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Bulletin of | 

and Magazine Subject-Index 

Number 46 JULY, 1908 Vol. 5, No. 6 

$1.00 a Year QUARTERLY 25c a Number 




LITERARY ANNUALS a GIFT BOOKS: A Bibliogr: whe I, American, (Part Ill) 105 

BIBLIOGRAPHY OF Brees Second Edition. Part VI. 



The Boston Book Company 
Charles C. Soule, President 
83-91 Francis St, Fenway 

‘Periodicals for reference use are better than most books.” 



American Catholic Historical Society. Records. Philadelphia. 1884-1907. 
Vols. 1-18.- 18 vols., unbound. ~Scarce 

— ora of Microscopy, New York.. 1875-81. Vols. 1-6, unbound,all 

American Railway Master Mechanics Association. Proceedings. 1868-1905. 
pe Lean 1—38.. 29-38 half morocco, rest paper. Very scarce 

American Register. -1806-10. Vols. 1-7. Old binding. AH published 

Art Amateur. New York. 1879-1903. Vols. 1-49. All issued. A remark- 
ably complete set of this almost unique weekly 

Bookbuyer, New York. 1867-76. Volare: The scarce early series missing 
in almost all libraries 

Booklover, San Francisco and New York: “4899-1904. Vols: 1-5, unbound. -All 
published. - A most valuable and interesting collection of literary tit bits . 

Boston Quarterly Review. 1838-42. Vols: 1-5. All published. Very Scarce. 
Predecessor of Brownson’s Quarterly Review and edited by Brownson 

Canadian Entomologist, Toronto. 1868-71. Vols.1-3. Unbound 

—— Vols. 1-30, 1886-1901. -25 vols. half morocco, rest unbound. 
30 vols. 

Decorator and Furnisher, New York. - 1885-97. Vols. 7-30. Old binding . 

—-* Magazine, New York. -1889-1907. Vols: 1-17. 17 vols.,un- 

Financial Review, New York. 

Garden Magazine, New York. 1905~-Jan. 1908. Vols. 1-6, unbound. One of 
the best ‘Society of monthlies for the garden ever published 

Geographical Society of Philadelphia, Bulletin. 1893-1907. Vols. 1-5. 5 vols., 
unbound. In lessaes Subject-Index. Largely out of print 

Harper’s New Monthly Magazine. 1850-1901. Vols. 1—-103:-. 103 vols., half 
leather, sound and fresh. -Less than it would cost to bind 

Historical Magazine (Dawson's), New York. 1857-75. Vols. 1-23, bound in 22 
vols. Good set 

Hours at Home, New York. 1865-70. Vols. 1-11. 11 vols., bound, all pub- 
lished. ~ Poole set 

House and Garden, Philadelphia. 1901-07. Vols. 1-11. 5 vols. bound, rest 
unbound. Very scarce complete 

Journal of Analytical and Applied Chemistry, Easton, Pa. 1887-91. Vols. 
1-5. 5 vols., half roan 

Library Journal, New York. 1876-1906. Vols. 1-31. 31 vols., unbound. An 
absolutely complete set. Price on application. 1907 unbound 

Lippincott’s Magazine, Philadelphia. 1868-1907. Vols. 1-80. 42 vols. bound, 
rest unbound 

Literary Magazine and American Register, Philadelphia. 1804-07. Vols. 1-7. 
7 vols., old binding 

Literary World, Boston. 1870-97. Vols. 1-28. 16 vols. bound, not uniform, 
rest unbound. Sold as unbound. Early vols. excessively scarce. Poole 

Living Age (Littell). 1844-1904. Vols. 1-242, bound in good condition, except 
for a few vols., where hinges are cracked. Price on application. 

McClure’s Magazine, New York. 1893-1907. Vols. 1+29, unbound, clean and 
with all titles and indexes 

For Sale by THE BOSTON BOOK CO., Boston, U. S. A. 

Bulletin of Bibliography 

and Magazine Subject-Index 

Vol. 5 JULY, 1908 No. 6 

Department of THE BOSTON BOOK COMPANY four times a year, in January, April, July and October. 
Terms, $1.00 a year, 25 cents a number. Back numbers, as far as they can be supplied, 25 cents each. 
The volumes consist of ten numbers with title and index. 

volume 1, which is now $3.00. 

Price in buckram binding, $2.50 a volume, except 

In addition to the MAGAZINE SUBJECT-INDEX, which was begun in the April, 1907, issue (vol. 5, 

no. 1), such original bibliographical and other material is included as seems of value to libraries. 

The adver- 

tisements of ‘‘ Periodical Sets’’ in each issue will be reprinted and-mailed regularly to any librarian on request. 
Correspondence concerning the BULLETIN is solicited, and lists or articles suitable for publication 

are desired. Address 

THE BOSTON BOOK COMPANY, 83-91 Francis St., Fenway, Boston, Mass. 



Vol. 1 of this newcomer in the field of indexes 
to general periodical literature has been very well 
received by librarians, and the sales have been 
even larger than expected. We are sorry that an 
underestimate of the edition needed caused a 
month’s delay while another supply was being 
bound up. We are now prepared to fill orders on 
receipt either in half morocco, $4.00, or cloth, 
$3.00 net. 


The first installment of Miss Fredericka B. Gil- 
lette’s index to the different editions of Balzac’s 
works will, we feel sure, be welcome in all libra- 
ries, as the puzzling variations in titles and se- 
quence in the several editions have hitherto been 
the cause of much loss of time. 


It has been suggested that we include among 
our ‘“‘cereal’’ changes the fact that ‘“Elijah’s 
Manna” became ‘‘Post Toasties’’ in March, 1908. 


The Boston Book Co. has for sale an interest- 
ing manuscript illustrating the second or third 
form of book-growth. The first form seems to 
have been baked bricks or cylinders; the second 
form the papyrus roll, succeeded or accompanied 
by the parchment roll. 

This treasure is a parchment roll a hundred 
feet long, mounted on a rod of Asiatic olive wood, 
and wrapped ina silken covering. On it is in- 
scribed in Hebrew characters a manuscript copy 
of the Pentateuch. We understand that this form 
of roll has been used for ages and is still used in 

the east for reading and expounding the Penta- 
teuch in the orthodox Jewish churches. 

Experts pronounce this roll to be complete, but 
cannot define its age. It was obtained from Rus- 
sian Jews who vere refugees in England. 

Last year a newspaper rumor spoke of myster- 
ious priests from southeastern Russia offering a 
similar pentateuch roll in London for five thou- 
sand pounds sterling. 

The price for this unique book—we cannot learn 
that there is anything of the kind in any Amer- 
ican library—is only one hundred dollars. 


Live libraries will place on their open shelves, 
among non-partisan books for reading during the 
Presidential campaign, STIMSON’S FEDERAL AND 
($3.50 net),—the only book which presents con- 
cisely for the general reader the fundamental 
principles of American polity. 

Be sure to order this work by its full title, as it 
is apt to be confused with a smaller volume by the 
same author on the Federal Constitution alone. 

And What Our Reputation Costs Us. 

We recently asked our Paris agent to secure a 
set of periodicals advertised by a local dealer. The 
agent asked the bookseller to packand shipit to The 
Boston Book Co., but he, on learning the destina- 
tion, refused to sell, because of his past experience 
with our claims for defects found. He said he 
would find other customers for his sets in future. 
This little episode seems to show that neither 
libraries nor other dealers collate the sets they 
buy as carefully as does THE BOSTON BOOK Co. 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 


By Fredericka B. Gillette, University of Michigan Library. 


This index is intended as an aid in finding the differ- 
ent works of Balzac from their various titles, without 
searching through many volumes. 

All the references have been placed under each title, 
thus avoiding the use of cross-references. The editions 
and translations which have been indexed, with the 
abbreviations used, are as follows:— 

D. Cuvres complétes (Edition définitive). 24 v. O. 
Paris. Lévy, 1869-79. 

C.L. CEuvres complétes. Nouvelle édition. 55 v. D. 
Paris. Calmann Lévy, 1867-91. 

L. Novels of Balzac. Library edition. Translated. 
Prefaces by G: Saintsbury. 32 v. O. Phila. Gebbie 
pub. co., 1897-1900. 

T. The comédie humaine. Temple edition. Trans- 
lated. Ed. byG: Saintsbury. 40 v.S. N.Y. Mac- 
millan, 1901. 

W. The works of Honoré de Balzac, translated by 
Katherine Prescott Wormeley. 20v ©. Athenzum 
club, N. Y., 1885-99. 

B-N. Comédie humaine. Translated. 42v.O. Wash- 
ington, D.C. The Neale company. (c. 1896, Barrie 
& Son.) 

As the divisions and names of the novels do not always 
correspond, a title from one set is sometimes applied to 
the middle of a novel of another set. Arbitrary volume 
numbers are used for the Library, Temple, and Barrie- 
Neale editions. 

The numbers of the Library edition may also be used 
for the “‘Centenary”’ edition issued by the Gebbie pub. 
co., 1899. 

. Béatrix. 

The celibates. 
a a Chouans. 
, e country parson. 
The deputy for Arcis. pt. I. 
The deputy for Arcis. pt? II. 
The seamy side of history. 
Eugénie Grandet. 
A woman of thirty. 
. A daughter of Eve. 
. A distinguished provincial at Paris. 
. César Birotteau. 
. The thirteen. 
. Lost illusions. 
5. The lily of the valley. 
j. The commission in lunacy. 
. A bachelor’s establishment. 
8. Modeste Mignon. 
. The muse of the department. 
. The poor parents. pt. I. Cousin Betty. 
- The poor parents. pt. II. Cousin Pons. 
. The peasantry. 
3. The wild ass’ skin. 
. Father Goriot. 
5. A prince of Bohemia. 
5. The quest of the absolute. 
. The jealousies of a country town. 
. Seraphita. 
. A harlot’s progress. pt. I. 
. A harlot’s progress. pt. II. 
. About Catherine de Medici. 
2. Ursule Mirouét. 


. Béatrix. 
The unknown masterpiece. 
. The Chouans. 
The unconscious mummers. 
. A marriage settlement. 
Cousin Betty. 
- Cousin Pons. 


. Pierrette and the Abbé Birotteau. 
. The country parson. 
. The member for Arcis. 
. A father’s curse. 
. The seamy side of history. 
. Eugénie Grandet. 
. A woman of thirty. 
. A daughter of Eve. 
. A distinguished provincial at Paris. 
. La grande Bretéche. 
. The rise and fall of César Birotteau. 
. The thirteen. 
. Lost illusions. 
. The lily of the valley. 
. The country doctor. 
. At the sign of the cat and racket. 
. A bachelor’s establishment. 
. The atheist’s mass. 
. Modeste Mignon. 
. Parisians in the country. 
. The peasantry. 
. The wild ass’ skin. 
. Old Goriot. 
. The middle classes. 
. The quest of the absolute. 
. The jealousies of a country town. 
. A princess’s secret. 
. Seraphita. 
. A harlot’s progress. pt. I, 
. A harlot’s progress. pt. II. 
38. Catherine de Medici. 
. A Gondreville mystery 
. Ursule Mirouét. ° 


. A double family. 
. Albert Savarus. ; 
. Memoirs of two young wives. 
. A woman of thirty. 
. The marriage contract. 
. A start in life. 
. Modeste Mignon. 
. Béatrix. 
. Ursule Mirouét. 
. Eugénie Grandet. 
. Pierrette. 
. Rabouilleuse. 
. The old maid. 
. The lily of the valley. 
5. The two poets. 
3. A provincial great man in Paris. 
. The way that girls love. 
. The end of bad roads. 
. The civil service. 
. Ferragus, chief of the Dévorants. 
. The petty bourgeois. pt. I. 

The petty bourgeois. pt. II. 

. Old Goriot. 
. The grandeur and downfall of César Birotteau. 
. The house of Nucingen. 
. Cousin Bette. 
. Cousin Bette. 
. Cousin Pons. 
. Z. Marcas. 
. The deputy from Arcis. pt. I. 
. The deputy from Arcis. pt. II. 
32. The Chouans. 
3. A passion in the desert. 
. The country doctor. 
5, The village curé. 
. The peasants. 
. The magic skin. 
. The quest of the absolute. 
. Jesus Christ in Flanders. 
. Gambara. 

Vol.5 No.6 

July, 1908 Bulletin of Bibliography. 103 

INDEX. Ce qui disparait de Paris. D.21: 437-443. 

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serthe the penitent.. D.19: 385-415; B—-N.42: 213-258. La connestable. D.19: 103- 118; B-N.41: 151-174. 

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204; B—-N H1: 275 296. Conseil des ministres. D.23: 

La bourse. : 331 360; C.L.1: 73: .1: 357 Un conspirateur modern. D.23: 2 
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Brillat S; wvarin. 22: : Le contrat de m: - age: D.4: 399-524; C.L.5: 1-140; 

Brother-in-arms. 1.19: 1 27 141: B-N.41: 185-206. ]..27: 313-459; T.! -155; W.4: 1-179; B-N.5: 1-223. 

The brotherhood of consolation. D.12: = 763; C.L.27: Le cornac de C oN Ste D.20: 271-273. 

1-274; L.7: 1-228; T.12: 1-233; W.16: 1-329; B-N. Correspondance. D.24,. 

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sureaucracy D.11: 65-278; C 23: 129 360; 219: The country doctor. D.13: 443-663; C.L.30; L.16: 1- 

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32; C.L.14: 167- 
5: 1-184; B-N. 

104 Bulletin of Bibliography. 

Croquis. D.23: 279-280. 

Croquis et fantaisies. D.21: 457-690. 

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T.9; W.14: 1-346; B-N.35. 
The curé of Azay-le-Rideau. D.19: 143-151; B—N.41: 207- 


Cy est démonstré que la fortune est tousiours femelle 
D.19: 425-440; B—N.42: 269-292. 

The danger of beingtooinnocent. D.19: 233-242; B-N 
41: 337- 

Le dangier d’estre trop cocquebin. D.19: 233-242; B-N 
41; 337 

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A daughter of Eve. D.2: 517-627; 3: 225-346; L.10: 

2-135; T.15: 1-141: Ww 4: 1-153; B-N.2: 193-395 

D’un pantalon de poil de chévre et de 1’étoile de Sirius 
D.21: 539-541 

D’ung justiciard qui ne se remembroyt les chouses 
D.19: 355-364; B—-N.42: 167-182 

D’ung paouvre qui avoyt nom le Vieulx-par-chemins. 
D.19: 441. -449; B-N.42: 293-306. 

De ce qui n’est pas 4 la mode. D.20: 527-530 

De l’indifférence en matiére politique. D.23: 237-259 

De la mnémotechnie. D.20: 537-540 

De la mode en littérature. D.22: 175-182. 

De la vie de chateau. D.21: 465-469. 

Un début dans la vie. D.2 i 153; C.L Ay pier bi; 6.8: 
209-389; T.5: 156-340; W.3: oe: B- N. 6: 1-250 

Un dejeuner sous le pont-royal. D.21: - 545 ) 

Le départ. D.23: 323-327. 

Départ d’une diligence. D.21 

Un député d’alors. D.23: 225-227 

Le député d’Arcis. D.13: 1-441; C.L.28; L.5-6: 1-47 
T.10; W.15: 1-482; B-N.30-31. 

The « leputy for — D.13: 1-441; C.L.28; L.5-6: 1-47 
T.10; W.15: 1-482; B-N.30-31. 

La derniére fée. C.L.50. 

La derniére incarnation de Vautrin. D.9: 371-506 
C.L.19: 1-170; L.30: 1-168; T.37: 122-280; W.10: 1- 
222; B—-N.18: 169-394. 

Des artistes. D.21: 143-156. 

Des caricatures. D 21: 491-492 

97 7-578. 

Des mots 4 la mode D 22: 167-174 

Des salons littéraires et des mots élogieux. D.22: 189- 

Des signes particuliers appliqués 4 des figures générales 

D.20: 541-542. 

The deserted mistress. D.3: 39-79; C.L.4: 189-232; L.32 
250-328 ; 7.14: 213-262; W.1: 355-412; B-N.4: 297 


The deserted woman. D.3: 39-79; C.L.4: 189-232; L.32: 
280-328; T.14: 213-262; W.1: 355-41 
Désespérance d’amour. D.19:319-325; B—N.42: 117-138. 
Despair in love. D.19: 319-325; B—N.42: 117-138. 
Détails inédits sur la nomination d’un préfet de police 
D.23: 317-321 

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the reign of terror. D.12: 
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Etudes de philosophie morale sur les habitants du Jardin 
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Etudes historiques et politiques. D.23. 

[Zo be continued.| 

}. Jasco smi sen ail 

a ee 





Le OS 


July, 1908 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 105 


I. AMERICAN (continued). 

Christian parlor book. Devoted to science, literature 
and religion. New York, George Pratt, 1851. iv, 
358 p., 25 pl., 92 x 64. N.Y. (138) 

, 1852. * (139) 

Christian souvenir, The, an offering for Christmas and 
the New Year, ed. by Isaac F. Shepard. [v. 1.] 
Boston, Henry B. Williams, 1843, c. 1842. 304 p., 

6 pl., 63 x 4}. N.Y. EC. UW. (140) 
This was also issued with 1844 on the bac k of cover, 
otherwise identical. MH... Bila Bom. (Tat) 
- , ed. by Rev. H. D. Moore. v. 1, Philadelphia, 

F. C. Wilson, 1847, 384 p., pl.,8 x 5}. (142) 
Really a magazine. See “Christian wreath.” 
— — and missionary annual for 1861. Auburn 
[N. Y.], Derby & Miller, 1851. ny 372 p., [7 pl.,] 
74 x 43. N.¥5 8.2. (143) 
Illum. t. reads ‘‘Christian souvenir and missionary 
——, an illustrated annual, New York, 1858. 
* (144) 
Christian wreath. Philadelphia, 1847. [vol. 1.] 
Really a monthly periodical 
Christian year, The, or thoughts in verse for the Sun- 
days and holydays throughout the year. 38d Amer. 
ed. Philade Aphi: i, Lee & Blanchard, 1842, c. 1834, 
xvi, 17-320 p., 64 x 4}. L.C. (145 

Christian’s annual, The, a miscellany for 1846. Phila- 
delphia, Henry F. Anners, 1846, 288 p.,9 pl., 6x 4. 
L.C., B.P.,C.U. (146) 
Christian’s gift, The, ed. by Rufus W. Clark. Boston, 
John P. Jewett & Co., 1857, c. 1856. vi p., 11., 9-308 
p., 7 pl., 84 x 5}. N.Y. (vez) 
Christmas blossoms and New Year's wreath for 1847. 
[v. 1.] Boston, Phillips & Sampson, 1847, c. 1846. 
iv p., 21., 7-168 p., 6 pl., 7 x 5}. 
B.P., L.C., U.W. (148) 
- and New Year's wreath for 1848, by Uncle 
Thomas. [v. 2.] Boston, Phillips & Sampson, 1848, 
c. 1847. 3 p.1., 17-168 p., 6 pl., 7 x 5. 
L.C., B.A. (149) 
Phillips & Sampson continued their eae by issuing in 
1849 “Christmas roses,” Boston, while “‘Christmas 
blossoms" was taken over by a Philadelphia publisher 
for 1849. 
, and New Year’s wreath for 1849, by Uncle 
Thomas.  [v. 3.] Philadelphia, E. H. Butler & Co., 
1849, c. 1848. 3 p.1., 17-176 p., 6 pl., 7x 5. 
P.M. (150) 
, and New Year's wreath for 1855, by Uncle 
Thomas. [v.4.] Philadelphia, E. H. Butler & Co., 
1850, c.1849, 3 p.1., 17-176 p., 6 pl., 7 x 4}. 
Rw. tiSt) 
and New Year's wreath for 1851, by Uncle 
Thomas.  [v. 5.] Philadelphia, E. H. Butler & Co., 
1851, c.1850, 3 p.1., 17-256 p., 6 pl., 7 x 5. 
N.Y., L.C., B.A., U.W. (152) 
, and New Year’s wreath for 1852, by Uncle 
Thomas. [v. 6.] Philadelphia, E. H. Butler & Co., 
1852, c. 1851. xiv p., 11., 17-256 p., 6 pl., 7 x 54. 
L.C., U.W. (153) 
, and New Year's wreath for 1864. Philadel- 
phia, E. H. Butler & Co., 1854, c. 1853. _ xiii—xiv p., 

11., 17-256 p., 6 pl., 6% x 5}. L.C.,N.¥. (154) 
Christmas garland, a miscellany of verses, stories and 
essays. Chicago, H.S. Stone & Co., 1901. (155) 

Christmas roses and New Year’s gift for 1849. Boston, 
Phillips & Sampson, 1849, c. 1848. 3 p. 1., 17-180 
p... 6 pl. 7x Ss. H.U., B.A. (156) 
Follows v. 2 of “Christmas blossoms,”’ 1848, as that 
series had been taken over by a Phila. publisher. 

and New Year’s gift, a present for young 
people. Boston, Phillips & Sampson, n. d., c. 1848. 
3 p. 1., 17-180 p., 3 pl., 7 x 54. C.U. (157) 
“A second edition [of 1849] from same plates, with 
a slight change in title, and lessening somewhat the 
number of engravings,’’ advertisement. 

Christmas tales. Boston, Munroe & Francis, n. d. 
288 p., 54 x 34. N.Y. (158) 
Made up from articles destined for ‘‘Forget me not,”’ 
but crowded out. 

Christmas tribute, The, and New Year’s gift, a souvenir 
for 1851. Philadelphia, E. H. Butler & Co., 1851, 
c. 1850. 3 p.1., 13-329 p., 9 e , 74x 44. 

N. B. P., UW. (58) 

Also issued without date. 

Christmastide. Boston, 1878. * (160) 

Churchman’s annual. Title on back of ‘Christian 
offering,’’ 1839. 

Cloud crystals, a snow flake album collected and edited by 
alady. New York, Appleton & Co., 1864, c. 1863. 
158 p., 28 pl. and illum. t., 10 x 74. 

L.C., B.A., U.W. (161) 
Also issued with date, 1865; and reprinted in 1883. 

Comic annual. Title on back of ‘‘American comic an- 
nual,” 1831. 

Companion and token. 

Coral, The, a gift for all seasons, illus. with 8 beautiful 
steel engravings, ed. by Henry W. Herbert. New 
York, Cornish, Lamport & Co. n. d. v, 9-300 p., 
8 pl. 74x43. “The magnolia. ‘Not in the au- 

‘ tumn.’”’ N.Y. (162) 
Some copies have 1851 on back of cover. P.M. 
This is ‘Magnolia,’ ’ 1836, with changed plates. See also 
“Aloe,” 1854, ‘Friendship’ s token,” a Be n. d., “Gift 
of affection,’’ n. d., ‘‘Morning Glory,’’ n. d., “Memory,” 
c. 1854, “Snow flake,” n. d. 

Coronal, The, and young lady’s remembrancer, ed. by 
Rev. Frederic Janes. New York, James H. Pratt & 
Co., 1853, c. 1852. vi p., 1 1., 9-384 p., 10 pl., 8} x 53. 

B.A., P.M. (163) 

Coronet, The, or choice gems for the home circle. Phila- 
delphia, J. B. Lippincott & Co., n.d. viii, 9-304 p., 
10 pl., 9 x 6}. “Blanche Evelyn.” = (164) 

Crystal fount, The, for all seasons, ed. by T. Arthur. 
New York, Cornish, Lamport & Co., - d. [circa 
1854.] viii, 9-320 p., 10 pl., 7} x 54. “The fountain.” 

U.W. (165) 

Crystal gem, The, John S. Adams, ed. Boston, J. 
Buffum, ¢c. 1853. 96 p.,3 x 2. ‘‘Water.”’ L.C. (166) 

Dahlia, The, a memorial of affection for 1842, ed. by a 
lady. New York, James P. Giffing, c. 1841. 180 p., 
6 pl, 6x 3}. F. (167) 

Dew drop, The, a tribute of affection, for 1852. [v.1.] 
Philadelphia, Lippincott, Grambo & Co., 1852, c. 
1851. xp., 11., 13-316 p., 9 pl., 74 x 44. 

B.P. (168) 

——, a tribute of affection for 1853. Philadelphia, 
Lippincott, Grambo & Co., 1858, c. 1852. x p., L1., 
13-328 p., 8 pl., 7} x 4}. N.Y., B.A. (169) 

— —. Title on cover of ‘‘Dew-drops of the nine- 
teenth century,” 1854. 

Title on back of ‘Young lady’s 

106 Bulletin of Bibliography. 

Dew-drops of the nineteenth century, gathered and pre- 
sented in their brightness and purity by Seba Smith. 
Floral department by John B. eet an. New York, 
J. K. Wellman, 1846-7, c. 1845. viii,9-216 p., [8 col. 
pl. of flowers,] 74 x 44. -B.A. (170) 

This was reissued as “Gift of friendship,” for 1848, 
N. Y., with 6 steel plates, but no flower plates, though 
floral department is present. Also reissued as “‘Keep- 
sake,”’ 1848. 

Also issued without “The floral department,” and with- 
out plates, N. Y., 1846, c. 1845, 203 p. 

—— ——. gathered and preserved in their brightness 
and purity by Seba Smith. Floral department by 
John B. Newman. New York, Lamport, Blakeman 
& Law, 1854. viii, 9-216 p., 5 steel pl. and col. 
t., 7} x 4}. B.P.. (171) 
This is sam e as 1846-7, except by different publisher 
and having 5 pl. added, and the col. flower pl. omitted. 
Back of cover reads, “Dew drop.’ 

a “Gift of friendship,”’ N. Y., 1848, ‘‘Keepsake,”’ 

Diadem, The, for 1845, a present for all seasons, with 

a engravings. [v. 1.] Philadelphia, Carey & 

art, 1845. 2 p.1.,9-100 p., [11 -g and engr. t.,] 

11 x 82. N.., Bs. 972) 

, for 1846, a present for all seasons, with ten 

engravings. [v. 2.] Philadelphia, Carey & Hart, 
1846, c. 1845. 96 p., 10 pl., 102 x 84. 

B.P., P.M. (173) 

, for 1847, a present for all seasons, with ten 

engravings. [v. 3.] Philadelphia, Carey & Hart, 
1847, c. 1846. 100 p., [10 pl.,] 10% : 9. 

, B.A. (174) 

—- —,a souvenir for the otitis room and parlor 
and gift book for all seasons, illustrated with twelve 
steel engravings by first artists, ed. by Emily Perci- 
val. Boston, Phillips, Sampson & Co., n. d., ¢. 
1853. 4 p.1., 11-288 p., 12 pl., 93 . ~~ 

N.Y., B.P. (175) 
Also issued without date or c. date H.U. 

—— ——,, a souvenir for the drz — room and parlor, 
and gift book for all seasons, ed. by Emily Percival. 
New York, W. H. Appleton, n.d. 4 p.1., 11-288 p., 
[10 pl. and illum. t.,] 84 x 64. N.Y. (176) 
This is identical with 1853, except smaller size, and 
omitting 2 pl. and adding illum. t 
Also issued by Leavitt & Allen, New York,n.d. 3p.lL., 
11-288 p., [12 pl.,.] 9% x 7%. . 

Dial of love, The, a Christmas book for the young, by 
Mary Howitt, illustrated. Philadelphia, Lindsay & 
Blakiston, 1857. 4 p.1., 13-189 p., 9 pl., 7 x 4. 

F (177) 

Probably American reprint of English magazine of this 

Domestic and religious offering. Sub-title and title on 
back of cover of ‘‘Fireside poetical readings,”’ 1843. 

Drawing-room annual, The, a present for all seasons. 
Philadelphia, Lindsay & Blakiston, n. d. [1843]. 
vi p., 11., 9-64 p., 15 pl., 8h x 8h. “Ella.” 

L.C. (178) 

Drawing room scrap-book, The, with twenty illustra- 
tions, ed. by Amelia W. Lawrence. Philadelphia, 

Carey & Hart, 1850, c. 1850. 102p., [20 pl.,] 
104 x 8} N.Y. (179) 
Drops from Flora’s cup, or the poetry . flowers. Bos- 
ton, G. W. Cottrell & Co., c. 1845. , 11-160 p , col. 
front., col. t., 5} x 34. L.C. (180) 

Also is yy Oliver ig Perkins, Boston, 1846, c. 1845, 
otherwise identical except col. front. is different, and 
size 444 x 2% 

Eclectic gift-book, The, for the holidays, 1859-60. New 
York, W. H. Bidwell, 1859-60. 1-12, 1-284 

pe (181) 

This is “Electic magazine,”’ v. 48, 1859 with 6 p. 1 
{p. 1-12], and 5 pl. inserted at beginning 

Educational annual. Title on back of “Annual of the 
board of education of the general assembly of the 
Presbyterian church in the United States.” 

El Aguinaldo. See note under “Atlantic souvenir,’’ 1828 

Emblem, The, a gift for all seasons, with new and ite: 
gant illustrations. New York, Leavitt & Allen, n. d. 
[1856 or after]. viii, 9-263 p., 6 pl., 74 x 49. 

P. M., B.A. (182) 

Emerald, The, a collection of graphic and entertaining 

tales, brilliant poems and essays gleaned chiefly gp 

ore literature of the nineteenth century, ed. by 
Epes Sargent. Boston, John L. Shorey, 1866. vi, 
3-316 p., 6} x 4f. P.M. (183) 
The ‘‘Gem’ ‘ series began with this and pub. announce 
it will be followed by Sapphire, Amethyst, Topaz, Dia- 
mond, etc. 

Evergreen, The, a Christmas, New Year and birthday gift. 
New York, Leavitt & Allen, n.d. [circa’'1858]. 4 p.1., 
252 p., 6 pl., 74 x 5. N.Y., B.A., U.W. (184) 

Philadelphia, American Sunday School 

Union, 1837. vip., 11., 9-159 p., 8 2. 58 x AZ. 

P.M., U.W. (185) 

, or church offering for all seasons, ed. by Joseph 

Salkeld. New Haven, 1844. 380 p., illus. U.W. (185a) 

Really a monthly magazine. 

, for 1847, a present for all seasons, embellished 

with ten elegant steel engravings. Philadelphia, 

Carey & Hart, 1847, c. 1846. xii, 13-300 p., 10 pl., 

94x 6. N.Y., B.A. (186) 

, or gems of literature for 7 ed. by Rev. 
Edward A. Rice. New York, J. ¢ . Burdick, 1850. 
iv, 7-308 p., 12 pl.,[8pl.,] 8% x 5h. N.Y. (186a) 

A magazine. Plates vary from list. 

Excelsior annual, The, or pupils’ gift for 1849, ed. 
Edward B. Fellows. New 
1848. xii, 13-264 p., 10 pl., 64 x 44. 

N.Y., L.C., U.W. (187) 
All written by pupils in New York City. 

Fables of Flora, ed. by Miss S. C. Edgarton. Lowell. 
Powers & Bagley, c. 1844. iv, 5-144 p., col. front., 
4§ x 23. L.C. (188) 

Family circle and parlor annual, N.Y. vols. 1-14, 
1843-1856, ed. by Rev. D. Newell, and later by Mrs. 
D. Newell. Really was a magazine, aes: 4 circle.” 


another of its annual titles, and 

See ‘Parlor annual,’ 
‘Youth's parlor annuz tal 

Fireside poetical readings, . designed as a domestic 
and religious offering. Collected and pub. by Dexter 
S. King. Boston, 1843, c. 1842. ii, 3-313 p.,[1 pl., ] 
74x43. In two parts. Part I, Domestic offering; 
Part II., Religious offering. B.P.,C.U. (189) 
Back of book reads ‘‘Domestic and religious offering.” 

Flora and Thalia, or ge - of flowers and porter, by a 
lady. Philadelphia, Carey, Lea & Blanchard, 1836. 
7-240 p., many col. pl. of flowers,54 x 34. F. (190). 
Back of book reads, ‘‘Book of flowers.” 

Floral keepsake, The, with 30 engravings elegantly col- 
ored from nature, ed. by John Keese. New York, 
Leavitt & Allen, n. d. (1853, 54, or 55). 112 p., 
30 pl., 10x 7%. L.C., U.W. (191) 
Same as 1850, but with less plates. Also reissued n.d. 
[1856, oralittle later], Leavitt & Allen, New York. F 

— —, for 1850, with 46 colored engravings, ed. by 
John Keese. New York, Leavitt & Co., 1850. 112 
p-, 46 pl., 94 x 7h. F. -(192) 

Floral offering, The, a token of friendship, ed. by Frances 
S. Osgood. Philadelphia, Carey & Hart, 1847, c. 
1846. 1p. 1, signatures 3-32 [each 4 * }, ie - 84. 

A. (193) 

— —,a token of affection and esteem . . . by Henri- 
etta Dumont. Philadelphia, H.C. Peck & Theo. Bliss, 
1853, ¢. 1851. 300 p., (i col. pl. of flowers ]. 

C.U. (194) 
Also an ed. identical except imprint, Theodore Bliss & 
Co., 1863, c. 1851 C.U 

Floral wreath, The, an offering of friendship, John §, 

Adams, ed soston, J. Buffum, c.1861. 96 p., 3x 2. 
LC. (105 

Vol.5 No.6 

York, Nafis & ancl Cc. 

restate atm 

Tan tei oes racae nae 


July, 1908 

Ploral wreath and treasury of entertaining and useful 
knowledge. v. 1, 1848, New York, ed. and pub. by 
Rev. D. Newell. 

Really a magazine. 

Floral year, The, by Mrs. Anna Peyre Dinnies. Boston, 
Benj. B. Mussey, 1847, c. 1845. xii, 13-265, 12 pl., 
72 x 52. U.W. (196) 

Flora’s album, ed. by John S. Adams. New York, 
Leavitt, Trow & Co:, 1848. 128p.,col. front. 32mo. 

Lc. (197) 

Flora’s gem, or the bouquet for all seasons, ed. by A. A. 
Phillips. New York, Nafis, Cornish & Co., [circa 
1848 }. viii, 103 p., 10 pl., 9% x 7%. * (198) 

Flora’s interpreter. Boston, 1832 [ 7]. * (199) 
This was republished in London as ‘Book of flowers,” 
without permission 

—— —— and fortuna‘flora, by Mrs. Sarah Josepha Hale. 
Boston, Sanborn, Carter, Bazin & Co., ¢. 1848. x p., 
1 1., 13-288 p., 4 pl., 74 x 4}. U.W. (199a) 
A new edition of ‘Flora’s interpreter’? published 16 
years befo:e, with ‘Fortuna flora’ added. 

Flora’s lexicon, an interpretation of the language of 
flowers with an outline of botany and a poetical in- 
troduction by Catharine H. Waterman. Boston, 
Phillips, Sampson & Co., 1857, c. 1839. 252 p., 4 pl., 
74 x 4}. F. (200) 

Flower garden, The, or chapters on flowers, a sequel to 
“Floral biography,’ by Charlotte Elizabeth. New 
York, M. W. Dodd, 1840, iv, 5-330 p., engr. t., 
74 x 44. F. (201) 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 4107 

Flower vase, The, containing the language of flowers and 
their poetic sentiments. Lowell, Powers & Bagley, 
1844, c. 1843. iv p., 11., 7-157 p., col. front., 4$ x 2%. 

U.W. (202) 

The same was issued in 1848, Lowell, c. 1843, by Merrill 

& Heywood. ; 
Floweret, The, a gift of love, by Miss A. M. Wells. Bos- 
ton, T. H. Carter & Co. * (203) 

Flowers of literature and ladies’ keepsake, a selection 
from some of the best authors of England, Scotland, 
Swisserland [sic] and America, by a lady of Rhode 
Island. Providence, Albert C. Greene, 1850, c. 1850. 
142 p., 7x 44. N.Y. (204) 

Flowers of loveliness, a token of remembrance for 1852. 
Philadelphia, Henry F. Anners,c. 1851. 288 p.,9 pl., 
94 x 64. L.C. (205) 

Forget-me-not, or the philipena, Lowell,n.d. * (206) 
Same as 1847. i 

——,a Christmas, New Year and birthday gift. 
New York, Leavitt & Allen, n.d. 2 p.1., 7-260 p., 
(6 pl.,] 7} x 5}. ‘The prior of St. Michael.” 

C.U., P.M., U.W. (207) 
This is ‘‘Pearl,’’ Phila. 1853, with p. 261-70 omitted and 
variation in plates. 
There is also an ed. pub. by Geo. A. Leavitt, n. d. [circa 
1869]. Also issued as ‘‘Passion flower,” c. 1854, ‘‘Pearl 
Gift,” n. d., and “‘Philopoena,’’ n. d. 

Forget me not, The, a gift for all seasons. New York. 
ey & Cornish, n. d. [circa 1845]. vi, 7-232 p,, 
9 pl.,J5§ x 33. ‘‘The young Tyrolese.”’ 

' ’ ' adi H.U., U.W. (208) 
This is ‘The lily,’’ 1831, with pl. changed, otherwise the 
fame throughout. Even the preface speaks of it as 


[Zo be continued. | 


(B. L. S. N. Y. State Library School, 1903.) 
Revised and brought to date by Edith Margaret Coulter, N. Y. State Library School, 1907. 

Patriot’s Day. (April 19.) 

Whitney, J. L., comp. Nineteenth of April in literature. 
(See Concord, Mass. Proceedings at the centennial 
celebration of Concord fight. 1876. p. 165-73.) 

Winsor, Justin. Lexington and Concord. (See his 
Reader’s handbook of the revolution. 1880. p. 26-33.) 

Brief bibliography of leading authorities on Lexington 
and Concord. 

Patriot’s day bulletins :— 
Cambridge. Apr., ’03. v. 8, no. 4, p. 89-96. 
Salem. Apr.,’oo. Vv. 5, no. 10, p. 76-78. 
Somerville. Apr., ’96. v. 1, p. 29. 
Waltham. Mar.,’o1. v. 7, no, 2, p. 4-6. 

¥ Apr., ’o2. v. 8, no. 4, Pp. 5-7. 

Austin, G: L. Lexington and Concord. (See his His- 
tory of Massachusetts. 1876. p. 299-310.) 

Bancroft, George. ‘To Lexington and Concord and back 
to Boston. (See his History of the U.S. 1891. v. 4, 
Pp. 152-67.) 

‘The succeeding chapters give a good summary of the 
effect of the two battles. 

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* This BiBLIOGRAPHY OF HoLtpays has been issued complete in a 50-page octavo pamphlet with cover. Price 25c. THE 


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Book is intended for younger readers. 

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ne ee 





July, 1908 

Arbor Day. 
Arbor day bulletins :-— 
A. L. A. Booklist. Mar., ’06. v. 2, no. 3, p. 73-87. 
Minneapolis. Apr.,’95. v. 1, Pp. 144-46. 
Newark. Apr.,’95. v. 4, no. 6, p. 7-8 
Omaha. Apr.,’96. p. 4 
Somerville. Apr.,’96. v. 1, p. 32. 
Westerly. Apr.,’96. v. 6, no. 1, p. 4. 

Aids in preparing programs. 

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Alb., 18go. 

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Wash., 1885. (U.S.— Education, Bureau of. Special 

Contents: Hough, F. B, Planting trees in school grounds. 
Ohio state forestry association. rees and tree planting, 

with exercises and directions for the celebration of Arbor 
day prepared by J. B. Peaslee. 

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Wisconsin free library commission. Suggestions for 
bulletins for birthdays and anniversaries, Mar.-Apr. 
1g00. ©. Madison, 1900, 

Contents: Reading lists on nature; programs for Arbor 
day, including poetical and prose selections on flowers, trees, 
insects and animals. 

Arbor day annuals. Of the annuals published by the 
several states, those of Wisconsin, New York, Rhode 
Island, Indiana, Ohio, Nebraska, Colorado, and Con- 
necticut are especially valuable 


Brisben, Gen. J.S. Trees and tree planting. 280p. D. 
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Bulletin of Bibliography. 109 

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235 p. Q. Chic., rgo2. 

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uses and cultivation. 589p. Q. N. Y., 1905. 

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wi O. Bost., 190 


333 p. D. 

ematic eel ta giving semi-popular aonent tions 
+ _ 600 trees with excellent drawings.” Best book list. 

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1889. v.16, p. 510.) 
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(See Century. 1892-93. v.45. p- 844-45.) 
Burroughs, John, ed. Songs of nature. 359p. D. N.Y., 

Bird poems scattered ape pen the book are made avail 
able through a special index of poems. 

110 Bulletin of Bibliography. 

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Vol. 5 No. 6 

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Under the willows. (See his Complete poetical 
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selections for reading and recitation. 1905. p. 156-73.) 

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(See their Days and deeds. 1906. p. 95-103.) 

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Tree planting. (See McMurry, L. B. & Cook, A. S., 
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works. Cabinet ed. 1899. p. 195-6.) 

The first flowers. (See his Complete poetical 
works. Cabinet ed. 1899. p. 206-7.) 


(To be continued quarterly.) 

N. B.— The editor will be glad to know of any omissions or corrections, since January, 1900, not 
noted, for inclusion in the next issue, and will esteem it a favor to be notified of new periodicals by 

any librarian who may receive a sample number. 

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ALASKA-YUKON MAGAZINE. Seattle, Wash., mo., 8vo, 

illus., vol. 1,n0. 1, March, 1906. 15¢., $1.50. 

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Jan., 1908. $1.00. 

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Reports of deaths will be gratefully received and 

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July, 1908 

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and Spanish editions. Manila, mo., 8vo, illus., vol. 1, 
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Changed or Discontinued. 

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Changed to Architectural Art and its Allies, July, 1906. 

Bic STick, THE. 

April, 1907. 


Cincinnati. Discontinued with no. 3, 

THE UNITED StaATEs. Omaha. Dis- 

continued at end of vol. 8, July, 1907. 
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ENGINEERING REVIEW. Lafayette, Ind. Changed to 
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June, 1go02. 

Chicago. Suspended with Dec., 1907. 

FORTNIGHTLY, THE. Philadelphia. Discontinued Jan., 


IHloME MAGAZINE. Indianapolis. Discontinued with 
vol. 22, no. 6, Feb., rg08. Merged in Uncle Remus’s 



ey, J 1902. 

no. 3, Feb. 1908. 


Indianapolis. Merged in School Music 

New York. Suspended with vol. 2, 


(*Being a continuation of the Magazine Subject-Index, Vol. 1.) 

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Bulletin of Bibliography. Boston. 

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Christian Art. Boston. 

Connecticut Magazine. New Haven. 

Connoisseur. Londonand N.Y. 

Educational Bi-Monthly. Chicago. 

Forestry and Irrigation. Washington,D.C. 

Forestry Quarterly. Ithaca, N.Y. 

Geographical Soc. of Philadelphia, Bulletin. 

Good ousekeeping. Springfield, Mass. 

Government. Boston. 

Granite Monthly. Concord, N. H. 

Granite State Magazine. Manchester, N.H. 

Homiletic Review. N.Y. 

House and Garden. Phila. 

House Beautiful. Chicago. . 

Indiana Quar. Mag. of Hist., Indianapolis. 

Inland Architect. Chicago. ; 

Iowa Jour. of Hist. and Politics. Iowa City. 
ournal of American History. New Haven. 
ournal of Pedagogy. Syracuse, N.Y. 
<entucky State Historical Society Regis- 
ter. Frankfort. p Hi 

Kindergarten Primary Magazine. N.Y. 

Manual Training Magazine. Peoria, Il. 

Maryland Historical Magazine. Baltimore. 

Met. M. 

Mo. His. R. 
Mo. His. Cot. 

N. DAK. M. 
On10 M. 
OLD N. W. 

Ore. His. Q. 
Pac. Mo. 


Pa. M. 
Q..J. Poe. 
Scu. Ep. 

Sci. Pro. 
Scor. His. R. 
S.C. Hite... 

Sp. MIs. 

. His. Q. 


U.S. Catn. S. 

Univ. M. 
Va. M. 

Wasu. His. QO. 

Wis. ARCH. 

Mazama. Portland, Ore. 

Metropolitan Magazine. N.Y. 

Missouri Historical Review. Columbia. 

Missouri Hist. Soc., Collections. St. Louis. 

Moody’s Magazine. N.Y. 

North Dakota Magazine. Bismarck. 

Ohio Archzological and Historical Quar. 

Ohio Magazine. Columbus. 

“Old Northwest ” Genealogical Quarterly. 
Columbus. : 

Oregon Hist. Society Quarterly. Portland. 

Pacific Monthly. Portland, Ore: 

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Suburban Life. N.Y. 

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Texas State Historical Association Quar- 
terly. Austin. ; 

U.S. Cath. Hist. Soc., Historical Records 
and Studies. ws 

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Virginia Magazine of History & Biography. 

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month and year are also given. : ; 
il. means illustrated. por., pors., mean portrait, portraits. 

Saspmeseuey. Inclusive pages of articles indexed are given, making possible an accurate estimate of length. The volume, 

If an article concerning a person is marked “il.” it means that among the illustrations there is no portrait, while “ por.” or 

‘* pors.” would show that the only illustrations were portraits. 

A colon after an initial designates the most usual given name, as per rule adopted by the A. L.A., and by both the Aeader’s 

Guide and Library Index. 

Continued stories and fiction by notable writers have been included under name of author. 

* MAGAZINE SuBjECtT-INDEX, VOL. 1, 276 p., large 80, covers the index to 44 of these magazines from first issue, and to 
the rest for 1907. The Boston Book Co., $4.00 net in half morocco. 


Bulletin of Bibliography. 

Vol. 5 No. 6 


Actors and actresses. Early English lithographs of 
actresses. A. Moore. il. Connoisseur 20: 235-43. 

— — How to make up. 
541-50. My08. 
—-—of old San Francisco days. P. 

Pac. Mo. 19: 495-505. My08. 

Adams, Maude, Stage career of. 
Pearson (N. Y.) 19: 501-15. 

Advertising by printed booklets. 
Art 11: 209-14. Je08. 

Aerial navigation. Balloontripofawoman. Mrs. J. P. 
Thomas. il. Met. M. 28: 74-83. ApUS. 

— — inwarfare. R.C. Black. il. Tech W. 9: 

Africa, South. Asiatic immigration problem. H. J. 
Crocker. Af. Mo. 3: 452-62. Apos. 

— — and the Monroe doctrine. R. 5S. Fairbridge. Af. 
Mo. 3: 600-4. My08. 

— — Tariff. D. E. McCausland. Af. Mo. 3: 

Alaska-Yukon-Pacific exposition, 
W: H. Parry. il. Pac. Mo 

Alcohol, Action of. 

“Alice of Old Vincennes,”’ 
Lasselle. Ind. M. 4: [ 

Amen. Real meaning of the word ‘‘Amen.”’ 
Richards. Hom. R. 55: 378-80. My0U8. 

“America,” National hymn, and its author. 

His. 2: 199-204. Ap—Je08. —Same art 
12: 223-4. Ap-—Je0s. 

Anesthetics, Use of, and results. A: 
Sci. Pro. 2: 610-24. ApOS 

Anarchism in U. S., Growth of. W. P. 
Van N.3 

W:H. Dills. il. Pac. Mo. 19: 

Robertson. il. 

pors. P. Maxwell. 

W.S. Rositer. Print. 



1909, Reasons for 
19: 417-20. ApU8. 
A. R. Cushing. Sci. Pro. 2: 550-61. 



ym characters of. C: 

B. Brandent 
a Je0sS 
Animals, Wild, Notes about tame. 
Sub. L. 6: 199-201. Ap08. 
— — Training to hunt. F. Thatcher. 
9: 148-52. ApOs. 
Anza, Don Juan ad 
His. 2: 
Apartment hous 
Jevs. : 
Arabia peninsula 
Hom. R. 4 
Arbor day, T! 
Irrig. 1 
— and its ] 
41-3, 246. 
Architecture, Col 
B. 24: 4-6. 
Arctic € 
Argentine Republi 

pur pose. 


20: 244-58. 



concerning trei 
3: 130-2 JeOs 
1 Ireland. Medi 


modern art 
: 219-25 Ap0s 
hester. il Windse 
556-90. AY 
Modern “<t in J 
M y0s 
ulture of 


Holme Burl. 
Asparagus, Porced 

in France. J 
Am. Homes 4: 


Boyer. il. 

Athletes, United States, and the Olympic games. R. 
Edgren. il. Broadw. 20: 171-9. My08. 

Atkinson, Roger, Virginia business man, 
of, 1750-75. Va. M. 15: 345-59. Ap0s. 

Atkinson families of Bucks county, Pa. O. 
Pa. M. 31: 429-46. O07. 

Attics. How to plan the attic. R.C. Spencer, Jr. il 
plan. House B. 24: 19-21. Je08. 

Authors. Flaubert on writing. A. Ransome. il. 
(Lond.) 34: 16-7. Ap0s. 

Automobile garages. B: A. Howes. 
Homes 5: 242-7. Je08. 

— — and motor houses. C. H. Townsend. 
27-8. Ap08, and following issues. 

— — Stable converted into garage. A. R. 
plan. House & G. 13: 209-10. Je08. 

Automobiles, Housing. H:B. Haines. il. 
13: 173-4. My08. 

Babylonian and Israelitish customs 
Konig. Hom. R. 55: 262-6. Ap08. 

Bailey, Anne, pioneer heroine, of Ohio, 
Y. A. Lewis. O. Arch. Q. 17: 44-7. Ja0s8. 

Baker, E: Dickinson, 1811-61. Oregon pioneer and 
senator. W: D. Fenton. Ore. His. Q. 9: 1-23. Mr08. 

Balkan states. A new diplomatic trouble. L. A. 
Springer. il. Van N: 3: ApO8, 95-112. 

Baltimore, Md. The Maryland Institute building. il. 
In. Arch. 51: Ap08. 

Bangs, J: Kendrick. Commuting from Maine to New 
York City. Sub. L. 6: 345-6, 370-2. Je08. 

Banks and banking. Deposits, Guarantee of. M. T. 
Herrick. Ohio M. 4: 317-26. ApU8. 

Bas-reliefs, Medizval and renaissance, of sacred objects. 
Mrs. A. Bell. il. Chris. Art 3: 119-32. JeU8. 
Bathhouses, Public. American type of architecture. il. 

plans. Brickb. 17: 70-6. - Ap0s. 
- Open airbaths. il. plans. Brickb. 17:92-6. My08. 
Bath-rooms, Furnishings for. R. C. Spencer, Jr. il. 
House B. 23: Ap08, 28-30. 
Bears, Polar, and the moose. 
27: 626-32. F08. 
Bee culture, A living from, on less than an acre. R. 
Sub. L. 6: 348-9.  Je0s. 

»trong. il. 
Bees, Honey, Fallacies concerning. D. E. 

Sub. L. 6: 214-5. 
Belasco, David, dramatist. 

News 26: 759-65. J 

Bermuda and the West Indies. C. de 
Windsor 27: 775-84. My08. 

Berries, How to have all summer. P. T. 
Sub. L. 6: 202-3. ApU8. 

Beukes, Willem. I.G. Horak. Af. Mo. 3: 585-9. My08 
Bigger, S:, Governor of Indiana, 1840. J. Julian. Ind. 
M. 4: 79-80. Je08. 
Biology. bio-Chemistry of 

Rosenheim. Sci. Pro. 2: 
ing issues 
Birds. Bird life in Spanish Marismas. 
Windsor 27: 505-14. Mr0s. 
sulls, Breeding places of. Cockerham 
B. J. Hyde. Windsor 27: 804-7. My038. 
How they fish. W: L. Finley. il. Pac. Mo. 19: 
562-71 My08. 
Black Hand Society and its menace. W. 
il Van N. 3: My08, 75-93. 
Blashfield, Edwin H. Mural painter. 
Kelly. il. Broadw. 20: 73-80. Ap08 
Blind, Teaching the. H. VD. Jones. il. 
202-5. ApOs. 
Blind-deaf, Education of. Cornelia D. 
i-Mo. 2: 452-63. Je0s 
Boers, Kise of. 30er occupation of Transvaal. 
3: 574-81. My0s. 
Boerstler, Christian, 1749 
U. S., 1784. Ida B. Ha 
265-76. Ap-—Jevs. 
Bok, Ik: W. Editor. 
20: 51-6. ApOs 
Bookbinding, Fine. of 

binders. il. 



il. plans. Am. 
In. Arch. 51: 
Ellis. il. 
House & G. 

compared. E. 


L. Rhead. il. Met. M. 
Lyon. il 

por. M. J. Moses. Bk. 
Thierry. il. 

Zarnes. il. 


and plants. O. 

Ap0s, and follow- 
R. B. Lodge. il. 

gull moss. 

P. McGuire. 
Florence F. 
Tech. W. 9: 
Singham. Ed. 
Af. Mo. 

Bavarian immigrant to 
elmgn. J. Am. His. 2: 

por. Ada Patterson. Broadw 
léth, 17th and 

Connoisseur 21: 116-7. 



July, 1908 

Bookplates, Outdoor. S. 
23-5. Je08. 

Boston. Fenway district. il. 
and following issues. 
Botticelli, Sandro, H. P. Horne’s book on. 
Burl. M. 13: 83-7. My08. 
Bottles, Paper-made. E. C. Hall. 

Brain, Human, and its functions. W: 
Windsor 27: 361-7. FO8. 
Bridgewater, N. H. Old homesteads. 
199-218. JeOs8. 

Brough, J:, Governor of Ohio, Birthplace of. 
i. O. Arch. Q. 17: 101-11. ApO8. 
Bruges historical pageant. R.H. Russell. il. 

28: 35-50. Ap0S. 
Bryan, W: Jennings, Explanation of his popularity, 
pors. J. Creelman. il. Pearson (N. Y.) 19: 343- 
64. Ap08. 
Buenos Aires. fF. Tilden. il. 
My08, 97-111. 
Bugs, Manufacture of models of, by Mrs. Otto Heide- 
mann. H: Hale. il. Tech. W. 9: 399-403. Je08. 
Building construction, Fireproof. M. M. Sloan. Arch. 
& B. M. 40: 301-5. Ap08, and following issues. 
— — Fireproof fact and fallacy. H.T.Booraem. Arch. 
& B. M. 40: 362-5. My0s. 
Buildings. Cleveland Trust Co. building. il. 
B. M. 40: 406-11. JeO8. 
Bull fighting in Guatemala. W: A: 
Ohio M. 4: 302-5. Ap08 
Bulloch, Archibald, statesman. 
227-34. Ap-Je0S 
Bungalow drainage and plumbing problems. J: A. 
Gade. il. Am. Homes 5: 184-6. My0s. 
—furniture. Esther Singleton. il. Am. Homes 35: 
204-10. My08. 
— with a patio. Helen L. Gaut. 
46: 354-8. ApO8. 
Bungalows, California. 
Homes 5: 190-5. 
-in Eastern U. S. 
343-4. JeO8. 
Log-built. ‘‘Anotok,”’ the ‘‘Home of Wind.” Ken 
sico, N. Y. il. plan. Am. Homes 5: 199-201, My08. 
~ New England, Two. Mary H. Northend. il. plans 
Am. Homes. 5: 169-73. My08. 
Rugs and draperies for. Alice M. Kellogg. il. Am. 
Homes 5: 176-9. My08. 
“The Bunker,’ Misery Island, Mass. 
il. plan. Am. Homes 5: 187-9. 
Summer. ‘Ross Fenton Lodge,” 
F. O. Nichols. il. plan. Am. 
Bunyan, J: 1628-88. 
571-92. Ap0s. 
Burbank, Luther, and his hybrids. A. H. 
Met. M. 27: 677-86. Mr08. 
-and his work of plant 
Wickson. il. 
Butter, All about. 
Cactus, Uses of, and the Burbank spineless variety, 
E.S. Merriam. il. Tech. W. 9: 135-40. ApOs. 
California, Beginning of. Anza’s journey, 1774. Z.S. 
Eldredge. J. Am. His. 2: 255-61. Ap—Je08. 
Camden, Marquess of, Collection, at Bayham Abbey. 
L. Willoughby. il. Connoisseur 21: 71-8. Je08, 
and following issues. 
Camp-fires, How to make. 
L. 6: 364-6. JeO8. 
Camping for the family vacation. 
il. Gd. House. 46: 579-87. 
Summer, for youths. J. 
280-2. My0s. 
Camps, Summer. W. F 
359-60. JeO8. 
Summer, for boys. 
T. Priestman. il. 
Canada, French 
Univ. M. 7: 

Cheney. il. House B. 24: 

In. Arch. 51: 51-2. Jev3, 
R. E. Fry. 
Tech. W. 9: 393-6. 
H. Thomson. il. 
Gran. Mo. 40 
E. Ervin. 

Met M, 

Van N. 3: Ap08, 25-39; 

Arch. & 
Kellerman. il 


J. Am. His. 2: 

il. plan. Gd. House. 
Helen L. Gaut. 


E. S. 

il. plans. Am. 

Irvington. il. Sub. L. 6: 

W. Williams. 

Deal Lake, N. J. 
Homes 5: 164-8. 

pors. il. Bk. News 26: 

Ford. il. 

Sunset 21: 151-62. 
L. E. Carter. 

por. E. J 
Gd. House. 46: 665-8. 

W.S. Waterbury. il. Sub. 
Mary H. Northend 

R. Johnson. il. Sub. L. 6: 

. Sleight. il. plan. Sub. L. 6: 


Arden, Del., experiment. 
Am. Homes 5: 180-3. 
nobility in. Blanche L. 
199-211. ApO0s. 

Bulletin of Bibliography. 


Canada. History, 1759-91, Documents concerning. 
F. P. Walton. Univ. M. 7: 231-7. Ap0s. 

— Northwest, Openingup. J.V. Borne. i. 
9: 310-8. My08. 

— Northwest. The royal mounted police. H. Vander- 
hoof. il. Pearson (N. Y.) 19: 665-75. Je08. 

— — Wheat raising in. H. Vanderhoof. il. Met. M. 
28: 161-8. My0s. 

— Race question of English- and 
F. W. Grey. Univ. M. 7: 

Canals. Alpine canals. 
9: 302-9. My08. 

— Indiana reservoir war, 1854. Ind. M. 4: 63-5. Je08. 

Cape Colony, Higher education in. R. P. B. Davis. Af. 
Mo. 3: 553-61. My08. 

Caribbean Sea, and control of America, Early struggles 
of Europe for. F.R. Hart. il. maps. J. Am. His. 
2: 315-38. Ap-—Je08. —Same .Art., Conn. M. 12: 
254-64. Ap-—Je08. 

Carlyle, Thomas, 1795-1881, author, and his younger 
sister. por. Ada M. Peck. il. Bk. News 26: 
753-7. Jes. 

Carnegie, Andrew. Address at Governors’ conference, 
May, ’08._ For. & Irrig. 14: 303-8. _Je08. 

Carriages. Selecting a good carriage. N.N. Davis. il. 
Sub. L. 6: 219-21. Ap0os. 

Cathedrals. Cleveland, O. Trinity cathedral. il. 
Art 3: 81-8. My0s. 

— Land’s End, Wales. St. David’s cathedral. E. H. 
Day. il. Chris. Art 3: 133-41. Je08. 

— London. Westminster Cathedral, New monstrance for. 
il. Chris. Art 3: 142-3. Je08. 

Chambers, J: 2d Gov. of Iowa. 
introduction. a2 €. 

Chaperonage of girls, Need of. 

Charlestown, N. H. 1747. Defence of Fort No. 4. 
S: A. Gordon. Gran. M. 40: 173-82. Ap—My08. 

Cheese. Making ‘“‘foreign’’ cheese in America. C: Thom. 
il. Sub. L. 6: 361-3. Je0s. 

Child labor in New York City. B: W. 
Van N. 3: Ap08, 73-88. ~ 

Children. Babies of model tenements. 
il. Gd. House. 46: 633-6. Je08. 

— Mission work with. Sp. Mis. 73: 165-215. 

— Religion of childhood. J. R. Street. 
371-5. My08. 

Children’s day church observance. 
R. 55: 452-4. Jes. 

Chloroform, Recent researches concerning results of use. 
G: A. Buckmaster. Sci. Pro. 2: 625-51. Ap08. 

Choate, Joseph Hodges, 1832—. por. E. P. Ober- 
holtzer. il. Bk. News 26: 593-4. Ap0s8. 

Christian science. What it claims. I. C. Tomlinson. 
Met. M. 28: 263-9. Je08. 

Christianity. Is it on a decline? T: Dixon, Jr. Broadw. 
20: 149-53. My08. 

Church architecture, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Mercy” church. il. Arch. & B. 

- New York. Church of St. Paul the Apostle. 
W.E. Anthony. il. Chris. Art 3: 101-7. Je08. 

— — Rood screens, Devonshire, Eng. H. Carswell. il. 
Chris. Art 3: 66-80. My08. 

- — Selilia, or altar seats. J. T. 
Art 3: 29-36. Ap0s. 
Churches of Hampshire, Eng. 
Art 3: 43-8. Ap0s. 
Havana. Holy Trinity Church opened. W. W. 

Steel. il. Sp. Mis. 73: 338-40. My08. 

-New York City. Trinity and its property, who 
administers it. C: E: Russell. il. Broadw. 20: 
1-12, 187-95. ApO8, MyOS. 

-in North Dakota. N. Dak. M. 2: JeO8, 70-84. 

of Oxfordshire, Eng. P. H. Ditchfield. il. 
Art 3: 89-97. My08. 

Cincinnati University. F.S.K. Forary. il. 
386-9. My0s8. 

Claremont, N. H., of today. 
Mo. 40: 135-71. 

Tech. W 

212-30. Ap0s. 

H.G. Hunting. il. Tech. W. 


Autobiography, and 
Parish. Ia. J. 6: 247-86. 


Gd. House. 46: 37 

Eldman. il. 
Louise E. Dew. 

Hom. R. 55: 

J.M. Farrar. Hom. 

“Our Lady of 
M. 40: 326-30. 

Perry. il. Chris. 

S. E. Jeans. il. Chris. 

Ohio M. 4: 

G. A. Cheney. il. 



Bulletin of Bibliography. Vol. 5 No. 6 

Clubhouse architecture. Philadelphia. Racquet Club. 
il. plan. Brickb. 17: My08. 
— — Chicago. Illinois Athletic Club. il. plan. In. 

Arch. 51: 33-4. Ap0s. 

— — Chicago University Club building. il. In. Arch 

51: 29-30. ApOS. 

Colorado Springs, Colo. Unique western city. H: R. 
Wray. il. Govt. 3: 77-89. My08. 

Columbia river improvement. 
Q. 9: 79-94. Mr08. 

F:G. Young. Ore. His. 

Concrete, Reinforced. Jersey City. Great Atlantic and 

Pacific Tea Co. buildings. 

40: 393-401. JeO8. 

il; plan. Arch. & B. M 

Cornwall, England, and King Arthur's Castle. Anne H. 
Wharton. il. Bk. News 26: 743-50. JeOs. 

Cortelyou, G: Bruce, and his acquaintance with three 
presidents. pors. J. Creelman. il. Pearson (N. Y.) 

19: 569-85. Jeos. 
Cottages, Summer. W. F. 
6: 359-60. JeOs. 

Courlander, Alphonse, journ 

2 ‘" 

; Os. I 

il. plan. Sub. L. 

por. Bkman (Lond 

Cork County court house. il. 

Daisies, Sh: 

G. 13: 13 
Darlington, G 

David, Loui 




= 4 

burne. Ed. Bi-Mo 
De Chavannes, Puvi 

M. 13: 9-18 
Defoe, D 

34: 93 
Delane, J 


A. H: 
Diamonds, - 

W. 9: 15 

Dickinson, W: 



Dogs. § Greyt 

Education, The 

Ot é 

lly divided. Am. His 
3ronson. i]. Pearson 

f dealing 


Cornelia D. 

D. P> MacMillan 

x Colony 


Edwards, Richard, educator. J: W. Cook. Sch. Ed. 
27: 286-9. Apos. 

Egypt, Ancient. The Papyrus Libbey in Toledo (O.) 
Art Museum. G: W. Stevens. il. Ohio M. 4: 
277-80. Ap0s. 

Electricity. Electro magnets and their lifting work. 
G: F: Stratton. il. Tech. W. 9: 141-7. Apos. 

— Household uses of. The Villa Feria Electra. H: M. 
Hyde. il. Tech. W. 9: 169-74. Apos. 

—in_ housekeeping, Use of. ‘Villa Féria Electra,” 
Paris, and its electric appliances. Edith S. Lees. 
il. Gd. House. 46: 477-81. My08. 

— Power transmission. G: F: Stratton. il. Tech. W. 
9: 237-45. My08. 

Electro-chemistry. Electrolytic reduction of organic 
substances. P. A. Houseman. Sci. Pro. 2: 589-97. 

Embroidery, Ecclesiastical featherwork, Early. G. Teall. 
il. Chris. Art 3: 38-41. ApO8. : 

Employers’ liability, interstate commerce, and the 
Supreme Court. T. Schroeder. Govt. 3: 151-69. 
Jevs. . 

English language. Composition need not be a bugbear. 
Margaret H. J. Lampe. Sch. Ed. 27: 183-6. jJavs, 
and following issues. 

— — Teaching and foundations of. B. C. Gregory. 
Sch. Ed. 27: 241-54. Mr08, and following issues. 

Englishmen in Canada. M. Acklom. Univ. M. 7: 171- 
98. Ap0s. 

Engraving. John Jones and his work. W.G. Menzies 
il. Connoisseur 20: 255-8. Ap08. 

— Thomas Watson and his work. W.G. Menzies. il. 
Connoisseur 21: 45-8. My0s. 

Exercise, How to keep well by. C:H. Cochrane. Met. 
M. 28: 145-9. My08. 

Exhibitions in museums and libraries, Value of. J: C 
Dana. il. Print. Art 11: 215-24. Jevs. 

Fairfax, Albert King, Lord. por. American citizen and 
banker. <A. Dangerfield. il. Pearson (N. Y.) 19: 
624-9. Je08 - 

Farming. Organizations of farmers and their results. 
E:C. Parker. il. Van N. 3: Je08, 89-96. 

Fessenden, W: Pitt. U. S. Congressman,—1869. W: 
Salter. Ann. Ia. 8: 321-43. ApOs8. 

Finance, American. Currency problem. J: P. ‘Ryan. 
il. Met. M. 27: 543-52. FOS. 

Stock exchange influence on America’s develop- 
J: P. Ryan il Met. M. 27: 746-55. MrOs. 
G. Willets. il Sroadw. 
United States, and its Work. J: R. 
Smith, Jr. il. Tech. W. 9: 363-9. Jes. 
Trout, Golden, Appeal to save. D.5. Jordan. il. 
Sunset 21: 145-50. Jes 

Fletcher, Horace, and his method of mastication of food. 
por. M. William Gd. House. 46: 502-5. My0s8. 

Flies, Dissemination of disease by. Mary B. and L. E 
Theiss. Gd. House. 46: 491-4. My08. 

Plorence, Italy, and her builders. G. B. Brown. il. 
gurl. M. 143: 18-22. Ap08 

Florent V., Count of Holland, Claimant of Scottish 
Crown. H. Toll. Scot. His. R. 5: 304-12. Apos. 

Food. Canned goods, How to get the best. H. Wil- 
liams. Gd. House. 46: 425-31. Ap0S 

products, Americanizing the world’s. Work of Luther 
Burbank. A. H. Ford. il. Met. M. 27: 677-86 
Forests, Natural reproduction of. H: S. Graves. For. 
(). 6: 115-37. Je0s. 
Taxation of woodland in Great Britain. Q. J. For. 2: 
4-24 Ja0s 
f U. S., Poles cut from. I. N. Greene. il. 
Tech. W. 9: 437-41. Jes. 
Forestry. Coppice conversion to high forests, Eastern 
France. A. F. Hawe i. For. Q. 6:151-7. Je0s. 
White House conference, Proposed, of governors of 
tates of U.S. il. For. & Irrig. 14: 245-42. My08 
White House conference, Proposed, of governors of 
the States of U.S. concerning. T: B. Hanley. il. 
Van N. 3: My08, 33-50. 

July, 1908 

Frazer, Gen. Persifor, Extracts from papers of. Pa. M. 
31: 447-51. O07. : 

French nobility in Canada. Blanche L. Macdonell. 
Univ. M. 7: 199-211. Ap0s8. 

Frogs, Raising, for profit. W. E. 
W. 9: 246-50. My08. 

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the growth of 

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Ap0O8 (No. 88). 


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accom plishme 

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rooms, and equipment for manual asa in 
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July, 1908 

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Soldiers, Training of. 

G: W 


1908. Windsor 27: 

j. B. 


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Arch. & 

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by Congress. 

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Bulletin of Bibliography. 


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ae of Oscar II. 

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Van N. 

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lowing issues. 

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— — Reply to the Reuterdahl charges. W. L. Capps. 
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— — Persecution of opponents of Declaration of Inde- 

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Universities. New York. College of the city of N. Y., 
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300. Ap0S. 

University education at expense of cities. The Univer- 
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— and vine-covered houses. C: A 

G. 13: 130-3 Ap0s 

J. R. 

Margaret A. 
F08, and fol- 

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W. Camp. 

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House & 

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Bulletin of Bibliography. 

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L. Ren- 


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published. (Mergedin Folk Lore) 

Argosy, London. 1865-90. Vols. 1-50, partly in binding. (In Poole) 

Arts and Crafts, London. 1904-06. Vols. 1-4, no. 5. 4 vols:, unbound 

Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Edinburgh. 1817-99. Vols. 1-166.. 150 
vols. bound, rest unbound 

$383 s8 

British and Foreign Medico-Chirurgical Review, London. 1848-77. Vols. 1-60. 
60 vols., bound in half calf 

Camden Society, London. We have nearly all the voltmes of the first series, 
from vol. 1 to 98, and will sell separately to fill gaps at $1.00 the volume, in 
original cloth. 

Churchman, The, London. 1880-96. Vols. 1-24.. 12 vols. bound, rest un- 

Ss 8 

Coates’ Herd Book, London. 1846-90. 

Contemporary Review, London edition. . Vols. 19-30, 53-66, being 1872-77 and 
1888-94. 26 vols., unbound 
Single vols. of above to fill gaps at $1.00 each; 10 for $7.00. 

For Sale by THE BOSTON BOOK CO., Boston, U.S. A. 

Cornhill Magazine, London. 1860-69. ‘Vols. 1-20, bound, but not uniform... . 
Single volumes. of above to fill gaps, $1.00 each;.10 for $6.00. 
1883-90, new’series 1-14. 14 vols., publishers’ cloth 
Ecclesiologist, London. 1841-68:- 29vols., boundin 27. All published 
Economic Journal (organ British Economie Society), London. 1891-1906. Vols. 
1-16. 16 vols., cloth 
Engineering, London. Folio; weekly. 1866-1904: Vols. 1-78. 74 vols. bound, 
rest unbound 
English Review, London. 1844-53. Vols. 1-19, bound in half calf, except vol. 
19,.which is unbound: Scarce Poole set 
Farmer’s Magazine, Edinburgh. 1800-15. Vols. 1-16, half calf 
Feilden’s Magazine, London. 8vo. 1899-1904. Vols. 1-11. 11 vols., un- 
bound. A high-class‘engineering magazine. Title now changed to Engineer- 
- ing Review 
Geographical Magazine, London. Vols.1-15. 1874-78, and Ocean Highways, 
Vol. 1... 1873/74. 6vols.inall.’ Bound. Pooleset 
Geological Society of London, Journal. 1845-99. Vols. 1-55 and index of vols. 
1-50. - 56 vols. as unbound 
Golf, London. 1899-1902. Vols. 1-12. 12 vols., cloth 
Graphic. Illustrated London News. We have many odd volumes, bound 
and unbound, which we offer for picture clipping, 12 vols. for $8.00. They 
cover from beginning of publication to 1895. 
Historians of Scotland, Edinburgh. 10 vols. (1871-80), cloth, all published 
Horticultural Society of London, Transactions, 10 vols:, Journal, 9 vols. 1812- 
55. All published. 19 vols., bound 
Household Words. This Poole set, which most libraries own, had a supplement 
called Household Narrative, of which 6 vols. were publishéd, 1850-55. We 
can supply them bound for 
We also have Household Words, 19 vols., the full Poole set, bound, shabby. . 
Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Proceedings. London. 1847-80. 27 
vols.,as unbound. ~ The first scarce volumes 
Iron, London. Folio. 1873-93.. Vols. 1-41. All. pub. All but 6 vols. bound 
London Quarterly Review, London. 1853-1907. Vols. 1-107. 107 vols., of 
which 78 are bound. (Poole set) 
Manchester Geo, hical Society, Manchester (Eng.) 1885-88. Vols. 
4 vols. bound in 3, cloth 
Modern Review, London. 1880-84. Vols. 1-5. Vols. 1-3 bound in 6 
Nineteenth Century, London ed. 1885-1904. Vols. 20-55. 38 vols., half mor. 
i edited by J. Burke, London. 1846-48. 6vols., all published. Bound: 
Quarterly Journal of Education, London. 1831-35. Vols. 1-10. Full set, old 
binding . 
Retrospective Review, London. 1820-28, 1853-4. 18vols.,all published. Bound. 
The set has the 3d series vols. 1-2, so often missing 
Royal Agricultural Society of England, Journal. 1839-95. Vols. 1-25. New 
series vols. 1-24. 3d series vols. 1-6. 55 vols., unbound 
Sacred Books of the East, London. Vols. 1-35. 35 vols., cloth,as new 
Scottish Geographical Magazine, Edinburgh. 1885-1900. Vols. 1-16. l6-vols., 
cloth. A bargain 
Scottish Historical Review, Glasgow. 1903-08. Vols. 1-4, 3 vols. cloth, vol. 
4 unbound 
Studio, London. 1893-1904. 147 parts, making vols. 1-32, with titles and in- 
dexes, which are loose and usually lacking. A bargain in the best modern art 
monthly. Same as “International Studio” from vol. 10 


a &® Sa 3 &S Sa 
s 8S 8 8 888 8 88 88 


THE BOSTON BOOK CO., 83-91 Francis Street, Fenway, Boston.