. Kebler. Essential oils of fireweed and 

1 Compiled by Florence Yaple. 


Am, Jour, Pharm, 
mber, I 


Pancoast, Geo. R. and Willard Graham. Oil of rosemary 

Power, Frederick B. 

International conference for the unification of the 

formule of potent medicaments 

Remington, Joseph P. Standard sieves 
Remsen, Ira, The life history of a doctrine 

Ridenour, W. E. 

Investigations of the tannins by the late Prof. Henry 

Ruhl, H. F. A powder mixer and a percolator support 

Ryan, _— A. and John Marshall. 


Retention of arsenic by animal char- 

Schlotterbeck, J.O. The mydriatic alkaloids 

Schweitzer, Hugo. 

Synthetic manufacture of theocin 

Scoville, Wilbur L. Standards for flavoring extracts 
Smith, F.J. Quantitative estimation of strychnine . 

Sollmann, Torald. 

The nature and action of toxins 

Taylor, Frank O. Some data on gum chicle 
True, Rodney H. Address on the cultivation of medicinal plants . . 

Watson, Herbert J. Modification of Nessler’s tube 

Wilbert, Martin I. 
Wilbert, Martin I. 
Wilbert, Martin I. 
Wilbert, Martin I. 
Wilbert, Martin I. 
Wilbert, Martin I. 
Wilbert, Martin I. 
Wilbert, Martin I. 

Biographical sketches . . 

Centenary of the Society of Pharmacy of Paris 
Commercial aloes ars 
Current notes for future history 
International standards 

John Michael Maisch : 
Notes on essential oils 155, 200, 218, 
Progress in pharmacy—a quarterly review 

- 579, 

136, 150, 285, 297, 410, 
Wilbert, Martin I. Proposed international standard tinctures of potent 
remedies 20, 
Wilbert, Martin I. 
Pharmacy ‘ 
Wilbert, Martin . 


Acetanlid and phenacetin, tests for 
Acid, acetic, as a menstruum 
carbolic, antidotes for. . 
hydrochloric, estimation of 
iodic, action of, upon morphine 
lactic, estimation of 
salicylic, discussion on 
and sodium salicylate (Cone) 
sulphurous, in dried fruits 
uric, determination of, in urine 
Aconite, chloroform of 
Adrenalin, preparation and composition of 
true elementary composition of 
Advertising, boomeran 
Aethylquinine, properties of. . . 
Albumin, reactions with acids and alkalies (England) 
Alcohol, absolute, preparation of 
ethyl and methyl, chemical analysis of mixtures of 
from fecal matters 

Am, sen. i — } Index. 

Alcohol, methyl, poisonous properties of 
reduction of tax 
Alcoholaturze Bie 
Alexander, Maurice W., presentation of portrait fis 
sketch of 
Aliquot Fe oe elimination of, in assay methods 
Alkaloidal color-tests (Kebler) 
standards, Italian 
Alkaloids, mydriatic. (Schlotterbeck) 
Aloes, adulteration and sophistication of 


chemical tests for 
chemistry of .. . 
commercial (Wilbert) 

history of 

Jaffarabad . 
literature on 


mae pharmacopceial heading for 
Uganda or crown 
United States trade in 
Alum points, preparation of 
Aluminum vessels, platinized 
American Chemical Society, the 
Conference of Pharmaceutical Faculties 
Electro-chemical Society 
Medical Association, rulings of, of interest to pharmacists 
Pharmaceutical Association, annual meeting of 
increasing the membership and influence of 
Anesthol, composition of 
Anthrasol, properties of 
Anti-narcotic law, draft of. (Beal) 
Antipyrin and salophen, new reactions for 
Apparatus, laboratory, simple forms of (Moerk) 
Aristochin, properties of 
Arsenic in ‘potassium carbonate 
occurrence of, in the animal organism 
presence of, in chemicals (Kebler) 
retention of, by animal charcoal (Marshall and Ryan) | 
Assay method, i oF ont for alkaloidal drugs 
Associations, loca membership in 
Atomic weights, revised table of 
Atoms, doctrine of 
Atropine and hyoscyamine, chemical relation of 

Barium chloride as a substitute for digitalis 
Basham’s mixture (England) 
Beeswax, adulteration of 
Beetem, Jacob S., personal note . 
Belladonna, chloroform of 
Beuzin of the _raettaermedeat 
safe ; 
Bermuda, a trip to (Bransome) 
Bettendorff’s test for arsenic 
Biographical sketches (Wilbert) 
Bismuth, radioactive 

592 Index. ne 

Blood, new method for determining the alkalinity of (Dare) 
Botany, Balearic 

British Pharmaceutical Conference, annual meeting 
Bromochinal, properties of 

Bryan, Walter, personal note 

Cannabis indica, physiological assay of . . 
Cantharides, assay of 
Carbon dioxide, apparatus for estimation of 
Carnegie Institution of Washington (Gilman) 
Caspari, Charles E., personal note 
Castor-oil can, cap for ¢\s 
Centenary of the Society of Pharmacy of Paris ( Wilbert) 
Charcoal, animal, retention of arsenic by (Marshall and Ryan) 
Chemicals, investigation of purity of 2 
Chemistry, bearing of the philosophy of the history of, on present-day 
problems (Remsen) 
Chinaphenin, chemical composition and uses 
Chloroforms of belladonna and aconite, improvement of. . 
Christian science, Supreme Court decision on... . 
arsenate, preparation and properties of 
Circulatory apparatus for making iodine solutions 
displacement as a pharmaceutical process 
Citarin, medicinal uses of 
Citrus madurensis, oil of ..... 
Cliffe, Wm. L., personal note . . 
Cocaine habit, the 
hydrochlorate, specimen of 
Cold cream, discussion on. ... 
lanolin, formula for 
College of Pharmacy of the city of New York, Rice memorial meeting. . 
Collodions, use of. . .. 
Colombo, alkaloids of 
Color-tests, alkaloidal (Kebler) . . 
Commercial training and apprentices 
Coniferous plants, leaves of 
Copper sulphate points, preparation of 


Formule, unification of . . . 
Meeting of the Diphtheria A 
vision Committee. ..... 

Corynocarpin, formula of 
Corynocarpus Levigata, fruit of 
Cotton, absorbent 
Crystals in extracts 
Cultivation of medicinal plants, address by Dr. Trué 
discussion on 
and conservation of medicinal plants (Kraemer) 
Curcuma, detection of, in powders 
Curriculum for apprentices 
Cuspari bark, false 

Dalton centenary, the 

Dermogen, composition of 

Dietrich’s process for the determination of morphine 
with that of the B. P. 

Digitalis, barium chloride as a substitute for 

Diphtheria Antitoxin Committee, meeting of 

Am, Jour. Pharm, 
ber, 1903. 

Dispensing by physicians 
notes, ange 
Doctrine, the life-history of a (Remsen) 
Drop counter, normal 
Drug habits, report of committee on the acquirement of (Eberle and 
Gordon) ae east Te eat od 
laboratory, the 
market, the, for 1902-1903 
Druggists, high-class 
Drugs, alkaloidal, improved method of assay of 
crude, descriptions of 
and methods of deception 
powdered, made from siftings 
quality of, as affected by the seasons 
vegetable, collection, curing and yield of 
Drug store, an old Philadelphia (Ellis) 
sink, the, notes on 
Drug stores, post-office stations in 


A problem in educational work 
Charles Rice—an appreciation . 
Dissemination of pathogenic microorganisms 

Education, practical 
Educational work, a problem in 
Ellis, Charles, likeness of 
Elm suppository mass 
Emplastrum adhesivum, formula for 
oe fergie composition and uses 
Emulsion of liquid petrolatum, formulas for . . . 
Enzyme fermentation 
Epinephrin and its compounds (Abel) 
and its hydrate, chemical composition of 
Erb, Charles S., personal note . 
Eucalyptus gum, tannin of 
Eukinase, properties of 
Euquinine, properties of 
Extract of ergot for hypodermic use 
Extracts, fluid, acetic acid as a menstruum for 
of potent drugs 

Fehling’s solution, volumetric use of 
Fermentation, enzyme ° 

Ferri arsenas, B. P., new method for standardizing 
Ferrous carbonate preparations, assay of (Moerk) 
File, three-sided 

Filmaron, a principle found in male fern . . 
Flavoring extracts, standards for (Scoville) 

Food preservatives 

Formaldehyde, detection of, in milk 

Fries Brothers, specimens furnished by 

Fritzsche Brothers, specimens of essential oils furnished by 
Fungicides and poisons, agricultural 

Gas, illuminating, poisonous action of 
Gasu basu, an Indian plant 


Gauze, antiseptic 

‘bichloride of mercury, testing of 
Gelatin discs, formula for 
General meetings, interest and value of 
Ginseng culture 
Glycerin as a medicinal agent, history of 
Glycero-gelatin, formule for . : 
Glycero-massa ulmi 
Gordon memorial college at Khartoum 
Graham, Willard, and George R. Pancoast. 
Granular effervescent salts (Cook) 
Gum chicle, some data on (Taylor) 

Hanbury medal, award of 
to John Michael Maisch . 
facsimile of 
Headache remedies from coal-tar 
Helfman, Joseph, personal note on 
Helmitol, chemical name of 
Hemo-alkalimeter, illustration and description of 
Hemostatic, antiseptic 
Heroin, tests for 
Herrera, Alfonso L., study of protoplasm by 
Hetralin, dose of 
Hiccup, persistent, remedy for 
Hicoria laciniosa, tannin of 
History, future, current notes on (Wilbert) 
Hoffmann medal, award of . 
Horse-chestnuts as food... 
Huckleberries as a specific in enteric fever 
Hydrogen dioxide as a depilatory 
as an addition to cosmetics and creams 

solution, 7 xe etna of 

Hydrogen sulphide generator 

Hyoscyamine and atropine, chemical relation of 

Hyoscyamus muticus, analysis of the plant, and some of its peculiarities, 
importation of 

Ichthyol applications in small-pox 
Incense, formulas for 
India-rubb:r, composition of 
Injections, hypodermic, formule for 
International conference for ™ unification of formule of potent me dica- 
ments (Power) . 
delegates to (frontispiece) 
ee passed by Philadelphia College of Pharmacy indorsing the 
spirit o 
—_ ess for applied va" al (fifth) . 
ical Congress in Madrid 
pr of potent remedies 
( Wilbert) . 
favorable reports on 
Iodeugenol as a disinfectant 
Iodine, soluble . . 
solutions, circulatory apparatus tor the preparation of 

Karaka fruit, chemical analysis of . 
Karakin, formula of 

Am. Jour. Pharm. Index. 595 

Kebler, Lyman F., personal note on .... . Saas ta ete) ar te 
Kino enzyme, ME GIN soi) ca a dee lacR eee apie Theta CRE 415 
tincture of (Beringer). .........'. eae be ee) 377 
Kjeldahl process, errorpin. . 2 2 6 2 ee ee ne ee 41 
Ko-sam seeds, chemical examination of .............4e868+s 

Labeling, cosvect, importance of. . 2... 3. ee ee tt et we 

Pe a a ae ete ae te ok eer ie ee oA . + I§0 
Laboratory notes .. 2... eee ee eee mera Sy ae Yin Se 395 
Lactuca virosa, non-existence of a mydriatic alkaloidin. ........ 500 
Lanotin cold cream, forupula for. . 0... 0 8 we ete te Oe 290 
Fe ee ee ee es Be Se ae ee es Cee gee 582 
Lead oleate, formulafor...........,5.. Ren a ts oe 432 
Legislation, eubstitwiiem.: . 2. cee ek te we NN Oe 3 
Lamienive your, tie (Maton). 6 see. s et io oe tw vie ee ee 437, 467 
idetig comtemery, the 20. ee ee PER He . 4Ir 
Linimentum saponis mollis and sapo mollis .....-. .-...... 445 
Liquor thei concentratus (B. P.). . 2... ..-50° 0.000. 4 497 

seunee concemtratua<(B.. Pi)... 6 ee i ae Se Se 497 
Lofotal, a preparation of cod-liver oil... . oi PE as 

Mee Geta. ss 5 5 wo aise y, 0 6 6 0 ie 0 Were en 

Maisch, John Michael (Wilbert) ..............-2...0. 351 
award of Hanbury medalto.... ........48464 362 
Deakes WHNeN BY... 5 onc. 6 ce ce eis eles: oe SNES 365 
first work of, asa teacher... ..--- «sss seus 356 
oficial pooittoms bepid by .....- . 6... 6.0.) eis 2 See 365 
portrait of (frontispiece)... .--. 2.22 -. eee 351 
portrait of, at the age of twenty-six ..........-.-. 354 
principal papers written by .. ..... ce - » 365 
societies of which he wasamember.... ........ 364 
Manganese saccharate, formula for. ...-......6.5..858585 414 
dioxid, medicinal, preparation of (Sotthhell) . .. cinccai ned Sian) s 214 
Maranta plant, grown in Philadelphia .. . . da he ‘pp tos etl + 550 
Marsh-Berzelius test for arsenic .....- 2... 2.222 ss ee bhees 32 
Biavelsall, Chacten, Hamers OF. o) hie ow 0 ws we so 57 
Marsh’s test for arsenic, value of. . ... 028 2.082488 31,. 100 
Martindale; William, memorialof'. .......-..+.+..+e8e5 - + 579 
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, semi-centennial of ......-.. 
RRIORIE SID 2 056: S.. ic occa et ees. pce! 0 eS wh ee ye 416 
Medicinal plants, conservation and cultivation of (Kraemer) ..... + 553 
Cultpretson CTXMS) 2 0-0 © 0.0% ce 0 08 6 te edie We ate i eta 
SUE SE TNE 6. wa erie) oe gs gi ee 6. ewig = oh peg? oP She Spee 551 
Medicine giaed, MOIS, MEW «5. 6 ie 5 oko wee 0: ee bw 429 
Meehan’s Monthly, discontinuance of ......- +. 5+ ee ee ee 50 
Menthol, chemistry of .. 1... 65. e ee eee te tee 578 
emulsions, a Pe a a a en a ee, cl Sct 290 
Mercuric oxide, red, preparation of ........+.4..++2-: ei al 
Miwoquith, wield OF Ge. ns oh oe 6 6-0) eerie Lele Bie, b) SWE amen 428 
Metals, doctrine of the transmutation of ............-+... 116 
Methyl acetyl salicylate, propertiesof ...... 2.2.2... ee ee 414 
gg RA ee eae hs ie Oe eee ea ee ee 414 
methylanthranilate, presence of, in oil of mandarine leaves... . . 185 
Methylatropine bromide, properties RR oo 6. oe 140 
Metric medicine gets, BOW .. 5-2. po + 6 + oe, 0-0: y és 6 OS Seige 429 
Micro-organisms, influence of, in the deterioration of medicinal preparations 48 
pathogenic, dissemination of... 00 ee wee eee . §28 
Morphine and opium, increase in use of .. ..-- -- ee ee eee 
action of oxidizing agentsupon ..... . we ee ee 436 

Myristicin, constitution of ©... s.4..0. 0. 0 ec 0-8 s ONS SP Sthnwl hes . 578 

. Jour. Pharm, 
596 “December, 1908. 

Narcotile, administration of 
properties of 
Narcotine, a correction on the pharmacology of 
National Association of Retail Druggists, annual meeting of 
Nerol, a new alcohol 
Nerolidol, a new alcohol 
Nessler’s tube, modification of (Watson) 
Newspaper misrepresentation 
Notes by a pharmacist . 
Nux vomica assay . 


Argenti, J. J. B 
Benger, F. Baden 
Biltz, Ernst 

Hirsch, Dr. Bruno 
Kenned , George W. 
Perot, . Morris 
Sloan, George WwW 
Smith, Jacob L, 
Smith, Mahlon K. 
Stem, W. Nelson 

Oil, anise 

bitter almond 
castor, effervescing 
in powder form 
cod-liver, adulterants, test for 
and its adulterants 
simple tests for 

geranium and its substitutes . . . 

juniper berry 
lavender flower 

mandarine leaf 


neroli, price of, in 1850 

olive, from raisin seeds 


parsley, French, occurrence of myristicin in 

a new adulterant of 



———— a a 

Am. Jour, Pharm. 
December, 1903. 

Oli, gpumpltin-one®. 2. 2 ws ie es es wren era fe ees 
rose ....-. oe Me woes: eee es Wie aer Gh fk udtemste ape 164 
ee ee ae ae eee Or er oe 0 2 ee 8 oe v0 165 
( Pancoast and Graham) 0 ee We Se Se See ee at Sas 453 
OREO 6 og 6 ooo weit R ivi eerin si eth ini es ae 165 
of wine, heavy ..... ete Lie WW OP er Ney pe Ieee cana a ahics ie ieee 
WRITE 6.5 oo 60 os 0S es, Se a p's bahar eee 165 
orpoteiiiontien toast Ger. 2 6658 8 oe 0 0 4 0 Sonne eee 406 
Oils, essential, composition of . . . 2... 1s se ee et at we we 494 
a SE ee a ee ee ee ee ne ~ 2 « « 184 
CUP oe 6a are ee Bele 155, 200, 218, 232 
of fireweed and opens (Kebler and Pancoast)........-. 216 
sefrpetive SORGE GE. 6 cee 6 6 0 Wie eo Le 80: Oe wt 500 
eamples exhibited. . 2... 06 0 0 0 te ot 0 ow ie re 200, 233 
eucalyptus ......-+.. 0 ta ag wd es 08 F wins eae 
Ged, aereted.. 4. os 8 so 6 ee wie 6 414 bone bee aeiete 289 
lemon and orange, produced in California... . . 2. +s 2s 23 
Ointment, mercuric, assay of... 1. 6 et ee eee tte tee es 13 
Ointments, separation Of... - 1 eee ee ee ee te tee es 138 
of the new Italian Pharmacopoeia... 2. - + - eee eee ees 
Opium and morphine, increase in use of... -- ++ + eee ee eee 484 
Otto of rose, Russian ....... 65 Sa? # oe et acae a ee ee 185 
Ovos, preparation of . ©... 1 -e e eee ee e e e e e e e e e 577 
Oxygen, generation of, from tablets ...... elk) ep Am, Re ley nae 140 
pure, commercial preparation of .... .- 26 se eee ee eee 287 
CORERURISMET OE so 6k so tt 0 © 6 818 0 6 oO oe wee 

Papers read by title, number of . . 2. 26 2 eee ee ee ee et ts 
Paraffin, melting point Ee ee aie eee eet arm 415 
stoppers in bacteriological WOU. 6 8 0 ote 6 ss © 00 ip mune 199 
Parke, Davis & Co.’s science laboratory et Sie en ee eT 551 
i ee ae ae a ee ee ee ee 279 
Patent law. . 2 ee tt et swe et te 8 8 8 8 ee eo wm ere 582 
Paul, Benjamin H., personal mote on ... 2-2 eee eee ee ees 50 
Pameten, GO GE o> 5 928 ho me 8. 8 ee 6%. Some, cere as 2to 
Pennsylvania Pharmaceutical Association, announcement of meeting of . 298 
annual meeting of... .- +--+. 1+ ee ee eee 390 
ee 1 eee ee ee 398 
Pepsins, commercial, assay of... -- +. 1. eee we ee te eee 42 
Percolator su rm and a powder mixer(Ruhl).........-- 394, 407 
Perfume-yielding plants, Levesth ationsom ........ Pe ee 185 
Petrolatum, liquid, pharmacy of (Cook) ....-++.. +++. 232, 260 
Pharmaceutical and chemical notes OT Br errr rattan iia” 39 
Institute of the University of Berlin... -**... +--+: 496 
Pharmacist, the, and his neighbor ........++++ see - 399 
and public IE 5 ob oe 9 ener ee ee Pet ere Solte AL ee ee 400 
privilege and dutyof .. 2... 2 ee ee cee ee weenie eee 439 
Pharmacopceia, Dutch, supplement to... ..- +--+. ++ ee ees <0 
pe es i ee ee ee ee tee de ee 
Russian, OA OMNI EE 56 6 K's Vw 136 
Pharmacy abroad... - - + + ee ee ee eee et ee ee ee 3 
American, father of (Hancock) ..... og igh Ne TiS Re i oh Goer 3 
board members, conference of ..... 2... ++ es ee ee eee 438 
Dont, GQaeWe ooo. die were Se eo OO SRN ee 397 
course, the plant analysis as apart of. ....-..+-+-+++. 439 
history of, in Germany and Austria EM a oh ee ee Oe ae 410 
laws, lines on which they should be deateh sisi be etic y 440 
progressof.......... hel Wetman Hei ips da diate IS 452 
recent literature relating to... .-. + ..+ +e sees 41, 183, 225 
the future of .....-+.--s 06 6g eS See SOREN ere 498 

Phenacetin and acetanilid, testsfor .... 1... 2 se eee eeees 426 

598 Index. Am, Jour. Pharm. 

Phenacetin, commercial, examination of 
physical and chemical tests for 


Alumni Association, annual meeting 
Baccalaureate sermon .. . 
Books exhibited 
itorial on , 
Commencement, eighty-second annual 
Committee on necrology appointed 
reportof ... ' 
on nominations appointed 
Curator’s report. . . 
oa ees conferred 
Delegates to the A. Ph. A. appointed . 
report of 
to the Pa. Ph. A. appointed 
report of 
Election of officers and trustees 
Examination questions 
Historical committee, appointment of .. . 
preliminary report of 
reportof ... 
Librarian’s report — dle 
Minutes of meetings ot 49, 248, 400, 550 
Pharmaceutical meetings 46, 98, 149, 199, 232, 296, 547, 583 
circular on 
minute-book of, from 1841 to 1860 
rt of committee on 
Portraits presented 
Post-graduate course, recommendation on 
President’s annual report 
cup, award of 
Prizes awarded 
Publication committee, report of 
Resolutions passed 
Scientific meetings at (Wilbert) 515, 548 
Specimens exhibited and presented, 46, 100, 150, 200, 232, 233, 298, 550, 554 
Supper given by the faculty 8 
Theses presented 
Valedictory address 
Vote of thanks to Prof. Remington 

Phlogiston, doctrine of 
Phosphates in stomach contents, estimation of (Clowes) 
Phosphorus, free, quantitative estimation of 
Phytotherapy, definition of 
Pilocarpus, eterioration of 
leaves of commerce 
Pink-root, East Tennessee 
Pinus echinata, tannin of . . 
Plants, economical, of medicinal value . 
medicinal, causes of variation in quality of 
conditions for cultivation of 
conservation and cultivation of (Kraemer) . 
in cultivation 

Po a eS we eS SS VP ewe ee 

Am. Jour. Pum} 
“December, 1903. 

Ceiba Ce Bie ns. nx. nb ied ke aes Sven ene 432 
Platinized aluminum vessels ...-- 6. i 1st eee eens 143 
Podophyllum resin . . 2 2 1 1 ee ee tt ee eee ee ees a 
Poisoning, detection of cases of, by druggists (Leffmann) ..... . 51, 98 
Poisons and fungicides, agricultural wh ics faa! ar ined ah edhe aera a a aici - 500 
Pond, Raymond H., personaluoteom .-....+++++¢ o.¢. ¢::erun eee 
Popcorn, causes of its popping (Wilbert)... ..- 2... + eee, 77, 100 
Potassium carbonate, presence OF RAED B00 5 cies} dace hes in ek 100, 139 
permanganate, action of, upon morphine. ........+...4:+-: 436 
Potent drugs, standardtincturesof ......5+++s.e2eeee 20, 46 
medicaments, ir ternational conference for’the unification of the form- 
Wee OF LPEE) 5 5. 6 a plays 2a EE EE RR IR 5° I 
names and formule pro Be ko nch19: 70) Se eh on ee 4 
remedies, international standard of .......+-+++ +4468 43 
Powder-mixer, a, and a percolator support (Ruhl). ........-. 394, 407 
Powders, folded, Me Ss ee hae Bias oka + 397 
Powders of the new Italian Pharmacopoeia... .. ++... +e eee So 
Preparations, external (Hallberg) .....-.. 2. +++ ee eee eee 274 
Prescott, A. B., personal noteon........-. biblnhisesim: “Sth frp ee ae 200 
Prescription renewals, record of . . . - 2+ 2 oe eee ee ev ccene 39 
Prickly ash bark, crystalline substances of . . . 2... +. 1 ++ ee eee 429 
Procter, Jr., William, proposed memorial to (Hancock) ......... 33 
Profession, a, making OE, Cy IEW 0. 05. 5 9 0. Sah) eiacieeed tee oh ea ee 441 

Progress in pharmacy—a quarterly review (Wilbert), 136, 150, 285, 297, 410, 574 
Proprietary and trade mames. . . .. . 1.55% ee ewe eer es 440 

Quinine and strychnine, quantitative separation of ....... > sae 

Cemantieomm, teetetimel uae or 1... ke es a ae se ecb were $82 
Biadinactive-moatter 2... 6 6 eh 6 ee ON . + 225, 575, 584 
Radiations of radioactive bodies... .......2.2++ 22-228 eee 576 
Reficactivity, Gees 2... HR PI PE IN EOP Ge 229 
Radium, properties of. 2... 2 0 ese eet ee we ew we ee eee 227 
Redsecker, J. H., personal noteon.........- PQe ase SiGe otek ee 552 
Renich’s test for arsenic, er eS 32, 100 

Remedies, newer, incompatibilitiesof. ..........5...84- 

Biechle, Max. Anleitung zur Erkennung und Prifung aller im Arz- 

neibuch fiir das Deutsche Reich aufgenommenen Arzneimitteln . . se 
Cohn, Alfred I. Tests andreagents ...... it pared le 3 
‘Crinon, C. Revue des Medicaments Nouveaux. ........ 188 

Culbreth, David M.R. A manual of materia medica and pharmacology 148 
Dorland, W. A. Newman. American pocket medical dictionary . . . 501 

Julian, Frank. A text-book of quantitative chemical analysis .... 146 

Kraemer, Henry. A course in botany and pharmacognosy . . 96 

Lorenz, H. W. F. Translation of Lassar-Cohn’s Praxis of urinary 

Maloine, J. Tarboureich A. ‘Technique des Analyses Chimiques, 
Medicales, Industrielles de Produits Alimentaires et Pharmaceu- 

tiques, a l’Usage des Pharmaciems ...- -. +++ +++ sees 231 
Moor, C. G. Suggested standards of purity for drugs and foods . 146 
Noyes William A. A text-book of organic chemistry. . . 531 
Potter, Samuel O. L. A hand-book of materia medica, pharmacy and 

therapeutics ©. - = - eee ee ee ee ee > iate -QQ 

Proceedings of the American Pharmaceutical Association .... . . 291 
Sajous, Charles E. de M. The internal secretions and the principles of 

ee ae a ee ee ee Pee IG HL 348 

Schimpf, Henry W. A text-book of volumetric analysis. . 
Schneider, Alfred, and Paul Siiss. Sesidl-ndciooemnan zum Arzneibuch 

fiir das Deutsche Reich ...- ++ 42.0 ++ ath taco 95 


Index. { “December, 1908. 

Sturmer, Julius W. Course in pharmaceutical arithmetic ..... . 2 
Siiss, Paul, und Alfred Schneider. Hand-kommentar zum Arzneibuch 
' fiir das Deutsche Reich .. . ASE De See eo he ate 95 
Tyson, James, A guide to the practical examination of urine . . . . 190 
Wall, Otto A. Notes on pharmacognosy............6. 147 
Wiesner, Julius. Die Rohstoffe des Pflanzenreiches ........ 143 
Rhein, relation of, toemodin ..........-..-4-+5+88 0008-8 142 
Rice, Charles—an appreciation. ...........-05568 2 wees 526 
DT ee ee eee i ee ee ee 537 
error in date in inscription. ..... . Pye gees 579 
mocting iu memoty Of... 06 wt tt et 532 
spommmeent, witwelleme Of... . 26 6 te 1 5 ee ost ce 411 
resolutions passed by the N. J. Pharmaceutical Association in. 

DE e's, cw eee be 58 Oe aN OS ee an ee 53 

Rock candy, use of,forsyrups ..... +--+ +--+. eee eee eee 4 
Ruellia ciliosa, root of, sold for pinkroot .........-.+-e..5- 426 
gupamuted for plaiceset.. 2 i ee wee SS eS 554 

Sadtler, Samuel P., personal note on... «1. ee eee te tee es 551 
Salicacez, comparative anatomy of the barks of... .. -...... 496 
enn oe Geom Getic, Ioana 2. 2 es ke ee tt ee 496 
location of, in willow bark. . . 2... ee ee ee ee ee tee » 287 
ST a a ee a nee 287 
Salophen and antipyrin, new reactions for .........-.. oe cs ae 
Saloquinine, composition and dose. ......--. +. see ee eee 285 
ES a eee ee ee ee ar ee ee, 282 
Sandalwood chips, deterioration of. ...... + ee ees ee ees 149 
Sapo mollis and linimentum saponis mollis. ....... ...... 445 
Schneider, Aibert, perpemal moteom . . 5 5 8s 5 toe © 6 ei wile Oe 502 
Seed germination, experiencein. ... - «©... ++ eee sees se 566 
Sieves, measurement of the wires and meshesof ..... ....+4-. 430 
standard (Remington)... 2-2 2-2 sees ee wie veces 393, 460 
Sink, the drug store, noteson ...... Sep iach hele upiieine. 9 fa. dees 549 
EE SE SS ee eee ee 577 
Smallpox, ichthyol applications in... . 1... +. ee ee eee wee 414 
Smith, Edgar F., personal note on. ..... 1... +--+. eevee 50 
Society of Pharmacy of Paris, centenary of the (Wilbert)... ..... 570 
Sodium phosphate, presence of arsenicin. ..... Pa ee ir em 30 
salicylate and salicylic acid (Cone). ............ - 297, 401 
Solutions, sterile ......-... SP gee a tle Cate ue eee ee ee 282 
Spigelia Marylandica, scarcityof ...-..--.... 2. see eee 553 
OIUUI 3 o's eb s. 6. op a ee 4. 8 een 426, 554 
Standards for flavoring extracts (Scoville) ......-:-+-.+..5 I5I, 199 
Stem, W. Nelson, presentation of portraitof.............. 583 
es Hei eS ee ee per ag ob 280 
Stock, prevention of deterioration and wasteof. ........-...-. 399 
Stomach contents, estimation of phosphates in (Clowes) ........ 325 
Stomach-tube in emergency cases .. 2... 2 eee ete et et we 99 
Strychnine, analytical reactionsof ...........+6+582.06 334 
quantitative estimation of (Smith). ...........++86868- 253 
and quinine, os A Saree ha irae ee gs 499 
= PS aa ee os OP eee 582 
Sulfo-guaiacin, chemical propertiesof . +... . +6... ee ees 286 
Sulphides, estimation of. ....... «2-4 CRN SS 433 
wna, on S's Sie ‘pe ee eh wp | ee ee 343 
SIN a ke ie 6 b> oe 6 0 8 ws eo be bee ta liae pp ame ee 275 
Suppository mold, weightof........... ope i i eee ee eae 446 
Suprarenal gland, chemical composition of ......... a ee le 301 
pharmacology of ........++... Se ees a ee 500 
Synonyms, personal name ........... ‘ob a wi a ee ee eee 

Syrup of calcium lactophosphate (LaWall)... . . 

iit betting 

pata Siet, 

Se BF 

peor sete) SNA eure Re 


Oak ab hee 


Am. Jour, Pharm. | 
December, 1903. j 

Gyrap OF Teegams CeO. 8 66 Se a ee oe ee ee 393 
CNN. 5 hoe 6 8 tae eee eee a kk 
lepdsieGic quid, permanent. ....0 0 ce ke See th we ee 442 
iodide of phites Ko te be? pm, 8p elas we « oaaae Ma ey oe, eae 108 
de of iron, ay yoga Ee ROE ee EE ey er eR 48 
WO ee 80s fe ple 9 tbe Se eee ee ee 109 
manganese, formula ORR 5 Sas 2S notated) ee 414 
We I as we 5 Se re es a ee ee 110 
Syrups, Gare 8... a re te, Wh ae lg tee ae AS ue ble et ee 48 
POe, WUE Ol a Ws 86. 0 Sh es ose See ee ee te 394 
notes On {EOUNNMERE) 2. aS Sie wes ee 108, 150 
Tablets, ay Aa ara ts Bas ST ee ese ee Pe 497 
MOU GE 6 ks 0 wo Site ed ee ee 
Tannins, the investigations of, by the late Prof. Henry Trimble sistent 34 
Taylor, -Alfred B., presentation GE Portree OF ws se Ss ee 
EA 588 Gace Mek sn 6 100, ree 
Te CI 5 Sane ow oe 10: 08, 0 ree ee BAe es ele 79 
DOCRNEES GEER so be i ee ey oo Se LD ee Oe one ae ee 29 
IN OIE ie he ce ew ae eae ee 
Era te rer or ete reas eo ee eee eet 94 
cultivation and preparation for market... ........++2-: 83 
ENG. 6 in i ee a Ow pais op aie a Me ee ae go 
geographical distribution and history. ...-......-+..6+ 80 
GUNSSTNED SEINE 5k 5 ee as ow oe 92 
, CI g 5 0c 5 6 Rw p 6) ele do. ee 227 
Test-papers, simultaneous use of... . .-- +e eee ee ee ees '. 138 
Theobromine in cacao leaves... . **....+ ee ee seer 141 
Theocin, synthetic manufacture of (Schweitzer) lice Awrte: hen. bok ghia ae 27 
SONU OE G's 6 0 oe Fb 5 eee 5 8 eee 288 
Theophylin, MI oi oo in oak aS Spee bach a oe len eee 288 
Theophylline, synthetic production of .....- + +++..2+25 27 
Te OD 6 ik) ie ae ee es ho ed we OCR © eee ee 228 
Thymol, presence of, in oil of origanum ........+...-.+: 289 
TR SD ees 8 OR Ble ee. @ 20 sce ee pe eee: oleae 22 
SI 65 aie de et we ee ee 47 
INE Nie Ss 6 0p. ey eee Le cl onl a eee 22 
Dae OO 5. thi k's ee whee a sO eee 498 
CD fare res. 6 OM es 8s 0. Wink ee ee 23 
GUENeE ES 3 6s ws He 6 we os ee Se? he. bf xk cele eee 23 
oe ek, os eee eS ate, gee eta aC Wee ak ne 24 
SEs ae eae aia arm ae aera ep) ry ek oe - 24 
NID sos eh ecg gy Lee a. 8) ee te UR te Cee ae ae eee aaa 24 
ere ee ae ee ae bay eer ee Oa 29t 
a» Se a oe ee Sree eee oe 25 
SID, 5 6 ose, See ee, Se ea ee ob eee 377 
formula for......... og as Oe oe ee SLi ee 393 
ENS WR. 5 te SB doe we ee a ee hs eco eee » + 415 
SU aot 5 doko nee ea 6 pk Bie al ee tee ee © oY. 
SE TD. x :'6 oo 90 os 6 wn > sie. oe ee ep aLere eee 26 
Gumppeetions semeriiha ..0 ss 85 te te Be ee 8 8 ey 49 
CN ii sean Se) PO 0 ee 0 ie 0) ee Re 26 
CN Sa hve a 85s Wi e-g. 6 ee 2 ee eee 9 cee ee 26 
TUR AE PE EN ow ne 0 ne so 0 wie ee Re ee Chee see 580 
GE IS 2 he 0 ne bike a 6.8 we este pe ee ° 6) an 
potent remedies, proposed international standards (Wilbert) . 20, 46 
of the new Italian Pharmacopoeia ...-.-. +--+ +--+ sree 580 
Tonka bean extract, popularityof .........-++++e06058 » ++ 199 
Torotee, percen OG WORE. occ ka sb ie 8 we oe ee 343 
Toxins, nature and action of Sollmann) ...... ++ +e ees : -e pe 

Triacetin, a new adulterant of peppermint oi]. .......-+.++.. 

Am. Jou 

Tsuga canadensis, tannin of 
Tuberculosis, prophylaxis of 

U.S. Army Laboratory at Philadelphia 
United States Pharmacopceia, scope of 
Uranium rays 
Urine, determination of uric acid in 

- microscopic study of (Boston ) 
Urotropiu, new 

Vaccinium myrtillus as a specific for enteric fever 
Valence, doctrine of ry 

Vanilla extract, keeping of 

Vanillin, formation of 

Velopurin, an ointment base 

Veronal, a new hypnotic 

Versammlung der Deutschen Naturforscher und Aerzte 
Victorium, a new element 

Waters, aerated 

thermal, of Bath 
Watson, Herbert J., personal note .... 
Whittelsey, Theodore, rsonal note on 
Willow barks used in pharmacy 
Wine of coca, formula for 
Wuk, preparation of 

Xanthoxylin N., origin and chemical behavior of 

S., origin and chemical behavior of ... . 

Zymin, preparation of... .. 

. Pharm, 

. 1908,