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The American Biterary Gazette and Pudlishers’ Circular. 

igh ts Entered at the Post-Office at New York, N. Y., as second-class matter. 
ovelty , 
ae Vor. XXX., No. 17. NEW YORK, October 23, 1886. WHOLE No. 769. 
| thei 
‘ian ; Ready about November st. 
The ¥ 
; : y rUnt7 ~ ‘’ ~ Y 
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, aie : 
active : OR, 
lhe | 



“ Gath.” 
“ Katy of Catoctin” is a stirring national romance, opening with the raid of John 
Brown at Harper’s Ferry and closing with the death of Lincoln. It is a picturesque 
and romantic story, partly historical and partly domestic, full of dramatic incidents, 
makes and marked by vivid delineations of character. 


12mo, cloth, 567 pages, $1.50. 

ee An Illustrated Edition of Ela. 





1d and T = ; y ‘ : ; 

a WitH OVER ONE Hunprep ILLusrrations By C. O. Murray. 


a Crown 8vo, cloth extra, $2.00. 

An exquisite edition of the best-known Essays of Elia, graphically illustrated 
pen-and-ink drawings. 

D. APPLETON & CO., Publishers, New York. 

Oct. 23, °86 [No. 769]. The Publishers’ Week. 579 


The Publishers’ Weekly. | Vo. 769] Oct. 23, "86, 
Chatterbox Injunction. 


Upon reading the hereto annexed affidavits, copy of Bill of Complaint here. 
in, and on motion of G. G. Frelinghuysen, Esq., counsel for complainants, it js 
hereby ordered that the defendants, Frank Leslie, The American News Company, and 
Patrick Farrelly, or their solicitors, show cause before me or one of the Judges of this 
Court at chambers thereof in the Post-Office Building, in the City of New York, on 
Friday, the 15th day of October, 1886, at 11 o’clock in the forenoon of that day or as 
soon thereafter as counsel can be heard, why an injunction should not be issued command. 
ing and enjoining the said Frank Leslie, The American News Company, a corporation, 

and Patrick Farrelly, and each of them, their and each of their attorneys, agents, clerks, 
servants, workmen, and the officers, agents, attorneys, clerks, servants, workmen of said 
corporation, and any and all persons claiming or holding under or through them, or 
either of them, to desist from printing, stamping, marking, attaching, or affixing said 
name or word “* CHATTERBOOK ” in or upon books of a juvenile character of the 
general appearance, style, and manner of cover and styles of printing which are upo 
complainants’ said books, referred to in the Billof Complaint filed in this suit, and from 
simulating the appearance and style of printing of the complainants’ ‘ Chatterbox,” 
and from selling, offering for sale, and from presenting to the public juvenile publica 
tions, printed in such style and in such manner as to lead the public to believe that t 
are the publications of the complainants. 

And it is further ordered that the said defendants, Frank Leslie, The America 
News Company, and Patrick Farrelly, their and each of their attorneys, agents, clerks, 
servants, workmen, and the officers, agents, attorneys, clerks, servants and workmen ot 
said corporation, and each of them, be enjoined and restrained, and are hereby forbid- 
den to suffer or commit any of said acts until the further order of this Court. 

That service of this order on or before October 12, 1886, be sufficient. 
Dated Oct. 11, 1886. W. J. WALLACE 

We therefore again issue our 


We hereby caution you against buying or selling any book bearing the name “Chatter- 
box,” either alene or in combination with other words, excepting those with our imprint, or 
marked as sold under our license, as the United States Courts have repeatedly confirmed 
our exclusive right to this word as a trademark, and ALL INFRINGERS, whether 

ESTES & LAURIAT, Publishers; Boston, Mass. 

580 The Publishers’ IVeekly. | Vo. 769| Oct. 22 Or 
*" @ Fy, Of 

Oct. 23, 86 [ Vo. 769]. The Publishers’ Weekv. 579 


The pretence of Esres & Laurtar that they have obtained the 
injunction of the United States Circuit Court against any publication 
with the word “Chatterbox” has imposed upon the public long 

The injunction they did obtain was in these words: “It is also 
further adjudged and decreed that a perpetual injunction be issued in 
this suit against the said defendants, BELFORD, CLARKE & CO., re- 
straining them, . .°. their servants, . . . and all persons 
claiming or holding under or through them, or either of them, from 
it is printing, stamping, marking, attaching, or afhxing said name or word 
= ‘Chatterbox’ in or upon books of a juvenile character OF THE 
and. fF THE COMPLAINANTS’ SAID BOOKS, . .  . and from 
Hon, simulating the appearance and style of printing of the complainants’ 
‘Chatterbox ;’ and from selling, offering for sale, and from presenting 
to the public juvenile publications printed IN SUCH STYLE, and with 
the use of the title ‘Chatterbox,’ IN SUCH MANNER as to lead the 
"the public to believe that they are the publications of the complainants.” 
1po Precisely the same injunction was granted against FRANK LEs.LIg, 

nd no other or different one has ever been obtained by them. 

| My books do not resemble in any of the respects mentioned 
ih s . the publications of Esres & LAurRIAT. 

| | That the public may know what kind of men Estes & LAuRIAT 
rica are, I give the following extract from the testimony of Mr. EstTes 

erks, in their suit against me : 

rbid- Cross-Interrogatory No. 22 
Was not the REPRINT of the “Chatterbox” of 1878 MADE BY 
Ans, Upon reflection I should say it undoubtedly was. 
Cross-Int. 228. And was so intended ? 
s Ans, YES. 
. a 

Judge Wallace on January 5, 1885, refused to grant any injune 

ler- . : é 

ul, or tion against my publications containing the word ‘“ Chatterbox” as 
tial part of the title. 

ther See his opinion in 22 Federal Reporter, p. 823. 

R. WORTHINCTON, 747 Broadway, N. Y. 

Oct. 23, 86 [ Vo. 769]. The Publishers’ Weekly. cSt 



The Publishers’ Weekly. 

[ Vo. 769| Oct. 23, 86. 



Great Masters of Russian 

By ERNEsS1 Sketches of the Life and 

Works of GoGoL, TURGENIEF, ToLstor. With 
Portraits. Translated by NATHAN HASKELL 
DOLE. 1I2mo, $1.25. 

Taras Bulba. 

By NikoLar V. GoGoL. 
uthor. 12mo, $1.00. 

With Portrait of the 

“For grandeur, simplicity of conception, and superb- 
ness of description can hardly be equalled.’"—.\V. ¥. 77” 

St. John’s Eve. 

By NIKOLAlI V. GOGOL, author of “ Taras Bulba.” 
12mo, cloth, $1.25. 


A selection of stories from ‘‘ Evenings at the Farm” 
and ‘“‘St. Petersburg Stories,’ showing the marvellous 
style and wild grace and flavor of this remarkable author. 

Childhood, Boyhood, Youth. 

By Count Lyor N. Totsro1. 
the Author. 12mo, $1.50. 

““There is no question that he is the greatest of living 
Russian authors.’’—Chronicle, San Francisco. 

With Portrait of 


The Labor Movement in 

By Prof. Ricuarp T. ELy. 
This book is the result of several years’ work on the 
art of Prof. Ely, who is an acknowledged authority, both 
in Europe and America, on economic and social topics. 
It is the most complete historical sketch yet published of 
the origin and growth both of Socialism and of labor or- 
ganizations. No pains have been spared to secure accu- 
racy. Professor Ely has collected for years books, pam- 
hiets, labor newspapers,constitutions of trades-unions,and 
ike material, with this in view; and, during the prepara- 
tion of this book, he has travelled several thousand miles, 
visiting Communistic settlements and leading industrial 
centres, and forming the acquaintances of labor leaders. 
His picture of the present condition of the labor move 
ment may be relied upon as taken from life. 

12mo, $1.50. 

Meditations of a Parish Priest. 

top, $1.25. 

‘“ These ‘ Thoughts’ have caused a perfect excitement 
of enthusiasm in France among thinkers the most various, 
all of whom, with one accord, have done homage to the 
little book, whose richness of first-hand thoughts has 
equally charmed and amazed them. 

12mo, cloth, gilt 

Hblacrwood s 

Silent Times. 

LirE. By Rev. J. R. MiL_er, D.D.  12mo, 
cloth, gilt top, $1.25. 

j ° 

THOMAS Y. CROWELL & GO., Publishers, 13 Astor Place, New York 

582 The Publishers’ Weerly. 


Stories from Life. 

By SARAH K. Boron, author of “ Poor | 
Who Became Famous,” “Girls Who |] 
Famous,” etc. 1r2mo, $1.25. 


A collection of Mrs. Bolton’s bright and entertainin 
short stories, which inculcate good moral lessons and hit 
off many of the follies and shams of the present day 

Girls Who Became Famous. 

By SARAH K. BOLTON, author of “ Poor Boys 
Who Became Famous.” With Portraits oj 
Mrs. Stowe, Helen Hunt, Miss Alcott, and 
oiher not d women. 12mo, cloth, $1.50. 

In Perils Oft. 

illustrated, $1.50. 


ADAMS. I2mo, fully 

A book of daring adventures and heroic deeds, by 
soldiers, sailors, travellers, and men of renown, in various 
parts of the world; being incidents in the lives of suct 
men as Sir Sidney Smith, Earl of Dundonald, Arminius, 
Vambéry, Joseph Wolff, Lieutenant Schwatka, Sir Samu 
Baker, W. G. Palgrave, Professor Palmer, General Gor 
don, and others. 

The Riverside Museum. 

By the 

author of ‘*‘ Birchwood” and “Fitch 

12mo, cloth, $1.25. 


The Marquis of Penalta. 




‘* The literature is delightful ; full of charming humor 
tender pathos, the liveliest sympathy with nature, t 
keenest knowledge of human nature, and a style whos 
charm makes itself felt through the shadows of a strangt 
speech. It is the story of two sisters—daughters 0! t 
chief family in a Spanish seaport city. Maria, who passes 
from the romance of literature to the romance of religion, 
and abandons home, father, and lover, to become tx 
spouse of Heaven; and Marta, who remains to consok 
all these for her loss. Wedo not remember a character 
more finely studied than that of Maria. But Marta 
Marta is delicious! Nothing could be lovelier than the 
portrayal of this girl's affection for her father and mother, 
and of the tenderness that insensibly grows up betwee! 
her and her sister’s lover, left step by step in the lurch 5) 
the intending bride of Heaven. ' 5 

‘* A sketch of the story gives no idea of its situations, © 
what is more difficult and important, the atmosphere 0! 
reality in which it moves. The whole social life of the 
quiet town is skilfully suggested, and an abundance 0° 
figures pass before us, all graphically drawn, none touched 
with weakness or exaggeration.” 

| Vo. 769] Océ. 23, 86, 






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whe st 
nf the 
le te 
an the 


C h DY 
ns, OF 
ere Ol 
ot the 

nce ol 

Oct. 23, 86 [| Ne. 769]. 

fhe Wnblishers’ Geckly. 

OCTOBER 23, 1886. 

$18 oo 
One page... ssseceeeeeeeeeeneeerereeees 
H lf page cases eeens ° ee ecere . 10 00 
aii as . 
Quarter page 6 00 
Eighth page...+.---seeceeeccecercrersrcreesoaces 4 00 
Per line eee seeee ceoecesesesooeces 10 
Special positions, $5 per page extra. Applications for 
onan ial pages Will be honored in order of receipt. 
\ deduction of $3 per page for standing matter. ages 
y ve-insertion must be ordered kept sta nding. 
secial rates for yearly or other contracts. 
One year, postage prepaid.......... . .$3 20 
fhree months, postage prepaid............. PE TO en 
Single copies, 8 cents; postpaid, ro cents. 
Address P. O. Box 943, N. Y. —_ 
PuBLICATION OFFICE, 3r & 32 Park Row, N.Y. 


ill Announcement Number, Sept. 25. 
iglish Books, July 10; July 24; July 31; 
jucational number, July 17. 
Index to June Books, July 3. 

rust Books, Sept. 4. 

E Sept. 4. 

July Books, Aug. 7.—Au- 
September Books, Oct. 2. 

Appleton (D.) & Co. a. » ieee ra wien ae 
Bates (CRM: Alto. cc cseededencecunseanednaunn ... 602 
Boots fot SA ck iacie dsc po cdaesadiad bi itwes ee a remeaeras 595 

Books Wanted 

Burrows Bros. Co. (The)... ir a eal i al es 
Crowell (2 OE Fe Os cio ieee Rne aoe eavaeacwes 580 
Dillingham (Chas. T.)...... gi eee ata ws ion 120 
Doveat (4.) @ GG... ise cacverecns pea de ae, Eihantanhn - 505 
Estes & Lauriat......... ‘ sationiera*aighaia an 
Griggs (S. C.) & Co . csaeewa Hor 
HATES Cb DON, 63 attics «+ wadvauen aaa wane 
Holman (A. J.) & Co.....e- <a, wah hea -+ 599 
Keyser (Wm. H.) & Co...... 505 
LuysterthA.. Laiccscadcuncs tonne eee ee an oe 
National School of Elocution and Oratory. initia’ 601 
Nims & Knight........ 2 i UR Ae at ' . 602 
Presbyterian Board of Publication .. dete asd edews ND 
Ss hedler (].) TEeTY cir. eT Tee CT ee ox 
SUUCMCNIE WR MNEIEIN Sc o5 saabnc da chaieees bs <5 cue 505 
Special Notices. . chee ‘eee es © ecessee ose 595 
ieiont (0) GG isc ccd weeds <a Oe een .. 602 
Trade Cards a Sil earl ch alata ie 
Vail (J. H.) & Co.... wan : Latidae aku ae te ae 
Wagenfihr (Chas.) oe ee ta enh aoe, -. 5Q5 
Weedon (W. J.) sca asap cies Megiear eee es dea éuxe eee 
Wiley (John) & Sons i tisie whe? «Oe amin . Bane a 
Worthington (R.) Company ... ........ 579, 59®, 597 


Ci \RLES SCRIBNER’S SONs have in press another 
00OK lor young people entitled “ Prince Peer- 
ess: A Fairy Folk Story-Book,” by Hon. Mar- 
garet Collier. It will be illustrated by Mr. John 
Collier, the author’s brother, the famous English 
painter, whose recent portrait of Miss Huxley was 
heralded with so much praise. F 

CuppLes, UpHam & Co. have in preparation a 
new edition of ‘* Ralph Waldo Emerson, his ma- 
ternal ancestors, with some reminiscences of 
him, by his relative, David Greene Haskins, 
printed in large type and illustrated with silhou- 

€tte portraits. The first edition isall sold. They | 

have nearly ready “Two Comedies,” by F. Don- 
aldson : Jr., of Baltimore, Md. They are entitled 
An Ill Wind” and “An Abject Apology.” 

ane APPLETON & Co. will have ready about 
November Ist a national romance by Geo. Alfred 
Townsend, called “ Katy of Catoctin,” beginning 
with the raid of John Brown at Harper's Ferry, 
and bringing in picturesque, romantic, historical, 

Oct. 23, 86 [We. 769]. 


oS ew? ss eS wo 

The Publishers’ Weekly. 

The Publishers’ Weekly. 5° 

domestic, and dramatic incidents of the eventful 
years between that raid and the death of Lincoln; 
and an exquisite edition of the best known “ Es- 
says of Elia,” with over one hundred wood-cut il- 
lustrations, the work of Mr. Charles O. Murray, 
who did such clever work in illustrating Addison’s 
‘‘Sir Roger de Coverley,” some two years since. 
SCRIBNER & WELFORD have just ready a fine 
volume of interest to Americans, in ‘“ Memo- 
rials of Washington and of Mary his Mother, 
and Martha his Wife, from letters and papers of 
Robert Cary and James Sharples,’ by Major 
James Walter. The volume is illustrated with 
portraits in autotype of Washington and his wife, 
of seven prominent American women of the pe- 
riod, and of Priestly, from paintings by Sharples, 
the originals of which are now on exhibition at 
the rooms of the American Art Association, 6 
E. Twenty-third Street, New York City; also a 
portrait of Mary Washington by Middleton. 

Lee & SHEPARD have in preparation for early 
publication “‘ The Monarch of Dreams,” by Thos. 
Wentworth Higginson, a work which will attract 
attention for the reason that it indicates a rever- 
sion from the current realism to the more imagi- 
native school of Hawthorne. It is based on a 
careful study—perhaps through the Society for 
Psychical Research—of the phenomena of dream- 
ing. The hero, a lone man in a farm-house 
among the hills, is possessed with the ambition to 
connect his dreams and thus lead two separate ex- 
istences, and this he carries out with a success 
that ends in tragedy. It reminds the reader of 
Hawthorne in its style. They have also nearly 
ready ‘‘ Sketches of Western Life,” by Hon. 
Harvey Rice, of Cleveland, Ohio. 

TicKNoR & Co. publish to-day ‘‘ Sonnets from 
the Portuguese,” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 
illustrated by Ludvig Sandoe Ipsen, in an oblong 
folio (13x16 inches) bound in cloth and tree calf. 
This magnificent work has been a labor of love 
with the artist for many years, he having lavished 
upon it all the resources of his imagination and 
skill. They have also just ready ‘ Stories of Art 
and Artists,” by Clara Erskine Clement, a profusely 
illustrated work, giving a complete résumé of the 
history of art, with accounts of the various schools, 
sketches and anecdotes of the great artists, with 
portraits and reproductions of their works; 
“Songs and Satires,” a volume of poems by 
James Jeffrey Roche, well known as acontributor 
of singularly original and delicate vers de société 
to Life and other periodicals; and “ Literary 
Curiosities,” edited by Henry M. Brooks, of Sa- 
lem, being vol. vi. of the the O/den-7ime Sertes. 
The publishers have now put up this popular se- 
ries in sets, in a handsome box containing the six 


Mrs. JENNIE E. CROLy (‘ Jennie June”), it is 
reported, has resigned the editorship of Demeo- 
rest’s Magazine. 

THE first chapters of William Black’s new 
story, ‘‘Sabina Zembra,” appeared in England 
on the oth of this month. 

Ir is said that Miss Kathleen O’Meara, whose 
excellent series of articles on Madame Mohl were 
such a pleasant feature of the 4//antic last year, 
has placed the manuscript of a new novel in the 
hands of the Messrs. Harper, which they will 
publish very soon. 

Larvreet R F. The touchstone of peril : a novel 

1 RTT er eweet 



582 The Publishers’ Weekly. | Vo. 769] Oce. 


The abbreviations are usually se rl f-e rpl, fan ator) A colon aster tnitial designates the most usual LTveNn name 
as: A: Agustus; B: Benjamin; C: Charles; Di David; E: Edward; F: Frederic; G: George; H: H “aa 
Jsaac; J: John; L: Louis; N: Nicholas; P: Peter; R: Richard; S: Samuel; T: Thomas; W: William, °' ”’ 

Sizes are designated as follows: F.( Soli over 30 centimeters high); (Q. 4to: under 30cm.) ; O. (8x0: 2<¢m 
D. (12mt0 : 20 cm.) ; S. (160: 17! mt.) /. (247 15 cv.) Tt. (32000: 124% cm.); Fe. (48mo: 10 cn i 
nar., designate square, ohlong, narrow books of these heights. are 
Adams, W: T., [“Oliver Optic,” fsewd.| All alone. Phil., American Baptist Pub. Soc. 139; 

taut; or, rigging the boat. Bost., Lee. & 287 p. D. cl., $1.25 , 

Shepard, 1887 [1886.| 339 
boat-builder ser., no. 5.) cl., $1.25. 
Nearly all the a presented and all that take l., 

prominent parts in the story have been introduced in the | 5. ¢ 

ee ing volumes of the series. The principal of the | Brown, Siniiden, A bold stratagem 

Jeech Hill Industrial School entertains some doubts in | 

) P- il. S. (The *Brown, Rev. Howard N. A life of Jesus for 
5 ae op as Bost., Estes & Laur 


Tilat, ISS: 

a ( omedy: 

: ak date a iia oe Pig 
regard to the principle upon which he has been conduct- in three acts. Chi .. Dramatic Pub. Co.. [ 1886, | 
ing the institution, and brings about a partial change in 20 p. 1). (American amateur drama, n - 1.) pap 
its character—by making it partly reformatory—sti re Ee <. 
taining its useful features The subjects {f the new ey . 14 : : 

' ‘ 3. FOI. i ) v } eavan : i 
periment are the T« povers, the bad characters of the st ry, Brydges, Hi au * \ fortni sht a h aven : an 
who become more tractable. The book is full of adventure inconventional romance. N. Y., H: Hy It & 
and incident Che work to be ne by the students is to Co., 1356. 5 177 Pp. D. cl., $1.26. 
rig a fore-and-ait schooner *‘ Heavy is but an advance on the earth we 

“Alabama. Szfreme Court. Report of cases, | Mr. Grizzle is supposed to be possessed of a spiri 
; . ble and can at at 10ment trave! through space 
at diaindae B84: } | ee ee a in ly 1 ough space 
D , ree +s ) W. Shepher St. Re r* | upon things in various worlds from different stand 
Foe i P Montgomery, J. White, 1886. ” His body gets into a trance on one occasion and hes 
717 p. O. shp., $4.50. tive days mourned by his friends. When t 
a ae : oe . vives, it is found that although apparently only five 
*American (The) decisions: cont. the cases of ead, Mr. Grizzle’s soul has spent a whole fortnig 
general value me authority ; comp. and anno ven. This heaven is supposed to be located or 
; , lanet Jupiter and Chicago to ke its ch y the 
tated by A. C. Freeman. V. 72, [1854-1859.! | ! ce ee ee +. signs AM t 
S 8 : " ’ ae J rics ¢ modern itfe are discussed DY the giants of that re 
San | rancisco, RB: incrott- WI +f ney _O., 13a. gion and Socialism receiv s special attention and is ve 
2h shp.. S« rather a failure ie book shows ingenuity 
3 p. O. shp., $5. t Phe | 
je . a . , ‘ . most careiu 1ading 1 be understo ad. It SI 
*American etchings: a series of twenty original | yventio to call it 2 novel 
etchings by American artists ; with des« oo *Bulwer-Lytton, E: Rob., [ Zord Lytton; 
¢ las 9 > ] . — oo . > , le 4 *s d yu + ] 
text and biographical matter by S. R. Koehl “KE edith’) 7 ' ; 
; wen Meredith. ucile. Cadir t. Bost 
1d | S. Bost Est < v | +1) iat T8&<« Te it : j Li l i e | Shee 
and others. Bost., Estes & Lauriat, 1885. In| Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1886., $1; hi 

. portfolio, S15. 

Por ay Mrs. Marg. [‘‘ The Duchess,” /seud.] 
Lady Valworth’s diamonds. N. Y. ; Norman # 

cf., $2; seal or tree cf., $3. 
Bunyan, |]: Grace abounding to the chief of sin- 
ners. N. Y., Cassell & Co., [1886.] 3-192 | 

‘ } . ’ | « 
mro ire | > ro XY imro s ih owe = . ° i 
Munro, |! “J “5 P- »- Mu ro Ue, [. (Cassell’s national lib., no. 38.) pap., ro: 
no, OO1.) pap., 10 c, al . a ; : 
Burns, Rob. Poems. Cabinet . Bost 
* Arkansas. Supreme Court. Digest, by a, ee Hought in, Mifflin & Co., 1886., $1 
Hopkins and E. R. Morgan. |1837-1884.] V. 2. cf., $2: seal or tree cf., $3. 
*S in N ills ae Co TS 12 Se x ry» r*y 1 7 
ve nag a om a Nea *Buxton, Avzv. Wilmot. Parable sermons 
25 ) } t}, wehlete ce f Sire ; . ‘ . ‘ 
LISS Pp. VV. SUP., ae Comprele 1 *, O15. children. N.Y., Ja. Pott & Co., 1886. D. cl. 
*Blunt, Stanhope E. _ Instructions in rifle and P1.25. 
; I ; - : 
carbine firing. N. Y., C: Scribner’s Sons, 1886. | *Buxton, Av. Wilmot. The life of duty. N.Y. 
). cl., se, $2. Ja. Pott & Co., 1886. 2v., met, $3. 
*Boston girl (A) at Boston, Bar Harbor, and | *Chester, A. H. Catalogue of minerals, alpha- 
Paris. Chic., and N. Y., Belford, Clarke & betic ally arranged, with their ¢ hemical compo- 
Co., 1886., $1. sition and synonyms. N. Y., J: Wiley & 

Braddon, Miss M. E., [xow Mrs. ]: Maxwell.]| _50Ms, 1886. O. cl., $1.25. 
Mohawks, pt. 1. N.Y., G: Munro, [1886.] | Chester, J:, .D. Earthly watchers at the 

3-224 p. S. (Seaside lib., pocket ed., no. 851.) heav enly gates; the false and the true spirit- 
pap., 20¢. ualism. Phil., Presb. Bd. of Pub., [1886 

, 320 p., $1.15 
Braddon, Miss M. E., [» -. Mrs. J: Maxwell. Dr. Chester's book, while showing much of the absurdity 
The octoroon. N. Y., J: W. Lovell Co., | of spiritualism, also aims to show the nobleness of tru 


[ 1886. | 2+160p. S. (J ovell’s lib., no. 783.) Bible spiritualism, inasmuch as the Scriptures fully an- 

; | swer all proper inquiries concerning the state of the dead; 
pap., IOC. | and the communion of saints through Christ and the H: 
Braeme, Charlotte M., | ‘* Bertha M. Clay,’ ’ pseud.| | Spirit yields far more real comfort than could comet th oo in 
7 a le N. Y. Norman j Mun any séance though communication were pose ne 
A true magdalen. Norman 1. UNTO, | tains a slight thread of story with a view to make the book 
[1886.] 24+313p. S. ( Munro's lib., no. 659.) | more popular. 

pap., 20 C. *Child, Francis J., ed. Poems of religious sor- 

*Brewer, A. T., amd Laubscher, G. A. Ohio! row, comfort, counsel, and aspiration. New ed. 
corporations other than municipal as authorized Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1886. S. cl., 
by the old and new constitutions and regulated $1.25. 

by statute ; with notes of decisions and forms. | *Ghrist for to-day : international sermons by 

ad ed., enl. Cin., Rob. Clarke & Co., 1886. eminent preachers of the church in England 

14+429 p. O. shp., met, $3. and America. N. Y., Ja. Pott & Co., 1550 
*Britts, Mattie Dyer. Chryssie ; or, standing 270 p. D. cl., $2.50. 

*Jn this list, the titles generally are verbatim transc scriptio ns (according to the ‘rule of the American 
Librar Y 2 Association) Jrom Gooks received. Books not received are indicat dl by a pre fi xed aster ish, 
and this office cannot be held responsible for the correctness of their record. This list will be rep printed, 
verbatim, with all the notices of the books received, in the TRADE List ANNUAL. 

oe ’ ” , r 

" 584 The Publishers’ Weekly. Sat 769 | Oct. 235 86. 
: running in transition curves Ni. 5. Ree #: is carried out throughout some beautiful landsc: apes, little 
‘ Chek 2 i ae ei ee bird pictures. and exquisite flower designs  F- 

oh of 


Cm.) + 
, 0b] 

y & 
t the 

| true 
ly an- 
dead ; 
. book 

} SOF- 
cc? ed. 

bs Chey 

s by 



Oct. 23, '86 [ Vo. 769). 

*Church handy dictionary. N.Y., Ja. Pott & 

Co., 1885. D. ei. 75 Cc. 

Cicero, Marcus Tullius. Tusculan disputations ; 
tr., with an introduction and notes, by Andrew 
P. Peabody, Bost., Little, Brown & Co., 1886. 
3+331 p. D. cl, $1.25. ' 

Cont sins the five essays: On the contempt of death: On 
he ~ pain; On grief ; On the passions ; and On virtue 
<ufficient for happiness. They all havea distinctly ethi- 
-al purpose. and also a clearly defined plan, and a regular 
set nence of thought and reasoning. he translator has 
sed Moser’s text. His aim has been, he says, as in previ- 
we translations, not to give what is commonly called a lit- 
eral version,’ but to put Cicero’s thought unaltered into 

st English forms at my command. 

Cleveland, Ohio. Map of Cleveland. 
fand, O., The Burrows Bros. Co., 1886. 
folded map., 5. pap., 10 Cc. 

Cook, Jos. Orient; with preludes on current 
eyents. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1886. 

340 p. por. D. cl., $1.50. 

biect of the Boston Monday Lectures is to present 

ilts of the freshest German, English, and American 
rship on the more important and difficult topics 


16 p- 

ling the relations of religion and science. Mr. 
Cook has just completed a tour of the world, the journey 
ipying two years and seventy-seven days. He lect- 

nan average every other working day. Among 

e salient points of the present volume are a study 

haracter and career of Keshub Chunder Sen and 

ontributions of the Brahmo Somaj of India to the 

f comparative theology; a consideration of the 

vements and probable future of civilization in Aus- 

i discussion of the international duties of Chris- 

and of the prospects of imperial federation in the 

Brit empire,etc. The /rinceton Review pronounces 
Mr. Cook “ta great master of analysis.” 

Cutts, Aev. E: L. Scenes and characters of the 
middle ages. New ed. N. Y., Ja. Pott & Co., 

1886., $ 


Divorce; or, the trials and temptations of a 
lovely woman. N. Y., Norman L. Munro, 
[rss6.] 2+106 p. S. (Munro’s lib., no. 658.) 

pap., 10 Cc, 

‘Dodge, 1/rs. Mary Mapes. Hans Brinker. New 

N. Y., C: Scribner's Sons, 1886. II. sq. D. 

a D1.50. 
Drewry, Edith S. Baptized with a curse : a ro- 
mance. N. Y., Norman L. Munro, [1886.] 24 


238 p. S. (Munro’s lib., no. 657.) pap., 20 c. 

Dukes, Edwin Joshua. Along river and road in 
Fuh-Kien, China; with map and il. from 
sketches by the author. N. Y., American Tract 
Soc., [1886.] 348 p. D. cl., $1.25. 

(he endeavor has not been to represent China from the 
special point of view of the politician, merchant, or mis- 
sionary, but simply to describe the scenes of daily life as 
they appear to one moving to and froamong them. The 
hapters are mostly compiled from notes made when trav- 
ing upon mission journeys and from letters written to 
iriends in England. The author thinks that in a few 
years the ‘* Chinese question * will become a great interna- 
tional problem, which it will need all the wisdom of West- 
ern countries to solve. 


“Eaton, D.C. Beautiful ferns ; containing ten 
colored plates of American ferns ; from draw- 
ings by C. E. Faxon and J. H. Emerton ; text 
by Prof. D. C. Eaton. Bost., Estes & Lauriat, 
1885. Q. cl., $3.75. 

Finley, Martha F., [‘ Martha Farquharson.” | 
he thorn in the nest. N. Y., Dodd, Mead & 
Co., [1886.] 5-305 p., $1.25. 
he scene alternates from the interior of Pennsylvania 

tr hil i ° 7 
to Chillicothe, Ohio; the plot is transparent and involves se- | 

— misunderstandings, a love affair and many journeys 

= — western wilderness before Dr. Clendenin is en- 
bride to prove his identity and claim Nellie Lamar as his 
ener A taint of insanity is the thorn in the Clendenin 

J. A. Short lectures to electrical ar- 

mer being a course of experimental lectures 
a to a practical audience. N.Y., E. & 
-N. Spon, 1886. 208 p. il. O. cl., $1.50. 

— want fas... aes = 

The Publishers’ Weekly. 553 

Forrest, R. E. The touchstone of peril : a novel 

of Anglo-Indian life, with scenes during the 

mutiny. N. Y., Harper, 1886. 70 p. Q. (Har- 

per’s Franklin sq. lib., no. 547.) pap., 20 ¢. 

The author has the advantage of personal familiarity 
with the materials of which his novel is built up. The 
characters are natural and life-like. People are possibly a 
little tired of stories of the Indian mutiny, but when we 
once get started in this the interest is sustained without 
any lapses and the author has love-scenes, battle-scenes, 
tournaments enough for another story. 

Foster, C: Bible pictures and what they teach 
us. N. Y., Ward & Drummond, [1886.] 232 
sq. O. cl., $1.50. 

More than three hundred pictures from the Bible will 
be found inthis volume. A short explanation accompa- 
nies each one. In preparing these the writer has endeav- 
ored to make them simple enough for little children to un- 
derstand, and at the same time sufficiently interesting 
to hold their attention, By the author of the‘ Story of the 

*Fothergill, J. Milner, 47.). The-will power ; 
its range in action. N. Y., Ja. Pott & Co., 1886. 
184 p. D. cl., $1.25. 

*Ginn, F. B., avd Coady, Ida A. Combined num- 
ber and language lessons; containing eight 
hundred oral and written lessons. /vachers’ ed. 
Bost., Ginn & Co., 1886. 157 p., 55 ¢. 

*Girder, W. I. The weight of iron; being tables 
of the weight of plates one inch to 4 feet thick; 
also the weight of round, square and flat bars 
angle and tee iron. N.Y., E. & F. N. Spon, 
1886. Folding card, 4o c. 

Girl’s(A) room ; with plans and designs for work 
upstairs and down and entertainments for her- 
seif and friends ; by some friends of the girls. 

3ost., D. Lothrop & Co., [1886.] 5-236 p. il. 

S. cl., $1. 

A practical book of instruction for girls, teaching them 
agreeable ways of making their rooms and homes pretty 
without much expense, how to darn and mend, how to 
amuse themselves in a healthful, enjoyable way. The 
chapters on keeping a journal ; on herbariums ; on scrap- 
books: on Sir Walter Scott’s idea; on dolls’ mittens, etc., 
are thoroughly adapted to a girl's characteristic tastes. 
The * friends of the girls ** have done their work with en- 

Goebel, Julius. Zur deutschen frage in Amerika: 
ein wort iiber schule, seminar und schulverein. 
N. Y., B. Westermann & Co., 1886. 4+ 19 p. 
S. pap., 15 c. 

An argument to preserve the German language among 
the German immigrants and their descendants, and to es- 
tablish a thorough educational system. 

Good things (The) of Zife; third ser. N. Y., 
White, Stokes & Allen, 1886. 64 p. obl. D. cl., 

Each page is a cartoon from 17/¢, withthe text beneath 
it. The designs are all extremely amusing, being hits 
mostly at society weaknesses and follies. 

*Griffiths, Arthur. Memorials of Millbank, and 
chapters in prison history ; il. by R. Goff and 
the author. MNewed. Phil., J. B. Lippincott 
Co., 1886. O. cl., $4.50. 

Haggard, H. Rider. King Solomon’s mines. 
N. Y., Norman L. Munro, [1886.] 2+177 p. 
S. (Munro’s lib., no. 660.) pap., 20 c. 

Hamilton, Kate Livingston. The Chester coterie. 
Phil., Presb. Bd. of Pub., [1886.] 236 p. 1 il. 
S. cl., $1. 

A number of Sunday-school boys and girls desiring to 
raise a sum of money for a charitable object and wishing 
to avoid the old-fashioned means of fairs and festivals, 
evolve two very excellent plans, which are successfully 
carried out. The girls bake cake, bread, biscuit, etc., and 
have a room where they sell it certain days, the boys open 
a gymnasium and debating club. Both the schemes are 
conducted on business principles and yield all the money 
they need. 

*Haraways, B. H. Pocket-book of tables and 
formule for railroad engineers; embracing, 

besides the usual tables and formula, those for 

ee. 2 >. es aee..|6| Lee ~, Oe 


running in transition curves. N.Y., E.& F.N. 
Spon, 1886. 48 p. O. mor., $2. 
*Harte, Bret. Poems. Cadinet ed. 
ton, Mifflin & Co. S.. cl, 
seal or tree cf., $3. 
*Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Complete works. /7¢t/e 
Classic ed. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 
1886. 25 v. S. $25; hf. cf. or hf. mor., $50; 
tree cf., $75. 
*Hawthorne, Nathaniel. 
other twice-told tales. 
flin & Co., 1886. S. 
no. 5.) cl., 50 ¢. 
*Heard, Franklin Fiske. Precedents of pleadings 
in personal actions in the superior courts of 
common law; with notes. Bost., Little, 
Brown & Co., 1886. 7+555 p. O. shp., $5. 
*Hervey, Acv. A. B. Beautiful wild flowers of 
America ; with colored plates from original 
drawings by Isaac Sprague. [| New zs 
Estes & Lauriat, 
Howard, Adah M. 

Bost., Hough- 

1886. , ot; hf. cf., $2: 

The snow-image, and 
Bost., Houghton, Mif- 
(Riverside pocket ser., 

sue. | Bost.. 
O. pl., $3.75. 


Little Sunshine: or, the secret 

of the death chamber. N. Y., Norman L. 
Munro, [1886.] 2+164p. S. (Munro's lib., 
no. 655.) pap., 20 c. 

Howland, E:, ed. Social solutions, no.g. N. Y., 

J]: W. Lovell Co., [1886.] 
lib., no. 785.) pap., 10 c. 
Contents : The co-operative traveller abroad—M. Godin 

at home, by E: Owen Greening ; Kameah, a co-operative 
commonwealth : The Voornit of Gand; Across the 
tinent for $1, by Will. D. Southworth; A. R. Parsons’ 
speech at his trial; The strike at Vierzon; Social solutions, 
by M. Godin, tr. by Marie Howland 

Hugo, Victor. Les miserables. N. Y., J: 
Lovell Co., [1886.] 3 pts., 5-364; 3 

(Lovell’s lib., no. 784.) pap. 

264 p. S. (Lovell’s 



731-1096 p. S. j , 
ed., 20 C. 

*Hume, D: History of England. SAoston ed. 
3 v. Bost., Estes & Lauriat, 1886. D. cl., 
Sn me 
Ys D+ 

*Indiana. Supreme Court. Reports of cases; by 
J. W. Kern, Off. Rep. V. 106, Nov. term, 1885 

‘May term, 1886. 
Merrill Co., 1886. 

Indianapolis, The Bowen- 
22+ 044 p. O. shp., $3.50. 

Inter-denominational Congress. Discussions of 
the Inter-denominational Congress in the inter- 
est of city evangelization, held in Cin., Dec. 7- 
11, 1885. Cin., published by the Congress, 
{Cranston & Stowe,| 1886. 269 p. O. pap., 75 ¢. 
The titles of some of the papers read before the Con- 

gress and the subjects of some of the discussions are: 

Menace of the modern city to our civilization ; Socialism, 

by Prof. R: T. Ely: The atheistic trend of socialism, by 

Simeon Gilbert, D.D.; The homeless classes, by Rev. T: K. 

Beecher ; The enforcement of moral legislation, by Rev. 

Sylvester F. Scovel; Church neglect as caused by the 

strife between labor and capital; Sabbath desecration; 

The relation of certain phases of immorality to business 

interests, by Murray Shipley ; Christian work for the pop- 

ulation of foreign parentage ; Christianity and the bread- 
winners, by Rev. C. Clifton Penich. 

Jerome, Irene E. The message of the bluebird 
told to me to tell to others. [Mew ed.| Bost., 
Lee & Shepard, 1886. No paging, il. O. cl., $2; 
pap., $1. 

In new attractive binding of blue and white cloth, with 
gold and blue lettering and design, 

Jerome, Irene E. Nature’s hallelujah ; il. and 
arranged by Irene E. Jerome. Bost., Lee & 
Shepard, 1887 [1886.] 85 p. obl. O. cl, $6; 
tky. mor., tree cf. or Spanish cf., $12. 

Somewhat similar in its general design to ‘‘ One year’s 
sketch-book.’’ Consists of a series of nearly so full-page 
illustrations (944 x 14 in.), engraved by George T. An- 
drew, and finely printed on rich tinted paper. They all 
symbolize nature’s awakening in the spring, the birds, the 
flowers, etc., all singing ‘“‘ praise to the Lord.”’ This idea 

The Publishers’ Weekly. 

The Publishers’ Weekly. 

[Vo. 769] Oct. 23, '86 


is carried out throughout some beautiful landscay 
bird pictures, and exquisite flower designs, F 
has a selection from a tavorite poet. 
*Johnson, I. B. The theory and practice of sur. 
veying; designed for the use of surveyors and 
engineers generally, but especially for the se 
of students in engineering. N.Y., J: Wiley & 
Sons, L556. 7OO p- QO, cl., 3.50. i 

€S, little 
“ach Page 

*Kerr, Walter Montagu. The far interior - a 
narrative of travel and adventure from the cape 
of Good Hope, across the Zambesi to the lake 
regions of Central Africa. Bost.,“Houghton. 
Mifflin & Co., 1886. 2-v., il. and map., O. ¢],. 

*King, A’ev. Ja. Anglican hymnology; being an 
account of the 325 standard hymns of the high- 
est merit according to the verdict of the whole 
Anglican church. N. Y., Ja. Pott & Co., 

312 p. D. cl., $2. 


Lean, J/rs. Francis, | former/y Florence Marryat 
The girls of Feversham. N. Y., G: Munr 
[1886.] 3-264 p. S. (Seaside lib., pocket ed., 
no. 567.) pap., 20 C. 

Lean, W/rs. Francis, [ formerly Florence Marryat.| 
Petronel. N. Y., Norman L. Munro, [1886.] 

2+ 298 p. S. (Munro's lib., no. 639.) pap., 20¢. 


Lean, V/rs. Francis, | formerly Florence Marryat.| 
A star and a heart. N. Y., Norman L. Munro. 
[1886.] 2+130 p. S. (Munro's lib., no. 640.) 
pap., IOC. 

*Lesage, A. R. Adventures of Gil Blas of San- 
tillana; rendered into English by Henri van 
Laun. Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., 1886. 3y. 
O. cl., $15. 

*Levermore, C: H. The republic of New Haven: 
a history of municipal evolution. Balt., Md., 
N. Murray, Agt. Johns Hopkins Univ., 1886. 
342 p. O. cl., $2. 

Life’s verses : second series ; il. by F. G. Attwood, 
H. W. McVickar, Alfred Brennan, J. A. Mitch- 
ell, and others. N. Y., White, Stokes & 
Allen, 1886. 56 p. sq. O. cl., $1.50. 

Humorous pictures and verses from the satirical paper 

Life; the designs are from such artists as Attwood, Mc- 

Vickar, Brennan, Herford, Mftchell, and Sterner; the 

poems are from James Jeffrey Roche, Robert Grant, 
H. L. Satterlee, and other writers of vers de société. 

Lindau, Paul. Klaus Bewer’s wife; from the 
German by Clara S. Fleishman. N. Y., H: 
Holt & Co., 1886. 3+253 p. S. (Leisure hour 
ser., no. 195.) cl., $1. Same, (Leisure mornent 
ser.) pap., 50 c. 

Klaus Bewer is the son of a rich Lubeck ship-owner 
At twenty-five he tires of life in his father’s counting- 
house and goes off to Sumatra. Here all he touches turns 
to money. At thirty-three he becomes homesick, winds up 
his business, and returns to Lubeck. On the evening 0! 
his return he visits a variety theatre and falls in love with 
a second-rate ballad singer, invites her to supper, and 
within a week marries her. The little details of their mar- 
ried life are brightly told. The author’s point is that the 
wife of a cultured man must have developed in the same 

social atmosphere or one similar to his own. Men do not 
require learned women, but all that is beautiful and good: 
faith, morality, love, friendship, truth, etc. Klaus 

Bewer’s brother’s wife and her sister form the contrast- 
ing picture to his Bohemian love. The book is well trans- 

*Lingard, J: History of England. Bost., Estes 
& Lauriat, 1885. rov., $40; hf. cf. or 
hf. mor., $65 ; full cf., $85. 

*Longfellow, H: W. Christus: a mystery. («?- 
inet ed. Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 
1886. S. cl., $1; hf. cf., $2; seal or tree cf., 33- 

*Longfellow, H:W. Poems. Cadinet ed. 
Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1886. S. cl., 
hf. cf., $2; seal or tree cf., $3. 

| Vo. 769] Oct. 22. 6 

, Rly. 

The Publishers’ Weekl 

woe 69]. neice das 

3, 86 [Wo. 7 9 

Oct. 23, ro 

= ‘ iso,} 
dyl > [a . 
-entury 1 : 
An eighteenth yeoubl N. Y., = 3 
| tillie; [a/so,] he hundred s Seaside lib., a 
jevison. The worth the hold: | ‘The ro, [1886] 3-2 20 c. Eng- 
ine, ee ee D.| Mun d., 0. 859.) Pap., oetry of the ith 
sur- *Loraine, easonably he Co., 1886. 170 p. | Serena d. Humorous p to Saxe ; wi 
and can it 2 Y Ja. Pott & 7 . | *Parton, Ja., = from ee ed. Bost., 
: . ¢ Be Fa J - St., ° uage, > Heuse $1.75 > 
use ing - binet ed. Bo lish lang traits. D. cl., 
y& cl. 75 © Russell. fate, $1; hf. | notes and Mifflin & Co., ar iacal or tree cf., 
*Lowell, Ja. Mifflin & a nage | i page 8 25; hf. cf., $3; 
ighton, ! cf., $3. h:a 1 gilt, $2.25 ; = mis- 
‘te _—_ seal or wees Joan cee aioe | Z g D.D. The —_ — Y. 
cape es tharine 5S. . 219 p. 9. ; rT., DD. clouds. N. 
M0 — 7 ¥. ae ors » 25 ¢. healthy | Pierson, arid voice out “s 1 3-370 p. D. cl., 
fel, N. Xe, bs 7 ,a 4H : ‘ I 
rs om handy ser., saan the > 7 er; ee — Rob. Carter & Bros. is the necessary 
we pers Ne -orth appea Her school-life ; o be prai ob. issions is look for 
Wentwi > child. longing t kup | dern missio hall we loo d 
Joan V assionate chi and her rtune brea | $1.25. cts of mo In vain s t sprea 
ae ik be arabe Sede stoarding-school | liton of intelligent interest.” Tn Necksure {oF al 
> tion fo are admira life. Joan here. the giim dthe | condition c engrossing issionary iever is broug _ 
uigh- by him, fe rtable home- dships ma et wpck family, an ee for full — idual believ he work is 
. somio tory an 1 ti ings, il the indivi ce. 7 insure 
hole a. The frien final reunion o hor make a s of gospe ks, unti a ae ee ! 
Franc life, the ted aut of young : ranks, and fact. compas ith gilt 
Sioacn ate out try tte, th a talented wledge issionary h the grand : narrow with g 
L886, French cc a of Joan into thor’s kno = face wit ithina ly gotten up 
; heau face to ressed w is neatly g 
developmen d full of t on ly comp days, It 
true to fale and locale. ws passed ata on pu ers > these busy y miscellaneous 
yat.| girls’ trials and Legislature. La n. 5-March 18, | rea and uncut edges. Critical and D. cl., 
nro, *Mississippi. Legis Jackson, Jan. Pr., 1886. | top W: H. 1886. 234 p. 
“tlar peurioe: Debt. ia H. Henry, St. Pr., eae 1CY, J: Alien d.] 
éd., Ss e “ . , ’ e 
yo Jackson, wig 50. of | essays. N. Y., Cornwall,’ Seem 
comm O. shp., $3. nsciousness 65 c. V., [‘* Barry hton, M 
yat. | poe ee es S., comp. Self-co leisure hours. *Proctor, B. \ ot ed. Bost., i ae seal or tree 
" } = ° n S., on .° é . 4 ’ 
336. | Morrill, ae compiled £886,] 15+187 p. Poeme. =. cl., $1; hf. cf., 
OC, noted Fknor & Co., 1887 [1 Ver & Co., 1886. a A house- 
er- Citta” seen > 
" Bost., Tic Senator from f., $3. ‘“ Quida,” ps a . Ss. 
on : O. cl,, om was ——— then a farmer, and in 183 ‘i - Louise de 2 cies i : a z 
l ‘ ma oe S. Morr chant, 2 his le ame, . ° -) pa *? 
: Justin yas first a mer During The pres > o. 874 : 
640.) ; He was “ongregs. k. 1 arty. i ed., ni hmar: 
OD oes nee Cone collected during many (Seaside lib, pocket. Oui, fora) Ochna 
. he read much aan up of extracts te great men | tinction uise de la, ( vell Co., | 1 3 
San- ent ge 5 sedis upon the ae a The = is an Rame, a N.Y., J: W. Lo 790.) pap., 20 ¢. h 
van years, all bea he autho ity. The boc ith novel. cael lib:, no. ~ ketch- 
years, ~mselves. nd vanity inning Ww a Lovell’s : ng ands 
2Y. : yn thems : iousness a - ions. Be . re- | FE . ( : l drawi g rr 
7 on lacie aerial sua pee || 3577S. ng’ applications of photography 
a onan down + omni fields cea are ~_ *Reed, caloion oe O. cl., $3.50. 
fen: a , : u ’ o- . ° . a a Ss 
oe ee but nae one ch pole eed ot. | ing, 1 : Wiley & Sons, Maryland + samen 
Mc 7 * sented. The “_ ericans, wit book isa literary N. Yo, J: Index to : st Marylan 
1886. i English, colada pee Greeks. The Y | Ringgold, Ja. T. & McHenry to aes (with ref- 
: ae ans, é *» e - 
= pore value. < of entrées. N. from Ist Harris Bland & Johna Md., John 
ood osity of f T: J. The book 886 83 P- ee Reports, gh ) See shp., $10; 
Sa eet eee Allen, 1886. | the digests. 1155p. VU. 
itch- 4 M fhite, Stokes & ipes for en- | erences to 86. 34+ 
s & a a 75 C ired and een ere sen _ Pr | Murphy edie in 2Vv., ee & Me Cie 
z 50 *) - <J e ’ » | “ < a. » 
/ ) f one hundre ches, late breakfa y should be interleaved c ins references +: Harris oom 
. i Upwards of anede. lunches, d ingenuity d sug- | inte e contains son’s Rep. 7 V.; iIl’s Rep. 9v.; 
pape ‘es, Suitable di sh care an he platter, an aré | The volum is & Johnson 12 V.; Gi ery De- 
Mc- F tree thes iys that muc trées on t oe What ar ma y.: Harris on’s Rep. land Chance rol- 
Yaa Murrey say arranging of en zarnishing. ich cooks | Rep. 4 V. ; ill & Johns 7.: Maryla king 102 vo 
: the n the arrang soe and ga a hich coc 2 v.: Gi v= 7.; making 
A shown in the arra of serving an -dishes in whic! acity. | Rep. 2 v. ; ery Rep. 3 Rep. 61 Vv. ; 
srant, sal any Ways > dainty side : and capacity | d’s Chanc ryland 3 
gestS ma 7 ‘es are dai : nvention | Blan hod and Ma y rav- 
cnown as entré strate their i the palate. - | cisions, 4 V.; wood-eng 
ie : aaa spec on akieue eye as well as a ; first series. | pr in all. Works : with all aes 1886, D. 
] H. , They must ~Y R “a Songs a itd p. D. cl., | *Ruskin, 7: N Y., 7 Wiley jecumsemendll 
hour oe 7 Pott & Co., 1886. : ae ile Same, with a take $28.50. 
nt a ee chanics | cl., $19.50. i L, 18 v. : : ntry, 
me 60 c, W A = = a Phil., | ond 277 full Pp- P i The eee Coe 
: Vs - é ° r . . . Ir 
wner. "eta 18th = ‘Maakon ian form, | Safford, a J-, a oo eed ih 
iting- and engine Co., 1886. ther tales : Mary JI. oa il. D. 
turns I.B Lippincott "a Ohio, | and o lated by Mary 6.] 4+285 p. u. 
is up J. . i tes of , transla bi % 188 " 
ve of $3.50. dix to the revised ene to the = Crowell & Co., [ ng children, 
- with *Ohio. Appendi: lements t to83| T: ? s for very young eer pet, 
r, and to all editions of nn to volumes fears by | cl, — — ee boys.” The oe 
- mar- X . - . of C 10, dmen ’ - : eteen isS Sa ° s ~hool- y i Seide 3 
at the a Oe ce ae cee 2 Cow) ane BC. and“ Two I ws floating 
same Ohio ‘laws, ; ob. ‘“‘ Boys’ B. C., istian y C. Sturm ; , » by 
. - rt Be Giauque. nie ah — et, $2.50. Pi are . ee a the a by, Haut sa 
good: 7p. O. hf. 2 : Fitz- trip to the n ich Seidel; T1 nfoll, by -maid o 
tase 1886, 167 P. . : . by E: A Heinric of Stee : butter tale 
aa Khayyam. Ther ee aneline ed, Martin Kok - siete tie coe onde 
abe *Omar J ~13 Vedder. Bost., an ice eyer, ine w k; The yo rg, 
tran ; i] by Elihu a h totype. munda, lius Lohm y Martin Ko , Jessen, Be £ 
gerald ; il. duced in pho $12.50. | 5 bst, by Ju rfly, by tories by . Con- 
; 4 ro Gia Zer - The butte veral st Keyser. 
setes ith designs vo 1886. Q. Seidel ; ff, and se Stefanie 
Estes : shton, Mifflin & Co., ’s new cook- scam by en doll Frey, nates h- 
“f. or Houg ’ . Owen’s ne s er, Hahn, ll-page pic Bost Houg 
tharine. Catharine tt of cooking. —— number of fu Cabinet ed. - hf cf. $2; 
*Owen, Cat lar treatise on the a tains :-G. Poems. S. cl., $1; hf. cf., 
ab- ok : a popular, $1. *Saxe, J:G. 1886. 5S. 
Ca boc P 886. Saxe, s Co., 
vassell & Co., 1 ad.) A liffiin & 
Co., N. Y., Casse [‘‘ Vernon Lee,” fois ] The ton, Mi 
So, , Violet, illie: fa 50, 
al a ; [also,] Ottillie ; 
Sost., Pp anto 
$1 ; 

mh abinet ed. Bost., 
1 or tree cf., sabes Bost 
a ; Poems. um oe 
rman os 3 ati 
URE, AR hin 

prince o 6 2+161 p. S. (} . Nitin & Co, 

= an -| cf., $2; sea 

om Vi “i “Te Vernon Lee,” pseud.] Ot- | 

Paget, Miss Vio et, 

| The Publishers’ J i ‘eekly. 

; 69 é a wet 

'86 | No.7 

Oct. 23, 


wre erw 
~~ oe, - 
Kan Om 


- Ite 

586 The Publishers’ Weekly. | o. 769] Oct. 2 

Smith, M/rs. L. T., [“L. T. Meade,” pseud.| A 
world of girls : the story of a school ; il. by M. 
E. Edwards. N. Y., Cassell & Co., 1886. 288 p. 
D. cl., $1.50. 

Tells of the boarding-school life of Hetty Thornton, a 
studious, conceited girl and her various associates. There 
is one bad girl, for whose actions there seems to be no mo- 
tive but innate wickedness. All theteachers are delight- 
ful, the principal especially so, Warm-hearted, mischiev- 
ous, lazy Annie Forest, the school-favorite, will appeal to 
the affections of girl-readers. Has a very inviting cover. 

*Soule, R: A dictionary of English synonymes, 
and synonymous or parallel expressions. Mew 

ed. Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., 1886. D. cl., | 

$2; hf. mor., $2.50; hf. rus., $3.50. 

*Sprague, I: Flowers of the field and forest : a 
new series of colored plates of native wild 
flowers; with illustrative text. Bost., Estes & 
Lauriat, 1885., $3.75. 

Symington, Maggie. The king’s command: a | 

story for girls; il. by Hal. Ludlow, N., Y., 

Cassell & Co., 1886. 384 p. D. cl., $1.50. 

Mr, Curzon, an English soldier, has travelled through 
many lands with his twelve-year-old motherless daughter. 
He finally reaches England to be taken away from her at 
“the king’s command.’’ He appoints an old friend her 
guardian, but directs her to live alternately with two sis- 
ters of her mother, both Irish ladies of wealth and educa- 

tion. Dorothy has been very carefully brought up, and | 

much that her cousins do jars upon her. Still she hasa 
healthy, happy life. When she is twenty-one she comes 
into a large inheritance, which she uses for building a home 
for waifs and strays. Her marriage is romantic. 

Taylor, B: F. Complete poetical works. Chic., 

C. Griggs & Co., 1886. 9+355 p. por. D. cl., | 


Contains all the poems hitherto published in separate 
volumes under the titles ‘“‘ Songs of yesterday,” ‘* Old- 
time pictures,’ ‘‘ Dulce domum,”’ etc., with much new 
matter. Grouped anew as ‘* Poems of country life,” 
‘* Poems of times and seasons,” ‘‘ Poems of flowers and 
birds,”’ ‘* Poems of nature,’’ ‘‘ Poems of heroism,”’ ‘‘ De- 

scriptive poems,”’ ‘‘ Poems of sentiment,’’ and ‘* Poems of | 


Tennyson, Alfred, (Zord.) Dora. Bost., Lee & 
Shepard, 1887[1886.] 31 p. sq. D. cl., $1.50. 

W. L. Taylor furnishes all the designs for this hand- | 

some edition of Tennyson’s pathetic poem. His rural 
studies were made in England, and are most graceful and 

artistic. Many cover a whole page, other are scattered | 

through the text, or appear as appropriate head and tail 
pieces. The volume is the conventional small quarto, 

handsomely printed, on one side only of fine gilt-edge 

tinted paper. 

*Tennyson, Alfred, (Zord.) Poems. Cadinet ed. | 
Bost., Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1886., | 

$1; hf. cf., $2; seal or tree cf., $3. 
’ ~ 

*Thomas, Jos. Lippincott’s universal pronoun- | 

cing dictionary of biography and mythology. 
New rev. enl. ed. Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., 

1886. 2550p. O. shp., $12; hf. tky., $15 ; hf. | 

rus., $15. 
Thwing, ev. C: Franklin, and Thwing, V/s. 

Carrie F. Butler. The family : an historical and | 
social study. Bost., Lee & Shepard, 1887 [1886.] | 

213 p. O. cl., $2. 

‘The discussion begins with a description of the 
Semitic and Aryan families. The development of the 
marriage relation is then traced through Greek, Roman, 
Jewish, early Christian, Catholic, and Protestant civil- 
izations to the present day. A study is made of the family 

as an institution, divine and human, and as the basis of | 

social order. The authors then present some remarkable 
statistics as to the increase of divorce, especially in this 
country. The remedies suggested are a proper conception 
of woman’s responsibilities, a higher standard of belief 
and practice as to domestic institutions, a restoration of 
the religious basis of marriage, and uniformity of law as 
to marriage and divorce.” —JN. Y. Evening Post. Six pages 
are covered with a list of the works consulted in this com- 
pilation. Index. 

*Troilius, Magnus. Notes on the chemistry of 

iron, 2d ed. enl. N. Y., J: Wiley & Sons, 1886, 
O. cl., $2. 

588 The Publishers’ Weekly. 

GEO. Munro. N. Y. 

3, ‘86, 


United States. Surgeon-Generai's office. Index 
catalogue of the library of the Surgeon-Gep 
eral’s office, U. S. Army, Authors and subjects 
V.7, Insignarés-Leghorn. Wash., D.C., Goy. 

| ernment Printing office, 1886. 2+-959 p. Q,¢, 

Urbanitzky, Alfred Ritter von. Electricity jn 
the service of man: a popular and practica| 
treatise on the applications of electricity jp 
modern life ; from the German ; ed., with co. 
pious additions, by R. Wormell; with an intro. 
duction by J: Perry. N. Y., Cassell & Co, 
1886. 27+859 p. il. O. cl., $6. 

| ‘Although there is no want at present of works ang 

| periodicals which treat of the science of electricity, it jg 

not everybody’s business to go through fifty volumes to 
pick out from amongst the useful and useless that which 
is needed, and finally to retain just enough to make up 
one volume. The task of saving the general reader that 

trouble I have undertaken, and have sought to convey a 

| clear insight into the whole science of modern electro. 

technics, without requiring on the reader’s part any Spe- 
cial knowledge beyond that of ordinary education,”— 

Author's preface. Divided into two parts. The first js 

devoted to ‘‘ The principles of electrical science,” the sec. 

ond to *“ The technology of electricity.’ The second 
part is in two divisions. In the first division is given an 
account of machines for producing electricity and the 
various kinds of galvanic batteries. The second division 
gives a history of the electric light and the various kind 
of lamps, methods of lighting, etc.; also its use as a mo- 
tive-power, with a history of the different machines; also 

a history of the telephone, telegraph, etc. A very full 


| Valerie; or, half a truth. Chic., The Illustrated 
Pub. Co., [1886.] 3-22 p. D. (Popular ser., 
| mo. 6.) pap., 25 c. 

The heroine makes her début at a military ball given in 
| Donnington previous to the Egyptian campaign; she 
meets and falls in love with Captain Beauregard, who re- 
turns her love, but does not declare himself because he 
learns of a boy and girl engagement between Valerie Her- 
bert and Louis Charteris ; Valerie goes to London for her 
first season and her affairs become very complicated ; she 
breaks her engagement with Louis, flirts desperately, and 
refuses several eligible offers, before she acknowledges 
that she is untrue to herself in trying to conceal her love 
| for Max Beauregard. 

| Warner, C: Dudley. In the wilderness. Bost., 
| Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1886. 226 p. S. 
(Riverside pocket ser.) bds., 50 c, 

*Western reporter, v. 3. All cases in the courts 
of last resort : O., Ind., Ill, Mo.; from Sept. 
1885. Robert Desty, ed. Rochester, The Law- 
yers’ Co-operative Pub. Co., 1886. 1I+5- 
1029 p. O. shp., $5. 

*Whittier, J: G. Poems. Cadinet ed. Bost. 
Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1886. S. cl., $1; hf. 
cf., $2; seal or tree cf., $3. 

*Wilder, Salem. Life; its nature, origin and 
development, and the psychical related to the 
physical. Bost., Rockwell & Churchill, [Salem 
Wilder, 11 Summer st.) 1886., $1.50. 

Williams, G: Huntington. Modern petrography: 
an account of the application of the microscope 
to the study of geology. Bost., D. C. Heath 
& Co., 1886. 35 p. D. (Monograph’s of educa- 
tion.) cl., 25 c. 

*Willis, N. P., and others. Forest, rock, and 
stream ; twenty eng. by W. H. Bartlett and 
others; illustrating the natural scenery 0 
America, with descriptive text by N. P. Willis 
and others. Bost., Estes & Lauriat, 1885. Q: 
cl., $3.75. . 

*Wisconsin. Supreme Court. Reports of cases, 
F: K. Conover, Off. Rep. V.65, Dec. 23, 1595- 
Apr. 6, 1886. Chic., Callaghan & Co., 1880. 
30+ 726 p. O. shp., $2.50. 

*Yeo, Gerald F., 4.D. A manual of physiology: 
2d ed. Phil., P. Blakiston, Son & Co., 1886 
| 750 D. cl., $3; shp., $3.50. 

_[Vo. 769] Oct. 23, "86, 
| or — 


I owr— [HS 

Paget, Miss Violet, [‘‘ Vernon Lee,” pseud.] Ot- | 

Seay EEO eee 
cf., $2; seal or tree cf., $3. 

Oct. 23, '86 | Ne. 769]. The Publishers’ W arene 587 e 
eee ooo ae meaner b 
"86, ORDER LIST. : 
en Joun B. ALDEN, N. Y. D. C. Heatu & Co., Bost. 
re Prescott, Critical and miscellaneous essays 5 | Williams, Modern petrography ........-- 25 
“Gen : : dei . Miss. 
jects AmerIcaN Baptist Pus. Soc., Phila. ae R. H. HENRY, St. Printer, Jackson, Miss | 
oo @1.2< | Mississippi Legislature, Laws passed at e 
Goy. | Britts, Chryssie. ....-.-eeeee eee ee eeees SI. 25 | segues auctiad, jani4 ue Mans wee.. Aae ;, AMERICAN TRACT Soc., N. Y. ; " cad oe 
ity in Dukes, Along river and road in Fuh-Kien 1.25 | HENRY Hout & Co.,N.Y. 

Ctical ' —— — | Brydges, A fortnight in heaven.......... 1.25 
ity in BANCROFT-WHITNEY a _— y ee | Lindau, Klaus Bewer’s wife... ..... 50¢.; 1.00 
A mericz isions, v. 72 (Freeman)..... .0O : 

ro American dec 72 ( . , | HouGutTon, MIFFLIN & Co., Bost. 
0- re . 
Co BELFORD, CLARKE & Co., Chic. & N Bulwer-Lytton, Lucile, Cadinet ed., $1 -$2; 3.00 
” Boston girl, A eceeeeecoe se seeeseeceseeeee es I.oo | Burns, Poems, Cabinet ed.. . $13 : so ° 3.00 
ks and P. BLAKISTON, Son & Co., Phila. Child, Poems of religious sorrow, new ed. 1.25 
y, it is ' ‘ cn | Goh, COPREEE, 0.0.00 dows conan sacemepibeses 1.50 
0, Mz l of physiology, 2d ed..... $3; 3.50 , . . 
‘Whi Yeo, Mase s? i Sy : : 39 Harte, Poems, Cabinet ed .......- $1; $2; 3.00 
ake = THE BowEN MERRILL Co., Indianapolis. Hawthorne, Complete works, Little classic 
ler that Indiana Supreme Ct. reports, v. 106(Kern) 3.50| ¢d., 25 v., see“ — Record.” 
lecire — The snow image. = San sii cna 50 
Ly a THE Burrows Bros. Co., Cleveland, O. Kerr, The far interior, 39.3 op etskes veka g.00 
ion.” — Cleveland, Ohio, MAP . cece rece er eeess ° IO | Longfellow, Christus, Cadinet ed. $1 * $2; 3.00 
oan CALLAGHAN & Co.. Chic. — Poems, Cabinet ed.......e005: $1 ; $2: 3.00 
second " al Lowell, Poems, Cabinet ed....... $1 ; $2; 3.00 
ven an , Wacone, wearee Ct. er v. 65, (Con- Omar Khayy4m, The rubaiyat, ew small- 
ws } over) . pw ae ae coeoese 2.50 ered. 12.50 
3 kind 4 ROBERT CARTER & Bros., N. Y. Parton, Humorous poetry, Household ed., 
Sa Mo- = Pierson, The crisis of missions......... os? he : $r. 75 to 4-50 
= Cc Co..N. Proctor, Poems, Cadinet ed ...... $1; $2; 3.00 
“on ASSELL & Co., Y. Saxe, Poems, Cabinet ed ....... a ; $2; 3.00 
trated Bunyan, Grace abounding..............+- 10 | Scott, Poems, Cadinet ed.......-- ; $2; 3.00 
> ane Owen, Catharine Owen's new cook-book.. * 1.00 | Tennyson, Poems, Casinet ed . e $2; 3.00 
2 Smith, A world of girls ........... ~++e+ I#50 | Warner, In the wilderness........ 50: 
vee te Symington, . king’s command ........ 1.50 | Whittier, Poems, Cadinet ed...... $1 . ‘$2 - ; 3.00 
n; sh Urbanitzky, EAI oc ncnsvessiasnnee 6.00 . 
om y ion ie y  & Co.. Ci THE ILLUSTRATED Pus. Co., Chic. 
aaa he ‘ aan ae O., _ WeGED: 0s Sct N ca obsess abaeceneceeennes 25 
. rewer and Laubscher, io corporations, ; 
for ber sd add P net, 3.00 THE LAWYERS’ CO-OPERATIVE Pus. Co., Roch- 
d : she 2d ed ...... eee e wees see eeeeweees y % ] 
ly, and Ohio, Appendix to the revised statutes, wef, 2.50 | ... ester, N. Y. 
vledges ; ; wee SOT ee 5.00 
at tee CRANSTON & STOWE, Cin. 
: Inter-dencuiinasiaaal di ; ao LEE & SHEPARD, Bost. 
Bost.. : CT-CEROMUARTIONS CONGTONM, CaeCUsRIOne A>) Abbas MINGNNEE Sc os is in SS WaT Sek aseess 1.25 
p. S. i T. Y. CROWELL & Co., N. Y. Jerome, The message of the bluebird, new 
Safford, The Christmas country..... tiene Sal ed. « teteeeeesees BIZ 2.00 
ties 4 y ”~ — Nature’s hallelujah. . casiscenes cede 
py cj Dopp, Mgeap & Co., N. Y. TN a 6g inc es icdeassaccanens 1.50 
i Finley, The thorn in the nest............ 1.25 | Thwing, The family.........+..+-.e+0+ 2.00 
I+5- DRAMATIC Pus. Co., Chic. THE J. B. Lippincott Co., Phila. 
Brown, A bold stratagem...... St ees 2 7 Griffiths, Memorials of Millbank, mew ed. 4.50 
Bost., ” | Be Ge Be 8 Winns vancenevdckanael 15.00 
sr: hi Estes & LAuRIAT, Bost. | Nystrom, Pocket-book of mechanics, 18¢ 
Asmerican cocbings 6. ois's'skd ce 80S bso 00s 15.00 OP. Jnchua ncn. ecdae tn sq cabesntteeee 3.50 
his gin Brown, Life of Jesus for young people. . 1.00 | Soule, English synonyms, mew ed. 
nati Eaton, Beautiful ferns . ; 3.75 : $2; $2.50; 3.50 
tin Hervey, Beautiful wild flowers of America, Thomas, Lippincott’s universal pronoun- 
a a UN. 6s Vidcat 3.75 cing dictionary, new rev. enl. ed. $12; 15.00 
-— ume, Hi ‘i 
raphy: 2 istory of England, Boston ed., ee LitrLe, Brown & Co., Bost. 
oscope Lingard, History of England, s “ */2 | Cicero, Tusculan disputations. ........... 1.25 
Heath Rocha » story of England, see “ Weekly Heard, Precedents of pleadings in personal 
. m ENS « 4 ba S40. oo sccntadadadeuee 5. 
educa wie Flowers of the field and forest .. 3.75 intial 
illis, Forest, rock, and stream. 3.75 D. Loturop & Co., Bost. 
k, and "I I ao a cuneate, ae d 
t and mm 27 Ginn & Co., Bost. (A) oe 
ry of —_ and Coady, Combined number and Joun W. LovELt Co., N. Y. 
Willis anguage lessons, 7vachers’ ed......... 55 Lovell’s Library. 
5. Q. S. C. Griccs & Co., Chic. eteat: : see ter (783.). . so lo 
Taylor, Complete i . owlan ocial solutions, no. 9 7 5.) 10 
cases: Nard plete poetical works......... 1.75 Hugo, Les miserables, 3 pts. (784.)....¢a. 20 
1885- . HARPER & Bros., N. Y. Sena, CPCeeNe COED, «a ncoes cacenaeeen 20 
orre . 
1886. L rb Bia touchstone of peril (H. F. S. MILLs Pus. Co., Des Moines. 
"9 IGfe) ¢ 0066 6éme . 
Maca Ta Sarto te ee teenence snes 20 Arkansas, Supreme ct., digest, v. 2 (Hop- 
quoid, Joan Wentworth (H. H. S., 98.) 25 kins), for complete work... 1.0.6... 400 15.00 
i sa ly 8 
Oct. 23, '86 [Ne. 769]. SUNN ee 
——SS—e—eow—>—mo — - — — 

—— | 

Se * a ee oe) a a 

588 The Publishers’ Weekly. ‘iets 769] Oe? 23, 86 

| — 

Seaside Library, Pocket Edition. Bl : : : ; : 
. nt, ions in ° > fir. 
Braddon, Mohawks, pt. 1 (881.).......... 20 — Instructions rifle and carbine fir 
_* ™ oO .. i 6 2 bie 6 60.8 6.60. om bieek @ eed’ @ « of be 
Lean, Girls of Feversham (867.).......... 20 ON al ete Meskitiiae dasa sad ves Met, $2. 
as MOCUROD SOON Boi nds oud toeebes da 20 | ge, ’ ee ons TA 5 
Rame, A house-party (874.)..........200- 10 E. & F. N. Spon, N. Y. 
NORMAN L. Munro, N. Y. Fleming, Short lectures to electrical arti- 
Munro's Library. 4 cikas sual ed aad ange aan ta ys I 
Argles, Lady Valworth’s diamonds (661.). . IO ee 

Girder, The weight of iron 

Braeme, A true magdalen (659-) pGatericke oy 20 | Haraways, Tables and formule for rail- 
Divorce (658.).......+++2+. . 10 COG CUMIIOTD «5 esc rs ssstenssincsc. 900 
Drewry, Baptized with a curse (657. . 20 
Haggard, King Solomon’s mines (660.). . son 20 TIcKNOR & Co., Bost. 
Howard, Little Sunshine (655.).......... 20 | Morrill, Self-consciousness of noted persons 1. x; 
Lean, A star and a heart (640.).......... 10 
re PORTION (G9G,) oo ois oi ca ves Cee Sees , 20 WARD & DRUMMOND, N. Y. 
Paget, A phantom lover (656.) eeeeeteeee 20 Foster, Bible pictures ventana s sé . bd 1.50 
_ JoHN Mourpuy & Co., Baltimore, Md. B. WESTERMANN & Co. N.Y. 
Ringgold, Index to Maryland decisions. .. $10.00 Gndne) Tat Cees 2 Ames P 
— Same, interleaved, 2 v............ ren a ee in Amerika. . I , 
N. Murray, ActT., Johns Hopkins University, J. WuiTe, Montgomery, Ala. 4 
Balt., Md. Alabama Supreme ct. er Vv. 7 sel % 
Levermore, The republic of New Haven.. 2.00 herd) ...sseceseeeeeeeeeeeees 4.5 ri 
James Pott & Co., N. Y. WHITE, STOKES & ALLEN, N. Y. a 
Buxton, Parable sermons ............ +++ 1-25 | Good things of Life......cecccececeees. a6 
Buxton, The life of duty, 2v.........met, 3.00] Life’s verses . 8 
Christ for to-da ‘ ME coctehilengy ~ nett ialled inline ahegi eee ee ee ee eene . 5U e 
Vierstecesccrccesesccvece 2.50 | Murrey, Book of entrées........... s0c.; 75 ‘4 
“Church, Handy dictionary............... 75 . i 
Cutts, Scenes and characters of the mid- SALEM een 11 Summer St., Bost. di 
ON 6 iis SecraKwe ha semeews 2.50 Wilder, Life . secceeeeee TG z 
Fothergill, The will power........... .. 1.25 bi Wuey & Sons, N. Y. 5 
King, Anglican hymnology ............. 2.00 | op Catal f 1 s 
Loraine, The sceptic’s creed... .. - es a OF rae eee: 1.25 
Nicoll, Songs of rest, 1st ser. din Johnson, $ urveying..... pts eee e eee ees eee B65 
Reed, Tographical drawing and sketching, 3.5 
Press. Bp. OF Pus., Phila. Ruskin, Works, see ‘‘ Weekly Record.” 
Chester, Earthly watchers. .............+ 1.15 | Troilius, Notes on the chemistry of iron, 
Hamilton, The Chester coterie .......... 1.00 DF PEMD ab accécdeccadeekebacdiestee 2 of 
Published from Sept. 1-30. Selected from the — ** Publishers’ Circular.” 
Adams, W. H. D. Master minds in art, science, and | | Hovell, D. On some conditions of neurasthenia. 
letters: a book for boys. With illustrations. Post 8 Ne Whe s..x cenmeaunemnauetnin ae eS Churchi 
388 P., 35. Od., ANd 4S... .. 2-0. sees eceee cece reece Hoge. | Justinian. De usufructu Susilaia uni digestorum, lib. 7, 

fe Lives of Sir J. Reynolds, Turner, Murchison, Faraday, | tit. 1. Ed., with a legal and philological commentary, 
Kingsley, etc. 

| by Henry John Roby. 8°. 260Pp., 9S. 

Babel.. 2s. 6d. (Liverpool.)............... ....-Author, | Cambridge ee re 

W. Children of Gibeon: a novel. v. cr, 3°, | Keith, D. A history of Scotland, civil and ecclesias 

a o ’ Ch stto tical, from the earliest times to the death of Davidl., 

ee eee coe rere ye re see sa use ae ses ats 1153. 2V. post 8°. (Edinburgh, Paterson) 660 p., 12s. 6d 

| ater C.H. History of Methodism in Ireland, | Simpkin 

The middle age. 8°. 488 p., 6S... ...... Woolmer. | Liszt, Abbé: the story of his life. By Raphael Ledos de 

' : : . Beaufort. With two portraits of Liszt and one of the 

diniailas St. Austin and his place in the his- Countess d’Agoult. Post 8°. 316 p., 68.... Ward & D 
tory of Christian thoue rht. (Hulsean lectures, 1885.) 

SR eM WOR, GU asc veh cnt bos oc ceccine Acaded. Clay. | uock, C.G. W. Tobacco: growing, curing, and manu- 

; he r facturing. A handbook for erm in all _— of the 

De Fezensac, Le duc. Campagne de Russie en 1812. world. Post 8°. 268 p., 7s. 6d. sabes . Spon 

With notes by Granville Sharp. Cr. 8°. 180 p., 2s. 6d. 
a J Wictadbine. Manners, Lady John. Encouraging experiences 0 

Flaubert, G. Madame Bovary: provincial manners. reading and recreation rooms, aims of guilds, Notting 
Translated from the French édition définitive by Ele- ham social guild, existing institutions as the Young 
anor Marx-Aveling. Post 8°. 392 p., 68....... Vizetelly. Men’s Christian Association and their reading rooms, 

A novel. ; and hints how to obtain really good books at moderate 

prices : being a sequel to ‘‘ Advantages of free libraries 

Freytag, G. Aus dem Staat Friedrichs des Grossen. Ed., and recreation rooms.’’ Reprinted from 7he Queen. 

with notes, by Herman Hager. 12°. 118 p., 2s. 

iit rests. seopi, Sewed; WW. 5.4063 Coste es Blackwoods 

U2vingie Ss. | 

Gessner, S. ‘‘ The Swiss Theocritus.” With 6 illustra- Money, E. Thetruth about America. 12°. 230 P. o 
tions and extra portrait from the oanels copper-plates . 
engraved in 1802 by Robert Cromek from drawings by | Schmidt, H. The silver question in its social aspects 
Thomas Stothard, and preface by John Oldcastle. 4°. an inquiry into the existing depression of trade and the 
sewed, 1s. 4d. (Illustrated gleanings from classics, present position of the bi-metallic controversy. Post ® 
GUNA ry caste MM aon tek h arcinn Gish’ soakanmradiielll Field & T. a Ms ss cache weteees cAveeab eens oueeees Ot E. Wilson 

A sketch of the author, artist, and engraver, six of Sto- Taylor, R. W. Cc. 

‘Introdedion to a history of the fac- 
thard’s illustrations, with explanatory extracts from Ges- 

nein tory system. 8°. 460 DP.» 268. ccccccccccssese:*s Bentley 

S ». . 
ith.O. Vicar of Wakefield. With illustrations | Tod@hunter, I. A history of the theory of elasticity and 

ee Poker Stent, ae aa a 6d. vere Griffith. of the strength of snnseutlste, from Galilei to the presen! 

time. Ed. and completed for the syndics of the Uni- 
Guinness, Mrs. H. Grattan. The wide world and our versity Press by — Pearson. V.1: Galilei to Saint- 

work in it; or, the story of the East London Institute for Venant, 1639-1854. . 920 p., 255. 

Home and Foreign Missions. 8°. 264 p., 2s. 6d. Hodder. Cambridge Warehoust- 
| i; , : 
NS 590 The Publishers’ Weekly. | Vo. 769] Oct. 2 3, 86, 




RAPID DISCOLORATION OF PAPER. hard to associate illness with the handsome 


Pee o Br 

— bn 

Ww we 




. lib. 7, 

avid I., 
128. 6d 
eos de 
of the 
1 & J, 
5 of the 

ices of 
D.y 58 
spects : 
and the 
Post 8° 
the fac- 
ity and 
he Uni- 
. Saint- 




EP ere 

ei Fo ad 



Oct. 23, '86 [No. 769]. 

Oct. 23, '86 [Wo. 769]. 


The Publishers’ Meckly, 


OCTOBER 23, 1886. 

PusLisHERS are requested to furnish title-page proofs 
and advance information of books forthcoming, both for 
entry in the lists and for descriptive mention. An early 
copy of each book published should be forwarded, to in- 
sure correctness in the final entry. 

In case of business changes, notification or card should 
be immediately sent to this office for entry under “ Busi- 
ness Notes.” Newcatalogues issued will also be mention- 
ed when forwarded. 

The trade are invited to send ‘*‘ Communications ”’ to the 
editor on any topic of interest to the trade, and as to which 
an interchange of opinion is desirable. Also, matter for 
“ Notes and Queries’ thankfully received. 

The editor does not hold himself responsible for the 
views expressed in contributed articles or communications. 

All matter, whether for the reading-matter columns or 
our advertising pages, should reach this office not later 
than Wednesday noon, to insure insertion in the same 
week's issue. 

“Every man is a debtor to his profession, from 
the which, as men do of course seek to receive 
countenance and profit, so ought they of auty to 
endeavor themselves by way of amends to be a 
help thereunto.”—LORD BACON. 


As will be seen from a communication printed 
elsewhere, the movement for introducing a close 

discount will meet with opposition from many of | 

those in whose interest the measure is proposed. 
This was to be expected; indeed it will take a 
long time to effect any complete reform, because, 
in the first place, the demoralization in the book 
trade is too great to be overcome in a short time, 
or with one measure, and, in the second place, 
because there are so many “ifs” to be considered. 
The reason we have favored the close discount is 
that it seems to us to offer the most practical way 
out of the present difficulty. 

ject from the standpoint of every-day practical 
experience. We do not see that our correspond- 
ent succeeds in this. His argument is that the 
close discount would compel him to handle a $1.25 
book at a net profit of two cents. To prove this 
he gives a schedule of his expenses, which, if they 
prove anything at all, prove that his estimates are 
altogether too high. In the first place, the item 
of express or postage which he quotes is not the 
rule. A bookseller in Colorado would not order 
his general line of books in that way, and even on 
special orders by mail the average postage would 
scarcely be ten cents. He would have his goods 
sent by freight or enclosure, which would put the 

cost of transportation on the book within five | 

cents. Then his estimates for clerk hire, rent, etc., 

The Publishers’ Weekly. 

If we are mistaken, | 
we are not so set in our ideas that we shall refuse | 
to be corrected by those who deal with the sub- | 

The Publishers’ Weekly. 
| —__ __—_____ 

oe ... sh. Sa OT Cf. Bie. bom Oe. Geen. Sie. 


are pretty well up at fifteen per cent., calculated 
not on investment but on sales. In other words, 
the average transaction should leave him a profit 
of sixteen cents instead of two cents. But even ac- 
cepting his figures for argument’s sake, would our 
correspondent be better off under a long discount, 
say of 40 per cent. We doubt it, because in that 
case not more than $1.00 probably could be got 
for the book. This would leave our correspondent 
a margin of six cents—four cents more, he would 
claim, than the close discount would give him— 
but it would also leave him with a public used 
to, and insisting upon a discount—which is now 
considered the bane of the book trade. Until we 
have more convincing evidence, we shall continue 
to look for the introduction of close discounts as 
the first step in the direction of correcting the de- 
moralization of our trade. As to the abolition of 
the retail price, we doubt whether that would ever 
become practicable. That, from our view of the 
matter, would by no means be an unmixed bless- 
ing to the bookseller, even if the publishers could 
be induced to adopt the.measure. 

A TYPOGRAPHICAL error occurred in the adver- 
tisement of Messrs. Estes & Lauriat in our last 
issue, page 538. In the twenty-first line from 
the top the word ‘‘ Chatterbox” should have 
read ‘“‘ Chatterbook.” The advertisement is cor- 
rectly printed on page 578 of this issue. 


From the Saturday Review. 

To succeed as a bibliographer a man must, be- 
| sides a natural power of distinguishing, have an 
| eye which comes to the work as a correct ear 
comes to the study of music; but he must also 
have a wide education, must know all the dead 
| and most of the living languages; he must be 
| enough of an artist to recognize an artist’s touch; 
| he must have an extensive knowledge of all kinds 
| of books in different libraries; and, above all, his 
memory must be unerring. With these qualifica- 
tions he may begin to learn water-marks, founts of 
type, lines in a page, and all the mysteries of early 
printing, paper-making, and binding. These are 
but the preliminaries of bibliography, and must be 
acquired apart altogether from any literary or 

critical study of books. If they can afterwards be 
| combined, well and good; but at the beginning 

they are independent. The man who, like Hill 
| Burton, can write pleasantly about old books is 

not to be trusted for scientific bibliography; and 
Dibdin, with his ignorance of things in general 

and his wretched style, is often after all a safer 
guide. But Oldys and Davies, who could com- 
bine knowledge and easy writing, published very 
little that will interest the bookworm. Cotton 
and Maitland are too dry, and hardly up to the 
latest lights. A book like the late Mr. Henry 
Steven’s ‘‘ Recollections of Mr. James Lenox,” 
though it gives us little or no bibliographical in- 
struction, is certainly well calculated to show us 
| how to acquire it, and is very entertaining besides, 
| as is so oftenthe case when a writer is willing to 
| tell stories against himself. 


ie Dit, ee OE 2 eet tines Geta wt « Dinninie 



The Publishers’ Weekly. 


Pror. WIESNER, of Vienna, published an ar- 
ticle upon this subject in Dingler’s Polytechnisches 
poco for September. His observations of 

ooks were undertaken in Vienna at the sugges- 
tion of Leithe, the well-known librarian. This 
rapid discoloration is the yellowing shown in so 
short time by much of the paper manufactured in 
the present day, especially when freely exposed 
tothe air. It is only noticed in wood-pulp paper 
and must be clearly distinguished from the discol- 
oration of old good rag-paper. Wood-pulp paper 

when exposed to the almost perpendicular rays of | 

ee : : : | with great pains, and in some se yes 
the sun showed the beginning of discoloration with- 8 P three years of 

in an hour ; as, however, at the temperature caused 
by the sun’s rays no change was shown while the 
paper remained in the dark, it was naturally con- 
cluded that only the light is instrumental in the 
discoloration of wood-pulp paper. 
periments proved that the discoloration of wood- 
paper is a process of oxidation dependent upon 
the light ; also, that while dampness is favorable 
to the discoloration, it is not a necessary element 
of the process. The power of the light was im- 
portant for the discoloration; when exposed to 
gaslight the color only changed after four months. 

Prof. Wiesner recommends the following to 
aid in the protection of wood-pulp paper : Sun- 
light is the most injurious light. Very weak, 
shaded daylight, especially in very dry rooms, 
will take but little effect. Gaslight, owing to 
the limited refraction of its rays, is almost 
wholly harmless. On the other hand, electric 
light, and, in fact, every light having strong re- 
fraction, is favorable to discoloration. There- 
fore, gaSlight should generally be preferred to 
electric light in illuminating libraries, if the dan- 
ger of discoloration is to be considered. 

NV. ¥. Correspondence of the Literary World 

IT is very rarely that a single publishing-house 
has done so much for a national literature as 
that which is now Houghton, Mifflin & Co. But 
you will ask what a New Yorker has to say about 
so eminent a Boston house—whose earliest tradi- 
tions are of Boston—Ticknor, Reed & Fields, 
Ticknor & Fields, Fields, Osgood & Co., Hough- 
ton, Osgood & Co., H. O. Houghton & Co., 
Houghton, Mifflin & Co. Where is there any 
New York in that catena? Stop a bit. We say 
that until 1870 it was a Boston house. But in that 
year the firm of Hurd & Houghton, which was a 
New York house, made the firm bigger than any 
one single town, and began publishing books for 
the nation. Melancthon M. Hurd was a member 
of the old firm of Sheldon & Co., of this city, the 
member of that firm. He saw the possibilities of 
something more than he was engaged in, entered 
into an arrangement with H. O. Houghton, who 
had already made the Riverside Press equal the 
finest book-work turned out in the world, and the 
firm of Hurd & Houghton began on Broome 
Street, and then on “ Booksellers’ Row” at Astor 
Place. Mr. Hurd sat in the New York office, 
and, I think, to his genius for knowing ¢he what, 
plus Mr. Henry O. Houghton’s consummate un- 
derstanding of ‘he how, is owing the great suc- 
cessor-firm that presents what is one of the largest 

Further ex- | 


| the West Indies. 

[WVo. 769] Oct. 23, 96, 



hard to associate illness with the handsome 
browned, elegantly dressed gentleman who warms 
| your heart with his cordial ways. 

1 b Mr. Hurd 
spends his summers here or in Europe (he has a 

splendid home in Brooklyn) and his winters jp 
What a pair of noble brothers 
it was! Melancthon M. Hurd and Henry 0. 
Houghton. You in Boston know what a noble 
man, every inch of him, is Henry O. Houghton, 
When the book of great publishers is all written 

| there will be many a chapter packed with his good 

deeds, his great work, his almost infallible judg- 
ment. He once refused to print a book, prepared 

labor, by the present writer. But when, in all 
kindness and cheery sympathy, Mr. Houghton de- 
clined to print it, the writer put his MS. into the 
fire. If Ae had refused it, could there by any 
good in it, or any hope for it? At least its com- 
piler believed not, and now, ten years later, he is 
certain of it. 

From the London Academy, 

Mr. Davip Nutt, London, has in preparation 
the first volumes of aseries entitled English His- 
tory by Contemporary Writers, in which the facts 
of English national history, political and social, 
will be set forth in a way not yet systematically 
attempted in this country, but somewhat similar to 

| that which Messrs. Hachette have so successfully 

adopted in France under the editorship of MM. 
Zeller, Duruy, Luchaire, etc. This series is 
planned not only for educational use, but also for 
the general reader, and especially for those to 
whom the original authorities are for various rea- 
sons difficult of access. To each well-defined 

period of English history will be given a little 

publishing lists in the world to-day in your adver- | 

tising columns. 
ally. He left the firm on account of ill-health, 
and if pressed for the truth (for he is no hypo- 
chondriac) admits to bad health to-day. But it is 


I still meet Mr. Hurd occasion- | 

| Oxford. 
| named: Prof. Mandell Creighton; Mr. H. H. 

The Publishers’ Weekly. 

volume made up of extracts from the chroniclers, 
state papers, memoirs and letters of the period, 
and other contemporary literature, chronolog- 
ically arranged and chosen so as to afford 
a living picture of the effect produced on each 
generation by the political, religious, social, and 
intellectual movements in which it took part. 
Extracts from foreign tongues will be translated, 
and passages from old English authors put into 
modern spelling, but otherwise kept in their orig- 
inal form. Where needed, a glossary will be 
added and brief explanatory notes. There will 
also be appended a short account of the writers 
quoted, and of their relation to the events they de- 
scribe, and such tables and summaries as will 
facilitate reference. Such illustrations as are 
given will be chosen in the same spirit as the 
texts, to represent historic monuments, docu- 
ments, sites, portraits, coins, etc. The chief aim 
of the series will be to send the reader back to 
the original authorities, and so bring himas close 
as may be to the mind and feelings of the times 
he is reading about. Mr. F. York Powell, 0! 
Christ Church, Oxford, will be editor of the se- 
ries. Among the earlier volumes issued will be 
“ Britain under the Romans,” by Mr. C. I. Elton; 
“The Little English Kingdom,” by the editor; 
“The Danish Sea Kings and their Settlements, 
by the editor; “Henry II.—Statesman and Re- 
former,” by Mr. T. A. Archer; ‘‘ Simon of Mont- 
fort and his Cause,” by the Rev. J. Hutton, of St 
John’s College, Oxford ; “Edward III. and his 
Wars,” by Mr. W. J. Ashley, of Lincoln College, 
Among future contributors may be 

[ Wo. 769] Oct 23, 86, 



business under the firm-name of C. F. S. Tems. 




s of 
| all 
| de- 
) the 

he is 


lar to 
es is 
o for 
se to 
5 rea- 
|, and 
. into 
ill be 
e will 
ey de- 
; will 
$s are 
is the 
{ aim 
ck to 
ell, of 
1e se- 
rill be 
1 Re- 
of St. 
id his 
ay be 
H. H. 



Oct. 23, 86 [Wo. 769]. 

Haworth; Mr. T. G. Law, Librarian to the Sig- 
net, Edinburgh; Mr. C. H. Firth; Mrs. Creigh- 
ton; Mr. Reginald Lane-Poole; Mr. B. L. Skot- | 
towe; and the Rev. W. Hunt. The series will 

be published simultaneously in New York by | 
Messrs. G. P. Putnam’s Sons, and the editor will | 
have the co-operation of several American histor- | 

ical scholars. 


Troy, N. Y., Oct. 12, 1886. | 

To the Editor of The Publishers’ Weekly. 
DEAR Six: Mr. Allyn’s letter of October 4th is | 
interesting, but would be more so if he (or you) | 
gave the publisher’s name ; let us know who they 
are. Here is a late experience of mine. A stu- 
dent in a Troy seminary asked me for a price on 
20 copies of a German text-book, the retail price 
of which is $1.75, discount to the trade, 33}—net, 
1.17; knowing he was a close buyer I quoted 
$1.25 ; another firm quoted the same, and another 

would get the order, sent the quotation by wire. 
‘“‘ Testing the trade” is all very well. The stu- 
dent referred to has tested both, and finds the 
publisher pays him the best. 
The name of the firm referred to is E. Steiger 
& Co., and mine is WILLIAM J. Woops. 
New York, Oct. 19, 1886. 
To the Editor of The Publishers’ Weekly. 

It was the Zi/rarian of the Seminary who in- 

formed us that a German class had been organ- | 

ized, for which they intended to adopt our book, 

and he, therefore, inquired our terms for introduc- | 

tion. We quoted, as usual, half retail price (88 

cents), and Mr. Woods would have been enabled | 

by us to do the same, if he had stated the case to 

This reminds us of the following out of many | 

similar cases: 
ern university asked our rates for certain books. 

We quoted 20°% discount, whereupon his Profes- | 

sor of Latin wrote us in his (the student’s) behalf, 
naming a number of prominent publishers who 
had allowed that student full booksellers’ rates 
and thirty days’ time or more. 

With pleasure we refer to the fact that, fully ap- 
preciating the good-will of booksellers, we allow 
them a larger discount off our publications, and 
protect their interests better than—as far as we 
know—other publishers do. This policy in favor 
of booksellers we intend to continue. 

Respectfully yours, 
a CoLorapo Sprinos, Cor., Oct. 4, 1886. 
Lo the Editor of The Publishers’ Weekly. 

I THINK country booksellers will read with in- 
terest that The Century Co. advertise ‘‘ A New De- 
Parture by reducing the retail prices of all of their 
books on which the ordinary discounts to the 
trade have been given, toa figure from which only 
small discounts can be allowed. This means that 
a bookseller cannot afford to give a discount on 
as Century Co.’s publications. He must sell 

€m at the full retail price in order to make any- 

Oct. 23; "86 [ Vo. 769). 


with spaces for index, class rolls, summary and | 
‘ 4... Bekins Can een eeeanea | 

The Publishers’ Weekly. 

He then tried the publisher, and he sold | 
him for 88 cents ; and fearing the local bookseller | 

We thank you for the opportunity | 
afforded us to reply to Mr. Wood’s communica- | 

Last month a student of a West- | 

The Publishers’ Weekly. 


thing—but the public is getting books at a lower 
price than ever before, and as good books of the 
kind as we know of for the least money.” 

The above would appear to be an experiment 
which might be conceived as the outgrowth of the 
long-discussed question of discounts which your 
WEEKLY has been so liberal in giving space to 
Let us see how such a system would work with 

| booksellers if it were universally adopted by pub- 

lishers—that is, reducing discounts to twenty-five 
per cent. I can see that for dealers in New York 
City twenty-five per cent. would be a handsome 
discount when there is no freight or express 
charges to pay. But how is it with the remaining 
ten or eleven thousand booksellers scattered all 
over the country? How much can we make at 
twenty-five per cent. discount? Here are the 

figures : 

A ND I Fi iea 2.« Se siedasids cusasaded baes Reeds $x 25 
RAGS TORT SVOS HEF COME oo. cite cece cccccaseesnces 31 
$o 94 
| Postage or Express, SAY.... 6... e cece cence ee eee e ees 10 

| Fifteen per cent. for expense of clerk hire, rent, etc., 
May GD GD OE GUNG i... BS 6 8 sae edindsceeen ‘ 19 
“SE ORRE COSE C8 OIE 6. ois oa: cp ccctcnswasaans $1 23 

prietor, to say nothing of interest on the capital 
| invested. 
| As we can neverask more than the advertised 
price for a book, I, for one, vote for either a pub- 
lic list price with fair discount, or a private 
wholesale price. Respectfully, 
J. H. Eorr. 

| Leaving a net profit of two cents for the pro- 


THE first number of Scridner’s Magazine will 
make its appearance on Dec. 15th simultaneously 
in all parts of the United States and Canada. 
Subsequent numbers will be issued on the Ist of 
the month. 

Woops Pasna, Admiral of the Turkish Navy 
and one of the best living authorities on every- 
| thing relating to naval affairs, has written an ar- 
| ticle for the November number of 7he Forum on 
| “ Recent Naval Progress,” in which he makes 
| valuable suggestions as to the construction of 
| our new war-ships. 

The Independent is about to begin the publi- 
cation of a series of articles entitled “‘ Letters on 
Literature,” by Andrew Lang. They are written 
somewhat in the style of “ Letters to Dead Au- 
thors,” the difference being that they are not ad- 

| dressed to the authors themselves, either dead or 
living, but to a “ Mr. Arthur Wincott, of Topeka, 
Kansas,” to whom Mr. Lang writes his criticisms 
of the literature “ of the present and of the past, 
English, American, ancient, or modern.” 

| Mr. S. R. KOEHLER’s connection with 7 he 
| Magazine of Art ends with the number now in 
the hands of the printer. Mr. Koehler’s work as 
the American editor of this magazine has been 
distinguished by dignity, accuracy, and thorough- 
ness, and the loss of his valuable services will no 
doubt be regretted by its readers. Mr. Koehler 
has resigned his position in order to give his en- 
tire time to creative literary work. He will be 
succeeded in the editorial chair by Miss Char- 
lotte Adams, a young lady who holds a high 
position as a writer on art subjects, and who has 
for several years past been a valuable contributor 
| to the columns of the Century Magazine, The 
| Critic, and the Art Age. 

Etats-Unis d’ Amérique, 1781-1881,” by the Mar- 
auis de Rochambeau. 


The Publishers’ Weekly. 

[Wo. 769] Oct 23, 86, 


Joun L. BoLaNnp, St. Louis, Mo., has issued 
his fall and holiday catalogue for 1886-87, which 
is fully equal to his former issues in point of at- 
tractive get-up, and fine printing. (128 p., 8vo.) 

CHARLES SCRIBNER’S Sons, N. Y., have-pub- 

with many specimen illustrations, and a full list 
of their new and forthcoming publications. (24 p., 
sq. 16mo.) 

W. B. SAUNDERS, 33 South Tenth Street, 
Philadelphia, has issued a neat “ Catalogue of 
Rare and Fine Books on Painting, Sculpture, 
Architecture, General Art, and Miscellaneous 
Literature.” (58 p., 8vo.) 

DupraTt & Co. have published an attractive 
catalogue of original and rare editions of es- 
teemed English and French authors, artistic pub- 
lications, bibliographical works, and Tauchnitz 
editions in half morocco binding. 

business under the firm-name of C. F. S. Tem 

lin & Co. Mr. Templin has been connected with 
the house of which he is now sole proprietor for 
twenty-four years, and has been sole Manager of 
the business for the past ten years, so that, it js 

| unnecessary to say, the retirement of Mr. Hard. 

(30 p., I2mo.) | 

J. W. Bouton, New York, has issued a new | 
catalogue containing a list of new and second- | 

hand books, and a list of books in preparation. 
The catalogue contains titles of over 350 works, 
most of them standard library books. (62 p., 

B. HERDER, 17 S. Broadway, St. Louis, Mo., 

has issued a handsome illustrated catalogue of | 

the books published by hishouse. Also, a whole- 
sale price-list of his school-books, chiefly adapted 
to use in German Catholic schools. This firm 
is a branch of the house established in 1801 at 

Herder (4. 1774, @. 1839), which was afterwards 

removed to Constance, and finally settled in 1810 | 

in Freiburg, Baden. There are also branch houses 
in Carlsruhe, Strassburg, and Munich. (136 p., 
8vo; 4 Pp., 4to.) 

JOHN DELAy, 23 Union Square, N. Y., has pub- | 
lished a new catalogue—the sixth—of ancient and | 

modern French books, worthy the attention of 
the bibliophile and collector. Among the treas- 
ures we note a fine copy of Gringoire’s ‘‘ Heures 
de Nostre Dame,” printed by Jehan Petit, and 
bound by Duru, Didot’s copy of which sold at 
auction for 2047 francs ; a handsome copy of the 
second edition (1673) of Moliére’s collscted works 
with frontispieces by Chauveau, richly bound by 
Marius Michel ; a complete set in four volumes 
of the rare original edition of Le Sage’s “Gil 
Blas,” printed by Pierre Ribou (1715, 1724, 1735), 
bound by Chuzin and a number of others. The 
second part contains a list of standard French lit- 
erature. (54 p., 8vo.) 


Boston, MAss.—Silver, Rogers & Co. is the 
name of a new firm of publishers and booksellers, 
being successors to M. T. Rogers & Co., with 
headquarters at 50 Bromfield St. The new firm 
have become the publishers of the well-known 
‘‘ Normal Music Readers and Charts,” by John 
W. Tufts and H. E. Holt, and they announce that 
they have other important publications in prepa- 
tion. They will act as the special Eastern agents 
of S. C. Griggs & Co., of Chicago, carrying in 
stock a full sine of their publications. The firm 
consists of Edgar O. Silver, M. T. Rogers, and 
Elmer E. Silver. 

NEBRASKA CiTy, NEB.—The firm of M. S. 
Harding & Co. has been dissolved, N. S. Harding 
retiring. C. F. S. Templin will continue the 



| ing will cause no change in the conduct 
lished a handsome list of new juvenile books | . ae 

business. Mr. Templin has proven himself an 
enterprising business man, and deserves all suc. 

New York City.—F. H. Revell, bookseller, 
Chicago, has opened a branch office at 148 Nassay 

PETERSBURG, VA.—We learn that the firm of 
Beckwith, Parham & Anderson was dissolved on 
account of the removal of Mr. Anderson from the 
State. Messrs. Beckwith & Parham will continue 
the business. 

SALT LAKE CiTy, UTAH.—At a recent fire M, 
Dwyer and Herbert Pembroke, booksellers, lost 
their stock of books, stationery, and notions. 

SAN Francisco, CAL.—Wm. S. Duncombe & 
Co., medical publishers and booksellers, announce 
their removal to more commodious quarters at 
425 Sutter Street, between Stockton and Powell 


Tuos. W. Durston, of Syracuse, N. Y., has 
been appointed State agent for New York of Mc- 

. | Clintock and Scrong’s Encyclopedia, published by 
Mo6rsburg, on the Bodensee, by Bartholomius 

Harper & Brothers. 
scription-book only. 

It is to be handled as a sub- 

CORRECTION.—In the announcement last week 
of the Warwick edition of Shakespeare’s works, 

| published by D. Appleton & Co., an error oc- 

curred. Instead of Aalf /eather binding, the ad- 
vertisement should have read Aalf bound. The 
volumes are bound in various styles of cloth, and 
half cloth, with marble-paper sides. 

R. G. Dun & Co. have filed a bill in the United 
States Circuit Court at Chicago, against the Farm 
Implement News Company, E. J. Baker, A. M. 
Leslie, W. H. Davis, and C. W. Marsh, to pre 
vent them from issuing a pirated edition of com- 
plainants’ reference- book. The complainants 
charge that their reference-book is only rented 
to subscribers under strict promises of secrecy, 
and is copyrighted. They ask for an injunction. 

ConGrEss having provided for the publication 
for sale of a small edition of the last issue of the 

_Map of the United States prepared under the 

supervision of the Commissioner of the General 
Land Office, copies of the same will be supplied 

| by the Department of the Interior for $1.50 each. 


The Publishers’ Weekly. 

This is a wall map 54 x 6} feet, and is the finest 
map of the kind ever issued by the Department. 
Copies are now ready for delivery, but only one 
copy, however, will be sold to any one person, 
firm, or corporation. 

Cranston & Stowe, Cincinnati, have issued 
several blank-books which will be found specially 
serviceable to Sunday-school teachers. In the line 
of class records they have the ‘‘ Excelsior” books, 
prepared by H. C. Henney, comprising a “ Yearly 
Record Card,” a “ Yearly Class-Book,” and “ Pri- 
mary Class Record,” intended for the use of class 
teachers; a “Sunday-school Record,” to be kept 
by secretaries, with index, class rolls, tables, forms, 
etc.; ‘‘The Superintendents’ Pocket Record, 

[Wo. 769] Oct. 23,86, 
} rs 

Wma. ErvinG, 121 Fourtu Ave., N. \ 
lhe Forged Will, by Emerson Bennett 
ee Oe aes eS dine 




r of 
it is 



n of 
i on 
1 the 

e M, 

ve & 
rs at 

, has 
d by 

r OC- 
e ad- 
, and 

\. M. 


vf the 
r the 
y one 

e line 
“ Pri- 
f class 
e kept 


Oct. 23, '86 [We. 769). 

aii — 
with spaces for index, class rolls, summary and | 

-omparison ta ; , 
a a “« Attendance and Collection Envelope,’ a 
linen-back envelope capable of holding collections 

for twelve months; and a 

bles, forms for reports, memoranda, | 

‘‘Library Record,” a | 

handy blank-book containing spaces forarecord of | 

books out, and fora catalogue of the library. In 
all of these records the compiler has introduced a 
diagram consisting of a square, quartered, with an 
oval in the centre, thus giving opportunity fora 
fve-week record in a minimum of space. The 
books are neatly printed on good paper, and are 
plainly and substantially bound. 

“Mayor CRONIN, the artist,” says the N. Y. 
Times, “ has illustrated a single copy of the book 
recently published by the New York Holland So- 
ciety and edited by George W. Van Siclen, con- 
taining the addresses delivered at its first annual 
dinner, and the volume has been purchased by the 
society. The work of the artist consists of fin- 
ished portraits of famous Dutchmen, landscapes 
and marine views in water-colors of Holland 
scenery, and several historical views, seventy-five 
pictures in all. Major Cronin has spent some 
time in the Netherlands, and has studied art in 
Brusselsand Antwerp. He is known to collectors 
of rare books in this country, having illustrated 
single copies of many works, among others ‘ Val- 
entino’ for Mr. Astor, ‘Isaak Walton’ for Mr. 
H. T. Cox, ‘Fair Women’ for Mr. E. D. Church, 
‘Knickerbocker’s New York,’ Dickens’ ‘ Great 
Expectations,’ and ‘Pepys’s Diary.’ Some of 
his books have sold for several hundred dollars 

of Gen. Grant. This will be of unique interest 

and value, the artist having served under the Gen- | 

eraland having drawn from actual scenes of army 

FISHER UNWIN, 26 Paternoster Row, London, | 
has now registered the telegraphic address, ‘‘ Cen- | 

tury, London,” 

J. & R. MAXWELL, of London, have undertaken 
to publish a series of American novels, to be called 
the Milton Library Series. 

MACMILLAN & Co. have in hand a new book | 

by Lewis Carroll, entitled ‘“‘ The Game of Logic,” 

which is said to describe a new game intended to | 

combine instruction and amusement. 

title of a small volume about to be issued imme- 

diately, by the author of “ The Pleasures of a 

The publisher will be Mr. Elliot | 

BLACKIE & Sons, Glasgow, intimate that Dr. | ; 
| — An important English consignment of standard and il- 

George MacDonald’s books for the young will in 
future be published by them, and that a new edi- 
tion of “At the Back of the North Wind,” which 
IS now out of print, will shortly be issued. 

. HERR PFAU has issued a second part of his | 
Buch beriihmter Buchhindler,” containing the | 

lives of ten celebrated booksellers. Amongst 
them we find Caxton, H. Stephanus (Etienne), 
Elzevir, and Triibner. We noticed the first part 

of Herr Pfau’s interesting work on its appear- 

I'wo books recently published in Paris will in- 
terest American readers. One is “ La Guerre de 
Secession—1 861-1865,” by M. Ernest Grassett, 
with a preface by M. Victor Duruy. The other 

is “ Yorktown—Centénaire de l'indépendence des | 

Oct 22. °86 [Wo. 769]. 

The Publishers’ 

Etats-Unis d’ Amérique, 1781-1881,” by the Mar- 
quis de Rochambeau. 

THE great Bible publishing establishment 
founded at Halle early in the last century by 
Baron von Canstein is about to issue the thou- 
sandth edition of its octavo Bible, of which 2,112,- 
790 copies have now been published. This, how- 
ever, is the most recent of the editions published 
by this establishment, for the first impression 
dates from 1785, when 8000 copies were printed 
to begin with. 

ROBERT Lutz, Stuttgart, announces a Stern- 
édanner-serie in which will be issued translations of 
the latest masterpieces of American humor and 
fiction. The first volume will be F. R. Stockton’s 
“ Ruderheims« hiausliche erlebnisse eines jun- 
gen ehepaares,” an authorized translation by M. 
Jacobi of ‘‘ Rudder Grange.” This will be fol- 
lowed by “ Unterwegs und Daheim,” a selection 
of Mark Twain’s humorous sketches, translated by 
Udo Brachvogel, M. Jacobi, G. Kuhr, and others. 
The series, which will consist of volumes of 300 
pages, will containtranslations of only such Amer- 
ican works as have already achieved a reputation 
in thiscountry. The price of each volume will be 
M. 2.50. 


[We shall be pleased to insert under this heading, without 
charge, advance notices of auction sales to be held anywhere in 
the United States. Word must reach us before Wednesday even- 
ing, to be in time for issue of same week. } 

; ‘ | OcroBER 25.— The library of the late Rev. Dr. Richey, 
He is now engaged on the autobiography | ~ of Halifa Seanad ar aaah ae 

of Halifax N. S., consisting of theology and general 
literature, among which are many rare and valuable 

OcroBER—. Part 2 of the Russian collection of W. B. 

Ocroser—. The “ Trivulzio Collection” of vellum and 
illuminated medizval manuscripts from Milan, Italy.— 

OcrosperR —. The rémarkable “ Collection Boban,” being 
the extraordinary collection of 3000 lots of Mexican, 
Central and South American antiquities, with anthropo- 
logical,ethnological and ceramic specimens of other civil- 
izations ; also some 2000 lots of very rare books, princi- 

ally Mexicana, collected by Monsieur Eugene Boban- 
Juverge, member of the Anthropological Society of 
France, etc.—Leavitt, 

— The theological and miscellaneous library of the late 
Rev. C. F. Robertson, D.D., Protestant Episcopal 
Bishop of Missouri.—Bangs. 

— The library of the late John B. Moreau, Esq., of this 
city, comprising desirable miscellaneous, standard and 
extra illustrated works, rare Americana, etc.—Bangs. 

NoOvEMBER—. The ‘*‘ Bibliotheca Extraordinarissima ” of 
vellum manuscripts, Incunabula, Americana, etc., all of 
the rarest character, collected by Col. Hawkins.— 

| — A choice library of English literature, etc., the owner’s 

The Publishers’ Weekly. 

name to be announced hereafter. Illustrated works, many 
in handsome bindings.—Sazngs. 

lustrated works in fine condition and good substantial 

— The library of Clarence A. Henriques, Esq., comprising 
standard works of many of the best authors, full editions 
and in handsome bindings; also, French literature, etc. 

— The second portion of the library of Col. J. Thomas 
Scharf, of Ba timore, Md., embracing his extensive col- 
lection of books relating tothe rebellion, rare Confederate 
publications, etc.—Bangs. 

— The stock of Phillips & Sons, booksellers, retiring from 
business, comprising Over 25,000 Vo umes in every depart- 
ment of literature.—Aangs. 

For catalogues write to the auctioneers as follows : 

Bangs & Co., 7 ras Broadway, New York City. 

Davie (W. O.) -0., 16 E. 4th St., Cincinnati, O. 

Leavitt (G. A.) & Co., 787-789 Broadway, New York. 

Libbie (C. F.) & Co., 27 Franklin St., Boston, Mass. 

Thomas (M.) & Sons, 137-141 S. 4th St. — 1519-21 Chest- 
nut St., Phila. 




Under the heading “‘ Books Wanted,” subscribers only 
are entitled toa free insertion of five lines for books out 
of print, exclusive of address, in each issue. Bids for 
current books and such as may be easily had from the 
publishers, and repeated matter, aswell as all advertise- 
ments from non-subscribers, must be paid for at the rate 
of 10 cents per line. 

Under the heading ‘*‘ Books for Sale,” the charge to 
subscribers and non-subscribers is 10 cents per line for | 
each insertion. No deduction for repeated matter. 

Under the heading ‘‘Situations Wanted,” subscribers 
are entitled to one free insertion of five lines. For re- 
peated matter and advertisements of non-subscribers the 
charge is 1ocents per line. 

All other small advertisements will be charged at the 
untform rate of 10 cents per line. Eight words may be 
reckoned to the line. 

All matter must be prepaid, except from those with 
whom we have regular monthly accounts. Thesg depart- | 
ments being purely inthe nature of an actommodation to 
our patrons, we cannot open book accounts of such items. 

(oe Copy for these Departments must reach us Wednes- 
day evening to be in time for insertion in same week's 


Ce Jn answering, please state edition, condition, and 

ANDERSON ScCHOOL-Book Co., 68 Duane St., N. Y. | 
Dunbar’s Greek Lexicon, early ed., not revised. | 

J. W. Bouton, AGrT., 706 B’way, N. Y. 
Lamartine’s Genevieve ; or, The History of a Servant. 
Wit and Wisdom of Don Quixote. 
Fetishism and Fetish Worshippers. 
Dupuis’ Origin of Religion, New Orleans, 1872. 

BRENTANO Bros., 5 UNION SQuareE, N. Y. 

Wagner’s Essay on Beethoven. 
Richter’s Hesperus. 
Argenis, by John Barclay. 
Howard Queen, by Edmund Flagg, Scribners, 1853. 
Life and Letters of Longfellow, ed. de luxe. 
Return of the Native, L. H. series. 
Ticknor’s Middle States. 
Karma, by Sinnett. 
Seek and Find, | by Christina Rossetti, illustrated by Ar- 
Commonplace, | thur Hughes. 
Tom Jones, | in Routledge’s Wogld-wide novels, pa- 
Peregrine Pickle,{ per. 
Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly, August, 188s. 
Justinianus Institutionum, Moyle, Clarendon Press. 
Romance Poor Young Man. 
Gladstone’s Juventus Mundi. 
Children of the World, Heyse. 

Wma. J. CAMPBELL, 740 SANSOM St., PHixa., Pa. 
Buckingham Smith’s translation of Descripcion de Sonora. 

San Augustin, 1863, or the Spanish ed, 

Green, Monograph of Trilobites of N. A., with sup. 
Hall, Palzontology : Lamellibranchiata II. and plates. 
Philipp’s Explorers’, Miners’, and Metallurgists’ Hand- 

book, San Francisco, 

Code and Checklist of N. A. Birds (Am. Ornith. Union). 
Roorbach, Bibliotheca Americana, v. 4, 1858-61. 
North American Review, V. 5 (1817), V. 7 (1818). 

H. D. Cuapin, 91 DEARBORN St., Cuicaco, ILt, 
Hayden’s History of Biography. 

= Dictionary of Dates, late eds. 
Puck, early numbers. 

Rospert CLarkE & Co., Cincinnati, O. 

De Smet’s Oregon Missions, New York, 1847. 
First Book of Records of the Town of Southampton, 1639- 


Chronicles of the Town of Southampton, by D. Gardner, 

Sawyer’s Cook-Book, 
Cuppves, UpHAM & Co., 283 WASHINGTON St,, Boston. 
Feeling of Effort, by James. 
White Hills, by King. 
E. Darrow & Co., Rocusster, N, Y. 
Burt's Characteristics. 
B. F. Dunn & Co., Liserty, Mo. 
Gabriel Denver; or, The Black Swan, by Oliver Mad- 
dox Brown. 
A. E. Foote, 1223 Betmont Ave., PHILADELPHIA, Pa. 
Pike, Expedition to Sources of Miss. 
Lubbock, Prehistoric Times. 
Neal, J., Seventy-six. 
Beaudelocque Midwifery, by Dewees. 
New York Ag]. Soc., 1869 and 1870, 


The Publishers’ Weekly. 


| Bp. Potter’s Handbook for Readers. 

| so copies Sanderson and Parkinson’s Cook and Confec- 

| Down in Tennessee. 

| Medizval Architecture, by Gilbert Scott, 2 v 
Storer’s Dict. Chem. Solubilities. 

| McMillan, Elective Franchise in U. S. 

The Publishers’ Weekly. 

[Wo. 769 | Oct. 23, '86, 

Wa. ErvinG, r21 Fourtu Ave., N. \ 
The Forged Will, by Emerson Bennett 
King of the Hurons, by P. H. Myers. 
Bell Brandon, ” - = 
The Treasure Ship, “ 
Christmas nos. London Society, 1880-1881, 

E. W. JOHNSON, 304 6TH Ave., N, \ 

Church Canon, Hawk. 
Conflict Between Labor and Capital, Jones. 
Labor and Victory, Jaff. 

JorDAN Bros., 45 N. 9TH ST., PHILADELPHIA, P, 

Costumes of all Nations, Sothern’s ed. 
Montaigne’s Essays, v. 3, Derby & Jackson 
Samuel Rogers’ Poems, illustrated, London, 1834 

Kansas STATE Historica Society, Topeka, Kay 
Benton’s Abridgment of Debates, v. 5, 6 
Parton’s Life of Jackson, v. 1 and 3. 
Emory’s Report on Mexican Boundary, v. 1 and 3, 

J. B. Lippincotr Company, 715 & 717 MARKET Sr, Puita 
2 Brown’s Chaucer England. 
E. A. Mac, 693 Broapway, New York Ciry. 

N. Y. City Record, odd nos., odd v., or complete set, 
A. C. McCuiure & Co., Cuicaco, Itt. 
Loskiel, Mission Among the Indians, 8°, 1794. 
Bancroft, Native Races, 5 v. 
. Alaska. 
Pathfinder. Darley’s pl., Townsend & (Co. 
McDonneE Lt Bros., 185 DEARBORN Sr., CHicaco, 
Harper's Weekly, 1861-'65 inclusive. 
- - 1861, 1864 and ’6s. 
Marcu Brortuers, Lesanon, O. 
Prescott’s Conquest Peru, shp., Lippincott’s new rev. ed, 
_ T.H. Pease & Son, New Haven, Cr. 
Reminiscences of Scenes and Characters at Yale College, 
by Rev. Jno. Mitchell, 1847. 
__ A.D. F. Ranpoipn & Co., 38 W. 23p Sr., N. Y, 
Life Henry C. Wright. 
Young Men’s Aid to Knowledge, by H. Winslow. 

“e “ee 



J. Francis RuGGuies, Bronson, Micu. 

Any work on Butchering or Flagellation. 
Any work on Flagellation. 
Dicky Dorathy ; or, Black Jack Mavourneen, 
Why Evil was Permitted, sup. to Zion’s Watchtower, ' 
Chas. Phillips’ Speeches. 
W. C. Taylor’s History of Ireland, Harper & Br 
Virginia Housewife (2 copies). 
W. T. Smitn, Utica, N. Y. 
Among the Pines. 

pi seine enter Pia. 

Spaulding on the Witch Scenes. 
Meditations on ‘* The Witch.” 

A. H. Smytue, Co_umaus, O. 
, fully il, 

G. E. STECHERT, 766 Broapway, N. Y. 
Flanders, Constitution of U. S. 
Bonner, J., De Tocqueville’s Old Régime and Revolution, 
N. Y., 1856. 
Kellogg, E., Labor and Capital. 
Howard, John, On Vocal Culture (or similar title). 
Absolute Money. A new system of finance for U. S 
St. Louis, 1875. 
Spaulding, E. G., Finance History of the War. 
Horton, D. Dana, Silver and Gold, large ed., Cincinnati 
Morgan, J. A., Law of Literature, 2 v., N. Y., 1875. 

Dalton, Topogr. Anatomy of the Brain, 3 v., Phila., 1885 
Lawton, American Caucus System. 

Swallow Barn, by J. P. Kennedy. 

N. TipsBats & Sons, 124 Nassau Sr., N. Y. 
Van Buren’s Political Parties. 
Memoirs of Cardinal De Retz. 
Thierry’s Third Estate. 
Ranke, Civil Wars. 
Public Economy of the Athenians. 
Baird’s Modern Greece. 

C. L. Traver, Trenton, N. J. 
Timbs, Things not Generally Known. 
‘* Popular Errors Explained. 

Curiosities of History. 
Walpole’s George III, v. 1. 

B. WESTERMANN & Co., 838 Broapway, N. Y 4 
Croom, Catalogue of Plants, Native and Naturalized, 9 
the Vicinity of New-Bern. New York, Scott, 1837, 8°. 
Documents Relative to the Colonial History of the State o! 
New York, procured in Holland, England, and France, 
by J. R. Bradhead, Albany. A// except v.,3 and 4. 


| Vo. 769 | Oct. 2 , 86. 






tower, ° 

lly il, 


we U. 3 



[a., 1885. 

a 4 

alized, if 
1837, 8°. 

e State ol 
d France, 
nd 4. 





¥. a 


Oct. 23; 86 

[Vo. 769]. The Publishers’ Weekly. 595 


H. K. Van Sicen, 95 Firtu Ave., N. Y. | 
Titian, 2 V., Jean Paul — Ticknor. 

ingham’s Journal. ; é 
Me Dreams, Theo. Winthrop, Ticknor & Fields. 
» Miles Wallingford, ) 
> Afloat and Ashore, 

> Precaution, | Cooper’s Novels,1l. by Darley. W. 

Pathfinder, A. Towsend & Co. 
Nak Openings 
geonish Pa seh, 2 v., National ed., Irving. 
\merican Notes,2v. Master Humphrey,rv. Household 
~ or New Household ed. Hurd and Houghton, or Hough- 
ton, M. & Co. 
Ino. WANAMAKFR, Pui a., Pa. 
Sarchedon, by White Melville. 
Wuirte, Stokes & ALLEN, 182 Firtu AveE., N. ¥. 
Smith’s Mechanics, Harper. 
Newcomb’s Practical Astronomy. 
Quintilian’s Institutes. L. WoopwarD, 78 Nassau St., N. Y. 
John T. Irving’s Hawk Chief. 
a « - Hunters of the Prairie. 
Bront?, Anne, Wuthering Heights and Agnes Grey, ed. 



WANTED—Books, Pamphlets, Newspapers, and News- 
paper Cuttings —_— to the Mormons, for which 
good prices will be given by E. & J. B. Younc & Co., ee 


KiNG Bros., 3 Fourtu St., San Francisco, Cat. 
Bancroft’s Histories, Pacific States, cl. binding, $2.50 per v. 

J. D. Rice, Trenton, N. J. 
Geological Survey of Mich., 4 v. and folio of maps. Scarce. 
Make offer. 
C. L. TrAvEerR, TRENTON, N. J. 
Bourne’s Drawings of London and Birmingham R. R., 

folio, London, 1839, _ $30. $2. 
Ellet, Miss, and Ohio Rivers, 1853, $1.50, | 

Holly, American and European R. R. Practice, folio, $2. 
Lowell, Hydraulic Experiments, folio, $1.50. 

Ws. L. SrrauGun, 713 N. Stricker St., BALTIMORE, Mb. | 

Cooper's Works—Heidenmauer, Jack Tier, Mohicans, | 
Miles Wallingford, Wyandotte, Pioneers, Afloat and 
Ashore, Homeward Bound, Pathfinder, Chainbearer, | 
Wing and Wing, The Prairie, Wish-Ton-Wish, Satans- | 
toe, Red Rover. Darley il. Townsend & Co. 

Partisan Leader, Tucker, 12°, cl., 1861. 

Holmes, Autocrat of the Breakfast Table, 1858. 

Marvel, Fresh Gleanings, cl., 1861. 

Saffell, Bonaparte-Patterson Marriage, cl., 1873. 

Kennedy, Swallow Barn, bds., 2 v., 1832. 

a" Memoir of Wm. Wirt, 8°, cl., 2 v. 

ne Baltimore During the Revolutionary War, 
12°, Cl., 1849. 

Burneys, Evelina, 3 v., hf. cf., Lond., 1783. 

~ Cecilia, 5 v., hf. cf., Lond., 1783. 
Camilla, 5 v., hf. cf., Lond., 1799. 

aa The Wanderer, 5 v., hf. mor., Lond., 1814. 

Smithsonian Annuals from 1854 to 1881, except 1859 and 

T aylor’s Inquiry, 8°, shp., 1814. 

Lynch's Dead Sea and the Jordan, 8°, cl. 

_,. _C. L. Traver, Trenton, N. J. 

43 V. British Poets, L. & B. ed. 40 C. per v. 

im. Art Review, 2 v., hf. mor., new, $13. 
nos. Electric Mag., 3%4c. 

PROOF-READING, editorial and literary work, 

Wishes a position on a publication. Address E., Pus- 


\ ANTED, BY A LADY, experienced, position in a 
Pie newspaper office in the South or New York City. 
Smpetent proof-reader. Can take charge of subscriptions 
“ Cnn pondence. Highest references. Address A. F., 


W EW ANT a first-class active 

. , and capable book-sales- 
of lit man. Must be thoroughly posted in the entire range 
=i perature arid havea knowledge of current stock. Apply 
“\ SRENTANO Bros., 5 Union Square, N. Y. 

Oct. 23, '86 [WVe. 769]. The Publishers’ Weekly. 597 

W. J. 


FOR SALE.—A Book-store in one of the pleasantest 
towns of ten thousand inhabitants in the State of 
Michigan. To a party having a capital of five or six 
thousand dollars, and wishing to engage in a safe busi- 
ness, this offers a rare opportunity. An old-established 
stand, a clean stock. With a good trade of $14,000 dollars 

| the past year, which can be increased. Address Brown, 
| EaGer & Hutt, Torepo, O. 


(CCOM PLETE sets of all the leading Magazines and Re- 

views, and back numbers of some three thousand dif- 
ferent periodicals, for sale, cheap, at the AMERICAN AND 

| ForEIGN MaGazinE Depot, 47 Dey St., New York. 

NOTICE TO THE TRADE.—If you require wants to 

complete serial publications, foreign or domestic, mag- 

azines, reviews, or periodicals of any description, the lar- 

est stock in the United States is to be found at Joun 
EACHAM’S, 7 Barclay Street, New York. 


a story of the late war, r2mo, cloth, illustrated. Published 
rice $1. My price, postpaid, 25c.; in lots of 25, 15c. I 
ave all there are or ever will be inthe market; no war 
library will be complete without it. W.J. WeEpon, Whole- 
sale Dealer in School-books, Job Lots, and Remainders of 
Editions, 25 Chambers St., N. Y. 



Tauchnitz Edition of British Authors 

In half morocco binding, $1.25 per volume. 
Send for Catalogue. 

New, Shelf worn, Second hand, in quantities. 

Wm. H. KEYSER & CO., Wholesale Dealers 

S. W. Cor. 10th and Arch Sts., Philadelphia. 

SEND us A LIST OF THE Booxs You UsE. 

Iondon Books, 

CATALOGUEs issued regularly, and sent gratis to any address 




I am supplying the trade with new school books, at 15 to 

| 25 per cent discount from publishers’ wholesale prices. 

I make a specialty of Encyclopedias, Subscription Books, 
Shelf-worn, and secondehand school books at liberal dis- 

VEEDON, Wholesale Book Dealer, 25 Chambers St. N. Y. 




UT 7 


~ & 4 _ 

596 The Publishers’ Weekly. | Vo. 769] Oct. 23, '86. 

- - -———_———_————————_ = — — 



POETS.—New Red Line Edition of the Poets. 

Illustrated. r12mo, gilt side and back, gilt edges. New dies. Each $1.25. 
1. Shakespeare. 19. Bishop Heber. 36. Meredith. 57. Famous Poems. 
2. Milton. 20. Dante. _ 37- Wordsworth. 60. Motherwell. 
3. Byron. 21. Homer’s Odyssey. 38. Songs forthe Household. 67. Bunyan. 
4. Scott. 22. Homer’s Iliad (Pope). 39. Favorite Poems. 74. Swinburne. 
5. Moore. 24. Tupper. 41. Poe. 77. Longfellow. 
6. Pope. 25. Goethe. 42. Campbell. 78. Whittier. 
7. Burns. 26. Schiller. 45. Browning. 79. Bryant. 
8. Rogers. 27. Poets of America, 47. Willis. 81. oe Legends (Bar. 
9. Tennyson. 28. British Female Poets. 48. Arnold. am). 
to. Adelaide Procter. 29. Lucile. so. Hugo. 82. Language Flowers, 
11. Mrs. Hemans. 30. Shelley. 52. Muloch. 83. Half Hours with the Poets 
12. Jean Ingelow. 31. Eliot. 53- Paradise Lost. 84. Poetry of Love. 
13. Hood. 2. toor Gems. 55. Irish Humorous Poetry. 8s. Poetry of Sentiment. 
16. Goldsmith. 33. Thomson. 56. Scottish Humorous Po- 86, Poetry of the Passions. 
17. Keats. 35. Keble. etry. 
s s s 
Household Edition of the Red Line Poets. 
12mo, cloth, gilt, plainedges. $1.25. 

1. Shakespeare. 8. Mrs. Hemans. 15. Browning. 22. Ingoldsby Legends. 
2. Milton. g. Goldsmith. 16. Famous Foems. 23. Procter. 
3. Byron. ro. Lucile. 17. Swinburne. 24. Rogers. 
4. Scott. 11. Shelley. 18. Poe’s Poems. 25. Pope. 
5. Moore. 12. toor Gems. 19. Longfellow. 26. Campbell, 
6. Burns. 13. Keble. 20. Whittier. 27. Ingelow. 
7. Tennyson. 14. Favorite Poems. 21. Bryant. 

STAR LIBRARY.—Standard Works in Biography, Fiction, Poetry, ete. 

Printed from new plates, large, clear type on good paper, very handsomely bound, black and gold, 

12mo, cloth, extra. 

Each $1.25. 

Daniel Deronda. 

Thaddeus of Warsaw. 

Knickerbocker’s History of 
New York. 

Last Days of Pompeii. 

Andersen’s Fairy Tales. 

Last of the Mohicans. 

Robinson Crusoe. 

13. Jane Eyre. 

Chatterbox Junior. 

Wanda. By Ouida. Emerson’s Essays. Recollections of a Police- Modern Women. Second 
Lorna Doone. Use of Sunshine. man. Series. 

Uarda. Verne’s Fur Country. The Privateersman. Ivanhoe. 

Hypatia. Irving’s Sketch-Book. David Copperfield. Evenings at Home 

Lady Audley’s Secret. Fox’s Martyrs. Adam Bede. Byron’s Poems. 

Sandford and Merton. 

Five Weeks in a Balloon. 
Baron Munchausen. 
Craig’s English Dictionary. 
Experiences of a Barrister. 
Adventures of an Attorney. 
Famous Boys. 

Send for Catalogue. 

The New Franklin Edition of Popular !2mos. 

Printed from new plates, made expressly for this edition, in large, clear type, illustrated and handsomely bound, black 

and gold. 

Spanish Nun. 


From Meadow Sweet to Mistletoe, By Christmas Box for Christmas, 1886. $12 
Miss LATHBURY. $2.50. American Chatterbox, $1.00. 

Under Blue Skies. By Mrs. BricHam. $2.00. Golden Chatterbox, $1.00. 

Ginevra }Lllustrated. By Gen. L. WALLACE. $1.25. | Baby Chatterbox, 75 cents. 

Christmas Elves. By Miss SaGe. $1.25. Children’s Friend. 75 cents. 

Worthington’s Annual, (Entirelynew.) $1.50. Im the Fields, 75 cents. 

Worthington’s Natural History. $1.50. Baby Hours, 75 cents. 

1 Vol., 4to, $1.25. 
Chatterbox Picture-Book. 


Trade should see our Books before ordering elsewhere. 


The Publishers’ Weekiy. 

Hugo’s The Rhine. 

John Halifax, Gentleman. 


Grimm’s Popular Tales. 

Modern Woman. First 


1oo1 Gems. 

Songs for Household. 
Household Poems. 


Each $1.00. 
. Baron Munchausen. 

I. 14. East Lynne. 27 35. Life of Franklin. 
2, Arabian Nights. 15. The Mysterious Island. 28. Servant-Girl of the Pe- 36. Kit Carson. 
3. Swiss Family Robinson. 16, 20,000 Leagues Under riod. 37. Creasy’s Battles. _ 
4. Children of the Abbey. the Sea. _ 29. Five Weeks in a Bal- 38. Rocky Mountain Life. 
«. Don Quixote. 17. Tour of the World in loon. 39. Vicar of Wakefield. 
6. Pilgrim’s Progress. 80 Days. 30. Waverley, and Guy 40. Oliver Twist. 
7. The Last Days of Pom- 18. Grimm’s Popular Tales, Mannering. ari 4t. Wild Life in Oregon. 
peii. 20. Gulliver’s Travels. 31. Ivanhoe, and Kenil- 42. Christine. 
8. Scottish Chiefs. 21. Dickens’ Child’s His- worth. 43. Lover’s Library. 
9. Thaddeus of Warsaw. tory of England. 32. Rob Roy, and The Pi- 44. Longfellow. 
ro. Sanford and Merton. 22. Atsop’s Fables. Over rate. 45. Whittier. 
11. Andersen’s Fairy Tales. roo Illustrations. 33. The Last of the Mohi- 46. Bryant. 
12. Tom Brown at Rug- 23. Poe’s Tales. cans. 47. Poe’s Poems. 
by. 24. Frankenstein and the 34. Willy Reilly. 


Afternoon Tea, so cents. 

B’WAY, N. Y. 

[ Vo. 769] Oct. 23. ‘86, 










——- >. =o | 

OU NENTANO DROS., 5 Union Square, N. Y. — 

Oct. 23, °86 [Ne. 769]. The Publishers’ Weekly. 597 

tt. «= 


a, -dsworth, Byron, Lamb, Landor, Keats, Tennyson, Bronté, etc., etc. 1 vol., cloth, extra, $1.75. 

SWINBURNE’S WORKS, Viz.: Miscellanies; Laus Veneris; Midsummer Holiday; Tristram of Lyonnesse; 
~~” 4 Century of Roundels; Poems and Ballads; A Study of Shakespeare ; Studies in Song; Mary Stuart; Victor 
Hugo, etc. 10 Vols., r2mo, im, half calf, gilt, in box, $17.50. 

By Pert 

CUNNINGHAM. Fine Portraits. Royal 8vo, cloth, $3.50. 

SOUVENIRS OF MADAME VIGEE LE BRUN, with steel Portrait of the Author. Third American 
"Edition. By Morris F. Tyter, A.M. 1 vol., large r2mo, 398 pp., $1.75. 

KITro's (JOHN, D.D.) Daily Bible Illustrations. English Edition. 8 vols., crown 8vo, cloth extra, $1 

GUNNING’S LIFE HISTORY OF OUR PLANET. With So illustrations. r vol., cloth, $1.50. 

HOUSEHOLD NOVELS. A Series of Choice Works of Fiction by the best authors. vols., r2mo, cloth, gilt, 
neat, in box, $10.00. 

Les Miserables, | Adam Bede, By Grow Eniot 

Lorna Doone. By BLackmore. | David Copperfield. By Dicxe: 

Wanda, By Ovipba. ; ; =. Dain” Wei te ae 

Daniel Deronda, By GeorGe Etior. | « ame lyre, sy {ARLOTTE B 

East Lynne, By Mrs. Woop, | John Halifax, Gentleman, By Miss Mvtocs 

LIBRARY OF SELECT ROMANCES, Thick :12mo, cloth extra, done upin neat box. Each, $1.5 

Monte Cristo, By Avex. Dumas. | Tom Burke. By Cu ES J. LEVER. 

Wandering Jew. By EvGene Sve. Harry Lorrequer, By CHarces J. Lever. 

Mysteries of Paris. By Evcene Sve. Handy Andy. By Samve- Lov: 

Les Miserables, By Vicror Hvuco. | Gory O° More. By Samver Lover. 

Charles O’Malley. By CHarves J. Lever. Never too Late to Mlend, By Cuaries READE. 

HOW ? or, Spare Hours Made Profitable for Boys and Girls. By Kennepy Ho.srook. Profusely illustrated by 
the author. 8vo, cloth, gilt, extra, $2.00. 

ROYAL OCTAVO POETS (Presentation Series), Each, $3.75. 







ries of engravings on_ steel ART. A series of engravings on Mahogany Tree, with thirty illus- 
Ward MEW Taney aaesies | Steel. after, "works by Constable, | trations in Photogravure from ex 
Maclice Kf a ede : . a 9? ere 4 juisite designs by Frank T. Mer- 
Maclise, Kaulbach, Rietschel, and fer, Gerome, De La Roche, Vibert, quae 5. i KA 
the elebrated painters. «With and other masters. With descrip- rill. Bound in a Characteristic and 
lescriptions. 1 vol., small folio, tions. 1 vol., small folio, cloth, Unique binding of Wood and Cloth. 
th, > ) $x ».00, 40, $6.50. 

STRICK LAND (AGNES). Lives of the Queens | MONTALEMBERT. History of the Monks of the 

stand and English Princesses connected with the West. from St. Benedict to St. Bernard. By Counr Dr 
* yal Succession of Great Britain, with Portraits and MontTALEMBERT, translated by Mrs. Oliphant. New 
Se Vignettes engraved on steel. Best English English Edition. 7 vols., 8vo, cloth, $28.00 

I 8 vols., crown 8vo, cloth, extra. $25.00. 

EDINBURGH, PAST AND PRESEN’, with | ART JOURNAL.- The London Art Journal from 

notes of the County Historical, Descriptive, and Scien- the commencement in 1849 to 1884 inclusive. 36 vols., 
ine, by }. B. Gites, illustrated with 150 fine Engrav- 4to, half red levant morocco, full gilt back, cloth sides 
ingson Wood. Imperial 8vo, cloth, gilt, gilt edges, $3.75. and gilt edges. Virtue & Co. $450. 

ifully printed and illustrated by the best artists. 8vo, cloth, gilt extra, $3.00 ; sheep, marbled edges, $4.00. Viz. : 


Send for Catalogue. Trade should see our Books before ordering elsewhere. 


Oct. 23, 86 [We. 769]. The Publishers’ Weekly. 599 

Fw Vee F&F Eee eS ee lUClC UEC www eg ao & Rak were by 

i 598 The Publishers’ Weekiy. [Vo. 769] Oct. 2 

[t Pays to Crrculate tt. 

— ey 




The subscription edition of the ILLUSTRATED CHRISTMAS NUMBER of THE PUuBLIsuHeRs'’ 
WEEKLY will be issued as carly in November as possible, .0 give time for the imprint editions to 
reach all dealers three weeks before Christmas at the latest. 

The Number will as usual present the finest specimen illustrations from the New Hott- 
DAY Books, with special articles on the leading works, a full descriptive summary of books 
and stationery novelties, reference price-lists covering the ILLUSTRATED Works, Books For 
THE YOUNG, and other Cuoice Books published during 1886, ete., etc. Every endeavor will 
be made to surpass the issues of previous years. 

The imprint edition (intended for distribution by dealers with their sole imprint) will be 
printed immediately after the issue of the 77vade edition, under the title of “ Curistmas Carta. 
LOGUE,” as given above. 

The local bookseller can add half as much again to his holiday trade by properly callin 
the attention of the public to his goods. For this purpose, the best means is the circulation of 
this handsome, interesting, and comprehensive CHRISTMAS CATALOGUE, which is received with 
pleasure by those to whom it is given or sent, as itself a picture-book of no little value; and 
its descriptions of and illustrations from books, at once arouse the desire to purchase the 
books themselves. 

No better investment can be made by the bookseller who wants to make the most of his holiday 

Orders filled in the order of size of edition, largest first, and then of receipt. As the 
paper is specially made for this issue, orders should be received at once, as the filling of éater 

demands cannot be guaranteed. 
The thick paper edition of the CHRISTMAS CATALOGUE will be supplied as follows: 
SINGLE COPIES ( postpaid), : 35 cTs. | PER 100 Copies (with imprint), . $20 00 
The thin paper edition, with dealers’ imprints, will be supplied at the following rates : 

Per 100 CopPigs, ; : ‘ $10 00 ~«=©6| ~=PER 500 CopPigs, ' : $38 00 
oO ” . ; . 2000 | ** 1000 a : ‘ ° . He 

sé a 


These prices are all lower than the actual cost to us, and are made to insure wide circulation 
of the publishers’ advertising. 
Orders should be sent in at once, and in order to avoid delay it is absolutely necessary (a 
copy for imprint, together with full directions for forwarding, should accompany the remittance 

All packages sent by express unpaid, unless other shipping directions are given. 

P. O. Box 943. 41 AND 32 PARK Row, New York. 


600 The Publishers’ Weekly. [Wo. 769] Oct. 


Oct. 23, 86 [ No. 769). Tie Publishers’ Weekly. 599 


The Authorized Version and the Revised Version in Parallel Columns, Line for Line, 
upon Each Page. 


The advantage of this arrangement for purpose of compari- 

- son or for the use of either version, at pleasure, will be appre- 
im Clated by the public generally, and these Bibles will undoubtedly 
be in large demand. 
> a They are published in a large and unusually clear and reada- 
lig ble type, and prices are but slightly advanced over the price 
—s me Of the old version alone. 
Family and Pulpit Bible 
l ‘ 
amily and Pulpit Bibles. 
We lately added to and improved. Equal to the best London and 
i Oxford editions at half their prices. Printed from seven sets 
m of electro-plates in type of various sizes, and both durably and 
elegantly bound. 
i ow . , ‘ ‘ >: . 
ii ta New Illustrated German Bibles. 
Two thousand Illustrations, Bible Dictionary Illustrated, 
Col rea \ aps, ett 
ASHERS’ laps, « 
In Plush, Russia, Seal and Morocco Bindings 
y Hou Catalénnss on abpilentios 
f books 

vor will 

A. J. HOLMAN & C@., 


will be 
s CaTa- 

y calling 
ation ol 

red with 

ue: and Successor to LEE, SHEPARD & DILLINGHAM, 
hase the 



Buyers are invited to call and inspect the largest and best assorted stock of 


75 © 

rculation HOLIDAY BOOKS 


sary tial 

ittance ] ; : ° rin . . . 

mittan Including Bibles, Prayer Books, Toy Books, and Calendars, all of which 
are offered on the most favorable terms. 

soe Catalogues, Quotations, and Bargain Lists furnished, TO THE TRADE ONLY, on application. 

All orders answered on day of receipt. 

= Oct. 23, °86 [ Vo. 769 |. The Publishers’ Weekly. 601 
ti. 55 “ a ‘ a aaa “ 

600 The Publishers’ 

Weekly. [Ve. 769] Oct. 23, *8¢ 



Publishers Trade-List Annual 

For 1886 (Fourteenth Year). 

A large 8vo, over 2500 pages. 

The patent ** DUPLEX 

we have decided to apply it in the 

supplied with the 
cave surface as well as on the margin 

reference, whether the 

We re 
T= Unless 

will be despatched by express unpaid. 

by mail, or by prepaid book-rate express for 

With Duplex Index. 

: future to all copies of the “ Annual.” 
* DUPLEX INDE xX” have the 
book is open or shut. 

special shipping directions are 

Cloth, $2. 

having given such general satisfaction. 
alphabet printed on the con- 
which enables insta 

the page, ntaneous 

received, copies ready for delivery 

Parties so desiring can have their copies sent 

7O cents per copy extra. 


P. O. Box 943. 



Presbyterian Board of Publication. 


OF 1886, 
Embracing, with the contents of the edition of 1872, the 
Acts of the Assembly, from 1874 to 1 inclusive, and an 

addendum of the Acts of the Assembly of 188¢ 
By the REV. W. E. MOORE, D.D. 
Price, $5.00, net. 

Earthly Watchers at the Heavenly Gates. 


i16mo. Price, $1.15 

Price, $1.25. 


Price, $1.00. 

8vo, Sheep. 


16mo. Illustrated. 

Address orders to 
JOHN A. BLACK, Business Sup., 
1334 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa., 

Or to any of the Depositories or Booksellers representing 

the Board. 

ATTRA. i o-\ 

602 The Publishers’ 

31 and 32 PARK Row, New York. 

New Parlor Globes. 

Finishe regal 
expense, most orname 
tal ard rorge Ss eve 
yla ré } t 
Ext , i s 

he largest va 
Schooland Lit y 
Globes a € 

231 Broadway, N. Y. 

Premium Globe, 

inches in diameter, ele- 

gant japanned 

i2 inches high; a 

and gilt stand 
re sold to the 
trade at 

$9.00 per dozen, net. 

Former list price, $3.50 each 


Write for Desi viptive Cah ta 

logue and Trade discount 

HH eekly. 

| Vo. 769| Oct. 2 

ee le ie Oe ee oe 

een RM 


Announce the First Complete Edition of 

Oct. 23, °86 [ No. 769 |. The Publishers’ Weekly. 601 

For Exhibitions, Entertainments, and 

W other purpose S. Eve ry dealer Ss hould carry a full 
PORTICAL ORKS line nm stock, Send your order fo us or to your 
| nearest Jobber. 

The Elocutionist’s Annual, Numbers ¢ to 14. 
The best series of speakers published. Each, cloth, 50 

BENJAMIN F. teveet aa D. centS ; paper, 30 cents. 

Best Things from Best Authors, Volumes 

One handsome volume, containing portrait of the 1to4. Each volume contains 3 numbers of the ‘* Elo- 

author, 12mo, 355 pages, $1.75 cutionists’ Annual.”’ Each, cloth, $1.50. 
c , - , ee cts o>» & . 2° : 
Practical Elocution. By J. W. Stoemaker, 
A.M. $1.25. 
ondon Times, Englana *‘ Benjamin F. Taylor ts the Oratory. By Rev. Henry Warp Beecuer. Cloth, 

. ' f ; ’ »>cents. 
Oliver Goldsmith of America.’ 4 

hn G. Whittier writes :—*1 do not know of any one The White Sunlight of Potent Words. by 

Jorn : Rev. Joun S. MacInrosu, D.D. Cloth, 25 cents. 
who so well reproduces the home scenes of long ago. Yo g Folks’ Speaker For children from < to 
.” un > 
On, There is a quiet humor that pleases me. 1o years Old. Boards, 25 cents; paper,1s cents. 
y paper, 15 
nes American Wesleyan, Syracuse :—‘* There is poetry in Young Folks’ Recitations. For children from 
his thought, and a finish in his expression which affects ro to r5 years old. Boards, 25 cents; paper, 15 cents. 
n . ss ° °. 99 - “hi > 7 
_ the spirit like the rapturous thrill of indescribable music.” | Young Folks’ Dialogues. For children from 
s ; ; ss of ‘ aed 2 5 to1s5 years old. Boards, 40 cents; paper, 25 cents. 
dus Boston Transcript :—* Some of the poems in the vol- Folks’ Entertai t KE hild 
; ‘ ‘ or children 
ume are destined to as wide a popularity as Longfellow’s Young I = meas — ( ‘ontains: Motion Scass. Con- 
° 5 a . . * e >, ‘ =”) 
Village Blacksmith,’ or Whittier’s ‘Maud Muller.’ Of cert Pieces, Drills, etc. Boards, 40 cts. ; paper, 25 cts. 
ry these are ‘Mary Butler’s Ride,’ ‘Going to Spelling Reading as a Fine Art. ye tdi LEGOUVE. 
Cl 'j *% s . . . , . " " . ” 
ae School,’ and the ‘ Psalm-Book in the Garret.’ What is Cloth, 50 cents. 
ent there in the range of American poetry more beautiful | Choice Humor, for Reading and Recitation. Boards, 
3 than the concluding stanzas of the latter?” POC PEP, 9 Coane. By W p 
v eae eke ae : y ILLIAM ITTENGER. 
ston Commercial Bulletin :-—* With the exception of Spemnere Speech. "s ' 
Thitti > ave ot see Z , . , se »Scri : - of - ‘ . 
M hittier, we have n rt seen any one whose descriptions of Shoemaker’ s Dialogues. Entirely New and 
iome scenes could, in graphic style or harmonious melody, Original. Cloth, $1.00; paper, 60 cents. 
in any way compare with these.” 
K. Binghamton, N. V., Republican :—‘* Mr. Taylor's ge- 

nius is of the rarest and subtlest kind. He sees post y The National School of Elocution and Oratory, 
in everything, and his pictures of old things and old 1127 GIRARD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. 

times have never been equalled. Every American who 

Publication Department, Cuas. C. SHOEMAKER, Manager. 
reads poetry should have a copy of Mr. Taylor’s poems.” 


Mr. Taylor’ , 
TE cusimzewnrn tenes noes... 106T0sine Euchre Deore - Marker 

io Songs ot Yesterday. Illustrated. 1oth edition.. ; 
blic. Dulce Domum. Illustrated. 2d edition.. 2 50 ee 
: Mr Taylor's Prose Works NO STICKY WAFERS. NO MISTAKES. 
World on Wheels. strate: iti . f | : i 
inc - Iilustrate 1. 18th edition. . vr oO It consists of a number of strips of cardboard, one tor 
amp and Field..............2d "9 each player, printed with numbers showing progressions and 
y Summer Savory..................3d ts ; t co _ tables, and perforated to make detachable coupons, all the 
Setwein the ten a . strips for one set or evening's entertainment being neatly 
es. Illustrated. rath . e' °°. tied together by aribbon. A set of rules accompanies each 
= angel, San Francisco:—It is the richest, raciest, a 
and most readable book of ha kind that we ever read. 
. It gives a better and clearer view of California PRICES: 
j life, climate, and customs, than has ever before been . 
| en For 3, 4 or 5 Tables, $0.50 per set, postpaid. 
7 “ 6, 7 or g “<< .60 “cc “< 
oe . io I2 “ 1.00 <é sé 
0e, ' the Railway, or Stories of the Loco- “ 46 “ 1.25 “6 6 
motive in Every Land, , 
ele- By W. S. Kennepy. 12 mo, cloth, with 24 illustrations NOTICE.—Sets can be used only for desig- 
rand and illuminated cover, $1.25. nated number of tables. 
» th ‘ . . 
C An | ae good book.’ "—New Vork Herald. MANUFACTURED AND FOR SALE BY 
~ An ins ructive 00k without a dull page in it.’— 
Carisi Re , P 
ain red with can intere st and amuse the reader is here \ re ET , 
oii gi theres with a master craftsman’s hand.”"——N. }”. Cone- WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 

‘ata- Ss. Cc, GRIGGS & Co., Cleveland, Ohio. 
87 & 89 Wabash Ave., CHICAGO. NEW YORK AGENT, 

E. I. HORSMAN, 80-82 William St. 

'86 oo ae The Publishers’ Weekly. hes 


TROY, N. Y., 

602 The Publishers’ Weekly. | Vo. 769] Oct. 23, '8¢ 



A series of twenty original etchings by American artists, 
among whom are Henry Farrer, James D. Smillie, 
Thomas Moran, Parrish, Ferris, Garrett, and others, 
with descriptive text printed in red and black, and 
biographical matter by S. R. Koehler and others. 
Edition limited to 350 copies, divided as follows: 

5 copies, proofs on genuine parchment, text on 
vellum paper in parchment portfolio. . $1 

15 copies, proofs on satin, text on vellum paper, in 
satin portfolio ‘ 7 

40 copies, proofs on India paper, text on vellum 
paper, in vellum cloth portfolio 

40 copies, proofs on Japan paper, text on vellum 
paper, in parchment portfolio. 

»50 copies, proofs on Holland paper, in cloth bind- 

Bac nne ane ae 


A series of fifteen original and beautiful photogravure 
illustrations, after original drawings by William J. 
Mozart. The text of the poem will be interwoven with 
the illustrations, and all will be printed with the greatest 
care on paper of the finest quality. The binding will be 
a new and novel combination of cloths, and have a very 
attractive stamp on side. 1 vol., quarto, gilt edges, $ 

Bm ttt . 


With ten colored plates from original drawings by Isaac 
Sprague. Text by the Rev. A. B. Hervey. | 
large quarto, cloth, bevelled and full gilt, $3 7 

New Books. 


SKETCHING, including Applications of Phot: g 

raphy. By Lieut. Henry A. REED, Assistant Profes 
of Drawing, U. S. Military Academy, West Poi 
Illustrated with Plates, colored and plain. 4to, cloth 

ELEMENTS OF GEODESY. For the use of 
Students. Exhibiting in a single volume the principles 
of this science, heretofore accessible only through the 
examination of many works. By Prof. J. H. Gorr, 
Columbian University. 8vo, cloth, $2.50. 

SURVEYING. Designed for the use of Surveyors 
and Engineers generally, but especially for the use of 
Students in Engineering. By J. B. Jounson, C.E., 
Professor of Civil Engineering in Washington Uni 
versity, etc., etc. Illustrated by upwards of 150 engray- 
ings, with folding Maps, Tables, etc. 8vo, cloth, $3.50. 

on Bridges and Roofs, in which the necessary and suffi- 
cent weight of the structure is calculated—not assumed 
—and the number of panels and height of girder that 
render the bridge-weight least for a given span, line- 
load, and wind-pressure are determined. By Joun D. 
CrEHORE, C.E. 8vo, cloth, $5.00. 

ACCIDENTS IN MUENES, arising from the Fatis 
oF Roors AND Sipes: Their causes and the means of 
diminishing their frequency. With detailed sections of 
workable seams, and an account of the system of tim- 
bering in vogue in Staffordshire coal-fields, and appli- 
cable elsewhere. By ArTHUR R. Sawyer, of the Royal 
School of Mines, and one of H. M. Inspectors of Mines. 
With over 300 figures of illustrations, partly printed in 
colors. 8vo, cloth, $7.00. 

604 The Publishers’ Weekly, [ Vo. 769] Oct. 2 

The Chamber 
Over the Gate 


12mo., pp. 560, vellum cioth, colored edg 

ives, >o 

“A story with merit.”—Detroit Nez 

“ Beautifully printed and bound.” —/j/ 
Nez 'S. 

“Our reading of ‘ The Chamber Over the Gar, 
has discovered in it more of the elements of tha: 
long-expected pre duct, ‘ the great American nor 
than we have found in any recent work of fictio; 

It has large stature, reserve force, aby 

dant play of power ; its intellectual endowment js ) 
marked ; it has character, incident, sentiment, an F 
passion ; it is virile, natural, lifelike, dramatic, ab. 
sorbing. . . . Its commanding proportions, I 
its excellent paper and print, its salmon-color i 
edges and cover of old gold, mark it out among a 
the mass of books with a certain distinctness wel Y 
befitting its uncommon character.” — Litera f | 
World, Boston. 4 

“A weil-written story of life, with no straining 
after dramatic effect, but possessing a quiet at- : ] 

tractiveness that holds the attention to the end.’- 
Sunday Morning Herald, Rochester, N.Y 

By mail on receipt of price. 

CHAS. A. BATES, Publisher, Indianapolis, In 

\ w 

J. Henry Vat. 

J. H. Vat & Co, 

- Successors to the Jobbing and Retail De 
partment of Wau. Woop & Co., 

=\ Medical Publishers 


Le ee A NT RM MT 

Sean ae) 

21 Astor Place & 142 Eighth St., N. ¥. 

Trade-Lists and General Catalogues of Medical Books fur 
nished on application. 


of all kinds, suitable for the 

a af} LO. 48 3 
Holiday Braode. 
Largest Stock, — Best Terms. 
Illustrated Catalogue mailed gratis 

E. Steiger & Co., 25 Park Place, . Y. 

3, 86, 

sg 7 . A 6T rr. , 




§ [ure 






ee (tao NT EIN MONIT 


Oct. 23; 


BooKS ; 

86 [ Wo. 769]. 

The Publishers’ 

Weekly. FOR 


The Largest and Most Complete Stock in the 
United States. 








| ) 




Terms ana Discounts furnished upon ap- 



5 Sizes. All Gummed. 

8c to 30c per loo. 
116 Nassau St. New York. 


245 Cc 


‘ouccessor to BickneLtt & ComstovK,) 

Architectural Book 

Publisher and I mporter, 


Drawing Irstruments, Artists’ Materials, etc, 

(Catalogue on A pplication, ) 

No. 6 Astor Place, New York, 




Miscellaneous and School 

All Publications furnished at the Lowest Market Rates. 
Catalogues of School and Miscellaneous Books sent om 




H. E. HOLT, 

5. C. GRIGGS & CO., ; 
A.C. McCLURG & CO., ‘ 
PITMAN & HOWARD, Cincinnati. 
HARPER & BROTHERS, | new york 
E. H. BUTLER & CO., 




All orders and inquiries promptly answered. 

_yost? 4 G ILLO IT's 
Steel Plews 

FOR ances USE in fine drawing, 

Nos. 659 (Crowquill), 290 and aor. 
Nos. 303 and Ladies’, 170. 

Nos. 294, 389 and Stub Point, 849. 

Nos. 332, 404, 390 and 604. 
Moseph Gillott & Sons, 91 John Ct., N. Y. 
HENRY HOE, Sore AGeEnt. 
Sold iy ALL DEALERS throughout the World. 
Gold Medal Paris Exposition, 1878. 




Leading Nos., 048, 14, 130, 333, 161 

A large variety in all the popular styles. 

Samples and prices to the Trade on application 

Works, Camden, N. J. 26 John Street, N. Y. 



The Publishers’ Weekly, 

[WVo. 769] Oct. 23, '86. 

Flarper & Brothers New Books 


MARY AND MARTHA. The Mother and the Wife of 
George Washington. By Brnson J. Lossinc, LL.D., 
author of ** Field-book of the Revolution,” ** Field-book 
of the War of 1812,” ‘‘Cyclopedia of United States 
History,” etc. Illustrated by facsimiles of pen-and-ink 
drawings by H. Rosa. pp. xxii, 348. 8vo, ornamental 
cloth, gilt edges, $2.50. 


TION. By Witiiam H. Payne, A.M., Professor of the 
Science and the Art of Teaching in the University of 
Michigan. pp. xiv, 358. 12mo, cloth, $r.25. 


Explanatory Notes for the Use of Students in Colleges. 
By W.S. Tyer, D.D., Williston Professor of Greek in 
Amherst College. pp. xvi, 420. 12mo, cloth, $1.50. (In 
‘‘Harper’s New Classical Series, for Schools and Col- 
leges.’? Under the editorial supervision of Henry Drisler, 
I 1..D., Jay Professor of Greek in Columbia College.) 


INTO UNKNOWN SEAS; or, The Cruise of Two 
Sailor Boys. By Davip Ker, author of ** The Lost 
City,” etc. pp.176. Square 16mo, ornamental cloth, 

(In ** Harper’s Young People Series.’’) 


piled from the journals and letters of the late Richard J. 
Cleveland, by his son, H.W.S.CLEvELAND. With por- 
trait. pp. x, 246. 12mo, cloth, $1.25. 


LOVE AND LUCK. The Story of a Summer’s Loitering 
on the Great South Bay. By R.B. Roosrvett, author 
of ‘* Five Acres too Much,.”’ 16mo, ornamental cover, 

» ( 
~ £.00, 


Story of the South Shore. 
author of ** Dean Stanley with the Children.” 
ornamental cloth, $1.00. 



JO’S OPPORTUNITY. By Lucy C. Littiez, author of 
‘“The Story of Music and Musicians,’’ ‘* Nan,’’:‘* Rolf 
House,” etc. Illustrated. Square 16mo, ornamental 
cloth, $1.00. (Uniform withthe volumes in ‘* Harper’s 
Young People Series.”’) 


P. Wetis, author of ‘ Fly-Rods and Fly Tackle.” 
With illustrations and map showing location of Salmon 
Rivers. pp. 166, 8vo, ornamental cloth, §1.00. 


THE LABOR PROBLEM. Plain Questions and Practi- 
cal Answers. Edited by Wittiam E. Barns. Withan 
introduction by Richard T. Ely, Ph.D., and special con- 
tributions by James A. Waterworth and Fred. Woodrow. 
pp. 330. 16mo, cloth, $1.00 

BOLINGBROKE: A Historical Study ; 

England. By Joun Cuurton COLLINs. 
1zmo, cloth, §1.00. 

and Voltaire in 
pp. xii, 262. 


pp. 306. 16mo, cloth, $1.25. 

Wootson, author of ** Anne,” 
pp. 592. 16mo, cloth, $1.25. 

By ApAm Babeavu., 

‘*For the Major,” etc. 

3y Frances A. HUMPHREY, | 7° 

| 538. The One Thing Needful. 

| 536. Keep my Secret. 

KING ARTHUR. Not a Love Story. 


if : za By the author as 

John Halifax, Gentleman,” etc. pp. 236. tomo 1. 

go cents. (Uniform with the “ Library Edition ; foth 
Mulock’s Works.”’) Also, 16mo, paper covers = Miss 
per's Handy Series, 25 cents. » In Hay. 


Witt AM M. Tayi OR, D.D., Balin dDo- author of u Davia 
King of Israel,”’ ‘“* Peter the Apostle,” “ Paul the vy." 
sionary.”’ pp. 242. ramo, cloth, $1.50. — 

A VICTORIOUS DEFEAT. By Wotcort Batesrim 

Illustrated by Alfred Brennan. pp. 35 12mo. 

~ XVII. 

Talks on Economics, especially for Use in Business j, 
Schools, and in Women’s Reading Classes. By R'R 
Bowker. pp. Vi, 280. 16mo, cloth, 75 cents, — 


the Indian Wars of the Far W By J. P. Duny, Jr. 
M.S., LL.B. With a Map :; Profuse illuctrations 
pp. xX, 784. 8vo, ornament: clot & 



Hupso» Ppp. iv, 490. 


98. Joan Wentworth. By K.S. Macovoip. 2 
97. The Phantom City. By Wittiam WesrAaLi t 
96. Marcella Grace. By Rosa MULHOLLAND, 25 ct 
95. Comediettas and Farces. By Joun Ma 
Morton, #35 cts. 
94. Baptized with a Curse. By Epitu Srvart D: 

25 cts. 
»3. Francis. 
)2. The Long Lane. 

8vo, cloth, $2.00. 

By M. Dat VERO. 25 cts. 
By Epiru Coxon. 25 cts 

gt. AWicked Girl. By Mary Cecit Hay. 25 cts 

jo. Our Radicals. By FRED. BURNABY. 25 cts. 

89. A Playwright’s Daughter. By Mrs. Anniz Ep 
WARDS. 25 cts. 

88. Bad to Beat. By Hawtey Smart. 25 cts, 

87. Katharine Blythe. By KaTHARINE LEE. 25 cts 



547. The Touchstone of Peril. By R. E. F 
20 cts. 
546. Clare of Claresmede. By Cuartes G 
20 cts. 

545. Autobiography of Leigh Hunt. 20 cts. 

544. Both in the Wrong. By Mrs. Joun KENT SPEND! 
20 cts. 

543. Ancient American Politics. By Hucu J. Hs 
TINGS. 30 Cts. 

542. Ottilie. By Vernon LEE. 20 cts, 

541. St. Briavels. By Mary DEANE. 20 cts. 

540. The Court of France (1514 to 1559) By La 
Jac KSON, 20 cts. 

539. Two Pinches of Snuff. By Wittiam West! 
20 cts. 

By Miss M. E Br 
20 cts. 

. The Chilcotes. 

By Lesuig KEITH. 20 Cts. 
By G. M. Rostns, 20 cts 

Ger The above works are for sale by all booksellers, or will be sent by HARPER & BROTHERS, fostfaid, to an) part 
the United States and Canada, on receipt of the price. 

Harper's CATALOGUE mailed, postage prepaid, on receipt of Ten Cents. 

Published by HARPER & BROTHERS, New York. 

The Publishers’ Weekly. 

[Wo. 770] Oct. 30, 6, 


Re A ee ee an