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Full text of "Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory of Scotland ... (Royal National Directory of Scotland.) With ... map, etc"

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in  2011  with  funding  from 

National  Library  of  Scotland 





National   Telephone    3264.                                          Jit  Telegraphic    Address:— 

P.O.  Telephone   3264.                                                                   .  "  Manuel,  Glasgow. 
Shooting   Lodge    and   Yacht    supplies    a    speciality. 

Carriage   paid   by   Goods   Train   or  Steamer.         See   Terms. 

■»»■»•»  »,*"».*•»., 

Manuel  &  Webster, 


X  163,    "West     ^eorge    St.    (late   of  33ue6anan   St.),  I 

£*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦  ~¥  Ticzg^a^Mir  ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦! 

t                 Specialities:                 J  GLHSGOW.  J                 Specialities:                 | 

♦  York  Hams- smoked  &  unsmoked.  f  ++4.  ♦     Truffles,  in  clear  glass  bottles     + 
2y               Isle  of  Wight  Hams.               T  T  and  tln8.                        T 

♦  Tongues- pickied  and  smoked.    *  Grocers,  Italian  Warehousemen  T    Financi6re-  Cock8'  Comb8' et0-    T 

i                  All  for  boiling.                 T  "^ ^ — ^^^^—  J                in  bottles,  all  sizes. 

J                 Finest  Irish  Hams.                ♦  and    Confectioners.  +    Hummers  Pate  de  Foie  Cras,  in    X 

T  Specially  selected  Wiltshire  Bacon.  T  T                 terrines  and  tins. 

Xst,,tonpchees:jrombest80a,ries.j  Wine  and  Spirit   Merchants,  ♦      ^E£T£L 

J             Br,e,n  season             |  Exporters  and  Importers,    t       «-' *~»  ~- 

+  Camemberts,  etc.  ♦  ♦•  Fresh  Daily.    

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦  ♦♦♦  £♦♦♦♦' 


t  Large    Stock    High-Class   Wines,   Champagnes,   Whisky   and   Liqueurs.            See    List. 

y  Our  own   make   of    Bottled    Soups,   all  kinds,   extra  strong,  also   large   variety  of   specially  Z 

r  packed    Glass    and    Tinned    Meats,    Fruit    and   Vegetables,    English    and    French   of   the  4 

t  highest    quality.  J 

t.  Sole    Glasgow  Agents   for   Fuller's  American    Sweets,   etc.  3 

►  Sole  Agent  for  Scotland   for    Henri  Ancelins  (Cognac)  Pate  de  Foie  Gras,  Aux  Truffles  4 
£  du    Perigord,  a   la    Fine    Champagne,   of  exquisite   flavour.  Z 

►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^  ♦ ♦♦♦♦»♦< 

►  PURE   COFFEE.  j 

►  We  devote  special  attention  to  this  delightful  beverage.  To  supply  Coffee 
absolutely  fresh  we  roast  and  grind  two  or  three  times  per  day.  Our  machinery  is 
the   very   best,  and   enables   us   to   roast   either   small    or   large   quantities   perfectly. 


First  Quality,  Speciality  Peaberry,  the  finest    imported  ..          ...     per  lb.  2/2. 

First  Quality  Peaberry  and  First  Quality  Flatberry       2/0. 

First  Quality  Flatberry I/IO.                     4 

Second  Quality  Flatberry          1/8.                       ^ 

Special  Turkish  Coffee,  to  order       ...         ...         ...         ...         ...          ,,  2/2.                    4 

When    ordering,   please  say  whether  Whole    Berry   or   Ground    Coffee  is  required.  1 

Coffee   when    roasted   will   best   preserve   its   vigour  and  fragrance  if  it   is  kept  in  a  glass  4 

or    porcelain    vessel    with    close-fitting    lid.         We   supply   the   above   blends   raw   at   2d.  1 

per   lb.   less   than   roasted   prices.  A 

►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦t ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦j 


Own    Baking   of    Scotch    Currant    Buns,   Plain    and    Ornamented. 
Shortbread   from    1/-   to   30/-   per   cake. 
4%  Seed    Cakes,   Plum    Cakes,   Sultana    Cakes,   Scotch    Sugar    Loaves,   etc. 

4  Orders   of   £2    value    and    upwards    sent    carriage    paid.  See   Terms. 

X         Separate   fully   detailed    Price    Lists   of    Groceries,   Wines    and    Cigars  on  application. 

♦     M.  &    W.'s    Ten    Year   Old   Whisky   @  48/-    per   dozen    bottles,   is    unequalled 

£  (matured   in    Fine   Old    Sherry   Wood). 


»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦+♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 


HIS  Most  GRACIOUS  MAJESTr  King  Edward  VII.  Balmoral  castle,  Crathie,  Ballater  S.O.  Aberdeen-shire. 
His  Koyal  Highness  the  Prince  of   Wales,  Abergeldie  castle,  Crathie,  Ballater  S.O. 

Abbey  David  S.38  Devonshire  rd. Aberdeen 
Abbot  Peter  H.  8  Roxburgh  ter.  Dundee 
Abbott  F.  Braeriach,  South  beach,  Troon 
Abbott  J. Blink  Bonny  rd.Camelon, Falkirk 
Abbott  Wm.S.  Ossian  rd.Newlands,Glasgw 
Abel  Rev.  Arthur  C.  Ley  lodge,  Ancrum 

road,  Lochee,  Dundee 
Abel  Rev.  George  M.A.,  U.  P.  C.  manse, 

Pitmedden,   Udny,  Aberdeen 
Abel  John,  1   Sparrow  croft,   Forlar 
Abel    Rev.    Robert    Henderson,    21    Forest 

avenue,  Aberdeen 
Abel  Alexander,   Bucksburn,  Aberdeen 
Abel  Mrs.   20  Argyll  place,   Aberdeen 
Abel  Mrs.   Hawklaw,  Ellon 
Abercrombie        Alexander,        Rowantrees, 

Oastlehead,  Paisley 
Abercrombie  D.C.  Croft  ho. Cults, Aberdeen 
Abercrombie  Jas.  38  Rosebery  st. Aberdeen 
Abercrombie  John,  Auchencraig,  Craw  rd. 

Abercrombie   R.G.,J.P.  Coningsby  pi. Alloa 
Abercrombie   Thomas   Graham,   Redholme, 

Oastlehead,  Paisley 
Abercrombie   William,    Bellevue,   Prospect 

avenue,   Cambuslaug,   Glasgow 
Abercrombie     William     J. P.      Craigmuir, 

Meikleriggs,  Paisley 
Abercromby     Sir     George     William     bart. 

Forglen  house,  Turriff. 
Abercromby  Andrew, 8  Whinhill  rd.Aberdn 
Abercromby     Douglas,     Kinbroom    house, 

Rothienorman  S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Abercromby  John,  Eden  bank,  Newton  st. 

Aberdeen  Rt.  Hon.  Earl  of,  K.T..G.CM.G., 
P.C.,    F.S.A.    Lord    Lieutenant    of    Ire- 
land, &  of  Aberdeenshire,  Haddo  house, 
Methliek,   Aberdeen;    House   of   Cromar 
&   The    Lodge,    Tarland,    Aboyne    S.O. ; 
&  58  Grosvenor  street  W;  Brooks's  club, 
S  W  &  Bachelors'  club  W,  London 
Aberdeen  &  Orkney  Lord  Bishop  of  (Right 
Rev. Rowland  Ellis  D.D.), Bishop's  court, 
29  Albyn  place,  Aberdeen 
Aberdein  James,  41  Elmbank  ter. Aberdeen 
Aberdein  Mrs.   6  Garland  place,  Dundee 
Aberdein  Mrs.  116  Mid  Stocket  rd.Aberdn 
Abernethy  Rev.  John  A.  The  Manse,  Lin- 
wood,  Paisley 
Abernethy  D.   W.   Ferryhill  cottage,  Pros 

pect  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Abernethy  George,  65  King  st.  Peterhead 
Abernethy  Jas.W.15  Rnbislaw  ter. Aberdeen 
Abernethy  Miss,  St.  Rule  east, St. Andrews 
Abernethy  Misses,  Ferryhill  cottage,  Pros- 
pect terrace,  Aberdeen 
Abernethy  Mrs.  Hawthornden,  Lasswade 
Abinger  Dowager  Lady,  Inverlochy  castle, 

Fort  William 
Absalom   Miss,   Parkleigh,   St.   James*   rd. 

Acton    John    Adams,     Ormidale,    Brodick 

S.O.   Isle  of   Arran 
Adair  Campbell,  Bay  view,  Creetown  S.O. 

Adair   John,    South    view,    Rotchell   park, 

Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Adair  John  M.  Laurel  bank,  Stranraer 
Adair  Miss,  Leafier  villa,  Upper  Skelmor- 

lie  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Adair  Mrs.   Ada  bank,   Princes   st.   Moni- 
fieth, Dundee 
Adair  Percy  Jn.   Laurel  bank,   Stranraer 
Adair  Roland  M.  Laurel  bank,  Stranraer 
Adam    Sir    Charles    E.    bart.    D.L.,    J.P. 

Blairadam  S.O.  Kinross-shire 
Adam    Colonel    William    Parker    J.P.    Sea 

towers,  Racecourse  road,  Ayr 
Adam  Rev.  David  S.,  M.A.,  B.D.  42  Mar 

caret  street,  Greenock 
Adam  Rev.  Hector  M.,  M.A,  64  Forest  rd 

Adam  Rev.  James,  Kirk  road,  Wishaw 
Adam  Rev.  James  Allan   M.A.   9  Douglas 

terrace,  Stirling 
Adam  Rev.  Peter  M.A.,  B.D.  The  Manse 

Alford,  Aberdeen 
Adam  Rev.  Wm.  H.  Kelty  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Adam    Rev.    William    Henderson,    Middle- 
ton  house,  Blairadam   S.O.  Kinross-shire 
Adam   Alan,   19  Holburn  place,  Aberdeen 

Adam  Alex.  Bentfield,  Gartcows  rd.Falkrk 
Adam  Alexander,  Hazel  Dene  park, Strath- 
more  street,  Bridgend,  Perth 
Adam  Alex.  Wardknowe.Sunnyside, Paisley 
Adam  Allan,  Aspenbank,  Bridgend, Turritf 
Adam  Allan,  Dunallan,  Larbert 
Adam  Archibald,  St.  Leonards,  Bridge  of 

Weir  S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Adam   C,    M.A.,    M.D.,    J.P.    St.    Giles, 

High  street,   Elgin 
Adam  D.    F.    Royal  villa,   Kilmailing  ter- 
race, Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Adam  David  Blackburn,   Ccaigsheen,  Car- 

munnock,   Glasgow 
Adam  D.Grahamsville,  Orchard  st. Falkirk 
Adam  Edward,  Highshore,  Banff 
Adam  George,  3   Royal  gardens,   Stirling 
Adam  George,   Stair  drive,   Stranraer 
Adam  Harvey  M.A. 3  Panmure  pi. Montrose 
Adam  J.,   M.D.,  J.P.   Castle   st.  Dingwall 
Adam  J.  Castle  ter-Tayport  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Adam  J.,  J.P.  Coulardbank,Drainie,  Elgin 
Adam  J. A.  Broomfield,  Victoria  pl.Airdrie 
Adam  Jas.  Braidestone,  Airlie,  Kirriemuir 
Adam   James    LL.B.    Croydon,    Bridge    of 

Weir  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Adam    James,    23    East    Montrose    street, 

Adam  James  M.A.,M.B.  Linn  View  house, 

Auchingramont  road,   Hamilton 
Adam    James,    Park   Lea,    Gourock    S.O. 

Adam  John,  Archers  croft,  High  Blantyre. 

Adam  Jn.  M.B.,  CM.  1  Caroline  st.  Forres 
Adam  John,  53  Clifton  road,  Aberdeen 
Adam    John,     Croydon,    Bridge    of    Weir 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Adam  John,  29   Hosefield  aven.  Aberdeen 
Adam  John,  Ivy  cottage,  Hay  st.  Coupar 

Angus  S.O.   Perthshire 
Adam  Jn.  oj  Kyle  pk,   Uddingston.Glasgw 
Adam  Jn.  Larch  gro.  Shettleston, Glasgow 
Adam  John,  Magdalen  place,  Dundee 
Adam    John    M.B.,    CM.    2    New    Smith- 
hills  street,  Paisley 
Adam    John    C.    97   Irvine    pi.    Aberdeen 
Adam  Jn.  W.,  M.B.  87  Crown  st. Aberdeen 
Adam  Malcolm,  Mayiield.Bothwell, Glasgow 
Adam  Matthew,   16  Miller  road,  Ayr 
Adam    Miss,    Bowden    house,    Newton    St. 

Boswells   S.O.    Roxburghshire 
Adam   Miss,    Bruceville,    Keir    st.    Bridge 

of  Allan 
Adam  Miss,  46  Castlehill  road,  Ayr 
Adam   Miss,   Charleton  villa,   Victoria  pi. 

Adam  Miss,   Gowanlea,  Edzell,   Brechin 
Adam  Miss,  Rowanbrae,  Bishopmill,  Elgin 
Adam    Miss,    29    Thomson   st.    Aberdeen 
Adam   Misses,    Ferguslie    villa,    Ferguslie, 

Adam  Mrs.  Ardenaden.Tighnabruaich  S.O. 

Adam  Mrs.  Bentfield,  Gartcows  rd. Falkirk 
Adam  Mrs.  20  Carden  place,  Aberdeen 
Adam  Mrs.    Don  view,    Cunninghill   road, 

Adam  Mrs.  Emsdorf,  Leven 
Adam    Mrs.  Manse  cottage,  Cumbernauld, 

Adam  Mrs.  5  Octavia  terrace,  Greenock 
Adam   Mrs.    11    Royal   gardens,    Stirling 
Adam  Norman, 10  DeWalden  ter.Kilmarncki 
Adam  Patrick   William,    Ardilea,   Dirleton 

avenue,  North  Berwick 
Adam  R.  Fernielee,  Victoria  pi.  Airdrie 
Adam  Robert,  11  Ailsa  place,  Ayr 
Adam  Robt.   Bothlyn,  Neilson  st.   Falkirk 
Adam    Robert,   Bushyhill   house,    OambuB- 

lang,  Glasgow 
Adam  Robert,  32  Elmfield  aven.  Aberdeen 
Adam  Robert,  Gowan  park,  Cupar 
Adam  Robt. Hill  ho.Locbarbriggs, Dumfries 
Adam    Robert,    21    Stuart    street,    Millport 

S.O.   Buteshire 
Adam  Robert,   Westfield  cottage,   Rattray, 

Adam  Robert  P.  The  Elm3,  Galashiels 
Adam  T.  Hazelbank,  Uddingston,  Glasgow 
Adam    Thomas    J.P.    Denmore,    Bridge    of 

Don,    Abeideen 

Adam  Thos.B.,  M.D.  37  Church  st. Brechin 
Adam  W.  Shott  ho. High  Blantyre, Glasgow 
Adam  W.  Bentfield,  Gartcows  rd.  Falkirk 
Adam  Walt.  W.  159  Clifton  rd.  Aberdeen 
Adam  Wm.   74  Bonnymuir  pi.   Aberdeen 
Adam  Wm.  79  East  King  st.  Helensburgh 
Adam  William,  Howgate,  Falkirk 
Adam  William,  Humberston,  Dingwall 
Adam  William,  43  Leslie  road,  Aberdeen 
Adam  William,   12  Newark  st.  Greenock 
Adam    William,    Stow    S.O.    Midlothian 
Adam  William,   Torquil,   Carmyle  avenue, 

Carmyle,  Glasgow 
Adam  Wm.  D.  118  Hamilton  pi.  Aberdeen 
Adam   Wm.   J.    H.    Berwyn,   Ledcameroch 

road,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Adam  William  Wilson,  Croydon,  Bridge  of 

Weir  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Adams    Rev.    James  M.A.    Trinity   U.    F. 

manse,   Canal  street,   Saltcoats 
Adams     Rev.     John     B.D.     United     Free 

mmse,  Inverkeilor,  Arbroath 
Adams  Rev.Jn.E.,B.D.16  Albert  st.Aberdn 
Adams    Rev.     n  illiam    B.D.    The    Manse, 

New  Deer,  Aberdeen 
Adams    Arthur,    Disco,    DalhouBie    street, 

Monifieth,  Dundee 
Adams  Alex.M.  Friarsfield, Friar's  la.Lanrk 
Adams  Andrew,  63  Bruemar  pi.  Aberdeen 
Adams  Charles,  61  Gray  street,  Aberdeen 
Adams  Danl.M.Friarsfield, Friar's  la.Lanrk 
Adams  F.  Machrihanish  ho.  Campbeltown 
Adams  Geo.  4  Bellefield  avenue,  Dundee 
Adams    George    R.    6    Richmond    terrace, 

Magdalen  green,   Dundee 
Adams  George  Rough,  Tay  st.  Carnoustie 

S.O.  Forfarshire 
Adams  Geo.  Smart,  Devanha  gdna.  Aberdn 
Adams  J.  10  Comely  Pk.  pi.  Dunfermline 
Adams  J.  349  Gt.  Western  rd.  Aberdeen 
Adams  J.Whinnyknowe,  Milngavie.Glasgw 
Adams  John  P.  Estcourt,  Kilmacolm  S.O. 

Adams  James,  4  Adelaide  place,  Dundee 
Adam3  Jas.  Belernick.Shandon.Helensbrgh 
Adams   James,   Burnside   villa,    Wishaw 
Adams  James,  Dundaff,  GifEnock,  Glasgow 
Adams    James,    4    Tarborough    pi.    Mont- 

gomerie  street,  Ardrossan 
Adams    James   Milner   M.A.,   M.B.,    Ch.B. 

67   Beechgrove   terrace,    Aberdeen 
Adams  Jas.O.  Abbotsford,Wormit,  Dundee 
Adams  John,  17  Braemar  place,  Aberdeen 
Adams    John,     Gilbertfield     house,     High 

Patrick  street,   Hamilton 
Adams  John,  21   London  road,   Stranraer 
Adams  John,  20  Montgomerie  st.Ardrossn 
Adams  John,  24  Ormonde  park,  Clarkston 

road,   Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Adams   John   F.    S.    Tyneholm,    Woodland 

avenue.   Paisley 
Adams   Miss,    Ellesmere,    Kilmacolm    S.O. 

Adams    Miss,    Tweed    view,    Frankscroft, 

Adams  Misses,  9  De  Walden  ter.Kilmarnck 
Adams  Mrs.   67  Beechgrove  ter.  Aberdeen 
Adams  Mrs.  1  Bona  Vista,  Carnoustie  S.O. 

Adams  Mrs.  42  Caledonia  road.  Saltcoats 
Adams   Mrs.   37  Campbell  street,  Greenock 
Adams  Mrs.Curlsrue.  Kirn  S.O.Argyllshire 
Adams  Mrs.  Comeiy  bank,  Dumbarton 
Adams  Mrs.  119  Dunbeth  road,  Coatbridge 
Adams     Mrs.    Ellesmere,     Kilmacolm    S.O. 

Adams    Mrs.    Glen    cottage,    Strone    S.O. 

Adam's    Mrs.     Grosvenor,    Belgrave    road, 

Corstorphine  S.O.   Midlothian 
Adams  Mrs.  Lundie  castle,  Lundie, Dundee 
Adams   Mrs.   Madeira  street,  Greenock 
Adams  Mrs.   Naikban,  Giffnock,  Glasgow 
Adams  Mrs.  53£  Perth  road,  Dundee 
Adams     Mrs.    View    bank,     Maule    street, 

Monifieth,   Dundee 
Adams    Robert,    Drumgelloch,    Forrest    st. 

Drumgelloch,   Airdrie 
Adam3    Robert,    Garleton,    Belgrave    road, 

Corstorphine  S.O.  Midlothian 
Adams  William,  3  Citadel  place,  Ayr 
Adams  Wm.    Makeretoun,   Bearsden, Gl3gw 

1438       ADA 


Adams  William,  5  Osborne  place,  Aberdeen 
Adams    William  J. P.    Portencross.   Auche- 

names,  West  Kilbride  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Adams  William,  14  St:   James'   av. Paisley 
Adams  Wm.  D.  9  Osborne  place,  Aberdeen 
Adamson    Ool.    R.    Roseville,    Abercromby 

st.   Barnhill, Broughty  Ferry  S.O.Forfrsh 
Adamson    Rev.    Alexander    B.D.    2    Mag- 
dalen place,  Dundee 
Adamson  Rev.   Robert  M.,   M.A.   St.John's 

manse,   Eglinton  road,   Ardrossan 
Adamson    Rev.    Thomas    D.D.   Duncrievie, 

Glenfarg  S.O.  Perthshire 
Adamson  Rev.Thos.N.  Oedarbank,  Panmure 

ter. Barnhill,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.Forfarsh 
Adamson    Rev.    William   F.,   M.A.,    E.    TJ. 

Manse,  Windyknowe,  Galashiels 
Adamson  A. Broom  Knowe,  Worrnit,Dundee 
Adamson  Alex.  New  Rattray,  Blairgowrie 
Adamson  Alexander, Rosemount  ter. Dundee 
Adamson  David,  Tibbermore,  Perth 
Adamson  George  P.  2  George  st. Kirkcaldy 
Adamson  James,  Duncraig,  Nairn 
Adamson  James  A.,   M.B.,  CM.   Hastings 

hall,  Moniaive,  Thornhill 
Adamson  James  W.,   J. P.   Hill  park,   Lour 

road,  Forfar 
Adamson  John,   Airlie  lodge,   Leven 
Adamson   John,    Brooklands,    Khkpatrick 

Durham,   Dalbeattie 
Adamson  John,   32  Commerce  st.  Montrose 
Adamson  John  A.  24  Ashley  rd.  Aberdeen 
Adamson  Miss,   30   Castle  street,  Dumfries 
Adamson   Miss,   4  Forrest  road,   Stirling 
Adamson  Miss,  Home  park,  Aberdour  S.O. 

Adamson   Miss,  Jersey  house,   Dollar  S.O. 

Adamson  Miss,  22  Queen  street,  Nairn 
Adamson  Mrs.   6   Braemar  place,  Aberdeen 
Adamson   Mrs.   69    Magdalen  green, Dundee 
Adamson   Mrs.    Maryville,    Braxfield   road, 

Adamson   Mrs.   11  Mount  Pleasant,  Hawk- 
hill,  Dundee 
Adamson  Mrs.  89  Southesk  street,  Brechin 
Adamson  Peter,Seagate  ho.Seagate, Dundee 
Adamson  Robert,    Garfield   villa,    Cardross 

S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Adamson    Robert,    Marchmont,    Ferntower 

road,   Crieff 
Adamson  Robert,  Park  view,  Dumfries 
Adamson    Robert    William,    Auchentoshan, 

Duntocher,  Glasgow 
Adamson  Tom,  10  Princes  street,  Arbroath 
Adamson  W.   13  West  park,  Wick 
Adamson   W.S.,J.P.Oareston  castle, Brechin 
Adamson  W.  S.  Nabhro,  Lethnot,  Brechin 
Adamson   William,  45  Midton  road,  Ayr 
Adan  Charles,  50  Bedford  place,  Aberdeen 
Adcock   William,  26  Carlton  pi.  Aberdeen 
Addie   Rev.   John   M.A.    Glenburn,   Bridg- 
end, Perth 
Addie  David,  Adbeston,Thorn  road,  Bears- 
den,  Glasgow 
Addie    Miss,    Mayfield,    Clark   st.    Airdrie 
Addie  Misses.  Braidhurst   house, Motherwll 
Addie  Mrs.   Balfour  house,  St.  Andrews 
Addie  Robert,  6  Norfolk  road,  Aberdeen 
Addison  George,  Bank  house,  Dalmelling- 

ton  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Addison  George,   Headwell  rd. Dunfermline 
Addison  J.,  J. P.  Portknockie  S.O 
Addison  James  J.P.   Whitehills,  Banff 
Addison  Miss,  Kerfield,  Edenside  rd.  Kelso 
Addison  Mrs.  9  Dalhousie   street,   Brechin 
Addison   Peter,    12   West   Holmes  gardens, 

Addison   T.   Albany  street,   Dunfermline 
Adenhead  Mrs.  121  Leslie  ter.  Aberdeen 
Adie  A.  Willow  bank,  Newseat,  Peterhead 
Adie  James  Arthur  J.P.  Voe,  Lerwick 
Adie   John,   3  Dean  terrace,  Borrowstoun- 

ness  S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
Adie  Miss,  Fuchsia  cottage,  W.  Newport, 

Adie    Mrs.    3    Cedar    villas,    Cedar    road, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Adie  Mrs.   Eastview,  Dalkeith  rd.  Dundee 
Adie    Robert    N.    Rockville,    Grey    street, 

Tayport  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Adie  Wm.   97   Loughborough  rd. Kirkcaldy 
Affleck   Rev.    William  B.D.    Martyrs   TJ.   F. 

manse,  Auchtermuchty  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Affleck  James,    Anchor  hill,    Gordon    S.O. 

Affleck  Mrs.   Fernie  Knowe,  Fort  William 
Affleck     Mrs.    Roseland,     Hunter's    quay. 

Kirn    S.O.    Argyllshire 
Afflick  Hugh,  Nethermuir,  Kilmacolm  S.O. 

Agar  Thomas   F.    11   East  Abercromby  st. 

Agate  William.  Hilden,  Castlehead,  Paisley 
Agate    William,     Rydal    mount,    Hunter's 

quay,  Kirn  S.O.   Argyllshire 
Aglen   Ven.   Archdeacon   Anthony    Stocker 

M.A.,    D.D.   The    Parsonage,    Cambridge 
street,  Alyth 

Agnew     Sir    Andrew    Noel    bart.     LL.B., 

D.L.,    J.P.     Lochnaw     castle,     Leswalt, 

Stranraer,   Wigtownshire 
Agnew   Major  John   F.   Vans,    Broomrigg, 

Holywood,   Dumfries 
Agnew     Major    Quentin    M.V.O.,     D.S.O., 

J.P.    Blair  street,    Portpatrick   S.O 
Agnew  Rev.  James  M.  North  walls, Long- 
hope,   Stromness  S.O.    Orkney 
Agnew  Rev.   Joseph,   Manse,  Dunbar 
Agnew  Rev.   Wm.  24  Allan  pk.    Stirling 
Agnew     Alex.     Balwherrie,     West    Ferry, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Agnew     Charles.     Gallow     hill,     Brownside 

road,   Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Agnew    Francis,     Athole    house,     Udding- 

ston,  Glasgow 
Agnew   Frederick,  Kingsley^cottage,    Cad- 

zow   drive,    Cambuslang,    Glasgow 
Agnew    Hillary,    16    Norwood    terrace,    E. 

Newport,  Fifeshire 
Agnew  James,  1  Newark  street,  Greenock 
Agnew  Jn.   Viewfield,  Lanark  rd.   Carluke 
Agnew  Jn.View  mount,  Lewis  st.Stranraer 
Agnew    Miss,    Wood  view,    Dalryrnple    st. 

Agnew     Mrs.     Bayview,     Garlieston     S.O. 

Agnew  Thomas,  8  Easter   street,  Duns 
Agnew  Wm.    Wenga,  Giffnock,   Glasgow 
Aiken    Rev.    James    John    Marshall    Lang 

M.A.,  B.D.  The  Manse,  Ayton 
Aiken  J.  Knowe  view,  Craigie,  Perth 
Aiken  Jas.  J.P.  Dalmoak  castle, Dumbarton 
Aiken  Miss,  6  Merchant  street,  Peterhead 
Aiken  Mrs.  Ruthven  house,  Aberdeen 
Aiken  William  Reid,   The  Bungalow,    An- 
derson drive,  Aberdeen 
Aikenhead  Thomas,  Union  cot.  Linlithgow 
Aikin  Rev.D.M.,  B.D.  The  Manse,  Calder- 

bank,   Airdrie 
Aikman    Col.    Thomas    S.    Robertson,    The 

Ross,   Hamilton 
Aikman  A.,  J.P.  150  North  st.  S.Andrews 
Aikman  Alexander,   42   Claremont,   Alloa 
Aikman     Andrew,    West    Colinton    house, 

Colinton  S.O.  Midlothian 
Aikman  Arthur,  Drumgask,  Hepburn  gar- 
dens,   St.    Andrews 
Aikman  Charles  B.  Woodleigh,  Cove  S.O. 

Aikman     James,     Albertville,     Edinburgh 

road,   Musselburgh 
Aikman    John    Dawson,    Fernieside,     Gil- 

merton  S.O.  Midlothian 
Aikman   Mrs.   T.  21   Snowdon  pi.    Stirling 
Aikman  W.   C.  Viewfield  ter.  Dunfermline 
Aikman   William  D.  Fernie   side,  Liberton 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Ailsa     Marquess     of    J.P.,     D.L.    Culzean 

castle,      Kirkoswald,     Maybole ;      &      65 

Lancaster  gate,   London  W 
Aimers  James,   Viewfield,  Melrose 
Ainslie   Rev.   W.  J..    M.A.,  E.   TJ.    Manse, 

Ainslie  A.  D.,  D.L.   Delgaty  castle.Turriff 
Amshe    Alexander,   4    Rona  place,    Queen 

street,   Broughty   Ferry  S.O.    Forfarshire 
Ainslie      Archibald,      Oxendene,      Ancrum 

road,   Eskbank,   Dalkeith 
Ainslie    Charles    Alexander    J.P.    Swinton 

bank,  Peebles 
Ainslie     Miss      Elvingston     house,     Glads- 

muir,  Macmerry  S.O.  Haddingtonshire 
Ainslie  Mrs.   Dunira,  Craigie  road.   Perth 
Ainslie    Mrs.    Sunnyside,   Westfield    place 

Ainslie  Thomas,  Glenesk,  Penicuik 
Ainslie  Thomas  R.   15  Chalmers  st.Dundee 
Ainslie  Wm.  W.   4  Marmion  rd.Nth  Berwk 
Ainslie   William  J.P.  Taitswell,  Old  Deer, 

Mintlaw  Station  S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Ainsworth     John     S.,     M.P.,     J.P.,     y.D, 

Ardanaiseig,      Kilchrenan     S.O.      Argyll- 
shire;   &  Reform  club,  London  SW 
Air  David,  Dunmore,  Perth  road.  Dundee 
Aird  A.   7  South  Hamilton  st.  Kilmarnock 
Aird    Alexander     W.,     M.B.,     CM.     Main 

street,  Newmilns  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Aird     Andrew,     West     Moor,     Newmilns 

S.O.   Ayrshire 
Aird    Andrew    A.     52     McLelland     drive, 

Aird    B.     Caledonian    Bank    house,    High 

street,  Dingwall 
Aird  Chas.  20  South  Hamilton  st.Kilmrnck 
Aird  Erskine  W.  17  Devonshire  rd.Aberdn 
Aird  J.  Allerton,  Henrietta  street,  Girvan 
Aird  James,  18  Dean  terrace,  Kilmarnock 
Aird  J.L.Denview  cot. Southesk  st. Brechin 
Aird  John,  Springfield,  Darvel  S.O.Avrsh 
Aird  Misses,  8  Sth.Hamilton  st.Kilmarnck 
Aird  Mrs.  Ardenglen,  Crail  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Aird    Mrs.    Oragburn   house,    Albert   road, 

Gourock  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Aird  Mrs.  Craigton,   Hyndford  rd,  Lanark 
Aird  Mrs.    Springfield,   Galashiels 
Airii     Mrs.     Victoria     terrace,     Prestwick 

S.O.    Ayrshire 
Aird    Thomas,    Ashgrove,    Loudoun    road. 
Newmilns  S.O.  Ayrshire 

Aird    William.    Wingfield,   WelLshot  drive, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Airlie      Countess      of,      Cortachy      castle, 

Airlie  Dowager  Countess  of,  Airlie  castle, 

Kirriemuir,  Forfarshire 
Airth     Alexander,      Ellangowan,     Clynder 

S.O.    Dumbartonshire 
Airth  Miss,    Lochlands,    Arbroath 
Airth  Mrs.   22  Burns  road,  Aberdeen 
Airth  Mrs.   Sunnyside  villa,  Taybridge  rd. 

Airth  William,   16  Wellington  et.  Dundee 
Aitcheson  J.  4  Airlie  ter.  Perth  rd. Dundee 
Aitcheson    William    D.    24    Queen's    cres- 
cent,   Cathcart,    Glasgow 
Aitchison     Colonel    William     J.P.     Drum- 
more    house,    Musselburgh 
Aitchison    Rev.     James,    Erskine     manse, 

West  end,  Falkirk 
Aitchison    Rev.     James    A.,    M.A.    South 

manse,   Auchterarder 
Aitchison  Rev.  William  B.A.  Castle  Doug- 
las,   Kirkcudbrightshire 
Aitchison   Andrew,    Solway  bank,    Annan 
Aitchison    George,    Colynn,    Liberton   Brae 

S.O.  Midlothian 

Aitchison  J.Rockend,Marine  par.N.Berwick 

Aitchison   John,    Chiselhurst,    Victoria   rd. 

Upper  Ashton,  Gourock  S.O.   Renfrewsh 

Aitchison   Miss,    Belmont,    Loanhead    S.O. 

Aitchison   Miss,   Homestead,   Lower  Largo 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Aitchison  Miss,  16  Teindhill  green,  Duns 
Aitchison  Mrs.   Briery  Hill  house,  Hawick 
Aitchison  T.   Dagmar,  Barone  rd. Rothesay 
Aitchison  William,    Ian   Blane,    Buchanan 

drive,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Aitchison  Wm.  jun.Drummore, Musselburgh 
Aitchison  William,  Wilson  street,  Beith 
Aitken    Col.    It.    Easton,    Lansdowne   park, 

Victoria   road,   Helensburgh 
Aitken  Col.  William  C.B.  Innergillie  house, 

Kilrenny,  Anstruther 
Aitken    Capt.    John   Christie,   Nisbet    hill, 

Edrom,  Duns 
Aitken  Rev.  A.  13  Portland  rd.  Kilmarnock 
Aitken  Rev.   David,  The  Manse,  39  West- 
port,  Lanark 
Aitken  Rev.  James  D.D.  2  Briarwood  ter- 
race, West  Park  road,  Dundee 
Aitken     Rev.     James     M.A.     West    TJ.     F. 

manse.  Falkirk 
Aitken  Rev.  Robert  B.D.  Ladyburn  manse, 

Shankland  road,  Greenock 
Aitken  A.,  J.P.  Lewis  street,  Stranraer 
Aitken  A.  Muirhead,  Birchwood,  Pitlochry 
Aitken  Alexander,  8  Academy  st.Stranraer 
Aitken  Alex.  Elmbank.Learmouth  st.Falkrk 
Aitken  Alexander,  Fernie  Craig,   Skelmor- 

lie  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Aitken  Alex.  37  Grosvenor  place,  Aberdeen 
Aitken  Alexander,  Mill  rd.  Yoker,  Glasgow 
Aitken  Alex.  41  Thomson  street,  Aberdeen 
Aitken   Andrew,    2   Linn   drive,    Clarkston 

road,  Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Aitken  Andrew  J.P.   One   Ash,  James   st. 

Dairy  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Aitken  Archibald,  79  Ashley  rd.  Aberdeen 
Aitken  Archd.  Craigentore,  Gilmertn. Crieff 
Aitken    Charles    K.     Todd     hill,     Newton 

Mearns,  Glasgow 
Aitken  David,  King  street,  Coatbridge 
Aitken  David,  Thornleigh.  Port  Glasgow 
Aitken  E.  Meall-Mor,  Tarbert,  Loch  Fyne- 
Aitken  Geo.45  Dalryrnple  loan, Musselburgh 
Aitken  George,  2  Douglas  road,  Hawick 
Aitken  George  Lewis,  Boglily,  Kirkcaldy 
Aitken  George  M.  460  King  st.  Aberdeen 
Aitken   Hugh,   Torbreck,   Carmyle  avenue, 

Carmyle,  Glasgow 
Aitken  J.  112  Bo'ness  road,  Grangemouth 
Aitken  J.,  M.D.  Buckhaven   S.O.  Fifeshire 
Aitken  J.  M.  Norwood, St. Mungo, Lockerbie 
Aitken  James   J.P.    Canmore  house,  Brae- 
mar S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Aitken  James,  Darroch,  Falkirk 
Aitken  James,  East   Torr   hall,   Bridge  of 

Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Aitken  James,  78  Eldon  street,  Greenock 
Aitken   James,   Glenbervie,  Larbert 
Aitken  James,  Hermon  Hill  house,  Dundee 
Aitken  James,  80  St.  Clair  st.  Kirkcaldy 
Aitken  Jas.  2  Woodbine  ter.  E.Newprt.Fife 
Aitken  Jas.  Baird    13  Eglinton  st. Saltcoats 
Aitken     James     Gardiner,     Endrik     bank, 

Brownside  road,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Aitken  James  H.  Gartcows,  Falkirk 
Aitken  John,  Ardenlea,  Falkirk 
Aitken  John,  37  Beechgrove  ter.  Aberdeen 
Aitken  John,  Elleslie,  Leven 
Aitken  John  J.P.  Glen  view,  Kirkintilloch. 

Aitken  John,  S  Portland  road,  Kilmarnock 
Aitken  Jn.M.D.  15  Portland  rd. Kilmarnock 
Aitken  John,  Roseneath,  Wormit,  Dundee 
Aitken  John  M.Holmlea,  Brookrld.Johnstne 
Aitkin  John  M.  Summerside  house,  King: 
Harald  street,  Lerwick 


ALE      1439 

Aitken  Mark,  Ardmorag,  Victoria  ter. Crieff 
Aitken  Miss,  8  Ardbeg  road,  Rothesay  j 
Aitken    Miss,    Broom    house,    Broonitields, 

Largs  S.O.  Ayrshire  I 

Aitken  Miss,   Darroch,   Falkirk 
Aitken  Miss,  Nivingston,  Cleish,  Kinross      1 
AitkecMiss,5Norwood  ter.E.Newport.Fifesh 
Aitken  Miss,   Overlaw,  Culter,  Biggar 
Aitken  Miss,  8  Salisbury  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Aitken  Miss,  Southfield,  14  Snowdon  place, 

Aitken  Miss,  4  Victoria  road,  Saltcoats 
Aitken    Misses,    5    Gillespie    terrace,    The 

Scores,  St.   Andrews 
Aitken   Misses,    17  Letham  place,  Dunbar    ' 
Aitken  Mrs.  3  Ardross  street,  Inverness 
Aitken  Mrs.  25  Arnot  Hill  gardens, Falkirk 
Aitken   Mrs.    Ben    view,    Prospect  avenue, 

Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Aitken  Mrs. Eden  view,Rathelpie,St.Andrws 
Aitken  Mrs.   Gartcows,    Falkirk 
Aitken  Mrs. Harford  ho.Waverley  rd.Dalkth 
Aitken     Mrs.     Hollybank,     James     street, 

Dairy  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Aitken  Mrs.  Hopetoun  street,  Bathgate 
Aitken  Mrs. 6  Lochview  ter.Garteosh,Glsgw 
Aitken  Mrs.   Mayville,  Albany  drive, Lanark 
Aitken  Mrs.  Miller's  place, Clark  st.Aird-rie 
Aitken  Mrs.  Muirview,  Larbert 
Aitken  Mrs.  Myrtle  ho.  13  Lawn  st.Paisley 
Aitken  Mrs.  Oxhill  road,  Dumbarton 
Aitken  Mrs.  Springtield,  Linlithgow 
Aitken  Mrs.  West  End  house,  Gullane  S.O. 

Aitken  Mrs.    Whins  of  Milton,   Stirling 
Aitken  Patk.K.25  Strawberry  bank, Dundee 
Aitken  Peter,  Barloan  crescent,  Dumbarton 
Aitken  Peter,   Dean   terrace,  Bo'ness   S.O. 

AitkenR. Grange    ter.Bo'nessS.O.Linlthgwsh 
Aitken  E.  Rosemount,Colmonell  S.O.Ayrsh 
Aitken    Robert,   Easter  Mavisbank,   Quarry 

road,  Airdrie 
Aitken  Robt.   Friars  bank, Westport, Dunbar 
Aitken  Robert,  Milford  house, Duddingston, 

Portobello  S.O.  Midlothian 
Aitken  Robert  Rose  crescent,  Perth 
Aitken  R.Viewforth.Cramond  S.O.Midlothn 
Aitken   Samuel,   16  Addison  pi.  Arbroath 
Aitken  Thos.   Glendhu,   Bothwell,  Glasgow 
Aitken   Thomas,    30  Hillend   rd.    Arbroath 
Aitken  Thomas,  Ormelie,  Westpark,  Cupar 
Aitken  T.  The  Grove,   St.  Ninians,  Stirling 
Aitken   Thomas,    Viewfield,    Juniper   Green 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Aitken  Wm.25  Ardgowan  st. west, Greenock 
Aitken  William,   157  Bo'ness  rd.Grangemth 
Aitken  William,  27   Carlton  pi.   Aberdeen 
Aitken  Wm.  Cherry  trees,  Tetholm,  Kelso 
Aitken  Wm.    Dunure,  Giffnock,  Glasgow 
Aitken  William,  12  Nelson  street,  Dundee 
Aitken    William    M.A.     Strathkinness,    St. 

Aitken  William  H.   Invercarron,   Bridge  of 

Weir  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Aitken  W.R.  Kingarth.Corrour  rd.Newlnds 
Aitkenhead  Alex.   Ardvarie,Blantyre,Glsgw 
Aitkenhead  Mrs.  Viewfield  road,  Arbroath 
Aitkin  Rev.   George  R.,  M.A.   South  U.  F. 

manse,   Kirkintilloch,   Glasgow 
Aitkin  Chas.F.  1  Hill  view,  Wormit, Dundee 
Aitkin     William     Y.     Thorncliffe.    Tighna- 

bruaich  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Aitkinson  Richard  J.  Homefield.  Horndean, 

Ladykirk,  Norham   S.O.    Northumb 
Aiton     Rev.     Thomas     B.A.     The     Manse, 

Livingstone,  Mid-Calder 
Aiton  Alexander  Hamilton,    Prospect  hill, 

Prospect  avenue,   Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Aiton   Miss,    Home    villa,    Kilmailing    ter- 
race, Oathcart,  Glasgow 
Aiton   Mrs.  148  Crown   street,   Aberdeen 
Akers-Douelas     Rt.      Hon.     Aretas     P.C., 

M.P.,  D.L.,  J. P.  Craigs,  Dumfries 
Alan    Miss,    Mayfield,    Dollar    S.O.    Clack- 
Alcock  Rev.   Frank  u. Fairfield  rd.Invernss 
Alcock  J.A.  William  st.Tayport  S.O.Fifesh 
Alder  H.    ..   Devon   ter.    Pier   rd.    Berwick 
Alder  Misses,  34  Castle  terrace,  Berwick 
Aldridge    .Mrs.    Heatherlea,    Torphins    S.O. 

Alexander    Col.    Edward    J. P.    Bed    house, 

Sunnylaw,  Bridge  of  Allan 
Alexander  Capt.  A.   Academy  rd.  Rothesay 
Alexander    Rev.   Alexander    C,   U.    F.    C. 

manse,    Saline,    Oakley    S.O.    Fifeshire 
Alexander  Rev.    Archibald   M.A.    176   Main 

street,   Spittal,  Berwick 
Alexander    Rev.     Archibald     B.D.     United 

Free  manse,  Langbank,  Port  Glasgow 
Alexander  Rev.    Archibald,    U.   F.    manse, 

Waterbeck,  Eeelefechan 
Alexander  Rev.  David,  Hardgate, Dalbeattie 
Alexander  Rev.H.Lamlash  S.O.  I.  of  Arran 
Alexander  Rev.Jas.P.  42  High  st. Jedburgh 
Alexander  Rev.  Jn.M.A.  3  Fairmount, Perth 
Alexander  Rev.  Robert.  The  Manse,  Queen 

Anne  street,   Dunfermline 

Alexander  Rev.  Thomas  M.A.  Free  Church 

manse,  Johnstone,  Lockerbie 
Alexander      Rev.      Walter,      United      Free 

Church  manse,  Drummore,  Stranraer 
Alexander  Rev.    William,    Waterside,  Lang- 
bank,  Port  Glasgow 
Alexander  A.  68  Beausburn,  Kilmarnock 
Alexander     Alex.     Cockburnuill,     Bulerno 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Alexander  Alex.  50  Duthie  ter.  Aberdeen 
Alexander  Alexander,  Wallace  Thorn, 
Campbell  street,  Riccarton,  Kilmarnock 
Alexander  Alex.  G.  Westfield,  Mauchline 
Alexander  Alex.Sharpe,  8  Wattlield  rd.Ayr 
Alexander    Andrew,     Gaytield,     Brownside 

road,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Alexander    Andrew,    Koseneath,    Hamilton 

street,  Larkhall  S.U.  Lanarkshire 
Alexander  C.  A.,  M.B.,  CM.  Laurel  bank, 

Alexander    Charles,    7    Kincarrathie    cres- 
cent, Bridgend,   Perth 
Alexander  Charles,  Upland,  Selkirk 
Alexander  Chas.  K.  19  Braemar  pl.Aberdn 
Alexander    Daniel,    63   High    st.    Sanquhar 

S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Alexander  David,   124  Queen  st.  Peterhead 
Alexander   David    0.    Thirledean,    Philip- 

haugh,  Selkirk 
Alexander  Edwd.   Glengyle,  Cults,   Aberdn 
Alexander  Edwd. G. 86  Blenheim  pl.Aberdn 
Alexander    Edwin,    Shepherd's  house,    In- 

veresk,  Musse'.burgh 
Alexander  Fras.   8  Ferryhill  pi.   Aberdeen 
Alexander  Gabriel,   High  street,  Stewarton 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Alexander  George,  8  Carlton  pi.  Aberdeen 
Alexander  Geo.    Douglas    place,    Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Alexander  George,   13  Greenlaw  av. Paisley 
Alexander  Geo.   P.  3   Lit.  Causeway, Forfar 
Alexander  Gilbt.  23  Wallace  st.  Kilmarnock 
Alexander    H.    Gowancroft,    Kirkintilloch, 

Alexander  Henry,   43  Albyn  pi.   Aberdeen 
Alexander     Henry,      Linden     house,     The 

Walk,  Alloa 
Alexander  Hy.  Priory  house,  Dunfermline 
Alexander  Hugh  de-Maine,  Kingseat,  New 

Machar,  Aberdeen 
Alexander  J.    Aucharnie,   Castle  rd.  Cath- 

cart,  Glasgow 
Alexander  J.   37  Bellevue  road,  Ayr 
Alexander  J.  Midfield,  Glasgow  rd.   Perth 
Alexander  J.  Woodneuk  cot.  Hurlet,Glsgw 
Alexander    J.    0.    9    Glen    view,    Barter- 
holm,   Paisley 
Alexander    James,     Annieslea,      Clarkston, 

Busbv,  Glasgow 
Alexander  Jas.    36   Belvidere   cres.  Aberdn 
Alexander  James   M.D.   Bridge  st.  Galston 

S.O.  Avrshire 
Alexander  James,    Castle  view,    Thornhill 
Alexander  James,  Clydes  vale.Lesmahagow 

S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Alexander  Jas. 13   Dundonald  rd-Kilmarnck 
Alexander  Jas.  84  East  King  stHelensbrgb 
Alexander  Jas.  6  Granville  st. Helensburgh 
Alexander  James,   Kenmure,  Central   aven. 

Cambus'.ang,  Glasgow 
Alexander  James,    59    Main    road,  Tweed- 
mouth,    Berwick 
Alexander  James,  17  Mount  st.  Aberdeen 
Alexander     James,    10     Muirhall     terrace, 

Bridgend,   Perth 
Alexander  Jas.  4  Munro  drive,  Helensbrgh 
Alexander  Jas.  44  Portland  rd.  Kilmarnock 
Alexander    James,    Ruadh    house,    Carron 

S.O.   Stirlingshire 
Alexander  James,  62a,  Stanley  st. Aberdeen 
Alexander  J.   L.  Norwood,  Taylor  st.  Forfr 
Alexander     James     M.     13     Ashton    road, 

Gouroek   S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Alexander   James    M.    378    Great    Western 

road,  Aberdeen 
Alexander    John,    Belgrade,    Carlibar    road, 

Barrhead,    Glasgow 
Alexander  John,  Braeside,  Wellshot  drive, 

Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Alexander   John,  Brandone   ter.    Rothesay 
Alexander  John,  6  Brougham  st.  Greenock 
Alexander  John,  69  Don  st.   Old  Aberdeen 
Alexander   John,    Edwinton,    West    Ferry, 

Broughty  Ferry   S.O.  Forfarshire 
Alexander  John,  Gibson  st.  Dumbarton 
Alexander  John,    Gordonleigh,  Carlibar   rd. 

Barrhead,   Glasgow 
Alexander  John.   626  King  st.   Aberdeen 
Alexander  Jn.Lvnedoch  view,   Scone, Perth 
Alexander  John!  2  Orchard  pi.    Aberdeen 
Alexander  John,    St.  John's,    Corstorph'ne 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Alexander  Jn.   13  S.  Hamilton  st.Kilmrnck 
Alexander  John  B.  47  John  st.   Montrose 
Alexander     John     Henry     M.B.,     A.I.E.E. 

Dundona'.d,    Kilmarnock 
Alexander  Lewis  Daniel   M.A.,  M.D.  Glen- 
lea,  Kilcreegan  S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Alexander   Matthew,   Gryffe  house,   Bridge 

of  Weir  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Alexander   Miss,   42  Addison   pi.   Arbroath 

Alexander   Max,   7   Douglas    ter.  Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Alexander  Miss,  3  Aigyll  cres.   Aberdeen 
Alexander   Miss,  Ballindarg,   Kirriemuir 
Alexander  Miss,  Edzell  lo.   Edzell,  Brechin- 
Alexander  Miss,  Karnes  Bay,  Millport  S.O. 

Alexander    Miss,    Old  Deer,    Mintlaw    Sta- 
tion S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Alexander  Miss,  Park  aven.  Dunfermline 
Alexander  Miss,   Rockville,   Selkirk 
Alexander  Miss,  89  Stanley  st.  Aberdeen 
Alexander    Miss,    Victoria    tef.     Dullatur, 

Castlecary,   Glasgow 
Alexander  Miss,  4  Windsor  place,  Dundee 
Alexander    Miss,  Woodbine    cottage,   North 

street,  Inverurie 
Alexander     Misses,     392     Great     Western 

road,  Aberdeen 
Alexander    Mrs.   Alexandra   street,    Kirkin- 
tilloch,  Glasgow 
Alexander  Mrs.   11  Barns  terrace,   Ayr 
Alexander  Mrs.  Barnsheen,  Victoria  drive,. 

Alexander  Mrs.  3  Belvidere  st.  Aberdeen 
Alexander    Mrs.    Birnam,    Fountain    road, 

Bridge   of  Allan 
Alexander  Mrs.  Braeside,  Hillside  rd. Forfr 
Alexander      Mrs.      Burnbank,       Newtyle, 

Coupar  Angus  S.O.  Perthshire 
Alexander  Mrs.  19  Charles  st.  Kilmarnock 
Alexander     Mrs.    Cockenzie,     Prestonpans 

S.O.  Haddingtonshire 
Alexander    Mrs.    Cremona,    Innellan    S.O. 

Alexander  Mrs.  37  Dundonald  rd.Kilmrnck 
Alexander      Mrs.     Dunvarrie,      Bargeddie, 

Alexander   Mrs,    64  Ferryhill  rd.   Aberdeen 
Alexander  Mrs.   Gowancroft,  Kirkintilloch,. 

Alexander    Mrs.     Green    lane,     Carnoustie 

S.O.   Forfarshire 
Alexander  Mrs.   18  Institution  rd.  Elgin 
Alexander    Mrs.  Kyles   view,  Port   Banna- 

tyne,  Rothesay 
Alexander  Mrs.   7  Lower  Sutherland  cres- 
cent, Helensburgh 
Alexander  Mrs.  5  Millburn  st.  Aberdeen 
Alexander  Mrs.  34  Princes  st.  Thurso 
Alexander   Mrs.    St.  Phillan's,    East   New- 
port,  Fifeshire 
Alexander  Mrs.  Townend.Da'.ry  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Alexander  Mrs.  Waterside,  Kilmarnock 
Alexander   Mrs.    Westwood,    Ledcamerocb 

road,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Alexander    Mrs.    Woodlea,    Kilbirnie    S.O. 

Alexander   Mrs.   Gordon, Goldenhope,  Larga- 

S.O.  Avrshire 
Alexande'r   Mrs.    J.     108    Glengate     street,. 

Alexander   Peter    D.    Dunmyat,    Bridge    of 

Weir   S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Alexander  Robert,  2  Barns  park,  Ayr 
Alexander  Robert,  14  Belgrave  ter.  Aberdn 
Alexander  Robert,  41  South  street,  Duns 
Alexander  S.Canisbay  lo.  E.Newport, Fifesb 
Alexander  Samuel,    Rosemount,    Kirkintil- 
loch, Glasgow 
Alexander    Samuel    Grant,    The    Cottager 

Muirtown,   Inverness;    T  N   135 
Alexander  T.   Eastburn,  The  Aven.   Girvan 
Alexander     Thomas,      Ballibruxh      houser 

Bullwood,  Dunoon 
Alexander  Thos.  J.P.  Balmule.Dunfermliae 
Alexander  Thos.  Brentham  park,  Stirling 
Alexander  Thomas,  Fernlea  cottage,  Kirk- 
intilloch, Glaserow 
Alexander    Thomas,   jun.    Linton,    Kirkin- 
tilloch, Glasgow 
Alexander    Thomas,     Roseland,    Kirkintil- 
loch, Glasgow 
Alexander    Thomas    Hood    Wilson,    North 

view,   North   street,   Elgin 
Alexander   Thos.  W.    Royal  ter.    Rothesay 
Alexander    W.    Alticane,    Daljarrock    S.O- 

Alexander  W.Dunalastair.Wheatfield  rd.Ayr 
Alexander     Walter,     Oakdene,     Woodside 

walk,   Hamilton 
Alexander   W.    Whitfield, Wellwd.  Dunfrm'.n 
Alexander   Walter,    Rosslyn    cottage,    Ken- 
neth  street,    Inverness 
Alexander  Will.  Elmswoode,   Dunblane 
Alexander  Wm.    Ann's   lodge,    Ardrossan 
Alexander  W.  Bellevue,  A'.yth  S.O.Perthsb. 
Alexander  Wm.    24  Cedar   place,   Aberdeen 
Alexander    William,    Crawhill    house,    Tor- 

phichen,  Bathgate 
Alexander    William,  Glen  view,    Dufftown 

S.O.   Banffshire 
Alexander  Wm.   392  Gt.Western  rd.Aberdn 
Alexander  William,  60  High  st.  Arbroath 
Alexander    William,     Holly   dene,     Crown 

drive,  Inverness 
Alexander  Wm.  Langley  lo.Jenetstn.  Wick 
Alexander  William  J.P.   Low  st.   Banff 
Alexander  Wm.   51  Mid  st.   Fraserburgh. 

1440        ALE 


Alexander    "William,     Bemuera,     Clarkston 

road,   Cathcart,  G-lasgow 
Alexander  Win,  J. P.   Salisbury  pi. Arbroath 
Alexander      William,      Sunnyside     cottage, 

Kirkintilloch,  Glasgow 
Alexander  Wm.  C.  118  Clifton  rd.  Aberdn 
Alexander    Wil'.iam   H.    Bellfield,    Duilatur, 

Castlecary,   Glasgow 
Alexander  William  H.   jun.   Dunluce,  Dui- 
latur,  Castlecray,   Glasgow 
Alexander  William  H.  Pinewood,  Bridge  of 

Tilt,  Blair  Atholl 
Alexander  William  J.  Dunmyat,  Bearsden, 

Alexander   William   Lindsay,    P!nkie  Burn 

house,  Inveresk,  Musselburgh 

Alexander  Wm.   W.  7  Cattofleld  pi. Aberdn 

Alexander-Sinclair    Commander   Edwin    S., 

R.N.     Dunbeath    castle,    Dunbeath    S.O. 


Alford  Capt.  Henry,  Dalcross  castle,  Croy, 

Gollanfield,   Inverness-shire 
Alford      John      Charles,      Tlnto      cottage, 

Queen's  road,  Alloa 
Algie  Jas.  Comely  cot.  Kirn  S.O.  Argyllsh 
Algie   Robert   Craj",  Troyholm  villa,  Kirn 

S.O.   Argyllshire 
Alison  Rev.   Geo.   W.  93  Queen  st.   Peterhd 
Alison  Andrew,    Selwyn,    Balwearie    road, 

Alison    Charles    E.     Glenholm,    Dalhousie 

road,  Eskbank,  Dalkeith 
Alison  Jas.  P.  Ladylaw,  "Wilton,  Hawick 
Alison  John,  Buccleuch  street,  Dalkeith 
Alison    Miss,     Dunside,    Avondale,    Strat- 

haven   S.O.   Lanarkshire 
Alison  Miss,    i    Taymouth   place,    Monifieth 

road,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Alison  Mrs.  35  David   street,  Kirkcaldy 
Alison    Mrs.     Elm     bank,     Juniper    Green 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Alison  Mrs.  Rosehill,  Park  rd.   Dalkeith 
Alison  William,  40  Grosvenor  pi. Aberdeen 
Allan    Capt.    Bryce,    Linndhu,    Tobermory 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Allan    Rev.    Archibald    M.A.    The    Manse, 

Channelkirk,    Oxton   S.O.  Berwickshire 
Allan  Rev.  Arthur  M.A.  The  Manse,  Fair- 
lie  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Allan    Rev.    Charles    M.A.  93   Newton    st. 

Allan     Rev.     James,     5     Huntley    terrace, 

Shettleston,  Glasgow 
Allan  Rev.    James,   The   Manse,    Bannock- 
burn,  Stirling 
Allan  Rev.   James  M.A.,  D.D.  The  Manse, 

Marnoch,  Huntly 
Allan    Rev.    James    B.,     B.D.     Rowanlea, 

West  Bay.    Dunoon 
Allan  Rev.  James  R.  Stoneywood,  Bucks- 
burn,   Aberdeen 
Allan  Rev.  John  Turnbull,  8  St.  Andrew's 

place,  Brechin 
Allan  Rev.  Thomas  Nelson,  Royal  terrace, 

Craigmore  road,  Rothesay 
Allan  Rev.   Wm.  5  Hillend  rd.  Arbroath 
Allan   Rev.  William  George  M.A.,  B.D.    6 

Blackburn  road,   Ayr 
Allan  A.  West  Cults  lo.   Cults,  Aberdeen 
Allan  A.  J.   Station  road,  Beith 
Allan  Alexander,  21   Academy  st.   Elgin 
Allan  Alex.  21  Airlie  pi.  Perth  rd.  Dundee 
Allan  Alexander,  73  Albury  road, Aberdeen 
Allan    Alexander  J. P.    Aros  house,   Tober- 
mory  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Allan  Alex.  Barloch  cot. Milngavie, Glasgow 
Allan  A.  Caxton  vil.  Newton  st. Blairgowrie 
Allan  Alexander,  39  Margaret  st.  Greenock 
Allan  Alex.  Roseville,  Duff  avenue,  Elgin 
Allan  Alexander,  Waddiefield  cot.  Hamilton 
Allan  Alexander  M.  D  Orchard  park,  Giff- 

nock,  Glasgow 
Allan  Alex.  W.  30  Talbot  st.  Grangemouth 
Allan    Andrew,   Dinglesyde,    Clarkston   rd. 

Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Allan  Andw.  L.,  J. P.  Bridge  park,  Selkirk 
Allan  A.Rose  cot.Dirleton  S.O.Haddingtnsh 
Allan  Arthur,   Cairnview,  King's  rd.  Beith 
Allan   Arthur   C.  Ellerton,    Auchingramont 

road,  Hamilton 
Allan  Bryce,  The   Cliff,  Wemyss  Bay   S.O 

Allan  C.Darleith.Cardross  S.O.Dumbartonsh 
Allan  C.  J.,  M.A.,M.B.Oakmount,  Lasswade 
Allan    Crawford    Stirrat,    Mount    Pleasant, 

Langlonds,  Dairy  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Allan  David,  1  Orrock  pi.  Jeanfield,  Perth 
Allan  D.  G.  Annerly,  Mill  rd.Yoker.Glasgw 
Allan  David  L.  11  Louise  terrace, Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Allan  D.  M.Aberlemno  ter.Perth  rd. Dundee 
Allan  Drumond,  Drumian,  Giffnock, Glasgow 
Allan  F.  G.  17  Sth.Hamilton  st.Kilraarnock 
Allan  G.9  Corse  ter.  W.Kilbride  S.O.Ayrsh 
Allan  George  J. P.  33  Albyn  pi.  Aberdeen 
Allan  George,  22  Ferryhill  pi.    Aberdeen 
Allan  George,  Haricot,  Cedar  rd.  Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Allan  George,  234  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Allan  Geo.  2  New  st.  Riccarton, Kilmarnock 
Allan  George,   11  Roslin  terrace,  Aberdeen 

Allan  Geo. West  Main  st.  Darvel  S.O.Ayrsh 
Allan  G.   M.,  J.P.Montbletton.Gnmrie.Banff 
Allan   Henry,    Ballochmyle,   Mauchline 
Allan  Henry,  Lagavulin,  Port  Ellen 
Allan  Humphrey  F.  54  Ashley  rd. Aberdeen 
Allan  J. Camwood  vil. Longman  rd. Inverness 
Allan  J.  Craig,  Norwood,  Arnot  hi.  Falkirk 
Allan.  J.   Dalehaple,   Station  road,   Elgin 
Allan  J.  Ellergreen,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Allan  J.  2  Myrtle  ter.  Tuyport  S.O.  Fifesh 
Allan  J.  Norwood,  Arduthie  rd. Stonehaven 
Allan  J.Sangor  vil.Ea.Clepington  rd. Dundee 
Allan  J.  121  West  Clvde  st.  Helensburgh 
Allan  J.  West  Kirkland,  Dairy  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Allan  James,  76  Ashley  road,  Aberdeen 
Allan  Jas.  Burrasfron  ho.   Walls,   Lerwick 
Allan    James,    Clauchlands,    Lamlaah    S.O. 

Isle  of  Arran  » 

Allan  James,  3S  David  street,  Kirkcaldy 
Allan  J.   Ellisland,    Monrei;h  rd.   Newlands 
Allan  Jas.    M.A.    Harbour  street,   Lerwick 
|  Allan    James   J. P.    Hawthorn    house,    Kil 
j     birnie  S.O.  Ayrshire 
:  Allan  James,  Hill  street.  Alloa 
j  Allan  Jas. 39  Kyle  pk.  TJddingston, Glasgow 
i  Allan   James,   Loch  view,    East  Clepington 

road,  Dundee 
Allan    James     J. P.     Red    tower,    Douglas 

drive,  Helensburgh 
Allan  James,  33  Regent  street,  Greenock 
Allan  James,  Rosewood  ho.  Nigg, Aberdeen 
Allan  J.  St.  Mungo's,  Culross,  Dunfermline 
Allan  James,    jun.    The   Cottage,   Kilbirnie 

S.O.   Ayrshire 
Allan  James,  Thirwall.TJddingston, Glasgow 
Allan  James,  Woodlands,   Tillicoultry  S.O 

Allan  James   A.    Wester   Mugdock,   Strath- 

blane,  Glasgow 
Allan    James    B.    Ferndean,    Crawford    st 

Allan  John,  Allanton  cot.   Hill  st.    Alloa 
Allan  John,  28  Bank  street,  Alloa 
Allan  John,  Beith 
Allan    John,     jun.    Carlincraig,     Quadrant 

road,  Newlands 
Allan  John,  38  Cassillis  road,  Maybole 
Allan  John  M.D.  Clyde  view,  Montgomerie 
I     street,  Ardrossan 

I  Allan  John,  32  Dumbarton  road,   Stirling 
Allan  John,  67  Forest  avenue,  Aberdeen 
]  Allan   John    M.D.    Glenfield,    Glasgow    rd. 
j     Dumbarton 

Allan  John  M.D.  Kingspark  avenue,  Cath- 
cart, Glasgow 
Allan  John  J. P.  Peelwalls,  Ayton 
Allan  John,  Roslyn,  Clackmannan 
Allan  John,  16  South  Guildry  street,  Elgin 
Allan  J.  A.  0.  81  Beaconsfield  pi. Aberdeen 
Allan  John  B.  31  Gladstone  pi.  Aberdeen 
Allan  John  D.   Brookfield,  Johnstone 
Allan  J.H.Glenashdale,  Corrour  rd.Newlnds 
Allan  John  Munn,25  Ardrossan  rd.  Saltcoats 
Allan  John  S.  The  Willows,  Castlehead 
Allan   M.   78   East  King   st.   Helensburgh 
Allan    Miss,    Allan    bank,    Eyemouth    S.O 

Allan  Miss,   13   Braemar  place,   Aberdeen 
Allan  Miss,  32  Dumbarton  road,  Stirling 
Allan  Miss,  Edgehill, St. Leonard's  rd.Forres 
Allan    Miss,     Eildon    view,     Gordon     S.O. 

Allan  Miss,  Park  sUBurghead  S.O.Moraysh 
Allan    Miss,    18    Ravenshaugh    rd.    Leven- 

hall,  Musselburgh 
Allan    Miss,    4    Sandringham    terrace,    Es- 
planade, Greenock 
Alan  Miss,  Thorniea,  Prestwick  S.O.Ayrsh 
Allan  Miss,  Westlea,  Major's  Loan,  Falkirk 
Allan  Misses,  28  Ardbeg  road,  Rothesay 
Allan  Misses,  4  Argyll  place,  Aberdeen 
Allan  Misses,   43  King  street,   Perth 
Allan   Mrs.  29   Albert   street,    Coatbridge 
Allan  Mrs.   Allan  cottage,  Leven 
Allan   Mrs.   Altahorvie,   Lamlash   S.O.  Isle 

of  Arran 
Allan  Mrs.  Ardlui,  The  Links,  Leven 
Allan  Mrs.    11   Argyle  place,   Rothesay 
Allan  Mrs.  7  Ashgrove,  Musselburgh 
Allan  Mrs.  12  Ballantine  drive,  Ayr 
Al!anMrs.8Buckingham  ter. Charlotte  st.Ayr 
Allan  Mrs.  Gordon  cot.  Annan  rd. Dumfries 
Allan  Mrs.  92  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Allan    Mrs.    The    Lea   Rig.    Cramond    S.O. 

Allan    Mrs.     Mount     Melville,    Kirn     S.O. 

Allan  Mrs.  2  The  Square,  Fife  Keith.Keith 
Allan  Mrs.  J.Kippen.lDarnhall  drive, Perth 
Allan  Mrs.  Richard,  4  Bellevue  place,  New- 
battle  road,  Eskbank.  Dalkeith 
Allan     Mrs.     William    0.     Merrilea    villa, 

Largs  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Allan  P.  Stanley  villa.  Uddingston, Glasgow 
Allan  P.  G.,  M.A. 54  Devonshire  rd.Aberdn; 
Allan  R.  Glenfield,  Glasgow  rd.  Dumbarton 
Allan  R.  Hunthill,  Howwood  S.O.Renfrwsh 
Allan  Richard  C.  33  Albyn  place,  Aberdeen 
Allan  Robert  M.D.  6  Arran  pi.  Ardrossan 
Allan  Robert,  Ashcroft,  Nigg,  Nlgg  Sta- 
tion S.O.  Ross-shire 

Allan  R.Bank  of  Scot'and.High  st.Dunkeld 
Allan  Rt.  2  Bellevista  ter.  Bridgend,  Perrh 
Allan    Robert,    Drrghorn    S.O.    Ayrshire 
Allan    Robert  J. P.    Half   Way  house,    PoL- 
kemmet,  Whitburn  S.O.   Linlithgowshire 
Allan    Robert,    Helenslea,    Ba'gay    terrace, 

Allan  Robt.  27  Pitcullen  ter. Bridgend, Perth 
Allan    Robert,    The   Plane   Trees,    Rankine 

street,  Dundee 
Allan  Robert,   Tinto  view,   TJddingston 
Allan    Robert,    Viewforth.    Borrowstouness 

S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
Allan    Robert    G.    The    Anchorage,    Gars- 

cadden  road,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Allan  Robt.  Thos.  Morgan,  Fernlea,  David- 
son st.  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Allan  Thomas,  Balmoral,  Barassie,  Troon 
Allan  Thomas,  23  Barns  street,  Ayr 
Allan  Thomas,  14  Brunswick  pi.  Aberdeen 
A  Ilan       Thomas,       Fordneuk,       Brownside 

avenue,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Allan  Thomas,  44  George  st.  Helensburgh 
Allan  Thos.  391  Gt.  Western  rd.  Aberdeen 
Allan    Thomas,    Newland,    Belgrave    road, 

Corstorphine  S.O.  Midlothian 
Allan  T.  Chapman,  6  Victoria  ter. Dumfries 
Allan    Thomas    Cranstoun,    Redlac,    Colin- 
ton  S.O.  Midlothian 
Allan     Thomas    D.     Royal     bank,     Abbey 

green,  Lesmahagow  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Allan  W.  Bentinck  ter.  Galston  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Allan  W.100  Alexander  st.Airdrie,Lanark3h 
Allan  William,  10  Albany  place,  Dumfries 
Allan  William,  Azledale,  Bathgate 
Allan  William,  54  Devonshire  rd.  Aberdeen 
APan  William,  28  Erskine  street,  Aberdeen 
Allan  William,  36  Fonthill  road,  Aberdeen 
Allan  William  J. P.  9  Glasgow  street,  Mill- 
port S.O.  Buteshire 
Allan  Wm.  37  Great  Northern  rd. Aberdeen 
Allan  William,  Hill  street,  Alloa 
Allan  Wm.Inzievar,  Burnbank  rd. Hamilton 
Allan    William,    Leaside    cottage,     Strath- 

aven  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Allan  William,  46  Park  circus,  Ayr 
Allan    William,     Redheughs,    Corstorphine 

S.O.   Midlothian 
Allan    William,    Royal    Bank   house,    Nine 

Yards  street.  Saltcoats 
Allan  Wm.  Tollard,  Glasgow  road,  Perth 
Allan  William  M.D.  33  Union  st. Greenock 
Allan  Wm.  Viewpark  cot.  King'3  rd.  Beith 
Allan  Wm.  Wayside,  Laurieston,  Falkirk 
Allan  Wm.  28  West  Argyle  st. Helensburgh 
Allan   William  B.    Lilvbank,  Port  Glasgow 
Allan  Wm.  Black,  15  W.  Bridge  st.Falkirk 
Allan  William  Gregor,  Orchard  ho.  Car'uke 
Allan    William    Hunter,     Allandale,    Glas- 
gow road,    Milngavie,   Glasgow 
Allan  Wm.  Macfarlane.  Albert  villa,  Beith 
Allan  Wm.  R.  41  Rosebank  ter.  Aberdeen 
Allan-Woddrop    William    D.L.,    J.P.    Gar- 

vald,  Dolphinton  S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Allardes    William    M.B.     Ashville,    Rothes 

S.O.  Morayshire 
Allardice   William  D.  The   Grange,   Down- 
field,  Dundee 
Allardyce  Col.  James  D.L.,  J.P.  3  Queen's 
terrace,    Aberdeen    &   Colquoich,    Towie, 
Gartlv  S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Allardyce  Rev.   William  M.A.   The   Manse, 

Rothiemay  S.O.  Banffshire 
Allardyce    George,    View   mount,    Archies- 
town,   Carron  S.O.   Morayshire 
Allardyce    James,     Nethan    view,     Lesma- 
hagow S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Allardyce  John,   Edendee,  Cults,  Aberdeen 
Allcock  Rev.  B.  Port  Erroll  S.O.Aberdnsh 
Allen  Rev.  Herbert  Reginald  M.A.  20  Bel- 
grave  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Allen  Alex.  M.  Balgove,  Bearsden, Glasgow 
Allen  Charles  B.  17  Norwood  terrace,  East 

Newport,  Fifeshire 
Allen  F.  M.  Avondale,  Henrietta  st.Girvan 
Allen  G.  A.  Alfred  vil.  Union  rd. Inverness 
Allen   George   William   C.E.    G    Bonnymuir 

place,   Aberdeen 
Allen  J.  B.  Ruthven,  Victoria  pi.  Airdrie 
Allen  James,  1  Catofield  place,  Aberdeen 
Allen  Jame3  R.  6  Elm  place,   Aberdeen 
Allen  J.  Atlanta  cot.  Millport  S.O.  Butesh 
Allen  John  Henry,  The  Know,  Abbotshall 

road,  Kirkcaldy 
Allen    Miss,  Newark,  York  road,  Troon 
Allen  Mrs.   Ascog,  Pitlochry 
Allen  Mrs.  Elm  park,  Kirn  S.O.  Argyllsh 
Allen  Mrs.Northcliffe,TheScores,St.Andrw3 
Allen  Nicholas,   Shielfleld  terrace,  Tweed- 
mouth,  Berwick 
Allen  Richard  S.  6  Elm  place,  Aberdeen 
Allen  Robt.  Cresford,  Liberton,  Brae  S.O. 

Allen  William,  2  Hilton  street,  Aberdeen 
Allen  Wm.The  Knowe,  Mt.Vernon, Glasgow 
Allerdyce   Rev.    Robert   M.A.   The   Manse, 

Twynholm  S.O.  Kirkcudbrightshire 
AlleB  Robert  J.P.  Sluiceburn,  Kinross 
Allhusen  William  Hutt,  Tullymet,  Ballin- 

luig  S.O.  Perthshire 
Allice  Andrew,  Mar  villa,  Ralston,  Paisley 


AND        1441 

Allice  George  B.  6  Royal  ter.  Linlithgow 
Allinson  G.H.lOCraigendoran  av.Helnsbrgh 
Allison  Rev.  Alex.  Abdie  manse, Newburgh 
Allison  Rev.  D.  J.  Auchengower,  Ralston, 

Allison  Rev.   James,  Muirston,  Hawkhead 

road,  Paisley 
Allison  Rev.  Jn.S.   13  Westfield  ter.Aberdn 
Allison   Alexander   M.D.  Inveravon,   Loan- 
head  S.O.  Midlothian 
Allison  Alexander,  Portland  park.Hamilton 
.Allison  Charles  K.   Sunnybrae,  Newton  ter- 
race, Blairgowrie 
Allison  D.  M.   11  Hill  cres.Wormit,Dundee 
Allison  J.  Florence  vil. Glasgow  rd. Paisley 
Allison    J.Netherlea, Alexander   st.Dumbrtn 
Allison  James  M.B.  Borgie,  Greenlees  rd. 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Allison  James,  The  Briars,  Woodmuir  pk. 

West  Newport,    Pifeshire 
Allison  James,  15  Hill  place,  Ardrossan 
Allison  Jas.  Knersby,  Elderslie,  Johnstone 
Allison    James,    Taymount,    Prospect   ter- 
race, East  Newport,  Fifeshire 
Allison  John,  Carlonan,   W. Newport, Fifesh 
Allison  John,   Glenburn,  Kilsyth,   Glasgow 
Allison  John  Dunn   M.A.,   LL.B.    Morven, 

Castlehead,  Paislfy 
Allison  M.  7  The  Ores.  Dalmuir,  Glasgow 
Allison   Matthew,   5  White  House  terrace, 

Corstorphine  S.O.    Midlothian 
Allison  M.  Balgownie.   Annan  rd. Dumfries 
Allison  Matthew,  25  Oakshaw  st.  Paisley 
Allison  Miss,  2  The  Crescent,  South  beach, 

Allison     Miss,     Parkhead     cottage,     West 

Calder  S.O.  Midlothian 
Allison  Misses,  Elmwood,   Strathaven  S.O. 

Allison  Mrs.  Belmont  cottage,  Carlogie  rd. 

Carnoustie    S.O.   Forfarshire 
Allison   Mrs.    3  Carrick  avenue,   Ayr 
Allison   Mrs.    Cochranfield,    Milliken   park, 

Allison  Mrs. Lusshaueh. Glasgow  rd. Paisley 
Allison     Mrs.     Moorfield,     Upper     Ashton, 

Gourock  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Allison  Mrs.  West  Balgray,  Irvine 
Allison    Robert    J. P.    Rosemount,    Castle- 
head, Paisley 
Allison  Thomas,  8  Burnett  pi.  Aberdeen 
Allison  Thos.Steele,3  Orchard  st. Aberdeen 
Allison  William,  The  Birches,  Glenpatrick, 

Elderslie,  Johnstone 
Allison   William,    19   Howgate,   Kilwinning 

S.O.  Avrshire 
Allison  William,   Maryville,  Howwood   S.O 
Allison  Wm.  J.  Holmes,  Loehwinnoch  S.O 
AlliBter  Mrs.  Rose   street,   Dunfermline 
Al'oway  George,  Sunnybank,  Gullane  S.O. 

Alloway  J.  Woodhouse  lea.   Cults,   Aberdn 
Allwart  Mrs.   88  Bo'ness  rd.   Graneemnuth 
Alpine  Rev.Geo.  B.D.  The  Manse.Dumbrtn 
Alpine  Robt.  Lowdon.  31  Prestwick  rd.Ayr 
Aiding  Gustav  F.  84  St.  Leonard's  rd.  Ayr 
Alsop  Spence.  22  Clifton  road,   Aberdeen 
Alston  Rev.   A.  Kirkton  manse,  Carluke 
Alston   A.   T.  Thornhill.Commonhd.  Airdrie 
Alston  Andrew,  iun.  M.A.,  LL.B.  Kirkton 

manse,  Carluke 
Alston  Charles,  Letterawe,  Loch  Awe  S.O. 

Alston  J.   Gownbrne, Wilson  =t. Motherwell 
Alston   J.   M.   Rpeohwnnd.C'arkston,  A  irdrie 
Alston  James  T.  R.   Hvndford  rd.   Lanark 
Alston  John,  Red  ho.  Racecourse  rd.   Ayr 
Alston   Tnhn.   Snnthfield  home,   Slamannan 

S.O.   Stirlingshire 
Alston  Mrs.   Alness, Couston  st. Dunfermline 
Alston   Mr=.    Carnoeh   house,    Ballachulish 

Quarries  S.O.   Arevllshire 
Alston  Mrs.  2  Craigie  ter. Ferry  rd. Dundee 
Alston    Mrs.   Kinross 

Alston   Mrs.  44   Martraret  street.   Greenock 
Alston    Mr*.    49   William   st.    Helensburgh 
Alston  R.  L.  Finart.  Kilmun  S.O.Argyllsh 
Alston  William,   19  Mi^er  road,   Ayr 
Alston-Stewart  Aubrpv  K. House  of  Urrard, 

Moulin,  Killipcrankie  S.O.  Perthshire 
Ambrose   Rev.   Miles.  Chapel  house,  Long- 

reo-end  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Ambrose  George.  70  Rosemount  pi.  Aberdn 
Ambrose  Robt.  Glennnna.  G'ffnoek  G^sew 
Ames  E.  Daihousie  rd.  Eskbank.Dalkeith 
Amos  Thos.  M.  4 .  19  G'pbp  rd. Kilmarnock 
Amos   Walter.    Greenfield   house,    Auchter- 

muchtv  ^.O.  Fifeshire 

Ancastpf   Earl   of  V.C.,    J. P.     DL,    Drum- 

mond   castle,  Mnthill  S.O.  Perthshire;    <fe 

12  Bel?rave  °q.  &  Carlton  club.  LndnSW 

Aneell  R.Academv  lo.  Academy  't. Dumfries 

Anderson  Sir  Robert  Rowand  LIT).    Aller- 

mnir  house,    Cdinton    S.O.    Midlothian 
Anderson  Lieut. -Col.  Benianvn  T.  G.,  J. P. 

Cacrabank.    Ettrick,    Selkirk 
Anderson   Major  Robert  Warren  Hastings 
H.L.I.  Linn  view,   Auchingramont  road, 

Anderson  Capt.  David  Murray,  Bourhouse, 

Spott,   Dunbar 
Anderson  Capt.    F.   W.    Abbot,    2  Windsor 

street,  Dundee 
Anderson       Captain      John,       Glenamour 

Colquhoun  street,  Dumbarton 
Anderson  Rev.  Alexander,   Dun,  Montrose 
Anderson    Rev.    Alex.    M.A.    The    Manse 

Daviot,  Aberdeen 
Anderson  Rev.  Alexander  M.A.  The  Manse, 
•  Gartly  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Anderson  Rev.  Alex.  United  Free  Church 

manse,    Edinkillie,  Dunphail   S.O.   Moray 
Anderson  Rev.  Alex.  J.,  M.A.  The  Manse, 

Auchindoir,    Lumsden    S.O.    Aberd^ensh 
Anderson  Rev.  Archibald  B.D.  Manse,  KU 

meny,  Port  Askaig  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Anderson  Rev.   D.  Croft  ho.   Ceres,  Cupar 
Anderson  Rev.  Edward  Erskine  M.A.  Free 

Church  house.  East  Kilbride,  Glasgow 
Anderson  Rev.  G.  S.  Kilrenny,  Anstruther 
Anderson  Rev.   Geo.  28  Bellevue  cres.  Ayr 
Anderson   Rev.    George    B.D.    The    Manse 

Renfrew  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Anderson    Rev.    J.    Dunira,    Kaimes  road 

Corstorphine  S.O.  Midlothian 
Anderson  Rev.  J.,    M.A.    Dyce,    Aberdeen 
Anderson  Rev.J.  C.,  B.D.Kinneff.Stonehvn 
Anderson  Rev.J.R.,   M.A.   Harray.Kirkwall 
Anderson     Rev.     James,     Hoy,    Stromness 

S.O.  Orkney 
Anderson  Rev.  James,  The  Manse,   Alvie, 

Kincraig  S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Anderson    Rev.    James,    Manse,    Polmont 

Station  S.O.  Stirlingshire 
Anderson    Rev.    James    A.,    D.D.,    LL.D, 

Manse,   West  Calder   S.O.    Midlothian 
Anderson    Rev.     James    R.    John    street, 

Stromness   S.O.   Orkney 
Anderson  Rev.  John  B.D.  Auchinblae  S.O. 

Anderson  Rev.  John  B.D.   Buckie 
Anderson  Rev.  Jn.  Milne  M.A.,B.D.,B.Sc 

The  Manse,  Kinnaird,  Errol  S.O.Perthah 
Anderson  Rev.  Kerr  Cranston  D.D.  6  East 

Somerville  place,   Dundee 
Anderson   Rev.   R.   F.,    M.A.  Blair  Logie, 

Anderson     Rev.     Robert     Chambers,     The 

Manse,   Greengairs,    Airdrie 
Anderson  Rev.   Robert  Proudfoot  Rov,  U. 

F.    C.   manse,   Muthill    S.O.    Perthshire 
Anderson  Rev.  Thomas  S.,  M.A.   1  Spring- 
field terrace,    Arbroath 
Anderson   Rev.   William,   The   Manse,   Fet- 

tercairn,  Laurencekirk 
Anderson   Rev.    William,   Westerton    drive, 

Bridge  of  Allan 
Anderson  Rev.  William  S.,  M.A.Markinch 
Anderson  A.  Craigland.  Lovat  rd. Inverness 
Anderson  A.  New  bank,  Giffnock.G^sgow 
Anderson  A.  Treefield  ho.West  bav. Dunoon 
Anderson    A.    Victoria    terrace,    Dullatur, 

Castlecary.  Glasgow 
Anderson  Alex.9Airlie  ter. Perth  rd. Dundee 
Anderson  Alex.  35  Belgrave  ter.   Aberdeen 
Anderson    Alexander,    4  Bellevista  terrace, 

Bridgend.  Perth 
Anderson   A'ex.Broomfield  ter.Dunfermline 
Anderson  Alexander,  Drayton  lodge,  Mid- 
mills   road.    Inverness 
Anderson  Alexander,  Forteath  aven.  Elgin 
Anderson    Alexander,     G'enhove,     Cumber- 
nauld stat-ion,  Glasgow 
Anderson     Mpxande*-.    Glpnview,    Summer- 
hill.  C'arkston,  Glasgow 
Anderson     Alexander,      Hamilton      drive, 

Cnmbuslanc,    Glasgow 
Anderson     Alex.    Heathmount,     Buchanan 

drive,    Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Ander=on     Alexander,     Homestead,     Prest- 
wick  S.O.    Ayrshire 
Anderson    AWander.    25    Kyle    park,    Ud- 

dingston,    Glasgow 
Anderson    Alexander,   51   North   Bridge  st. 

Airdrip,  Lanarkshire 
Anderson   Alexander,  The  Pleasance,   Cou- 

par  Angus  S.O.  Perthshire 
Anderson     Alexander,     Rock     villa,    Pan- 
mure  street,  Monifieth,   Dundee 
Anderson  Alex.    St.  Helens,   Anstruther 
Andprson    Alexander,    Stanley   place,    Alva 

S.O.  Clackmannanshire 
Anderson         Alexander,        Strathendrick, 

Vaiors  loan,  Falkirk 
Anderson   Alex.  54  Victoria   »t.  Aberdeen 
Anderson    Alexander,  The  Warren,    Mach- 

rihanish.  Camnbeltown 
Anderson  Alex.  218  Wpstburn  rd. Aberdeen 
Anderson  Alex.  D.,  J. P.  Fernlea. Arbroath  ! 
Anderson  Alex.  G..  M.A.,B.Sc.,M.B.,Ch.B.  i 
Enidemic  ho=r>.  Urquhart  rd.  Aberdeen  | 
Anderson  A  lex.  V.  86  AHnthie  rd.Stonphavn 
Ander«nn  Alex. W. 37  Caledonian  rd. Aberdn 
Anderson      Alford     William     M.B.,      CM. 

Craig1and.   Dalbeattie 
Anderson  Alfred  W.  17  Briarwood  terrace. 
West  Park  road,  Dundee 

53  Murray  ter. Aberdeen 
Easter  Melrose, Gamrie, 

Anderson    Andrew,    Ardle    bank,    Newtoo 

street,  Blairgowrie 
Anderson     Andrew,     Gowan    Lea,     Castle 

Blair,   Dunfermline 
Anderson  Andrew,  Hillside  cottage,  Shotta 

S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Anderson  Andrew,   South  Bonar,   Ardgay 
Anderson   Andrew,  Water  street,  Strichen 

S.  0.   Aberdeenshire 
Anderson    Andrew    G.,    J. P.   Bank   house, 

Aboyne  S.O.    Aberdeenshire 
Anderson  Andw.  S.78  Hamilton  pi. Aberdn 
Anderson    Andrew    Syme,    Ancrum    villa, 

Lenzie,   Glasgow 
Anderson  Archd.  Craig,  Fernlea,  Arbroath 
Anderson  C.  The  Heugh,  Comrie  rd.  Crieff 
Anderson   C.    W.    Royal    Bank    house,    38 

Hieh  street,  Jedburgh 
Anderson   Charles,    B    Castle   st.    Brechin 
Anderson     Charles    J. P.     Fettykil    house, 

Leslie  S.O.    Fifeshire 
Anderson  Chas.  26  Mid  Stocket  rd.  Aberdn 
Anderson    Charles,    Willow    bank,    Rennie 

street,   Falkirk 
Anderson   D.   Bank  ho.    Argyll  st.   Dunoon 
Anderson  D.  91  Bon  Accord  at.  Aberdeen 
Anderson    David,    Edge    hill,    Kilmacolm 

S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Anderson    David,    Granville    house,    West- 
haven,  Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Anderson  David,  89  James  st. Helensburgh 
Anderson   David.    Lochlea,   Denny 
Anderson     David    J. P.     North     Loriston, 

Niesr.  Aberdeen 
Anderson    David,    Sunnybrae,    Old    Edin- 
burgh road,  Moffat 
Anderson    David    J. P.     Woodhill,     Barry, 

Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Anderson  David   Alexander  Pearson.  West- 
land  ho.  Bonnyrieg  rd.  Eskbank,  Dalkth 
Anderson    David    Blyth,    Brookvale,    Cove 

S.O.    Dumbartonshire 
Anderson  David  W.   Torphichen   st.Bathgt 
Anderson  Donald,  Pentland  view,  Duncan 

street,  Thurso 
Anderson  Eric  H. 
Anderson  F.,  J.P. 

Anderson  F.J.R.  24  Broad  st.  Fraserburgh 
Andfison  Frank,  24  Reidhaven  st.  Elgin 
Anderson  Fraser,  Gowrie  pi.  Scone,  Perth 
Anderson  G.  19  Airlie  pi. Perth  rd. Dundee 
Anderson  G.Gordon  hall,Grantown-on-Spey 
Anderson  G.Hartfield, Crown  drive, Invrnss 
Anderson  G.B...T.P.Heatherlieburn,  Seikrk 
Anderson  Gavin,  Whins. South  beach, Troon 
Anderson  George,  Aberluthnott,  Newlands 

road,  Newlands,  Glasgow 
Anderson  G.  Annesley.Viewfield  rd.Arbrth 
Anderson  George,  Beveridge  rd.  Kirkraldy 
Anderson  George,  10  Burns  rd.  Aberdeen 
Anderson  Geo.  6  Caledonian  pi.  Aberdeen 
Anderson  George  J.P.   Guthrie  lodge.New- 

bureh,  Fife 
Anderson   George,  Heatherlie  hill,   Selkirk 
Anderson   George   J.P.   Nether   Aucharnie. 

Tthan  Wells.  Insch,   Aberdeenshire 
Anderson  George,   Sandford,  Boddam  S.O. 

Anderson  Ueorge,  Sheriff  court,  Castle  Bt. 

Anderson   George,    Shrubbery  bank,  Janet 

street,  Thurso 
Anderson    George    Bell    M.B.,    C.M.Edin. 

Esk  bank,  Canonbie  S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Anderson   Georee   Cranston   M.B.Denbeath, 

Methil  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Anderson     Georee     Lawson,     Shuttlefield, 

Newbureh,   Fife 
Anderson  Geo.  W.,  J.P.   64  High  st. Forres 
Anderson  Gordon,  7  Hilton  rd.   Aberdeen 
Anderson   Henry,    Carnegie   cottage,  Priory 

lane.   Dunfermline 
Anderson    Henry,    Oakhall,    Ballater    S.O. 

Anderson   Hugh,   Hazeldean,    Hawick 
Anderson  Hugh,  6  Huntley  gardens,  Cafh-,   Glasgow 
Anderson  J.    Anr-horlee,   Kirkcudbright 
Anderson     J.     Bolerno,     Bishopston     S.O. 

Anderson  J.  104  Bonnymuir  pi.  Aberdeen 
Anderson  J.  Hazeldpn.  Mearns,  Glasgow 
Anderson  J..  J.P.  Hillswick  S.O.  Shetlnd 
Anderson  J.  Maryville,  Keptie  rd. Arbroath 
Anderson  J. National  Bank. Kilsyth, Glasgw 
Anderson  J.  River  view.  Wormit,  Dundee 
Anderson  James  A.  5  Chalmers  st.  Mary- 
field,  Dundee 
Anderson  J.  A., M.D.Fotlierinehm. Stranraer 
Anderson  J.  C.  Aikenhead,  Clunie,  Blair- 

Anderson  J.  D.  25  Gladstone  pi.   Aberdeen 
Anderson  J.   L.  24  Glasgow  st.Helensbrgh 
Anderson  J.  L.  Ladyinch,  Westpark, Cupar 
Anderson  J.  M.  Cliff  cottage,  Isle  Ornsay, 

Broadford   S.O.    Skye 
Anderson  J.R.   Manor  ho. Belhaven, Dunbar 

SCOT.       91 

1442       AND 


Anderson  J.  Maitland,   Klnness  bank,   St. 

Anderson  James,  27  Abergeldie  rd.AL-rdn 
Anderson  James,  Aitken  st.   Sinclair. own, 

Anderson   Jas.    33   Albury  pi.    Aberdeen 
Anderson  James,  19  Bedford  pi.  Aberdeen 
Anderson  Jas.  Boglea,  Bailliesion,  Glasgw 
Anderson  James,  Brown  street,  Stewarton 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Anderson  James, 41  Cairnfield  pi. Aberdeen 
Anderson  James,  335  Clifton  rd.  Aberdeen 
Anderson  J.  Clydesdale  Bank  ho. Penicuik 
Anderson  Jas.  Coruisk,  Seabank  rd.  Nairn 
Anderson  J.  Craigielea,Kirkton  av. Carluke 
Anderson  Jas.  Crigmillar  S.O.  Midlothian 
Anderson     James,     Craignordie,     Crathie, 

Ballater  S.O.   Auerdeenshire 
Anderson  James,   Dunoon   villa,   Maule   st. 

Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Anderson  James,  83  Gray  st.  Aberdeen 
Anderson  James,  6  Hillend  rd.  Arbroath 
Anderson  Jas.   31  Holburn  rd.   Aberdeen 
Anderson  James,  59  Holburn  rd.  Aberdeen 
Anderson  James,  Kinnoull,  Hepburn   gar- 
dens, St.  Andrews 
Anderson   James,    Lea   Big,    Monreith   rd. 

Anderson  Jas.  56  Loanhead  ter.  Aberdeen 
Anderson  James,    Myrtle   cottage,    Denny- 
loanhead,   Bonnybridge   S.O.    Stirlingsh 
Anderson    James,    The    Myrtles,    Monreith 

road,  Newlands 
Anderson  Jas. Redhills, Annan  rd. Dumfries' 
Anderson    James,     Bowenbunk,     Torphins  I 

S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Anderson    James,    Summerbank,    Brechin 
Anderson  Jas.  11  University  rd.  Aberdeen' 
Anderson  James,  Victoria  cottage,  Down-; 

field,  Dundee 
Anderson  Jas.  Waterfoot,  Busby,  Glasgow 
Anderson  Jas.  31  Whitehall  rd.  Aberdeen    j 
Anderson  Jas.  4  Winton  circus,   Saltcoats ! 
Anderson    James     Forrest,     Don    cottage,  i 

Woodside,  Aberdeen 
Anderson  Jas.  Hall,  6  York  at.  Aberdeen  , 
Anderson   James    Keith   M.D.    26   Ponder- 

law  street,  Arbroath 
Anderson  James  Kennedy,  South  High  st. 

Portsoy  S.O.  Banffshire 
Anderson  James  M.71  Clifton  rd. Aberdeen 
Anderson    James    M.     Bedlands,    Bo'ness 

8.0.  Linlithgowshire 
A.nderson    James    Scott,    Bardowie    Gastle, 

Baldernock,   Glasgow 
Anderson   James    Stewart,   32    Springfield,  I 

Perth  road,  Dundee 
Anderson    James    W.    Auchenlea,    Brown- 
side  road,   Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Anderson  John,  Balwearie  rd.  Kirkcaldy 
Anderson  John,   8  Battery  pi.   Bothesay     | 
Anderson  John,   Bellmount,  Maule   street,  • 

Monifieth,   Dundee 
Anderson  John,  Bogiewood,  Port  Glasgow 
Anderson  John,  Braehead,  Kilmacolm  S.O.  j 

Anderson  John,  12  Cairnfield  pi.  Aberdeen 
Anderson  John,   76  Caledonia  rd. Saltcoats 
Anderson    John,    Castle    street,    Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Anderson  John,  9  Cornhill  rd.  Aberdeen 
Anderson  John,   Darlinvarrach,   Blairmore 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Anderson  Jn.  J. P.   Ill  Duff  st.  Macduff 
Anderson  John,  75  Eglinton  rd.  Ardrossan 
Anderson  Jn.  J.P.  6  Bldon  st.  Greenock 
Anderson    John,    1    Gilburn    road,    Down- 
field,  Dundee 
Anderson  Jn.  Grange  lo.Bothwell,  Glasgow 
Anderson  Jn.  70  Grattan  pi.  Fraserburgh 
Anderson  Jn.  Greenlea,  Poynder  pi.  Kelso 
Anderson     John      M.B.,      Ch.B.      Haylie, 

Clarkston,  Busby,  Glasgow 
Anderson  John  J.P.  Hillside  house, Beech- 
grove,  Moffat,  Dumfriesshire 
Anderson    John    J.P.    Knockderry    house, 

Cove  S.O.   Dumbartonshire 
Anderson  John,  Loudon  brae,  TJddingston, 

Anderson  Jn.  27  Merchant  st.  Peterhead 
Anderson  John,  28  Mill  hill,  Musselburgh 
Anderson   John,   3   Myrtle   terrace,   Albert 

street,  Taypors  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Anderson  John  M.B.,  CM.  Newholm,  Pit- 
lochry,  Perthshire 
Anderson  John,    Norwood,   Linlithgow 
Anderson   John,    Orerlee    cottage,    Kirkin- 
tilloch,  Glasgow 
Anderson   John,   25  Park  road,   Brechin 
Anderson    John,    Primrose    bank,     Cults, 

Anderson  Jn.   Ravenslea,   Giffnock, Glasgw 
Anderson   John,    Sylvan    cottage,    Gullane 

S.O.  Haddingtonshire 
Anderson  John,  Teithside,   Callander  S.O. 

Anderson  John  M.B.,  CM.  70  West  Main 

street,   Armadale   S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
Anderson  Jn.  Willowdene.Bieldside,  Aberdn 

Anderson    John,    Woodlands,     Kilwinning 

road,    Irvine 
Anderson  John,  Woodside  st.  Coatbridge 
Anderson    John    A.     Arden     lea,     Tweed 

green,  Peebles 
Anderson  John  B.  6  Clairmont  pi. Lerwick 
Anderson  Jn.  F.  62  Polmuir  rd.  Aberdeen 
Anderson  John  Florisbrook,  Aylmer  road, 

Anderson  John  Lindsay  M.B.,C-M. Ravens- 
lea,  Giffnock,  Glasgow 
Anderson  John  M.  33  Scott  st.  Dundee 
Anderson   John    N.    Plymville,    Lewis    st. 

Anderson  John  P.,  J.P.   Lochbank  house, 

Glamis  road,  Forfar 
Anderson    John    W.    Breich  jilla,    West 

Calder  S.O.  Midlothian 
Anderson  Jn.  W.  97  Brisbane  st. Greenock 
Anderson  Jsph.Bank  av.Downfield, Dundee 
Anderson  Lawrence,  13  Barns  terrace, Ayr 
Anderson  Lawrence, Moodie  st. Dunfermline 
Anderson  Lindsay,   Serendah,   Blairgowrie 

road,  Coupar  Angus  S.O.  Perthshire 
Anderson  M.   Rigislea,   Neilston,   Glasgow 
Anderson  M.  C  Bracklemoss,  Kinross 
Anderson  M.  F.  161  Princess  st.  Dundee 
Anderson  Marshall,  3  Lome  terrace,Mary- 

field,   Dundee 
Anderson  M.Balmullo.Leuchars  S.O.Fifesh 
Anderson  M.  8  Kincarrathie  cres.  Perth 
Anderson     Matthew     Douglas,      Ashburn, 

Milliken  park,  Johnstone 
Anderson   Matthew   S.,   M.A.,   M.D.    Glen- 

garnock  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Anderson  Michael,   56  Moss  street,  Elgin 
And.e-r.son   Miss,  41   Albyn  place,  Aberdeen 
Anderson  Miss,  16  Argyll  place,  Aberdeen 
Anderson    Miss,    Ash  bank,   Poimont    Sta- 
tion S.O.  Stirlingshire 
Anderson    Miss,    Bandoch    &  Newbigging, 

Inverkeilor,    Arbroath 
Anderson   Miss,    Beaufort   lodge,   Park   rd. 

Anderson    Miss,     Belmont,     Comrie     S.O. 

Anderson  Miss,    Belmont,    Stonehaven 
Anderson  Miss,  20  Benvie  road,  Dundee 
Anderson   Miss,  19   B.ackness   av.    Dundee 
Anderson    Miss,     Braeside    cottage,     Sten- 

housemuir,  Larbert 
Anderson  Miss,  46  Brisbane  st.  Greenock 
Anderson  Miss,  33  Castle  street,  Montrose 
Anderson  Miss,  Dalhousie  grange,  Bonny- 
rigg. Lasswade 
Anderson  Miss,  93  Devonshire  rd. Aberdeen 
Anderson     Miss,     Egmore,     Ley's     drive, 

Anderson   Mis.s,    30  Eskside,   Musselburgh 
Anderson  Miss,  Fernlea,  Hill  street,  Moni- 
fieth, Dundee 
Anderson    Miss,    30   Ferryhill   pi.    Aberdeen 
Anderson    Miss.    3    Fort  .street,    Dundee 
Anderson     Miss,    Glengairn    cottage,    West 

Cults,   Aberdeen 
Anderson  Miss,  36  Gray  street,  Aberdeen 
Anderson  Miss,   2  Hecklegirth,  Annan 
Anderson  Miss,  2  Keir  st.  Bridgend,  Perth 
Anderson  Miss,  3  Kinloch  terrace,  Keptie 

road,  Arbroath 
Anderson  Miss,  1205   Main  street,   Shettle- 

ston.  Glasgow 
Anderson   Miss,   17  Marine  pi.  Rothesay 
Anderson     Miss,    Mairyfield    place,    Bonny- 
rigg, Lasswade 
Anderson  Miss.  8  Melville  terrace,  Stirling 
Anderson    Miss,     Mid    Park    house,    Kin- 
cardine   S.O.    Fifeshire 
Anderson  Miss,  51  Midton  road,  Ayr 
Anderson   Miss,   28    Mill   hill,    Musselburgh 
Anderson    Miss,    Redlands,    Bo'ness    S.O. 

Anderson     Miss.     Ro3e    cottage,      Colinton 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Anderson  Miss, Shaw  pk.West  bay,  Dunoon 
Anderson  Miss,  30  Skene  street,  Macduff 
Anderson  Miss,   Springfield,  Ponderlaw  st. 

Anderson  Miss,  10  Taymouth  pi.  Broughty 

Ferry  8.0.  Forfarshire 
Anderson  Miss,  23  Waverley  pi.  Aberdeen 
Anderson  Miss  J.G.o  Hawkhill  pi.  Dundee 
Anderson,      Barskimming     house, 

Mauchline,  Stair,   Ayr 
Anderson    Misses,    Borriston   house,    Kin- 
cardine   O'Neil    S.O.    Aberdeenshire 
Anderson  Misses.    Elliotville,   Corstorphine 

S.O.   Midlothian 
Anderson  Misses,  35  Fox  street,  Greenock 
Anderson  Misses,  Hawkslaw  house,  Leven 
Anderson  Misses,  12  Barnes  street,  Lossie- 
mouth  S.O.    Morayshire 
Anderson    Misses,    Lossie    bank,    Banchory 

S.O.  Kincardineshire 
Anderson   Misses,    Mains  cottage,  Dalmell- 

ington  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Anderson   Misses,Pavilion.    Shorehead,Levn 
Anderson  Misses,  49  St.   Nicholas  st.Abrdn 
Anderson  Misses,  The  Square,  Cullen  S.O. 

Anderson    Misses,    West  Colinton    cottage, 

Colimon   S.O.   Midlothian 
Anderson  Mrs.  52  Addison  place,  Arbroath 
Anderson    Mrs.    Ashfie.d,   Dunbar 
Anderson    Mrs.    45   Balhousie  street,   Perth 
Anderson  Mrs.   1  Balmoral  villas, Cathcart, 

Anderson  Mrs.  50  Beaconsfield  pi.  Aberdn 
Anderson  Mrs.   9  Bonnymuir  pi.  Aberdeen 
Anderson    Mrs.     Brooklyn    cottage,    Glen- 

caple,    Dumfries 
Anderson  Mrs.   7  Cairnfield  pi  ace.  Aberdeen 
Anderson  Mrs.Carmyle   av.  Carmyle,Glsgw 
Anderson     Mrs.     Craiglea,     Cause  wayhead, 

Anderson     Mrs.     Oraigniar,     Dollar     S.O. 

Anderson  Mrs.  Cupar  road,  Newburgh 
Anderson    Mrs.    21    Dalhousie   pi.   Arbroath 
Anderson  Mrs.  41  Desswood  p..  Aberdeen 
Anderson  Mrs.  Dinnet  cottage,  Dinnet  S.O. 

Anderson    Mrs.    Drayton   lodge,    Midmills 

road,  Inverness 
Anderson     Mrs.    Dunstrone,     Strone     S.O. 

Anderson     Mrs.     96     East     King     street, 

Anderson  Mrs.  4  Edinburgh  rd.  Stranraer 
Anderson   Mrs.   Ellen  mount,  W.  Newport, 

Anderson    Mrs.     Fairseat    house,    Newton 

hill,   Stonehaven 
Anderson  Mrs.   61a,  Finnart  st.   Greenock 
Anderson   Mrs.    65   Fountainhall   rd. Aberdn 
Anderson    Mrs.    7    George    crescent,   Perth 
Anderson  Mrs.  25  George   st.  Helensburgh 
Anderson    Mrs.     Glencairn,     Strone     S.O. 

Anderson  Mrs.  Glenview,  Sunnylaw, Bridge 

of  Allan 
Anderson  Mrs. 287  Great  Western  rd.Abrdn 
Anderson     Mrs.     Greenwood,     Kirn     S.O. 

Anderson    Mrs.    Grove    cottage,    Broomie- 

knowe,  Lasswade 
Anderson  Mrs.  Hallyards,  Manor,  Peebles 
Anderson   Mrs.    Hamilhill    cottage,    Bridg- 
end, Irvine 
Anderson   Mrs.   5  Hawkhill  place,  Dundee 
Anderson    Mrs.    Hawthornbank,    Scott's   pi. 

Anderson    Mrs.     Highbury,    North     Mount 

Vernon,   Glasgow 
Anderson    Mrs.     Hilton    house,     Muirfield 

road,  Inverness 
Anderson  Mrs.  2  Janefield  place,  Espedair 

street,  Paisley 
Anderson  Mrs.  139  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Anderson      Mrs.      Knookwinnock,     Inver- 
keilor,  Arbroath 
Anderson    Mrs.     3    Lome    terrace,    Forfar 

road,   Dundee 
Anderson  Mrs.   6  Lothian  bank,  Eskbank, 

Anderson   Mts.   42  Maberley  st.  Aberdeen 
Anderson    Mrs.     Mount    Pleasant,    Coupar 

Angus  S.O.   Fifeshire 
Anderson  Mrs. 62   Mountstuart  rd. Rothesay 
Anderson  Mrs.  Myrtle  bnk.Wormit,  Dundee 
Anderson  Mrs.  Myrtle  cottage,  Aberdeen 
Anderson  Mrs.    Oakbank,    Bishopmill, Elgin 
Anderson  Mrs.   Olive   cottage,   Campie  rd. 

Anderson    Mrs.    Park  view,    Jerviston    st. 

Anderson    Mrs.    Rathgael,    Merrylee    road, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Anderson  Mrs.  25  Reidhaven  street,  Elgin 
Anderson  Mrs.  St.  John's  mount, Dunblane 
Anderson  Mrs.  Salisbury  ho. Acre  st. Nairn 
Anderson  Mrs.  3  Salisbury  terrace,  Dun- 
dee street.  Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Anderson    Mrs.    Shirgarton  house,   Kippen, 

Kippen  Station  S.O.   Stirlingshire 
Anderson  Mrs.  Torwood  lodge,  Melrose 
Anderson    Mrs.    Trafford    cottage,     Cupar 

Muir,   Cupar 
Anderson     Mrs.    Trevarna,     Queen    street, 

Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Anderson  Mrs.  la,  Tweed  street,  Berwick 
Anderson  Mrs.  375  Union  street,  Aberdeen 
Anderson  Mrs.  25  Victoria  st.  Aberdeen 
Anderson    Mrs.    Waverley,    Gurney  street, 

Anderson  Mrs.  44  Whitehall  rd.  Aberdeen 
Anderson  Mrs.  Woodbank,   Sandbank  S.O. 

Anderson   Mrs.    D.    19    Ferryhill   pi. Aberdn 
Anderson   Mrs.   James,  5    Oswald's   wynd, 

Anderson  Airs.  Robt.  5  Murray  ter. Aberdn 
Anderson    Mrs.    Westoe,    55   John    street, 

Anderson    Mrs.    William    F.    St.    Helen's, 

Queen's  road,  Dunbar 
Anderson  Nicholas,    13  Treespark    avenue, 

Barrhead,   Glasgow 
Anderson  Norman   William   M.D.    44   High 

street,  Dunbar 


ANG        1443 

Andersoo    P.     J.,     M.A.,     LL.D.     2     East 

Cra.bsvone   street,   Aberdeen 
Anderson    Peter,    Carliiig   cottages,    North 

Queensferty  3.0.    Fifeshire 
Anderson    Pecer,   Wester  lea,    Auchterarder 
Anderson  Philip,  5  Melville  ter.  Anstruthr 
Anderson    R.,     J. P.     Viewfield,    Urquhart, 

Anderson  Eobert,    4    Albany    ter.   Rothesay 
Anderson    Robert,    Anchorage,   Mount    Ver- 
non, Glasgow 
Anderson  Robert,  Aucharnte,  Ythan  Wells, 

Insch,   Aberdeenshire 
Anderson    Robert.    Bentinck   terrace,    Gal- 

ston    S.O.    Ayrshire 
Anderson   Robt.  Braeside,    Law  la. Lerwick 
Anderson    Robert,    Bridge    house,    St.   Vin- 

oent   st.    Broughty  Ferry   S.O.   Forfarsh 
Anderson  Robert,   Brierley,   South  William 

street,    Johnstone 
Anderson  Robert,  Eastwood  hill,  Giffnock, 

Anderson  Rob:.  ho. Daviot, Aberdn 
Anderson  Robert,   38  Finnart  st.    Greenock 
Anderson   Robert,    Glenavon,    Clyde    street, 

Renfrew  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Anderson   Robert    M.D.,   CM.    Hazeldene, 

Wellshot  road,   Shett.eston,  Glasgow 
Anderson  Robert,   48  Kelly  st.    Greenock 
Anderson   Rt.   Kilgask,   E.Newport,  Fifesh 
Anderson  Robt.  Lodge,   Giffnock,  Glasgow 
Anderson    Robert.    28   South   Hamilton   st. 

Anderson  Robert,   Sunny  side,   Uddingston, 

Andenson  Robert,  21  Thomson  st.   Aberdn 
Anderson    Robert,    Thorn ville,     Slamannan 

S.O.    Stirlingshire 
Anderson  Robert  B.,   J. P.  Glenburn   hall 

Castlegate,   Jedburgh 
Anderson  Robert  D.  Bowfield  cottage, How- 
wood  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Anderson  Rt.  Geo.  99  Bonnygate,  Cupar 
Anderson   Robert   H.    Tillyrie   cottage,  Or 

well,  Milnathort  S.O.  Kinross-shire 
Anderson  Robert  J.  48  Forest  rd.   Aberdn 
Anderson  R.,   J. P.  Glenpark,   Port   Glasgw 
Anderson  R.Straid  cot. Annan  rd. Dumfries 
Anderson  T.   S.,  M.D.,  J. P.  Ettrickshaws, 

Anderson  T.  Scott,  Lintalee,  Jedburgh 
Anderson    Thomas,    Bonnington,    Quadrant 

road,  Newlands,   Glasgow 
Anderson  Thomas,   33   Burgh  rd.   Lerwick 
Anderson  Thos.  33  Carlton  place, Aberdeen 
Anderson  T.  The  Firs,  Uplawmoor.Glasgw 
Anderson  Thomas,  Gowan'.ea,  Paisley  road, 

Renfrew  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Anderson  T.,  J.P.  Hillswick  S.O.  Shetland 
Anderson  Thotrias,    15   Kilnburn  place.    E. 

Newport,   Fifeshire 
Anderson  T.   Myrtle  pk.   Lenzie,   Glasgow 
Anderson  Thomas    Poplar   bank,    Muir  st. 

Larkhall  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Anderson  Thomas,  26  Rae  street,  Dumfries 
Anderson    Thomas    D.,    D.Sc.    Northrigg, 

Morham,    Haddingt-on 
Anderson    Thomas    J.,    J.P.    Bank   house, 

Low   street,   Buckie 
Anderson  Thomas  James,  Cairnfield,  Anns- 

brae  place,  Lerwick 
Anderson   Thomas   L.    Golffield,    Giffnock, 

Anderson  Thomas    W.    Balmule,   High    at 

Tilliooultry  S.O.    Clackmannanshire 
Anderson    W.     Arns    Brae,     Ledcameroch 

road,   Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Anderson  W.  Bloomfield,West  Cults.Abrdn 
Anderson  W.  166  Bon  Accord  st.Aberdeen 
Anderson     Walter,     8    Crompton     avenue 

Cathcart,    Glasgow 
Anderson  W.  75  Fountainhall  rd.Aberdeen 
Anderson     W.     Sunnysi-de,    Gullane     S.O. 

Anderson  W.  B.  13  Gladstone  pi. Aberdeen 
Anderson  W.  H.  Anchor  lodge, Anstruther 
Anderson  W.  R.  63  Mile  End  av.Aberdeen 
Anderson  W.  W.  Kingston,  Nth.  Berwick 
Anderson  Walter,  15  King  street,  Dundee 
Anderson  Walter,    Rose'.ea,    Cardross    S.O. 

Anderson     Wellwood,     Ivy     lodge,     Edin- 
burgh road,  Dumfries 
Anderson  William,  2  Airlie  st.  Brechin 
Anderson  William,   Airthrey  croft,    Kenil- 

worth  rd.  Bridge  of  Allan,  Stirlingshire 
Anderson  Wm.  J.P.  41  Albyn  pi. Aberdeen 
Anderson    William,     Allan    cottage,     Old 

Edinburgh  road,  Inverness 
Anderson  Wm.  30  Ardrossan  rd.  Saltcoats 
Anderson  William,  79  Argyll  pi.  Aberdeen 
Anderson  Wm.  78  Cairnfield  pi.  Aberdeen 
Anderson  William,  54  Castlegate,  Berwick 
Anderson  William,  Church  sq.  St.Andrews 
Anderson  William,    Commercial   road,  Old 

Meldrum,   Aberdeen 
Anderson  William,    Craigendawne,    Hohn- 

head  road,   Cathcart,  Glasgow 

Anderson  Wm.  Craigisla,  Station  rd. Keith 
Anderson   William, Dalhousie   st. Carnoustie 

S.O.    Forfarshire 
Anderson  Wm.   35a,  Eglinton  st.  Saltcoats 
Anderson    William,    The    Ferns,    Innellan 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Anderson  Wm.  18  Forbesfield  rd.  Aberdeen 
Anderson  Wm.  23  Gladstone  pi.  Aberdeen 
Anderson  Wm.  Glen  Ord,  Ord,  Berwick 
Anderson  Wm.188  Gt.  Western  rd. Aberdn 
Anderson  Wm.  135  Hamilton  pi.  Aberdeen 
Anderson  Wm.  Hightleld,  South  st.  Elgin 
Anderson  William,  37  Hilton  st.  Aberdeen 
Anderson   William  J.P.  Inistore,   John   st. 

Anderson  William,  4  Kilnburn  place,  East 

Newport,   Fifeshire 
Anderson  William,   Landale  rd.   Peterhead 
Anderson    William,  Leithfield,   Fordoun 
Anderson    William,    Marlborough    cottage, 

Broomhouse,  Glasgow 
Anderson   William,    11    Mary  field    terrace, 

Maryfield,  Dundee 
Anderson  William,   Mitchell  street,  Beith 
Anderson     William      J.P.      Oak     cottage, 

Alford,   Aberdeen 
Anderson     William,     5     Oakdale     terrace, 

Mannofield.  Aberdeen 
Anderson  Wm.   Rathburn,  Giffnock, Glasgw 
Anderson     William,     Ravenscroft,     Strath- 

peffer    S.O.    Ross-shire 
Anderson    Wm.    35    Rosebery  st.    Aberdeen 
Anderson  William,   Rosemary  villa,  Bowl- 

Rowanlea,    Clydesdale 

ing,  Glasgow 
Anderson    William, 
street,   Hamilton 
Anderson   William,  St.   Helen's,    Oamphill 
road,    Broughty    Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Anderson  Wm. Scotia  vil.W.Newport.Fifesh 
Anderson  William,  Shrubbery  bunk,  Janet 

street,   Thurso 
Anderson   Wm.  9  University  rd.   Aberdeen 
Anderson    William,     Willisden,    Bentfield, 

Anderson   William,   29  Wilson   st.  Beith 
Anderson    William    B.     Craigbank,    Miln- 

garie,  Glasgow 
Anderson  William   C.    Oak  bank,   Rankine 

street,   Dundee 
Anderson  Wm.Chas.93Duthie   ter.  Aberdeen 
Anderson    William    Corsar   M.B.    15   King 

street,  Dundee 
Anderson  William  D.    Gordon   villa,  West 

Newgate  street,  Arbroath 
Anderson  Wm.  D.  12  High  st.  Dumbarton 
Anderson  Wm.  Dunlop,  Sylvan  villa,  Oban 
Anderson  Wm.F.103  Magdalen  grn. Dundee 
Anderson  Wm.Forsyth,374  King  st. Aberdn 
Anderson  Wm.  G.  3  Gladstone  pi.  Brook 
Btreet,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Anderson    William    H.    Balrossa    cottage, 

Ancrum   road,    Lochee,  Dundee 
Anderson    William    M.    81    Bo'ness    road, 

Anderson  Wm.    Macfarlane,    Kerbet   bank, 

Rangemore  road,  Inverness 
Anderson   Wm. Mitchell, 14  Parade, Berwick 
Anderson    William  P.    J.    Beechlea,    Mut- 

hill    S.O.  Perthshire 
Anderson    William    R.    Derby   house,    Ivy 

terrace,  East  Newport,   Fifeshire 
Anderson    William    S.     Alderwood     east, 

Port  Glasgow 
Anderson     William     S.     Kilmeny,     Munro 

drive,   Helensburgh 
Anderson     William     Verden,      Glenwood 

Leslie  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Anderton  H.   F.   Vaila,   Walls,   Lerwick 
Andrew  Rev,    A.    Baillieston,   Glasgow 
Andrew  Rev.    John  Graham   M.A.    United 

Free  manse,  Barrhill   S.O.  Ayrshire 
Andrew     Rev.    Patrick    A.     The     Manse, 

Friockheim  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Andrew  Rev.  R.,  M.A.,J.P.Walls,  Lerwick 
Andrew    Rev.    Robert    Beith    B.D.    Glen- 

garnock"  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Andrew  Alex.   5  Roxburgh  st.  Greenock 
Andrew   Allen    R.    Hilton    bank,    Wellhall 

road,  Hamilton 
Andrew  D.  Bankhead  vil. Brechin  rd.Forfr 
Andrew  D.  Cairn  view,  King'3  rd.  Beith  | 
Andrew  D.  8  Craigendovan  av.Helensbrgh , 
Andrew  David,  26  St.  Leonard's  rd.  Ayr  ' 
Andrew  D.26West  Montrose  st.Helensbrgh i 
Andrew  G.  38  Kay  Park  ores.  Kilmarnock' 
Andrew  G.  278  Gt.  Western  rd.  Aberdeen ' 
Andrew  Geo.  44  Sunnybank  pi.  Aberdeen  | 
Andrew  George  0.   Rosyth,  Beveridge  rd.  i 

Andrew  Jas.  14   Academy   st.    Coatbridge   j 
Andrew   James,   Bank  house,  Bervie  S.O.  \ 

Andrew  James    C.E.   Overcliffe,   Mary   st. 

Andrew  J.  M.  Helenslea,Downneld, Dundee 
Andrew  John  J.P.  21  Ayr  road,  Cumnock 
Andrew  John,    Woodside    cottage,   Renton 
S.O.   Dumbartonshire 

Andrew   John    R.  Tredinnock,  St.   Bride's 

road,  Newlands 
Andrew  Miss,  3  Belmont  avenue,  Ayr 
Andrew    MiBs,    15    Lochend    st.    Campbel- 
town walk,   Campbeltown 
Andrew   Miss,    62    Low    G-iencairn    street, 

Andrew    Miss,    32    Quarry    road,    Airdrie, 

Andrew  Miss,   10  Wallace  st.   Kilmarnock 
Andrew    Miss,   Whiteknowe,    Innerleithen 

road,  Peebles 
Andrew    Mrs.    Anns   villa,    Clepington  rd 

Andrew   Mrs.  Thorncliff,  Ledcamerocb  rd. 

Bearsden,   Glasgow 
Andrew  Robert,   Annickvale,   Denny 
Andrew  Robert,   2  Wellington  square,   Ayr 
Andrew  Thomas,  63  Clifton  rd.  Aberdeen 
Andrew  Thomas,  36  Park  circus,   Ayr 
Andrew  Thos.F.Carndene,  Clark  st.Airdrie 
Andrew  W.  K.   3  CharleB, Langholm 
Andrew  William,  49  Carden  pi.   Aberdeen 
Andrew  William,  14  Cassillis  rd.  Maybo'.e 
Andrew     William,     19      Janefield     placer 

Maryfield,    Dundee 
Andrew  Wm.  Lonsdale,  Bearsden, Glasgow 
Andrew    William,    21     Maryfield    terrace,- , 

Maryfield,   Dundee 
Andrew  William,  Pittencrieff,  The  Links, 

Andrew   William  Jackson,   National    Bank \ 

house,   Academy   Btreet,    Coatbridge 
Andrew  William  *S.  Carriden,  Bo'ness  S.O. 

Andrews  Oapt.  Chas.5  Hyndford  rd. Lanark.. 
Andrews   Alan,  Ochie  street,  AUoa 
Andrews     David,      Mariefield,     Southend, 

Andrews    David    J.P.    (of    Altercannoeh), 
Union  bank,    Dalrymple    street,    Girvan 
&  Glenalty,  Barrhill  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Andrews  James,  Highworth,  High  Station 

road,  Falkirk 
Andrews  James,   26  Strawberrybank   road, 

Andrews    J.  Broadlie    ho.  Neilston, Glasgow- 
Andrews  Jas.   The  Lea,  Lenzie,   Glasgow 
Andrews  John,  Doon  Brae, Mansion  House- 
road,  Paisley 
Andrews     John,     Ettrick     Lea,     Liberton- 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Andrews    John,    Glencairn,    Queen    street,. 

Dairy   S.O.   Ayrshire 
Andrews  J.  Orchard,  Blair  Logie,  Stirling 
Andrews    Matthew    McKay,    12   Westcoats 

terrace,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Andrews    Robert   W.    Elim    villa,    Brown- 
side   road,  Cambuslang,    Glasgow 
Andrews  W.   Rockmount,  Neilston, Glasgw 
Andrews  Wm.  Hyde  pk.Arnot  Hill, Falkirk 
|  Andross   H.    D.  Kilmeny,  Bank   st.  Irvine 
I  Andson     Rev.     William,      Ivy     bank,      5 
i     Newall  terrace,  Dumfries 
Andson  Miss,  Ivy  bank,  5  Newall  terrace, 
J     Dumfries 

Angelo  Martin  K.  Cull-achy, Fort  Augustus, 
'      Inverness 

I  Angler  Engelbert  F.Ferndale,Fort  William 
Angus  Rev.  Andrew,  U.  F.  manse,  Mous- 

wald,  Ruthwell   8.0.    Dumfriesshire 
Angus    Rev,    George    M.A.    The    Presby- 
tery,  The  Scores,  St.    Andrews 
Angus   Rev.  J.  Upper  Bridge   st.   Stirling 
Angus   Rev.    John,    United    Free    Church 

manse,    Barr,    Girvan 
Angus  Alexander,  4  Hilton   st.   Aberdeen 
Angus  Alexander,  Roseville  cottage, Kings- 
kettle   S.O.   Fifeshire 
Angus      David     Alexander,      The     Neukj 

Colin  ton   S.O.  Midlothian 
Angus  George,  97  Forest  aven.   Aberdeen 
Angus    George    Alexander,    3    St.    John'^-" 

terrace,    Mannofield,  Aberdeen 
Angus  James,  3  Cedar   place,   Aberdeen 
Angus   James,  Darnley    lodge,    Kirn    S.0~ 

Angus  J.  Keith  st.  Kincardine   S.O. Fifesh 
Angus  James,  37  Kelly  street,  Greenock 
Angus    James,     Overton     st.     Alexandria, 

Angus    James,    Redcliffe,    Cardross     S.O, 

Angus  Jas.  jun.  97  Leslie  ter.  Aberdeen 
Angus  James  0.  3  Deemount  ter. Aberdeen 
Angus  John,  43  Balmoral  place,  Aberdeen 
Angus  John,  Hill  side,  Alexandria,  Dum- 
Angus   John  J.P.   Kaimshill  house,    Mulr- 

kirk  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Angus  J.  Luncliffe,  Skelmorlie  S.O-Ayrsh 
Angus  Jn.  78  St.  Mary  st.  Kirkcudbright 
Angus  Miss, Gladstone  vil.Tytler  st. Forres 
Angus  Miss,  164  Mid  Stocket  rd.Aberdeen 
Angus    Miss,    Poplars,   Inverkeithing  S.O. 

Angus  Miss,    41  Rosemount   pi.  Aberdeen 
Angus  Misses,  20  Campbpll  street,  Thurso 

SCOT.        91* 

1444       ANG 


Angus   Mrs.    74  Hamilton  place,  Aberdeen 
Angus  Mrs.  29  Hyndford  road,  Lanark 
Angus   Mrs.   Inchgower,  Cults,    Aberdeen 
Angus  Mrs.  Ochiltree  house,  Cumnock 
Angus   Mrs.   Point  house,   Bishopton   S.O. 

Angus  Mrs.   Ryehill  cot.Anstruther, Wester 
Angus  Peter  Duncan,  11  Cornhill  rd.Abrdn 
Angus    Robert,    Ardenvohr,    Cardross    S.O. 

A  ngus    Robert    J. P.    Dalblair,    Auchinleck 

S.O.Ayrsh.&  Craigston  ho.Lugar,Cumnck 
Angus  Robert,   Stromness   S.O.   Orkney 
Angus  William,  7  Burns  road,  Aberdeen 
Angus  William,    25  Hermon  hill,  Dundee 
Angus  Wm.  Mansfield,  Clarkston,  Airdrie 
Angus  William,  -o  Perth  road,  Dundee 
Annal  Jn.   Homewood,   Glasgow  rd.  Perth 
Annan  Archibald,  Grafton,  Kilmacolm  S.O. 

Annan  J.  2  Marlboro'  gdns.Cathcart, Glasgw 
Annan  James,    Gallow  Hill,   Lanark 
Annan  James,  Glenbank,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Annan  Lindsey,   Hawthorn   house,    Ardris- 

haig  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Annan  Miss.  1  King  James  place,  Perth 
Annan  Mrs.  Firthside,  Seamill,   West  Kil- 
bride S.O.  Ayrshire 
Annan   Robert   W.    Heath    cottage,    Union 

street,  Lochee,  Dundee 
Annan  William,  sen.  Gallow  Hill,  Lanark 
Annan    William,    Grafton,   Kilmacolm   S.O. 

Annan   William,    jun.    Clydesdale    bank,    2 

Wellgate,  Lanark 
Annan  W.R.Rockville.Colinton  S.O.Midlthn 
Annand  A.  P.,  M.A.  Rora,  Longside,Abrdn 
Annand  AdamJ.P.65  Moss  st. Keith, Banffsh 
Annand  David  J. P.  Formal,  Lintrathen 
Annand  George  J. P.  Reekielinn, Lintrathen, 

Annand   George,   Reekielynn,   Kilry,    Alyth 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Annand  J.,  J.P.  106  Mid  st.  Keith.Banffsli 
Annand  John,  Kintore  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Annand  Mrs.  282  Broomhill  road,  Aberdeen 
Annand  Patrick  S.  North  of  Scotland  Bank 

buildings,  Tobermory  S.O.   Argyllshire 
Annand     William     M.A      Eglinton     place, 

Dollar  S.O.  Clackmannanshire 
Annand  Wm.l  King  st.Old  Meldrum,Abrdn 
Annand  Wm.  Ugle  bankJnverugie.Peterhd 
Annandale  Alex.  J.P.  Den  nursery, Brechin 
Annandale    Arthur    B.    North  of    Scotland 

Bank  house,  Evan  street,  Stonehaven 
Annandale    James    H.    The    "Vale,    Polton 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Annandale  K.   Garry  lo.  Dundee  rd.  Perth 
Annandale    Miss,   9   Marine   road,    Dunbar 
Ansdell     Carol    W.    Kilninver    lodge,     Kil- 

ninver  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Ansell    Mrs.    10  Treespark    avenue,    Barr- 
head, Glasgow 
Anstruther   Sir  Ralph  William   bart.  J.P., 

D.L.  Balcaskie,  Pittenweem  S.O.  Fifesh 
A  nstruther     Col.     Charles     Frederick     St. 

*Clair  M.V.O..   D.S.O.   Charleton,    Colins- 

burgh  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Anstruther    Mrs.    Balchrystie,    Colinsburgh 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Anstruther-Duncan   Mrs.   Naughton    house, 

Balmerino.  Wormit  S.O.  Fifeshire 
An  strath  er-Gray  Major  William  M.P.,  J.P. 

Kilmany,  Cupar;   &  9  Eaton  square  S  W 

&   Bachelors'  &  Naval   &  Military  clubs 

W  &  Marlborough  club  S  W,  London 
Anthony  John.  Hall  cottaee.  Bathgate 
Anthony  Mrs.  Rosebank,  Bathgate 
Anton  Rev.  P.  The  Manse,  Kilsyth. Glasgw 
Anton  Charles,  Salisbury  place,  Arbroath 
Anton    David,   The   Moorings,    Craig   road, 

Tayport  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Anton  George,  Errolbank,  Ferry  rd. Dundee 
Anton  J..  J.P.  Bank  house,  St.  Peter's  ter- 
race, Buckie 
Anton  J.  10  Windsor  ter.  Perth  rd. Dundee 
Anton  Mrs.  Gowrie  villa,  LifT.  Dundee 
Anton  Mrs.   27  High  street.  Banff 
Anton  Walter  F. ,  M.  V.  Crimond, Peterhead 
Antonio  Joseph,  35  High   street,  Crieff 
Arbuckle     Alexander.     The     Elms,     Dun- 

barnev.  Bridge  of  Earn  S.O.  Perthshire 
Arbuckle  James.  22  Chalmers  road,  Ayr 
Arbuckle  Jn.H..M.D.12  Clark  st.Kilmarnck 
Arbuckle  Mrs.  8  London  road,  Kilmarnock 
Arbuckle  Mrs. J.  45  London  rd.Kilmarnock 
Arhuekle     Robert,     Fernbank,     Kirkliston 

S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
Arbuckle  Robprt  T.  27  Jarvey  st.  Bathgate 
Arbuckle  WiHiam,  W  Dalblair  road,  Avr 
Arbuthnot    H.    L.    Kinloch    lodge,    Sleat 

Rroadford  S.O.  Skye 
Arbuthnot     Mrs.     Edredour    house,    West 

End,  North  Berwick 
Arbuthnott     Viscormt.     Arbuthnott     house, 

Fordoun    Kincardineshire 
ArhnHmo't  The  Hon.  William,    Arbuthnott 

house,  Fordoun 
A  rbuthnoH     James     Carnegy.     Balnamoon 
hoii,*e,  Menmnir,  Brechin 

Archer  Andrew  B.  Balhousie  bank,  Perth 
Archer  George  B.   Carlogie,  Bonnyrigg  rd. 

Eskbank,  Dalkeith 
ArcherMiss, Archer  ho. Perth  rd. Blairgowrie 
Archer  Misses,  Balhousie  bank,  Perth 
Archer  Mrs.  Mar  villa,  Queen  st,    Coupar- 

Angus  S.O.  Perthshire 
Archer  Mrs.   W.  B.  22  Airlie  place,  Perth 

road,  Dundee 
Archibald  Very  Rev.  John  M.A.  The  Rec- 
tory, Keith,  Banifshire 
Archibald  Alex.  Bleachfield  street,  Huntly 
Archibald   Alex.  43  Carden  pi.   Aberdeen 
Archibald    F.    W.     51    High    street    west, 

Leslie  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Archibald  •>,   Manselield,  Leslie  S.O.  Fifesh 
Archibald  Jas.  Caledonian  Bant  ho. Buckie 
Archibald  J.  Devon  vil.  Dysart  S.O.  Fifesh 
Archibald    James,     High    street,    Tranent 

S.O.  Haddingtonshire 
Archibald  James,  Kinneil,  Wellbrae  ter- 
race, Mannofield,  Aberdeen 
Archibald  Jas.  L.  58  Forest  av.  Aberdeen 
Archibald  John  M.,  M.A.  Friars,  Jedburgh 
Archibald  Miss,  3  Calsayseat  rd.  Aberdeen 
Archibald  Miss,  Mossbank,  Lenzie, Glasgow 
Archibald  Mrs.  27  Crossland  cres.  Peebles 
Archibald  Mrs. Elm  lo.Bothwell  rd.Hamiltn 
Archibald  Mrs.    Gowrie   villa,   TJddingston, 

Archibald  Mrs.   Bavenswood,   Biggar 
Archibald  Mrs.  29  Snowdon  place,  Stirling 
Archibald    Robert    J.P.    Beechwood,   Tilli- 
coultry S.O.  Clackmannanshire 
Archibald  Robert,  Carleith,   Brownside  rd. 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Archibald    Robert,     7    High    street    -west, 

Leslie  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Archibald      Robert      T.      Cambus      house, 

Cambus  S.O.  Clackmannanshire 
Archibald  Thomas,  Cambus  house,  Cambus 

S.O.  Clackmannanshire 
Archibald  W.  M.  Duke  street,  Brechin 
Archibald  William.  65  Eldon  st.   Greenock 
Archibald      William     J.P.      Firlands,      St. 

Leonard's  road.  Forres 
Archibald     William,     Riverview,     Cambus 

S.O.  Clackmannanshire 
Archibald  Wm.Roodsville, Leslie  S.O. Fifesh 
Archibald  William  R,  School  house,  Moss- 
end  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Arcus  Alex.  Hope  vil.  Albany  st.  Lerwick 
Arcus  T.  L.  Rock  vil.  Albany  st.  Lerwick 
Ardbuckle     Rev.     Robert     Hunter,     Inve- 

darroch,  Lochgoilhead  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Ardill  William,  44  Park  circus,  Ayr 
Ardwall    Lord.    Ardwall,    Anworth,    Gate- 
house S.O.  Kirkcudbrightshire 
Argo  Rev.  Gavin  Emslie  M.A.,  B.D.   The 
Manse,  Kincardine-O'Neil  S.O.  Aberdnsh 
Argo  Archibald,  Golspie 
Argo  James,  50  Fonthill  road,  Aberdeen 
Argo  John  C.  20  Belmont  street,  Aberdeen 
Argo  Mrs.  91  Crown  street,  Aberdeen 
Argo  Mrs.   24  Fonthill  road,   Aberdeen 
Argyll  His  Grace  the  Duke  of  P.O.,  K.T., 
G.C.M.G.,    G.C.V.O.,    LL.D.    (&    H.K.U 
the   Princess    Louise").   Roseneath    castle. 
Roseneath   S.O.    Dumbartonshire   &   Kil- 
katrine,  St.   Catherine's  S.O.  Argyllshire ; 
&    Kensington    palace    W    &   Athena?um 
club  S  W,  London 
Argyll   Dowager    Duchess   of,   Macharioch, 

Southend,    Campbeltown 
Arkley  Misses,  Allathaw, Victoria  fcer.Crieff 
Arkley  T.  Maryfield,  Victoria  terrace, Crieff 
Armit  Rev.  Andrew,  Monikie,  Dundee 
Armit  Miss,  28  Campbell  st.  Helensburgh 
Armitage     Capt.    Harry    A.     The    Grange, 

North  Berwick 
Armitage      Arthur      Calrow      D.L.,      J.P. 

Kirroughtree,  Newton  Stewart 
Armitage  Mrs.  6  Gladstone  pi.  Burntisland 
Armitage   Mrs.    North   view,    Dollar    S.O. 

Armitstead    Lady,     Ca3tle    Huntly,    Long- 

forean.  Dundee 
Armitt  William,   Muirbank  cottage,  Wind- 
mill road,  Hamilton 
Armour   Rev.    M.jun.Papa   Westray.Kirkwll 
Armour   Rev.   William,    Longhope,    Strom- 
ness S.O.  Orkney 
Armour  Andw.  Isa  bank,  Fenton  st.  Alloa 
Armour  J.  Glenlee, Clarkston. Busby, Glasgw 
Armour  Jas.  J.P.  Mayfield.   Bank  st. Irvine 
Armour  James.  St.  Abb's,  Leven 
Armour    John,     Glenavon,     Clynder     S.O. 

Armour  Jn.  Lizmour,  Corrour  rd.Newlands 
Armour  John,  SmithhUl.  Irvine 
Armour  Miss,  43  Bank  street,  Kilmarnock 
Armour  Miss,  Burnbank,  Logierait,  Strath- 

tay  S.O.   Perthshire 
Armour  Mrs.   58  Hamilton    «t.    Saltcoats 
Armour  Mrs.  Mt.  Pleasant,  Bank  st.  Irvine 
Armour  Mrs.  Waterside, Carmunnock.Glsgw 
Armour  Robert,  Deanfield,  Bank  st.  Irvine 
Armour     Robert,      Gowan      bank,      High 

Askomel,  Campbeltown 
i  Armour  Samuel  B.  The  Brae,  Links  cres- 
1     cent,  St.  Andrews 

Armour  Stewart,  Thornhurst,   Overton  rd. 

Armour  1'.  Leabrae,  Woodburn  av.  Airdrie 
Armour  T.  Violet  bank,  Barassie,  Troon 
Armour    William,    Lynside,    North    Mount 

Vernon,  Glasgow 
Armour  Wm.  T.  Liberty,  Elie  S.O.   Fifesh 
Armstrong  Rev.  Hugh  M.A.,   B.D.  Winch- 
burgh  ho.   Winchburgh  S.O.Linlithgowsh 
Armstrong  Rev.  James  W.,  M.A.   2  South 

Hamilton  street,  Kilmarnock 
Armstrong     Rev.     Thomas,      Manse,      St. 

Fillans  S.O.  Perthshire 
Armstrong  Adam,  Flowerdale  villa,   Greig 

street,  Inverness 
Armstrong    Clement,    Eskholme,    Rosevale 

street,  Langholm 
Armstrong    Francis,     Lochenlee,     Ardwall 

road,  Dumfries 
Armstrong  George,  Brookland,  Dumbarton 
Armstrong   George,   Herriot  cottage,    Max- 

wellheugh,  Kelso 
Armstrong  George,  17  Howegate,  Hawick 
Armstrong    H.G. Hilltop. Elderslie, Johnstone 
Armstrong  Henry  Swan,  The  Limes,  Max- 

welltown,  Dumfries 
Armstrong    James,    36    Ravenshaugh   road, 

Levenhall,  Musselburgh 
Armstrong  John  Linton,  Mount  view,  East- 
field  road,  Dumfries 
Armstrong  Joseph,  41  Moffat  rd.  Dumfries 
Armstrong  Miss,  Dalrymple  street,  Girvan 
Armstrong  Miss,  9  Ellis  street, Kilmarnock 
Armstrong  Miss,  16  Nth.  Silver  st.Aberdn 
Armstrong  Miss,  4  Panmure  place, Montrose 
Armstrong   Miss,    South   Hermitage   street, 

Newcastleton   S.O.  Roxburghshire 
Armstrong  Misses, 25  Weensland  rd. Hawick 
Armstrong  Mrs.   8  Albany  lane,  Dumfries 
Armstrong   Mrs.  Anchorage,Giff  nock, Glasgw 
Armstrong  Mrs.  20  Charles  street,  Annan 
Armstrong  Mrs.   Craigard,  Wormit,  Dundee 
Armstrong     Mrs.      Hazelwood,      Hunter's 

quay,  Kirn  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Armstrong  Mrs.   5  Huntley  gardens,   Cath- 

cart,   Glasgow 
Armstrong  Mrs.  Plea  lodge,  Ecclefechan 
Armstrong  R.  Viewmount, E.Newport, Fifesh 
Armstrong     Robert,     Fairport,      Buchanan 

drive,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Armstrong    Robert,     Lingerwood     cottage, 

Carfin  road,  Motherwell 
Armstrong  Robert,  Parkthorne,   Edinburgh 

road,  Dumfries 
Armstrong  Rt.  W.  9  Wallace  st.Kilmarnock 
Armstrong    Thomas    A.    Viewfield    house, 

Shettleston,  Glasgow 
Armstrong  Thos.Gordon,24  Rae  st.Dumfries 
Armstrong   Thos.   H.    Arden   Lea,    Hawick 
Armstrong  Walt.  34  Louisa  drive,  Girvan 
Armstrong  William,    Drybryne,    Bridge   of 

Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Armstrong  Wm.  4  Seaforth  avenue,  Annan 
Armstrong    William    B.,     M.B.     Cluneline, 

Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Arnison  W. Rosebank, New  Milns  S.O.Ayrsh 
Arnold  Rev.  Jn.  A.  5  Randolph  rd. Stirling 
Arnold    James,    Crieve   villa,    Keir   street, 

Bridge  of  Allan,  Stirlingshire 
Arnot  Rev.  D.,  M.A.,  V.  F.  manse,  Mount 

Ericht,  New  Rattray,  Blairgowrie, Perthsh 
Arnot  James  M.   Melbourne  cottage,  Rose- 
bank lane,  Forfar 
Arnot  Mrs.   Ivy  Knoll,    Ancaster  rd.    Crieff 
Arnot  Mrs.   Viewforth,   Inverkeithing  S.O. 

Arnot  P.  West  Ingliston,  Kinnettles, Forfar 
Arnot     William     J.P.    Mains     of     Glamis, 

Glamis  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Arnot  W.   Mayfield,  Dunlop  S.O.   Ayrshire 
Arnot    William,    Strathruddie,    Kinglassie, 

Cardenden  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Arnott   Rev.    Hugh    T.,    B.D.    Established 

Church  manse,  Cupar  rd.  Newburgh,  Fife 
Arnott  Rev.  John,  12  Park  terrace,  Stirling 
Arnott   Rev.    William.    Blyth   Bridge,   Dol- 

phinton  S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Arnott    David,     Collingwood    cottage,    In- 
stitution road,  Elgin 
Arnott  David,   East  Frew,  Kippen  Station 

S.O.  Stirlingshire 
Arnott  George,  The  Square,  Huntly 
Arnott  George  C.  Bonnington  av.  Lanark 
Arnott  George  H.  7  Graham  street,  Airdrie 
Arnott  James,  Ellendonan,   Old  Edinburgh 

road,  Inverness 
Arnott    James    G.    McL.    Fernlea,    Newall 

terrace,  Dumfries 
Arnott  J.  Rosebank,  Richmond  rd.  Huntly 
Arnott  Miss,Chapel,Kin2skettle   S.O.Fifesh 
Arnott  Mrs.  6  Bennochy  terrace,  Kirkcaldy 
Arnott  Mrs.   47  Loughboro'  rd.  Kirkcaldy 
Arnott  Robert,  View  bank,  Auchtermuchty 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Arnott  T.Duncrub.Alva  S.O.Clackmannansh 
Arnott   Thos.    Fernbank.   Newton,   Glasgow 
Arnott     William     H.     Glencairn,     Orchard 

street,  Motherwell 
Arras  Walter,  Beechwood,  Melrae 
Arrol   Sir  William   kt.    LL.D.,    D.L.,    J.P. 

Seafield,  Racecourse  road,  Ayr 


bai      1445 

Arrol  Archibald  Tower,  Millgrove,   Alloa 
Arrol   Charles,    Castle   terrace,   Dollar  S.O. 

Arrol     Mrs.     Duntrume,    Kilmacolm    S.O. 

Arrol  Mrs.  Eastlfinds,  Rothesay 
Arrol     Mrs.     Finnartmore,     Kilmiin     S.O 

Arrol     Richard,     Drummikill,      Bridge     of 

Weir    S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Arthur  Sir  Matthew  bart.   D.L.,  J.P.   Fill 

Inrton,  Troon,  Ayrshire 
Arthur    Rev.    Robert,    Westruther,    Gordon 

S.O.  Berwickshire 
Arthur     Alexander     Thomson     M.D.     Blair 

Devenick,  Cults,  Aberdeen 
Arthur  Andrew,  Hughenden,  Port  Glasgow 
Arthur   Andrew,    Lainshaw    ho.    Stewart  on 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Arthur  Hugh    M.D.   Fruitfield  house,   East 

High  street,  Airdrie 
Arthur  James,  Braemar,  Cumbernauld  sta 

tion,  G-laocrow 
Arthur  J.Montgomerie  castle.Tarbolton.Ayr 
Arthur    John,     Mount     Lebanon,    Hunter's 

quay,  Kirn  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Arthur  John,  West  Park  hill,  North  Biggar 

road,  Airdrie 
Arthur    John    Hay,    Bank    house,    Dornoch 

S.O.   Sutherlandshire 
Arthur  Miss,   142  Blenheim  pi.  Aberdeen 
Arthur     Miss,     Burwood,     Seamill,     West 

Kilbride    S.O.    Ayrshire 
Arthur  Miss,  55  Cairnfield  place,  Aberdeen 
Arthur  Miss,  Ellerslie.  Cults,  Aberdeen 
Arthur  Miss,  1  Madeira  terrace,  Greenock 
Arthur  Mrs.Arnwa  vil.Fortrose  S.O.Ross-sh 
Arthur  Mrs.   130   Argyle   road,    Saltcoats 
Arthur    Mrs.     Balcastle,     Slamannan    S.O 

Arthur  Mrs.Barshaw  ho. Glasgow  rd.Paisley 
Arthur  Mrs.  48  Carrick  road,  Ayr 
Arthur  Mrs.  433  Gt.  Western  rd.   Aberdeen 
Arthur  Mrs.  1  Helensville,  Leven 
Arthur  Mrs.   493  Kinc  street,  Aberdeen 
Arthur  Mrs.Rosenheim.PrestwickS.O.Ayrsh 
Arthur    Mrs.    St.    Ann's    lodge,    Blairmore 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Arthur  R.  B.  385  Gt.Western  rd.  Aberdeen 
Arthur  Robt.   R.    12   Maberly  st.    Aberdeen 
Arthur  T.  18  Alma  st.Grnhamston,  Falkirk 
Arthur  Wm.   Gl   Abergeldie  road,  Aberdeen 
Arthur  Wm.  Balgay  ter.  Logie  st.  Dundee 
Arthur  William,  180  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Arthur  William   F.   25  Janefield  pi.   Mary- 
field,  Dundee 
Arundel    Herbert,    58    Byres   road,   Kilwin- 
ning S.O.  Ayrshire 
Ash  Rev.  W.W., B.A.I  Cleghorn  rd.Lanark 
Ash  Oharles,  Mossvale  house,  Paisley 
Ash  Mrs.   Alderstone  house,   Mid-Calder 
Ash  R.V.C.,M.B.36  Couston  st.Dnnfermline 
Ashbv    William    Percy,    Hope   villa,    Thorn 

road,   Bearsden,   Glasgow 
Asher     Rev.     Robert    M.A.     United     Free 

Church  manse,  ChapelhalJ,  Airdrie 
Asher  Alex.   M.B..  J.P.  Janet  st.  Thurso 
Asher  James,  68  High  street,  Nairn 
Asher  James,   11  Marine  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Asher    James,    St.    Colmes,    Forrester    rd. 

Corstorphine  S.O.  Midlothian 
Asher  John,  Daleenen.  Tibbermore,  Perth 
Asher  Jn.Glen  Friun, Fairfield  rd. Inverness 
Asher  John,  Ivybank,  Brookfield, Johnstone 
Asher  Miss,  17  Dee  place,  Aberdeen 
Asher  Mrs.  27  Academy  street,  Elgin 
Asher  Mrs. High  Laggary,Row,  Helensburgh 
Asher  Robt.   S.  401  Gt.  Western  rd.Aberdn 
Asher   William,    Rosanna,    St.    John's    rd. 

Corstorphine  S.O.   ilSdlothian 
Ashton    John,     St.     Bernard's,    Bridge    of 

Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Ashton  Mrs.   Carlisle  lo.  James  pi.  Cupar 
AshwoodG.Rowan  bank. Blair  Logie, Stirling 
Ashworth  Reginald  Mendel  Egerton,  Haz'.e- 

wood,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Askew  William  H.   Carlesgill   lodge,   Wes- 

terkirk,    Langholm 
Askew-Robertson     The     Hon.     Mrs.     Lady- 
kirk,  Norham  S.O.  Northumberland 
Asle  John,  Fulbeck,  Buchanan  drive,  Cam- 

buslang,  Glasgow 
Aspin  John,   Endrick,   Brookfield, Johnstone 
Asquith  Charles  Edward,  41  Paton  st. Alloa 
Astell  Col. Godfrey.  Mov  house, Dyke, Forres 
Atholl    Duke   of   K.T.  "Blair   castle,    Blair 

Atholl ;     Dunkeld    house,    Dunkeld ;     84 

Eaton    place    S  W    &    Carlton,    Guards', 

Marlborough     &     Bachelors'    clubs     S  W, 

Atkieson    George,    14    South    Commonhead 

avenue,  Airdrie 
Atkin  Peter,  7  Belgrave  road,  Corstorphine 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Atkins  George,  54  Polmuir  road,  Aberdeen 
Atkinson    Rev.    George    R.,    M.A.     Lower 

Largo  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Atkinson  E.  Woodcroft, Brookfield, Johnstone 
Atkinson  Fred  Fisher,  30  High  st.  Hawick 
Atkinson  Grahamsley,  The  Haven,  Tavport 

S.O.  Fifeshire 

Atkinson  Joe,  40  Pat-on  street,   Alloa 
Atkinson  Joseph,  3  Mansfield  terrace,  Dun 

lop   S.O.  Ayrshire 
Atkinson  Miss,  Knock  Farrie,  Pitlochry 
Atkinson     Miss.     Preston    villa,     Wennys 

field,  Kirkcaldy 
Atkinson  Mrs.  2  Parade,  Berwick 
Atkinson  R.F.Elmlea,Weensland  rd. Hawick 
Atkinson  Richard  J.  8G  Church  st. Berwick 
Auehinachie  Alex.  12  Mid  st. Keith, Banffsh 
Auchinachie  P.,M.A.84Bo'ness  rd.Grngemth 
Auehinachie   William   J.P.    8   The    Square, 

Aberchirder  S.O.   Banffshire 
Auchterlonie    Rev.    Douglas    K.    Craigdam, 

Tarves,  Aberdeen 
Auchterlonie    David,    Kincraig,    Brownside 

road,   Cambuslang.   Glasgow 
Auckland  -A.  B.   Bruce  hollow,   St.   Cathe- 
rine's road,  Forres 
Ancott  David  D.,  J. P. 17  Gilmour  st. Paisley 
Audroli  Pierre,  76  Castlehill  road,  Ayr 
Audsley   Mrs.    Clifton,    East  Bay,   Millport 

S.O.   Buteshire 
Anld    Rev.    Archibald    William.    Innerwick 

S.O.  East  Lothian 
Auld   Rev.    Robt.    5    Barrie   ter.   Ardrossan 
Auld  Rev.  William  B.D.   The  Manse,   Car- 
nock,  Dunfermline 
Au'.d  Alexander,  Heriofc  gdns.  Burntisland 
Auld  Andrew,  2  Park  terrace,  Stirling 
Auld    Charles    M.D.    23    Howgate,    Kilwin- 
ning S.O.   Ayrshire 
Auld  John,  63  Ardbeg  road,  Rothesay 
Auld  John,  145  Clifton  road,  Aberdeen 
Au'd  John,  11   Sth.    Hamilton  st.Kilmrnck 
Auld  John  J.,  J.P.   Bank  house,  Main  st. 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Auld  M.   B.   Craigend.  South  beach,  Troon 
Auld  Miss, 20  Craigendoran  av. Helensburgh 
Auld  Miss,   2  Park  terrace,  Ayr 
Auld  Miss  Hugh, 20  Ardrossan"rd. Saltcoats 
Au!d  Misses, The  Cottage.  Killearn, Glasgow 
Au'd  Mrs.   13  Millgate,  Cupar 
Auld  Mrs.  23  Oakshaw  street,  Paisley 
Auld  Mrs.  7£  Powis  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Auld  Thomas,  5  Glebe  avenue,  Kilmarnock 
Auld  William,  Glenfinart,   Kilmacolm  S.O. 

Auld  William,  79  Newton  street,  Greenock 
Auld    William,    Sandielands,    Lundin    mill, 

Lower  Largo  S.O.   Fifeshire 
Auld      William      Smith,      Durran      mains, 

Bower  wick,   Caithness 
Austen  E.  R.  Kyle  pk.  TJddingston, Glasgow 
Austin  J.  Roselea,  Bellshill  S.O.  Lanarksh 
Austin  James,  Wilson   street,   Girvan 
Austin  Mrs.   1  Ashton  road,  Gourock  S.O. 

Austin  Robert,  Victoria  road,  Annan 
Austin  William,  61  Brisbane  st.  Greenock 
Ayles  Carrington,   15  Beresford  terrace, Ayr 
Ayles  Thomas,  High  street,  Campbeltown 
Ayling   John   J.P.    New   gardens,    Dalmeny 

S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
Aymer    Charles    M.B.,    CM.    Bervie    S.O. 

Aymer    Mrs.   Ravensby    house,    Gurney    st. 

Ayton  Robert,    10  Gardenside  terrace,  TJd- 
dingston,  Glasgow 
Aytoun  John   Henry   M.B.,   C.M.Edin.  View 

park,  Bonnyrigg,  Lasswade 
Babtie  E.  Overcliffe,  Kirkton  hi. Dumbarton 
Babtie  John  J.P.  Dumbritton  house, Strath- 

leven    place,    Dumbarton 
Bacon      William       Rathbone,       Netherdale 

house,    Marnoch,   Huntly 
Badenoch  Rev.  Alexander  M.A.  Transy  pi. 

Badenoch  J.  A.  Sentosa,  Bellevue  rd. Banff 
Badenoch  James,  556  Holburn  st.  Aberdeen 
Badenoch  Peter,  57  Loanhead  ter.  Aberdeen 
Badger   George,  Veitch   park,   Haddington 
Badger  Mrs.  Burnbrae,  Jackson  st. Penicuik 
Badger  Robert,  18  Wallace  st.  Kilmarnock 
Badger  William,   27  David  st.  Kirkcaldy 
Badger  Wm.   C,   M.B.   Bog  rd.  Penicuik 
Baggott  Alfred,   24  Bridge   st.   Musselburgh 
Bagley   Mrs.   5  Panmure   terrace,   Montrose 
Bagshaw  John,   Elm    Bank   house,    TJphaU 

S.O.    Linlithgowshire 
Baigrie     Alexander,     127     Stirling    street, 

Alva  S.O.  Clackmannanshire 
Baikie    Alfred    J, P.    Tankerness,    St.    An- 
drews, Kirkwall 
Baikie  John,    Ochil  view,    Borrowstounness 

S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
Baikie    Samuel,    jun.    Bea   cottage,    Strom- 

ness  S.O.    Orkney         , 
Baikie  William  B.   Palace  street,  Kirkwall 
Baikie    William    S.    South    End,    Stromness 

S.O.   Orkney 
Baildon    H.    B.,    M.A.    338    Blackness    rd. 

Bailey  Col.  Richd.  18  Dundas  cres. Kirkwall 
Bailey  Captain  William,  Kingchoil,  Broom- 
field  road,  Ayr 
Bailey     George     James,     Invergloy     house, 

Spean  Bridge  S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Bailey   J.    William   J.P.    Glengarden,    Fox 

street,  Greenock 

Bailey  James,  24  Ballantine  drive,  Ayr 
Bailey  John  Hunter,  Braes,  Fochabers 
Bailey  Mrs.   25   Claremont,   Alloa 
Bailey  Mrs.  East  bank,  Brechin 
Bailey  Mrs.  Johnshaven,  Montrose 
Bailey  Mrs.  8  Montgomerie  st.  Ardrossan 
Bailey  William,  Ardlui,  Slug  rd. Stonehaven 
Baillie    Lady,    Polkemmet,    Whitburn    S.O. 

Baillie  Rev.  Adam,  Errol  S.O.  Perthshire 
Baillie   Rev.  David  M.A.   Hamilfield  U.  F. 

manse,  Beith 
Baillie  A.   Burnfoot,   Portsoy  S.O.  Banffsh 
Baillie  Alex.   17  Marmion  rd. North  Berwick 
Baillie  D.Kr.^pdale, Hamilton  rd.Motherwell 
Baillie    Daniel,    Bank   of    Scotland    house, 

South  Bridge  street,  Airdrie 
Baillie  David  M.,   J.P.   Mavisfield,   Marine 

road,   Nairn 
Baillie  George,   Golspie 
Baillie  George  &.,  J.P.  Dundas  st.   Strom- 

ness  S.O.  Orkney 
Baillie  J.  Dell  vil.  Colinton  S.O.Midlothian 
Baillie  James,  Helenslea, Bearsden, Glasgow 
Baillie  James,  4  Hill  street,  Saltcoats 
Baillie   Jas.    82   Inveresk   rd.    Musselburgh 
Baillie   James,   9  Treespark  avenue,    Barr- 
head, Glasgow 
Baillie  J.  B.,   M.A.   Norwood,  Cults, Aberdn 
Baillie    James    Evan    Bruce    M.V.O.,   J.P. 
Dochfour,     Inverness     &    Redcastle,    Kil- 
learnan   S.O.   Ross-shire 
Baillie  James  R.   98  Bonnygate,  Cupar 
Baillie      Miss,      Broomside,      Kirkpatrick- 

Juxta,  Beattock  S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Baillie     Miss,     Suvabauk,     Queen     street, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Baillie    Misses,   Dryburgh  house,    Mertoun,. 

Newtown  St.  Boswells 
Baillie    Mrs.    Broomside,     Hamilton    road, 

Baillie  Mrs.  Lochloy,  Auldearn,  Nairn 
Baillie  Mrs.  Rosevale,  Doonfoot,  Ayr 
Baillie    Robert,    Davisbank,     Early    braes, 

Shettleston,  Glasgow 
Baillie   Robert,   3   Gardenside  terrace,   TJd- 
dingston,  Glasgow 
Baillie  Ronald,  Jedbank  Friars,  Jedburgh 
Baillie  Thomas,  8  Ardrossan  road, Saltcoats 
Baillie    William,    Craiemillar   villa,    Liber- 
ton  S.O.  Midlothian 
Baillie    W.    A. Glentore.TJddingston, Glasgow 
Baillie     William     B.     Homelea,    Dalhousie 

street,  Monifieth,  Dundee 
Baillie-Hamilton  Hon.   Mrs.  Henry,  Lennel 

bank,  Coldstream 
Baillie-Hamilton  Hon.   Mrs.   Robert,  Lang- 
ton  house,  Duns 
Baily  E.,  M.B.,  CM.  1  Victoria  cres.  Oban 
Bain     Rev.     Alexander     M.A.,     U.     F.    0. 

manse,   Kingussie   S.O.    InverneeB-shire 
Bain    Rev.     Alexander    William,    Drysda.e 

manse,  Queen's  road,  Punbar 
Bain  Rev.  James,  The  Manse,  Duthil,  Carr 

Bridge   S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Bain    Rev.    James   A.    K.,    D.D.,    TJ.    F.    C. 

manse,   Livingstone,  Mid-Calder 
Bain  Rev.  John,  Wiisontown, Forth.  Lanark 
Bain  Alex.   41  Eglinton  road,   Ardrossan 
Bain  Alexander,  Gorsky  bank,  Forres 
Bain  Alexander,   15  Osborne  pi.  Aberdeen 
Bain   A.    G.    91    Beaconsfield    pi.    Aberdeen. 
Bain  Alexander  H.   1  Bank  st.  Galashiels 
Bain  Alex.  H.  453  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Bain   Andrew,    Glentower,   Hunter's    Quay, 

Kim  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Bain  Angus,  Gowancroft,  Stornoway 
Bain  D.  Woodside,  Mount  Vernon,  Glasgow 
Bain  D.  Beattie  M.D.  3  Airlie  pi.  Dundee 
Bain  Danl.   Annick  bank, Harbour   st. Irvine 
Bain  David, Appin  vil.Fortrose   S.O.Ross-sh 
Bain  George,  Gillisburn,  Barassie,  Troon 
Bain  George,  6  Midton  street,  Ayr 
Bain  George,  Rosebank.  Leopold  st.  Nairn 
Bain  Geo.  T.  42  Dundonald  rd. Kilmarnock 
Bain   Henry,   Aroslea,   Pitkerro  rd.   Dundee 
Bain  J.  Burnside,  Boar  Hills  S.O.  Fifesh 
Bain  James,  Whins,  Alloa 
Bain  James,   336  Holburn  street,   Aberdeen 
Bain  Jas.  St.  Helens,  Ferntower  rd.  Crieff 
Bain  James  Pypen,  137  Forest,  av. Aberdeen 
Bain    John,    Buntsfield.    Henderson    street, 

Bridge  of  Allan 
Bain     John,     Burnside     cottage,     Cardross 

S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Bain  John,  80  Dundonald  road, Kilmarnock 
Bain  John,  19  Henry  Bell  st.  Helensburgh 
Bain  John,  Ochiltree,  Cumnock 
Bain  John,  41  Prince  street,  Peterhead 
Bain  Lewis,  40  Cedar  place,  Aberdeen 
Bain  Marcus  J. P.,  C.C  Woodside,Mauchline 
Bain   Miss,    5   Balmoral   place,    Stirling 
Bain  Miss,  4  Clifton  bank,  E.  Newport, Fife 
Bain      Miss,      Janefield,     Kilcreggan      S.O. 

Bain  Miss,  Pittencrieff,  Avenue  road,  Esk- 

bank,  Dalkeith 
Bain  Misses,  Clifton  ho. Victoria  ter.Turriff 
Bain  Misses,  Fountville,   1  Summer  street, 

Woodside,  Aberdeen 
Bain  Misses,  Roxburgh  vil.Bothwell,G3asgw 

1446     bai 


Bain  Mra.  1  Alexandra  place,  Arbroath 
Bain  Mra.  69  Blenheim  place,  Aberdeen 
Bain  Mrs.   147  Bo'ness  road,  Grangemouth 
Bain  Mrs.  66  Buccleuch  street,  Dumfries 
Bain  Mr3.  85  Clepington  road,  Dundee 
Bain  Mrs.  Delhi,  Rangemore  rd.  Inverness 
Bain  Mrs.   Fairlie  rd.   Largs  S.O.   Ayrshire 
Bain  Mrs.GriqualaD.d,30Queen  st.Helensbrgh 
Bain  Mrs.  Lewisville,Linkfield, Musselburgh 
Bain  Mrs.  5  Palace  street,  Kirkwall 
Bain  Mrs.  Slickly,   Oanisbay,  Wick 
Bain   Mrs.  Threeply,   Bridge  of  Weir  S.O. 

Bain  Peter,  George  street,  Thurso 
Bain  R.  W.  K..M.A.9  Holburn  st.  Aberdeen 
Bain     Robert,     Lethen    villa,    St.     James" 

street,  Dingwall 
Bain  R.  Woodside,  Limekilns,  Dunfermline 
Bain  Thomas,  24  Albert  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Bain  W.,  J. P.  Dercluch,  Racecourse  rd.Ayr 
Bain  Walter,  7  Bellfield  road,   Stirling 
Bain    Walter,   Rathan,    Dalmellington   S.O. 

Bain  William,  6  Belmont  place,  Aberdeen 
Bain  William,Hillside,  E.Newport,Fifeshire 
Bain  W.  Ivy  cot.  Clepington  road,  Dundee 
Bain  William,  Strathearn,  Kilmacolm  S.O. 

Bain  W.  Whitelea,  Glasgow  rd.  Dumbarton 
Bain  Wm.   G.  85  Clepington  road,  Dundee 
Buinbridge  Rev.  Philip,  The  Manae.Makers- 

toun,  Kelso 
Bainbndge  Emerson  Muschamp  J. P.  Auch- 
nashellach    lodge,    Auchnashellach    S.O. 
Baines    Mi3s,    Tighreary,     Ardmory     road, 

Baird    Sir    Alexander    bart.   (".ord-lieut.    of 
Kincardineshire),   Fetteresso,    Stonehavn 
Baird    Major    Sir    David    bart.    D.L.   New- 

byth,  Prestonkirk 
Baird  Ool.  Andw.   W.  Palmer  cross,  Elgin 
Baird   Col.    Sir  William  J.  Gardiner  bart. 

Leucine,  North  Berwick 
Baird    Rev.     Andrew     B.D.     The     Manse, 

Broughton  S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Baird  Rev.  David,  U.  F.  C.  manse,  Burg- 
head  S.O.   Morayshire 
Baird    Rev.    David    Wilson,    United    Free 

manse,  Hobkkk,  Hawick 
Baird  Rev.   Jas.W.,  M. A., B.D.Dunfermline 
Baird    Rev.    John    B.D.    121    West    Argyle 

street,  Helensburgh 
Baird   Rev.  John  A.    United   Free   Church 

manse,   Drumore,   Campbeltown 
Baird  Rev.  Wilson,  U.  F.  manse, Mauchline 
Baird  A.Abercromby  place,  Castle  Douglas 
Baird  Arthur.  Burnside  avenue,  Port  Ban- 

natyne,  Rothesay 
Baird  Alex.1  Albert  ter.Royai  cres. Dunoon 
Baird  Alex.   Broomage  Knowe,  Larbert 
Baird  Alexander   Smith    J. P.   Hillside   ho. 

Kilmun  3.0.  Argyllshire 
Baird"  Andrew,  Holland  Bush,  Hamilton 
Baird  Andrew,  Roeewood,  Rothesay 
Baird  Archibald,  Coveyheugh,  Reston  S.O. 

Baird  Colin  P.   3  Oxford  terrace,  Renfrew 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Baird  D.   0.   32  Abergeldie  ter.  Aberdeen 
Baird   David,   Hunter  villa,    Gourock   S.O. 

Baird  David,  12  Mill  street,  Alloa 
Baird  David, Polfern  Taynui.t  S.O-Argyllsh 
Baird  Douglas.  10  Wellington  square,  Ayr 
Baird  Duga.d,  Broom  Hill  house,  Barrhill 

road,  Cumnock 
Baird  E.   W.  D.  Forse  house,Lybster,Wick 
Baird  Edward,  1  Invermaxk  terrace,  Barn- 
hill,   Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Baird  Geo.  Dunlop  st.Stewarton  S.O.Ayrsh 
Baird  George,  Normanbie,  Jedburgh 
Baird  George  Anderson,   Woodstock.  Park 

road,  Eskbank,  Da.keith 
Baird    George    Osborne,    2   Clutha    villas, 

Montgomerie  street,  Axdrossan 
Baird  H.  Blackford,  St.  Mungo,  Lockerbie 
Baird  Henry  Robert  D.L.,  J. P.  Durris  ho. 

Durris,   Drumoak  S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Ba  ird    H.    Dawson,    4    Upper    Sutherland 

crescent,  Helensburgh 
Baird  Harry  R.  73  Midton  road,  Ayr 
Baird     Hugh.    Ambleside,     Cadzow    drive, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Baird  J.   138  North  Drumlanrig  st.Thornhl 
Baird  J.  Park  hall,  Kilbride  (East).Glasgw 
Baird  Jas.  Arran  view,  Barrmill  rd.  Beith 
Baird  James,  30  Ashgrove  street,  Ayr 
Baird  James,    Brae   cottage,  Maule    street. 

Mon.fieth,  Dundee 
Baird  James,   1   Dalhousie  place,   Arbroath 
Ba'ixd  Jame3,  10  Forth  street,  Alloa 
Baird  J.  Mooredge,  Prestwick  S.O.  Ayr&h 
Baird  Jas.    Westmount.    Edzell,   Brechin 
Baird  James  D.12  Kay  Park  ter.Kilmamcl; 
Baird  John  J. P.  Abbeyville,  London  road, 

Baird   John, Arran   view,  Barrmill   rd.Beith 
Baird    John,    Bona    villa,    Midmi'.ls    road, 

Baird     John,     Camp     cottage,     Bishopton 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Baird  John,  Craigie  ho.  Ewanfleld,  Crieff 
Baird  John,  Knowfield,  Lockerbie 
Baird  Jn.  Prospect  bank,  Arnot  hi. Falkirk 
Baird  John,  Rannoch  villa,  Glenboig  S.O. 

Baird  John,  Sunnyside,  Falkirk 
Baird   John,    St.    John's,    Holmhead   road. 

Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Baird  John  F.Edgehill,  Castlehead,  Paisley 
Baird  John  George  Alexander  D.L.,  J. P. 
Wellwood  house,  JVfuirkirk  S.O.  Ayr- 
shire &  Colstoun,  Haddington 
Baird  John  M.  3  Blackness  aven.  Dundee 
Baird    Jonathan   Peel    J. P.    Castle    Mains, 

Douglas  S.O.  Lanarkshire  • 
Baird    Lochart,     Kathie    villa,    Kilmailing 

terrace.  Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Baird  Lockhart.CraJgmore,  Hunter's  Quay, 

Kirn  S.O.   Argyllshire 
Baird  Matthew, West  ho.  Bothwell,  Glasgw 
Baird  Miss,  Croft  vale,  Glebe  street,  Ren- 
frew S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Baird  Miss,  Enfield,  Cults,  Aberdeen 
Baird   Miss,  9  Marine  place,  Rothesay 
Baird    Montague,    Keppoch,  Cardroas    S.O. 

Baird  Mrs.  Burnside  ho.  Fairlie  S.O.Ayrsh 
Baird  Mrs.  3  Camperdown  place,  Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Baird    Mrs.     Craigandrew,     Benton     S.O. 

Baird  Mrs.  5  De  Walden  ter.  Kilmarnock 
Baird  Mrs.  Fairview,   High  st.  Coldstream 
Baird      Mrs.     Fernlea,     Kilchattan     Bay, 

Baird  Mrs.  1  Levengrove  ter.   Dumbarton 
Baird  Mrs.  Mary  cottage,  Hill  House  road, 

Baird  Mrs.  Swinton  vil.  Swinton,  Glasgow 
Baird     Mrs.     Westmont,     Crescent     road, 

Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Baird  Richard,  1  Blackness  aven.  Dundee 
Baird  Robt.  Birchfield,  Arnot  Hill, Falkirk 
Baird  Robert,  Glen  Bank,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Baird  Rt.  Inch  Keith,  King  st.  Coatbridge 
Baird    Robert,     Meadow    bank,    Greenock 

road.    Paisley 
Baird  Robert,  jun.  Birchfield,  Falkirk 
Baird  Thomas,  Campbell  street,  Wishaw 
Baird   Thomas   P.    Moorland  house,   Bield- 

side,  Aberdeen 
Baird  Vaness    C.    Gowanbrae,    Seafield   rd. 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Baird    W.    101    West   North   st.   Aberdeen 
Baird    W.    Carisbrooke,  Commonhd.    Airdrie 
Baird   W.  Kelburn   vil.  Blackball,  Paisley 
Baird  William,  Amelia  villa,  Brandon  gar- 
dens,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Baird  Wm.    Cambusdoon,    Alloway,    Ayr 
Baird  William,  64  Earlspark  avenue,  New- 
lands,  Glasgow 
Baird  William  D.L.,   J.P.  Elie  house,   Elie 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Baird    William,    Glenorky,    Thornly    Park 

avenue,   Paisley 
Baird  William,  22  High  street,  Dumbarton 
Baird  William,  Johnston  st.  Laurencekirk 
Baird  William  A.   Anath,  Kilmacolm   S.O. 

Baird  William  Arthur,  Erskine  ho.  Bishop- 
ton  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Baird  Wm.  A.  Lennox  love,  Haddington 
Baird    William    Arthur,    Wedderlie   house, 

Westruther,   Gordon  S.O.  Berwickshire 
Baird    William    Daniel,    Hartfield,    Holm- 
head  road,  Caiheart.  Glasgow 
Baird-Hay  Captain   James   G.,   J.P.,    D.L. 

Belion  house,  Dunbar 
Baird-Smith  Misses,  The  Elms,  Connaught 

terrace,  Crieff 
Bairner  T.  Craigie  bank,  Downfield, Dundee 
Bairnsfather   Oapt.    Hugh,   Beechwood   ho. 

Kettins,  Coupar-Angus 
Baker  Charles  C.   27  Kyle  park,   Uddinga- 

ton,  Glasgow 
Baker  D.  Pomona  ho.  Seabank  rd. Fort, Ayr 
Baker  Edmd.  19  Clarendon  place,  Stirling 
Baker  Jsph.  Wm.  20  Cromwell  rd.  Aberdn 
Baker  Leonard,  22  Albert  place,  Stirling 
Baker  Mrs.  54  Bon-Accord  street,  Aberdeen 
Baker     Mrs.     Haze"  bank,     Camphill    road, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Bakie  Rev.  James,  U.  Free  Church  manse, 

Ancrum  S.O.  Roxburghshire 
Balantine  John,  56  Kyle  park.Uddingston. 


Balbirnie  Miss,  Langlands,   Gordon  street, 

BarnhiU,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarsh 

Bald  J.  Glenview,  Barloan  cres. Dumbarton 

Bald    John,    Cairney    mount,    West   Ferry, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Bald  Mrs.    17   Randolph    road,   Stirling 
Bad   William.   Dewar   street,   Dunfermline 
Balderson    Mrs.    Belgarno,   Bishopton   S.O. 

Balderston  J. 6  Gateside, Renfrew  rd.Paisly 
Balderston  James,    Morven,    Seamill,   West 
Kilbride  S.O.  Ayrshire 

Balderston  John,  Newton,   Arkleston  road, 

Balderston   R.    Ardgowan,  Blackball, Paisly 
Baldie   Rev.    Chas.   N.   Sandwick,  Lerwick 
Baldie  John,    Bank  house,   Markinch 
Baldry  Mrs.  163  High  street,  Dalkeith 
Baldwin     Rev.     William,     St.     Margaret's 

Hope  S.O.  Orkney 
Baldwin  Miss,  Braefoot,  Castlehead.Paisley 
Baldwin  Mrs.  4  Devon  ter. Pier  rd. Berwick 
Baldwin  Mrs.Mariwald  ho. Glebe  ter.  Alloa 
Bale  John,  Larch  cottage,  Kingston,  Urqu- 

hart,   Elgin 
Balfour  of  Burleigh  Right  Hon.  Lord  K.T., 
P.C.,   D.L..    J.P.    Kennet  house,    Alloa; 
47    Cadogan    square    S  W    &    Carlton    & 
Athenamm  clubs,   London   S  W   &   New 
club,    Edinburgh 
Balfour   Right    Hon.   Arthur    James    P.C., 
M.P.,   F.R.S.,    Hon.D.CL.,  Hon.  LL.D., 
D.L.     Whittingehame,     Prestonkirk;      4 
Carlton  gardens,  Pall  Mall  S  W  &  Carl- 
ton,    Travellers'     &    Athena?um     clubs, 
London  S  W  &  New  club,  Edinburgh  &c 
Balfour  Col.  James  William  J. P.,  D.L.  (of 
Balfour     &     Trenabie),    Balfour    castle, 
Shap;nsav,   Kirkwall 
Balfour  Major  Francis  W.,  D.L.,  J.P.  Fer- 
nie  castle, Monimail.  Collessie  S.O.Fifash 
Balfour   Capt.   Christopher,   Swinridgemuir 

house,  Dairy  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Balfour  Rev.  John  N.  United  Free  Church 

manse,  Dallas,  Forres 

Balfour    Alexander  J.P.  Bloomfield   house, 

Arbirlot,    Arbroath    &    Inchock,    Inver- 

keilor.  Arbroath 

Balfour  Alexander,  160  High  st.  Kirkcaldy 

Balfour   Archibald    Craig    M.D.    Aviemore 

S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Balfour  Charles  Barrington  D.L. ,  J.P., 
M.P.  Newton  Don,  Nenthorn,  Kelso;  14 
Grosvenor  crescent  S  W;  Carlton  & 
Guards  clubs  S  W  &  Bachelors'  club  W, 
Balfour  D.  Hall,  Bank  of  Scotland  house, 

37  East  High  street,  Forfar 
Balfour  David,   1  Briarwood  terrace,  West 

Park  rood.  Dundee 
Balfour     Edward     D.L.,     J.P.     Balbirnie, 

Markinch,  Fifeshire 
Balfour    Edward    J.,    M.A.,    B.Sc.    Blyth 

villas,  Largo  road,  St.  Andrews 
Balfour     Francis    J.P.    Balnakeilly,    Kirk- 
michael,      B'airgowrie      &      Kindrogan, 
Enochdhu,   Pitlochry 
Balfour  Frank. Kindrogan.  Moulin, Pitlochry 
Balfour    Frederick    Robert    Stephen    J.P. 
Dawyck  house,   Stobo  S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Balfour  Hugh,  Hillhouse,  Beith 
Balfour  Jas.  177  Bo'ness  rd.  Grangemouth 
Balfour  Jas.  3  Levengrove  ter.  Dumbarton 
Balfour  James,  Lindores.  Craigie  rd.Perth 
Balfour  John,  Carberry,  Leven 
Balfour  John,  Dunaen,  Gifrnock,  Glasgow 
Balfour     John.     Glenard.     Quadrant     road, 

Ne wland s ,   Glasgow 
Balfour  John  J.P.   Melville  place,  Barrow- 

stounness  S.O.   Linlithgowshire 
Balfour  John  R.  Eglinton  house,  Beith 
Balfour    Miss,    Clareraont,    Guthrie    street, 

Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Balfour  Miss.    Logielea,    Kenilworth   road, 

Bridge  of  Allan 
Balfour  Miss,  Thornbank,  Dalhousie  street, 

Carnoustie   S.  0.    Forfarshire 
Balfour  Miss,  20  Townsend  place, Kirkcaldy 
Balfour  Miss.Viewbank  house,  Dunfermline 
Balfour   Mrs.    Dawyck    house,    Stobo    S.O. 

Balfour  Mrs.  Ingleby.  Victoria  rd.Kirkcldy 
Balfour  Mrs.   Leven  Bank,  Leven 
Balfour  Robert,  Dunlop  house,  Beith 
Balfour  Rt.  B.  Friars  Glen.  Friars, Jedbrgh 
Balfour     Robert     H.     3     Balgay     avenue, 

Blackness  road,  Dundee 
Balfour    William,    Manbeen,    Corstorphme 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Balfour  Wm.    36  Victoria  street,  Arbroath 
Balfour-Melville      Miss,     Ach-na-Chalaidh, 

Dulnain  bridge.   Grantown-on-Spey 
Balgarnie  John,   40  Kyle  park,Uddingston, 

Ba  harrie  Jas. 6  Airlie  ter.Perth  rd. Dundee 
Ball     Very     Rev.     Thomas    Isaac     LL.D. 

College.   Millport  S.O.  Buteshire 
Ball  Henry  H.  Abbey  house,  Dunblane 
Ball  James   Harrison,    Arthurfield,  Kings- 
kettle   S.O.    Fifeshire 
Ball  Mrs.   13  Beechgrove  aven.  Aberdeen 
Bal'.antain  George.  St.  Blane's,  Dunblane 
Ballantine    Rev?   Robert    M.A.,    U.   F.    St. 
Andrew's  manse,  Innerleithen  rd. Peebles 
Ballantine  Alex.R.  28  Forsyth  st. Greenock 
Ballantine    Archibald,     Erngath,     Borrow- 

stounness    S.O.   Linlithgowshire 
Ballantine     David,      Greenbank      terrace, 

Bo'ness  S.O.   Linlithgowshire 
Ballantine  James-,  Esk  grove,  Lasswade 
Ballantine   James,    Eversleigh,    East   Clep- 
ington  road,  Dundee 
Ballantine  James,  30  Port  street,  Annan 


BAR       li47 

Ballantine  Jas.  Station  rd.Blantyre.Glasgw 
Ballantine  John,   Jessiville,   Anderson  ter- 
race, Ardrossan 
Ballantine  J.  1  Muirhall  bk. Bridgend, Perth 
Ballantine   Lewis    H.    The   Tower,  Borrow- 

stounnesa  S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
Ballantine    M.    Dullatur    house,    Dullatur, 

Ca-3tlecary,  Glasgow 
Ballantine  Miss,  55  Balhousie  street, Perth 
Ballantine  Miss,   2  Carrick  avenue,  Ayr 
Ballantine  Mrs.  Roman  house,  Grange  ter- 
race, Bo'nes-s  S.O,  Linlithgowshire 
Ballantine     Robert,      Glenside,     Dullatur, 

Castlecary,  Glasgow 
Ballantine  T.  53  Balhousie  street,  Perth 
Ballantine  W.Inglewood,  Laurieston.Falkrk 
Ballantyne  Sir  Hy.,  J. P.  Minden,  Petbles 
Ballantyne  Rev.  Archibald  Scott  B.D.  The 

Manse,  Rafford.  Forres 
Ballantyne  Alexander   J. P.,    M.D.    Ashton, 

Eiskbank  road,  Dalkeith 
Ballantyne    Andrew,    Cleughearn,    "Victoria 

avenue,  Carluke 
Ballantyne  A.  271  Galapark  rd.  Galashiels 
Ballantyne     Daniel,     Bridgend,     Kilbirnie 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Ballantyne    David    J. P.   Glentress,    Inner- 
leithen road. 
Ballantyne  D.3  Orchard  pk.Giffnock, Glsgw 
Ballantyne  David  J. P.   Plora,  Innerleithen 

S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Ballantyne  David  J. P.   Shaws,   Newcastle- 
ton  S.O.  Roxburghshire 
Ballantyne  David  J. P.   Sunnybrae,  Walker- 
burn  S.O.   Peeblesshire 
Ballantyne  Francis  Watt,Deneholm,  Biggar 
Ballantyne  Frederick,  Gala  ter.  Galashiels 
Ballantyne     George,     Rose     Mount     house, 

Laurieknowe,  Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Ballantyne  H.  Norman  J. P.  Caerlee.  Inner- 
leithen S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Ballantyne  H.    S.,    M.B.    Ashton,   Eskbank 

road,  Dalkeith 
Ballantyne    Henry  J. P.    Tweedvale    house, 

Walkerburn  8.0.   Peeblesshire 
Ballantyne  James,  1  Douglas  st.  Kirkcaldy 
Ballantyne     James,     1     Mansfield     terrace, 

Dunlop  S.O.  Ayrshire  . 
Ballantyne  John,  Sunnyside,  St.  Boswells, 
Newtown  St.  Boswells  S.O.  Roxburghsh 
Ballantyne  John  J. P.  Stoneyhill.  Walker- 
burn  S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Ballantyne  Jn.  A.,  J.P.  The  Neuk,  Peebles 
Ballantyne  John  King  J.P.  Nether  Cober- 

ston,  Walkerburn  S."0.  Peeblesshire 
Ballantyne  John  Strathearn,  Central  drive, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Ballantyne     Miss,    Rutland     house,     Scott 

crescent,  Galashiels 
Ballantyne    Misses,      Morluig,     Langbank. 

Port  Glasgow 
Ballantyne    Mrs.    Beechwood,    Innerleithen 

S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Ballantyne     Mrs.     Broomknow,     G  iff  nock 

Ballantyne  Mrs.  Minden,  Peebles 
Ballantyne  Mrs.  Oaklea,  St.  Boswells 
Newtown  St.  Boswells  S.O.  Roxburghsh 
Ballantyne  Mrs.  42  Witch  rd.  Kilmarnock 
Ballantyne  R.Oomston  ho. Cavers,  Hawick 
Ballantyne  William,  Ranfurly  lodge, Bridge 

of  Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Ballantyne      William      J.P.       Wormiston. 

Eddleston  S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Ballard  Maj.J.  Ritchie,  26  Carrick  rd.  Ayr 
Ballard  G.  Hartley  M.Sc,  F.G.S.  Grammar 

School  house,  Palace  st.  east,  Berwick 
Ballard  Mrs.  Philipburn,  Selkirk 
Ballardie  Henry  W.  8  Levengrove  terrace, 

Ballardie  Thomas,   Castle  street,  Broughty 

Ferry   S.O.   Forfarshire 
Ballatyne  John,  South  Park  rd.  Hamilton 
Ballentyne  Mrs.  Whitehurst  Round,  Riding 

road,  Dumbarton 
Ballingal  Rev.  Jamea   M.A.,  D.D.  Rhynd, 

Ballingal  Niel,    Sweet  bank,  Markinch 
Ball  in  gall   David,   Blair   Drummond    (Stir- 
ling), Perthshire 
Ballingall  George,  Parkfield,  Scone,  Perth 
Ballingall  Hugh  J. P.,  D.L.  3  Douglas  ter- 
race, Dundee 
Ballingall   Mrs.   10   Graigkenochie   terrace, 

Ballingall   Mrs.  Whinfie'.d,  Kinross 
Ballingall  Robert,  Norton,  Leven 
Ballingall  Wm.   B.  1   Somerville  pi. Dundee 
Ballinggall    Mrs.   8   Huntly  pi.    Inverness 
Ballintine  Miss,  Dean's  cross,  Dunkeld 
Ballooh  A.ll  James  st.Grahamston, Falkirk 
Balloch     Miss,    Russell     street,     Grahams- 
ton,   Falkirk 
Balloch  Misses,  Dundarroch,  Lenzie,  Glsgw 
Balls  David   R.   Jamestown,    Balloch  S.O. 

Balls     William,     Rosebank,     Scroggieside, 

Wc-rmit,  Dundee 
Balmain     Misses,     Woodlands,     Terregles. 

Gordonlee,  Ormiston  terrace,  Barbour    Miss,    Grendarroch- 

B aimer  Mi 

Balsillie  D.  Dunedin,  Holmhead,  Cumnock 
Balsillie  Miss,   7  Gibson  pi.  St.  Andrews 
Balsillie     Mrs.     The     Hermitage,     Pitten- 

weem  3.0.  Fifeshire 
Balsillie    William,    10  Greyfriars    gardens, 

St.    Andrews 
Bamber    Robert    S.     St.    Andrews,    Thorn 

road,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Bamforth    Thomas     J.P.     Carron    grange, 

Cairon  S.O.  Stirlingshire 
Band  David,  Ba,.gay   terrace,  Logie  street, 

Lo'.-hee,  Dundee 
Band  Hy.  1  Dalhousie  ter.Perth  rd. Dundee 
Band   J.    C.    Stuart,   2  B.ackness  crescent, 

Perth  road,  Dundee 
Bankes    George    H.    Auchoyle   house,    Kil- 

dary  S.O.  Ross-shire 
Bankes  Mrs.  Balconie  mains,  Evanton  S.O. 

Banks     Rev.     Alexander     M.A.     Braehead, 

Carnwath  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Banks   Alex.Carselea,  Blackness  rd. Dundee 
Banks  David,  The  Grange.Glasgow  rd.Prth 
Banks  Geo.    West   mnt.   Tibbermore,   Perth 
Banks   George  J.P.  7  West  park,  Wick 
Banks    George    S.,    M.B.,    CM.    Royal    in- 
firmary,  Stirling 
Banks  Harris.   5  Houston   st.   Greenock 
Banks    Henry    A.     Smiddy    banks.     South 
Ronaldshay,    St.    Margaret's    Hope    S.O. 
Banks  James,  51  Balhousie   street,   I'erth 
Banks     James     W.     Cathcreig,     Jerviston 

street,  Motherwell 
Banks  John,   M.B.,C. M.Victoria  rd. Dunoon 
Banks  John,   5  West  park,   Wick 
Banks  Miss,  47  Henrietta  street,  Girvnn 
Banks   Mrs.   8   Albany  terrace,   Dundee 
Banks    Rd.  Annfield,   Laird  st.   Coatbridge 
Banks  Robert.  Lilybank  cottage,   Dreghorn 

S.O.    Ayrshire 
Banks  Rt.    McL.,  M.B.  35  Westport.Lanark 
Banks   Thomas  W.    13  Hope   street,  Lanark 
Banks  William,  4  Blackness  cres.  Dundee 
Banks  William,    3   Hyndford   ter.   Dundee 
Banks   William,   Shandon  villa,  West  Lin- 
ton S.O.   Peeblesshire 
Bannatyne    Andrew     M.     Millheugh,    High 

Blantyre,   Glasgow 
Bannatyne   James,    Lisburn  cottage,  L'ber- 

ton  S.O.  Midlothian 
Bannatyne  John,   Egerton,    Quadrant   road, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Bannatyne  Miss,  10  Sorbie  rd.  Ardrossan 
Bannatyne  Wm.  Edinburgh  rd. Haddington 
Bannatyne  William,  Marlea  house,  Wood- 
side  wa'k,  Hamilton 
Bannen  Henry,  357  Bank  street,  Coatbrdg 
Banner    Mrs.    Palmerston   house,   Terregles 

street,   Maxwelltown,   Dumfries 
Bannerman  Rev.  Jas.   United  Free  Church 

manse,   Inverkip,   Greenock 
Bannerman   Andrew.  Bishop  ton   S.O.    Ren- 
Bannermin    George   Gunn    M.B.,    CM.    27 

North   Bridge  street,   Hawick 
Bannerman    J.     St.     Margarets,     Forteath 

■avenue,  Elgin 

Bannerman  James,  2  Forebank  ter.  Dundee 

Bannerman    John,     1     Caenlochan     villas, 

West  Ferry,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.Forfrsh 

Bannerman    Mrs.     Abernyte    house,    Aber- 

nyte.  Inchture  S.O.  Perthshire 
Bannerman  Mrs.   119  Crown  street, Aberdn 
Bannerman    Robert,     Clifton     bank,    East 

Newport,  Fifeshire 
Bannerman    William,    School    house,    Ora- 

mond  S.O.  Midlothian 
Bannister  Joseph,   2  Kellie  place,   Alloa 
Bannister   Mrs.    9   Barossa  place,   Perth 
Bannister  Mrs.  Dirleton  gardens,   Ailoa 
Bannister  P.G..M.D.   150  High  st.Montrose 
Bannochie  James,   Ernan  lodge,   82   Beech- 
grove  terrace,   Aberdeen 
Bannoohie  Wm.  G.  70  Forest  rd.  Aberdeen 
Baptie  Geo.  o  Rockford  ter.Jeanfield, Perth 
Baptie  John,  16  Axthur's  place,  Lockerbie 
Barber    Miss,Mi!lburn   ho.Moniaive,Thornh.l 
Barber  Mrs.  Mansfie.d,   Mairs  road,  Darvel 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Barber   W.   Tererran,    Glencairn.    Thornhill 
Barber-Starkey    W.     J.,    J.P.    Knockshan- 

doch,   Glenisla,    Alyth  S.O.   Perthshire 
Barbour  Rev.  John   M.A.   26  Galapark  rd 

Barbour  Alexander  C  Hope  cottage, Hous- 
ton, Johnstone 
Barbour  Douglas,  Rosemount  cottage, Max- 
welltown, Dumfries 
Barbour    George    F.   Bonskeid,    Pitlochry 
Barbour    James,    Glen    Holly,    Cove    S.O. 

Barbour  James,  102  John  street,  Ayr 
Barbour  James  J.P.   St.  Christopher's,  132 

English  street,  Dumfries 
Barbour   John,    The   Beeches,    Perth   road, 

Barbour  J.  Ladeside,  Kilbirnie  S.O.   Ayrsh 

Dairy    S.O 

Barbour  Mrs.  Dunmuir  ho.   Castle  Douglas 
Barbour  Mrs.  Mansfield,  Darvel  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Barbour  Mrs.   Orchard   street,  Falkirk 
Barbour  Mrs.  26  Ravenshaugh  road,  Leven- 

hall,   Musselburgh 
Barbour    Mrs.     R.     W.     Fincastle     house, 

Tenandry,   Pitlochry 
Barbour    Mrs.    William,    Lonsdale,    Albert 

road,  Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Barbour  Robert,  Belmont,  Dalbeattie  road, 

Mixwelltown,   Dumfries 
Barbour  R.  42  Kyle  pk.  Uddingston, Glsgw 
Barbour    Robert,    St.    Albans,    New    Abbey 

road,    Maxwelltown,   Dumfries 
Barbour  William  R.  Bank  house,  Brandon 

street,  Motherwell 
Barclay   Rev.    John,    Bargrennan,    Newton 

Barclay  Rev.  William,  The  Manse,  Temple, 

Gordridge  S.O.   Midlothian 
Barclay  Alex.   76  Abergeldie  rd.  Aberdeen 
Barclay   A.    24   Springbank  ter.   Aberdeen 
Barclay  A.  High  st.  Errol  S.O.  Perthshire 
Barclay    Charles,    Rosecraig,    Cowdenbeath 

S.O.   Fifeshire 
Barclay  D.  Anworth,  Dalintober,  Campbltn 
Barclay  David,  13  Murray  ter.  Aberdeen 
Barclay  D.   Y.   Catriona,   Milngavie,    Glsgw 
Barclay  Eb.nezer,  Errol  S.O.  Perthshire 
Barclay     George,     Dalnacardoch,     Calvlne 

S.O.   Perthshire 
Barclay    George,    Inchalloch,    John    street, 

Largs  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Barclay  G.   Strocherie,  King  Edward, Banff 
Barclay  George,   Tarvie,    Straloch,   Monlin, 

Barclay  George,  Thornhill  house,  Elderslie 

road,   Johnstone,   Paisley 
Barclay     George     W.     W.,     J.P.     Raeden 

house,  Mid  Stocket  road,  Aberdeen 
Barclay    Grant,    Netherlea,    Seafield    road, 

Broughty  Ferry   S.O.    Forfarshire 
Barclay    J.   Deanville,Greenlaw-drive,Paisly 
Barclay  James,   Bushes,   Paisley 
Barclay  J.  12  McLelland  drive,  Kilmarnock 
Barclay  Jas.    West   Brae    bo.   Burntisland 
Barclay  J.  A.  82  Bo'ness  rd.  Grangemouth 
Barclay  James  J.  Linn  ho. Park  rd.Johnstn 
Barclay    James    M.    Roseville,    Scott   cres- 
cent,   Galashiels 
Barclay  James   N.,   J.P.   Gardiesting,  M.d 

Yell,  Lerwick 
Barclay  John,  Balgownie,  Hawick 
Barclay     John,     Craigard      cottage,     East 

Church  street,  Buckie 
Barclay   Jn.    13    Inveresk   rd.    Musselburgh 
Barclay    John,     Maryville,     North    street, 

Dairy    S.O.    Ayrshire 
Barclay  Jn.  B.  38  Fountainhall  rd. Aberdn 
Barclay    John    G.    20    North    Hamilton    st. 

Barclay    John    J.    P.    Gltnbarry,    Cornhill 

S.O.   Banffshire 
Barclay  Miss,  Ardgowan,  Cults,  Aberdeen 
Barclay   Miss,   Barclay  well,    Cults,   Aberdn 
Barclay  Miss,  36  Bridge  street,  Montrose 
Barclay  Miss,  The  Cottage,  Renfrew  road, 

Barclay  Mis3,  Deanshaugh,  Elgin 
Barclay  Miss,  60  Dee  street,  Aberdeen 
Barclay  Miss,  89  Eldon  street,  Greenock 
Barclay    Miss,    Ingleside,    Wilson     stret:, 

Craigie,  Perth 
Barclay    Misses,    Holmwood,    High    street, 

Strichen  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Barclay  Misses,  3  Seafield  street,  Banff 
Barclay    Mrs.     Burnbank,     Baird    terrace, 

Barclay  Mrs.  10  Melville  gardens,  Montrose 
Barclay    Mrs.    Neidpath    villa, 

road,  Peebles 
Barclay    Mrs.    1    Pettycur    road,    Kinghorn 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Barclay  Mrs.  58  S.  Hamilton   st.Kilmrmk 
Barclay      Peter      B.A.      Hornock     cottage, 

Gartsherrie  road,   Coatbridge 
Barclay   Thomas   J.P.    Skelbo   castle,   Dor- 
noch S.O.   Sutherlandshire 
Barclay   William,    Craiglea  villa.    Friar   s^. 

Craigie,  Perth 
Barclay  W.  Newhall  vils.  Glenfield,  Paishy 
Barclay  William,  jun.  2  Duncan  st.  Banff 
Barclay  William,   jun.    7  Pitcullen  terrace, 

Bridgend,   Perth 
Barclay  William,  51  Portland  rd.  KilmrnLk 
Barclay  William  A.  24  Tay  street,  Perth 
Barclay    William    Hugh    Mackenzie    M .B. , 

CM.    The    Square,    Grantown-on-Spey 
Barclay-Shaw  Mrs.   Knockgarran,   Girvan 
Bardo   G.    Drucidale,    St.Meddans    st. Troon 
Bardwell    Richard,    Elcho    house,    Ballron, 

Balfron  Station  S.O.   Stirlingshire 
Barge  R.  H.  Armardale,  Row,  Helensburgh 
Barhani  William  H.  Clyde  Torre,  Victoria 

road,  Gourock  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Barker    D.    M.    Moredun   Elms,    Craigeir), 

Barker  Daniel,   Craig  view,    Stirling 
Barker  George,  4  Albert  place,  Perth 

1448       BAR 


Barker    Henry    LL.D.    Cleveland    cottage, 

Banchory  b.O.   Kincardineshire 
Barker  Joan,  54  Rae  street,  Dumfries 
Barker   Misses,    60  High  street,    Sanquhar 

S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Barker  Misses,  Mossgiel,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Barker  Misses,  14  Pitcullen  terrace,  Bridg- 
end, Perth 
Barker    Mrs.    Moredun    Elms,    Dunbarney, 

Bridge  of  Earn  B.O.   Perthshire 
Barker  Richard,  Ardlaw,  Corstorphine  S.O. 

Barkley  Mrs.    Mairilea,  Innerleithen  road, 

Barland  Miss,   Meethill  house,   Alyth  S.O. 

Barlas  Jas.  Bruce  villa,  West  end,  Dunbar 
Barlas  James,  Windmill  road,  Hamilton 
Barlas  Mrs.  1  Levengrove  ter.   Dumbarton 
Barlas  Mrs.  8  Hosslyn  place,  Perth 
Barlett  James,  113  Leslie  ter.  Aberdeen 
Barlow  J.  Ashfield,  Callander  S.O.  Perthsh 
Banow  Mrs.  4  Douylas  st. Largs  S.O.Ayrsb 
Barn    Mrs.    Ivy    cottage,    tit.    Andrew's   pi. 

Barnard  Hugh,  42  London  rd.  Kilmarnock 
Barnes    Lieut. -Col.    Henry   John  R.A.M.C. 

Cliff  lodge,   Inverkip,    Greenock 
Barnes  Rev,  Robert  M.,  M.A.  The  Manse, 

Duntocher,    Glasgow 
Barues  C.  Dunavon,  Arkleston  rd.  Paisley 
Barnes    Thomas   B.    Muirton  villa,    Down- 
field,  Dundee 
Barnet    Alexander,    Meadow    bank,    West 

Albert  road,  Kirkcaldy 
Barnet  Charles,  9  Cromwell  place,  Ayr 
Barnet  George,  The  Cottage,  Kinross 
Barnet  H.  M.  Marchmont,  Bennochy  road, 

Barnet     J.    Laurel    villa,    Rhannan    road, 

Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Barnet  Miss,  126  High  street,  Kirkcaldy 
Barnet    Misses,    Cowanlea,    Queen' s    road, 

Barnet   Mrs.  3  Woodville  place,   Maryfield, 

Barnetson    Rev.   David,    V.    F.    C.   manse, 

Roslin    S.O.    Midlothian 
Barnetson  S.  K.  Moyhall,  MethilS.O.Fifesh 
Barnett  Alexander,   Buxton   cottage,   High 

street,  Laurencekirk 
Barnett   H.   Elm   cot.   Bothwell,    Glasgow 
Baruett  Hugh,   67   London  rd.   Kilmarnock 
Barnett  James,   36  Deeswood  pi.  Aberdeen 
Barnett  James,   53   Duthie  ter.   Aberdeen 
Barnett  James,    Lily  Bank  house,   Brewery 

street,  Johnstone 
Barnett     James     S.     registrar     of     births, 

deaths  &  marriages,  Flotta 
Barnett  John,  96  Leslie  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Barnett  Miss,  Kilchattan  bay,  Rothesay 
Barnett  Patk.  M.  2  Westfield  ter.  Aberdeen 
Barnett  R.   Bertha   pk.    Bothwell,   Glasgow 
Barnett    William,    Eastfield,    Ballater  S.O. 

Barnie  A.  Whiteside  cot.  West  Park,  Wick 
Baron  Alex.  L.  30  St.  David  st.  Dumfries 
Baron  Mrs.  East  Church  street,  Buckie 
Baron  Wm.  Balnagask  rd.  Torry,  Aberdeen 
Barr  Rev.  Alexander,  TJ.  F.  manse,  Elders- 
lie,   Johnstone 
Barr  Rev.    Andrew    Muirhead,    Auchleach, 

Ardwell,    Stranraer 
Barr  Rev.  R.  The  Manse,  Neilston,  Glasgw 
Barr   Rev.    Robert  Littlejohn,   The  Manse, 

Kinellar,  Kinaldie,  Aberdeen 
Barr  A.  Bellena,  Hawkhead  road,  Paisley 
Barr  Adam,  Knox  street,  Airdrie 
Barr  Alex.   L.   44  Brooms  road,   Dumfries 
Barr  B.  Stanlane  pi.  Largs  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Barr   C.   Bute  villa,    Rhannan   road,    Cath- 
cart, Glasgow 
Barr  D.  Milldamhead,  Annan  rd.  Dumfries 
Barr  D.   C.  Castlehill  crescent,  Hamilton 
Barr  David  C.  2  Levengrove  ter.  Dumbartn 
Barr  Douglas  Baxter,   Sudbury  ho.  Hamil- 
ton street,  Larkhall  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Barr  George,  Southfield,  Neilson  st. Falkirk 
Barr  J.  46  Main  st.  Tweedmouth,  Berwick 
Barr  J.  Abington,Kilmacolm  S.O.Renfrwsh 
Barr  James,  Bank  ho-  Kirkton  st.  Carluke 
Barr  James,  Broomside,  Lanark  rd.Carluke 
Barr  James,  4  Calside  terrace,   Paisley 
Barr  James,  Claremont  villa,  Larkhall  S.O. 

Barr  Jas.  Ellangowan,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Barr  James,   280  Main  street,   Alexandria, 

Barr  James,  Rockliffe,  Bridge  of  Weir  S.O. 

Barr  James,   1  Thornly  Park  ter.  Paisley 
Barr  James,  Ulundi  road,   Johnstone 
Barr  J.  C.  7  Gateside,  Renfrew  rd. Paisley 
Barr  James  K.,  M.A.   School  ho.  Carluke 
Barr  Jn.  Beechwood,  Greenock  rd.  Paisley 
Barr  John,   Cairnview,  King's  road,  Beith 
Barr    John,    Chapel    hall,    Innellan     S.O. 

Barr  John,   2  Clarendon  place,   Stirling 
Barr  John,   39  Dundonald  rd.   Kilmarnock 
Barr  John,  83  Eglinton  road,  Ardrossan 

Barr  John,  1  Forth  crescent,   Stirling 
Barr  John,  6  Greenlaw  terrace,  Garthland 

street,  Paisley 
Barr  John,  Livingstonia,  Bank  st.  Irvine 
Barr  John  C.  Rose  cottage,  Port  Glasgow 
Barr  J.  F.  St.  Ronans,  Meikleriggs,  Paisly 
Barr  J.  K.8  Kirkowen  st.Annan  rd.Dumfrs 
Barr    John    M.     Thorncliffe,    Carmunnock, 

Barr  John  T.   1  Levengrove  ter.  Dumbartn 
Barr  Miss,  3  Cleghoru  road,  Lanark 
Barr  Miss,  Dalearn,  Gordon  road,  Crieff 
Barr  Miss,  Hodge  street,  Falkirk 
Barr  Miss,  91  St.  Andrew's  st.  Kilmarnock 
Barr     Miss,    Tigh-na-Beithe,    Birnam    S.O. 

Barr  Miss,  52  West  King  st.  Helensburgh 
Barr     Miss,      Woodside,    Bffirmore      S.O. 

Barr  Misses,  Clydeside,  TJddingston.Glasgw 
Barr  Mrs.  Beaconsfield,  Port  Glasgow 
Barr  Mrs.  38  Desswood  place,  Aberdeen 
Barr  Mrs.  Eastwood,  Brompton  ter.  Perth 
Barr  Mrs. Gladstone  ho. North  st.St.Andrws 
Barr  Mrs.  15  Glebe  road,  Kilmarnock 
Barr  Mrs.  4  Glen  view,  Barterholm,Paisley 
Barr  Mrs.  24  Paton  street,  Alloa 
Barr  Mrs.  Strafillan,  ThornlyPark  av. Paisly 
Barr     Mrs.     Summerlea,     Kilmacolm     S.O. 

Barr    Mrs.     Willow    bank,     Larkhall    S.O. 

Barr  Mrs.  J.  3  Howard  Pk.drv. Kilmarnock 
Barr  P.  Bainfield,  Cardross  S.O.Dumbrtnsb 
Barr  P.  High  Barholm,  Kilbarchan,Johnstn 
Barr  Peter,  Lily  bank,  Rothesay 
Barr    Peter     Gray,   Machan   hill,    Larkhall 

S.O.    Lanarkshire 
Barr  R.  Dunard,  Kilmacolm  S.O.Renfrwsh 
Ban-   R.Wellscroft,    Kilbride   (East),Glasgw 
Barr    Robt.    Gisborne,    Heugh   st.    Falkirk 
Barr  Robert,   Newpark,   Mid-Calder 
Barr  Robert,  7  West  road,  Irvine 
Barr  Robert  Brownlie  M.B.  Hollyden,  Or- 
chard street,  Carluke 
Barr   Robert   L.   Eredene,    Kilmacolm   S.O. 

Barr    W.TheLodge,Kilbride(East),    Glasgow 
Barr  William,  85  Ardbeg  road,  Rothesay 
Barr  William,   47   Finnart  st.   Greenock 
Barr  W.    Flourie   villa,    Carmyle,    Glasgow 
Barr  Wm.  7  Gateside,  Renfrew  rd.  Paisley 
Barr  W.    Glenleith   Currie    S.O.    Midlothian 
Barr   William,    8   Wallace  st.    Kilmarnock 
Barraclough  Edwin,    The    Craigs,    Orchard 

street,   Fa.kirk 
Barran    Rev.     David,     Clifton    bank,    Dal- 
keith road,  Dundee 
Barratt  Arth.  Tighmibruaich   S.O.  Argyllsh 
Barratt    Arthur   H.    Forth   view,    Dalmeny 

S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
Barratt    John     Rowland,     Brathay     bank, 

Banchory  S.O.  Kincardineshire 
Barrie  A.  D-,  M.B.  119  Eldon  st.  Greenock 
Barrie    Alexander,    9    Home    terrace.    West 

Ferry,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Barry    Charles,    Airlie    park,    West    Ferry, 

Broughty  Ferry   S.O.    Forfarshire 
Barrie  D.Gwynne  Brae.Dalhousie  st.Brechn 
Barrie  Edmund  Cbadwick,   Rosehill  house, 

Cornhill  road,  Aberdeen 
Barrie   George,   19  Barrie  terrace, Ardrossan 
Barrie       George,       1      Harrington       place, 

Broughty    Ferry    S.O.    Forfarshire 
Barrie  George,  49  Mains  loan,  Dundee 
Barrie  George,  19  Panmure  street,  Brechin 
Barrie  James,  Brooklands,  Strathaven  S.O. 

Barrie  James,  Chestnut  villa,  St.  Andrew's 

place,  Brechin 
Barrie  James,    2  Glamis   road,    Kirriemuir 
Barrie  James,   Rosewood,   Hawick 
Barrie    John,    Gilholm,     Strathavon     S.O. 

Barrie    John,    Trynlaw,    Hamilton    street, 

Larkhall   S.  0.   Lanarkshire 
Barrie  John  B.  Glencairn,  Bridge  of  Weir 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Barrie   Miss,    71   Clepington   road,   Dundee 
Barrie  Miss,  Orchardvale, Glebe  st.Dalkeith 
Barrie  Miss,  Richmond,  Biggar 
Barrie    Miss,    The   Vine,    Magdalen    green, 

Barrie  Mrs.  32  Ann  street,  Stonehaven 
Barrie  Mrs.   15S  Irish  street,   Dumfries 
Barrie  Mrs.  8  Patons  lane,  Dundee 
Barrie  Peter,  31  Shamrock  street,  Dundee 
Barrie  Robert   S.   8   Osborne  pi.   Dundee 
Barrie     Thomas,     Myrtle     cottage,     West 

Clepington  road,  Dundee 
Barrie    Thomas    T.,    B.L.    Gilholm,    Strat- 
haven  S.O.   Lanarkshire 
Barrie    W.    Scott   J. P.    11    West    Stewart- 
fled,  Hawick 
Barrie  Walter,   Sundhope,   Selkirk 
Barrie  Wm.  Round  Riding  rd.   Dumbarton 
Barrie    William   T.,    M.B.,    CM.    18    North 

Bridge   street,   Hawick 
Barron    Rev.    Douglas    Gordon    M.A.    The 

Manse,  Dunnottar,  Stonehaven 

Barron    Archibald    C.T    M,D.      Woodbank,. 

Dailly   S.O.    Ayrshire 
Barron  Charles  H.  Kevock  tower,Lasswade- 
Barron  Donald,  9  Huntly  place,  Inverness- 
Barron      George     F.,     J. P.     Thomastown,. 

Auchterless  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Barron  J.,  M.I.C.E.  46  Carden  pi.  Aberdn- 
Barron  J.  Ravelrig,  Abertarff  rd. Inverness- 
Barron    John,    12    Balgay    avenue,    Black- 
ness  road,    Dundee 
Barron  Miss,  Palace  street,  Kirkwall 
Barron   Mrs.   9   Balgay  avenue,    Blackness- 

road,  Dundee 
Barron  Mrs.  8  Bon-Accord  sq.  Aberdeen 
Barron  Mrs.  24  Deveron  street,  Huntly 
Barron  Mrs.    William  street,   Tayport  S.O.. 

Barron  T.   Glendavenny,Newseat, Peterhead 
Barron  Thomas,  24  Burns  road,  Aberdeen 
Barron     Thomas,      Shellknowe,    Buchanan. 

drive,    Cambuslang,    Glasgow 
Barron   William,   43  Justice   st.   Aberdeen 
Barron  William   M.D.   Letham,    Forfar 
Barrow    Mrs.     Northfield,     Dornoch      S.C 

Sutherland  shire 
Barrowman    Rev.    W  uliam,  Craig's  manse,. 
Dunscore,   Auldgirth  S.O.    Dumfriesshire^ 
Barrowman  James,  Staneacre  house,  Town- 
head   street,  Hamilton 
Barrowman  William,  Jane  terrace,  Borrow- 

stounness    S.O.    Linlithgowshire 

Barry  Major  Sir  Edward  Arthur  bart.  J.P. 

Keiss   castle,   Wick,   Dumbartonshire;    oc 

Ockwells  manor,  Bray,  Berks 

Barry    Brigade-Surg. -Lieut. -Col.      Andrew,, 

Killearn,  Hepburn  gardens,  St.  Andrew's- 

Barry     Rev.     James,     South     Ballachulish. 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Barry  Rev.  J.  C,  M.A.  United  Free  North 

manse,  Round  Riding  road,  Dumbarton 
Barry  Arthur,  4  Hawkhill  place,   Dundee 
Barry   John,    Bennochy  park,    Kirkcaldy 
Barry  W.   Bent  hall,   Bent   road,   Hamilton- 
Barry  William,  28  Argyle  street,  Inverness- 
Barry  William  C.  The  Willows,  Terrace  rd. 

Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Barter  Fuank,  34  Gladstone  pi.  Aberdeen 
Bartholomew  George  Galem,  Primrose  cot- 
tage, Winchburgh  S.O.    Linlithgowshire 
Bartholomew    John,    Ardchyle,    Buchanan- 
drive,    Cambu slang,   Glasgow 
Bartholomew    John,     6    Melville    terrace, 

West  Park  road,  Dundee 
Bartholomew    Mrs.    1    Aberlemno    terracer 

Perth  road,  Dundee 
Bartholomew    Mrs.    Glenorchard,    Torrance 

of   Campsie,   Glasgow 
Bartleman  Mrs.  New  Farbut  villa,  Cawdor 

road,  Inverness 
Bartleman   Thomas,    Medwyn   bank,   Liber- 
ton  S.O.  Midlothian 
Bartlemore   Miss,   Millford,   Kilmacolm  S.O.. 

Bartlet    Rev.    George    M.A.    The    Rectory,. 

Foryue,  Huntly 
Bartlet  James  Lindsay  C.  3  Rosewood  ter- 
race. West  Park  road,  Dundee 
Bartlet-Buchanan      Misses,     14     Balhousie 

street,  Perth 
Bartlett    C.     Rowanlea,    Moray    pi.    Elgin 
Bartlett   Mrs.    4  Low  street,   Banff 
Bartlett   Mrs.    15   Station   road,   Inverurie 
Bartley   Rev.    John,    Manse,    New   Rattrajv 

Bartley  G.   Clan  bldgs.   KilbirnieS.O.Ayrsb 
Barton  Geo.  Bank  av.  Downfield,  Dundee 
Barton  James,  3  Dongola  road,  Ayr 
Barton  J.  Burnbank  ter.  Kilsyth,  Glasgow- 
Barton   Mrs.   Ashfield  cottage,  Maxwell  st.. 

Bartram  Henri,  13  Huntley  gardens,  Cath- 
cart, Glasgow 
Barty   A.    Boyd   LL.B.    Dunblane,    Perthsh. 
Barty  James  LL.B.  North  bank,  Dunblane, 

Barty   Jas.    Webster,    Glenaore,   Dunblane 
Barty  Miss,  Anchorfleld,  Dunblane 
Bastarde    Miss,     Bebington,    Langside  rd- 

Newlands,    Glasgow 
Batchelor  Alexander,  2  Duntrune  ter.West 
Ferry,   Broughty  Ferry   S.O.   Forfarshire 
Batchelor     Charles,     Craigmount,     Strath- 

martine,  Dundee 
Batchelor  David,   Cairnie  cottage,   Camphill. 

road,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Batchelor    David,    9    Duntrune    ter.    West 
Ferrv,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Batche'lor  Jas.  T.  15  Dalhousie  st.  Brechin. 
Batchelor  John   G.    Rossie   cottage,   Wood- 
haven,  Wormit,  Dundee 
Batchelor  Mrs.  Maybank,  Dalhousie  street,. 

Carnoustie   S.O.  Forfarshire 
Batchelor  Robert,  28  Windsor  st.  Dundee 
Batchelor  Thomas,  Brooklyn  cottage,  Kep- 

tie  road,   Arbroath 
Batchen     Miss,     Silverwells,     Ness     bank,. 

Bate     Major     Henry     R.     Wiseby,     Kirk- 

patrick-Fleming,   Ecclefechan 
Bates  Alexander,  14  Seaview  pJ.  Broughty 
Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 

Bates  C.  J.  5  Compton  av.Cathcart, Glasgw 
Bates  Geo.  Fdk.  Westoe,  Craigie  rd.Perth 
Bates    Gilbert,    Muirshield,     Lochwinnoch 

3.0.  Benfrewshire 
Bates  J.  11  Hermon  hill,  Perth  rd.  Dundee 
Bates  Misses,  Collieston,  Firth  road,  Crieff 
Bates   Mrs.    Hillside    house,   James   street, 

Bathgate    Geo.    13    Scott    cres.    Galashiels 
Bathgate     John,     West     Pentland     view, 

Juniper  Green  S.O.   Midlothian 
Bathgate  J.  H.  38  \v  llderhaugh  st.Galashls 
Bathgate    Misses,     Albert    cottage,     Muir- 

head,  Glasgow 
Bathgate     Mrs.     Woodneuk,    North    Mount 

Vernon,    Glasgow 
Batten   Edward,   Bennoehy    ho.    Kirkcaldy 
Batters  Miss,   13   North   terrace,   Berwick 
Battison  W.  34  We. Montrose  st.Helensbrgh 
Battison    William   L.    Endrick   vale,   Kers- 

land  drive,  Milngavie,  Glasgow 
Batty  J.W.  Sans  Souci,  Percival  rd.Invrnss 
Batty  Mrs.  9  High  street,  Annan 
Bauchop  A.  G.  Calside  vil.  Calside, Paisley 
Bauchop  John,  154  Middleton  street,  Alex- 
andria, Dumbartonshire 
Bauchop   Mrs.    89    Graham's   rd.   Grahams- 
ton,  Falkirk 
Bauchop  Mrs.  Stonelield  cot.Stonefld.Paisly 
Bauchop  Walter  W.    41  Alma  street,  Gra- 

hamston,  Falkirk 
Baxendale  J.  W.  Altnaharra  lodge,  Altna- 

harra,  Lairg 
Baxendale  John  W.  Benclebrig,  Lairg 
Baxendale    Joseph    W.    Bemersyde    house, 

Mertoun,  Newtown  St.  Boswells 
Baxter  Rev.    George  C   The   Manse,    Wolf- 
hill,  Perth 
Baxter  Rev.  George  Chalmers  M.  A.  United 

Free  Church  manse,  Guildtown,  Perth 
Baxter  Rev.   W.L..D. D.Cameron, St.Andrws 
Baxter  Alan,  6  Taymouth  place,  Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Baxter  Alex.   Dunalister,  Milngavie, Glasgw 
Baxter  Alexander  M.B.,  CM.  63  High  at. 

New  Pitsligo.   Aberdeen 
Baxter  Allen,   6  Collingwood  street,  Barn- 
hill,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Baxter  Andrew,  14  Forest  avenue, Aberdeen 
Baxter  D.  13  Crompton  av.Cathcart, Glasgw 
Baxter  D.  W.  Tydbank,  Wormit,  Dundee 
Baxter  Daniel  J. P.   Carmelite  street,  Banff 
Baxter    David    M.A.     Elmhurst,    Cramond 

S.O.   Midlothian 
Baxter    David,    10    Glebe    terrace,    Brechin 

road,  Kirriemuir 
Baxter  D.  W.   Park  view,Balgay  rd. Dundee 
Baxter  E.  A.,  D.L.,  J.P.  Kincaldrum.Forfr 
Baxter  Edwd.  G.  Teasses  ho.  Ceres,  Cupar 
Baxter  George,  Abbotsford  villa,  Forfar  rd. 

Maryfield,  Dundee 
Baxter  Geo.H.  Somersdale,  Dalmuir.Glasgw 
Baxter  George  S.,  C.E.  Abbotsford  cottage, 

Forfar  road,  Dundee 
Baxter    Horatio    T.    Craigmount,    Tayport 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Baxter  Hugh,   2    Lynnewood   place,   Mary- 
field,  Dundee 
Baxter   J.    B.    Grange   villa,   9   Ferry   road, 

Monifieth,  Dundee 
Baxter    James.    Lairax    house,    Dunipace, 

Denny  S.O.   Stirlingshire 
Baxter  James,  81  Murray  terrace, Aberdeen 
Baxter  Jas.  Ronaldshey  cres.  Grangemouth 
Baxter  James  C.  Floral  hank,  Woodhaven, 

Wormit,   Dundee 
Baxter  J.  E.  23  Step  row,  Perth  rd. Dundee 
Baxter  Jas.  S.  Seton  cot.  Ferry  rd.  Dundee 
Baxter  John,   Birkwood,   Symington, Biggar 
Baxter    John,    Campsie    view,     Slamannan 

S.O.   Stirlingshire 
Baxter  John,  28  Talbot  st.   Grangemouth 
Baxter  Jn.  Valetta,  Inveresk  pi.  Coatbrdg 
Baxter  John   Henry   J.P.    Gilston,   Colins- 

burgh  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Baxter  John  S.  12  St.  Mary  street,  Brechin 
Baxter  J.  W.  Parkboro'.Hyndford  rd.Lanrk 
Baxter  Miss,  1  Aberlemno  terrace,  Dundee 
Baxter  Miss,  23  Carlton  place,  Aberdeen 
Baxter  Miss,  Leewood.Roslin  S.O.Midlothn 
Baxter    Miss,    Rosebank    villa,    Strathaven 

S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Baxter  Mrs.  Academy   street,   Stranraer 
Baxter  Mrs.  14  Albert  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Baxter  Mrs.  Ashcliff,  Perth  road,  Dundee 
BaxterMrs.Cairnsmuir  cot. Downsfld. Dundee 
Baxter    Mrs.     Ellen    bank,     Lundin     Mill, 

Lower  Largo  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Baxter  Mrs.  Jnvereightv  house,  Kinnettles, 

Baxter  Mrs.  Maryville,  Kirn  S.O.  Argyllsh 
Baxter  Mrs.  1  Osborne  terrace,  Wilson  st. 

Craigie,  Perth 
Baxter  Mrs.  7  St.  Andrew  st.  Peterhead 
Baxter  Mrs.  4  Sorbie  road,  Ardrossan 
Baxter   Mrs.    Union    street,    Coupar- Angus 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Baxter  Mrs.  Alex.  17  Stanley  st.   Aberdeen 
Baxter  Neill,  Aultgowne,  Salen,  Aros  S.O. 



Baxter    Norman,    Firdene,    Queen     street, 

Monifieth,   Dundee 
Baxter  R.  L,  Craigruah.Tayport  S.O.Fifesh 
Baxter    Robert,     Blackwood,    Kirkmuirhill 

S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Baxter  Robert.  5  Douglas  terrace.Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Baxter    Robert,     Romanno,    North     Mount 

Vernon,  Glasgow 
Baxter    Stephen     L.     Downiemount    west, 

Tayport  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Baxter  T.  The  Grauge,  Seafield  cres.  Elgin 
Baxter  Walter,  2  Albertford  villas,  Forfar 

road,  Dundee 
Baxter  Wm.  Bank  ho.  Old  Meldrum.Abrdn 
Baxter    William,    Blackwood,    Kirkmuirhill 

S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Baxter  William,    Burnside,   Barassie,  Troon 
Baxter  Wm.  Claremont, Douglas  st.Mothrwll 
Baxter  Wm.  8  Craigie  cres.  Craigie,  Perth 
Baxter    William,    Creightonville,    Lockerbie 

road,  Dumfries 
Baxter    William   M.D.    Crookedholm,    Hurl- 
ford  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Baxter  William,  9  Midmills  road,  Inverness 
Baxter  William  B.  125  Eldon  st.  Greenock 
Baxton  William,    Glendyne,   Colquhoun   st. 

Bavlis  W.  o.  Witchburn  ter.  Campbeltown 
Bayne    Rev.    Alexander    D.D.,     J.P.    The 

Manse,  Tingwall,  Lerwick 
Bayne  Rev.   David,  The  Manse,  Muiravon- 

side,  Linlithgow 
Bayne   Adam,    Clackmannan 
Bayne  David  C.  1  Montgomery  st.Kirkcldy 
Bayne  George,  1  Ivy  bank,  Perth 
Bayne  John,  Carlow    vil.    Albert   st.   Nairn 
Bayne  Miss,  Ellenbank,  Chalton  rd.  Bridge 

of  Allan 
Bayne  Misses,  45  King  street,  Perth 
Bayne  Mrs.  19  Dongola  road,  Ayr 
Bayne  William,   22   Carrick  park,  Ayr 
Bayne- Jardine    Rev.     David,    The     Manse, 

Keir,  Thornhill 

aynes  Mrs.   19  Queen's  gdns.  St.  Andrews 
Beale  Rev.  George  M.A.  The  Manse,  Tor- 

phichen,  Bathgate 
Beale  William  Phipson  K.C.,   M.P.   Drum- 

lamford,    Barrhill    S.O.    Ayrshire;    &    2 

Whitehall  court  SW;   Reform  club  SW; 

Savile  club  W  &  Garrick  club  WC.Londn 
Bean  Andrew,  4  Levengrove  ter. Dumbarton 
Bean  John,  Rose  villa,  Belhaven,  Dunbar 
Bean  Mis3,  30  Belgrave  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Beanston  Adam  J.P.  Eday,  Kirkwall 
Beard  Rev,    Charles  Bernard   M.A.  Parson- 
age, William  street,  Helensburgh 
Beard  H.  Gartcosh  house,  Gartcosh, Glasgw 
Beard  James,  Glenview,  Giffnock,  Glasgow 
Beard  Jn.  20  Linn  ter.Clarkston  rd.Cathcrt 
Beard  Mrs.  63  Stanley  street,  Aberdeen 
Beard  Roland,    Beardsyke  house,    Mossend 

S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Beardmore    Isaac,  Lymington  lodge,   Both- 
well,  Glasgow 
Beardmore  William,    Flichity,    Daviot  S.O. 

Beardmore      William       J.P.       Tullichewan 

castle,  Alexandria,  Dumbartonshire 
Beardsley  John,    2  Roxburghe  ter.   Dunbar 
Bearsley  Miss,  8  Gladstone   pi.  Aberdeen 
Beat    Mrs.     Drumgelloch,    Monreith    road, 

Newlands,   Glasgow 
Beath  John  A.  Kinnesswood,  Kinross 
Beath    Robert,    Eden    bank,    Maule   street, 

Monifieth,  Dundee 
Beath  William,  1  Reres   terrace,  Monifieth 

road,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Beaton  Rev.  David,  Breadalbane  ter.  Wick 
Beaton   Alex.    112  Leslie   terrace,  Aberdeen 
Beaton  Frank,  11  Powis  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Beaton  James  J.P.  Aspenbank,  Turriff 
Beaton  John  J.P.   North  of  Scotland  Bank 

house,  Ballater   S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Beaton  Misses,  37  Argyle  road,  Saltcoats 
Beaton  Misses,   St.  Martin,  Southside  road, 

Beaton  Mrs.   The  Cottage,   Munlochy    S.O. 

Beaton  Murdock,  Uig  vil. Latch  rd-Brechin 
Beaton  Peter,  5  Craigard,  Port  Glasgow 
Beaton  William,  219  Union  grove,  Aberdn 
Beaton  William  Leslie,  15  Muirhall  terrace, 

Bridgend,  Perth 
Beatson  D.   0.   7  Townsend  pi.  Kirkcaldy 
Beatson  Mrs.    East   Woodbrae,    Park  road, 

Eskbank,  Dalkeith 
Beatson  Mrs.  W.   C.  180  High  st.Kirkcaldy 
Beatson     Robert,     Firhill    house,     Colinton 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Beatt   Rev.    David    D.D.    17   North   Silver 

street,  Aberdeen 
Beatt  Chas.  1  Gowrie  pi.  Hawkhill, Dundee 
Beattie  Rev.  David  A.  Garvald.Prestonkirk 
Beattie    Rev.    William    D.     Bow     of    Fife, 

Springfield   S.O.  Fifeshire 
Beattie   Alex.  154  Mid  Stocket   rd.   Aberdn 
Beattie  Alfred  J.,   M.B.,  Ch.B.  Riverview, 

Callander   S.O.    Perthshire 
Beattie  Andrew,   Gartcows  road,    Falkirk 
Beattie  D.  Woodcroft.Townhead  st.Hamiltn 

BEG       1449 

Beattie  Ebenezer,  Garnet  hill,  Lockerbie 
Beattie  George,  jun.  389  Clifton  rd. Aberdn 
Beattie  George,  246  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Beattie  Geo.  2  Orchard  pk.Gift'nock.Glasgw 
Beattie  Geo.  B.  26  Abergeldie  ter.  Aberdn 
Beattie  George  James,  Bella  Vista,  Gallane 

S.O.  Haddingtonshire 
Beattie  J., M.A.  Achinellan, Battery  rd.Oban 
Beattie    James,     Kilrymont,    The     Scores, 

St.  Andrews 
Beattie  James,  Park  house,  Canonbie  S.O. 

Beattie  Jn. Broad  view, Linden  cres. Hawick 
Beattie  John,  14   Church    street,  Alloa 
Beattie  Jn.  Fairfield,  The  Mall,  Montrose 
Beattie  John,  47  Springbank  ter.  Aberdeen^ 
Beattie  John,  Mary  Lea  cottage,  Terregles 

street,  Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Beattie    John    A.    Ardeer,    London    street,. 

Larkhall   S.O.   Lanarkshire 
Beattie  J.H.  7  Delta  pl.Inveresk,Musslbrgb 
Beattie  Joseph,  109  Clifton  road,  Aberdeen 
Beattie    Miss,     Baukshill     house,     Tnnder- 

garth,  Lockerbie 
Beattie  Miss,  23  Charles  street,  Annan 
Beattie  Miss,  13  Church  street,  Annan 
Beattie  Miss,  10  Pitcullen  crescent,  Bridg- 
end, Perth 
Beattie  Misses,  16  Charles   street,   Annan 
Beattie  The  Misses,  The  Gables,  The  MalL 

Beattie  Misses,  Rosebank,  Langholm 
Beattie  Mrs.  Ivy  bank,  Thornhill 
Beattie  Mrs.   Strathern  villa,  Craigellachie' 

S.O.  Banffshire 
Beattie  Mrs.  Victoria  road,  Annan 
Beattie  P.D.  Mill  meadows,  Well  rd.  Moffat 
Beattie  Percival,  Pitkerro  road,  Dundee 
Beattie  Robert,  Esk  bank,  North  High  st. 

Beattie  Robert,  Gleniruin,  Uddingston 
Beattie  Robt.  9  Sth.  Hamilton  st.Kilmrnck 
Beattie  Robert,  233  Westburn  rd.  Aberdeen 
Beattie  Thomas  J.P.  Dumfedling,  Eskdale- 

muir,  Langholm 
Beattie  Thomas,  12  High  street,  Langholm, 
Beattie  Thos.  Northbank,  Shettleston.Glsgw 
Beattie  W.  Ravenswd.  Carlyle  rd.Kirkcaldy 
Beattie  Wm.  Dineiddwg,  Strathb.ane,Glsgw 
Beattie  William,  47  Leslie  road,  Aberdeen 
Beattie  Wm.  Parkhall,  Dalmuir,   Glasgow 
Beattie  William,   Ravenshill,   Lockerbie 
Beattie  W.  School  ho.  St.Vigian'B, Arbroath 
Beatty  SI.  M.B.,  CM,  Craigvar,  Pitlochry 
Beaumont  Alfred,   342  King  st.  Aberdeen 
Beaumont  Mra.21Airlie  pl.Perth  rd. Dundee 
Beaumont  Mrs.  Argyll  villa,  Tighnabruaicb. 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Beck  Hugh,  91  Caledonia  road,  Saltcoats 
Beck  Matthew,  42  Eglinton  rd,  Ardrossan 
Beck   Mrs.    103   Deswood  place,    Aberdeen 
Beck  Mrs.  40  Eglinton  road,  Ardrossan 
Becker    Mrs.    St.    George's   terrace,    Bridge 

of  Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Becket  Robert  G.  Minikoi,  Campbell  drive, 

Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Beckett  Geo.  35  South  Beach  rd. Ardrossan. 
Beckett  Hugh,  Glenfoot,  West  Kilbride  rd. 

Beckett  Miss,    Burnpark,   5  Lylesland   ter- 
race, Espedair  street,  Paisley 
Beckett  Miss,Holmhurst,South  beach, Troon, 
Beddie  Jas.  Valetta,  Kirn  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Beddie     John,    Barchuill,    Gatehouse    S.O. 

Beddie  Lewis  M.A.,  M.B.,  CM.   17  Saltoua 

place,  Fraserburgh 
Beddinglield  Mrs.  Flowerdale  cottage,  Ken- 
neth street,  Inverness 
Bedell-Sivwright    William     Henry    R.     B. 

Mansion  house,  Ardincaple,  Easdale,Oban 
Bedford  Duke  of  K.G.,  D.L.,  J.P.  Cairns- 
more,    Newton    Stewart;    &  15    Belgrave 

square,  London  S  W 
Bedford     Major    C     R.,     J.P.     Woodburn,. 

Bedford  Fredk.  William,  Parkhead,  Perth 
Bee  Jn.  Hy.  Braighebhailer,  West  rd. Elgin 
Beeby  John,  Booth  place,  Falkirk 
Beech    Mrs.    Alexander,    Meggernie    castle, 

Glen  Lyon,  Fortingall,  Aberfeldy 
BeeeroftMiss, Craig  view,Noble  hi. Dumfries 
Beedie  John,    1   Osborne   terrace,   Camper- 
down  st.  Broughty  Ferry   S.O.   Forfarsh 
Beedie  Lieut.  Frank  Symonds  R.N.   (ret.)r 

Dunedin,  Broomieknowe,  Lasswade 
Been  John,   114   Argyle  road,   Saltcoats 
Beevers   Mrs.   Aberford  villa,  East   Links, 

Begg    Rev.     Bruce     D.D.     Foxknowe,     St. 

Fillans    S.O.    Perthshire 
Begg    Rev.    Bruce    Beveridge    M.A.,    D.D-. 

The  Manse,  Milton'road,  Kirkcaldy 
Beeg  Rev.H.C.  Sorn  manse, Sorn,Mauchline 
Begg  Rev.  John  S.,  M.A.  The  Croft,  Oban 
Begg  Rev.  Robert  B.D.  Manse,  Crossgates 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Begg  Albert,  Kinreen,  Cults,  Aberdeen 
Begg  A.  The  Cairn, Woodside  walk,Hamiltn 
Begg     Andrew,     FHskwood,     Thorn    road, 

Bearsden,  Glasgow 

1450       BEG 


Begg  Arthur,14  East  Somerville  pi. Dundee 
Begg  D.  Strathview,  Potterhill  av.  Paisley 
Begg  George,   65  Glaisnoek  st.   Cumnock" 
Begg  George,  89  Leslie  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Begg  Hugh,  jun.  Sunnyside,  East  Kilbride 

Begg    James,    Ash    grove,     North    Mount 

Vernon,  Glasgow 
Begg  Jas. 2  Westcoats  rer.Cambuslng.Glsgw 
Begg  James,  Westland,  Castlehead,  Paisley 
Begg  James  S.S.C.  Wideford,  Kirkwall 
Begg  John,   22  Balhousie  street,  Perth 
Begg  John,  Burnbrae,  Sharon  street,  Dairy 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Begg  John  B.  Commercial  st.  Blairgowrie 
Begg  Jn.Hay,  Ash  hi.  Kittybrewster.Abrdn 
Begg  Jn.  Henderson,  15  Albyn  ter.  Aberdn 
Begg  Marcus,   15  Seafield  street,  Elgin 
Begg  Miss,  Port  Elphinstone,  Inverurie 
Begg  Mrs.  Cumberland  house,  John  street 

Largs  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Begg  Mrs.    Howrah   cot.   Calside,   Paisley 
Begg  Rt.  C.  Tighanrudhe,PotterhUl,Paisley 
Begg     Thomas,     Alleppo,    Hunters     Quay, 

Kirn  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Begg  T.  Elms,  North  Mt.  Vernon,  Glasgow 
Begg  Thomas,  Park  Hall  house,  East  Kil- 
bride, Glasgow 
BeggThos.  Tulloch,  09  Claremont  st.Abrdn 
Bein  John,  SO  Dundonald  rd.  Kilmarnock 
Bein  Miss,  Lochwood,  York  road,  Troon 
Beith   Rev.  Peter  M.A.,  TJ.   F.    C.  manse, 

Corstorphine  S.O.  Midlothian 
Beith   Hugh,    Forbes    place,    Wcmyss   Bay 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Beith  Mrs.   10  Albert   road,    Gourock   S.O. 

Beith  Mrs.  Alt-na-craig,  Oban 
Beith  Mrs.  Helenslee,  Carrick,  Greenock 
Beith  Mrs.   18   St.   Leonard's  road,  Ayr 
Bejerre  Ralph,61  Kyle  pk.Uddingstn.Glsgw 
Belcher  Rev.  Andrew  H.,  B.A.  The  Manse, 

Fettercairn.  Laurencekirk 
Belfield  C.  Prestonpans  S.O.  Haddingtonsh 
Belfield  John  C.  Seacliff,  Prestonpans  S.O. 

Belford  J.  Gibson, Tay  side, Wormit, Dundee 
Belford  James,    Tarfside,    Camperdown   st. 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Belford  William  G.  Dunbae  house,  Church 

street,  Stranraer 
Belfrage  R.  Roseville.Old  Carlisle  rd.Moffat 
Belhaven     &     Stenton     Lord     D.L.,     J. P. 

Wishaw   house,    Wishaw ;    &    41   Lennox 

gdns.  &  United  Service  club.London  SW 
Bell    Sir    James    bart.    D.L.,    J. P.    Mont- 

greenan,    Kilmarnock 
Bell  Col.   William,   26  Albert  pi.  Stirling 
Bell  Rev.  Archibald  M.A.,  D.D.  13  Sham- 
rock   street.    Dundee 
Bell  Rev.   D.  The  Manse,  Tobermory  S.O. 

Bell  Rev.G.L.  Drumlithie  S.O.Kincardineeh 
Bell  Rev.  Geo.  M.A.  Portland  pk.Hamilton 
Bell  Rev.  H.  W.,  M.A.  6  Albyn  ter.  Abrdn 
Bell  Rev.  Herbert  Crosland,  Laurencekirk 
Bell  Rev.  James  B.D.   South  U.  F.  manse, 

Auchtermuchty  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Bell    Rev.    John   M.A.    Carstairs    Junction 

S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Bell    Rev.    John    C.    Pathhead    manse,    65 

Loughborough  road,  Kirkcaldy 
Bell    Rev.     Richard,     Manse,     Wamphray, 

Beatlock  S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Bell  Rev.  Tbos.  D.D.  145  Duthie  ter.Abrdn 
Bell  Rev.  William  F.,  M.A.  Manse,  Ash- 
kirk,  Hawick 
Bell  A.  H.  Mayfield.CoUnsburgh  S.O.Fifesh 
Bell  Alexander,  Glencairn,  Wormit, Dundee 
Bell    Allen,    8    Pdig'ny   terrace,    Esplanade, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Bell  Andrew  C.  Burnscairth  green,  Lochar- 

briggs,  Dumfries 
Bell  Andrew  Lees  M.D.,  CM.  Ballochmile 

house,  Canmore  street.  Dunfermline 
Bell  Andw.  W.  Viewfield  ter.  Dunfermline 
Bell  Archibald,  Daisy  bank,  Tighnabruaich 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Bell   Archibald,    Hillside,    Beith 
Bell  Archibald.  13  Shamrock  st.  Dundee 
Bell  Arthur,  Hillside,  Langholm 
Bell  Arthur,  14  Rosslyn  place,  Perth 
Bell  Arth.K.  Barclay  hills, Old  Scone, Perth 
Bell  Benj.  David  C.  65  Albert  st.  Kirkwall 
Bell    C.    Hope,    Rossie,    Forgandenny   S.O. 

Bell  Charles,  36  Dumbarton  road,  Stirling 
Bell  Charles,  16  Linden  terrace,  Hawick 
Bell  Charles,  9   Benny  place,  West  Ferry, 

Broughty  Ferry   S.O*.  Forfarshire 
Bell  Clifford  T..  M.B.  4  Albert  st.  Aberdn 
Bell  David,  Leafield  road,  Dumfries 
Bell  Edward  John,  Clinthead,  Langholm 
Bell  G.  Bellevue,   Dornoch  S.O.Sutherlndsh 
Bell  George,  Hilldene,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Bell  George,  Kingsknowe  house,   Slateford 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Bell  George,  19  Milnbank  road,  Dundee 
Bell  Geo.  6  Pitcullen  cres.  Bridgend,  Perth 
Bell  Geo.  G.  Norwood  ter.E.Newprt.Fifesb 
Bell  George  Irving,  16  High  st.  Langholm 

Bell  H.  Rossie,  Forgandenny  S.O.  Perthsh 
Bell  Henry,  43  Prestwick  fd.  Newton,  Ayr 
Bell    Henry    D.    St.    Colmes,    The    Scores, 

St.  Andrews 
Bell  J.    Edinburgh   Hydropathic  establish 

ment,  Slateford  S.O.  Midlothian 
Bell  J.  Springbank,  Windmill  rd.  Hamilton 
Bell  J.  Alex.  98  Fountainhall  rd.  Aberdeen 
Bell  J.  H.  Belmont  ho.  Perth  rd.  Dundee 
Bell  J.  M.  Pitcullo  ho.Leuchars  S.O.Fifesh 
Bell  J.  W.  Belmont  house, Perth  rd. Dundee 
Bell  Jacob, Gowansville, Annan  rd. Dumfries 
Bell  James,  Belmont,  Green  la.  Carnoustie 

S.O.  Forfarshire 
Bell  Jas.  Cairn  hill,  Crawford  st.Motherwll 
Bell    James,    Cairnvue,    Woodburn  avenue, 

Airdrie,    Lanarkshire      «. 
Bell  Jas.  1  The  Crescent,  Dalmuir, Glasgow 
Bell  Jas.  125  East  Princes  st.  Helensburgh 
Bell  James,   41  Kelly  street,  Greenock 
Bell  James,  Marine  cottage,  Leven 
Bell  James  H.  Sidlaw,  Wormit,  Dundee 
Bell  Jas.  S.  Bank  st. Alexandria, Dumbrtnsh 
Bell  John,  136  Almada  street,  Hamilton 
Bell  J.  Balboothie,  Kilconquhar  S.O.Fifesh 
Bell  John,  Bellvue,  Buckhaven  S.O.  Fifesh 
Bell  John  M.A.   Brentwood,   Mathieson  st. 

Bell  John,  Davaar  house,  Brownside  road, 

Cambu3lang,  Glasgow 
Bell  John,  Dornock  house,  Dornock,  Annan 
Bell  John  J. P.  Enterkine,  Tarbolton,  Ayr 
Bell     John,     Glencraig,     Kilmacolm     S'.O 

BellJn.Glenisla, Station    rd. Bearsden, Glsgw 
Bell  John,   Kilchattan,   Rothesay 
Bell  John,  Lake  view,  Powfoot,  Cummer- 
trees,  Annan 
Bell  John,   93  New  street,  Musselburgh 
Bell  John,  Park  pi.  Elie  S.O.   FifeBhire 
Bell  John,  137  Prestwick  road,  Ayr 
Bell   John,    Tellow   house,   Broxburn    S.O. 

Bell  Jn.   Lindsay,   19  David  st.  Kirkcaldy 
Bell   John   R.    Castlehlll,   Broughty   Ferry 

S.O.   Forfarshire 
Bell  Jn.S.,M.B.,(j.M.  The  Green, Lockerbie 
Bell    John   William,    Rossie,    Forgandenny 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Bell  Jsph.  3  Bellevista  ter.  Bridgend, Perth 
Bell  Joseph,   55   George   st.   Blairgowrie 
Bell    Joseph    John,    Broomieknowe    house, 

Broomitknowe,   Lass  wade 
Bell  Miss,  Alexandra  terrace,  Carlogie  rd. 

Carnoustie   S.O.   Forfarshire 
Bell  Miss,  5  Blackness  avenue,  Dundee 
Bell  Miss,  8  Eglinton  terrace,   Ayr 
Bell  Miss,  Erkinholme  terrace,  Langholm 
Bell  Miss,  65  Main  street,  Wishaw 
Bell  Miss, Myrtle  bank,  E.  Newport,  Fifesh 
Bell  Miss,   1  Norwood  crescent,  Dundee 
Bell   Miss,   8  Palace  green,   Berwick 
Bell  Miss,  Peace  vil.Mount  Vernon, Glasgw 
Eell    Miss,     St.     Clair    gardens,    Millport 

S.O.   Buteshire 
Bell  Miss,  Tay  cliff,  West  Ferry.Broughly 

Ferrv  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Bell   Miss,    11   Wemyssfield,    Kirkcaldy 
Bell  Miss,  Woodcote,  Bridge  of  Weir  S.O. 

Bell     Misses,     Hawktield,     Balerno     S.O. 

Bell    Misses,    3    Minto    place,    Magdalene 

green,   Dundee 
Bell  Mrs.   4  Albert  street,   Aberdeen 
Bell  Mrs.  Blythfield,  Old  Edinburgh  road, 

Bell  Mrs.   Clifton  house,   Kilcreggan   S.O. 

Bell  Mrs.  Comely  Park  terrace,  Falkirk 
Bell  Mrs.  14  Craigkenochie  ter.Burntislnd 
Bell    Mrs.    4    Douglas    terrace,    Broughty 

Ferry   S.O.    Forfarshire 
Bell  Mrs.  Fernbank,  Rhannan  road,  Cath- 

cart,  Glasgow 
Bell  Mrs.   Gladstone  road,  Huntly 
Bell  Mrs.   Heath  villa,   Peterculter, Aberdn 
Bell  Mrs.  Home  Park  villa,  Belhaven  ter- 
race, Wishaw 
Bell  Mrs.  John  st.  Alexandria,  Dumbrtnsh 
Bell   Mrs.   Leigh  house,   Castle  Douglas 
Bell  Mrs.  42  Main  street,  Bridgend,  Perth 
Bell    Mrs.     Moat    of    Troqueer,     Troqueer, 

Bell   Mrs.   33  Osborne  place,   Aberdeen 
Bell   Mrs.   66  Quetn  street,   Dumfries 
Bell   Mrs.    Rose   ter.   Bank   street,   Cupar 
Bell  Mrs.  Boseneuk,  Park  road,  Eskbank, 

Bell     Mrs.     Russell     place,     Dollar     S.O. 

Bell    Mrs.    Seacliff,    Lundin    mill,    Lower 

Largo   S.O.    Fifeshire 
Bell    Mrs.    Seafield,    Hunter's    quay,    Kirn 

S.O.    Argyllshire 
Bell   Mrs.    20   Townsend   cres.    Kirkcaldy 
Bell  Mrs.  Tyrie  mains,  Tyrie,  Fraserburgh 
Bell   Mrs.    Union   villa,    Lockerbie 
Bell  Mrs.  Upper  Stepford,  Dunscore,Auld- 

girth   S.O.   Dumfriesshire 

Bell  Mrs.  1  Victoria  avenue,  Annan 
Bell  Mrs. Victoria  vils.  Barone  rd. Rothesay 
Bell  Mrs.  Waverley  cot.  Wormit,  Dundee 
Bell   Mrs.    Woodburn,   Kingussie   S.O.   In- 
Bell  Mrs.   A.    R.   306  Perth  rd.   Dundee 
Bell  Mrs.  Daniel,  Heathbank,  BarrmiU  rd. 

Bell  Mrs.  James,  2  Norwood  cres.  Dundee 
Bell  Peter,  Bocklea,  Bridge  of  Weir  S.O. 

Bell  R.  King  J.P.   Middle  park,   Paisley 
Bell    Richard    J.P.    Castle    O'er,    Esk.'.ale- 

muir,  Langholm 
Bell     Richard,     Holmhead,     Newcastleton 

S.O.   Roxburghshire 
Bell   Robert,   5   Braxfield  road,    Lanark 
Bell   Robert,   Mount  Pleasant,    Lochmaben 

S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Bell  Robert,   1  West  Stewartfield,  Hawick 
Bell  Robt.  Duff,   Craigenvar,  Scone,  Perth 
Bell  Robert  Fitzroy  J.P.  Temple  Hall  ho. 

Coldingham,  Eyemouth  S.O.  Berwicksh 
Bell  T.  Overdale,  South  Park  rd.Hamilton 
Bell  Thomas,  Belle  Vue  house,  Dairy  S.O. 

Bell  Thomas  J.P.  Hazlewood,  West  Ferry, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.    Forfarshire 
Bell  Thomas,   Inanda,  Dalmuir,  Glasgow 
Bell  Thomas  Hope  J.P.  Morrington,  Duns- 
core,   Auldgirth  S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Bell  Thos.  Y.    13   Fotheringham  rd.   Ayr 
Bell  W.   65  Clepington  road,  Dundee 
Bell  Walter  Clark,   Strathallan,  Wood  End 

street,  Helensburgh 
Bell  William,  65  Clepington  rd.  Dundee 
Bell  William,  Craigthuel,  Aberfeldy 
Bell     William     M.A.,      B.Sc.      Fernleigh, 

Ormiston   terrace,    Melrose 
Bell  Wm.  13  Ferry  rd.  Monifieth,  Dundee 
Bell  Wm.   Rosemont.Brookfield,  Johnstone 
Bell  William,   St.   Katherine's  villa,  Well- 
shot   drive,  Oambuslang,   Glasgow 
Bell   William,    13    Sandgate,    Berwick 
Bell  Wm.   Southwood,  Manse  rd.Motherwll 
Bell  Wm. A. Osborne  vil.Osborne  pi. Dundee 
Bell  Wm.  E.  24  St.  Swithin  st.  Aberdeen 
Bell  Wm.    S.,   J.P.    East   Fortune,   Ather- 

staneford,  Drem  S.O.  Haddingtonshire 
Bell    William    S.,    J.P.,    D.L.    The    Woll, 

Ashkirk,  Hawick 
Bell  William  T.  C.  Southend  villa,Peeble3 

road,  Penicuik 
Bell-Irving    D.    J.    Bankside,    St.    Mungo, 

Bell-Irving    John,    Milkbank,    St.    Mungo, 

Bel  lairs  Walter   G.   Altrua,    Spean   Bridge 

S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Belton  Mrs.    17  Bonnymuir  pi.   Aberdeen 
Bennet  Rev.  Jn.  Dumbreck  cres.Dumbartn 
Bennet  Ebenezer,   3  Munro   Bt.   Kirkcaldy 
Bennet    Miss,     6    Gillespie    terrace,     The 

Scores,  St.   Andrews 
Bennet    Mrs.    Hilldontree,    Causewayhead, 

Bennet  Mrs.  Marlfield,  Old  Well  rd.  Moffat 
Bennet  Wm.  St.  Inan,  Harbour  st.  Irvine 
Bennett  Rev.   Wm.  L.   Billhead,  Lerwick 
Bennett    A.    W.    Brown    st.    Blairgowrie 
Bennett  Alexandra,  7  Eglinton  ter.  Ayr 
Bennett   Alex.   Rose  street,  Dumfermline 
Bennett  Alex. Venture  Fair  av. Dunfermline 
Bennett  Alex.  4  View  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Bennett    Alexander,    1   Viewlands   terrace, 

Glasgow  road,  Perth 
Bennett    Alexander    J.    M.    Struan    lodge, 

Sandbank  road,  Dunoon 
Bennett   Alex.    W.   Blainslie,   Melrose 
Bennett  Andrew,  Glenirfer,   St.   Andrews 
Bennett     Archibald,     Ardleven,     Campbell 

drive,  Bearsden,   Glasgow 
Bennett  George,  12  Nelson  street,  Dundee 
Bennett    George,    Rowan   bank,    Craig   rd. 

Tayport  S.O.   Fifeshire 
Bennett  Hv.  Charlotte  st.Oxhill, Dumbarton 
Bennett   Hugh  C,  J.P.   Hill   street,  Tilli- 

coulty   S.O.    Clackmannanshire 
Bennett    James,    Park    hill    Colinton    S.O. 

Bennett  Jas.  South  villa,   Moss  st.  Elgin 
Bennett    John     C.     Buchanness,     Boddam 

S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Bennett  John  Carrnichael  B.   L.  6  Queen's 

terrace,  Aberdeen 
Bennett    John    Charles    Bell,    Ferniebank, 

Sunnylaw,   Bridge   of   Allan, Stirlingshire 
Bennett   Miss,   Blair   Logie,    Stirling 
Bennett  Miss, 11  Craigholm  cres.Burntlslnd 
Bennett  Miss,  Maryville,  Fife  street,  Duff- 
town S.O.  Banffshire 
Bennett     Mrs.     Benar,     Buchanan     drive, 

Cambnslang,   Glasgow 
Bennett  Mrs.   15  Grange  road,   Alloa 
Bennett  Mrs.  Union  cottage, Round  Riding 

road,   Dumbarton 
Bennett  Robert,  Savoy  park,  Ayr 
Bennett  W.  Athole  cottage,  Grieve  street, 

Bennett  William,  78  Muir  st.   Hamilton 


BIR        1451 

Bennie   Gordon,   Walden,   Bridge   of   Weir 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Bennie  Jn. E.Auburn,  Brookfield.Johnslone 
Bennie  John  Wood,  Polmont  Station  S.O. 

Bennie  M.    Strath  vw.   Killearn,   Glasgow 
Bennie    Mrs.     Glenburn,    Greenlees    road, 

Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Bennie    Mrs.    Newstead,    Bridge    of    Weir 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Bennie  Mrs.  The  Vineries,  Barassie,  Troon 
Bennie    Mrs.    John,    Lochend,    Ratho    Sta- 
tion S.O.   Linlithgowshire 
Bennie   William,   Poplar   place,   Larberfc 
Bennoch  John,   25  Lewis  road,   Stranraer 
Bennoch  Mrs.    Stair  drive,   Stranraer 
Benny  Mrs.   Loch  park,   Denny 
Benson    Rev.    J.    M.    5   Hermon   Hill    ter- 
race,  Dundee 
Benson  Jas.  Speid,  568  Holburn  st.Aberdn 
Benson  Jn.Connielee.Mill  rd.Yoker.Glasgw 
Benson  Jn.  Marionville, Victoria  pl.Airdrie 
Benson    John,     Summerhill     cottage,     St. 

John  street,  Coatbridge 
Benson  Mrs.  Lilac  cottage,  Victoria  place, 

Airdrie,  Lanarkshire 
Benson  Thos.   29   Grosvenor  pi.  Aberdeen 
Bentinck  Rev.  Chas.  D.,  B.D.  The  Manse, 

Dornoch  S.O.  Sutherlandshire 
Bentley  George  H.  Loanhead  house,  Kirk- 
liston S.O.    Linlithgowshire 
Bentley   Mrs.   M.   H.   Lothcot    house,  Tor- 

phichen,  Bathgate 
Benvie  Alex.  26  Queen  st.  Craigie,  Perth 
Benvie  James  R.    Cluny  cottage,  Cieping- 

ton  road,  Dundee 
Benvie  Mrs.  9  Somerville  place,  Dundee 
Benwell  Rev.  Ernest  J.  H.,  B.A.   Spring- 
bank,  Nursery  road,  Oban 
Benzie  George  P.  74  Bedford  pi.  Aberdeen 
Benzie  Isaac,  153  Clifton  road,  Aberdeen 
Benzie  James,   18  Osborne  pi.  Aberdeen 
Benzie  Miss,  19  Gray  street,  Aberdeen 
Benzie  Miss,   22  Sealield   st.  Portsoy  S.O. 

Bereley  Galvin,  94  Argyle  rd.  Saltcoats 
Berg   Emil   P.   5   Duntrune   terrace,   West 
Ferry,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Berg  Mrs.  54  Duthie  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Berg    Robert,    12   Duntrune   terrace,    West 
Ferry,   Broughty   Ferry   S.O.    Forfarshire 
Bergmans    Miss,    Albeysrone,    Strone    S.O. 

Berman  Harris,   15  Linn  terrace,  Claikston 

road,  Cathcart,   Glasgow 
Bernard  J.  M.,   B.Sc.  Dunsinnan,  Collace, 

Bernard    Mrs.    Berada,    Cowdenbeath    S.O. 

Bernard  William,  Bon  Accord  villa,  Fair- 
field road,  Inverness 
Berneaud  Henri  Charles,  48  Rubislaw  Den 

south,  Aberdeen 
Berney  Sir  H.   H.   bart.   LL.B.  Burncrook, 

Well  road,  Moffat 
Berney  George  R.  B.  5  Tay  terrace,  East 

Newport,  Fifeshire 
Berrie    Miss,    ripring    bank,    Hill    street, 

Monifleth,    Dundee 
Berry    Rev.    John,    United    Free    Church 
manse,   Rigside,  Douglas  S.O.  Lanarksh 
Berry  Rev.   John   Philip,   Ceres,   Cupar 
Berry  Geo.  3  Clifford  rd.  North  Berwick 
Berry    John,    Haugh    house,    Windygates 

S.O.   Fifeshire 
Berry    Mrs.     Glenst  riven,     Inverchaolain, 

Toward    Point    S.O.    Argyllshire 
Berry  Mrs.  Tayrield,  We.  Newport,  Fifesh 
Berry  Mrs. The  Bungalow, Methlick.Aberdn 
Berrv   Patrick,   25   Holburn   rd.   Aberdeen 
Berry  W.,J.P.Tayfield,  We.Newport, Fifesh 
Bertie    Alex.    2    Wellington    st.    Dundee 
Bertie   William,   11   Springfield,    Dundee 
Bertram    Charles,    Ellangowan,    Newlands 

road,   Newlands,   Glasgow 
Bertram  George,  St.  Serf's,  Culross,  Dun- 
Bertram     John     J. P.     Addinston,     Lauder 

S.O.  Berwickshire 
Bertram    John,     Allan    villa,     Strathaven 

S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Bertram  John  Ander=on,  Thorndene, Thorn 

road,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Bertram    Miss,    St.    Leonards,    Carrington 

terrace,  Crieff 
Bertram  W.  Marbert   vil.Springhill, Peebles 
Bertram    Wm.    Kilmaide,    Bayswell    park, 

Berwick  Geo.  M.D.  2  Marine  pi.  Rothesay 
Berwick  James.  Albany  bank,  Dumfries 
Berwick  Jas.  Eyota  cot.Westfield  av.  Cupar 
Berwick  John.  56  North  st.  St.  Andrews 
Berwick  MissE.5  Queen's  gdns. St. Andrews 
Berwick  Rt.L.  Newton  bank,  St.  Andrews 
Berwick    William    A.    Rosebank,    Lundin 

Mill,    Lower    Lartro    S.O.    Fifeshire    . 

Best   Rev.   Thomas    F.   The   Manse,    Albert 

road,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 

Best  John,   Broughton    S.O.   Peebleshire 

Best  Jsph.   Walt. W. 60  Forsyth  st. Greenock 

Bethell    Slingsby    W.    Blackford,    Rothie- 

norman  S.O.  Aberdeen 
Bethune  Alex.D.  92  Devonshire  rd.Aberdn 
Bethune  John,   Rowan  bank,   Carlogie  rd. 

Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Bethune   William  John,  Braemoray,   Beau- 
fort  road,  Inverness 
Bett  James,  BeecUwood,  Logierait,  Strath- 

tay  S.O.   Perthshire 
Bett  Jas.  Leuchars  lo.  Leuchars,  Fifeshirt 
Bett  John,   West  park,   St.    Andrews 
Bett   Miss,    1   BeUefield    avenue,    Dundee 
Bett   Miss,    1  Murray  park,   St.   Andrewa 
Bett  Thomas,  Dainalinne,  Dull,  Aberfeldy 
Betta  Lieut.  Ebenezer  James,  Cumberland 

terrace,   Row,  Helensburgh 
Betts    Robert,    Waverley,    Cramond    S.O. 

Beveridge  Rev.  John  M.A.,  B.D.   8  Pros- 
pect place,  Dundee 
Beveridge    Rev.    Thomas    L.    The    Manse, 

Roseneath  S.O.   Dumbartonshire 
Beveridge  Rev.W.Nv.Ivy  bank,  Pt.Glasgow 
Beveridge    Rev.   William   M.A.,   TJ.   F.   C. 

manse,  New  Deer,  Aberdeen 
Beveridge  A. Bonnie  vw. Cherry  bank, Perth 
Beveridge  A.  3  East  Fergus  pi.  Kirkcaldy 
Beveridge  Alexander  Thos.  Gordon  M.A, 
M.B.,  CM.,  J.P.  31  King  st.  Aberdeen 
Beveridge    Andrew,    Glenlair,    Abbotshall 

road,  K.rkcaldy 
Beveridge  Archd. Castle  Blair, Dunfermline 
Beveridge  Charles  J.P.  Kinneddar,  Saline, 

Oakley  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Beveridge   David,   Blyth  villas,   Largo  rd. 

St.  Andrews 
Beveridge  David,  220  High  Bt.  Kirkcaldy 
Beveridge   David,    Kelty   S.O.    Fifeshire 
Beveridge  David,   Morningside  west, Lang- 
bank,  Port  Glasgow 
Beveridge  David  J.P.  The  Poplars, Kings- 
kettle   S.O.   Fifeshire 
Beveridge  David, 9  We. Albert  rd. Kirkcaldy 
Beveridge  Dvd.C.Mahratta,  Lenzie.Glasgw 
Beveridge    E.,    J.P.     St.    Leonard's    hill, 

Beveridge    Erskine    LL.D.,    J.P.     Vallay, 

North  TJist,  Lochmaddy 
Beveridge  G.Belmont,  Avon  st. Motherwell 
beveridge  Geo.  J. 35  Milton  rd.  Kirkcaldy 
Beveridge  Hamish,  343  Holburn  st.Aberdn 
Beveridge  Hy.  J.P.  Pitreavie, Dunfermline 
Beveridge  J.,  J.P.  Kinneston,  Leslie  S.O. 

Beveridge  J.,  M.A.  Wellbank,   Linlithgow 
Beveridge  J.   F.   Beveridge   rd.   Kirkcaldy 
Beveridge  J.  S.  The  Well,  Milnathort  S.O. 

Beveridge  Jas.    11  Abbotsford  gro.   Kelso 
Beveridge  James,  83  Custlehill  road,  Ayr 
Beveridge   James,   21   Gale   ter.    Galashiels 
Beveridge  James,  7  Glebe  ter.  Dumfries 
Beveridge  Jae.Pitheavlis, Glasgow  rd. Perth 
Beveridge    James,    Shelterha',    Stratbmore 

road,  Hamilton 
Beveridge    James    P.,    J.P.    Sunny    view, 

Kingskettle   S.O.    Fifeshire 
Beveridge  John,  Croft  park,  Kinross 
Beveridge   John  M.B.,   CM.    Crookedholm, 

HurHord   S.O.   Ayrshire 
Beveridge  John,   Glenochil,  Dalbeattie  rd. 

Maxwelltown,   Dumfries 
Beveridge  Jn.25  Magdalen  Yard  rd. Dundee 
Beveridge  John,   St.   Mary's,  Dunlop  S.O. 

Beveridge  John  B.  36  Church  rd.   Tweed- 
mouth,  Berwick 
Beveridge   Miss,   Oakley   villa, Birnam  S.O. 

Beveridge   Miss,   Rosehill,   Inveresk,   Mus- 
Beveridge  Miss, Temple  cres.CrailS.O.Fifsh 
Beveridge  Mrs.  Beechwood,  Bennochy  rd. 

Beveridge  Mrs.   Rumdewan  house,   Kings- 
kettle  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Beveridge    Mrs.    Wairuna,    Barloan     cres- 
cent, Dumbarton 
Beveridee  Peter,   19  Polmnir  rd. Aberdeen 
Beveridge     Robert,     22     Bogton     avenue, 

Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Beveridge   Robert,   4   Cattofield   pl.Aberdn 
Beveridge  Robert,  12  Scott  cres.  Galashiels 
Beveridge   Rt.    Zanzibar   lo.    Dyce,    Aberdn 
Beveridsre    Robert    M.    Ryelea,    Kingskettle 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Beveridge  Thos.  M.  24  Wood  mrkt.  Kelso 
iieveridge  William,    17  Barns  street,   Ayr 
Beveridge  William,   jnn.   Torry  house.New 

mills,  Dunfermline 
Beveridge  Wm.  Viewfield  pi.  Dunfermline 
Beveridge   William   B.    Rosehill,   Inveresk, 

Beverlev  G^o.   133  Blenheim   pi.  Aberdeen 
Beverley    George,    3    Meethill,    Myth    S.O. 

Beverley  Mrs.   144  Mid  street,  Keith 
Beverlev  William.   42  View  ter.    Aberdeen 
Bevis  Charles,  24  Clackmannan  rd.  Alloa 
Bewley  Miss.Rathmore,  Springhill, Peebles 

Beyaert  Rev.  A.  Presbytery,  TTddingston 
Bickerton   Rev.    Thomas   A.,    B.D.   Borth- 

wick  manse,  Gorebridge  S.O.Midlothian 
Bickerton  David  T.  Woodvale,  Ardooh  gro. 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Bicket   Rev.    James    B.    Graamsay,    Strom- 

ness  S.O.  Orkney 
Bicket  Rev.  Jn.  J.P.  North  Tell,  Lerwick 
Bicket  John,  6  Dean  terrace,  Kilmarnock 
Bickett     Mrs.    Burnside    cottage,    Uplaw- 

moor,  Glasgow 
Bridle  David,  22  Bedford  road,  Aberdeen 
Bidie  Surg.-Gen.  Geo.  M.B.,  C.I.E.,  F.Z.S. 

Barmore,  Bridge  of  Allan,  Stirlingshire 
Biggam  Rev.   Wm.   McNeil  M.A.   Erskine 

TJ.F.  manse,  Montgomerie  cres. Saltcoats 
Biggam    Misses,     Greenward,     Kilmacolm 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Biggar  Alex.  35  Queen  Victoria  st. Airdrie 
Biggar  James,  Beechmount,  Dalbeattie 
Biggar   John   M.A.    Polmont    Station   S.O. 

Biggar   John   M.    The    Moorings,    Glasgow 

road,   Milngavie,  Glasgow 
Biggar    Mrs.     Chapeltown,    Haugh-of-TJrr, 

Biggar  Thos.  107  We.King  st.HelenBburgh 
Biggar  Walter,  The  Grange, Haugh-of-TJrr, 

Biggar   William,    Corbieton,    Dalbeattie 
Biagar  William   F.   Orwell,   Newlands  rd. 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Biggar    William    Wilson,    St.    Winifred's, 

Victoria  road,  Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Biffeart  David,  Roe  Bank  house,  Park  rd. 

Biggart    John    B.    The    Woodlands,    Park 

road,  JohnBtone 
Biggart    John    W.    Roasarden,    Kilmacolm 

S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Biggart     Thomas,     Rossarden,     Kilmacolm 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Biggart  William  L.   Kilmacolm   S.O.   Ren- 
Bigger   Mrs.    Fairy    glen,    Blairmore   S.O. 

Bignoid  Sir  Arthur  M.P.,  J.P.   (of  Strath- 
bran),      Lochrosque,      Achnasheen      S.O. 

Ross-shire;    2   Curzon  street  W  &  Carl- 
ton  &  Junior  Carlton  clubs  S  W  &  Con- 
stitutional club  W  C,  London 
Bill    G.  Roselea.Cardross    S.O.Dumbartonsh 
Billing    R.R.    Bunessan,    Bearsden, Glasgow 
Bilsland    Alex.    Gaisland    house,    Balfron, 

Balfron    Station    S.O.    Stirlingshire 
Biltcliffe  Rev.  Thnmas, North  Roe, Lerwick 
Bing     Mrs.     Westbourne,     Strichen    road, 

Bingham  Miss,   7  Ardbeg  road,  Rothesay 
Binnie  Rev.    Wm.    M.A. 41  Carrick  rd.  Ayr 
Binnie   David,    Drechorn.Giffnock.Glasgow 
Binnie  George,   Elmbank,   Larbert 
Binnie  James,    Abbots  road,   Grangemouth 
Binnie    James,    Belmont,    Kilmacolm    S.O. 

Binnie  J.  Beech  gro.  Major's  loan, Falkirk 
Binnie    John,    Clackmannan 
Bmnie  John,  Craig  bank,  Arden  Craig  rd. 

Binnie   John,   The  Croft,    Kilmacolm  S.O. 

Binnie   Mark,   Tyne    Park,    Haddington 
Binnie     Miss,    Selina    house,     Arnot    Hill 

gardens,    Falkirk 
Binnie    Misses,    Millerston    house,    Marina 

place,    Rothesay 
Binnie    Mrs.   76   Bo'ness   rd.   Grangemouth 
Binnie  Mrs.    45    Craig   street,    Airdrie 
Binnie  Mrs.  4  Kerse  view,  Dalgrain  road, 

Binnie  Mrs.  Marchmont,  Wellside  terrace, 

Binnie  R.   Thornlea,  Uddingston,   Glasgow 
Binnie  Robert  J.P.  93  Albert  rd.  Gourock 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Binnie    William,    Hutchison    cot.    Beith 
Binning    Lord    C.B.,     M.V.O.,    D.L.,    J.P. 

Mellerstein,    Earlston    S.O.   Berwickshire 

&  Carlton   club,    London   S  W 
Binning    Hugh,    Marie    lodge,    Auchingra- 

mont   road,    Hamilton 
Binny  Dav.d, Rosehill, St.   James'    rd.Forfar 
Binny   James,    River   view,    Blackness    rd. 

Birch   George,    Fern    villa,    Queensferry 
Bird   Rev.  J.   Newmains    S.O.    Lanarkshire 
Bird  David,   The  Beeches,   Sandbank  S.O. 

Bird  Jn.   Daisybank,    Blair   hi.   Coatbridge 
Bird  Miss,   3    Arran   p'ace.    Ardrossan 
Bird  Mrs.   27  Caledonia  road,   Saltcoats 
Bird   Mrs.    50    Crichton    road,    Rothesay 
Bird    Robert,    Whinfell,    Bridge    of    Weir 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Birkbeck  Robert  J.P.   Loch   Hourn   head, 

Glenelg,    Kyle,     Inverness -shire 
Birkett  Rev.   Robert,   Ettrick,    Selkirk 
Birkett      Mrs.      8      Levengrove     terrace, 

Birkmyre    Hy.J.P.Springbank.PortGlaafOW 

1452      bir 

Birkmyre    Archibald,     Carphin,    Camphill 

road,  Broughty  Ferry   S.O.   Forfarshire 
Birkmyre  James,  Shalott,   Kilmacolm  S.O. 

Birkmyre  Jn.   J.P.   Broadstone,Pt. Glasgow 
Birkmyre  John  J.P.  Carse  house,   Tarbert, 

Loch  Fyne 
Birkmyre    John,    jun.    Spring    bank,    Port 

Birkmyre    Miss,    Stronvey,   Langbank,   Pt. 

Birkmyre  William,  Llanvair  lodge,  Kilma- 

colm   S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Birnie  Rev.  Charles  M.A.  The  Manse,  New 

Aberdour,    Fraserburgh 
Birnie  Rev.  George  B.D.  The  Manse,  Gar- 
mouth,   Fochabers 
Birnie     Rev.     Patrick,     The     Presbytery, 

Drummond   place,   Grangemouth 
Birnie  Alexander,  Well  house,  Beauly  S.O. 

Birnie    Alexander,    Wellbank,    Peterhead 
Birnie    Charles,    Tanfield    house,    Tanfield 

walk,    Aberdeen 
Birnie    James,   3ti3    Holburn   st.   Aberdeen 
Birnie  John,   Balnafettack,  Inverness 
Birnie  John,  105  Queen  street,  Peterhead 
Birnie  Mrs.  50  King  street,  Peterhead 
Birnie  Robert  Thomson,  Brechin  rd. Forfar 
Birnie  William  Bremner,   Windmill  house, 

Balmoor   terrace,    Peterhead 
Birnie   Wm.Lyall,103   Queen   st.   Peterhead 
Birrell  Col.  J.,  J.P.  Allander  house,  Miln- 

gavie,    Glasgow 
Birrell      Rev.     James     Inglis,     Dalravicb 

Logierait,  Strathtay  S.O.  Perthshire 
Birrell  Alex,  of  Myreside,Banbeath,Leven 
Birrell  Andrew,  Cragside,  Wormit,Dundee 
Birrell  A.  Silverdale,  Glasgow  rd.  Perth 
Birrell  Hy.  Bank  ho.  Crail  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Birrell  J.St.Kilda, Cromwell  rd.Burntisland 
Birrell  James,  Ann  street,  Stonehaven 
Birrell    James,    Distillery    house,    Bo'ness 

S.  0.    Linlithgowshire 
Birrell    James    W.     2     Victoria    crescent, 

Clarkston,    Busby,    Glasgow 
Birrell   Mrs.   St.   Johns,    St.    Andrews 
Birrell  Thos.ll  Townsend  cres.   Kirkcaldy 
Birrell  William,    Glendower,    Anstruther 
Birrell    William,     11    Renny    place,    West 

Ferry,    Broughty  Ferry  S.O.    Forfarshire 
Birrell   William,    St.    Ann's,    East   Fergus 

place,  Kirkcaldy 
Birss     John,      Church     street,      Newtyle, 

Coupar  Angus  S.O.   Perthshire 
Birss    Mrs.    6   Urie  crescent,    Stonehaven 
Birt  E.  Gowan   bank,   Gartcosh,  Glasgow 
BiBCoe  Thos.  R.   Kingillie   ho.    (J.P.,   D.L. 

of  Newton),    Kirkhill   S.O.   Inverness-sh 
Bishop    Rev.    Alexander   S.    A.,   TJ.   F.    C. 

manse,    Lumphanan   S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Bishop     George,     Dunleigh,     Corstorphine 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Bishop   John,    Meadow   hill,  Berwick 
BishopMiss-17WestMontrose    st.Helensbrgh 
Bishop  Mrs.    13  East  King  st. Helensburgh 
Bishop  T.  G.  Beattock  house,  Kirkpatrick 

Juxta,  Beattock  S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Bishop    William,    3   Traquair  park,    Cors- 
torphine S.O.    Midlothian 
Bishop    William    C.    Barncluith,    Hamilton 
Bisland   John,    Hazlebank,    Round    Riding 

road,   Dumbarton 
Bisset     Major     Maurice     E.     Lessendrum 

house,    Drumblade,   Huntly 
Bisset    Very    Rev.    Canon    Alex.     Academy 

street,   Nairn 
Bisset   Rev.    A.    Y.,    M.A.   North    Ronald- 
shay,    Kirkwall 
BiBset   Rev.   Alexander   M.A.    Fyvie   vale, 

Bonhill,    Alexandria,    Dumbartonshire 
Bisset  Rev.  Alex.  M.A.  Sandyhill  rd. Banff 
BiBset  Rev.  Archibald,  The  Manse,  Ratho, 

Ratho   Station  S.O.    Midlothian 
Bisset  Archibatd,llGrattan  pi. Fraserburgh 
Bisset    Archibald    G.,    M.B.    Rothes    S.O. 

Bisset  Christopher  J.  8  Richmond  terrace, 

Magdalene   green,    Dundee 
Bisset   David,    5   Fort    street,   Dundee 
Bisset  F.    14  Osborne  vle.Cathcart,Glasgw 
Bisset   Geo.   Greeuhaugh,lnsch,Aberdeensh 
Bisset   George,   14  Roslin   ter.    Aberdeen 
Bisset  George,  181  Skene  st.  Aberdeen 
Bisset    George    Soutar,     Ellenbank,    New 

Rattray,   Blairgowrie 
Bisset  James,    43   Elmbank   ter.   Aberdeen 
Bisset   James  J.P.    Kilnshade,    Macduff 
Bisset    James,    Roseneath,    Cults,Aberdeen 
Bisset  James,  21  Sunnyside  rd.   Aberdeen 
Bisset  James   Davidson  J.P.   32  Broad  st. 

Bisset  Jas.   G.   117  Hamilton  pi.  Aberdeen 
Bisset  John,    62   Ferryhill  road,  Aberdeen 
Bisset   John  J.P.    Thornhill,    Insch 
Bisset  John  N.  1  Adelaide  place,  Dundee 
BisBet    John   Petrie,    Wynndun,    Banchory 

S.O.    Kincardineshire 
Bisset   Joseph,   Duff   villa,    Macduff 
Bisset  Joseph,  23  Elmfield  aven.  Aberdeen 


Bisset  Miss,  Burnside  cottage,  Dollar  S.O. 

Bisset     Mrs.     Burnside    house,    Westburn 

road,    Aberdeen 
Bisset  Mrs.  Elizabeth  villa,  New  Rattray, 

Bisset    Mrs.     Fern    lodge,    Robertson    ter- 
race,   Forfar 
Bisset    Mrs.    Gallowbank,    Blairgowrie 
Bisset  Mrs.   64  Nolt  Loan  road,  Arbroath 
Bisset  Mrs.  J.  H.  101  Hamilton  pl.Aberdn 
Bisset  Robert,  15  Frithside  st. Fraserburgh 
Bisset  Robert,  15  Grattan  pi.  Fraserburgh 
Bisset  Robert,  39   Mill  hill,  Musselburgh 
Bisset    Roderick,    2    Catriona    villa,    Ken 

neth  street,  Inverness 
Bisset  T.3  Balgay  av. Blackness  rd. Dundee 
Bisset  William,  38  Albyn"  place,  Aberdeen 
Bisset  Wm.  109  Bon  Accord  st.  Aberdeen 
Bisset  Wm.12  East  Somerville  pi.  Dundee 
Bisset  William,  23  Elm  place,  Aberdeen 
Bisset  William,  1  Union  road,  Macduff 
Bisset  Wm.  Fraser,  3  King's  place,  Perth 
Bisset  Wm.S.Edinville,  Wortley  pl.Dundee 
Bisset-Smith  Mrs.  55  Carlton  pi.  Aberdeen 
Bissett     Rev.    Peter    Smith    B.D.    Mam 

Oyne  S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Bissett  Alexander,    Mauchline,  N.B 
Bissett  Andrew,  Brian  Bree,  Stanraer 
Bissett  Evan,   45   Broad   street,   Peterhead 
Bissett     George,     Fairbank,     Holly     road. 

Broughty   Ferry    S.O.    Forfarshire 
Bissett    James,    Willowbrae,     Brechin    rd. 

Bissett  J.L.4  Orchard   pk.Giffnock.Glasgw 
Bissett    John,   Dechmont,    Orchard    street, 

Bissett  John,  Westerton,   Wormit,   Dundee 
Bissett     Miss,     Gowanbank,     Hill    street 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Bissett  Misses,   Netherpark,  Greenock   rd. 

Largs   S.O.  Ayrshire 
Bissett    Mrs.     Markunda    villa,    Mansbrae, 

Bissett  Thomas,   432  Clifton  rd.   Aberdeen 
Bisshopp   Cecil   H.  Fernlea,    Corran  espla- 
nade,   Oban 
Bissland    Robt.    Ashfield.Milngavie.Glasgw 
Bittiner  Louis,   54  Fonthill  rd.   Aberdeen 
Black  Lieut.-Col.  Arthur  H.  Elrick  house, 

New  Machar,  Aberdeen 
Black  Rev.  Alexander,  The  Manse,Portree 
Black   Rev.    Alexander    Wilson,    Creetown 

S.O.    Kirkcudbrightshire 
Black   Rev.   D.   Maclean,   Eccles,   Kelso 
Black   Rev.    David    M.A.    East    U.   F.    C. 

manse,    Penpont,   Thornhill 
Black  Rev.  James   M.A.    The  Manse,   Bal- 

fron,  Balfron  Station   S.O.   Stirlingshire 
Black  Rev.  James  M.A.  The  Manse,  High 

street,  Inverurie 
Black    Rev.    James    M,,    M.A.,    TJ.    F.    C. 

manse,  Castle  hill,  Forres 
Black  Rev.   William  D.  T.,  M.A.   Dunlos- 

kin,  Victoria  street,   Fraserburgh 
Black  A.  Crossburn,Sandbank  S.O.Argyllsh 
Black  A.A.S.  Blairessan.Killearn,   Glasgow 
Black  Adam   P.  Inveresk  ho.    Musselburgh 
Black    Albert,    629    Main    st.    Shettleston, 

Glasgow,    Lanarkshire 
Black  Alexander,  Cellardyke,  Anstruther 
Black  A.  55  Alma  st.  Grahamston,  Falkirk 
Black  Alexander,  357  Clifton  rd.  Aberdeen 
Black  Alexander,  James  place,  Cupar 
Black  Alex.  Fyfe,  5  Belvedere  st.Aberdeen 
Black  Alexander  S.   Dairy  villa,  Oban 
Black   Andrew,  5   Bennocby  ter.  Kirkcaldy 
Black  Andrew,   3  Erskine  st.   Aberdeen 
Black  Andrew,   61  Leslie  road,  Aberdeen 
Black  Andrew  L.   Hillfoot,   Spiers  Hill  rd. 

Tayport  S.O.   Fifeshire 
Black  Archibald,  6  Mt.   Pleasant,  Rothesay 
Black  D.  Heathneld,  Tarbert,  Loch  Fyne 
Black   D.    P.   Netherwood,    Learmonth   st. 

Black  Daniel,  34  Columshill  st.  Rothesay 
Black  David  D.  East  Linton 
Black  David   J.    Meadow  park,  Brownside 

road,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Black  Dugald  M.  Castle  st.  Rothesay 
Black  F.    M.  Strathview,   Kinnoull,  Perth 
Black  Fdk,   Morton,  Box  vil.  Mauchline 
Black  Fdk.  A.  178  Academy  st.  Inverness 
Black  G.  Berryburn  vil.  Bullwood,  Dunoon 
Black  G.   B.   The  Hermitage,  Tayport  S.O. 

Black  George,  jun.  2  Elton  terrace,  Tweed- 
mouth,  Berwick 
Black  George,  16  Manor  pi.  Cults,  Aberdn 
Black    George,  Margaretville,    Main   street, 

Tweedmouth,  Berwick 
Black    George,    The    Poplars,    Old    Edin- 
burgh road,  Inverness 
Black     George,     Woodside,     Crookedholm, 

Hurlford  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Black  Geo.  B.  201  Scouringburn,  Dundee 
Black  Geo.  B.   117  Whinhill  rd.  Aberdeen 
Black  George  Gordon   McLean  M.B.,  CM. 

Torwood,    Tomintoul,    Ballindalloch    S.O. 


Black  George   H.  Berryburn,  Dunoon 
Black     Henry     B.     2    Dalhousie     terrace, 

Perth  road,  Dundee 
Black  Hugh,  9  Ayr  road,  Cumnock 
Black    Hugh,    Concord    villas,    Columshill 

street,  Rothesay 
Black  Hugh,  Glenkens,  Fife  ter.  Inverness 
Black    Hugh    P.    Croftfoot,    Polmont  S.O. 

Black  James,   Hollybrook,  Kyle  park,  TJd- 

dingston,  Glasgow 
Black  J.  Melness,  Tongue  S.O.  Suthrlndsh 
Black     James     J.P.     Buckreddan   cottage, 

Irvine  road,  Kilwinning  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Black  James,  10  Kay  Park  ter.Kilmarnock 
Black  James,   Kirkton  street,  Carluke 
Black  Jas.  Nethercroft,Frankscroft,Peebles 
Black  James,  Oak  bank,  Cults,  Aberdeen 
Black  James,   14  Shamrock  street,  Dundee 
Black  Jas.  Tynwald,  Overton  rd. Johnstone 
Black    James,    Underwood,    Tower    drive, 

Gourock  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Black  James,  Whytehouse  aven.  Kirkcaldy 
Black     James     B.     Tilleywhally,     Orwell, 

Milnathort  S.O.    Kinross-shire 
Black  James  D.   29  High  street,   Dunbar 
Black  Jas.Tait,Millearn,  Racecourse  rd.Ayr 
Black  Jardine,  Argyle  street,  Rothesay 
Black   John,  69   Argyll  place,  Aberdeen 
Black    John,     19    Bank    street,    Wigtowo 

S.O.   Wigtownshire 
Black  John  J.P.   Cortachy  ho.  Kirriemuir 
Black  John,  93  Fountainhall  rd.  Aberdeen 
Black  John,   Holyrood,Barone   rd. Rothesay 
Black    John,    Hope    cottage,    Winchburgh 

S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
Black     John,     Inchcape,     "Wilson     street, 

Craigie,  Perth 
Black  John,  Ingleside,  Tarbert,  Loch  Fyne 
Black  Jn.  17  Kyle  pk.Uddingston,  Glasgw 
Black  John,  oo  Rosemount  pi.  Aberdeen 
Black  Jn.  A.  7  Airlie  ter.  Perth  rd.Dundee 
Black  John  a.  Lugartie,  Row,  Helensbrgh 
Black  John  B.  ±  Craigie  cres.  Craigie, Prth 
Black  Jn.  F.  98  We.  King  st.  Helensburgh 
Black  John   W.,   M.D.,    CM.    78   Academy 

street,   Inverness 
Black  Jsph.  Thorn  cot.  Meikleriggs.Paisley 
Black      Malcolm,     Silverwell,      Langbank. 

Port  Glasgow 
Black   Miss,  21   Affleck   street,   Aberdeen 
Black  Miss,  15  Ashgrove,  Musselburgh 
Black  Miss,  Auchendu  house,  Eglinton  rd- 

Black  Miss,  Beechwood,  Brechin  rd.Forfar 
Black   Miss,  46  Bon  Accord   ter.    Aberdeen 
Black    Miss,  Burnhead    cottage,    Liberton 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Black  MisB,  Calunna,  Rockcliffe, Dalbeattie 
Black  Miss,  Castlebank,  Cupar 
Black   Miss,   21  Eglinton  street,  Saltcoats 
Black   Miss,  4  Evelyn  ter.  Craigie,   Perth 
Black  Miss,  Gothic  pi.  Camelon,  Falkirk 
Black  Miss,  Gowan  Brae,West  Bay,Dunoon 
Black    Miss,    Heatheryknowe    house,    Bar- 

geddie,  Glasgow 
Black  Miss,  27  Milton  road,  Kirkcaldy 
Black  Miss,  Oakbank,  Hillside,  Montrose 
Black  Miss,  8  Pearse  street,  Brechin 
Black    Miss,    The    Hawthorns,    Grantown- 

Black  Misses,  Brunscar,  Station  rd.   Keith 
Black  Misses,   69  Desswood  pi.  Aberdeen 
Black  Misses,   Shallock  cottage,  Girvan 
Black  Misses,  3  Stanley  place,  Dunbar 
Black  Mrs.    2   Annfield   road,    Inverness 
Black  Mrs.  Ardlui,  Corrour  rd.  Newlands, 

Black  Mrs.  Beaufort,  Drum  road,  Keith 
Black  Mrs.  Cairnduna,   Albany  dri.  Lanark 
Black  Mrs.  Church  place,  Lochmaben  S.O. 

Black  Mrs.  65  Forest  avenue,  Aberdeen 
Black  Mrs.  29   Greenlaw  avenue,   Paisley 
Black    Mrs.     Hazeldean,     Banchory     S.O. 

Black  Mrs.  Ingleside,  Castle  rd.  Cathcart, 

Black  Mrs.  Mauldslie  vil.Pearse  st. Brechin 
Black  Mrs.  Netherlea,  Ferntower  rd.  Crieff 
Black  Mrs.  Netherlee,  Motherwell 
Black  Mrs.  13  Pearse  street,  Brechin 
Black    Mrs.    Rosevale,     Cambridge    street, 

Alyth  S.O.  Perthshire 
Black  Mrs.  Seacraig,  Ea.  Newport,  Fif?sb 
Black  Mrs.  View  bnk.Commonnead,Airdrie 
Black  Mrs.  Wester  Moffat,  Moffat,  Airdrie 
Black  Mrs.  Westmont,  Union  st.  Hamilton 
Black    Mrs.     Woodfoot,     Dunscore,     Anld- 

jirth  S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Black  Mrs.  Clark,  5  Douglas  st.  Kirkcaldy 
Black  Mrs.  Gavin,  Norwood  Innellan  S.O. 

Black     Mrs.     George,    sen.     Rusko    West, 

Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Black  Mrs.  John,  41  Milton  rd.  Kirkcaldy 
Black    Mrs.    Joseph,    Snnnydale,    Douglas 

street,  Largs  S.O.   Ayrshire 
Black      Norman      L.D.S.R.CS-Eng.       361 

Brook  st.  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarsh 
Black  Peter,  34  Springbank  ter.  Aberdeen 


BLY      1453 

Black  Peter  S.  Canmore  st.   Dunfermline 
Black  R.,  C.E.   Oakwood,    Culduthet   road, 

Black  R.   B.  Forthvale,   Stirling 
Black   E.    F.    Knockmarlocb,    St.    Meddans 

street,  Troon 
Black  Richard,  Laurel  grove,  Ancrum  rd. 

Lochee,   Dundee 
Black  Robert,  Ivy  bank,   Hamilton  drive, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Black  Robt.  74b,St.  Mary  st.Kirkcudbright 
Black  Robert  J.P.  The  Croft,  Peebles 
Black  Robert  Bland,  62  High  st.  Kirkcaldy 
Black  S.   Fernielea,  North  cres.   Ardrossan 
Black    Samuel,    Aldouran,  Langside    road, 

Newlands,   Glasgow 
Black   Thomas,  49  Albury  place,   Aberdeen 
Black  Thomas,  Bridge  end,  Aberfeldy 
Black  T.   Cairnville,   Holy-wood,  Dumfries 
Black  Thompson,  122  Main  street,  Tweed- 
mouth,  Berwick 
Black  W.  Fodbank,  Dunfermline 
Black  W.  Harestane  house,  Mains,  Dundee 
Black      W.      Hillend,      Avonbridge      S.O. 

Black  Wm.   341  Clepington   road,  Dundee 
Black  William,   30  Clerk  street,  Brechin 
Black  Wm.  Clyde  cot.  Forteath  av.  Elgin 
Black  William,  20  Kellie  place,  Alloa 
Black  William,  27  Lewis  street,  Stranraer 
Black  Wm.  Rosebank  cot.Bargeddie.Glsgw 
Black  William,   St.  Mary's,  Kirkcaldy 
Black  William,  Wellside,   Falkirk 
Black  Wm.R.  Hythe  hill,  Bishopmill.Elgin 
Black   Wm.   R.    7   Montgomerie  ter.  Ayr 
Blackadder  A.  27  Arnot  Hill  gdns.  Falkirk 
Blackadder  A.  Kerse  lane,  Falkirk 
Blackadder  Mrs.  Brewery  house,  Chirnside 

S.O.  Berwickshire 
Blackadder  Mrs.  Muiryhall  st.  Coatbridge 
Blackadder    Robert,    Edrom,    West    Ferry, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Blackadder     Thomas,      Garrison      cottage, 

Park  terrace,  Falkirk 
Blackadder  ThomaB,  jun.  Glenmorag,  Park 

terrace,  Falkirk 
Blackadder  Thomas,  8  Meeks  rd.   Graham- 

ston,  Falkirk 
Blackadder  William  R.  Bestmore,  Douglas 

drive,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Blackburn  Col.   Peter,  White  house,  Lam- 
lash  S.O.   Isle  of  Arran 
Blackburn  A.G.  Wingfield,  Bothwell.Glsgw 
Blackburn  Miss,  Park  ho.  Kirkcudbright 
Blackburn  Mrs.  Redford,  Doonfoot,  Ayr 
Blacket    Col.    William,    Strathavon    lodge, 

Kirkmichael,   Ballindalloch  S.O.  BanfEsh 
Blackett  John  S.,  C.E.  Inverard,  Aberfoyle 

S.O.   Perthshire 
Blackett      Mrs.       Arbigland,       Kirkbean, 

Blackball     Alexander,      Eskdale      cottage, 

Greig  street,  Inverness 
Blackhall    J.,    J.P.    12    Commerce    street, 

Blackhall  Jn.  59  Saltoun  pi.  Fraserburgh 
Blackhall  Miss,  53  Cross  st.  Fraserburgh 
Blackhall  Mrs.  51  Southesk  st.  Brechin 
Blackham  Rev.  Alfred,  Burravoe,  Lerwick 
Blackie  Jas.  Ferdean,Cove  S.O.  Dumbrtnsh 
Blackie  John,  Brewery  house,  Coldstream 
Blackie  Jn.  Rowan  vil.  Glasgow  rd.  Perth 
Blackie     Miss,     Gowanlea,    Bellshill    S.O. 

Blackie  Walter,  Hill  house,  Helensburgh 
Blacklaw  Alex.  M.A.  5  Alford  pi.   Aberdn 
Blacklaws  John,    20    Durn    road,    Portsoy 

S.O.  Banffshire 
BlacklawB     John.     Homewood,     Banchory 

S.O.    Kincardineshire 
BlacTcley  Miss,  25  Catherine  st.  Dumfries 
Blackley    Mrs.     Marchhill,     Moffat     road, 

Blacklock  G.  W.  10  Howard  st.  Kilmarnek 
B'.acklock  Jonathan  E.  Broombank,  Annan 

road,   Dumfries 
"Blacklock  Miss,  77  Buccleuch  st.  Dumfries 
Blacklock  Miss,    Holm   view,   Ballplay  rd- 

Blacklock  Misses,  WestfieM  cot.  Dumfries 
Blacklock  Mrs.  Hall  hill,  Baillieston.Glsgw 
B'acklock   Mrs.    Sholto    villa,   St.    Bryde's 

terrace,   Lockerbie 
Blacklock    Mrs.     Nicholas.     The     Cottage, 

Ro^emount  st.   Maxwelltown,   Dumfries 
Blacklock  Wm.  Stanlev  pi.  Castle  Douglas 
R'aokman   Bush,   Heuerh   street,  Fa^irk 
B'^ckstock   Miss,    Elizaville,    Crawford    st. 

"B'acklock    Robert     P.    Hall.    The     Elms, 

Newbattle  road,   Eskbank,    Da'ke'fh 
"R'^ckstock  Wm.S.50  Townsend  pl.KirkcMy 
"BMckstone   John,    Loaming  villa,    Cardross 

S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Rockwell    Walter    F.    3    Gillespie  terrace, 

The   Scores,   St.  Andrews 
R'nckwood  Capt.  Thos.  4  Alloway  p1.  Ayr  . 
R  Nek  wood     Rev.     Thomas     M.A.     Man=<e, 

Greenloaning,  Braco  S.O.   Perthshire 
B'nckwood    George,     Fern     cottage,    West 

Ferry,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshir: 

Blackwood  Hy.T.  22  London  rd.Kilmarnek 
Blackwood  Jas.  71  Dundonald  rd.Kilmrnck 
Blackwood  Jas.  W.  17  Glebe  rd.  Kilmarnek 
Blackwood    John,    Craigton    house,    Miln- 

gavie,  Glasgow 
Blackwood  Jn.  Easter  Coul,  Auchterarder 
Blackwood    Lionel     J.     Whithaugh,    New- 

castleton  S.O.  Roxburghshire 
Blackwood   Matthew,   Ardmore,   Pt.Glasgw 
Blackwood     Miss,      Springbank,      Newton 

Mearns,  Glasgow 
Blackwood  Mrs.  Davaar,  East  bay, Dunoon 
Blackwood  Mrs.   14   Hyndfcrd   rd.    Lanark 
Blackwood    Mrs.  Violet    bank,    Kilcieggan 

S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Blackwood  Robt.  50  Portland  rd.Kilmarnek 
Blackwood  T.  Daisybank,  King's  rd.  Beith 
Blackwood    W.    Craigiehaugh,  Pt.    Glasgow 
Blackwood  Walter,   Lamont  villa,  Innellan 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Blackwood  W.   F.  83  Loudon  rd.  Kilmrnck 
Bladen  Harold,    Sunnyside,    Carmyle  aven. 

Carmyle,  Glasgow 
Blades    Rev.    Charles,   Allanton,    Chirnside 

S.O.   Berwickshire 
Blades   Rev.     John     Millburn,     U.     F.     C. 

manse,  Renton  S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Blaikie  Charles   L.   St.    Catherine's,   Dirle- 

ton  avenue,  North  Berwick 
Blaikie  James,  1  Beulah,  Musselburgh 
Blaikie    James,   Craigendarroch,    Riverside 

road,  Aberdeen 
Blaikie   Mrs.   Bridge  ho.   Sandbed,  Hawick 
Blaikie     Mrs.     Burnhead   house,     Liberton 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Blaikie  Mrs.   Holydean,  Bowden,  Newtown 

St.  Boswells  S.O.  Roxburghshire 
Blaikie  Mrs.  2  Tantallon  ter.  Nth.  Berwick 
Blain   Jas.    Maryfield,    Muirhead,  Glasgow 
Blain  William,  Willowbrook,  Round  Riding 

road,  Dumbarton 
Blain   William  John,   11  Lauderdale   aven. 

Newlands,   Glasgow 
Blaine  Misses,  12  Wilton  Hill  ter.  Hawick 
Blaine  T.  J.  S.  5  We.Stewartfield,  Hawick 
Blair    Commander    Edward    Hunter-  R.N. 

Blairquahan  castle,  Straiton,  Maybole 
Blair   Col.    F.    G.,  C.B.,    D.L.,    J.P.   Blair, 

Dairy  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Blair  Major  Hunter,  Kelloe  house,  Edrom 

S.O.  Berwickshire 
Blair  Rev.    Charles    P.   The    Manse,    Wan- 

lockhead,  Leadhills  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Blair    Rev.    David    D.D.    Waverley    house, 

Gullane  S.O.  Haddingtonshire 
Blair  Rev.   David   Logan  B.D.   The   Manse, 

Coylton,  Ayr 
Blair  Rev.  G".,B.D.  Kilbryde  cres. Dunblane 
Blair  Rev.  G.,  M.A.  Quarter  S.O.Lanarksh 
Blair  Rev.   John,  Lucas   street,   Coatbridge 
Blair   Rev.    Robert    L.,  B.D.    150   Bo'ness 

road,  Grangemouth 
Blair  Rev.  Wm.  John  Street  la.Helensbrgh 
Blair  A.  Dunwood,  Cardross  rd. Dumbarton 
Blair  A.  Aikman,  Over  Gogar  house,  Her- 

miston,    Currie   S.O.   Midlothian 
Blair   Alex.    Aberfoyle  S.O.    Perthshire 
Blair     Alexander,     2      Harrington     place, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Blair  Alex.   M.B.  9  Greenlaw  av.  Paisley 
Blair  Andrew,  Broomfield  ter.  Dunfermline 
Blair  Andrew  M.  57  Union  st.   Greenock 
Blair   Archibald,  Alma,   Lochgoilhead   S.O. 

Blair  Archibald,  Craignoone  cottage,  Kirk- 
ton,  Burntisland 
Blair  Arthur,  The  Beeches,  Tannoch  drive, 

Milngavie,   Glasgow 
Blair    Charles    J.P.    Glenfoot,   Tillicoultry 

S.O.  Clackmannanshire 
Blair  C.   Glenrossal,  Langside  road,   New- 
lands,  Glasgow 
Blair  Daniel,  10  South  Tay  st.  Dundee 
Blair  David,  88  Strathmartine  rd.  Dundee 
Blair  David,  Transy  place,  Dunfermline 
Blair   David,     14  West    Holmes     gardens, 

Blair  David  D.  Shaftesbury  road,  Dundee 
Blair  D.  38  Kyle  pk.  TTddingston,  Glasgw 
Blair  Geo.    10  Eskside   south,   Musselburgh 
Blair  Geo.   118  Mid  st.  Pathhead,  Kirkcldy 
Blair  Geo.  9  St.  James'  avenue,  Paislev 
Blair  Goodall,  58  Clifton  road,  Aberdeen 
Blair  H.   Thorn  vil.Keir  st. Bridge  of  Allan 
Blair    Hector,     Annville,    Corse    st.    West 

Kilbride  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Blair  Hy.  T.,    J.P.    Avontoun,    Linlithcrow 
Blair  Hew  Maclimont,  22  Louisa  dri.  Grvn 
Blair    Jas.   34  Dundonald    rd.    Kilmarnock 
Blair    James,    Gartlea,    Bonnybridge    S.O- 

Blair  James   M.A.  5  Watline   st.   Dumfries 
Blair     James     Edward,    Drumpark     mains, 

Kirkpatrick  Trongray,  Dumfries 
Blair  James  R.   21  Airlie  place,  Dundee 
Blair  John,  1  Collinsrwood  street,  Barnhill, 

Brouehtv  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Blair  John,   Daltulich   villa,   Cawdor  road, 

Blair  John,  1  Georere  crescent.  Perth 
Blair  Matthew,  51  Grange  read,  Alloi 

Blair    Matthew,    The    Moorings,    Thornley 

Park   avenue,   Paisley 
Blair  Hiss,  25  Beresford  terrace,  Ayr 
Blair  Miss,  8  High  street,  Kirkcudbright 
Blair  Miss,  15  Queen's  gdns.  St.  Andrews 
Blair  Miss,  The  Pavilion,   Melrose 
Blair  Misses,  Lochgoilhead    S.O.    Argyllsh 
Blair    Misses,    Rockville   cottage,  Borrow- 

stounness   S.O.    Linlithgowshire 
Blair   Mrs.    Bencruachan,    12    West    Aber- 

cromby  street,   Helensburgh 
Blair  Mrs.   Coilaville,  James   street,  Dairy 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Blair    Mrs.    4    Corse    terrace,    West    Kil- 
bride S.O.   Ayrshire 
Blair  Mrs.  Dalshian,  Pitlochry 
Blair  Mrs.    2  Louisa  drive,   Girvan 
Blair  Mrs.Mayora.Kilmacolm  S.O.Renfrwsh 
Blair   Mrs.  Oaklands,  Noble-hill,   Dumfries 
Blair  Mrs.  31  Sharon  st.  Dairy  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Blair  Mrs.  Stewart  ter.  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Blair  Mrs.  57  Union  street,  Greenock 
Blair    Mrs.    Victoria    terrace,    Grey    street, 

Tayport   S.O.    Fifeshire 
Blair    Patrick    J.P.    Rockend,    East    C'.yde 

street,  Helensburgh 
Blair   Robert    J.P.    Ashby   cottage,  Round 

Riding  road,  Dumbarton 
Blair  Robert   J.P.    Bank   house,   Brewland 

street,    Glaston   S.O.   Ayrshire 
Blair  Rt.    West  view,  Milngavie,  Glasgow 
Blair  Wm.   M.D.  Abbey  green,  Jedburgh 
Blair     William,     Dairy    road,    Kilwinning 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Blair  Wm.  56  East  Princes  st. Helensburgh 
Blair  William,   27   Esplanade,  Greenock 
Blair  William  Buchan,  8  Douglas   terrace, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Blair  William   R.   51  Hide  hill,   Berwick 
Blair-Imrie    Lt.-Col.   Wm.    Thomas    Taylor 

J.P.  Lunan  ho.   Arbroath,   Forfarshire 
Blake     Rev.      Buchanan     B.D.     Hamilton 

Memorial  manse,  Yoker,  Glasgow 
Blake  Rev.   James  W.,    M.A.    The    Manse, 

Temple,  Gorebridge  S.O.  Midlothian 
Blake  Archibald,  Overy  villa,  Melrose 
Blake    J.,   J.P.    8    Low    street,   New    Pit- 

sligo,  Aberdeen 
Blake  James,  8  Loanhead  ter.  Aberdeen 
Blake  Jas.  Orchard  ho.   Bowmont  st. Kelso 
Blake  James,  265  Rosemount  pi.  Aberdeen 
Blake  Joseph  C.   101  Irvine  pi.  Aberdeen 
Blake   Mathew,   63   Octavia  ter.  Greenock 
Blake  Mrs.   Clyde  view,  Port  Glasgow 
Blake    William    M.    Harthan,    Cassalands, 

Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Blakeley  Rt.  5  Montgomerie  cres.   SaHcts 
Blakelock   Ralph   P.    Maryville,    Mau'.e   st. 

Carnoustie   S.O.    Forfarshire 
Blakely  John,   Merkland    cottage,    Kirkin- 
tilloch, Glasgow 
Blakely   William   T.,    M.B.    Oxford   house, 

Kerr  street,  Kirkintilloch,  Glasgow 
Blakeney  Mrs.   Lomondbank,  Queen  street, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Blakey  Mrs.    17  Melville  terrace,  Stirling 
Blanoe   Henry,   King   Harold   st. 
Blaue    Gabriel,    Dunure,    South    Bromage 

avenue,  Larbert 
Blane   Mrs.  25   Castlehill  road,  Ayr 
Blane  William   B.   Alnah,   Wellshot  drive, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Blanner  Christian,  11  Clydeford  drive,  Ud- 

dingston,  Glasgow 
Blardie  Mrs.  Oxhill  road,  Dumbarton 
Blaydes   Frank  W.    Helenslee,    Suffolk  st. 

Bleasby  Jn. Alexander  ho. Largs  S.O.Aycsh 
Blelloch  D.36  St.Margaret's  st.Dunfermline 
Blellock  Mrs.  The  Copse,  Kilcreggan  S.O. 

Bleloch  James,  Devonside,  Saline,  Oaklev 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Bleloch  Mrs.  Burmah  cottage,  Dollar  S.O. 

Blench  J.   W.   41  Ravensdowne,  Berwick 
Blench  Thomas,   Sevenoaks,  Erskine  park 

south,  Bearsden,   Glasgow 
Blench  Walton,  Eton,  Rhannan  road,  Cath- 

cart,    Glasgow 
Blenkhorn  John  F.  Stirches  house,  Hawick 
Bliss    Mrs.    Erne  cottage,    St.    Catherine's 

road,  Forres 
Blood  Rev.  Alban  Francis,  The  Parsonage, 

Dundonald  road,  Kilmarnock 
Blount  James,  14  Rae  street,  Dumfries 
Blues  Mrs.  A.  Sunnyside,  Elie  S.O.  Fife3h 
Blumenreich  Mrs.  W.  H.  8  Airlie  terrace, 

Perth  road,  Dundee 
Blunt  Capt.  D.   McK.  Badentarbet,  Achna- 

haird,  Achiltibue.   Ullapool  S.O.   Ross-sh 
Blunt-Mackenzie  Major  E.  W.,   J.P.   Castle 

Leod,  Strathpeffer  S.O.  Ross-shire 
Blyth   A.  jun.    67  Louehboro'   rd. Kirkcaldy 
Blyth  Alexander,   Auchrynie, Loughborough 

road.   Kirkcaldy 
Blyth  Andrew,  BIythswood,  Loughborough 

rond,   Kirkcaldv 
Blvth  Archd.  Lochside,  Bent  rd.  Hamilton 
Blyth  Benjamin  Hall,  Kaimend,  Hamilton 

raid.  North  Berw'cTc 

1454        BLY 


Blyth    Daniel,     Auricula    cottage,    Pitten 

weem  S.O.   Fifeshire 
Blyth     David,      Newhill,     Auchtermucht; 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Blyth    Edward    Laurence    Ireland      Inch 

garry.   West  Bay,   North   Berwick 
Blyth  Harry  A.  The  Cliff,  Earlsferry,  Elie 

S.O.    Fifeshire 
Blyth  Henry,  St.   Helen's,    Juniper   Green 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Blyth  J.  Roseneath,  31  Hyndford  rd.Lanrk 
Blyth  James  P.  Middlehill,   Coupar   Angu 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Biyth    John,     Forth    villa,    Loughborough 

road,  Kirkcaldy 
Blyth   Mrs.    Skelmorlie   house,    Skelmorlie 

S.O.   Ayrshire 
Blyth  Rt.Eastholm.Loughboro'  rd.Kirkcldy 
Blythe  David,  Janetfield,  Busby,   Glasgow 
Blythe   Mrs.    342   King  street,   Aberdeen 
Blythswood  Lord  V.D.,  A.D.C.,  D.L.,  J.P. 

Blythswood,   Renfrew   S.O.   Renfrewsh. ; 

&  2  Seamore  place,  Mayfair  W   &  Carl- 
ton club  S  W,  London 
Boag    Rev.    W.    Goldie,    jun.    The   Manse, 

Tenandrvi  Pitlochry 
Boag  James  M.B.,  CM.   Hill  st.  Wishaw 
Boag  Jas.Mossbank  cot.Uddingston,Glasg\ 
Boag   Miss,   Buchanan  street,  Dunfermline 
Boag  Mrs.   Millford,  Kilmacolm  S.O.  Ren 

Boag  Robert,  Castlebank  street,  Stewarton 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Boal  John,  46  Ravensdowne,  Berwick 
Boardman  Sl.Limehurst,Dock  pk.Dumfries 
Boase  Alfred,  Claverhouse,  Mains,  Dundee 
Boase  Edgar  L.  Annislea,  The  Links, Levn 
Boase  H.  Tighnavon,  West  Newport, Fifesh 
Boase    Miss,     7    Rosewood    terrace,    West 

Park  road,  Dundee 
Boase    Mrs.    Fort    William,    West    Ferry 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Boase  Norman,  White  house,  St.  Andrews 
Boase  Philip   M.    Mayfield,    Rathelpie,    St. 

Boase  W.L.,  J.P.  Binrock, Perth  rd.Dundee 
Boath  Louis   S.  Heath  park,  Maule  street, 

Carnoustie  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Boath  Mrs.   Kelly  cottage,   Dundee  street, 

Carnoustie  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Boath  Mrs.  5  Victoria  street,  Arbroath 
Boath  Wm.Laurel  bank.Pitkerro  rd.Dundee 
Boazmen  Adam,  The  Hermitage,  Kelso 
Boddie   James,    Ivan   cottage,   Port   Eiroll 

S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Boddie  William  J.P.  3  Roslin  ter.Aberdeen 
Bodie     Charles      Alexander,     Viewmount, 

Anderson  drive,  Aberdeen   &  Rowanlea, 

Torphins  S.O-  Aberdeenshire 
Bodie   George,   Richmond  road,   Huntly 
Bodie  John  Mann,  33  Clifton  rd.  Aberdeen 
Bodie  Samuel,  59  Braemar  pi.  Aberdeen 
Bodie  Walford,  Manor  house,  Macduff 
Bodie  William,  464  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Boettcher  Herman,    2   Blackness  crescent, 

Perth  road,  Dundee 
Bogie  David,  29  Townsend  cres.  Kirkcaldy 
Bogie  John,  Dunochil,  Kinross 
Bogie  Misses,  8  Gladstone  ter.  Burntisland 
Bogie  Mrs.  Lochburn  villas,  Kinross 
Bogie  Mrs.  Swan  road,  Kirkcaldy 
Bogie  Wm.  New  Mill,  Dairsie  S.O.  Fifesh 
Bogle    Miss,   6  Hawhill    street,    West  Kil- 
bride S.O.   Ayrshire 
Bogle  Thomas,  Alma  bank,  Lasswade 
Bogle  Wm.  R.  26  Ardrossan  rd.  Saltcoats 
Bohan  Rev.  Wm.   17  Harbour  st.  Girvan 
Boissennet  Mdme.  Loubinne,   Merle  bank, 

Broomhill  road,  Aberdeen 
Bolam  Wm.  Jas.  58  Ravensdowne, Berwick 
Bolan  Thomas,   Garstane,   Darney  terrace, 

Kinghorn  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Bolton  Andrew,   Lowood,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Bolton  Edwin  J.P.   Carbrook  house,  Duni- 

face,  Larbert 
Bolton  Edwin,  Duchray    castle,    Aberfoyle 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Bolton    Miss,  Ebenezer  villa,   Beach  road, 

North  Berwick 
Bolton  Miss, The  Elms.Snowdon  pi. Stirling 
Bolton  Mrs.   Craigenveoch,  Aberfoyle  S.O. 

Bolton  Mrs.  Fellside.Old  Carlisle  rd.Moffat 
Bolton  Mrs.  7  Gladstone  place,  Aberdeen 
Boltz  Miss,  East  Sefton,  Bieldside, Aberdn 
Bolus  Theodore,  Main  st.  Spittal,  Berwick 
Bonallo    Rev.     James    B.D.    The    Manse, 

Auldearn,  Nairn 
Bonar  Rev.   Horatius  N.   Pilmuir,   Bolton, 

Bonar  Rev.  James  M.A.  Ranfurly,  Bridge 

of  Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Bonar     Frank    G-eorge     French     Graham, 

Greigston,   Cameron,   St.  Andrews 
Bonar    George,    Annesley,    Argyle    street, 

Maryfield,  Dundee 
Bonar"  George.    3   Balgillo   cres.   Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Bonar    John,    Ranfurly,    Bridge    of    Weil 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Bonar  Miss,  Haddo  cot. Longside, Aberdeen 

Bonar  Mrs. David, 8Victorfa  gdns. Kirkcaldy 
Bond  C.  F.  Woodview,  Langbank,Pt.Glasgw 
Bond  Daniel  A.  8  Seaforth  avenue,  Annan 
Bond     Thomas     A.      Richmond-lea,     East 

Clepington   road,    Dundee 
Bond  Wm.  J.  Comely  Park  ter.  Falkirk 
Bond  Wm.J.  Sherwood, Cochrane  st. Falkirk 
Bone  David,  Auchinc'oigh,  Sorn,Mauchline 
Bone  David,  32  Ho'.mston  road,  Ayr 
Bone  David,  G  Wattfield  road,  Ayr 
Bone  James,   I-ochvale,  Castle  Douglas 
Bone  John,  Netherhill,  Beith 
Bone  William,  10  Eglinton  terrace,   Ayr 
Bone  Wm.   J.P.   Shallock   park,  Girvan 
Bonellie    Rev.    Robert,    V.    F.    C.    manBe, 

Darvel  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Bonnar     Cedric    L.     Buinell     villa,     Kirk 

Brae,  Liberton  S.O.  Midlothian 
Bonnar  Geo.  jun.  34)  Caledonian  pi.  Aberdn 
BonnarJ. Artemis  vil.Devanha  gdns. Aberdn 
Bonnar  J.  D.36  West  Argyle  st.Helensbrgh 
Bonnar  J.  McW.  Buchanan  st. Dunfermline 
Bonnar  Miss,  97  High  st.  Newburgh,  Fife 
Bonnar   Mrs.    Dewar   street,  Dunfermline 
Bonnar  Peter,   Cameron  st.  Dunfermline 
Bonner  Alex.  C.  129  Hamilton  pi.  Aberdn 
Bonner  George,  jun.  Spring  cottage,  South 

Crown  street,  Aberdeen 
Bonner  James,  Gowan  park,  Cupar 
Bonner  Mrs. The  Anchorage.Elie  S.O. Fifesh 
Bonner     Mrs.     Fresna     cottage,     Kilbride 

(East),  G'asgow 
Bonner  Robert,  39  Duthie  ter.   Aberdeen 
Bonnington  P.  32  Eskside  nth.  Musselbrgb 
Bonsor  James,  Thorter  dykes,  Hawick 
Bontein  J.  Shelley,  Glencruitten  ho.  Oban 
Bonthron  J.  Chester  pk.Anstruther  Wester 
Bonthron  Miss,   Crail  road,  Anstruther 
Bonthron   Misses,  Balgonie  house,   Leven 
Bonthron  R.P.  4  West  Leven  st.Burntislnd 
Bonthron  Wm.  7  Melville  ter.  Anstruther 
Bonthrone  David,   Newton  house,   Newton 

of  Falkland  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Bonthrone     William,     Eurnside,     Auchter 

muchty  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Bonthrone  William,  67  High  st.  Maybole 
Bookless  Douglas,  113  Hamilton  pi. Aberdn 
Bookless  J.TheRigg.Abertarff  rd. Inverness 
Bookless    Miss,    3    Glenan    gardens,    West 

Argyle  street,  Helensburgh 
Boon  Rev.  E.  J.  Johnston  st. Laurencekirk 
Booth  A.  Corviedale,  Blanefield,  Glasgow 
Booth  A.  96  Devonshire  road,  Aberdeen 
Booth  Alex.  M.A.  15  Elmfield  av.  Aberdeen 
Booth  Alex.  Ferryden,  Blairhill, Coatbridge 
Boo^h   D.   Cooper,    Clnremont,  King's  road, 

Booth  James,  23  Orchard  street,  Aberdeen 
Booth  James  Mackenzie   M.A.,   M.D.,  CM. 

1  Garden  place,  Aberdeen 

Booth  Matthew,  22  Bonnymuir  pi.  Aberdn 
Booth  Matthew,  5  Desswood  pi-  Aberdeen 
Booth  Mrs.  26  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Booth  Mrs.  Woodriffe  ter. E.Newport, Fifesh 
Booth  Thos.  41  Gt.  Northern  rd.  Aberdeen 
Booth  W.  8  Westfield  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Booth  Wm.Geo.F.  18  Bonnymuir  pi. Aberdn 
Roofh  Wm.  P.  250  Rosemount  p1. Aberdeen 
Boothby  Col.G.M.  Balnacarron,  St.Andrews 
Boothby  Mrs. 8  Abbotsford  cres. St. Andrews 
Borland    Rev.     A^xander,     TJ.     F.    manse, 

Larkhall  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Borland  Rev.  Robt.  Yarrow  manse,  Selkirk 
Borland   Rev.    William,    The   Manse,    West 

end,  Dunbar 
Borland    Alexander   F.    Glenbervie,  Holm- 
head,  Oumnock 
Borland  D.F.Bona  Vista.G'asgow  rd. Perth 
Borland   Frederick,    Borland  villa,   Balgay 

terrace,  Logie  street,  Lochee,  Dundee 
Borland  J.  Meadow  view,  East  rd.  Irvine 
Borland  Jas.   Corsehill.Avon  st.Motherwell 
Borland   John  J.P.   Union  cottage,    Stone- 

honse  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Borland  John  Gillespie,  Daligan,  Crescent 

road.  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Borland  Miss,  Lochside,   Castle  Douglas 
Borland  Mrs.  Balmoral  drive,  Cambuslang, 

Borland  Mrs.  41  Portland  rd.  Kilmarnock 
Borland  Mrs.33  Sharon  st.Dalry  S.O.Aytsh 
Borland  Mrs. J.  jun. 57  Tjondon  rd.Ki'marnck 
Borland  R.  Northfipld.   Arnot  hill,  Falkirk 
Borland  William,  Birkwood,   MeTrylee  rd. 

Newlands,  G'asgow 
Borrie  Mrs.  Hill  crest,  Keptip  rd.  Arbroath 
Rorrowman  John    Hay  cottage.   Gilmerton 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Borrowman   Philip   Grierson    M.D.    Galvel- 

more,  Galvelmore  street,  Crieff 
Borthwick  Lo^d,   Rnvenstone    cnstle.    Glas- 

serton.  Whithorn   S.O.   Wigtownshire;    & 

2  Upper   Gro^venor  st.    W    &  St.   James' 
club  W  &  Carlton  club  S  W,   London 

Borfhwiok  Dowager  Lady,  Raven  stnm 
cnstle. Glasserrnn.Whilhorn    K.O.Wrtwnsh 

Ro'-thw'ek  A.  8  West  StewartfiVld.  Haw:ck 

Rnr'hwirk  Alexander  Hay.  Billholm,  Wes- 
terkirk.   LnnErholm 

Borthwick  James,  Elmgrove,  Juniper 
Green    S-O.   Midlo'hian 

Borthwick  Miss,  32  George   st.  Dumfries 
Borthwick     Miss,      Glengonnar,      Juniper 

Green  S.O.  Midlothian 
Borthwick    Mrs.    Hazleburn,    West  Linton 

S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Borthwick  Mrs.  Kingshill,Gartcosh,Glasgw 
Borthwick   Mrs.  Ladyside   lodge,  Melrose 
Borthwick  Mrs.  Rosebank,  Kinoardine  S.O. 

Borthwick    Mrs.    Saffron    house,   High    st. 

Borthwick  Robert,  Victoria  bank,  Victoria 

road,  Kirkcaldy 
Borthwick  Thomas,   Whetburgh,   Palhhead 

Ford,  Daikeith 
Borthwick    Thomas,    Whit  burgh,    Humbie, 

Upper  Keith  S.O.   East  Lothian 
Borthwick  Thomas,  3  Williambank,  Earls- 
ton  S.O.  Berwickshire 
Borthwick  Thomas    W.    G.    School   house, 

Spittal,   Berwick 
Borthwick     William     Henry,      Crookston, 

Stow  S.O.  Midlothian 
Boss     William,     Pentland     view,     Juniper 

Green   S.O.  Midlothian 
Bost    William    D.    A.    Adelphi    house,    39 

"New  Sneddon  street,  Paisley 
Boston  George,   6  Albert  place,  Berwick 
Boston  Jas.  48  Main  st.  Spittal,  Berwick 
Boston   Miss,    Abbotts    Drury,    Broomfield. 

Boston  P.  P.  46  Main  st.  Spittal,  Berwick 
Boston    Robert,    Apsley    house,    Sandstell 

road,   Spittal,   Berwick 
Boston  Thos.  Larklea,  Comrie  S.O.Perthsh 
Boswell   Major-General  John  James   C.B., 

J.P.   Darnlee,   Melrose 
Boswell  C.P.  Bolmuto.Kinghorn  S.O.Fifesh 
Boswell    John,     Rock    vale,    Low    Torry, 

Newmills,  Dunfermline 
Boswell  John  Albert,   Mount  Iver,  Sunny- 
law,  Bridge  of  Allan,   Stirlingshire 
Boswell  John  D.  Garallan,.  Cumnock 
Boswell  Mrs.  Sandgate  house,  Ayr 
Boswell  Mrs. 80We. Holmes  gdns.Musslbrgh 
Bothwicke  Edward,  6  Brooms  rd. Dumfries 
Botting  Richard  G.18  Belgrave  ter.Aberdn 
Boucher  Mrs.   Swiss  villa,  Coulport,   Cove 

S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Boulton   Rev.    Ernest,   Walls,   Lerwick 
Bouglas  Harry,  High  street,   Carluke 
Bow  George,  24  Lilybank  place,  Aberdeen 
Bow  James,  View-field,  Busby,   Glasgow 
Bow  J.  M.  4  Ferry  rd.  Monifieth,  Dundee 
Bow  Miss,  Efhedean, Orchard  st.Motherwell 
Bow  Mrs.  58  Gladstone  place,  Aberdeen 
Bow  Mrs.   83  James   street,   Helensburgh 
Bow  R.  H.  Wellwood  house,  Ceres,  Cupar 
Bow  T.Chapel  pl.DollarS.O.Clackmannansh 
Bow    Wm.    .T.P.Dunscore,Castlehead,Paisley 
Bow  Wm.  West  house,  Uddingston.Glasgw 
Bowden  Mrs.  1   Albany  place,  Dumfries 
Bowden   William  Thos.  2  Bona  pi.   Queen 

street,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Bowdon  Mrs.  3  Windsor  gdns.  Musselbrgb. 
Bowe  Miss,  6  Bowmont  villas,  Dunbar 
Bowe  Mrs.  Jn.  H.  1  Bowmont  vils.  Dunbar 
Bowen  D.J.  12  Pitcullen  ter.  Bridgend, Perth 
Bower    Alexander,    Kenmont,     Kennoway, 

Windygates  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Bower    Frederick  0.    6   Tantallon   terrace 

North  Berwick 
Bower    George    Haddon    M.A.    17   Bon- Ac- 
cord crescent,   Aberdeen 
Bower  George  Haddon.  Pittmurchie  house, 

Lumphanan  S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Bower     Herbert     H.     Westbourne     house, 

Ferryhill,  Aberdeen 
Bower  Hbt.R.   Willowbank.Bridgend.Irvine 
Bower    James    H.,    J.P.     17    Bon-Accord 

crescent,  Aberdeen 
Bower  John  B.   18  Victoria  street,  Alloa 
Bower  Miss,  7  Richmondhill  rd.    Aberdeen 
Bower  Mrs.  Birohbank,  Dunblane 
Bower   Mrs.    The    Cottage,    Fidra    terrace, 

Norlh  Berwick 
Bowerman   Richd.Jn.   Killilan,Kintail,Kyle 
Bowes    James    Cooper,    Myrton,    Campbell 

drive,  Bearsden,   Glasgow 
Bowes  John,   30  Eglinton  street,  Saltcoats 
Bowes    John,    6    Tay    terrace,    Magdalen 

Yard  road,  Dundee 
Bowes    Miss,    Maryville,    Dalhousie    road, 

Eskbank,  Dalkeith 
Bowes  Miss,  3  Mount  Stuart  rd.  Rothesay 
Bowhill  A.  Hilburn,  Queen's  road,  Dunbar 
Bowhill  Miss,  Brandsmill,  Dunbar 
Bowhill  Mrs.  Marygold, Queen's  rd. Dunbar 
Bowick  Charles  Booth  69  Gray  st. Aberdeen 
Bowie  Rev.  &eorge  Clark,  378  Holburn  st. 

Bowie   Rev.    Robert   M.A.    St.    Mary's   rd. 

Bowie  Allan  J.  Thrushcraig  house.Thrush- 

craig,  Paisley 
Bowie  \.  H.  8  Sandringham  ter.Greenock 
Rowie  Hunter  C.E.  Greenmill  ho. Cumnock 
Bowie  .T.7Buchanan  Erdns.Mt. Vernon, G'sgrv 
Tlowie  J-  LyaU,  5  St.  Leonards  bank.  Perth 
Bowie  Jas.  224  Gfl^park  rd.  Galashiels 
Bowie  James,  20  Miller  road,  Ayr 


BRA        1455 

Bowie  James  Cameron  M.B.,  CM.  Clousta, 

Aith?ting,  Lerwick 
Bowie  John,  juii.  Bowmar,  Kelburne  drive, 

Bowie  John,  Dalmarnock,  Brownside  road, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Bowie  John,   11  Greenlaw  avenue,  Paisley 
Bowie    John    McLintock,   The   Hain,   Dal- 
beattie road,   Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Bowie    Mrs.    4    Braco    hill,    Braco    street, 

Fife  Keith,  Keith 
Bowie  Mrs.  16  Irvine  place,  Aberdeen 
Bowie   Mrs.  60  Midton  road,   Ayr 
Bowie    Mrs.   Torburn,    Ledcameroch    road, 

Bearsden,   Glasgow 
Bowie  Mrs.  Allan, Norville, Blackball, Paisly 
Bowie    Bobert    C.    Brookfield,    Carnoustie 

S.O.  Forfarshire 
Bowie  Thomas,  3  George  crescent,  Perth 
Bowie  Thos.   St.  Leonards,   Balston, Paisley 
Bowie  William,   Camphill  house    Paisley 
Bowie  William  J.P.  Park  he  ad,  Linlithgow 
Bowie  William  E.  P.  St.   Anne'B,  Wellshot 

drive,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Bowlby  Arthur  S.  (of  Knoydart),  Inverie, 

Knoydart,  Mallaig  S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Bowman  A.,  J.P.  Buckhaven  S.O.  Fifesh 
Bowman  Alexander,  2  Roslin  ter.  Aberdeen 
Bowman  Andw.  31  Belvidere  eves.  Aberdn 
Bowman  Geo.  65  Beechgrove  ter.  Aberdeen 
Bowman  George  M.  Logic,  Cupar 
Bowman  Henry,   Roslyn,  Woodend  avenue, 

Cathcart,   Glasgow 
Bowman     James,     Bannachra,     Blairmore 

S.O.   Argyllshire 
Bowman  James,  The  Square,  Huntly 
Bowman  John,  Overton  avenue,  Johnstone 
Bowman    Miss,    St.    Adrian's,   Pittenweem 

S.O.   Fifeshire 
Bowman    Mrs.    James,   Lochty  bank,    Nolt 

Loan  road,  Arb^ath 
Bowman  Bobert,  93  Hamilton  pi.  Aberdeen 
Bowman  William,  Colbeck  place,  Rothesay 
Bowman  William,  17  Roslin  ter.  Aberdeen 
Bowstead   Rev.    Canon  Christopher  J.   K., 

M.A.  Blair  Atholl 
Bowstead  Mrs.  1  "North  terrace,  Berwick 
Bowyer  HarryLewis.l  Infirmary  st.Brechin 
Boyack   Alexander,   Links   villa,    King  st. 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Boyack  James  Duncan,  Woodville,  Station 

road,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Boyack     John     Gillan,     Braeoot,    Juniper 

Green  S.O.   Midlothian 
Boyce    Col,     Arthur    W.     Mount    Stewart, 

Ballater  S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Boyd  Lady,  Maxpoffle,   St.  Boswells,  New- 
town St.   Boswella  S.O.  Roxburghshire 
Boyd    Capt.    James,    Mobile    villa,    Lovat 

road,  Inverness 
Boyd  Rev.    Alexander  M.A.    St.    Andrew's 

rectory,  High  street,  Banff 
Boyd    Rev.     James,     The    Manse,     Inner- 
leithen S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Boyd    Rev.    James  Campbell  M.A.   Kenno- 

way,  Windygates   S.O.  Fifeshire 
Boyd    Rev.    John  B.D.    The  Manse,   Men- 

etrie   S.O.   Clackmannanshire 
Boyd     Rev.      John     Gage,      The      Manse, 

Symington,  Kilmarnock 
Boyd    Rev.    John    M'Gavin,    The    Manse, 

New   MonkLand,    Airdrie 
Boyd  Rev.   John   Sloan  M.A.    The  Manse, 

Aberlour  S.O.  Banffshire 
Boyd  Rev.  William  M.A.  The  Manse,  Kil- 

maronock,  Ballock  S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Boyd  Alexander,  6  Holmston  road,  Ayr 
Boyd  Alex.   Osborne,  Blackball,    Paisley 
Boyd   Archbd.   200  Glasgow  st.  Ardrossan 
Boyd   A.  John   st.   Largs  S.O.    Ayrshire 
Boyd  Charles,  Union  street,  Coupar-Angus 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Boyd  D.  Anchorage  cot.  Bothwell,  Glasgw 
Boyd  Daniel,   Seaview,  Seamill,  West  Kil- 
bride S.O.   Ayrshire 
Boyd    David    J.P.    Carmelhill    villa,    Kil- 

maurs,  Ayrshire 
Boyd  D.  Garrow  hill,  Baillieston,  Glasgow 
Boyd     David,     Gwngar,    Holmhead     road, 

Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Boyd  D.  M.  Norwood,  Longforgan,  Dundee 
Boyd  D.  M.  The  Rahoy,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Boyd  F.  Logie  bank,  Downfield,  Dundee 
Boyd  Fox  Maule,  16  Rose  terrace,  Perth 
Boyd  G.  22  Durham  st.  Monifieth,  Dundee 
Boyd  G.  17  West  Bridgend,  Dumbarton 
Boyd  Geo.   Allan  villa,  Downfield,  Dundee 
Boyd  George,  2  Ivy  place,  Berwick 
Boyd   George  F.   Nancebank,  Early  braes, 

Shettleston,    Glasgow 
Boyd  George  V.,  J.P.    Crosbie,   Paisley 
Boyd  Harold,  Thornleigh,  Kilmacolm  S.O. 

Boyd  Herbb.  C.  Strathfarrar,  Glenurqiihart 

road,   Inverness 
Boyd    Humphrey    G.   Bobert    Hay,    Town- 
end,  Symington,  Kilmarnock  ■ 
Bovd    J.   52  Graham's   road,    Grahamston, 

Boyd  J.  H.  Lome  vil. Millport  S.O.Butesh 

Boyd  James,    Boydston,    Lenzie,    Glasgow 
Boyd     James,     Carskey    &     Lephinstrath, 

Southend,   Argyllshire 
Boyd  James,   66  Caledonia  rd.   Saltcoats 
Boyd  Jas.    M.A.    Church  sq.    St.    Andrews 
Boyd  Jas.  The   Cottage,  Millarston, Paisley 
Boyd  James,  36  Dean  terrace,  Kilmarnock 
Boyd    James,    Gowanlee,    Borrowstounness 

S.O.   Linlithgowshire 
Boyd  James,  Petane,  Annan 
Boyd  James,  Rowantree  cot.  Loans,  Troon 
Boyd   James,  Trinlen  cottage,  Wamphray, 

Beattock  S.O.   Dumfriesshire 
Boyd   James,  Western  av.Tibbermore, Perth 
Boyd    James     L.     Glendouglie,     Arngask, 

Glenfarg   S.O.    Perthshire 
Boyd  James  Watson,   Woodside,  High  rd. 

Stevenston    S.O.    Ayrshire 
Boyd    John,    Aidengrove,    Kilcreggan  S.O. 

Boyd  John,  Ashburn,  Strone   S.O.Argyllsh 
Boyd    John,    Bank    House   cottage,    West 

Main   street,  Darvel   S.O.   Ayrshire 
Boyd  John,  6  Buckingham   terrace,  Ayr 
Boyd   John,   Craig  house,  Beith 
Boyd    John,    Crossburn,     Slamannon    S.O. 

Boyd  John,  Dunclutha,  Bothwell,  Glasgow 
Boyd   J.   Holly  bank,   Oakshawhead, Paisley 
Boyd  John,  Ivy  bank,  Forrest  st.   Airdrie 
Boyd  John,    Prosen  house,   Avenue  street, 

Stewarton    S.O.   Ayrshire 
Boyd   John,    Ruthwell  villa,   Maryfield  pi. 

Bonnyrigg,    Lasswade 
Boyd  John,  28  Thomson  st.   Ki'.marnock 
Boyd  John  B.,  M.B.  Halkett's  hall,  Lime- 
kilns, Dunfermline 
Boyd   John  K.,    J.P.  Moss  bank,    Douglas 

street,  Largs   S.O.   Ayrshire 
Boyd   John    M.    Breezie    Nook,    Richmond 

road,    H»ntly 
Boyd  Joseph,   Oaklea,   Glebe  st.   Dumfries 
Boyd  Leonard  C.  91  Castlehill  road,  Ayr 
Boyd  Martin, 41Kay  Park  cres. Kilmarnock 
Boyd  Miss,  1  Alfred  place,  St.  Andrews 
Boyd    Miss,  57  Blenheim  place,  Aberdeen 
Boyd  Miss, 7    Burnbank   ter.Kilsyth,Glasgw 
Boyd    Miss,    36   Castlehill  road,   Ayr 
Boyd  Miss,  Chevrytrees  ho.  Tetholm, Kelso 
Boyd  Miss,  Courtney, PenkilL  castle, Girvan 
Boyd   Miss,  5  Douglas  terrace,  Largs   S.O. 

Boyd   Miss,   20   Eglinton  street,   Irvine 
Boyd     Miss,     Elm     bank,     Polmont    S.O. 

Boyd    Miss,    Gairney field,    Dovecot    road, 

Corstorphine  S.O.   Midlothian 
Boyd  Miss,  3  Granville  st.  HelenBburgh 
Bovd    Miss,    5     Lothian    bank,     Eskbank, 

Boyd   Miss,   39  Union  street,  Greenock 
Boyd  Misses,   6  Chalmers  road  east,   Ayr 
Boyd    Misses,    Claremont,    The    Crescent, 

Boyd   Misses,    Springfield,   Greenock  road, 

Largs  S.O.   Ayrshire 
Boyd    Mrs.    6   Buckingham    terrace,  Char- 
lotte   street,  Ayr 
Boyd   Mrs.   Corarder,   Glasgow  road,  Perth 
Bovd  Mrs.   Craignevis,  Fort  William 
Boyd   Mrs.   Elm  bank,  Dysart  S.O.  Fifesh 
Boyd     Mrs.     Eskbank,      Dalbeattie     road, 

Maxwelltown,   Dumfries 
Boyd    Mrs.    Fountain    villa,    Kilmun    S.O. 

Boyd    Mrs.     Gowanlee,     Slamannan     S.O. 

Boyd  Mrs.   4  Hope   street,   St.    Andrews 
Boyd    Mrs.    Ivybank,   Selkirk 
Boyd    Mrs.     Moray    villa,    Cardross     S.O. 

Boyd   Mrs.  27   Prestwick  road,    Ayr 
Boyd  Mrs.  12  Queen,  street,  Helensburgh 
Boyd  Mrs.   Sylverton,  Scone,  Perth 
Boyd    Mrs.   48  Townhead,   Irvine 
Boyd    Mrs.    3    Wimbleton,    Mount    Stuart 

road,   Rothesay 
Boyd  Mrs.   Thomas,    Valley  view,    Friars, 

Boyd   Richard   H.    Oakshawe,  Thorn  road, 

Bearsden,   Glasgow 
Boyd  Robert,  Bellevue,  West  rd.   Irvine 
Boyd   Robert,  79    Eglinton   rd.    Ardrossan 
Boyd  Robert,  Hughenden,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Boyd  R.  Mackie  ho.   West  Newport, Fifesh 
Boyd  Robert,  6  Manse  street,   Kilmarnock 
Boyd  Robert,   73    Manse  street,   Saltcoats 
Boyd  Robt.  Edwin,  The  Hollies,   Melrose 
Boyd   T.  Broichmore,   Riverside   rd.  New- 
lands,  Glasgow 
Boyd  T.  C.Mylnefleld,   Invergowrie, Dundee 
Boyd  Thomas,  Oxhill  road,  Dumbarton 
Boyd  Thomas,  Primrose  bank,  Queensferry 
Boyd   Thos.  G.   St.  Ann's  cot.   Queensferry 
Boyd    William,     Claremont,     West    Ferry, 

Broughty  Ferry   S.O.  Forfarshire 
Boyd  Wm.  Munnsville,  Floor  st. Johnstone 
Boyd  Wm.   15  Sth. Hamilton  st. Kilmarnock 
Boyd   William   MoCall  M.B.   Nelson   street, 

Largs  S.O.    Ayrshire 

Boyes     Rev.     James     Alexander     M.A.     7 

South   George  street,  Dundee 
Boyes  E.  Burnpark,   Uddingston,  Glasgow 
Boyes  Miss   Auguste  M.B.,   Ch.B.    Molisora 

street,  Main  loans,  Dundee 
Boyes    Mrs.    Woodville,   Main    street,  Aber- 

chirder  S.O.   BanfEshire 
Boyes  Peter  Garvie,  Bellwood  park,  Pertb 
Boyes   William  A.    Bellwood   park,  Perth 
Boylan  James  Dunn,   Shawpark,  Selk'rk 
Boyle   Rev.  John   B.D.    The  Manse,   Kirk- 
den,  Friockheim  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Boyle  Rev.  John  CM.  St.  Mary's,  Lanark 
Boyle    Adam  Hall,    Bankitock  "house,  Hol- 
land Bush,   Castlecary   S.O.   Stirlingshire- 
Boyle   Allen,    Woodside    lodge,    Stevenstoni 

road,  Kilwinning   8.0.   Ayrshire 
Boyle  Andw.  78  St. Andrew  st. Kilmarnock 
Boyle  Charles,  20  Argyle  place,  Rothesay 
Boyle    Edward,    Arneymore,    Manse   road, 

Boyle     Elijah      Patrick,     Glenrosa     villa,. 

Craigs  road,  Dumfries 
Boyle   J.   R.   9    Lauderdale    avenue,    New- 
lands,   Glasgow- 
Boyle   James,    Shalimar,    Campbell    drive, 

Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Boyle  John,  87  Dundonald  rd.  Kilmarnock 
Boyle  Miss,   Drumbarr,  Alloway,  Ayr 
Boyle  Mrs.   15  Caledonian  place,  Aberdeen 
Boyle  Mrs.  Crescent  pi.   Dalmuir,  Glasgow 
Boyle    Mrs.  3    Greenlaw    avenue,   Paisley 
Boyle  Peter,  Leo  villa,  Craigie  road,   Ayr 
Boyle  W.   Ashlea  ho.   Eaglesham,  Glasgow- 
Boyle  William,    5    Cumberland  st. Dumfries 
Boyles    Mies,   Kilchattan   Bay,  Rothesay 
Boyne  Jas.    Duncliflce,  Bearsden,    Glasgow 
Boyne    Lockhart    Alexander,    Palm    villa, 

Midmills  road,    Inverness 
Boyne     Mrs.     Well     park,      Bute     street, 

Grahamston,   Falkirk 
Boys  Rev.  Henry  H.    H.,   M.A.  The   Rec- 
tory,   Alexandria,   Dumbartonshire 
Boys  William  H.   28  Esplanade,   Greenock 
Brabender  A.  32  Campbell  st.Helensburgh 
Brach   T.   24  Colquhoun   st.   Helensburgh 
Bradford   J.  4   Castle   ter.  Cathcart, Glasgow- 
Bradford  Jas. Martin,  9  Albany  ter. Dundee 
BradfordJ.Fl-akefield  ho. Station  rd. Carluke 
Bradford  Mrs.   2  Albany  terrace,  Dundee 
Bradley  R.  Watson,  Roebuck  park,  Carrorn 

S.O.   Stirlingshire 
Bradshaw  Mrs.    Sandringham  villa,   Blair- 
more  S.O.    Argyllshire 
Bradshaw    Thomas,    Albion    villa,    Dollar 

S.O.   Clackmannanshire 
Brady   Rev.    J.    St.   Patrick's    presbytery, 

St.   Meddans  street,  Troon 
Brady    Rev.    Patrick    J.    The    Presbytery, 

King  street,  Newport  S.O.   Fifeshire 
Brady   G.   4  Fairmount,  Barn  hill,   Perth 
Brady  Mrs.   23  Melville  street,   Perth 
Braes  J.  M.  St. Magdalene's  vil. Linlithgow 
Braes  Mrs.  65  Talbot  street,  Grangemouth 
Braes    William,  Fleetwood,    Linlithgow 
Braggins  G.  F.  Stoer,  Lairg 
Braid  Andrew,31   Lady  Helen  st.Kirkcaldy 
Braid    Charles    Duncan,     Whinbrae,    Tay- 

port  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Braid  D.  Waterston, W.Newport  S.O.Fifesb 
Braid  H.  1   Clerk  street,  Brechin 
Braid  Jas.  Leopold  vil.   Ascog,   Rothesay 
Braid    James,    Tay    view,     Albert    street, 

Tayport  S.O.   Fifeshire 
Braid  J.4   Aberlemno  ter.Perth  rd. Dundee 
Braid  John  F.   4   Aberlemno  ter.  Dundee 
Braid  Matthew,  Barwood,  Greenlees  road, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Braid   R.  Beechcroft,    Clydebank,    Glasgow 
Braid    Thomas,     Durris    cottage,     Durris, 

Drumoak   S.O.    Kincardineshire 
Braid  Thomas,  62  Walton  street,  Dundee 
Braidwood  T.  Meadow  pk.  Bridge  of  Allan- 
Braine   Hy.    A.  Culpleasant, Castle  Douglas 
Brair  Joseph,  Douglas   street,  Motherwell 
Braithwaite    James    Thomson,   Beach    cot- 
East  Haven,    Carnoustie    S.O.    Forfarsh 
Brakenridge    A.    Royal    Bank    house,     65 

Glaisnock  street,  Cumnock 
Brakenridge     Mrs.    Westlands,     Westfield 

road,    Cupar 
Bramal  Edward   H.    Clonsceen,    Bridge    of 

Weir  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Brambleby    Bertram    Cecil,    Falcon     cliff, 

Crown  "drive,   Inverness 
Bramwell  Byron    M.D.,    F.B.G.S.  Baberton- 

house,  Juniper  Green  S.O.  Midlothian 
Brand    Rev.     William    M.A.    The    Manse, 

Dunrossness,  Lerwick 
Brand   A. 12  Rosemount  pi.  Bridgend.Perth 
Brand  Alex.  C.  Cairnhill,  Busby,  Glasgow 
Brand      Charles,      Ardendene,      Bentinck 

drive,   Troon 
Brand  David,  Cairn  hill,  Busby,  Glasgow 
Brand    David,    Hepburn     villa,     Monreith 

road,   Newlands,  Glasgow 
Brand    Frank,    34   Benvie  road,    Dundee 
Brand    George,    Graybank,  Princes    street, 

Monifieth,   Dundee 
Brand  James,  30  Bridge  street,  Montrose 

1456        BRA 

Brand   James,  Culpae,    Minnigaffi,  Newton 

Brand    Jas.    39    North  Bridge   st.   Hawick 
Brand    James,     Salisbury    villa,    Bayswell 

park,  Dunbar 
Brand  Miss,  34  Carden  place,  Aberdeen 
Brand  Miss,  Ciff  view,  Craigie  rd.  Perth 
Brand  Miss,   Ellerslie,   Larbert 
Brand     Miss,     Mylnefield     house,     Tnver- 

gowrie,  Dundee 
Brand    Misses,     Mylnefield    house,    Long- 

f  organ,  Dundee 
Brand   Mrs.    Bay  ho.  Ea.    Newport,   Fifesh 
Brand   Mrs.    Prospect  cottage,  Carron  ter- 
race, Stonehaven 
"Brand  Bobert,   7  Melville  street,   Perth 
Brand  Robfc.  Upland,  Dupplin  ter.  Perth 
Brand  W.    Fauld  park, Baillieston, Glasgow 
Brand  "William,  5  Caledonian  pi.  Aberdeen 
Brand  William,   51   Dens  road,   Dundee 
Brand  Wm.    Mount    Zion  Brae,    Arbroath 
Brand  William  E.  Belle  Vue  house,  Aber- 

donr   S.O.  Fifeshire 
Brander  Alex.  J.  14  Hamilton  pi. Aberdeen 
Brander  John,  Bosemount,  Pitlochry 
Brander   John    Pirie,    Arndilly,    Merrylee 

road,   Newlands,  Glasgow 
Brander  Miss,   57  George  street,  Huntly 
Brander  Mrs.  S  Church  street,  Huntly 
Brander  Mrs.   140  Forest  avenue. Aberdeen 
Brander   Mrs.  Townfield  house,   Gladstone 

road,  Huntly 
Brander     T..     M.B.,     CM.     Craigmount, 

Lossiemouth   S.O.    Morayshire 
Brander   Thomas  Lawrie    M.D.    Ardlinnhe 

house,   Fort  William 
Brandie  Mrs. 211   Gt. Northern  rd. Aberdeen 
Brandon    Rev.    George   L.,    B.D.  Portland 

manse,    St.   Meddans    street,  Troon 
Brannigan  George,  Argyll  view,  Bridge  of 

Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Brash   James,    Union  bank,  101    High    st. 

Leslie   S.O.  Fifeshire 
Brash  T.Cumberland  vil.Dock  pk. Dumfries 
Brash   Thomas  W.   jun.    Ross  Dhu,  Cassa- 

lands,    Maxwelltown,   Dumfries 
Brash   William,   15   Ormonde    park,    Cath- 

cart,  Glasgow 
Brass  P.  12  King  st.  Kirkwall  S.O.Orkney 
Brassington   John  T.   The   Oak,   Hamilton 

road,    Motherwell 
Bray  John   E.    Seton  lodge,   Alloa 
Braybrook    Henry,    Harborough,    Kersland 

drive,  Milngavie,  Glasgow 
Brayne  Mrs.  Gledcliff,   Annick  rd.   Irvine 
Breadalbane   The    Marquis   of  K.G.,   P.O., 

D.L..     J. P.     Ardmaddy    castle,     Oban; 

Taymouth  castle,    Kenmore,    Aberf  eldy ; 

Blackmount     Forest     lodge,     Glenorchy, 

Dalmallv    S.O.     Argyllshire :    Auchmore. 

Ki'.lin    S.O.    Perthshire:     &    68    Ennis- 

more  gardens  &  Marlborough  &  Reform 

clubs,  London   S  W 
Breaks    John.    Rochester,    Riverside    road, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Brebner  Rev.  J. The  Manse,  Forgue, Huntly 
Brebner  Rev.   William   M.A.  26   Gladstone 

p'ace.   Aberdeen 
Brebner     Alex.    G-,    J. P.     Balqnhyndachy. 

Methlick.  Aberdeen 
Brpbner      Hugh      M.A.,     B.C.      Croftside, 

Brebner  Jas.  85  Bon  Accord  st.  Aberdeen 
Brebner    James    M.A.    2     Scotswood    ter- 
race,  W°st   Park   road,  Dundee 
Brebner    James  E.    Balmain,    Fettercairn, 

Brebner  Jn.  L.  2  Springbank  ter. Aberdeen 
Brebner  Robert   Nicol   M.D.,  CM.    Strath- 
more,  Broomhill  road,  Keith 
Brebner  T..  J. P.  42  Grafctan   pl.Fraserbrgh 
Brebner  William,  11  Carden  pi.   Aberdeen 
Brechin  Rt.  Elgin   vil.   Muirhead.   Glasgow 
Brechin  William,  5  Blackburn  road,  Ayr 
Brechin  William,  55   Midton  road,  Ayr 
Brechin   William,    Pin  wherry    house,   Dal- 

jarrock  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Brechin  W.  Tthan  vil.  Downfield,  Dundee 
Brechin  William  M.13  Albert  ter.Aberdeen 
Breckenridge  M.Rose  bnk.Castle  st. Irvine 
Brpck^nridge  William,  Riversleigh,  Kil- 
winning road,  Irvine 
Breoknell    George,    Balmoral   drive,    Cam- 

bu9lang,  Glasgow 
Bre-ffuot     Rev.     Gustnve      Adolphe      L.Th. 

Stanlev    S.O.    Perthshire 
Breingtm    Adam.   3  Erskine  st.   Aberdeen 
Bremmer  M.  E.Rusko  ea.Bearsden.Glasgw 
Bremner  Rev.  A..M.A.Fyvie  S.O.Aberdnsh 
Bremner    Rev.     Alexander,    Clunes    villa, 

PorterfiMd   road,   Inverness 
Bremner   Rev.   G.    ManseJnverarity, Forfar 
Bremner    "Rev.    John,    The   Manse,    Kirk- 

michael,  Dumfries 
Bremner    Alexander   M.A.,    B.Sc.    13  Bel- 

erave  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Bremner  Alex.  53  Newton  st.  Greenock 
Er^mner    David,    Frederick  place,    Down- 
field, Dundee 
Br-mner  Donald.  107  E'.don  st.  Greenock 


Bremner  Dugald  C,  M.B.  Crossland  cres- 
cent, Peebles 
(Bremner  George,    Fiunery   villa,    King   st. 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Bremner  James,  Barranco,    Abbotshall  rd. 

Bremner  John,  40  Dempster  street,  Wick 
Bremner    John,    Esley,    Wnodmuir    park, 

West  Newport  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Bremner  J.   M.  49  Cairnfield  pi.  Aberdeen 
Bremner  L.   Albert   st.  Tayport  S.O.Fifesh 
Bremner  Miss,  50  Carden  place,  Aberdeen 
Bremner  Misses,   Norland,  Ferniehill,  Gi.- 

merton  S.O.   Midlothian 
Bremner  Mrs.  Argyle   square,  Wick 
Bremner  Mrs.   Duntocher,   Glasgow 
Bremner  Mrs.  Laburnam  vilta,  Green  lane, 

Carnoustie   S.O.  Forfarshire 
Bremner  Mrs.  Sandilands,  South  rd. Cupar 
Bremner  Mr3.  10  William  street,  Dundee 
Bremner  Robert,  Doune  road,  Dunblane 
Bremner    Thomas,     3     Montrose    gardens, 

Milngavie,   Glasgow 
Brenan   George  W.   3  Victoria  cres.  Oban 
Brennen  Jn.  66  Dundonald  rd.  Kilmarnock 
Brett   Patrick,    Wellington    cottage,    Quay 

walls,  Berwick 
Brew   Mrs.   Pitnacree,   Bamff   road,    Alyth 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Brewer    Thomas    Frederick,    Anchor    cot 

tage,  Boghead   road,  Dumbarton 
Brewester    James,     British    Linen    Bank. 

Dalrymple  street,  Girvan 
Brewster  Lady,    Allerly,Gattonside, Melrose 
Brewster  Capt.   Robert  E.  B.,  R.A.   Janet 

street,    Thurso 
Brewster   James,   Upper    Pitkerrie,    Fearn 

S.O.   Ross-shire 
Brewster  James  M.  191  High  st. Kirkcaldy 
Brewster  Mrs.  268  Broomhall  rd.  Aberdeen 
Brice  Walter,  8  Manse  street,  Kilmarnock 
Bride    Horace,    10   West    Holmes  gardens. 

Bridge  Sir  Frederick  M.V.O.,  M.A.  Cairn- 
borrow   lodge.   Glass  Huntly 
Bridges  Miss,  1  Irving  street,  Dumfries 
Bridges    Mrs.    Roselyn,    Cardoness   street, 

Bridie  Miss,  Elder  cot.Keay  st. Blairgowrie 
Briggs  Major-Gen.   D.,  D.L.,    J.P.    Strath- 

airly,  Up.  Largo,  Low.  Largo  S.O.Fifesh 
Brigg3  Francis,  Huntington,  Haddington 
Briggs  Hugh,  Lochtower,  Tetholm,  Kelso 
Briggs  James, 103  Strathmartine  rd. Dundee 
Briggs  James  A.  330  Blackness  rd. Dundee 
Briggs  John,  Comely  bank,  Dumbarton 
Briggs  Mrs.  High  street,  Coldstream 
Briggs  William,  Paterson  pi.  Haddington 
Briggs  William,  Tordarach,  Pitlochry 
Brims  Rev.  Donald  M.A.   Addiewell,  West 

Calder  S.O.  Midlothian 
Brims  Mrs.  21  Rose  street.  Thurso 
Brims  William  Manson,  Rose  Bank  house, 

Janet  street,  Thurso 
Brinckman  Claud,  Nairnside  house,  Daviot 

S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Bringle  Miss,  Fillyside    Doune  rd. Dunblane 
Brisbane  Rev.  Thomas.  Dunodeer.Buchanan 

drive,  Cambuslantr    Glasgow 
Brisbane    Charles    Thomas    J.P.,    D.L.    of 

Brisbane,  Largs  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Brisbane  Thomas,  6  Park  terrace,   Stirling 
Britee  John,  1  Belgrave  road,  Corstorphine 

S.O.  Midlothian 
BritonMisses.Hollv  bnk. Orchard  st.Hamiltn 
Brittain  Miss,  Sidlaw,  Scone.  Perth 
Broadbent  G.N.  2  Summerhill  ter.  Berwick 
Broadbent  T.Eglinton  vw.  Bank  st.  Irvine 
Broadfoot  Col.   Archibald  C.B.  Duncree  ho 

Newton  Stewart 
Broadfoot    James.    Russell    house,     Clydes 

dale  street.  Hamilton 
Broadfoot  W., M.D. 23  Bentinck  st. Greenock 
Broadfoot  William,  Dnncragzon  &  Heather 

Knowl.  Blairmore  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Broadfoot  Mrs.    67   High   street,    Sanquhar 

S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Broatch  Robert,  iun.  91  New  st.Musselbrgh 
Brock  Rev.  Walter  P.  Forth.  Lanark 
Brock  Andrew,  Benvue    Busby,  Glasgow 
Brock  Andrew.  St.  Marearefs,   4  Hope  pi 

Levenhall.  Musselburgh 
Brock  H.,  J.P.  Auchinheglish,  Alexandria 

Brock  Huch.   Mellendenn,  Dalhousie  street 

Monifieth,  Dundee 
Brock  James,  Edgemount,  Bridge  of  Weir 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Brock  Misses,  Bannachra,  Luss  S.O.  Dum- 
Brock  Mrs.Avn  bank.Bonhill  rd. Dumbarton 
Brock  Mrs.  Rosehill.  Denny 
Brock     William,     Edgemount,     Bridge     of 

Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Brockie  Alex.  4S  Alburv  road,  Aberdeen 
Brockie  George,  55  Irvine  place,  Aberdeen 
Brockie  Joseph,  31  Portland  st.Kilmarnock 
Brockie  Mrs.  4  Howard  pi.   St.  Andrews 
Brockie  Mrs.  Thornbank,  Lockerbie 
Bm^kW  Mm.  R  Home  terrace.  West  Ferry. 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 

,  Brocklehurst  A.  Langdale  lo.  Farr,  Thurso 
Brodie  Major  Ian  Ashlev  Moreton   D.S.O., 

D.L.,  J.P.  Brodie  Castle.  Forres 
Brodie    Rev.    Duncan    H.    Eversley,    North 

Mount  Vernon,  Glasgow 
Brodie  Rev.  R.   Geddes.  Dalziel, Motherwell 
Brodie  Rev.  Wm.  The  Manse,  Kirkpatrick- 

Juxta  Beattock  S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Brodie  Ernest  M.  Inverdevol,  Port  Glasgow 
Brodie  James,   12  Argyle  place,  Rothesay 
Brodie    James,    Mains    of    Watten,   Watten 

S.O.  Caithness 
Brodie  James,   Moray  house,  Queen  street, 

Coupar-Angus  S.O.   Perthshire 
Brodie  James,   Nolt   Loan  road,   Arbroath 
Brodie  Jas.  Park  villa,  Park  pi.   Stirling 
Brodie  J.  8  West  Holmes  gdns. Musselburgh 
Brodie    James    M.    Wellbank,    Kilcreggan, 

Port  Glasgow 
Brodie  John,    Albert   cottage,    Paisley    rd. 

Renfrew  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Brodie  John,  58  Fonthill  road,  Aberdeen 
Brodie  John  R.   20  Kelly  street,  Greenock 
Brodie    John   Sharp    Ca (lender   J.P.    Idviea 

ho.  Kirkden,  Friockheim  S.O.  Forfarsh 
Brodie   Miss,  23   Ashley  road,   Aberdeen 
BrodieMiss.Chisholm  cot. Gardener  st.Dunbr 
Brodie  Miss,  Coningsby  place,  Alloa 
Brodie     Miss,     Fairhaven,     Colinton     S  O. 

Brodie    Miss,    Mansefield    house,    Couttie's 

wynd,  Forfar 
Brodie      Mrs.      Abbot  sford,     Port     Banna- 

tyne,  Rothesay 
Brodie  Mrs.  Idvies  house.  Kirkden,  Friock- 
heim S.O.  Forfarsh.  &  Powfoulis, Larbert 
Brodie  Mrs.  Lethen  ho.  Auldearn,  Nairn 
Brodie  Mrs.  66  Mount  Stuart  rd.  Rothesay 
Brodie  Mrs.l  Norman  ter.Downfield. Dundee 
Brodie  P    The  Priory, Uddingston,  Glasgow 
Brodie  R.TheCottage.Munlochv  S.O.Ross-sh 
Brodie  Robert  J.P.  Bank  of  Scotland  build- 
ings, High  street.  Dingwall 
Brodie  Robert,  South  park,  Biggar 
Brodie  Robert  M.   4   Grange  terrace,   Moni- 
fieth rd.  Broughtv  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Brodie  T.   S.,  M.B*.  Belhaven  ter.   Wishaw 
Brodie  W.  High  st.  Lauder  S.O.Berwicksh 
Brodie  William,77  Dundonald  rd.Kilmarnck 
Brodie  Wm.    Patrick,  The   Lodge,    Craigel- 

lachie  S.O.  Banffshire 
Brodie-Innes    John    W.,    B.A.,    D.L.,    J.P. 

Milton  Brodie,  Alves.  Forres 
Bromfield    Mrs.    Old    Greenlaw,    Greenlaw 

S.O.  Berwickshire 
Brook  Alex.  Primrose  bank,  Haddington 
Brook    Charles    J.P.    Kinmount,    Cummer- 
trees,  Annan 
Brook  Edward  Jonas  J.P.  Hoddam  castle, 

Hoddam,   Ecclefechan 
Brook  Jn.  J.P.  Primrose  bank,  Haddington 
Brooke     Col.     Hastings,     Glenkiel,     South 

Knapdale,   Ardrishaig   S.O.    Argyllshire 
Brooke     Capt.     Harry,     Fairley,     Countess 

wells,  Aberdeen 
Brooke  John   A.,   J.P.    Mid  Fearn,   Edder- 

ton  S.O.  Ross-shire 
Brooks    Lady,    The    Neuk,    Aboyne     S.O. 

Brooks    Charles,    Bon-accord    villa,    Mont- 
gomery street,  Larkhall  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Broom  Rev.   Wm.   Leuchar3  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Broom  J.,  M.B.,  CM.26  High  st.Kirriemuir 
Broom    Miss,     Bayview,    Port    Bannatyne, 

Broom  W.   E.   High  Askomel, Campbeltown 
Broome  Wm.   Wedgwood  J. P. The  Beeches, 

Borrowstounness    S.O.   Linlithgowshire 
Broomfield  David,    Laurel   bank,    Park  rd. 

Eskbank,  Dalkeith 
Broomfield     George     L.     Loanside     house, 

Lauder  S.O.  Berwickshire 
Broomfield  Miss.  29  Square,  Kelso 
Brophy  Rev.  Thomas,  Ford  road,  Crieff 
Brotchie   George,  75  Dee   street,  Aberdeen 
Brotherston   Mrs.    Broomhill,    Burntisland 
Brotherstone  David,  Glenkevock,  Lasswade 
Brotherton  Mrs.  17  Ravensdowne,  Berwick 
Brotherton    Kobert.    Alms  well    road,    Kil- 
winning S.O.   Ayrshire 
Brough  G.  1  Kyle  pk.  Uddingston, Glasgow 
Brough  Geo.  T.,  M.A.   Craigneuk,  Wishaw 
Brough  James  J.P.    The   Grove,  Inveresk, 

Brough  John,  6  Parade,  Berwick 
Brough    Miss,    Lomond    view,    St.    Mary*s 

drive,  Dunblane 
Brough  Mrs.  Well  park,  Dalginross,Comrie 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Brough  Mrs.  Westwood.Ardbeg  rd. Rothesay 
Brough    Mrs.    W.    Eildon,    Wilson    street, 

Craigie,  Perth 
Brough  P.  Ancrum  place,  Lochee,  Dundee 
Brough  Peter,  15  Barrie  terrace,  Ardrossan 
Brough  Peter   J.P.   Dunira    street,    Comrie 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Brough  Peter,  Westfleld  avenue,  Cupar 
Brough     Robert     J.P.     Ochil     view,    Di*i- 
barnev,  Bridge  of  Earn  S.O.  Perthshire 
BroughR.J.4Grosvenor  ter.Perth  rd.Dundee 
Broneham    James.    Viewmount,    Culduthel 
road,  Inverness 

"Broun  James  M.A..  LL.B.  Quendale  house 

Commercial  street,  Lerwick 
Broun -Mori  son  John  B.,  J. P.,  D.L.,  F.S.A 

Murie  house,  Errol  S.O.  Perthshire 
Brow  Jas.  Park  villa,  Rose  crescent,  Perth 
Brown  Gen.  David.The  Firs.Murtle.Aberdn 
Brown  Col.A.M.,J.P.Longformneus  ho. Puns 
Brown    Capt.    Henrv,    Hillmount,    Juniper 

Green  S.O.  Midlothian 
"Brown  Rev.  A.  Free  Church  manse,  Black- 
ridge  S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
"Brown  Rev.  Alexander,  Baxessan,  Taynuilt 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Brown  Rev.Alex.94  Hamilton  pi.  Aberdeen 
Brown  Rev.  Alexander,  The  Manse,  Kirtle- 

bridge,  Ecclefechan 
Brown   Rev.   Alfred,   Mansefield,   Lesmaha- 

gow  S.O.   Lanarkshire 
Brown    Rev.    Andrew    M.A.    25    Bubialaw 

terrace,  Aberdeen 
Brown  Rev.  Andrew  M.,  B.D.  St. Andrew's 

United  Free  manse. Kirkintilloch, Glasgow 
Brown    Rev.    David    S.,   M.A.    Burray,   St. 

Margaret's  Hope  S.O.  Orkney 
"Brown    Rev.    David    Small    M.A.    Arthulie 

United  Free   Church  manse,   Aur's  road, 

Barrhead,  Glasgow 
Brown    Rev.    Duncan,    iiigh    Blantyre    rd. 

Burnbank  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
"Brown  Rev.    Duncan,  United  Free    Church 

manse,  Loeheellv  S.O.   Fife 
Brown    Rev.    Edward,    F.    C.    manse,    Bel- 

helvie,  Aberdeen 
Brown  Rev.  F.  H.  37  Woolmarket, Berwick 
Brown     Rev.     Henry     M.A.     15     Portland 

road,  Kilmarnock 
Brown  Rev.  J.,  M.A.  Corrie,  Brodick  S.O 

Isle  of  Arran 
"Brown  Rev.  J., M.A. Manse,  Madderty, Crieff 
Brown  Rev.  J.  C.  Port.moak,  Kinross 
Brown  Rev.  J.  L.The  Manse,  Dallas.Forres 
Brown  Rev.  Jas.  Hallidays  park,  Selkirk 
Brown  Rev.  James.  Lochgelly  S.O.  Fifesh 
Brown  Rev.    James    C.    The    Manse,   Lain- 

shaw  street,  Stewarton  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Brown  Rev.  John,  The  Manse,  Bervie  S.O. 

Brown  Rev.  John,  Marine  villa,   Aberdour 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Brown    Rev.    John    Francis,    The    Manse, 

Heriot  S.O.  Midlothian 
Brown  Rev.  Jn.  K.   Stanley  S.O.  Perthsh 
Brown  Rev.  J.R.Bonawe,  Tavnuilt.Argyllsh 
Brown  Rev.  Peter  B.Sc,  U."  F.  C.  manse, 

Portknockie  S.O.  Banffshire 
Brown     Rev.     Peter     S.     Garlieston     S.O. 

Brown    Rev.    Robert,   Cairniehill,    Auchter- 

gaven,  Stanley  S.O.  Perthshire 
Brown     Rev.     Robert     Percival     M.A.     10 

Clarendon  place,    Stirling 
Brown    Rev.     William     M.A..     B.D.     The 

Manse,  Campsie  Glen,  Glasgow 
Brown  Rev.  William  C.  St.  Palladius  pres- 
bytery, Aitken  street.  Dairy  S.O.   Ayrsh 
Brown    Rev.    William    Graham   M.A.    Les- 

mahagow  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Brown  Rev.  William  Leslie  Wallace  M.A. 

The  Manse,  Alness  S.O.  Ross-shire 
Brown    Rev.    William    Orr,   U.    F.    manse, 

Radnor  park,  Glasgow 
Brown  Rev.  William  R.  The  Manse,  Manse 

street,    Saltcoats 
Brown  A.  Ardnacross.  Douglas  st.Mothrwll 
Brown  A.  Church  cottage.  Church  rd. Keith 
Brown  A. The  Craigs.  Carmunnock, Glasgow 
Brown   Andrew,    Glenrosa,    Princes    street, 

Monifieth,  Dundee 
Brown  A.Isafield,Ba!loch   S.O.Dumbartonsh 
Brown  A.  1  Linn  ter.Clarkston  rd. Cathcart 
Brown    Andrew,    7    Marlborough    gardens, 

Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Brown    Andrew,    Norcote,    Monreith    road, 

Newlands.  Glasgow 
Brown     Alexander,     Whit  some,     Chirnside 

S.O.  Berwickshire 
Brown  A.  A.  34  Elmfield  avenue,  Aberdeen 
Brown    A.    Scott,    Miyanoshita.   Kilmacolm 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Brown  A.  T.  Torquhon,  Stow  S.O.Midlothn 
Brown    A.    W.    S.,    M.A.    Trinity    college, 

Glenalmond,  Perth 
Brown  Adam,  Hyndhope,  Kirkhope, Selkirk 
Brown    Adam.    Strathdee.   Kirkcudbright 
Brown    Albert    Isaiah,     Greencroft    house, 

Tweedmouth,  Berwick 
Brown  Alex.  Annieville,  Bank  st.  Irvine 
Brown  Alex.  Arbuthnott,  Camelon,  Falkirk 
Brown  Alex.  Cydeville,  Bowling,  Glasgow 
Brown  Alexander,  23  Deemount  rd.  Aberdn 
Brown  Alex.  Fernlea, Boghead  rd.Dumbartn 
Brown  Alex.  101  Fountainhall  rd. Aberdeen 
Brown  Alexander,  Largoward,  St.  Andrews 
Brown  Alexander,  Landale  road,  Peterhead 
Brown  Alex.  37  Mile  End  avenue, Aberdeen 
Brown  Alexander,  Oxhill  road,  Dumbarton 
Brown  Alexander,  29  Princes  st.  Peterheq^ 
Brown  Alex.  87  Westburn  road,  Aberdeen 
Brown  Alex.  C.  25  Wallace  st.  Kilmarnock 


Brown  Alex.  G.  Witchhill,  Fraserburgh 
Brown  Alexander  L.  Galahill,  Galashiels 
Brown  Alex.  P.  48  Portland  rd.Kilmarnock 
Brown  Alfred  D.  3  Kilnburn  terrace,  East 

Newport,  Fifeshire 
Brown  Allan,  1G0  High  street,  Irvine 
Brown  Allan,  1  Reform  street,  Blairgowrie 
,  Brown  Andrew,  39  Argvle  street,  Saltcoats 
Brown  Andrew,  1  Blackness  cres.  Dundee 
Brown  Andrew,  Bruce  villa,  North  Mount 

"Vernon,  Glasgow 

Brown  Andrew,  30  Caledonia  rd.   Saltcoats 

Brown    Andrew    J. P.     Castle    Hill    house, 

Ferry   road,   Renfrew   S.O.   Renfrewshire 

Brown   Andrew,    Clifton   Bank,    Collier   st. 

Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Brown  Andrew,  Commercial  bank,  Girvan 
Brown  Andrew,  Dunreay,  Selkirk 
Brown  Andrew   J. P.   Maryfield,   Galashiels 
Brown  A.  Orbiston,  Orchard  st.  Hamilton 
Brown    Andrew    M.A.,    LL.B.    21    Queen's 

gardens,  Dundee 
Brown  Andrew  Allan.  Yiewpark,  Biggar 
Brown  Andrew  H.  8  Gray  street,  Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Brown  A.  L.  Ingleside.  Wormit,  Dundee 
Brown  Archibald  L.  Moorfield,  Mauchline 
Brown  Arthur,  2^  King  street,  Stirling 
Brown  C.Auchenkill.Sprmgwells  av.Airdrie 
Brown     C,     J. P.     Dundas     lodge,    Kerse, 

Brown  Caleb,  Stanley  cot.   Moffat,   Airdrie 
Brown   Charles,    Station  road,   Dollar   S.O. 

Brown  C.  Every  L.D.S.  Shaftesbury  house, 

Shaftesbury  road,  Dundee 
Brown  C.  H.  S.  Seapark,7  Seafield  st. Nairn 
Brown  Charles,  Croft  cottage,  Loan, Hawick 
Brown    Charles,    Earlswood   house,    Bield- 

side,  Aberdeen 
Brown  Charles,   135  King  street,   Aberdeen 
Brown    Charles,    Rockcliff,    Links    parade, 

Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Brown  Charles,  22  View  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Brown  C.  F.  Main  cot.  Bowmont  st.  Kelso 
Brown  C.  G.   141  Clepington  road,  Dundee 
Brown  Charles  H.  6  Tay  terrace,  Magdalen 

Yard  road,  Dundee 
Brown  Colin,  10  Somerville  place,  Dundee 
Brown  D.  M.  Tortola,  Westpark  rd. Dundee 
Brown  David,  Craigard,  Cadzow  drive, Cain 

buslang,  Glasgow 
Brown  D.  C.  Bank  ho.Corran  esplnde.Oban 
Brown  D.Craigower,  Carlyle  rd.  Kirkcaldy 
Brown  David,  6  Barone  road,  Rothesay 
Brown  David,   Cartle  bank,  Howgate,  Kil- 
winning S.O.  Argyllshire 
Brown    David,     Cheapside    house,    Eagles- 
ham,  Glasgow 
Brown  David,  21  Church  street,  Coatbridge 
Brown  David,  Glenard,  Crail  S.O,  Fifesh 
Brown  D.  Ingleside, Buckhaven  S.O.  Fifesh 
Brown  D.  Langloan,  Kirn  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Brown  David,   45  Magdalen  green,  Dundee 
Brown  D.  35  Pitcullen  ter.  Bridgend.Perth 
Brown  David  J. P.  Royal  bank,  Maybole 
Brown  David,  29  Strawberry  bank,  Dundee 
Brown  David,  3  Wellington  gdns.   Montrose 
Brown  David  C.  British  Linen  Bank  house, 

96  High  street.  Forres 
Brown  D.  H.  1  Middleshade,  St.  Andrews 
Brown    David    M.     4     Scotswood    terrace, 

West  Park  road,  Dundee 
Brown  Donald,  93  Caledonia  rd.    Saltcoats 
Brown  Donald  M.  Viewfield  park,  Selkirk 
Brown    Douglas,    Inverallan,    Corstorphine 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Brown    Duncan    M.B.,    C.M.Glas.    7a,    Ard- 

gowan  street,   Greenock 
Brown  E.  Dalhousie  st.   Monifieth,  Dundee 
Brown  Edward  A.  Carrisbrooke,  West  King 

street,  Helensburgh 
Brown    Francis    D.     Locksley,    Kilmacolm 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Brown     Francis     S.     Finlarig,     Buchanan 

drive,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Brown  Fras.  W.  5  Seaforth  avenue,  Annan 
Brown  F.  W.  Annielea.  Kirn  S.O.Argyllsh 
Brown    George,     Achray,     Crescent     road, 

Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Brown  G.  Kerse  Lane  cot. Kerse  la.  Falkirk 
Brown  G.  Tay  cottage,  E.  Newport,  Fifesh 
Brown  G.  Ch'ace,  4  Oakwood  terrace,  West 

Park  road,  Dundee 
Brown  Gavan,Venture  Fair  ter. Dunfermline 
Brown    Gavin,    Dentella,    Brownside    road, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Brown    George,    Craigeric,    Juniper    Green 

S.O.   Midlothian 
Brown  George,  23  Esplanade,  Greenock 
Brown  George,  Gordon  S.O.  Berwickshire 
Brown     George,     Yiewhill     cottage,     Long- 

riggend  S.O.   Lanarkshire 
Brown   Geo.    A.    26  Union   road,    Inverness 
Brown     George     B.     Inverbraan,     Central 

avenue,  Cambuslang,  T-lasgow 
Brown  G.  D.,  M.A.Trafalgar  lo. Scone, Perth 
Brown  George  Graham.   Broomward  house, 

Bridge  of  Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 

BRO       1467 

Brown  Gideon  J. P.  Eastfield,  Galashiels 
i  Brown  H.,  J. P.  Nuide,  Kingussie 
Brown  H.  H.   Castlefield  Tower,  Cupar 
1  Brown  Harold  G.  Cormiston,  Biegar 
Brown    Hugh    M.A.,    LL.B.    21    Caledonia. 

street,  Paisley 

Brown  H.  Craigard,  North  cres.  Ardrossun 

Brown  H.  Croftmore,  Skelmorlie  S.O. Ayrsh 

Brown  Hugh,  16  Rae  street,  Dumfries" 

,  Brown  Hugh,  jun.  21  Caledonia  st.  Paislev 

|  Brown   Hugh   M.   Avondale,    Barrhill   road, 

Gourock  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Brown  H.   M.  St.   Mary's  drive,   Dunblane 
Brown  Hugh  T.  Dunavon.Giffnock, Glasgow 
Brown  J.  Armour  J. P.  Moredun,  Paisley 
Brown    John,    Cavendale,    Woodside    walk, 
!  Brown  J.  3G  Kyle  pk.  Uddingston.  Glasgow 
Brown  J.  Langholme,  Bridge  of  Weir  S.O. 

BrownJ. Newark  vil.Keir  st. Bridge  of  Allan 
Brown  J.l  Treespark  av. Barrhead,  Glasgow 
Brown    James    Davidson,    Lawmoor    house, 
1      Ea3t  Kilbride,  Glasgow 
j  Brown  J.  Francis,  Moredun,  Paisley 
Brown      J.       Fulton,       Rayswell,      Newton 

Mearns,  Glasgow 
!  Brown    J.     M.     Seabank,    Askomel     walk, 

Brown    J.     T.    T.    Kersie    bank,     Central 
,     avenue,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow- 
Brown     James,     Arden    grove,     Sandbank 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Brown  J.  Ashfield,  Muirfield  rd.  Inverness 
Brown  James  J. P.  Ashwood,  Galashiels 
:  Brown  James,  Barlay,  New  Galloway  S.O. 

I  Brown  James,  Boyndie  villas,  Banff 
Brown  James,  52  Brougham  st.  Greenock 
I  Brown    James,    Carruth    drive,    Kilmacolm 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Brown  James,   1">    Charles    st.    Kilmarnock 
Brown  Jas.  47  Colquhoun  st.  Helensburgh 
Brown      James,      Crauch      villa,      Balloch 

S.O.   Dumbartonshire 
Brown  James,  87  Devonshire  rd.   Aberdeen 
Brown  J. EastThorn, Adelaide  st.Helensbrgh 
Brown  James,  E'.mbank,  Letham,  Forfar 
Brown  James,  51  Esplanade,  Greenock 
Brown  Jas.  425  Great  Western  rd. Aberdeen 
Brown  James,  Harelaw,  Albany  drv. Lanark 
Brown  James  J. P.  High  street,  Lanark 
Brown  James,  179  High  st.  Musselburgh 
Brown    James.     Honey-Green    villa,     Pit- 

kerro  road,  Dundee 
Brown     James,     Kilmeny,      Castle     road, 

Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Brown  J.  Kincardine.Wilson  st.Craigie,Prth 
Brown  J.   Knockbrex.Borgue, Kirkcudbright 
Brown  J.  The  Laura,  Arkleston  rd. Paisley 
Brown  James,  Lonsdale,  Busby,  Glasgow 
Brown  J.Machan  ho.Larkhall  S.O.Lanarksh 
Brown  Jas.  6  McLelland  drive,Kilmarnock 
Brown  James,  10  Manse  st.  Kilmarnock 
Brown  James,  jun.  Netherby.  Galashiels 
Brown  James,  52  Ritchie  street,  West  Kil- 
bride S.O.  Ayrshire 
Brown    Jarae:,     Roselea,     Woodburn    road, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Brown  James,  48  "Victoria  road,  Kirkcaldy 
Brown  Jas.l'WestHolmes  gdns.Mu?selbrgh 
Brown   James,   49    Westport,  Lanark 
Brown  James,  11  Windsor  place,  Stirling 
Brown    James,    Woodville,    Cromwell  road, 

North  Berwick 
Brown  James  A.  S.   Oglaby  house,  Strom- 

nes-s   S.O.  Orkney 
Brown    James    Crutchley,    75    Braemar    pi. 

Brown  J.D.  43  Ardgowan  st.  W.  Greenock 
Brown   J.  Drumont,   Riverside   rd.  Newlnds 
Brown  James  Matthew,  24  Miller  rd.  Ayr 
Brown     James     Paterson,      Rose     cottage, 

Lhanbryde,  Elgin 
Brown    James    Pearson    M.A.,    M.B.,    CM. 

Cross  street,  Campbeltown 
Brown  James  R.  Penreoch, Hamilton  drive, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Brown   James    Rae.Thorniedean,  Galashiels 
Brown   John,    1   Allan  park,   Stirling 
Brown  John,   46  Allardice   st.   Stonehaven 
Brown   John,   Ardross,  Bothwell,  Glasgow 
Brown  John,   Ashlee,   Forrest  field.  Kelso 
Brown  John,  77  Brisbane  street,  Greenock 
Brown  John,  Brownville,  Kilsyth,  Glasgow 
Brown  John.    37   Burgh  road,  Lerwick 
Brown  John,  14  Catherine  street,  Dumfries 
Brown  John,  Craiglands,  Dairy  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Brown  John.Craigower,  Downfield,  Dundee 
Brown   John,    Dalgrain,    Port  Glasgow 
Brown  John.   46  Dundonald  rd.Kilmarnock 
Brown    John,     Florabank,    Greenlaw     S.O. 

Brown  Jn.  Gowanlea,  Hillside  ter.  Selkirk 
Brown    John,    78   Hill    street.  Kilmarnock 
Brown  J.  Kippen  brae,  Neilson  st. Falkirk 
Brown  John,   10   Marine  terrace,   Aberdeen 
Brown  John,  Newton  house,  Gateeide  S.O. 


scot.      92 

1458      BRO 


Brown  Jn.  Norland,   Carrington  ter.  Crieff 
Brown  John,  Oakburn,  Jamestown,  Balioch 

S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Brown  John,   13  Montague  st.  Dumfries 
Brown  John,  Park  terrace,  Falkirk 
Brown  John,   16  Quay  walls,  Berwick 
Brown  John,  Red  Hall,  Fordouu 
Brown   John,    Kendal    villa,   Campie  road, 

Brown    John,    Rose    lea,    Port    Bannatyne, 

Brown     John,    Rosevale,     Bishopton    S.O. 

Brown  John, 7  Sleaford  street,  Kilmarnock 
Brown    John,    South   Bush    house,    Market 

■street,  Musselburgh 
Brown  John,  34  Thomson  street,  Dundee 
Brown  Jn.Thxee  Crofts, Lochfoot,  Dumfries 
Brown  John.  Victoria  villa,  Crathie,  Balla- 

ter  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Brown    John,    86    West    Holmes    gardens, 

Brown  John  A.   7  Ardgowan  st.   Greenock 
Brown  Jn.  C.  2  Thornly  Park  ter.  Paisley 
Brown  John   F.    C,    J.P.    Overton    park, 

Alexandria,  Dumbartonshire 
Brown  John  Ross,  53  Victoria  st.Aberdeen 
Brown  John  S.  Commercial  Bank  of  Scot- 
land, Invergordon 
Brown  Jn.  Win.  McKerrell,  Bank  of  Scot- 
land ho.  Abbey  Park  place,  Dunfermline 
Brown  Jsph.Hillhead,   Bonnyrigg, Lasswade 
Brown  Joseph,  5  Park  street,  Falkirk 
Brown  M.  Annbank,  31 1.  Vernon,  Glasgow 
Brown  Malcolm  M'Caskill,  67  Eldon  street, 

Brown    Marcus    J.    Mansfield    house,    Dal- 

rvmple  loan,  Musselburgh 
Brown  Mat.  Anfield, Argyll  st. Campbeltown 
Brown  Matthew,  Harlaw  hill,  Prestonpans 

S.O.  Haddingtonshire 
Brown  Miss,  Ailsa  cot.  Largs  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Brown  Miss,  16  Albert  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Brown  Miss,  11  Battery  place,  Rothesay 
Brown  Miss,  6  Bellefieid  avenue,  Dundee 
Brown    Miss,    Blarannich,     Tarbet,     Loch 

Lomond  S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Brown  Miss,  16  Bowmont  street,  Kelso 
Brown  Miss,  10  Charles  street,  Annan 
Brown    Miss,    Clashwillie,    Abernethy   S.O. 

Brown    Miss,    Clifton   villa,    Port    Banna- 
tyne, Rothesay 
Brown      Miss,       Coilantogle,       Holmhead, 

Brown  Miss,  Comely  bank,  Selkirk 
Brown  Mise,   Craig  view,   Cairnxyan  road, 

Brown  Miss,  42  Crichton  road,  Rothesay 
Brown    Miss,    Endrick    cottage,    Killearn, 

Brown  Miss,  Glen  view,  Auchamore  road, 

Brown  Miss,  Ivy  bank,  W.  Newport, Fifesh 
Brown      Miss,      Lynedoch,      West     Ferry, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.u.  Forfarshire 
Brown   Miss.   Lyneside,  West   Linton  S.O. 

Brown  Miss,  1  Manse  crescent, St. Ninians, 

Brown  Miss,  15  Montgomerie  terrace,  Ayr 
Brown  Miss,  Newington,  Annan 
Brown  Miss,  56  Ritchie  street,   West  Kil- 
bride S.O.  Ayrshire 
Brown  Miss,  Rosebank,  Kelso 
Brown  Miss,  Shore  street,  Port  Bannatyne, 

Brown      Miss,      The     Delves,      Kirkbank, 

Brown  Miss,  Trinity  house,   Duns 
Brown  Miss,  40  Tweed  street,  Berwick 
Brown  Miss,  Underwood  park,   Underwood 

road,  Paisley 
Brown  Miss  H.17  Montgomerie  cres.Saltcts 
Brown  Miss  M.44  Finnart  street, Greenock 
Brown  Miss  M.  James  st.  Dairy  S.O.Ayrsh 
Brown  Misses.   1  Argyle  place,  Rothesay 
Brown   Misses,    Edina    cottage,    Kingholm 

road,  Dumfries 
Brown   Misses,  77  High  street,  Dalbeattie 
Br^wn  Misses,   Nunallan,  Ferntower  road, 

Brown  Misses,  13  Osborne  place,  Dundee 
Brown  Misses,  29  Station  road,  Annan 
Brown  Misses,  Swiney,  Lybster,  Wick 
Brown  Misses.TayView  ter.E.Newpt. Fifesh 
Brown  Misses,  48  Victoria  road,  Kirkcaldy 
Brown     Mrs.     Afton    cottage,     Gargieston, 

Brown    Mrs.    Ardenlea,     Port    Bannatyne, 

Brown   Mrs.   Ardmore   house,   High   Asko- 

mel,  Campbeltown 
Brown  Mrs.   21  Argyle  place,  Rothesay 
Brown     Mrs.     Bankhead,     Stewarton    S.O. 

Brown   Mrs.  11   Belhelvie  terrace,   Perth 
Brown  Mrs.  15  Bellevue  crescent,  Ayr 
Brown  Mrs.  45  Bellevue  crescent,  Ayr 
Brown  Mrs.  1  Black  st.  Rawyards.  Airdrie 
Brown  Mrs.  95  Blenheim  place,  Aberdeen 

Brown   Mrs.Braehead  ho. Raise   st. Saltcoats 
Brown  Mrs.  13  Brighton  place,  Aberdeen 
Brown  Mrs.    Broorntield,  Luss    S.O.    Dum- 
Brown  Mrs.  Burnbank.  Larbert 
Brown  Mrs.   25  Charles   st.   Kilmarnock 
Brown  Mrs.   16  Claremont  pt.   Aberdeen 
Brown    Mrs.    Clifton   villa,    Balerno    S.O. 

Brown   Mrs.  Clinton  vil. E.Newport,  Fifesh 
Brown    Mrs.    3    Clydeford    drive.    Udding- 

ston,  Glasgow 
Brown  Mrs.  4  College  place,  Berwick 
Brown    Mrs.    Cruachan,    Bridge    of    Weir 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Brown  Mrs.  Culevin,  Mackiulay  st.Kothesy 
Brown  Mrs.  8  Dean  terraae,  Kilmarnock 
Brown  Mrs.   li8  Desswood  place,  Aberdeen 
Brown  Mrs.   East  Maryfieid,  Fonthill  road. 

Brown  Mrs.  Edmonton  place,  Forthill  road, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Brown    Mrs.    Enderley,     Bridge     of    Weir 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Brown  Mrs.   Galahill,  Galashiels 
Brown   Mr.   Glen   Marvin,    Ardmory   road, 

Brown  Mrs.  Greenbank,  Neilston,  Glasgow 
Brown     Mrs.     Gryffe     castle,     Bridge     of 

Weir  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Brown    Mrs.    2  Hawhill   street,  West   Kil- 
bride   S.O.    Ayrshire 
Brown  Mrs.  274  High  street,  Kirkcaldy 
Brown  Mrs.  Hillbank  cot.   Lebanon,  Cupar 
Brown  Mrs. Holm  cot.   Station  rd. Inverurie 
Brown  Mrs.Homesdale  cot.   Cults, Aberdeen 
Brown  Mrs.   10  Hyndford  road.  Lanark 
Brown  Mrs.  80  Inveresk  rd.   Musselburgh 
Brown    Mrs.    2  Janefield    place,    Espedair 

street,  Paisley 
Brown  Mrs.  Laurel  bank,  Barn  hill,  Perth 
Brown   Mrs.    Meadowbank,   Gas  brae, Blair- 
Brown  Mrs. Milton  cot.KUbirnie  S.O.Ayrsh 
Brown  Mrs.  Milton  lo.    Station  rd.   Keith 
Brown  Mrs.    Montague    street,    Newcastle- 
ton  S.O.  Roxburghshire 
Brown    Mrs.    19    Montrose    gardens,   Miln- 

gavie,  Glasgow 
Brown  Mrs.Oaklea.Wellside  terrace, Falkirk 
Brown    Mrs.     Old    hall,     Kilmacolm    S.O. 

Brown  Mrs.   Oxhill  road,   Dumbarton 
Brown  Mrs.  Portland  park,  Hamilton 
Brown  Mrs.  32  Portland  place.   Hamilton 
Brown  Mrs.  21  Queen's  gdns.  St.  Andrews 
Brown  Mrs.  90  Queen's  road,  Aberdeen 
Brown    Mrs.    Rosemount,    Camphill    road, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Brown  Mrs.  Rosemount,  Kilsyth,  Gla.;eiw 
Brown  Mrs.  St.  Blane's,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Brown  Mrs.  St.  James'  park,  Brechin 
Brown    Mrs.   St.    Ninian's,  15   Ardross   st. 

Brown    Mrs.    Sea    Beach,    Earlsferry,    Elie 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Brown     Mrs.      Seabank,     Askomel     walk, 

Brown    Mrs.    Shedden's  villa,    Shettleston, 

Brown  Mrs.  22  Springbank  ter.  Aberdeen 
Brown     Mrs.     Springhill,     Innellan     S.O. 

Brown     Mrs.    Straun    Brae,     Green     lane, 

Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Brown  Mrs.  The  Moorings,  Auchterarder 
Brown   Mrs.   Violet   cottage,  London  road, 

Brown  Mrs.  Warriston,  Broomfields,  Largs 

S.O.   Ayrshire 
Brown  Mrs.  Wellpark,  Victoria  pi.  .Airdrie 
Brown    Mrs.     54    West     Holmes    gardens, 

Brown  Mrs.   Western  av.  Tibbermore, Perth 
Brown    Mrs.     Westwood,    Orchard    street, 

Brown     Mrs.    Willow    bank,     Innerleithen 

S.O.   Peeblesshire 
Brown  Mrs.  7  Winton  circus.  Saltcoats 
Brown  Mrs.  Woodbourne,  Giffhock,  Glasgw 
Brown   Mrs.    Yew    bank,    Montague    row, 

Brown  Mrs.  Tthan  cottage,  Pitlochry 
Brown  Mrs. A.   Mosslea  ho.  Lenzie,  G.asgow 
Brown  Mrs.   D.   53  Bo'ness   rd.    Grangemth 
Brown  Mrs.H.Garrel  ho.  Kilsyth,  Glasgow 
Brown     Mrs.     J.     Airlie,     Innellan     S.O. 

Brown  Mrs.   McK.Alcombe.Ewanfield. Crieff 
Brown  Mrs.  S.  A.  Manorhill.  Selkirk 
Brown    Mrs.    W.    Burnbank    terrace,    Kil- 
syth, Glasgow 
Brown  Mrs.W.   Conalyn,   Wheatfield  rd.Avr 
Brown    Mrs,    W.    E.    W.    Oakdale,   Broad- 
stone  park,  Inverness 
Brown  Mrs.  William  Sorley,  Wilder  house, 

Wilderhaugh  street,   Galashiels 
Brown    Murdoch,    Endrik    bank,    Carrick, 

Brown  Neil,  Janefield.  Bogeton,  Greenock 
Brown  Niven,  39  Prestwick  road,  Ayr 

Brown  P.   Gourlay,  Bank   of  Scotland  ho. 

West  Clyde  street,   Helensburgh 
Brown    Paul,     16    West    Holmes    gardens, 

Brown  Peter,   55  Brisbane  street,  Greenock 
Brown  Peter  J.P.    Devon  cottage,    Stanley 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Brown  Peter,  Lewisville,  Davidson'3  Mains- 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Brown  Peter  Saunders,   Craigmount,   West 

Ferry,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Brown  R.  Anniesfield.Hawkhead  rd.Paislv 
Brown  Rt.5  High  Bogton,  Cathcart.Glasgw 
Brown  Rt.2  Spa  Wcvl  vils.Spittal,  Berwck 
Brown  R.  Aitken,  19  Victoria  pi.  Stirling 
Brown   R.    Geddes,    Mansfield   house,    Dal- 

ryniple  loan,   Musselburgh 
Brown   Richard,    The   Hangingshaw,    Yar- 
row, Selkirk 
Brown  Richard,  Milverton,  Lenzie,  Glasgw 
Brown  R.B.26  Alma  st.  Grahamston.Falkrk 
Brown    Robert,    Applegarth,    Balioch  S.O. 

Brown    Robert,    Balgonie,    Carlogie    road, 

Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
BroWn    Robert,    Bargeddie  house,    Barged- 

die,    Glasgow 
Brown  Robert,   17  Castlegate,  Berwick 
Brown  Robt.  Craighead,  Bothwell,  Glasgw 
Brown    Robert,    Davaar,    Newlands    road, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Brown  Robert,  Douglas  square,  Newcastle- 
ton  S.O.   Roxburghshire 
Brown  Rt.  Drumlea,  Academy  st.  Troon 
Brown  Rt.  7  Pitcullen  cres.  Bridgend. Prth 
Brown  Robert,  Foxbar,  Paisley 
Brown  Robt.   Glenview,  Glenneld,  Paisley 
Brown  Robt.   45   Hamilton  place,  Aberdeen 
Brown     Robert,      Netherfolds,     Dunipace, 

Denny  S.O.  Stirlingshire 
Brown  Robart,    Nithsdale   villa,   Bridge  of 

Weir  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Brown   Robert,  Oakbank,   Carmyle  avenue, 

Carmyle,  Glasgow 
Brown  Rt.  31  Rubislaw  Den  sth.  Aberdeen 
Brown    Robert,    Union    villa,    Muir  park, 

Eskbank,   Dalkeith 
Brown  Robert,  1  Victoria  ter.  Burntisland 
Brown  Robert,    10  Woodstock  drive,   New- 
lands,  Glasgow 
Brown  Robert  A.  Manuel  house,  Muu'avon- 

side,  Linlithgow 
Brown    Robert    Burn,    Bendarroch,    Gare- 

lochhead  S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Brown    Robert    John,    Stronsaule,    Tober- 
mory S.O.  Argyllshire 
Brown   Robert    M.,  M.B.,    C.M.Edm.   Den- 
holm,  Hawick 
Brown  Rt.  M.  Glenelg,  Bothwell.  Glasgow 
Brown  Rt.T.  7  St.  Michael  dri.Helensbrgb 
Brown    Rcbert    Wemyss.    Lochton    house, 

Abernyte,   Inchture'  S.O.    Perthshire 
Brown  S.  Hally,  Moredun,  Paisley 
Brown   Samuel,  Innerbridge  villas.  Guard 

Bridge  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Brown  Samuel,  Morton  villa,  Lovers'  walk, 

Brown  Stephen, Eoreland    Hutton, Lockerbie 
Brcwn  Thomas,  2  Allan  street,  Aberdeen 
Brown   Thomas,    Corra-Linn,    Hill    street, 

Shettleston,  Glasgow 
Brown  Thomas,   Ridgeleigh,   Crown   drive, 

Brown   Thomas,    8  St.    John   street,  Whit- 
horn S.O.  Wigtownshire 
Brown    Thomas,    Locksley,    Hepburn    gar- 
dens,   St.  Andrews 
Brown  T.  Maryfieid,  Low  Waters.  H'amiltn 
Brown  Thomas,    Oakley  bank,    Buckhaven 

S.O.   Fifeshire 
Brown  Thomas  B.44  High  street.Kirkealdy 
Brown    Tliomas    Douglas,    Norwood,    Ross 

avenue,   Inverness 
Brown  T.  J.  Y.  31  Randolph  rd.  Stirling 
Brown  Thos.   L.  Millfield,  Lebanon,  Cupar 
Brown  Thomas*  L.  Primrose  bank,  Windy- 
gates  S.O.    Fifeshire 
Brown  Thoma3  M.  Closeburn  castle,  Close- 
burn,  Thornhill 
Brown   Thomas   S.    Chelladene,    Bridge    of 

Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Brown  T.  The  Laurels,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Brown  Vans,  Sea  Bank  cottage,  Sheuchan 

street,  Stranraer 
Brown    W.    Townfield,    Clydesdale    street, 

Brown  W.  Brodie  M.B.,  CM.  Rosslyn  vil. 

Aboyne  S.O.  Aberdeenshire    ' 
Brown     W.     M.,     M.B.     Townend     house. 

Dairy  S.O.    Ayrshire 
Brown  Walter,    Currie    house.    Borthwiek, 

Gorebridge  S.O.  Midlothian 
Brown    Walter,     Monkdyke,     Sandy    road, 

Renfrew  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Brown  Walter  Falccner  M.B.,O.M..  D.P.H. 

57  Bellevue   crescent,    Ayr 
Brown    William,     Abbotsford,     St.     Mary's 

drive,  Dunblane 
Brown  Wm.  Albertiord,  Forfar  rd.  Dundee 
Brown  William,  66  Ashley  road,   Aberdeen 
Brown  W.  Braehead  cot.Meikleri#g3,Pai£ly 


bru      1459 

Brown  Wm.  156  Bon  Accord  at'.  Aberdeen 
Brown  William,  Braehead  cottage.Cardross 

road,  Dumbarton 
Brown  Wm.,M.B.Braemar  S.O.  Aberdeen*!! 
Brown  William,   Bronville,   Perth 
Brown  W.Brookdale,  Riverside  rd.Newlnds 
Brown  Wm.  Burn  brae,  Penpont,Thomhill 
Brown   William,    Burnetta    cottage,    Glas- 
gow road,   Paisley 
Brown  William,   Church  cottage,  Keith 
Brown  William,  12  Coburg  aven.  Stirling 
Brown  William,  Cremona  house,  Sandbank 

S.O.    Argyllshire 
Brown  WiLiiam,  24  Duthie  terrace,  Aberdn 
Brown  William,  36  High  street,  Lanark 
Brown    William,    Kers    mains,     Roxburgh 

S.O.  Roxburghshire 
Brown  Wm.  Knockhill.  Barrmill  rd.  Beith 
Brown  William,  Largoward,   St.  Andrews 
Brown   William,    Lennoxlea,    Oxliill    road, 

Brown   William,   Meadowfield,  Biggar 
Brown  Wm.  11  Mount  Pleasant  rd.Rothesy 
Brown  William,  Netherlaw,  Kirkcudbright 
Brown  William,  5  Newington  terrace, Espla- 
nade, Broughty  Perry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Brown  Wm.Nith  view,  Glencap'.e. Dumfries 
Brown  William,  Oatbank,  Thornhill 
Brown  William,  Orchard  street,  Hamilton 
Brown  William, Rhuallan,Giffnock,    Glasgw 
Brown  Wm.  St.  Helens,  Edenside  rd. Kelso 
Brown    William     M.A.     Stafford     cottage, 

Broxburn  S.O.   Linlithgowshire 
Brown  William  J. P.  16  Forth  street,  Alloa 
Brown   William,   Hawthorn  bank,  Victoria 

place,  Airdrie 
Brown  William,  Laburnum   villa,   Glasgow 

road,   Perth 
Brown  Wm.  Rubislaw.Braxfield  rd. Lanark 
Brown  William,    Strathmore,   Arduthie  rd. 

Brown    Wm.    Vellor  castle,    Muiravonside, 

Polmont   Station  S.O.    Stirlingshire 
Brown  William,  Wemyss  pi.  Haddington 
Brown  Wm.  jun.  Braehead,   Meikleriggs 
Brown  Wm.  jun.  Woodside  walk,  Hamiltn 
Brown    William    Alfred,    Monaltrie    villa, 

Seafield  road,  Aberdeen 
Brown  William  Andrew,  2  Grosvenor  ter- 
race, Perth  road,  Dundee 
Brown  Wm.  B.   10  Colinslee  ter.  Paisley 
Brown  Wm.  B.  22  Desswood  pi.  Aberdeen 
Brown    W.    Dykes,    10    Fife    avenue,    Car- 

donalds,  Paisley 
Brown  Wm.  J.  48  Church  st.  Coatbridge 
Brown  Wm.   L.  3  Greenfield  pi.   Dundee 
Brown    William     M.     Dunlyon,     Glenbnrn 

road,   Bearsden,   Glasgow 
Brown  William  M.  Moselle,  Greenock  rd. 

Largs  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Brown  Wm.   0.   15  Victoria  at.   Arbroath 
Brown    William     S.     Ericsholm,     Carmyle 

avenue,  Carmyle,  Glasgow 
Brown  William  S.  76  Port  st.   Stirling 
Brown  W.  S.  Viewfield,  Giffnock,  Glasgow 
Brown-Douglas  Rev.  W.H.Newton  Stewart 
Browne    Col.    Edmund    0.    Coldoch,    Blair 

Drummond,  Stirling 
Browne  Rev.   William  Joseph,   St.  Mary's 

presbytery,   Patrick  street,  Greenock 
Browne  Rev.   William  Robert,   St.   Mary's 

rectory,   Auchingramont  rd.   Hamilton 
Browne. John  Hutton  Balfour  K.C.,  D.L., 

J. P.   Goldielea,   Troqueer,   Dumfries 
Browne  Miss,  8  Langlands,  Dumfries 
Brownie  Alex.   6  Seafield  street,  Elgin 
Brownie   Misses,    16   Queen  st.   Woodside, 

Browning  Charles,   16  Queen's  ter.  Ayr 
Browning  Jas.  117  Dunbeth  rd.  Coatbridge 
Browning  James  Robert,  Dunardrie, Bridge 

of  Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Browning    Mrs.    Neva    place,    Bridge    of 

Weir  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Brownlee    Rev.    William-  Stevenson    B.D. 

St.  James'  manse,  Clydebank,  Glasgow 
Brownlee     Arthur,     Meadowview    cottage, 

Liberton  S.O.  Midlothian 
Brownlee   Donald,   Broomfield,    Kilmaeolm 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Erownlee  James  J. P.  East  Whitburn  S.O. 

Brownlee     James     J. P.     Ladywell    house, 

Tillicoultry  S.O.  Clackmannanshire 
Brownlee    John,     Ardlea,    Douglas    drive, 

Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Brownlee  Mrs.  1  BlacknesB  cre«.  Dundee 
Brownlee    Robert,    St.    Filllans,    Liberton 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Brownlee  Robert,  Sunnybrae  house,  Colin- 
ton  S.O.  Midlothian 
Brownlee     ThomaB,     Whitebank,     Bonkle, 

Newmains  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Brownlee    William   J. P.    9    Clarendon   ter- 
race, Perth  road,  Dundee  ■ 
Brownlee  Wm.  Alex.   9  Church  st.   Alloa 
Brownlie  Rev.  C,  J. P.  Stronsav.  Kirkwall 

Brownlie  Rev.  J.  Paterson.Wellshot  house, 

Main  street,   Shettleston,   Glasgow 
Brownlie  Rev.  John,  United  Free  Church 

manse,    Portpatrick   S.O 
Brownlie   Rev.   William  M.A.   The  Manse, 

Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Brownlie   Andrew   M.B.,    Ch.B.    127   Glas- 
gow road,  Burnbank  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Brownlie  Archibald,  Branxholm,  Quadrant 

road,  Newlands,  Glasgow 
Brownlie  David, Albany  ho. Nitshill, Glasgw 
Brownlie   Henry  M.,   J. P.    Greenbank   ho. 

Lassodie,  Dunfermline 
Brownlie  J.  Alderside,  Barrmill  rd.  Beith 
Brownlie  James,   48  &  50  Cairnhill   road, 

Airdrie,  Lanarkshire 
Brownlie     James     Archibald,     Woodlands, 

Arthurlie   avenue,   Barrhead,   Glasgow 
Brownlie  Jn.Ardencraig,  Bearsden, GlaBgw 
Brownlie     John    J. P.     Greenbank    house, 

Lassodie,  Dunfermline 
Brownlie  John,  Millfield,  Garrion,  Wishaw 
Brownlie    John,     Old    manse,     Strathaven 

S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Brownlie  Miss,  5  Campbell  st. Helensburgh 
Brownlie  Mrs.  Colinhill  cottage, Strathaven 

S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Brownlie  Mrs.  Elgin  cottage,  Lowndes  at. 

Barrhead,  Glasgow 
Brownlie   Mrs.   Haughhead,  EarlBton  S.O. 

Brownlie  Mrs.  Stonefield,  Port  Bannatyne, 

Brownlie  Mrs.SpringBank  vil. Lenzie, GlBgw 
Brownlie   Mrs. To werRais, Barrhead,   Glsgw 
Brownlie  W.  Woodneuk,  Giffnock,  Glasgow 
Brownridge  Mrs.  3  Ashgrove  villas, Annan 

road,  Dumfries 
Brownridge   Robert   M.B.,   CM.    1   Calside 

terrace,  Calside,  Paisley 
Bruce     Rt.     Hon.      Sir     Gaiusford     P.C., 

D.C.L.,   J.P.   Gainslaw  house,  Berwiok 
Bruce    Sir   Charles    G.C.M.G.,    D.L.,    J.P. 

Arnot   tower,   Leslie   S.O.   Fifeshire 
Bruce  Hon.  Fdk.  Jn.  Seaton  ho.  Arbroath 
Bruce    Rev.     Charles    M.A.    The    Manse, 

Glenrinnes,  Dufftown  S.O.  Banffshire 
Bruce     Rev.     Robert     Douglas     M.A.     11 

Marine   road,   Dunbar 
Bruce  Rev.  William  B.D.  Dunimarle,  Cul- 

ross,   Dunfermline 
Bruce  Rev.  William,   Upper  Largo,  Lower 

Largo  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Bruce     Rev.     William     Francis,     Carlops, 

Penicuik,  Peeblesshire 
Bruce    Rev.    William    S.,    D.D.,    M.A.    The 

Manse,   Sandyhill  road,   Banff 
Bruce   Alex.    91   Cairnfield  pi.  Aberdeen 
Bruce  Alex.  88  Commerce  st.  Fraserburgh 
Bruce  Alexander,  Kaet  Bank,  Wick 
Bruce  Alexander,  Elnathan,  Balnagask  rd. 

Torry,  Aberdeen 
Bruce  Alexander  Ghndruid,  Argy!e  street, 

Maryfield,   Dundee 
Bruce  A.Victoria  vil.Grattan  pl.Fraserbrgh 
Bruce  A.Inverquhomery,  Longside, Aberdn 
Bruce  A.  Main  st.  Kilbirnle  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Bruce    Alexander    J.P.    Port    Erroll    S.O. 

Bruce  Alex.  L.  68  Ferryhill  rd.  Aberdeen 
Bruce  A.S.R.20  Rubislaw  Den  nth.Aberdn 
Bruce  Alfred,   Duncraggan,    Argyle  street, 

Maryfield,  Dundee 
Bruce    Andrew,    Dalqaharran,    Wilson    st. 

Craigie,  Perth 
Rruce  Andw.   15  Wallace  st.  Kilmarnock 
Bruce    Arthur,    King's    Hill   house,    South 

Stocket  road,  Aberdeen 
Bruce  Arthur,  Ronald  vil.  Thurso  rd.Wick 
Bruce   Arthur   C,   J.P.    Kingshill,   King's 

gate,   Aberdeen 
Bruce    Arthur    Muir,    Hayfield,    Kinghorn 

S.O.    Fifeshire 
Bruce  C.  Green  bank.Landale  rd. Peterhead 
Bruce  Charles.  2  Victoria  st.  Fraserburgh 
Bruce  Chas.  Miller,  57  Leslie  rd. Aberdeen 
Bruce  Chas.  Wm.  58  Carden  pi.  Aberdeen 
Bruce  David,  21  Beresford  terrace,  Ayr 
Bruce  David,  26  Burn  street,  Wick 
Bruce  David,    21   Charlotte  st.Helensbnrgh 
Bruce  Donald  F.I.E.S.  Clyde  mount,  Barr- 

hill  road.  Gourock  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Bruce  D.  60  We. Holmes  gdns. Musselburgh 
Bruce  G.  W.  Elmslea,  Leven 
Bruce  Geo.  84  Commerce  st.  Fraserburgh 
Bruce  G.  Glenugie,  Transy  pl.Dunfermlne 
Bruce  Geo.  413  Gt.  Western  rd.  Aberdeen 
Bruce  George,  Heathfield,  Ounninghill  rd. 

Bruce  George,  178  Scouringburn,  Dundee 
Bruce  George  J.P.  Tochineal,  Cullen  S.O. 

Bruce    Graham,     Willow    grove,    Whinny 

brae,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Bruce  H.    Gilbert  M.B..   CM.   Poison   ho. 

Friockheim  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Bruce  Hy.RoseAngle  cot.Bishopgate,Cupar 

Bruce  J.  Rock  vw.Gurney  st.  Stonehaven 
Bruce  J.  Govan,  3  Grosvenor  ter. Perth  rd 
Bruce  James,  Balhousie  terrace,  Perth 
Bruce  J.9Clydeford  drive, Uddingstn. Glsgw 
Bruce  James,  Alton,  Langside  rd.  New- 
lands,  Glasgow 
Bruce     James     W.S.     EdenShead     ho  .-c, 

Gateside  3.0.   Fifeshire 
Bruce  Jas.  M.B.,  CM.  28  Gauze  st.Paisley 
Bruce  James,  15  Hill  street,  Montrose 
Bruce  James,    146  Nethergate,  Dundee 
Bruce  Jas.  Netherlea, Victoria  drive,  Troon 
Bruce  James,   Peninver,  Campbeltown 
Bruce  James,  24  Prince  street,  Peterhead 
Bruce  Jas.   Seabank,  Ea.  Newport,   Fifesh 
Bruce   James  P.    Highfield,   Maule   street, 

Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Bruce  John,  6  Albert  street,  Nairn 
Bruce  John,  Ardlevale,  Pitlochry 
Bruce    John,    2    Bellefield    aven.    Dundee 
Bruce  John,  Flatfield,  Errol  S.O.  Perthsh 
Bruce  John,  Helenbank,  Sharps  la.Lochee, 

Bruce  John  M.B.,  CM.  155  High  st. Forres 
Bruce  John,   Mansfield,  Henderson  street, 

Bridge  of  Allan 
Bruce  John,  23  Muirhall  ter. Bridgend, Prth 
Bruce  John,  45  Paton  street,   Alloa 
Bruce  John,   1  Queen's  road,  Aberdeen 
Bruce  John  D.L.,  J.P.   Sumburgh   house, 

Dunrossness,  Lerwick 
Bruce  Jn.  26  We.  Argyle  st.  Helensburgh 
Bruce  John  J.P.   Tonderton,   Hatton  S.O. 

Bruce   John   D.    Sunnybank,    61   Magdalen 

green,  Dundee 
Bruce  Jn.P.  Rowan  cot.Downfield,  Dundee 
Bruce  John  S.   Dunbeth  aven.   Coatbridge 
Bruce     Lewis     C,      M.D.     Druid     park, 

Murthly  S.O.  Perthshire 
Bruce  Miss,  53  Beaconsfield  pi.  Aberdeen 
Bruce   Miss,   6   Bedford  place,   Alloa 
Bruce  Miss,  361  George  street,  Aberdeen 
Bruce  Miss,   27  Gladstone  pi.   Aberdeen 
Bruce  Miss,  Mt.  Hooley  ho.  Shore  la. Wick 
Bruce  Miss.  Myrtle  cot.  Thurso  rd.  Wick 
Bruce  Miss.Rushfield.Kilmun  S.O.Argyllsh 
Bruce  Miss,   18  Springbank  ter.  Aberdeen 
Bruce  Miss,  Tew  bank,  Bamff  road,  Alyth 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Bruce  Misses,  Sand  lo.  Sandwick, Lerwick 
Bruce   Mrs.    12  Balgay  avenue,   Blackness 

road,  Dundee 
Bruce  Mrs.  The  Bower,  Barnhill.Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Bruce  Mrs.   Burn  Bank  villa,   Auchamore 

road,  Dunoon 
Bruce  Mrs.  Campbell  street,  Thurso 
Bruce  Mrs.  Church  square,  St.  Andrews 
Bruce  Mrs.    20  Claremont   st.   Aberdeen 
Bruce  Mrs.   Greenbank,   26  Beidhaven  at. 

Bruce    Mrs.    Greenside    house,    Burnbanlc 

street,  Coatbridge 
Bruce  Mrs.  72  Hamilton  place,  Aberdeen 
Bruce  Mrs.  Kirkbrae,  Wishaw 
Bruce  Mrs.  Milburn  cot.  Wormit,  Dundee 
Bruce  Mrs.   Mount  Pleasant,   Stotfleld  ro\ 

Lossiemouth  S.O.  Morayshire 
Bruce  Mrs.  15  Powls  terrace,   Aberdeen 
Bruce    Mrs.    Ravenscroft,    Gilmerton    S.O. 

Bruce  Mrs.  View  mt.  We.  Cults,  Aberdeen 
Brace    Mrs.    Westbourne    house.    Font  hill 

road.  Aberdeen 
Bruce  Mrs.  West  Oults  ho.  Cults, Aberdeen 
Bruce  Mrs.  James.  41  Park  road,  Brechin 
Bruce  Mrs.  Jas.   B.  Edenside  road,  KeUo 
Bruce  Mrs.  William,  3  Richmond  terrace, 

Magdalen  green,  Dundee 
Bruce  P.  C  Kinleith,  Currie  S.O.Midlothn 
Bruce  Robert,  14  Braemar  place, Aberdeen 
Bruce  Robt.  Commercial  Bank  ho.  Cupar 
Bruce    Robert,    Den    Mill    house,    Auchin- 

blae  S.O.  Kincardineshire 
Bruce  Robert  M.B.  28  Gauze   st.  Paisley 
Bruce  Rt.Holburn  view.Clarence  st. Thurso 
Bruce  Robert,  4  Salisbury  aven.  Hawick 
Brace  Robert,  SnnnyBide,  Friars, Jedburgh 
Brure  Robert  M.D.,  Ch.B.  ThoresbT.Cult?, 

Bruce  Robert  S.,  J.P.  Thirlestane.  Lauder 

S.O.  Berwickshire 
Bruce   Saml.  34  Loanhead   ter.    Aberdeen 
Bruce  Thomas,  79  Duthie  ter.    Aberdeen 
Bruce   Thomas,    Hawthorn   villa,   Mossend 

S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Bruce  W..   M.D.,  LL.D.,  J.P.  The  Castle, 

Bruce  William,  Duncan  street,  Thurso 
Brime   William,    Ferndenn,    London    street, 

Larkhall  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Bruce  Wm. M.A. 116  High  st. Kirkcudbright 
Bruce  William,  Inverlee,  Wormit.  Dundee 
Bruce  Wm.   Knapdale,    Ashfon  rd.   Upper 

Ashton,    Gourofk    S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Bruce  Wm.  Laurelbank,  Downfield,Duudee 

SCOT.       92* 

1460       BRU 


Bruce  William,   Torphichen,  Bathgate 
Bruce   William,    Woodside   cottage,   Wood- 
side,   Coupar-Angus  S.O.  Perthshire 
Bruce  William  A.,  D.L.,  J.P.   Symbister, 
Whalsay,  Lerwick 

Bryson    Alexander,    Castramont, 
park,  Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Bryson  Charles,  18  Linkfield,  Musselburgh 
Bryson    Charles    F.    Riverbank,    Newmilns 
S.O.  Ayrshire 

Bruce  William  M.  8  Laurel  bank,  Dundee  I  Bryson  David  S.  5  Strathview  terrace, 
Bruce    William   P.   Braeburn,    Currie   S.O.  i      Forfar  road,  Dundee 

Midlothian  Bryson  James,  8  Eskview  villas,  Dalkeith 

Bruce-Hamilton    Mrs.    Grange   villa,    Dor- 1  Bryson    John,    Knowehead,    Main    street, 

noch  S.O.   Sutherlandshire 

Brunsdon  Henry,   Dunira,  Mansion  House 

road,  Paisley 
Brunton  Rev.   David.Hurlford  S.O.   Ayrsh 
Brunton  Alexander,  Battery  house,  North 

Queensferry   S.O.    Fifeshire 
Brunton  J.D.  2  Craighall  ter. Musselburgh 
Brunton  James   J.P.   Broomlands,  Kelso 
Brunton  Miss,  Ferndean,  Biggar 
Brunton  Miss,  Glen  Huntly,  Hyndford  rd. 

Brunton  Mrs.  Blaw  hill,  Biggar 
Brunton  Mrs.  4  Greenlaw  terrace,   Garth- 
land  street,  Paisley 
Brunton    Mrs.    The    Loan,    Colinton    S.O. 

Brunton  W.   N.    9  Delta  place,   Inveresk, 

"Brunton  Wm.D.Roselea,  Glasgow  rd.Perth 
Brush  John  W.   2  Adelaide  ter.   Dundee 
Brush  Sl.Muircote,  Clepington  rd.  Dundee 
;Bryan    James,    Portland    house,    Titchfield 

street,  Kilmarnock 
"Bryant    Arthur,    Taynish    house,    Tayval- 

lich,  Lochgilphead 
Bryant    Henry   Walter,    Ravenswood,   Bel- 
grave  rd.  Corstorphine  S.O.  Midlothian 
Bryce   Rev.   Morison,   The  Manse,   Balder- 
nock,   Glasgow 
"Bryco    Rev.    Peter    Cowie    M.A.,    U.    P. 

manse,  Inverkeithing  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Bryce       Alexander,      Dunmore       cottage, 

Clydesdale  street,  Hamilton 
Bryce     Andrew     Stewart    J.P.     Airdmhor 

house,  Kilbride,  Dunoon 
Bryce  Geo.  35  Sth.Hamilton  st. Kilmarnock 
Bryce  Hugh,  64  Springbank  ter. Aberdeen 
Bryce  Jas.  Ardmoor.  Uplawmoor,  Glasgow 
Bryce  Jas.  ai.  13  Manse  st.  Kilmarnock 
Bryce  Jas.  M.  224  Gt.  Western  rd.Aberdn 
Brvce  John,  Almond  bank,  Whitburn  S.O. 

Bonhill,  Alexandria,  Dumbartonshire 
Bryson  L.  H.  Glencoe  vils.  St.  Andrews 
Bryson  Miss,  3  Cumberland  st.  Dumfries 
Bryson  Miss,  108  Queen  street,  Dumfries 
Bryson  Miss,   24  St.   Leonard's  road,   Ayr 
Bryson  Mrs.  Glenelg,  Merrylee  road,  New- 
lands,  Glasgow 
Bryson  Mrs.Molendinar,Ua"aingston,  Glsgw 
Bryson  Mrs.  65  Union  street,  Greenock 
Bryson    Mrs.    Alexander,    Albion    house, 

Round    Riding   road,    Dumbarton 
Bryson   Mungo   M.B.,    CM.    North   Drum- 

lanrig  street,   Thornhill 
Bryson   Thos.   3   Howard   st.    Kilmarnock 
Bryson  William,  30  Queen  st.Craigie, Perth 
Bryson  Wm.  Riverbank,  Waterside,  Irvine 
.bryson  William,  Summerlee,  Coatbridge 
Bryson  William  S.  Rosemount,  East  Clep- 
ington road,  Dundee 
Buccleuch    &    Queensberry    the    Duke    of, 
K.G.,   K.T.,    P.C.    Dalkeith   house,    Dal- 
keith;    Bowhill,     Selkirk;     Drumlanrig 
castle,     Thornhill    &    Langholm    lodge, 
Langholm;   &  Montagu  house,  Whitehall 
S  W   &  Carlton   &   St.    Stephen's   clubs 
S  W,  London 
Buchan   Rev.    Henry    Ritchie,   Manse,    Kil- 

birnie  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Buchan  Rev.  Jn.  D.  Orchard  st.  Falkirk 
Buchan  Rev.  Peter  N.  Anstruther.Wester 
Buchan  A.  jun.  46  Forth  st.  Grangemouth 
Buchan  Adam  21  Bonnymuir  pl.Aberdeen  Buchanan" GUbert 
Buchan  Alex.  15  Blackness  aven.  Dundee 
Buchan   Alex.    180   Union   gro.    Aberdeen 

Buchan    Alexander    G.    Glenwood,    Station 

road,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Buchan  Andrew,  11  Douglas  st.  Kirkcaldy 
Buchan  D.  Cawdor  cot,  Tibbermore,  Perth 
Buchan  David  S.   12  Springfield,  Dundee 
Buchan  Geo.  M.D.  Cleland  S.O.  Lanarksh 
Buchan  James,  3  Norman  view,  Magdalen 

green,  Dundee 
Buchan  James,   132   Queen  st.   Peterhead 
Buchan  James,  21  Roslin  ter.  Aberdeen 

Rotchell  i  Buchanan   Alexander   W.  Gray  J.P.    Park 
hill,  Polmont  S.O.  Stirlingshire 
Buchanan    Andrew,    29    East    Montrose    st. 

Buchanan  Andrew  C.  White  ho.  Stirling 
Buchanan    Angus,    Knockrioch,    Greenlaw 

drive,    Paisley 
Buchanan  Archibald,   2  Bruce  ores.    Ayr 
Buchanan  Benj,   J.P.   Spring  Bank,  Saugh- 
ton  road,  Corstorphine  S.O.  Midlothian 
Buchanan   C.   Colin  Caolis,    Coll,  Oban 
Buchanan    Charles,    Glenalbyn    villa,    Kil- 

brandon,  Oban 
Buchanan      Charles     Alexander,     Deroran, 

Polmaise  road,  St.  Ninians,  Stirling 
Buchanan  D.  Comely  bank,  Dumbarton 
Buchanan  D.  Northheld,  Beareden,  Glasgw 
Buchanan  D.  Woodneuk,WaUon  st.Falkirk 
Buchanan  D.,B.A.33  George  st.Helensbrgh 
Buchanan  David,  10  Douglas  ter.  Stirling 
Buchanan  David,  Holly  bank,  Brechin  rd. 

Buchanan     David,     Oak      Fern,     Mansion 

House  road,  Paisley 
Buchanan  David,  jun.  Royston,  Thorn  rd. 

Bearsden,   Glasgow 
Buchanan  David  M'Laren  Bryce,  Boquhan, 

Killearn,  Glasgow 
Buchanan    David    W.    R.     Carrick-    D.L., 

J.P.    Corswall    house,    Kirkcolm,    Stran- 
raer ;    &    Junior    Carlton    club,    London 

S  W;  &  New  club,  Edinburgh 
Buchanan    Donald,    Bellefield,    Barone    rd. 

Buchanan  D.    Fernness,   Largs  S.O.    Ayrsh 
Buchanan  Francis  C,  J.P.   Clairinish,  Row, 

Buchanan  George,   Ardmore,  Oban 
Buchanan  Geo.    Silverrae,    Giffnock, Glasgw 
Buchanan   George   A.    Cadder  house,  Cad- 

der,  Glasgow 

F.E.I.S.    54  Prestwick 

road,  Newton,  Ayr 
Buchanan  Henry,  43  Finnart  st.  Greenock 

Bryce  Jn.Ardmory  ho.Ardmory  rd.Rothesy 
"Bryce  John.  Belmont,  Meikleriggs,   Paisley 

"Bryce   Mi&s.    Meikleriggs   cottage,    Meikle- 

riggs, Paisley 
Brvce  Mrs.  Briarbank,  Meikleriggs.Paisley 
Bryce  Mrs.  28  Dunnikier  rd.  Kirkcaldy 
Bryce   Miss,    Meikleinch,   Potterhill   aven. 

Bryce  Mrs.  Park  cottage,  89  Glasgow  rd. 

Brvce   Mrs.   Westcoats   road,    Cambuslang, 

Bryce     Peter    B.     3    Buchanan     gardens, 

Mount  Vernon,  Glasgow 
Bryce  Robert,  34  Bellevue  crescent,  Ayr 
Bryce    Robert.    63    Gateside    street,    West 

Kilbride    S.O.   Ayrshire 
Bryce  Rt.  Greystone,  Prestwick  S.O. Ayrsh 
Bryce  Tho?.   Craiggowen, Milngavie, Glasgw 
Bryce   Wm. 

S.O.   Midlothian 
Bryce  William,   19  Hill  pi.   Ardrossan 
^Bryee    William ,    Ravens    craig,    Hamilton 

drive,   Falkirk 
Bryce  Wm.   O.  45  Balmoral  pi.  Aberdeen 
Bryden  Rev.    James  H.,   B.D.   Markinch 
Bryden  J.  F.  12  Montrose  gdns.Milngavie 
Bryden  J.3Linwood  ter.Lewis   st. Stranraer 
Bryden  Mrs.  Belmont,  Moffat 
Bryden  Mrs.   38  Holmston  road,   Ayr 
Bryden    Mrs.    Lucknow   place,    Annan   rd. 

Bryden  Mrs.   St.  Bride's  ter.  Lockerbie 
Bryden  Sam  J.P. 32  Suffolk  Bt.Helensbrgh 
Bryden  Thomas,  4  Braehead  place,  Raise 

street,   Saltcoats 
Bryden    William,     Ingleneuk,     Brookfield, 

Brydie    David,    Mountdevon,    Ancrum    rd. 

Lochee,  Dundee 
Brydie     James,     Oreebank,     Dollar     S.O. 

Brydon  Capt.John  J.P.  10  Seafield  square, 

Rothes  S.O.  Morayshire 
Brydon  Adam  J.P.  Tweedbank,  Inner- 
leithen S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Brydon  John  Freer,  12  Montrose  gar- 
dens, Milngavie,  Glasgow 
Brydon  Miss,  4  Bowmont  villas,  Dunbar 
Brydon  Robert,  1  Lockhart  pi.  Hawick 
Brydon   Thomas    J.P.   Bnrncastle,    Lauder 

S.O.  Berwickshire 
Brydson  Wm.  Craigmont,  Barnhill,  Perth 
Brvmer  Thomas, Kirkton  house,  Balmerino, 

Wormit  S.O.   Fifeshire 
Bryon  Rev.   C.   L.  Bellfield,   Kirkintilloch,  | 

Buchan  Jn, 
Buchan  Mi: 

Buchan  Miss 
Buchan   Miss 
Buchan  Miss 

12  Strawberry  bank,  Dundee 
;,  Auchmacoy,  Logie  Buchan, 

70  Desswood  pi.   Aberdeen 
31   Leslie  road,   Aberdeen 
St.  Fergus,  Peterhead 
Buchan  Miss,  24  Snowden  place,   Stirling 
Buchan  Mrs.BelleVue  ter. E. Newport, Fifesh 
Buchan   Mrs.Kilmaron   vil. Do wnfld. Dundee 
Buchan  Mrs.Linfield,  Blackness  av. Dundee 
Buchan  Mrs.  Oxendean  tower,  Duns 
Buchan  Mrs.   Tillyfour,  Tough,  Aberdeen 
Buchan  Peter,  134  Queen  st.  Peterhead 
Buchan  Rt.  Adzell,  Station  rd.Helensbrgh 
Buchan  Robert,  43  Burns  road,  Aberdeen 
Buchan  Wm.   67  Blenheim   pi.  Aberdeen 
Buchan  Robert,  Calder  bank,  Laurieknowe, 
Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Auchendinny,    Milton  Bridge  |  Buchan  Wm    m  Mid  gtocket  rd.Aberdeen 

Buchan  Wm.  East   Clepington  rd.   Dundee 
Buchan  Wm.   Westerton,  Blairs,   Aberdeen 
Buchan  Wm.  H.  22  Albyn  gro.  Aberdeen 
Buchan  Wm.  Taylor,  12  Claremont,  Alloa 
Buchan-Hepburn  Sir  Archibald  bart.  J.P., 
D.L.      Smeaton,     Prestonkirk ;      Carlton 
club,  London  SW;    &  New  club,   Edin- 
Buchanan    Col.  M.    R.    Gray    J.P.    Ettrick 

Dale,  Port  Bannatyne,  Rothesay 
Buchanan  Major  Jn.  J.P.,  "V.D.  Ballantyre 

cottage,  Inverary 
Buchanan    Rev.    Alexander    C,    B.D.    The 

Manse,  Pilmuir,   Forres 
Buchanan  Rev.   Gilbert  B.D.   Free  manse, 

Midmar,   Aberdeen 
Buchanan  Rev.  Jas.   M.A.   32  Brisbane   st. 

Buchanan   Rev.    James   B.Sc.    The   Manse, 
Eaglesham,  Glasgow 

Buchanan     Herbert,    Courthill,     Dunscore, 

Auldgirth    S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Buchanan  J.   Benvue,  Muirhead,  Glasgow 
Buchanan   John,    Elmbank,    Glenboig    S.O. 

Buchanan  J.,  B.Sc.   56  St.   Swithin  street, 

Buchanan  J.   Clifton,  Carfin  rd. Motherwell 
Buchanan   John,   Arnot  view,   Falkirk 
Buchanan  John  J.P.  Dalreoch  house,  West 

Bridgend,  Dumbarton 
Buchanan  Jn.   Glenboig  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Buchanan  John,    Glyn  hill,    Renfrew    S.O. 

Buchanan  John,    10   Rubislaw  Den   north, 

Buchanan      John     Bilsland,      Town     Foot 

house,  Drymen,   Glasgow 
Buchanan  Jn.  G.   Clerkhill  ho.  Dumbarton 
Buchanan  John  Hamilton,  Leny,  Callander 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Buchanan  Jn.  L.  45  Brisbane  st.  Greenock 
Buchanan    John    Walker,    Norfolk,    Calder 

drive,    Cambuslang,    Glasgow 
Buchanan    Kenneth,    Endrick,     Bridge    of 

Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Buchanan  Ludovic,  Alexander  drive,  Ren- 
frew S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Buchanan  M.  42  Mt.  Stuart  rd.  Rothesay 
Buchanan  Miss,  Clairinch, Milngavie, Glsgw 
Buchanan   Miss,  7   Clyde    street,    Renfrew 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Buchanan   Miss,  Eskbank   grove,  Eskbank, 

Buchanan  Miss  G.  22  Snowdon  pl.Stirling 
Buchanan  Miss  M.    M.  Larch  hill,  Moffat 
Buchanan    Misses,    13    Montgomerie   ores- 
cent, Saltcoats 
Buchanan    Mrs.     Bloomsfield,    Cove     S.O. 

Buchanan    Mrs.   Burnside    cottage,    Fairlie 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Buchanan  Mrs.   Calibae,  Killearn,   Glasgow 
i  Buchanan  Mrs.  12  Carrick  park,   Ayr 
Buchanan    Mrs.    Clifton    house,    Jerviston 
I      street,  Motherwell 
Buchanan  Mrs.  62  Finnart  st.  Greenock 
[Buchanan  Mrs.   Greenwood,  Lenzie,   Glsgw 
Buchanan    Mrs.   Kenmor,  Port   Bannatyne, 

Buchanan  Rev.  Jas.  The  Manse,  Langholm  I  Buchanan'Mrs.  65  Mt.  Stuart  rd.  Rothesay 
Buchanan   Rev.    James  Craig   M.A.,    U.    F.  '•  Buchanan    Mrs.    Tullibody   S.O.    Clackman- 

Trinity   manse,   Linlithgow  |     nanshire 

Buchanan   Rev.  James   Little   B.D.,  LL.B.  ]  Buchanan  Mrs.   Arden,Corrour  rd.Newlnds 

The  Manse,  Whitburn  S.O.  Linlithgowsh  '  Buchanan  MrB.  W.   J.  38  West  Argyle   st. 
Buchanan   Rev.   Neil,    Bogue,    Dairy    S.O.  I     Helensburgh 

Kirkcudbrightshire  Buchanan   Mungo,  23   Alma 

Buchanan  Rev.    Robert 

road,  Kirriemuir 
Buchanan  — ,  Mount  Vernon  ho 

st.    Grahams- 
ton,    Falkirk 
[Buchanan  N.  Birchlea,  Meikleriggs,Paisley 
Glasgow  j  Buchanan  N.  3  Quarryhall  ter.  Hamilton 

B.D.    Brechin  I 

Buchanan  Alexander,   Baugh,  Tiree,   Oban  I  Buchanan  P.   Fairholm,  Giffnock,  Glasgow 
Buchanan  A.  Gartacharn  Drymen,  Glasgw  Buchanan   Peter,    Lnbnaig  villa,    Callander 

Buchanan    Alexander   M.A.    The    Lindens 

Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Buchanan   Alex.    J.    W.,    M.B.     Cockenzie, 

Prestonpans  S.O.  Haddingtonshire 


1  Buchanan  A.  17  Abercromby  pi.  Stirling 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Buchanan  Robert,  6  Marlborough  gardens, 

Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Buchanan  R.  Westerton,  Killearn,   Glasgw 
Buchanan  Richd.  13  NeBS  bank,  Inverness 


bur      1461 

Buchanan   Robert,    Ardeer,    Innellan    S.0- 

Buchanan    Robert     M.A.,    M.B.,     CM.     96 

Brook  st.   Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarsli 
Buchanan    Robert,    Cross    house,    Campsie 

Glen,  Glasgow 
Buchanan     Thomas   J.P.     Duna'.Ian    villa. 

Dollar    S.O.    Clackmannanshire 
Buchanan   Thomas,  Torrpark,  Birnam  S.O. 

Buchanan  W.   Dunclutha,  Tollcross, Glasgw 
Bnchanan    Walter,    Clerkhill  house,    Card- 

ross  road,  Dumbarton 
Buchanan  William,  Bellfield,  Kirkintilloch, 

Buchanan  William,    Bonhill,    Brandon  gar- 
dens,  Cambuslang,    Glasgow 
Buchanan  William,  Enderley,  Erskine  park 

south,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Buchanan    William,    Redhurst,    Bridge     of 

Weir  S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Buchanan  Wm.  G.  3  Academy  pi. Greenock 
Buchannan    Miss,    Kinneil,    Lamlash    S.O. 

Isle  of  Arran 
Buchannan  Miss,  Robertloan  cottage, Loans 

Buck   George   Herbert,    Hopeville,    Chalton 

road,   Bridge   of  Allan 
Buckinghamshire    Earl  of,    Fordell    house, 

Inverkeithin-  S.O.   Fifeshire;    &  Brooks' 

&  National  Liberal  clubs,  London  S  W 
Buckley  Mrs.  Rossal,  Dores  rd.  Inverness 
Budge  Alexander,  4  Oxford   terrace,   Ren- 
frew  S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Budge   Charles    J.    Pais  muir,    Kilmacolm 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Budge  Donald,  Cowie  lane,  Thurso 
Budge  G.  Lena  bank,  Bonhill  rd.Dumbrtn 
Budge   John,    Easter  Rarichie,    Nigg   S.O. 

Budge   John  H.    Brucefield,    Tarbat,   Port- 

mahomack  S.O.  Ross-shire 
Budge     Joseph,     Invercassley,     Invershin 

S.O.  Sutherlandshire 
Budge  Joseph,  Mains  house,West  Wemyss, 

East    Wemyss  S.O.    Fifeshire 
Budge    Mrs.    Craig    lodge,   Round    Riding 

road,   Dumbarton 
Budge    Robt.    Spur   cot.    Eastgate,    Moffat 
Budge  Walt.    G.   Liberton  S.O.  Midlothian 
Buglass  Alex.  H.   105   Ferry  rd.   Dundee 
Buglass   Mrs.    105   Ferry  road,  Dundee 
Buglass  William  B.  Palmerston  park,  Max- 

welltown,  Dumfries 
Buhrer  Jean   J.   Elvira,  Barnhill,   Perth 
Buick   Charles,   Hillside,  Alloa 
Buick  John  S.  Netherby,  Alloa 
Buick  Miss,   2  Church   street,  Alloa 
Buick   Miss,  42   Kirkpatrick  st.    Girvan 
Buick  Mrs.  7  Bellefield  avenue,  Dundee 
Buick    Thomas,     Tighvonie,     Hill     street, 

Broughty   Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Buie   Alexander,    Alvernia,    Brownside    rd. 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Buk  C.  Brae  knowe,  W.  Newport,  Fifesh 
Buik     Edward     Grove,    Richmond     house, 

Thurso  road,  Wick 
Buik  J.  H.,  J.P.  West  park,  Wick 
Buik  Patrick  Reid,   13  Atholl  st.  Perth 
Buist  A.  C,  M.B.,  CM.  Woodend.Dunblne 
Buist  Andrew,   5  Roxburgh  terrace,  West 

Park  road,  Dundee 
Buist  Henry  M.B.,  Ch.B.Edin.   Springfield. 

3  Perth  road,  Dundee 
Bust    Jas.    Gowrie    cot.    Bridgend,    Perth 
Buist  Jn.  C,  J.P.  Balgillo  house, Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Buist    John   H.   Drummond    villa,    Hill    st. 

Broughty  Ferry   S.O.    Forfarshire 
Buist   Miss,  7  King's  place,   Perth 
Buist  Miss,   Viewfield,   Selk  rk 
Buist   Mrs.  5   Atholl  crescent,   Perth 
Buist    Mrs. Berry  hill,Abdie,Newburgh,  Fife 
Buist    Mrs.    Croft   bank,    Abernethy    S-O. 

Buist  Mrs.   60  Loughborough  rd.  Kirkcaldy 
Buist    Robert    Cochrane    M.A.,    M.D.     166 

Nethergate,  Dundee 
Buist   Thomae,   14  Huntly  st.  Aberdeen 
Buist  Thomas,  Stannergate,  Dundee 
Bulkeley    Mrs.     Raybank    villa,    32    Albert 

street,    Nairn 
Bull  Arthur  G.  Sidmouth  cot.   Scone, Perth 
Bull    Johannen    Catharinus,    13    Havelock 

street,   Helensburgh 
Bulloch  David,  33  Thomson  st.  Kilmarnock 
Bulloch  James,  Drumour,  Wellshot  drive, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Bulloch  John,  23  Osborne  place,   Aberdeen 
Bulloch    John,     12    Rugby    ter.    Broughty 

Ferry   S.O.    Forfarshire 
Bulloch   Mrs.  Kinloch    lo.    Little   Dunkeld 
Bulloch  William,  Campbellfields,   Denny 
Bullock  Rev.   William  Greenway  B.A.  Dal- 

mahoy,  Kirknewton   S.O.    Midlothian 
Bullock   Jas.   Violet   gro.  Busby,    Glasgow 
Bullock     Mrs.    Roydon,     Harrowden    road, 

Bullough  Sir  George,  Rhum,  Oban 
Bullough  Tom,  Fasnacloich  S.O.  Argyllsh 
Bulman  A.  Brings  bnk.Bowmont  st. Kelso 

Bulmer  Charles,   The  Firs,    Jedburgh 
Bulmer  James,    Tweedmount,    Melrose 
Bulmer    Mrs.     Wilton    lodge,     Old     Edin- 
burgh road,  Inverness 
Bunbury  Mrs.    Government  ho.  St. Andrews 
Buncle   Miss,    Tay   view,    Alexandra  place, 

Buncle    T.  A.    Viewfield   ter.  Dunfermline 
Bunn   Arthur,   12   Gardenside   terrace,    TJd- 

dingston,    Glasgow 
Buntain    John,   Janefield    villa,   Kilmacolm 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Bunten  Miss,  48  London  rd.  Kilmarnock 
Buntine    James    R. ,    M. A. ,    J.P.    Torbrex 

house,  St.  Ninian's,  Stirling 
Buntine   Mrs.   Comely  bank,  Leven 
Bunting  Thos.   25  Beaconsfield  pi. Aberdeen 
Bunting   William,   Halidon,   Wellshot  drive, 

Cambuslang.  Glasgow 
Burd  Alex.   Cairngorm  ho.    Anstruther 
Burdan  R.S.   Conniecraig,Eaglesham,Glsgw 
Burden  Duncan  M.A.,  LL.B.Edin.  2  Wind- 
sor terrace,   Perth   road,   Dundee 
Burden    Matthew,    Viewfield,    Balloch   S.O. 

Burden   Mrs.    12   Irvine  place,  Stirling 
Burden     Mrs.     2    Windsor    terrace,    Perth 

road,  Dundee 
Burdon   Rev.    Chas.  Blackhills,  Peterhead 
Burdon    Rev.    Francis,    The   Rectory,   Well 

road,   Hermon   hill,   Dundee 
Burdon  Harry  A.M.I.CE.  Shawfair,  Eldin- 

dean  road,    Bonnyrigg,    Lasswade 
Burdon  Mrs.    M.    Glenord,    Broomieknowe, 

Burgess     Rev.     James,     Monifieth     road, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.    Forfarshire 
Burgess   Rev.    R.    Mansfield,    Inverleithen 

road,  Peebles 
Burgess  Adam,  29  Abergeldie  rd. Aberdeen 
Burgess     Alexander     J.P.      Bank     house, 

Gairloch  S.O.  Ross-shire 
Buriress  Edward,    Whalsay,    Lerwick 
Burgess  George  C  9  New  road,  Forfar 
Burgess  J.  Town  &  County  Bank,  6  Sea- 
field    square,    Rothes  S-O.    Morayshire 
Burgess    Jabez   J.P.    Seafield    st.   Portsoy 

S.O.    Banffshire 
Burgess    James    Hamilton,  Norwood,    Bog- 
head road,   Dumbarton 
Burgess  James,  Laird   street,   Coatbridge 
Burgess  Jame3  J.   Haldane   M.A.   Queen's 

lane,  Lerwick 
Burgess    John,    Commercial     Bank    house, 

Stewarton  street,    Wishaw 
Burgess  John  P.  35  Elmfield  av.  Aberdeen 
Burgess      John      William      C      Stenhouse, 

Rangemore  road,   Inverness 
Burgess  Miss,   25   Osborne  pi.  Aberdeen 
Burgess   Mrs.   123  Brooms  road,  Dumfries 
Burgess     Robert     M.B.,     CM.     Bonaccord 

house,    Stanley   S.O.   Perthshire 
Burgess  William,   81   Clifton  rd.    Aberdeen 
Burgon  John,  7  Mayville  park,  Dunbar 
Burke  Wm.  Grendon,  Heugh  st.    Falkirk 
Burkett  Wm.  A.  9  Victoria  ter.  Inverness 
Burkhill     George,    Belle     vue,     Edinburgh 

road,  Perth 
Burkowsky  Emil,  9'  Dongola  road,  Ayr 
Burleigh   Rev.   J.    The  Manse, Ednam, Kelso 
Burleigh  Rev.  John,   Bothwell  view,   Blan 

tyre,  Glasgow 
Burleigh    John,    Garvald,  Brownside    road 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Burleigh    Mrs.    Church    st.    Haddington 
Burlington  James,  Bushy  villa,   Greenlee! 

road,  Cambuslang.    Glasgow 
Burn    Col.    Charles    Rosdew,    Fyvie  castle 

Fwie   S.O.    Aberdeenshire 
Burn  Capt.   Wm.    62  South  st.  St.  Andrews 
Burn    Rev.     John    Hy.    B.D.,     F.R.S.Edin. 

St.    Saviour's    parsonage,    Ballater    S.O 

Burn   C    M.    Pelham    J.P.    Pitcroy  lodge, 

B'.acksboat  S.O.    Morayshire 
Burn   David  Henry,  4  Albert  st.   Arbroath 
Burn   Frank  R.   Pilmour  cot.   St.   Andrews 
Burn  John  J.P.  The  Beeches.Colinton  S-O. 

Burn    J.    51a,    Main    st.    Spittal,    Berwick 
Burn    Mrs.     Elmbank,     Hepburn     gardens. 

St.  Andrews 
Burn    Mrs.    Home    bank,    Fountain    road. 

Bridge   of   Allan 
Burn   Mrs.  1   Kenburn  ter.  St.   Andrews 
Burn   Mrs.   Pilmour  cottage,    St.   Andrews 
Burn  Mrs.  Victoria  pk.   Victoria  rd.  Forres 
Burn     Mrs.     104    West     Holmes     gardens, 

Burn-Murdoch  John  J.P.   Gartincaber,   Kil- 

madock,    Doune    S.O.   Perthshire 
Burn-Murdoch   Mrs.  Neuk,  Airth,   Larbert 
Burnaby     R.     B.(     M.A.     Trinity    college 

Glenalmond,   Perth 
Burne     Mrs.     The     Bungalow  w,      Rahan?. 

Roseneath    S.O.   Dumbartonshire 
Burnell  Maj.   M.   Bighouse   shooting,   Farr 

Burnea   Alexander,   12  Belmont  rd.  Aberdn 
Burness  James,   33   Gray   street,   Aberdeen 
Burness  James,  25  Gurney  st.  Stonehaven 

Burness  Miss,  Ben  Una,  Lochgoilhead  S.O. 

Buiness   Mrs.  6  Panmure  ter.   Montrose 
Burness    Robert,  46  Cr.chton  rd.    Rothesay 
Burness  Thomas  N.   Reith  cottage,  Hamil- 
ton road,   Motherwell 
Burnet  James,   29    Weensland  rd.   Hawick 
Burnet  Professor  John  M.A.,  LL.D.  Edge- 

cliffe   west,   The  Scores,   St.    Andrews 
Burnet  John,  Loganrig,  Montrose  gardens, 

Milngavie,    Glasgow 
Burnet   M.   Beechknowe,  Comrie  st.   Crieff 
Burnet   Miss,  6  Albany  place,  Dumfries 
Burnet  Miss,  21   West  Albany  ter.   Dundee 
Burnet    Mrs.    Mileburn,   Hepburn    gardens, 

St.    Andrews 
Burnet  Mrs.  JJ1  Osborne  place,  Aberdeen 
Burnet    Mrs.  ~59   Queen's   road,  Aberdeen 
Burnet  T.    S.    Beechwood,   Leuzie,  Glasgw 
Burnett  Col.    Sir  Thomas   bart.    D.L.,   J.P. 

Crathes  castle,  Crathes  S.O.Kincardinesh 
Burnett  Rev.   James,   Cherry  mount, Coupar 

Angus  road,   Lochee,   Dundee 
Burnett  Rev.  James  B-,  B.D.   The  Manse, 

Fetteresso,  Stonehaven 
Burnett  Rev.    Robert    B.D.    Liberton    S.O. 

Burnett    Rev.    Thomas   M.A.    The    Manse, 

Kennethmont  S.O.    Aberdeenshire 
Burnett  Alex.  50  Charlotte  st. Fraserburgh 
Burnett  Alex.  M.A.  Letham  bnk.Haddngtn 
Burnett   Alex.    14   Sunnyside   rd.    Aberdeen 
Burnett    Alex.    G.,    J.P.    Kemnay    house, 

Kemnay,    Aberdeen 
Burnett  C  7  Comely  bank,  Bridgend, Perth 
Burnett    Charles,    Flushing    farm,    Cairn- 

bulg,  Inverallochy,   Aberdeen 
Burnett  Charles,  Lour  road,  Forfar 
Burnet-t    Charles    John,    8   Chanonry,    Old 

Aberdeen,  Aberdeen 
Burnett  David,    3*  Abergeldie   rd. Aberdeen 
Burnett    David,  2    Cargill  terrace,   Brechin 

rocd,    Forfar 
Burnett  David,   10  Claremont  pi.   Aberdeen 
Burnett  Frank,    Earlston,   Kilmacolm  S.O. 

Burnett     George     Wilson,     Kinellar,     The 

Scores,  St.  Andrews 
Burnett    Jam  -s,    Richmond,    Borrowstoun- 

ness    S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
Burnett  James,  St.  Clair  cottage,  Liberton 

S.O.    Midlothian 
Burnett    James    Russell,  Battle-Clent,    Vic- 
tor a   terrace,   Inverness 
Burnett  Jn.  52  Charlotte  st.   Fraserburgh 
Burnett  John,   15   Hillend  road,  Arbroath 
Burnett    John,    Tay   villa,    Harrowden  rd. 

Burnett  Jn.   2  Windsor  gdns.   Musselburgh 
Burnett    John    George   M.A.Oxon.     Powis 

house,   Bedford  road,   Aberdeen 
Burnett  Miss,   1   Abbey  rd.   Eskbnk.Dalkth 
Burnie   Miss,    Lundin    mill,   Lower    Largs 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Burnett    Mrs.    62   Broad   st.    Fraserburgh 
Burnett  Mrs.  10  Chanonrv,  Old  Aberdeen 
Burnett  Robert,  2   Rubislaw  pi.   Aberdeen 
Burnett  Thomas,   Strichen  rd.   Fraserbureh 
Burnett  W.  K..  M.A.,   J.P.   23  North  Sil- 
ver  street,   Aberdeen 
Burnfield    George.    Rose   crescent,   Perth 
Burnneld    Mrs.    Victoria    villa,    Balhousie 

terrace,   Perth 
Burnie    J.   Ellerslie.    Cummertrees,    Annan 
Burnie    Mrs.    19    Crichton   road,    Rothesay 
Burnie  R.    South   Drum'anrig    st.Thornhill 
Burns  Capt.  John  W.  Kilmahew,  Cardross 

S.O.   Dumbartonshire 
Burns  Rev.    A.   P.,   M.A.  7  Garthland  pi. 

Burns  Rev.  Andrew,  The  Manse,  Fenwick, 

Burns    Rev.    James    Golder    B.D.,    TJ.    F. 

manse,  West  Bridgend,  Dumbarton 
Burn*  Rev.    Joseph.   Cadzow   st. Motherwell 
Burns  Rev.    S.,    M.A.    St.    Mary's   manse, 

Burns   A.    1   Crompfon  av.  Cathcart, Glasgw 
Burns   A.   jun.ll   Bon-Aeeord  ter.Aberdeen 
Burns     Alan     J.P.     Cumbernauld     house, 

Cumbernauld,   Glasgow 
Burns  Alex.    Claremont  house,  TJddinErston 
Burns  Alex.  J. 11  Bon-Accord  ter.Aberdeen 
Burns  Andrew  Bell,   2  Dongola    road,  Ayr 
Burns     Archibald     Johnston,     Easterhope, 

Ronnie   street,   Falkirk 
Burns   D.    Oakdene.    Victoria   av.    Carluke 
Burns   D.   58   Dundonald  rd.    Kilmarnock 
Burns   Geo.   2  Kay  Park  ter.  Kilmarnock 
Burns    .Tames,    Carmyle,    Glasgow 
Burns   James.    1    Elm    row,   Galashiels 
Burns   J.    Stanlev  lo. Hamilton  rd.Mothrwll 
Burns   Jas. The  Rowans, Teindhill   grn.Duns 
Burns   James   H.    Arnothall,   Falkirk 
Burns    John   J.P.    Hieh    street,    Coldstream 
Burns  J.   High   st.   Kincardine   S.O.    Fifesh 
Burns  J.  Mount  cot.  Dreghorn  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Burns    John    C.    J.P.    Woodburn,    Machan 

avenue,    Larkhall    P.O.    Lanarkshire 
Burns    John     P.    The    Knowe,    Bridge    of 

Weir   S.O.   Renfrewshire 

1462      BIR 


Burns  Jn.  R.,  M.B.,  CM.  8  Barns  st.Ayr 
Burns  John  S.  91  Clepington  road,Dundee 
Burns    Miss,    56    Byres    road,     Kilwinning 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Burns   Miss,   Wemyss  bouse,   Wemyss  Bay 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Burns  Miss,  Wemyss  place,  Haddington 
Burns   Misses,    Rue    villa,    Midmills    road, 

Burns  Mrs.  Burnside,   Galashiels 
Burn;?   Mrs.    Kilchattan  Bay,    Rothesay 
Burns     Mrs.      Kilmahew,      Cardross     S.O. 

Burns   Mrs.   30  Latch  road,  Brechin 
Burns  Mrs.  34  Miller  road,  Ayr 
Burns   Patrick  J. P.   Park  head,  Byres  rd. 

Kilwinning    S.O.    Ayrshire 
Burns  Robert,  Clyde  Nook  cottage.Udding- 

ston,    Glasgow 
Burns  Robert,  42  High  st.  Fraserburgh 
Burns    Robert,    344    Main    st.    Alexandria, 

Burns    Robt.    Tiolnn,    Giffnock,    Glasgow 
Burns  Thos.    S.   H.    Moorlands,   Dingwall 
Burns  Wm.    Dalria,   Giffnock,    Glasgow 
Burns     William,    Drummond    hill,    Drum- 

mond  road,   Inverness 
Burns    Wm.    M.B.    Kinloch-Rannoch    S.O. 

Burns  William,  Lintlea,  Galashiels 
Burns  Wm.    Nettlehurst,    Beith,    Ayrshire 
Burns  William,  2  Roxburgh  terrace,  West 

Park  road,   Dundee 
Burns  William  S.   31  Carden  pi.  Aberdeen 
Burns-Begg  Mrs.   The  Beild,  Kinross 
Burns-Graham     Allan,     Craigallan,     Miln- 

gavie.   Glasgow 
Bnrns-Macdonald  Archibald,  Earnoch,  Isla 

road,   Bridgend,   Perth 
Burnside    John,    Muirton    place,    Dunkeld 

road,   Perth 
Burns. dt  Miss,  11  Ardconnel  terrace  east, 

Rurnside  Miss,  3  Portland  place,  Maxwell- 
town,   Dumfries 
Burnside  Mrs.   3  Victoria  rd.  Helensburgh 
Burnside    Mrs.    Whinneyburn,    Shields    rd. 

Burnside  Samuel  Mitchell,  Haughton,  Kil- 

macolm   S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Burr  Rev.   John,  Old  Church  manse,  Bow- 
den,    Newtown    St.    Bos  wells    S.O.    Rox- 
Burr    Rev.    Peter   L.,    D-D.    The    Manse, 

Lnndie,   Dundee 
Burr   Mrs.   24   Hamilton   place,    Aberdeen 
Burr  Mrs.  71   Loanhead  terrace,   Aberdeen 
Burrell  G.  GlenifTer  lo.  Meikleriggs, Paisley 
Burrell   Miss,  Machar  Glen,  Innellan  S.O. 

Burrell  Mrs.   North  Harbour  st.Grangemth 
Eurrell   Mrs.   7  Victoria  street,  Arbroath 
Burrell  Thos.  A.  Barloan  cres.  Dumbarton 
Burroughs    Lady    Traill-,    Trumbland    ho. 

Rousay,  Kirkwall 
Burroughs  R.  12  Windsor  gdns.Musselbrgh 
Burt    Rev.    James    R.,    M.A.,    D.D.    The 

Manse,   Law   road  north,  Berwick 
Bnrt    Andrew,     Fleets    villa,    Elphinstone, 

Tranent    S.O.    Haddingtonshire 
Burt  James,    184   High   street,  Kirkcaldy 
Burt   James,   71   Milton  road,  Kirkcaldy 
Burt  Mrs.   1   David  street,  Kirkcaldy 
Burt  P.  Holly  bank,   Bothwell,  Glasgow 
Bnrt  Wm.  34  Queen  Anne  st.  Dunfermline 
Burt-Marshall   Mrs.  Luncarry  house,    Red- 

gorton,  Perth 
Burton    Rev.    Frederic   Carlisle,    The   Rec- 
tory,   Girvan 
Burton  A.   C.  Torwold,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Burton   Andrew,    Torwold,    Crescent    road, 

Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Burton   Frank.    8  Wellwood  pi.   Dumfries 
Burton   John,   18  Fotheringham  rd.   Ayr 
Burton  Mrs.   Darn'ck  cot.  Darnick, Melrose 
Burton  Samuel,  159  Eldon  at,   Greenock 
Burton-Mackenzie    Evan    N.,    J.  P.     Kilcoy 

castle,    Killearnan   S.O.    Ross-shire 
Burwell   Mrs.   60  Fountainhall  rd. Aberdeen 
Bury    Henry    E.    Inverliever   house,    Ford 

S.O.    Argyllshire 
Busby   Job.  2  George   street,   Dumfries 
Bush  William,  4  Balfour  street,  Alloa 
Bushill     John     Joseph,     Kirkland    house, 

Blairhill,   Coatbridge 
Busted  Robert,  Fassettvllle,  Winton  circus, 

Butchart    Rev.    James    M.A.,    The   Manse, 

Anstruther,  Wester 
Butchart  Rev.  James  S.  New  Leeds,  Kin- 

inmonth.  M  ntlaw  Station  S.O.  Aberdnsh 
Butchart  A.  27  Ancrum  rd.Lochee, Dundee 
Butchart  Alexander,  2  Springfield, Dundee 
Butchart  Hy.  J.  113  Whinhilf  rd. Aberdeen 
Butchart    Miss,     Greenwood     villa,     East 

Newport.    Fifeshire 
Butchart  Miss,  Tigh-na-Grein,  Perth  road, 

Rutehart   Misses.    6    Park    terrace,    Black- 
ness  road,   Dundee 
Butchart  Mrs.  100  Irvine  place,  Aberdeen 

Butchart    Mrs.    394    Great    Western   road, 

Butchart    Patrick    J.    Helen's     Lea,     New 

Rattray,  Blairgowrie 
Butchart    William    M.A.,     M.B.,     CM.     4 

Bon-Accord  street,  Clydebank,  Glasgow 
Butchart  Wm.  P.  6  Somerville  pi.  Dundee 
Butchert  Stewart  F.  Institution  pi.  Dollar 

S.O.   Clackmannanshire 
Bute   Marquess    of,    Mount    Stuart     house, 

Kingarth,    Rothesay;     Dumfries     house, 

Cumnock;     Old    place,     Mochrum,   Port 

William     S.O.     Wigtownshire;      &      St. 

John's  lodge,   Regent's   park  N   W 
Bute  Gwendoline  Mary  A.  Marchioness  of, 

Abbotsford,  Melrose 
Buthlay    James    Hutchison,    262    Victoria 

road,   Torry,  Aberdeen 
Buthlav  Wm.274  Victoria   rl. Torry, Aberdn 
Butler'  Capt.    Richard   P.,    J. P.   F'oley   ho. 

High   street,   Rothesay 
Butler    Professor    Arthur     S.,    M.A.Oxon. 

St.   Swithun,   St.  Andrews 
Butler   Alex.   M.B.    Glen    Bank,Pt.Glasgow 
Butler  Jas.   Hillvicw,   Milngavie,    Glasgow 
Butler  John,   Kirkhills,Meigle  S.O.Perthsh 
Butt  A,    H.    Bank  street,   Kirriemuir 
Buttar  David,   10  Roxburgh  terrace,  West 

Park  road,    Dundee 
Buttar  George,  199  Clepington  rd.  Dundee 
Buttars  T.    8   Victoria  ter.   Musselburgh 
Butter  Albert  J.P.   Duntanlich,   Perth 
Butter  Alex.    Murravfield,    Scone,    Perth 
Butter  Archibald   Edward,    Faskally,    Kil- 

liecrankie   S.O.    Perthshire 
Butter  J.   S-,  M.B.,  CM.  High-an-lighiche, 

Downfield,   Dundee 
Butter  Miss,    3   Graham's  place,  Perth 
Butter  Mrs.Kinloch  vil.Inverary  ter.Dndee 
Butter  P.   Athol  bank,   Noblehill.Dumfries 
Butter  Robert,   14  Queen  st.   Craigie, Perth 
Butter  Thomas,    8  Marshall  place,   Perth 
Butters  A.  Ormiston,  Brompton  ter.  Perth 
Butters  Jas.    1  Victoria  rd.  Lenzie,Glasgw 
Butters  John,   68  Caledonia  rd.    Saltcoats 
Butters   John,    Cellardyke,   Anstruther 
Butters     Mrs.     Mount     Pleasant     cottage, 

Newburgh,  Fifeshire 
Butters  Mrs.   8  Queen's  av.  Craigie,  Perth 
Butti  Very  Rev.    Canon  Peter  L.    (Roman 

Catholic"),  Maitland   street,   Dundee 
Buttress  William  H.  West  Banks,  Wick 
Buyers   Lieut.-Col.   James,  Easter  Braikie, 

Kinnell,  Friockheim  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Buyers  C  S.  3  Rubislaw  Den  sth.  Aberdn 
Buyers  J.  3  Rubieslaw  Den  sth.  Aberdeen 
Buyers  Mrs.  357  Gt.  Western  rd.  Aberdeen 
Buyers  Mrs.  16  St.  Swithin  st.  Aberdeen 
Buyers  Mrs.  57  Sunnyside  road,  Aberdeen 
Ruyers  Mrs.  J.  C.  44  Ashley  rd.  Aberdeen 
Byers  J.  R.  Kirkmichael  grove,  Lockerbie 
Byers  John,  High  st.  Newburgh.  Fife 
Byers    Miss,     Auchanguoil,     Lochgoilhead 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Byers  Mrs.    Ashley  house,     Newtown     St. 

Boswells  S.O.  Roxburghshire 
Byers  William  S.  The  Cottage,   Bridge  of 

Weir    S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Byrde  Rev.   L.    Si    St.    John's,   Union     6t. 

Byres  D.  T.,  CE.104Hamilton  pi. Aberdeen 
Byres    George    M.A.,    M.D.    Elgin     villa, 

Lennoxtown,  Glasgow 
Byres    George   Moir,   Tonley  house,   Tough, 

Byres  Mrs.  64  Albury  road,   Aberdeen 
Byres  Mrs. Hay  lodge, West  Cults, Aberdeen 
Byres  William  John  M.D.,   CM.,    M.A.   38 

Fonthill   road,    Aberdeen 
Byrne   Mrs.   31   Forest   road,    Aberdeen 
Byrne    Mrs.  Pentland    view,  Colinton  S.O. 

Byrne  Peter  Owen,  10  James  gro.Kirkcldy 
Byrom  T.  1  Ormonde  pk.  Cathcart.Glasg-w 
Cabel  Henrv,  45  Devanha  gdns.  Aberdeen 
Cable  John",  65  East  High  street,  Forfar 
Cable  John  B.  Beulah,  Bieldside, Aberdeen 
Cables  Rev.  J.,  M.A.38  Oakshaw  st.Paisly 
Caddies  J.  Chesterville,  Waterside,  Irvine 
Cadell    Col.    Hugh,    Barnbarroch,   Colvend, 

Cadell  Col.  Thos.  V.C.,  J.P.  Cockenzie  ho. 

Prestonpans  S.O.  Haddingtonshire 
Cadell  Henry   Moubrny   J.P.   The   Grange, 

Borrowstounness    S.O.     Linlithgowshire 
Oadenhead    Rev.    David     G.,     M.A.    Free 

manse,   Petercultor.  Aberdeen 
Cadenhead    David    Allan,   122   West   Clyde 

street,  Helensburgh 
Cadenhead  Geo.  S.  40  Salisbury  ter.Abrdn 
Cadenhead  John,  325  Holburn  st. Aberdeen 
Cadenhead  Misses,  7  Caledonian  pi. Aberdn 
Ondzow    J.     Robert,     Stonehill,    Crawford- 

iohn,  Abington   S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Csesar  Rev.    J.,    M.A.    St.    Andrews,    Gul- 

lane   S.O.   Haddingtonshire 
Cfesar  Rev.    Jas.    M.A.,    J.P.    The   Manse, 

Panbride,    Carnoustie    S.O.    Forfarshire 
Caesar  Rev.   John   M.A.   The   Manse.  Pan- 
bride,    Carnoustie    S.O.    Forfarshire 
Caesar  William,  Hazelbank,   Bathgate 

Caie    Rev.    George    J.,    D.D.    The    Manse, 

Lour  road.  Forfar 
Caie  James,  lo  Duthie  terrace,   Aberdeen 
Caie   Mrs.   48   Gladstone  place,   Aberdeen 
Caird  Major  Lindsay  Henderson,  Lismore, 

Auchingramont  road,  Hamilton 
Caird     Rev.     J.     Renny,     Silverhill,     Kil- 
bride,   Dunoon 
Caird  A.  Stoneleigh,  Newark  st.  Greenock 
Caird  Colin  S-,  J.P.  Dungourney,  Newark 

street.    Greenock 
Caird    George,    Briarbank,     Brook     street, 

Monifieth,   Dundee 
Caird   George,   20   Springfield,  Dundee 
Caird  J.  K.   8  Magdalen  Yard  rd.   Dundee 
Caird   Jas.    A.    Henryson   D.L.,   J.P.    Caa- 

sencary,  Creetown  S-O.  Kirkcudbright sh 
Caird  Jas.  Dalgarno,143  Clifton  rd. Aberdn 
Caird  Mrs.  105  New  street,  Musselburgh 
Caird    Mrs.    Prospect    terrace,    Robert    st. 

Caird    Mrs.     Rosely,     Collier    street,    Car- 
noustie  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Caird     Mrs.     Viewfield,     Newton      street, 

Caird  P.  T.,  J.P.  15  Newark  st.  Greenock 
Caird  Robert,  56  Esplanade,  Greenock 
Caird    Robert    D.L.    Glenmallon,   Gareloch- 

head  S-O.  Dumbartonshire 
Caird  Stewart,  121  Eldon  street,  Greenock 
Caird  Thomas.  102  West  Holmes  gar- 
dens, Musselburgh 
Caird  Wm.  John,  Sandhaven,  Fraserburgh 
Caird  Wm.  Shepherd,34  Stanley  st. Aberdn 
Caird    William    W.     Windsor,     Robert    st. 

Cairn  James,   20  Church   street,  Alloa 
Cairncross  Major-Gen.  John  R.M.  Cascade, 

Cairncross    Rev.    Thomas   B.D.    Bankside, 

V.  F.  manse,  Kilpatrick,  Glasgow 
Cairncross   George   Thompson,    2  Pitcullen 

crescent,  Bridgend,  Perth 
Cairncross  John,  Balmoral  drive,  Cambus- 

lang,   Glasgow 
Cairncross      Mrs.       17      Clydeford      drive, 

Uddingston,   Glasgow 
Cairney    Rev.    Robert    Mathieson,    1    Jute 

street,   Aberdeen 
Cairney    Miss,    North    street,    Alexandria, 

Cairnie  David  D.    31  Princes  st.  Thurso 
Cairnie   Mrs.    Crossgates    S.O.    Fifeshire 
Cairnie  Mrs.  Seafield,  Largs  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Cairnie  Robert,   Crossgates  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Cairns   Rev.   David   Smith   M.A.   Ay  ton 
Cairns  Rev.  J.   E.  The  Manse,   Muckhart, 

Dollar  S.O.  Clackmannanshire 
Cairns  Rev.  John  M.A.  Ivy  lo.  Dumfries 
Cairns    Rev.     William    T..    M.A.,    U.     F. 

manse,  Abernethy  S.O.  Perthshire 
Cairns  A.   Glencairn,   Castlehead,  Paisley 
Cairns    Adam,    Ingleside,    Monreith    road, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Cairns  A.  Winterdyne,  Uddingston, Glasgw 
Cairns  Andrew,  1  Bedford  place,  Alloa 
Cairns  David,  31   George  st.  Helensburgh 
Cairns   David,  Hunter  street,   Kirkcaldy 
Cairns  Geo.  Rose  cot.  Broom  ho.  Glasgow 
Cairns    James,    Bowmont    crescent,    Kirk 

Yetholm,   Kelso 
Cairns  James,  24  Bridge  end,  Duns 
Cairns  James,  26  Charles  st.  new.Langhlm 
Cairns  Jas.  9  Craigkenochie  ter.Burntistnd 
Cairns  Jas.  Renny^hill,  Kilrenny.Anstruthr 
Cairns  James,  Rose  bank,   Anstruther 
Cairns  James,   22  Talbot  st.   Grangemouth 
Cairns  James  A.  49  Finnart  st.   Greenock 
Cairns    James    M.    Cairndene,    Riecartsbar 

avenue.  Paisley 
Cairns  John,    Holmfoot,   Langholm 
Cairn3     John,     Limewood,     Tranent     S.O. 

Cairns    John,     Netherton,     Erskine     park 

south,    Bearsden,    Glasgow 
Cairns  John,   St,  Margaret's,  Lundin  mill, 

Lower  Largo   S.O.   Fifeshire 
Cairns  Jn.  Bryden,  532  King  st.  Aberdeen 
Cairns    Miss,   Annfleld,  Dunblane 
Cairns   Miss,   17  Midton  road,  Ayr 
Cairns  Mrs.  Ardentinny,  Greenock 
Cairns  Mrs.  Ashburn  ho.  Crail  S.O.  Fifesh 
Cairns  Mrs.   Buekhaven  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Cairns   Mrs.    13  Claremont,   Alloa 
Cairns  Mrs.    1  Elizabeth  street,  Langholm 
Cairns    Mrs.    52   High   st.   Kirkcudbright 
Cairns   Mrs.  12   Montgomerie   cres. Saltcoats 
Cairns   Mrs.  26   Townsend  pi.  Kirkcaldy 
Cairns  Oliver,  38  Paton  street,  Alloa 
Cairns    R.    Balmoral    drive,     Cambuslang, 

Cairns  Robert,  Oardoness  street,  Dumfries 
Cairns  R.  14  Grant's  Bank  st.Dunfermllne 
Cairns  Robt.   Rowan  cot.   Queen   st.   Elgin 
Cairns  Robert  D.    Lockerbie  rd.   Dumfries 
Cairns   Thomas,    Wauchope    cottage,    Yet- 
holm, Kelso 
Cairns  Thos.   D.    4   George  st.   Kirkcaldy 
Cairns  W.  Gatehouse  S.O"  Kirkcudbrighcsh 
Cairns  W.  Cairnbank,  Bayswell  pk.Dunbar 
Cairns  William.  Cairnbury,  Biggar 


CAM      1463 

Cairns  William,  5  Finnart  street, Greenock 
Cairns.  William,  North  lodge,  Wemyss  But 

S.  0.    Renfrewshire 
Caithness  George,  10  Latch  road.  Brechin 
Caithness  James,  The  Glen,  Edzell, Brechin 
Caithness    Mrs.    1    Kenmore    pi.    Monifieth 

road.    Broughtv    Ferry    S.O.    Fifeshire 
Cakebread   Fredk.    W.19Lamond   pl.Aberdn 
Calder  Capt.  John,  The  Clett,  Castletown 

Oalder  Rev.  A.  W..  M.A.,  U.  Free  Church 

manse.  Tillicoultrv  S.O.   Clackmannansh 
Calder  Rev.   George' M.A.   Strathfillan.Tyn- 

drum   P.O.   Perthshire 
Calder  Rev,  Jas.  J.,  M.A.  Cairnie.  Huntlv 
Calder  Rev.   John  D.D.   14  Chanonry,  Old 

Calder     Rev.     John      M.A.      The      Manse. 

Crimond,  Peterhead,  Aberdeenshire 
Calder    Rev.    Robt.    H..    M.A.    The   Manse. 

Glenlivet,    Ballindulloch    P.O.    Banffshin 
Calder  Rev.  Walter,  Deny  villa,  Matheson 

road,    Ptornowav 
Caldf-r  Rev.  Win.'  B.A.    Seaforth.  Innellan 

P.O.   Argyllshire 
Cftlder    Alexander,     Hazel     Dene,    $:rrtth- 

more   street,    Bridgend,   Perth 
Calder  Alexander,  Inverarv  ter,  Dundee 
Calder  Allan,   2  Cordova  place,  Tavmouth 

street,  Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Calder  A.   R.  Idvles,  Darnhall  drive,Perth 
Calder  Archibald,   3  Latch  road,  Brechin 
Colder    David,   Avon    Croft,   Miller    street 

Hamilton  , 

Calder    Dovid    Ramsav,    Ingleside,    Elliot 

place.  Arbroath 
Calder   Edward    Percv    M.B.    Helen    villa 

Coldingham.    Eyemouth    S.O.   Berwicksh 
Calder  George  Alexander,    Rokeby,   Donne 

road,  Dunblane 
Calder  J.,  J.P.Park  ho.Kirkintilloch,GIsgw 
Calder    J.    M.    School    house,    Eincskpttle 

S.O.   Fifeshire 
Calder     James,      Ardargie,      Forgandennv 

S.O.   Perthshire 
Calder  Jas.    Fern  cot.   Bothwell.   Glasgow 
Calder  James,  Halterburn,  Yetholm,  Kelso 
Calder   James,    Ledlanet,    Milnathort    S.O. 

Calder  James,  Longford  villa.   Kenneth  st. 

Calder  James,    116  Westburn   id.  Aberdeen 
Calder   John,    1   Lauderdale   av.    Newlands 
Calder    John,    Laurelbank,    North    Mount 

"Vernon,    Glasgow 
Calder      John,      Overfield,      Kirkintilloch, 

Calder    John,    Seamonnt    cottage,    Saltoun 

place,    Fraserburgh 
Calder  John  J.  The  Walk,  Alloa 
Calder    Miss,    Fyfe    place,    Forres 
Calder   Mrs.    21  Blackness   av.    Dundee 
Calder   Mrs.   1   Clarendon    pi.    Stirling 
Calder    Mrs.    Dalgoner,     Dunscore,     Auld- 

girth  S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Calder  Mrs.  595  King  street.   Aberdeen 
Calder    Peter,    West    nook.    Liberton    S.O. 

Calder    Robert,    6    Fintrv  place,    Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Calder  Robert,    Kilmorie,    Campbell  drive, 

Bearsden,   Glasgow 
Calder  Robert,    6  Rochford    terrace,   Jean- 
field,    Perth 
Calder     Robert,      60      Shielfield      terrace, 

Tweedmouth,    Berwick 
Calder  William,  Atholl  bank.  Fort  William 
Calder  Wm.  G'en  lea,  Kirkintilloch.Glasgw 
Calderhead   John,    40  Bridge   st.    Montrose 
Calderhead       William,        Port-na-Sherrieh, 

Kilchrenan    S.O.   Argyllshire 
Calderwood  Rev.   John"  M.A.,  LL.D.  Glen- 

gair,  Carmyle  avenue,   Carmyle,   Glasgow 
Calderwood    Rev.    John    G.    The     Manse, 

Slateford    S.O.    Midlothian 
Calderwood    James,    Home    cottage,    East 

Kilbridge,    Glasgow 
Calderwood  James,   18   Pitcullen   crescent, 

Bridgend,  Perth 
Calderwood   John,    Standbnrn,    Avonbridge 

S.O.    Stirlingshire 
Calderwood     John     Alexander,     Ferndean, 

Arthurlie  avenue,  Barrhead.  Glasgow 
Calderwood  Mrs.  2  Ellis  st.  Kilmarnock 
Calderwood  Mrs.  Woodside,   Overton  road, 

Calderwood    Thomas,    Hill     crest,    Gran*ge 

Knowe,    Kilmarnock 
Calderwood     William    J.     Primrose    bank, 

West  Newport,    Fifeshire 
Calderwood      William      L.      Ard-na-coille, 

Duthil,    Carr  Bridge   S.O.    Invernesss-sh 
Caldwell     Col.     Robert     T.      Inneshewen, 

Aboyne    S.O.    Aberdeenshire 
Caldwell    Rev.     George,    The    Manse,    Sy-  ] 

mington,  Biggar 
Caldwell    Alexander,    21    Guildford  street* 

Millport  S.O.    Buteshire 
Caldwell  Alfred  S.  The  Old  Manse,  Inver- 

keithing    S.O.    Fifeshire 

Caldwell  David,  4Q  South  Hamilton  street, 

Caldwell    Donald,    8   Harbour   st.    Irvine 
Caldwell  George,19  Craigmore  rd. Rothesay 
Caldwell    Gordon,     Duddingstone    cottage, 

Duddingstone,  Pnrtobello  S.O. Midlothian 
C  ild  well  J.Maryville  lo.Uddingston.Glsgw 
Caldwell  .T.  R.Courtallam, Bearsden, Glasgw 
Caldwell  James,  G4  Caledonia  rd. Saltcoats 
Caldwell    James,    Craigielea   place,    Black- 

stoun    road,    Paisley 
CaMwell     James,     Hazelbank,     Bridge     of 

Weir    S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Caldwell    J.    91    Shakespeare    st.    Dumfries 
Caldwell     James,     jim.     Craiglea,     Black- 

stoun  road,   Paisley 
Caldwell   John,    Elm   cottage,    John    street, 

Largs    S.O.    Ayrshire 
Caldwell      John,      Tandlehill,      Kilmacolm 

S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Caldwell   Jn.    Y.    2   Hanover   st.    Stranraer 
Caldwell  Misses,   12  Barns  crescent,   Ayr 
Caldwell  Mrs.  Auchengare,  Row, Helensburgh 
Caldwell    Mrs.      Dunsheen,    Clynder    S.O. 

Caldwell    Mrs.    Hazelbank,    Hawkhead    rd. 

Caldwell    Mrs.    7   Hill    street,    Irvine 
Caldwell   Mrs.    Middleton,    Beith 
Caldwell    Mrs.   Primrose   cot.   Barr,   Girvan 
Caldwell    Mrs.    Rosebank,    Hawkhead    rd. 

Caldwell   Mrs.  James,  Lily  bank,   Udding- 

ston,  Glasgow 
Caldwell  Peter,  Duueaton,  Bridge  of  Weir 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
CaVlwell   Robert    G.   Broxwood,    Bridge  of 

Weir    S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Caldwell  T.  Rockfleld,  Renfrew  rd.  Paisley 
Caldwell  W.  Elton  villa,  Catside,  Paisley 
Caldwell    William,    Fairfield,    Carlibar   rd. 

Barrhead,    Glasgow 
CallD.W. Mi tlmount,  Crown    drive, Inverness 
Callaghan  Jn.  W.   35  Albury  pi.  Aberdeen 
Callaghan  T.   E.  20  Dean  ter.  Kilmarnock 
Callan    Rev.    H.,    M.A.    12    Bridge    street, 

Gillan  James,  12  Mount  street,  Aberdeen 
Callan  Robert,  59  Belle vue  crescent,  Ayr 
Callander  Alexander.  Castle  st.  Dumfries 
Callander  Alex.  Kiln's  cottage,  Falkirk 
Callander  A. TheHazels, Orchard  st. Falkirk 
Callander     Alexander,     Tranmere,     Castle 

Douglas    road,    Maxwelltown,    Dumfries 
Callander    Gavin,    Willowbank,     Minnigaff, 

Newton   Stewart 
Callander     Henry    B.     Strone,     Cairndow, 

Callander   Henry  Burn  D.L.,   J. P.    Preston 

hall,    Dalkeith 
Callander    J.    Inglewood,    Edinburgh   road 

Callander  Miss,    16  McLellan  st.    Dumfries 
Callander  Mrs.    84    Garham's   rd.  Graham 

ston,    Falkirk 
Ca'lander   Mrs.    Preston   hall,    Dalkeith 
Callander  W.M.  25    Salisbury  ter.Aberdeen 
Callen    John    P.    Crai  gmore    villa,    Broad- 
stone  park,   Inverness 
Callen  Mrs.  Killearn  villa,  St.  Andrew  st 

Callendar    Mrs.Yiewforth    vil.Airth.Larbert 
Callender  Gavin,    Ellenton,   Glasgow  road, 

Maxwelltown,    Dumfries 
Callender     Herbert      S,     N.      The     Lodge, 

Ba'erno  S.O.   Midlothian 
Callender     James,      Dene     bank,      Castle 

Douglas    road,    Maxwelltown,    Dumfries 
Callender       John,        Newbattle,        Newton 

Grange    S.O.    Midlothian 
Cal'ender  Patrick. Loch   End  ho. Linlithgow 
Cillendcr   Wm.    B.    Cochrane   st.   Falkirk 
Callnm     Mrs.     Dnnedin,     Fullerton     drive, 

Seamill,    West  Kilbride    S.O.    Ayrshire 
Culver  Jn.  Edwd.   33  Hill   st.   Kilmarnock 
Calvert    Rev.     Charles    George    B.A.    Dun- 

troon   rostle,    Lochgilphead 
Calvert  F.  Yiolet  br<k.  Noble  hill, Dumfries 
Calvert  James,    Burnhead,    Eddleston   S.O. 

CalvertMrs. Yiolet    bank, Noble    hi. Dumfries 
Calvert  Robert,    35  Guthrie  st.  Dundee 
Calvert  W.H.,   M.D.    The  Laurels,    Melrose 
Cameron    Capt.     Alexander,    Barloan    cres- 
cent,   Dnmhavton 
Cameron  Capt.    Collin,   15   North  Beach   st. 

Cimeron  Capt.   Donald  W.   Loehiel,   Achna- 
carry,    Spean  Bridge   S.O.   Inverness-sh 
Cameron      Rt.      Rev.      Wm.      Mouat     M.A. 

(Coidjutor  Bishop  of   Capetown^,   Gardie 
house,    Bressay.    Lerwick 
Cameron     The    Yery     Rev.     Canon    John, 

Beauly    S.O.   Inverness-shire 
Cameron   Rev.    A.    Sleat.BroidfordS.O.Skyf 
Cameron     Rev.     Alexander,     The     Manse. 

Annbank.    Ayr 
Cameron    Rev.     Allan    M.A.    Netherwood, 

Lower  Drummond,    Inverness 
Cameron     Rev.      Angus,     The     Parsonage, 
Manse   street,    Tain 

Cameron    Rev.   Archibald   D.    Free   Manse, 

Minard   S.O.    Argyllshire 
Cameron    Rev.    David    B.D.    The    Manse, 

Balquhidder,    Balquhidder    Station    S.O. 

Cameron     Rev.     David     B.f      M.A.,      D.D. 

Rosebank   Established    Church,   5    Doug- 
las  terrace,    Dundee 
Cameron     Rev.     Donald     M.A.,     B.D.     7 

Union    street,    Montrose 
Cameron  Rev.    Donald  Allan,   The   Manse, 

Sth.   Knapdale,   Ardrishaig  S.O.  Argyllsh 
Cameron   Rev,   Dugald   S.    Lochgilphead 
Cameron  Rev.   Duncan  M.A.,   B.D.  Manse, 

Lowndes    street,    Barrhead,    Glasgow 
Cameron    Rev.    Duncan,   The    Manse,    Cle- 

laud   S.O.   Lanarkshire 
Cameron   Rev.    Duncan    B.D.    The   Manse, 

Henderson  street,   Bridge  of  Allan 
Cameron    Rev.    George    Gordon   B.D.    Free 

Church    manse,    Alford,    Aberdeen 
Cameron  Rev.    George   Gordon  M.A.,   D.D. 

464   Great   Western  road,  Aberdeen 
Cameron  Rev.  Hector,   Free  Church  manse, 

Back,    Stornoway 
Cameron    Rev.    Hugh,    Benbecula,     South 

Uist,   Oban 
Cameron  Rev.  J.  Fawns,   The  Manse,  Blair- 

ingone,    Dollar    S.O.    Clackmannanshire 
Cameron  Rev.  James  D.D.  2  Brighton  ter- 
race,  Cri  chton   road,    Rothesay 
Cameron  Rev.   James,    2   Woodville   place, 

Marylield,    Dundee 
Cameron     Rev.      James      H.      Sunnybank, 

Glasgow   road ,    Perth 
Cameron    Rev.   John   M.A.    Annbank,    Ayr 
Cameron      Rev.      John,      Helmsdale     S.O. 

Cameron   Rev.    John   M.A.    Kildonan    S.O. 

Cameron  Rev.   John  A.,  M.A.  Established 

Church      manse,      Clachancantyre      S.O, 

Cameron  Rev.    John   A.,  B.D.    Legerwood, 

Earlston  S.O.   Berwickshire 
Cameron  Rev.   John  K.   49  Eglinton   road, 

Cameron    Rev.    Kenneth    M.A.    Brora    S.O. 

Cameron      Rev.      Kenneth,     United     Free 

manse,   Avoch   S.O.   Ross-shire 
Cameron  Rev.   Rlchd.   M.A.  Abbey  Churoh 

manse,    Abbey    br'dge,    Jpdbureh 
Cameron  Rev.  Robert,   The  Manse,   Arma- 
dale S.O.   Linlithgowshire 
Cameron     Rev.      Thomas     A.,     M.A.     The 

Manse,  Farnell,  Brechin 
Cameron  A.  Rosalind,  Dunblane, Perthshire 
Cameron     Alexander,     Ballinleish,      Kirk- 

michael,  Ballindalloch  S.O.  Banffshire 
Cameron  Alex.  Bellevue,  Wormit,  Dundee 
Cameron  Alexander,    Dnart  villa,   Cardrosa 

S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Cameron   Alexander,    35   Dumbarton    road, 

Clydebank,    Glasgow 
Cameron   Alexander,    120   George  st.   Oban 
Cameron    Alexander,    Greenbank,    Kilcreg- 

gan  S.O.    Dumbartonshire 
Cameron  A.  112   Hammerfield   av.  Aberdeen 
Cameron    Alexander,    Letham    lodge,     Old 

Edinburgh  road,  Inverness 
Cameron  Alex.    Loehiel,    Giff nock, Glasgow 
Cameron  Alexander,  Rose  villa,   Ballifeary 

road,    Inverness 
Cameron  Alexander,  14  View  ter.  Aberdeen 
Cameron  Alexander  Campbell,  Rose  Earn, 

Carrington    terrace,   Crieff 
Cameron    Alexander    John,    Anchnagarry, 

Glasgow  road,  Perth 
Cameron     Alexander    P.    Ardsheal    house, 

South   Ballachulish   S.O.    Argyllshire 
Cameron    Allan,    Gartochar    road,    Shettle- 

ston,   Glasgow 
Cameron    Allan,    Lochs,    Siornoway 
Cameron    Allan    Gordon,    Letter    Walton, 

Ledaig    S.O.   Argyllshire 
Cameron    Andrew,    Bark    house,    Main    st. 

Newmilns    S.O-    Ayrshire 
Cameron   Andrew,    17    Carrick    road,    Ayr 
Cameron   Angus,    1  Allan    pi.    Dumbarton 
Cameron    Angus,    Eckford   house,   Kilmun 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Cameron   Angus,    60  Kenneth   st. Stornoway 
Cameron    Angus,    Kilmory,     Glenurquhart 

road,    Inverness 
Cameron    Angus,    Melrose  house,    Kinnoull 

terrace,  Perth 
Cameron    Angus,   Woodbank,    Garelochhead 

S.O.    Dumbartonshire 
Cameron     Archibald,     Dalnasgadh,     Killie- 

crankie    S.O.    Perthshire 
Cameron    Archibald,    Loehiel    lodge,    Mill- 
port  S.O.   Buteshire 
Cameron       Archibald       John,      Maryville, 

Davidson's    Mains    S.O.    Midlothian 

Cameron    Augustus    S.    Bay    house,    West 

Ferry,   Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 

Cameron  C.  Swiss  vil.  Fairfield  rd.  Invrnss 

Cameron    Charles   M.B.    23   West    High    st. 

Cameron  D.   Green  hill,  Fort  William 

1464     CAM 


Cameron    Colin  M.,    J.P.  Balnakyle,   Mun- 

lochy  S.O.   Ross-shire 
Cameron  Daniel,  Brooline,  Greenock  aven. 

Cathcart,   Glasgow 
Cameron    Daniel,     7    Levengrove    terrace, 

Cameron    Daniel,     Paisley    road,    Renfrew 

S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Cameron  D.  8  Sandringham  ter.  Greenock 
Cameron  Daniel   Munro,   Hawkshaw,   Park 

road,    Dalkeith 
Cameron  David, Brewery  ho.  Laurencekirk 
Cameron  Dvd.   Fernbank,  Lour  rd.  Forfar 
Cameron  David,  South  croft,  Hamilton  rd. 

Cameron    D.jun.Dinvin,Avon    st.Motherwll 
Cameron    David    Y.    Kippen,    Kippen    3ta- 

S.O.    Stirlingshire 
Cameron   Donald,  Airdlair,    Fairfield   road, 

Cameron  Donald,  Ardlarich,  Culduthel  rd. 

Cameron   Donald,    Drimfearn,    Chalton    rd. 

Bridge  of  Allan 
Cameron   Donald,    60   Huddart    st.    Wick 
Cameron    Donald,    Leinster    lodge,    South- 
side  road,   Inverness 
Cameron    Donald,    Zetland   villa,    Percival 

road,    Inverness 
Cameron    Donald    R.    Ardersier,    Langside 

road,    Newlands,    Glasgow 
Cameron  Donald  T.   The  Lodge,   Arbroath 

road,    Carnoustie    S.O.    Forfarshire 
Cameron    Dugald,    Argyll    street,    Dunoon 
Cameron  D.  Auchnocroib  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Cameron    Duncan   J.P.    Balblair,    Edderton 

S.O.    Ross-shire 
Cameron  Duncan,    Bunessan,    Oban 
Cameron  Duncan,    Lochill   villa,   Dunoon 
Cameron  Duncan,    120  West   Clyde    street, 

Cameron     Ewen    J.P.     Rutherford    house, 

West    Linton   S.O.    Peeblesshire 
Cameron   Frank,    Moniack   castle,   Kirkhill 

S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Cameron    Geo.    Archibald,    Bruan,    Range- 
more  road,   Inverness 
Cameron  Hugh,    5   Arran  terrace,  Ayr 
Cameron  Hugh,   8  Charles  st.   Kilmarnock 
Cameron    Hugh,    14    Kyle    park,    Udding- 

ston,   Glasgow 
Cameron  Hugh  Fraser  M.B.,  CM.  Albany 

gardens,   Invergordon   S.O.    Ross-shire 
Cameron   J.,    J.P.    National    Bank    house, 

North   Strand   street,    Stranraer 
Cameron    John,    8    Osborne    villas,     Cath- 
cart,   Glasgow 
Cameron  J.   M.,   M.B.,    CM.   Glenlee,  Dal- 

muir,  Glasgow 
Cameron  J.  R.   49  Mile  End  av.  Aberdeen 
Cameron  Jack.Daisybank, Forfar  rd. Dundee 
Cameron    James,     85    Beaconsfield     place 

Cameron  James,  Bridgend,  Bridge  of  Weir 

S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Cameron    James,    Coulnakyle,    Abernethy 

Nethy    Bridge    S.O.    Inverness-shire 
Cameron    James,    Lochiel,     Paisley    road 

Barrhead,    Glasgow 
Cameron  James,  Oak  bank,  Aviemore  S.O 

Cameron    James,    Pembroke,    Beaufort    rd 

Cameron   James, Tayside,    Newburgh,Fifesh 
Cameron  James,    The   Fountain,    Loanhead 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Cameron  James   A.,   M.D.,    D.L.,   J.P.    Fir 

hall,    Nairn 
Cameron  James  B.1S  Windsor  st.  Dundee 
Cameron   James    D.    Kirkton,    Golspie 
Cameron    James    S.    Thornlea,     Newmilns 

S.O.   Ayrshire 
Cameron    John,    Awbert,    Wellshot    drive 

Cambu  slang,    GlaBgow 
Cameron  John,  11  Bridge   street,  Berwick 
Cameron  John,    52  Bridge    street,Montrose 
Cameron     John,     Craigie     villa,      Midmills 

road,    Inverness 
Cameron  J.  Crigillea, Percival  rd.Inverness 
Cameron    John,     3    Daisybank,     Maryfield, 

Cameron    John,    D  unquaich,    Low   Waters, 

Cameron    John,    Eastdean,     Ballifeary    rd. 

Cameron  John,  Finnart  house,  Forsyth  st. 

Cameron  John,  66  Finnart  st.  Greenock 
Cameron   John,    Greenlea,    Maybole 
Cameron  John  M.B.,  CM.  Kingarth,  Main 

road,   Fortrose   S.  0.    Ross-shire 
Cameron  John,  3  King's  square,  Aberdeen 
Cameron  John,   3  Louisville  av.   Aberdeen 
Cameron    John,    National   Bank,    High    st. 

Lochmaben   S.O.    Dumfriesshire 
Cameron    John,    Norwood,    Clydesdale    st. 

Cameron   John,   Oxhill  road,    Dumbarton 
Cameron  John,   1  Portland  place, Inverness 
Cameron  John,   Rowanbank,   Morvern  S.O. 

Cameron  John  J.P.    Tighnabraugh,    Killinj 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Cameron    John     M.D.,    J.P.     Tighnalinne, 

Cameron    John    Angus    M.B.    Lagganbuie, 

Dalmally  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Cameron  John  S.  333  Clifton  rd.  Aberdeen 
Cameron-  K.Briarfield.Uddingston, Glasgow 
Cameron  Kenneth,    Flowerdale,    Lovat    rd. 

Cameron  Kenneth,  4  Gladstone  pl.Abrdeen 
Cameron  Kenneth  J.P.   Hill  cottage,  Ulla- 
pool  S.O.   Ross-shire 
Cameron  Kenneth,   Inverpolly,  Rangemore 

road,  Inverness 
Cameron    Kenneth,    Kinkell,    Kenneth    st. 

Cameron  Kenneth,   73  PrTstwick  rd.  Ayr 
Cameron    M.,M.B.,CM.Mainsriddle,Dmfries 
Cameron  Miss,22Airlie  pl.Perth  rd. Dundee 
Cameron   Miss,  Annsbrae   place,    Lerwick 
Cameron      Miss,      Cossar     ville,     Bonhill, 

Alexandria,    Dumbartonshire 
Cameron     Miss,    Fassifern,    Crown    drive, 

Cameron  Miss,  41  Finnart  street, Greenock 
Cameron  Miss,Heaton  cot.5Young  st.Nairn 
Cameron    Miss,    Inisheagan,    Fort   William 
Cameron  Miss,    Muirhead,  Dundee 
Cameron   Miss,  Needless   road,   Perth 
Cameron    Miss,Rosetta,Waverley   rd.Dalkth 
Cameron  Miss,  Stotfield,  Lossiemouth  S.O. 

Cameron  Miss,56  West  King  st.Helensbrgh 
Cameron  Misses,  Dysart  cottage,  Pitlochry 
Cameron   Misses,   67  Moss  street  Elgin 
Cameron  M.  Angus,  22  Gray  st.  Aberdeen 
Cameron  Mrs.  37  Academy  street,  Elgin 
Cameron  Mrs.Annaht,  Muthill  S.O.Perthsh 
Cameron  Mrs.  24  Brisbane  st.   Greenock 
Cameron   Mrs.    Callart    house,    Onich    S.O. 

Cameron  Mrs.  Cameron  house,   Onich  S.O. 

Cameron  Mrs.   34  Carlton  place,   Aberdeen 
Cameron  Mrs.    Castle   hill,   Bank    st.   Tain 
Cameron    Mrs.     Craiglynn,     Grantown-on- 

Cameron  Mrs.Cullalo  ho.  Newburgh.Fifesh 
Cameron  Mrs.   Dunain  house,  Inverness 
Cameron    Mrs.    Dunard,    Tobermory    S.O. 

Cameron  Mrs.    151  Duthie  ter.    Aberdeen 
Cameron    Mrs.    Fassifern,    Hunter's    quay, 

Kirn  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Cameron  Mrs.  3  Glebe  crescent,  Stirling 
Cameron  Mrs.  Hagg  crescent,  Johnstone 
Cameron  Mrs.  20  Hamilton  place,  Aberdeen 
Cameron  Mrs.  Heathville,  Cults, Aberdeen 
Cameron  Mrs.Innesmohr.Dollerie  ter.CriefE 
Cameron   Mrs.    Lochanassie,    Glenurquhart 

road,  Inverness 
Cameron    Mrs.    Meiklehill    house,    Kirkin- 
tilloch, Glasgow 
Cameron    Mrs.    Mona  villa,   Innellan    S.O. 

Cameron   Mrs.    9   Muirhall   terrace,    Bridg- 
end, Perth 
Cameron     Mrs.     Oakfield,    Fortrose     S.O 

Cameron  Mrs.   Oxenford,  Barone  rd.Rothsy 
Cameron  Mrs.  2  Queen  street,  Elgin 
Cameron  Mrs.  The  Rest,  Inverness 
Cameron  Mrs.  Romford, Crown  drv.Invernss 
Cameron  Mrs.    7   St.   Catherine   st.   Banff 
Cameron    Mrs.     Strathview    terrace,    Kin- 

noull,  Perth 
Cameron    Mrs.    Yere   villa,    St.    James'    st. 

Cameron  Mrs.  19  Victoria  square,  Stirling 
Cameron    Mrs.     Warleigh,     Clydesdale     st. 

Cameron   Mrs.   4  Yarborough  place,   Mont- 

gomerie  street,  Ardrossan 
Cameron      Mrs.     Gordon-Smith,     Delnabo, 

Tomintoul,  Ballindalloch  S.O.  Banflshirtf 
Cameron  Mrs.  G.  2  Forest  rd.  Aberdeen 
Cameron  P. Hawthorn  bank.Neilston.Glsgw 
Cameron    Patrick    E.     Salachan,     Ardgour 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Cameron  Peter,   1  Argyle  st.  Inverness 
Cameron  Peter,  Bieldside,   Aberdeen 
Cameron    Peter,    Southfield,    Main    street, 

Alexandria,    Dumbartonshire 
Cameron  R.  I.  South  vw.  Station  rd.Elgii 
Cameron   Robt.   27   Ballantine    drive,   Ayr 
Cameron  R.  Fassifern,  Overton  rd.Johnstn 
Cameron   Robert,    4   Rugby    ter.    Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Cameron  Robert,  37  South  street,  Duns 
Cameron    Robert    F.     Ardarroch,    Annfield 

road,  Inverness 
Cameron  S.  The  Mound,  Uddingston.Glsgw 
Cameron    Thos.    Portland    park,   Hamilton 
Cameron  Thos.   P.   Eversley,  Lenzie,   Glsgw 
Cameron  Wm.   Callendon,  Cults,   Aberdeen 
Cameron  William,  East  Albert  rd.Kirkcldy 
Cameron  Wm.  6  St.  James'  aven.  Paisley 
Cameron  W.,  J.P.  2  Spaford  st.  Kilmarnck 
Cameron  Wm.  21  Mount  st. Aberdeen 
Cameron  Wm.  A.  45  Victoria  st.  Aberdeen 

Cameron  Wm.  H.  4  Alexandra  pi.  Arbroath. 
Cammell     Mrs.     Craigcleuch,     Westerkirk, 

Campbell    Lord    George,    Inveraray    castle,, 
Inveraray ;   &  2  Bryanston  sq. London  W 
Campbell    Right    Hon.    James    A.,    P.C.,. 
LL.D.,     D.L.,     J.P.     Stracathro     bouse,. 
Stracathro,   Brechin 
Campbell  Sir  Archibald  A.  bart.  J.P.  Gib- 
liston  house,  Pittenweem  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Campbell    Sir    Archibald    S.    L.    bart.    (o£ 
Succoth)  B.A.,  D.L.,  J.P.   Crarae  liouse„ 
Cumlodden,  Furnace  S.O.  Argyllshire  &. 
Garscube   house,   Mary  hill,   Glasgow 
Campbell  Col.  Duncan  D.L.,  J.P.  Inverneil,. 
South  Knapdale,  Ardrishaig  S.O.Argyllsh 
Campbell     Col.     John,     Westwood,      West 

park,   Cupar 
Campbell  Col.  John  C.  L.  Achalader,  Kin- 
loch,  Blairgowrie 
Campbell    Col.    John    H.    of    Inverardoch,. 

Kilmadock,   Doune   S.O.   Perthshire 
Campbell    Lt.-Col.     Edward    Parker    J.P: 
South  hall,  Colintraive  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Campbell    Lt.-Col.    H.    Burnley,    Ormidale», 
Glendaruel,   Colintraive  S.O.   Argyllshire 
Campbell   Lt.-Col.    Hamilton,    11    Chalmers- 
road  east,  Ayr 
Campbell  Lt.-Col.  J.  Alastair.Tighnarudha,. 

Ardrishaig  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Campbell  Maj.  F.  Ardoch,Bearsden,Glasgw.- 
Campbell   Maj.    Robert,    Cloghill,    Countess- 
wells,  Aberdeen 
Campbell   Capt.   James    Carter  D.L.,   J.P.,. 

R.N.  Ardpatrick,  Tarbert,  Loch  Fyne 
Campbell   Capt.   Archibald,    Campbell   villa,. 

Clynder  S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Campbell  Capt.  Duncan,  Elderslie,  Johnstn. 
Campbell  Rev.  A.,  M.A.  Enrol  S.O.Perthsh. 
Campbell  Rev.  A.  452  King  st.  Aberdeen 
Campbell  Rev.  A.  Scalloway  S.O.  Shetland' 
Campbell  Rev.  A.  F.  63  Albury  rd.  Aberdn 
Campbell    Rev.    A.    J.,    B.A.    The    Manse, 

Greenfield  place,  Lerwick 
Campbell  Rev.  Adam  G.,  M.A.  United  Free 
Church     manse,     Afton,     New    Cumnock 
S.O.  Ayrshire 
Campbell'  Rev.  Alan  Nigel  M.A.  The  Par- 
sonage,   Newton,    Glasgow 
Campbell    Rev.    Alexander   D.    Established! 

manse,  Kirkcudbright 
Campbell  Rev.  Alexander  J.,  M.A.   Barry,. 

Carnoustie   S.O.  Forfarshire 
Campbell    Rev.     Andrew,     Manse,     Broichi 

terrace,   Crieff 
Campbell       Rev.       Archibald,       Shiskine, 

Brodick   S.O.   Isle   of  Arran 
Campbell  Rev.  Charles  M.A.,  B.D.  Unitedi 

Free  manse,  95  Clark  street,   Airdrie 
Campbell  Rev.  Donald,  United  Free  manse. 

Petty,  Inverness 
Campbell  Rev.  Dugald, Free  Church  manse,. 

Dalmellington   S.O.    Ayrshire 
Campbell     Rev.      G.     Kilchoman     manse,. 

Bridgend  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Campbell  Rev.  George,  Kennoway,  Windy- 
gates  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Campbell  Rev.  Hamilton ,  United  Free 
Church  manse,  Colmonell  S.O.  Ayrshire- 
Campbell  Rev.  J.  7  Ardgowan  sq.  Greenck: 
Campbell  Rev.   J.,    D.D.   Baknerino,    Wor- 

mit  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Campbell    Rev.    James   V.    F.    C.    manse,. 

Stonefield  roa-d,  Blantyre,  Glasgow 
Campbell     Rev.     James     A.,     M.A.,     J.P: 

Fetlar,  Lerwick 
Campbell     Rev.    James     Alexander,      The- 

Manse,  Troqueer,  Dumfries 
Campbell  Rev.  James  M.,  M.A.,  U.  F.  C: 

manse,   Lochgoilhead   S.O.    Argyllshire 
Campbell   Rev.  James  Marjoribanks   M.A.,. 

B.D.  Torthorwald,   Dumfries 
Campbell    Rev.    James    Montgomery,      The- 

Manse,   Bank  End  road,   Dumfries 
Campbell    Rev.    John    B.D.    The    Manse,. 

Kirk  wynd,    Kirkcaldy 
Campbell    Rev.    John    B.D.     The    Manse,. 

Monquhitter,  Turriff 
Campbell  Rev.  Jn.   10  Nelson  st.  Dundee 
Campbell    Rev.    John,     Suunylaw    manse;. 

Bridge    of   Allan 
Campbell      Rev.      John      A.      Fortnahavenj. 

Bridgend  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Campbell    Rev.    John  A.,  M.A.  Tobermory 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Campbell  Rev.  Joseph,  The  Manse,  Lugar,. 
•  Cumnock 

Campbell  Rev.  N.  Tarbert,  Portree 
Campbell    Rev.    Nicol,    U.    F.'   C.    manse, 

Muir  of   Ord   S.O.    Ross-shire 
Campbell     Rev.     Norman,     Manse,     Bonar 

Bridge,   Ardgay 
Campbell  Rev.  Robert,  Fern  Crag,  Innellam 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Campbell  Rev.  W.,  B.D.  Craigie,  Kilmrnck: 
Campbell  Rev.  W.  A.  The  Manse,  Cargill, 

Campbell    Rev.    William    B.D.    Established",  Fortingall,  Aberfeldy 
Campbell    Rev.    William    B.,    M.A.    Craig- 
nish,  Taybridge  road',  Abecfekdy 


CAM        1465 

Campbell   Kev.   William   M.,    B.D.   Fintry, 

Balfron  Station  8.0.  Stirlingshire 
Campbell  Rev.    William  McK.,   B.D.   Rad- 
nor pork,  Glasgow 
Campbell  A.   Glenburnie,  Esplanade,   Oban 
Campbell  A.  Kennie,  Lochlee,  Brechin 
Campbell   A.    J.,    M.A.,    M.D.    Market   sq. 

Campbell   A.    J.   H.,   D.L.,   J.P.   Dunstaff- 

nage  castle,   Oban 
Campbell     A.     M.,     J.P.     Auchendarroch, 

Campbell   A.  Artarnan,   Row,   Helensburgh 
Campbell   Alex.    Abington   S.O.   Lanarksh 
Campbell    Alexander,    Appin    villas,    Port 

Bannatyne,  Rothesay 
Campbell     Alexander,     Beechwood     villa, 

Birnam  S.O.   Perthshire 
Campbell   Alex.    Cambusnethan   ho.Wishaw 
Campbell  Alexander  M.D.  1  Clarendon  ter- 
race, Perth  road,  Dundee 
Campbell    Alexander,     Cnocrannach,    Tay- 

nuilt  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Campbell  Alex.   21   Duthie   ter.   Aberdeen 
Campbell  A.  Enmore,  Kirn  S.O.  ArgyLsh 
Campbell  Alex.  8  Fallodon  cres.  Kirkcaldy 
Campbell    Alexander,    Glenramskill,     Kil- 

kt-rran  road,   Campbeltown 
Campbell  Alex.   35  High  st.   Dumbarton 
Campbell  A.  6  Levengrove  ter.  Dumbarton 
Campbell  Alexander,  MossviUe,  Broadstone 

park,   Inverness 
Campbell  Alexander,    Myrtle    Bank    villa, 

Dairy  road,  Berth 
Campbell    Alexander,    Rose    cottage,    Tay- 

bridge    road,    Aberfeldv 
Campbell   A.    Seafleld   st.PortsoyS.O.Banffsh 
Campbell  A. 7  Windsor  vils.Cathcart,Glsgw 
Campbell    Alexander    George    Lovett   M.B. 

Glenelg,   Kyle,  Inverness-shire 
Campbell    Alexander    Wilson,    4    Muirhall 

terrace,  Bridgend,  Perth 
Campbell  Andrew,   18  Bellevue  cres.   Ayr 
Campbell    Andrew,    Broomberry    ho.    Barr- 

hill  road,  Gourock  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Campbell  Andrew,  8  Latch  road,  Brechin 
Campbell    Andrew    A.     Lennemohr,     Giff- 

nock,   Glasgow 
Campbell  Anslow,  Glenara,  Lenzie,  Glasgw 
Campbell      Archibald,      Argyle      Lochnell, 

Lochnell,  Ledaig  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Campbell     Archibald     M.B.,     CM.     Bren- 

chollie,   Furnace  S.O.   Argyllshire 
Campbell    Archibald,    Burnsland,  Geilston, 

Cardross   S.O.   Dumbartonshire 
Campbell  Archibald,   Castle  hill,  Campbltn 
Campbell  Archibald,  Colinton  mains,  Colin- 
ton  S.O.   Midlothian 
Campbell    Archibald,    Kilmory,    Kilmacolm 

S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Campbell  A.  Overdale.  Ancaster  rd.  Crieff 
Campbell   Arch.    4    Stewart   ter.   Dalhousie 

rd.  Barnhill, Brought?  Ferry 
Campbell   Archibald,    Succoth  villa,  Manse 

brae,  Lochgilphead 
Campbell  Arch.    1  Wellington  st.  Dundee 
Campbell     Archibald     T.      Oakfield     house, 

Tighnabruaich  S.O.   Argyllshire 
Campbell    Arthur,    Catrine    house,    Catrine 

S.O.    Ayrshire 
Campbell  Colin,  20  Caledonia  rd.ATdrossan 
Campbell  Colin,   Jura  house,  Lagg,   Craig- 

house   S.O.    Argyllshire 
Campbell  Colin,  Oxhill  road,  Dumbarton 
Campbell  Colin  Geo.  P.,  D.L.,  J.P.  Stone- 
field,   Tarbert  (Loch  Fyne),   Argyllshire 
Campbell    D.,    M.A.    Braeside,    Dairy    S.O. 

Campbell    D.    Craigneish,    Ballifeary   road, 

Campbell   D.,    M.D.    102    Desswood    place, 

Campbell  D.  Swinlees  ho.  Dairy  S.O.Avrsb 
Campbell  D.  G.,  M.B.  30  North  st.  Elgin 
Campbell  D.   S.  2  Panmure  ter.  Montrose 
Campbell  D.  35  Colquhoun  st. Helensburgh 
Campbell  Daniel,   10  Janet  street,  Thurso 
Campbell  D.   Auchmore,  Castlehill  rd.  Ayr 
Campbell  David,  34  High  street,  Montrose 
Campbell  David,  17  James  street,  Graham- 

ston,  Falkirk 
Campbell  David,   10  St.   Leonard's  rd.   Ayr 
Campbell  David  Birrell  M.B.   34  Ardrossan 

road,    Saltcoats 
Campbell  D.  J.   6   Belvidere   st.   Aberdeen 
Campbell    David    0.    Abiona    cottage,    Kirn 

S.O.    Argyllshire 
Campbell  Dermont,  Crawford  pk.  Dunblane 
Campbell  Donald,  30  Cairnfield  pi. Aberdeen 
Campbell  D.  Kalmeta,  Connel  S.O.Argyllsh 
Campbell  Donald  J.P.  Kingussie 
Campbell   Dusald.    Grahameston,    Snowdon 

ter.    Seamill,   West  Kilbride  S.O.    Avrsh 
Campbell  Dugald,  High  Cliff  cottage,  Oban 
Campbell    D.Achabnie.TaynuiltS.O.Argyllsh 
Campbell  Duncan,    Bannochlie,    Bridge    of 

Weir   S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Campbell   E.,    J.P.    Argyll   ho.    Kingifssie 
Campbell  F.   McConnach,42Forest  av.Abrdn 
Campbell      G.      Bankhead,      Commonhead, 


Campbell  G.  Bank  house,  BlantyTe, Glasgow 
Campbell  G.  Craigby,  Birnam  S.O.  Perthsh 
Campbell    George,    Helenbank,    Clepiugton 

road,    Dundee 
Campbell    George,    Romanno    house,    West 

Linton  S.O.  Peebleshire 
Campbell     George,     13     Woodstock    drive, 

Newlands,    Glasgow 
Campbell   George  James,   Portree 
Campbell    George   Macdonald,    Thistle   cot- 
tage,  Kenneth  street,  Inverness 
Campbell    Gilbert,    Frankland,     Bishopton 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Campbell  H.   Sydenham  villa,  Glasgow  rd. 

Campbell  Henry,  15  Coningsby  pi.  Alloa 
Campbell  Henry,  James  square,  Crieff 
Campbell    Henry   Gordon, Kirkton, Academy 

street,  Forfar  &  19  King  street.  Dundee 
Campbell     Hugh,     Balblair,     Invergordon 

S.O.    Ross-shire 
Campbell  Hugh,  Haymont,  1  Central  aven. 

Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Campbell  Hugh,  3  Kerse  view,  Grangemtb 
Campbell    Hugh    Fraser     M.A.,    B.L.    58 

Hamilton  place,  Aberdeen 
Campbell  Ivie,   Dalgig,    Loughborough  rd. 

Campbell  j.Ardgowan.Woodburn  av. Airdrie 
Campbell  J.  5  Balmoral  vils.Cathcart.Glsgw 
Campbell  J.  20  Bogton  pk.  Cathcart.Glsgw 
Campbell  J.  Foodie  ho.  Dairsie  S.O.  Fifesh 
Campbell  J.  Kilnbank,  Kirkfldbnk. Lanark 
Campbell    J.    Lakarna,    Fern    Bank    road. 

Cathcart,    Glasgow 
Campbell    J.     Douglas,     Craig    Makerran, 

Guildtown,  Perth 
Campbell  J.  M'Master,  7  Victoria  pi.  Oban 
Campbell  J.  N.  Simla,  Craigie  road,  Perth 
Campbell  J.   W-,   J.P.    Bank  house,    King 

street,  Stirling 
Campbell    James,    Bank    house,    Doekhead 

street,  Saltcoats 
Campbell  Jas.   85   Caledonia  rd.    Saltcoats 
Campbell   James,    Denbridge,    Drymen   rd. 

Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Campbell  James,  25  Ferryhill  pi.  Aberdeen 
Campbell  James,   36   Hill  street,   Arbroath 
Campbell  James,  3  Marshill,   Alloa 
Campbell    James,    Oakbank,    Beauly    S.O. 

Campbell    James    LL.D.,    J.P.,    D.L.    Old 

Cullen,  Cullen  S.O.   Banffshire 
Campbell   Jas.    11    Ravensdowne,    Berwick 
Campbell  James,  Stella  bank,  Eastfield  rd. 

Campbell  J.  Sutherland  vil.George  st.Wick 
Campbell  James,   Tanfield,   Mauchline 
Campbell  James,  3  Wallace  st.   Dumfries 
Campbell   James    A.,    J.P.    Barbreck,    Kil- 

martin   S.O.   Argyllshire 
Campbell  James  A.   Craigie  house,   Ayr 
Campbell    Jame3    Arthur,    Arduaine,    Kil- 

melford  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Campbell  James  Edward  M.A.,  B.L.  Lady- 
lane  house,  55  High  street,  Paisley 
Campbell    James    M.    Muirholm,    Cardross 

S.O.   Dumbartonshire 
Campbell    James    R.    Hollycroft,    Portland 

park,    Hamilton 
Campbell  James   R.   Kirkfield,  Paisley   rd. 

Renfrew  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Campbell  James  Ross  M.A.   School  house, 

Daviot,  Aberdeen 
Campbell  Jas.  W.    3   Argyle  st.  Inverness 
Campbell  James   Wm.   J.P.    Glentirran  lo. 

Kippen,  Kippen  Station  S.O.   Stirlingsh 
Campbell    John,    Albert    terrace,    London 

road,  Stranraer 
Campbell  John,  Ardallie,   Mintlaw   Station 

S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Campbell  John,   Croft  of  Cultalonie,  Kirk- 

michael,   Blairgowrie 
Campbell  J.  Duart  cot.Ardconnell  ter. Oban 
Campbell     John,      Dunedin,     Kincarrathie 

crescent,   Bridgend,  Perth 
Campbell  John,  Elm  villa,  Minister's  Brae, 

Campbell     John,     Firknowe,     Walkerburn 

S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Campbell  John,  Garrachoran  house,   Sand- 
bank S.O.   Argyllshire 
Campbell      John,      5     Gladstone     terrace, 

Kingsmills  road,  Inverness 
Campbell  John,    Glenspey,   Aviemore   S.O. 

Campbell  John,  7  Glebe  aven.  Kirmarnock 
Campbell    John,    High   street,    Tillicoultry 

S.O.    Clackmannanshire 
Campbell  Jn.  Highlees,  Royal  cres. Dunoon 
Campbell      John,      Inverdunning      house, 

Dunning  S.O.  Perthshire 
Campbell    Jn.    Irdale    park,    Auchterarder 
Campbell  John  D.L.,  J.P.   Kilberry  castle. 

Tarbert,  Loch  Fyne 
Campbell    John,    Linby,    Oarmyle    avenue 

Carmyle,  Glasgow 
Campbell  J.  14  Montgomerie  cres. Saltcoats 
Campbell  John,   Moss  cot.  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Campbell    John,    Osborne    terrace,    Wilson 

street,    Craigie,  Perth 

Campbell  John,  Overdale,  Busby,  Glasgow 
Campbell  John,  Paisley  road,  Renfrew  S.O.. 

Campbell  Jn.  Park  ho.    Soroba   rd.   Oban 
Campbell    John,     Rest  on,     Corrour    road, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Campbell    John,    5    Sandringham    terrace,. 

Bellevue  road,   Ayr 
Campbell  John,   Sussex  house,  Kingussie 
Campbell  John,  Tigh-An-Eas,  Oban 
Campbell  Jn.  Tregaron,  Glasgow  rd.  Perth. 
Campbell    John,    jun.    J.P.    Kilberry,    Tar- 
bert, Loch  Fyne 
Campbell  John  C.   39   Church  st.   Berwick. 
Campbell   John    Galloway,    Westonlee  cot- 
tage, Bonbill  road,  Dumbarton 
Campbell  John  H.  Arnisdale,  Tower  drive,. 

Gourock  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Campbell  J.  J.  Eden  view,  East  rd.  Cupar. 
Campbell    John    M.     Bonally,    Carriagehill 

drive,  Paisley 
Campbell  J.    M.   Comely  bank,  Dumbarton. 
Campbell  John  Profeit  M.B.,   Ch.B.   Whit- 
burn S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
Campbell  John  R.  Hughenden,  Kilwinning. 

road,  Irvine 
Campbell   Jn.    R.    Shinness    house,    Lairg 
Campbell  Jonathan,   Craigard,  Barrhill  rd. 

Gourock  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Campbell    Kennedy,     Tighnduin,   Langside 

road,   Newlands,  Glasgow 
Campbell  Kenneth,  6  Albany  terrace,  Oban- 
Campbell   Lionel,   Ardshiel,    Corrour    road,. 

Newlands,    Glasgow 
Campbell  Lome  J.P.   Peaton   house,   Cove 

S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Campbell  M.    Auchinraith,   High   Blantyre^ 

Campbell  M.  Hopetoun,  Park  rd.  Hamilton! 
Campbell  M.  Leven  vale, Kirn  S.O.Argyllsh 
Campbell     Marcus,     Glenabyn,     Buchanam 

drive,   Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Campbell  Miss,  18  Abercromby  pi.  Stirling 
Campbell  Miss,  Achacorrich,  Dalmally  S.O. 

Campbell    Miss,    Ardkinglass,    Rose    cres- 
cent, Perth 
Campbell  Miss,   Ascog  ho.  Ascog.Rothesay- 
Campbell     Miss,     Braidville,     Whytehouse 

avenue,  Kirkcaldy 
Campbell   Miss,   Camphill,   Paisley 
Campbell    Miss,    Carron   cottage,    Kenneth. 

street,   Inverness 
Campbell    Miss,   Craigend,   Bridge  of  Weir 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Campbell    Miss,    Dunshee,    Taynuilt    S.O. 

Campbell   Miss,    2   Dupplin    rd.    Bridgend,. 

Campbell  Miss,   1  Falcon  cliff,  Royal  cres- 
cent, Dunoon 
Campbell  Miss,  Fernlea,  E.  Newport, Fifesh' 
Campbell  Miss,    Glencairn,    Charles   street,. 

Largs  S.O.   Ayrshire 
Campbell  Miss,  Kenmore,  Leven 
Campbell  Miss,  26  Louisa  drive,  Girvan 
Campbell  Miss,  Maple  lo.  Links,  Leven 
Campbell    Miss,    Maryfield,    Liberton    S.O: 

Campbell  Miss,  196  Mid  Stocket  rd.Aberdm 
Campbell    Miss,    Panmure    villa,    Panmure 

street,  Monifieth,  Dundee 
Campbell  Miss,  3  Park  circus,  Ayr 
Cnmpbe'l    Miss.    Poyntzfield,    Invergordon- 

S.O.   Ross-shire 
Campbell   Miss,    7   Prince  Albert    terrace, 

Victoria  road,  Helensburgh 
Campbell    Miss,   22  Rae  street,    Dumfries 
Campbell     Miss,     Rokebv,    Barrhill    road^ 

Gourock   S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Campbell    Miss,    Sea    bank,    Sheuchan    st. 

Campbell  Miss,  Shian,  Amulree,  Dunkeld' 
Campbell  Miss,  25  Titchfield  road,  Troon 
Campbell  Miss,  62  Victoria  rd.  Kirkcaldy 
Campbell    Miss,   Willow   bank,    Auchamore- 

road,    Dunoon 
Campbell  Miss,   8  Windsor  place,   Stirling 
Campbell  Miss  Neil,  7  Park  ter.  Stirling 
Campbell   Misses,  41  Bridge    end,  Duns 
Campbell  Misses,  21  Crichton  rd. Rothesay 
Campbell  Misses,  Elmhurst,  Albany  drive, 

Campbell     Misses,     Lerigan,      Drummond' 

terrace,    Crieff 
Campbell   Misses,   Westfield  house,   Cupar 
Campbell  Mrs. 17  Air'Je  pi. Perth  rd.Dundee- 
Campbell  Mrs.  27  Argyle  terrace, Rothesay- 
Campbe'l   Mrs.  77   Argyll   st.  Lochgilphead 
Campbell    Mrs.    19    Ashton    road,   Gourock 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Campbell  Mrs.  5  Atho'l   place,   Perth 
Campbell    Mrs.    Balmoral    drive,    Cambus- 
lang, Glasgow 
Campbell    Mrs.     Balvaird,     Wilson    street,. 

Craigie,  Perth 
Campbell    Mrs.    Barriemore    house,    Appin- 

S.O.    Argyllshire 
Campbe'l     Mrs.    Blarachorine,     Blairmore 

S.O.    Argyllshire 

1466       CAM 


Campbell   Mrs.    Oairnspark    street,    Dollar 

S.O.   Clackmannanshire 
Campbell  Mrs.   116  Cast-legate,  Berwick 
Campbell'  Mrs.  Craigview,   Harthill,  Whit- 
burn   S.O.    Linlithgowshire 
Ompbell     Mrs.     Dunstaffnnge,     Newlands 

road,  Newlands,  Glasgow 
Campbell     Mrs.    107   East    Princes    street, 

•Campbell    Mrs.   Eildon    cottage,   East   Bay 

road,  Dunoon 
Campbell  Mrs.  42  Eldon  street,  Greenock 
Campbell    Mrs.     Elenslee,    Wilson     street, 

Campbell    Mrs.     Ettrick     lodge,     Midmills 

road,  Inverness 
Campbell   Mrs.   Fern    grove,    Kilmun    S.O. 

Campbell  Mrs.  45  Forest  avenue, Aberdeen 
Campbell  Mrs.  Garve  S.O.  Ross-shire 
Campbell  Mrs.  72  Gray  street,  Aberdeen 
Campbell   Mrs.  40  Hamilton   st.   Saltcoats 
Campbell   Mrs.   Hessilhead,   Albany   drive, 

Campbell     Mrs.    High    cliff,    Qlencruitten 

road,  Oban 
Campbell   Mrs.   Kilraartin  house,  Balnain, 

Campbell     Mrs.     Kinnig    cottage,     St  rone 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Campbell    Mrs.   1   Linwood  terrace,   Lewis 

street,  Stranraer 
C-impbell    Mrs.    Lome  villa,   Larbert 
Campbell  Mrs.   7  Louisville  aven. Aberdeen 
Campbell  Mrs.    Montgomery  villa,   Sprin, 

hill,  Peebles 
Campbell  Mrs.  16  Ness  bank,  Inverness 
Campbell  Mrs.  31  Oakshaw   st.   Paisley 
Campbell  Mrs.  Palm  gro.Patons  la.  "Dundee 
Campbell  Mrs.  Polneach,  Cawdor,  Nairn 
Campbell   Mrs.   Port  E.len 
Campbell    Mrs.     5    Portland    place,    Max- 

welltown,  Dumfries 
Campbell  Mrs.  Princes   street,  Thurso 
Campbell    Mrs.    67    Queen    street,    Lossie- 
mouth S.O.  Morayshire 
Campbell  Mrs.   Rockview,  Earlsferry,  Elie 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Campbell  Mrs.   R,oseneath,  Gartcross  road, 

Campbell   Mrs. 

Campbell    Mrs. 

street,  Elgin 
Campbell      Mrs. 

Nursery  road 
Cajnpbell    Mrs. 

45    Rubislaw    Den    south, 


St.   Andrew's   villa 



Stroul    cottage 
S.O.    Dumbartonshire 
Campbell  Mrs.   Thankerton   S.O.  Lanarksh 
Campbell    Mrs.     15    The    Crescent,     South 

beach,  Ardrossan 
Campbell   Mrs.  The  Glen,   How-wood  S.O. 

Campbell  Mrs.  The  Pirn, Stow  S.O.Midlthn 
Campbell  Mrs.  Tirchardie,  Dull,  Aberfeldv 
Campbell  Mrs.  Woodlands,  Ewanfie  d, Crieff 
Campbell  Mrs.  Archibald,  Davaar,  Biggar 
Campbell    Mrs.   Carter,    Fascadale,   Ardris- 

haig  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Campbell   Mrs.    E.    Albert    villa,   Dunkeld 

road,   Perth 
Campbell    Mrs.    Henry,   Albert   park,    Kil- 

creggan  S.O.    Dumbartonshire 
Campbell  Mrs.  John,  Ledaig  house,  Connel 

S.O.   Argyllshire 
Campbell  Mrs.  John,  Roseneath,  5  Waver- 

1-cy  road,  Nairn 
Campbell    Mrs.    L.     11    Windsor    gardens, 

Campbell     Mrs.     Lamont,     Auchenloohan. 

Tighnabruaich   S.O.    Argyllshire 
Campbell    Mrs.     M.     Dubton    house,    Hill- 
side, Montrose 
Campbell    Munro    M.B.,    CM.    Cairntable, 

Newlands  road,   Isewlands,   Glasgow 
Campbell  Niall  Diarmid, Upper  Kilkatrine, 

St.    Catherine's    S.O.    Argyllshire H  P.  W.  Muirton  bank,  Balhousie, 

Campbell  P.  Bank  av.  Downfield,  Dundee 
Campbell  Peter,  59  Esplanade,  Greenock 
Campbell    Peter,    Grahameston,     Snowdon 

ter.  Seamill,  West  Kilbride  S.O.  Avr 
Campbell  Peter  J. P.  Leven  villa, Aberfeldy 
Campbell  Peter,  Lingwood,  Scone,  Perth 
Campbell  P.,  M.B.  29  Springfield,  Dunde. 
Campbell  P.  Thistle  ho.  Strachur,Greenock 
Campbell  Q.  Beechbnk.  Mt. Vernon, Glasgw 
Campbell  R.  Cleuchside.S.Mungo, Lockerbie 
Campbell  R.  F.9  St. Mary  st.Kirkcudbright 
Campbell  Rawdon,  Craig  lea,  High  street, 

Ardersier    S.O.   Inverness-shire 
Campbell  Robt.  13  Ardross  st.  Inverness 
Campbell     Robert,      12      Balgay      avenue, 

Blackness   road,    Dundee 
Campbell  Robert,  Craigendarroch,  Innellan 

S.O.    Argyllshire 
Campbell   Robert,    Drumalis,  Tongland  rd. 

Campbell  Robt.   11  Greenlaw  aven.  Paisley 

Campbell  Robert,   Mavis  bank,   Aberfeldy 
Campbell  Robert,  Rose  crescent,   Perth 
Campbell    Robert,    Rosebank    house,    Hill- 
side, Montrose 
Campbell      Robert,      Rosevale,     Roseneath 

S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Campbell  Robert,  Sir  John's  sq.   Thurso 
Campbell     Robert,     2     Thorn'.ey     terrace, 

"  adeira  street,  Dundee 
Campbell  Robert,  Westercraig,    Brownside 

road,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Campbell   Robert  B.    Asylum,   Inverness 
Campbell     Robert     Charles    Graham    J. P. 

Shirvan,   Lochgilphead 
Campbell  R.  J.  ALbert  cot. Lenzie, Glasgow 
Campbell  Robert  W.  44  Mount   Stuart  rd. 

Campbell  Saml.  Wm.  35  P^ark  circus,  Ayr 
Campbell   T.  Penlee,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Campbell  T.   H.  Bank  house,    Muir  street, 

Campbell     Thomas,    Beech  wood,    Wooden  d 

avenue,  Oathcart,   Glasgow 
Campbell  T.   17  Bo'ness  rd.   Grangemouth 
Campbell     Thomas,     5     Douglas    gardens, 

Bearsden,   Glasgow 
Campbell  T.Main  st.  Newmilns  S.O.Ayrsh 
Campbell     Thomas,    Maryville,     Anderson 

terrace,  Ardrossan" 
Campbell    Thomas,    Pilmar,    North- Mount 

Vernon,  Glasgow 
Campbell  Thos.  J.  Queen  st. Castle  Douglas 
Campbell      Thomas      K.      West     Rosehall 

Edinburgh  road,    Musselburgh 
Campbell  Thompson    M.D.    Ellerslie  sana- 
torium, Comrie  road,  Crieff 
Campbell  W.   Burnbank  cot. Calside, Paisley 
Campbell  W.  Isaville.Pleasance  av.Falkirk 
Campbell  W.,  L.D.S.  27  South  Tay  street, 
Campbell  W.  Graham  M.B.,  CM.  27  South 

Tay   street,   Dundee 
Campbell  Water,  jun.  Innischonain  house, 

Loch  Awe  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Campbell.  Walter  Graham,  Woodend  house, 

Dairsie  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Campbell  Walt.  N.  Lilybank,  Pt.  Glasgow 
Campbell  William,  29  Barossa  p'.ace,  Perth 
Campbell  Wm.  31  Caledonia  rd.  Saltcoats 
Campbell  William,  14  Chalmers  road,  Ayr 
Campbell  W.Don  bank,  Bucksburn.Aberdn 
Campbell  William  J. P.  Holm,  Carsphairn, 

Dalrv  S.O.  Kirkcudbrightshire 
Campbell  William,  499  King  st.  Aberdeen 
Campbell  William    K.C    Marchmont,    Pol- 

warth,   Greenlaw    S.O.    Berwickshire 
Campbell  William,  Rosslyn,  Port  Glasgow 
Campbell  William,  St.  Agnes,  Corstorphine 

S.O.    Midlothian 
Campbell    William,    St.    George's    terrace, 

Bridge  of  Weir   S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Campbell  Wm.  60  St.  Swithin  st.  Aberdeen 
Campbell      William,      Sunnyside      avenue, 

Uddingston,  Glasgow 
Campbell  William,   TJddingston,    Glasgow 
Campbell  William,  Windyknowe, Galashiels 
Campbell  W.Woodburn,    TJddingston, Glsgw 
Campbell    William,    12    Woodstock    drive 

Newlands,    Glasgow 
Campbell  Wm.  Middleton  D.L.,  J.P.Camis 

Eskan,  Cardross  S.O.    Dumbartonshire 
Campbell  William  W.  Tignhault,  Lochgoil 

head  S.O.   Argyllshire 
Campbell    William    Walker,    Oakshawhead 

house,  Oakshaw  head,  Paisley 
Campbell  Wilson,  Tund^rgarth,  Lockerbie 
Campbell-Bannerman  Right  Hon.  Sir  Hy. 
G.C.B.,  B.C.,  M.P.,  J.P.,  D.L.  Belmont 
castle,  Meigle  S.O.  Perthshire;  &  10 
Downing  street  S  W  &  Reform,  Brooks's 
&    Oxford    &    Cambridge   clubs,    London 

5  W 
Campbell-Co' qnhmin   Archibald, Garscadden 

ho.  New   Kilpatrick,  Bearsden,   Glasgow 
Campbell-Munro  Duncan  H.   Kenlochlaioh, 

Appin   S.O.    Argyllshire 
Campbell-Orde  Sir  Arthur  John  bart.  D.L., 

J. P.    Kilmory,    Auchnaba,    Lochgilphead 

6  of  North  Uist,   Lochmaddy 
Campbell-Renton      Robert      Charles      J.P. 

Mordington  house,   Mordington,  Berwick 

Campbell  -  Swinton  Miss,  Glenardoch. 
Doune   S.O.  Perthshire 

Campbell-Wyndham  Richard  Arthur  Pley- 
dell   Bouverie,   Glengarr,  Dunoon 

Oamperdown  Earl  of  D.L.,  J, P.,  LL.D. 
Camperdown,  Dundee ;  Gleneagles, 
Auchterarder.  Perthshire ;  Weston  ho. 
Shipston-on-Stour,  Warwickshire;  &  39 
Charles  street,  Berkeley  square  W  & 
Brooks's  club,  London   S  W 

Campion  George.  B.A.  Larkfield,  Locker- 
bie road,  Dumfries 

Oanavan  Rev.  B.  Weir  street,  Coatbridge 

Can  by  William,  Garnockside  cottage, 
Glcngarnock   S.O.    Ayrshire 

Candlish  George.  Benvne  villa,  Bridge  of 
Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 

Candlish  Miss,  Ardbeg,  Kilmun  S.O 

Cannon      James,       Florenceville,       Castle 

Douglas  road,  Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Cannon  James,  4  Stairpark  terrace, Gir van 
Cant  J.ll  The  Cres.South  Beach, Ardrossan 
Cant  Miss  J.   Seaforfch,  Seabank  rd.  Nairn 
Cant  Thomas  M.A.   Kelty  avenue,  Bo'ness 

S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
Cant  W.Struan  cot.Nolt  Loan  rd.Arbroath 
Cantlay  Rev.  John  R.,   M.A.   United  Free 

Church  minse,   Craigneuk,  Wishaw 
Cantley  John  CargiM,  Woodlands,  Hepburn 

gardens,   St.  Andrews 
Cantley  Mrs.    Maxwell   lane,   Fochabers 
Cantley  Wm.  Glasgoego  cottage,   Kinellar, 

Kinaldie,    Aberdeen 
Cantlie    James    M.A.,    M.B.,   F.R.C.S.    61 

Sunnyside  road,  Aberdeen 
Cape   Rev.  Archibald  B.,  M.A.  Bonnygate 

manse,   Cupar 
Cape  Gavin  B.4Airlie  ter. Perth  rd. Dundee 
Cape  Mrs.40West  Holmes  gdns.Musselbrgh 
Cape  W.  B.  Ardcarn,Blackness  av. Dundee 
Capes  W.   J.    Glenbank.Uddingston, Glasgw 
Capie  William,  Kirkfieldbank,  Lanark 
Caplin  P.  Victoria,  Caledonia  rd.  Saltcoats 
Cappon  Mrs.  Cliff  bank,  E. Newport, Fifesh 
Cappon  Thos.  M.  6  Norwood  cres.  Dundee 
Cardean  Mrs.  3  Fort  street,  Dundee 
Cardno  A.  Belmont, Strichen  rd.Fraserbrgh 
Cardno  Farquhar,  Ardaros  house,  Strichen 

road,   Fraserburgh 
Cardno  Jas.    F.,  J. P.   Ardaros,   Fraserbrgh 
Cardno  Robt.   C  427  Clifton  rd.  Aberdeen 
Cardno-  William,  Mintlaw,  Mintlaw  Station 

S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Cardwell  Edward,   139  High  st.   Kirkcaldy 
Carey     Major    Wilfred,     Seaholm,    Church 

street,   Dunbar 
Carey     Rev.      Michael,      The     Presbytery, 

Scott's  street,  Annan 
Carey  Miss,  45  Melville  gardens,  Montrose 
Carey  Mrs.   7  Portland  road,  Kilmarnock 
Cargill  Rev.   H.   C,  12  Park  rd.  Brechin 
Cargill  Rev.  Thomas   S.,   B.D.   3    Orchard 

place,    Old  Aberdeen,  Aberdeen 
Cargill  Alexander,  Clifton,  Bridge  of  Weir 

S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Cargill   D.    Airlie  house,  Broadstone  pork, 

Cargill  David,  Longhaugh,   Mains,  Dundee 
Cargill  Fras.Bloomfield  cot. Lour  rd. Forfar 
Cargill  George,  63   Duthie   ter.    Aberdeen 
Cargill  George,  1   Springbank   Mill   street, 

Alyth   S.O.  Perthshire 
Cargill  Jn.Hill  view,Clepington  rd. Dundee 
Cargill   Mrs.  56  Addison  place,   Arbroath 
Cargill  Mrs.  18  Hillend  road,  Arbroath 
Cargill  Robert  Scott,   Springfield,  Brechin 
Cargill  William,  34  Jamieson  st.  Arbroath 
Cargill  William,    Woodlands,    West   Ferry, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.    Forfarshire 
Carlaw  Thomas,  8  Hyndford  road,   Lanark 
Carle  James,  83   Ashley  road,   Aberdeen 
Carleton  H.  Westlands,  Westfield  rd. Cupar 
Carlile     Thomas,     St.     Bryde's,     Kilbryde 

crescent,  Dunblane 
Carlin  J.Annielea,  Rangemore  rd.lnvernss 
Carlisle   Alfred   W.    4    Toungsdale    place, 

East  Newport,   Fifeshire 
Carlisle    John     C.     Albert     School    house, 

North  Beggar  street,   Airdrie 
Carlow  Charles  J.P.  Linwood  hall,  Leven 
Carlow  F.Main  st.Renton  S.O.Dumbartnsh 
Carlow  Robert  S.  5  Viewlands  ter.  Perth 
Carlyle  John  M.D.  55  Union  st.  Greenock 
Carlyle    John,    Westwood    house,    Tunder- 

garth,  Lockerbie 
Carlyle    Mrs.  2    Nith   bank,    Dumfries 
Carlyle   Thos.    Robt.Waterbeck.Ecclefechan 
Carlyle    W.    L.t    J.P.    Temple  Hill    house, 

Waterbeck,  Ecclefechan 
Carlyle-Ailken       Miss,       Kilmore      house, 

Laurieknowe,   Maxwelltown,    Dumfries 
Carment     Rev.     M.,     M.A.     United     Free 

Church  manse,   Yarrow,  Selkirk 
Carment    John.    Woodbine   cottage,    New- 
battle  road,  Eskbank,  Dalkeith 
Carment  Joseph,    2  St.    John's   Wood  ter- 
race. West  Park  road,  Dundee 
Carment  Peter  B.  Woodbine  cottage,  New- 
battle  road,   Eskbank,   Dalkeith 
Carmichael     Sir    Thomas     David     Gibson- 
bart.    M.A.,    F.S.A.,  D.L.,  J.P.    Malleny 
house,  Balerno  S.O.   Midlothian 
Carmichael   Rev.  D.    Colonsay,  Greenock 
Carmichael  Rev.    Dugald  Farr,    Thurso 
Carmichaeu  Rev.    Hugh,   Clackmannan 
Carmichael  Rev.  Jas.  D.  Nesting,  Lerwick 
Carmichael    Rev.     Samuel    Gilfillan     B.D. 

The    Manse,    Tynron,   Thornhill 
Carmichael   Rev.  W.  L.   Longside,  Aberdn 
Carmichael    Rev.     William,     Chapel    hall, 

Airdrie,  Lanarkshire 
Carmichael      Alexander,     Lismorc     house, 

Rockfield  road,  Oban 
Carmichael   Andrew,  41  Union  st. Greenock 
Carmichael     Archibald,      Oak     bank,     St. 

Fillans   S.O.    Perthshire 
Carmichael  D. Low, 10  Dudhope  ter. Dundee 
Carmichael  Daniel  Tarbert,  Loch   Fyne 


CAT        14G7 

Carmichael  D.  L.  Druid's  mere, Blairgowrie 
Carmichael     David     W.     Roineach     Mhor, 

Strathmartine,   Dundee 
Carmichael   Donald,   Artebona,  Oban 
Carmichael  Donald,  Lilybank,  Pt.  Glasgow 
Carmichael  D.  Fernlea,  Tarberfc,Loch  Fyne 
Carmichael    Duncan     M.B.     Norwoodville, 

Bod-dam   S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Carmichael  George,  228  Union  stAberdeen 
Carmichael  George,  Victoria  st.Coldstr&am 
Carmichael      Hugh,      Chapelton      cottage, 

Bearaden,  Glasgow 
Carmichael  Hugh,  48  Kelly  st.  Greenock 
Carmichael  J.  East  End  pk.  East  rd. Cupar 
Carmichael       James       J. P.      Arthurstone, 

Ardler,  Meigle 
Carmichael  J.39Magdalen  Yard   rd. Dundee 
Carmichael  J.  Rose  bank.Bishopgate, Cupar 
Carmichael  James,  Stair  cottage,  Lowndes 

street,   Barrhead,   Glasgow 
Carmichael  James,    Strathclyde,    Avon   st. 

Carmichael  Jas.  Lewis,  6  Airlie  pi. Dundee 
Carmichael  John,  Belle  Vue,   Coldstream 
Carmichael  John,    Smithiield   house,   Alloa 
Carmichael  J.D.M.  93   Finnart  st. Greenock 
Carmichael    Louis,   Fern   dene,  Downfield, 

Carmichael  M.  55  Union   street,  Greenock 
Carmichael  Miss,  76  Finnart   st.   Greenock 
Carmichael  Miss  Gordon,  3  Muirhall  bank, 

Bridgend,  Perth 
Carmichael  Mrs.  Bon-Accord,  Glasgow  rd 

Carmichael  Sirs. 

S.O.   Ayrshire 
Canniohael     Mrs.     Craigmore,     Sunnyhill, 

Carmichael  Mrs.    Donallan  house,  Keir  st. 

Bridge  of  Allan 
Carmichael  Mrs.  93  Finnart  st.  Greenock 
Carmichael  Mrs.  5  Gibson  pi.   St.Andrewa 
Carmichael      Mrs.      Ivy      dene,      Kippen, 

Kippen    Station  S.O.   Stirlingshire 
Carmichael    Mrs.    30    Magdalen    Yard    rd 

Braehead   ho.    Stewarton 

Carnie  Wm.  154  Gt.  Western  rd.  Aberdeen 

Carnochan  Augustus  S.  Wellington  house, 
Princes  street,  Stranraer 

Carnochan  John,  7  Craigiebank  terrace, 
Maryfield,  Dundee 

Carnochan  Miss,  9  Ailsa  place,  Ayr 

Caro  Bev.  Charles,  Haroldswick,  Lerwick 

laxr  Lieut.  Reginald  E.,  R.N.  Scremerston 
cottage,  Scremerston,  Berwick 

Carr  F.   Isla  bank,  Arduthie  rd.   Stonehvn 

Carr  James  F.  Braemount,  Taylor  st. Forfar 

Carr  J.E.  Heathery  Tops,Scremerstn.Brwck 

Carr  Mrs.  8  Fonthill  road,  Aberdeen 

i  arr  Mrs.  12  Quay  walls,  Berwick 

Carr  Mrs.The  Thicket.Roslin  S.O.Midlothn 

Carr  Walter,  Logie,   Cupar 

Carre  Capt.  Riddell,  Ashby,  Melrose 

Carre  Henry,  Woodilee,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 

Carrick  Rev.  John  C,  M.A.,  B.D.  New- 
battle  manse,  Newbattle,  Newton 
Grange   S.O 

Carrick  George,  12  Seaforth  avenue,  Annan  i  Carswell      William,      4     Douglas 

Carrick  J.  H.  Arddarach,  Bearsden.Glasgw       Annan  road,  Dumfries 
k    James,    Ravenswood,     Bridge 

Carswell  A.  B.  Briarbank.Potterhill.Paisley 
Carswell  Andrew,  Invertay,  Albert   street, 

Tayport  S.O.   Fifeshire 
Carswell  D.  B.  LilybankjUddingstonjGlsgw 
CarsweU  D.  Ferngrove,  Brookfield.Johnstne 
Carswell  D.53hamrock  st.Maryfield. Dundee 
Carswell    J.     Overlea,     Clarkston,     Busby, 

Carswell  Jas.  Carswood,  Rennie  st. Falkirk 
Carswell  James,  Mill  house,  Dalbeattie 
Carswell  James,  Mill  road,  Yoker,  Glasgow 
Carswell  John,Broomhill,Dunlop  S.O.Ayrsh 
Carswell  M.  Rowanlea,  Greenlaw  dri.Paisly 
Carswell  Miss,   Overlea,  Clarkston,  Busby, 

Carswell  Mrs.  North  park,  Lowndes  street, 

Barrhead,  Glasgow 
Carswell  Mrs.  4  Rugby  road,  Kilmarnock 
Carswell  Rt.  Inkermann,  Gifrnock,Glasgow 
Carswell  Robert,  27  Sunnyside  rd.  Aberdn 
Carswell  William,  Ascot, W.Newport.Fifeeh 


Carmichael   Mrs. 
Carmichael  Mrs. 

Carmichael   Mrs. 


,     Kil- 



Mill  street,   Alloa 
11  Bosebery   st.    Stirling 
W.  2  AUoway   park,  Ayr 
Carmichael  Peter,  Bracken  Brukk,  Strath- 

martine,  Dundee 
Carmichael    Robert,     Kinlooh    villa,    Shaw 

street,  Blairgowrie 
Carmichael  Robt.   jun.  35  Ludgate,  Alloa 
Carmichael    Robt.    Rosy    b;mk,  Coldstream 
Carmichael     Robert     S.     Deanside,    Wood- 
burn    road.  Newlands,    Glasgow 
Carmichael  T.    44  Ardgowan  street   west, 

Carmichael      Thomas,       Beuchem 

Rathe-lpie,    St.    Andrews 
Carmichael     Thomas     H.     Dardene 

macolm  S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Carmichael     William,     2      Fintry 

Broughty   Ferry  S.O.    Forfarshire 
Carmichael    William,     11    George 

Grahamston,  Falkirk 
Carmont   Rev.   Robert,   St.   Joseph's,    Hill 

street,  Kilmarnock 
Carmont.  Jas.   J.P.   88  Irish  st.   Dumfries 
Carnaohan  George,  Redcliff,   Monreith   rd. 

New-lands,  Glasgow 
Carnachan  Gordon,  Laurel  lodge,   Clynder 

S.O.    Dumbartonshire 
Carnduft'  Andrew,  The  Anchorage,  Rhannan 

road,  Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Carnegie   Major   Donald   L.    6   Playfair   ter- 
race,   St.   Andrews 
Carnegie  Rev.  D.,  M.\.   Cnlsalmond,  Insch 
Carnegie     Andrew,     Skibo    castle,, 

Dornoch  S.O.    Sutherlandshire 
i  arnegie  David,  Bridgend,   Brechin 
earnest:    Frank    P.   35  West    Holmes   gar- 
den?, Musselburgh 
Carnegie   George,   Aviemore,    Philip   street, 

Carnoustie  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Carnegie  James  D.L.,  J.P.    Stronvar,  Bal- 

quhidder  .  Station     P.O.     Perthshire     & 

i  arphin  house,  Luthrie,  Cupar 
Carnegie  Jn.  Barry,  Carnoustie  S.O.Forfrsh 
Carnegie    John    A.   Union    Bank    house,    17 

Glengate  street,   Kirriemuir 
Carnegie    Mrs.     Carruth    drive,    Kilmacolm 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Carnegie  Ross  A.  Birsemohr  lodge,  Birse, 

Aboyne  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Carnegie  W.  Atholl  cot. Robertson  ter.Forfr 
Carnegie  William,  Eastwood,  Haddington 
i"arnc-;gie  Wm.  105  Strathmartine  rd.Dundee 
Carnegy  Lieut. -Col.   P.   A.  W.,  D.L.,   J.P., 

V.D.  Lour,   Forfar 
Carnegy  D.    J.    Carse   Knowe,    Brechin  rd. 

Carnegy  Miss,  Loch  view,  Glamis  rd.Forfr 
Carnegy  Mrs.  Seaton,  Seabank  rd.  Nairn 
Carneigie  Lt.  Marcus  L.  2  Arran  ter.  Ayr 
Carnie  Jas.Berryden  ho.Berryden  rd.Ahrdn 
Carnie  Jn.J.P.  21  Dundonald  rd.Kilmarnrk 
Carnie  John, 27  McLelland  drive, Kilmarnck 
Carnie  Mrs.  301  Holburn  street,  Aberdeen 

Carrick    James,    Ravenswood,     Bridge    of 

Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Carrick  James,   92  St.  Leonard's  road,  Ayr 
Carrick  Miss,  1  Glebe  crescent,  Stirling 
Carrick  Miss,  Mossbank,  Culter,  Biggar 
Carrick  Mrs.  Kayhews,   St.  Margaret's   rd. 

North  Berwick 
Carrick  Mrs.  Lyne  cottage,  Culter,  Biggar 
Carrick  Mrs.  41  Sharon  st. Dairy  S.O.Ayrsh 
Carrick  W.  Russell  drive,  Dairy  S.O.Ayrsh 
l.arrick-Anderson   George,  Balmoral  drive, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Carrick-Buchanan  Lady,  Drumpellier  house, 

Carrie  David,  Commercial  road,  Ladybank 
Carrie    Misses,    Rowanbank,    Philip   street, 

Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Carrie  William,  Methil  S.O.  Fifeahlre 
Cnrrington  George  H.  44  Burns  rd.  Aberdn 
Carrington  Miss,  Craigmore  house,  Birnam 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Carrington  Mrs.  42  Forest  aven.  Aberdeen 
Carrol  Georgp  Adam,  Lorraine  villa,  Doug- 
las street,  Largs  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Carroll    Rev.    John    S.,    M.A.    44    Langside 

road,  Newlands,   Glasgow 
Carroll  B.  H.  70  Dewar  street.Dunfermlme 
Carroll  Miss,  3  Airlie  ter.   Perth  rd.Dundee 
Carruth  R.Strathview, Mill. ken  Pk.Johnstne 
Carruthers  Major   Francis  John  J.P.  Dor- 

mont  house,  Dalton,  Lockerbie 
Carruthers  Eev.Thos.  M.A.,  U.Free  Church 
manse,  Bridge  of  Weir  S.O.  Renfrewsh 
Carruthers  Alfred,  Spittal  villa,  Causeway- 
head,  Stirling 
Carruthers  D. Cairn  ho.Muirkirk  S.O.Ayrsh 
Carruthers   D.   A.  5  Charlotte   street,  Perth 

Carter  Rev.  G.  Blairhill,  Coatbridge 
Carter  A.E.J.4WestHolmes  gdns.Musslbrgh 
Carter  Miss,    122  Dewar  st.   Dunfermline 
Carter  Miss,  Oakwell  pi.  Castle  Douglas 
Carter  Mrs. 27  Mount  rd.  Tweedmth.Berwck 
Carter  Thos.  2  Devon  ter.  Pier  rd.  Berwick 
Carter  Thomas,  51  Ravensdowne,  Berwick 
Carter     William     Allan,      Stamford     hall, 

Gullane  S.O.  Haddingtonshire 
Carthew-Yorstoun      Lieut. -Col.      Archibald 

Morden   C.B.,  J.P.   East  Tinwald,   Loch- 

maben  S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Carthew-Yorstoun      Morden     J.P.      Irvine 

house,  Langholm  &  East  Tinwald,  Loch- 

maben  S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Cartwright  Rev.  John,  21  Queen  st. Stirling 
Cartwright  Frank  H.  10  Wellbrae  terrace, 

Manno'ield.  Aberdeen 
Cartwright  T.  L.  26  Richmondhill  pl.Abrdn 
Carty   Edward,   5  Westcoats  terrace,   Cam- 
buslang, Glasgow 
Carver     Ernest,     Warthill    house,     Meikle 

Wartle  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Cash  J.  Theodore  M.D.,F.R.S.  Wood  bank, 

Crathes   S.O.  Kincardineshire  &  9  Albyn 

place,  Aberdeen 
Caskey  Rev.  W.,  B.D.  Orphir,  Kirkwall 
Caskie  H.  14  Nelson  st.   Largs  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Caskie  Jas.  M.B.,  CM.  Methil  S.O.  Fifesh 
Oassaday  Ernest,  86  Brook  street,  Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Cassaday  John,  86  Brook  street,  Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Casselis  Alexander  Henderson  M.B.,  Ch.B. 

5  Albert  road,   Gourock  S.O.  Renfrewsh 
Casselis    James    B.    5    Buchanan    gardens, 

Mount  Vernon,  Glasgow 

Carruthers  David, 44  London  rd. Kilmarnock  Casselis  John  J.P.  Elizabeth  lodge,  Sandy- 
Carruthers    Frank    J.    C.   Dixons,   Tunder-  *     hills,  Shettleston,  Glasgow 
garth,  Lockerbie  [Cassels  Rev.    Thomas   M.A.    Manse,   Lyne- 

Carruthers   George,   Janesville,  Wamphray, 

Beattock  S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
|  Carruthers  George,  Oaklands,  Lockerbie 
Carruthers  George  B.ll  Albany  pi. Dumfries 
Carruthers  James,  Hagg  cres.  Johnstone 
Carruthers  James,  Rosebank,  Terregles  st. 

Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Carruthers  John,  8  Charles  street,  Annan 
Carruthers  Miss,  14  Charles  street,  Annan 
Carruthers  Misses,  64  Queen  st.  Dumfries 
Carruthers  Misses,  Trevethan,  Lockerbie 
Carruthers  Mrs.  57  Manse  street,  Saltcoats 
Carruthers  Mrs.21Muirhall  ter.Bridgnd.Prth 
Carruthers  Peter  J.P.  Portrack,  Holywood, 

Carruthers     Robert,     Kirk    bank,     English 

street,  Dumfries 
Carruthers    Thomas    M.B.,    Ch.B.     9     Low 

Barholm,  Kilbarchan,  Johnstone 
Carruthers  Wm.  Elm  ho. Beechgrove, Moffat 
Carruthers  William,  47  Manse  st.  Saltcoats 
Carruthers     William,     Woodhouse     mains, 

Kirkpatrick-Fleming,  Ecclefechan 
Carruthers  Wm.  L.  7  Annfield  rd. Inverness 
Carse   Miss,   Spring    gardens,   North   High 

street,  Musselburgh 
Carse  P.  Springfield  cot.  Symington.Biggar 
Carslaw  Rev.  R.  Glenluce  S.O.  Wigtownsh 
Carslaw  Wm.  H.  Camptower,Bearsdn.Glsgw 
Carson  Rev.  Hugh,  Culter,  Biggar 
Carson  Alexander,  Sheddon  Park  rd.  Kelso 
Carson    David,     St.    Oswald's,    Kilmacolm 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Carson  J.   Creetown  S.O.  Kirkcudbrightsh 
Carson  Jas.  Milehouse,  Moffat  rd.  Dumfries 
Carson  James,  Park  cot. Annan  rd. Dumfries 
Carson    Miss    E.    Hope   cottage,    Gatehouse 

S.O.  Kirkcudbrightshire 
Carson  Mrs.  Hillside,  Annan 
Carson  Robt.   1  Victoria  st. Newton  Stewart 
Carson  SI.  E.  Elm  Bank  ho.  Barnhill, Perth 
Carss  J.  Janebank,  Bearsden.  Glasgow 
Carstairs    Mrs.    East   Neuk,   Belgrave  road, 

Corstorphine  S.O.  Midlothian 
Carstairs  Mrs.  19  South  st.  Elie  S.O.Fifesh 
Carstairs  William,  Burn  bank,  Links.Leven 
Carstens   William,   1    St.  John's  Wood  ter- 
race, West  Park  road,  Dundee 

doch  street,  Greenock 
Cassels  A.,J.P.Gowan  Lea, Park  rd.Hamiltn 
Cassels   Alexander,   Wheat landside,   Water- 
loo road,  Lanark 
Cassels  Andrew,  Milton  road,  Carluke 
Cassels  A.O.  Winchburgh  S.O.Linlithgowsh 
Cassels  David,  10  Beresford  terrace,  Ayr 
Cassels  David,  Portland  park,  Hamilton 
Cassels  David  M.  6  Hyndford  road,  Lanark 
Cassels  James,  Ardenlee,  Park  rd. Hamilton 
Cassels  James,  90  St.  Leonard  st.  Lanark 
Cassels  John,  11  Garden  Side  avenue,  Car- 

myle,  Glasgow 
Cassels  John,  Portland  park,  Hamilton 
Cassels  Miss,  43  Jerviswood  road,  Lanark 
Cassels  Miss,  4  Ladyacre  road,  Lanark 
Cassels  Miss,  Oakville,  Chalton  rd.  Bridge 

of  Allan 
Cassels  Miss,  Oatlands,  Waterloo  rd. Lanark 
Cassels  Mrs.   William,   Strathmore,   Albany 

drive,  Lanark 
Cassels  Robert,  Willow  Dene,   Bo'ness   rd. 

Cassie     Rev.     George     J.P.     United     Free 

Church  manse,  Hopeman  S.O.  Moraysh 
Cassie    David    A.    Morris,    Dunedin    villa, 

Newton  street,  Blairgowrie 
Cassie  James,  97  Queen  street,  Peterhead. 
Cassie  Miss,  41  Braemar  place,  Aberdeen 
Cassie  Mrs.  29  Erskine  street,  Aberdeen 
Cassils   Mrs.   Dunmore  house,  Strone    S.O. 

Casterton  W.2  Douglas  gdns.Bearsdn.Glsgw 
Castle  jvJ.45  West  Holmes  gdns.Musslbrgh 
Castle  Patrick,  Killarney,   Arbuthnot  road, 

Loanh^ad  S.O.  Midlothian 
Castleman  Edwd.  J.  44  Victoria  st.  Aberdn 
Castles  Jn.Gowrie  ho.Bothwell  rd. Hamilton 
Cater     Rev.    Joseph    Charles,    17    Ancrum 

road,  Lochee,  Dundee 
Cathcart  Sir  Reginald  A.  E.  bart.  &  Lady 

Cathcart,  Cluny  castle,   Cluny,  Aberdeen 
Cathcart  James   Taylor  D.L.,  J.P.   Dunbog 

house,  Newbnrgh,  Fife 
Cathcart  Miss, 01dAuchendrane,Alloway, Ayr 
Cathels     Rev.    David    M.A.     The    Manse, 

Buccleuch  street,  Hawick 
Cather  Mrs.  37  Kelly  street,  Greenock 

1468       CAT 


Cathrae  William,  Earlston  S.O.  Berwicksh 
Cathro  David,  Hermon  Hill  cottages,  Well 

road,  Dundee 
Cato  Jesse  Bnsor  J.Jb\  Dalrymple  st.Q-irvan 
Cattauach  Miss,  8  Brighton  pi.  Aberdeen 
Cattanach  Eobt.  A.  Doon  brae,  Alio  way,  Ayr 
Cattell  Jas.  J. P.  BaIsparden,Petty,Invernss 
Catto  Rev.  John  M.A.  The  Manse,  Fintray, 

Hatton  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Catto  Alfd.  Briarfield  ho.Cairncry  rd.Abrdn 
Catto  G-avin,  38  Maberly  street,  Aberdeen 
Catto  James,  Cliff  house,  Cults,  Aberdeen 
Catto  Miss,  Hose  vale,  Kilbride,  Dunoon 
Catto  Misses,  40  &t.  Western  rd.  Aberdeen 
Latto  Mrs.   36   Elmfield   avenue,   Aberdeen 
Catto  Robert,  14  Forest  road,  Aberdeen 
Catto  William,  11  King's  cres.  Aberdeen 
Caufield  Bernard,  Comely  bank,  Dumbarton 
Cauldwell  Miss,   Braeside,  Kilmacolm  S.O. 

Cavaghan  Harry,  Townfoot,  Sanquhar  S.O. 

Cavan  A.  14  St.  Cuthbert  st. Kirkcudbright 
Oavan  James,  Springbank,  Kirkcudbright 
Cavanah  H.  Clegg,  13  Bridge  st.  Aberdeen 
Oavaye  Lt.-lol.  George  Ross,  Inverannaty, 

Scone,  Perth 
Cave  Charles,  Cratgmillar  S.O.  Midlothian 
Cave  Horatio  T.  20  Victoria  place,   Stirling 
Caven  Miss,  110  Queen  street,  Dumfries 
Cavenie  Neil  S.   Seaforth,  Stevenston  road, 

Kilwinning  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Caverhill  John  J. P.  Jedneuk,  Jedburgh 
Caverhill  Mrs.  2  Ravensdowne,  Berwick 
Oaverhill  W.  A.  28  Castle  terrace,  Berwick 
Oaw  James,    Whinmount  villa,   Drummond 

terrace,  Crieff 
Caw  J,  Eddlehurst,  Woodlands  cres.Falkirk 
Caw  John,  Rose  villa,  Bank  street,  Cupar 
Caw  Mrs.   10  Kincarrathie  crescent,  Bridg- 
end, Perth 
Cawdor  Earl  of  D.L.,  J. P.  Cawdor  castle, 

Cawdor,    Nairn;     &    7    Prince's    gardens 

S  W  &  Carlton  &  Travellers'   clubs  S  W, 

Cawkwell    Albert,    7    Gardenside    terrace, 

XJddingston,  Glasgow 
Cay  Alex.  32  Rubislaw  Den  sth.  Aberdeen 
Cay  George,  53  View  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Oay   Miss,  Glenduckie   house,   Flisk,   New- 
burgh,  Fife 
Cayzer   Sir   Charles  Wm.    bart.    J. P.   Gart- 

more,  Perthshire  &  Ralston,  Renfrewsh 
Cayzer  A.  B.  T.  Rodinghead  ho.  Mauchline 
Cellars  Mrs.  3  Carrick  road,  Ayr 
Center  Alexander  M.A.  Longside,  Aberdeen 
Carrie  Miss,  3   Muirbank, Brechin  rd. Forfar 
Chadfield  Frank  B.  TJddingston,  Glasgow 
Chadwick    Major    Robert     J. P.     Findhorn 

house,  Findhorn,  Forres 
Chadwick  John,   St.  Ronan's  lodge,  Inner 

leithen   S.O.   Peeblesshire 
Chalmer  Col.   Reginald  C.B.   Gordon  bank 

North  Berwick 
Chalmers   Ladv,    Fox  covert,    Corstorphine 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Chalmers  Maj.Petet,  a  Jessie  st. Blairgowrie 
Chalmers  Rev.H.R.The  Manse, Duffus, Elgin 
Chalmers  Rev.  Jn.  B.D.  Colvend, Dalbeattie 
Chalmers    Rev.    John    M.A.    2    Gladstone 

place,   Stirling 
Chalmers  Rev.  John  C,  B.D.   Saffron  Hall 

manse,  Windmill  road,  Hamilton 
Chalmers  A.  Hartley,  Racecourse  view, Ayr 
Chalmers  Alex.  Lilybank,  Lenzie  Glasgow 
Chalmers    Alexander   M.B.,    CM.    4    Ran. 

dolph  terrace,  St.  Ninians,  Stirling 
Chalmers    Alexander    B.     Haddo    cottage, 

Fairfield   road,  Inverness 
Chalmers    Alexander    G.     Magdalen    bank, 

Craigie,  Perth 
Chalmers     Archibald     M.A.,     M.B.,     CM. 

Crocketford,  Dumfries 
Chalmers  Archibald,  Kippford,  Dalbeattie 
Chalmers  A.Grandview,Albany  drive, Lanrk 
Chalmers  C,  J.P.,  C.C.Longcroft.Linlithgw 
Chalmers    D.    M.    A.,    M.A.    Beacon    hill, 

Murtle,  Aberdeen 
Chalmers  D.Elm  bank, Perth  st. Blairgowrie 
Chalmers  David  F.l  Aberlemno  ter.Dundee 
Chalmers  Francis  C.  46  Burns  rd.  Aberdn 
Chalmers  G.  Parell  cot.Portland  pl.Hamiltn 
Chalmers  Gavin,  7  Westcoats  terrace,  Cam- 

buslang,  Glasgow 
Chalmers  George,  19  Cairnfield  pi.  Aberdn 
Chalmers  George,  Hill  street,  Dunoon 
Chalmers  George,  86  Mile  End  av.  Aberdn 
Chalmers  George,  1  Nelson  street,  Huntly 
Chalmers  George,  231  Union  gro.  Aberdeen 
Chalmers  George,  Woodburn,  Kilmun  S.O. 

Chalmers  Hugh  M.  25  Finnart  st.  Greenock 
Chalmers  J.  4  Laurel  bank, Bridgend, Perth 
Chalmers  J.  10  Osborn  vils.Cathcart.Glasgw 
Chalmers  J.  The  Square,  Tarves,  Aberdeen 
Chalmers  J.  G.  The  Floors,Heathpk.Selkrk 
Chalmers  James,  4  Constitution  ter.Dundee 
Chalmers  James  J. P.  Cornhill  S.O 
Chalmers     James,     Garron,     West     Ferry, 

Bronghty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Chalmers  Jas.  Hakelaw,  Bieldside,  Aberdn 

Chalmers  James,  694  King  street,Aberdeen 
Chalmers  J.  Norwood, Beaufort  rd.Invernss 
Chalmers  James,  Portland  park,  Hamilton 
Chalmers    James,    Roselea,    Meigle    road, 

Alyth  S.O.  Perthshire 
Chalmers    J  ames,    Union    street,     Coupar- 

Angus  S.O.  Perthshire 
Chalmers      James      Ritchie,      Marchmont, 

Langside  road,  Newlands,  Glasgow 
Chalmers    John,    Berryfield,   Liberton    S.O. 

Chalmers  John,  Craighead,  Port  Glasgow 
Chalmers  John,  32  Crichton  st.  Coatbridge 
Chalmers  John,  29  Ferryhill  pi.  Aberdeen 
Chalmers  John  H.  23  Grange  road,  Alloa 
Chalmers  John,  3  Middleshade,St.Andrews 
Chalmers    John,    Ormidale,     Albert    road, 

Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Chalmers  John,  46  Stanley  street, Aberdeen 
Chalmers  John  Arthur,  Ardlogie,  Bathgate 
Lha.iners  J.  Newton  ho.Auchmithie.Arbrth 
Chalmers  Josiah,  Nolt  Loan  rd.  Arbroath 
Chalmers  Lawrence  McDonald,  87  Stanley 

street,   Aberdeen 
Chalmers  M.7  Treespark  av.Barrhd.Glasgw 
Chalmers  Miss,  12  Carrick  road,  Ayr 
Chalmers   Miss,  Chapel  place,  Dollar  S.O. 

Chalmers  Miss,  Glengar,  Glasgow  rd. Perth 
Chalmers  Miss,  3d  Jerviswood  rd.   Lanark 
Chalmers   Miss,    4  Kilnburn   terrace,  East 

Newport,  Fifeshire 
Chalmers  Miss  (of  Monkshill),  Rothiebris- 

bane,  Fyvie  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Chalmers  Miss,  3  St.  Swithin  st.  Aberdeen 
Chalmers  Miss,  18  Union  grove,  Aberdeen 
Chalmers  Misses,43  London  rd. Kilmarnock 
Chalmers  Misses, 38  St. Swithin  st.Aberdeen 
Chalmers  Mrs.  38  Ardrossan  rd.  Saltcoats 
Chalmers    Mrs.    15    Ashton  road,    Gourock 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Chalmers     Mrs.     Dennyloanhead,     Bonny- 
bridge   S.O.   Stirlingshire 
Chalmers    Mrs.    Dunfion,    Newlands    roud; 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Chalmers   Mrs.  Hillbank,  Upper  Allan  st. 

Chalmers  Mrs. 31  MagdalenYard  rd. Dundee 
Chalmers  Mrs.   11  Marshall  place,  Perth 
Chalmers  Mrs.  Middleton  ho.Cults, Aberdn 
Chalmers  Mrs.  Norwich  house,  Kingskettle 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Chalmers  Mrs.  41  Stanley  street,  Aberdeen 
Chalmers  Mrs.   William,   Edge  hill,   Need- 
less road,  Perth 
Chalmers  Patk.  J. P.  Aldbar  castle, Brechin 
Chalmers  Peter,  Nursery  av.  Kilmarnock 
Chalmers  Peter,  Venbrae,  Peebles 
Chalmers  Robert,  Rotherwood,   West  New 

port  S.O.    Fifeshire 
Chalmers  Robert  M.B.,   Ch.B.   Royal  infir- 
mary,  Woolmanhill,   Aberdeen 
Chalmers  Robert,  Well  park,  Larbert 
Chalmers  Rt.Smith,  43  Moffat  rd. Dumfries 
Chalmers    Thomas,    Balquharn,     Langside 

road,  Newlands,   Glasgow 
Chalmers   Thomas,    13    Oraigkenochie    ter 

race,  Burntisland 
Chalmers    Thomas    M.    St.    Ola,    Innellan 

S.O.   Argyllshire 
Chalmers  W.  Gardenstown,  Banff 
Chalmers  W.   3  Moffat  road,  Dumfries 
Chalmers  William,  Gardenstown,  Banff 
Chalmers  Wm.   Glencairn  lodge,  Oban 
Chalmers     William,     Mabel     bank,     West 

Ferry,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Chalmers  Wm.  Starley  Burn,  Burntisland 
Chalmers  William  M.  Carlowrie,  Cedar  rd 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Chalmers  William  P.  Garnell   bank,   Cam 

buslang,  Glasgow 
Chalmers- Allan     George,     Edavale,     Blair 

hill,  Coatbridge 
Chaloner  Mrs.  Grey  Friars,  Barassie,Troon 
Chaloner  Thomas  D.  16  Marshall  pi.  Perth 
Chamberlain     Rev.     G.     Laver    M.A.     110 

Main  street,  Spittal,  Berwick 
Chambers  Rev.  J.C.,  B.D.Dunoon,  ArgyKsh 
Chambers  Adam,  Fauldhouse  S.O.  Linlith- 
Chambers     C.     Franklin,     Moredun     view, 

Craigie  road,  Perth 
Chambers    James,    Parksido,    Carfin   road, 

Chambers  Mrs.   8  Barns  crescent,  Ayr 
Chambers  Mrs.    18  Eglinton  terrace,   Ayr 
Chambers  Mrs.  36  Kelly  street,  Greenock 
Chambers      Mrs.      St.     Baldred's     Tower, 

North  Berwick 
Chambers  Mrs.  St.  Ronans,  Craigie  rd.Ayr 
Chambers  Thomas,  Graigievar,  Orchard  st. 

Chambers  William,  Ardmay,  Arrochar  S.O. 

Chambers     William,     Glenview,    Jerviston 

street,  Motherwell 
Chancellor     Edward,     Woodhall,     Juniper 

Green    S.O.   Midlothian 
Chandler   George    W.    23    Kilmailing    ter- 
race,  Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Chapel  David, Caenlochan,Keptie  rd.Arbrth 

Chapel  William,  Caenlochan,  Arbroath 
Chaplain  David  S.  4  Wilkies  lane,  Dundee 
Chaplin    George    R.,    J.P.    Crimomnogate, 

Lonmay    S.O.    Aberdeenshire 
Chaplin    Mrs.    John    N.   Victoria    cottage, 

\\  yllie  street,  Forfar 
Chapman    Rev.     A.    (St.    Mary's),    Charn- 

wood,  Dumfries 
Chapman  Alex.  629  Holburn  st.  Aberdeen 
Chapman     Alexander,     3     Park     terrace. 

Blackness   road,  Dundee 
Chapman  Andrew,  Applegarth,  Lockerbie 
Chapman  Arthur,  117  Desswood  pi. Aberdn 
Chapman  Charles  S.  21  Moffat  rd. Dumfries 
Chapman  George,   72  Alma  street,  Falkirk 
Chapman  George,  Barholm  villa,  Arkleston 

road,  Paisley 
Chapman  Geo.  Plains,  Airdrie,  Lanarksh 
Chapman  J.   Yew  bank,We.Newpart,Fifesh 
Chapman  J-jun.  Wormit  ho.Wormitjbundee 
Chapman  Jas.  Clachan  cot.  Drum  rd.  Keith 
Chapman  James  S.,  M.Bch.  Panton  house, 

Fife  street,  Turriff 
Chapman  John,   15  Abbotsford  rd.Galashls 
Chapman  Miss,    23   Duthie  ter.   Aberdeen 
Chapman   Miss,Tne   Terrace, Elie  S.O. mfe&h 
Chapman  Mrs.  132  Mid  Stocket  rd. Aberdn 
Chapman  Mrs.  4  Rathalpin,   St.  Andrews 
Chapman  Samuel,  3  King  James'  pi.  Perth 
Chapman     Thomas,     Commonhead     house, 

Commonhead,   Airdrie 
Chapman  Thomas,  Fairfield  lodge,  Fairfield 

road,  Inverness 
Chapman  William,  Meadowhead,  Airdrie 
Chapman  Wm.Moss  bank,Downfield, Dundee 
Chapman  Wm.2We. Montrose  st.Helensbrgh 
Chapman   William  A.  Cairngorn,  Kennedy 

drive,   Airdrie,   Lanarkshire 
Chapperton  Mrs.  11  East  Montrose  street, 

Charles  A.  26  West  High  street,  Inverurie 
Charles  Alex.197  Strathmartine  rd.Dundee 
Charles    Henry   W.   W.   Flotterston,    Glen- 
corse,    Milton  Bridge   S.O.   Midlothian 
Charles  John,  5  Murray  pi.  St.  Andrews 
Charles  Jn.  J.P.26  West  High  st.Inverurie 
Charles  Miss,  4  Grove  st.  Musselburgh 
Charles  Misses,  25  London  road,  Stranraer 
Charles  Mrs.  2  Craigholm  cres.  Burntisland 
Charleson  Rev.  Chas.   Forbes,  The  Manse, 

Kirkconnel,   Sanquhar  S.O.   Dumfriessh 
Charleson  Malcolm  Mackenzie,  Whitehouse, 

Stromness  S.O.  Orkney 
Charlton  Rev.  Alfred  Henry,   The   Manse, 

Balgay  terrace,  City  road,  Dundee 
Charlton  Rev.   Harcourt  P.,  D.D.  Huntley 

lodge,  Lewis  street,  Stranraer 
Charlton  James,  Huntingdon,  Moffat  road, 

Charlton   John,   Huntingdon,   Moffat   road, 

Charlton  Thomas    A.    Huntingdon,    Moffat 

road,  Dumfries 
Charteries    Samuel    J.P.    Rosefield    house, 

Troqueer,  Dumfries 
Charteris  Rev.  Archd.  Kingswood,  Peebles 
Charteris  Rev.  W.  C.  Westray,  Kirkwall 
Charteris  John,  Burnbrae,  Lockerbie 
Charteris    Miss,    Fludha,    Tongland    road, 

Charters  John,  Avondale,  Galashiels 
Charters  John,   Woodside,  Langbank,  Port 

Charters  Miss,  1  Windsor  gdns.Musselbrgh 
Chasser  Mrs.    123  Forest  aven.    Aberdeen 
Chaundy  Walt.H.  20  Suffolk  st.Helensbrgh 
Cheape    Hon.    Mrs.    Lathockar,    Cameron, 

St.  Andrews 
Cheape  Oapt.  H.  A.  Gray,  Carsegray,  Res- 

cobie,  Forfar 
Cheape  Jas.  J.P.  Strathtyrum,  St 
Cheape  Misses,   Carne  lodge,  St. 
Chedburn  Rev.  William  Stewart, 

gate,  Aberdeen 
Cheetham   George,    Kenly  green,  Boarhills 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Cherry    Rev.    David     Alexander,    8    East 

Somerville  place,  Dundee 
Cherry  Rev.  Wm.  East  Calder,  Mid  Calder 
Cherry  Alex.   Fernville,  Lenzie,   Glasgow 
Cherry  James,  9  Barrie  terrace,    Ardrossan 
Chesarkie  Bernard,  90  Prestwick  rd.  Ayr 
Chesney  Benjamin,  Stanley,  St.  John's  rd. 

Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Chesney    James,     Stranord,     Oumbrieshaw 

drive,  West  Kilbride  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Chesney  Misses,  Stoneykirk,   Stranraer 
Chesson    Rev.    William    Henry,    10   Aber- 
lemno terrace,  Perth  road,  Dundee 
Chessor  Alex.  B.  Strichen  rd.  Fraserburgh 
Cheves  Robert  J.P.  Longside,  Aberdeen 
Cheylesmore  Lord  C.V.O.  Cheylesmore   lo. 

Nth. Berwick:  &    16  Princes  gt.Londn  SW 
Cheyne  Rev.  J.,  M.A. St.Andrews, Kirkwall 
Oheyne   Alex.  55  Forest  avenue,   Aberdeen 
Cheyne   Alex.   428  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Cheyne   Charles,    22  Burnett  pi.   Aberdeen 
Cheyne   Forbes,    Clevelands,   Glenburn    rd. 

west,   Bearsden.   Glasgow 
Cheyne  George,  45  Braemar  pi.    Aberdeen 
Cheyne  George,  351a,  Clifton  rd.  Aberdeen 

4  King's 


CLA      1469 

Cheyne  Henry,  96  Mile  End  av.  Aberdeen 
Cheyne  James,  25a,  Roslin  ter.  Aberdeen 
Cheyue  John,  43  Forest  avenue,  Aberdeen 
Cheyne  John,  13  Hosefield  aven.  Aberdeen 
Cheyne  MrB.  6  Albert  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Cheyne  Mrs.  87  'Gray  street,  Aberdeen 
Oheyne  Robert,  135  Clifton  rd.  Aberdeen 
Cheyne  Walter   Smith  M.D.,   CM.    1  Bon- 
Accord  square,  Aberdeen 
Cheyne  William, 72  Grattan  pi. Fraserburgh 
Cheyne  Wm.  '5  Hammerfield  av.  Aberdeen 
Oheyne  William,204  Westburn  rd. Aberdeen 
Chicken  John  Nelson,  4  Queensberry   ter- 
race, Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Chicken   Mrs.    Clair  mount,  Victoria  road, 

Maxwelltown,   Dumfries 
Chinnery-Haldane    J.    B.    Dunbeg,    North 

Ballachulish,   Onich  3.0.   Invemess-sh 
Chinnery-Haldane    Mr3.    Aultshealloch   ho, 
Nth.  Ballachulish, Onich  S.0.InverneB8-sh 
Chirnside  Thomas,  Erdington  house,  Mord- 

'ington,   Berwick 
Chisholm  Eight  Eev.   iEneas  D.D.,  LL.D. 
(Roman    Catholic   Bishop    of  Aberdeen), 
19  Golden  square,  Aberdeen 
Chisholm   Very    Rev.    Hugh    (Provost),    2 

East  Buchanan  street,  Paisley 
Chisholm     Rev.     Donald,    Church     street, 

Dufftown  S.O.  Banffshire 
Chisholm  Alexander,  Sedia  cottage,  Kings- 
mills  road,  Inverness 
Chisholm    Andrew,     Shawsburn,    Larkhall 

S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Chisholm  Archibald  A.  Oatrom.Lochmaddy 
Chisholm  C.  Branxholme.Dores  rd.InvernBs 
Chisholm    Douglas,    Woodhead,    Garnkirk, 

Chisholm  Duncan,  The  Park,  Dingwall 
Chisholm    John,   2   Balmoral  villas,    Cath- 

cart,  Glasgow 
Chisholm     John,     Craigellachie,     Millburn 

road,  Inverness 
Chisholm  John,  Culloden, Albert  pl.Airdrie 
Chisholm  J.  Eastfield.Murthly  S.O.Perthah 
Chisholm  J.Molison  ho. Mains  loan, Dundee 
Chisholm  Jn.Ness  ho. Bishop's  rd.Invernss 
Chisholm    John   C-,    J.P.    Strathesk,    Esk- 

bank  road,   Dalkeith 
Chisholm  John  Edwd.  Cochrane  st.Falkirk 
Chisholm  K.  Balcairn,  Fife  ter.  Inverness 
Chisholm  Miss,  Barnhill  house,  Perth 
Chisholm  Miss,  Dry  burgh  vil.  St.Boswells, 

Newton  St.  Boswells  8.0.  Roxburghsh 
Chisholm  Miss,  3  Glen  street,  Greenock 
Chisholm    Misses    (of  Chisholm),    Erchless 

castle,   Beauly  S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Ohisholm  Mrs.  Albany  street,  Lerwick 
Chisholm  Mrs.  Glassburn,  Beauly  S.O.  In- 

Chisholm  Mrs.  Riverbank.Abban  st.Invrnss 
Chisholm  Mrs.   9  Roslin  ter.   Aberdeen 
Chisholm  Mrs.TheElms, Bishop's  rd.Invmss 
Chisholm  Mrs.  J.   A.   Rose  cottage,  Conon 

Bridge  S.O.    Ross-shire 
Chisholm    William,    Allars,    Erskine    park 

south,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Chisholm    William,    Craigview,    KingUBSie 

S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Chisholme  Rev.   Father,   Eskadale,  Kiltar- 

lity,   Beauly  S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Ohislett  Charles,  52  Bloomgate  st.  Lanark 
Chism  John,  2  Albeit  place,  Airdrie 
Chivas  Mrs.  147  Forest  avenue,  Aberdeen 
Chivas  Mrs.  2  Fountainhall  rd.  Aberdeen 
Choat  Rev.  R.  The  Manse.Portessie.Buckie 
Chree    Rev.    George    Johnstone    B.D.    398 

Great  Western    road,    Aberdeen 
Chree  Geo.  M.A.  52  Devonshire  rd.Aberdn 
Chricton  James,  Clutha,  Wemyss  Bay  S.O. 

Christen  Mrs.  St.  Imier,  Bridge  of  Gairn, 

Ballater  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Gbristensen   Emil   J.P.    116   Bo'ness   road, 

Christie    Capt.     R.    M. ,     C.E.    Westlands, 

Christie  Rev.  Alex.  Hamilton  B.D.  Estab- 
lished manse,  Dundrennan, Kirkcudbright 
Christie  Rev.  A.  M.,  M.A.  Merhven,  Perth 
Christie  Rev.  Andrew  M.A.  The  Manse, 
Kildrummy,  Mossat  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Christie  Rev.O.,  M.A. 43  Regent  st.Greenck 
Christie  Rev.   Chas.   S.,  M.A.  West  Cults, 

Christie    Rev.    Francis  W.,    M.A.    12  West- 
field  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Christie  Rev.  George  B.D.   15  Springfield, 

Perth  road,  Dundee 
Christie    Rev.     James    D.D.    The    Manse, 

Gilmerton  S.O.  Midlothian 
Christie   Rev.    James    M.A.    United    Free 
Church  manse,  Stromness  S.O.  Orkney 
Christie    Rev.     John     E.     Congregational 

manse,  Darvel  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Christie  Rev.  John  George  B.D.  42  Char- 
lotte street,  Helensburgh 
Christie  Rev. Wm.L.. M.A.Evan  st.Stonehvn 
Christie  A.  Kilmailing  ter.Cathcart,Glasgw 
Christie  A.  W.  S.,  M.B.Donne  S.O.Perthsh 
Christie  Alex.  31  Hilton  street,  Aberdeen 

OhriBtie  Alex.   Railway  station,  Huntly 
Christie  Alex.  Innea,  Glenlivet,  Ballindal- 

loch  S.O.  Banffshire 
Christie  Alex.  Jas.  14  Carlton  pi.   Aberdn 
Christie  Alex.  S.  410  King  st.  Aberdeen 
OhriBtie  Andw.7Airlie  ter. Perth  rd.Dundee 
Christie  A.Nelson  cot. Nth. College  st.Elgin 
Christie   Archibald  J.P.    Elmbank,    Hodge 

street,  Falkirk 
Christie  Arthur  S.  Academy  rd.  Rothesay 
Christie     Charles,    Forbesville,     Strathdon 

S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Christie   Charles,   Tower  villa,  WeBt  Bay, 

Millport  S.O.   Buteshire 
Christie  D.  1  Rock  villa,  Perth  rd.  Crieff 
Christie  David,  5  Thistle  place,  Aberdeen 
Christie  David,  5  Westburn  drive,  Aberdn 
Christie  David  A.  May  cot.  Lenzie.Glasgw 
Christie     Duncan,     Dounmohr,     Callander 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Christie  Francis  W.  Dairsie  mains,  Dairsie 

S.O.   Fifeshire 
Christie  Gavin  M.  67  View  ter.  Aberdeen 
Christie  George,  Callands  house,  Newlands, 

West  Linton  S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Christie    George,     11     Crompton     avenue, 

Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Christie  Geo.  Heath  villa,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Christie  George,  Viewfield  cottage,  Glad- 
stone place,  Dyce,  Aberdeen 
Christie  Geo.  G.  19  St.  Swithin  st.  Aberdn 
Christie  Geo.  Kerr, 10  Dean  ter.Kilmarnock 
Christie  Henry  W.   Torwood,  Renton  S.O. 

Christie  Jn.  Birchfield,  Avon  st.Motherwell 
Christie  J.lOHuntley  gdns. Cathcart, Glaagw 
Christie  J.,  J.P.  15  Reidhaven  street.Elgin 
Christie  Jas.Ardenlea.Portland  pk.Hamiltn 
Christie  James,  61  Clifton  road,  Aberdeen 
Christie  James  J.P.  Clunie  street,  Banff 
Christie  J.  East  croft.High  Blantyre,Glsgw 
Christie     James,     Fairmuir,     Craig     road, 

Tayport  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Christie  J.  Golf  view,Dorward  rd.Montrose 
Christie  James,  Lea-Rig,  Bank  st.  Irvine 
Christie  Jas.  Oriel  cot.  East  Links, Dunbar 
Christie    James,     Roslyn    villa,    Windmill 

road,  Hamilton 
Christie  Jas.  113  Strathmartine  rd.Dundee 
Christie  James,  jun.  Seafield  street,  Banff 
Christie  James  A.  Duff  avenue,  Elgin 
Christie  James  Low,  37  Forest  av.  Aberdn 
Christie  J.  M.ll  South  Beach  rd.Ardrossan 
Christie  James  R.   B.  Craig  Lea,   Keir  st. 

Bridge  of  Allan 
Christie  James  Souter   M.B.,  C-M.    Carra- 

dale,  Carradale  Pier  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Christie  John,  Farnell,  Brechin 
Christie  John,  Fenwick,  Kilmarnock 
Christie  Jn.  55  Fountainhall  rd.  Aberdeen 
Christie   John,   Hill  View   cottage,    Round 

Riding  road,  Dumbarton 
Christie  John,   342  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Christie  John  J.P.  Levenfield,  Alexandria, 

Christie    John,    Smeaton    road,    Pathhead, 

Christie  John  Anderson,  Barnhawk, Heath- 
cote  road,  Crieff 
Christie  John  F.,  M.B.,  O.M.  7  Alford  pi. 

Christie  John  S.  23  Ormonde  park,  Clark- 

ston  road,  Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Christie  Joseph  S.  8  King'B  place,  Perth 
Christie    Miss,    Blinkbonny,    Lower  Largo 

S.O.   Fifeshire 
Christie  Miss,  7  Bothwell  road,  Hamilton 
Christie    Miss,   Cowden   castle,    Muckhart, 

Dollar  S.O.  Clackmannanshire 
Christie  Miss,  Damond  cot.  Dyce,  Aberdn 
Christie  Miss,  30  Hyndford  road,  Lanark 
Christie  Miss.Kinloch  ter.Keptie  rd.Arbrth 
Christie  Miss,  Ratheren,    St.   Fillans   S.O. 

Christie  Miss    A.   3  Hope  st.  St.   Andrews 
Christie  Misses,   54  Stanley  st.   Aberdeen 
Christie  Misses,    Westerton   drive.    Bridge 

of  Allan 
Christie     Mrs.     Alexandra     cottage,    WeBt 

Ferry,    Bronghty   Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Christie  Mrs.  Balnagask  rd.  Torry, Aberdn 
Christie  Mrs.  286  Broomhill  rd.  Aberdeen 
Christie    Mrs.     Craigafran,    Tayport    road, 

East  Newport,  Fifeshire 
Christie     Mrs.      Crof  Hands,     New     street, 

Christie    Mrs.    Dnnavon,    Victoria    street, 

Dyce,  Aberdeen 
Christie  Mrs.Elmwood,Oarrington  ter. Crieff 
Christie  Mrs.  Fernlea,  Oraigie  road.  Perth 
Christie  Mrs.  Grange  road,  Burntisland 
Christie  Mrs.  19  Hamilton  place,  Aberdeen 
Christie  Mrs.  Hill  cot. Kirkgatehead, Irvine 
Christie  Mrs. 35  Mile  End  avenue, Aberdeen 
Christie  Mrs.  Northfield.Trinlty  rd.Brechin 
Christie    Mrs.     8    Norwood    terrace,    East 

Newport,   Fifeshire 
Christie  Mrs.  16  Rose  terrace.  Perth 
Christie  Mrs.  St.  Cuthbert's,  Juniper  Green 

S.O.  Midlothian 

Christie   Mrs.   Roseburn,   Moray  pi.   Elgin 
Christie    Mrs.    Southfield   house,    Snowdon 

place,  Stirling 
Christie  Mrs.  Stewart  st.Kirn  S.O.Argyllsh 
Christie     Mrs.     Stratfaview,      Corstorphine 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Christie  Mrs.  32  Thomson  street,  Dundee 
Christie  Murdo,   3  Crown  terrace,  Midmills 

road,  Inverness 
Christie  Nimmo,  Hillcrest  road,  Dundee 
Christie  Peter,  49  Sunnybank  pi.  Aberdeen 
Christie  R.  M.,  J.P.  Durie  house,  Leven 
Christie    Robert,     Mary     villa,     Balnagask 

road,  Torry,  Aberdeen 
Christie    Samuel,   jun.    Ythan,    Victoria   st. 

Dyce,    Aberdeen 
Christie  Thos.  Dirleton  av.  North  Berwick 
Christie    Thomas    C,    D.L.,    J.P.    Bedlay 

manor,  Chryston,  Glasgow 
Christie  Thomas  North,  Blackhills,  Elgin 
Christie  W.   Parklea,  Auchmore  rd. Dunoon 
Christie  William,  87  Clifton  road,  Aberdeen 
Christie  W.  219  Gt.  Northern  rd.  Aberdeen 
Christie  William,  Killin  S.O.  Perthshire 
Christie  W.  25  Montgomerie  cres.  Saltcoats 
Chriatie  W.  Sefton  cot.  West  Park,   Cupar 
Christie    William    Carrie,    1   Hill    crescent, 

Wormit,  Fife 
Christie  William  D.   Bellslea,  Crescent  rd. 

Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Christie    William    R.     Arbirlot,    Montague 

row,  Inverness 
Christie  Wm.   S.   19  Watson  st.   Aberdeen 
Chris  tison     David,     Daldrihaig,     Aberfoyle 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Christison  Hy.  L.  jun.  9  North  ter.Berwick 
Christiaon  H.L.aen.J.P.59Bridge  st.  Berwck 
Chrystal  Rev.  James  R.,  B.D.  The  Priory, 

Chrystal   David,    15  Victoria  sq.    Stirling 
Chrystal  John  George,  Bloomhill,  Cardross 

S.O.  Dumbartonahire 
Chrystal   J.   G.    27   Grosvenor  pi.    Aberdeen 
Chrystal  Miss, 106  WestKing  at. Helensburgh 
Chrystal     Mra.     Hillside     cottage,     Mount 

Pleasant,  Newburgh,  Fifeshire 
Chrystal  Robert,  Cormiston  TowerB,  Biggar 
Chrystal    William    James,     Auchindennan, 

Alexandria,  Dumbartonshire 
Chrystal  W.  T.  35  George  st.  Helensburgh 
Chry stall    Rev.    Andrew    J,    Free    Church 

manse,  Bucksburn,  Aberdeen 
Chrystall    David    M-,    TJ.    F.     C.     manse, 

Bucksburn,  Aberdeen 
Chrystall   G-,  J.P.Hatton   S.O.   Aberdeensh 
Chrystall  James,  Bank  house,  Halkirk  S.O. 

Chrystie  JameB  B.   18  The  Crescent,  South 

beach,  Ardrossan 
Chrystie  Robt.   C.   25  Causeyside  st. Paisley 
Chudleigh  Andrew  J.  2  Dalhousie  terrace, 

Perth  road,  Dundee 
Chuickshank  William  D.  77  Land  st.  Keith 
Church    Harold,     Auch-na-Cloich,    Rahane, 

Roseneafh  S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Churchward    Ernest    C.    Southlea,    Cammo 

crescent,  Cramond  S.O.  Midlothian 
Oinnamond  James,  Ashgrove,  Innellan  S.O. 

Cinnamond    James,     Sefton     lodge,     South 

Park  road,  Hamilton 
Clachar  Miss,  57  Knockcushan  at.  Girvan 
Clacher  James,  9   George  crescent,  Perth 
Clacherty  J. Dalhousie  st.   Monifieth, Dundee 
Clake  James,  11  Albert  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Clalland  Wm.   Glenmorag  crescent,  Dunoon 
Clapperton  Alan,Lochside,Lochwinnoch   S.O 
Clapperton  James,   South  park,  Kilmacolm 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Clapperton  Joseph  H.   Ashy  bank,   Selkirk 
Clapperton   Mrs.   Heatherlie  bank,   Selkirk 
Clapperton  Mrs.  53  Union  street,  Greenock 
Clapperton    Mrs.    Yester    cottage,    Gifford, 

Clapperton  Robert,   St.  Ronans,  Kilmacolm 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Clapperton  Robt.  A.  61  Union  st.  Greenock 
Clapperton  Thomas  N.  Plora  villa.   River- 
aide  road,  Aberdeen 
Clark  Sir  John  Forbes  bart.   LL.D.,  D.L., 

J.P.    Tillypronie,    Tarland,    Aboyne    S.O. 

Clark  Colonel  William,  Princeland,  Coupar- 

Angus   S.O.    Perthshire 
Clark    Rev.     Alexander    M.A.    Kingawells, 

Countess  wells,   Aberdeen 
Clark  Rev.   Dugald   B.D.    Glassary  manse, 

Kilmichael,  Glassary  S.O.    Argyilshire 
Clark    Rev.    George,    Free    Church    manse, 

Cunningsburgh,  Lerwick 
Clark  Rev.  Gilbert  M.A.  Haywood,  Lanark 
Clark  Rev.  J.  S.,  M.A.  The  Manse,  Bridge 

of  Earn  S.O.  Perthshire 
Clark   Rev.   James,   Bankton  house,    North 

Queensferry  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Clark    Rev.  "James    M.A.    Milton    of   Bal- 

gonie,  Markinch 
Clark  Rev.  James,  The  Preabytery,  Shield- 

muir,  Wishaw 
Clark    Rev.    Jamea    Haggart    M.A.    United 

Free   Church  manse,  Aberlemno,   Forfar 

1470       CLA 


Clark  Rev.  John  M.A.  25  Townsend  place, 

Clark    Rev.    John    A,,    B.D.    United    Free 

Church  manse,  Bellshill  S.O.  Lanarksh 

Clark  Rev.  P.  T.  Gamrie,  Banff 

Clark  Rev.  Peter  Alexander  Gordon,  "West 

Free  Church  manse,  Kinnoull  ter.  Perth 

Clark    Rev.     Robert.     Glenary,    Westcoats 

road,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Clark    Rev.     Thomas,    West    United    Free 

Church  manse,  Penpont,  Thornhill 
Clark  A.  Clyde  vw.Blairmore  S.O.Argvllsh 
Clark   A.    F.   Chisholm   M.B.,    CM    SI*  Al- 
bert street,  Dundee 
Clark    Abram,    Forth   cottage,    16   New  st 

Clark  Alexander,  15  Balmoral  pi.  Aberdeen 
Clark  Alexander,  10  Cedar  place,  Aberdeen 
Clark  Alex.  16  Devonshire  road,  Aberdeen 
Clark  Alex.  Oakbank,  Banfi  road,  Keith 
Clark  A.Roselea.Corstorphine  S.O.Midlothn 
Clark  Alex.  16  Royal  terrace,  Linlithgow 
Clark  A. 56  South  Hamilton  st.  Kilmarnock 
Clark    Alexander,    The    Chestnuts,    Lundin 

Mill,  Lower  Largo  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Clark  Andrew,  Marchmount, Mount  Pleasant 

road,  Rothesay 
Clark   Andrew,  32  Paton  street,   Alloa 
Clark  Andrew,   130  Queen  st.  Peterhead 
Clark    Charles,    Bank    of    Scotland   house, 

Moffat,    Dumfriesshire 
Clark   David,    St.    Martin's,    Queen   street, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Clark  D.   W.John  st.Stromness  S.O.Orkney 
Clark  Davidson,  2D  Scott  street,  Dundee 
Clark  D.  34   Old  Edinburgh  rd.   Inverness 
Clark    Edward,     Glenfuir,    Fidra    terrace, 

North  Berwick 
Clark   Francis  William  J.P,  Isle  of  Ulva, 

Aros  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Clark  F.W.A.Ardath, Lovers'  walk, Dumfries 
Clark    George,    Balmenach,    Cromdale   S.O. 

Clark  Geo.  Beechhill,  Milltimber,  Aberdeen 
Clark  George,  42  Salisbury  ter.  Aberdeen 
Clark   George,   South  park,   Juniper  Green 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Clark  George,   15  Witch  road,  Kilmarnock 
Clark     George     M.A.     Tthan    bank,    West 

Newport,  Fifeshire 
Clark  George  Dixon  A.  Bohally,  Pitlochry 
Clark  Gerald  Fitzgerald  King,  "South  park, 

Carriagehill  drive,  Paislev 
Clark  J.,  J.P.  Chapel  ho.  Blackhall.Paisley 
Clark  J. Oscar, Uppingham, Blackhall.Paisley 
Clark  J.    Wallace,    Dunira,    Reform   street, 

Taypont  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Clark  James,   Abbey  hill,   Precinct    street, 

Coupar-Angus  S.O.  Perthshire 
Clark  James,  4  Arran  terrace,  Ayr 
Clark  James,  13  Ailsa  place,  Ayr 
Clark  James, Barry  bank,Rankine  st. Dundee 
Clark  James,  Couston  street,  Dunfermline 
Clark  J.  Dunarle,  High  Station  rd. Falkirk 
Clark  James,  496  Kins  street,  Aberdeen 
Clark  J.  Elswick  vil.  Robertson  ter.  Forfar 
Clark  Jas.  Mount  grange,  Glasgow  rd.Prth 
Clark  James.  10  Railway  place,  Montrose 
Clark  Jas.  Ruleknowe,  Gala  ter.  Galashieli 
Clark  James,  9  Traquair  park,Coratorphine 

S.O.   Midlothian 
Clark    James    J.P.    The     Square,    Portsoy 

S.O.  Banffshire 
Clark  James,   31  Urquhart  road,  Aberdeen 
Clark  Jas.Westbank,  Titchfield  road,  Troon 
Clark  James,  Windmill  road,  Hamilton 
Clark  James  Buchanan.  Winterdyne,  Camp- 
dell  drive,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Clark  James  S.  Heathcote,  Lenzie, Glasgow 
Clark  John,  iEolian  lodge,  Nigg,  Aberdeen 
Clark  Jn.  Cadzowburn.  Union  st.  Hamilton 
Clark  John,   Cintra,  Barnhill,  Perth 
Clark  John,  114  Clifton  road,  Aberdeen 
Clark  John,  4  Orrock  pi.  Jeanfield,  Perth 
Clark  John  B.  8  Balgillo  terrace,  Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Clark  John  E.  19  Church  street,  Alloa 
Clark  John  H.271  Gt.  Western  rd. Aberdeen 
Clark  Jn.  Jas.    20   Montague   at.   Dumfries 
Clark  John  L.,  M.A.   10  Albert  ter.Aberdn 
Clark    John    McQueen,    3    Marchbank    ter- 
race, Moffat  road,  Dumfries 
Clark  Jn.   N.   11   Salisbury  ter.   Aberdeen 
Clark  John  Orr,  Crummock  street,  Beith 
Clark    John    R.    W.    West   Bank,    Millgate 

loan,   Arbroath 
Clark  John  Stewart,  Dreghorn  castle, Colin- 
ton  S.O.  Midlothian 
Clark  L.   Daisy  bank,  James  place,  Cupar 
Clark  Malcolm  Turner,  Craigengower,  Lang- 
bank,  Port  Glasgow 
Clark  Miss,  28  Adelaide  street, Helensburgh 
Clark  Miss,    Aldona,   Douglas  drive,  Cam- 

buslang,   Glasgow 
Clark  Miss,  Alma  villa,  Aberfeldy 
Clark  Miss,  Avenel.  Melroae 
Clark  Miss,  Balblair,  Nairn 
Clark  Miss,  Benview,  Kippen,  Kippen  Sta- 
tion S.O.  Stirlingshire 
Clark  Miss,  115  Desswood  place,  Aberdeen 
Clark  Miss,  Druim,Rangemore  rd. Inverness 

Clark  Miss,  Dunmuir,  Castle  Douglas 
Clark  Miss,  46  Grattan  pi.  Fraserburgh 
Clark  Miss,  Hazeldene,   Seamill,  West  Kil 

bride  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Clark  Miss,  328  Holburn  street,  Aberdeen 
Clark  Miss, Kilmallie, Links  cres. St. Andrews 
Clark  Miss,   Kilmory,   Cadzow  drive,  Cam- 

buslang,  Glasgow 
Clark  Miss,  4  Loanhead  street,  Kilmarnock 
Clark  Miss,  5  Mayville  park,  Dunbar 
Clark  Miss,  49  Rosemount  place,  Aberdeen 
Clark  Miss,  Roslin  vil.  Royal  cres,  Dunoon 
Clark  Miss,Succoth,Blairm"ore   S.O.Argyllsh 
Clark  Miss,  20  Waverley  place,  Aberdeen 
Clark  Misses,  Westwood,   West  Bay,   Mill- 
port S.O.  Buteshire 
Clark  Mrs.  27  Albyn  place, ^Aberdeen 
Clark  Mrs.  4  Balhousie  street,  Perth 
Clark  Mrs.   Balmyle,  West  Ferry,  Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Clark  'Mrs.  40  Beaconsfield  pi.   Aberdeen 
Clark  Mrs.   11  Braco  st.  Fife  Keith,  Keith 
Clark  Mrs.  9   Church   street,    Sinclairtown, 

Clark  Mrs.   Clackmannan 
Clark  Mrs.  Curling  hall,  Largs  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Clark  Mrs.  Drimlia  lodge,  Kildonan,  Whit- 
ing Bay  S.O.  Isle  of  Arran 
Clark  Mrs.  17  Dundonald  rd.  Kilmarnock 
Clark  Mrs.  East  Brae  cottage,  Hill  street, 

Monifieth,  Dundee 
Clark  Mrs.  Elmbank,  Tayport  S.O.  Fifesh 
Clark  Mrs.  Fernbank,  Craigie  road,  Perth 
Clark  Mrs.   Hillside   terrace,  St.   Leonard's 

road,  Forres 
Clark  Mrs.  Ivy  hank,  Port  Glasgow 
Clark  Mrs.  Laurelbank,  Tavport  S.O. Fifesh 
Clark   Mrs.    Leitfie,   Alyth   S.O.    Perthshire 
Clark  Mrs.  Lyleston,  Robert  st. Stonehaven 
Clark  Mrs.  36  Maberly  street,  Aberdeen 
Clark  Mrs.  202  Mid  Socket  road,  Aberdeen 
Clark  Mrs.  38  Moss   street,  Elgin 
Clark  Mrs.   Octagon  tower,   North   Queens- 
ferry   S.O.   Fifeshire 
Clark  Mrs.  59  Portland  road.  Kilmarnock 
Clark  Mrs.   5   St.  John's  road,  Annan 
Clark   Mrs.    Strathallan   villa,   Keir   street 

Bridge  of  Allan 
Clark     Mrs.    The     Glebe,     Cramond     S.O 

Clark  Mrs.  90  West  King  st.   Helensburgh 
Clark    Mrs.    &    Miss,    Gilchrist,   Speddoch, 

Holywood,  Dumfries 
Clark     Mrs.     George,     Tressbank,     Riccar 

ton,  Kilmarnock 
Clark  Mrs.  Thos.  13  Queen's  terrace,  Ayr 
Clark  Mrs.   Wm.  Faskally  house,  Pitlochry 
Clark  Mungo,  Perth  road,  Blairgowrie 
Clark  P.  Hawthorn  vil.   Dysart  S.O. Fifesh 
Clark    Patrick    D.     1    Blackness    crescent 

Perth  road,  Dundee 
Clark    Patrick    William    Leslie,     202    Mid 

Stocket  road,   Aberdeen 
Clark  Peter.   Glencair-on-the-Hill,   Innellan 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Clark  Peter,  Primrose  bank,  Dumfries 
Clark  R.  Bee  Croft,  Rosemount, Blairgowrie 
Clark  R.  Gowanlea,  Alexander  st.Dumbrtn 
Clark  R.  Taybank  bo.  Errol  S.O.Perthshire 
Clark  R.  F.  23  Kyle  pk.Uddingston,GlaBgw 
Clark     Robert,     Craig    villa,     Prestonpan 

3.0.    Haddingtonshire 
Clark  Rt.  Doncoila,  Kirkintilloch,  Glasgow 
Clark  Robert,  76  Duthie  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Clark  Robert    M.B.    25    James    st.    Lossie- 

mouth  S.O.  Morayshire 
Clark  Robert,  1  Maryfield  place,  Motherwell 
Clark  Rt.The  Hollies,  East  Bay  rd. Dunoon 
Clark  Robert  A.  6  Back  street,  Dalkeith 
Clark  R.M.27  Rubislaw  Den  sth.  Aberdeen 
Clark  Ronald  M.B.  Drummore,  Stranraer 
Clark  Stewart,  Dundas  castle,  Queensferry 
Clark  Thomas,  133  Desswood  pi.  Aberdeen 
Clark  Thomas,  Ellon 

Clark  Thomas,  King  street.  Castle  Douglas 
Clark     Thomas      Bennet     C.A.     Newmills 

house,  Balerno  S.O.  Midlothian 
Clark  T.    C.   The  Cot.   Galston  S.O.    Ayrsh 
Clark  W.  H.,  M.D,  323  Clifton  rd.Aberdeen 
Clark  W.    Lawson,    2    Home   terrace,  West 
Ferry,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Clark  William,  Burnhouse,  Beith 
Clark  William,  Causewayend.Culter,  Biggar 
Clark  W.  5  Chalmers  st.  Maryfield,  Dundee 
Clark  Wm.   17  Desswood  place,  Aberdeen 
Clark  Wm.  Estron,  Hawkhead  rd.  Paisley 
Clark  William,   9   Gardenside   terrace,   Ud- 

dingston,  Glasgow 
Clark  Wm.  210  Great  Western  rd.Aberdeen 
Clark    William,    Hillside    cottage,    Weens- 

land  road,  Hawick 
Clark  William,  17  Titchfield  road,  Troon 
Clark  William,  15  Witch  road,  Kilmarnock 
Clark  William  A.  Roseangle  cottage,  Mag- 
dalen Yard  road,  Dundee 
Clark  Wm.  D.  84  Irvine  place,  Aberdeen 
Clarke  Capt.  G.  G.  Eriboll,  Durness,  Lairg 
Clarke    Rev.    Henry,    11    South    Main    st. 

Wigtown  S.O.  Wigtownshire 
Clarke  Rev.    John,   Broxwood  park,   Sand- 
bank S.O.  Argyllshire 

Clarke  Rev.   John  M.A.  The  Manse,   Moss- 
green,  Crossgates  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Clarke    Rev.    Thos.    Elliott    Simpson    B.D. 

Salfcon,  Pencaitland  S.O.  Haddingtonsh 
Clarke   Rev.    Walter  John   M.A.Oxon.    The 

Rectory,  Kelso 
Clarke  Duncan,  7  Argyll  place,  Aberdeen 
Clarke  E.  Mav  bank.  Milngavie,  Glasgow 
Clarke  F.  H.,*  M.B.  Charlotte  st.  Dumfries 
Clarke  George,  12  London  rd.  Kilmarnock 
Clarke    George,    St.    Edmunds.    Brownside 

road,   Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Clarke  George  A.   479  King  st.   Aberdeen 
Clarke  H.   A.   Hyndlee.  Seabank  rd.   Nairn 
Clarke   J.    Powrie,    Bridgefoot,    Strathmar- 

tine,  Dundee 
Clarke  James,  Annbank  ho.  Annbank,  Ayr 
Clarke    James,    Deckford,    Cadzow    drive, 

Cambuslang.   Glasgow 
Clarke  Jas.   89  Devonshire  road,   Aberdeen 
Clarke  James,  21  King  street,  Douue   8.0. 

Clarke  James  S.  Laurel  cottage.  Woodmuir 

park,  West  Newport,  Fifeshire 
Clarke  Jn.,  M.A.  7  Chanonry.Old  Aberdeen 
Clarke   Joseph    Adam   M.D.    Milton   house, 

Ferry  Brae,  Dunoon 
Clarke  Miss,  70  Hammerfleld  av.  Aberdeen 
Clarke   Miss,  Lowther  cottage,    Harrowden 

road,  Inverness 
Clarke  Miss,  Thornhill,   Glamis  rd.   Forfar 
Clarke  Misse3,  Mount  Pleasant,  Rosemount 

street,   Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Clarke  Mrs.  Ballindown,  Kiltarlity,  Beauly 

S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Clarke     Mrs.     Hollandbush,     Comrie     S.O. 

Clarke  Mrs.  9  James  place,  Broughty  Ferry 

S.O.  Forfarshire 
Clarke  Mrs.  Kirksheaf,  Tain 
Clarke  Mrs.  Langton,  Seabank  rd.  Nairn 
Clarke     Robert,     Kilmeny.     Erskine     park 

south,   Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Clarke  S.D.Brunstock,  Hyndford  rd. Lanark 
Clarke   Tyrell    Hastings    Calvert    Augustus 

D.L.  Achareidh,  Nairn 
Clarke  Wm.  Beechcroft,  Bothweil,  Glasgow 
Clarke  Wm.  Hallside  ho.  Newton,  Glasgow 
Clarke  Wm.  J.  12  Forth  crescent.  Stirling 
Clarke  Wm.  John,  Bayhead  st.  Storuoway 
Clarkson  Rev.  Peter.  Kenmore  st. Aberfeldy 
Clarkson      Alec,     Westmount,      Sfeewarton 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Clarkson     Alexander,     Highburgh    avenue, 

St.  Leonard  street,  Lanark 
Clarkson  Chas.   Falkirk  iron  wks.  Falkirk 
Clarkson     James,     Kaledoma,     James     st. 

Dairy  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Clarkson  James,  Kilwinning  road.  Irvine 
Clarkson    John,   Woodbank,    Holmh^ad    rd. 

Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Clarkson  Mrs.   Benvrackie,   Bridge  of  Tilt, 

Blair  Atholl 
Clarkson  Mrs.  Craighill,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Clarkson    Robert    J.P.    Avondale,    Polmont 

S.O.    Stirlingshire 
Clarkson      Robert      Durward,      Highfield,. 

Arnot  hill,  Falkirk 
Clarkson    Thomas,    Highburgh    aveo.    St. 

Leonard   street,   Lanark 
Clarkson      William,      Frlarspark,      Abbey- 
green,   Lesmahagow   S.O.    Lanarkshire 
Claxton  Rev.  Arthur  Eugene  M.A.   Estab- 
lished Church  manse,  Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Claxton  John  E.   Lochgilphead 
Clay  Sir  Arthur  Temple  Felix  barfc.  Ard- 

meallie,  Marnoch,  Huntly 
Clay  Asa,    1   Balmoral  place,    Stirling 
Clay  Mrs.  44  Ravensdowne,  Berwick 
Claye  W.  E.  Blairhulichan,  Aberfoyte  3.0. 

Clayhills-Henderson   Capt.   Geo.   D.,   R.N., 

J.P.  Invergowrie  ho.Invergowrle.Dnndee 
Clayton    Mrs.    Lundin    hill,    Lower    Largo 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Clazey  John  0.  Noranside  ho. Fern, Brechin 
Clazy   Rev.    Robert.    United    Free    Church 

manse.  Dunning  S.O.   Perthshire 
Olazy     Misses,     Kerse,     Kilmacolm     S.O. 

Clearie    James,    12    Dean    terrace,    Beans- 
burn,  Kilmarnock 
Cleebers;  C.  Carlsruh,  Green  la.   Dumfries 
Clesrsr  John,  Homehead  cottage,  Dreghorn 

S.O.   Ayrahire 
Clegg  J.  Union  ril.   Union  rd.  Inverness 
Cleehorn   D.    C.    Elina,    Woodend   avenue, 

Cathcart,  Glassrow 
Cleghorn  J.  Clifton  ho.  Alyth  S.O.  Perthsh 
Cleghorn  Mrs.  Clifton  bank.  Well  st. Cupar 
Cleghorn    Mrs.    Fashoda,    Newmains    S.O. 

Clea-horn    William,     jun.     Bayfield,     West 

Ferrv,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Cleland  Rev.  Jas.  Glenburn.Yoker.GIasgw 
Cleland   A.,  J.P.  Strathdee,  Tongland  rd. 

Cleland    Alexander,    Deepdale,    East   Clep- 

ington  road,  Dundee 


col      1471 

Cleland  Alexander,  Welburn  villa, Gourock   Clyne   Geo.    16   Gordondale   rd.   Aberdeen 

house,    Halkirk    S.O. 

S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Cleland  A.  Eddington,  Darvel  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Oleland  J.  Deepdale.Glepington  rd.  Dundee 
Cleland  James,  16  Cragie  terrace,  Dundee 
Cleland  Jas.    15  Kildonan  st.   Coatbridge 
Cleland  James,   12  Letham  place,   Dunbar 
Cleland  J. Meadow  bank.Darvel  S.O. Ayrsh 
Cleland  James  Arthur,  Clonmore,  St.Cuth- 
bert's   avenue,   Maxwelltown,   Dumfries 
Cleland   James   C.   Albany  lo.   Dumfries 
Cleland  John,  Rowallan,  Kilmarnock 
Cleland  M.The  Cairn,  Blairbill,  Coatbridge 
Cleland  Wm.Temple  st. Darvel  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Clelland  Rev.  Peter  \V.   Francis  st.  Wick 
Cleliand  Eev.Wm.Inverkeithing  S.O.Fifesh 
Cleiland  Mrs.  Rosebank,  Botbwell, Glasgow 
Clelland    Mrs.    St.    Lawrence,    Racecourse 

view,  Ayr 
Clelland     Peter,      Gattonside,      Buchanan 

drii  e,    Oambuslang,   Glasgow 
Clement      Andrew,      Netherton,      Newton 

Mearns,    Glasgow 
Clement  David  Thomas,  Roberton,  Heath- 

cota  road,  Crieff 
ClementMisses,Penfrat,Ferntower  rd. Crieff 
Clement  Mis.  29  Queen  st.  Castle  Douglas 
Clement  Mrs.  Roberton,Heathcote  rd. Crieff 
Clement  R.  Kirkland,  Dunlop  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Clement  Thomas,  5  Ballantine  drive,  Ayr 
Clements  Alfd.  Maretraite,  Busby,  Glasgw 
Clendinnen  Charles  B.  Edenside  rd.  Kelso 
Clephane    John,    Jane    cottage,    Dudding- 

et-on,  Portobello  S.O.   Midlothian 
Clerihew  George,  45   Sunnyside  rd.Aberdn 
Clerk  Col.  Sir  George  Douglas  bart.  V.D., 

J. P.  Penicuik  house,  Penicuik 
Clerk  D,  Duncrievie,  Bath  st.  Stonehaven 
Clerk  Duncan,  25   Octavia  ter.   Greenock 
Clerk  Geo.  J.   R.,  J. P.  Bank  ho.  Penicuik 
Clerk  James,   Holmdene,   Kilmacolm  S.O. 

Clerk  John  J. P.  7  Langlands,  Dumfries 
Clerk   John    M.    Barone    villa,    Bridge    of 

Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Olery  J.  Valrose,  West  Bay,  Dunoon 
Clews  Mrs.  Trees  park,  Paisley  rd.  Barr- 
head, Glasgow 
Clifford  J.   Braemar,   Kirn   S.O.    Argyllsh 
Clifford  Miss,  Redcliffe,  Victoria  dri. Troon 
Clifton   Charles  Henry,  Pensilvia,  Overton 

road,  Johnstone 
Clifton  Talbot,  Rhitloiroch  lodge,  Ullapool 

S.O.  Ross-shire 
Climie    Rev.    Hugh,    The    Manse,    Meigle 

S.O.    Perthshire 
Climie    Andrew,    Cal-ye-hant,    St.    Brides 

road,  Newlands,  Glasgow 
Climie  Mrs.  14  Lugar  street,  Cumnock 
Climie  Thos.23  Prestwick  rd.  Newton, Ayr 
Clink  John  D.  53  Octavia  ter.  Greenock 
Clink  Mrs.  Chas.  W.  17  Fox  st.  Greenock 
Clinton  Lord  D.L..  J.P.  Fettercairn  ho. 
Laurencekirk ;  <5b  Carlton  club.LondonSW 
Clive    Capt.    Edward,    Rostellan,    Golspie, 

Clopperton     James     N.     Potterton    house, 

Belhelvie,  Aberdeen 
Clough  Chas.  T.   St.  Ann's  mount,  Polton 

S.O.  Lasswade 
Clouston     Joseph     S.      Smoogroo      house, 

Orphir,   Kirkwall 
Clow  Rev.  Wm.  63  London  rd. Kilmarnock 
Clow   Andrew,    Woodside,    Aberfeldy 
Clow    Archd.    171    Clifton   rd.    Aberdeen 
Clow  Donald  A.,J.P.Cuidrach,  Uig.Portree 
Clow  Miss,  East  Bowmont  street,  Kelso 
Clow  Rt.Station  rd.Abernethy  S.O.Perthsh 
Clow   William    M.A.,    M.B.    97   Causeyside 

street,  Paisley 
Clubb  A. Mfc. Pleasant,  Uddingston, Glasgow 
Cluckle  Andw.  M.D.77  George  st. Stranraer 
Cluckie  N.  G.,  M.B.29  "Union  st.Greenock 

&  Oraighoyle,  Ardentinny,  Greenock 
Clugston  Miss,  View  field, Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Clunas  J.   Gowanlea,  Seafield  cres.  Elgin 
Clunas   Mrs.    1  Blackness   crescent,  Perth 

road,  Dundee 
Clunes    Robert,    Knockomie,    Orchard    st. 

Clunie  Mrs.  8  King  street,  Perth 
Clunie    Peter,    4   Duntrune    terrace,    West 
Ferry,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Clunie  Robert,  Balcarres,  Kyle  park,  Ud- 
dingston, Glasgow 
Clunies-Ross   E.    R.    Ardfinaig,    Ardrisbaig 

S.O.   Argyllshire 
Clyde  J.  Braemonnt,  Rattray,  Blairgowrie 
Clyde  James  A.  Briglands,  Fo3soway  S.O. 

Clyde   Robert   M.    Hayfleld    cottage,    West 

King  street,  Helensburgh 
Clyde  Walt.  P.  The  Firs,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Clyde  William  P.  Lybster  S.O.  Caithness 
Clydesdale  Alexander,  Glenashdale, Brown- 
side  road,  Oambuslang,  Glasgow 
Clyne  A.  E.  387  Gt.  Western  rd.Aberdeen 
Clyne    Alexander,    Tister    house,    Halkirk 

3.0.  Caithness-shire 
Clyne  Arthur,   56  Rubislawden  sth.Aberdn 

Clyne    James,    Hoy 

Clyne  James,   Knappach,   Crathes 
Clyne  James  B.  4  Fonthill  ter.   Aberdeen 
Clyne  Mrs.  23  Gurney  street,  Stonehaven 
Clyne  Mrs.Viewfitild.Argyle  st. St. Andrews 
Coalston  Henry.33  Market  st.  Haddington 
Coates  Archd.  Battleby,  Redgarton,  Perth 
Coates   Henry,   Pitcullen  house,  Perth 
Coates  Jas.  Glenbeg,  Ardbeg  rd.  Rothesay 
Coates  James,  Pitcullen  house,  Perth 
Coates    Miss,    Birkhall,    Havelock    street, 

Coates  Miss  M.  J.   Pitcullen  house,  Perth 
Coates    William    Allan,    Dalskairth    house, 

Troqueer,  Dumfries 
Coats  Sir  James  bart.  Auchendrane,  Alio- 

way,  Ayr 
Coats  Col.  James,  4  Alloway  park,  Ayr 
Coats     Rev.     Walter    William    D.D.     The 

Manse,  High  street,  Brechin 
Coats  Archibald  J.P.   Woodside,  Paisley 
Coats  E.    S.  Balgonie,  Meikleriggs.Paisley 
Coats  Geo.  J.P.  Belle  Isle.   Alloway,   Ayr 
Coats     George,    Glentana    house,     Aboyne 

S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Coats  George  H.,  J.P.  Ellangowan.Castle- 

head,  Paisley 
Coats  Geo.  W.,  M.B.  54  High  st.  Paisley 
Coats  Gervase  H.  2  Mansfield  pi.  Paisley 
Coats  James.  Dalreoeh  Park  terrace,  Oban 
Coats  J.,J.P.Dunselma,Strone  S.O.Argyllsh 
Coats  Jas.  jun.  Ferguslie  house,  Paisley 
Coats  James  W.  Wellbourne  villa,  Meikle- 

riggs,  Paisley 
Coats  Miss,  Sannox,   Corrie,  Brodick  S.O. 

Isle  of  Arran 
Coata  Mrs.  Hayfield,  Castlehead,  Paisley 
Coats      Mrs.      Lillybank,      Innellan      S.O. 

Coats  Mrs.  Lome  vil.  Strone  S.O.Argyllsh 
Coats  Mrs.   G.   Staneley  house,  Paisley 
Coats  Peter,  5  Gartland  place,  Paisley 
Coats  P.   Lillybank, Innellan  S.O.  Argyllsh 
Coats  P-  H.  Corsebar.  Meikleriggs,Paisley 
Coats    Peter    M.    Rothmar,    Machrihanish, 

Coats  Peter  M..  J.P-  Woodside,  Paisley 
Coats  T.  A.  49  Hamilton  place,  Aberdeen 
Coats  W.  A.  Skelmorlie  Castle  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Coats  Wm.  Ferndean,  Castlehead,  Paisley 
Cobb  John,  3  Park  road,  Brechin 
Cobb  Miss,  Taylor  street,  Forfar 
Cobb  Wm.  Trinity  pk.  Trinity  vil.  Brechin 
Cobban  Mrs.   72  Dee  street,  Aberdeen 
Cobban  Mrs.201  Gt.  Western  rd.  Aberdeen 
Cochran  Edwd.Kersland.Renfrew  rd.Paisly 
Cochran    Francis,    Balfour    house,    Birse, 

Aboyne  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Cochran  F.  J.  M.A.  56  Queen's  rd.Aberdn 
Cochran  Fredk.  4  Argyll  cres.   Aberdeen 
Cochran  James,   Stewartfield  cottage,Gart- 

cows  road,  Falkirk 
Cochran  J.    D.,  M.B.,  Ch.B.  Walls.Lerwck 
Cochran  John  Fleming,  Castle  view.Strat- 

haven  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Cochran    John    H.     10    Belmont    terrace, 

Giffnock,  Glasgow 
Cochran    Michael,     Briarlea,     Dollar    S.O. 

Cochran    Miss,    Marguerite    bank,    Elders- 
lie.  Johnstone 
Cochran  Mrs.  Crumyards,  Lowndes  street, 

Barrhead,  Glasgow 
Cochran    Mrs.    Dunedin    villa,    Sandbank 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Cochran  Mrs.  Eastfield,  Overton  drive, Sea- 
mill,  West  Kilbride   S.O.    Ayrshire 
Cochran    Mrs.    13    Ellis    street,  Kilmarnock 
Oochran   Mrs.   3   Norman    view,   Magdalen 

green,  Dundee 
Cochrat  Mimeo.14  Drummond  pi.  Stirling 
Cochran  Robert,  9  Finnart  st.  Greenock 
Cochran  Rt.  Kersland,  Renfrew  rd. Paisley 
Cochran  Robert  S.  Garthland,  Annan 
Cochran   Thomas   W.    Bank   house,    Stuart 

street,    Millport   S.O.    Buteshire 
Cochran-Patrick    Misses    Ladyland,    postal 

addt-ess,   Beith 
Cochrane  Hon.  Thomas  Horatio  Arthur  E., 
J.P.,   M.P.  Crawford  priory,  Springfield 
S.O.   Fifeshire;    &  Guards',  Brooks's  & 
Pratt's  clubs,  London  S  W 
Cochrane    Capt.    Charles    Fitzgerald   Thos. 

Castle  Hill  house,   Castletown,  Thurso 
Cochrane   A.Ferniebank,Uddingstn.    Glsgw 
Cochrane  A,  Maryville,  Paisley 
Cochrane  A.L.,  J.P.Kinesknowes,  Galashls 
Cochrane     Alexander     Langlands,      Alder 

brae.   Forfar   road,   Dundee 
Cochrane  Andrew,  Mid  Derry,  Kilry,Alyth 

S.O.   Perthshire 
Cochrane  Andrew.  3  Salisbury  av. Hawick 
Cochrane  Archd.  J. P. Abbotshill, Galashiels 
Cochrane    Archibald,    East   park,    Carlibar 

road,  Barrhead,  Glasgow 
Cochrane  C.16   Abbey  rd.   Eskbank,  Dalkth 
Cochrane    Douglas,    42    Ashgrove   rd.    Ayr 

Cochrane    David,    11    Strathview    terrace, 

Forfar  road,  Dundee 
Cochrane  Francis  Walter,  Kirklanda,  Scott 

crescent,  Galashiels 
Cochrane  G.  Roselea,  Belhaven  ter.Wishaw 
Cochrane    Henry    H.     West-temper,     Kia- 

loch-Rannoch  S.O.  Perthshire 
Cochrane  Hugh,   Elderslie,  Galashiels 
Cochrwne    Hugh,    Thrushcraig    villa,    Car- 

riagehill   drive,   Paisley 
Cochrane  J.R.Calder  glen,Blantyre,Glasgw 
Cochrane  James,  Ashgrove,  Alexandra  st. 

Kirkintilloch,  Glasgow 
Cochrane  James,  Balwearie,  Dirleton  aveo. 

North  Berwick 
Cochrane  James,  Bonhill  rd.  Dumbarton 
Cochrane  James,   Broich  house,  Crieff 
Cochrane    James,    Whitard,    Dalhousie    rd. 

Eskbank,   Dalkeith 
Cochrane   John,   Ardtully,   Hunter's    quay. 

Kirn   S.O.  Argyllshire 
Cochrane    John,    5    Fleming    ter.    Shettie- 

ston,  Glasgow 
Cochrane  John,  Hill  View  cottage,  Town- 
head,   Kirkintilloch,   Glasgow 
Cochrane  John,  Houshill,  Hurlet,  Glasgow 
Cochrane  Jn.  20  Talbot  st.  Grangemouth 
Cochrane  John.  Willowbush,  Galashiels 
Cochrane   K.,   J.P.    Newfaan,   Galashiels 
Cochrane  Miss, 5  Alma  ter.W.Newpt.Fifesh 
Cochrane  Miss,  29  Bo'ness  rd.  Grangemth 
Cochrane   Miss,    Crosslee,   Strathaven   3.0. 

Cochrane  Miss, Laighmuir,DunlopS.O. Ayrsh 
Cochrane    Miss,    Laurel    villa,    Strathaven 

S.O.   Lanarkshire 
Cochrane  Mrs.Bnrnbank.Barrhead,  Glasgw 
Cochrane    Mrs.    Cairntoigb,   Banchory   3.0. 

Cochrane  Mrs.  Crannoch,  Larbert 
Cochrane  Mrs.   107  Cross  Arthurlie  3treet, 

Barrhead,   Glasgow 
Cochrane   Mrs.    1    Dudhope   ter.   Dundee 
Cochrane    Mrs.    Fernieknowe,    Galashiels 
Cochrane    Mrs.    Greycrook,    St.    Boswells, 
Newtown  St.  Boswells  S.O.  Roxburghsh 
Cochrane  Mrs.  Linside,  Glasgow  rd.Paisly 
Cochrane  Mr3.  Moss  bank,  Park  pl.Stirlng 
Cochrane   R.    T.    Moorfield,   Victoria  road, 

Gourock  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Cochrane     Robert     G.     Ferncot,     Ersklne 

park  north,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Cochrane  T.,J.P.Main  st.Dalry  S-O. Ayrsh 
Cochrane  Thos.  J.P.  60  Union  st. Aberdeen 
Cochrane  Walter,   31  Chapel  st.   Airdrie 
Cochrane   William,   Hamilton   drive,    Cam- 

buslang,  Glasgow 
Cccltane  William,  Overdale,  Dunblane 
Cochrane  William,    Strathyre,   Corrour   rd. 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Cock  Mrs.  Coniston  cottage,  Hill  st.  Alloa 
Cockar  Jas.  Cannochy,  Cornhill  rd.Aberdn 
Cockburn  General  Hy.  Alexander  J.P.  Esk 

erove,  Inveresk.  Musselburgh 
Cockburn  David,  Bruce  villa,  Round  Rld- 

inar  road.   Dumbarton 
Cockburn  David,  Stanley  place,  Alva  S.O. 

Cockburn  J.  46  Castleeate,  Berwick 
Cockburn   James,   Lynhurst,    Monreith    rd. 

Newlands,   Glasgow 
Cockburn  Jas.  Valetta.  Nellson  st.  Falkirk 
Cockburn  James  P.   23  West  st.   Berwick 
Cockburn    John.    Dunian,    Cadzow    drive , 

Cambnslnne,    Glaseow 
Cockburn  Jn.  G.  Elmslea.  Wormit, Dundee 
Cockburn  Joseph,  25  Leslie  rd.   Aberdeen 
Cockburn   "\falcolm  J.P.  Vermont.   FaHcirk 
Cockburn  Misses,   10  Parade.  Berwick 
Cockburn  Mrs.  Dunraven,  Greenock  road, 

Largs   S.O.   Ayrshire 
Cockbnrn   Philip.    43   Back  st.   Dalkeirh 
Cockburn   Robert  L.   Snnnybank.   CoHnror. 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Cockbnrn  Tho3.  8  Victoria  ter.  Inverness 
Cockburn  Wm. Allison  ho.  Drum  rd.  Keith 
Cnckbnrn  William  M.B.  Ugie  cottage,   Ur- 

ouhart   road.    Old   Meldrum.    Aber-Wri 
Cockbnrn    William    D.    Torrldon,    Achna- 

sheen  S.O.   Ross-shire 
Cody    Rev,    John    S..    O.S.B.    Blackwood. 

Kirkmnirhill  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
^os-hill    Mex.   5K3   George   st.    Aberdeen 
Coghill    David   J.P.   Belmont  house,   Dun- 
can street,  Thurso 
poerhill    Geo.  Amh  erst,  Arkles  ton   rd. Paisley 
i^oa-hil!  Miss,  Garth  ho.  Castletown, Thurso 
Cole   Rev.    Benjamin    Ja*.    35a,    Ardgowan 

street   west.    Greenock 
Cole    Arthur   William.    Crag-I-Nish,    New- 
bands   road.   Newlands.   Glasgow 
Cole  George  H.   2  Rnsa   avenue,   Inv<n-n»M- 
Colebrnoke    Lord    C.V.O.,    D.L.,    J.P.    Ab- 
ineton,      Abineton      S.O.      Lanarkshire: 
Stratford    bouse .    Stratford    place    W    oc 
"Rrooks's    &   Marlborough   clubs   S   W   ir 
Turf  cinh  W.  London 
Coleby   Rev.   Frank  B.A.    St.   John's  par- 
sonage, 41  Scotts  street,  Annan 

1472      COL 


Coleman  J.Garthland,Eglinton  pi. Saltcoats 
Coleman   Miss,    14   Sidney   st.    Saltcoats 
-Coleman   Mrs.    70  Dee   street,   Aberdeen 
Colenso  K.  L.,  M.A.  Whare,  Neho  house, 

Kessock,   Inverness 
Colghill  William,  Arngomery,  Caldwell  rd. 

Seamill,   West  Kilbride   S.O.  Ayrshire 
Colles  Mrs.  Haverstock,  Bothwell, Glasgow- 
Collie  Andrew,  8  Forbesfield  rd.   Aberdeen 
Collie  Geo.D.10  Bon-Accord  cres. Aberdeen 
Collie  J.    View   bank,   Cults,   Aberdeen 

■Collie  J.  vr.  View  bank,   Cults.  Aberdeen         Dmnet  S.O.    Aberdeenshire 
Collie  Jas*.  7  Ea.   Craibstone  st.  Aberdeen  Coltman    William  H.   Deskire,   Logie-Cold 
Collie   Jas.   7   be.    Western  pi.   Aberdeen   |     stone,    Dinnet    S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Collie     John,     Auchentarf ,     Aboyne     S.  0 


Collie  John,  33  Prince  street,  Peterhead 

Colquhoun  Saml.  11   Greenlaw  av.  Paisley  Conn   James,    Blinkbonny,    Hawick 
Colquhoun    William,    Fossoway,    Arthurlie  j  Conn  Miss,  Adela  cottage,   Stevenston  rd. 

street,  Barrhead,  Glasgow  Kilwinning   S.O.   Ayrshire 

Colt    Capt.    George    Fredk.    Kussell    J.P.J  Conn  Miss,   10  Ellis   street,  Kilmarnock 

D.L.   Gartsherrie  house,   Coatbridge  |  Conn    William,    Wellington    villa,    Queen 

Coltart  James,  6  East  Morton  st.Thornhill ,     street,   Dairy    S.O.   Ayrshire 
Coltart  Jas.  Hawkhill,  Bearsden,  Glasgow!  Connachie     Misses,     Fernliebank,     Kilma- 
Coltart    John,    Lincluden,     Corrour    road,  I     colm   S.O.    Renfrewshire 

Newlands,  Glasgow  Connachie    William,    Misty    Law    cottage, 

Coltart  William,   11  Carrick  park,  Ayr       j     Kilmacolm  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Coltman    Mrs.     Blelack,     Logie-Coldstone, ,  Connal   Lady,   Park  Hall  house,   Killearn, 

Connal     Miss,     Balfron,     Balfron     Station 

S.O.  Stirlingshire 
Connal  Miss,  Inverdon, Racecourse  vw.  Ayr 
Connan  C.  A.   25  Ness  bank,  Inverness 
Connel  James  W.  Braeside,  Craigkenochie 

Colvill    John,    Muasdale    S.O.   Argyllshire 

Colvill  John,   Rock  brook,   Askomel  walk, 


Collie  Miss,  Den  view, 

Collie  Misses, Middleton  cot. Cults, Aberdeen 
Collie   Mrs.   Balnagarth,   Cults,   Aberdeen 
Collie   Mrs.    48  Bedford   place,   Aberdeen 
Collie  Mrs.  88  Blenheim  place,  Aberdeen 
Collie    Mrs.    Cairnboag,    Rangemore    road 

Collie  Mrs.  34  Clifton  road,   Aberdeen 

Bieldside,Aberdeen,  Colvill    Mrs.     Bellgrove,     High     Askomel 

Colvill   Mrs.    Kilkerran  rd.    Campbeltown 
Colville   A.   The  Moorings,   Motherwell 
Colville  Alexander,  Banff  castle,   Banff 
Colville    Alexander,    Park   place,    Stirling 
Colville   Andrew,   Kilmory,   7   Hope  place. 

Levenhall,   Musselburgh 

ColUe  ST  lol  S^erfleld  .v.  Aberdeen  Colville  C    K  Evers.ey    OoWweUs  rd  Crieff 

Collie  Mrs.   13  Hope  street,  St.  Andrews 
Collie  Mrs.   28  Irvine  place,   Aberdeen 
Collie  Mrs.  52  Springbank  ter.   Aberdeen 
Collie    Mrs.    Woodmount,    Hunter's    quay, 

Kirn   S.O.    Argyllshire 
Collie     P.     Gumming,     2     Meadow     Place 

buildings,  Dundee 
■Collie   Robert,    Woodland  . 
Collie  Wm.   225  Gt.   Northern  rd.Aberdeen 
Collie  Wm.  Lea  park,Perth  rd.Blairgowrie 
■Collie  William  Leys,  Harlaw  house.Chapel 

of  Garioch,  Pitcaple  S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Collier  Charles,  Geanies  house,  Fearn  S.O. 

Collier   John,    61   Blenheim   pi.   Aberdeen 
Collier  John  D.  Park  terrace,  Dunfermline 
Collier    Joseph,    55    Kyle    park,    Udding- 

ston.  Glasgow 
Collier  Miss.Tomnamonachan    cot.Pitlocbry  njjfljijp 
Collier   Mrs.    2   Athol    place,    Camperdown 

st.   Bronghty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Collier  Mrs.  The  Elms.  Bridge  st.Montrose 
Collingridge  Mrs.   10  Marine  rd.  Dunbar 
Collingwood    Arthur    F.R.C.O 

place,  Aberdeen 
Collingwood  J.   C.   Cornhill  ho.    Coldstream 
Collins   Major  Hugh,   46   Dumbarton  road, 

Collins  Capt.  J.  Ailsa  cot.  Cassilis  st.  Ayr 

Colville  D.  Jerviston  house,  Motherwell 
Colville  D.The  Hall,Dalintober,Campbeltwn 
Colville    David,    View    firth,    Hill     street, 

Monlfieth,  Dundee 
Colville   Duncan   J. P.    Hazelbank,    Kilker- 
ran road,   Campbeltown 
Colville  George,  Grange  lodge,  Larbert 
.ts,Aberdeen'Co*ville  He?ry,  Dunarden,  Bridge  of  Wek 
S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Colville  John,  Ferndene,   Pent  on  st.  Alloa 
Colville  John,   10   Springfield,   Dundee 
Colville    John   A.    Millburn,    Portsoy    S.O. 

Colville  Miss,  77  Gray  street,   Aberdeen 
Colville  Mrs.   6  Balgay  avenue,  Blackness 

road,   Dundee 
Colville  Mrs.   Cleland  house,   Cleland  S.O. 

Colville  Mrs.   70  Duthie  terrace,   Aberdeen 

Colville   Mrs.    Seaton   road 
Colville     Mrs.     Westcliffe, 


Kilgour,      Machrihanish 


Canonbie     S.O. 

„a,    AiPyn,  colville     Mrs.     Woodslee 

Colville    William,    Hill    side,    Bridge     of 

Weir  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Colvin  Rev.  Daniel,  Greenlees  road,  Cam- 

buslang,    Glasgow 

Collins  Rev    Canon  Daniel  (R    C),  Chapel  Colvin  R5e'y.   Bu  v       fl  p 

house,   John  street,  Wallacetown,  Ayr     j     manse    Alveg    For'fes 
Collins  Rev.  Daniel,   Coatdyke    Coatbridge |Colvin    £ey    Ja'mes    Ch    x 
Collins  Rev.  Thomas.  United  Free  Church      The   Ma  Hodd  Ecclefechan 

manse,Bonhillv  Alexandria,  ^umbartns^  Colvin  James  EUig   jp    Manbeenj   Elgin 

Colvin    Robert,    Pleasance    villas,    Annan 

Collins    A.    G.,    J.P.    Annet    lodge,    Skel- 

morlie  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Collins    Charles,    Allan   bank,    London   rd. 

Collins  Isaac  John,  Inverary  ter.  Dundee 
Collins    John,    Olive    cottage,    Port    Erroll 

S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Collins    John,    Roscliffe,     Wellshot    drive, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Collins  Mrs.  Roekhill,  Hunter's  quay,Kirn 

S.O.    Argyllshire 
Collins  William  A.  Glencorrie,  Strone  S.O. 

Collins-Wood     E.     Keithick,   Coupar-Angus 

S.O.    Perthshire 
Collyer   Arthur   H.    Norwood,    Dollar   S.O. 

Collyer  Daniel   W.    Cormiston,   Biggar 
'Col man  Horace  Crnkanthorp  M.D.  5  Home 

terrace,     West     Ferry,    Broughty    Perry 

S.O.  Forfarshire 

road,  Dumfries 
Colvin  William,  92  Academy  st.  Invernes 
Colvin  William,  81  James  st,   _ 
Comar  Miss,  Clovelly,  E.   Newport,  Fifesh 
Combe  Capt.   Christian,    Strathconon,   Muir 

of   Ord    S.O.    Ross-shire 
Combe    Alexander,    Devon   cottage,    Blair- 

more    S.O.   Argyllshire 
Combe  J.  2  Laurel  bank,  Dundee 
Combe  Mrs.    Edinburgh  rd.   Haddington 
Comfort  Miss,   Mayfield,  West  end, Dunbar 
Common  Robt,  Keith,  9  Pitt  ter.   Stirling 
Common  Thomas,  8  White  House  terrace, 

Corstorphine    S.O.    Midlothian 
Oomper  Mrs.  39  King's  crescent,  Aberdeen 
Corapton    Lord    Alwyne    Frederick    D.S.O. 

Torloisk   Aros,    Oban;    7   Balfour   place 

Park    lane    W    &    Marlborough    &    Turf 

clubs,   Londi 

Compton  Thomas,    7   North   ter    Berwick 
Colman  T.   Drmmberg,  Downfield,   Dundee  Comrie  A.   Dunedin,    Meikl    " 

Colquhoun  Sir  Alan  John  bart.  C.B.,D.L. 

J.P.   of  Luss  Rossdhu  house,   Luss  S.O. 

Colquhoun    Col.    R.    Old   Faskally,    Killie- 

crankie  S.O.  Perthshire 
Colquhoun   Capt.    Wm.    0.,    J.P.    Clathick. 

Monzievaird,    Crieff 
Colquhoun    Rev.    Robert    G.,    B.D.   United 

Free  Church  manse,  The  Avenue,  Girvan 
Colquhoun  Alex.   228  King  st.  Aberdeen 
Colquhoun  Archibald,   Caddon  Linns,  Cad- 

donfoot,   Clovenfords,  Galashiels 
Colquhoun   Archibald,   Lochty  bank,    High 

street,   Carnoustie    S.O.    Forfarshire 
Colquhoun  James,    Summerlee,   Coatbridge 
Colquhoun     John,     Main     street,     Bonhill, 

Alexandria,  Dumbartonshire 
Colquhoun  Miss,  Oxhill  road,  Dumbarton 
Colquhoun  Miss,  8  Roval  gardens,  Stirling 
Colquhonn  Miss,  63  South  st.  St.  Andrews 
■Colquhoun  Miss,  8  Sutherland  cres- 
cent, Helensburgh 
Colquhoun  Mrs.  3  Levengrove  ter.Dumbartn 
Colquhoun   Mrs.    Hythe    cottage,    Cardross 

S.O.    Dumbartonshire 
Colquhoun  Mrs.  43   Lomond   st.Helensbrgh 
Colquhoun   Thomas    Stewart,    Gogo   house 

Gogo  street,  Largs  S.O.  Avrshire 

terrace,  Burntisland 
Connel  John,  38  High  street,  Burntisland 
Connel  Mrs.  Cromwell  house,  Burntisland 
Connel  Mrs.  Ivy  bank,  Northgate,  Peebles 
Connel  William  Carswell  Henderson, Craig- 

holm,    Craigholm   crescent,    Burntisland 
Connell    Rev.    Donald    M.A.    United    Free 

manse,   Fairfield  road,  Inverness 
Connell  A.,  J.P.  St.  Thorwalds,  Langholm 
Connell    George,   Durafrosk,    Corrour  road, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Connell   George,  5  Wabtfield  road,  Ayr 
Connell   J.  D.   Park  avenue,  Dunfermline 
Connell   James   G.    33    East    Montrose    st. 

Connell  John,  Bonnington,  Busby, Glasgow 
Connell  John,  Killearn  ho.Killearn.GIasgw 
Connell  John,   Kirn  S.O.   Argyllshire 
Connell   John  M.   Hill   Park  ter.  Wormit, 

Connell  M.   Burnside,  Uplawmoor, Glasgow 
Connell  Miss,   Fairhill,  Hamilton 
Connell  Mrs.   Eastwood,   Bank   st.   Irvine 
Connell  Mrs.  Halton,  Winton  circus, Saltcts 
Connell   Mrs.    114  Middleton    street,    Alex- 
andria, Dumbartonshire 
Connell  Thomas,    Braehead,    Quadrant   rd. 

Newlands,   Glasgow 
Connell   Wm.    Alex.    Milltown,    Langholm 
Connelly      Rev.     Thomas,     Brae     cottage, 

Hopeman   S.O.   Morayshire 
Conner  Jn.   Blair,  43  Regent  st.   Greenock 
Connocbie  Rev.  David,  Fetterangus,   Mint- 
law   Station   S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Connochie    John,    Craigielea,    Percival   rd. 

Connochie    Robert    H.    Lunerat    villa,    St. 

Roswells,    Newtown    St.    Boswells    S.O. 

Connochie  Thos.   D.   Gala  ter.   Galashiels 
Connolly   Rev.    Thomas    S.,    M.A.  8  Union 

place,  Montrose 
Connolly    William,     Greenhall,    Bridge    of 

Dee,   Castle  Douglas 
Oounon    Rev.    Alexander    B.,    M.A.,    B.D. 

Olinda  villa,  Monifieth,  Dundee 
Connon   Rev.    J.   Rhynie   S.O.    Aberdeensh 
Helensburgh!  Connon  A.    Anderson,    James    sq.    Crieff 

Connon  Fergusson  A.  13a,  Mount  st.Abrdn 
Connon  Oeorge,  3  Abbotsford  pi.  Aberdeen 
Connon  Middleton  M.D.43John  st.Montrose 
Connon  Mrs.  18  St.  Swithin  st.  Aberdeen 
Connon     William,     Alt-na-Craig,     Ballater 

S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Connon  William,  3  Rosebery  st.  Aberdeen 
Connor  Rev.   Peter  D.D.    Anna  villa,  Kil- 
winning  S.O.    Ayrshire 
Connor  Frederick,  Merlewood,  Thorn  road, 

Bear3den,    Glasgow 
Connor  G.   H.   A.,   J.P.   Craigielaw,  Long- 

niddry  S.O.  Haddingtonshire 
Connor  Hugh,  9  Arnot  Hill  gdns.  Falkirk 
Connor  James,  Meadowside,  ForreBt  street, 

Drumgelloch,  Airdrie 
Connor   Mrs.    Falcon-cliff,    Royal   crescent, 


Drive   mansions,  West 

— eriggs,   Paisley 

Lomrie  D.   Kirtley,   Lomond  st.Helensbrgh  Connor   Mrs-    West 

Comrie  Daniel,  Fairy  knowe,  Helensburgh  I     road,  Irvine 

Comrie  David,  Bachilton,  Carrington  ter 
race,  Crieff 

Comrie  George,  28  Friar's  lane,  Lanark 

Comrie  J.  O.  Ardenvale,  Bearsden, Glasgw 

Comrie  Miss,  Cairnsmore,  Wellington  ter- 
race, Waterloo  road,  Lanark 

Comrie   Mrs.    6   Bellevue   crescent,  Ayr 

Comrie  Mrs.  Lome  villa,  Gordon  rd    Crieff 

Comrie  P.   Waterside  lo.   Dairy  S.O.Ayrsh 

Comrie  Wm.  63  Eglinton  rd.  Ardrossan 

Comrie  W.  L.  Gategill,Borgue,Kirkcdbrght 

Conacher  A.  Viewlands  house,  Viewlands 
road,  Perth 

Conacher  D.  44  Ferry  rd.Monifieth.Dundee 

Conacher  D.  4  Fitzrov  ter.  Kinnoull    Perth 

Conacher  Mrs.    33   Church   st.    Coatbridge 

Conbrie  William,  31  Dongola  road,  Ayr 

Conchie  Mrs.  Heathville,  Holmhead, 

Congleton  Mrs. 4  Hill  view.Wormit.Dundee 

Congreve   Mrs.   4  Waverley  road,   Nairn 

Conley  Neil.  Thornhill  villa,  Dalintober, 

Conn  Rev.  Jsph.  M.A.,  B.D.  The  Manse, 
Tillicoultry  S.O.    Clackmannanshire 

Connor  Thomas,  Abbey  View  villa,  Alms- 
wall  road,   Kilwinning   S.O.    Ayrshire 

Connor  William,    Springwood   park,   Liber- 
ton   S.O.   Midlothian 

Conochie  J.  Ardoch,  Mount  Vernon. Glasgw 

Constable    George    J.P.    Balmyle,    Ballin- 
tuim,  Blairgowrie 

Constable     George    W.      Traquair      bank, 
Innerleithen   S.O.    Peeblesshire 

Constable  James,   Elton  villa,  Rosemount, 

Constable  John  J.P.,   M.D.  Leuchars   S.O. 

Constable  The  Misses,  Laggan-Dhu, Bridge 
of  Cally,    Blairgowrie 

Constable  Mrs.   Bernarty,   Kinross 

Constable  Robert,  The  Park,  Kilry,  Alyth 
S.O.   Perthshire 

Constable   Robert  R.    Cally  house,    Bridge 
of  Cally,    Blairgowrie 

Constable  Wm.  84  Inveresk  rd.Musselbrgh 

Constantine   E.    G.    Glendale,   Uddingston, 

Conway   Rev.   Daniel    (R,   C),    Alpine   vil 
John  street,  Penicuik 


cos      1473 

Conway    Hugh,    Geilsland   cottage, 

mill  road,   Beith 
Conway  W.  F.  Eden  gro.Downfield.Dundee 
Conybeare     Capt.      Orawford,     Torryburn, 

Kintore  S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Cook    Sir    Henry    D.L.,    J.P.    7    South   st 

St.     Andrews"  &     Bellwood,     Glencorse 

Milton  Bridge  S.O.    Midlothian 
Cook   Major  James,   Laigh  park,  Renfrew 

road,  Paisley 
Cook   Eev.  John  M.A.,  B.D.    United  Free 

Church  manse,   Springhill  aven.   Airdrie 
Cook   Hev.  T.,   M.A.  The  Manse,   Hurlet, 

Cook   Alex.    409   Clifton  road,   Aberdeen 
Cook  Alexander,   Craigard,   Reform   street, 

Tayport    S.O.   Fifeshire 
Cook  Alexander,  jun.  10  Mary  pi. Aberdeen 
Cook   Alexander  M.   Oarrick  house,  Elie 
Cook  Alex.  Skene,  56  Ashley  rd.Aberdeen 
Cook  Archibald    George,    Kelburn,    Lossie- 
mouth S.O.   Morayshire 
Cook  Chas.   Carden  ho.    Carden  pl.Aberdn 
Couk    Charles,     Kingsdale    house,    Kenno- 

way,  Windygates  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Cook  Chas.  M.  4  Belvidere  cres.  Aberdeen 
Cook  Chas.  Wm.   G.  28  Shude  hill, Berwick 
Cook  D.   Bank  ho.   Rodger   st.  Anstruther 
Cook    D.    Fexnlea,    Grey    street,    Tayport 

S.O.   Fifeshire 
Cook    David,    Etta 

Lower  Largo  S.O 
Cook  Geo.  M.,  J.P. 
Cook   J.    1  Abbot: 

bank,    Lundin     Mill, 

30  Carden  pi.  Aberdn 
road,  Grangemouth 
Cook  J.  Broad  st.  Tayport  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Cook  J.  Union  Bank  ho. Princes  st.Ardrssn 
Cook  JaB.  Oraig  bank,  Rankine  st.Dundee 
Cook  Jas.  234  Great  Western  rd.Aberdeen 
Cook  Jas.  Laighpark,  Renfrew  rd. Paisley 
Cook  Jas.  Westholm,  Milton  rd.  Kirkcaldy 
Cook   James   Bertie   Wylie   M.B.    15   Bank 

street,  Alexandria,   Dumbartonshire 
Cook  John,  25  Albury  place,  Aberdeen 
Cook    John,   Ayton,    Berwickshire 
Cook  John,    So'uthside  villa,    21   Southside 

road.   Inverness 
Cook  Joseph,    5  Cassillis   street,  Ayr 
Cook    L.     Loumar,     Monreith    road,    New 

lands,  Glasgow 
Oook   Miss,  7   Alexandra   pi.    St.  Andrews 
Cook    Miss,  11    Bellevue  crescent,   Ayr 
Cook     Mrs.      Borgue,      Corstorphine     S.O. 

Cook  Miss,   Holmlea,   Duff  avenue,   Elgin 
Cook  Miss,  Kilmeny,   Biggar 
Cook    Miss,    5    Lesmurdie    place,    Lossie- 
mouth S.O.   Morayshire 
Cook  Miss,  Pentland  view,   St.   John's  rd. 

Corstorphine   P.O.    Midlothian 
Cook  Misses,   Sidegate,   Haddington 
Cook    Mrs.    Augusta   villa,    Tighnabruaich 

S.O.    Argyllshire 
Cook  Mrs.   Carrick  house,   Earlsferry,  Elie 

S.O.   Fifeshire 
Cook     Mrs.     Claremont,    Glenmorag    cres- 
cent,  Dunoon 
Cook  Mrs.   234  Gt.  Western  rd.  Aberdeen 
Cook  Mrs.  Janefleld  vil. Renfrew  rd.Paisly 
Cook  Mrs.   3  Murray  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Cook  Mrs.  20  Queen's  gdns.   St.   Andrews 
Cook  Mrs.  The  Birches,  Milltimber.Aberdn 
Cook  Mrs.  The  Ivies,  Drummore, Stranraer 
Cook  Mrs.   View  mount,  Lossiemouth  S.O 

Cook  Mrs.25  West  Holmes  gdns.Musslbrgh 
Cook  Mrs.   W.   The  Firs,  Brownside  road, 

Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Cook    Robert,    Chestnut  cottage,    King    st. 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Cook   Robert,   53   Shore   Btreet,   Inverness 
Cook  Robt     S.   99   Fountainhall   rd.Aberdn 
Cook   S.,  J.P,    ~ 

Cook  Thomas 
Cook    Thomas 

Kirkland  villa,   Largs   S.O. 

33  Kelly  street.  Greenock 
Kinnear,  Union  Bank  ho. 
Princes  street,  Ardrossan 
Cook  W.  M.  Englethwaite.Castlehd.Paisly 
Cook  William,  Hamilton  drive,  Cambus- 
lang, Glasgow 
Cook  Wm.  Henry  vil.  West  Cults, Aberdn 
Cook  William  B.A.  71  Newton  st.Greenock 
Cook   William,    sen.    Belle    vue,    Kirkhill, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Cook  William,  jun.   Hamilton  drive,  Cam- 
buslang,   Glasgow 
Cook  William  B.   Blar-TJallais,   Oausewav- 

head,  Stirling 
Cook  William  Stewart  M.B.,  B.Sc.  3  Ard- 

gowan  square,   Greenock 
Cooke   Rev.    Canon   Charles   Edward  M.A. 

The  Parsonage,  Pitlochry 
Cooke  Rev.  E.  B.   39  Church  st.  Brechin 
Cooke  Rev.   George  Albert  M.A.Oxon.  The 

Parsonage,  Lugton,  Dalkeith 
Cooke    Alexander    T.     1     Oargill    terrace, 

Brechin  road,  Forfar 
Cooke   Geo.    Jn.    Buckholmlee,    Galashiels 
Cooke  Miss,  2  Bellfleld  road,  Stirling 

Barr-  Cooke   Harold   P.,   B.A.   138   Blenheim  pi 
Cooke    Mrs.     May    bank.     Lovers'      walk, 

Cooke   Thomas,    98  Gray   street,    Aberdeen 
Cookes  Wm.   Brae  vil.   Bishopmill,  Elgin 
Coombs     Walter,     Wallerbank,     Greenlees 

road,   Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Cooper    Sir    Alfred,    Cooper-Angus    lodge. 

Whiting  Bay   S.O.   Isle  of  Arran 
Cooper  Rev.  David,  Thornfield,   Selkirk 
Cooper  Rev.  John  M.A.   Manse,   St.   Abbs. 

Eyemouth    S.O.    Berwickshire 
Cooper  Alexander,   106  Clifton  rd.  Aberdn 
Cooper   Alexander,   Lockwood,    Station   rd 

Bearsden,   Glasgow 
Cooper  Alex. Bark   view, We.  Cults, Aberdeen 
Cooper  Alex.   Farmer.    33  Church  st.Alloa 
Cooper  Alfred,   77  Desswood  pi.   Aberdeen 
Cooper  Arthur,  2  WestfieZd  road,  Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Cooper  C.A.White  ho.Inveresk,  Musselbrgh 
Cooper   David,    Woodend,    Eastwood,    Giff- 

noek,  Glasgow 
Cooper     F.      West     Holmes     villa,     West 

Holmes  gardens,  Musselburgh 
Cooper  Francis  W.  Eadar-Glinn,  Oban 
Cooper  George,    1  Alton   ter.    West   Ferrv. 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Cooper  George   A.    Gienfeshie  lodge.   Insh 

S.O.   Inverness-shire 
Cooper  George  M.  148  Blenheim  pl.Aberdn 
Cooper  James,  92  Irvine  place,  Aberdeen 
Cooper  James  G.R.  72  Commerce  st.Abrdn 
Oooper  James  M.  2  Paradise  rd.  Dundee 
Cooper  John,  4  Madeira  street,  Dundee 
Cooper  John,  Westdene,  Perth  rd.  Dundee 
Cooper  John  A.  Insch,  Aberdeenshire 
Oooper  Jn.  G.   37  Sunnyside  rd.  Aberdeen 
Cooper  Miss.Bellairs  co't.West  Cults, Abrdn 
Cooper  Miss,   Lochmill  house,   Kirriemuir 
Cooper   Miss,  1  Pine   terrace.   West  Brook 
street,   Broughty  Ferrv   S.O.   Forfarshire 
Cooper   Miss,  Red  house,   Balfron,  Balfron 

Station  S.O.  Stirlingshire 
Cooper  Miss,  South  College,  South  Colleg 

street,  Elgin 
Cooper  Miss,   Woodside   avenue,    Woodside 

walk.   Hamilton 
Cooper  Misses,  22  Carlton  place,  Aberdeen 
Cooper  Mrs.   7  Albert  street,  Aberdeen 
Cooper  Mrs.  17  Ardgowan  sq.  Greenock 
Cooper  Mrs.  Balvenie,   Cults,   Aberdeen 
Cooper  Mrs.   East  bank.  Brechin 
Cooper    Mrs.    13    James    place,    Broughtv 

Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Cooper    Mrs.    Taieri,    West    Linton    S.O. 

Cooper  P..M.A.9  Rubis;aw  Den  nth. Abrdn 
Cooper  Robt.  Fairport.  Racecourse  rd.  Ayr 
Cooper  Robert,   Glenoe,  Tinwald,  Dumfries 
Cooper  Robert   H.    Rosemount,  58  Eskside 

north.   Musselburgh 
Cooper  Robert  M.,  J.P.  Cragrov,  Dunoon 
Cooper  T.  Ryeticld.  Rosemnt.   Blairgowrie 
Cooper  W. Brownside  rd. Cambuslang, Glsgw 
Cooper  W.  Dunaven.  Midmills  rd. Inverness 
Cooper  William,    6   Arran   terrace,   Avr 
Cooper  William,  Hillside.  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Cooper  Wm.  M.D.  New  Machar,  Aberdeen 
Cooper  William,   59   Osborne  pi.   Aberdeen 
Copeland  J.   118  Hammerfield  av.  Aberdn 
Copeland  Mrs.Hazelmere,  Arnothill, Falkirk 
Copeland  Thomas,  Ashgrove,  Rhannan  rd. 

Oathcart,  Glasgow 
Copeland  Thos.  4  Learmonth  street. Falkirk 
Copland    Rev.     Alexander    M.A.     St.     An- 
drew's rectory.    South  Beach.  Ardrossan 
Cop'and  Rev.  George  M.A.Cathcart  manse, 

13   Miller   road,    Ayr 
Copland  Alexander,   78  Dee  st.    Aberdeen 
Copland  Edwd.  38  Grosvenor  pi.  Aberdeen 
Copland  James,  21    Burns  road,  Aberdeen 
Copland    James,    3    Olive    bank,    Maxwell 

town,  Dumfries 
Copland  James  G.,  M.B.,   Ch.B.  Royal  in- 

flrmary.    Woolmanhill,    Aberdeen 
Copland  John,   10  Carnegie  st.  Dumfries 
Copland  John  Lindsav,  10  Craigie  rd    Avr 
Copland    John    S.    The    Braes,    Stromne's= 

S.O.  Orkney 
Copland  Matthew  J.  9  Jamaica  st. Aberdeen 
Copland  Miss, Abbey  ho.NewAbbey.Dumfrs 
Copland  Miss,  7  Belvidere  cres.  Aberdeen 
Copland  Mrs.  17  Reidhaven  street,  Elgin 
Copland  S.  Heston,  Riverside  rd.  Newlnds 
Copland    William,    South    cottage,    Porten- 

cross,  West  Kilbride  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Corbet    Misses,    27    East    Montrose   street 

Corbett  A.Glenburn.Innellan  S.O.  Argyllsh 
Corbett  Archbd.  Cameron  M.P.,  J.P.  Row- 
allan    castle,    Kilmarnock;     &    26    Hans 
place  S  W  &  Brooks's  club  S  W,  London 
Corbett  Joseph.  110  King's  gate,  Aberdeen 
Corbett  Miss,  Beauly  S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Corbett  Miss,  Dunraven,  StrathpefEer  S.O. 

Corbett    Mrs.    Gowan    bank,    Bank    street, 

Barrhead,  Glasgow 
Corbett  Robert  M.B..C.M.  37  Cross  Arthur- 
lie  street,  Barrhead.  Glasgow 
Cordiner  Alexander,  416  King  st. Aberdeen 
Cordiner  James,  110  Irvine  place, Aberdeen 
Cordiner  Jas.  87  Sunnyside  rd.  Coatbridge 
Cordiner    Mrs.     Mormond    house,     Cortes, 

Lonmay  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Cordiner  Robertson,  83  Mid  st. Fraserburgh 
Cordiner  William,  Marion   cottage,    Strath- 
marine,  Dundee 
Cordiner  Wm.   146  Mid  Stocket  rd.Aberdn 
Core  Rev.  Wm.  G. ,  M.A.  The  Manse,  Car- 

rington,  Gorebridge  S.O.  Midlothian 
Core  Adam,  Walkinshaw  villa,  Walkinshaw 

street,  Johnstone 
Core  David,  Carstairs  S.O.  Lanark 
Corkindale   Mrs.   Dell  road,   Campbeltown 
Corley  Rev.   Thomas,  Chapel  house,   Blan- 

tyre,  Glasgow 
Cormack  Rev.  J.R.  81  Crown  st.  Aberdeen 
Cormack  George,  Albert  villa,  Grattan  pi. 

Cormack  J.Woodlnds.Kilmun  S.O. Argyllsh 
Cormack  J.F.  Royal  Bank  house, Lockerbie- 
Cormack  James,   Bank   of   Scotland  house,. 

Uddingston,  Glasgow 
Cormack  James,   St.  Fergus,  Peterhead 
Cormack  James,  St.  Helena,   Colinton  S.O. 

Cormack  John,  Sands  bay,  St.  Abbs,  Eye- 
mouth S.O.  Berwickshire 
Cormack  John,   16  Institution  road,  Elgin 
Cormack  John,  209  Irvine  place,  Aberdeen 
Cormack  John,    Mossett  cottage,  Hope  st. 

Corstorphine   S.O.    Midlothian 
Cormack  John.    St.   Vincent,   Tain 
Cormack   John  Alexander.    Belgrave   road,. 

Corstorphine  S.O.   Midlothian 
Cormack   Miss,   Argyll  square,    Wick 
Cormack     Robert,      Cotswold,     Davidson'* 

Mains  S.O.    Midlothian 
Cormack  Walter,   Kirkhill  house,  Wick 
Cormack   William    M.A..    B.Sc.    Cochrane 

street.   Comely  park,  Falkirk 
Cormack   William,    Heath    bank.    Blaimore 

S.O.   Argyllshire 
Cormack    William,    Queen    street.    Lossie- 
mouth S.O.   Morayshire 
Cormack  Wm.P.,M.B.  16  Sinclair  ter.Wick 
Connie  John,   Greenside  villa,  Leven 
Connie  Mrs.  Coralea,  Hawkhead  rd.Paisley 
Corner  W.Brookside.Drummond  rd.Invrnss 
Cornet  James,   1  Planefleld  terrace,  Plane-. 

field  road,  Inverness 
Cornfoot  J.   45  Loughborough  rd.Kirkcaldv 
Cornfoot  Mrs.  Rose  cottage,   Leven 
Cornice  Miss.  Mount  Pleasant,  Grey  street 

Tayport  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Cornwall       George       Andrew.      Howburn. 

Rubislaw  Den  north,  Aberdeen 
Cornwall  Jsph.S.  19  Gordondale  rd.Aberdn 
Cornwall-DalyeU    Mrs.    The    Binns,    Aber- 

corn  S.O.   Linlithgowshire 
Cornwall   David.   90  Argyle  road,   Saltcoats 
Oornek     William,      Rockville,     Kingussie 

S.O.'  Inverness-shire 
Corrie  Edgar.  4  Victoria  ter.   Musselburgh 
Corrie  John,  High  school,  1  Roseberry  ter- 
race, Kirkcaldy 

Mill    bank,    Maxwell- 

Kilchoan,    Blackness 

Oorrie    Joseph   J.P. 

town,   Dumfries 
Corrie    Reginald    E 

road,  Dundee 
Corrie  William.   New  Galloway  S.O.   Kirk- 
Corrigall    James    W.,   M.A.    School  house, 

Duffus,  Elgin 
Corrigall    Robert    Sutherland.    St.    Vincent 

house,   Ferrv  Brae.  Dunoon 
Corsar  Charles,  Roseby,  Arbroath 
Corsar  Harry,  Cliff  house,  Arbroath 
Corsar    Mrs.    Kelly    castle,    Arbirlot,    Ar- 
broath. Forfarshire 
Corsar  Mrs.   Seaforth,  Arbroath 
Corsar  Mrs.  The  Elms.  Arbroath 
Corsar  Mrs.  Robt.  i  Alexandra  pi. Arbroath 
Corse-Scott  John  D.L.,  J.P.   Svnton,  Ash-. 

kirk,  Hawick 
Corson  Alexander,  1  Glebe  av.  Kilmarnock 
Corson  D.  Chapel  street, Moniaive,  Thornhll 
Corson  George,  Cairn  Dearg,  Gairloch  S.O. 

Corson    Misses,   Williamfield   vil.Mauchline 
Corson  T.  Lora  ho.  Connel  S.O.  ArgyUsh 
Corstorphine   Andrew   J.P.   Daisy   cottage, 

Juniper  Green    S.O.    Midlothian 
Corstorphine  Hy.  18  Victoria  st.  Arbroath 
Corstorphine    John    Edward    E.    Inchyre, 

Abdie    Newburgh,  Fife 
Corstorphine  R.  West  Keptie  st.  Arbroath 
Cohans    Mrs.     Castleview,    Ferniehill     Gil. 

mer'on  S.O.    Midlothian 
Cosgrove  James,  438  King  st.  Aberdeen 
Cosh  Mrs.  Garnock  ho.  Dairy  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Cosh  Stphn.   H.  32  St.  Leonard's  rd    Avr 
Coskery  Rev.  Alexander  B.D.  The   Manse, 
Braco  S.O.   Perthshire 

SCOT.      93 

1474      COS 


Cossar  Rev.  Alexander,  Port  Glasgow 
Cossar  James  J. P.  Lauder  S.O.  Berwicksh 
Cossar  Mrs. East  Craigs,  Corstorphine  S.O. 

Cossar  Thomas,  Thorn  street,  Earlston  S.O. 

Cos-ser  G.  W.  11  St.  Catherine  street,Banff 
Cosserat  Mr?.  63  Carlton  place,  Aberdeen 
Cottam  Mrs.   Blinkbonny,   Maryfield  place, 

Bonnyrigg,  Lasswade 
Cotter  Rev.   Maurice,  St.  Mary's,  Lanark 
Cotter  John,  1  Burnlea,  Leven 
Cotter  John,   Queen's  road,   Aberlour  S.O. 

Banff  share 
Cotter  MieSes,  Loanda  lodge,  Torsonce  rd. 

Cotterilil  Thomas  Henry,    Oakdene.  Larbert 
Cottle      Mrs.      Gowanlea,      Causewayhead, 

Cotton  Geo.  Clunie.  Eskbank  rd.  Dalkeith 
•Cotton    George,    The  Ferns,    Gullane    S.O. 

i  Cotton   Miss,   Fairley,  Albert  street,  Nairn 
Cotts   James,   High   street,   Sanquhar   S.O. 
.  Cotts   William,    Shinnel  cottage,    Sanquhar 
S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Coubrough    John     J.  P.     Blanefield     house, 

Rlaneiield,  Glasgow 
Coubrough   Miss,   Bankhead  cottage,   Plea- 

sance  avenue,  Falkirk 
Coubrough    Miss,    Dunmore  villa,   Ballplay 

road,  Moffat 
Goull    A.,    J.P.    34    High    street,    Lossie- 
mouth S.O.  Morayshire 
Ooull   Alexander,    Braeriach,   Quadrant  rd. 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
CouLl  D.H.  Tay  View  bank,  Craigie, Perth 
Coull  George.   Ethiehaven,  Arbroath 
Coull   Mrs.  Lugarn,  Brownside  road,   Cam- 

buslang,   Glasgow 
Coull  Robert,  28  Prospect  ter.  Aberdeen 
Coullie  Rev.   James  B.D.  Pencaitland  S.O. 

■Coullie    David,    Inverleith,    Whinny 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Coullie     John,      Finella,      Whinny 
Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Coulson  J.L.  Failford  house,Tarbolton,  Ayr 
Coulson     MLss,     Hound  wood.     Reston    S.O. 

Coulson   Mrs.    Finnartmore  house,   Kilmun 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Coulter  Rev.  James,   Forteviot,  Perth 
Coulter  Jas.  Alne  lo.  Clifford  rd.N.Berwck 
Coulter    James,    Rosebank,    Tranent    S.O. 

Coulter    Mrs.    Broom   house,    East   Princes 

street,  Helensburgh 
Coulter    Mrs.    Sirrell    villa,    Clifford    road, 

North  Berwick 
Coulthard  D.  Neilston  rd.  Barrhead.Glsgw 
Coultbard  Geo.  Beulah,  Downfield,  Dundee 
Coulthart  Thomas,  13  Charles  street, Annan 
Coupar  Rov.  Robt.  Errol  S.O.  Perthshire 
■Coupar   George,    Balgay   terrace,  Logie   st. 

Lochee,   Dundee 
Coupar   James  J.P.    Craigforth,    Stirling 
Couper  0.  T.  Woodstone,  Row,  Helensbrgh 
Couper   Charles    Hill,    Carse    view,  Black- 
ness avenue,  Dundee 
Couper  D.    Kirklea,   Dairy    S.O.   Ayrshire 
Couper  D.  7  Green  st.  Blairhill.   Coatbrdg 
Couper     George,     Rosemount,     Helmsdale 

S.O.   Sutherlandshire 
Couper  H.   Kirkfield,  Floor  st.   Johnstone 
Couper  J.G.The  Hollies.Langbnk.Pt.Glsgw 
Couper   James  J.P.    Craigforth   house,    St. 

Ninians,  Stirling 
Couper  James,  42  Scott  street,  Dundee 
Couper  J.R.Nunwood,  Terregles,  Dumfries 
Oouper  John  Cardno  Ogston,  Craigiebuck- 
ler  ho.Countesswells  rd.Rubislaw,  Abrdn 
Couper  Keir,  Aviemore,  Milngavie,  Glaegw 
Couper   Miss.    8    Clarendon  terrace,    Perth 

road,  Dundee 
Couper  Miss,  Lyndoch,  Racecourse  rd.Ayr 
Couper  Mrs.  Homewood  ho.Cathcart.Glsgw 
Couper  Thos.  Duncraig,  Glamis  rd. Dundee 
Coupland  Joseph  Graham,  Loch  view, 
Queensberry  ter.  Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Courage  David,  60  Carden  place,  Aberdn 
Courie  W.  Alderwood,  Giffnock,  Glasgow 
Courtenay  John  Alfred,  Whinnieknowe, 
New  Galloway  S.O.  Kirkcudbrightshire 
Courtie-Dutton  William,   Moraig,  Rowallan 

street,   Helensburgh 
Cousar   William,  Sunnyside,  Cardross   S.O. 

Cousens  John  Harry, 20  Belmont  rd. Aberdn 
Cousin  Andw.  King's  Hut,  Hunter's  Quay, 

Kirn   S.O.  Argyllshire 
Cousin  George  J.P.  The  Walk  ho.   Alloa 
Cousin   Miss,   Ormelie,  Doune  rd. Dunblane 
Cousin  Mm.  Cromdale,  Dunblane 
Cousin  Rt.  37  Campbell  st.  Helensburgh 
Cousins  David,  Kallie  bank,  Alloa 
Cousins   John,  Pearl  bank,   Victoria   road, 

Gonrork  P.O.  Renfrewshire 
Cousins  Norman  James,  5  Queen's  avenue, 
Craigie.  Perth 


Cousland     Alexander     S.     Craigendarroch 

TighDabruaich    S.O.    Argyllshire 
Coustou  R.  17  Linkneld,  Musselburgh 
Couston    Thomas,    School    house,    Liberton 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Couttie  James,  61  Clepington  road,  Dundee 
Coutts  Rev.  James  M.A.  Ardallie,  Mintlaw 

Station  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Coutts  Rev.   John    W.,    M.A.    Duns    road, 

Coutts  Ghas.  74  Mile  End  av.  Aberdeen 
Coutts  Charles,  8  Roslin  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Coutts  Danl.  L.  6  Sunnyside  rd.  Aberdeen 
Coutts  David  A.  94  Queen's  rd,  Aberdeen 
Coutts  Fras.  280  Gt.  Western  rd.  Aberdeen 
Coutts  Francis  J.P.  Town  &  County  bank, 

Ballater  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Coutts  F.Brae  Knowe,  Invergowrie, Dundee 
Coutts    Frederick    T.    Aldersyde,    Brechin 

road,  Forfar 
Coutts    Gavin,    Birkwood    cottage.    Aboyne 

S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Coutts  Gavin,    Woodbank,   Broomhill  road, 

Coutts   Geo.Earlslea,   Aboyne   S.O.  Abrdnsh 
Coutts  George,  24  John  street,   Aberdeen 
Coutts  George,  108  Osborne  pi.  Aberdeen 
Coutts  George,  St.  George's  lodge,  Aboyne 

S.O.    Aberdeenshire 
Coutts  J,  Clifton  viila,  Wormit,  Dundee 
Coutts  James,  36   Queen  street,  Peterhead 
Coutts  James,  69  Union  grove,  Aberdeen 
Coutts  James,  30  Victoria  street,  Arbroath 
Coutts  James  A.  C.  12  Elm  pi.  Aberdeen 
Coutts  James  M.  Viewfield,  Selkirk 
Coutts  John,  325  Clifton  road,  Aberdeen 
Coutts     John,     Homewood,     Aboyne     S.O. 

Coutts  John,  4  Millburn  street,  Aberdeen 
Coutts     John,     Pinewood,     Torphins     S.O. 

Coutts  Jn.  Ure  bank,  Invergowrie,  Dundee 
Coutts  Jn.   juo.  28  Belvidere  cres.  Aberdn 
Coutts  John  C.  Bogbrae,   Ellon 
Coutts  John  J.  5  Gladstone  ter.  Lerwick 
Coutts   Miss,  Birkhill,  Dundee 
Coutts  Mi&s,  196  Great  Western  rd. Aberdn 
Coutts  Mrs.  Castle  st.  Crail  S.O.  FIfeshire 
Coutts  Mrs.  114  North  street,  Inverurie 
Coutts  Mrs.  20  Walker  road,  Torry,  Abrdn 
Coutts  Mrs.  W.  Lea  bank,  Cults,  Aberdeen 
Coutts    Peter,    Gairn    villa,    Ballater    S.O. 

Coutts  Robt.Coila  bank, Downfield,  Dundee 
Coutts  Robert,  13  Stanley  street,  Aberdeen 
Coutts  Robt.  M.  157  Forest  av.   Aberdeen 
Coutts  Thomas,   150  Forest  av.  Aberdeen 
Coutts    Thomas,    4    Nairn   place,    Seatield 

road,  Dundee 
Coutts  William.  28  Duthie  terrace,  Aberdn 
Coutts     William,     Grahamville,     Campbell 

drive,  Bear.sden,  Glasgow 
Coutts  Wm.  393  Gt.  Western  rd.  Aberdeen 
Coutts  William,  45  Holburn  roadAberdeen 
Coutts  William,  394  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Coutts  Wm.  Rosemount,  New  road,  Forfar 
Coutts  Wm.jun.  62  Mile  End  av.  Aberdeen 
Coutts  William  T.  H.  73  East  King  street, 

Coventry  John,  24  James  st.  Dunfermline 
Coventry    Mis.s,    Shanwell,   Orwell,    Milna- 
thort S.O.  Kinross-shire 
Coventry  Mrs.   12  Hyndford  road,  Lanark 
Cowan   Rev.    Arthur  M.A.,   V.   F.    Church 

manse,  Giffnock.  Glasgow 
Cowan  Rev.  Henry  M.A.,  D.D.  31  College 

bounds,  Old  Aberdeen,  Aberdeen 
Cowan    Rev.    James  0-,    B.D.    The  Manse, 

Morebattle,  Kelso 
Cowan    Rev.    Robert,    United    Free    High 

manse,  21  Moray  street,  Elgin 
Cowan  Rev.   William,  Banchory  S.O.  Kin- 
Cowan  A.  Valley  Field  house,  Penicuik 
Cowan     Adam,    Adelea,     Holmhead    road, 

Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Cowan  Alexander,  Duncraig,  Waverley  rd. 

E&kbank,   Dalkeith 
Cowan  Alexander,  11   Seaforth  av.  Annan 
Cowan  Alex.M.Beech  ho.Fairlie  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Cowan  Alex.  MacLaren,  16  Murray  st.Duns 
Cowan  A.  Newton  ho.  Millerhill,  Dalkeith 
Cowan   Andrew    B.,    J.P.    Viewfield  villa, 

St.  Meddans  street.  Troon 
Cowan  Charles  M.   Catherine  lodge,  Inver- 

esk,  Musselburgh 
Cowan  Ghas.W.  Da'.housie  castle, Lasswade 
Cowan     Colin    Campbell,     Darnley    lodge, 

Kirn  S.O.   Argyllshire 
Cowan  D.   Balgreen,  Balmoor  ter.  Peterhd 
Oowan  David,    Couiport    house,  Cove    S.O. 

Cowan  D.M.,  M.B.  10  Cassillis  rd.Maybole 
Cowan  Donald,  21  Princes  st.  Stirling 
Cowan    Dugald,     Heatherfleld,     Skelmorlie 

S.O.   Avrshire 
Cowan     "Edward,       Rowanlea,       Barnhill, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Cowan    Edward    G.    Armadale,   Alva  S.O. 

Cowan  G.  Dunglass,  Uddingston,  Glasgow 

Cowan  George,  7  Castle  terrace,  Esplanade, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Cowan  George  CO.  Mains  of  Park  house, 

Glenluce  S.O.  Wigtownshire 
Cowan  Harry  W.   The  Hollies,  Abernethy 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Cowan  Hugh,  Kimberley  house,  Oban 
Cowan  Hugh,  29  St.  Leonard's  road,  Ayr 
Cowan    James,    Ardmaddy,    Corrour   road, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Cowan  James,   Craig   Gowan,  High  street, 

Ardersier  S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Cowan  J.  Duncraggin,Learmonth  st.Falkrk 
Cowan    James,    71    Gateside    street,    West 

Kilbride  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Cowan     James,     Ochil    bank,     Alva     S.O. 

Cowan  J.    Otago  cot.   Greystone,  Dumfries 
Cowan    John,    Belmont,    Bank    st.    Irvine 
Cowan     John,      Burnside,       Dollar      S.O. 

Cowan  John,  Carkston,  Busby,  Glasgow 
Cowan    John    J.P.    Glen    view,    Dalbeattie 

road,  Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Cowan  John,   12  Howard   st.   Kilmarnock 
Cowan  John   M.B.,    CM.   Ken  view,   New 

Galloway  S.O.  Kirkcudbrightshire 
Cowan  J.  Lake  villa,  Kilmun  S.O.  Argyllsh 
Cowan  John,   45  Manse  street,    Saltcoats 
Cowan  John  James,  Newhall,  Penicuik 
Cowan   John  M.    Aftonleigh,   St.   Meddans 

street,  Troon 
Cowan  Miss,   4  Hermitage   terrace,   Camp- 
hill  road,  Broughton  Ferry  S.O.Forfarsa 
Cowan  Miss,  23  Park  circus,  Ayr 
Cowan    Misses,    Earnview,    Strathearn  ter- 
race,  Crieff 
Cowan  Misses,  Lagreach,  Pitlochry 
Cowan  Misses,  65  Midton  road,  Ayr 
Cowan  Mrs.  18  Abbey  rd.  Eskbank,  Dalkth 
Cowan  Mrs.   2  Calside  terrace,  Paisley 
Cowan  Mrs.   101  Clark  street,  Airdrie 
Cowan    Mrs.    Forest    bank,    Taynuilt    S.O. 

Cowan     Mrs.     Glenhead,     Wellshot    drive, 

Cambuslang,    Glasgow 
Cowan  Mrs.  23  St.  Mary  st.  Kirkcudbright 
Cowan   Mrs.    Spring   Garden    house,    Dairy 

S.O.  Kirkcudbrightshire 
Cowan    Mrs.    Tighnacreoch,    Port    Banna- 

tyne,    Rothesay 
Cowan  R.  Ben  Roy,  Kirkintilloch,  Glasgw 
Cowan  Ralph  M.  Craigland,  Dalbeattie 
Cowan  Rt.  11  Abbey  rd.  Eskbank.Dalkeith 
Cowan    Robert    A.    St.    George's    terrace, 

Bridge  of  Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Cowan  Kobt.   Claig,  Craigie bield,   Penicuik 
Cowan  Samuel,   12  Holmston  road,  Ayr 
Cowan  Saml.  J.P.  19  Marshall  place,  Perth 
Cowan  Samuel  Campbell  M.B.  Broadcroft, 

Kirkintilloch,  Glasgow 
Cowan   T.    G.   Holytown   S.O.    Lanarkshire 
Cowan  W.   117  Bo'ness  road,  Grangemouth 
Cowan  W.   O.  1  South  Tay  street,  Dundee 
Cowans     David     S.,     J.P.     West     Mains, 

Auchterhouse,   Dundee 
Cowans  John,   Colonsay,    Ralston,   Paisley 
Cowap  Mrs.  35  Bellevue  crescent,  Ayr 
Cowbrough  Miss,  7  Randolph  road,  Stirling 
Cowbrough  Wm.   19   Snowdon  pi.   Stirling 
Cowden   John,   Oxhill  road,    Dumbarton 
Cowden  Mrs.  23  Montague  st.  Dumfries 
Cowe  Archibald  J.P.   Ashville,  Penicuik 
Cowe  C.   McNaughton,  3  Tay  sq.  Dundee 
Cowe  Miss,   Summerhill,   Ayton 
Cowe  Mrs,  27  Palace  street,  Berwick 
Cowe    Peter,     Butterdean,    Grant's    House 

S.O.   Berwickshire 
Cowe  Peter,  57  West  street,  Berwick 
Cowen  Hy.  Bay  view,  Quay  walls,  Berwek 
Cowen  Mrs.  46  Skene  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Cowen   Robert    Scott,    Edenvale,    Glenburn 

road,  Boarsden,  Glasgow 
Cowie  Rev.  Charles  Chalmers  M.A.  Manse, 

Rothes  S.O.   Morayshire 
Cowie    Rev.    George    W.    S.    United    Free 
Church   manse,   Buchlyvie   S.O.Stirlingsh 
Cowie   Rev.   W-,  M.A.   The  Manse,    Maud, 

Cowie  A.,  J.P.  Pitgaveny  street,  Lossie- 
mouth S.O.  Morayshire 
Cowie  Alexander,  17  Burns  road,  Aberdeen 
Cowie  Alex.  284  Gt.  Western  rd.  Aberdeen 
Cowie  Alex.  Oak  bank,  Kemnay,  Aberdeen 
Cowie     Alexander     Mitchell     J.P.     Dullan 

brae,  Dufftown  S.O.  Banffshire 
Cowie  A.  Barrs,  Cardross  S.O.  Dumbrtnsh 
Cowie  Andrew,  27  Claremont,  Alloa 
Cowie  Forbes  M.   8  Clifton  pi.   Aberdeen 
Cowie   George,   26  Belgrave  ter.   Aberdeen 
Cowie  James,  Cleland  road,  Wishaw 
Cowie  James,  Floral  bank,  Hamilton  drive, 

Cambuslang,    Glasgow 
Cowie  James,  31  Ludgate,  Alloa 
Cowie  James,   Muirhead  of  Liff,  Dundee 
Cowie     James,     Norwood,     Corrour     road, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Cowie  J.   A.  Lynwood,  Tibbennore,  Perth 
Cowie  John.  2fl  Briehton  place,  Aberdeen 
Cowie  John,  Kinbra^e  bouse.  East  Church 
street,   Buckie 

Cowie  Miss,  28  Suffolk  street,  Helensburgh 
Cowie  Mrs.  Alma  vale,  Forrest  st,  Airdrie 
Cowie  Mrs.  Brechin  road,  Arbroath 
Cowie  Eobt.  K.  23  Caledonia  rd.  Saltcoats 
Cowie  T.   Sharp,   16  Kellie  place,  Alloa 
Cowie  T.  Garnkirk  ho.   Chryston,  Glasgow 
Cowie  William,  8  Beechgrove  pi.  Aberdeen 
Cowie  Wm.   Glenythan,  Uddingston, Glasgw 
Cowie  William,  92  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Cowie  William,  37  St.  Leonard's  rd.  Ayr 
Cowieson  Alex.  Abbey  park,   St.  Andrew's 
Cowieson   George,   7  Wattfield  road,  Ayr 
Cowieson  Mrs.   Rose  cottage,  Duddingston, 

Portobello  S.O.  Midlothian 
Cowlanu    E.   Barscub,    Brookfield,    Johnstn 
Cowley  Mrs.  8  Marine  road,   Dunbar 
Cowley  Walter  Vincent,  Briyhtside.  Strath- 
view  gardens,  Bearsden,   Glasgow 
■Cowley   Wm.    Riverside,   Wormit,   Dundee 
•Cowley   William    R,    Craigie   Knowe,    Wor- 
mit,  Dundee 
Cowpar    Mrs.    Bellevue,    Upper   Bridge   st. 

Cowper  H.   S.    Oakwood   cottage,   Hillside, 

Cowper    Mrs.    Balmoral    villa,    New    Ratt- 
ray, Blairgowrie 
Cowper     Mrs.     Bellevue,     Newattle    road, 

Eskbank,  Dalkeith 
Cowper  Mrs.  Laurel  cot.  Hillside,  Montrose 
Cowper  Taos.    24   Suffolk   st.   Helensburgh 
Cox  Rev.  James  T.,  M.A.  Dvce.  Aberdeen 
Cox  Rev.   Walter  Percy  M.A'.  The   Manse, 

Lunan.  Montrose 
Cox   Rev.    William   J.,    D.D.    14   Rosewood 

terrace.  Dundee 
Cox    A.    J.    Foggyley,    Harefield,    Lochee, 

Cox   Albert    Edwd.    Dungarthill,  Dunkeld 
Cox      Albert      T.      Dungarthill,      Caputh. 

Murthly  S.O.  Perthshire 
Cox  Alfred  W.  Glendoick,  Perth 
Cox   Arthur.    Glenmarkie,    Glenisla,     Uyth 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Cox    Benjamin    C.     Largo    house,     Upper 
^  Largo,  Lower  Largo  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Cox  Bdmnnd  C.    Dunnichen  house,   Dunni- 

chen,  Forfar 
Cox  E.  J. P.  Cardean.   Meigle  S.O.Perthsh 
Cox  Erntst,  Lyndhurst,  Coupar  Angus  rd. 

Lochee,   Dundee 
Cox    G.    M.    Beechwood,    Harefield    road, 

Loohee.  Dundee 
Cox  Geo.   Aberuthven    cot.    Auchterarder 
Cox  G.  W.  Cramond  Bridge  S.O.Midlothian 
Cox     Harry.     Winton,      Campbell      drive 

Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Cox    James    Ernest,    Lyndhurst,     Lochee 

Cox  James  Nichol,  Woodlyn.  Gatehonse-of- 

Fleet,  S.O.  Kirkcudbrightshire 
Cox  John  A.  Harefield,  Lochee.  Dundee 
Cox  Mis'.  Briar  cottage,  Birkhill,   Dundee 
Cox    Miss,    Clement    park,  Harefield  road, 

Lochee,  Dundee 
Cox  Mrs.  Booth  place,  Falkirk 
Cox  Mrs.  48  Easter  street,  Duns 
Cox  Mrs.  Hamilton,  Armston  house,  Gore- 
bridge  S.O.  Midlothian 
Cox  Mrs.  Floral  bank,  E.  Newport,  Fifesh 
Cox    Mrs.    Invertrossachs,   Callander   S  0 

Cox  Mrs.    Linslade,   Dailly  S.O.   Argyllsh 
Cox    Mrs.    Lorme    cottage,    Maule    street 

Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Cox     Walter     George,     Vailima,     Liberton 

Brae  S.O.  Midlothian 
Cox    Wm.    H.    Snaigow,    Capnth,    Murthly 

S.O.   Perthshire  &  Clnnie,  Blairgowrie 
Cox  William  H.  Traigon,  Dunkeld 
Coxon   Robert   E.    18  Linn   terrace,    Clark- 

ston  road,  Cathcart 
Crabb  Rev.  Samuel,   Glen  Islay  villa    Ard- 

mory  road,  Rothesay 
Crabb     Rev.     Stewart     M.A.     St.     John's 

manse,  Westfleld  road,  Cupar 
Crabb  David,  East  bank,  Brechin 
Crabb  G.  Ravelston,  Pltkerro  rd.  Dundee 
Crabb  Mrs.  Stormont  house,  Leven 
Crabb  Robert  L.,  J.P.  Craighouse,  Auchin- 

blae  S.O.  Kincardineshire 
Crabbe   Maj.    Jn.    J.P.    Dnncow,   Dnmfrie« 
Crabbe    David,    4    Carlogie    terrace,    Car- 
noustie S.O.  Forfarshire 
Crabbe  G.Drnmore  Eo.Olepington  rd.Dndee 
Crabbe  J.  27  Cralgendoran  av.  Helensburgh 
Crabbe  Mrs.  28  Springfield,  Dundee 
Crabbe  Mrs.  David  S.  4  Airlie  place,  Perth 

road,  Dundee 
Crabbe  Victor,  48  Irvine  place,  Aberdeen 
Crabbie  George,   Blairhoyle,   Port  of  Men- 

teith  Station  S.O.  Stirlingshire 
Crabowsky      Carl,       Linnbtirn,      Shandon 

Crackston     .tames    Edgar,    3     Qneensberry 

terrace,  Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Crackston  John,  Craisrmore,  Nelson  street 

Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 


Crackston  Mrs.    Amy   bank,    Terregles   st. 

Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Crackston    Mrs.    Chapel    mount,    Maxwell- 
town, Dumfries 
Crackston  Mrs.  2  Portland  place,  Maxwell- 
town, Dumfries 
Craddock  J.    V.   2  Culloden  ter.  Arbroath 
Cradock  James,  42  Rae  street,  Dumfries 
Cradotk  John,    Westfield,  Dumfries 
Craib   Eev.   Alex.    R.,   F.S.A.    The   Manse, 

Low  street,  New  Pitsligo,  Aberdeen 
Craib  Mrs.   45  Abergeldie  road,  Aberdeen 
Craib  W.   Woodburn,  Jackson  st.  Penicuik 
Craick  W.  Clifton  cot.  Victoria  ter.  Turriff 
Craig  Rev.  A.  M.,  M.A.  St.  John's  manse, 

Forest  field,  Kelso 
Craig  Rev.  A.  N.,  M.A.  Deerness,  Kirkwll 
Craig  Rev.   Andrew  B.,    U.   F.   C.  manse, 

Laurieston,  Castle  Douglas 
Craig    Eev.    Jame6,     Free     manse,    Kirk- 

pitrick-Dnrhajn,  Dalbeattie 
Craig    Rev.     John     Mitchell,    "United  Free 

Church  manse,  Tannadice,  Forfar 
Craig     Rev.     W.    L.,     M.A.     United    Free 
Church  manse,   Balmalcolm,   Kingskettle 
S.O.   Fifeshire 
Craig  Eev.  W.  L.,  M.A.  Pitlessie.Ladvbnk 
Craig  Eev.   Wm.  P.  Kirkwall  S.O.  Orkney 
Craig  A.,  J.P.  Kirkland,  Dairy  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Craig  A.,  M.D.   Pathhead  Ford,  Dalkeith 
Craig     Adam,     Aln    bank,     Ancrum     S.O. 

Craig  Alex.  23  Fonthill  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Craig    Alex.    6   Forbesfleld   rd.    Aberdeen 
Craig  Alex.  52  Murray  terrace,   Aberdeen 
Craig  Alex.  J.P.  Whitburn  S.O.Linlthgwsh 
Craig  Andrew,  51  Argyll  place,  Aberdeen 
Craig   Andrew,   2  Mansfield   terrace,   Dun- 
lop  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Craig  Andrew,  jun.  55  Argyll  pi.  Aberdeen 
Craig    Andrew     B.     Craigbeb,    Bridge    of 

Weir   S.O.    Eenfrewshire 
Craig  Archibald,    Lochview   cottage,    Beith 
Craig  Archibald  F.,  J.P.   Belmont,   Castle- 
head,  Paisley 
Craig  Archibald  James,  Eowanlee,  Cloven- 
fords,  Galashiels 
Craig    Arthur,    Bellevue,    Montgomerie  st. 

Craig   C.    D.    Ardenlea,    Lenzie,    Glasgow 
Craig  C.  Woodview,  Queen's  rd. Scone, Prtli 
Craig  D.   Andrew,  84  Victoria  rd.  Dundee 
Craig  David,    Craigielea,   Dovecot  rd.  Cor- 

storphine  S.O.  Midlothian 
Craig  David,  Davaar,  Bridge  of  Weir  S.O. 

Craig   David  F.    Silverlea,   North  Esk   rd. 

Craig  Donald,   Cairnduna,  Hamilton  drive, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Craig  F.  Wm.  3  South  Beach  st.Stornowy 
Craig  George,  102  Argyle  road,  Saltcoats 
Craig  Geo.  Balngask  rd.  Torry,  Aberdeen 
Craig  Geo.  Broomcroft,  Mearns,  Glasgow 
Craig     George,    Craigangar,    West    Linton 

S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Craig  George  B.  25  Hermon  hill,  Dundee 
Craig  George  B.  25  Perth  road,  Dundee 
Craig  Hugh,  Deanside,  Beansburn,Kilmarn 
Craig  J.   Hollywood,  Woodburn  av.  Airdrie 
Craig  J.  Park  cot.  North  Union  st.   Cupar 
Craig  J.  Sea  View  house,  Toward,  Toward 

Point  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Craig  James  E.  Barr  Hill  house,   Gourock 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Craig    James    J.P.    Borland    hills,    Dunlop 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Craig  James,    Calder  Park    cottage,   Loch- 

winnoch  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Craig  James,    Carkkamp,   North  Berwick 
Craig  J.  Craig  rd.  Tayport  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Craig  James,    Craigallan,    Brownside   road, 

Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Craig  J.  Cunning  pk.  Racecourse  rd.  Ayr 
Craig  James,  Daleroy,  Castle  Douglas 
Craig  Jas.  Duncraig,  Uddingston,  Glasgow 
Craig  J.  Linwood,   Oxhill  rd.   Dumbarton 
Craig  James,  7  Mile  End  aven.  Aberdeen 
Craig  Jas.  Rosedene,  Koptie  rd.   Arbroath 
Craig  James,  View  mount,  Brechin 
Craig    James    A.    Ochil   villa,    Balgay    ter- 
race, City  road,  Dundee 
Craig  James  W.  4  Little  causeway,  Forfar 
Craig  J.  Bank  ho.  Conveth  pi. Laurencekirk 
Craig    John,    Beechwood,    Greenock  road, 

Largs  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Craig  Jn.  Bellevue, Montgomerie  st.Ardrssn 
Craig  Jn.  Birdsfield,  Wellhall  rd.Hamilton 
Craig  John,  22  Buccleuch  street,  Hawick 
Craig     John,      Camp      villa,      Broomberry 

drive,  Gourock  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Craig  Jn.  Clifton  bank,  Downfield,  Dun. lee 
Craig  John,   Craigneuk,   Erskine  park  sth. 

Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Craig  John,   20  Eglinton  road,   Ardrossan 
Craig  J.  Hamilton  drive, Cambuslang, Glsgw 
Craig  John,  1  Hilton   Btreet.  Aberdeen 
Craig    John.     Maryland,     Hamilton    road, 

CRA       1475 

Craig  Jn.  Howard  Park  drive,  Kilmarnock 
Craig  John  M.A.  13  Rosebery  st.  Aberdeen 
Craig  John,  20  Sidney  street,  Saltcoats 
Craig  J.  The  Elms,  Dalj,rain  rd.Grngemth 
Craig  John  Lipp,  27  File  street,  Dufftown 

S.O.   Banffshire 
Craig  M.  Broompark,  Kirkbrae,  Wishaw 
Craig  Matthew,   Crag  vw.Carriek, Greenock 
Craig  Matthew,  6  Loanhead  st.  Kilmarnock 
Craig  Miss,  32  Eglinton  road,  Ardrossan 
Craig     Miss,     Haytield,     Strathaven     S.O. 

Craig  Miss,  31  Louisa  drive,  Girvan 
Craig    Miss,    Midtown    house,    Reston    S.O. 

Craig  Miss,  111  Queen  street,  Dumfries 
Craig  Miss,  23  Eae  street,  Dumfries 
Craig     Miss,     Eowallan,     Kilmacolm    S.O. 

Craig  Miss,  27  Wellington  square,  Ayr 
Craig    Misses,    Avon    bank,    Auchamre   rd. 

Craig  Misses,  Cotton  street,  Castle  Douglas 
Craig  Mrs.  Ballagan,  Strathblane,  Glasgow 
Craig  Mrs.  134  Blenheim  place,  Aberdeen 
Craig   Mrs.    Craig   park,    Strathaven     S.O. 

Craig  Mrs.  3  Dempster  ter.  St.  Andrews 
Craig  Mrs.  62  Dundonald  road,  Kilmarnock 
Oraig  Mrs.  23  Eglinton  terrace,  Ayr 
Craig  Mrs.  52  Eldon  street,  Greenock 
Craig  Mrs.   F'airview  villa,  Dundee   street, 

Carnoustie   S.O.   Forfarshire 
Craig  Mrs.  Holmcroft,  Dairy  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Craig  Mrs.   2  Howard   street,  Kilmarnock 
Craig  Mrs.   Kirklea,  Greenock  rd.  Paisley 
Craig  Mrs.  Mar  lodge,  Stirling 
Craig  Mrs.  57  New  st.  Dairy  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Craig  Mrs.   Oakbank,  Kirn  S.O.   Argyllsh 
Craig  Mrs.  48  Oakshaw  street,  Paisley 
Craig  Mrs.  St.  Mary's  rd.Downfleld, Dundee 
Craig    Mrs.    Townhead,    Newton     Mearns, 

Craig    Mrs.     Westwood,      Craigton     road, 

Mannofield,  Aberdeen 
Craig  Nicol  M.  14  Castle  terrace,  Berwick 
Craig  E.  Eigholm,  Eenfrew  S.O.  Enfrwsh 
Craig  Eobert,  58  Bedford  place,  Aberdeen 
Craig  Eobt.  Bunkers  hill,  North  Berwick 
Craig  Eobt.  3  Cecil  gdns.  Cathcart,  Glsgw 
Craig    Eobert,    Hazelwood,    Cardross    S.O. 

Craig     Eobert,     Pollock     house,     Newton 

Mearns,    Glasgow 
Craig  Eobert,   Roebank,  Cubrieshaw  drive 

West  Kilbride   S.O.  Ayrshire 
Craig  R.,  J.P.  Well  pk.  Racecourse  rd.Ayr 
Craig     Eobert    Hunter    J.P.     West    park, 

Skelmorlie  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Craig  Eobt.   L.   46  Murray  ter.   Aberdeen 
Craig    Scott,    1    Belgrave    terrace,   Corstor- 

phine  S.O.   Midlothian 
Craig  Thomas,  Barrhill  house,  Barrhill  rd 

Gourock  S.O.  Eenfrewshire 
Craig  T.  Cleikerinn  st. Perth  rd.Blairgowrie 
Craig  Thos.   St.   Andrew's  cot.  Lockerbie 
Craig  Thomas,  Sand  lodge,  Carmyle  aven 

Carrayle,  Glasgow 
Craig    Thomas,  Sidlaw   view,   West    Clep- 

mgton  road,  Dundee 
Craig  Thos.  Stnnfield,  Blair  hi.  Coatbridge 
Craig   Thomas,  Stonefield,    Douglas  street, 

Craig  Tom,  Uiundi  road,  Johnstone 
Craig  W.   E.,  J.P.  Milnthird, Castle  Dongls 
Craig  Wm.  Blyth-Holm,  Uddlngston.Glsgw 
Craig  William,  34  Caledonia  rd.  Ardrossan 
Craig  Wm.  Dunleven.Kirkton  hl.Dumbartn 
Craig  William,  Hawkhead  road,  Paisley 
Craig  Wm.  Kildonan,  Uddingston,  Glasgw 
Craig  Wm.  Lochgarry,   Lenzie,    Glasgow 
Craig  Wm.   83  Mile  End   aven.   Aberdeen 
Craig  William  M.B.,  CM.  Woodside  house, 

Cowdenbeath  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Craig  Wm.  G.  Parkhill,  W.  CultB,  Aberdn 
Craig-Brown  Clive,  Woodburn,  Selkirk 
Craig-Brown  Malcolm,  Woodburn,  Selkirk 
Craig-Brown  Thos.  J.P.  Woodburn, Selkirk 
Craigen  Alex.  21  West  Mount  st.  Aberdeen 
Craigen  John,  40  Carden  place,  Aberdeen 
Craigg   Thomas,    Coilva,    Brownside    road, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Craighead  Miss,   Springbank   lodge,    Craig- 
ton road,  Mannofield,  Aberdeen 
Craighead  Eobert,  57  Cranford  rd.  Aberdn 
Craigie  A. 66  Earlspark  av.Newlands.Glsgw 
Craigie  James,  Kinnoull  street,  Perth 
Craigie  James   H.    Strathruddie,  Eiverside 

road,   Newlands,   Glasgow 
Craigie  John  B.  Linton,  Cluny,  Aberdeen 
Craigie  Mrs.  26  Albyn  place,  Aberdeen 
Craigie  Mrs.  Craigallan,  Bearsden,  Glasgw 
Craigie  Mrs.   6  Erskine  street,  Montrose 
Craigmile   George,  78  Gray  st.    Aberdeen 
Craigmile   Mrs.  5  Strawberry' bank. Aberdn 
Craigmyle  Mrs.  86  Eose  street,  Aberdeen 
Craisrmyle  Eobert,  171  Crown  st.  Aberdeen 
Craik    David,    Myrtle   cottage,    New    Rat- 
tray, Blairgowrie 

SCOT.       93* 

1476       CAR 


Craik  David,  Violet  cot.  Downfield,  Dundee 

Cra  k  Harry,    Manor   street,    Forfar 

Craik  Isaac,  Glenara,    Cadzow   drive,  Cam- 

buslane.  Glasgow 
Craik    J.,    J. P.     Viewmount,     St.     James's 

road,  Forfar 
Craik  James   W.   Little   Causeway,    Forfar 
Craik  John,   Turfachie,   Gray  street,   Perth 
Craik  John  F.,  J. P.  Briars  cottage,   Glamis 

road,    Forfar 
Craik   Miss,    11    Albert    terrace,    Lnkfield, 

Craik    Mrs.    Dunstaffnage,    Hunter's    quay, 

Kirn   S-O.    Argyllshire 
Craik     Mrs.      Rosslyn,     Dalhousie     street, 

Monifieth,  Dundee 
Craik    Mrs.    Tiinghn    cottage,    Durn   road, 

Portsoy  S.O.   Banffshire 
Craik     Peter,     Hazlemere,     Cadzow     drive, 

Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Cr.i  k  Robert,  6   Summerhill  terrace,  North 

road,  Berwick 
Craik    >\  illiam    Penny    J. P.    Craig  castle, 

Ithynie  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Crail  John,  Victoria  road,  Annan 
Cra  ne    Mrs.   Lime   Bank  cottage,    Charies- 

tuwn,  Dunfermline  Rev.  Geo.  Philip,  Erigmore,  Barn- 
hill,  Broughty  Ferry   S.O.   Forfarshire 
Craise   Miss,    i    Castle   terrace,   Berwick 
Cram  Duncan,  43  York  place,  Perth 
Cram  J.   3  Prospect  ter.  E.  Newport.Fifesh 
Cram  James,   Edinburgh  road,   Perth 
Cram   Mrs.    14   Clackmannan   road,    Alloa 
Cram    Peter,    Bridge    street,    Dollar    S.O. 

Cramb  D.    Elleyerholm,   Radnor   pk.Glsgw 
Cramb  John,   Loan  park,   Dunblane 
Cramb  Miss,  96  Sinclair  st.   Helensburgh 
Cramond  Geo.  D.   17  Bridge  st.   Galash.els 
Cramond  Jas.  Anna  cot.   Wyllie  st.  Forfar 
Cramond  Mrs.  Roslin  villa,  St.  Catherine's 

road,   Forres 
Crampton  Walter   R.    16   Ashley  ter.   Alloa 
Cran  Rev.   William  B.D.    Skene,    Aberdeen 
Cran  Alex.    A.   22  Balmoral    pi.   Aberdeen 
Cran  Alex.  J.    14  Bayview  rd.    Aberdeen 
Cran    David   R.,    J.P.    Ardmore,  Edderton 

S.O.  Ross-shire 
Cran  George,  50  Ben-Accord   st.  Aberdeen 
Cran    George    M.D.     Wulbrook,    Banchory 

S.O.   Kincardineshire 
Cran  George  Smith,  58  Forest  av. Aberdeen 
Cran  James,  12  Gray  street,  Aberdeen 
Cran    John    J.P.    Kirkton,    Kirkhill    S.O. 

Cran  Miss,  Aldie  house,  Battlehill,   Huntly 
Cran  Miss,  26  Clifton  road,   Aberdeen 
Cran  Mrs.  74  Carden  place,  Aberdeen 
Cran   Mrs.  Cherry  cot.  Lhanbryde,   Elgin 
Cran  Mrs.   135  Desswood  place,  Aberdeen 
Cran  Newell  B.   76  Osborne  pi.   Aberdeen 
Cran  Robert,   9  Carlton  place,  Aberdeen 
Cran  Robert,  475  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Cran  Robt.J.P.  Lesmurdie,  Lower  Cabrach, 

Cran   Wm.   F.  41  Carden  pi.   Aberdeen 
Cran  William  S.  475  King   st.  Aberdeen 
Crandles  George,  12  New  st.  Musselburgh 
Crane  Rev.  George,  The  Rectory,  Baillies- 

ton,    Glasgow 
Crane  Alex.  Bright  bnk.  Bieldside,  Aberdn 
Crane  Miss,  23   Powis  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Cranmer     Rev.    John     Graham    B.D.     St. 
Leonard's  manse,  Braxfield  rd.   Lanark 
Cranmer  Mrs.  Killorn,  Milngavie,   Glasgow 
Cranna  Chas.  John,  Stratheden,  Ladybank 
Cranna   George,    82    Ashley  rd.    Aberdeen 
Cranna  John,  29  Victoria  st.  Fraserburgh 
Cranna  Wm.  Hay,  6  Hosefield  av. Aberdeen 
Cranston     Archibald,    Linridge,     Monreith 

road,  Newlands,    Glasgow 
Cranston     Robert,     Hollywood,     Slateford 

S.O.   Midlothian 
Cranston    Walter,    Cherswood   villa,    Inver- 

esk,   Musselburgh 
Cranstoun  H.  1  Buccleuch  place,  Moffat 
Cranstoun  Joseph  Y.  Trotter  J.P.  Harvies- 

ton,  Gorebridge  S.O.  Edinburghshire 
Cranstoun   Mrs.    Corehouse,   Kirkfieldbank, 

Cranstoun  William,   Birchwood,   Holmhead 

road,  Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Crapper     James    A.     Sweetbank     cottage, 

Links,  Leven 
Crarer  Geo.  Paton  M.B.,  CM.  The  Braes, 

Victoria  terrace,  Tnrriff 
Cruse     John,     Kinrockat.     Camphill    road, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Craven  Rev.  Jas.  B.  Dundas  cres.  Kirkwll 
Craven   Alexander,   Stoneypath,  Brownside 

road,   Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Craw  John,  Faery  knowe,  St. Mary's  drive, 

Craw   Mrs.-  Dounie  villa,  St.   James'  road, 

Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Crawford     Col.     Ewing     R.     Auchentroig, 

Buchlyvie  S.O.  Stirlingshire 
Crawford     Rev.     James     W.     Rock    view, 
Bonhill  road,  Dumbarton 

Crawford  The  Earl  o£  K.T.,  V.D.,  LL.D., 
F.R.A.S.,  F.R.S.,  V.P.S.A.  Balcarres 
house,  Kilconquhar  S.O.  Fifeshire ;  2 
Cavendish  square  W  &  Carlton  & 
Athenaeum  clubs  S  W  &  Grosvenor  club 
W,  London 
Crawford  Rev.  R.   B.    The   Bungalow,   Cor- 

pach.  Fort  William 
Crawford    Rev.    Thomas    M.A.    Balnacraig, 

Barnhill,  Perth 
Crawford    Rev.    William,    The    Manse,    In- 

verkip,  Greenock 
Crawford  A.  Excelsior  cot. Milngavie, Glsgw 
Crawford    A.    Helen    Lea,   Holmhead    road, 

Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Crawford   A.   The   Cottage,  St.   James'  rd. 

Cathcart,  Glasgow  ■ 

Crawford  A.  Ailsa  vil.  Mt.  Vernon,  Glsgw 
Crawford  Alex.  48  Breadalbane  ter.  Wick 
Crawford    Alexander,    Craigton,    New   Kil- 

patnek,  Bearsden,   Glasgow 
Crawford  Alexander,  2  Kyle  park, 

ston,  Glasgow 
Crawford  Alexander  Dunlop,  Fairy  knowe. 

Douglas  road,   Melrose 
Crawford    Allan,    87    Argyle  rd.    Saltcoats 
Crawford  Andrew,    3  Bellevue  road,   Ayr 
Crawford   Andrew,  Toward  bank,   Toward 

Point   S.O.   Argyllshire 
Crawford  Arch.  Holehouse  rd.  Kilmarnock 
Crawford      Christopher      M.D.       Catherine 

bank,  Muir  street,  Hamilton 
Crawford  D.    Cessnock  road,   Galston   S-O. 

Crawford  David,  15  Clarendon  pi.  Stirling 
Crawford    David,    The    Knowe,    Kilmacolm 

S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Crawford    Dugald,    Mount    Pleasant,    Tigh- 

nabruaich  S.O.   Argyllshire 
Crawford    E.    R.,    J.P.    Auchentroig,   Dry- 
men,  Glasgow 
Crawford    Frank    B.    Stratheaton,    Corrour 

road,    Newlands,  Glasgow 
Crawford  Gavin,  4  Buchanan  ter.   Paisley 
Crawford     Gavin,     Westbreak,    Kilmacolm 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Crawford  Geo.   Path  ho.  Newton  Stewart 
Crawford   H.   Dryburgh,  Racecourse  rd.  Ay r 
Crawford   Houston,    3    King's  park,    Cath- 
cart, Glasgow 
Crawford    Hugh,    Milton,    Courthill,    Bears- 
den,   Glasgow 
Crawford  Hugh,  Neville   street,    Arbroath 
Crawford   James,  Albert  villa,    Kilmacolm 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Crawford   James,   40   Ann   st.    Stonehaven 
Crawford  James,  Broomknowe,  Kilmacolm 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Crawford  James,   Calder  aven.   Coatbridge 
Crawford  James,   Glenview,  Innellan  S.O. 

Crawford  James,  29  Hill  place,   Ardrossan 
Crawford      James,*     Marielea,       Greenlaw 

drive,  Paisley 
Crawford  James,  63   Newton    st.    Greenock 
Crawford  James  M.A    School  house,  Hope- 
man  S.O.  Morayshire 
Crawford     James     J.P.     Thornwood,     TJd- 

dingston,  Glasgow 
Crawford     James     B.      Broomberry    drive, 

Gourock  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Crawford  James  S.  South  park,  Newlands 

road,  Newlands,  Glasgow 
Crawford  John,  Burndale,  Kilmacolm  S.O. 

Crawford   John,  East  road,  Cupar 
Crawford   John,  Glenelg  cottage,    Udding- 

ston,  Glasgow 
Crawford  John,  Montgomery  view,  Bridge 

of  Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Crawford   John,   60    Ritchie    street,    West 

Kilbride  S.O.    Ayrshire 
Crawford    John    M.B.,    CM.    1   Wellington 

street.   Dundee 
Crawford  John  M.   58  Eldon  st.   Greenock 
Crawford    John    Mitchell,    3"  Castle    man- 
sions, Gourock  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Crawford  John    W.    Denniston,  41   Newark 

street,  Greenock 
Crawford      Lawrence,     Hornock     cottage, 

Gartsherrie   road,   Coatbridge 
Crawford      Miss,     Bankhead,      Eaglesham, 

Crawford   Miss,   5  Bellevue  crescent,   Ayr 
Crawford  Miss,   15  Clouds,  Duns 
Crawford   Miss,  Elmbank,   Bishopton    S.O. 

Crawford    Miss,    Kilmartin,    New    Abbey 

road.  Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Crawford   Miss, Myrtle  cot. Waterside, Irvine 
Crawford      Miss,      Rose      bank,      Hunter's 

Quay,  Kirn  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Crawford  Miss,  Thankerton  S.O.  Lanarksh 
Crawford  Misses,  of  St.  John's,  Maybole 
Crawford  Mrs.  50  Academy  st.   Dumfries 
Crawford    Mrs.    Argyle    mansions,    Argyle 

place,  Rothesay 
Crawford  Mrs.   2  Barns  terrace,  Maybole 
Cnwford    Mrs     Clunie    lodge,    Isla    road, 

Bridgend,  Perth 
Crawford  Mrs.  24  Forest  road,  Aberdeen 

Crawford    Mrs.    Lanrick,    Smollett    streets 

Alexandria,   Dumbartonshire 
Crawford  Mrs.  64  Love  street,  Paisley 
Crawford    Mrs.    Mainshamilton,  Beith 
Crawford    Mrs.    Millstoneford,    West    Kil- 
bride S.O.  Ayrshire 
Crawford  Mrs.  New  Street  house,  Beith 
Crawford  Mrs.   14  Princes  st.   Pt.  Glasgow; 
Crawford  Mrs.  11  Queen's  terrace,  Ayr 
Crawford  Mrs.    Rowallan,    Kilmacolm  S. O.- 
Crawford     Mrs.     Sunnyside,     Uddingston,. 

Crawford  Mrs.    3  Victoria  ter.   Dumfrie3 
Crawford  Mrs.    D.    Maggieville,   Corse   st.. 

West  Kilbride  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Crawford  Mrs.  John,  The  Knoll,  Biggar 
Crawford    Mrs.    Knox,    Gowanlea,    Juniper 

Green  S.O.  Midlothian 
Crawford    Mrs.    McKenzie,    Ettric    mount;, 

Liberton   Brae    S.O.    Midlothian 
Crawford     Paul,     The     Lodge,      Carradale,. 

Carradale  Pier  S.O.   Argyllshire 
Crawford  R.  The  Gables,  S.  Beach,  Troon. 
Crawford    Robert,    Albert    cottage,     Loch- 

winnoch   S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Crawford  Robt.  i)o  Bo'ness  rd.   Grangemth 
Crawford    Robert,    Cheviot    bank,    Kirkin- 
tilloch,  Glasgow 
Crawford  Robert,  Head  street,  Beith 
Crawford  Rt.   Hill  ho.  TJddingston,Glasgw 
Crawford   Robert,    35   Kyle  park,    Udding- 

ston,  Glasgow 
Crawford   Robert   M.B.  Leafield,    Burnbank 

road,   Hamilton 
Crawford    Robert,    Seaview,    Ashton    roadP 

Gourock  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Crawford  Rt.  Sunnyside,   Lenzie,   Glasgow- 
Crawford  Thomas,  Fairieglen,   Orchard  st. 

Crawford    T.     Brown,     Torcleugh,    Currie- 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Crawford    Thomas,    Burn   bank,    Lochansr 

Crawford  Thomas,  Dirleton  gardens,  Alloa. 
Crawford  Thomas,  61  Esplanade,  Greenock 
Crawford  Thomas,  5  Marshall  pi.  Perth 
Crawford  Thomas  C   Dunscore,   Kirn  S.O- 

Crawford  W.Mount  vw.Teindhill   grn.Duns 
Crawford      William,      Banchory      cottage, 

Neilston  road,  Barrhead,  Glasgow 
Crawford  Wm.   46  Brougham  st.   Greenock 
Crawford   William,    9    Buchanan    gardens, 

Mount  Vernon,  Glasgow 
Crawford  Wm.   20  Dumbarton  rd.   Stirling 
Crawford    William  M.D.    Lincluden    house,. 

Uddineston,  Glasgow 
Crawford   William,  West   Park  ho.    Cupar 
Crawford    William   C  Loch    Long   cottage,. 

Blairmore  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Crawford     William    M.     Alma,     PotterhiH 

avenue,  Paisley 
Crawford-Leslie    Reginald  William    Henry,. 
Rothie      &     Badenscoth,     Rothienorman 
S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Crawfurd     Mrs.     6     Barns    terrace,     Race- 
course road,   Ayr 
Crawshay    Alfred,    Lochside    house,    New 

Cumnock  S.O.  Avrshire 
Creagh  Verv  Rev.  Thomas  CSS.R. 
(R.  CI,  St."  Mary's.  Kinnoull  hill,  Perth 
Cree  Jas.  Tuscalum,  York  rd.  Nth.  Berwk 
Cree  Mrs.  Glentore,  Glasgow  road,  Perth 
Cree    Mrs.    Woodneuk,    Rahane,  Roseneath 

S.O.   Dumbartonshire 
Cree  William.  Whitelee,  St.Boswells,  New- 
town   St.    Boswells    S.O.   Roxburghshire 
Creeke    Chris,  Fernlea,    Leven 
Creeke  Robert  W.  B.   Weston,  Leven 
Creig    Robert,    11   Ardross    st.    Inverness 
Creighton     Rev.    William    Davidson     M.A. 

The  Rectory.   Dunblane 
Crerar    Rev.   Alex.    Kinlochbervie,   Lairg 
Crerar  Archibald,  Union  Bank  ho.  Macduff 
Crerar  Donald  M.B.  Dunard.  Paisley  road, 

Renfrew   S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Crerar  James.  Park   view,    Loudoun   road,. 

Newmilns  S.O.   Ayrshire 
Crerar  James  A.    Garbhallt,    Monreith  rd. 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Crerar    Misses,  Woodvale,    Callander    S-O- 

Crerar  Peter,    Alma  villa,  Newton   street,. 

Crerar  Peter,  14  Hillend  road,  Arbroath 
Crerar    Robert   M.B-,  CM.  Cromarty    S.O. 

Cresswell  MisB  H.  Nunholm  ho.  Dumfries 
Cribbes  Hy.S.,J.P.BeUsdyke,Airth.  Larbert 
Cribbes  William  Laidlaw,  Meadowfield, 
Carron  shore,  Carron  S.O.  Stirlingshire 
Crichton  Rev.  J.A..D.D.  The  Manse, Annan 
Criohton   Rev.   John,   United  Free  Church 

manse,  Forgandenny  S.O.  Perthshire 
Crichton     Rev.     Thomas     M.A.      Gauldry, 

Wormit  S.O    Fifeshire 
Crichton  Alex.  3o  Balhousie  st.  Perth 
Crichton  Alexander  B.  Abercraigie,  Argyle 

street,    Maryfield,  Dundee 
Crichton  Arch.  H.,J.P.  Castlepk.Linlithgw 


CRU      1477 

Crichton  Chaa.  J  M.  Latbrisk,  Ladybank 
Crichton  Chas.M.  95  High  st. Laurencekirk 
"Crichton    D.,     M.A.,    M.D.     Auchterhouse, 

•Crichton  David,    Blair   Hill   cottage,  West 

Canal  street,  Coatbridge 
Crichton  G-.  M.  Beech  vil.  Wormit,  Dundee 
'Crichton  H.  Bute  ho.  Victoria  pi.  Airdrie 
Crichton  J.,  J.P.  Church  st.  Pt.  Glasgow 
'Crichton  James  J.P.  Boyne  bouse,  Lady- 
bank,  Fife 
Crichton  James,   14  Janefield  place,  Mary- 

fie".d,  Dundee 
Crichton  James,  Newton  cottage,  Innellan 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Crichton  James,  West  park,  Haddington 
Crichton  James,  Willow  grove, West  Ferry, 

Brougbty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
'Crichton  Jn.  16  Bogton  pk.Cathcart,G-lsgw 
■Crichton  J.   Pringle,  7  Charlotte   st.   Perth 
Crichton  John,    Hyndford    cottage,    Hynd- 

ford,  Lanark 
'Crichton  John,  Ladybank,  Fife 
Crichton  Miss,  Algoa  Bay,    Culross,   Dun- 
'Crichton   Miss,  Bent  road,   Hamilton 
•Crichton    Miss,     Hillside,     Barrhill     road, 

Crichton  Miss,   4  Lover's   walk,  Dumfries 
•Crichton  Miss,  39  Rae   street,  Dumfries 
Crichton  Mrs.   3  Ash  grove,  Musselburgh 
'Crichton       Mrs.       Burnside,       Fettercairn, 

'Crichton    Mrs.    Mansefield,    Brechin    road, 

Crichton    Mrs.    25    Randolph    terrace,    St. 

Ninians,  Stirling 
Crichton  Mrs.  St.  Ronans,  Drummond  ter- 
race, Crieff 
'Crichton  Mrs.  J.  Walmer  ho.Ladybank.Fife 
•Crichton  T.  3  Magdalen  Yard  rd.  Dundee 
Crichton  William  M.B.,  CM.  60  Dunnikier 

road,  Kirkcaldy 
'Crichton  W.  10  Janefield  pi. Maryfld. Dundee 
'Crichton  William,  Lewis  st.   Stornoway 
Crichton  William,  Maple  cottage,  Selkirk 
Crichton-Browne    Sir   James   J.P.    Crindau, 

Crichton-Stuart  Lord  Ninian  Edwd.  House 

of   Falkland,  Falkland  S.O.   Fifeshire 
■Crick    Rev.   John   Henry   M.A.    Mains   hill, 

«Crick      Edward,      38      Shielfield      terrace, 

Tweedmonth,  Berwick 
'Crighton  John  J.P.   Church  st.  Pt.  Glasgw 
'Crighton    Mrs.    7    Canal  street,  Aberdeen 
•Crimes  Frederick  James,  Dungoyne, Hawk- 
head  road,  Paisley 
Crinean   Charles,   21   Hill  pi.   Ardrossan 
Cringle  John,  149  Main  st.   Spittal.Berwck 
'Cripps      William      Harrison,      Glendaruel, 

Colintraive  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Critchley  Major  J.  Asheton  J.P.  Stapleton 

tower,  Dornock,   Annan 
'Critchley    Rev.     Leopold     Octavius    M.A., 

B.Sc.   20  Merchant  street,  Peterhead 
■Critchley    Edgar    Godsell,     21     Ardeonnel 

terrace  west.   Inverness 
•Critchley    Edgar    Godsell,    Arkley,    Crown 

drive,  Inverness 
Critchley  John  W.,  M.A.   Cleveleys,   Edin- 
burgh road,  Dumfries 
Croal  James  G.  Westlands.  Haddington 
Croal    Miss,    Lisnacrieve,    Bamff  rd.    Alyth 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Croal   Mrs.  Tyne  view,  Haddington 
'Croall  Jn.  St.  Leonards,  Maxwell  la.  Kelso 
'Croall  Miss,  3  Alexandra  place,  Arbroath 
Croall  Mrs.   St.  Rules,   Marine  rd.  Dunbar 
Croall  Mrs.  Westcliffe.York  rd.  N.  Berwick 
'Croall  Robert,  Herdmanston,  West  Salton, 

Pencaitland  S.O.  Haddingtonshire 
Crockart     David,     Woodside,      Dumbarton 

road.  Stirling 
Crockart  W.  Parkside,  Perth  rd. Blairgowrie 
Crockatt    Misses,    Elm    bank,    Leslie    S.O. 

■Crocker  J., R.N. 23  Sth.  Beach  st.Stornowav 
Crocket   Rev.    James   M.A.,    B.Sc.    Gifford, 

Crocket  Miss,   25  Carlton  place,  Aberdeen 
Crocket  Misses,  26  Bucclench  st.   Dumfries 
Crockett.    Rev.     William     S.    The     Manse, 

Tweedsmuir,  Broughton  S.O.  Peeb'essh 
Crockett  Saml.  Rurherford.Torwood, Peebles 
Crockett  William.  3  Burnett  pi.  Aberdeen 
Croft   Alex.  89    Cairnfield   place,  Aberdeen 
Orole  Colven,31  East  Clepington  rd. Dundee 
Crole  Mrs.  Blinkbonny,  Leven 
■Croll  David,  1   Ashley  grove,  Monifietb  rd. 

Broughty  Ferry  S.6.  Forfarshire 
Croll  Geo.  Ancrnm  pi.  Ancrum  rd.  Dundee 
Croll     James,     Gartocharn,     Balloch     S.O. 

Croll   John,  45   Albert  street,  Aberdeen 
Croll     John,    Craigruach,     Monifieth     road, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Croll    Misses,    Hawthorn   cottage,    Carlogie 

road,  Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Croll  Mrs.    53   Argyll  place,  Aberdeen 
Croll  Mrs.  74  Os'borne  place,  Aberdeen 

Croll  W.  F.,  M.A.,  M.B.41Albert  st.Aberdn 
Croll  W.  L.  4  Elton  ter.Tweedmth.Berwick 
Croll  Westlev,  3  Richmondhill  rd. Aberdeen 
Croll     William,     Blyth    villas,     Largo    rd. 

St.  Andrews 
Oromar  A.  23  Rubislaw  Den  sth.  Aberdeen 
Cromar  George, 151  Forest  avenue, Aberdeen 
Cromar  John,  41  Duthie  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Cromar  John,  5  Gladstone  place,  Aberdeen 
Cromar     Napier,     Locharwoods,     Ruthwell 

S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Cromar  William,    12   College    bounds,    Old 

Aberdeen,  Aberdeen 
Cromartie  Countess  of,  Castle  Leod,  Strath- 

peffer  S.O.    Ross-shire 
Cromarty  William  H.  Bank  house,  St.  Mar- 
garet's Hope  S.O.   Orkney 
Cromarty  W.,  J.P.Widewall.South  Ronalds- 
hay,    St.   Margaret's   Hope   S.O.    Orkney 
Cromb  D.  L.  Marine  vil.  Downfield, Dundee 
Cromb  J.   B.  Isla  cot.  Bent  rd.   Hamilton 
Crombie    Rev.    Henry,    Free    manse,    Char- 
lotte street,  Helensburgh 
Crombie  Rev.  J.  Brand.  Daisybrook,  Sandy 

road,  Renfrew  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Crombie   Alexander.  Craneshill,  Montrose 
Crombie  D.  F.153  Gt.  Western  rd.Aberdeen 
Crombie  G.   T.  64  Rubislaw  Den  sth.Abrdn 
Crombie   Hayburn,    Fernieknow,  Old   Abbey 

road,   North  Berwick 
Crombie     James,     Bon-Accord,     Sheddens, 

Busby.    Glasgow 
Crombie  J.  E.  Parkhill-by-Dyce,   Aberdeen 
Crombie  James  Forbes,  Danestone,  Aberdn 
Crombie    James    Melville    Paterson    M.B., 

CM.   5  Golden  square,  Aberdeen 
Crombie  John,   126  Desswood  pi.  Aberdeen 
Crombie  J.   18  Rubislaw  Den  nth.  Aberdeen 
Crombie  John  A.  37  Thomson  st.  Aberdeen 
Crombie    John    Frank    M.D.    Park    house, 

Westgate,    North  Berwick 
Crombie    John   Lidd'.e    M.D.    Park   house, 

Westgate,  North  Berwick 
Crombie  John  William  M.A.,  M.P.,  D.L., 
J.P.  Balgownie  lodge,  Aberdeen;  91  On- 
slow sq  S  W  &  Reform  club,  London  SW 
Crombie  Miss  L.  Park  vil.  Craigie  rd. Perth 
Crombie  Misses,  40  Hamilton  pi.  Aberdeen 
Crombie     Mrs.    Beaumont,     Edinburgh     rd. 

Crombie    Mrs.    120  North   st.    St.    Andrews 
Crombie  Mrs.  18  Queen's  road,  Aberdeen 
Crombie  M.   Broombrae.  Park  rd. Johnstone 
Crombie   N.   3   Evelyn  ter.    Craigie.   Perth 
Crombie    R.     Hill,     Sanatorium,    Banchory 

S.O.  Kincardineshire 
Crombie  T.,  J.P.   18  Albyn  pi,  Aberdeen 
Crombie    Theodore,   Banchory    lodge,    Ban- 
chory S.O.  Kincardineshire 
Crombie     Walter     Paterson      M.B.,      CM. 

5  Golden  square,  Aberdeen 
Crombie   Wilfrid    F.   Beaumont,   Edinburgh 

road,  Dumfries 
Crombie  W.   36  Morningfield  rd.  Aberdeen 
Cron     Mrs.     Baby    villa.     Sanquhar     S.O. 

Cronin  Rev.   F.,  D.D.   20  Huntly  st.Aberdn 
Cronin    Rev.    Francis,    St.    Mary's    presby- 
tery,  Ardrossan  road,  Saltcoats 
Crook    John    H.    Lomond,    Wilson    street, 

Craigie,  Perth 
Crook  John  Ward,  Glenfarquhar,  Clairmont 

place,   Lerwick 
Crooke     William,     Craigcrooke,      Bay  swell 

park,  Dunbar 
Crooks  A.  12  South  Hamilton  st.Kilmarnck 
Crooks    Miss.   Gala  Knowe,    Seamill,   West 

Kilbride  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Crooks    Mrs.    Meadowside,    Sandbank    S.O. 

Crnoks  W.ll   South  Hamilton  pl.Kilmarnck 
Crooks  ton    Thomas.    Crai<?    Lea,    Monreith 

road,  Newlands,  Glasgow 
Crosbee  Albert  Edwd.  Milngavie,  Glasgow 
Crosbie  Rev.  T.,  M.A.,B.D.Lochfoot,Dmfrs 
Crosbie  Andrew,  Greenfield  cottage,  Beith 
Crosbie  John,  Levuka,  Merrylee  road,  New- 
lands,  Glasgow 
Crosbie    Mrs.    Bank    house,    Liberton    S.O. 

Crosbie  Mrs. Douglas  lo.Hartfell  cres. Moffat 
Crosbie     Mrs.     Flowerburn,    Fort  rose    S.O. 

Crosbie  Robt.    20  Crossland   cres.   Peebles 
Crosbie  T.   Ivy  bank.   Noblehill,    Dumfries 
Crosbie  T.  Rowanbank,  Craigs  rd. Dumfries 
Crosby  Mrs.  30  Bo'ness  rd.   Grangemouth 
Crostier  E.   TTiskin  vil.  East  Bay,   Dunoon 
Cross  Rev.   Alex.  Torryburn,  Dunfermline 
Cross     Adam    P.    Craigie     hall,    Cramond 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Cross    Alexander    M.D.    Marchbank   wood, 
Kirkpat.rick-Juxta.Beattock  S.O.Dumfrssh 
Cross    David,    Ingles  ton  house,    Bishopton 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Cross     George,     Woodside     avenue,    Wood- 
side  walk,  Hamilton 
Cross    John,     Corlev    grange,    Corsfcorphine 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Cross  Mrs. East  bnk.Langbank.Port  Glasgow 
Cross   Robert,   Westport  house,   Linlithgow 

Cross     Thomas,      The     Whins,      Callander 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Cross  W.H. Janefield, Larkhall  S.O.Lanarksh 
Crossland  Miss, Charlotte  st.Oxhill,Dumbrtn 
Crossley    Misses,  The   Grove,   West.  Ferry, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Crossling  Frank,  149  Duthie  ter.   Aberdeen, 
Crossman  Mrs.  26  Ravensdowne,  Berwick 
Crosthwaite  A.  2  Albany  place,  St, Andrews 
Crouch  Rev.   John  M.A.  Fetlar  rd.   Bridge 

of  Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Crouch  Mrs.  Alder  ho.   Ankerville  st.  Tain 
Crouch    Mrs.    19    High    street,    Lochmaben 

S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Croudace     Mrs.     Netherby,     West     Ferry, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Crow  Edward,  5  College  place,  Berwick 
Crow  Henry  F.  22  Palace  green,  Berwick 
Crow  J.Afton  cot.Stewarton  S.O.   Ayrshire 
Crow  James.  Birkhill,  Dundee 
Crow    James    N.    Harvey    J.P.    Tighanobe, 

Ardrishaig   S.O.  Argyllshire 
Crow  J.,  M.D.  2  Bath  "pi.  Largs  S.O.Ayrsh 
Crow      John,     Trynlaw,      Merrylee      read, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Crow  Mrs.   10  Carlton  place,  Aberdeen 
Crow  Mrs.  3  Strawberry  bank,  Aberdeen 
Crow    Robert,    Dunraven,    Dunlop     street, 

Stewarton  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Crow      W.      Graham     terrace,      Stewarron 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Crowder  Rev.  Augustus  E.,  B.A.  2  Spring- 
field terrace,  Arbroath 
Crowe  Alex.   19  Abercromby  place,  Stirling 
Crowe   David,  12  Dudhope  place,   Dundee 
Crowe  Geo.  Hy.   51  Prospeot  ter.  Aberdeen 
Crowe  J.  W.  Punlappie,  Stracathro, Brechin 
Crowe  Mrs.  The  Birches,  Edzell,  Brechin 
Crowe  Mrs.  1  Wellington  street,  Wick 
Crowe    William    Christie     M.B.,     CM.    12 

Albyn  place,  Aberdeen 
Crowley    Rev.    Peter   Brown,    United    Free 

Church  manse,  37  Ann  st.  Stonehaven 
Crowther  H.  Fieldhurst,  Crookstone, Paisley 
Croy  Jas.  Bellevue,  Kirkwall  S.O.  Orkney 
Crozier  Rev.  W.  Nether  pk.Calside,  Paisley 
Crozier  R.23Blairhill  st.Blairhl.  Coatbridge 
Crozier     Thomas     A.      Millburn,      Coupar- 

Angus  S.O.  Perthshire 
Cruden  Dvd.  115  Strathmartine  rd.  Dundee 
Cruden  G.,  M.A.  Rubislaw  park,  Rubislaw, 

Cruden  J. The  Cottage,  Sandyhill  rd.  Banff 
Cruden  Jsph.  Blythe  bank,  Cults,  Aberdeen 
Cruden  Lewis,  53  Saltoun  pi.  Fraserburgh 
Cruden  Miss,  33  Springbank  ter.  Aberdeen 
Cruden    Miss,    Stratford.    Port    Bannatyne, 

Oruden   Thomas.    25   Orchard  st.    Aberdeen 
Cruden  W.  A.  P.  65  Mile  End  av.Aberdeen 
Cruickshank    Rev.    Alexander    B.D.    Eildon 

villa,  Glencaple  road.  Dumfries 
Cruickshank     Rev.    John    R.,     B.D.     The 

Manse,  Stobo  S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Cruickshank  Rev.  Robert  M.A.  44  Bon- 
Accord  street,  Aberdeen 
Cruickshank  Rev.  William  M.A.  Free 
Church  manse,  Westfield  road,  Inverurie 
Cruickshank  Rev.  Wm.  B.D.  Leslie,  Insch 
Cruickshank    Adam    Lind    Paterson    M.A., 

M.B.   10  Commerce  street,  Fraserburgh 
Cruickshank  A.  53  Bonnvmuir  pi.  Aberdeen 
Cruickshank  Alexander, Bield  side, Aberdeen 
Cruickshank    Alexander    M.B.    Lochengair, 

Arduthie  road,  Stonehaven 
Cruickshank  A.  188  Mid  Stocket  rd. Aberdn 
Cruickshank       Alexander,       Tighnagriene, 

Bearsden,   Glasgow 
Cruickshank    Alexander  L.    Singapore   cot- 
tage, Nicholson  place,  Forres 
Cruickshank  A.  M.  82  Cairnfield  pl.Aberdn 
Cruickshank     Alexander    Thomas,     Abbots- 
well  villa,  Kincorth,  Nigg 
Cruickshank    Brodie    M.A.,    M.D.,    J.P.    2 

Maida  place,  Nairn 
Cruickshank  C    L.  4   Adelaide  ter.   Dundee 
Cruickshank  Colin,  22  Duthie  ter.  Aberdeen 
Cruickshank  D.  71  Sunnyside  rd.  Aberdeen 
Cruickshank   Frank  J.    Aldavhu,  Gareloch- 

head  S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Cruickshank  G.  Aberdour  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Cruickshank  G. 374  Gt. Western   rd.Aberdeen 
Cruickshank  G.  T.  63  Argyll  pi.  Aberdeen 
Cruickshank  George,  19  Castle  st.  Huntly 
Cruickshank  George,  Denbrae  house,  Keith 
Cruickshank  Geo.    10  Fleuchar  st.   Dundee 
Cruickshank  George,  Northness,  Lerwick 
Cruickshank  G.   Seafield,  Craigie  rd.   Perth 
Cruickshank     George,     Strathview     terrace, 

Kinnoull,  Perth 
Cruickshank    George,    Ythan    lodge,    New- 
burgh.  Aberdeen 
Cruickshank  Geo.   H.    73   Gray   st.Aberdeen 
Cruickshank    George    L.    Peterwell,    Fyvie 

S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Cruickshank  G.  P.  300  George  st.  Aberdeen 
Cruickshank    Henry,    Archiestown,    Carron 

S.O.  Morayshire 
Cruickshank   J. E.Viewbank, Bearsden, Glagw 
Cruickshank  J.  CI  Beaconsfield  pi. Aberdeen 
Cruickshank  Jas. 20  Desswood  pi.  Aberdeen 

1478     cku 


Cruickshank  James  J. P.  Ladysford,  Boynd- 

lie,  Fraserburgh 
Cruickshank   James,    Sunnybank,    Port   Er- 

roll  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Cruickshank  Jas.  S.  12  Marshall  pi.  Perth 
Cruickshank  John,  Bellevue  road,  Rothesay 
Cruickshank  Jn.284  Broomhill  rd. Aberdeen 
Cruickshank  John,  2S  Clifton  rd.  Aberdeen 
Cruickshank    John,    Glengarry    villa,    Ross 

avenue,  Inverness 
Cruickshank  John,  641  King  st.  Aberdeen 
Cruickshank  John  A.  201  King  st. Aberdeen 
Cruickshank  J.F.42  Gladstone  pi.  Aberdeen 
Cruickshank    John    Moir    C.E.    330    Great 

Western  road,   Aberdeen 
Cruickshank   Lewis  Davie  M.D.,  D.P.H.  2 

Belvidere  crescent,   Aberdeen 
Cruickshank     Miss,      Ardshean,     Dufftown 

S.O.  Banffshire 
Cruickshank  Miss, 46  Beaconsfield  pl.Aberdn 
Cruickshank  Miss,  26  Carden  pi.  Aberdeen 
Cruickshank  Miss,  292  Clifton  rd. Aberdeen 
Cruickshank  Miss,  Duff  street,  Macduff 
Cruickshank  Miss,339Gt. Western  rd.Aberdn 
Cruickshank  Miss,  20  Rose  street, Aberdeen 
Cruickshank   Miss,    3   Sunnybank,    Victoria 

road,  Forres 
Cruickshank  Mrs.  88  Ashley  road, Aberdeen 
Cruickshank  Mrs. 48  Beaconsfield  pl.Aberdn 
Cruickshank   Mrs.   Epworth   villa,  Dunkeld 

road,  Blairgowrie 
Cruickshank  Mrs.   Glintlaw,    Liberton   S.O. 

Cruickshank  Mrs. 301  Gt. Western  rd.Ab°rda 
Cruickshank    Mrs.    Logie    Newton,    Rothie 

Norman  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Cruickshank    Mrs.    Reay    bank,    Ardersier 

S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Cruickshank  Mrs.   71   Stanley  st.  Aberdeen 
Cruickshank   Mrs.    5    Union   road,    Macduff 
Cruickshank  Robert.  Arnage,  Savoch,Auch- 

nagatt  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Cruickshank    Robert,     422    Great    Western 

road,  Aberdeen 
Cruickshank  W.  35  Beechgrove  ter.Aberdn 
Cruickshank  W.  9  Caledonian  pi.  Aberdeen 
Cruickshank  W.  C  Forest  avenue.  Aberdeen 
Cruickshank  W.  16  Gratton  pi. Fraserburgh 
Cruickshank  W.  10  Hollybank  pi.  Aberdeen 
Cruickshank  W.  29  Sunnybank  pi. Aberdeen 
Cruickshank  W.A.114  Queen's  rd.  Aberdeen 
Cruickshank  W.  B.  60  Duthie  ter. Aberdeen 
Cruickshank    William    G..    M.A.    Aberdona 

villa,  Dollar  S.O.  Clackmannanshire 
Cruickshanks  J.  F.  Balcormo.Upper  Largo, 

Lower  Largo  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Crnickshanks     Mrs.     Linwood,     Bridge    of 

Weir  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Crtri'k shanks  Riohd.   Sanquhar  road, Forres 
Cruickshanks  William,   10  Earlspark  aven. 

Newlands,   Glasgow 
Cruik shank    John    James,     13    Kyle    park, 

TJddingston,  Glasgow 
Cruikshank    Robert,    Tiehn.imara,    Craigen- 

doran  avenue,  Helensburgh 
Cram  Jn.  9  Cecil  gdns.  Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Orum  Miss,  Danefield,  Largs  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Crum-Ewing    Alexander    D.L.,    J. P.,    V.D. 
Strathleven  hn. Dumbarton,   Dumbartonsh 
Crum-Ewing     Misses,     Drumkilbo     houst., 

Meigle  S.O.  Perthshire 
Crum-Ewing       Humphry,       Cambusbarron. 

Crumly  Very  Rev.  Thomas  Canon,  High  st. 

Lochee,  Dundee 
Crystal  Georee,   Bridgend   house,   Main   st. 

Bridgend.   Perth 
Crystal     John.     Dalhousie     cottage,     West 

Ferry,  Broughty  Ferrv  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Crystal    Peter,    Bridgend   house,    Main    st 

Bridgend,  Perth 
Crystal   P.    11    Moredun  ter.    Craigie,   Perth 
Cubitt  Capt.  L.  Kimbertey,  Lenzie, Glasgow 
Cuddie  Wm.   Ashvale.  Bath  st.   Stonehaven 
Cuffi^ditch    George    Fowden.    Brooksby,  Li- 
berton.  Brae  S.O.   Midlothian 
Culbard  Misses,   Oldmills,  Elgin 
Culbert    John,    Cameron   st.    Dunfermline 
Cullen    Rev.    John    M.A.,    D.Sc.    50    Ard 

eowan  street  west,  Greenock 
CuMen    Rev.    T.    H.    38    Quarry    rd.    Airdrie 
Cullen  Alexander,  Millburn  house,  Nether 

burn  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Cullen   David.    Maryfield,    Garscadden    rd 

Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Cullen  David,  26  Woodlands  cres.  Falkirk 
Cullen  Jn.  J. P.  Bridgend  S.O.   Argyllshire 
Cu^en  John,  Fairfield,  Bothwell,  Glasgow 
Cullen  John,   iun.   Glenluce   S.O.Wigtownsh 
Cullen  John  R.   F..   M.B.,   CM.   Rowenlea, 

Alexandria,   Dumbartonshire 
Cullen  John  W.  F.  Stuckievoulich,  Tarbet, 

Loch  Lomond  S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Cullen  M.   E.   Ardbeg,   Ardconnel  rd.   Oban 
CuMen     Miss.     Craiginch,     Kingussie     S.O. 

Cullen   Mrs.    13   Kildonan   st.  Coatbridge 
Cullen  Mrs.  75  Moffat  road,  Dumfries 
Cullen  Robert,  Bridgend  S.O.   Argyllshire 
Cullen  Robert,  23   St.   John   st.  Coatbridge 
Oullen  W.,J.P.   Glenlyon, TJddingston, Glsgw 

Cullen  William,  37  Shand  street,  Wishaw 
Cullen  Wm.  Alex.   Gardnerwell,   Bathgate 
Cullen    William    L.,    M.B.    Fairholm,     St. 
Boswells,    Newtown    St.    Boswells    S.O. 
Culleu  W.   M.   Heathbank.Cathcart.Glasgow 
Cullens  Jas.  4  Drunimond  place,  Stirling 
Cullens  J.  Ledi  vw.  Cambusbarron, Stirling 
Cu'ross  David,  Roselea,  Coupar-Angus  S.O. 

Culville  J.  Balgay,  Gibson  st.  Dumbarton 
Cumine    John    P.,    M.A.    Ferryhill    house, 

Ferryhill  road.  Aberdeen 

Cummine  Mrs.  13  Crown  terrace,  Aberdeen 

Cummins;    Rear- Admiral    Robert    Stevenson 

Dalton  R.N.  Houstoun  house.TJphall  3.O. 

Linlithgowshire  - 

Cumming    Capt.    John,    Ailsa    house,    Sun 

treet,  Stranraer 
Cumming  Rev.  Alexander,   Sluievannachie, 

Taylor  street,  Forfar 
Cumming    Rev.    George    W.     United    Free 
Church  manse,  Dalgrain  road,  Grangemth 
Cumming   Rev.   James   Elder  D.D.    Sandy- 
ford,   St.   Andrews 
Cumming  Rev.  John  Barr  B.D.  The  Manse 

Dufftown  S.O.  Banffshire 
dimming  Alexander.   7  Academy  st.  Nairn 
Cumming     Alexander,      Culehenna,     Onicb 

S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Cumming  A.,  J. P.  Curr,  Grantown-on-Spey 
Cumming  Alex.  60  Devonshire  rd.  Aberdeen 
Cumming  Alexander  D.   School  house,  Cal- 
lander S.O.  Perthshire 
Cumming    Andrew,    Garthdale,    Brownside 

avenue,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Cumming  Donald  G.  Sanquhar  rd.  Forres 
C'uuiming   E.    C.    3    Albert   st.    Arbroath 
Cumming    George,     Altyr,     Erskine    park 

south,   Bearsden,    Glasgow 
Cumming  George,  23  Sharmock  st. Dundee 
Cumming   George   Alex.    Cliff  dele,   Banff 
dimming  Gregor,  National  Bank  of  Scot- 
land,   St.    David    street,    Brechin 
dimming  Jack,  Anchorage,  Albert  street, 

Taypott  S.O.   Fifeshire 
Cumming  James,  Cranston  Hill,  Hyndford 

road,  Lanark 
Cumming  Jas.  24  Devonshire  rd.  Aberdeen 
Cumming    James,    Fairfield    house,    Craig 

road,    Dingwall 
Cumming  Jas.   Garvald.  Camelon,  Falkirk 
CummingJas. Green  bank, High  com.Arbrth 
Cumming  James,  Overton  rd.  Johnstone 
Cumming    James,     The    Beeches,     Rothes 

S.O.  Morayshire 
dimming  John,  1  East  North  st. Aberdeen 
Cummins1  John,   Hermitage,   Glebe   street, 

Renfrew  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
dimming  Jn.   J. P.  St.  Andrews,  Kirkwall 
Cumming   John,    The    Laurels,    Kirn    S.O. 

Cumming      John      Fleetwood      J. P.      The 

Dowans,  Aberlour  S.O.  Banffshire 
Cumming  M.F.G.  71  Devonshire  rd.Aberdn 
Cumming  Miss, Dee  view, We.  Cults, Aberdn 
Cumming  Miss,  Fife  cottage,  Craigellachie 

S.O.  Banffshire 
Cumming  Miss,  Glenluce  S.O.  Wigtownsh 
Cumming  Miss,   High  shore,  Banff 
Cummins'     Misses,     Belgrano,     Kilmacolm 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Cummine  Mrs.   Albert  villa,  Tayport  S.O. 

Cumming   Mrs.    5   Balgillo    crescent,    Sea- 
field  rd.  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarsh 
Cumming  Mrs.   85  Clifton  road,   Aberdeen 
Gumming    Mrs.    29    Craigendoran    avenue, 

dimming  Mrs.  10  Duthie  terrace, Aberdeen 
Cumming     Mrs.     Glenrannald,     Sunnylaw, 

Bridge   of  Allan 
Cumming   Mrs.    26   Holmston   road,   Ayr 
Cumming  Mrs.   18  Irvine  place,  Aberdeen 
Cumming  Mrs.   Kilchattan  bay,   Rothesay 
Cumming  Mrs.  2  Melville  terrace,  Stirling 
Cumming  Mrs.Roslyn,  Meikleriggs, Paisley 
Cumming  Mrs.  35  Salisbury  ter.  Aberdeen 
Cummins-  Mrs.   Strathspey  house,  Craigell- 
achie  S.O.   Banffshire 
Gumming  Mrs.  Toft,  Elie  S.O.   Fifeshire 
dimming  Mrs.  20  Woodlands  cres. Falkirk 
Cumming  Mrs.  Jn.  89  Crown  st.  Aberdeen 
Cumming  P.  Craighurst,  Station  rd.  Keith 
dimming  Peter,  44  Graham's  rd.   Falkirk 
dimming  R.  262  Gt.  Western  rd. Aberdeen 
dimming  Rt.    15  Kav  Park  ter.Kilmarnck 
Cumming  Robt.  106  King's  gate,  Aberdeen 
Cummine  Robert,  St.  Leonards, Earlsferry, 

Elie  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Cumming   Robert,    St.    Ruth's,    Dalbeattie 

road,  Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
dimming  Robert  B.  Academy  st.Stranraer 
dimming  Thomas,  43  Brooke  st. Dumfries 
Cumming     Thomas     J.P.     Holland,     Papa 

Westray,  Kirkwall 
Cumming     Thomas     Arthur,     Westerton 

drive,  Bridee  of  Allan,   Stirlingshire 
Cummine  William,  76  High  street,  Rothes 
S.O.  Morayshire 

Cumming  Wm.Nessbank.Uddingsta.-  Ghcw 
Cumming    William    S.    Craiglynn,    Ro.hes 

S.O.  Morayshire 
Cummings   Alexander  J.P.   Wester   Guild- 
well,  Boharm,  Dufftown  S.O.  Banffshire 
Cummings  C.20  Airlie  pi. Perth  rd. Dundee 
Cummings  John,  S  Church  street,  Alloa 
Cummings  Mrs.  38  Victoria  rd.  Kirkcaldy 
Cummings  W.20  Airlie  pi. Perth  rd. Dundee 
Cumstie    Junes.    Geo.    Springmount,    Cale- 
donian ro^id,   Peebles 
Cunclirlie  R.J.  lo  Havelock  st. Helensburgh. 
Cuninghame    Col.    Douglas    A.    S.    Fairlie 

house,    Dundonald,    Kilmarnock 
(.'uninghame  Lieut. -Col.  John  A.   S.,  D.L., 
J.P.    Caprington   castle,    Riccacton,    Kil- 
Cuninghame    Capt.     Glencairn    Robertson, 
Auchenliarvie,  Stevenston  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Cuninghame    John    A.    Balgownie    house, 

Culross,   Dunfermline 
Cuninghame  John  Chas.  D.L.,  J.P.  Oruie- 
ends,    Ktlbarchan,    Johnstone,    Renfrew- 
shire &  Dunragit   S.O.  Wigtownshire 
Cuninghame   Miss,   7   Corse   terrace.    We^t 

Kilbride  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Cuninghame  Mrs.  William,  Belmont-,   Ayr 
Cuninghame  Richard  D.  B.,  J.P.   Hensol, 

Castle  Douglas 
Cunliffe  B.  S.  Walnut  ho.  Newton  Stewart 
Cunningham  A.Broomstone.Busby,  Glasgw 
Cunningham  A.Carron  cot.  Ayr  rd.  Irvine 
Cunningham    Alex.    Cragstone,    Stewarton 

S.O.   Ayrshire 
Cunningham  Alex.  Glencairn,  Larbert 
Cunningham    Alex.    Kerrsland,    StewanoJi 

S.O.   Ayrshire 
Cunningham  Andrew,  Marie  Don,  Broom- 
berry  drive,  Gourock  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Cunningham  Archibald,  Kirkland  cottar. 

Dairy  S.O.  Ayrshire 

Cunnineham   Archibald,   17  Paton    at. Alloa 

Cunningham    Charles,    7    Renny   pi.    West 

Ferry,  Brouehty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 

Cunningham     D.  '  J.,     J.P.     The     Square, 

Cunningham  D..  J.P.  Tyne  lo.  Haddingtn 
Cunningham  G.Pomona  vil, Lenzie, Glasgow 
Cunningham  George,  1  Stanley  pi.  Dunbar 
Cunningham  H..M.D.25  Castle  st. Dumfries 
Cunningham  Hugh,   17  Courthill  st.   Dairy 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Cunningham  Hugh,  Greenbank,  Stewarton 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Cunningham    James,    Argyle    lodge,    Hep- 
burn  gardens,   St.   Andrews 
Cunnineham  Jas.  32  Crichton  rd.  Rothesay 
Cunningham  James,  Stanwix,  Langside  rd. 

Newlands,    Glasgow 
Cunningham    James    B.,    J.P.    The    Bank, 

New  Cumnock  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Cunningham  James  Burness,  Bank  house, 

Cameron   street,    Stonehaven 
Cunningham    John    M.B.,    CM.,    D.P.H., 

J.P.  Bellview,  Dell  rd.  Campbeltown 
Cunningham  John  J.P.  Brae  hous.e,   Hi^b 

street,  Stewarton  S.O.   Ayrshire 
Cunningham  John  M.B.,  CM.  Brae  house, 

High  street,   Stewarton  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Cunningham   John    J.P.    Guildford,    street, 

Millport  S.O.  Buteshire 
Cunningham  Jn.  35  Mt. Stuart  rd.Roihesav 
Cunningham  John,    Sunny  side,   Paisley 
Cunningham  John,  Tarbraech.Kirkpatrick- 

Durham,   Dalbeattie 
Ounningham  John  G.  2  Gladstone  terrace, 

Cunnineham     John     James,      Rosemount, 

Buchanan  drive,   Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Cunningham   Lawrence,   Thornbank,    Juni- 
per Green  S.O.  Midlothian 
Cunningham  Miss,   7  Bellevue  cres.    Ayr 
Cunningham    Miss,    Ferncroft,    Hawkhead 

road.  Paisley 
Cunningham    Miss,    13    High    st.    Forres 
Cunningham  Miss,  29  High  st.  Paisley 
Cunningham    Miss,     North    West     castle, 

Cairnryan  road,  Stranraer 
Cunningham  Miss,  The  Hirsel,   Perth  rd. 

Cunnineham  Miss,  The  Knowe,   Melrose 
Cunningham  Miss,  View  bank,  East  New- 
port, Fifeshire 
Cunningham     Mrs.     Abbot  rule,     Hobkirk, 

Cunningham  Mrs.  Drumry  rd.  Clydebank 
Cunningham    Mrs.    Hillside,    Roslin    S.O*. 

Cunnineham  Mrs.  Kildonan  st.  Coatbridge 
Cunningham  Mrs.  Liberton  house.Liberton 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Cunningham  Mrs.   Muirhouselaw,   Maxlon, 
Newtown  St.  Boswells  S.O.  Roxburgh?h 
Cunningham  Mrs.  Netherton,  South  beach, 

Cunnineham  Mrs. 38  New  row  .Dunfermline 
Cunnineham  Mrs.   Orwel,   Caledonia   road, 

Cunningham  Mn*.  4  Queen's  terrace,  Ayr 


DAL      1479 

Cunningham  Mrs.  Redburn  house,  Kilwin- 
ning  road,   Irvine 
Cunningham   Mrs.    St.    Clair,    Hedderwick 

hill,  West  Barns,  Dunbar 
Cunningham  Mrs.   St.  Veys, Overton  drive 

Seamill,  West  Kilbride  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Cunningham    Mrs.    South   park,    Carriage 

hill  drive,  Paisley 
Cunningham  Mrs.  Sunnyside,  Paisley 
Cunningham  Mrs. Sutherland  house, Suther- 
land street,  Helensburgh 
Cunningham    Peter,    Alexander   pi.    Down- 

field,  Dundee 
Cunningham  P.  30  Caledonia  rd.  Ardrossan 
Cunningham  Rt.  J.P.Branxholme,  Hawick 
Cunningham  R.Dunara,  Holmhead,Cumnck 
Cunningham  Robert,  Kirkton  terrace,  Car- 
noustie S.O.  Forfarshire 
Cunningham  Rt.  Lilybank,  Port  Glasgow 
Cunningham    Robert,    Nethercraigs,    Alva 

S.O.  Clackmannanshire 
Cunningham  Robert,  Pentland  gro.  Roslin 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Cunningham  Robt.   J.   The  Glint,   Annan 
Cunningham  T.  87  Brisbane  st.   Greenock 
Cunningham  Thos.Glenogle  ho.  Anstruther 
Cunningham    Thomas,    Thistle    bank,    Ud- 

dingston,  Glasgow 
Cunningham  Wm.  J.P.  Bank  house,  Mont- 
gomery st.  Larkhall  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Cunningham    William,    3    Castle    gardens, 

Oathcart,   Glasgow 
Cunningham  William,  Glebe  ter.  Selkirk 
Cunningham    William,    Mar    Place    house, 

Broad  street,  Stirling 
Cunningham  William,  3  Norwood  terrace, 

West  Park  road,   Dundee 
Cunningham    William,    37    South    Hamil 

ton  street,  Kilmarnock 
Cunningham    William,    View    Forth    villa, 

Grieve  street,  Dunfermline 
Cunningham  Wm.  jun.  Woodlands,  Grieve 

street,  Dunfermline 
Cunningham    William    L.,    M.B.    Eastfield, 

Alva  S.O.  Clackmannanshire 
Cunningham    William    0.    Hillside    house, 

Broughty    Ferry    S.O.    Forfarshire 
Cunningham  Wm.R.  1  Rosebery  pi. Dunbar 
Cunninghame    D.    A.    S.    Dundonald,    Kil- 
Cunninghame  John   G.    Lochview   terrace, 

Gartcosh,  Glasgow 
Cunninghame  Miss,   1  Blackness  crescent, 

Perth  road,  Dundee 
Cunnison    George,    Aldersyde,    George    st. 

Cunnynghame    Rev.    Hugh    Colin    Robert 

M.A.Oxon.  93  Olepington  rd.  Dundee 
Cupples  Alex. 144  Bo'ness  rd. Grangemouth 
Cupples  SI.  Drummond  pi.  Grangemouth 
Cupples  W.J. jun. 22  Bo'ness  rd.Grangemth 
Cupples  Wm., J. P. 72  Bo'ness  rd.Grangemth 
Curbertson  Mrs.  37  Queen  Victoria  street, 

Airdrie,  Lanarkshire 
Curdie  John,  8  Bentinck  st.  Kilmarnock 
Ourdie   Miss,    4  Queen   st.   Helensburgh 
Curdie  Mrs.    18  Bentinck  st.   Kilmarnock 
Curie  Frederick  R.  N.  Sunnyside,  Melrose 
Curie  James  J.P.  Harleyburn,  Melrose 
Curie  James,  jun.  J.P.  Priorwood,  Melrose 
Curie   Miss,    55   Newtown   street,   Duns 
Curie  Misses,  St.  Cuthberts,  Melrose 
Curr  A.  Y.  17  Rubislaw  Den  sth.Aberdeen 
Curr    James,     Homleands,     Lundin    mill, 

Lower  Largo  S.O.   Fifeshire 
Curr  Mrs.    15   Gladstone   place,    Aberdeen 
Curr   Mrs.    Strawberry  bank,   Linlithgow 
Curr  Robert,  5  Duff  st.  Maryfield,  Dundee 
Curr  Wm.  Leewood,  Woodland  av.  Paisley 
Curr  Wm.H.45  Colquhoun  st.  Helensburgh 
Curran  J. P. 9  Abbotsford  cres.   St. Andrews 
Curren   Hugh,    20   Fleuchar    st.   Dundee 
Currer  Rt.  Loch  Maree,  Thurlow  rd. Nairn 
Currie   Sir   Donald   G.C.M.G.,   D.L.    Garth, 

Glenlyon,    Fortingall,    Aberfeldy 
Ourrie    Capt.    Alexander,    Dunvegan,    TJd- 

dingston,    Glasgow 
Currie  Rev.AdamM.A.57   South   st.Greenck 
Currie    Rev.    D.    T.    West    United    Free 

manse.  Minnie  Bank,  Peebles 
Currie   Rev. Hugh   H.,M.A.,B.D.T7nitedFree 
Church  manse. Keig,  Whitehouse,  Aberdn 
Currie  Rev.  Jn.  Bowmore  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Currie   A.  Roetta  cot.  Galston  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Currie  A.  Kirklea,  Cardross  rd. Dumbarton 
Currie   Alex.   20  Rosebery  st.   Aberdeen 
Ourrie  Andrew,  33  Bridge  st.  Alexandria, 

Currie  Andw.9  Elmbank  drive, Kilmarnock 
Currie  Andrew  L.  Seton  house.  Galashiels 
Currie    Arthur   D.    Meadowbank,    Douglas 

street.  Lares  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Currie  Charles,   16  Barns   crescent,   Ayr 
Currie  Donald  J.P.  3  Alloway  place,  Ayr 
Currie  Donald.  64  Middleton  street,  Alex- 
andria.  Dumbartonshire 
Currie    Duncan    W.,    M.D.    The    Hilden, 

Tillicoultry  S.O.  Clackmannanshire 
Currie    Gporge.    99   Earlspark    aven.    New- 
lands,  Glasgow 

Currie  George  M.  1  Nobel  villas,  Ardeer, 

Stevenston  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Ourrie  H.Ashburn, Grove  pk.Lenzie, Glasgw 
Currie  Harry,  32  Ravenshaugh  rd.  Leven- 

hall,  Musselburgh 
Currie  Hy.  103  Strathmartine  rd.  Dundee 
Currie  J.  Dunlop  st.  Stewarton  S.O. Ayrsh 
Currie  J. Rosedean, Hamilton  rd.  Motherwll 
Currie  Jas.  Miremer,  Dallas  place,  Troon 
Currie  James,  Rothes,  Victoria  ter.  Crieff 
Currie    James,     jun.     Stewarton     cottage, 

Kirk  road,   Wishaw 
Currie  John,  Ardbeg,   Langside   rd.    New- 
lands,  Glasgow 
Currie  Jn. Clyde  vale,  Clydesdale   st.Hamiltn 
Currie  John,  Gala  terrace,  Galashiels 
Currie  Jn.Wanlock  bank,  Giffnock.Glasgow 
Currie  John  B.   Mount   Eden,   Hawick 
Currie  Mark,  Marlfield,  Hawick 
Currie  Matthew,  2  Loanhead  st.Kilmarnck 
Currie  Miss,  40  Ardrossan  road,  Saltcoats 
Currie  Miss,  9  Bank  street,  Annan 
Ourrie  Miss,  Douglas  house.Bowmore  S.O. 

Currie    Miss,    Rowan   bank,    Brodick   S.O. 

Isle  of  Arran 
Currie  Misses,  Magdala,  Westerton   drive, 

Bridge   of  Allan 
Currie  Mrs.  Brookfield.Craigs  rd. Dumfries 
Currie  Mrs.  56  Burns  road,  Aberdeen 
Currie  Mrs. East  wood, Cove   S.O.Dumbrtnsh 
Ourrie    Mrs.    East    wood,    Fushie    bridge, 

Gorebridge  S.O.  Midlothian 
Currie  Mrs.  33  Hawkhill,  Ayr 
Currie    Mrs.    Iona    villa,    Hunter's    Quay, 

Kirn  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Currie  Mrs.  Mo-Dhachaidh,  Bowmore  S.O. 

Currie  Mrs.  Seafield,  Kinghorn  S.O.Fifesh 
Currie  Mrs.  The  Villa,  Glenfield,  Paisley 
Currie  Mrs.  Toft,   Elie   S.O.   Fifeshire 
Currie    Mrs.    James,    Gowanlea,    Bannock- 
burn,  Stirling 
Ourrie  Neil,   Bourtree  bank,   Loudoun  rd. 

Newmilns  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Currie  Peter,  Fettykil,  Craigard  rd.  Crieff 
Currie    Robert,    Byethorn,    Selkirk 
Currie   Robt.    114  Desswood  pi.    Aberdeen 
Currie   Robert,   jun.   Heathpark,   Selkirk 
Currie    Ronald,    Bellevue    villa,    Hunter's 

Quay,  Kirn  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Currie  Ronald  M.D.   Oakcraig,   Skelmorlie 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Currie    Ronald    Wavell,    Tillworth,    Wood- 
land avenue,   Paisley 
Currie  W.  Ashlea,  Cove  S.O.Dumbartonsh 
Currie  W.  13  Eskside  north,  Musselburgh 
Currie    W.    Thomson,    Trynlaw,    Westfield 

road,  Cupar 
Currie  Walter,  Dunybeg,  Giffnock,  Glasgw 
Currie  Wm.  20  Caledonian  pi.  Aberdeen 
Currie  Wm. Cross  vw. Hamilton  rd.Mothrwl 
CurrieWm.Lochiel, Thorn  rd.Bearsdn.Glsgw 
Currie  William,   55   North   st.    Alexandria 

Currie     William,     Rowchester,     Greenlaw 

S.O.  Berwickshire 
Curror  Alexander  Leslie  M.B.,  CM.  New 

ton  house,  Nicol  street,  Kirkcaldy 
Curror  John,  27  Abbotshall  rd.  Kirkcaldy 
Curror  John  G.   5  Gladstone  pi.   Stirling 
Curror  William,  15  Royal  ter.  Linlithgow 
Curry  Archibald,   Woodbank,    Dumbarton 
Cursiter  George,  21  East  road,  Kirkwall 
Cursiter  James  W.  Daisy  bank,  Kirkwall 
Cursiter  Miss,  8  King  street,  Kirkwall 
Cursiter  Mrs.  Alton  cottages,  Kirkwall 
Onrsley  James.   Bournville,   Newlands   rd. 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Curtis  E.H.6  Muir  Pk.  pl.Eskbank.Dalkth 
Curtis  Miss,  27  Octavia  terrace,  Greenock 
Curtis  William,  38  Newark  st.  Greenock 
CnrHs  William  Alexander  M.A.,  B.D.  35 
College  bounds,  Old  Aberdeen,  Aberdeen 
Cusens  John  H.  43  Duthie  ter.  Aberdeen 
Cushney  A.  Eastfield,  Alyth  S.O.  Perthsh 
Oushney Misses, Westmoreland  st. Fochabers 
Cusin  Major  James,  Chapel  vard,  Falkland 

S.O.    Fifeshire 
Cusin     Robert,      Craigrowan,     Davidson's 

Mains  S.O.  Midlothian 
Cu&sen  John,  94  Victoria  road,   Dundee 
Cussick     Bernard,     Georgetower     cottage, 

Clepington  road,  Dundee 
Cntbush    Miss,    Lyndhurst,    Comrie    S.O. 

Cuthbert  Rev.  Geo.  K.  60  Love  st.Paislev 
Cnthbert  Rev.  James  ST.,  M.A.,   B.D.   The 
Manse,    Craigiebnckler,    Rubislaw.  Aberdn 
Cuthbert   Alex.  11  Alexandra  pi. St. Andrews 
Outhberi.  A.  Kildranhet.  Lochans, Stranraer 
Cuthbert   George.    13   Albany  ter.    Dundee 
Cuthbert  J.   Brechin   road     Forfar 
Cuthbert  J.Graybank  ho. Glasgow  rd. Perth 
Cuthbert  J.   Kinloeh  ter.   Keptie  rd.Arbrth 
Cuthbert  J.   Lo^hlea,   Arbroath 
Cuthbert   Jas.    23   Blackness   aven.   Dundee 
Cuthbert   James,    9    Claremont,    Alloa 
Cnthbert  J.6Mans=field  ter.DuniopS.O. Ayrsh 
Cnthbert  Miss,  Roseisle,  Seabank  rd. Nairn 

Cuthbert  Mrs.  8  Barns  terrace,  Aye 
Cuthbert   Mr3.    Criaglyon,    Mambeg,    Gare- 

lochhead  S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Cuthbert  Mrs.   Dhuhill  house,   Luss   road, 

Cuthbert  Mrs. 25  Prestwick  rd. Newton, Ayr 
Cuthbert  Mrs.    6  Royal  ter.    Linlithgow 
Cuthbert  Mrs.  Scott  street,  Brec'   n 
Cuthbert  Rt.  Marine  vil.Downfield, Dundee 
Cuthbert  Robert,  4  Wellington  sq.   Ayr 
Cuthbert  S.  H.  9  Evelyn  ter.  Craigie.Perth 
Cuthbert   Thomas   Wilkinson   J.P.    Achan- 

dunie,    Alness   S.O.   Ross-shire 
Cuthbert  William,   18  Park  ter.    Stirling 
Cuthbert  William  P.   2  Woodthorpe  build- 
ings,  Clepington  road,    Dundee 
Cu;hbertson    Charles,    22    Caledonia    road, 

Cuthbertson  David,  Cardross  rd.Dumbartn 
Cuthbertson  D.,  M.D.  22  Park  ter.Stirling 
Cuthbertson  Edward,  Park  street,  Falkirk 
Cuthbertson  Hugh,  35  Argyle  rd. Saltcoats 
Cuthbertson  James,  Watt  road,   Bridge  of 

Weir   S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Cuthbertson  McArthur,  Haslemere,  Kilma- 

colm  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Cuthbertson  Miss,  20  New  st.  Musselburgh 
Cuthbertson  Miss,    10    South  Hamilton   st. 

Cuthbertson  Mrs. 70  Ardrossan  rd. Saltcoats 
Cuthbertson  Mrs.   Beldcraig,  Annan 
Cuthbertson    Mrs.    17    Charles    street,    Kil- 
Cuthbertson    Mrs.    Jessiman    ter.    Forthill 
road,   Broughty  Ferry    S.O.    Forfarshire 
Cuthbertson  Thomas,   Rowallan,   Quadrant 

road,  Newlands,  Glasgow 
Cuthbertson  William,   30  Carrick  rd.  Ayr 
Cuthbertson  Wm.  B.  19  Park  circus,  Ayr 
Outhell  W.  Beech/wood,   "Uddingston.Glsgw 
Cuthill  Rev.  James  Spence  B.D.   Hill  ter- 
race,  Arbroath 
Cuthill  Rev.    William,   Balmaclellan,    New 

G  alloway   S.  0.   Kirkcudbrightshire 
Cuthill    D'avid    G.    Drumkilbo,    Downfield,. 

Cuthill  Jas.  Ferguslea,  Wormit,   Dundee 
Cuthill    James,    Philip    street,    Carnoustie 

■S.O.  Forfarshire 
Cuthill  William,  25  Blacknes-s  av.    Dundee 
Cutlar  Miss,   Feddan  pi.    Market  st. Forres 
Da  gg     Thomas,     Daisy     bank.      Wellshot 

drive,   Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Dagger  Robert,  Craigdhu,  Giffnock, Glasgw 
Dalgleish  Alex.   Moredun  vil.Craigie, Perth 
Dalgleish    William,    Bridge    cottage,    Ric- 

carton,   Kilmarnock 
Dailly  Danl.   iun.  5  Somerville  pi.  Dundee 
Dairon  E.   Oak  vil.  Uddingston,  Glasgow 
Dakers  David,   St.   James'  park,   Brechin 
Dakers     Edward     J.     W.     Gordon     bank, 

Glebe   street,   Dumfries 
Dakers  Jas.  15   &  17  Union  wynd,Aberdn' 
Dakers    Miss,    7    Dalhousie    terrace,    Dal- 
housie    road,    Barnhill,    Broughty    Ferry 
S.O.  Forfarshire 
Dakers    Miss,   54   Northesk   rd.    Montrose 
Dakers   Robt.   Edinburgh   rd.   Haddington 
Dale   Rev.  T.    Eyemouth  S.O.    Berwxksh 
Dnle  Alexander,  Barloan  cres.   Dumbarton 
Dale  J.  Lyndhurst,  Newton  stBlairgowrie 
Dale  Jn.  L.R.C.P.   45  Castle  st.   Stranraer 
Dale  Jn.    S.,    M.B.   1  Greenlaw  av. Paisley 
Dale  Misses,   21  Marmion  rd.    N.  Berwick 
Dale  Mrs.    1  Greenlaw  avenue,  Paisley 
Dale  Mrs.  4  Townsend  cres.  Kirkcaldv 
Dale    Robert    W.,    M.B.    Royal    Alexandra 

infirmary,  Barbour  park,  Paisley 
Dalgarno  Alex.   102  Clifton  rd.  Aberdeen 
Dalgarno     Alexander,     9     Westcoats     ter- 
race, Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Dalgnrno    George    G.    Yiewbank,     Spring- 
field  terrace,  Arbroath 
Dalgarno  James  John  Young  M.A.,  M.B., 
CM.    25   Bon-Accord  terrace,   Aberdeen 
Dalgarno  Mrs.  5  Hammerfleld  av. Aberdeen 
Dalgetty  Capt.  H.  Glenmazeran,  Moy  S.O. 

Dalgety  Rev.   Jas.   Dunaskin   S.O.    Ayrsh 
Dalgety    Rev.    James  Boath,     1     Mansion 

House  road,  Paisley 
Dalgity    George    W. '  5    Wellgrove    terrace, 

Lochee,  Dundee 
Dalgleish    Sir   William    Ogilvv    bart.    D.L., 
J.P.    Errol   Park,    Errol    S.O.    Perthshire 
&    Coulin    lodge,    Auchnashellach     S.O. 
Dalgleish  Rev.  James  M.A.,  U.  F.  Manse, 

Newmilns   S.O.    Ayrshire 
Dalgleish  A.  T.   Commercial  Bank  house, 

Dalgleish     George,      The      School     house, ' 

Buchlyvie  S.O.   Stirlingshire 
Dalgleish  Jas.  51   Gladstone  pi.   Aberdeen 
Dalgleish  John.  20  Muirpark  place, Bonny- 

g  road,   Eskbank,  Dalkeith 
Dalgleish    John,    2    Nairn   place,    Seafield 

road.   Dundee 
Dalgleish  Joseph.   2  Young  street,   Nairn 
Dalgleish   L.,    J.P.   Keavil,   Dunfermline 
Dalgleish  Mrs.   33  Albert  terrace,    Aberdn 

1480       DAL 

Dalgleish  Mrs.  Bishopgate  house,  Cupar 
Dalgleish  Mrs.  Westboume,  Dalhousie  rd 

Eskbank,  Dalkeith 
Dalgleish    Peter,    Dunolly,    Glenesk    cres 

cent,  Dalkeith 
Dalgleish    Robert,     Auchengruith,     Sanqu 

har  S.O.   Dumfriesshire 
Dalgliesh  Miss,   3  Cumberland  ter.  Annan 
Dalgliesh   Mrs.   Rosemount,  Lockerbie 
Dalgliesh  Walter,  The  Glebe,  Selkirk 
Dalglish  John,   Craignelder,   Newlands  rd. 

Newlands,   Glasgow 
Dalglish    Mrs.    Inverneil,    Merrylee    road, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Dalglish  R.  P.   H.   7  The  Avenue,  Girvan 
Dalhousie  Right  Hon.   Earl  of  P.O.,   D.L. 
Brechin  castle,   Brechin  &  Panraure  ho. 
Carnoustie     S.O.     &     Invermark     lodge, 
Lochlie,  Forfarshire 
Dalkeith    The    Earl    of    D.L.    Drumlanrig 
castle,     Thornhill    &    Eildon    hall,      Si. 
Dallachy  James  W.    Bova,  Hawkhead  rd. 

Dallas   Alexander,    Hall-Oraig,    Rangemore 

road,  Inverness 
Dallas    C     William,    1    Greenmount    gar- 
dens, Burntisland 
Dallas  John,   27  Ness  bank,  Inverness 
Dallas  Miss,  Dirleton  place,  15  Old  Edin- 
burgh road,   Inverness 
Dallas  Miss,  Hycliffe,  Kingussie    S.O.  In- 
Dallas   Mrs.   15  Albert  street,   Aberdeen 
Dallas   Mrs.   Nevis    bank,    Old    Edinburgh 

road,  Inverness 
Dallas  Mrs.   35  New  row,  Dunfermline 
Dallas  Mrs.  Park  house,  Glenurquhart  rd. 

Dallas      William,      Balavoulin,      Aviemor* 

S.O.   Inverness-shire 
Dallas  Wm.  St.  Martins,  S^abank  rd. Nairn 
Dalling   Mrs.    34  Holmston  road,  Ayr 
Dalling  Thomas,  Little  Boghead,  Bathgate 
Dalrymple      Viscount     M.F.      Loch     Inch 
castle,    Castle    Kennedy    S.O.    Wigtown- 
shire;   &  17   Eaton  square  &  Carlton   & 
Guards'  clubs,  London  S  W 
Dalrymple    Rt.     Hon.     Sir    Charles    bart. 
P.C.,   J. P.,  D.L.   New   Hailes,   Inveresk, 
Musselburgh;    20    Onslow  gardens    S  W 
&  Athensum  club  S  W,   London 
Dalrymple  Alex.  24  Fotheringham  rd.  Ayr 
Dalrymple  Jas.   105  Bo'ness  rd.Grangemth 
Dalrymple    James   D.G.    Woodhead,    Kirk- 
intilloch,   Glasgow 
Dalrymple     James     Duncan      Gray      J.P. 
Meiklewood    house,    Gargunnock,  Stirling 
Dalrymple   Jas.    R.,    M.B.   Yetholm,  Kelso 
Dalrymple   Miss,  Elliston   house,    St.    Bos- 
wells, Newtown  St.   Boswells   S.O.  Rox- 
Dah-ymple    Miss,     Springbank,     Prestwick 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Dalrymple   Mrs.    Kinellar  lodge,   Kinaldie, 

Dalrymple    Peter,    Waverley    villa,    Kirk- 
cowan  S.O.   Wigtownshire 
Dalrymple   William,   Fernlea,  Leven 
DalrVmple-Hamilton    North    Victor    Cecil, 

Bargany  house,  Dailly  S.O.   Ayrshire 

Dalrvmple-Hav     Admiral    Right  Hon.    Sir 

John  Charle's  bart.  P.C.,  G.C.B.,  D.C.L., 

LL.D.,     F.R.S.,     F.R.G.S.,     D.L.,     J.P. 

Craigenveoch,    Glenluce  S.O.   Wigtownsh 

Dalrymple-Hay    Major    J.    F.,   D.L.,    J.P., 

C.C.    Dunlop  house,  Dunlop  S.O.  Ayrsh 

Dalton  George,  Muirside  villa,   St.  Andrew 

street,   Dunoon 
Dalton  John,  9  Kirkstile,  Hawick 
Dalton   Miss,    Muirside   villa,    St.    Andrew 

street,  Dunoon 
"Dalton  Mrs.    Scatterland,  Hurlet,  Glasgow 
Dalton   S.    St.  Ninians,  Wormit,  Dundee 
Dalyell    Lt.-Gen.    John   Thomas,    Melville 
cottage,  Lundin  Mill,  Lower  Largo  S.O. 
Dalzell   John   Brown,    Allan  park.   London 

street,   Larkhall  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Dalzell  Robert,  9  Ash  grove,  Musselburgh 
Dalzell      Thomas      A.      B-eaumont     lodge. 

An&truther    Wester,    Fifeshire 
Dalziel  Rev.  George  C,   B.D.   Auchterder- 

ran,  Cardenden  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Dalziel    David,    Rohallion,    Monreith    road 

Newlands,    Glasgow 
Dalzifl  David  F.   Leven  grove,  Ardbeg  rd. 

Dalziel  Geo.  J.P.  Redholm,  Nth.  Berwick 
Dalziel   George,    Strath  house,  Avonbridge 

S.O.   Stirlingshire 
Dalziel  .7.  Dalveen,  Hawkhead  rd.  Paisley 
Dalziel  J.   Netherlynn,  Dairy  S.O,   Ayrsh 
Dalziel  James,  23  Bellevue  road,  Ayr 
Dalziel  James,  8  Carnegie  st.  Dumfries 
Dalziel   James    S.  Tighnatraigh,   Aberfoyle 

S.O.    Perthshire 
Dalziel     John,     Kenleith,      Corrour     road 

Newland'S,   Glasgow 
Dalziel     John,     Marama,     Bridge    of   Weir 
S.O.  Renfrewshire 


Dalziel  Miss,   Glenluce   S.O.  Wigtownshire 
Dalziel   Miss,   The   Park,   Kincardine   S.O. 

Dalziel  Misses,   18  Hamilton   st.    Saltcoats 
Dalziel   Misses,   Norwood,   Bridge  of  Weil 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Dalziel  Mrs.  Blair  lo.  Bacecourse  rd.  Ayr 
Dalziel    Bobert    B.    Rosemount,    Bridge   of 

Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Dalziel  Robert  F.   Novar,  Bridge   of  Weir 

HO    Renfrewshire 
Dalziel  S.   34  Kay  Park  cres.  Kilmarnock 
Dalziel  Thomas  Kennedy,    Netherton  Kin- 

nedar,    Saline,   Oakley  S.O.   Fifeshire 
Dalziel  W.   Goldielea,  Uddingston.Glasgow 
Damant     Rev.      John,     Woodlea,     Thorn, 

Johnstone  •  „  ■     .  , 

Dancey  Danl.  T.  13  Castlegate,  Berwick 
Danckwerts  W.  O.  Syre  lo.  Farr,  Thurso 
Dand    David,    Abbots    hall,    Corrour  road, 

Newlands,   Glasgow 
Dand  Jas.   Ellenbank,   Birkhill,  Dundee 
Dandie  Misses,    Glencairn,    Brompton   ter- 
race, Perth 
Daniel  C.   W.   Viola  ho.Rubislaw.Aberdeen 
Daniel    John,   27    Montague   st.    Dumfries 
Daniel  Misses,  1  Hartington  rd.  Aberdeen 
Daniel  Mrs.    Balblair,   Cults,    Aberdeen 
Daniels  George,  19  Duthie  place,  Aberdeen 
Daniels  William,  90  Leslie  ter.  Aberdeen 
Daniels  William,  jun.  93  Leslie  ter.Aberdn 
Danskin  Miss,   High  street,  Markinch 
Dansnn    Verv    Rev.    James    Myers    M.A., 

D.D.   (Dean  of  Aberdeen  &  Orkney),  19 

Bon-Accord  crescent,  Aberdeen 
Danson  Rev.  B.  Logie  M.A.Aberd.   Castle- 
hill,  Dundee 
Damie  Alex.  C.  8  Addison  pi.  Arbroath 
Dargie  James,   Hill  view,  Balgay  terrace, 

Citv  road,  Lochee,  Dundee 
Dargie  Jas.  193  Strathmartine  rd.  Dundee 
Dargie   L.   D.   Woodfield,  Wormit,   Dundee 
Dargie  William,   St.  Mary's  ter.  Dundee 
Darling  Adam.   40   Castle  ter.   Berwick 
Darling    Adam,    Langsyde,   Weensland   rd. 

Hawick  ,       , 

Darling      Alexander,      Governor  s     house, 

Palace   green,   Berwick 
Darling  Harold   B.  Kirkbank,  Burntisland 
Darlin»  Miss,   2  Hosefield  av.  Aberdeen 
Darling  Misses,  Buchanan  st.  Dunfermline 
Darling  Mrs.   Osborne  house,  Main  street, 

Tweedmouth,   Berwick 
Darling  Mrs.  West  Park  road,  Cupor 
Darling    Thomas   J.P.    Adderstone    house, 

Palace   street  east,  Berwick 
Darling   Thomas   Crow   LL.B.   15   Melville 

terrace,  Stirling 
Darney  Mrs.  Braehead.KinghornS.O.Fifesn   Capt.   Duncan,    11    Clarendon  pi. 

Darroch     Duncan     B.A.,    D.L.,     J.P.     (of 

Gourock),     Torridon,      Achnasheen   S.O. 

Darroch    Misses,    Ardvaar,    Auchenlochan, 

Tighnabruaich  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Darroch   Mrs.    James,  Ellangowan,   Kilbir- 

nie  S.O.    Avrshire 
Darrock  Andrew,   Newstead  cottage,   Giff- 

nock,  Glasgow 
Darsie  George,  Johnston  lodge,  Anstruther 
Darwin  Francis,  Muirtown  house, Inverness 
Daun  Rev.  James,  Aslikirk,   Hawick 
David  Henry  F.  36  Desswood  pi.  Aberdeen 
David  J.    S.   Hillside,   Forfar  rd.  Dundee 
David   John,   1  Baxter  Park  ter.   Dundee 
David  John,  77  Clepington  road,   Dundee 
David  Thos.  20  West  Albany  ter.  Dundee 
David  William,  358  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Davidson     Col.      David      C.B.      Auldinnie 

tower,  Birse,   Aboyne   S.O.   Aberdeensh 
Davidson    Col.    James    D.L.    J.P.    Balna- 

gask  ho.    Balnagask  rd.  Torry, Aberdeen 
Davidson    Col.    James    Scott    J.P.    Cairnie 

house,   Kilconquhar  S.O.   Fifeshire 
Davidson  Lieut. -Col.  Patrick  L.  Inchmarlo 

cottage,    Banchory    S.O.    Kincardineshire 
Davidson   Maj.   Duncan  Francis,    Dess  ho. 

Kincardine-O'Neil  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Davidson  Major  Hugh  J. P.,  D.L.  Cantray, 

Crov,  Gollanfield,  Inverness-shire 
Davidson  Rev.  A.  P.,  M.A.Skirling.Biggar 
Davidson    Rev.    Archibald    H.,    TJ.    F.    C. 

manse,  Abdie,   Newburgh,  Fife 
Davidson    Rev.    Cecil  James,   The   Manse, 

Portsov   S.O.   Banffshire 
Davidson    Rev.     Donald    B.D.,    TJ.    F.    C. 

manse,    John   street,    Wallacetown,   Ayr 
Davidson    Rev.   Donald,    Mylnfield,   Inver- 

gowrie,  Dundee 
Davidson  Rev.  Ebnzr.   Castletown,  Thurso 
Davidson    Rev.    Harcourt    M.    11    Albany 

terrace,  Dundee 
Davidson  Rev.  J.,  M.A.,  B.D.  United  Free 

Church  manse,  Marine  par.  Nth. Berwick 
Davidson    Rev.    J.    M.    The    Manse,    Loch- 

alsh,   Balmacara  S.O.   Ross-shire 
Davidson     Rev.     James,     Walker    terrace, 

Tillicoultry    S.O.    Clackmannanshire 
Davidson   Rev.   John  M.A.,  TJ.   F.   manse, 

Dunifaee,  Denny   S.O.   Stirlingshire 

Davidson   Rev.    John  Buie,     East     manse, 

Landale  road,   Peterhead 
Davidson  Rev.   R.,  TJ.   F.   manse,  Portree 
Davidson  Rev.  Rt.  B.D.   St. Cyrus, Montrose 
Davidson     Rev.     Roger     S.     The     Manse, 

Kinfauns,  Perth 
Davidson   Rev.    Thomas    M.A.,    B.D.     The 

Manse.  Tough,  Aberdeen 
Davidson    Rev.     W.     C,     M.A.     Bowmore 

S.O.   Argvllshire 
Davidson  Kev.  Wm.  73  George  st.  Paisley 
Davidson  Rev.  William,  The  Manse,  Chry- 

ston,   Glasgow 
Davidson  Rev.  William  B.  Y.  West  TJ.  F. 

manse,   Lennoxtown,   Glasgow 
Davidson  -j..  22  Forest  road,  Aberdeen 
Davidson  A.    83    High    st.   Kirkcudbright 
Davidson  Alexander  J.P.  Auchenten,  Hat- 
ton  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Davidson    Alexander,     Blythewood,      Port 

Elphinstone,  Inverurie 
Davidson      Alexander,      Broomhill      park, 

Broomhill  road,  Aberdeen 
Davidson  Alexander,   Cairnie  villa,   Crown 

drive,  Inverness 
Davidson    Alexander,    18    College    bounds, 

Old  Aberdeen,   Aberdeen 
Davidson  Alex.  9  Devonshire  rd. Aberdeen 
Davidson    Alex.167    Gt.Western   rd.Aberdn 
Davidson  Alexander,   Market  pi.   Melrose 
Davidson  Alex.   81   Milton   rd.    Kirkcaldy 
Davidson  A.  The  Pines,  Glasgow  rd.Perth 
Davidson  Alexander,  10  Rosslyn  pi.  Perth 
Davidson  Alex.   157J   Scouringburn, Dundee 
Davidson     Alex.     68     Shieldfield    terrace, 

Tweedmouth,  Berwick 
Davidson  Alex.  20  Thomson  st.Kilmarnock 
Davidson    Alexander,     8    Traquair     park, 

Corstorphine  S.O.  Midlothian 
Davidson  Alex.  43  Wallfield  cres. Aberdeen 
Davidson  Alex.  M.  14  Elliott  st.Arbroath 
Davidson  Andrew  M.A.,  M.D.,  CM.  Cart- 
vale,  Rhannan  road,  Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Davidson  Andrew,  16  Reidhaven  st.  Elgin 
Davidson  Andrew  W.60rchard  ter.Hawick 
Davidson  A.  6  Ardconnel  ter.east.Invernss 
Davidson     Arthur,    Netherton,     Brownside 

road,    Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Davidson  C.   Calside  ho.    Calside,   Paisley 
Davidson    Charles,    Ashley,    Belgrave    rd. 

Corstorphine   S.O.    Midlothian 
Davidson   Chas.   35  Gladstone  pi. Aberdeen 
Davidson    Charles  James   M.A.,    LL.B.    44 

Rubislaw   Den   south,   Aberdeen 
Davidson   C.    R.218   Gt.Western   rd.Aberdn 
Davidson   D.,   J.P.   Dolphinstone   ho.   Fort 

Davidson    D.    Newhall,    Meikleriggs.Paisly 
Davidson    D.,    D.L.,    J.P.    Tulloch    castle, 

Davidson    D.    S.    Marguerite    villas,    West 

Clepington  road,    Dundee 
Davidson  David,    19   Argyll  pi.    Aberdeen 
Davidson  David,  Edgerston  house,  Edger- 

6ton,   Jedburgh 
Davidson     David.     Lilian    bank,     Lawside 

road,   Lochee,   Dundee 
Davidson    David,    Lilybank,    Garelochhead 

S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Davidson  David,  21  Queen's  rd.  Aberdeen 
Davidson    David     B.,     M.B.,    Ch.B.      150 

Main   street,   Barrhead,   Glasgow 
Davidson    Duncan    D.L.,    J.P.    Inchmarlo 

house,  Banchory  S.O.  Kincardineshire 
Davidson  Francis  C.  34  Irvine  pi.  Aberdn 
Davidson  G.Laurel  bnk. Broomhill  rd.Keith 
Davidson  Geo.  Dunard,  Cults,  Aberdeen 
Davidson  Geo.  154  Hamilton  pi.  Aberdeen 
Davidsou  G.,    J.P.   Newton  of  Kinmundy, 

Old  Deer,  Mintlaw  Statn.   S.O.Aberdnsh 
Davidson  Geo.   16a,  Orchard  ter.  Hawick 
Davidson   George,   2    Sinclair  ter.   Wick 
Davidson     George     M.A.,    M.D.     Torphins 

S.O.    Aberdeenshire 
Davidson  G.,    J.P.   Wellwood,Cults,Aberdn 
Davidson  G.   P.  189  Clepington  rd. Dundee 
Davidson  Gilbert,    Collingwood,  Melrose 
Davidson    H.    46    Don    street,    Old    Aber- 
deen, Aberdeen 
Davidson  H.  48  Ferry  rd.Monifieth, Dundee 
Davidson    Harold    D.    Barcraig,    Ranfurly, 

Bridge   of  Weir   S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Davidson  Hugh,   22  Cleghorn  rd.  Lanark 
Davidson   Hugh,    11    Hawkhill,   Ayr 
Davidson  Hugh  Alexander  Charles,  Union 

street,    Cupar-Angus    S.O.    Perthshire 
Davidson  Jonah,  Ardtornish,  Morvern  S.O. 

Davidson    J.    Barlogan,    Kilmacolm    S.O. 

Davidson    J.    Chirnside   cottage,    Crosslea, 

Davidson  J.  296  Qt.   Western  rd. Aberdeen 
Davidson    J.    Dawestone,    Beaufort     road, 

Davidson    J.     Millgate,    Friockheim     S.O. 

Davidson  J.  Venture  Fair  ter. Dunfermline 
Davidson    J.    Victoria    villa,    West    New- 
port, Fifeshire 
Davidson  J.  G.  Clachnaharry  ho. Inverness 


DAW        1481 

Davidson  J.  S.Bank  of  Scotland  ho.Denny 
Davidson  J.  T.  2  Haddon  rd.Kinnoull,Prth 
Davidson  J.  W.  35  Church  st.  Coatbridge 
Davidson  Jas.  J.P.  23  Bank  st.Kirriemuir 
Davidson  Jas.  Barclay  well, Cults, Aberdn 
Davidson  Jas.  353a,  Clifton  rd.  Aberdeen 
Davidson  James,  73  Duthie  tex.  Aberdeen 
Davidson  James  M.A.  62  Hamilton  place, 

Davidson  James,  Homewood,  Countess- 
well  road,  Mannofield,  Aberdeen 
Davidson  Jas.  Innes  ho.  TJrquhart,  Elgin 
Davidson  James,  Inveresk  place. Coatbridge 
Davidson  J.,  J.P.  54  King's  gate,  Aberdn 
Davidson     James,     Ladysford,      Boyndlie, 

Davidson  Jas.  120  Mid  Stocket  rd. Aberdn 
David-son  James,  30  Quarry  road,  Airdrie 
Davidson  James,  95  Queen  street,  Peterhd 
Davidson  James,  Summerville,  Maxwell- 
town,  Dumfries 
Davidson  James,  jun.   7  Countesswells  rd. 

Mannofield,  Aberdeen 
Davidson   J. A.   50  Bon-Accord   ter.   Aberdn 
Davidson  James  A.  27  High  street,  Irvine 
Davidson   Jas.  B.  142  Hamilton  pi. Aberdn 
Davidson  James  F.   Obbe,  Portree 
Davidson  James  I.    Saughton  mains,   Cor- 

storphine  S.O.  Midlothian 
Davidson  J.J.WestWatten  S.O.Caithness-sh 
Davidson  James  M.  Gordon  lodge,  Well- 
shot  drive,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Davidson  Jas.  S.  98  Hamilton  pl.Aberdeen 
Davidson  Jas.  W.36  Hamilton  pl.Aberdeen 
Davidson  John,  Ardencraig  cottage, Arden- 

craig  road,  Rothesay 
Davidson  John,  Ashmead,  Brownside  road, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow" 
Davidson  John.    A  thole,   Carmyle,   Glasgow 
Davidson  Jn.  50  Bon-Accord  ter.  Aberdeen 
Davidson  John,  3  Catsfield  pi.  Aberdeen 
Davidson  John,  Dunira,  Bearsden, Glasgow 
Davidson    John,    Harestone,    Crathes    S.O. 

Davidson   John,    10  King   street,   Aberdeen 
Davidson  John,   Langley  Park  ho.   Thurso 

road,  Wick 
Davidson  John,   4  Planefield  terrace, Plane- 
field  road,  Inverness 
Davidson  John,   Richmond  road.  Huntly 
Davidson  Jn.   M.A.   Stair  drive,  Stranraer 
Davidson  John,  28  Sunnybank  pl.Aberdeen 
Davidson  John,   Tayville,    Park  road,  Esk- 

bank,  Da'keith 
Davidson  John, 2  Wellington  gdns. Montrose 
Davidson   John  Alex.   50   Forest  av. Aberdn 
Davidson     John     C.     11     Balmoral     villas, 

Cat  heart,   Glasgow 
Davidson    John  H.,   J.P.    Oldhall,    Watt  en 

S.O.  Caithness-shire 
Davidson   John    Henry,   Muirhouse,    David- 
son's Mains  S.O.   Midlothian 
Davidson   John   M.,    LL.B.   Braedale.    Cleg- 
horn   road,  Lanark 
Davidson  Jn.  P.  31   Firthside  st.Fraserbrgh 
Davidson   John    P.    Linden   villa,    Pitkerro 

road,  Dundee 
Davidson    John    Wm.    Carriden,    Monifieth 

road,  Broughty  Ferry   S.O.   Forfarshire 
Davidson  Leybourne  F.  York  villa,  Seafield 

place,   Cullen   S.O.    Banffshire 
Davidson   Miss,  6  Bath   street,  Nairn 
Davidson  Miss,  Craigend   house, Dumbarton 
Davidson  Miss,  M.D.  Ebenezerfield,  Busby, 

Davidson  Miss.   Frioekheim   S.O.   Forfarsh 
Davidson    Miss.     117    High    street,    Bonny- 
rigg,  Lasswade 
Davidson    Miss,   Hillmount,   Juniper  Green 

S.O.    Midlothian 
Davidson   Miss,   Inverclyde,   Albany   drive, 

Davidson    Miss,    115    Leslie  ter.   Aberdeen 
Davidson    Miss    Jean,    The   Park,    Culross, 

Davidson   Miss,  Rose   street.  Thurso 
Davidson   Miss,   49  Stanley  street, Aberdeen 
Davidson     Miss,    Victoria    road,    Maxwell- 
town,    Dumfries 
Davidson     Miss    B.     18    West    Albany    tear- 
race,  Dundee 
Davidson   Misses,  Inehmarlo  cottage,  Ban- 
chory S.O.   Kincardineshire 
Davidson    Misses,    Kinnoull,     Tork    road, 

North  Berwick 
Davidson   Misses,   Wellwood,  Cults,  Aberdn 
Davidson     Mirs.     Albert     terrace,      London 

road,   Stranraer 
Davidson    Mrs.    Baluss,    Mintlaw,    Mintlaw 

Station    S.O.    Aberdeenshire 
Davidson     Mrs.    Bartley    lodge,     Monifieth 

road,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Davidson  Mrs.   83  Beaconsfield  pi.   Aberdn 
Davidson   Mrs.  Beech  hi.  Crown  av.Invrnss 
Davidson   Mrs.    Beech    villa,    1    Brompton 

terrace,  Perth 
Davidson  Mrs.  Boghead,   Beith 
Davidson    Mrs.    Broomfield,    Central    aven. 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Davidson  Mrs.  10  Calsayseat  rd.  Aberdeen 
Davidson  Mrs.   Church  street,  Annan 

Davidson  Mrs.  83  Church  street,  Inverness 
Davidson  Mrs.  16  Crossland  ores.  Peebles 
Davidson  Mrs.   74  Dalrymple  at,  Girvan 
Davidson  Mrs.  20  Dempster  street,  Wick 
Davidson  Mrs.  61  Eglinton  rd.  Ardrossan 
Davidson  Mrs.   Fernlea,  Lewis  st. Stranraer 
Davidson    Mrs.    Forres terhill   house,    Corn- 
hill  road,  Aberdeen 
Davidson  Mrs.  Gladsmuir,  Kilmacolm  S.O. 

Davidson    Mrs.    Gleniffer,    Upper    Ashton, 

Gourock  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Davidson     Mrs.     Glenisle,     Causewayhead 

road,    Stirling 
Davidson  Mrs.414  Gt. Western  rd.Aberdeen 
Davidson  Mrs.  11  Greenlaw  avenue, Paisley 
Davidson  Mrs.  Hainig  road,  Renfrew  S.O. 

Davidson  Mrs.   26  Hamilton  pi.  Aberdeen 
Davidson   Mrs.  326    Holburn   st.   Aberdeen 
Davidson  Mrs.  89  King  street,  Bervie  S.O. 

Davidson  Mrs.Laquerencia,   St.   Catherine's 

road,   Forres 
Davidson  Mrs.   Mayfield.  Rose  aven.  Elgin 
Davidson  Mrs.    Mayfield  cottage,    Mayfield 

road,   Inverness 
Davidson  Mrs.  Mossgiel,  Corstorphine  S.O. 

Davidson   Mrs.    Muchalls,   Stonehaven 
Davidson  Mrs.   2fl  North  Bridge  st. Hawick 
Davidson  Mrs.  24  North  Silver  st.   AbeTdn 
Davidson   Mrs.   14   Old  Castle   gate,   Banff 
Davidscn  Mrs.  67  Osborne  place,  Aberdeen 
Davidson  Mrs.  Rowan  bank,  Rose  av. Elgin 
Davidson  Mrs.   St.   Andrews, Insch.Abrdnsh 
Davidson  Mrs.  49  Stanley  street,  Aberdeen 
Davidson  Mrs.  83  -Stanley  street,  Aberdeen 
Davidson   Mrs.  Thorncliffe,   Wigtown   S.O. 

Davidson     Mrs.    Westfield,     Gordon    road, 

Crieff.  Perthshirp 
Davidson  Mrs.  Woodcroft,  Bellwood,  Perth 
Davidson  Mrs.  A.  Woodbank,  Cults,  Abrdn 
Davidson  Murray  O.   Hunasgeria,  Ranfurly, 

Bridge  of  Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Davidson  Norman,  59  Queen  st.  Peterhead 
Davidson  Peter,  Albert  cot. Bieldside, Abrdn 
Davidson  P.A.Inglefield.Glasgow  rd.rais'ley 
Davidson  Peter,  Fairfield,  Croft  st.Dalkeith 
Davidson  Peter,  Fern  cottage,   Glen  road. 

Dyee,  Aberdeen 
Davidson  Peter,  87  Saltoun  pi.  Fraserburgh 
Davidson  Peter,  3  Victoria  ter.  Inverness 
Davidson  R.   Beechtree,  Glsgw.rd.Dumbrtn 
Davidson     R.,      C.S.I.      Clayton,     Leuchars 

S.O.    Fifeshire 
Dwidson  Rt.   Finella,  Bieldside,  Aberdeen 
Davidson  Rt.   Strathmore,  Da.'muir,  Glasgw 
Davidson    Robert    M.B.,    CM.    Woodville. 

Main  street,  Shettleston,  Glasgow 
Davidson    Robert  John   M.A.,    B.L.    Lynd- 

hurst,   Cupar 
Davidson  Robt.   M.  10  Alloway   place,   Ayr 
Davidson  S.  Janeville,  Brooms  rd. Dumfries 
Davidson     Samuel,    Boblainie,    Rangemore 

road,  Inverness 
Davidson  Saml.    M.D.  Bowmont  st.  Kelso 
Davidson  Samuel  George  M.A.,  M.B.,  C.M. 

21  North  Bridge  street,  Hawick 
Davidson  Thos.   Birchwood,  Cults.   Aberdn 
Davidson   Thomas,    1    Catriona   villa,    Ken- 
neth street,  Inverness 
Davidson    Thomas,     Hill    house,    Co'.ding- 

ham,  Eyemouth  S.O.  Berwickshire 
Davidson  Thomas   M.A.,  B.Sc.  Orphanage, 

Ferry  road.   Dundee 
Davidson     Thomas.     Overlook,     Banchory 

S.O.   Kincardineshire 
Davidson  T.L.Maryfield.Kirn    S.O.Argyllsh 
Davidson  T.W.  Bonard,  Westfield  rd. Cupar 
Davidson  Tom,   Mugiemoss  house,    Bucks- 
burn,  Aberdeen 
Davidson     W.      Gateside,      Douglas      S.O. 

Davidson  W.C..M.A.59  Victoria    st.  Aberdn 
Davidson  Walter,  The  Cottage,  Coldstream 
Davidson    Walter    R.    Link    side,    Seabank 

road,   Nairn 
Davidson  Wm.  49  Bonnymuir  pi.  Aberdeen 
Davidson    William,    Craigmonie.    Thorn  rd. 

Bearsden,    Glasgow 
Davidson    William,   Deepdene,    Hawick 
Davidson    Wm.   Eastside,   Craigie   loanings, 

Davidson  Wm.    Hawthornbank,    Galashiels 
Davidson  William,   High  st.  Fort  William 
Davidson     William,     Hill     Park     terrace, 

Wor-mit,   Dundee 
Davidson   Wm.   50  St.    Swithin    st.   Aberdn 
Davidson   William, 44  Small's  wynd, Dundee 
Davidson   William    South  road.  Wick 
Davidson  William,  12  Stanley  st.  Aberdeen 
Davidson    William,   Windy  hill,  Kilmacolm 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Davidson  William,  Woodside  avenue, Wood- 
side  walk,  Hamilton 
Davidson  W.  C.  48  Devonshire  rd.  Aberdn 
Davidson  William  D.2  Nairn  place, Dundee 
Davidson  Wm.  D.  11  Rubislaw  ter. Aberdn 
Davidson  Wm.  H.   B.   Viewforth,   Kirkwall 

Davidson    William    G.    11    Mansion    House 

drive,  Springboig,    Shettleston,   Glasgow 

Davidson   William  L.    Elliott  villa.    Craig- 

ton  rd.  Beechhill,   Mannofield.  Aberdeen 

Davidson   William  Leslie    M.A.,    LL.D.    8 

Queen's  gardens,  Aberdeen 
Davidson  Wm.  S.   10  Forest  rd.  Aberdeen 
Davidson    Wilson,    Beech    grove,   Annan 
Davie  Rev.   Duncan,  Ailsa  street,  Girvan 
Davie  Alex.   Green  view,  Whins  rd.  Alloa 
Davie   A.C.    Onega,   Nolt  i.oan   rd.  Arbroath 
Davie  A.   Woolston,   Riverside  rd.  Newlnds 
Davie  Francis,    7   Reidhaven  street.   Elgin 
Davie  Jas.  Dalroyston,  Giffnock,  Glasgow 
Davie   James,  Invercharron,    Ardgay 
Davie  James,   2  Irvine  place,   Stirling 
Davie  James,  Mulgrave,  Leys  drv.Invernss 
Davie   James,    3  University    rd.    Aberdeen 
Davie  Jas.  Wallaceton,  Brookrld.  Johnstone 
Davie  John,   631   Holburn  street,   Aberdeen 
Davie  Lawrence.    15   Graham's  road,   Gra- 

hamston,   Falkirk 
Davie   Mrs.  Bank   house,   Prestonpans   S.O. 

Davie  Mrs. Blair  view,  Bieldside,  Aberdeen 
Davie  Mrs.Kingscote,  Drummond  ter. Crieff 
Davie  Peter,  Barry,  Carnoustie  S.O.Forfrsh 
Davie  Robt.  Ellisland, Kirkintilloch, Giasgw 
Davie  Robt.  1  Kay  Park  ter.  Kilmarnock 
Davie     William,     Glenboyne,     Banff     road, 

Portsoy  S.O.   Banffshire 
Davie  William,  jun.  258  Main  street,  Alex- 
andria, Dumbartonshire 
Davie  W.  C.  Anneslea,  Orchard  St.  Fa.kirk 
Davies  Benjamin,  38   Hide  hill,  Berwick 
Da  vies   E.Victoria  cottage,   Pather.Wishaw 
Davies    George    A.,   B.A.,   M.D.    35    Bridge 

street,    Musselburgh 
Davies   John,  10  King  street,   Aberdeen 
Davies    Mrs.    Anchorlee,  Greenock  avenue, 

Cathcart,    Glasgow 
Davies   Mrs.    Norton,   Well   road,   Moffat 
Davies     Septimus     H.     Woodford    terrace, 

Borrowstounness  S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
Davies  T.  Gresham  cot.  Uddingston.Glsgw 
Davies       Thomas,      Kenilworth,       Blarhill, 

Coatbridge,  Glasgow 
Davis    Rev.     Frederick    W.    The    Rectory, 

Newton  street,  Blairgowrie 
Davis  James,  88  St.   Leonard's  road,  Ayr 
Davis    Miss,    Albert    villa,    Clifford    road, 

North  Berwick 
Davis  Miss,   St.   Ronans,  St.   Andrews 
Davis    Rt.    Norbay,    E.    Newport.   Fifeshire 
Davis  T.  H.  99  Beaconsfield  pi.    Aberdeen 
Davison  Mrs.    21   Henrietta   street,   Girvan 
Davison   R.   H.    Bonnington   villa,   ITdding- 

ston,    Glasgow 
Davison    Robert    G i bson,    33    Wes t    Morton 

street.  Thornhill 
Davy   George  B.,  J.P.    Spean   lodge,    Spean 

Bridge  S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Daw  Charles   A.Edenkyle,   Kilcreggan  S.O. 

Dawes  William  W.  Balcroydon,  Broadstone 

park,    Inverness 
Dawson  Rev.  James  A.  Newton  Stewart 
Dawson    Rev.     John     Finlay,    The    Manse, 

Dawson      Rev.      William      W.      Greyfriar3 

manse.   4  Friarsfield   terrace,   Lanark 
Dawson  Alexander,   21   Fonthill   ter.Aberdn 
Dawson  Alfred,  454  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Dawson   Archd.   Headwell   rd.  Dunfermline 
Dawson    C.    Wilsons  ter.    Spittal,    Berwick 
Dawson  David, 16   Strawberry  bank, Dundee 
Dawson  E.    Gi.enesk,   Avenue  rd.    Dalkeith 
Dawson   Georg'e,    2    Pedwarden    road,    Kin- 
noull,  Perth 
Dawson  George,   7  Erskine  street, Aberdeen 
Dawson   George,   116  Leslie   ter.    Aberdeen 
Dawson  Geo.  C.   64  Bon-Accord  st.  Aberdn 
Dawson  George  F.,    M.B.,   Ch.B.   Royal  in- 
firmary, Woolmanhill,  Aberdeen 
Dawson  J.    Strude  park,   Alva  S.O.  Clack- 
Dawson     J.     H.     14     Regent     street,    Fife 

Keith,   Keith 
Dawson     J.     Maxwell     M.B.,     C.M.     Buck- 
haven  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Dawson   James,    19   Albyn  place,   Aberdeen 
Dawson  James.   97  Dufhie  ter.    Aberdeen 
Dawson  James,  Thorniebank  ho.   Dalkeith 
Dawson    James    M.A.,   M.B.,    CM.,   D.P.H. 

Victoria   street,   Newton   Stewart 
Dawson  James,   31   Westburn  drive, Aberdn 
Dawson   J.R.,   J. P. Wester   Balado,  Kinross 
Dawson    James    Robertson    J.P.    Bodiebae, 
Upper  Cabracb,  Rhynie  S.O.  Aberdeensh 
Dawson  Jn.2  Airlie  ter.  Perth  rd.  Dundee 
Dawson  John,    Leuchars    S.O.    Fifeshire 
Dawson  John,  Mayburn  villa.   Alloa 
Dawson  John  M.,  M.A.  East  road,  Cupar 
Dawson  .Joseph,  Waverley  bank,  Viewlands 

road,  Perth 
Dawson     Miss,      Benveula,      Lochgilphead 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Dawson   Miss,   Powfoulis,   Airth,    Larbert 
Dawson  Miss, South  Drumlanrig  st.Thornhl 
Dawson  Misses.  Thorniebank  ho.  Dalkeith 
Dawson  Mrs.   36  Belvidere  st.   Aberdeen 

1482       DAW 


Dawson  Mrs.  4  Cedar  place,  Aberdeen 
Dawson   Mrs^   Craigmore  vil.  Scone,   Perth 
Dawson  Mrs.  10  Royal  terrace,  Linlithgow 
Dawson  Mrs.  16  The   Square,  Aberchirder 

S.O.  Banffshire 
Dawson  Mrs.  Well  park,  Kenilworth  road, 

Bridge  of  Allan 
Dawson  Mrs.  C.G.  Colinsburgh  S.O.  Fifesh 
Dawson  Peter,  Middlefield,  Ltmzie,  Glasgw 
Dawson  Robert,  6  Viewrield  place,  Stirling 
Dawson  W.  9  Paffc  terrace,  Stirling 
Dawson  W.    24a,    West   end,    Tweedmouth, 

Dawson  William,  Leuchars  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Dawson  William, 3  Westburn   drive, Aberdn 
Diwson  William,  25  Westburn  drv.  Aberdn 
Dawson  William,  43  Whitehall  rd.  Aberdn 
Dawson  W.F.G.,  J.P/North  Bank  ho.Insch 
Dawson-Brodie   Mrs.    Firthside,   Nairn 
Day  Rev.    George    Ernest    M.A.   The   Rec- 
tory, Comely  Park  place,  Dunfermline 
Day  George  F.R.C.S.Edin.  Milnathort  S.O. 

Kinross- shire 
Day  Mrs.  East  End  pk.  East  road,  Cupar 
Daye  Thos.The  Terrace.   Bearsden,  Glasgw 
Deacon  Cecil,  Blanc  villa,  Lenzie,  Glasgw 
Deacon  Mrs.   Maryfield  .villa,   Maryfie.d  pi. 

Bonnyrigg,   Lasswade 
Deacon  P.  Cloncaird,  Sidney  st.  Saltcoats 
Deacon   William,  54  Forsyth   st.  Greenock 
Deale  Alexander,  Barloan  cres.  Dumbarton 
Dean  Rev.  Jn.A.  F-,  M.A. Kirk  rd.Wi3haw 
Dean    Rev.    John    T.,    M.A.    Coldingham, 

Eyemouth  S.O.   Berwickshire 
Dean  Alexander,  Fir  bank,  West  rd.  Elgin 
Dean   Alexander   R.59   Sunnyside   rd.Abrdn 
Dean  J.  R.,  S.S.C.  28  Rubislaw  den  south, 

Dean  James, Strathisla  ho.Fife  Keith, Keith 
Dean  James  A.Eden  mount,  Glenfarg  S.O. 

Dean  James  D.  Hawthorn  house,   Cumber- 
nauld Station,  Glasgow 
Dean  James  Duncan  M.A.   Annandale  ho. 
High  st.   Lochmaben  .S.O.   Dumfriesshire 
Dean  Jas.  L.   22  Stanley  street,   Aberdeen 
Dean  Miss.  Boyne  house,  Ladybank,  Fife 
Dean  Mrs.   10  Beaconsfie.d  place, Aberdeen 
Dean    Mrs.  52    Clifton    road,    Lossiemouth 

S.O.   Morayshire 
Dean  Robert  Clarke,  74  Grav  st.  Aberdeen 
Dean-Leslie  John,  33  Claremont,  Alioa 
Deane  John  C.  91  Desswood  pi.   Aberdeen 
Deans   Rev.   David.   Baltasound,   Lerwick 
Deans  A.  Deancroft,  Stewarton  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Deans   David.  277  Clifton  road,  Aberdeen 
Deans  Jas.  Cross  roads,  Dairy  S.O.  Avrsh 
Deans  Miss,  204  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Deans    Mrs.     Deanbank,     Balmoral    drive, 

Oarmyle,  Glasgow 
Deans  Mrs.  4  Wilton  hill, 
Deans  Robert,   6  Letham 
Deas    Rev.    J.   H.,    B.D, 

Deas  Adam  J,P.  Briery  bank.  Duns 
Deas   Francis    William,   Ashburnham,    Dal- 

meny  S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
Deas  J.30C'lydeford  drv.  Uddingston.Glsgw 
Deas  J.  B.  11  Rosemount  pi. Bridgend, Prth 
Deas  James,  Seaview  cottage,  Bridge  st. 
Barnhill,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarsh 
Deas  John,  6  Invermark  terrace,  Barnhill, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.    Forfarshire 
Deas  Mrs.  Ledlanet.  Barnhill,  Perth 
Deas   Mrs.   42  "Victoria  road,   Kirkca'dy 
Deas     Robert,     Trebor,     Brownside     road 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Deas  W.  A.  Hay  mount,  Coldstream 
Death  W.  H.   Ashbank.Tayport  S.O. Fifesh 
de    Be-Ue   Mrs.   Trafalgar,    Portencross   rd, 

Haw  irk 
place,   Dunbar 
Stonehouse    S.O. 

West  Kilbride   S.O,  "Avrshire 
Dechan  M.,  J.P.  29a,  North  Bridge  street 

Delaney  H.  East  vw.   Kiikton  av.   Carluke 
Delbeke    Rev.    Theophilus,    Chapel    house, 

Kirkintilloch,    Glasgow 
Delgaty    Miss,    St.     Abbs,     Innellan    S.O. 

De  Meulenacre   Rev.  Louis, Newton. Glasgw 
Dempster  Rev.  John  F.  Manse,  Thistle  st, 

Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Dempster     Rev.     W.    B.,    M.A.     Stronsay, 

Dempster   Alexander,  16  York  pi.  Perth 
Dempster  D.   9  Glenan  gardens, Helensbrph 
Dempster   David,    6  Park    terrace,    Black- 
ness road,  Dundee 
Dempster  Duncan,  7  Octavia  ter.Greenock 
Dempster  Duncan  F.   Derculich,  Logierait, 

Strathtay   S.O.   Perthshire 
Dempster  Geo.  65   Octavia   ter.  Greenock 
Dempster  H.   G.  97  Bo'ness   rd.Grangemth 
Dempster  J.Craigmiln.Caimnnnock.Glnpgw 
Dempster  James  R.,  J.P.  Ladyton.Galston 

S.O.   Ayrshire 
Dempster  J.   Methven  castle. Methven, Perth 
Dempster  Miss.   Muirfield,  Kinross 
Dempster  Mrs. 20  Sutherland  st.Helensbrgh 
Dempster  Mrs.YentureFair  av.Dunferm'.ine 
Dempster  R.   Verreville,   Lenzie,   Glasgow 

Dempster   Robert,  The    Cross,  Kilwinning 

~  0.   Ayrshire 
Dempster    Thomas,     Almond    bank,    West 

Bay,  Millport  S.O.  Buteshire 
Dempster  Thos.2  St. Leonard's  bank, Perth 
Dempster  Wm.  64  Inveresk  rd.Muss&lbrgh 
Dempster  Wm.  jun.27  Hermon  hi. Dundee 
Denholm  Capt.  J.  6  Victoria  pi.  Stirling 
Denholm    Campbell,    Royal    Bank    house, 

Academy  street,   Coatbridge 
Denholm   Geo.    J.P.    East  mount,    Borrow- 

stounness   S.O.   Linlithgowshire 
Denholm      James,       Birchlea,       Braeside, 

Libertou    S.O-   Midlothian 
Denholm  J.  East  mnt. Bo'ness, Linlithgwsh 
Denholm  John,  Eastwood   Mains,   Giffnock, 

Glasgow  - 

Denholm  John,  13  Octavia  ter.  Greenock 
Denholm     Misses,     Bona    Vista,     Borrow- 

stounness  S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
Denholm  Misses,   Trewern,  Biggar 
Denholm  Mrs.  Yorke  lo.  Ea.  Links, Dunbar 
Denholm  William  A.  East  mount, Bo'ness, 

Denlmer  H.  S.  Woodhaven.Wormit, Dundee 
Dennis  John,    Brixwold,   Bonnyrigg,   Lass- 
wade,    Midlothian 
Dennis  John  W.  63  Union  gro.  Aberdeen 
Dennis  Mrs.   15  Arduthie  rd.  Stonehaven 
Denniston  J.  S.   9  Patrick  st.  Greenock 
Denniston  Jas.  27  High  st.   Kirkcudbright 
Denniston  Jn.  27  High  st.   Kirkcudbright 
Denniston    Mrs.     Tigh-na-rudha,    Toward, 

Toward  Point  S.O.   Argyllshire 
Dennistoun  Mrs.  Rosslea,  Row,HeIensbrgh 
Dennistoun-Brown    Misses,  Balloch  castle, 

Balloch  S.O.    Dumbartonshire 
Denny  Col.  John  McAusland  J.P.  Helens 

lee,  Dumbarton 
Denny     Archibald     J.P.      Cardross     park 

Cardross  S.O.   Dumbartonshire 
Denny  J.   Dunstane.Kirkton  hi. Dumbarton 
Denny  Leslie,  Knockcrannie,    Dumbarton 
Denny   Miss,    Oxhill  road,    Dumbarton 
Denny  Mrs. West  view,  Broomhiil  rd. Keith 
Denny  Mrs.   A.  Oxhill  road,  Dumbarton 
Denny  Peter  J.P.    Crosslet,    Dumbarton 
Dennyson  Mrs.  Caldermont,  Innellan  S.O. 

Deuoon  Mrs. Eversley, Victoria  rd. Dumfries 
Derby   Thomas,   St.   Leonards,    New   Abbey 

road,   Dumfries 
Derrick  Jas.  Downside,Waterloo  rd. Lanark 
Derry  Rev.  Charles,  Sullom,  Lerwick 
Derry  Rev.  J.   Wm.   Duncan   st.    Thurso 
de     Sales    La    Terriere    Mrs.    Dunalastair 
house,  Kinloch-Rannoch  S.O.  Perthshire 
Deshon  Charles,    Dilkusha,    Liberton    S.O. 

Despard  Capt.  Ballgreen  house,   Townhead 

street,    Hamilton,    Lanarkshire 
De    Sylva    Elphinstone   J.,  B.A.,  L.R.C.P. 

&  S.,  Scalloway  S.O.  Shetland 
Deuchar  Jas.  43  Abergeldie  rd.  Aberdeen 
Deuchar  J.,  J.P.  Stichill  ho.  Stitchill.Kelso 
Deuchar      Mrs.      Ardpeaton,      Cove      S.O. 

Deuchars  J.  Craigard,  Perth  rd.Blairgwrie 
Deuehars    Miss,    4    Linden    avenue,    East 

Newport,  Fifeshire 
Deuchars  Mrs.  Wel.field,  Wormit,   Dundee 
Deucher   Wm.189   Gt. Western   rd. Aberdeen 
Deverell   Com.   Geo.    Saml.  R.N.  Training 
School  "Empress,"    Row,   Helensburgh 
Deveron  Mrs.    14  Barns  street,   Ayr 
Devine  Very  Rev.  Canon  Charles,  Tanfield 

walk,  Woodside,    Aberdeen 
Devis  Rev.  P.  A.  Ivydene.Rose  cres. Perth 
Dewar  Uapt.  Donald,  Old  Hotel  buildings, 

Easdale,  Oban 
Dewar    Capt.    J.    C,    J.P.    Vogrie,    Gore- 
bridge   S.O.   Edinburghshire 
Dewar   Rev.  A.,    M.A.   The  Manse,  Amul- 

ree,  Dunkeld 
Dewar   Rev.   Archibald,    Iona,   Oban 
Dewar    Rev.     Duncan     J.P.     The    Manse, 

Applecross  S.O.  Ross-shire 
Dewar     Rev.      James,      Clason     Memorial 

manse,   Motherwell 
Dewar  Rev.   Jas.    Montgomery   pi.    Peeble 
Dewar  Rev.   Peter  M.A.  The  Manse,  Port 

Bannatyne,    Rothesay 
Dewar   Rev.    Thomas,   The    Manse,    Loch- 

gelly   S.O.   Fifeshire 
Dewar  A.   C.   3  Marine  villas,  Leven 
Dewar  Alexander,    Allanfield,  Dingwall 
Dewar   Alexander  J.P.    Mains    of   Fasque, 

Fettercairn,  Laurencekirk 
Dewar  Alex.    15  Sunnyside   rd.  Aberdeen 
Dewar    Alex.   53   Thomson    st.    Aberdeen 
Dewar  Andrew,   Tigh-na-mara,    Ardrishaig 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Dewar  D.    Mayfield,  Elderslie,   Johnstone 
Dewar  D.  5  Windsor  ter.  Perth  rd.Dundee 
Dewar  D.    C.  107  Hamilton   pi.  Aberdeen 
Dewar  David  D.   Muiresk,   Turriff 
Dewar  Duncan,    High    street,   Rothesay 
Dewar   Duncan,    St.    Fillan's   villa.    West 
Coats    road,  Cnmbuslang,    Glasgow 

Dempster  R.  Glenalmond,  Bellevue  rd.Ayr  Dewar  Geo.    39  Bonuymuir  pi.    Aberdeen 

Dewar  George,  34  Victoria  rd.  Kirkcaldy 
Dewar  J.  5  Aubery  cres.Larg3  S.O.   Ayrsh 
Dewar    J.,    M.B.,    CM.,    J.P.    Dcimgorn, 

Bridge  road,  Portree 
Dewar  J.  Ferintosh.Dirleton  av.N. Berwick 
Dewar  Jas.  Gordon  vil.  Rose  cres.  Perth 
Dewar  James    M.A.,    M.B.    St.  Margaret's 

Hope  S.O.  Orkney 
Dewar    James    Alexander   J.P.,    M.D.,    13 

Hill  terrace,   Arbroath 
Dewar   James    Gow,  3    Kincarratbie   cres- 
cent, Bridgend,  Perth 
Dewar  James  K.39  Bonnymuir  pi.  Aberdeen 
Dewar   John  Alexander  M.P.    Abercairny, 
Fowlis  Wester,    Crieff;    &    Reform  club, 
London  S  W 
Dewar  John  0.  13  Hill  terrace,   Arhr->ath 
Dewar     McKellar,     Brackenhairst,      Miln- 

gavie,  Glasgow 
Dewar  Miss,   3  Blackness  avenue,  Dundee 
Dewar   Miss,  Braeside,   Round   Riding  rd. 

Dewar   Miss,  Dunderane,  Innerleithen    rd. 

Dewar   Misses,   Baddaroch,   Dalmally   S.O. 

Dewar  Mrs.  Cosie  brae,  W.Cults, Aberdeen 
Dewar     Mrs.     house,     Davidsons 

Mains   S.O.    Midlothian 
Dewar     Mrs.     Lassodie     house,     Lassodie, 

Dewar     Mrs.     Rose    cottage,     Isla    road, 

Bridgend,  Perth 
Dewar    Mrs.    Underdale,    Drummond    ter- 
race,  Crieff 
Dewar  Peter,  10  Belhelvie  terrace,  Perth 
Dewar   Peter,    Violet  bank,    Hamilton    st, 

Larkhall   S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Dewar  R.    11    Campbell    drive,    Bearsden, 

Dewar  Robert,   IS  Miller  road,  Ayr 
Dewar  Robert   Alex.   7  Barns  cres.  Ayr 
Dewar  Robt.  Don,   Ardovie  house,  Brechin 
Dewar  Thomas  F.,    M.A.,   D.Sc.    Academy 

street,  Forfar 
Dewar   Thomas  Fin'ayson    M.D.,    B.Sc.   13 

Hill  terrace,  Arbroath 
Dewar   Thomas    Kilgour,   Leysview,   Perth 

road,   Blairgowrie 
Dewar  Thos.  Wm.  M.D.Kincairn, Dunblane 
Dewar  W.  33  Kyle  pk.  Uddingston.Glasgw 
Dewar  William,  5  Blackness   aven. Dundee 
Dewar  Wm.  Homefield,   Craigie   rd.    Ayr 
Dewar    William    Johnston    M.B.,    CM.    13 

Hill  terrace,   Arbroath 
De   Watteville    Walter   F.    R.,  M.B.,    CM. 

Dewer  Robert.  2  Buchanan  gardens, Mount 

Vernon,  Glasgow 
Dewhurst    George     Littleton,     Arbruchill, 

Comrie   S.O.  Perthshire 
De   Winton-Stewart  Charles,   32  Union   st. 

Dey  Rev.   T.  M.,  B.D.  Rankin  United  Free 
Church  manse,  Strathaven   S.ODanarksh 
Dey   Rev.    William   Dunbar    B.D.    Tomin- 

toul,  Ballindalloch  S.O.   Banffshire 
Dey  Jas.   J.P.   Forkins,  Botriphnic,   Keith 
Dey  James,  78  Irvine  place,  Aberdeen 
Dey    John,    3    Belgrave    ter.    Corstorphine 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Dey  J.,  M.A.   102  Hammerfield  av. Aberdn 
Dey  Peter,  Ferryhill  lo.Polmuir  rd  Aberdn 
Dey  R.,  M.A.  School  ho.  BerryhiU.Wishaw 
Dpv  W.  Woodbine  cot.  Bogie  st.  HunUy 
Dey  William  M.D.,  LL.D.  32  Hamilton  pi. 

De     Zoete     Walter     M.    Blenheim     house, 

Westgate,  North  Berwick 
Diack  Adam,  Dorraton,  Wyllie  st.  Forfar 
Diack  Charles,  91  Blenheim  pi.  Aberdeen 
Diack  Charles,  20  Richmondhill  pi.  Aberdn 
Diack  J.  Dunottar,  Sandbank  S.O.Argyllsh 
Diack  J.   Michael,   Inverleny,   Uddingston, 

Diack  Mrs.   90  Osborne  place.  Aberdeen 
Diack  Mrs.  45  Westburn  road,   Aberdeen 
Diack  Peter.  21  Beechgrove  aven.  Aberdeen 
Diack  W.  76  Rubislaw  Den  nth.  Aberdeen 
Dick  Col.  D.Pitkerro  ho.Kingennie, Dundee 
Dick   Capt.    D.    H.    A.    Carston,    Victoria 

park,   Ayr 
Dick  Capt.  James,   Iona   Earlsferry, 

Elie  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Dick  Rev.  Charles  Hill  B.D.  United  Free 
Church  manse,  Bellshill  S.O.Lanarkshire 
Dick  Rev.  Douglas,  New  Abbey,  Dumfries 
Dick  Rev.  H.  J.  Cross.  Sanday,  Kirkwall 
Dick  Rev.  James,  Blackwood  house.  Keir, 

Auldgirth  S.O.   Dumfriesshire 
Dick    Rev.    James,    CJoseburn,   ThomluM 
Dick  Rev.  John,  Baxter  Park  ter.  Dundee 
Dick     Rev.    John,     Greystonelea,     Lundin 

Mill,   Lower  Largo  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Dick  Rev.    Rt.  Colinsburgh  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Dick  A.  M.  Craighelen,  W.Newport,,Fife*b 
Dick  Adam,  2  St.  Leonard's  road.  Ayr 
Dick  D.  C.13  McLelland  drive.Kilmarnock 
Dick   David,  Fenwick,   Kilmarnock 


din      1483 

Dick.  David,    Highstun,    St.   Bride's   road, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Dick  David,  WyMie   st.   Leabrae,  Forfar 
Dick  David  McArthur,  Montgomery  street, 

Lark-hall   S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Dick  George,  28  Mearns  street,  Greenock 
Dick  George  M.B.  12  Sinclair  terrace, Wick 
Dick  James,  Comely  Park  pi.  Dunfermline 
Dick   Jas.    191   Gt.  Northern  rd.    Aberdeen 
Dick  J.  4  Park  ter.  Blackness  rd.  Dundee 
Dick  John,  127  Bo'nesa  rd.  Grangemouth 
Dick  John,  141  Bo'ness  rd.  Grangemouth 
Die1*:  Jn.10  George  st.  Grahamaton, Falkirk 
Dick   John,    Harvey   square,   Lochwinnoch 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Dick    John,    Heatherbloom  oottage,   Sand- 
bank   S.O.   Argyllshire 
Dick     John     M.A.     Lin  wood,     Holrahead, 

Dick  John,    Oswald   cot.    West   rd.  Irvine 
Dick  John,  Tullymet  vil.  Craigie  rd. Perth 
Dick  J.Whittington,  Dunbeth  av.Coatbrdge 
Dick  J.  J.  Swiss  cot.  Victoria  pi.  Airdrie 
Dick    Mathew    LL.B.    Auchmillan,    Argyll 

street,  Campbeltown 
Dick   M.   17  McLelland  drive,  Kilmarnock 
Dick   M.    Strathclyde,   Bothwell,  Glasgow 
Dick   Miss,  3  Barns    street,   Ayr 
Dick    Miss,  129  Bo'ness   rd.    Grangemouth 
Dick   Miss,  Jessieville,  Albany   drive, Lanark 
Dick  Miss,  Park  hall,   Kirn  S.O.  Argyllsh 
Dick  Miss,  2  St.  Leonard's  road,   Ayr 
Dick   Miss,   St.   Thomas'    cottage,  Brechin 

road,  Forfar 
Dick     Miss,     Southlea,     Newtyle,     Coupar- 

Angus    S.O.    Perthshire 
Dick  Misses,   6   Mayville   park,  Dunbar 
Diok    Mrs.    Abbotsford  grove,  Kelso 
Dick  Mrs.  Arauco,  Wormit,  Dundee 
Dick  Mrs.  Ashbank,  Polmont  Station  S.O. 

Dick  Mrs.  Cedar  cot.   Downfield,   Dundee 
Dick  Mrs.   Charlesfield  house,  Mid  Calder 
Dick  Mrs.  43  David  street,  Kirkcaldy 
Dick  Mrs.   G5  Fullarton  street,  KilmaYnock 
Dick  Mrs.  Gordon  cot.Shotts  S.O.Lanarksh 
Dick    Mrs.    Greenhill,   Lower    Drummond, 

Dick  Mrs.   Inehgurth,   East  Links,   Dunbar 
Dick  Mrs.   Maybank,  Balmoral  drive,  Car- 

myle,   Glasgow 
Dick  Mrs.  Polmont  rd.   Laurieston, Falkirk 
Dick  Mrs.  29   Rose  street,  Thurso 
Dick    Mrs.     Rosedene,     Dalhousie     street, 

Monifieth.  Dundee 
Dick  Mrs.  50  West  King  st.  Helensburgh 
Dick  Mrs.  West  Know!, Victoria  pi. Airdrie 
Dick  Mrs.  Woodburn,  E.   Kilbrid?,  Glasgw 
Dick  Peter,  4   Greenlaw  terrace,   Paisley 
Dick  Richard    Gregor,   Poyntzfield,    Inver- 

gordon    S.O.   Ross-shire 
Dick  Robert,  Belmont,  Park  rd.   Hamilton 
Dick  Robert.    Castlewood,  Greenock  aven. 

Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Dick  Robert,  4  Park  place,  Lanark 
Dick  Thos.  12   Springbank  ter.    Aberdeen 
Dick  W.  G.Studleigh,Victoria  dri.Invernss 
Dick  Walter,  Salem,    Uddingston,  Glasgow 
Dick     William,     Appin     lodge,      Hunter's 

quay.   Kirn   S.O.   Argyllshire 
Dick  Wm.    Ashmore,  Miller   st.    Hamilton 
Dick    William    J.P.     Beacon     hill,     Kirk- 

newton   S.O.    Midlothian 
Dick  William,   Hill  of  Capring'on,  Riccar- 

fcon,  Kilmarnock 
Du  k  William.  57  King  street,  Perth 
Dick   William,   Mavis   bank,    Melrose 
Dick  William,   9   Queen's    terrace,  Ayr 
Dick   William  M.A.    12  Sinclair  ter. 'Wick 
Dirk  Wm.  D.  129  Bo'ness  rd-Grangemouth 
Dickey   Rev.    William    J.    S.,    M.A.,    J.P. 

Harray,  Kirkwall 
Dickie     Capt.     George    Boyd,     Park     kill, 

Kilmacolm   S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Dickie  Rev.  Andrew  B.,  M.A.   United  Free 

manse,   Princes    street,    Huntly 
Dickie  Rev.   D.  Comelv  pk.Carmyle, Glasgw 
Dickie    Rev.  "John,    The    Manse,   Tarland, 

Aboyne    S.O.    Aberdeenshire 
Dickie  Rev.  John,  Seaview  villa,  Leven 
Dickie  Rev.   John   McAusland   B.D.   Wick 
Dickie  Rev.  M.   Rathillet,   Kilmany,   Cupnr 
Dickie  Rev.    Matthew,  South   manse,  High 

street.  Sanquhar  S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Dickie  Rev.  R.  P.  Mt. Vernon  av.Coatbrdg 
Dickie  Rev.  William.  Trinity  manse,  Kil- 
winning road,  Irvine 
Dickie  Alex.  Low,  16  Albyn  ter.  Aberdeen 
Dickie  Alex:.  P.  9  Charles  st.  Kilmarnock 
Dickie  Andrew.  57  Thomson  st.  Abprdeen 
Dickie  David,  3  "Norwood  crescent. Dundee 
Dickie    Dueald    D.    Woodlands.    Bishopton 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Dickie  George,  3   Orchard   walk,  Aberdeen 
Dickie  Geo.  1  Pr'nce  Arthur  st.  Aberdeen 
Tt'Vkie  George,  78   Stanley  st.   Aberdeen  . 
Dickie    George,  Young    st.    Craigie.  Pprth 
Dickie  J.   5    Lynnewood  place,    Mnryfield, 

Dickie  J.  D.  Coldwells,  Longhaven,Aberdn 

Dickie  J.   0.  52  Albury  place,  Aberdeen 
Dickie  James,  7  Hawkhill,   Ayr 
Dickie  James,  20  London  road, Kilmarnock 
Dickie    James    A.    Inverbay  villa,    Inver- 

gowrie,   Dundee 
Dickie  James  W.  Devon  Bank  house, Alloa 
Dickie  John,  51  Queen  street,  Peterhead 
Dickie  J.  A.  Norden,  Brookfield,  Johnstne 
Dickie    John    Low    M.B.,    C.M.Aberd.    47 

Evan  street,  Aberdeen 
Dickie  John  S.  Rowallan,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Dickie  J.  S.  York  house,  Bridge  of  Allan 
Dickie  Miss,  10  Charles  street, Kitmnrnock 
Dickie      Miss,      Skieldhill,      Strone     S.O. 

Dickie  Miss,  Stratford, Brookfield, Johnstne 
Dickie  Mrs.   16  Albyn  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Dickie  Mrs.  Belvoir,   Milngavie,  Glasgow 
Dickie    Mrs.    Carrick    view,    Shore     road, 

Sfcevenston  S.O.   Ayrshire 
Dickie  Mrs.   Eildon  "bank,   Dunfermline 
Dickie  Mrs.  20  Howard  street,  Kilmarnock 
Dickie  Mrs.  Isa  bank,Dreghorn  S.O.Ayrsh 
Dickie  Mrs.  Seafield,  South  beach,   Troon 
Dickie  Robert  D.  78  Stanley  st.  Aberdeen 
Dickie  Samuel.   659   Holburu  st.   Aberdeen 
Dickie    W. Springbank, Kirkmahoe, Dumfries 
Dickie  William,  Cambustay,  Dalhousie  rd. 

Barnhill,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarsh 
Dickie  William,  Greystone  park,  Dumfries 
Dickie   William,    Merle  wood,  Albert    road, 

Maxwelltown,   Dumfries 
Dickie    William    B.    Whitehills,    Ahernyte, 

Inchture  S.O.  Perthshire 
Dickie    William    Joseph,    Greystone    park, 

Moffat  road,  Dumfries 
Dickie  Wm.  T.   14  Howard  st.  Kilmarnock 
Dickinson  George  E.  Myrtle  terrace,  Albert 

street.  Tayport  S.O.   Fifeshire 
Dickinson  Mrs.  Abbotsknowe,  Melrose 
Dickinson   Robert   J.P.   Longcroft,    Lauder 

S.O.  Berwickshire 
Dickinson  William,  Hunthill,Corrour  road, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Dickison       William,       Springfield      house, 

Abbotsford  grove,  Kelso 
Dickson  Rev.  Andrew,  United  Free  Church 

manse,  322  Clifton  road,  Aberdeen 
Dickson     Rev.     John,     Marmion     cottage, 

Pathhead  ford,  Dalkeith 
Dickson  Rev.  John  Gavin  M.A.  The  Manse, 

Kippen,  Kippen  Station  S.O.   Stirlingsh 
Dickson    Rev.    Matthew    Scott    M.A.    The 

Manse,  Old  Monkland,    Coatbridge 
Dickson  Rev.  R.  Marcus  B.D.  The  Manse, 

Westport,  Lanark 
Dickson    Rev.     William    C,     M.A.    United 

Free     manse,     Muckhart,     Dollar     S.O. 

Dickson  Rev.  William  James,  The   Manse, 

Glasgow  road,  Paisley 
Dickson  A.  Anderson,  Westwood. Galashiels 
Dickson  Adam  R.  The  Loaning.  Biggar 
Dickson  Alex.  Roseneath, Hillside, Montrose 
Dickson  Alexander,  Union  cottage,  Denny 
Dickson  Andrew,  Comely  Park  ter.  Falkirk 
Dickson  Andrew,  Strathmore  rd.  Hamilton 
Dickson  Charles,  Viewbank,  Lasswade 
Dickson  Charles  W.   Cowhill  tower.  Holy- 
wood,  Dumfries 
Dickfon  David,   Ardenlea,  Buchanan  drive, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Dickson    David,    18    Kilnburn    place,    East 

Newport,  Fifeshire 
Dickson  David,   Victoria  villa,   Falkirk 
Dickson    David    Elliott.    M.B.,    CM.    Loch- 

gelly  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Dickson  F.  Hillside,  Forfar  road,  Dundee 
Dickson  G.  The  Chanonry,  King  st.  Elgin 
Dickson  Geo.  Boagknowe,  Bothwell.Glasgw 
Dickson  George   Alexander  M.B.,    CM.  In- 

vermae,   Queensferry 
Dickson  George  Cecil  M.D.  Dalhousie  vil. 

High  street,  Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Dickson  George  P.   Blynlee.  Galashiels 
Dirkson  Hy.S.  Violet  bank. Wormit, Dundee 
Dickson  J.,  J.P.  Greenbink. Bridgend, Perth 
Dickson  J.  Monteviot,  Kirkintilloch, Glasgw 
Dickson  James,    Heath  cottage,   Portree 
Dirkson  James,  Leabrae,  Galashiels 
Dickson  James,  Ochilton   road.  Dollar  S.O. 

Dickson  •'.  Thorn  vil.   Armour  st. Johnstone 
Dickson  James  B.   Ericht  Bank  villa,  Kirn 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Dickson   James   Gihbons    M.D.,   J.P.    Wood 

lee,   Newton  Stewart 
Dickson  John,  Auchren,  Lesmahagow  S.O. 

Di^k^on  John,   Gladstone   road,  Huntly 
Dickson  John.  Green  brae.  Dumfries 
Dickson  Jn.  31  MacLelland  drive. Kilmrnck 
Dickson  John    W.S.    Monibuie.   New   Gallo- 
way S.O.  Kirkcudbrightshire 
Dickson  John,  RosefieM,  Annan 
Dickson  John,    Seafield  street,  Banff 
D;rkson  John,  Tayhnnk.Tavport  S.O.F;fesh 
Dickson  John.   Woodbrae,   Purk  road,  Esk- 

bank.  Dalkeith 

Dickson  John  C.  Thornlea,  Loanhead  S.O. 

Dickson  Miss,  6  Barns  crescent,  Ayr 
Dickson   Miss,    Charles viller    Beech    grove, 

Dickson  Miss,  Coylton,  Ayr 
Dickson  Miss,  2'J  Crichton  road,  Rothesay 
Dickson  Miss,  Frogtietd  ho.   Laurencekirk 
Dickson   Miss,   of  Hartree,  Hartree  house, 

Kiibucho,  Biggar 
Dickson  Miss,  Hovendene,  East  Linton 
Dickson  Miss,  Isa  villa,  Bridge  of  Allan 
Dickson  Miss, Nile  bauk.Craigs  rd. Dumfries- 
Dickson  Miss,   Pine   villa,  'Loanhead   S.O. 

Dickson  Miss,  Seafield,  East  Links, Dunbar 
Dickson    Miss,     Sydney     villas,     Thornhill 

road,  Forre3 
Dickson  Miss,  Upton,  Queen's  rd.  Dunbar 
Dickson  Miss,  35  William  st.  Helensburgh 
Dickson  Misses,  The  Villa,  Stonehaven 
Dickson  Misses,  Venlaw,  Peebles 
Dickson  Mrs.  Branksome,   Bridge  of  Weir 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Dickson  Mrs.  Castlebank,   Glencaple   road, 

Dickson  Mrs.Castle  hl.East  Kilbride.Glsgw 
Dickson  Mrs.   10  Franklin  road,  Saltcoats 
Dickson  Mrs.  Kilard,  Innellan  S.O. Argyllsh 
Dick?ou  Mrs.  Marion  crescent,  Selkirk 
Dickson  Mrs.  Maybank.Perth  st. Blairgowrie 
Dickson  Mrs.  Myrtle  villa,  Broomieknowe„ 

Dickson  Mrs.  Rose  crescent,  Perth 
Dickson  Mrs.  St.  Brandons,  Banft: 
Dickson  Mrs.  St.  Kilda's,  St.  Andrews 
Dickson  Mrs.  Woodville,  Arbroath 
Dickson  Mrs.  Irvine,  9  Gordon  st. Dumfries 
Dickson  Mrs.  Richardson,  Innerwick,  Fern- 
tower  road,  Crieff 
Dickson  P.  Sunnyside  ho. Hillside, Montrose 
Dickson  P.   T.   Craigmhor,    Aberfoyle   S.O. 

Dickson  Robert,  Amisfield,  Monreith  road, 

Newlands,   Glasgow 
Dickson  Robt,  Bigton,  Dunrossness,Lerwck 
Dickson  Robert,  Holm  park,  Creetown  S.O. 

Dickson  3.  1  Spa  Well  vils.  SpittaI,Berwck 
Dickson  Thomas  0.  1  Queensberry  terrace, 

Maxweiltowu,  Dumfries 
Dickson  Thos.  J.  Moss  bank.Lenzie, Glasgw 
Dickson  W.  9  St.  Mirren  street.  Paisley 
Dickson  W.  5  Youngsdale  place,  East  New- 
port, Fifeshire 
Dickson  W.  R.  BIadnoch,Glebe  st. Dumfries 
Dickson  W.  Blackford,  Annan  rd. Dumfries 
Dickson     W.     Traquair,     Saughton     house, 

Corstorphine  S.O.   Midlothian 
Dickson  William,  17  Ash  grove, Musselbrgh 
Dick-on    William,    Broomfield,    Kirk    brae, 

Liberton  S.O.  Midlothian 
Dickson  Wm.  Craigard,  Rose  Bank  la.Forfr 
Dickson  William,  Elmsleigh,  Biggar 
Dickson  William,   Rosefield,  Annan 
Dickson  Wm.  58  St.  Swithin  st.   Aberdeen 
Dickson  William    Arnott    M.B.   Cross    Hili 

cottage,  Lochgelly  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Dickson    William    Clark,    Kenneth    bank, 

Glencaple,  Dumfries 
Dickson  Wm.Jn.  Dunard.Brookfld.. Johnstne 
Dietrich  Hermann,  8  Ballantine  drive,  Ayr 
Diggens  Mrs.  St.Ninians.Oldcastle  gt. Banff 
Dill  Rev.  S.  Marcus  M.A.  Glengatl,  Castle- 
hill  road  &  Alloway  manse,  Ayr 
Dilling  William,  2  Gladstone  pi.  Aberdeen 
Dillon  Hy.  Sherwood,  Cochrane  st.  Falkirk 
Dillou  Hugh,   Rosehall  terrace,  Falkirk 
Dingwall    Rev.    George    B.D.    The    Manse, 

Liff,  Dundee 
Dingwall  Arthur,  29  Broomhill  rd.  Aberdn 
Dingwall  D.  G.,  L.R.C.P.  Bedford  pi. Alloa 
Dingwall    George,    Auchterneed,     Newtyle, 

Conpar-Angus   S.O.   Perthshire 
Dingwall  George  R.  Colinsburgh  S.O.Fifesh 
Dingwall    James,    Bellevue   cottage,   Cupar 

road,  Tayport  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Dingwall  Jn.   Ardraa, William  st.Helnsbrgh 
Dingwall  Miss,  14  Muirhall  terrace,  Perth 
Dingwall  Mrs.  5  Castle  terrace,  Esplanade, 

Broughty  Ferry   S.O.   Forfarshire 
Dingwall  Mrs.  Glenan.John  st. Helensburgh 
Dingwall  W.  M.  Kinrhive,Lovat  rdluvrnss 
Dinnes  Mrs.   351   Holburn  street.   Aberdeen 
Dinsdale  Alfd.  43  Dundonald  rd.Kalmarnck 
Dinsmore  Miss,  309  Hardgate,   Aberdeen 
Dinsmore  Mrs.    1  Tweed   ter.   Coldstream 
Dinwiddie  Rev.    A.  H.,  M.A.    The  Manse, 

Teviothead,  Hawick 
Dinwiddip  Rev.  John  L.  The  Manse.  Ruth- 
well  S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Dinwiddie     Lauderdale     Maitland     J.P.     2 

Albany  place,  Dumfries 
Dinwiddie  R.  Overton,  Moffat  rd.  Dumfries 
Dinwiddie  William   Alexander   J.P,    Bridge 

bank,  Bi;ccleuch  street.  Dumfries 
Dinwoodie    Rev.    James    Kelty,    Blairadaro 

S.O.  Kinross-shire 
Dinwoodie    A.    Springfield,    Colvend,    Dal- 
Dinwoodie  J.  Mossgiel,Carrington  ter. Crieff 

1484      DIN 


Binwoodie  John,   Novar,  Milngavie,Glasgw , 
DippU  Alexander  George,    Drumpark  cot- 

t-age,  Bargeddie,  Glasgow 
Dishart  Robert  P.  54  James  st.Helensbrgh 
Diahington  G.  Douglas  support,  Coatbridge 
Dishington  Isaac,   Ashlea,  Bridge   of  Weir 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Dishington  W.  Rosemount,  Bearsden,Glsgw 
Disselduff  William,  Comley  bank,  Dunoon 
Disselduff  Win,  jun.  Comley  bank,  Dunoon 
Diveri  B.  Viewfield  cot.  Victoria  rd.Huntly 
Dixie  Sir  Alexander  Beaumount  Churchill 

bart.  Glen  Stuart,  Cummertrees,  Annan 
Dixie     George    Douglas,    Cordova,     Castle 

Douglas  road,  Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Dixon  Rev.  A.   Cecil,  Carleby,  West   King 

street.  Helensburgh 
Dixon   Alex.  John,    Springbank,    Stirling 
Dixon    Charles    James    Whitehead    M.D., 

C.M.Edin.   19  North  Bridge  at.  Hawick 
JDixon  ErnestM.Evenlyn  cot.Dalmuir,Glsgw 
Dixon     George,      Rowhouse,      Kilmadock, 

Doune  S.O.  Perthshire 
Dixon  Henry  G.  Braeside,  Wormit,  Dundee 
Dixon  Jas.  S.  Fairleigh,  Both-well,  Glasgow 
Dixon  John  D.  Laurel  bank,  Markinch 
Dixon  John  Hy.  Dundarach  ho.  Pitlochry 
Dixon  Mrs.  Brooklands,  Uddingston.Glasgw 
Dixon  Mrs.  Eccles  ho.  Penpont,  Thornhill 
Dixon    Mrs.    B.     89    Albert    road,    Gourock 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Dixon  R.  J.  Craigmore,  Henrietta  st.Girvn 
Dixon  William,  Inverallan,    St.  John's  rd. 

Corstorphine  S.O.  Midlothian 
Dixon    W  illiam,    17    Louise    terrace,    West 

Perry,  Broughty  Ferry   S.O.  Forfarshire 
Dixon  William  D.  Howiegate,   Markinch 
Dixon  Wm.  J.  133  Main  st.  Spittal,Berwck 
Dixson    Douglas    Scott    M.B.,    CM.    Craig 

cottage,  Blackridge  S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
Doak  Rev.  Andrew,  Struan  house,  Duthil, 

Carr  Bridge  S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Doak  Mrs.   Stonefield,  Neilston,  Glasgow 
Dobbie  Alex.    Kyle  pai-k,TJddingston,Glsgw 
Dobbie   Charles,    Leven    lodge,    Auchingra- 

mont  road,  Hamilton 
Dobbie  George,  Hopedale,  Larbert 
Dobbie  J.  Fairlie  cot.  Fairlie  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Dobbie  James,  Chalmers   road,  Ayr 
Dobbie  James,  Craigieview,  Craigie  rd.Ayr 
Dobbie  J.  The  Firs,  Bannockburn,  Stirling 
Dobbie    James,    Glenkilrie,  Holland    Bush, 

Castlecary  S.O.   Stirlingshire 
Dobbie  James,  Thorndale,   East  Clepington 

road,   Dundee 
Dobbie  John,  40  Belle  Vue  crescent,  Ayr 
Dobbie  John, 63  East  Princes  st.Helensbrgh 
Dobbie  John,   Hecklegirth,  Annan 
Dobbie   John,   The  Hollies,    Anchenlochan 

Tighnabruaich   S.O.   Argyllshire 
Dobbie  John,  8  Windsor  gardens, Musslbrgh 
Dobb'e    Miss,    Craig    mill,    Causewavhead, 

Stirling  . 
Dobbie  Miss,  13  Park  terrace,  Stirling 
Dobbie   Miss,  Poplar  place,  Larbert 
Dobbie  Mrs.  11  Glebe  road,  Kilmarnock 
Dobbie  Mrs.    4   Park   terrace,   Ayr 
Dobbie  Mrs.  Tor  castle,  Arden  Craig  road 

Dobbie   Mrs.    Villa    East,   The    Scores,    St. 

Dobbie  Richd.   Ardenlee.Castle  Hill   rd.Ayr 
Dobbie  Rt.,  D.L.,J.P.   Beechmount.Larbert 
Dobbie  Robert,  8  Shillinghill,   Alloa 
Dobbie  Wm.    A.   24  Clarendon  pi.    Stirling 
Dobbin    Alexander,    Chesnut    hill,     Brown 

side  road,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Dobie     Surg. -Lieut. -Col.     Stanley     Locker 

Elm  grove,  Fochabers  road,  Elgin 
Dobie     (apt.     William,      Broombush,     St. 

Mnngo,  Lockerbie 
Dobie  Rev.   William   J.   Glassmount   house 

Kinghorn  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Dobie     Alexander,    Craigielea,    Cassalands 

Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Dobie  D,  R.  Heathfield,  Victoria  ter.  CriefE 
Dobie     G.,    J. P.     Edgemount,    Castlehead 

Dobie  Jn.  J. P.   Bank  ho.  Argyll  st.Dunoon 
Dobie  K.   jun.    11   Academy  st.    Dumfries 
Dobie  Kirkpatrick  P.  40  Queen  st.Dumfries 
Dobie  Miss,  Gylburn,    St.Mungo,  Lockerbie 
Dobie  Miss,   Morishill,   Beith,   Ayrshire 
Dobie  Miss,   Seedlands   cottage,  Forfar  rd 

Conpar-Angus    S.O.  Perthshire 
Dohie     Misses,      Broombush,      St.     Mungo 

Dobie  Mrs.   Park  honse,  Lenzie,   Glasgow 
Dobie  Rt.  Blairhangh,   Amisfield,  Dumfries 
Dobie     William     Henry     J.  P.     Dollarbeg, 

Dollar  S.O.    Clackmannanshire 
Dobinpon  M.   Tighruadh.  Victoria  ter. Crieff 
Dobson   Rev.  John  E.    Netherby,   Giffnock 

Dobson  Andrew  J. P.  Springbank,  Inner- 
leithen S.O.  Peeblesshire 
"Dobson  G.  Craigellie,  St.Meddans  st. Troon 
Dobson  Miss,  97  New  street,  Musselburgh 
Dobson  Patrick, 3  Strathmartine  rd. Dundee 
Dobson  T.  Allanlea,  Caddonfoot,  Cloven- 
fords, Galashiels 

Dobson  Thomas  Gibson,   Parkfauld,  Camp- 
bell drive,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Docharty   Mrs.    Hopetoun,    Monreith  road, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Docherty  Alex.  B.  Symington,  Kilmarnock 
Dock  Wm.  M.A.  Grammar  school,  Dunoon 
Dockery  Mrs.  32  LouiBa  drive,  Girvan 
Doctor  Miss,  Norwood  terrace,  East  New- 
port S.O.  Fifeshire 
Doctor  William  F.  Ashleigh,  Tay  View  ter- 
race, East  Newport,  Fifeshire 
Dodd   Major    Simon  A.    Governor's    house, 

South  road,  Peterhead 
Dodd  G.  The  Firs,  Clydesdale  st.Hamilton 
Dodd  James,  Hundalee  cottage,  Jedburgh 
Dodd  Jn.  Sunnyside  cot.Eaglesham.Glasgw 
Dodd    John    T.     Riccartoe,    Newcastleton 

S.O.  Roxburghshire 
Dodd  Thomas,  Allerton  house,  Jedburgh 
Dodd  Thomas,  Roseneath  cottage,  Almada 

street,   Hamilton 
Doddrell    Miss,    Beechwood    terrace,    West 

Park  road,  Dundee 
Dodds    Major    John,    Norwood,    Buchanan 

drive,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Dodds   Rev.    George,    United  Free  Church 

manse,  Liberton  S.O.   Midlothian 
Dodds    Archibald    J.,   J.P.    42   Castle   ter- 
race, Berwick-on-Tweed 
Dodds  Christopher,    Lyme  house,   Sheddon 

Park  road,  Kelso 
Dodds      Henry,      10      Balgillo      crescent, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Dodds    James,    15    Agnew   crescent,   Wig- 
town S.O.  Wigtownshire 
Dodds     James,     A  nnieslea    villa,    Borrow- 

stounness  S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
Dodds  James,   27  Fonthill  ter.   Aberdeen 
Dodds  John,  3  Caledonian  place,  Aberdeen 
Dodds  John,    Sunnyside,  Auchnacloicb  rd. 

Dodds  Miss,   11  North  terrace,  Berwick 
Dodds  Mrs.  Amistield,  Bathgate 
Dodds  Mrs.  Morfield,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Dodds  Mrs.   St.  Margaret's,  Melrose 
Dodds  Robt.  26  Ferry  rd.  Monifieth, Dundee 
Dodds   William  G.    Wellside   ter.   Falkirk 
Dodds  Wm.  H.  146  Bon-Accord  st.  Aberdn 
Dodgson  Mrs.  Borlum  lo.  Dores,  Inverness 
Dods     Rev.     G.     N.,     M.A.     The     Manse, 

Collace,  Perth 
Dods  Rev.   George   B.D.,  J.P.   Established 

Church  manse,   Barr,  Girvan 
Dods  Rev.   George,  Garvald,  Prestonkirk 
Dods    Rev.   John    B.A.   The   Manse,   Findo 

Gask,  Auchterarder 
Dods  James,    Deanburn,    Fala,  Blackshiels 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Dods  Jn.  W.  Da'.more,  Moffat  rd.  Dumfries 
Dods  Miss,   Craigholme,   Reston  S.O.    Ber- 
Dods    Miss,    Poldean,    Rotchell   park,    Max 

welltown,  Dumfries 
Dods    Miss,     St.    Boswells,    Newtown     St. 

Boswells  S.O.  Roxburghshire 
Dods  Wm.  3  Mount  rd.  Tweedmth. Berwick 
Doe  Geo.  Homelea  cot.  Errol  S.O.  Perthsh 
Doe  Misses,  Homelea,  Errol  S.O.  Perthah 
Doeg  John  S.  298  Gt.  Western  rd. Aberdeen 
Doggart      James      McDonald       B.A.Lond 

Whytehouse,  Park   place,  Kirkcaldy 
Doherty    Rev.     Joseph,     The     Presbytery: 

Grahame  street,  Johnstone 
Doherty  Mrs.  Huntly  hall.  Queen  st.  Nairn 
Doig  Capt.  C.   New  Mill  house,  Elgin 
Doig     Alexander,      Blythswood,      Douglas 

drive,  Cambuslang.  Glasgow 
Doig  Alexander,  Netherwood,  Hepburn  gar- 
dens, St.   Andrews 
Doig  C.  4  Aubery  cres.  Largs  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Doig  Charles  C.  Gordon  street,  Elgin 
Doig  Chas.  Wm.  14  Loanhead  ter.  Aberdn 
Doig  David  J.P.  Lyndhurst.  Dunoon 
Doig  Geo.  3  Dalhousie  ter.Perth  rd. Dundee 
Doig  Jas.  Bellevue,  Brechin  rd.  Kirriemuir 
Doig  James,  32  Ogilvie  place,  Arbroath 
Doig  Jn.  L.  4  Struan  pi.  E. Newport, Fifesh 
Doig  Mrs.  3  Douglas  place,  Lochty  street, 

Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Doig  Mrs.   Florence  villa,   Rose  cres.   Perth 
Doig  Mrs.    14   Hunter  street.    Kirkcaldy 
Doig  Mrs.  3  Peddie  street,  Dundee 
Doig  Mrs.   Rochdale  house,  Wigtown  S.O. 

Doig  Mrs.   28  Talbot   street,   Grangemouth 
Doig  R.W.    53  Kyle   pk.Uddingston.Glasgw 
Doig  W.  Dunira,  West  Newport,  Fifeshire 
Doig  Wm.   M.D.  7  Roxhurgh   st.   Galashiels 
Doit:   William  L.   16  North   street,  Forfar 
Dolan  James.  31  Arnot  Hill  gdns.  Falkrk 
Dolgorouki   H.H.    Prince    Alexis.    Braemar 

castle,  Braemar  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Dollar    Miss,    Abbotsford,    Langside    road, 

Dol'.ar   Mis^esjnchwood,    Giffnock  Glasgow 
Don  Rev.  Matthew  M.A.  Manse,  West  end, 

Tweedmonth,  Berwick 
Don    Alexander,    Bank  house,    Fettercairn, 

Don     Alexander    M.A.,    M.B.,     CM.     145 
Nethergate  &  77  Albert  street,  Dundee 

Don  George,  21  Airlie  pi.  Perth  rd. Dundee 
Don   Gilbert   J.  P.    Ravensby,    Barry,    Car- 
noustie  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Don  John  B.,  J.P.   Maulesden,  Brechin 
Don  Misses,  6  Greenfield  place,  Dundee 
Don  Mrs.   3   Hermitage   terrace,   Camphill 

road,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Don  Mrs.  Inverary  terrace,  Dundee 
Don  Mrs.  28  Panmure  street,  Brechin 
Don  Mrs.   West  bank,  Latch  rd.  Brechin 
Don  Robert  B.,  J.P.  The  Lodge,  Queen  8t. 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Don  \V.  Dorisduan,  Uddingstofi,  Glasgow 
Don  Walter,  Belford  place,  Scone,  Perth 
Donald  Capt.    David  P.,  J.P.    Greenbank, 

William  street,  Johnstone 
Donald  Rev.  Andrew  T.  The  Manse,  Mer- 

toun,  Newtown  St.  Boswells 
Donald  Rev.  D.  Macalister  M.A.,  B.D.  The 

Manse,  Moulin,  Pitlochry 
Donald  Rev.  George  D.  Hillhead,  Lerwick 
Donald   Rev.    George    Hy.    M.A.    Sidegate, 

Donald     Rev.     James     D.D.     The     Manse, 

Keith  Hall,  Inverurie 
Donald  Rev.Maunsell  B.D.Kinnettles,Forfr 
Donald  Rev. W. 40  Kay  Park  cres. Kilmarnck 
Donald  A.Cheviot  view,Teindhall  grn.Duns 
Donald  Alexander,   Annieslea,    Forrest  st. 

Clarkston,  Airdrie 
Donald  Alex.  454  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Donald  Alexander  Watt,  Gowanlea,  North. 

avenue,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Donald  Andrew^  Bon-Accord  villa,  Paisley 

road,  Renfrew   S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Donald  Andrew  B.  Loch  view,  East  Clep- 
ington road,  Dundee 
Donald  D.  Richmond  pi.  Downfie Id, Dundee 
Donald  David,  Bank  av.  Downfield, Dundee 
Donald  D.3  Clarendon  ter.Perth  rd.Dundee 
Donald  David,  Plains,  Airdrie,  Lanarksh 
Donald  David  M.  8  Caimfield  pi.  Aberdeen 
Donald  David  M.  C  57  Gray  st.  Aberdeen 
Donald  George,  G6  Bedford  pi.  Aberdeen 
Donald  George  J.P.  Ladyhill,Grange,Keith 
Donald  George  R.  73  Clepington  rd.Dundee 
Donald  H.  St.  David's,  Glamis  rd.  Forfar 
Donald  H.  C,  M.B.  5  &  6  Gauze  st.Paisley 
Donald  Hugh,  Arndarroch,  Kippen  Station 

S.O.  Stirlingshire 
Donald  J.  Dunraven,  Arkleston  rd.  Paisley 
Donald  J.R.  Melbourne  vil.Giffnock,Glsgw 
Donald  James,  26  Balmoral  pi.  Aberdeen 
Donald  James,  Milton  ho.  Manor  st. Forfar 
Donald  James,  Netherton,  Karnes,  Tighna- 
bruaich S.O.  Argyllshire 
Donald  James,  Riccartsbar  house,  Paisley 
Donald  James,  226  Union  grove,  Aberdeen 
Donald  James  A.  117  Eldon  st.  Greenock 
Donald  James  C  36  Miller  road,  Ayr 
Donald  James  J.   9  Kincarrathie  crescent, 

Bridgend,  Perth 
Donald  John,    Inkerman,    Drumbathie   rd. 

Airdrie,  Lanarkshire 
Donald  Jn.  Ramsey  lo.  Dupplin  ter.  Perth 
Donald  John,  12  Roslin  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Donald  John,  355  Union  street,  Aberdeen 
Donald  John  Q.  Lathalla,  Colinsburgh  S.O. 

Donald    John    S.    Craigmount,    Bridge    of 

Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Donald    Matthew,     Smithfield,     Brownside 

road,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Donald     Miss,      Aftonvale,     Seafield    road, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Donald"  Miss,  Bankhead  house,  Perth 
Donald  Miss,   Glensaugh,  Auchinblae  S.O. 

Donald  Miss,  44  High  street,  Inverurie 
Donald  Miss,  55  John  street,  Montrose 
Donald  Miss,    27  Louisa  drive,    Girvan 
Donald  Miss,  355  Union  street,  Aberdeen 
Donald  Miss,  Wood  bank,  Johnstone 
Donald  Misses,  105  Hamilton  pi.  Aberdeen 
Donald  Mrs.  75  Abergeldie  road,  Aberdeen 
Donald   Mrs.    Albert    grove,    Countesswell 

road,  Mannofield,  Aberdeen 
Donald  Mrs.   3  Carden  place,  Aberdeen 
Donald  Mrs.  68  Duthie  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Donald   Mrs.   24   Forsyth   street,   Greenock 
Donald  Mrs.  544  Ho'burn  street,   Aberdeen 
Donald    Mrs.     Halidon,     Wellshot     drive, 

Cambuslanc,  Glasgow 
Donald  Mrs.  Kirkfield.  Floor  st.  Johnstone 
Donald  Mrs.  The  Knoll,   Craw  rd.  Paisley 
Donald  Mrs.  Kyle  pk.  Uddingston.Glasgw 
Donald  Mrs.    160  Moss   street,   Keith 
Donald  Mrs.  26  Nolt  Loan  road,  Arbroath 
Donald  Mrs.  Riccartsbar,  Craw  rd.  Paisley 
Donald  Mrs.  9  Watson  street,  Aberdeen 
Donald  Mrs.  17  Wellington  street,  Dundee 
Donald  Mrs.  47  Whitehall  road,   Aberdeen 
Donald  Mrs.   W.   66  Gladstone  pi. Aberdeen 
Donald  Peter  K.  28  Brown  st.  Blairgowrie 
Donald  R.   Bellevue.  Jerviston  st.Matherwll 
Donald  R.  H.The  Shieling.Craw  rd.Paisley 
Donald  Rt.  Ravelston,  Uddingston.Glaegw 
Donald  Stewart,  73  Clepington  rd.  Dundee 
Donald  T.  Grenden  lo.Luss  rd.Helensbrgh 
Donald  Wm.  28  Abergeldie  ter.  Aberdeen 
DrmnM  William,  Bucksburn,  Aberdeen 


DOU      1485 

Donald  William,  Forest  field,  Kelso 
Donald  Wrn.Garvaid  pl.Uddingston.Glasgw 
Donald   William,    Kowanbank,    Raukine   st. 

Donald- McAllister   Miss,    Hawthorn    bank, 

East  Argyle  street,   Helensburgh 
Donaldson    Capt.    James,    Gareiock    bank,1 

Seamill,  West  Kilbride   S.O.  Ayrshire 
Donaldson  Rev.   Alexander   W.,  Jti.A.  Dhu-J 

crag  United  Free  Church  manse,  Strath- ; 

aven  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Duiia.dson  Rev.  David,  United  Free  manse, 

Bridge  of   Gaily,  Blairgowrie 
Donaldson     Rev.      George,      United     Free 

manse,  Kirkpatrick-Memmg,    Ecclefechan 
Donaldson  .Rev.   George  Andrew  Davidson, 

10  Strawberry  bank,  Aberdeen 
Donaldson  Rev.J.Craigellachie  S.O.BanfEsh 
Donaldson  Rev.   Robert  M.A.  The  Manse, 

Dalton,  Lockerbie 
Donaldson  Alex.   15  Ardross  st.  Inverness 
Donaldson  Alex.  M.A.Bellshill  S.O.Lanrksh 
Donaldson  Alex.   Hall  Park  house,  Alloa 
Donaldson    Archibald    F.    Bockland,    Largs 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Donaldson    Charles,    Springbank,     Strath- 

aven    S.O.    Lanarkshire 
Donaldson  Charles   A.  Balmyle,   Buchanan 

gardens,  St.  Andrews 
Donaldson  D.  Millerfield,Broomfield  rd.Ayr 
Donaldson     David,      Brae     Head     cottage, 

Wells  hill,   Perth 
Donaldson  D.  35  Caledonia  rd.  Saltcoats 
Donaldson  David  G.,  M.B.,  CM.  Ashclyffe, 

Dunning  S.O.    Perthshire 
Donaldson  George,  The  Elms,  Leven 
Donaldson  George,  86  Gray  st.  Aberdeen 
Donaldson     George,     Kingslassie     terrace, 

Borrowstounness    S.O.   Linlithgowshire 
Donaldson  Geo.  212  Mid  Stocket  rd.Aberdn 
Donaldson   Harry   T.   British  Linen   Bank 

house,  High  street,  Nairn 
Donaldson   Hugh  Cleghorn,   Barnton   gdns. 

Davidsons   Mains    S.O.    Midlothian 
Donaldson    J.     Allandale,     Rathelpie,    St. 

Donaldson    J.    Crescent   bank,    East    New- 
port,  Fifeshire 
Donaldson    James,    Almond    villa,    Paisley 

road,  Renfrew  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Donaldson  James,  Balhousie  terrace,  Perth 
Donaldson    James,     Blairnathort,     Orwell, 

Milnathort   S.O.    Kinross-shire 
Donaldson  J.  7  Cecil  gdns.Cathcart,Gla9gw 
Donaldson   James   J. P.   Mansfield,    Tayport 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Donaldson  James,    St.   Bernards,    Carring- 

ton  terrace,  Crieff 
Donaldson  James  M.A.,  LL.D.  Scores  park, 

St.  Andrews 
Donaldson  James,  19  Thurso  street,  Wick 
Donaldson  James  McGill,  Eden,  Wilson  st. 

Craigie,   Perth 
Donaldson  Jn.  Alma  bank,  Cults, Aberdeen 
Donaldson  John,  Aspinwall   villa,  Tork  st. 

Donald.-on  John.  2  Crossflat  cres.  Paisley 
Donaid-on  Jn.  J.P.  Hall  Park  house,  Alloa 
Donaldson  J.   Hurst  vil.Percival  rd.Invrnss 
Donaldson    John.     Rose     villa,     Eyemouth 

S.O.   Berwickshire 
Donaldson    John.    Tav    bank,    Craigmillar 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Donaldson   Miss,   Strathview  terrace,  Kin- 

noull,  Perth 
Donaldson    Misses,     Milnathort    S.O.    Kin- 
Donaldson  Mrs.   Cromwell  lodge,  Tork  rd. 

North   Berwick 
Donaldson  Mr?.  Dunkyan.  Killearn,Glasgw 
Donaldson  Mrs.   4  Rockford  terrace,  Jean- 
field,  Perth 
Donnldson  Mrs.  52  Whitehall  rd.   Aberdeen 
Donaldson  Mrs.  Woodbine,  Kilereggan  S.O. 

Donaldson  Robert,    B'.airvaddick.  Shandon, 

Donaldson  Robt.  45  Caledonia  rd.  Saltcoats 
Donaldson  Robt. 162  Gt. Western  rd.Aberdn 
Donaldson  Robert,  6  Sorbie  rd.  Ardrossan 
Donaldson  Robert  W.  Glebe  ten-ace,  Alloa 
Donaldson  Simon  Fraser,  Carse  villa,  Fife 

terrace,  Inverness 
Donaldson    Thomas   J.P.    Holmfoot,    Alva 

S.O.  Clackmannanshire 
Donaldson  Thomas  L.   Craigievar,  Kllcreg- 

gan   S.O.   Dumbartonshire 
Donaldson  W.Cochno  ho.Duntocher.GIasgw 
Donaldson  Wm.  20  Arthur's  pi.  Lockerbie 
Donaldson  William,  Abbey  hill,  Abbey  rd. 

Donaldson  William,    Anstrufher  Wester 
Donald=on  Wm.  49  Beaconsfield  pi.  Aberdn 
Donaldson  William.   Elm   Bank  villa,   Bor- 
rowstounness S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
Donaldson  William.   329  Hardgate,  Aberdn 
Donaldson  Wm.  Inverneil.Giffnoek.   Glasgw 
Donaldson  William,  8  Park  ter.  Stirling- 
Donaldson    William,    Willow   bank,    Albert 

street,    Monifieth,   Dundee 
Donegan  Cornelius  O'K.   Aldour,  Pitlochry 

Donaldson  William,  jun.  4  Durham  street, 

Momfii-th,  Dundee 
Donegan  J.  i* Uilarton.  vil.Tollcross,  Glasgw 
Donlon  P.  3  Craigendoran  av.  Helensburgu 
Donnack   Joseph,    \  lewforth,    Currie    S.O. 

Donuan  James  S.   Oardorcan  villa,   Craiga 

ruad,  Dumlriea 
Donnelly  John,  Perth  road,  Scone,  Perth 
Donnelly  Jn.  jsph.  21  Greenlaw  av. Paisley 
Donnet  J.  1  Athole  ter.  Forfar  rd.  Dundee 
Doody   Rev.    Edward,    The    Presbytery,    yti 

Haiicraig  street,    Airdrie 
Doonan  Miss,   37  King  street,  Perth 
Doran  W.   S.  Gleumore,  Milngavie,Glasgow 
Dorman  Jn.  Brownlea,  Annan  id. Dumfries 
Dorman     Miss,    Templand     cottage,    Dairy 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Dorward  Mrs.  E.  5  Park  terrace,  Dundee 
Dorward  Geo.  Ann  bank,  Keptie  rd.Arbrth 
Dorward  J-,  J.P.26  Abbotsford  rd.Galashla 
Dorward    James,   Rosebank,    Dalhousie    st. 

Monifieth,  Dundee 
Dorward  John  C.  Whinfield,   Galashiels 
Dorward  Mrs.  26  Abbotsford  rd.  Galashiels 
Dorward     William    C.     Inchcape    cottage, 

Carfin  road,  Motherwell 
Dott    Alexander   M.B.   High    street,    Gate- 
house  S.O.   Kirkcudbrightshire 
Dott    George,    2    Ashley   grove,    Monifieth 

road,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Dott    George,    3    Grant  lea  terrace,    North 

Mount  Vernon,  Glasgow 
Dott  Hector,  Woodcliffe,  Oarmyle, Glasgow 
Dott  Peter  McOmish,   The  Nest,  Colinton 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Dott   R.  W.,  J.P.   Easter  park,  Brae  head, 

Borrowstounness   S.O.   Linlithgowshire 
Dougal  Alexander,  Almora,  Bathgate 
Dougal  Alexander,  74  High  st.  Linlithgow 
Dougal  Alexander,  Viewfield,  Linlithgow 
Dougal  J.   Roney,  Glen  May,  Colinton  S.O. 

Dougal  Lawrence,  Hillcroft,  Bathgate 
Dougal  Miss,  Arnot  bank,   Falkirk 
Dougal  Mrs.  74  High  street,  Linlithgow 
Dougal  Robert,  Wellside,  Bathgate 
Dougal  William  J.P.  Rockville,  Linlithgow 
Dougalt  A.   12  Kyle  pk.Uddingston,Glasgw 
Dougall    Charles    Shirra    M.A.    Institution 

place.  Dollar  S.O.   Clackmannanshire 
Dougall  Daniel,    Vicarlea  cottage,    Strath- 

aven  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Dougall  David,   32  Castlehill  road,  Ayr 
Dougall  David,   Eye  view,   Eyemouth  S.O. 

Dougall    J.    Wincomblee,     Glasgow    road, 

Dougall  James  J.P.  Eden  villa,  Eyemouth 

S.O.   Berwickshire 
Dougall  Misses,  Rollo  place,  Dunning  S.O. 

Dougall    Misses,    Woodlea    house,    Bonny- 
bridge   S.O.   Stirlingshire 
Dougall  Mrs.  21  Newhouse,   Stirling 
Dougall    Robert,     Woodlea    house,    Bonny- 
bridge   S.O.   Stirlingshire 
Dougall  William,   Davaar,  Quarry  la. Irvine 
Dougall   William,   52  West   road,   Irvine 
Dougan     Rev.    Francis,    The     Presbytery, 

Shiedmuir,  Wishaw 
Dougan  A.  Garnaburn.Colmonell  S.O.Ayrsh 
Dougan  Mrs.  Huntly  lo.  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Douehtv  Alexander,  Rennagour,  Aberfoyle 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Doughty   Alfd.   Cairngorn,  Kennedy  drive, 

Doughty  James  Thomas  S.  Ayton 
Doughty  Richd.   2  Eskview  villas, Dalkeith 
Douglas    Sir    George   B.   hart.    D.L.,    J.P. 

Springwood  park,  Kelso 
Douglas  Hon.  Mrs.  57  Queen's  rd.  Aberdn 
Douglas   Lieufc.-Col.    William   D.S.O.   Brig- 
ton,   Kinnettles,   Forfar 
Douglas  Major  Jas.  Garden  vil.  Aberfeldy 
Douglas  Capt.  Edward  Palmer   J.P.    Mid- 

gard  house,  Hawick 
Douglas  Capt.   George  Sholto  J.P.  &  Lady 

Laura,  Edenhall,  Kelso 
Douglas   Rev.  Andrew  B.D.    Abbey   manse, 

Seaton  road,  Arbroath 
Douglas  Rev.  Andw.,  U.  F.  Church  manse, 

Albany  gdns.  Invergordon  S.O.  Ross-sh 
Douglas  Rev.   S.   Balmacara  house,  Balma- 

cara  S.O.  Ross-shire 
Douglas    Rev.     Sholto    Douglas    Campbell 

M.A.,  J.P.  Douglas  support,  Coatbridge 
Douglas  Rev.    Stair  M.A.  Parsonage,  Vic 

toria  road,  Forres 
Doughs  A.  Rosebank,Langbank,Pt. Glasgw 
Douglas  A.  J.  Laurel  bank,  St.  Leonard's 

road,  Forres 
Douglas   A.   S.    Corbet   Tower,    Morebattle, 

Douglas    Abram,    Hazlebank    house.    New- 
battle  road,  Eskbank,  Dalkeith 
Douglas  Alex.  35  Lewis  street,  Stranraer 
Douglas  Alexander  S.  Chapelacre,  Sinclair 

street,  Helensburgh 
Douglas  Alex.  S.  62  Union  st.  Greenock 

Douglas    Archibald    C,    D.L.,    J.P.    Main* 

house,   Miingavie,    Glasgow 
Dougias  Archibald  oholto,  Birkhill,  Muckr- 

narc,   Dollar   S.O.   Clackmannanshire 
Dougias  Arthur  Hugh,    strabane,   Brodick 

S.O.   Isle  of   Arran 
Douglas  Blain  C.    1  Seafield  pi.   Broughty 

.berry    S.O.   Forfarshire 
Dougias  U.K,  al.D.  Kirk  wynd,Cupar-Fife 
Duuglas     Campbell,     Lochwood,    Lochgoil- 

head   S.O.  Argyllshire 
Douglas  O.  Gteuorchy,  Tarbert,  Loch  Fyna. 
Dougias   Charles  John  Cathcart  D.L.,  J.P.. 

Haiiie,  Largs  s.U.  Ayrshire 
Douglas   Cnarles    M.    Auchlochan,    Lesma- 

hagow  S.O.   Lanarkshire 
Doug.asD'.3Aberiemno  ter.Perth  rd.Dundee 
Douglas  Daniel,   25  Balhousie   st.  Perth 
Dougias  David,   16  Albyn  place,  Aberdeen. 
Douglas  David,  30  Baton  street,  Alloa 
Douglas  David,  15  Queen's  rd.  Aberdeen 
Douglas  David  Curr  M.B.,   Ch.B.  Foundry 

house,    Burnbank    road,   Hamilton  <x    191 

Glasgow   road,   Burnbank   S.O.   Lanarksh 
Douglas   Francis,   Caverton  mill,   Eckford,. 

Roxburgh  S.O.  Roxburghshire 
Douglas    Francis    James    J.P.     Balliemore, 

Nethy  Bridge  S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Douglas  G.  Woodriffe  ter.E.Newport,Fifesh> 
Dougias    George,    Ericht    bank,    Kirn    S.O. 

Douglas  George,  24  Latch  road,  Brechin 
Douglas  George,  1  Panmure  ter.  Dundee 
Dougias    George,   Seafield   mains,   Portma- 

homack  S.O.  Ross-shire 
Douglas    George    Coutts    J.P.    Hazelbank, 

The    Scores,    St.    Andrews 
Douglas  Geo.  R.  P.  Mount  pi.  Scone.Perth 
Douglas  Geo.  S.  13  Abbotsford  gro.  Kelso 
Douglas    Gordon,    Douglas    lodge,   Machri- 

hanish,   Campbeltown 
Douglas  H.  41  Sth.  Hamilton  st.Kilmarnck 
Douglas   Julius,   8  Lauderdale    aven.    New- 
lands,   Glasgow 
Douglas  J.UiiionBank  ho.Eglinton  st.Beith. 
Douglas    J.    P.    Langavat,  Kilmacolm    S.O. 

Douglas  J.  P.,  J.P.  Old  manse,  Lockerbie 
Douglas    J.     W.     E.    J.    (of    Tilquhillie)r 

Feugh     cottage     &     Tilquhillie    cottage,. 

Banchory    S.O.    Kincardineshire 
Douglas  James,   Lizavali   terrace,  Innellan. 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Douglas  James,  Spring  cottage,  Albert  Bt. 

Tayport    S.O.  Fifeshire 
Douglas  John,  Athole  villa,  Glenboig  S.O- 

Douglas  John,  1  Barns  terrace,  Ayr 
Douglas    John,     Caenlochan     villa,     West 

Ferry,  Broughty  Ferry   S.O.  Forfarshire 
Douglas    John,    Dunedin    house,    Raven.8- 

haugh  road,  Levenhall,  Musselburgh 
Douglas    John,    Mount    Devon,    Holmhead. 

road,  Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Douglas  John,  Waterside  ho.Keir.Thornhill 
Douglas  John.  Wilson   st.   Craigie,  Perth 
Douglas  J.  CM. D.Whithorn  S.O.Wigtwnsh 
Douglas  John   Campbell  M.B.   5  Ardgowan 

street  west,   Greenock 
Douglas  Jn.  W.  Invercraig.  Lenzie, Glasgw 
Douglas  M.   W.   Buckhaven   S.O.   Fifeshire 
Douglas  Malcolm,  Dunure,  Quadrant  road, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Douglas  Miss,  40  Crichton  rd.  Rothesay 
Douglas  Miss  (of  Gateshaw  house),   More- 
battle,    Kelso 
Douglas  Miss,  Kildowan,  Hawick 
Douglas  Miss,  6  Langlands,  Dumfries 
Douglas  Miss,  Lincoln  villa,  Queen   street, 

Castle  Douglas 
Douglas  Miss,  24  North  Bridge  st.  Hawick 
Douglas  Miss,   Wallacebank  house,  ElderB- 

lie,  Johnstone 
Douglas  Misses, Gowanlea,  Kilmacolm  S.O- 

Douglas   Misses,  Morven,  Aberfeldy 
Douglas  Misses,   Rose   mount,   Pitlochry 
Douglas  Mrs.    34  Castle  terrace,   Berwick 
Douglas  M'rs.   32  Charles  street,  Annan 
Douglas  Mrs.   71  Crown  strpet,  Aberdeen 
Douglas   Mrs.Gilsland  villa, Fort  Augustus,. 

Douglas  Mrs.  The  Grove,  Kilcreggan  S.O- 

Douglas     Mrs.     Lethendy     bank,     Wormit„ 

Douglas   Mrs.   20  Montgomerie  cres.Saltcts 
Douglas    Mrs.   14  Rose   terrace.    Perth 
Douglas  Mrs.   St.  Katherine's.Fortrose  S.O. 

Ross -shire 
Douglas  Mrs.   Sirhowy,  Cults,  Aberdeen 
Douglas   Mrs.   51  Union   strpet.  Greenock 
Dougias  Mrs.  Woodclifi'e,  Kenilworth  roadT,. 

Bridge  of  Allan,   Stirlingshire 
Douglas   Mrs.    E.  O,    Killiecbassie,   Weem, 

Douglas    Mrs.    J.    M.    Pitmuies,    Kirkden, 

Friockheim  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Douglas  Mungo,  77  Argyll  place,  Aberdeen 
Douglas   Neil   J.P.    Hillside    cottage,    High 

Blantyre,    Glasgow 

1486      dou 


Douglas    Peter,    Tantallon,     Balerno     S.O. 

Douglas  Peter,  jun.  27  Murray  pi.  Stirling 
Douglas   Robert,   Belhaven   terrace/Wishaw 
Douglas  Robert,  Claremont,   Selkirk 
Douglas    Robert     M.A.,     M.B.     Lossiehall, 

Liff,  Dundee 
Douglas  Robert  M.  Duncliffe  ho.  Stranraer 
Douglas  S.  Hazel  bank,  Milngavie, Glasgow 
Douglas  T.   Mayfield  lo.Eskbank  rd.Dalkth 
Douglas    Thomas,    Fairy    Knowe,    Corstor- 

phine  S.O.  Midlothian 
Douglas    Thomas,     Meikle    Rhynie,    Fearn 

S.O.  Ross-shire 
Douglas  Thos.  Rowan  lea,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Douglas     Thomas,     Tornaveen,     Dalhousie 

street,  Monifieth.  Dundee 
Douglas  T.  A.  30  Portland  rd.  Kilmarnock 
Douglas   Thomas  Hy.  High  st.    Coldstream 
Douglas     Thomas     Kennedy     M.B.,     CM. 

Mount  place,  Mansfield  rd.  Scone,  Perth 
Douglas  T.  M.  Victoria  brdg.  Haddington 
Douglas  W.Bank  ho. Hamilton  pi. Inverness 
Douglas    William,    The    Barony,   Blairmore 

3.0.  Argyllshire 
Douglas  William,  17  Beresford  terrace, Ayr 
Douglas  Wm.  Blair  villa.  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Douglas   William,    Carlibar,    Clydesdale   st. 

Douglas  William,  6  Douglas  terrace, Annan 

road,  Dumfries 
Douglas  William  J.P.    9  High  st.   Turriff 
Douglas   William,   Invercassley,    Invershin 

S.O.   Sutherland  shire 
Douglas  Wm.  6  Levengrove  ter. Dumbarton 
Douglas    William,    Riverside    house,    New 

Rattray,  Blairgowrie 
Douglas    William,     St.     George's     terrace, 

Bridge  of  Weir  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Douglas       William,       Tay      View       bank, 

C'raigie,  Pertn 
Douglas   William   M.A.    2   West   view,   St. 

Douglas  W.TbeWillows,  Tayport  S.O.Fifesh 
Douglas  William  A.   33  Carden  pi.  Aberdn 
Douglas    William    A.    Ida    bank,    Seafield 

road,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Douglass    James    R.     22    Magdalen    Tard 

road,  Dundee 
Douil  A.   5  Sinclair  terrace,  Wick 
DouU  Gilbert,  Tullylumb  terrace,  Perth 
Doull  Mrs.  5  Victoria  terrace,  Inverness 
Doulton  Bernard, Dunottar,  Kilmacolm  S.O. 

Dove  A.  2  Wellbrae  ter.Mannofield. Aberdn 
Dove  E.  S.  1  Osborne  vis. Cathcart, Glasgow 
Dove  George,  Whitehouse,    Mertoun,  New- 
town St.  Boswells 
Dove     Hector     B.Sc.    Belhaven,     Campbell 

drive,  B-earsden,  Glasgow 
Dove  Jn.   4  Windsor  vis. Cathcart,   Glasgw 
Dove     Miss,     Eilean     Aigas,     Kilmorack, 

Beauly  S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Dove  T.  A.  Willowbel,  Milngavie,  Glasgw 
Dove     William     W.     Glenogle,    Kilmacolm 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Dow  Rev.  Donald  N.  Busby,  Glasgow 
Dow    Rev.  John    M.A.    The    Manse,   Mun- 

lochy  S.O.  Ross-shire 
Dow    Andrew    G.,    M.A.,    M.B.,    CM.    26 

Sout'h  Tay  street,  Dundee 
Dow    David    R.,    M.A.,    M.D.,   CM.    Crail 

S.O.   Fifeshire 
Dow  D.The  Meadows, Kirkintilloch,  Glasgw 
Dow    George    L.    Ramsay   park,    Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Dow  Jais>.  Oraiglea  vil.  Beaufort  rd.Invrnss 
Dow  John,  44  Campbell   street, Helensbrgh 
Dow  John,   Orchard  street,  Fa. kirk 
Dow  Jn.20  Strawberry  Bank   rd.Kilmarnck 
Dow  John.Woodmuir  pk.W.Newprt.  Fifesh 
Dow  Mis-?,  9  Barns  street,  Ayr 
Dow  Mrs.   18  Letham  place,  Dunbar 
Dow    Mrs.     Sawmills     cottage,    Stonefield, 

Blantyre,  Glasgow 
Dow  Mrs.  Thirlstane,  Perth  road,  Crieff 
Dow  Mrs.   M.  Silverwells,   Barnhill,  Perth 
Dow  Peter  M.A.   Mayne  road,  Elgin 
Dow  Thomas.  10  Bellevue  crescent,  Ayr 
Dow  Thos.   Rose  cot.  Dunkeld  rd.  Perth 
Dow  William,   3  Balfour  street,  Alloa 
Dow  William,  13  Mile  End  aven.  Aberdeen 
Dow  William,  Morend,  Blanefield,  Glasgow 
Dow  Wm.   8  West  Albert  rd.   Kirkcaldy 
Dow    William,     sen.    5     Muirhall    terrace, 

Bridgend,  Perth 
Dow    William    B.,     LL.D..     M.D.    Comely 

Park  hoiue.  Dunfermline 
Dowal!   William    P.   Wormyhills,    Arbirlot, 

Dowell    Alexander,    Dilston,    Gullane    S.O. 

Dowell  Alex.  The  Welton,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Dower  Robert,   5  Belfielvie  terrace,  Perth 
Dowie  Rev.   .lames  M.A.  20  Maryfield  ter- 
race,   Maryfle'.d,    Dundee 
Dowie  A.  Victoria  vil.  Balhou=ie  ter.Perth 
Dowie  James,   Hillside.  Linlithgow 
Dowie    James,    Riveralea.    Riverside    road, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Dowie  Mrs.  T.  6  Townsend  eresKirkcaldy 

Dowie  Peter,  Connel  wood,  New  Cumnock 

3.0.  Ayrshire 
Dowling  Rev.  Jas.  Doune  S.O.  Perthshire 
Downes    Mrs.     Somerset,    Hunter's    Quay, 

Kirn  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Downie     Lieut. -Col.     Kenneth     M.,     M.B., 
CM.  Pentland  vil.Colinton  S.O.  Midlothn 
Downie  A.Winningbrae,   W.Newport, Fifesh 
Downie  Alexander,  1  Richmond  rd.Huntly 
Downie  Andrew,  41  Fox  street.  Greenock 
Downie    Charles    G.,    J.P.    Ashfield,    Gar- 
mouth  S.O.   Morayshire 
Downie    Francis,    Elmbank,    Aboyne    3.0. 

Downie  James,  Dirleton  gardens,  Alloa 
Downie  James,  38  Irvine  place,  Aberdeen 
Downie  James,  Wood  side  .^Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Downie  Jas.  G.  29  Albury  place,  Aberdeen 
Downie  John,  Elderslie,  Johnstone 
Downie  John  Stewart,  Clyde  villa,  Craigs 

road,  Dumfries 
Downie    Miss,    Burnawn,XJddingstn. Glasgw 
Downie  Miss,  North    bank,  Alexandra   st. 

Kirkintilloch,   Glasgow 
Downie  Mrs.  304  Blackness  road,  Dundee 
Downie     Mrs.     Croma    house,    Cellardvke, 

Downie  Mrs.   10  High  street,  Annan 
Downie  Mrs.  25  Saltoun  pi,  Fraserburgh 
Downie     Patrick,     Clydevie-w,     Skelmorlie 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Downie  Peter. 14  Duthie  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Downie  Robert,  7  Mount  street,  Aberdeen 
Downie  T.    Westwood,    3   Hamilton   drive, 

Downie   Thomas,    Huntley   lodge,  Hunter's 

quay,  Kirn  3.0.  Argyllshire 
Downs  Henry,  3  Barfield  terrace,  Udding- 

ston,  Glasgow 
Downs  T.  Broomrig,  Uddingston,  Glasgow 
Downs   William,    Loudonlea,    Dunbeth    rd. 

Downs  William  Campbell  M.B.  Helensville, 
I     Hamilton  road,  Motherwell 
Dowson  A.  H.  148  Mid  Stocket  rd.  Aberdn 
Draffen  G.  Riverleigh,  Perth  road,  Dundee 
Draffen  John  J.  5  Beechwood  terrace, West 

Park  road,  Dundee 
Dran-field  Rev.   Herbert   Houghton,   Arpa- 

feelie.  Munloeby  S.O.  Ross-shire 
Draper  D.  Westfield,  Wellside  ter.   Falkirk 
Draper    Miss,   So    Graham's   road, Grahams- 
ton,  Falkirk 
Drennan    Rev.    H.    Failford,    Innerleithen 

road,  Peebles 
Drennan  J.Clyde  st. Renfrew  S.O.Renfrwsh 
Drennan     Mrs.     2     Sandringham     terrace, 

Bellevue  road,  Ayr 
Drennan  Mrs.  Wm.5  Kay  Park  ter.Kilmrnk 
Drennan  W.Rosslvn,GreenIaw   drive,Paisly 
Drever  James   J.P.   The   Leigh,    Stenness, 

Stromness  S.O.  Orkney 
Drever  Miss,  1   Seaward  place.  Esplanade, 

Brought?  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Drever  William  P.  Buttquoy  ho.  Kirkwall 
Drew  David   B.  Rossarden,    Thornly   Park 

avenue.   Paisley 
Drew  James  J.P.  (of  Craigencallie),  Doon- 

hill,  Newton  Stewart 
Drew  James  L.  Hazlewood,  Creetown  S.O. 
I     Kirkcudbrightshire 

jDrew    James    P.    jun.    Glenarm,    Thornly 
j     Park  avenue,  Paisley 
Drew  James  Pearson,  Hawthorneden,  Car- 

riagehill   drive,    Paisley 
Drew  John  M.D.  28  Dumbarton  rd. Stirling 
Drew  M.  J.  Barnscroft,  Carriagehill  drive, 

Drew  Mrs.  Ardencaple  ho.Row.Helensbrgh 
Drew  Rt.  Coiinslee  house,  Colinslee, Paisley 
Drew    Robert,    Merchiston    cottage,    John 

street,  Largs  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Drew  Walter  J.P.  Clober  view,  Milngavie, 

Drew  William,   Burnside  house,  Bridge  of 

Weir  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Drimmie    Mrs.    Spring   bank,    Hill    street, 

Monifieth,  Dundee 
Drimmie  Thomas,  5  Grange  terrace.  Moni- 
fieth road,   Broughty  Ferry   S.O.   Forfrsh 
Drinnan  John,  IS  Hawkhill,  Ayr 
Drinnan  Mrs. 50  Prestwick  rd.Newton,  Ayr 
Drinnan    William,     Thirlestane,     Wnitehill 

road,  Bearsden.  Glasgow 
Dron    Rev.    C    C    Stewart,    United    Free 
Church  manse,  Sandbank  S.O.  Argyllsh 
Dron  Rev.  John  A.  Laurieston,  Falkirk 
Dron  James,  Amorica,  Giffnock,  Glasgow 
Dron  John  Kent,  Antagua,  Upper  Suther- 
land crescent,  Helensburgh 
Dron  Miss,  Wemyss  place,   Haddington 
Dron    Mrs.    Sidlaw    view,   Newton    street, 

Dron  Mirs.W.  37  George  street,  Helensbrgh 
Dron   Robert,  Uteca,   Thorn  drive,    Bears- 
den, Glasgow 
Druce   Rev.    Joseph,   The   Rectory,    Arma- 
dale S.O    Linlithgowshire 
Druman     Rev.     James     M.A.     Kilwinning 
S.O.  Ayrshire 

Drummond  Admiral  Edmund  Charles,  Esk- 

hill,   Oathlaw,  Forfar 
Drummond    Lt.-Col.    Francis    H.    R.    Pit- 
cairns  house,  Dunning  3.0.  Perthshire 
Drummond   Capt.    Francis   Beresford,    Bal- 

lachulish  ho.S.Ballachulish  S.O.  Argyllsh 
Drummond  Capt.  Malcolm  J.P.,  D.L.  Meg- 

gineh  castle,   Errol  S.O.  Perthshire 
Drummond  Rev.  Adam,  Thurso  rd.  Wick 
Drummond  Rev.   Geo.  Glenlyon,  Aberfeldy 
Drummond   Rev.    George   B.D.   Innerwick, 

Drummond  Rev.Henry  B.A..B.D.  The  Rec- 
tory, Lonraay  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Drummond    Archibald,    Glenburn,    Brown- 
side  road.   Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Drummond  A.  H.  21  Buccleuch  st. Hawick 
Drummond    Arthur    William    Henry    Hay, 

Cromlix,  Dunblane 
Drummond   Bernard   G.   Drummond  house, 

School  lane,   Moffat 
Drummond   David,    Second    avenue,  Kings 

park,  Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Drummond     Daniel    C.     7     Park     terrace, 

Blackness  road,  Dundee 
Drummond   G.    Redholm,    Bentinck    drive, 

Drummond  G.  Woodside,  E.Newpt.  Fifesh 
Drummond  Gavin,  Laird  street,  Coatbridge 
Drummond  George,  5  Buccleuch  st.Hawick 
Drummond  G.  T.  3  Melville  ter.  Stirling 
Drummond  H.  Armadale,   Blackness  road, 

Drummond  J.  Willow  bank,KirnS.O.  Argyllsh 
Drummond  J. G.Sandon, Moffat  rd. Dumfries 
Drummond     James.     Cookhill,    Kilmacolm 

8.0.  Renfrewshire 
Drummond  J.W.,  J.P.Westerlands,  Stirling 
Drummond     John,     Aviemore,     Learmonth 

street,  Falkirk 
Drummond  John,  Cochrane  street,  Falkirk 
Drummond  John,  44  Forest  road,  Aberdeen 
Drummond  John,  Wyndham  bank,  Innellan 

S.O.   Argyllshire 
Drummond    Miss,  Campfield,    Comrie    S.O. 

Drummond  Miss,  16  Clarendon  pi.  Stirling 
Drummond    Miss,    Merle    grove,   BaTdovan, 

Drummond    Mrs.    Coneyhill,    Corrour  road, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Drummond    Mrs.    Dundarroch,    Heugh    st. 

Drummond    Mrs.    Ednam    house,    Belmont 

place,  Kelso 
Drummond  Mrs.  Glenelm  lodge,  Stirling 
Drummond    Mrs.    Hawthornden,    Buchanan 

drive,  Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Drummond    Mrs.    2   Hepburn   gardens,    St. 

Drummond  Mrs.   Park  avenue,Dunfermline 
Drummond  Mrs.  4  Rosebery  street, Stirling 
Drummond    Mrs.    St.    Clare    cottage,    Wor- 

mit,  Dundee 
Drummond  Mrs.  West  Morton  st.Thornhill 
Drummond  P.  Achmonie,  Victoria  terrace, 

Drummond  Peter,  27  Albert  place,  Stirling 
Drummond  Peter,  Forglen,  Castle  Douglas 
Drummond   Peter   S.    Oakley  drive,  Clark- 

ston  road,  Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Drummond   RM01  Dundonald  rd.Kilmrnck 
Drummond      Robert      Gordon,      Dunalist  er 

Majors  loan,   Falkirk 
Drummond   Thomas,   Ulva    cottage,    Burn- 
bank   road,  Hamilton 
Drummond  T.  Ebenhall,  Regent  st.  Paisley 
Drummond    Thomas,    2    Strawberry    Bark 

road,  Kilmarnock 
Drummond  Wm.  Ivy  bank,  Bridgend, Irvine 
Drummond  William, 101  Queen  st. Dumfries 
Drummond-Hay  Mrs.  Seggieden,  Kinfauns, 

Drybrough    Andrew,    Gogar  park,    Gogar, 

Corstorphine  S.O.  Midlothian 
Dryburgh  David,  Lilybank,  Port  Glasgow 
Drvburgh    James    J.P.     Arkleston    house, 

Arkleston  road.  Paisley 
Dryburgh  Thomas,  St.  Helens,  Leven 
Dryden  Arthur  Mitchell  M.B.   Ricoartsbar 

asylum,  Paisley 
Dryden   James,  Burailly   house,    Lockerbie 

road,  Dumfries 
Dryden  Mrs.   7  Buccleuch  street.  Hawick 
Dryer  Rev.   Oliver,  Uyeasound,  Lerwick 
Drysdale  A.,M.B.  Broomhead,  Dunfermline 
Drysdale    A.    L.    The    Leuchold,   Dalmeny 

park.   Edinburgh 
Drysdale  Alexander,  Arndean,  Alloa 
Drysdale  Alexander  Leslie,  Hartfell,  Colin- 
ton  S.O.  Midlothian 
Drysdale  Andrew,   Grange  park,  Carriden, 

Bo  ness  3.0.  Linlithgowshire 
Drysdale   Ohas.    Headwell   rd.  Dunfermline 
Drysdale    Charles,    24    Kilmailing    terrace, 

Cathcart.  Glasgow 
Drysdale  Charles,  Netherlea,  Alloa 
Drysdale  David,   Stratford,  Bank  st. Irvine 
Drysdale  Henry,  4  Ochil  street,  Alloa 
Drysdale  Henry  B.  3  Ochil  street,  Alloa 


dun      1487 

Dry;-date    James,    Kilcruik,    Queen's   road, 

Drysdale  James,   Ochil  street,  Alloa 
Drysdale  James  J. P.   Woodlea,   Leny  road, 

Callander  S.O.  Perthshire 
Drysdale    John,     Charlotte     place,    Dollar 

S.O.   Clackmannanshire 
Drysdale  John,  Dewar  street,  Dunfermline 
Dry^ilale    John,   Glensyde,   Pittencrieff    at. 

Drysdale    John    M.D.,    Menstrie 

S.  0.    Clackmannanshire 
Drysdale       John,       Rowardennan       lodge, 

Buchanan ,   Glasgow 
Drysdale      Learmont,       Christina       bank, 

Broomieknowe,  Lasswade 
Drysdale  Miss,   Gceenburn  cottage.   Milna- 
thort. S.O.  Kinross-shire 
Drysdale  Miss,  Park  avenue,  Dunfermline 
Drysdale  Miss,    Station   road,   Dollar    S.O. 

Clackmannan  shire 
Drysdale  Mis-ses,   Westerton  villa,   Wester- 
ton  drive,  Bridge  of  Allan 
Drvsdale  Mrs.  Kirlie  house,  Kirkcaldy 
Drysdale  Mrs.  Lyndhurst,  Tillicoultry  S.O. 

Drysdale    Mrs.    Newton,    Winchburgh    S.O. 

Drysdale  Mrs.Prestonpans  S.O.Haddngtnsb 
Drysdale  Mrs.  28  Sorbie  road,  Ardrossan 
Drysdale  E.  Venture  Fair  av.  Dunfermline 
Drysdale  Rt.  Wellmire   cot.  Clackmannan 
Drysdale  Swanston  J. P.   Hetherset,  Drum- 

mond  terrace,  Crieff 
Dubs  Prank  A.Findynate,  Logierait,Strath- 

tay  S.O.  Perthshire 
Ducat  James,  69  Fountainhall  id. Aberdeen 
Ducat  Mrs.  Warslap,  Arbroath 
Duchart  Miss,  Bannockburn.  Stirling 
Dudgeon    Col.    Robert    P.    Oargen     Holm, 

Troqueer,  Dumfries 
Dudgeon    Captain    P.    C,    R.N.    Laneside, 

Troqueer.  Dumfries 
Dudgeon   Mrs.    John,    Cassalands    cottage, 

Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Dudgeon  John  M.   Rampart  ho.   Berwick 
Dudgeon  Miss,  109  High  st.  Musse.burgh 
Dudgeon    Mrs.    Gogar   bank,    Corstorphine 

S.O.   Midlothian 
Dudgeon  W.  Cxakaig,  Loth  S.O.Suthnndsh 
Dudgeon  William,  Feorn,14  Eskside  north, 

Duff  Col.  A.   G.  32  Snowdon  pi.  Stirling 
Duff    Major   Garden  Alexander  J. P.,   D.L. 

Hatton  castle,  Turriff 
Duff    Captain    George  W.    Bonavista,    Gar- 
den street.  Macduff! 
Dull  Rev.A„The  Manse.  Dunuaran  rd.Oban 
Duff  Rev.  G.  L.,  M.A.  The  Rectory.Turrift 
Duff    Alexander,    Ealshian,    Pairlie    road, 

Largs  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Duff  A.   Bank  ho.  CraigellachieS.O.Banffsh 
Duff  Ales.  Benoran,  Colinton  S.O.Midlothn 
Duff  Alexander,  Easdale,  Oban 
Duff    Charles    W.    Middleton    house,    Pit- 

fodels,   Cults,  Aberdeen 
Duff  Daniel,  Plockton  S.O.  Eoss-shire 
Duff  George,  Bay  mount,  Macduff 
Duff  J. Roundlea, Station  rd.Bearsden.Glsgw 
Duff  J.  M.  314  Great  Western  rd. Aberdeen 
Duff  J.  Bridge  end,  Callander  S.O.Perthsh 
Duff  James,   43  Kelly  street,  Greenock 
Duff  Jaima  B.  25  Esplanade,  Greenock 
Duff  Jn.  Ardbeg,  Ealgay  ter.  Lochee,Dnde< 
Duff  John,  Ashmount,  Lockerbie 
Duff  John,  8  Pitt  terrace,  Stirling 
Duff  John,   Stair  drive,  Stranraer 
Duff  John  B.,  M.D.  Glencairn,  Stafford  st 

Duff  Jn.   S.  Oakdene,Eo3emount,Blairgwrie 
Duff    John    Wharton    Wharton,    Ortou  ho. 

Orton  Station  S.O.  Morayshire 
Duff  Miss  M.  Heath  house,  Scone,  Perth 
Duff  Misses,  3  Glebe  road,  Kilmarnock 
Duff  Misses,  Spring  bank,  Scone,  Perth 
Duff  Mrs.  Ardenlea,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Duff  Mrs.  12  Craigkenochie  ter.  Burntislnd 
Duff  Mrs.    Earlsneuk  &  St.   Helen's  west, 

Earlsferry,  Elie  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Duff  Mrs.   61a,  Finnart  street,   Greenock 
Duff     Mrs.     Glen     Arthur,     Duddingston, 

Portobello    S.O.    Midlothian 
Duff    Mrs.    Knockleith    house,  Auchterless 

Station  S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Duff     Mrs.      Eosskeen,      Campbell     drive 

Bearsden,    Glasgow 
Duff  Mrs.  View  bank,  Barnhill,  Perth 
Duff    Mrs.    Gordon    (of    Druimuir),    Brae 

moriston,  Bishopmill,  Elgin 
Duff  Peter,  Ardmhor,  Uddingston,  Glasgw 
Duff  R.   M.   Norrland  ho. Rosehill, Montrose 
Duff    R.    W.,  D.L.,  J.P.  Fetteresso  castle, 

Duff  Robt.   Midbank,   Hillside,  Montrose 
Duff  Tqop.   Lyndhurst,  Bothwell,   Glasgow 
Duff  Thomas,  9  Seaforth  avenue,  Annan 
Duff  Thomas  Alex.  4  Meadow  st.  Huntly 
Duff  T.  S.  29  Kav  Park  cres.  Kilmarnock 
Duff  W.,  M.B.  Orchard  vil.  Kirk  rd.Wishw 
Duff  Walt.  W.  10  Howard  pi.  St.  Andrews 
Duff  William,  28  Belmont  road,  Aberdeen 

Duff    William,    Karlow,    Brownside     road, 

Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Duff  Wm.  Eamleh,  Perth  rd.  Blairgowrie 
Duffle   William,    Oxhill  road,   Dumbarton 
DuffU'S  Alex.  3  Albert  street,  Aberdeen 
Duffua  Alex.  11  Queen's  gardens, Aberdeen 
Duffus  James  M.D.,  J.P.   Auchinblae   S.O. 

Duffus  James  J.P.   Westport  house,  Cupar 
Duffus  Miss,  3  Albert  street,  Aberdeen 
Duffus    Mrs.    Broomhill    lodge,    Broomhill 

road,   Aberdeen 
Duffus  Mrs.   Hillcrest,   Gourock  S.O.   Een- 

Duffy  Very  Eev.  Canon  J.  Abercromby  rd. 

Castle   Douglas 
Duffy    Eichard,     Glenliadh,    Victoria    ter- 
race, Inverness 
Dufton  Alex.  30  Bon-Accord  st.  Aberdeen 
Dufton  Alexander,  Gladstone  road,  Huntly 
Dugan  Alex.  F.  6   Argyll  cres.  Aberdeen 
Dugan  H.  M.  67  Braemar  place,  Aberdeen 
Dugan  James,  9  Argyll  crescent,  Aberdeen 
Dugdale  Edward  S.  Gordon  lodge,  Aboyne 

S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Dugdale    J.    Lionel,    Clune,    Tomatin    S.O. 

Dugdale  J.  S.  Pool  ho.Poolewe  S.O.Ross-sh 
Dugid  John,  24  Eichmond  Hill  pi.  Aberdn 
Duguid  Eev.  James  E.,  M.A.  United  Free 

Church  manse,  New  Machar,  Aberdeen 
Duguid  Alex.  13  Devonshire  rd.  Aberdeen 
Duguid  Andrew,   15  Grosvenor  pi.  Aberdn 
Duguid  C,  M.A.   8  Montgomerie  crescent, 

Duguid  David,  23  Thomson   st.   Aberdeen 
Duguid  J.  Grange  ter.Boness  st.Linlthgwsh 
Duguid  James,  Annfield,  Neilston,  Glasgw 
Duguid  James,  28  Bedford  place,  Aberdeen 
Duguid  J.,  M.A.  7  Bon-Accord  cres.Abrdn 
Duguid  Jas.   22  Gordondale  rd.  Aberdeen 
Duguid  James,   383  Holburn  st.   Aberdeen 
Duguid  Jn.  M.A.  41  Gladstone  pi.  Aberdn 
Duguid  Jn.   7  Sunnyside  walk,   Aberdeen 
Duguid    Miss,    Craig  view,    Castle   terrace, 

Bervie  S.O.  Kincardineshire 
Duguid   Miss,   82  Desswood  pi.   Aberdeen 
Duguid    Miss,    Orchard    hill,    Evan    street, 

Duguid  Misses,  12  Albyn  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Duguid  Mrs.  Anchlunies,  Maryculter.Abrdn 
Duguid  Mrs.  32  Belvidere  cres.  Aberdeen 
Duguid  Mrs.  16  Queen's  road,  Aberdeen 
Duguid  Eobt.  A.  7  Ferryhill  pi.  Aberdeen 
Duguid  S.,  J.P.  Easter  Skene, Skene.Abrdn 
Duguid  Thomas,  Park  villa,  Ellon 
Duguid  William,  Dee  Bank  house,  Ballater 

S.O.    Aberdeenshire 
Duguid  William  B.  8  Hilton  st.  Aberdeen 
Duguid     William    E.,     M.A.,     M.D.,    J.P. 

Cluny  square,  Buckie 
Duguid  William  E.  jun.  M.A.,  M.B.,  CM. 

14  West  Church  street,  Buckie 
Duguid-McCombie  P.   Easterskene,    Skene, 

Duke    Eev.    Ernest    Hamilton    M.A.     The 

Manse,  Middlebie,  Ecclefechan 
Duke    Eev.    John    M.A.    Auchenheath    W. 

Newport  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Duke  Rev.   William  D.D.   The  Manse,   St. 

Vigeans,   Arbroath 
Duke  David,  Esk  park,  Brechin 
Duke  James,   Friockheim  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Duke  Miss,  Esk  park,  Brechin 
Duke  Mr3.  Boyle  cot.  ColintonS.O.Midlthn 
Duke  E.,  J.P.  Bearehill,  Castle  st.  Brechin 
Duke  E.  W.  St.  Ninian's,  Park  rd. Brechin 
Duley       Samuel,      Craignae,      Broomberry 

drive,   Gourock  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Dumaa     Robi  rt,     Sodbury     house,    Cammo 

crescent,    Cramond   S.O.   Midlothian 
Dumbar   Alex.   Park  pi.   South  st.   Elgin 
Dumble  Mis3,  2  St.  Helens,   Spittal.Brwck 
Dumbreek  Mibs,   Craigholm,   Colinton  S.O. 

Dumbreek  William,  Holmlea,  Greenlees  rd. 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Dumolo  W.  435  Gt.  Western  rd.  Aberdeen 
Dun  George,  Abbot sfordferry,  Galashiels 
Dun  Miss,  Gilston  lo.  Eskbank  rd. Dalkeith 
Dun  Mrs.  Cralgpark,   Galashiela 
Dunbar  Sir  Archibald  Hamilton  bart.  D.L., 

J.P.  Duffus  house,  Elgin 
Dunbar    Sir   Frederic    George    bart.    D.L., 

J.P.  Boath  house,  Auldearn,  Nairn 
Dunbar   Sir  George  Duff   Sutherland   bart. 

Ackergill  tower,  Wick 
Dunbar  Sir  William  Cospatrick  bart.   C.B. 
Bridge     of     Earn     S.O.     Perthshire     & 
Mochrum,  Newton  Stewart 
Dunbar   Capt.    Jas.    B.    Pitgaveny,    Elgin 
Dunbar  Rev.  J.  Marmion  rd.  Nth.  Berwick 
Dunbar     Eev.     Robert     G.     The     Manse, 

Weem,  Aberfeldy 
Duuhar  Rev.  William  A.  10  Airlle  terrace, 

Perth  road,  Dundee 
Dunbar  A.  Sydney  vils.  Thornhill  rd.Forre-- 
Dunbar   Alexander,    11   West   Holmes    gar- 
dens, Musselburgh 
Dunbar  Alex.  D.  26  Salisbury  ter.  Aberdn 
Dunbar  Alex.  L.  16  Mile  End  av.  Aberdeen 

Dunbar  Alfred,  26  Addison  pL   Arbroath 
Dunbar  Andrew,  Pembina,  Glenburn  road, 

Bearsden,   Glasgow 
Dunbar   Charles,    Queen's   lane,   Lerwick 
Dunbar  D.   Dunbar  ho.   Thurso  rd.   Wick 
Dunbar   Frank,    Glender    cottage,   Victoria 

road,  Torry,  Aberdeen 
Dunbar  Isaac,  Victoria  st.  we.  Fraserburgh 
Dunbar  J.   Dysart  bank,   Cults,   Aberdeen 
Dunbar   James    S.,    J.P.    Langshaw,    Kirk- 

patrick-Fleming,  Ecclefechan 
Dunbar  Jn.  Victoria  st.  west,  Fraserburgh 
Dunbar  J.  Altnacraig,  Gladstone  rd. Huntly 
Dunbar  Lewis,  Bridgend,  Thurso 
Dunbar  Miss,  33  Ardgowan  st.  we.Greenck 
Dunbar  Miss,  Duna!uinn,Grantown-on-Spey 
Dunbar  Miss,    Glenearn  cottage,   Westfield 

avenue,  Cupar 
Dunbar  Miss,   10  Lang'.ands,  Dumfries 
Dunbar  Miss  J.  M.  9  Langlands,  Dumfries 
Dunbar  Mrs.  20  Louisa  drive,  Girvan 
Dunbar  Mrs.    5   Mansfield  terrace,   Dunlop 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Dunbar  Mrs.  47  Rae  street,  Dumfries 
Dunbar  Mrs.  St.  Lawrence,  Albert  st. Nairn 
Dunbar  Robert  J.P.  Newmill,  Keith 
Dunbar    Robert,     Popine     mills,     Craigel- 

lachie  S.O.  Banffshire 
Dunbar  William,  43  Castle  st.  Dumfries 
Dunbar-Dunbar   Mrs.Seapark,Kinloss,Forrea 
Duncan  Rev.   Alexander  M.A.  The  Manse, 

Dufftown    S.O.    Banffshire 
Duncan  Eev.  Alexander  M.A.  United  Free 

manse,  Easter  Balgedie,  Kinross 
Duncan  Rev.   Alexander  Adams   B.D.   The 
Manse,   Auchterless   S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Duncan  Rev,  David,   South  Uist,   Oban 
Duncan   Rev.    George   Gordon   Dundas    S., 

M.A.,   B.D.    The  Manse,  Inveresk 
Duncan     Rev.     George    Murray    M.A.     17 

William  street,  Dundee 
Duncan   Rev.   Hugh   B.D.   Garturk   manse, 

Bute  street,  Coatbridge 
Duncan    Rev.    James    B.,    M.A.    Leochel- 

Cushnie  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Duncan  Rev.  James  P.,  M.A.  United  Free 

Church  manse,  Letham,  Forfar 
Duncan   Rev.   James  W.,    M.A.,   U.    F.    C. 

manse,  Lassodie,   Dunfermline 
Duncan    Rev.    John    Garrow    M.A.,    B.D. 

The  Manse,  Macduff 
Duncan    Rev.    John    R.,    M.A.,    B.D.    The 

Manse,  Lhanbryde,   Elgin 
Duncan    Rev.    Thomas    Ogilvy    M.A.     The 

Manse,  Kintore  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Duncan    Rev.    W.    G.,    B.D.    The    Parish 

Church  manse,  Biggar 
Duncan  Rev.  Win.  C.  29  Bellevue  rd.  Ayr 
Duncan   Eev.    William    Ogilvie    M.A.    The 

Manse,  Clarkston,  Airdrie 
Duncan  A.  8  Aubrey  cres.  Largs  S.O.Ayrsb 
Duncan   A.   Bethune,   Graycraig,   Rockfield 

crescent,   Dundee 
Duncan  A.  J.,  M.D.  158  Nethergate.Dndee 
Duncan  A.  R.  197  Westburn  rd.  Aberdeen 
Duncan  Albert,  28  Cedar  place,  Aberdeen 
Duncan      Alexander,       Ashgrove,       North 

Mount  Vtrnon,  Glasgow 
Duncan  Alex.  43  Balhousie  street,  Perth 
Duncan     Alexander,     6     Balmoral     villas, 

Oathcart,   Glasgow 
Duncan    Alexander,     Bracken     brae,     Tay 

View  terrace,   E.   Newport,  Fifeshire 
Duncan      Alexander,      Brierlea,      Askomel 

walk,   Campbeltown 
Duncan  Alexander,  37  Burns  rd.  Aberdeen 
Duncan  Alexander,  Dunalastair,  Newlands 

road,  Newlands,  Glasgow 
Duncan  Alex.  54  Forest  avenue,  Aberdeen 
Duncan  Alex.  35  Hosefield  aven.  Aberdeen 
Duncan    Alexander,    Invertav,    Albert     st. 

Tayport  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Duncan    Alexander,    Maules    bank,    Manle 

street,  Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Duncan  Alex.  41  Mile  End  aven.  Aberdeen 
Duncan     Alexander,      Woodbine      cottage, 

Drummond   road,  Inverness 
Duncan  Alex.   G.  41  Burns  rd.  Aberdeen 
Duncan  Alex.  R.  Newmanswalls,  Montrose 
Duncan  Alfd.   Monyruy,  Longside,  Aberdn 
Duncan  Alister,  Preasmohr,  Birse,  Aboyne 

S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Duncan    Andrew,     Grampian     view,     Bal- 

nagask  road,   Torry,   Aberdeen 
Duncan    Archibald,    Hatton    Mains,    Kirk- 

newton   S.O.    Midlothian 
Duncan  Archd.  5^  Newhouse  vils.  Stirling 
Duncan  Arthur  H.  High  street,  Dingwall 
Duncan  O.  C.  Inglefield,  Dalkeith  rd.Dndee 
Duncan    Charles,    3    Myrtle    terrace,    East 

Newport  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Duncan  Clement  William,  Path  ho.  Banff 
Duncan  Clyde,  Inverneil,  Bothwell,   Glsgw 
Duncan  D.  Kean's  cot.  Wood  end,Rothe=ay 
Duncan   David,   5   Ancrum  p'ace,   Ancrum 

road,  Lochee 
Duncan  David,  Bellfield,  Ferry  rd.  Dundee 
Duncan  David,  40  Claremont,  Alloa 
Duncan  David,   Lilybank   cot.   Linlithgow 
Duncan  David,  5  Links  place,  Leven 
Duncan  David,   12  Wortley  place,  Dundee 

1488       DUN 


Duncan  David  M.  Dewarville,  Belgrave  rd 

Coratorphine  S.O.  Midlothian 
Duncan  Douglass,  23  Crown  st.  Aberdeen 
Duncan   Edward   Hugh   M.A.,    M.B.,    J.P 

Strathpeffer  S.O.  Boss-shire 
Duncan  Frederick,    12   Buchanan    gardens 

Mount  Vernon,  Glasgow 
Duncan    Frederick    J.    L.    Victoria  street 

Stromness  S.O.   Orkney 
Duncan  G.  Alma  ter.  Ballochgoy  rd.Rthsy 
Duncan   George   M.D.,  J.P.   Balmacara  S.O 

Douncan  George,   Buchromb,   Monreith  rd 

Newlands,   Glasgow 
Duncan  G.  Commercial  st.  AlythS.O.Prthsh 
Duncan  G.   17  Duff  st.  Maryfield,  Dundee 
Duncan  George,  East  road,  Cupar 
Duncan  G.,  M.A.  60  Hamilton  pi.   Aberdn 
Duncan  Geo.   Keir  cot.  Bank   st.   Irvine 
Duncan   George,   412   King  st.   Aberdeen 
Duncan  George,   Kinghorn  S.O.   Fifeshire 
Duncan    George,    Strathview,  West  Ferry, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Duncan  Geo.  The  Tower,  Wonnit,  Dundee 
Duncan  Geo.   Wellhill,   Dun,    Montrose 
Duncan   G.   M.   Annsfield,   Banff  rd.  Keith 
Duncan  George  M.12  Bayview  rd. Aberdeen 
Duncan  George  S.  Dunmore  villa,  Newton 

street,  Blairgowrie 
Duncan  G.  T.Cumledge,  Uddingston.Glsgw 
Duncan  Geo.   Tait,  403  King  st.  Aberdeen 
Duncan     Hector     McDuff,    jun.    Kirklands, 

Duncan  Hy.  35  Abergeldie  rd.  Aberdeen 
Duncan  Hugh,  28  Balmoral  pi.   Aberdeen 
Duncan   Hugh,   Locksley,    Bridge   of    Weir 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Duncan  J.  Jordanstone  house  &  Drumfork 

house,   Alyth  3.0.  Perthshire 
Duncan  J.    21   Kilnburn   place,   East   New- 
port, Fifeshire 
Duncan  J.   A.  Parkhill, St. Vigeans, Arbroath 
Duncan  J.  B.,  J.P.  Newlands,  Kirkmahoe, 

Duncan  James,   Arizona,   Dalhousie   street, 

Monifietb,  Dundee 
Duncan  James,  Anld  Licht  manse,  Brechin 

road,  Kirriemuir 
Duncan  Jas.   Balfour,   Menmuir,  Brechin 
Duncan    James    J.P.    Balmerion,    Dufftown 

S.O.  Banffshire 
Duncan   James,   4   Caenlochan  villas,    Wesl 
Ferry,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Duncan    James,  Cairnhope,  Cairnhill  road, 

Airdrie,  Lanarkshire 
Duncan  James,   Coupar  grange,  Bendochy. 

Coupar-Angus  S.O.  Perthshire 
Duncan  James,  Drumfork,  Bridge  of  Cally. 

Duncan   J.    Ellanslea,    Giffnock,    Glasgow 
Duncan  James,  37  Glasgow  rd.   Dumbartn 
Duncan  James,  4  Grantlea  terrace,  North 

Mount   Vernon,    Glasgow 
Duncan  James,  Hallhill  house,   Turriff 
Duncan  James,  14  Hollybank  pi.  Aberdeen 
Duncan  James,   Jordanstone  house,   Meigle 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Duncan  J.  Oxford  drv.  Downfield,  Dundee 
Duncan  James,  14  Pearse  street,  Brechin 
Duncan  James,   11   Rosebank  ter.   Aberdeen 
Duncan  James,   7  Viewfield   rd.   Arbroath 
Duncan     James     Alexander    Logie,    Aston 

house,  Bridge  of  Allan,  Stirlingshire 
Duncan  J.  C.  76  Wallace  st.  Grangemouth 
Duncan  Jas.    G.,   J.P.    South   road,"  Wick 
Duncan  James  Grant,  East  banks.  Wick 
DuncanJ.M.,J.P.Bank   ho. High   st. Dingwall 
Duncan  James  W.  Atholl  bank,  Beveridge 

road,   Kirkcaldy 
Duncan  J.,  J.P.  Ardenclutha,  Pt.  Glasgow 
Duncan  John.   23   Argyle  ter.   Rothesay 
Duncan  J.,  J.P.  Bank  ho.  Maud,  Aberdeen 
Duncan  Jn.    13S   Bon-Accord  st.   Aberdeen 
Duncan  John,  7  Cairnie  street,  Arbroath 
Duncan  John,  3  Castle  park,  Saughton  rd. 

Corstorphine  S.O.  Midlothian 
Duncan  John,  13  Church  st.  Coatbridge 
Duncan  John,  Duncraggen,  Winton  circus, 

Duncan  John,  18  Erskine  street,  Aberdeen 
Duncan  John.   403  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Duncan  John,  Merlewood,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Duncan  John  J.P.  Muirake,   Cornhill  S.O. 

Duncan  Jn.  J.P.  Muirhouses,  Kirriemuir 
Duncan  J.  4  Nairn  pi.  Seafield  rd.  Dundee 
Duncan  John,  100  Osborne  pi.  Aberdeen 
Duncan  J.  Urie  vil.  Bellfield  ter.  Inverness 
Duncan  John,  18  Windsor  street,  Dundee 
Duncan  John,  jun.  477  King  st.  Aberdeen 
Duncan  J.  A.  15  Murrav  pk.  St.  Andrews 
Duncan    John    Davidson    M.B.,   C.M.Edin 

Willoughby  house,   Helen  st.    Arbroath 
Duncan  Jn.  F.  99  Sinclair  st.  Helensburgh 
Duncan  John  M.  25  Thomson  st.  Dundee 
Duncan   John    Wm.    Wood    Knowle.    Camp- 
hill  road,   Broughty  Ferrv  S.O.  Forfarsh 
Duncan  M.   Moir  B.A.   3  Bon-Accord  cres- 
cent,   Aberdeen 
Duncan  Miss,  19a,  Argvle  street,  Rothesav 
Duncan  Miss,  32  Argyle  street,  Rothesay" 

Duncan  Miss,  Avondale,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Duncan   Miss,    135    Bonnygate,    Cupar 
Duncan  Miss,  14  Church  terrace,  Turriff 
Duncan  Miss  M.B.  Craw  road,  Paisley 
Duncan  Miss,   59   Desswood  pi.   Aberdeen 
Duncan  Miss, 17  E.Montrose  st.Helensbrgh 
Duncan      Miss,      Ebenezer      place,      Port 

Bannatyne,  Rothesay 
Duncan  Miss,  Glendee  cot.  Cults,  Aberdn 
Duncan  Miss,Hermitage,Westfield  rd. Cupar 
Duncan  Miss,  Louise  lodge,  Mount  Stuart 

road,  Rothesay 
Duncan  Miss,  Orchardvale, Glebe  st.Dalkth 
Duncan   Miss,    2   Union    street,    Rothesay 
Duncan   Miss,    13  Victoria  st.   Aberdeen 
Duncan   Miss,  39  Victoria   st.   Aberdeen 
Duncan  Misses,   17  Albyn  pL   Aberdeen 
Duncan  Misses,   10  Craig!?  ter.    Dundee 
Duncan     Misses,    Dane  vale,    CroBsmichael 

S.O.  Kirkcudbrightshire 
Duncan    Misses,    Duncraig,    Tayport    S.O. 

Duncan   Misses,   Easter  Denhead,   Coupar- 
Angus  S.O.  Perthshire 
Duncan  Misses,  25  Hamilton  pi.  Aberdeen 
Duncan    Misses,    Oakhurst,    Kintore    S.O. 

Duncan  Misses,  16  William  st.  Blairgowrie 
Duncan   Mrs.    Ardenclutha,   Port   Glasgow 
Duncan  Mrs.   Argyll  cottage,   The  Links, 

Carnoustie  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Duncan  Mrs.  Bedwyn  cottage,  Carron  ter- 
race,  Stonehaven 
Duncan  Mrs.  5  Belgrave  road, Corstorphine 

S.O.    Midlothian 
Duncan  Mrs.  38  Bon-Accord  st.  Aberdeen 
Duncan  Mrs.  Brighton  terrace,  Rothesay 
Duncan  Mrs. The  Bungalow, Lenzie,  Glasgw 
Duncan     Mrs.    5     Clyde     street,     Renfrew 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Duncan  Mrs.  Craggan  Mhor.Wormit.Dndee 
Duncan   Mrs.   24  Orichton  rd.   Rothesay 
Duncan   Mrs.    27   Crichton   rd.   Rothesay 
Duncan  Mrs.    137  Desswood  pi.   Aberdeen 
Duncan  Mrs.  3  Duff  st.  Maryfield,  Dundee 
Duncan  Mrs.   12  Eskview  villas,  Dalkeith 
Duncan    Mrs.    33    Esplanade,    Greenock 
Duncan   Mrs.    Hazelbank,   Woodside  walk, 

Duncan  Mrs.  3  Hudson  square,  Montrose 
Duncan  Mrs.  408  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Duncan  Mrs.Knoxland,  William  st. Dunoon 
Duncan  Mrs.  Lillybank,  Fairlie  S.O.Ayrsh 
Duncan   Mrs.    Linton   villa,    Maule   street, 

Carnoustie   S.O.    Forfarshire 
Duncan  Mrs.  Millbank,  Lochlibo  rd.  Barr- 
head,  Glasgow 
Duncan  Mrs.  Oakville,  Juniper  Green  S.O. 

—  nncan  Mrs.   61  Osborne  place,   Aberdeen 
Duncan    Mrs.     42    Pitsligo    street,    Rose- 
hearty,  Fraserburgh 
Duncan  Mrs.  Port  Erroll  S.O.  Aberdeensh 
Duncan  Mrs.  50  Powis  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Duncan  Mrs. 2  The  Quadrant, Nth.  Berwick 
Duncan  Mrs.  9  Rosebank  ter.  Aberdeen 
Duncan  Mrs.   St.    Helier's,   Dalbeattie   rd 

Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Duncan    Mrs.    Scotia,    Lhanbryde,    Elgin 
Duncan    Mrs.     Sidlaw    view.    Blairgowrie 

road,  Coupar-Angus  S.O.  Perthshire 
Duncan  Mrs.17Up.Glenfi.nlas  st.Helensbrgh 
Duncan  Mrs.  «  arwickville,  Moray  st.  Elgin 
Duncan    Mrs.    Joseph    C.    Helenbank    cot- 
tage, Pitkerro  road,  Dundee 
Duncan     Mrs.     McDuff,     Damside,     Auch- 
Duncan      Mrs.      William,      May      cottage, 

Bridge  of  Earn  S.O.  Perthshire 
Duncan     Patrick     J.P.     Balchers,      King 

Edward,  Banff 
Duncan  Patrick  J.  Somerville  bank, Camp- 
hill  rd  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarsh 
Duncan  P.  Belmont,  Eskbank  rd.  Dalkeith 
Duncan  R.  Daisy  ho.  Gladstone  rd.Huntly 
Duncan  Robert,  2  Oxford  terrace,  Ren- 
frew S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Duncan  Rt.  Alpha  cot.  Fairlie  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Duncan  Robert,  Craierfoodie  house,  Dairsle 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Duncan  Robt.   77  Don   st.    Old   Aberdeen 
Duncan  Robert,  11  Fonthill  ter.   Aberdeen 
Duncan     Robert,      Keithstone,      Hamilton 

drive,  Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Duncan     Robert,    Marjorie    villa,    Gourock 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Duncan  Rt. Martin  pi. Gavin  st.  Motherwell 
Duncan  Robert,  Mill  rd.  Toker,  Glasgow 
Duncan  Robert,  Redholme,  Port  Glasgow 
Duncan  Robert  B.  403  Kiner  st.  Aberdeen 
Duncan  Robert  G.  352  Hardgate,  Aberdn 
Duncan  Samuel,  4  Eldon  st.  Greenock 
Duncan  T.  Laurel  vil.  Rattray,  Blairgowrie 
Duncan  x.,W.Dullatur,Castlecary,  Glasgw 
Duncan  Thomas,  Hillcrest,  Reform  street, 

Tayport  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Duncan    Thomas    J.P.     Kameston    house, 

Millport  S.O.  Buteshire 
Duncan  Thomas,  Linnwood,  Hamilton  rd. 

Duncan  Thomas,  7  Miller  road,  Ayr 
Duncan   Thomas,    9   Pit  four   st.   Dundee 
Duncan     Thomas,     Rockcliff,     Kilmacolm 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Duncan  W.Springbank.Uddingstn.   Glasgw 
Duncan  W.   I.    15  Murray  pk.  St.  Andrews 
Duncan   Walter,    Myrtle   villa,    James    st. 

Dairy  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Duncan  William,  89  Argyll  pi.  Aberdeen 
Duncan  William,  23  Braemar  pi.  Aberdeen; 
Duncan   William,    Carmyllie,    Arbroath. 
Duncan  William,  58  Crichton  rd. Rothesay 
Duncan  William,  Fernbank,  Boddam  S.O1. 

Duncan  Wm.  Feus  ter.  Tibbermore,  Perth 
Duncan  William,  96  Irvine  pi.  Aberdeen 
Duncan   Wm.    1    Mansion    Ho.    rd.    Paisley 
Duncan  Wm.   15  Murray  pk.  St.   Andrews 
Duncan  Wm.  31  St.  John's  cots.  Montrose 
Duncan   Wm.    Springhill,   Port   Glasgow 
Duncan    William,    Stanley,    North    Mount 

Vernon,   Glasgow 
Duncan  Wm.  Sunnybank, Glasgow  rd. Perth. 
Duncan  Wm.  Vevey,   Bieldside,  Aberdeen 
^-uncan  Wm.  Westerton,  Blairs,  Aberdeen 
Duncan   William,    Woodside   cottage,    New 

Rattray,  Blairgowrie 
Duncan 'William    J.    The    Craig,    Strath- 
peffer S.O.  Ross-shire 
Duncan  Wm.   Jas.  Wells  Hills   ter.  Perth 
Duncan  William  L.  Westholm,  Turriff 
Duncan   William  O.,  B.A.   20  Queen's  rd. 

Duncanson  Alex.  10  Milnbank  rd.  Dundee 
Duncanson  Mrs. 15   Abercromby  pi. Stirling- 
Duncanson    Mrs.    Broomside,    Henry    Bell 

street,  Helensburgh 
Duncanson  Mrs.   Rhodes  cottage,  Rattray, 

Duncanson  Thos.M.  Birnam, Lenzie, Glasgw 
Duncanson   William   M.,   J.P.    Fenton   ho- 

Bedford  place,  Alloa 
Duncombe    John     T.,    J.P.    Union    Bank 

house,  High  street,  Ayr 
Dundas     Sir     Charles     Henry     bart.     J.P. 

Dunira,  Comrie  S.O.  Perthshire 
Dundas  Sir  Robert  bart.  J. P.,  D.L.  Arnis- 
ton  house,  Gorebridge  S.O.  Edinburghsh 
Dundas    Col.    Robert   D.L.,   J.P.    Kirkhill, 

Gorebridge  S.O.  Midlothian 
Dundas    Captain   Charles   J.P.    Inchgarvie- 

house,   Queensferry 
Dundas  Rev.  John,  U.  F.  manse,  Main  st. 

Muirkirk  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Dundas  Rev.   William,   The  Manse,   Carri- 
den,  Borrowstounness  S.O.  Linlithgowsh 
Dundas    Alexander   M.    Forfar   rd.    Cupar- 
Angus  S.O.  Perthshire 
Dundas  Alex.  M.  12  Princess  st.  Arbroath 
Dundas  D.  Royston,  Kinloch  rd.  Arbroath 
Dundas   David   C.    Inverallochy,    Aberdeen 
Dundas  George  Smythe,  Cairn  bank,  Duns 
Dundas  Jas.  B.  J.   25  David  st.  Kirkcaldy 
Dundas   Jn.    D.    4   Hiliend   rd.    Arbroath 
Dundas  Miss,  Aldownaig,  Bow,Helensbrgh 
Dundas  Porteus.Rosebank,  Ralston, Paisley 
Dunderdale    Cyril    Herbert,    Pittendreich, 

Lasswade,  Midlothian 
Dunedin  Lord  P.C.,  K.C.,  M.A.,D.L.(Lord 
Justice  General  of  Scotland),  Stenton, 
Caputh,  Murthly  S.O.  Perthshire;  X 
Rothesay  terrace,  Edinburgh ;  &  Carl- 
ton &  Wellington  clubs  S  W.  London 
Dunglass  Lord  D.L.,  J.P.  Springhill.Birg- 

ham,  Coldstream 
Dunlop   Capt.  Hy.  Liston   Murray  D.L. ,J.F. 

Corsock   house,   Dalbeattie 
Dunlop    Rev.    H.    Morton,    Willow    bank, 

Mill  road,   Toker,   Glasgow 
Dunlop  Rev.   James,   Keiss,   Wick 
Dunlop  Rev.  James,  U.  F.  manse,  Kilma- 

ronock,    Balloch   S.O.    Dumbartonshire 
Dunlop  Rev.  John,  The  Manse,  Port  Ban^ 

natyne,  Rothesay 
Dunlop  Rev.   Robert   H.    The  Manse,   Elie- 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Dunlop   Rev.    S.,   B.D.   The   Manse,   Kirk- 
pat  rick-Irongay,   Dumfries 
Dunlop  Rev.W.,M.A.Buckhaven  S.O.Fifesh 
Dunlop  A.  Royal  bank,  Bridge  st.  Girvan 
Dunlop  Adam,  King's  Park  avenue,  Cath- 

cart,  Glasgow 
Dunlop  Albert  H.  1  White  House  terrace, 

Corstorphine   S.O.    Midlothian 
Dunlop  Alex.   Darnley,  Neilston,  Glasgow 
Dunlop  B.W.Rosemount.Barone  rd.Rothesy 
Dunlop  Chas.  Gargowan, Racecourse  rd.Ayr 
Dunlop    Charles   Walter   D.L.,   J.P.    Whit- 

muir  hall,  Selkirk 
Dunlop  Colin,  Lockerbie  house,  Lockerbie 
Dunlop  Colin,   South  Haugh,   Hamilton 
Dunlop  David,    School  house,   High  Blan- 

tyre,  Glasgow 
Dunlop  D.  J.,  J.P.  Inchworks,  Pt.Glasgw 
Dunlop  Edward,  Craig-Gowan,   Lockerbie 
Dunlop    G.    13  Braxfleld   road,    Lanark 
Dunlop  George,   19  Portland  rd.Kilmarnck 
Dunlop   Harry,52  Dundonald   rd.Kilmarnck 
Dunlop  Henry  Barclay  J. P.,  D.L.  Arthur- 
lie,  Barrhead,  Glasgow 

Dunlop  J.Craigdarroch.Cove  S.O.Dmbrtnsh 
Dunlop  J.Kileekie  vil. Henrietta  st.   Girvan 
Dunlop   James,    122   Argyle   rd.    Saltcoats 
Dunlop  James,  Barnhelm,  St.  Leonard  st. 

Dunlop    James    M.A.    The    Bield,    Ronald- 

shaw  park,  Ayr 
Dunlop    James,    18    Forest    street,    Drum- 

gelloch,   Airdrie 
Dunlop   James,    Garthland,    Newlands   rd. 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Dunlop  James,   Strathmore  rd.   Hamilton 
Dunlop  James,  Wilson  street,  Motherwell 
Dunlop  Jas.Woodfoot   cot. Nitshill, Glasgow 
Dunlop   James   S.    8   Shaw   pi.    Greenock 
Dunlop  J.W.Wingdale.Kilbirnie  S.O. Ayrsh 
Dunlop  James   Willison,   J.P,   Mair  lodge, 

Hay  street,  Elgin 
Dunlop    John,    Avondale,    Hunterston    rd. 

West  Kilbride  S.O.   Ayrshire 
Dunlop  Jn.  52  Dundonald  rd.   Kilmarnock 
Dunlop  Jn.    Ormiston    S.O.    Haddingtonsh 
Dunlop    John,    Ravenston,    Gladstone    rd. 

Dunlop  John,  88  St.  Leonard  st.  Lanark 
Dunlop  John,  3  White  House  terrace,  Cor- 

storphine  S.O.  Midlothian 
Dunlop  John,  Wisteria,  14  Durham  street, 

Monifieth,   Dundee 
Dunlop  Jn.  B.  Arran  vw.Barrmill  rd.Beith 
Dunlop  John  C.  17  Hosefield  av.  Aberdeen 
Dunlop  John  J.   15  St.  James'  av.  Paisley 
Dunlop  John  S.  Ravenswood,  Barr's  brae, 

Port  Glasgow 
Dunlop  M.,  LL.B.  95  Newton  st. Greenock 
Dunlop  Matthew  Stewart,  Dungoyne,  Pot- 

terhill  avenue,  Paisley 
Dunlop    Miss,    Askomel    cottage,    Askomel 

walk,  Campbeltown 
Dunlop  Miss,  Bankhead,  Davidson's  Mains 

S.O.   Midlothian 
Dunlop    Miss,    46    Gateside    street,    West 

Kilbride  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Dunlop  Miss,  34  Hyndford  road,   Lanark 
Dunlop  Miss,  31  Miller  road,  Ayr 
Dunlop  Miss,   4  Roxburghe  ter.  Dunbar 
Dunljp  Miss  Murray,  Ellangowan,  Newton 

Dunlop  Misses,  2  Buckingham  terrace, Ayr 
Dunlop  Misses, Glenfoot,  Fairlie  S.O.Ayrsh 
Dunlop  Misses,  1  Seaford  st.  Kilmarnock 
Dunlop  Mrs.  Abbeylands,  High  st. Dunbar 
Dunlop    Mrs.    Albyn   villa,    Cardross    S.O. 

Dunlop  Mrs. 27  Ardgowan  st.  we. Greenock 
Dunlop  Mrs.  Bogside  house,  Irvine 
Dunlop  Mrs.   The  Brae,   Kenilworth  road, 

Bridge  of  Allan 
Dunlop  Mrs.  63  Bo'ness  rd.  Grangemouth 
Dunlop  Mrs.  27  Castlehill  road,  Ayr 
Dunlop  Mrs.  46  Castle  ter.Berwick-on-Twd 
Dunlop    Mrs.    Hazel    bank,    Innellan    S.O. 

Dunlop  Mrs.  Hazel  cot.  Duncan  st.  Girvan 
Dunlop  Mrs.Holyrood,  Barone  rd. Rothesay 
Dunlop    Mrs.l2Howard  Pk.  drive, Kilmrnck 
Dunlop  Mrs. MyrtleBank, vil. Dairy  rd.Beith 
Dunlop  Mrs.  Overhall,  Clackmannan 
Dunlop  N.  Shield  hill,  Liberton,  Biggar 
Dunlop  R. Myrtle  bnk.Wilson  st.Motherwll 
Dunlop   R.J.  18  We.  Millig   st.Helensburgh 
Dunlop    R.    S.    Dalmellington   S.O.    Ayrsh 
Dunlop  Robert,  2  Grantlea  terrace,  North 

Mount   Vernon,   Glasgow 
Dunlop    Samuel,    6   Park   place,    Lanark 
Dunlop   Thomas,   Geilsland   terrace,   Barr- 

mill   toad,   Beith 
Dunlop  T.100  Sth.Drumlanrig  st.Thornhill 
Dunlop  Thomas,   Woodburn,   Wemyss  Bay 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Dunlop  T.C.  Gargowan, Racecourse  rd.  Ayr 
Dunlop    Thomas    R.    Springburn,    Ardros- 

san  road,   Saltcoats 
Dunlop  W.H.,  J.P.   Doonside.Alloway,   Ayr 
Dunlop  Wm.  Burnbrae,  Bothwell,  Glasgow 
Dunlop   William,    Duncraig,    Auchencairn, 

Castle  Douglas 
Dunlop  William,  Kensal  tower,  Racecourse 

road,  Ayr 
Dunlop   William,   51   Ritchie   street,   West 

Kilbride  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Dunlop   William    Hamilton,    Priory    lodge, 

Largs   S.O.    Ayrshire 
Dunn  Rev.  A.,  M.A.  The  Manse,  Bathgate 
Dunn     Rev.     Charles     D.D.     Balnacraig, 

Banchory  S.O.  Kincardineshire 
Dunn     Rev.     Charles    B.D.     The    Manse, 

Arbuthnott,    Fordoun 
Dunn  Rev.   Peter  M.A.   The   Manse,   Dal- 

meny  S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
Dunn  A.    Avalon,   Meikleriggs,   Paisley 
Dunn  Alexander  J.P.  Bank  house,  Lums- 

den  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Dunn  Alex.D.  98  Devonshire  rd.  Aberdeen 
Dunn  Chas.   Albt.  49  Bridpe  st.  Montrose 
Dunn    David,    Ashfield,    Central    avenue, 

Cambuslang,    Glasgow 
Dunn  D.  Barbizon, Liberton  S.O.Midlothian 


Dunn    David,    Fala-dam,    Blackshiels    S.O. 

Dunn  David,  87  Hamilton  pi.  Aberdeen 
Dunn  David,   Roxburgh   mains,   Roxburgh 

S.O.   Roxburghshire 
Dunn  David,  Tealing,  Dundee 
Dunn  Hugh  S.  Earlston  cottage,  Earlston, 

Riccarton,    Kilmarnock 
Dunn  J.  E.  Dunmullin,Blanefield,  Glasgw 
Dunn  J.H.Buth-Kollidar.Bullwood,  Dunoon 
Dunn  J.H.The  Mound,  Oastlehead,  Paisley 
Dunn  James,   89  Blenheim  pi.   Aberdeen 
Dunn  James,   Fernigair,  Hamilton 
Dunn  James,   Pomona  cottage,  Denny 
Dunn    James,    Thornlea,    Kilmacolm    S.O. 

Dunn  James,  Tighcruachen,  Cardross  S.O. 

Dunn    James    B.    Dunira,     Gullane     S.O. 

Dunn  John,  The  Beeches,  Castle  Douglas 
Dunn  John,  Parkside,  Edenside  rd.  Kelso 
Dunn    John   J.P.    School   house,    Harthill, 

Whitburn    S.O.    Linlithgowshire 
Dunn  John  B.Sc.   9   Springhill,   Dundee 
Dunn    John,     Wester     Daldowie,     Broom 

house,  Glasgow 
Dunn  John  A.  5   Queen's  rd.   Aberdeen 
Dunn  Jn.McLeod,121  Broomhill  rd.Aberdn 
Dunn  John  S.  Catcune  house,  Gorebridge 

S.O.   Midlothian 
Dunn  Miss,  Weirdlaw,  Melrose 
Dunn  Misses,  Auchindarroch,  Aberfeldy 
Dunn   Mrs.Annent   ho. SkelmorlieS.O. Ayrsh 
Dunn  Mrs.  Kildonan  cottage,  85  Mill  hill, 

Dunn  Mrs.  42  Magdalen  Yard  rd.  Dundee 
Dunn  Mrs.  6  Ravenshaugh  rd.  Levenhall, 

Dunn  Mrs.  Redeliffe,  Bridge  of  Weir  S.O. 

Dunn  Mrs.  Seabright,  East  Bay  rd. Dunoon 
Dunn   Mrs.    Seafield  house,   AUoa 
Dunn  Ralph,  Ferniehurst,  Melrose 
Dunn   Robert,  3  Hartington  rd.  Aberdeen 
Dunn  Robt.  Wm.   89  Forest  av.  Aberdeen 
Dunn  Thos.D.   Helenbank,Lochee,  Dundee 
Dunn  W..J.P.  Murtle  ho. Murtle, Aberdeen 
Dunn  W.  Laurie,  The  Grove,  Kirkpatrick 

Iron  gray,  Dumfries 
Dunn  Wm.  The  Elms,  Roxburgh  st. Kelso 
Dunn  William  Douglas,   Haldane,   Brown- 
side   road,   Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Dunn   William   H.    Holmburn,   Melrose 
Dunn   Wm.    I.,    M.B.    Morebattle,   Kelso 
Dunn  William  Laurie,  Braemar,  Bridge  of 

Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Dunn  Wm.  Letter,  41  St.  Clair  st.  Aberdn 
Dunnachie  Archibald  H.   Glenboig  house, 

Glenboig  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Dunnachie  James,   Glenboig  house,    Glen- 
boig S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Dunnachie    Robert    D.    Newlands,    North 

Mount  Vernon,  Glasgow 
Dunnet  William,  39  RoBe  Btreet,  Thurso 
Dunnett    Rev.    George   Victor   B.D.    Cock- 

burnspath    S.O.    Berwickshire 
Dunnett  Rev.    Hamilton  D.   F.,   B.D.   The 

Manse,  Ballindalloch  S.O.   Banffshire 
Dunnett   Rev.    William    M.A.   The   Manse, 

Glebe  road,  Kilmarnock 
Dunnett  Rev.  William  Alexander  B.D.The 

Manse,  Edinburgh  road,  Dalkeith 
Dunnett    Alexander,   Carrick   villa,   Thorn 

road,    Bearsden,    Glasgow 
Dunnett   J.  6   Sinclair  terrace,   Wick 
Dunningham  D.  A.  31  Cromwell  rd.Abrdn 
Dunningham  Wm.  31  Albert  ter.  Aberdeen 
Dunnrussel    John,    Edon,    Kennedy    drive, 

Craig   street,   Airdrie 
Dunottar  J.  Kyle  park,  Uddingstn. Glasgw 
Duns    J.   Hilderley,    Dirleton  aven.    North 

Duns  John,   26   Newton  street,  Duns 
Dunsmore   Alex.   12  Windsor  pi.   Stirling 
Dunsmore  R.6  Comely  bnk. Bridgend, Perth 
Dunsmuir  A.    Woodville.Chapelhall, Airdrie 
Dunsmuir     Robert      M.B.      Barskimming, 

Paisley  rd.  Renfrew   S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Dunsmuir    Robert    R.    65    Bo'ness     road, 

Dunsmure     Hendry     W.     H.     Glenbrnach 

Trossachs   &  Brenacoile,    Callander  S.O. 

Dunwoodie    Leonard,    Annfield,    Grahams- 
hill   street,   Airdrie 
Durant    J.    Rosefield,    TTddingston. Glasgow 
Durham  J.  A.  R.,  J.P.  Boghead,  Bathgate 
Durham  Misses,  Wingate  place, East  New- 
port,   Fifeshire 
Durham  Wm.   R.,  M.A.   South  rd. Lerwick 
Durie    James,    6    Park   terrace,    Blackness 

road,   Dundee 
Durie    Wm.    Cliffside,   Wormit,    Dundee 
Durkie  David.  Craigie  vil.Ferry  rd. Dundee 
Durkin  Rev.  James,  Eddlewood,  Hamilton 
Durlac   Henri,   Woo&muir,   West  Newport, 


DYK        14  89 

,  Durnford  Arthur  H. Karnes  cottage, Karnes. 

Tighnabruaich    S.O.   Argyllshire 
|  Durno   Alex.    62  Gt.   Western  rd.Aberdeen 
Durno  James,  66  Queen's  road,  Aberdeen 
Durno  William,  169  Clifton  road, Aberdeen 
Durran  David  M.B.   Princes  st.  Thurso 
Durran    William,    27    Sinclair   st.    Thurso 
Durrand   John,    Larkfield,    Hunter's    quay, 

Kirn   S.O.    Argyllshire 
Durward    Rev.    0.,    D.D.The   Manse, Leven 
Dustan   George,   6  Carnegie  st.   Dumfries 
Dustan   John,    Beechdoune,    Dalhousie    st 

Monifieth,   Dundee 
Dustan  Wm.  A.    18  Holburn  rd.   Aberdeen 
Duthie  Rev.  C.   J.  Law  rd.   Nth.   Berwick 
Duthie  Rev.  George,  V.   F.  manse,Trinity 

Gask,  Auchterarder 
Duthie    A.,    C.E.     9    Binnie    st.     Gourock 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Duthie  Adam  A.  Bank  ho.  Tarves, Aberdn 
Duthie  Alexander,  17  Argyll  pi.  Aberdeen 
Duthie  Alex.  11  Belvidere  st.  Aberdeen 
Duthie  Alex.  Eddislea.West  Cults.Aberdn 
Duthie  Alexander,   Eversley,  Monreith  rd. 

Newlands.   Glasgow 
Duth  ie    Alexander,     Wellmeadow    cottage, 

Mount  Vernon,   Glasgow 
Duthie  A.   T.   156  Mid   Stocket  rd.Aberdn 
Duthie   David,   25   King's  gate,  Aberdeen 
Duthie    David    Hutcheon    M.A.,    B.L.     25 

King's    gate,    Aberdeen 
Duthie    George,    Brownside    avenue,    Cam- 
buslang,   Glasgow 
Duthie     George    Forsyth    J.P.     Maryville, 

Don  terrace,  Woodside,  Aberdeen 
Duthie  JameB,  19b,  Wount  st.  Aberdeen 
Duthie  Jas.  Forbes,  13  Duncan  st.Thurse 
Duthie  Jas.  S.,  M.A.  148  Forest  av.Abrdn 
Duthie  Jas.  W.  32  Braemar  pi.  Abredeen 
Duthie    John,    Cairnbulg    castle,    Inveral- 

lochy,   Aberdeen 
Duthie    John,     Carradale,    Craigton    road, 

Mannofield,  Aberdeen 
Duthie   John,    Kinedar,    King   Edward    st. 

Duthie  Jn.  C.  28  Bonnymuir  pi.  Aberdeen 
Duthie   Joseph,    32   Osborne   pi.    Aberdeen 
Duthie  Miss,  68  Beechgrove  ter.  Aberdeen 
Duthie   Miss,   77   Braemar  pi.    Aberdeen 
Duthie  Mrs.  1  Airlie  terrace,  Dundee 
Duthie    Mrs.    Fetteresso    lodge,    Bath    st. 

Duthie  Mrs.  E.  Netherby,  Cults,  Aberdeen 
Duthie  Mrs.  J.  Cults  ho.  Cults,  Aberdeen 
Duthie  Robert,  6  Carlton  place,  Lerwick 
Duthie  Robt. Hilton  ho.Clifton  rd.Aberdeen 
Duthie  R.  G.  76  Beechgrove  ter.  Aberdeen 
Duthie    Robert   G.    127   Mid   Stocket   road, 

Duthie   Robt.   W.  48   Skene  ter.    Aberdeen 
Duthie    S.    Laurel  bank,   Cults,    Aberdeen 
Duthie  Wm.   11   Arduthie  rd.    Stonehaven 
Duthie  William    J.P.    Bank    house,Tarves, 

Duthie    William,     7    Bogton    aven.     Cath- 

cart,   Glasgow 
Duthie   Wm.    39   Crossland   cres.    Peebles 
Dutton  Alfd.   E.   10   Bonnymuir  pi. Aberdn 
Dyche   Francis  H.   Woodholme,    Bridge   of 

Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Dyer  E.  E.,  M.B.   17  Glebe  terrace,  Alloa 
Dyer  Jas.  Studleigh,  Baird  ter.  Stonehaven 
Dyer   Matthew,    Ravenscraig,   Frankscroft, 

Dyer    Mrs.    Cairnaquhean,    Crathie,    Balla- 

ter  S.O.    Aberdeenshire 
Dyer    Robert,    Fairport    cottage,    Douglas 

road,  Leslie  S.O.    Fifeshire 
Dyke    George,    Wis  ton,    Holmhead     road, 

Oathcart,   Glasgow 
Dyke  William,  Arbeadie  cottage,  Banchory 

S.O.   Kincardineshire 
Dykes    Major    William,    Woodburn,    Union 

street,   Hamilton 
Dykes  Rev.  David  S.  United  Free  Church 

manse,  Gamrie,  Banff 
Dykes    Rev.    John    D.    The    Manse,    Holy- 
town   S.O.   Lanarkshire 
Dykes    Rev.    Thomas    D.D.    South     park, 

Racecourse   road,   Ayr 
Dykes    Alexander,    Inverey,    Thorn     road, 

Bearsden,    Glasgow 
Dykes    Henry    Lee,    East    Overton,    Avon- 
dale,   Strathaven  S.O.    Lanarkshire 
Dykes    James,    Chartwell,    Erskine     park. 

south,   Bearsden,   Glasgow 
DykeB   James,    Cochrane  street,  Falkirk 
Dykes  Jn.  Auchinlea,  Union  st,  Hamilton 
Dykes  J.   Eckford,   Albany  drive,   Lanark 
Dykes    John,    Nairnside,    Glenburn    road, 

Bearsden,   Glasgow 
Dykes   John    M.    Broomfield,   Thane   road, 

Bearsden,    Glasgow 
Dykes  Mrs.    24  Craig  street,   Airdrie 
Dykes    Mrs.     Darnaconnar,    Barrhill    S.O. 

Dykes    Mrs.    Kirk  wood    house,    Avondale, 

Strathaven   S.O.   Lanarkshire 

SCOT.      94 

1490       DYK 


Dykes  Robert  C.  3  Academy  sq.  Montrose 

■  Dykes  T. Spring  gdns.Newall  ter. Dumfries 
Dykes  T.  Airntully,  Braxfield  rd.  Lanark 
Dykes      Thomas,       Norwood,       Avondale, 

Strathaven  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Dykes   Thomas  A.    Auchingramont   house, 
Auchingramont  road,    Hamilton 

■  Dykes     William,      Hazelbank,      Avondale, 

Strathaven    S.  0.    Lanarkshire 
Dykes    William   A.    56    Earlspark    avenue, 
Newlands,   Glasgow 

■  Dykes    William     Alston,     The     Orchards, 

Auchingramont    road,    Hamilton 
Dymock    Rev.     Win.     M.A.     United    Free 

Church  manse,  New  Aberdour,Frasrbrgh 
Dymock  James,  6  Royal  ter.  Linlithgow 
Dymock  Thomas,  63  High  st.  Linlithgow 
Dymock   William,  Jane     terrace,     Borrow- 

stounness    S.O.    Linlithgowshire 
Dysart   George,    47  Benvie   road,   Dundee 
Dyson     Frederick,     Erroll     cottage,     Port 

Erroll    S.O.    Aberdeenshire 
Eadie  Rev.  James  B.D.  Walston,  Dunsyre, 

Carstairs   Junction   S.O.    Lanarkshire 
Eadie  .Andrew,  95  Alexander  street, Airdrie 
Eadie  Archibald,  14  LouiBa  drive,  Girvan 
Eadie  George,   18  Forth  crescent,   Stirling 
Eadie  James  J.F.  Glenrinnes  lodge,  Duff- 
town  S.O.   Banffshire 
Eadie    James    L.    Beechwood,    West   New- 
port, Fifeshire 
Eadie  James  T.  Croft  lodge,  Craigie, Perth 
Eadie    John,    Aidenwood,    Merrylee    road, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Eadie    John,   5   Eglinton   street,    Saltcoats 
Eadie  John  Scott,    Scotscraig,  Paisley 
Eadie       Miss,       Broomhill,        Kilbarchan, 

Eadie  Misses,   Greville,  Giffnock,   Glasgow 
Eadie   Miss,    54   Alexander  street,    Airdrie 
Eadie   Mrs.    10  Forth  crescent,    Stirling 
Eadie   Mrs.    Kilmeny,   Mansion    House  rd. 

Eadie    Mrs.    Milnwood   villa,    Montgomery 

street,  Larkhall  S.O.   Lanarkshire 
Eadie    N.    Derwent,    Bothwell,    Glasgow 
Eadie  Peter  J.P.   Wakefield,   Glasgow  rd. 

■Eadie   William,    Cairndene,    Brownside   rd. 

Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Eadie   William,   10  Irvine  place,    Stirling 
Eager    John   B.    Drumsheugh,    Kingsmills 

road,   Inverness 
'  Eaglesham   Rev.    A.,   M.A.,   TJ.   F.  manse, 

Half-Morton,  Canobie  S.O.  Dumfriessh 
Eaglesham  Rev.  David  M.A.,  TJ.  F-manse, 

Gretna,    Carlisle 
Eaglesham    Rev.    James,    Manse,   Pitcaple 

S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Eaglesham  George,  Craig-en-Cor,  Balmoral 

drive,    Carmyle,   Glasgow 
Eaglesham    John,    Wheatfield,    Wheatfield 

road,  Ayr 
Eaglesome   Miss,   36  Holmston  road,  Ayr 
'  Easdon   G.    2   Levengrove   ter.    Dumbarton 
Eason  Rev.  J.,  M.A.  30  Bridge  end,  Duns 
Eason    Robt.    Fairfield, New   st. Auchterardr 
Eason    Walter    Forrest    M.B.    Lytham    ho. 

Stane,    Shotts    S.O.    Lanarkshire 
Easson  David,    Bay  rd.    Wormit,   Dundee 
Easson       J.        Restenneth,        Kilbarchan, 

'Easson  J.    M.    Carron  cottage,  East  New- 
port,  Fifeshire 
EasBon  J.   Roselea,   Perth  rd.   Blairgowrie 
EaBson  James,   Taylor  street,  Forfar 
Easson    Miss,    Kinnoull  cottage,    Perth 
Easson    Mrs.    30   Milnbank   road,  Dundee 
Easson  R.    Ythan  bank,    Hawkhead   road, 

East  A.   4  Wellgrove  ter.  Lochee,  Dundee 
East    Frank,    6     Oakwood    terrace,     West 

Park  road,  Dundee 
East  Fredk.  564  Holburn  street,  Aberdeen 
Eastburn  Abraham    S.    Towerville,   King's 

terrace,  Helensburgh 
Easterbrook     Alexander    Maitland      M.B. 

Arnprior,    Gorebridge  S.O.    Midlothian 
"Easterbrook    Charles    Cromhall    M.A.,M.D. 

Glengall,    Castlehill  road,    Ayr 
Easterbrook  Wm.48  Eglinton  rd.Ardrossan 
Easton     Alexander     John,     The    Orchard, 

Greenlaw    drive,   Paisley 
Easton   David,    111    Hamilton   pi. Aberdeen 
Easton   James,    Livery    street,    Bathgate 
•laston  J.  M.  2  Douglas  drive, Helensburgh 
Easton    Miss.    4  Clifford  road,    Stirling 
Easton  Mrs.    13  Bon-Accord  cres. Aberdeen 
' Easton    Mrs.    Dynamite   road,    Stevenston 

S.O.    Ayrshire' 

Easton   Mrs.    66   Stanley   street,    Aberdeen 

'Easton  Mrs.  Viewfield,  Bothwell.  Glasgow 

Easton   William,   Bridge  house,    Langholm 

Easton    Wm.    J.P.    Haypark,    Grange    ter. 

Borrowstounness  S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
F.aston  Wm.  37  Sinclair  st.  Helensburgh 
Taston  William,  Valley  view,  The  Friars, 

Teuton   Wm.   32  William  st.   Helensburgh 
Eaton   Charles,    73   Murray  ter.    Aberdeen 
Eaton  Mrs.  6  Princes   street.    Arbroath 

Eaton   William,   The    Craigs,   Castle   road, 

Cathcart,    Glasgow 
Eaton  W.  J.   Grove  ho.Tweedmouth.Brwck 
Ebden    Charles   J.    Newton   house,    Elvan 

foot,  Abington   S.O.    Lanarkshire 
Eccles  Ernest  Edwd.  Boleskine,  Invernest 
Eccles      Mrs.      9      Craigendoran      avenue 

Eccott     Walter    James,     Netherby     house, 

Lenzie,   Glasgow 
Eckford  Major  John  J.    H.  B.    The   Hope, 

North    Queensferry    S.O.    Fifeshire 
Eckford   John,    Ettrickhaugh   ho.    Selkirk 
Eckford    John,    Maxwellheugh,    Kelso 
Eckford  Mrs.  3  West  Stewartfield,Hawick 
Eckford  William,  Clifton  bank,  Downfieli 
plekbout    Mrs.     Locher    house,     Bridge    ol 

Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Edden  Capt.   Harold  W.    Clydebank,  Both- 
well,  Glasgow 
Eddie  Miss,  20  Rubislaw  terraee, Aberdeen 
Eddie    Mrs.    Russell    place,     Dollar    S.O. 

Eddie    William,    153   Hardgate,    Aberdeen 
Eddington  George,  Plaintree  cottage,  Low 

Torry,    New   mills,    Dunfermline 
Edelshein    Samuel,    30   Burns    rd.Aberdeen 
Eden    Augustus,     Eden    Holme,    Liberton 

Brae  S.O.   Midlothian 
Edgar  Rev.  J. The  Manse, Milngavie.Glsgw 
Edgar  Andrew,  Ivy  cottage,  Port  William 

S.O.  Wigtownshire 
Edgar   Archibald,    Oswie    villa,    Whithorn 

S.O.  Wigtownshire 
Edgar    George    M.B. ,    CM.    Gowan    brae, 

Bunessan,   Oban 
Edgar  Irving,  Ferguslea,   Dalbeattie  road, 

Maxwelltown,    Dumfries 
Edgar   J.,    J.P.    Ri-Cruin,    Kilmartin    S.O. 

Edgar   James,    11    Orchard   ter.   Hawick 
Edgar   Prof.    John    M.A.    8    Alexandra  pi. 

St.   Andrews 
Edgar  John,    Moor  view,    Giffnock, Glasgw 
Edgar  J.  St.  Andrews,  Bothwell,  Glasgow 
Edgar  John,  Tweedside,   Ross  av.Invernss 
Edgar  John,    Union  cottage,   Denny 
Edgar    John    0.    Beach    mount,    Cairnryan 

road,    Stranraer 
Edgar    Johnston,    Academy    road,    Moffat 
Edgar  Miss,  Ardbeg,  Brechin  rd.Kirremuir 
Edgar   Miss,    Craiglea,    High    st.Dalbeattu 
Edgar  MisB,  The  Limes,   Dalbeattie  road, 

Maxwelltown,    Dumfries 
Edgar     Mrs.     Craigneith,     Victoria     road, 

Edgar   Mrs.    Killyleoch,    Dunscore,    Auld- 

girth   S.O.   Dumfriesshire 
Edgar  Mrs.  Lochiel  pl.St.Ninians  rd. Nairn 
Edgar   R.,    J.P.    Linplum,   Garvald,    Pres- 
to nk  irk 
Edgar   Thomas,   Ashton,    Lockerbie 
Edgar  Thomas,   Greenlawn,   Newlands  rd. 

Newlands,    Glasgow 
Edgar    W.    H.    Kilmichael,    Campbeltown 
Edgar   Wm.    25  Caledonia  rd.   Saltcoats 
Edgar    William,    Monaville,    Kirkintilloch, 

Edgcombe    Fred,    Comely  bank,Dumbarton 
Edgware    Miss,    Olyde    neuk,    Uddingston, 

Edie    Rev.    William    B.D.     28    Castle    st. 

Edie  Mrs.  Kinloss,  Keir  st. Bridge  of  Allan 
Edington    Charles,    17    Montrose    gardens, 

Milngavie,   Glasgow 
Edington    Miss,     Ashfield,     Muthill     S.O. 

Edington    Miss,    Ethandune,    Dirleton    av. 

North  Berwick 
Edington   Mrs.    Redholm,   Dundonald,   Kil- 
Edlin   Rev.    A.    8a,    King   street,    Dundee 
Elminson    Charles    L.     106    Main      street, 

Spittal,   Berwick 
Edmlnson  F.    178    Main   st. Spittal, Berwick 
Edmiston      Gray,      Whitehall,      Prestwick 

S.O.    Ayrshire 
Edmiston    R.    Abbotsgrange  rd.Grangemth 
Edmond  Alex.  18  Rubislaw  ter.  Aberdeen 
Edmond   D.,    J.P.    Ballochruln,    Killearn, 

Edmond     G.     M.,    M.A.,     M.D.,     J.P.     12 

Rubislaw  terrace,   Aberdeen 
Edmond   Misses,    St.   Leonard's,   Banchory 

S.O.  Kincardineshire 
Edmond   Mrs.    31   Hosefield    av.    Aberdeen 
Edmond    William,    Crossgate    hall,    Inver- 

esk,    Musselburgh 
Edmonds    H.    Mossfleld,    Greenock    road. 

Edmonds  Miss,  Hillcrest  cottage,  Hunter's 

Quay,  Kirn  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Edmondson   Mrs.   Riddingwood,   Amisfield, 

Edmondson    Richard,    Mayfield,    Lockerbie 
Edmondson    W.    Summertown,    Lockerbie 
Edmondston  Laurence  J.P.  Buness  house, 
i    Baltasound,   Lerwick 
Edmondstone    Mrs.    Beaconsfleld,    St.    Fil- 

lans  S.O.  Perthshire 

Edmondstoune-Cranstoun  Charles  J.,  D.L., 

J.P.    Corehouse,   Lanark 
Edmonston    Chas.25   King's  gate, Aberdeen 
Edmonstone     Sir     Archibald     bart.     D.L. 

Duntreath  castle,  Blanefield,  Glasgow 
Edmonstone  Mrs.  39  Carlton  pi.  Aberdeen 
Edmunds  Rev.  Frederick  Lionel,  Parson- 
age, Monymusk,  Aberdeen 
Edney  John  Marsom,  6  Devon  ter.Berwck 
Edney  Mrs.  5  Devon  ter.Pier  rd. Berwick 
Ednie  Andrew,   3   Cargill  terrace,   Brechin 

road,  Forfar 
Ednie    Miss,    Benares,   Dysart   S.  0.   Fifesh 
Edward  Rev.    John   G.  Cairndow.Inveraray 
Edward   Alex.    Restalrig,   Cults,    Aberdeen 
Edward  Alexander,    Sanquhar  ho.   Forres 
Edward  Alexander  K.   Croft  cottage,  Bon- 
hill,    Alexandria,    Dumbartonshire 
Edward    David,    Alipore,    Skelmorlie    S.O. 

Edward  D.  T.  5  Wellington  gdns. Montrose 
Edward  Geo.  6  Wellington  gdns. Montrose 
Edward  James  A  32  Forfar  road,  Dundee 
Edward  John,  52  Mile  End  av.  Aberdeen 
Edward  Kenrick  A.  Farrington  hall,  Perth 

road,   Dundee 
Edward   Miss,   Crancil  ho.Rosehill,Montrse 
Edward    Mrs.    Daisy    cottage,     Bridge     of 

Oally,   Blairgowrie 
Edward  Mrs.    Farrington  hall,  Perth  road, 

Edward     Mrs.     3    Rosemount     house,     30 

Rosemount   place,  Aberdeen 
Edward    Mrs.    The    Croft,    Institution    rd. 

Edward    Peter   M.A.,    B.Sc.    3   Rosemount 

house,  30  Rosemount  place,  Aberdeen 
Edward  Thomas, 20  Hosefield  av.Aberdeen 
Edwards  Alex.  113  Bon-Accord  st.Aberdn 
Edwards  Alexander  J.P.  Shuttlefield, New- 
burgh,  Fifeshire 
Edwards  Alfd.  W.  166  Forest  av.Aberdeen 
Edwards  David,  53  Queen's  road,  Aberdn 
Edwards  Geo.  8  Carron  ter.  Stonehaven 
Edwards  George,  3  Woodthorpe  buildings, 

Clepington   road,    Dundee 
Edwards    Henry,    Beechill,    Craigiebuckler 

road,   Mannofield,   Aberdeen 
Edwards  J.    Belvideer,   Avon   st.Motherwll 
Edwards  Joseph,  Kilspindy,  Whitehall  rd. 

Bearsden,   Glasgow 
Edwards   Miss,  Craigdhu,Argyll  st. Brechin 
Edwards  Mrs.  Bungalow,  Green  lane,  Car- 
noustie   S.  0.   Forfarshire 
Edwards    Mrs.    Cathays    cottage,    Bonhill 

road,  Dumbarton 
Edwards  Mrs.   3  Hillend  road,  Arbroath 
Edwards  R.   G.   32  St.Swithin  st. Aberdeen 
Edwards     Thomas,      Kingston,     Hunter's 

quay,   Kirn  S.O.   Argyllshire 
Edwards  William,  490  King  st.  Aberdeen 
Edwards  Wm.   G.  510  King  st.  Aberdeen 
Edwin  David,   Victoria  ter.    Dunfermline 
Egerton  Mrs.  The  Cottage,  Navidale,  Kil- 

donan  S.O.  Sutherlandshire 
Eggeling     William     M.A.     Comely    bank, 

Henderson  street,  Bridge  of  Allan 
Eggo    George    A.     4    Aberlemno     terrace, 

Perth   road,   Dundee,  Forfarshire 
Eglesome    Thomas,    Ravencraig,    Kirk    st. 

Eglinton  &  Winton  The  Rt.  Hon.  the  Earl 

of,   Eglinton   castle,    Irvine;    &  Carlton 

club,   London  S  W 
Eglinton  James,   Victoria    house,   Victoria 

place,  Airlrie,  Lanarkshire 
Eglinton  Miss,  16  Anderson  st.  Airdrie 
Eglinton  Robert,  Monkland  villa,   Airdrie 
Eglinton  Thomas,  Victoria  house,  Victoria 

place,  Airdrie 
Elder  Kev.  H.,  M.A.  Forman  United  Free 

Church  manse,  Leven 
Elder   Rev.  Hugh,    Alexander  ter.   Forres 
Elder   Rev.  John,   Baptist   manse,    Scarfs- 

kerry,  Thurso 
Elder  Rev.  Neil  M.A.  Tealing,   Dundee 
Elder  Adam,  1  Highholm  st.  Pt.  Glasgow 
Elder  D.  L.  Tweed  bank,  Coldstream 
Elder  D.  Ingledene,  Blackness  av.  Dundee 
Elder  D.  The  Anchorage,  Bothwell, Glasgw 
Elder    George,    Craigmarlock,    Kilmacolm 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Elder  Geo.  Dalhousie  st.Monifieth,  Dundee 
EMer  H.  Walmer  house,  East  Port  street, 

Elder  J.  48  Main  st.  Tweedmouth, Berwick 
Elder  J.Maryville,  Edinburgh  rd.Haddngtn 
Elder  James,  52  Dee  street,   Aberdeen 
Elder  James,   1   Gordon  street,  Elgin 
Elder  James,  13  King's  crescent,Aberdeen 
Elder  James,  Riddinglaw,  Gogar,  Corstor- 

phine   S.O.   Midlothian 
Elder   James,   Roselea   cottage,  Leven 
Elder  James  S.  Fenwick,   Kilmarnock 
Elder  J.  29  Mains  loan,  Maryfield,  Dundee 
Elder  Joseph   Shaw,   Inaville  house,  Dal- 
beattie road,  Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Elder  Miss,  Glenord,  East  road,  Cupar 


EWE        1491 

Elder    Mrs.     Keith     bank,     Inverkeithing 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Elder  Mrs.  12  Marine  place,  Rothesay 
Elder  R.  Etderslie,  Serpentine  rd.Rohhesay 
Elder  Thomas  S.  6c,  Low  greens,  Berwick 
Elder   Walter,    Hawthorndene,    Strathaven 

S.O.   Lanarkshire 
Elder  William,  64  Casfclegate,  Berwick 
Elder  Wm.  Daisybank,   Monikie,   Dunde 
Elder  William  M.B.  Linda  villa,  Annan 
Elder    William,     The    Priory,    Strathaven 

S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Elder     William,      St.     Margaret's,     North 

Queensferry  S.O.   Fifeshire 
Elder  Wm.   Todd,  Backdamgate,  Hawick 
Elderton     Ronald     E.     Culverdon,    Upper 

Sutherland  crescent,   Helensburgh 
Eldrid    Henry,    Oaklea,     Kilcreggan    S  0 

Eisner    George    A.    71    Earlspurk   avenue, 

Newlands,   Glasgow 
Eley  Henry,    Shire    end,    Arngask,    Glen- 

farg  S.O.  Perthshire 
Elgar  Rev.  Henry,  Priory  park,  Barrhead 

F  Sf„D  1 1S#:  D-  J?  Tt""»*™  St.  Aberdeen 
■Wgin  &  Kincardine  The  Right  Hon.  the 
Earl  of  E.G.,  G.C.S.I.,  GCIE  PC 
D.C.L.  (lord  lieut.  of  Fifeshire),  Broom 
hall,  Dunfermline  &  Dunphail  S  0 
Morayshire;  &  29  Hyde  Park  gate  S  W 
&  Travellers  &  Brooks's  clubs,  London 
n    James,    Maryville,    Montague    row 


Darn     hall, 

Elgin  John  P.  51  Church  st 
Elgood      William     Alsager 

Farington   street,   Dundee 
ELibank     Lord     D.L.,     J  p 

Eddleston   S.O.   Peeblesshire    &   Elibanl 

C^w\Spelkirik(;  •*  Vnited  Service  club 
*  w  C°°st"Utl0nal  club  W  C,  London 
&  New  &  Conservative  clubs,  Edinburgh 
Ellday  George,  Gilmour  bank,  Seafield  rd 
Broughay  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 

F  ?£  ^?bertV  9  CumminS  street,  Nairn 
EUice    Mrs.    Invergarry  house,   Invergarry 

S.O.    Inverness-shire 
Ellieock  Joseph,  Wood  End  house,  Queen's 

Rev.      Francis,      Kerse 

road,   Aberdeen 

lane,  Falkirk 
Elliot     Hon     Hugh    Fredk.     Hislop    D  L 
ml  :  &°?  Corwar)>   Barrhill   S.O.   Ayrsh' 
E  hot  Col.    W.  S.  Teviot  lodge,   Hawick 
E  hot  Maj.  E.  Wolflee,  Southdean    Hawick 
E  hot  A.   Woodlands,  Heathpark,  Selkirk 
E  hot  Henry,  1  Castle  terrace,  Berwick 
Elliot  Henry,  Heidelberg,  Woodland  cres- 
cent, Falkirk 
Elliot  J.  East  Cruicksfield,   Bunkle,   Duns 
Elliot  James,  Flex,  Hawick 
Elliot   James,    Mosstower,    iickiord,    Rot- 
burgh  S.O.  Roxburghshire 
Elliot  James  M.   Westwater,   Langholm 
E.liot     Miss,     Queen's     cottage,      Ardna- 

murchan,  Oban 
Elliot   Mrs.    Dorneygills,    Old    Edinburgh 

road,  Inverness 
Elliot  Mrs.  Scar  end,   Robertou,  Hawick 
Elliot  Mrs.  John,   S  North  terrace,  North 

road,  Berwick 
Elliot  R.89a,  Main  st.Tweedmouth,Berwick 
Elliot  Robert,  The  Hermitage,  Newcastle 

ton  S.O.  Roxburghshire 
Elliot  Robert,  Woodlands,   Hawick 
Elliot    Robert    Henry    D.L.,    J.P.    Clifton 

park,  Linton,  Kelso 
Elliot  Samuel  M.D.   13  Sinclair  ter.  Wick 
Elliot  T.  Atton  burn,  Morebattle,  Kelso 
Elliot  W.  Muirg'.en,  Hyndford  rd.  Lanark 
Elliot  W.   C.,J.P.Harwood,Hobkirk,Hawick 
Elliot    William,    Kirndean,     Newcastleton 

8.0.   Roxburghshire 
Elliot  W.    Tweedvale,   Gattonside,  Melrose 
Elliot  Wm.  Robt.  26  Ness  bank,  Invernes 
Elliot  Wm.   S.   Arkleton,  Ewes,  Langholm 
Elliot-Lockhart  Miss,  Newton  house,  New- 
ton, Glasgow 
Elliott  A.  Coupar  Angus  rd.Lochee, Dundee 
Elliott  A.    McK.    Auchnacree, Campbeltown 
Elliott    G.    W.     Sonachan    house,    Cladich 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Elliott  James,  Hendersyde,  St.   Margaret's 

road,  North  Berwick 
Elliott     John,      Pinnacle,     Ancrum     S.O. 

Elliott    Mat.hew,     Dorneygills,    Old    Edin- 
burgh  road,  Inverness 
Elliott  Miss,  45  Ravensdowne,  Berwick 
Elliott  Misses,  Abbey  view,  Dirleton  aven. 

North  Berwick 
Elliott  Mrs.  Aroslea,  Pitkerro  rd.  Dundee 
Elliott  Mrs.  WeirhiU  house,  Melrose 
Elliott  T.  Fildon  cot.  Dunlop  S.O.  Avrsh 
Elliott  Walter,  2  Bowmont  villas,  Dunbar 
Elliott  William,  41  Argvle  road,  Saltcoats 
Elliott  William,  The  Cedars,  Lockerbie 
road,   Dumfries 

Elliott-Lockhart  William  D.L.,   J.P.  Oleg-   Erskine    Henry    D.,    C.V.O.,    D.L.,     J.P. 

horn    house,    Cleghorn,  Lanark  Cardross,  Port  of  Monteith  Station   S.o! 

Ellis    Capt.    Alexander,     The     Anohorage,       Stirlingshire 

Main  road,  Fortrose  S.O.  Ross-shire  Erskine  J.  Castle  ter.  Tayport  S.O.  Fifesh 

Ellis     Right     Rev.    Rowland    D.D.    (Lord  Erskine  John,   Inveraray 

Bishop  of  Aberdeen  &  Orkney),  Bishop's  Erskine  John,  43  Mt.    Stuart  rd.  Rothesay 

court,   29  Albyn  place,    Aberdeen  Erskine    Miss,   Allangrove,    Henderson  st. 

Ellis    Rev.    Thomas,    Grantown-on-Spey       i     Bridge  Qf  Allan,  Stirlingshire 
Ellis  A.  The  Firs,  Torphins  S.O.Aberdnsh  Erskine   Mrs.   The  Priory,   Melrose 
Ellis    Alexander,   Crannoch,    Camphill    rd.  Erskine  R.  Glenholm,  St.Mungo.Lockerbie 

Eroughty  Ferry  S.O.    Forfarshire  Erskine  Ralph,   Coal  road,  Dunfermline 

Ellis  Alex.  66  Springbank  ter.  Aberdeen  ;  Erskine  William,  36  Learmouth  st. Falkirk 
Ellis  C.  Almorah  vil.  Milngavie,  Glasgow  Erskine  W.  May  bank,  Laurieston,  Falkirk 
Ellis  Charles,  Dalgrange,  Brownside  aven.  Erskine  William,  Park  aven.  Dunfermline 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow  Erskine  W.  J.  Eastcote.Bieldside.Aberdeen 

Ellis  J.  Cora  Linn,  South  Park  rd.Hamiltn  Erskine-Wemyss  Randolph  Gordon  D.L., 
Ellis  J.  Allanton  cot.  Uddingston,  Glasgwj      Jp-  Wemyss  castle,  West  Wemyss,  East 

Ellis  James,    Highland   Esk  "cottage, 
side,  Montrose 


Wemyss  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Esdaile   Mrs.  Rescobie,  West  road,  Elgin 

Ellis  J.  A.  Belleville,  Ardgay,  Kincardine  Esher   Viscount   G.C.V.O.,   K.C.B.'  Roman 



Ellis  James  C.  Broom  bank,  Camphill 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.    Forfarshire 
Ellis  Jn.  26  Pitcullen  ter.  Bridgend, Perth 
Ellis  Jn.  60  Rubislaw  Den  sth.  Aberdeen 
Ellis  Misses,  Chalton  lodge 

Bridge  of  Allan 
Ellis    Mrs.    Briar    bank,    Camphill 

Broughty    Ferry    S.O.    Forfarshire 
Ellis  0.   H.   Rowan  bank.Gill'nock, Glasgow 
Ellis  Richard,  Rosemouut  road,  Arbroath 
Ellis     T.      Todhillwood,      Canonbie     S.O. 

Ellison  Francis  B.  Braglesbeg,  Kilmelford 

S.O.   Argyllshire 
Ellison  R.  Sweethope,  Uddingston,  G'.asgw 
Ellison  Samuel,  Garth,  Barnhih,   Perth 
Ellison  William,   ~ 

amp,   Callander  S.O.    Perthshire;    &    2 
Tilney  street  &  Turf  club  W  &  Brooks's 
&  Marlborough  clubs  S  W,  London 
Eskdale   Miss,  Eldon,  Moffat  rd.  Dumfries 
Chalton  road,  Espie  Andrew  T.   Ardlui,  Holmhead  road, 
Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Esplin  Jas.    96   Strathmartine  id.  Dundee 
Esplin  T.   110  Bo'ness  road,  Grangemouth 
Esplin     William    Kinnear    J.P.     Leysmill, 

Friockheim  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Esslemont     George    Biruio     M.P. 
acre,  16  King's  gate,  Aberdeen 
Esslemont  James,  25  Forest  rd.  Aberdeen 
Esslemont  Jn.  E.    Fairford,   Cults,  Aberdn 
Esslemont  Peter,  2  Affleck  st.  Aberdeen 
Esslemont   William   Davidson    M.A.,    B.L 
12  Wellbrae  ter.  Mannofield,   Aberdeen 


,  Craigville,  Barnhill.Perth  „ 
Elhster  C.  3  Comelv  Park  pl.Dunfermline  Esson  Alfred,  16  Burns  road,  Aberdeen 
Elmour    Rev.     John,     The    Park,     Toward  Esson  George,  47  Victoria   st.   Aberdeen 

Point   S.O.   Argyllshire  ]  Esson    George   A.    Lymphoy,    Currie   S.O 

Elmslie  D.   D.  6   Sea  View  pi.   Aberdeen  I      Midlothian 

Elmslie  George,   44  Nelson  st.   Aberdeen  i  Esson  G-  S.,  M.A.  337  Holburn  st.Aberdn 
Elmslie  Miss,  Willow  bank,  Old  Meldrum    Esson  James,  20  Elm  place,  Aberdeen 

Esson  James   Gordon,  St.   Medan's  house, 

Fintray,   Hatton  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Esson  Mrs.  44  Irvine  place,   Aberdeen 
Esson   Mrs.  9   Strawberry  bank,  Aberdeen 
Esson  Robert,  St.   Medan's  house,  Fintray, 
Hatton  S.O.   Aberdeenshire 

L.  443  Union  st.Aberdn  S8S0D  T'  Si'  J'P-  windygates,Nth.Berwick 
Ettershank  Edward,  St.  Elmo, 


Elphinstone  Lord,  Oarberry  tower,  Inver- 
esk,  Musselburgh;  &  Carlton  &  Marl- 
borough clubs,  London  S  W 

Elphinstone  Capt.  Hon.  Edward  Charles 
Buller-,  Inveresk  lo.Inveresk.Musselbrgh 

Elphinstone  Jsph,   T 

Elphinstone  R.  28  Loanhead  ter.Aberdeen 
Elrick  Alexander,  29  Watson  st.  Aberdeen 
E.rick  John,  41   Fountainhall  rd. Aberdeen 
Elrick  William,  S3  Irvine  place,  Aberdeen 
Eirington  Rev.   Charles  A.,  B.A.  Penicuik 
Elsmie  Jas.  5  Bon-Accord  cres.  Aberdeen 
Elston   Thomas,    Strathmore   rd.  Hamilton 
Elsworth  Geo.  41  Lomond  st.  Helensburgh 
Elton   William  E.   Kilncroft,   Langholm 
Ely  Frederic  Mus.Bac.  21  Barns  st.   Ayr 
E.y  George  Herbert,  9  Bellevue  rd.  Ayr 
Emery  Alexander,  The  Neuk,  Langside  rd. 

Newlands,   Glasgow 
Emery    Robert,    Glebe  Dykes   rd.    Galston 

S.O.   Ayrshire 
Emmott  Rev.   Amos,55  Queen  st. Peterhead 
Emslie  Alex.  51  Braemar  place,  Aberdeen 
Emslie  Alex.  12  E:     ' 

-,  Mauchline 
Euman  Andrew,  Horsburgh  terrace,  Inver- 

leithen  S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Euman    Charles,     St.     Serfs,    Innerleithen 

S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Eunson  Wm.  6  Strawberry  bank,  Aberdeen 
Evans  Major  James  Llewellyn  J.P.  Holy- 
lee,    Inverleit'hen    S.O.    Peeblesshire 
Evans  Rev.  F.  R.  Francis  st.  Stornoway 
Evans  Rev.  William  J.  8  Manor  crescent, 

Gourock  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Evans  Misses,  32  Balhousie  street,  Perth 
Evans      Mrs.     Braeside,     Loanhead     S.O. 

Evans     Rufus     Easson    M.D.     Northfield, 

Newcastleton    S.O.    Roxburghshire 
Evans  W.  7  Court  hill,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Evanson  Mrs.  B.  21  Linkfleld,  Musselbrgh 


— selmont  aven.Aberdeen  „ 
Emslie  A.  G.  459  Gt. Western  rd.Aberdeen  ETerord    Harry    Stirling    Crawfurd 
Emslie  Benjamin,   18  Burns  rd.  Aberdeen  !      More,    Rathelpie,  St.    Andrews 
Emslie  Gordon,  Albany  street,  Lerwick       i  Everett    P.     H.    Westwood,    Reston    S.G. 
Emslie  H.  A.  1  Braemar  place,  Aberdeen       Berwickshire 

Emslie  John,  61  Beeehgrove  ter.  Aberdeen  Ev"y  H.  St.  Andrew's  lodge,  TJdding- 
Emslie  Miss,  44  Forest  avenue,   Aberdeen       ston,  Glasgow 

Emslie  Mrs.  Bath  vil.Princes  st.Ardrossan  Evinson  Jas.  Lewis,  26  Gray  st.  Aberdeen 
Emslie  Mrs.  96  Fountainhall  rd.  Aberdeen  Ew™  Rev.  James  B.D.  Dunino,  Stravithie 
Emslie-Smith     Alex.     Summerhill     house,'      s-0.  Fifeshire 

Stocket,  Aberdeen  Ewan  Mrs.  Jessiman  terrace,   Forthill  rd. 

Endacott  Edward,  8  Belmont  st.  Aberdeen 
Endesman   William   H.    Hohenbaden,    Kil- 

maco'.m  S.O.    Renfrewshire 
England  George,   18  Garden  pi.  Aberdeen 
England  Richard,9  ForeBt  Park  rd. Dundee 

Broughty   Ferry   S.O.   Forfarshire 
Ewan    Robert    J.P.    Marylea,     Mansebrae, 

Cathcart,   Glasgow 
Ewart  Charles,  The  Quay,  Eyemouth  S.tft. 


English  J. 18  Howard  Park  dri. Kilmarnock  Ewart  Charles   H.   Millbush,   Dalbeattie 

English    Robert,     Scatwell,    Muir   of    Ord  Ewart  E..M.D.   Gullane   S.O.Haddingtonsh 

S.O.  Ross-shire  Ewart  Gavin,  54  Church  st.   Coatbridge 

Erridge  Edwd.  49  Waverley  pi.  Aberdeen  Ewart    Prof.    James  Cossar    M.D.,  F.R.S., 
Erroll   Earl   of    K.T.,    C.B.,    LL.D.,    D.L.       F.Z.S.    Duddingston  house,  Duddingston, 
Slains  castle,  Port  Erroll  S.O.  Aberdeen-      Portobello  S.O.   Midlothian 

shire;   &  20  Buckingham  gate, London  W  Ewart  Miss,  Enrick,  Cassalande,  Maxwe\ 
Erskine    Admiral    of   the   Fleet  Sir  James       town,   Dumfriesshire 

K.C.B.,    D.L.,    J.P.   Venlaw,   Ewart  Mrs.  14  St.  John's  road,  Annan 

Ewart  William,    Oakville,    Sanquhar  S.O. 

Ewen   Rev.   William  M.A.    93   Bon-Accord 
street,  Aberdeen 
Broxburn  Ewen  Edward,  26  Buccleuch  st.  Dumfries 
Ewen  James  W.   43  Thomson  st.Aberdeea 

E.,    R.N 

Erskine    Sir  ffnlliott  Williams   bart.    D.L., 

J.P.  Cambo  ho.  Kingsbarns  S.O.  Fifesh 
Erskine  Capt.  Chas. J.P.  Friar's  hall, Melrose 
Erskine    Rev.     Robert,    Manse, 

S.O.  Linlithgowshire 

Erskine  Alex. 91  Dundonald  rd. Kilmarnock  Ewen  John  S.,  M.A.  The  Square,  CulU  i 
Erskine    Andrew,    Nethercommon   cottage,  I      S.O.    Banffshire 

Inchinnan  road,  Paisley  ,  Ewen  John  T.   104  King's  gate,  Aberdeen 

Erskine    David,    DougaJl    street,     Tayport,  Ewen  Miss,  204  Gt.  Western  rd.  Aberdeen 

S.O.  Fifeshire  Ewen  Miss, Mill  Bank  ho. Victoria  st. Forfar 

Erskine       David       Erskine,       Linlathen,  Ewen  Miss,  1  St.  Ninian's  square, Brechin 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire  I  Bwen  Miss,  Woodbank,   Largs  S.O.  Ayrsh 

Erskine     Harry    T.     Grangemuir,    Pitten-!  Ewen  P.  Craigielea,  Bothwell.  Glasgow 

weem  S.O.   Fifeshire  !  Ewen  Robert,  13  Balfour  street,  Dundee 

SCOT.       94* 

1492     ewe 


Ewen  Tom,  Rossie  Island,  Montrose 
Ewen  "William,   Laurel  bank,  Aboyne  S.O. 

Ewin  Mrs.  Mount  Stuart  road,   Rothesay 
Ewing  Colonel  John  Stroquhan.  Dunscore, 

Auldgirth   S.O.    Dumfriesshire 
Ewing  Lieut. -Col.    Hugh    J.P.    Ayr    Bank 

cottage,  Catriue  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Ewing  Alastere   J.   West  Nisbet,    Ancrum 

S.O.   Roxburghshire 
Ewing  Alexander,    Alolurth,    Bowfield    rd. 

West  Kilbride   S.O.    Ayrshire 
Ewing  Alex.  G  Castle   terrace,   Esplanade, 

Broughty   Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Ewing   Francis   George,  Forth   vale,   Cam- 
bus   S.O.  Clackmannanshire 
Ewing  G.  T.  Pitkellony,  Muthill,  Perthsh 
Ewing  H.L.Finglen,  Campsie  Glen,Glasgw 
Ewing  James  M.D.  14  Park  place,  Lanark 
Ewing  James,    Struan,  Cults,   Aberdeen 
Ewing  J.  Afton  cots.  Bonhill  rd.Dumbrtn 
Ewing  John,  Millbrae,  Corsock,  Dalbeattie 
Ewing  Miss,    Claremont  ville,   Craigie   rd. 

Ewing   Miss,   Woodlands    terrace.    White- 
hills,   Forfar 
Ewing  Mrs. Allan  bank,Rankine  st. Dundee 
Ewing   Mrs.  Annieslea,  Perth  road,  Crieff 
Ewing    Mrs.    3    Dalhousie    terrace,    Perth 

road,  Dundee 
Ewing  Mrs.  24  Hawkhill,  Ayr 
Ewing  Mrs.  Kilohattan  Bay,  Rothesay 
Ewing  Mrs.  7  Levengrove  ter.  Dumbarton 
Ewing  Mrs.   99  Magdalen  green,  Dundee 
Ewing  P.  The  Frond,  Uddingston, Glasgow 
Ewing  Robert,  Burnbrae,  Craigie,  Perth 
Ewing    Robert    L.    Devon    grove,     DolLar 

S.O.  Clackmannanshire 
Ewing     William,     Knockneir,     Shankland 

road,  Greenock 
Ewing   William,    Maryheld  cottage,    Durn 

road,  Portsoy  S.O.  Banffshire 
Ewing  William,   16  Faton  street,   Alloa 
Ewing  William   S.   1   Oxford  terrace,    Ox- 
ford street,   Renfrew  S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Exner    August    Hy.    Eltham,  Ledoameroch 

road,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Eyre  Lady  Alice  Mary,  Dundhu,  Aberfoyle 

S-O.  Perthshire 
Eyre-Brook  Rev.  Canon  Alfd.  B.D.  (Cathe- 
dral),Ardkeen  tower,Culduthel  rd.Invrnss 
Failey  James,  10  Peddie  street,  Dundee 
Fair  Jn.  12  Shamrock  st.Maryfield,Dundee 
Fairbairn    Rev.    Robert   T.,    M.A.    Manse- 
field,  Leslie  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Fairbairn  James,   Dunraven,   Balerno  S.O. 

Fairbairn  Jn.  Jas.  The  Fens,  St.  Boswells, 
Newtown  St.  Boswells  S.O.  Roxburghsh 
Fairbairn  Miss,  Burnshot,  St.  Boswells, 
Newtown  St.  Boswells  S.O.  Roxburghsh 
Fairbairn  Mrs.  Mt.  Fair,  Swinton,  Duns 
Fairbairn  Mrs.  Victoria  lo.Gavington,Duns 
Fairbairn  William,  3  Royal  ter.Linlithgow 
Fairburn  James,  11  Crossland  cres. Peebles 
Fairburn    Miss,    Drumilling    house,    West 

Kilbride  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Fairburn  Thomas,  Dingleside,  Melrose 
Fairfax  Norman  Pigott,  Lily  bank,  Inner- 
leithen S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Fairgreive  Mrs.   Glen  view,   Colinton  S.O. 

Fairgrieve  Andrew,  Maplehurst,  Galashiels 
Fairgrieve  Henry,    High   st.  Coldstream 
Fairgrieve  T.jun.  Rowantree  butts.Galashls 
Fairgrieve  Tho3.  Bridge  house,  Galashiels 
Fairgrieve  William,  Elmwood  ho.   Melrose 
Fairhurst  T.  Borness.Borgue.Kirkcudbright 
Fairlee  Rev.  Jn.  340  Clifton  rd.  Aberdeen 
Fairley  Rev.  John,  The  Manse,  Larbert 
Fairley  Geo.  T.  '28  Addison  pi.  Arbroath 
Fairley    John,    Avon    hall,    Bo'neBS    road, 

Fairley  John,  Lyme  house,  Langholm 
Fairley  Miss,  Deanston, Miller  st.Hamilton 
Fairley    Mrs.    Meadowhead,    West    Calder 

S.O.   Midlothian 
Fairley  P.  4  Athole  ter.  Forfar  rd.  Dundee 
Fairley  W.  Forth  ho.18  New  st.Musselbrgh 
Fairlie  Col. J.  Rosebank,  Monument  rd.Ayr 
Fairlie   Rev.   Henry  A.  The  Manse,  Kirk- 

michael,   Maybole 
Fairlie  Rev.  John  Kirkwood,  Manse,  Fen- 
wick,  Kilmarnock 
Fairlie  Archibald  M.  Endrickdale,  Meikle- 

riggs,  Paisley 
Fairlie  David,   Kirkton,  Monikie,  Dundee 
Fairlie  James,  Watling  lo.Camelon, Falkirk 
Fairlie     James     Ogilvy    Reginald,     Myers 

castle,  Auchtermuchty  S.O.    Fifeshire 
Fairlie  John  Alexander,  Barnton  gardens, 

Davidson'3  Mains  S.O.  Midlothian 
Fairlie  John  C.   Arnot  Hill  house,   Arnot 

hill,   Falkirk 
Fairlie     James     Kaye     J.P.     Craigybarns 

Milnjfavie,    Glasgow 
Fairlie  Miss,  Canmore  street,  Dunfermline 
Fairlie  Misses,  Sweethope,  Glenburn  road, 

Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Fairlie  Mrs.  Ashlea,   Bearsden,   Glasgow 

Fairlie  Mrs.  Holmes,  Hurford  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Fairlie  Mrs.  Mossgiel,  Larbert 
Fairlie  Reginald,  1  South  st.  St.  Andrews 
Fairlie  Robt.  P.  32  Ardgowan  st.  Greenocs 
Fairlie  Thos.G.K.  21  Wallace  st.Kilmarnck 
Fairlie  Walter  S.  The  Kirnan,  The  Scores, 

St.  Andrews 

Fairman  F.  6  Belmont  dri.  Giffnock.Glsgw 

Fairweather  Rev.  William  M.A.  Dunnikier 

U.  F.  manse,  Townsend  cres,  Kirkcaldy 

Fairweather  Rev.   William,   Old  Montrose, 

Marytown,  Montrose 
Fairweather   Charles    L.    15    High    street. 

East  Newport,  Fifeshire 
Fairweather  David,  "Viewfield  rd.  Arbroath 
Fairweather  George,  Caiinie  cottage,Wood- 

haven,   Wormit,  Dundee 
Fairweather  J. Athole  vil. Forfar  rd. Dundee 
Fairweather    James,    15    Douglas    terrace, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarihlre 
Fairweather   James,    15    Norwood   terrace, 

East  Newport,  Fifeshire 
Fairweather    James    Y.    Pitheavlis    bank, 

Glasgow  road,   Perth 
Fairweather  John  R.  7G  Gray  st.  Aberdeen 
Fairweather   John    S.    The    Elms,    Meigle 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Fairweather    Miss,     1     Rockfield     terrace, 

Rockfield  street,  Dundee 
Fairweather  Mrs.  19  Blackness  av.  Dundee 
Fairweather   Mrs.  Gladstone  cottage,   For- 
far road,  Dundee 
Fairweather    Mrs.    Hawthorn    bank,    Mill- 
gate  Loan,  Arbroath 
Fairweather  Mrs. 11  SouthGrown  st.Aberdn 
Fairweather  Mrs.   Wellpark  terrace,   West 

Newport,  Fifeshire 
Fairweather  Robt.  1G  Horsefield  av.Aberdn 
Fairweather  Samuel,  Hawthorn  bank,  Mill- 
gate  Loan,  Arbroath 
Fairweather     Sylvester    D.,     M.A.,     M.B. 

Foveran,  Aberdeen 
Fairweather  William,   Altona  lodge,  Rock- 
field crescent,  Dundee 
Fairweather  William  G.  7  St.  Phillan's  pi. 

East  Newport,  Fifeshire 
Faithfull   Mrs.Maycoft.LibertonS.O.Midlthn 
Falconer  Rev.  John,  Ettrick,  Selkirk 
Falconer  Rev.  John  E.,  M.A.  United  Free 
Church     manse,     Hardgate,     Kilpatrick, 
Falconer  A.  Meadows,  Swinton,  Glasgow 
Falconer    Alexander,     Craigroy,    Kingussie 

S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Falconer  Alex.21Hill  st.PortsoyS.O.Banffsh 
Falconer  Alex.  Union  Bank,  Blair  Atholl 
Falconer    Alexander    Cannich,    Kilmorack, 

Beauly  S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Falconer  Alexander   W.  Glendoune,  Perci- 

val  road,  Inverness 
Falconer   Charles  M.    Falconhurst   terrace, 

Hyndford  street,  Perth  road,  Dundee 
Falconer  David,  22  Sunnybank  pi.  Aberdn 
Falconer  George,  15  "Victoria  st.  Aberdeen 
Falconer  Harvey,  14  Albert  st.   Aberdeen 
Falconer  James,  Ardblair,  Fort  William 
Falconer  James,  Brinkburn,  Dalhousie  st. 

Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Falconer  James,   142   Nethergate,  Dundee, 

Falconer  Jas.  B.  Hillpark,E.Newprt.Fifesh 
Falconer  Jas.  G.  Cloves,  Cults,   Aberdeen 
Falconer    John,    The    Rockeries,    Cameron 

street,   Stonehaven 
Falconer  Jn.T.13Abbey  rd.Eskbank.Dalkth 
Falconer  Lake,  James  street,   Blairgowrie 
Falconer   Lake    R.    Bank  house,    Union    st. 

Coupar-Angus  S.O.   Perthshire 
Falconer  Miss,  Falcon  cottage,   Croy,  Gol- 

lanfield,  Inverness-shire 
Falconer  Miss,  St.  Ann's,  Lasswade 
Falconer  Miss,  Sobraon,  Dollar  S.O.  Clack- 
Falconer   Misses,   560  King  st.    Aberdeen 
Falconer  Mrs.  74  Abergeldie  rd.  Aberdeen 
Falconer  Mrs.  239  Gt.  Western  rd.   Aberdn 
Falconer   Mrs.    70  High   street,   Nairn 
Falconer   Mrs.    10   James   place,   Broughty 

Ferry   S.O.  Forfarshire 
Falconer  Mrs.  57  South  Guildry  Bt.  Elgin 
Falconer  Mrs.  51  Thomson  st.  Aberdeen 
Falconer     Mrs.     View     park,     Clarkston, 

Busby,  Glasgow 
Falconer  Mrs.   14  Waverley  road,  Nairn 
Falconer  Robt.  Perrie  st.  Lochee,  Dundee 
Falconer  Wm.  44  Belgrave  ter.  Aberdeen 
Falconer    William,    Fala-dam,    Blackshiels 

S.O.   Midlothian 
Falconer    William,     Glenshee    villa,    Dal- 
housie street,  Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarsh 
Falconer   William,    St.    Margaret's    house, 

Dufftown  S.O.   Banffshire 
Falconer  William  Keay.  Kinross 
Fane   Admiral  Sir  Charles  George  K.O.B. 

Balnacoil,   Aboyne  S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Farfor  Alex.   12  Queen's  av.   Oraigie.Perth 
Fane  Allan  Jn.  C,  J.P.  Baronald,  Lanark 
Farie  Mrs.  Baronald,  Lanark 
Farie   Mrs.    Strathallan  house,    Henderson 

street.   Bridge  of  Allan 
Farish  Samuel  Thomas,  The  Elms,  Annan 

Farish     William     Robert     J.P.     Amisfieldi 

tower,  Amisfield, 'Dumfries 
Farley  Mis.   Kingarth,   Perth  road,   Crieff 
Farley  T.  9  Pitcullen  ter.   Bridgend,  Perth- 
Farmer  J.  Smith,  8ti  Bonnygate,  Cupar 
Farmer  John  J.    St.   Brycedale,  Linkfield,. 

Farmer  Miss,  Kingsmuir,  Forfar 
Farmer    Mrs.    Rowallan    cottage,    Colinton 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Farmer  Robert,   Kingask,   St.  Andrews 
Furnell  Alfd.  C-E.  Viewfield,  Lenzie,Glsgw 
Famhill  Rev.  Herbert  B.  Belle  vue, Church. 

street,   Siuclairtown,  Kirkcaldy 
Farqhuarsou  Chas.  56  Clifton  rd.  Aberdeen 
Farqhuarson     Thomas     B.     Abbey     house,. 

Queen  st.  Coupar-Angus  S.O.  Perthshire 
Farquhar    Lord     G.C.V.O.    Geldie    lodge, 

Ballater    S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Farquhar   Admiral   Sir  Arth.  K.C.B.,D.L.^ 

J.P.    Drumnagask    house,    Aboyne    S.O. 

Farquhar    Sir    Thomas    Henry    bart.    ,,  .P. 

Gilminscroft,   Sorn,  Mauchline 
Farquhar  Rear-Admiral  Arthur,   Granville 

lodge,  Aboyne  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Farquhar  Rev.  Canon  George  T.    S.,  M.A. 

1   Balhousie  bank,   Perth 
Farquhar    Rev.    Henry    M.A.,    B.D.    West 

Parish  manse,  Dalkeith 
Farquhar  Rev.  James  Taylor  Floyd  M.A., 

B.D.   21G  Great  Western  road,  Aberdeen 
Farquhar  Rev.  William,  Queensferry 
Farquhar  Arthur,  327  Holburn  st.  Aberdn 
Farquhar     Charles,     Craiglarach,     Aboyne 

S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Faiquhar   Geo.    112  Queen's  rd.   Aberdeen 
Farquhar  Geo.  J.P.  66  Union  row,  Aberdn 
Farquhar  J.  T.  216  Gt.  Western  rd.Aberdn 
Farquhar  Jn.  74  Gratton  pi.  Fraserburgh. 
Faiquhar  John,  Wood  park,  Polmont  S.O. 

Farquhar  John  N.  Linncott,  Cults,  Aberdn 
Faiquhar   Miss,    14  West  Montrose   street,. 

Farquhar   Mrs.  40   Addison   pi.    Arbroath 
Farquhar  Mrs.  40  Braemar  pi.  Aberdeen 
Farquhar  Mrs.  261  Gt.  Western  rd.Aberdn 
Farquhar  Mrs.  23  Powis  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Farquhar   Mrs.    (of    Pitscandly),  Rescobie, 

Farquhar  Robt.  295  Rroomhill  rd. Aberdeen 
Farquhar  W.A.G.152  Gt.Western  rd.Abrdn 
Farquhar    William,    Market    ter.    Strichen 

S.O.    Aberdeenshire 
Farquhar   William,    St.    Malo,    Kilmacolm 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Farquhar    William   Taylor   J.P.    Clocktow, 

Rescobie,  Forfar 
Farquharson  Rt.  Hon.  Robert  M.D.,  D.L., 

J.P.  Finzean  bo.   Aboyne  S.O.  Aberdneh 
Farquharson  Maj.  James,  Corrochree,  Tar- 
land,  Aboyne   S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Farquharson  Major  Wilson,  Allargue,  Cor- 

garff,    Strathdon  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Farquharson    Rev.    D.,    L.A.Edin.    Hills- 
garth  house,  Campie  road,  Musselburgh 
Farquharson    Adam,    Invercauld     cottage, 

Brechin  road,  Forfar 
Farquharson     Alexander     H.      Invercauld; 

house,  Braemar  S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Farquharson    F.     Belnabodach,     Strathdon 

S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Farquharson    George,    2    Lochty    terrace, 

Carnoustie  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Farquharson  Hy.  GO  Ashley  rd.  Aberdeen 
Farquharson    J.,    M.D.    25    Church    street, 

Farquharson  Jas.  Benewe,  Cults,  Aberdeen 
Farquharson  Jas.  Gray  cottage, Liff.Dundee 
Farquharson  Jas.  60  Watson  st.  Aberdeen 
Farquharson    John,    Hilton    lodge,    Court 

street,  Haddington 
Farquharson  Jn.  J. P. 37  Westburn  rd.Abrdn 
Farquharson  Joseph  G.  Pitcullen  ter. Perth 
Farquharson     Miss,     Breakachie,     Ballater 

S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Farquharson  Miss,  16  Brighton  pi.  Aberdn 
Farquharson    Miss,     1    Dalhousie    terrace, 

Perth  road,  Dundee 
Farquharson    Miss,    Drumhaber,    Pitkerro 

road,  Dundee 
Farquharson  Miss,  Haughton,Alford,Abrdn 
Farquharson     Miss,     Incheuen,      Dirleton 

avenue,  North  Berwick 
Farquharson  Miss,  The  Firs,  Aboyne  S.O. 

Farquharson  Misses,  Garfield,  Perth  road, 

Farquharson    Mrs.   3    Alma   terrace.   West 

Newport,  Fifeshire 
Farquharson   Mrs.    Almora,    Liberton  S.O. 

Farquharson  Mrs.  Craig  Chafctan,  Banchory 

S.O.  Kincardineshire 
Farquharson   Mrs.   Fairview  house.   Duns- 
core,    Auldgirth  S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Farquharson    Mrs.Greenwnod,Keith,Banffsh 
Farquharson    Mrs.    5   Park   terrace,    Black- 
ness road,  Dundee 


fee,      1493 

(Farqnnarson  Mrs,  63  St.Swithin  st.Aberdn 
Farquharson      Mrs.      Shealinghill      street, 

Portsoy  S.O.  Banffshire 
Farquharson    Mrs.    Tilly drine,    Kincardine 

O'Neil   S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Farquharson  Peter  J. P.  3  Albyn  pl.Aberdn 
Fajquharson     Peter,     Westwood,     Dirleton 

avenue,  North  Berwick 
Farquharson     Thomas,     Abercraig,     "West 

Ferry,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Farquharson  William,  87  Argyll  pl.Aberdn 
Farquharson  Wm.   Garthbank,Cults,Aberdn 
Farquharson  William  J. P.  High  st.  Wick 
Farquharson  William,  3  Scotswood  terrace, 

West  Park  road,  Dundee 
Farquharson  William,   Tayside,    Cupar  rd. 

Newport,  Fifeshire 
Farquharson  William  M.  Carsegray,  Black- 
ness road,  Dundee 
Farquharson  William  M.  Invercauld,  Kose 

crescent,   Perth 
Farquharson      William      S.      Whitehouse, 

Tough,  Aberdeen 
Farquharson  Miss,44  Crichton  rd.Rothesay 
Farr  Harry  W.   Alameda,  Bridge  of  Weir 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Farr  Thomas,    Glenavdn,    Bridge   of  Weir 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Farrell  Alfred  Rd.  118  Lochee  rd.  Dundee 
Farrell  James,  33  Scott  street,  Dundee 
Farrell  Jeremiah,  85  Ardbeg  rd.  Rothesay 
Farrell  Mrs.  204  Gt.  Western  rd.  Aberdeen 
Farrell  Wm.  3  Blackness  avenue,  Dundee 
Farrier  Mrs.  4  Marine  place,  Rothesay 
Farries  Rev.  Wm.  Rhyme  S.O.Aberdeensh 
Farries  Robt.  G.  28  Carnegie  st.  Dumfries 
Farries  Thomas  C.  2  Gordon  st.  Dumfries 
Farrow  John    B.    Hawthorn   bank,    Albert 

street,  Tayport  S.O.   Fifeshire 
Fasker  Alexander,  70  Ashley  rd.  Aberdeen 
Tasson  Miss.  Balrobin,   Pitlochry 
Faulds    A.    W.,    J.P.   Knockbuckle,    Beith 

Faulds   Alexander,  Ochil  view,  Tillicoultry 

S.O.   Clackmannanshire 
Faulds   Geo.   Glenbrooke,Bearsden, Glasgow 
Faulds  Miss,  23  Snowdon  place,  Stirling 
Faulds  Mrs.  Abbotsford  grove,  Kelso 
Faulds  Mrs.  21  Dongola  road,  Ayr 
Faulkner   Alex.   Glenesk,  Brownside  road: 

Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Faulkner   Chas.   Rossall,   Barnhill,   Perth 
Faulkner     Donald     M.B.,     CM.      Glenlie. 

Boleskine,  Inverness 
Faulkner  Mrs.  148  East  High  st.  Forfar 
Faulkner   Mrs.   4  Queen   street,   Elgin 
Faulkner  Mrs.  Seaview.Kessock  rd.Invrnss 
Fawcett  Isaac  T.  45  Sorbie  rd.  Ardrossan 
Fawcett  Wm.  Inch  vw.London  rd. Stranraer 
Fawns    Joseph,    4   Belgrave  terrace,    South 

road,  Lochee,  Dundee 
Fearn    Rev.    J.    C,    B.D.    Manse,    Kilrv, 

Alyth  S.O.   Perthshire 
Feathers  Geo.  Lynedoch,  Wormit,  Dundee 
Feathers    Mrs.     2     Louise    terrace,    West 

Ferry,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Feathers  Peter,  1  Dalhousie  terrace,  Perth 

road,   Dundee 
Fehrenbach    Charles    J.    Roselea,    Seafield 

road,  Broughtv  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Feichley  Wm.  38  St.  Clair  pi.  Kirkcaldy 
Fell    Rev.    William  P.,    M.A.    Free   Church 

manse,  Orathie,  Rallater  S.O.Aberdeensh 
Fellowes-Gordon   Harry  G.,   D.L.  Knockes- 

pock  house,  Clatt,    Alford,  Aberdeen 
Femister  Miss,  Gowan  Lea,  Fairfield  road. 

Fender     Miss,     Law    house,     Coldingham, 

Eyemouth  S.O.  Berwickshire 
Fender  Misses,  2  Quay  walls,  Berwick 
Fender  Mrs.  Kinneswood  cottage,  Earlston 

S.O.  Berwickshire 
Fenton  Rev.  James  M.A.  15  Maryfield  ter- 
race,   Maryfield,   Dundee 
Fenton    Alexander  G.    View  mount,    Bamff 

road,  Alyth  S.O.  Perthshire 
Fenton  A.  18  Airlie  pi.   Perth  rd.  Dundee 
Fenton  David,  Doune  road,  Dunblane 
Fenton  David,  Mountstuart,Blairmore  S.O. 

Fenton  David,   Queenbenry  villa,  Loclima- 

ben   S.O.   Dumfriesshire 
Fenton  Edwd.  W.  58  Desswood  pi.  Aberdn 
Fenton    Geo.    2  Loanhead    ter.    Aberdeen 
Fenton  James,   Avon  bank.Wormit.Dnndee 
Fenton    James    H.,    J.P.    Ponclaire,   Hynd- 

ford  road,  Lanark 
Fenton  John,  10  Craigball  ter.  Musselbrgh 
Fenton  Miss,   Hawthorn  cottage,   Monifieth 

road,    Broughty  Ferry    S.O.   Forfarshire 
Fenton  Miss,    68  Irvine  place,    Aberdeen 
Fenton  Mrs.   17  Airlie  place,  Dundee 
Fenton  Mrs. 6  Bellevista  ter. Bridgend, Perth 
Fenton  Mrs.   Croft  park,   Craigie,  Perth 
Fenton  Thomas  J.P.  FoMend,  Lintrathen, 

Kirriemuir,   Forfarshire 
Fenton  William,  7  Bellefield  aven.  Dundee 
Fenton  William  S.  Woodbine,  Carlogie  rd. 

Carnoustie  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Fenwick  F.H.25  Pitcullen  ter.Bridgnd.Prth 
Fenwick  James,  Thornton  S.O.  Fifeshire 

Fenwick  J.E.  5  Comely  bank,Bridgnd.Prth 
Fenwick  Peter,  Invermay,Milngavie,Glsgw 
Fenwick  William,  Earlsmill,  Dyke,  Forres 
Ferdinands   George    Staples  P.,    M.D.    467 

TJnion   street,  Aberdeen 
Ferens  Robert,  Tibbermore,  Perth 
Fergie    William,     St.     Martin's,    Libert  on 

Brae  S.O.  Midlothian 
Fergus    Rev.  John   Marshall   M.A.    St.    Oo- 

lumba's  parsonage,   Queen  street,  Nairn 
Fergus  C.Rose  bank,Auchamore  rd. Dunoon 
Fergus   Charles  A.  Faichneyfield,  Kilbride 

East,  Glasgow 
Fergus  John,  The  Castle,  Largs  S.O.Ayrsh 
Fergus  Wm.3Murray  pi. Milton  rd.Kirkcldy 
Ferguson  Lieut.-Col.  George  Arthur  D.L., 
J.P.  Pitfour,  Old  Deer,  Mintlaw  Station 
S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Ferguson  Major  Arthur  George,  Bellwood, 

Dundee  road,  Perth 
Ferguson  Rev.  C.  L.  "Victoria  TJ.  F.  manse, 

Carmyle,   Glasgow 
Ferguson  Rev.    Fergus  D.D.  Enfield,   Sea- 
mill,  West  Kilbride  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Ferguson  Rev.   Fergus  B.D.  Middle  TJ.  F. 

manse,    Blairhill   street,    Coatbridge 
Ferguson  Rev.H. Broxburn   S.O.Linlthgwsh 
Ferguson  Rev.  J.  The  Manse,  Linlithgow 
Ferguson  Rev.  James  B.D.  Clydesdale  st. 

Ferguson  Rev.  Jas.  64  Queen  st.  Dumfries 
Ferguson  Rev.  Jas.  M.A..B.D.  "United  Free 

Church  manse,  Rathelpie,  St.  Andrews 
Ferguson  Eev.  Jn.  M.A.,  B.D.  The  Manse, 

Aberdalgie,   Perth 
Ferguson  Rev.  R. Manse, Clunie,  Blairgowrie 
Ferguson    Rev.    William,    The    Manse,   Er- 

skine,  Bishopton   S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Ferguson  A.Lebanon  vil.  Dunkeld  rd. Perth 
Ferguson  A,  14  Louise  terrace,  West  Ferry, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Ferguson  A.  Redyett,  Manse  rd. Motherwell 
Ferguson  Alexander,  Ruthdale  villa,  Manse 

road,   Motherwell 
Ferguson    A.    Robertson,    of    Luckiesfauld, 

Neilston,  Glasgow 
Ferguson  Alexander,  24  Claremont,   Alloa 
Ferguson  Alex.   High  common,   Arbroath 
Ferguson    Alexander,   Kelvindale,    Wellshot 

drive,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Ferguson  Alexander, Rosemount  rd. Arbroath 
Ferguson  A.  B.  38  London  rd.  Kilmarnock 
Ferguson  Andrew,  5  Charles  st. Kilmarnock 
Ferguson  Andrew,  Grieve  st.  Dunfermline 
Ferguson    Andrew,    19    Maryfield    terrace, 

Maryfield,  Dundee 
Ferguson  A.  B.   1  Lilybank  pi.  Aberdeen 
Ferguson   Andrew  Mitchell,    Heston  house 

Alyth  S.O.  Perthshire 
Ferguson     Archibald,    Woodleigh,     Central 

avenue,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Ferguson  Archibald  D.  Lynden,  Kilmacolm 
8.0.  Renfrewsh.  &  55  Union  st. Greenock 
Ferguson    Archibald    M.    10   Pitcullen  ter- 
race, Bridgend,  Perth 
Ferguson  Chas.  L.  42  Elmfield  av. Aberdeen 
Ferguson  D.    Norwood   terrace,  East  New- 
port. Fifeshire 
Ferguson  D.  Ranee  Craig, Bent  rd. Hamilton 
Ferguson  Dan,  Beith 

Ferguson  Daniel.  3  Barone  road,  Rothesay 
Ferguson  D.,  J. P. National  Bank  ho.  Stirling 
Ferguson  David,  20  Elgin  street,  Kirkcaldy 
Ferguson  David,  Glenholm,  Port  Glasgow 
Ferguson  D.  182  Strathmartine  rd.  Dundee 
Ferguson   Donald.  Donnella,    Holmhead  rd. 

Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Ferguson     Donald,      Tighnese,      Strathyre 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Ferguson  Duncan,   Croftcarnoch,  Kingussie 

S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Ferguson  Duncan,  Dunella,  Kinross 
Ferguson  Duncan,  Vale  view,  Balloch  S.O. 

Ferguson  Fergus  David,  Dunrowan,  Arnot 

Hill  lane,  Falkirk 
Ferguson  Gavin,  Birkwood,  Hamilton  drive, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Ferguson    George,    Alexandra    house,    Vic- 
toria road,  Kirkcaldy 
Ferguson     George     M".A.     Kyleakin     S.O. 

Ferguson  George,  Millbank,  Ascog, Rothesay 
Ferguson  George,  Pentland  view,  Grieve  st. 

Ferguson    George     A.     D.     C.    Southwood, 

Springhill  road,   Peebles 
Ferguson  George  S.  The  Cottage,   Cleping- 

ton  road,  Dundee 
Ferguson  Herbert,  4  Young  street,  Nairn 
Ferguson    J.    Annfield,   Carlibar    rd.    Barr- 
head, Glasgow 
Ferguson  J.  Dunfallandy.Uddingstn.Glasgw 
Ferguson  J.  The  Knowe,  Bearsden, Glasgow 
Ferguson   James,   Anchorage,    Kilmun   S.O. 

Ferguson    James,    Ashburn    house,    Albert 

road,  Gourock  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Ferguson  James,  Ballantrae  S.O.    Ayrshire 
Ferguson  Jas. 69  Dundonald  st.  Kilmarnock 
Ferguson    J.FerncIifEejInnellanS.O.Argyllsh 

Ferguson   James,    Hill   bank,    Grev  street, 

Tayport  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Ferguson  James  K.C.,  J.P.  Kinmundy,  Old 

Deer,  Mintlaw  Station  S.O.Aberdeenshire 
Ferguson  James,  Malcolm  lodge,  Prestwick 

road,   Newton,  Ayr 
Ferguson    James,    Nether    Abbey,    Dirleton 

avenue,  North  Berwick 
Ferguson  James,  Ogscastle,  Liberton,  Carn- 

wath  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Ferguson  James,  Rathmore,  Lenzie, Glasgow 
Ferguson  James,  Roselea,  Giffnock, Glasgow 
Ferguson  James,  Trinidad,  villa,  Innerleven, 

Methil  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Ferguson  Jas.  6  Victoria  ter.  Musselburgh 
Ferguson    John,     Barrowston    house,    Tor- 
rance of  Campsie,  Glasgow 
Ferguson   John,    Broomdyke,    Keir    street, 

Bridge  of  Allan 
Ferguson  John,  Carradale,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Ferguson  John,  18  Claremont,  Alloa 
Ferguson  John,  17  Ellis  street,  Kilmarnock 
Ferguson  John,  Glenardoch  villa,  Glenboig 

S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Ferguson  J.  Glenfoot.Newmilns   S.O.  Ayrsh 
Ferguson  John,  1  Hyndfoot  road,  Lanark 
Ferguson  John,    15    Louise    terrace,    West 

Ferry,  Broughty  Ferrv  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Ferguson  John,  North  Georgeville,  Kilwin- 
ning road,  Irvine 
Ferguson  John,  Otter  house,  Kilfinan,Tigh- 

nabruaich  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Ferguson   John,    Parkfoot  cottage,    Denny- 

loanhead.  Bonnybridge  S.O.   Stirlingshire 
Ferguson  John    J.P.    Pointhouse   crescent, 

Port  Bannatyne,  Rothesay 
Ferguson  John,  110  Queen  street.Peterhead 
Ferguson  John,  3  Station  road,  Duns 
Ferguson  John,  The  Brae, Glasgow  rd.Perth 
Ferguson  John,   Warburton,    Corrour   road, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Ferguson  John  F.  3  Oakwood  terrace,  West 

Park  road,  Dundee 
Ferguson   John    Henry.    Crochmore,    Kirk- 

patrick'  Irongray,  Dumfries 
Ferguson  J.  J.   Ardmhor,Kirn  S.O.Argyllsh 
Ferguson  J.M.16  Queen's  gdns.   St.Andrews 
Ferguson    John    Robertson,    The    Moorings, 

Hunter's  Quay,  Kirn  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Ferguson  Joseph,  11  Victoria  st.   Arbroath 
Ferguson  Joshua  M.A.,  M.B.,  CM.   4  Orr 

square,  Paisley 
Ferguson  Lachlan,  Inveraray 
Ferguson    Malcolm,    Morenish,    Leny   road, 

Callander  S.O.  Perthshire 
Ferguson  Miss,   Allanbank,    St.    James  rd. 

Ferguson  Miss,   Alma  bank,  Cadzow  drive, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Ferguson  Miss,  Aultchturin  ho.  Lochcarron 
Ferguson  Miss,  36  Carlton  place,  Aberdeen 
Ferguson  Miss,Errol  bank, Latch  rd.Brechn 
Ferguson  Miss,  Glenbrae.  Dunblane.Perthsh 
FergusonMiss.Lagandarich, Crieff.  rd.Abrfldy 
Ferguson  Miss,  Lasswade  cottage,  Lasswade 
Ferguson  Miss,  30  Oakshaw  street,  Paisley 
Ferguson   Miss,  Rosehill,   St.   Fillans-  S.O. 

Ferguson   Miss,   Thornton  villa,    Bieldside, 

Ferguson   Miss,   Westwood  house,   Victoria 

street,  Turriff 
Ferguson     Miss,     Woodlands,     Rosemount, 

Ferguson  Miss,  13  Wyndham  rd.   Rothesay 
Ferguson    Misses,    Glen   Lyon,    Rangemore 

road,  Inverness 
Ferguson  Mrs.  Ardgour,  Potterhill,  Paisley 
Ferguson  Mrs.  8  Argyll  crescent,  Aberdeen 
Ferguson  Mrs.  Ash  Grove  cottage,  Link- 
field,  Musselburgh 
Ferguson  Mrs.  Belhaven,  Albany  drv.Lanrk 
Ferguson    Mrs.   Belle    vue,    Clydesdale   rd. 

Ferguson  Mrs.  Benburb  ho.  Lenzie, Glasgow 
Ferguson    Mrs.    Broomfield,    Erskine    park 

south,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Ferguson  Mrs.  6  Carleton  terrace,   London 

road,   Stranraer 
Ferguson  Mrs.    8    Castle   terrace,    Broughty 

Ferrv  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Ferguson  Mrs.  14  Cawdor  street,  Nairn 
Ferguson  Mrs.    Craggan,   Bridge   end,    Cal- 
lander S.O.  Perthhire 
Ferguson     Mrs.     Craigard,    Lamlash    S.O. 

Isle  of  Arran 
Ferguson  Mrs.   Fern  bank,  Bruce  gardens, 

Ferguson  Mrs.  Glenvohr,  Avenue  road,Esk- 

bank,  Dalkeith 
Ferguson  Mrs.    Gowan  Lea,   Argyll  Btreet, 

Ferguson  Mrs. 5  Grange  Knowe,  Kilmarnock 
Ferguson  Mrs. Heston  ho.Alyth  S.O.Perthsh 
Ferguson  Mrs.    161   High   street,  Invergor- 

don  S.O.  Ross-shire 
Ferguson  Mrs.  Highfield,  Motherwell 
Ferguson  Mrs.  20  Institution  road,  Elgin 
Ferguson      Mrs.      3       Rosemount      place, 
Bridgend,  Perth 

1494       FEE 


Ferguson  Mrs.   Rosslyn,   Cunninghill  road, 

Ferguson    Mrs.    St.    Jamea'    villa,    Albert 

place,  Dufftown  S.O.  Banffshire 
Ferguson  Mrs.   Sandhurst,  Earlsferrv,  Elie 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Ferguson    Mrs.     Shannaburn,     Maryculter, 

Ferguson  Mrs. Southfield. "Royal  ores. Dunoon 
Ferguson  Mrs.  62  Springbank  ter.  Aberdeen 
Ferguson  Mrs.  Terrace  bank,  Innellan  S.O. 

Ferguson  Mrs.  The  Lodge,  Duff  av.  Elgin 
Ferguson    Mrs.    Victoria    villa,    Causeway- 
head,  Stirling 
Ferguson     Mrs.     Villa     Valetta,     Forteath 

avenue,  Elgin 
Ferguson  Mrs.  25  Wellington  st.Kilmarnock 
Ferguson  Mrs.  Woodhead,  Dunscore,  Auld- 

girth  S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Ferguson  Mrs.   Woodside  house,  Woodside, 

Ferguson   Peter  J. P.    Croftan  High,    Glebe 

street,  Eenfrew  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Ferguson  Peter,    19  Montgomerie  ter.  Ayr 
Ferguson  Peter,  The  Hermitage,  Hermitage 

road,   Broughty  Ferry   S.O.  Forfarshire 
Ferguson    Peter,    Vale  view,    Balloch    S.O. 

Ferguson  Peter  J.  37  Newark  st.  Greenock 
Ferguson     Peter    Lindsey,     St.     Leonards, 

Ladies'  walk,  Inverness 
Ferguson  Quinton,    Royston,    Erskiae   park 

south,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Ferguson  R.Fernbank,  Clepington  rd.Dndee 
Ferguson  R.  T.,M.D.Middlemarch,Anstruthr 
Ferguson  Robt.  Ashley  lo.  Kilbride, Dunoon 
Ferguson  R.Clifton  vil.Brookfield, Johnstone 
Ferguson  Robert,  Connaught  cottage,  Tilli- 
coultry S.O.  Clackmannanshire 
Ferguson  Robert,  Ferndale,  Barnhill,  Perth 
Ferguson  Robert,   Franklin   villa,    Fairfield 

road,  Inverness 
Ferguson  R.  Glendyne.  Hartfell  cres. Moffat 
Ferguson  Robt.   Greenlaw,  Port  Glasgow 
Ferguson  Robert,  Old  Softlaw,  Kelso 
FergusonR.Thuran.Colquhoun  st. Dumbarton 
Ferguson   Robert   M.,   LL.D.    The  Cottage, 

Elie   S.O.   Fifeshire 
Ferguson  T.  1  Alma  ter.  W.Newport, Fifesh 
Ferguson  Thos.  M.B.16  Castle  st.  Dumfries 
Ferguson    Thomas,    East    Glen,    Greenlees 

road,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Ferguson  Thomas,    Mount    Pleasant,    East- 
field  road,  Dumfries 
Ferguson  Thomas,  4  Princes  street, Stirling 
Ferguson     Thomas     J.P.     Roadend,     Dun- 

donald,  Kilmarnock 
Ferguson  Thos.   3  Seaford   st.   Kilmarnock 
Ferguson  Thomas,  7  Westfield  ter.Aberdeen 
Ferguson  Thomas    C.    3    Oakwood    terrace, 

West  Park  road,  Dundee 
Ferguson  W.  Sea  vw. Innellan  S.O.Argyllsh 
Ferguson  W..J.P.G4  Sth. Bridge  st.   Ai'rdrie 
Ferguson  W.S.,J.P.Pickstonhill,Scone,Perth 
Ferguson  William,  Argyll  street,  Brechin 
Ferguson    William,    Braeside,     Auchnagatt 

S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Ferguson     William,     Burleigh,     Milnathort 

S.O.  Kinross-shire 
Ferguson  William,  Catrine  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Ferguson  Wm,  Inveresk  place,  Coatbridge 
Ferguson     William,      Levenford     cottages, 

West  Bridgend,  Dumbarton 
Ferguson    William,    126    Middleton    street, 

Alexandria,  Dumbartonshire 
Ferguson  William,  49  Princes  street.Thurso 
Ferguson  William,  11  Traquair  park,   Cor- 

storphine  S.O.  Midlothian 
Ferguson    William,    Wemyss    villa,    North 

avenue,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Ferguson  William  M.  52  Bell  street, Dundee 
Fergusson    Sir    Jas.    R.    barb.    D.L.,    J.P. 

Spitalhaugh,  West  Linton  S.O.  Peeblessh 
Fergusson  Col. W.H.,J.P.TheBuchties, Camp- 
hill  rd.  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
FergUBson  Major  Charles  Hamilton,  Broom- 
lee,  West  Linton  S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Fergusson    Rev.     Archibald,    United    Free 

Church  manse,  Neilston,  Glasgow 
Fergusson    Rev.    James,    The    Manse,    St. 

John's  road,  Corstorphine  S.O.Midlothian 
Fergusson    Rev.    John   LL.D.    The    Manse, 

Fern,  Brechin 
Fergusson    Rev.    Robert    M.,    M.A.,    D.D. 

Logie,  Stirling 
Fergusson  Alex. 5  Montgomerie  terrace, Ayr 
Fergusson  David  E.L.  7  Park  terrace,  Ayr 
Fergusson  David,  Thornlea,  Rotchell  park, 

Maxwell  town,  Dumfries 
Fergusson  David  S.  35  Snowdon  pl.Stirling 
Fergusson  G.  100  John  st.Wanacetown,Ayr 
Fergusson  George  A.llMurray  gate,Dundee 
Fergusson  H.  The  Knowe,  Midton  rd.  Ayr 
Fergusson  Henry,  Ivy  bank,  Pitlochry 
Fergusson  J.  G.,  J.P.  Baledmund,   Moulin, 

Fergusson  James  M.,   J.P.  Malcolm  lodge,' 

44  Prestwick  road,  Ayr  j 

Fergusson  James  W.  6  Queen's  terrace,Ayr 
Fergusson  John,  314  Blackness  rd.  Dundee 

Fergusson  John,  Fairlea,  Toungsdale  place, 

East  Newport,  Fifeshire 
Fergusson  J.   B.,J.P.Balgarth,Doonfoot,Ayr 
Fergusson    Joseph    Gillon  J.P.   Isle,  Auld- 

girth  S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Fergusson    Miss,    Craigdarroch,    Glencairn, 

Fergusson  Miss,  105  Desswood  pi. Aberdeen 
Fergusson   Misses,   Broomlee,   West  Linton 

S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Fergusson  Misses,  Tayside,  Broughty  Ferry 

S.O.  Forfarshire 
FergussonMrs.3Abbotsford   cres. St. Andrews 
Fergusson   Mrs. 41  Beaconsfield  pi. Aberdeen 
Fergusson    Mrs.     Brookside,     Fairlie    S.O. 

Fergusson  Mrs. 
Fergusson  Mrs. 
Fergusson  Mrs. 
Fergusson  Mrs. 

21  Desswood  pi.  Aberdeen 
Tweedbrae  house,  Peebles 
9  View  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Woodside  lodgP,   Lochgoil- 

head  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Fergusson    Robert     Arklay,     Eithiebeaton, 

Monifieth,   Dundee 
Fergusson    Robert    W.     J.P.    Kilquhanity, 
|     Kirkpatrick-Durham,   Dalbeattie 
Fergusson    Samuel    M.B.,    CM.    Lylestone 
|     house,  Bedford  place,  Alloa 
Fergusson    William    J.P..    M.D.,    CM.     2 
I     Old  Castlegate,   Banff 
Fergusson-Euchanan  Lt.-Col.  George  James 
1     D.L.,  J.P.  Auchintorlie,  Bowling, Glasgow 
IFerino  Felix,  Acacia,  Greenock  rd.  Paisley 
Ferlie    Thomas    J.P.    Anchorage,    Auchter- 
|     muchty  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Ferme  Miss,  Abbey  street,  Melrose 
Ferme  Misses,  High  street,  Haddington 
Ferme  W.  T.  Bank  ho.High  st. Haddington 
Ferme  Walter  H.    Ladywell,   Haddington 
Fern    Miss,    1    Elm   street,    Brechin    road 

Kirriemuir,    Forfarshire 
Fernie  David,  22  Barns  street,  Ayr 
Fernie  Geo.4  Park  ter. Blackness  rd. Dundee 
Fernie     James     J.P.     Shannockhill,     Tilli- 
coultry S.O.  Clackmannanshire 
Fernie  John,  90  Victoria  road,  Dundee 
Fernie     Miss,      Fernbank,      Aboyne      S.O. 

Fernie  Mrs.  12  Caledonian  place,  Aberdeen 
Fernie   Mrs.    Strathlomond,    Abbotshall   rd. 

Fernie    Robert,     Ramsay    park,     Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Ferrah  Thomas,  9  College  place,  Berwick 
Ferrar  William,  Gl£  Perth  road,  Dundee 
Ferraro  John,  27  Duthie  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Ferrie  Andrew,  Glendenton,  Bridge  of  Weir 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Ferrie    Archibald,    Coxdale    house,    Kirkin- 
tilloch, Glasgow 
Ferrie  Mrs.   Torrance  of  Balgowan,   Camp 

sie,  Glasgow 
Ferrie  William  B.  Dalwick  villa,  Bridge  of 

Weir   S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Ferrier   Lieut,-Col.    Alexander  Walter  J.P. 

Belsyde,  Linlithgow 
Ferrier  Rev.  Alexander.  St.  Mary's, Melrose 
Ferrier    Rev.    Douglas    M.A.    United    Free 

Church  manse,  Both-well,   Glasgow 
Ferrier  A.  Kelvinbank,  Neilson  st.  Falkirk 
Ferrier   Chas.    5   Dalhousie  street,   Brechin 
Ferrier  Charles  J.P.    Fir  bank,    Collier  st. 

Carnoustie   S.O.   Forfarshire 
Ferrier  D.  1  Eden  ter.  Edinburgh  rd. Perth 
Ferrier   David,    2    East    Somerville    place, 

Dundee,  Forfarshire 
Ferrier  David   M.   Thornbank,    Ardbeg  rd. 

Ferrier  Gibson,  Rose  cottage,  Queen  street. 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Ferrier  James,  69  Southesk  street,  Brechin 
Ferrier  John,  Rockhill  castle,  Arden  Craig 

road,  Rothesay 
Ferrier  John  W.  20  Southesk  st.  Brechin 
Ferrier  Miss,  Ardler,  Meigle 
Ferrier    Misses,    Allardice   cottage,    Bervie 

S.O.  Kincardineshire 
Ferrier  Mrs.  Belsyde,  Linlithgow 
Ferrier  Mrs.  2  Dalhousie  place,  Arbroath 
Ferrier  Mrs.  G7  Eglinton  road,  Ardrossan 
Ferrier  Mrs.  35  Grange  road,  Alloa 
Ferrier  Mrs.   Macduff  place,  Dufftown  S.O. 

Ferrier  Mrs.  Parkhill,  Monquhitter,  Turriff 
Ferrier  Walter  M.  5  Dalhousie  st.  Brechin 
Ferrier      William      M.A.      4     Beaconsfield 

place,  Aberdeen 
Ferrier  William,   Lochty  street,  Carnoustie 

S.O.  Forfarshire 
Ferries    Rev.     George    D.D.     The    Manse, 

Clnny,    Aberdeen 
Ferries  John,   10  Belvidere  street, Aberdeen 
Ferrins  William  J.  Linden,  Macduff 
Fetherstone       Charles,       Fetherstonhaugh, 

Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Fetherstonhaugh  Capt.  A.   S.  Leger,  Craig- 

owan,  Symington,  Kilmarnock 
Fettes  C  3  Balgay  av.Blackness  rd. Dundee 
Fettes  James,  Marguerite  villa,  West  Clep- 
ington road,  Dundee 
Fettes    Joseph,    Grove    house,    Dura    Den, 

Kemback,  Cupar 

Fettes  Richd.  134  Strathmartine  rd.Dundee 
Fettea  Robert,  3  Nelson  terrace,  Dundee 
Fettis  Wm.  Rosemount,  Latch  road,Brechin 
Feuerberg  Gottl.  11  Rose  terrace,  Perth 
Fiddea  A.  Garronview,  Baird  st.  Stonehavn. 
Fiddes  Alex.  62  Whitehall  road,  Aberdeen 
Fiddes  A.,  U.  F.  C  manse, Arnisort,Portree 
Fiddes  J.  42  Rubislaw  Den  sth.  Aberdeen 
Fiddes  J.  242  Victoria  rd.  Torry,  Aberdeen 
Fiddes  Mrs.  23  Belvidere  cres.  Aberdeen 
Fiddes  Mrs.  13  Holburn  road,  Aberdeen 
Fiddes  Mrs.  198  Mid  Stocket  rd.  Aberdeen. 
Fiddes  R.  Sheriff  court,  Castle  st.Aberdeen 
Fidler  Mrs.  4  Church  street,  Alloa 
Fidler    Thomas    C     12    Clarendon    terrace, 

Perth  road,  Dundee 
Fielden  Mrs.  Amulree  lodge,  Dunkeld 
Fife  His  Grace  the  Duke  of   K.T.,   D.L., 
P.O.,  V.D.,    G.C.V.O.   Montcoffer  house, 
Alvah,    Banff    &    Mar    lodge,    Braemar 
S.O. ;    &  15  Portman  square  W  &   Marl- 
borough &  Athenasum  cluba,  London 
Fife  Alexander,  Thorn,  Dunlop  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Fife  George,  George  street,  Thurso 
Fife  Mrs.  The  Place,  Fairlie  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Fife  W.Eastfield,Carlibar  rd.Barrhd.Glasgw 
Fife  William  M.A.  434  Clifton  rd.  Aberdn 
Fife  Wm.  The  Place,  Fairlie  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Fildes   Mrs.  28  Beaconsfield  pi.  Aberdeen 
Filshie    George,    School    road,    Bishopston 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Filshie  James,   jun.    Mount    Pleasant,    Kil- 

patrick,  Glasgow 
Filshie  William,  138  Bo'ness  rd.Grangemth 
Filahill  James  Stewart,  Deanholm,  Brown- 
side  road,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Fimister  Mrs.  90  Desswood  place, Aberdeen 
Findlater  Alex. 86  Dundonald  rd.Kilmarnck 
Findlater     Alexander     K.     Southcote,     41 

Southside  road,  Inverness 
Findlater  J. Oak  Mount.Braxfield  rd. Lanark 
Findlater  James, Dunedin.Miller  st.Hamiltn 
Findlater  Miss,  4  Camperdown  pi.  Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Findlater  Peter,  7  Rosemount  ter.Aberdeen 
Findlay    Rev.    Adam    M.A.     15    Dalhousie 

place,  Arbroath 
Findlay    Rev.    Peter    Charles,    456    Great 

Western  road,  Aberdeen 
Findlay    Rev.     William    D.D.,    U.    F.    C. 

manse,  Union  street,  Larkhall  S.O 
Findlay  A.  J.  Sunnybrae, Brechin  rd. Forfar 
Findlay  Alexander,   Adelaide  ter.  Dundee 
Findlay    Alexander  M.P.    Bellfield,    Hamil- 
ton    road,      Motherwell ;      &      National 
Liberal  &  Reform  clubs,  London  S  W 
Findlay  Alexander, 38  Belvidere  cres.Abrdlt 
Findlay  Alexander,  East  Mains  of  Craichie,. 

Dunnichen,  Forfar 
Findlay  Alexander,  Whitehills,  Banff 
Findlay     Alexander     B.,      J.P.      Wanara> 

Kirkintilloch,  Glasgow 
Findlay  Andrew,  5  Hammersmith  rd.Abrdn 
Findlay  Arthur,  Ardenlea,Bearsden,Gla3gw 
Findlay  C.  Stenhouse,  Carron  S.O.Stirlngsh 
Findlay  David,   165  Duthie  ter.  Aberdeen 
Findlay  David,  20  Titchfield  road,  Troon 
Findlay  Geo.  Binview,  Cullen  S.O.  Banffah 
Findlay     George,     Blawlowan,     Portmoak, 

Leslie  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Findlay  George  J.P.  Whitehills,  Banff 
Findlay  Geo.  P.  103  Magdalen  grn.  Dundee 
Findlay  H.  2  King's  pk.  Cathcart, Glasgow 
Findlay  J.  Myrtle  cot.  Brechin  rd.  Forfar 
Findlay  J.  Spring  hill, Old  Monkland.Glsgw 
Findlay  James  J.P.  Annick  bank,  Irvine 
Findlay  James,  158  Bon-Accord  st.  Aberdn 
Findlay  James,  10  Chalmers  road,  Ayr 
Findlay  James,  51  Dens  road,  Dundee 
Findlay  Jamea,  Fernhurst,Bothwell,Gla8gw 
Findlay   James,   Lanrick,    Smollett    street, 

Alexandria,  Dumbartonshire 
Findlay  James,  Netherby,   Bridge  of  Weir 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Findlay  James,  Richmond,  Peterhead 
Findlay  Ja3.  Rocklyn,  Robertson  tef.Forfar 
Findlay  James.  44  Scott  street,  Dundee 
Findlay  Jaa.  G.  Tour  ho.  Kilmaurs,  Ayrah 
Findlay  James  Renwick,   7  George   street, 

Montrose,  Forfarshire 
Findlay   John    M.B.,    Ch.B.    Logie    lodge, 

Crimond,  Peterhead,  Aberdeenshire 
Findlay  John,  Springhill,Baillieston,Glasgw 
Findlay  John,  Stair  drive,  Stranraer 
Findlay  John  Sawers  M.B.  The  Falls, 
Glenlivet,  Ballindalloch  S.O.  Banffshire 
Findlay  John  C.  Bank  ho.  Temple  hi. Troon 
Findlay  J.D.  Arduthie,Learmonth  at.Falkrk 
Findlay  John,  Hermon  lodge,  West  Ferry, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Findlay  J.M,  Balgownie,Pitkerro  rd.Dundee 
Findlay  Leslie,  Muirton,  Craigellachie  S.O. 

Findlay  Mathew  F.  Frierston,  Landside  rd. 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Findlay  Matthew,115  Victoria  rd.Kirkcaldy 
Findlay  Miss,  6  Balhousie  street,  Perth 
Findlav  Miss,  Bramble  bank,  Meigle  road, 

Alyth  S.O.  Perthshire 
Findlay  Miss,  Cherry  bank,  Dreghorn  S.O. 


FLE        149& 

Findlay  Miss,  213  Clepington  road,  Dundee 
Findlay  Miss,  34  Fountainhall  rd.  Aberdeen 
Findlay  Miss,  214  G-t.  Western  rd.  Aberdn 
Findlay  Miss,  Homelands,  Giffnock.Glasgw 
Findlay  Miss,  Victoria  vil. Ferry  rd. Dundee 
Findlay    Mrs.     Aberlour    bouse,     Aberlour 

S.O.  Banffshire 
Findlay  Mrs.  Bonnington  house,  Lanark 
Findlay  Mrs.  Greenfield  ho.  Alloway,  Ayr 
Findlay  Mrs.  9  Hill  street,  Kilmarnock 
Findlay  Mrs.  Palmyra,  South  beach,  Troon 
Findlay  Mrs.    Vine    house,    Lochty  street, 

Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Findlay  Mrs.    J.    H.   23    Dundonald    road, 

Findlay  Peter,   Bartella  villa,   Whitehaugh 

drive,  Paisley 
Findlay  Robert,  1-17  Blenheim  pi.  Aberdeen 
Findlay      Bobert,      Cathkin     house,     Car- 

munnock,  Glasgow 
Findlay  Robt.  Fernielea,  Darvel  S.O.Ayrsh 
Findlay  Robt.  Downie,  Woodside  ho.  Beith 
Findlay   Robert  E.,    J.P.    Boturich  castle, 

Balloch  S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Findlay  Robert'W.20  Sunnybank  pi. Aberdn 
Findlay  T.S.  Springcroft,Baillieston,Glasgw 
Findlay  Thomas  J.    Segton   cottage,   Avon 

street,  Motherwell 
Findlay  Thomas  W.  Fairhill,   Cameron  st. 

Findlay  Walter,  25  Merchant  st.  Peterhead 
Findlay  Walter  M.A.Woodend  S.O.Lanrksh 
Findlay  William,  7  Bellefield  aven.  Dundee 
Findlay  William,  1  Forebank  terrace,  Fore- 
bank  road,  Dundee 
Findlay  Wm.  34  Fountainhall  rd.  Aberdeen 
Findlay  Wm.  Hill  st.  Alyth  S.O.Perthshire 
Findlay    William,     Mill    house,     Newtyle, 

Coupar-Angus  S.O.  Perthshire 
Findlay  W.7  Park  ter.Blackness  rd. Dundee 
Findlay  William,  96  Queen  street,Peterhead 
Findlay  William,  20  Titchfleld  road  Troon 
Findlay  William,  90  Union  grove,  Aberdeen 
Findlay  William,  West  park,  Maud, Aberdn 
Findlay-Hamilton  Geo.  D.  Cairnhill.Hurlfrd 
Findlayson   Capt.    Duncan,   Marsule,   Craig 

road,  Dingwall 
Findlayson  Mrs.    18  Loanhead  ter.  Aberdn 
Findlayson  Patk.  26  Dalhousie  pi.  Arbroath 
Findlayson  Robert  Boyd,  134  King's  gate, 

Fingland  J.  95  Sth.  Drumlanrig  st.Thornhl 
Fingland  Miss,   Kenneth  bank,   Glencaple, 

Fingland  Mrs.  Meadowbank, Morton, Thornhl 
Fingland  S.  Braehead  vil.  Cathcart,Glasgw 
Fingland  William,  126   High  at.    Sanquhar 

S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Finlator  Wm.  Rankin,  Ivybank,  Arkleston 

road,  Paisley 
Finlay    Rt.    Hon.    Sir    Robert    Bannatyne 

P.O.,  G.C.H.G.,  K.i_\,  D.L.,  J.P.  Newton 

house,  Nairn 
Finlay    Maior    John    J.P.    Castle    Toward, 

Toward,  Toward  Point  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Finlay  Rev.  Robert,  1  Comely  bank,  Perth 
Finlay  Alex.   C.    62   Esplanade,    Greenock 
Finlay  David  White  B.A.,   M.D.  2  Queen's 

terrace,  Aberdeen 
Finlay    G.    L.    Summerfield.    Belhaven    rd. 

Finlay  J.  18  London  road,  Kilmarnock 
Finlay  J.  Russell  drive,  Dairy  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Finlay  James    J.P.,    M.D.    West   Montrose 

street.  Helensburgh 
Finlay  John.    Braidwood    house,    Waygate- 

shaw,  Carluke 
Finlay    John   A.    R.    Penvrackie,    Cowden- 
beath  S.O.   Fifeshire 
Finlay  Miss,  17  Airlie  place,  Dundee 
Finlay  Mi=s,  3  Buccleuch  street,  Dumfries 
Finlay  Miss,  Kenyon  villa,  Auchamore  rd. 

Finlay  Miss,  47  Mountstuart  road,  Rothesay 
Finlay  Misses,  10  Crichton  road,  Rothesay 
Finlay  Mrs.  Ardenlea,Bentinck  drive, Troon 
Finlay  Mrs.  Wilderbank,  Galashiels 
Finlay  William,    Strathallan,  North   Mount 

Vernon,   Glasgow 
Finlayson     Rev.     Joseph     S.,     M,A.      The 

Manse,  Cromwell  road,  Burntisland 
Finlayson   Rev.   Matthew   D.    Free  Church 

manse.  Humble, Up. Keith  S.O.  E.Lothian 
Finlayson    Alexander,    Lilybank,    Kersland 

drive,  Milngavie,  G-lasgow 
Finlayson    Archibald  W.,    J.P.   Merchiston 

house,  Kilbarchan,  Johnstone 
Finlayson   Duncan,    Heathfield,    Bridge    of 

Weir  S.O.  Refrewshire 
Finlayson  F.  Alvie  villa.  Lovat  rd.Invernss 
Finlayson  F.  Cremona,  Victoria  pi.  Airdrie 
Finlayson  J.  Bank  house,  58  Broad  street, 

Finlayson  James,    35   Bridge  street,    Alex- 
andria, Dumbartonshire 
Finlayson  James,  jun.  J.P.  The  Elms,  Kil- 
barchan, Johnstone 
Finlayson  John,    Carronville,  Abertorff  rd. 

Inverness  • 

Finlay 6on  John,    Thistle   cottage,   Kippen, 

Kippen  Station   S.O.  Stirlingshire 

Finlayson  Jn.Donald,  10  Ardross  st.Invrnss 
Finlayson  J.B.  Venture  Fair  ter.Dunfrmlne 
Finlayson  M.  Gowrie  ho.  Broich  ter.  Crieff 
Finlayson  M.  J.  28  Louisa  drive,  Girvan 
Finlayson  Misses,  Park  pi.  Elie  S.O.  Fifeeh 
Finlayson  Mrs.  Dunibert,   Balfron,  Balfron 

Station  S.O.  Stirlingshire 
Finlayson  Mrs.  Lauvel  villa,   Port  Banna- 
tyne, Rothesay 
Finlayson  Peter,    Oakshaw,   Bonhill,  Alex- 
I     andria,  Dumbartonshire 
Finlayson  R.  B.  137  Blenheim  pi. Aberdeen 
Finlayson  Robert,  Corbie  hall,  Bo'nesB  S.O. 

Finlayson     W.      The     Oaks,      Kilbarchan, 

(Finlayson  William,  Caledonian  road,  Perth 
'  Finlayson  Wm.  Venture  Fair  av.Dunirmlne 
'Finlayson  W.  Western  av.  Tibbermore,Prth 
J  Finlayson  William  J.,  J.P.  The  Oaks,  Kil- 
|     barchan  road,  Johnstone 
Finnie  A.  S.  35  Beechgrove  aven.  Aberdeen 
|  Finnie  Miss,  9  Hawkhill,  Ayr 
i  Finnie  Miss,  Temple  hill,  Troon 
I  Finnie  Misses,  Barassie,  Troon 
'Finnie  Misses,  Springhill,  Portland  terrace, 

j  Finnie    Mrs.    Bon-Accord    villa,     Fortrose 
;     S.O.  Ross-shire 

Finnie   Mrs.    Burnbrae,    Charles   st.    Largs 
1     S.O.  Ayrshire 

'Finnie  R.  The  Glen,  Dalintober,Campbltwn 
|  Finnie  Robert,  21  Prestwick  road,  Ayr 
Finnigan  Rev.  Thos.  Joseph,  St.  Joseph's, 

Hill  street,  Kilmarnock 
Finnigan  Andrew,  Myrtle  cottage,  Ancrum 

road,  Lochee,  Dundee 
Finnigan  John,  332  Blackness  rd.  Dundee 
Finnigan  P.8Park  ter.Blackness  rd. Dundee 
Firth  Miss,  Eastwood,  Bishop's  rd.Invernss 
Firth  Mrs.  Finstoun,  Kirkwall 
Firth    William.  D.    Victoria    street,   Strom- 

ness  S.O.  Orkney 
Fischbacher   Emil,    Benvenoto,    Brown3ide 

road,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Fischer    Morten,    Elm    bank,    Dollar    S.O. 

Fischer  Nicolai  C,  M.B.,   Ch.B.  2  Bo'ness 

road,  Grangemouth 
Fish  Mrs.  Kirklands,  Dunbar 
Fish  Wm.  130  Main  st.  Tweedmth. Berwick 
Fisher  Rev.   Daniel,    United    Free  Church 

manse,  Viewforth,Pittenweem  S.O.Fifesh 
Fisher  Rev. Peter  M. A. United  Free  Church 

manse,  Tarft'.Ringford  S.O.Kirkcudbright 
Fisher  A.  Beech  hill,  Blackness  rd. Dundee 
Fisher  Alexander,  7  Hill  st.  Kilmarnock 
Fisher  Alexander,  The  Knowes,  Kelso 
Fisher  A.  Milton  Lea,  Miller  st.  Hamilton 
Fisher  Charles,  Viewfield,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Fisher  D.  Meadowbank,  Avon  st.Motherwll 
Fisher  Daniel  J.P.  Ballamenoch,  Buchlyvie 

S.O.   Stirlingshire 
Fisher  Donald,  Dalintober,  Campbeltown 
Fisher  James  M.B.   Balfron,    Balfron   Sta- 
tion S.O.  Stirlingshire 
Fisher   James   J.P.   Orlington,    Ardbeg  rd. 

Fisher  James,  12  St.  Leonard's  road,  Ayr 
Fisher  James,  11  Windmill  rd.  Kirkcaldy 
Fisher  James  A.  Glamis  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Fisher  John,  6  Argyle  place,  Rothesay 
Fisher   John,    Balbeuchley,    Auchterhouse, 

Fisher  John,  Fettes  cottage,  Bathgate 
Fisher  Jn.  3  Nairn  pi.  Seafield  rd.  Dundee 
Fisher  John,  Newlands,  Dunfermline 
Fisher  John,  3  Park  place,  Dundee 
Fisher   Miss,    2   Aberlemno  terrace,    Perth 

road,  Dundee 
Fisher  Miss, Hillhead, Serpentine  rd.Rothesy 
Fisher   Miss,    Ravenscraig,    Grieve    street, 

Fisher  Miss, 96  Western  rd. Woodside, Abrdn 
Fisher  Mrs.  Bellevue,  Arrochar  S.O.  Dum- 
Fisher  Mrs.Castlehill.Innellan  S.O.Argyllsh 
Fisher  Mrs.  Dundonnell, Institution  rd.Elgn 
Fisher  Mrs.  40  Forsyth  street,  Greenock 
Fisher  Mrs.  112  Hamilton  place,  Aberdeen 
Fisher    Mrs.     Home    Hill,     Aveland     road, 

Callander  S.O.  Perthshire 
Fisher  Mrs.  Sanquhar  road,  Forres 
Fisher  Mrs.  49  Union  street,  Greenock 
Fisher  Mrs.   Victoria  terrace,   Grey  street, 

Tayport  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Fisher  Robert,  21  Castlehill  road,  Ayr 
Fisher  Thos. 5  South  Hamilton  pl.Kilmrnck 
Fisher    Thomas,    Thorton,    Rosewell    S.O. 

Fisher  W.  M.,  L.D.S.  136  Nethergt.Dundee 
Fisher    W.     T.     Ardlutha,    Gourock    S.O. 

Fisher   Walter    Stewart,    4    The    Crescent, 

South  Beach,  Ardrossan 
Fisher    William    D.     Palmyre,    Bishopton 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Fishwick  Thomas,  1  Rugby  rd.  Kilmarnock 
Fiskin  Robert  Thomas,  Tay  cottage,  West 

Linton  S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Fitchet  Chas.  Porter,  45  Ferry  st.  Montrose 

Fithie  Mrs.  Beechwood,  W.  Newport.Fiiesh 
Fitzgerald  Rev.  E.   Priory  park,  Barrhead 
Fitzgerald  Miss,  5  Bath  street,  Nairn 
Fitzpatrick  Rev.  Hugh, United  Free  Church. 

manse,  Church  road,  Keith,  Banffshire 
Fitzpatrick  Hugh,  Verona,  Woodend  aven. 

Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Fitzpatrick  John,   25  Russell    st.    Graham- 

ston,  Falkirk 
Fitzpatrick  M.  South  Bromage  av.  Laxbert 
Fitzpatrick  Mrs.  2  Argyll  cres.  Aberdeen 
Fitzroy  Mrs.  Craigdhu,  Laggan,  Kingussie 
Fitzsimmons   Mrs.    Kilmaree   cottage,   Kil- 

kerran  road,  Campbeltown 
Flanagan  Rev.  Wm.  1  Carnock  st. Greenock 
Flanagan  D.  Moorvale,  Waterside,  Irvine 
Flanders     Mrs.     17     Craigholm     crescent, 

Burntisland,  Fife 
Flannagan     Edward,      Rosepark     cottage, 

Kerse  lane,  Falkirk 
Flaxman    Americ    E. ,    M. A.    St.    Nicholas, 

Pittenweem  S.O.   Fifeshire 
Fleck  Rev.  William  S.,  M.A.  United  Free 

manse,  Fairlie  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Fleck  Mrs.  Moorburn,  Largs  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Fleming   Rev.   Charles  E.   Inchinnan  road, 

Renfrew  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Fleming  Rev.  Charles   F.,    M.A.,   B.D.    26 

Brisbane  street,  Greenock 
Fleming   Rev.   David   W.    B.   United   Free 

manse,  Culross,  Dunfermline 
Fleming  Rev.  Hugh,  Mordington,  Berwick 
Fleming    Rev.    James     M.A.    The    Manse, 

Kettins,  Coupar-Angus 
Fleming  Rev.    John,    Free   Church  manse, 

Sanquhar  S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Fleming    Rev.    John    Dick,    Tranent    S.O. 

Fleming  Rev.  Lee  M'K.,  B.A.  The  Manse, 

St.  Mungo,  Lockerbie 
Fleming    A.     Melfort    cottage,    Kilmelford 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Fleming  Alexander  C.  Ingleside,  Wood- 
lands crescent,  Falkirk 
Fleming  Alex.  I).,  M.B.  Abbey  row,  Kelso. 
Fleming  Alex.  K.  Gladstone  place,  Peebles 
Fleming  Alfred  S.  9  Panmure  ter.  Dundee 
Fleming    Andrew   M.B.,    CM.    St.    John's 

road,  Corstorphine  S.O.  Midlothian 
Fleming      Andrew      Laughlan,      Dunsyre, 

Merrylee  road,  Newlands,   G-lasgow 
Fleming  Archibald,   Collisdene,   Strathaven . 

S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Fleming   Archibald,    Maryville,    How- wood , 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Fleming  Archibald,    Southcroft,  Bishopton 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Fleming  C.  P.  2  Adelaide  place,  Dundee 
Fleming  C.  Carlton,  Carrington  ter.  Crieff 
Fleming  Charles,  St.  Bedes,  Melrose 
Fleming  D.  McGngor,  8  Springfield,  Perth 

road,  Dundee 
Fleming    David,     The    Kyles,     Kilmacolm 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Fleming  David  B.   Lauderbank,    Buchanan 

drive,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Fleming  Ebenezer  B.  Lochanbrae.  Mambeg, 

Garelochhead  S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Fleming  Ernest.   The    Retreat,    Alhert    at. 

Tayport   S.O.   Fifeshire 
Fleming  G.Tay  View  ter.E.Newport.Fifesh 
Fleming  G.E.  40  West  Argyle  st.Helnsbrgh 
Fleming  Gavin  J.P.  Crowdieknowe,  Middle- 

bie,  Ecclefeehan 
Fleming  Geo.   4  Cumberland   ter.   Annan 
Fleming  George,  89  Peddie  street,  Dundee 
Fleming  Geo.  K.  1  Bon-Accord  cres. Abrdn 
Fleming   George    Peter,    Chirnside    bridge, 

Chirnside  S.O.  Berwickshire 
Fleming  J.  G.  51  Mid  Btreet,  Keith 
Fleming    J.    S.   Inverleng,    Callander  S.O. 

Fleming  James,  41  Constitution  st.  Dundee 
Fleming  James,  39  Eldon  street,  Greenock 
Fleming  James,   Glengowan,  North  Mount, 

Vernon,  Glasgow 
Fleming  James,  23  Greenlaw  av.  Paisley 
Fleming  J.  Kilmory.Skelmerlie  S.O.Ayrsh 
Fleming  James,  17  Maryfield  terrace,  Mary- 
field,  Dundee 
Fleming  James,  Muir  pk.Eskbank, Dalkeith 
Fleming  James  Finlayson  M.B.,  B.Ch.  New 

row,  Dunfermline 
Fleming  James  Hamilton,  Annfleld  house-, 

North  crescent,  Ardrossan 
Fleming    John,     Bloomfield,    Dollar     S.O. 

Fleming  John.l  Castlegate,Berwick-on-Twd 
Fleming  John,  18  Crichton  road,  Rothesay 
Fleming  John,  9  Eglinton  place,  Saltcoats 
Fleming    John,    Ferncliffe.    North    Mount 

Vernon,  Glasgow 
Fleming  John,  Hill  cottage.  Queen  street, 

Broughty  Ferry   S.O.  Forfarshire 
Fleming    John,    Newton    cottage,    Newton 

terrace,    Blairgowrie 
Fleming  John,  9  Panmure  terrace,  Dundee 
Fleming    John    J.P.    Boan,     Newcastleton 

S.O.  Roxburghshire 
Fleming  Jn.  B.  Whitelaw.Bothwell.GlasgW-- 

1496       FLE 


[Fleming    John    W.    Balmyle    road,    West 

Ferry,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 

Fleming    Miss,    107    Albert    road,    Gouroek 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Fleming  Miss,  Bendochy,  Coupar-Angus 
Fleming  Miss,    Burnbank  house,    Portland 

street,  Troon 
Fleming  Miss,  Darnick,  Melrose 
Fleming  Miss,  Hope  bnk.West  bay, Dunoon 
Fleming     Miss,     Netherley,      Dollar    S.O. 

Fleming  Miss,  Oak  villa,   Minister's  brae, 

Fleming  Miss,  25  Palace  street,  Berwick 
Fleming  Miss,  4  Pitcullen  crescent,  Bridg- 
end, Perth 
Fleming    Miss,    Springbank    cottage,    Wal- 

kinshaw  street,  Johnstone 
Fleming  Misses, 1  Fairmount,  Barnhill.Prth 
Fleming    Misses,    Fern  brae,   Pratt    street, 

Fleming     Misses,     12     G-reyfriars    garden, 

St.  Andrews 
Fleming   Mrs.  Academy  street,   Stranraer 
Fleming    Mrs.    Allachy   villa,    Queen's  rd. 

Aberlour   S.O.    Banffshire 
Fleming  Mrs.   1  Ancrum  pi. Lochee, Dundee 
Fleming    Mrs.     Bayview,     Prestwick    S.O. 

Fleming   Mrs.  Braeside,  W.Newport, Fifesh 
Fleming    Mrs.    Carlogie    road,    Carnoustie 

S.O.   Forfarshire 
Fleming  Mrs.  11   Castle   terrace,   Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Fleming  Mrs.  Gordon  lodge,   St.  Andrews 
Fleming  Mrs.   Gowanlea,Castlehead, Paisley 
Fleming     Mrs.     Hamilton    house,    Glasgow 

road,  Perth 
Fleming    Mrs.   The  Lodge,   94   Mid   street, 

Keith,  Banffshire 
Fleming   Mrs.Newtonhall,Gifford,Haddngtn 
Fleming  Mrs.   North  park,  Kilkerran  road, 

Fleming   Mrs.    140  North   st.    St.   Andrews 
Fleming  Mrs.   9  Panmure  terrace,  Dundee 
Fleming  Mrs.  2  Park  place,  Dundee 
Fleming  Mrs.   9   Queen   street,   Arbroath 
Fleming  Mrs.  The  Poplars,  Aberlady  S.O. 

Fleming    Mrs.    D.    Coronella,    West    New- 
port,  Fifeshire 
Fleming    Peter,     Lome    villa,    Kilcreggan 

S.O.   Dumbartonshire 
Fleming    Philip,    Ingleside,   Coupar   Angus 

road,   Lochee,  Dundee 
Fleming  Rt.  Bent  cot.Woodburn  av.Airdrie 
Fleming  Robert,  Content  house,  Ayr 
Fleming  Robert,  Park  view,  Laird   street, 

Fleming    Robert,    2    Reres    ter.    Monifietb 

road,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Fleming   Rt.   Sherbrooke,    Ralston,    Paisley 
Fleming  Robt.  Hood,  Panmure  bank,  Car- 
logie  road,   Carnoustie   S.O.    Forfarshire 
Fleming    Thomas,    West    Main    st.    Darvel 

S.O.    Ayrshire 
Fleming     Tom      Leadbetter,      Marchiston, 

Milngavie,  Glasgow 
Fleming    Walter    M.     Dimora,     Bridge    of 

Weir   S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Fleming    William,    Park,  Inchinnan,   Ren- 
frew  S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Fleming  Wm.  Redcar,  Uddingston, Glasgw 
Fleming  William  James,   Tantallon,   Muir- 

head,  Glasgow 
Fleming    William  P.    Logierait,    Strathtay 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Fleming     William     Y.     Elrohurst     house, 

Langbank,  Port  Glasgow 
Flemington    Henry,    East    view,    Kirkleton 

avenue,  Carluke 
Flemming  Frank,  72  Blenheim  rd.  Aberdn 
Flemming  Jn.   Dalmuinzie,  Murtle,  Aberdn 
Flemming  Jn.   G.  Houston   field,    Houston, 

Flemming   Mrs.   Woodlands  cres.   Falkirk 
Fletcher  Alex.  5  Deemount  ter.  Aberdeen 
Fletcher  Alex.  50  Eglinton  rd.  Ardrossan 
Fletcher  Alexander,  The  Woodlands, Manse 

road,   Motherwell 
Fletcher    Andrew    Mansel    Talbot,    Salton 
hall,  Pencaitland   S.O.   Haddingtonshire 
Fletcher     Angus,     Abbotsford,    Callander 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Fletcher  B.   Cuddon,    Dunans,  Glendaruel, 

Colintraive   S.O.    Argyllshire 
Fletcher  Charles,   Coronation  street,   Wick 
Fletcher  Chas.  B.  1  Gosford  rd.  Cockenzie, 

Preatonpans   S.O.    Haddingtonshire 
Fletcher    Conway    Grant,    Letham    grange, 

St.   Vigeans,  Arbroath 
Fletcher  Duncan,  Tarbert,  Portree 
Eletcher    Edward     R.     3     Mayville    bank, 

Levenhall,   Musselburgh 
Fletcher   George   Henry,  3    Castle  terrace, 

Cathcart,    Glasgow 
Fletcher   Harry  F.    Ettrick   bank,   Brown- 
aide  road,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Fletcher  Hugh,  33  Moss  street,  Elgin 
Fletcher  James    Douglas    J.P.,    D.L.    Rose- 
haugh,   Avoch    S.O.  Ross-shire 

Fletcher   Jn.    Inchbrayock,  Craig,  Montrose 
Fletcher    John,    Oakfield,    Tobermory    S.O- 

Fletcher   Jn.  Park   rd.   GifEnock,    Glasgow 
Fletcher  Jn.    Studio  rd.   Giffnock,   Glasgw 
Fletcher  Miss,  27  Castle  street,  Banff 
Fletcher  Miss,    25   Newton    st.   Greenock 
Fletcher  Miss,  Paradise  pi.  King  st.  Perth 
Fletcher    Miss,    Tordarroch,    Cults,   Aberdn 
Fletcher  Mrs.  ^.misfield  ho.   Haddington 
Fletcher  Mrs.    Arbouker  lodge,   Ireland    st. 

Carnoustie   S.O.   Forfarshire 
Fletcher    Mrs.    Armour    cottage,    Shipyard 

road,   Irvine 
Fletcher   Mrs.   Fernie  bank.   Church  street, 

Carnoustie    S.O.    Forfarshire 
Fletcher    Mrs.    Forth    bank,    Alexandra    st- 

Kirkintilloch,  Glasgow 
Fletcher   Mrs.  Kelton   house,  Dumfries 
Fletcher   Mrs. 9    Kyie   pk.Uddingston,Glsgw 
Fletcher     Mrs.     Scots  wood     villa,     Lochty 

street,    Carnoustie    S.O.  Foi  farshire 
Fletcher  Mrs.  Southfield  cottage,  John   st. 

Largs  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Fletcher  Robt.    13  Deemount  rd.  Aberdeen 
Fletcher  William,    Garnet   bank,  Windmill 

road,    Hamilton 
Fletcher  William,    3    Marine   ter.  Aberdeen 
Fletcher  William,  Welton  Roche,  Barnhill, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.    Forfarshire 
Flett   Alexander,   18  Bavview   rd.  Aberdeen 
Flett  A.   Rosebank,   Findochty   S.O.Banffsh 
Flett  Alex.  14a,  Union  grove,  Aberdeen 
Flett     Alexander      Milne,     Lynne     house, 

Albyn  lane,  Aberdeen 
Flett   George,   Preston  villa.   East   Church 

road,   Buckie 
Flett  James,  Finstown,  Kirkwall 
Flett  John,   194  George  street,  Aberdeen 
Flett  John,  Palace  road,  Kirkwall 
Flett  Peter  C.  21  Albert  street,  Kirkwall 
Flett  Wm.    G.    Strathlea,  Lenzie,   Glasgow 
Flette    Mrs.    15   Dempster   street,  Wick 
Flint    Rev.    Wm.   Craig   M.A.    The    Manse, 

Fort   Augustus,  Inverness 
Flint  John  J. P.  2  Montgomerie  ter.  Ayr 
Flint  Miss,  12  Pitt  terrace,  Stirling 
Flint   Mrs.    7    Abbey  rd.    Eskbank,    Dalkth 
Flint    Robert,    Mount  joy  house,    Mount  joy 

terrace,  Musselburgh 
Flockhart    Andrew,     6    Wellbrae     terrace, 

Mannofield,    Aberdeen 
Flockhart  Archibald,  10  Fenton  st.  Alloa 
Flockhart  J.  C.  Abbothall  vil.CultSjAberdn 
Flockhart  John,  19  "Victoria  st.  Aberdeen 
Flockhart     Thomas,     70     Graham's    road, 

Grahamston,  Falkirk 
Florence   Mrs.  53  Carlton  place,  Aberdeen 
Florence  Mrs.   31    Sunnyside  rd.  Aberdeen 
Florence  Wm.   124  Leslie  ter.   Aberdeen 
Flower  C.  Achnacrioch,  Yoker,  Glasgow 
Flower  Wm.    H.  Merlewood, GifEnock, Glsgw 
Flynn    Rev.    Bartholomew,    2    East    Bucha- 
nan street,  Paisley 
Flynn    Rev.    Wm.    Maitland  st.    Dundee 
FIvnn  D.  V.  Myrtle  park,  Lenzie,  Glasgw 
Flynn    James,    Seaview   west,    Kilcreggan 

S.O.    Dumbartonshire 
Foegie     David     S.      Lucklaw,     Balmullo, 

Leuchars   S.O.    Fifeshire 
Foggie  John   F.C.S.  4  Bellefield  av.Dundee 
Foggie  Wm.   Parkside,  Arbroath  rd. Dundee 
Foggie    William     Edward    M.B.,    CM.     4 

Sprinefield,  Perth   road,   Dundee 
Foggo  John,  Park  pi.  Elie   S.O.  Fifeshire 
Foego     William   S.     Braehead,    Bridge    of 

Don,  Aberdeen 
Fogo  David  LL.D.  Gibson  pi.   St.  Andrews 
Fogo  Misses,  The  Cottage,Row,Helensbrgh 
Fogo  Mrs.    Seafield   cottage,   Fortrose   S.O. 

Fogo  W.   Tower  house,  Clackmannan 
Foley  Rev.  Jn.  54  Dunnikier  rd.  Kirkca'.dy 
Folkarde  William,  Riverlea,  Aberfeldy 
Follev  Mrs.  Coldholm  street,  Banff 
Foote    Alexander    K.    Larkfield,    Newlands 

road,  Newlands,  Glasgow 
Foote    Edwd.  J.    Esk  villas,    Musselburgh 
Foote  Mrs.   1  Miller's  wynd,  Dundee 
Foote     Robert,    Braemar,    Caldwell     road, 

Seamill,  West  Kilbride  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Foote  William,   Homefield,  Woodend  aven. 

Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Forbes    Lord  D.L.    Castle    Forbes,    White- 
house,    Aberdeenshire;      &     Carlton     & 
Athenaeum    clubs,   London    S  W 
Forbes  Lady  Angela,  Balfour  ho.Markinch 
Forbes     Sir     Charles    Stewart    D.L.     bart. 
Castle    Newe    &    Edinglassie,    Strathdon 
S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Forbes    Cant.    The    Hon.    Walter    Robert 
Drummond,  Byth  ho.  New  Byth,  Turriff 
Forbes     Hon.    Athol    Monson    D.L.,     J. P. 
Brux  lodee,   Alford,   Mossat  S.O.    Aber 
deen   &  Edintore  house,   Keith 
ForbeR    Lient.-Col.    J.    Foster    D.L.,    J.P 
Rothiemav  cstl.    Rothieraay    S.O.  Banlls1 
Forbes  Major   R.    I.,    H.M.    Prison,    West 

Bell   street,  Dundee 
Forbes   Rev.    A.,   B.A.   Forfar  rd.    Dundee 

Forbes    Rev.    James    M.A.    South   parish, 

St.   Margaret's  Hope  S.O.   Orkney 
Forbes  Rev.  Jas.  Grant  M.A.  The  Manse, 

Tullynessle,   Aberdeen 
Forbes  Rev.  John  R.  Canisbay,  Wick 
Forbes    Rev.    Peter,    Fairfield,    Kirn    S.O. 

Forbes     Rev.     Robert     Weir,    East   *  Free 

manse,  Lour  road,   Forfar 
Forbes  Rev.  Wm.  Cairneyhill,  Dunfermline 
Forbes  Alex.   1  Albyn  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Forbes  Alexander,  64  Hamilton  pi.  Aberdn 
Forbes  Alex.   M.B.,C.M.5High   st. Inverurie 
Forbes    Alex.   214    Irvine  pi.    Aberdeen 
Forbes  Alexander,  9  Midton  road,  Ayr 
Forbes  Alexander  M.A.   38  Pitsligo  street, 

Rosehearty,  Fraserburgh 
Forbes  Alexander,  102  Powis  pi.  Aberdeen 
Forbes   Alex.    17   Royal  ter.   Linlithgow 
Forbes  Alex.  12  Salisbury  ter.  Aberdeen 
Forbes  Alex.  268  Victoria  rd.Torrv, Aberdn 
Forbes  Arthur,   286  Clifton  rd.   Aberdeen 
Forbes   Charles,  47  Forest  aven.  Aberdeen 
Forbes   Charles   M.B.,   Ch.B.    187  King  st. 

&   19   &   21  Church    street,  Aberdeen 
Forbes   Charles,  Ninewells,   Chirnside   S.O. 

Forbes    Charles,    Overton  rd.   Johnstone 
Forbes  D.  F.  Alderwood,  Bullwood, Dunoon 
Forbes     David,     Aysgarth,     Ladies'     walk, 

Forbes  David,    33£   Seafield  road,  Dundee 
Forbes  D.  M.   The  Gables,   Cults,   Aberdn 
Forbes  Donald,    12  Ness   bank,    Inverness 
Forbes   Fredk.    35   Beaconsfield   pi.   Aberdn 
Forbes  G.  D.   13  Duff  st.  Maryfield.Dundee 
Forbes  George,  49   Clifton    road,    Aberdeen 
Forbes  George,   Herbertshire   castle,   Duni- 

pace,  Denny   S.O.    Stirlingshire 
Forbes    Geo.    Inverernan,    Strathdon    S.O. 

Forbes  Geo.    137  Mid  Stocket  rd.   Aberdn 
Forbes    Hugh    Macgregor    L.R.C.P.S.Edin. 

Cuminestown,  Turriff 
Forbes  J.   Stratton,Broadstone  pk.Invernss 
Forbes  Jas.  oo  Beechgrove  ter.  Aberdeen 
Forbes  James,  8  Cross  street,  Keith 
Forbes  James,  Duff  street,  Macduff 
Forbes  James,   184  Forest  aven.   Aberdeen 
Forbes  James,  32  High  street,  Banff 
Forbes     James     M.V.O.,     J.P.     Old    Blair, 

Blair   Atholl 
Forbes  James,  234  Rosemount  pi. Aberdeen 
Forbes  James    M.A.   Tarland,   Aboyne   S.O. 

Forbes  James,  49  Thomson  st.  Aberdeen 
Forbes  James,   West   bank,   Linlithgow 
Forbes  James,  Westfield,  Glasgow  rd. Perth 
Forbes  Jas.    A.   B.   107  Queen   st. Peterhead 
Forbes     James     Grant,     56    High     street,,    Lasswade 
Forbes  James  R.   167  Duthie  ter.   Aberdeen 
Forbes  James   R.  204  King  st.   Aberdeen 
Forbes  John,  79  Braemar  place,  Aberdeen 
Forbes    John,    Carisbrooke,    Innellan    S.O. 

Forbes  John,   106  Crown  street,  Aberdeen 
Forbes   John,  Lochinver,    Lairg 
Forbes     John,     Mornington     villa,     Aber- 

nethy  S.O.  Perthshire 
Forbes    John,    Palmerston    villa,    Millburn 

road,   Inverness 
Forbes  John,  11  Seafield  street,  Nairn 
Forbes   John,   17   Slitrig   crescent,   Hawick 
Forbes    John   Christie,  Ardveich,    Liberton 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Forbes    John    G.    Seafield    house,     Roslin 

S.O.   Midlothian 
Forbes  John   Houblon    J.P.   Medwyn,    West 

Linton  S.O.   Peeblesshire 
Forbes    John   Walter    J.P.    Corse,    Lump- 

hanan   S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Forbes   M.  G.    7  Glenan  gdns.  Helensbrgh 
Forbes      Miss,     Allandale,      Perth      road, 

Forbes  Miss,   12  Brighton  pi.  Aberdeen 
Forbes  Miss,  Fairriew,  Baird  ter.Stonehvn 
Forbes     Miss,     Freshfield     cottage,     West 

Cults,   Aberdeen 
Forbes  Miss, Keithbank, Robert    st.Stonehvn 
Forbes   Miss,    Larchwood,   Pitlochry 
Forbes   Miss,  3   Westfield  terrace,   Aberdn 
Forbes  Miss,  6  Windsor  gdns.   Musselbrgh 
Forbes    Mrs.    72  Alexander   st.    Airdrie 
Forbes    Mrs.    36  Ann    street,   Stonehaven 
Forbes  Mrs.  Craigie  Park  ho.Craigie, Perth 
Forbes   Mrs.    Croft   house,    Isla  rd.  Bridg- 
end,   Perth 
Forbes  Mrs.   Drimard  ho.  Kilbride,  Dunoon 
Forbes  Mrs.   Graham's  lea.Craigie  rd.Perth 
Forbes  Mrs.  4  Graham's  pi.  King  st.Perth 
Forbes     Mrs.     Millearne,     Trinity     Gask, 

Forbes    Mrs.     Northfield,     Liberton     S.O. 

Forbes   Mrs.   Ill  Queen  street,  Peterhead 
Forbes  Mrs.  Riversdale,  Causewayhead  rd. 

Stirline    ■ 
Forbes   Mrs.    Rowan    cottage,  Victoria    st. 

Dyce,    Aberdeen 
Forbes  Mrs.    St.  Anns,  Kinross 


for      1497 

Torbes  Mrs.    70  Stanley  street,  Aberdeen 
Forbes   Mrs.   D.   12  Balhousie  street,  Perth 
Forbes   Mrs.   J.  H.   7   Nicol   st.    Kirkcaldy 
Forbes   Mrs.  Jas.    6  Devonshire  rd.  Aberdn 
Forbes   Norman,    Ballone   house,    Matheson 

road,    Stornoway 
Forbes  Patrick,  347   Clifton   rd.    Aberdeen 
Forbes  Patrick  M.    343   Clifton  rd.    Aberdn 
Forbes     Peter,     Woodbine    cottage,    Union 

street,  Lochee,  Dundee 
Forbes  E.   12  Janefield  pi. Maryfield, Dundee 
Forbes  Robert  S.   31   Finnart  "st.    Greenock 
Forbes  Roderick,  Beaufort,  Earlsferry,  Elie 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Forbes    Stuart,    Alverton,    Monreith   road, 

Newlands,   Glasgow 
Forbes    Thomas,  Beulah,    East    Clepington 

road,  Dundee 
Forbes  Thos.jun.  41  Devanha  gdns.Aberdn 
Forbes  W.,    D.L.,   J.P.,    M.F.H.    Calltnder 

house,  Falkirk 
Forbes    W.     Ellengowan,    Montague    row, 

Forbes   Walt.   7   Dundonald  rd.  Kilmarnock 
Forbes    William    J. P.   Co  why  the,    Fordyce, 

Portsoy  S.O.   Banffshire 
Forbes     William,     Holmeslee,     Bridge     of 

Weir    S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Forbes  Win.   J.P.  Newton   Kinkell,   TJrqu- 

hart,  Conon  Bridge  S.O.  Ross-shire 
Forbes      William,      Strathspey,      Bentinck 

drive,  Troon 
Forbes  William,  55   Sunnyside  rd.  Aberdn 
Forbes  Wm.  The  Veras,  Bieldside,  Aberdn 
Forbes  Wm.  D.  76  Hammerfield  av.Aberdn 
Forbes  Wm.    G.    4   Hill   st.   Kilmarnock 
Forbes-Leith    Rev.     William   M.A.     White- 

haugh  house,   Alford,  Aberdeen 
Forbes-Sempill    Hon.    Katherine    Charlotte 

E.   S.   Bourtie  house,  Old  Meldrum  S.O. 

Ford     Co1.     Hugh,     St.     Regu'us     house, 

Queen's  terrace,  St.  Andrews 
Ford  Arth.    Hayton,  Brookfield,  Johnstone 
Ford   George,  Gartcows   road,   Falk  rk 
Ford    Geo.    Torino,   Brookfield,    Johnstone 
Ford  James,  Milnbank,  Downfield,  Dundee 
Ford  John,  11  Market  square,  Duns 
Ford  John  D.   8  Duntrune  ter.   West  Ferry, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Ford    Matthew,    Woodhead    cottage,   Wood- 
head   street,  Dunfermline 
Ford  Miss,   Fentou   street,  Alloa 
Ford   Miss,    76  Glengate    st.   Kirriemuir 
Ford   Miss,    Meadow   bank,    Carlogie  road, 

Carnoustie  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Ford     Mrs.     Melbourne    cottage,     Melville 

lane,  Montrose 
Ford  Thos.  Altrive,  Douglas  st. Motherwell 
Tord  William  D.    The   Dell,    Motherwell 
Forde  Ernest  S.  Queen  st.  Castle  Douglas 
Fordyce    Col.     Alexander    D.    Westlands, 

Rathelpie,    St.   Andrews 
Fordyce  Rev.  William,  15  Fenton  st.  Alloa 
Tordyce  Rev.  William,  Quarff,  Lerwick 
Fordyce   Alexander   Dingwall   D.L.    Bruck- 

lay  castle,  Brucklay,   Aberdeen 
Tordyce  John  J.P.  Gardenstown,   Banff 
Tordyce    Miss,     Sinnavoe,     Corrour     road, 

Newlands,    Glasgow 
Fordyce    Mrs.    Brucklay   castle,    Brucklay, 

Fordyce  William,  Calder  gro.  Motherwell 
Foreman    Joseph,    Nursery    house,    North- 

esk  road,  Montrose 
Forfar  Peter,   65  Church   st.    Pert  Glasgow 
Torgan    Rev.    James    R.,     M.A.     St.     An' 

drew's   manse,   Auchterarder 
Torgan   Rev.  John   M.A.,  IT.   F.    C.  manse, 

Durris,   Drumoak   S.O.    Aberdeenshire 
Forgan  Rev.   R-,  B.D.   32   Carden  p'.Abrdn 
Torgan  Miss,    24  Bridge   end,   Duns 
Forgan  Miss  C.    South  View  ho.   Kirkton. 

Upper   Largo,   Lower  Largo  S.O.   Fifesh 
Forgan  Mrs.    Blairneuk,   Westpark.   Cupar 
Forgan  Mrs.  17   Queen's   terrace,    Ayr 
Forgan   William,   Woodend,  Rahane,   Rose- 

neath   S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Forgie  Alex.  Roslyn,  Bothwell,  Glasgow 
Torgie  J.  T.   Mosspark,  Bothwell.  Glasgow 
Torgie  Mrs.    1   Cairnfield  place,   Aberdeen 
Torgie  Mrs. 5  George  st.Grabamston.Falkrk 
Forker  Mrs.  Pettycur  road,  Kingliorn  S.O. 

Forman    J.    Charles,    Staffalee,    Westerton 

drive,  Bridge  of  Allan 
Forman    Miss,     Auchendoun,    Doune     S.O. 

Forman  Miss,  2  Ravenshaugh  road,  Leven- 

hall,    Musselburgh 
Forman    William    James.    Barnhill,     Kirk- 

patrick-Juxta,  Beattock  S.O.  Dumfriessh 
Torres  Mrs.  116  Mid  Stocket  rd.  Aberdeen 
Forrest  S'r  William  Charles  bart.  Coniston 

house,  Colinton  S.O.  Midlothian 
Forrest  Rev.   Andrew  James  B.D.  Erskine 

manse.   Gilston  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Forrest  Rev..T..M.A.15Victoria   st.Fraserbgh 
Forrest  Rev.   Jas.   M.A.,   D.D.  The   Manse, 

Lonmay   S.O.    Aberdeenshire 

Forrest    Rev.    James   M.A.,    U.    F.    manse, 

Harthill,  Whitburn  S.O 
Forrest  Rev.  Walter,  Free  manse,  Kemnay, 

Forrest  A.  Clyde  grove,  Crossford, Carluke 
Forrest  Alexander,   Dun  vegan,   Park   road, 

Eskbank,  Dalkeith 
Forrest  Alex.  34  Devonshire   rd.    Aberdeen 
Forrest   Alex.   Glendoick,    Kinnoull,  Perth 
Forrest  Andrew,    28   Carlton  pi.  Aberdeen 
Forrest    Archibald,    Ravcnscraig.    Wormit, 

Forrest    Charles,    Beech    cottage,     Lonmay 

S.O.    Aberdeenshire 
Forrest   D.Thornebank, Millport.   S.O.Bntesh 
Forrest  David,  Beaton  house,  Longriggend 

S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Forrest    George    J.P,    Castle    of    Auchry, 

Monquhitter,    Turriff 
Forrest   George,    Flours   cottage.   Peebles 
Forrest     James,      Eurora     villa,      Tighna- 

bruaich  S.O.    Argyllshire 
Forrest    John     M.D.,    J.P.     Calder    view, 

Merry  street,    Motherwell 
Forrest  John,  Gl  Devonshire  rd.   Aberdeen 
Forrest     John,     Hillside     cottage,     Shotts 

S.O.    Lanarkshire 
Forrest  John,   85  Queen   street,   Peterhead 
Forrest  Jn.  Willow   bank,   Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Forrest     Miss,     Creightonville,     Lockerbie 

road,  Dumfries 
Forrest  Miss,   Gallfotd,  Dalmuir,  Glasgow 
Forrest  Miss,  Lanark  road,   Carluke 
Forrest  Miss,Woodhonse,Blantyre,  Glasgow 
Forrest  Misses,   Ash  cottage,   Larbert 
Forrest   Misses, Whinfield,Dunblane,Perthsh 
Forrest   Mrs.   Craigard,   Rosebank  la.Forfar 
Forrest    Mrs.    Easter   Ogil    house,    Tanna- 

dice,   Forfar 
Forrest  Mrs.  Marine  villa,  Barassie,  Troon 
Forrest  Mrs.   Moor  end,  Giffnock.   Glasgow 
Forrest  Mrs.   Mosset   villa,    St.   Catherine's 

road,    Forres 
Forrest     Mrs.     St.     Catherine     croft,     St. 

Leonard    street,    Lanark 
Forrest  Patrick,   Rosebank  cottage,    Long- 
side,  Aberdeen 
Forrest   Peter  M.    Woodside   ter.   Falkirk 
Forrest  R.S.,  J.P..M.B.,   C.M.Auchterarder 
Forrest  R.  Afton  bank,  Downfield,  Dundee 
Forrest  Robert,    Prosen  house,   Avenue    st. 

Stewarton  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Forrest  Robt.  Reid,  501  King  st,  Aberdeen 
Forrest  S.GO  Kyle  pk.  Uddingston, Glasgow 
Forrest  Samuel,  27  Hyndford  road,  Lanark 
Forrest  S.  Craig-Ard,  E.  Newport,  Fifesh 
Forrest  T.  Glendoick.  Brompton  ter.  Perth 
Forrest  T.Hut-on-Clyde,  Crossford, Carluke 
Forrest     T.,     J.P.     Ludquharn,     Longside, 

Forrest    Thomas,      Douglasdale,     Riverside 

road,  Newlands,  Glasgow 
Forrest  T.  Levernshields,   Hurlet,   Glasgow 
Forrest  T.    S.    G4  London  rd.   Kilmarnock 
Forrest  W.  Underbank,   Crossford,  Carluke 
Forrest  Walter,    Underbank,   Westcoats  rd. 

Cambuslang,    Glasgow 
Forrest  William,    12   Abbotsford   gro.  Kelso 
Forrest  William,  Avenue  street,   Stewarton 

S.O.   Ayrshire 
Forrest  William,  Crawley  bank,  Springfield 

S.O.    Fifeshire 
Forrest    William,     Fielbarachan,    Aberfoyle 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Forrest  William,  Hopetoun  p'ace,  Academy 

road,    Moffat 
Forrest-Bell   Rev.    John   Hy.  The  Rectory, 

Forfar  road,  Conpar-Angus  S.O.  Perthsh 
Forrester  A.  Dunserf,  Orchard  st.  Falkirk 
Forrester  Danl.  Campbell,  Katharos.Oakley 

pi. Queen  st. Broughty  FerryS.O.Forfarsh 
Forrester    David,    Rosehill    cottage,    Pol- 

mont    S.O.    Stirlingshire 
Forrester  E.2  Abbey  rd.Esk   bank. Dalkeith 
Forrester      George,     Ravenscraig,      Earls- 
ferry,   Elie   S.O.    Fifeshire 
Forrester  J.   Wallaoelea, Glasgow  rd. Paisley 
Forrester    James,    High    street,   Earlsferrv, 

Elie  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Forrester   John, Ardenlea,    Lenzie,   Glasgow 
Forrester  J.  Glencairn,  Neilson  st.  Falkirk 
Forrester  John,  Inveresk  place,   Coltswood 

rotd,    Co  itbridge 
Forrester   John,    Victoria  ter.    Dunfermline 
Forrester    Miss, Burn    bank.Burnside.Moffat 
Forrester  Miss, 23   Glasgow   st. Helensburgh 
Forrester    Miss,    2    Murray    place,    Milton 

road,  Kirkcaldy 
Forrester  MiBS,  30  Snowdon  pi.  Stirling 
Forrester  Mrs.   20  Dalhonsie  pi.   Arbroath 
Forrester    Mrs.    Glenmiln,    Campsie    glen, 

Forrester  Mrs.   Salsburgh  house,  Holytown 

S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Forrester     Mrs.     Springfield,     Auchnamore 

road,    Dunoon 
Forrester  Mrs.    Tullibody  house,   Tullibody 

S.O.  "Clackmannanshire 
Forrester    Mrs.    Viewforth    house,    Grange 

street,  Grangemouth 

Forrester  Mrs.20Whyte's   causeway, Krkcldy 
Forrester    Mrs.    Woodfield,     Colinton     S.O. 

Forrester    Robert,    Denovan    house,    Duni- 

pace,    Denny  S.O.    Stirlingshire 
Forrester  R.  Glen  Eden,   Lenzie,   Glasgow 
Forrester  Robert  Robertson,   Buchan  place, 

Broxburn    S-O.   Linlithgowshire 
Forrester     William,     Arngibbon,      Kippen, 

Kippen   Station   S.O.   Stirlingshire 
Forrester   William    M.B.    Cremannan,    Bal- 

fron,  Balfron   Station   S.O.   Stirlingshire 
Forrester    William,    Thornville,    Slamannan 

S.O.    Stirlingshire 
Forshaw  Jsph.   A.  1!)  Ashley  rd.   Aberdeen 
For-Uiaw   Miss,    Garfield    cot.    Scone,    Perth 
Forson    Rev.    David   Z.    H.,    E.    U.    manse, 

Campbell     street,      Coupar-Angus      S.O. 

Forson   Miss,  Tigh-an-Traigh,   Port  Banna- 

tyne,  Rothesay 
Forster     Harry    H.     1     Fairhaven     villas. 

Torsonce   road,    Dalkeith 
Forster  W.9Hermon  hill,  Perth  rd.Dundee 
Forsyth  Col.  John  Henry,  Culblain,  South- 
side   road,   Inverness 
Forsyth  Rev.  John,   6   Strathview  terrace, 

Forfar  road,  Dundee 
Forsyth  Rev.   William,    New  Luce  manse. 

New  Luce,   Glenluce  S.O.  Wigtownshire 
Forsyth    Rev.    William   D.D.    The    Manse, 

Nethy  Bridge  S.O.   Inverness-shire 
Forsyth  A.  Thurston, Overton  rd. Johnstone 
Forsyth  Alex.  33  Braemar  pi.   Aberdeen 
Forsyth    Alexander,    Rosemount,    Melville 

terrace,    Eskbank,   Dalkeith 
Forsyth  Alexander  W.  Heathmount,  South- 
side  road,  Inverness 
Forsyth  Charles,  10  North  ter.  Berwick 
Forsyth  Herbert  C.  B.  39  Beaconsfield  pi. 

Forsyth  I.   Balintraid,  Delny  S.O.   Ross-sh 
Forsyth  James,  Culmaily,  Golspie 
Forsyth  James,  Eyemouth  S.O.   Berwicksh 
Forsyth     James,      Hunterlea,      Kilmacolm 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Forsyth  James,    Orchard  cottage,    Orchard 

street,  Falkirk 
Forsyth  James,  Park  terrace,  Falkirk 
Forsyth  Jas.   1  Pilmuir  vils.Pilmuir.Forres 
Forsyth  Jas.  Queensgate  hotel,  Inverness 
Forsyth  James,  Woodilee,   Lenzie,   Glasgow 
Forsyth  J.  D.  Rockville, Bowling,  Glasgow 
Forsyth  James  Johnson,  Strathlea,  Kirkin- 
tilloch, Glasgow 
Forsyth  James   Noel  J.P.    Quinish,  Tober- 
mory S.O.  Argyllshire 
Forsyth     John,     Ben     Trackie,     Barnhill, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Forsyth    John,    Cornhill,     Riverside    road, 

Newlands,    Glasgow 
Forsyth  John,  16  River  street,  Montrose 
Forsyth  John  Gordon   Asher  M.B.,   CM.   7 

Ardross  terrace,   Inverness 
Forsyth  Miss,  6  Belvidere  cres.    Aberdeen 
Forsyth  Miss,  7  Pitt  terrace,   Stirling 
Forsyth    Miss,    5   Treespark    avenue,    Barr- 
head, Glasgow 
Forsyth  Mrs. Bailenrigh, Telford    st.Invrnss 
Forsyth  Mrs.  5  Bellefield  avenue,  Dundee 
Forsyth    Mrs.    Coniston,    Colquhoun   drive, 

Bearsden,   Glasgow 
Forsyth    Mrs. Craigmount, Dundee    rd. Forfar 
Forsyth     Mrs.    Duff    cottage,     Mill    wynd, 

Fife-Keith,  Keith 
Forsyth  Mrs.  Dunira,  Hunters  quay,  Kirn 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Forsyth    Mrs.    Fernbank,   Moray  st.   Elgin 
Forsyth  Mrs. Friars   pk. Institution  rd. Elgin 
Forsyth       Mrs.       Margarten,       Davidson's 

Mains  S.O.   Midlothian 
Forsyth  Mrs.  Rosebank,  Melrose 
Forsyth  Mrs.  56  South  Guildry  st.   Elgin 
Forsyth  Richard,   14  Orchard  ter.   Hawick 
Forsyth    Richard, Glythna.Corstorphine  S.O. 

Forsyth  Robert,  I  Huntley  terrace,  Spring- 

boig,  Shettleston,   Lanarkshire 
Forsyth  Robert   J.P.    Smailholm,    Kelso 
Forsyth    T.    The    Anchorage,    Victoria   pi. 

Forsyth  Thomas,    Ayton,   Berwickshire 
Forsyth    Thomas,     Knowhead,     Brownside 

road,   Cambuslan-    Glasgow 
Forsyth  T.   S.  54  Forest  avenue,   Aberdeen 
Forsyth  W.  The  Bungalow,    St.   Leonard's 

road,    Forres 
Forsyth  W.  D.   Eyemouth   S.O.   Berwicksh 
Forsyth     William,     Charley     lodge,     Fern 

Bank  road,  Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Forsyth  William,   Dunluce,   Sanquhar  S.O. 

Forsyth  William,    2D  Forth   cres.    Stirling 
Forsyth  William,  Rose  Lea,  Fairfield  road. 

Forsyth  William  M.A.   The  Manse,   Nethy 

Bridge  S.O.    Inverness-shire 
Fortescue    Mrs.     Kingcausie,     Maryculter, 

Fortescue  William  Irvine  J.P.,  M.B.,  CM. 
7  Bon-Accord  square,  Aberdeen 

1498       FOR 


Fortune  Alexander,   70  West   Holmes   gar- 
dens, Musselburgh. 
Fortune    Cornelius,    East    Craig,    Liberton 

S.O.   Midlothian 
Fortune  George,  42  Bridge  end,   Duns 
Fortune    George    E.    Eosebauk,    Newburn, 

Colinsburgh  S.O.   Fifeshire 
Fortune     James,     Fortuna,     Campie    road, 

Fortune  Jas.  B.  West  ho.  Elie  S.O.  Fifesh 
Fortune    John,    Bengairn    house,    Auchen- 

cairn,  Castle  Douglas 
Fortune  Miss,  8  Bell  street,  St.  Andrews 
Fortune  Peter,  5  Albert  terrace,  Huntly 
Fortune     Robert,     Charles    street,     Pitten- 

weem  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Fortune  W.  Claremont,   Anstruther  Wester 
Fossdick  Fdk.   Linlea,   Manse  st.  Saltcoats 
Foster    Alexander,    Caenlochan,    Buchanan 

drive,    Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Foster  Dunlop,  Heathfield,  Annan 
Foster  Ernest  George,   Maryville,  Cardross 

8.0.   Dumbartonshire 
Foster   Henry   George,   2   Norfolk  terrace, 

Glencaple  road,  Dumfries 
Foster  James,   %   Queen's   st.   Dumfries 
Foster  John  M.A.  Academy,  Berth 
Foster  Mrs.  31  Denny  street,  Inverness 
Foster    Mrs.    Jamesfield,    Ferntower    road, 

Foster   Mrs.    Eussell  bank,    South    street, 

Elie  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Foster    Mrs.     Summerfield    house,     Kings- 
kettle    S.O.   Fifeshire 
Foster   Mrs.    West   view,   Bridge    of   Weiv 

S.O.    Eenfrewshire 
Foster   Norman,    Gable  house,    Earlsferry, 

Elie  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Foster  Thomas  H.  Longmeadow,  Annan 
Foster  W.  St.  Catherine's,  Newlands  road, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Fotheringham  Rev.  William,   Manse,  Dun- 

rossness,    Lerwick 
Fotheringham     Adam,     Hazelwood,    Lang- 
bank,    Port   Glasgow 
Fotheringham  Alexander,    3  Lochalsh  ter- 
race, Percival  road,  Inverness 
Fotheringham    David,    Hilton,    Milnathort 

S.O.  Kinross-shire 
Fotheringham  James  D.  Birchfield,  Denny 
Fotheringham   John,   Crosshill   villa,   Bail- 

lieston,  Glasgow 
Fotheringham     John,    Lawbank,     Craigen- 

doran,  Helensburgh 
Fotheringham     John,    Eosshill,     Hamilton 

road,   Motherwell 
Fotheringham   Miss,   St.   Ives,    Barrie  ter- 
race, Ardrossan 
Fotheringham  Misses,    10  Gladstone  place, 

Fotheringham     Mrs.     4     Gladstone    place, 

Fotheringham    Mrs.    Eo3elea   cot.    Denny- 
loanhead,    Bonnybridge    S.O.    Stirlingsh 
Fotheringham    Thomas,    Maybank,    Eubis- 

law  Den  south,  Aberdeen 
Foulds  A. Heath  bank,  Meikleriggs, Paisley 
Foulds   A.   The  Cottage,   Catrine  S.O.Ayrsh 
Foulds     Alexander    E.     Meikle     Corsehill, 

Stewarton  S.O.   Ayrshire 
Foulds  J.45  Kyle  pk.   TJddingston, Glasgow 
Foulds  Mrs.   99  Finnart  street,  Greenock 
Foulds   Robert,  Arkleston  villa,   Arkleston 

road,  PaiBley 
Foulds  W.  St.  Ninians,   E.   Links,  Dunbar 
Foulis  Sir  Wm.  Lisbon-  bart.  J.P.  Millburn 

tower,    Corstorphine    S.  0.    Midlothian 
Foulis  R.  C.  Eoselea,  Orchard  st.Motherwll 
Fowell   Eidley,Huntcliffe,  Cults,    Aberdeen 
Fowler    Lady,     Inverbroom    house,     Loch- 
broom   S.O.   Eoss-shire 
Fowler     Sir     John     Edward,     Braemore, 

Garve  S.O.   Eoss-shire 
Fowler  A.,J.P.Auchnagatt  S.O-Aberdeensh 
Fowler  Andrew  J.P.,   M.D.  Arnha,  Ellon 
Fowler  Donald  J.P.  Mansfield,  Tain 
Fowler  G.  370  Great  Western  rd. Aberdeen 
Fowler  George  E.  36a,  Castle  st.  Forfar 
Fowler  James,   27  William  street,  Dundee 
Fowler   James   Elsmie    J.P.,    M.D.   Arden- 
ville,  Church  street,  Woodside,Aberdeen 
Fowler  Jn.  Forth  vw.  Coburg  av.  Stirling 
Fowler  John,  Longview,  Loan,  Hawick 
Fowler    Miss,    Woodbank,     Innellan     S.O. 

Fowler  Misses,  Marion  vil.  Elie  S.O. Fifesh 
Fowler  Mrs.   1  Ferryhill  place,   Aberdeen 
Fowler  Mrs.  Ivy  bank,  Philip  street,  Car- 
noustie S.O.  Forfarshire 
Fowler     Mrs.     Mount     Chasse,     Broomie- 

knowe,  Lasswade 
Fowler  Mrs.  North  Pier  villa,  Pocra  pier, 

Fowler   Mrs.    43    Stanley  street,   Aberdeen 
Fowler  S.  D.  5  Louisville  aven.  Aberdeen 
Fowler  Simson  Carstairs  M.B.,C.M.Waver- 
ley  ho.  Juniper  Green  S.O.   Midlothian 
Fowler     Thomas     A.      Craigend     cottage 

Cardross  S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Fowler  William  M.A.  School  house,Winch- 
burgh  S.O.   Linlithgowshire 

Fowler  William,  41  East  banks,  Wick 
Fowler  William,  Topsfleld,   Selkirk 
Fowlie  Alex.   50  Market  place,  Inverurie 
Fowlie    James,    Bellevue   cottage,   Victoria 

street,  Dyce,   Aberdeenshire 
Fowlie  John,   Millhill,   Old  Deer,   Mintlaw 

Station  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Fowlie  Miss,  30  Stanley  street,  Aberdeen 
Fowlie  Walter,   Castle  grove,   Eothesay 
Fowlie  Walter,  York  terrace,  Eothesay 
Fox  Alexander,  Paradise  villa,  Dundee  st. 

Carnoustie   S.O.   Forfarshire 
Fox  James,  Athole  cottage,  Edzell, Brechin 
Fox  Mark  L.  Cromer  vil.  Westpark,  Cupar 
Fox   Marmaduke,   Polbae,    Kirkcowan  S.O. 

Fox  Mrs.  40  Balmoral  place,  Galashiels 
Fox     W.    H.    Forsinard,     Forsinard     S.O. 

Sutherlandshire  ^ 

Fox  Wm.    J.P.    Belle  Villa  ho.    Stranraer 
Fraenkl    Victor,    Tay    park,     West    Ferry, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Frain  Wm.  4  St.  John's  Wood  ter.  Dundee 
Frame     Rev.    James     B.D.    United     Free 

Church  manse,  Millport  S.O.  Buteshire 
Frame  Eev.  Jn.  Cowdenbeath  S.O.  Fifesh 
Frame  Alexander,  Maryville  house,  Machan 

road,  Larkhall  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Frame  Andrew,  Ardgarth,  Garscadden  rd. 

Bearsden,    Glasgow 
Frame    Daniel,   Viewlands    terrace,   Perth 
Frame  David,  Birkensaw,  Hamilton  drive, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Frame  Frederick  William,  Mapoon  terrace, 

High  Askomel,    Campbeltown 
Frame   J.6Kilmailing    ter.Cathcart, Glasgow 
Frame  J.  Montgomery    sq.Eaglesham,Glasgw 
Frame  James,  2  Bentinck  street,  Greenock 
Frame    James,    Glencoila,    Greenlees   road, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Frame   James,    Hamilton  bank,    Abbot   st. 

Craigie,    Perth 
Frame  James,  Sunnyside,  Buchanan  drive, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Frame  James,  Victoria  avenue,  Carluke 
Frame   M.   L.  Biggart,  Lugton,  Beith 
Frame  Misses,  Carse  view,  Hyndford  road, 

Frame  Mrs.  Arden  bank,  Kilcreggan   S.O. 

Frame  Mrs.   11   Church  street,   Alloa 
Frame  Mrs.   Claremont,  Albert  pi.   Airdrie 
Frame  Mrs.  Coningsby  place,  Alloa 
Frame  Mrs.   13  Crichton  road,  Eothesay 
Frame  E.  Blackwood,  Miller  st.  Hamilton 
Frame  Eobert  Heslop,   12  Paton   st.  Alloa 
Frame  William,   16  Ladyacre  road,  Lanark 
Frame  William,   Windmill   road,   Hamilton 
France  Chas.  A.   129  Forest  av.   Aberdeen 
France  Chas.  S.   13  Carnfield  pi.  Aberdeen 
France  Miss,   Albany  cottage,  Anthony  pi, 

France  Mrs.   9  Glebe  terrace,  Alloa 
Francis  Rev.  David  L.,  M.A.  Eaith  manse 

Milton  road,  Kirkcaldy 
Francis  Rev.  James,  The  Manse,  Twechar, 

K  rkintilloch,    Glasgow 
Francis    Arthur  Bailie,    Daylesford,    Colv 

end,  Dalbeattie 
Francis  Davis,  Victoria  ter.  Dunfermline 
Francis    0.    Francis,     Lothrie     house,     St, 

Brycedale  avenue,   Kirkcaldy 
Franklin  Jn.  G.  7  Longstone  vw.  Berwick 
Fraser    Col.    George   Leith,    Kirkside,    St. 

Cyrus,  Montrose 
Fraser    Capt.    Sir    Keith    Alexander    bart. 

Inverinate,   Kyle 
Fraser  Col.  William  D.L.,  J.P.Tighneilan, 

Dores  road,  Inverness 
Fraser  Major  Francis,   Rhinstock,    Strath- 
don  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Fraser  Major  Francis,  Tornaveen,  Kincar- 
dine O'Neil  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Fraser    Major     James     Wilson,     Forebank 

house,    Farnell,   Brefhin 
Fraser  Capt.  R.  G.,  R.N.  Whinnie  Knowe, 

Fraser  Eev.  Alexander  M.A.  Kilbride  ho 

Broadfoot  S.I.   Inverness-shire 
Fraser  Rev.  C,  M.A.  Freuchie  S.O-Fifesh 
Fraser    Eev.     Charles    B.D.    The    Manse 

Croy,  Gotlanfield,  Inverness-shire 
Fraser    Rev.    David    Denholm    M.A.    The 

Manse,  Sprouston,  Kelso 
Fraser  Rev.  Ewen,  Strathy,  Thurso 
Fraser  Rev.  Hugh,  Alvah,  Banff 
Fraser   Rev.    Hu  gh,    United    Free    Church 

manse,Strathfillan,  Tyndrum  S.O.Perthsh 
Fraser  Rev.  J.  Established  Church  manse 

Erchless,   Beanly  S.O.  Invernesa-shire 
Fraser  Rev.  J.  Park  rd.Eskbank,  Dalkeith 
Fraser  Rev.  J.  Sheddens,  Busby,  Glasgow 
Fraser  Eev. J., M.A. The  Manse, Blair  Atholl 
Fraser  Eev.   J.  E.   Kinneff,   Stonehaven 
Fraser  Eev.  J.  W.  Lochgair  S.O.  Argyllsh 
Fraser  Eev.  James,  Gorlhleck,  Inverness 
Fraser    Rev.    James,    Skcrrols,    Bridgend 

S.O.   Argyllshire 
Fraser  Rev.  James,  The  Manse,  Clarkston, 
Busby,  'Glasgow 

Fraser  Eev. J., M.A. 17  High  Bt.Invergordon 
Fraser    Eev.    John    J.P.    Kinglassie,    Oar- 

denden  S.O.    Fifeshire 
Fraser   Eev.   John,    West   Free  manse,    10 

Park  road,   Brechin 
Fraser    Rev.    John    M.    Kilchrennan    S.O. 

Fraser    Eev.    Robert,    Fern    bank,    Advie 

S.O.   Morayshire 
Fraser    Eev.    T.,    D-D.    The    Manse,    East 

Newport,   Fifeshire 
Fraser  Rev.Thos.  M.A.  Ferryden,  Montrose 
Fraser    Rev.    Thomas    M.A.    The    Manse, 

Cawdor,  Nairn 
Fraser    Eev.    William,    Carsphairn,    Dairy 

S.O.   Kirkcudbrightshire 
Fraser   Eev.   William,   Clova,   Kildrummy, 

Mossat  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Fraser  Eev.  Wm.  1  Southside  pi. Inverness 
Fraser  A.  Allister  cottage,  Old  Edinburgh 

road,  Inverness 
Fraser  A.  3  Grange  Knowe,  Kilmarnock 
Fraser  A.  Greenfield  ho.  Kirk  rd.  Wishaw 
Fraser  A.Maryheld,  Midmills  rd. Inverness 
Fraser  Alex.  Merkland,  Dalmuir,  Glasgow 
Fraser  A.,M.D.,J.P.2.32  Union  st.Aberdeen 
Fraser  A. Westgrove, Montague  row.Invrnss 
Fraser  A.  Yew  bank, Park  ter.Dunfermline 
Fraser  A.  Campbell  D.C.L.  Gorton  house, 

Eo^ewell  S.O.  Midlothian 
Fraser  A.  W.  Teviot  lodge,  Southside  rd. 

Fraser  Adam,  23  Justice  Mill  la. Aberdeen 
Fraser   Alexander,    Arda,    Quadrant    road, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Fraser  Alexander,  Ardlaw,  Eangemoor  rd. 

Fraser  Alex.  25  Bonnymuir  pi.  Aberdeen 
Fraser  Alexander,   Carswell  cottage, Plane- 
field  toad,  Inverness 
Fraser  Alexander,   Cnoc-Chaisteal,   Helms- 
dale S.O.   Sutherlandshire 
Fraser  Alex.   45   Cromwell   st,   Stornoway 
Fraser    Alexander,    Duncraig    villa,    Fair- 
field road,  Inverness 
Fraser  Alexander,  Forrest  cottage,  Hamil- 
ton road,   Motherwell 
Fiaser  Alexander  J.P.  99  High  st.  Forres 
Fraser  A.  Mauldslie, Abbot  st. Craigie, Perth 
Fraser  A.Priorybank.Victoria  rd. Kirkcaldy 
Fraser  Alexander,  216  Union  st.  Aberdeen 
Fraser  Alexander,   6  View  pi.  Inverness 
Fraser  Alexander,  Violet  bank,  4  Comely 

Park  place,   Dunfermline 
Fraser    Alexander,    Williamsville,    Hawk- 
head  road,  Paisley 
Fraser    Alexander,    jnn.    Priorybank,   Vic- 
toria road,  Kirkcaldy 
Fraser  Alex.  D.  96  Desswood  pi. Aberdeen 
Fraser    Alexander    James,    Osborn    Perci- 
val road,  Inverness 
Fraser  A.St.  Ives,  Montague  row.Invernss 
Fraser  A.  J.  65  Commercial  st.  Dundee 
Fraser  A.  Culag,  Eangemoor  rd.  Inverness 
Fraser   Andrew,   5    Gow   cres.    Kirkcaldy 
Fraser  C.  7  Ardconnel  ter.  we.  Inverness 
Fraser  C.  Forgue  ho.  Perth  rd.Blairgowrie 
Fraser  Ohas.Cuputh.Kingsmills  rd.Invrnss 
Fraser  Charles,   9  Holburn  rd.  Aberdeen 
Fraser  Charles  J.P.  St.  Helens,  Melrose 
Fraser  Charles  J.  E.  Locharich,Kilchrenan 

S.O.   Argyllshire 
Fraser    Charles    Lachlan    F.R.C.P.    &    S. 

Eciin.   55    Ravensdowne,   Berwick 
Fraser  C.  W.  Quarterbank,  GifEnock.Glsgw 
Fraser  D.33Brechin  rd. Kirriemuir, Forfarsh 
Fraser  D.  Viewfield,Argyle  st.  St.Andrews 
Fraser  David,  Ellon 
Fraser  David,  Glenallan,  Sunnylaw, Bridge 

of  Allan 
Fraser  David  J.P.   46  King  st.   Peterhead 
Fraser  David  M.A.    Parkend,    Selkirk 
Fraser   David,    Rose   bank,    Linlithgow 
Fraser  D.  Hazel  bank, York  drive, Invemss 
Fraser  Donald,   Kingsmuir,  Forfar 
Fraser   Donald   M.D.   3    Orr   sq.   Paisley 
Fraser  Duncan,  Ardross  cottage,  Kenneth 

street,  Inverness 
Fraser   Duncan   J.P.    Carraig-Thura,    Loch 

Awe  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Fraser  Duncan, lU7Strathmartine  rd. Dundee 
Fraser    Duncan    P.    5    Murray  pi.    Haugh 

road,   Inverness 
Fraser  Edgar  M.  Braeholm,  Windyknowe, 

Fraser  Edwin,   38   Church  st.   Coatbridge 
Fraser  Evan  H.Clive  st.Maryfield,  Dundee 
Fraser   George,    Briarbank,    Albert   street, 

Momfieth,  Dundee 
Fraser  George,  11  Belgrave  ter.  Aberdeen 
Fraser    George,    Clarence    cottage,    Drum- 

mond   road,   Inverness 
Fraser  George,  Dalzell  farm,  Motherwell 
Fraser  Geo.    14  Grattan  pi.   Fraserburgh 
Fraser  George,   24  Holmeton  road,   Ayr 
Fraser    George,    Rondebosch,    Strathpeffer 

S.O.    Eoss-shire 
Fraser  Geo.  Tay  ter.  Ea.Newport,Fifeshire 
Fraser  George,  Woodbine,  Bridge  of  Weir 
S.O.  Renfrewshire 


FRE        1499 

Fraser  Geo.  B.  Bay  vil.  Wormit,  Dundee 
Fraser  Geo.   B.    118  English  et.  Dumfries 
Eraser   George   M.    Summerlea,   Portree 
Fraser  Gordon  J. P.  Meiklewood,  Ringford 

S.O.  Kirkcudbrightshire 
Praser  H.   P.  3  Dudhope  terrace,  Dundee 
Fraser  Hector,  47  Carden  place,  Aberdeen 
Fraser  Hector,  Toigoblin,  Fort  William 
Praser  Hector  S.  Caledonian  Bank  house, 

High  street,  Nairn 
Fraser   Hugh,   Dulnan  villa,   Millburn  rd. 

Fraser  Hugh,   11  Southside  rd.  Inverness 
Fraser  Hugh  D.   Armadale  cottage,   Greig 

street,  Inverness 
Fraser  H.  P.,  M.D.Koyal  Infirmary, Dundee 
Praser   Huirh   M.,   J.P.    Mayfield,    Tain 
Fraser  J.,  J.P.  Balfunning,  Balfron,  Bal- 

fron  Station  S.O.   Stirlingshire 
Fraser  J.Balmore,Rangemore  rd. Inverness 
Fraser  J. Den  side.Dunnikier  rd. Kirkcaldy 
Fraser  J.SlKilmailing  ter.Cathcart.Glasgw 
Fraser  J.  4  Murray  pl.Haugh  rd.  Inverness 
Praser  J.,C.E.1901dEdinburgh  rd.Invernss 
Fraser  J.,M.D.Parkburn  ho. Kilsyth, Glasgw 
Fraser  James,  Aird  vil.  Mayne  rd.  Elgin 
Praser  James,  19  Oomrie  street,  Crieff 
Fraser  Jas.Ellislea,   Sth.   Park  rd.Hamiltn 
Fraser  Jas.   4  Forbesfield   rd.    Aberdeen 
Praser  James,  27  Forest  avenue,  Aberdeen 
Praser  James,  62  Hilton  place,  Aberdeen 
Praser   James,   6   Huntly   pi.    Inverness 
Fraser  James,  G07  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Fraser  James,  12  Mousebank  road,  Lanark 
Fraser    James,    North    bank,    Prestonpans 

S.O.   Haddingtonshire 
Fraser  James,  80  Powis  place,  Aberdeen 
Fraser    James,    6    Tay    terrace,    Magdalen 

Yard  road,  Dundee 
Fra-ser  James  C.  253  Blackness  rd.  Dundee 
Fraser    James    Leslie,    David    lodge,    Old 

Edinburgh  road,  Inverness 
Fraser  James  M.   164  High  street,  Elgin 
Fraser  Jas.  R.  Beaufort, Grantown-on-Spey 
Fraser  John,   67  Abergeldie  rd.  Aberdeen 
Praser  Jn.  5  Ardconnel  ter.  ea.  Inverness 
Fraser    John,    Auchroisk,    Boharm,    Duff- 
town S.O.  Banffshire 
FraserJn.Belladale  vil. Fairfield  rd.Invrnss 
Fraser  John,   52  Broad  st.   Fraserburgh 
Fraser  John,  13  Chapel  st.  Keith,  Banffsh 
Fraser  John,    294   Clifton    rd.    Aberdeen 
Praser  John,    Craig   road,   Dingwall 
Praser    John,    Dalcrombie,     Glenurquhart 

road,  Inverness 
Fraser  John,  79  Desswood  place,  Aberdeen 
Fraser  Jn.  15  Ea. Montrose  st.  Helensburgh 
Fraser  John,  Lagg  (Jura),  Oraighouse  S.O. 

Fraser  John,  Lovat  lodge,  Albert  st. Nairn 
Fraser  John,  Mayfield,  Carmyle,  Glasgow 
Fraser  Jn.Medwyn,  Ballifeary  rd.Invernss 
Fraser  John,  Montague  cottage,  Montague 

row,  Inverness 
Fraser  John,  Newfield  street,  Stirling 
Fraser  John,  38  Ogilvie  place,  Arbroath 
Praser  John,  3  Railway  terrace,  Nairn 
Fraser  John,   3   Springvale  pi.    Saltcoats 
Fraser  John,   Victoria   cottage,   Largo   rd. 

St.  Andrews 
Fraser  Jn.Westwood,  Attadale  rd.Invernss 
FraserJn.Woodside    ho.FortroseS.O.Ross-sh 
Fraser  John  0.  Braeknowe,  Blackness  rd. 

Fraser  John  F.  Zetland  villa,  Percival  rd. 

Fraser  John  Hosaek  M.B.  Fernfield,  Hen- 
derson street,  Bridge  of  Allan 
Praser  John  L.  47  Rosebank  ter. Aberdeen 
Fraser  John  M.   Enterkin,  Monreith  road, 

Newlands,   Glasgow 
Fraser  Jn.M.Inverraay  ho.Forteviot,  Perth 
Fraser  Jn.  P.  4G  St.   Swithin  st.Aberdeen 
Fraser  John    Sinclair,    Oarlestoun,    Broad- 
stone  park.  Inverness 
Fraser  Jn.S.Valleyfield.Dores  rd. Inverness 
Praser  Joseph,  31  Queen's  rd.  Aberdeen 
Fraser  Louis  G.  Westerfolds.Drainie, Elgin 
Fraser  Michl.  128  Hamraerfield  av.  Aberdn 
Fraser  Miss,Ardwyn,  Newall  ter. Dumfries 
Fraser  Miss,  Arthurlie,  Biggar 
Fraser  Miss,  Brackla,  Nairn 
Fraser  Miss,  Brighton  ho.  Grant  st.  Nairn 
Fraser  Miss,  oo  Brighton  place,  Aberdeen 
Fraser  Miss,  Craigrossie.Doflerie  ter.Crieff 
Praser   Miss,   Dorney  villa,   Planefield  rd. 

Fraser  Miss.Drumossie.Midrnills  rd.Invrnss 
Fraser  Miss,  46  Francis  street,   Stornoway 
Fraser   Miss,    Glenhurst,   Edinburgh  road, 

Fraser  Miss,   2  Hilton  road,   Aberdeen 
Praser  Miss,  3  Orr  square,  Paisley 
Fraser  Miss.Redburn.Culduthel  rd.Invrnss 
Fraser    Miss,    St.    Katharine's,    Westerton 

drive,  Bridge  of  Arran 
Fraser  Miss,  St.  Martin's,  Duff  av.  Elgin 
Praser  Miss,  39  Southside  rd.  Inverness 
Praser  Miss,  Thistle  cot.  King  st.  Nairn 
Praser  Miss,   Tullylumb  terrace,  Perth 

Praser  Miss,   17  Victoria  square,  Stirling 
FraBer    Miss,     Woodbine    cottage,    Drum- 

mond  road,  Inverness 
Fraser  Misses,  Craigroystan,  Pitlochry 
Fraser  Misses,  Dennon  vil.Craigie  rd.Prth 
Fraser  Misses,   1  Huntly  place,  Inverness 
Fraser    Misses,    Inverioch,    Arrochar    S.O. 

Fraser  Misses,  48  Moss  street,  Elgin 
Fraser  Misses,  6  Queen's  road,  Aberdeen 
Fraser  Misses,  Ravenswood,   Southside  rd. 

Fraser  Mrs.  6  Ankerville  street,  Tain 
Fraser    Mrs.    Ardival    house,    StrathpefEer 

S.O.  Ross-shire 
Fraser  Mrs.  Ardlui,  Lovat  road,  Inverness 
Fraser     Mrs.     Balladie,     Gcanies,     Tarbat 

S.O.  Ross-shire 
Fraser  Mrs.  93  Blenheim  place,  Aberdeen 
Fraser  Mrs.   2  Brighton  place,   Aberdeen 
Fraser  Mrs.  Brooklynn,  Dollar  S.O.Clack- 
Fraser     Mrs.     Brownlea,     Brisbane     road, 

Largs  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Fraser  Mrs.  14  Caledonian  pi.  Aberdeen 
Fraser  Mrs.  Castle  Fraser, Cluny.Aberdeen 
Fraser  Mrs.  1  Cicely  vil.  Tytler  st.Porres 
Praser  Mrs.  Clifton  vil.  Row,  Helensburgh 
Fraser  Mrs.  Craig  hill,  Kessock,  Inverness 
Fraser  Mrs.  Don  cottage,  Oldtown, Peebles 
Fraser   Mrs.   Dunmore  villa,    Attadale  rd. 

Fraser  Mrs.Dunolly  ho. 34  Albert  st.  Nairn 
Fraser  Mrs.  58  Duthie  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Fraser  Mrs.  67  Duthie  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Fraser    Mrs.     Findrack    house,     Torphins 

S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Fraser  Mrs.  20  Forteath  street,  Elgin 
Fraser  Mrs.  Gowanlea,  Ea. Kilbride, Glasgw 
Fraser  Mrs.   61  Haugh  road,  Inverness 
Fraser  Mrs,  35  Holburn  road,  Aberdeen 
Fraser  Mrs.IslandBank  ho.Dores  rd.Invrns 
Fraser    Mr?.    Kllmartin,    Southside    road: 

Fraser  Mrs.   Lochgoilhead  S.O.Argyllshire 
Fraser  Mrs.  Milburn  house,  Inverness 
Fraser  Mrs.    Moorlands,   Drummond   road, 

Fraser  Mrs,  Murrayfield,  Scone,  Perth 
Fraser  Mrs.  Penrith  av.  Girrnock,  Glasgow 
Fraser    Mrs.    Planetrees,    Gogo    st.    Largs 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Fraser  Mrs.  40  Queen's  road,  Aberdeen 
Fraser  Mrs.  Rae  cot. Kenneth  st. Inverness 
Fraser  Mrs.  9  Rosslyn  place,  Perth 
Fraser    Mrs.    St.    Boniface,    Fortrose   S.O. 

Fraser  Mrs.Shewalton  ter. Waterside, Irvine 
Fraser       Mrs.       Summerhill,       Clarkston, 

Busby,   Glasgow 
Fraser  Mrs.   The   Crasque,   Attadale   road, 

Fraser  Mrs.  The  Lonach,  Grant  st.  Elgin 
Fraser  Mrs.  238  Union  grove,  Aberdeen 
Fraser    Mrs.    Victoria    cottage,    Gladstone 

road,  Huntly 
Fraser   Mrs.    Victoria   villa,    Glenurquhart 

road,  Inverness 
Fras?r  Mrs.  View  bank.  Battery  ter.  Oban 
Fraser  Mrs.  12a,  Wellington  road,  Nairn 
Fraser  Mrs.  2  Windsor  place,  Aberdeen 
Fraser  Mrs.  Wood  park,  Grantown-on-Spey 
Praser    Mrs.    Alexander,    Maryfleld,    Bris- 
bane street    Largs  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Fraser  Mrs.   Alex.   Summerlea,  Portree 
Fraser  Norman,   30  Ogilvie  pi.   Arbroath 
Praser  P.  11  Dalhousie  place,  Arbroath 
Fraser  Philip   Affleck,   Reelick,   Beauly 
Fraser   R.Oakfleld.Kingsmills   rd. Inverness 
Fraser  Robert,  7  Arran  terrace,  Ayr 
Praser      Robert,      Belladrum,      Kiltarlity, 

Beauly   S.O.   Inverness-shire 
Fraser  Robert,  4  Snowdon  place,   Stirling 
Fraser  Robt.  Scarlett,  Bnnchrew, Inverness 
Fraser  S.   Silver  Ray,   Kirn  S.O.    Argyllsh 
Fraser  S.   M.  34  Union  road,   Inverness 
Fraser    Simon    George,    Abbot sford    villa, 

Strathmartine  road,  Dundee 
Fraser    Thomas    M.A.,     M.B.,     Ch.B.     45 

Elmbank  terrace,   Aberdeen 
Fi-aser  Thomas,  Lucas  street,  Coatbridge 
Fraser  Thomas,  Rosebank,  Dalbeattie 
Fraser  Thomas,   92  Union  st.   Hamilton 
Fraser  Thomas  A.  A.  4  Bruce  cres.  Ayr 
Fraser  Thos.    A.  3  Buckingham  ter.   Ayr 
Fraser  Thos.  D.  59  London  rd.  Kilmarnock 
Praser     Thomas     J.      Gollanfield      house, 

Gollanfield  S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Fraser  W.Leslieville,  Cawdor  rd. Inverness 
Fraser    Walter   Allan,    Balvenie    st.    Duff- 
town S.O.  Banffshire 
Fraser  William,   Balnaferry,    Forres 
Fraser  William,  28  Belgrave  ter. Aberdeen 
Praser  Wm.    71  Blenheim  pi.    Aberdeen 
Praser  Wm.  Brae  view,  West  road,  Elgin 
Fraser    William,    Bridge    street,    Tranent 

S.O.  Haddingtonshire 
Fraser  William,   117  Clifton  rd.  Aberdeen 
Fraser  Wm.  20  Dunbeth  aven.  Coatbridge 
Fraser  William,  Glentower,  Fort  William   , 

Fraser  Wm.  436  Gt.  Western  rd.  Aberdeen 
Fraser  Wm.   56   Hamilton  pi.   Aberdeen 
Fraser  William,  Netberlea,  Dalfauld  road, 

Kirn  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Fraser   \v  illiam,   Oaklands,   Rossie  Island, 

Fraser  W.Stafford  vil. Kenneth  st.Invernss 
Fraser  William,  40  View  ter.   Aberdeen 
Fraser  Wm.  Villa  Doria,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Fraser  William,  32  Wellington  st.  Dundee 
Fraser  William  Duncan,  St.  Madoes,  Sea- 
field  crescent,  Elgin 
Fraser  William  Innes  J.P.  Burnfoot  house, 

Muirtown,  Inverness 
Fraser  William  J.  Willowbank,  Dalhousie 

street,  Montfieth,  Dundee 
Fraser      William      John,      Auchenskeoch, 

Mathieson  street,  Paisley 
Fraser  Wm.  M.  26  London  rd.  Kilmarnock 
Fraser  Wm.  M.  61  London  rd.  Kilmarnock 
Fraser-Tytler    Major   Edward    Grant    J. P., 

D.L.  Aldourie  castle,  Dores,  Inverness 
Fraser-Tytler   James   William,   Woodhouse- 

lee,  Roslin  S.O.  Midlothian 
Frater  Robert,  1  Park  terrace,   Stirling 
Fray  Everett,  Scalloway  S.O.  Shetland 
Frazer  Rev.  Alex.  U.  F.  C.  manse,  Tain 
Frazer  Rev.  John,  U.  F.  C.  manse,  Duris- 

deer,  ThornhiU 
Frazer  Rev.   Thomas  A.,  M.A.   66  Pinnart 

street,  Greenock 
Frazer  A.   Duncan   M.D.    Stratherie,   Well- 
side  terrace,  Falkirk 
Frazer    Alexander,    12    Pitcullen  crescent, 

Bridgend,  Perth 
Frazer  Andrew,  Lea  Park  cottage,  Denny 
Frazer  Jas.  Ashfield,  Blairhill,  Coatbridge 
Frazer  Jn.  3  Dupplin  rd.  Bridgend,  Perth 
Prazer  John  B.   Nolt  Loan  rd.   Arbroath 
Prazer    Miss,     Rowmore    house,   Gareloch- 

head  S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Prazer   Mrs.   143   Duthie   ter.   Aberdeen 
Frazer  Mrs.  M.  G  Glen  street,  Greenock 
Frazer  Robert,  13  George  st.  Grahamston, 

Frazer  William,  36  Caledonia  rd.  Saltcoats 
Frederick    Miss,     Lagwyne,    Lewis   street, 

Freeland  David,   Ztphyr   villa,   Mansebrae, 

Cathcart,   Glasgow 
Freeland  Hugh,  29  Kyle  park,  Uddingston, 

Freeland     John,     Briar     cottage,     Majori- 
.    banks  street,  Bathgate 
Freeland  Mrs.  Briar  cottage,  Bathgate 
Freeman  J.  M.  Moredun  vil.  Craigie, Perth 
Freeman  Mrs.  Braeside,  Lour  road,  Forfar 
Freeman  W.  R.  Hurtle  den.Murtle,  Aberdn 
Freer  A.  0.  Tower  cot.  Darnick,  Melrose 
Freer  Walter,    62  Caledonia  rd.    Saltcoats 
Freestone  P.  S.  7  University  rd.  Aberdeen 
French  Rev.  James,  New  Lanark.  Lanark 
French    D.    Hamilton,    Welldale,    Douglas 

S.O.  Lanarkshire 
French  J.  Lucerne,  Ossian  road,  Newlands, 

French   James   J.P.    Netherton,    Crawford- 

john,   Abington   S.O.   Lanarkshire 
French  Miss,  Ba'.logie,  Aboyne   S.O.  Aber- 
French  Mrs.  11  Perryhill  place,  Aberdeen 
French  Mrs.   1   Sunnybank,    Victoria  road, 

French  William,   Hawthorn,   Lockerbie 
Freund  Julius  Ph.D.,   M.A.    15    Greyfriars 

garden,    St.    Andrews 
Frew   Col.    David,    Burnbank   terrace,  Kil- 
syth,  Glasgow 
Frew    Rev.    D.,    B.D.    Haugh-of-Urr,    Dal- 
Frew  Rev.  R.,  D.D.  12  Melville  ter.Stirlng 
Frew   Alexander,    Bellhaven,    Lochgoilhead 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Frew  A.  Jubilee  gdns.  Bearsden,   Glasgow 
Frew  A.   P.   Clarendon,   Clark   st.   Airdrie 
Frew  Andrew,  Allanton,  Albany  dri.Lanrk 
Frew  Andrew,    Braehead  cottage,   Crindle- 

dyke,  Newmains   S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Frew  A.  Dhuhill  cot.  Luss  rd.  Helensbrgh 
Frew  Forrest,  2  King  James  place,  Perth 
Frew  J.  Dunrod   cot.Burnbank  rd.Hamiltn 
Frew  James,  Clydesdale  street,  Hamilton 
Frew  J.Craig  view,  Biirnbank  rd. Hamilton 
Frew  J.   Morven,    Kjlmacolm  S.O.Renfrwsh 
Frew  John,  37  Carrick  road,  Ayr 
Frew  John,   Clutha  hill,   Kilbride,   Dunoon 
Frew  John,  Hamilton  lodge,  Bathgate 
Frew  Jn.  Rebreck,  Burnbank  rd.  Hamilton 
Frew    John,    The    Glen,     Strathaven    S.O. 

Frew   John   G.    Coniston.    Bridge   of  Weir 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Frew  John  R.  Craig  road,  Dingwall 
Frew  Mrs.  Stanley  house,  Dullatur,  Castle- 

cary,   Glasgow 
Frew    Mrs.     Woodside    avenue,    Woodside 

walk,  Hamilton 
Frew  Robert,  7  High  street,  Irvine 
Frew    Robert,    Thornleigh,    Burnbank    rd. 

Frew  Thomas,  2  King  James  place,  Perth 

1500       FRE 


Frew  Thomas,  19  Midton  road,  Ayr 
Frew  Thomas,   Peatrie   cottage,   Burnbank 

road,  Hamilton 
Frew  William,  29  Barns  street,  Ayr 
Frew  W.   Drumossie,   Hawkhead  rd. Paisley 
Frew  "William  M.D.,  J.P.  3  Dundonald  rd*. 

Frew  W.  Ellenbank,StrathavenS.O.Lanrksh 
Friar  George,  Pier  Ed.   cottage,   Berwick 
Frickleton  Miss,  Wyndham  park,  Rothesay 
Friedheim      Otto,      16      Douglas      terrace, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Friedlander  E.  lnglewood,  St.  Andrews 
Fricdlander  Montague,  Belmont,  Bridge  of 

Weir  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Friend  George,  Laurel  bank,   Carnphill  rd. 

Broughty  Ferry   S.O.   Forfarshire 
Frier  Mrs.  Cathpair,  Stow  S.O.  Midlothian 
Fries  Otto,  Ardenlea,   Broomhouse, Glasgow 
Frisken    Miss,    Alexander    house,     Res  ton 

S.O.  Btrwickshire 
Frizelle    Rev.     Robert    B.A.     2nd    Charge 

manse,   East  road,   Cupar 
Frood  J.  Ladywell  cot.  High  rd.Motherwll 
Frood    Mrs.    Queensberry    terrace,      Cum- 

mertrees,  Annan 
Frost  Wm.  E.  Ardvreck,  Culcrieff  rd. Crieff 
Fry  Rev.  S.  C.  The  Manse,  Girvan 
Fry  George,  17  Castle  terrace,  Berwick 
Fryers  A.  J.   Ardhallow,  Largs  S.O.   Ayrsh 
Fulcher    John    Henry,     Edenbank,     Guard 

Bridge  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Fullarton  A,  Lochend,   Campbeltown 
Fullarton   Adam,  Gleniffer,   Craigie  rd.  Ayr 
Fullarton  D.  Parkgate,  Victoria  dri.  Troon 
Fullarton  D.  jun.  Drnmsey,  York  rd. Troon 
Fullarton  Hugh,  103  Finnart  st.  Greenock 
Fullarton  11.18  Montgomerie  cres.  Saltcoats 
Fullarton   J. 15   Montgomerie   cres. Saltcoats 
Fullarton   John,   Edendarach,   Thorn    road, 

Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Fullarton    John    J.P.    Thornwood,    Kilma- 

colm  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Fullarton  Miss,   Auchrannie,   Brodick  S.O. 

Isle  of  Arran 
Fullarton  Mrs.    100   Glasgow   st.   Ardrossan 
Fullarton   Mrs.    6    Suffolk   st.    Hilensburcrh 
Fullarton  Neil  M.B.,  CM.  Blairbeg  house, 

Lamlash  S.O.  Isle  of  Arran 
Fullarton  William  Wallace  M.B.  Ballantrae 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Fullarton-Fullarton     Major     William     J.P, 

Elmsley,  Racecourse  road,  Ayr 
Fuller  Rev.  Walter,  7  Albany  ter.  Dundee 
Fullerton   Alex.   54  Bedford  pi.  Aberdeen 
Fullerton    Alexander,   Dunavon,  Bridge  of 

Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Fullerton  Alexander  J.P.  Fordbank,  Milli- 

ken  park,  Johnstone 
Fullerton  Alex.  50  Forest  aven.  Aberdeen 
Fullerton  Alex.    23   Hill   street,    Montrose 
Fullerton  Alex.  Howwood  S.O.  Renfrewsh 
Fullerton  Alex.  35  Watson   st.  Aberdeen 
Fullerton  D.  Wentworth.Ulundi  rd.Jhnstne 
Fullerton  Duncan,   5  Miller  road,   Ayr 
Fullerton  Hector,  14  Urie  cres.  Stonehaven 
Fullerton  Hugh,    10  Arran   pi.    Ardrossan 
Fullerton  Jas.  58  Eglinton  rd.  Ardrossan 
Fullerton    James,    Maryville,  Montgomerie 

street,  Ardrossan 
Fullerton  Jn.  J.P.  1  Garthland  pi.  Paisley 
Fullerton   John,    Glencloy,    Bridge    of   Weir 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Fullerton    Misses,    Norwood.    Seafield    road, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Fullerton  Misses,  7  Polmuir  rd.  Aberdeen 
Fullerton     Mrs.    J.     3     Rockfield    terrace. 

Rockfield  street,  Dundee 
Fullerton     Robert,      Glencorse,     Ranfurly. 

Bridge  of  Weir  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Fullerton  William,    Bishop    st.    Rothesay 
Fulton  Rev.    John   M.A.,   B.D.    St.   John's 

U.  F.  C.  manse,  Manse  road,  Dunoon 
Fulton  Rev.  Wm.  B.D.,  B.Sc.  Established 
Church  manse,  Wigtown  S.O.  Wigtwnsh 
Fulton  Rev.  William  M.A.  United  Free 
manse,  School  st.  Whifflet,  Coatbridge 
Fulton  Alexander,  112  Argyle  rd. Saltcoats 
Fulton   Alfred   D.   Foxburn,   Thornly  Park 

avenue,  Paisley 
Fulton   Angus   R.    Annesley,    Panmure   st. 

Monifieth,   Dundee 
Fulton  C.  Duntrune,  Meikleriggs,  Paisley 
Fulton  C.  W.  The  Glen,  Glenfield,  Paisley 
Fulton    David,    Claremont,    Cadzow    drive, 

Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Fulton   D.   Effie  cot.   Meikleriggs,  Paisley 
Fulton  David,  Heath  bank,  Busby,  Glasgw 
Fulton  Edwin  O.   Ardmore,    Cardross   S.O 

Fulton  George,   Ingram  cottage,   Riverside 

road,  Newlands.   Glasgow 
Fulton    Hugh,     Woodbank,     North    Mount 

Vernon,    Glasgow 
Fulton  James,  89  Brisbane  st.  Greenock 
Fulton  James,  62  Enelish  st.  Dumfries 
Fulton  James,  61a,   Finnart  st.   Greenock 
Fulton  Jas.  The   Glen.   Glenfield,   Paisley 
Fulton    John,    Beech    Grove    cottage,    Kil 
birnie  S.O.   Ayrshire 

Fulton    John    J.P.    Broadlie    house,    Dairy  r 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Fulton  John,  Leafield,  Kilbowie  hill,  Clyde- 
bank.   Glasgow 
Fulton  John  F.   10  Queen  st.  Helensburgh 
Fulton  Joseph.  The  Glen,   Glenfield, Paisley 
Fulton    Miss,    Ambleside,    Caledonia    road, 

Fulton  Miss,  31  Argyle  street,  Rothesay 
Fulton   Miss,  128  Barrhill  road,  Cumnock 
Fulton  Mis=.  Cairncraig,  Kirn  S.O.Argyllsh 
Fulton    Miss,    Overdale,    Bridge    of    Weir 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Fulton  Mrs.    Ardoch,   Holmhead  rd.    Cath- 

cart,  Glasgow 
Fulton  Mrs.  Bank  street,  Irvine 
Fulton  Mrs.  GO  Caledonia  road,  Saltcoats 
Fulton  Mrs.  62  Colquhoun  st.  Helensburgh 
Fulton  Mrs.   73  London  road,   Kilmarnock 
Fulton    Mrs.    Palerno    cottage?  West    King 

street.   Helensburgh 
Fulton  Mrs.  25  *t.  Leonard's  road,  Ayr 
Fulton  Peter.   Sanquhar  road,   Forres 
Fulton  R.Mont  Clair,Prestwick  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Fulton    Robt.    Pitcon,    Dairy    S.O.    Ayrshire 
Fultun  Robt.  F.E.I. S.  Stanley  villa,  Broom- 
bury  drive.  Gourock  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Fulton    Thomas    Weniyss    M.D.    417    Great 

Western  road,  Aberdeen 
Fulton    Wm.    Parklea,    Sunnyside,    Paisley 
Fyfe  Rev.  Henry  B.A.  St.  Peter's  rectory, 

Victoria  street,  Fraserburgh 
Fyfe    Rev.    James    Lamont,    The    Manse, 

"Dalrv  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Fyfe  A.   Muriel  ho.OldEdinburgh  rd. Moffat 
Fyfe   A.   Janealex,   Thorn   cres.   Johnstone 
Fyfe  Alexander  P.  West  heath,  Kilmacolm 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Fyfe  Alex.  R.  67  Cairnfield  pi.  Aberdeen 
Fyfe  Archibald,  Wellshot  house,  Buchanan 

drive,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Fyfe  D.  Seaforth  cot.  Landale  rd.  Peterhd 
Fyfe  David,  2  Ellen  street,  Dundee 
Fyfe  George.  22  Fonthill  road,  Aberdeen 
Fyfe  George,  281  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Fyfe  George.  14  Mile  End  aven.  Aberdeen 
Fyfe    H.    Aldersyde,    Craig    road,    Tayport 

*S.O.  Fifeshire 
Fyfe     James,     Almond     bank,     Buchanan 

drive,   Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Fyfe  James.  51  Burns  road,  Aberdeen 
Fyfe  J.  Moorseat  ho. Mid  Stocket  rd.Abrdn 
Fyfe  Jas.  Rotunda  lo.  Polmuir  rd.  Aberdn 
Fyfe  James,  110  Westburn  road,  Aberdeen 
Fyfe   James   Campbell,   Brae   side,    Kilma- 
colm S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Fyfe    John.    Euphemia    villa,    Keir    street, 

Bridge  of  Allan 
Fyfe   John,  Fernbank.   Port  Glasgow 
Fyfe  John,  517  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Fyfe  John  M.  36  Albyn  place,  Aberdeen 
Fyfe  John  P.   103  Eldon  street,  Greenock 
Fvfe  Miss,lBlaekness  cres.Perth  rd.Dundee 
Fyfe  Miss,  69  Cairnfield  place,  Aberdeen 
Fyfe   Miss,   Newton    cottage,    Aboyne   S.O 

Fyfe  Miss, 96  West  Holmes  gdns.Musslbrgh 
Fyfe   Miss.  Woodbank,  Tayport  S.O.Fifesh 
Fyfe    Mrs.    Airylea,   Brechin  road,  Forfar 
Fvfe  Mrs.  55  Cranford  road,  Aberdeen 
Fyfe    Mrs.    Hamilton    drive,    Cambuslan 

Fyfe  Mrs.   34  Lomond  street.  Helensburgh 
Fyfe  Mrs.  Myrtle  bank,  Round  Riding  rd, 

Fyfe  Mrs.   Rosemount,   Clackmannan 
Fyfe  Mrs.  8  Strawberry  bank.  Aberdeen 
Fvfe  Robt.  Ben  View  villa,  Clackmannan 
Fyfe  Robert,  36  Devonshire  rd.  Aberdeen 
Fyfe  Robert,  East  view.  Clackmannan 
Fyfe  R.  Meadow  vw.  Barone  rd.  Rothesay 
Fyfe  Thomas,  1  TJrie  crescent.  Stonehaven 
Fyfe   Thomas,   West   view,    Clackmannan 
Fyfe  W.  W.,  M.D.  Belmont,  Overton  road, 

Fyfe  Wm.   Fair  view.  Kemnay,  Aberdeen 
Fyfe  William,   Inglefield,   Hamilton   drive, 

Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Fvfe  William,  Langholm  lodge,   Blairmore 

'S.O.  Argyllshire 
Fvfe  Wm.  Lochall,  Kilbirnie  P.O.  Ayrshire 
Fyfe  William  W.   19  York  place,  Perth 
Fyffe  Miss,  Mylne  hall,  Dundee  loan, Forfar 
Fyffe  Mrs.7AberIemno  ter. Perth  rd.Dundee 
Fyffe  Mrs.   Jas.   17  Thomson  st.  Dundee 
Fyffe   Robert   Bullett,    Old   Deer,    Mintlaw 

Station  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Fyffe  Thomas  Lillie,    1  Richmond  terrace, 

Magdalen  green,  Dundee 
Fyffe  William,  38  Park  avenue,  Dundee 
Fyffe-Duff  Miss,  Corsindae  house,  Midmar, 

Fysehe  Miss,  Treaton,  Lundin  Mill,  Lower 

Largo  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Fyshe  Peter  J.P.  Newtonlees,  Dunbar 
Gaddie    Adam     Stavert,     Maryfield    place, 

Bonnyrigg.   Lasswade 
Gaff    Mrs.    Clifton,    Hunter's    Quay,     Kirn 

S.O.   Argyllshire 
Gage  David  Phease,  Abbey  view,  Amswell 
road,  Kilwinning  S.O.  Ayrshire 

Gage  Thomas,  13  Whitehouse  st.  Aberdeen 
Gailey  Mrs.  3  Hecklegirth,  Annan 
Gailey  Thomas,  8  Blair  street,  Kilmarnock 
Gainger  A.  Dunrowan,  Wellhall  rd-Hamiltn 
Gair  Jas.   A.   14  Burnett  place,  Aberdeen 
Gair   S.    Albany  villa.   Mayne   road,   Elgin 
Gair  William  A.  Sunnyside,  Tain 
Gair  William  Kinross,  Kilmalitu,  Kingair- 

loch,   Ardgour  S.O.   Argyllshire 
Gair  William  Kinross,  The  Kilns,  Falkirk 
Gairdner  David  C,  J.P.  Union  bank,  Bank 

street,  Kilmarnock 
Gairdner    Eric    Dalrymple    M.B.,    Ch.B.    6 

Wellington  square,  Ayr 
Gairdner    J.,    M.D.     Coldwells,    Coldwells 

road,   Crieff 
Gairduer   James   N.    Hey  wood,    Skelmorlie 

S.O.   Ayrshire 
Gairdner  Miss,  34   Eglinton  road, Ardrossan 
Gairdner  Miss,  Franklin  villa,  Seabank  rd. 

Fort,   Ayr 
Gairdner   Misses,    Ardroulin,    South     Park 

road,  Ayr 
Gairdner  Mrs.  Parklea,  Blanefield,  Glasgw 
Gairns  T.  T.  102  Bonnymuir  pi.  Aberdeen 
Gait  J.   Oddgest,   Qunen's  rd.   Stonehaven 
Gaiter  Joseph,  5  Orchard  place,  Aberdeen 
Galbraith  Rev.  Angus,  Free  Church  manse, 

Ardelve,   Strome  Ferry   S.O.   Ro=s-shire 
Galbraith  Rev.  D.  Glenboig  S.O.  Lanarksh 
Galbraith   Rev.    G.    Kilmaurs,    Ayrshire 
Galbraith   Rev.    Robert,  Fordoun 
Galbraith     Rev.     William,     United     Free 

manse,  Bishop  terrace,  Rothesay 
Galbraith  Alex.  3  Newhouse,  Stirling 
Galbraith    Alfred,   Holmside   house,    Holm- 
head.  Cumnock 
Galbraith  Archibald,   Retirement,  Innellan 

S.O.    Argyllshire 
Galbraith     Charles,     Beach     house,    Skel- 
morlie S.O.  Ayrshire 
Galbraith  Clias.  Marsilla,  Craw  rd.  Paisley 
Galbraith    Charles    Edward,    Terregles    ho. 

Terregles,    Dumfries 
Galbraith  David,    Kimbcrley  cottage,  Edin- 
burgh road.  Perth 
Galbraith    J.    Jessamine,    Crescent     road, 

Bearsden,    Glasgow 
Galbraith  J.    Bockfield   cot.Potterhill.Paisly 
Galbraith  James,   Ballochgoy  rd.   Rothesay 
Galbraith  James,  6  Craigie  road,  Ayr 
Galbraith    James,    7    George    st.    Grahams- 
ton,  Falkirk 
Galbraith    James    John     M.D.Edin.     Ochil 

Hills        Sanatorium,       Milnathort      S.O. 

Galbraith  Jn.  Jessmay,  Elderslie,  Johnstne 
Galbraith  Jn.  Royston,   Sunnyside,  Paisley 
Galbraith  J.   A.  East  Lindsaylands,  Biggar 
Galbraith  John  B.   Craiglamont,  Bearsden, 

Galbraith    Miss,    Braeside,    Friarsfield   ter- 
race, Lanark 
Galbraith    Miss,    The    Elms,    Grove    park, 

Lenzip,    Glasgow 
Galhraith  Miss,   11  Laurel  Hill  pi.   Stirling 
Galbraith    Miss,    Lounsdale,    Arden    Craig 

road,  Boihesav 
Galbraith     Miss",     Oak     bank,     Kirn     S.O. 

Galbraith  Misses,  5  Glebe  crescent, Stirling 
Galbraith  Mrs.   Ferncliffe,   Woodend  aven. 

Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Galbraith  Mrs.  13  Forest  road.  Aberdeen 
Galbraith   Mrs.    Lily    bank.    Terrace    road, 

Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Galbraith     Mrs.      Lyric     bank,      Hunter's 

Quay,   Kirn  S.O.    Argyllshire 
Galbraith  Mrs.   Machrihanish,   Campbeltwn 
Galbraith     Mrs.     Markland     cottage,     Kil- 

kerran  road,   Campbeltown 
Galbraith  Quentin,  St.  Bernards,  Luss  rd. 

Galbraith    Samuel    J.P.    Holmside     house, 

Holmhead,  Cumnock 
Galbraith     W.      Alderwood,      Ud-dingston, 

Galbraith  Walter,  Benvue,  Buchlyvie  S.O. 

Galbraith  Wm.  36  Caledonia  rd.  Ardrossan 
Galbraith    William,1    Harden     villa,     Dal- 

housie    road,    Eskbank,    Dalkeith 
Galbraith     William,     Larriston,     Elderslie, 

Troehrague,     Brook- 

144  Barns  cres.   Ayr 
Dalaruan,    Monument 

Galbraith      William, 

field,   Johnstone 
Galbraith  Wm.  jun. 
Galbraith    Wm.    C. 

road,  Ayr 
Galbraith' William  W.    Shinnelwood,   Tyn- 

ron,  Thornhill 
Galbreath  Miss,  13  Bentinck  st.  Greenock 
Galbreath  Mrs.    49  Brougham   st. Greenock 
Galbreath   M.    51    Newton    st.    Greenock 
Gale   Wm.    4  Bentfield   vils.    Burntisland 
Gall  Rev.  William  B.,  M.A.   View  house, 

View  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Gall   A.    G.,   M.B.,    CM.    96   Powis   place, 

Gall    Adam,    Luggie    Bank    cottage,    Bar- 

geddie,   Glasgow 


GAR       1501 

Gall   Alexander,    Allandale,    Colinton   S.O. 

Gall  Alex.  27  Fcrryhill  pi.   Aberdeen 
Gall   James,    5    Watson   street,    Aberdeen 
Gall  John,  82  Commercial  st.  Fraserburgh 
Gall    John,    10   Loanhead   ter.    Aberdeen 
Gall  John,  jun.  21  Watson   st.   Aberdeen 
Gall  Miss,    St.  Fergus,   Peterhead 
Gall   Mrs.   4  Randolph  road,   Stirling 
Gall  Robert,  71  Beechgrove  ter.  Aberdeen 
Gall  Robert,   St.   John's  cottage,  Kinross 
Gall  W.  Brooklea,  Barloan  cres.  Dumbartn 
Gall   William,    39    Henrietta    st.   Girvan 
Gall   William    J. P.    West  villa,    South   st. 

Gall   W.   S.   Duneaton,   Glasgow  rd.  Perth 
Gallacher  Rev.   W.   B.   Watermouth  park, 

Gallacher    John,    Dreghorn    S.O.    Ayrshire 
Gallan  Robt.   Duntroon,   Queen   st.   Nairn 
Gallaway  Mrs.  Dirgarve,  Weem,  Aberfeldy 
Gallery    Samuel,   Altidore,   Prospect    aven. 

Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Galletlv   Rev.    William,   U.    F.    C.   manse, 

Tillicoultrv     S.O.     Clackmannanshire 
Galletly    John    James    S.S.C.    Inchdrewer 

house,    Colinton    S.O.    Midlothian 
Galletly  Mrs.  Ravenswood,  Moray  pi. Elgin 
Gallie     George,     Orrisdale,     Beaufort    rd. 

Gallie  John,   Scotsburn  lodge.  Tain 
Gallie   Misses,   Wardknowe,    Markinch 
Gallie   Mrs.   Morangie  road,  Tain 
Gallie   Mrs.    11  Park   circus,   Ayr 
Gallocher  James,   Lilybank,   Port  Glasgow 
Gallon  G.   16a,  Ardconnel  ter.ea.Inverness 
Galloway  Earl  of  J. P.   Oumloden,  Newton 
Stewart;     &    44    Clarges    street    W    & 
Army  &  Navy  &  Bachelors'  clubs, Londn 
Galloway   Rev.  *A.   Oyne   S.O.    Aberdeensh 
Galloway     Rev.     Alexander     M.A.,     B.D. 

Minto   S.O.    Roxburghshire 
Galloway  Rev.   George  B.D.,   D.Phil.  Kel 

ton  manse,   Castle  Douglas 
Galloway     Rev.     Stewart,     Logie     manse 

Balgay   ter.    Citv   rd.   Lochee,    Dundee 
Galloway   Rev.   W".   M.A.   Nenthorn,  Kelso 
Galloway    A.    R.,    M.A.,    M.B.    250   Union 

street,  Aberdeen 

Galloway    Alexander,   1  Hill   terrace,   Hill 

street,   Broughty  Ferry   S.O.    Forfarshire 

Galloway  Alex.79  St. Andrew  st.Kilmarnck 

Galloway    Allan    M.D.    19    Ardgowan    sq. 

Galloway  Andrew,  Kirkland  park,  Strath- 

aven    S.O.    Lanarkshire 
Gallowav  Charles,   29  Paton  street,  Alloa 
Galloway  David,  Vine  bank,  Dupplin  ter- 
race, Perth 
Galloway  D.  W.   13  Dalhousie  st.  Brechin 
Galloway    George,    Craigtonlea,    Bishopton 

S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Gallowav   George,   Fernbrae,   Larbert 
Galloway     John,     32     Cromartie     avenue, 

Newlands,    Glasgow 
Galloway    J.    Heathbank,Bothwell,Glasgow 
Galloway  J.    177   Balsusney  rd.    Kirkcaldy 
Galloway     James,     Mayfield   villa,    Mount 

Pleasant   road,  Rothesay 
Galloway  Jas.   jun.  1  Campbell  st.   Thurso 
Galloway     James    Hunter,     Viewhill    cot- 
tage,  Ancrum  place,  Lochee,  Dundee 
Galloway  James  Kirkland,   52  Commercial 

street,   Lerwick 
Galloway  Jas.  W.,  J.P.Campbell  st.Thurso 
Galloway    James    William,     St.    Andrew's 

house,  Seafield  road,  Ayr 
Galloway  John,  23  Oranford  rd.  Aberdeen 
Galloway    John,    Gordondale,    Gordondale 

road,  Aberdeen 
Galloway      John       J. P.       Kirkland      park, 

Strathaven   S.O.   Lanarkshire 
Galloway   John,    May   cottage,    Clepington 

road,  Dundee 
Galloway  John,   Medwyn,  Buchanan  drive, 

Cambuslang,    Glasgow 
Galloway  John,  Seggie,  Guard  Bridge  S.O. 

Galloway  John,  View  bank,  Craigie,  Perth 
Gallowav  John,  jun.  Seggie,  Guard  Bridge 

S.O.   Fifeshire 
Galloway  John  Charles  M.A.,  M.B.  6  Low 

street,  Banff 
Galloway  John  0.   1  Gladstone  pi. Stirling 
Galloway  Joseph,  2  John  st.   Montrose 
Galloway    Miss,     AnniBton     place,    Down- 

tield,    Dundee 
Galloway  Mrs.  The  Anchorage,  Broomhill, 

Galloway    Mrs.    17    Ardgowan    sq. Greenock 
Galloway   Mrs.   The  Delves,   Braxfield  rd. 

Gallowav    Mrs.     Fernbank,    Lower    Largo 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Galloway    Mrs.    6    Forrest    road,  Stirling 
Galloway   Mrs.    Hazelbank,    Westfield    rd. 

Galloway  Mrs.   Home  hill,  Kenilworth  rd. 

Bridge  of  Allan  , 

Galloway  Mrs.   Muirhall,  Larbert 
Galloway  Mrs.  8  Paton  street,  Alloa 




Galloway      Mrs.      Southcroft,      Kilmacolm 

S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Galloway    Mrs.    Thistleton,     Baird    street, 

Galloway  Robert,   348  Hardgate,  Aberdeen 
Galloway    Thomas,    Anvil    house,    George 

street,    Coupar   Angus    S.O.    Perthshire 
Galloway   Thomas,   4  Hazelwood   rd.   Ayr 
Galloway    Wm.    Ferguson    pi.    Rothesay 
Galloway  William,   Kinellan,  Leven 
Galloway  William,    Oxhill   rd.    Dumbarton 
Galloway  William,   Park  ter.   Dunfermline 
Galloway  Wm.  Tower  side,   St. 

road,   Forres 
Gait     Alexander    D.Sc.     St.      Margaret's, 
Craiglockhart,    Slateford    S.O.    Midlothn 
Gait  John,  23  Castle   street,    Dundee 
Gait  John    M.    Hope  villa,    Coupar  Angus 

road,   Mnirhead  of   Lift,   Dundee 
Gait  Misses,  13  Belle  Vue  crescent.  Ayr 
Gait  Mrs.  36  Louisa  drive,   Girvan 
Gait   Mrs.    Tarradale,    Blackhall,    Paisley 
Gait  Robert,   Tarradale,    Blackhall,Paisley 
Gait    William,    Craigmore    cottage,    Orum- 

S.O.    Stirlingshire 
Gammel     Sydney     James,     Countess  wells 

house,  Bieldside,  Aberdeen 
Gammie  Alexander,  30  Rosebery  st.Aberdn 
Gammie  James,  Woodside  cot.    Linlithgow 
Gammie  John,  9  Cairnfield  pi,   Aberdeen 
Gammie  John,   34  Gray  street,   Aberdeen 
Gammie     Miss,    Thorn    cottage,    Glenboig 

S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Gammie  William,  83  Duthie  ter.  Aberdeen 
Gandv  Mrs.   Holmview,  Uddingston.Glsgw 
Gane'  Edward   P.    S.,    M.R.C.S.Edin.    Dis- 
trict asylum,  Cupar 
Ganson    Miss,    211    Great    Western    road, 

Ganson   Robert   D.    Harbour   st.    Lerwick 
Garbutt  Wm.  M.  291  Broomhill  rd.Aberdn 
Garden  Alex.    Ardgathnie,  West  rd.  Elgin 
Garden    Alexander,     Laurel    bank,     Back 

Hilton   road,   Aberdeen 

Garden    Alexander    T.,    J. P.    Brankanent- 

hara,   Fordyce,  Portsoy   S.O.   Banffshire 

Garden  P.  T.   4  Rubialaw  ter.    Aberdeen 

Garden     Francis     A  lexander     D.  L. ,     J. P. 

Troup   house,   Gamrie,   Banff 
Garden     G.,     J. P.     Bannachy 

Garden   George,   4    Bon-Accord 
Garden    George,    346   Hardgate, 
Garden   James,    12   Burns    rd.    Aberdeen 
Garden    James,    Claremont,    Muirpark    pi 

Eskbank,   Dalkeith 
Garden    James,    640   King   st.    Aberdeen 
Garden  John,  26  Mile  End  aven.  Aberdeen 
Garden  John,  5   Scott's  place,   Berwick 
Garden   John  Hy.67   Devonshire  rd.Aberdn 
Garden  Louis,  35  Caledonia  pi.  Aberdeen 
Garden  Miss,   Bernery,  Dyke,  Forres 
Garden   Mrs.    4   Albyn   terrace,    Aberdeen 
Garden      Mrs.      Auchenhard,      Brookfield, 

Garden  Mrs.  169  Gt.  Western  rd. Aberdeen 
Garden  Mrs.  365  Gt.  Western  rd. Aberdeen 
Garden  Mrs,   M'Lange,    Meet   hi. Peterhead 
Garden    Mrs.    27    Springfield,    Perth   road, 

Garden  Richd.   C.  42  Elmbank  ter.Aberdn 
Garden  Robt.   J. P.  Lumsden  S.O.Abcrdnsh 
Garden  Robert  J. P.  Newseat  of  Tolquhon, 

Tarves.  Aberdeen 
Garden  William,   23   Albyn  pi.   Aberdeen 
Garden   William,    Uttershill,   Penicuik 
Gardener  Jas.  107  Mile  End  av.  Aberdeen 
Gardener  R.   15  Dundonald  rd. Kilmarnock 
Gardiner    Rev.     George  B.D.   The  Manse, 

Kirknewton    S.O.    Midlothian 
Gardiner    Rev.    George     M.A.,    TJ.    F.    C. 

manse,    Garmouth   S.O.   Morayshire 
Gardiner  Rev.    James   M.A.    Park   manse. 

TJddingston,   Glasgow 
Gardiner  Rev.   James   Bruce,   The  Manse, 

Rosebank  road,  Forfar 
Gardiner   A.  Altonvar,  Glasgow   rd.Paislev 
Gardiner  Alexander,2  Hillend  rd. Arbroath 
Gardiner    Alexander,    16    Osborne    villas, 

Cathcart,   Glasgow 
Gardiner    Charles,     Tower     of    Lethendy. 

Lethendy,  Meikleour,  Perth 
Gardiner  D.   Jessamine,   Clark  st.    Airdr> 
Gardiner  David,  Veitch  park,  Haddington 
Gardiner  E.    Langhaugh  ho.    Galashiels 
Gardiner    Frederick    William,     Warriston 

Ballplay  road,  Moffat 
Gardiner  Henry,   2  Ferryhill  pi.   Aberdeen 
Gardiner  J.   4   St.   Leonard's  bank,   Perth 
Gardiner  Jas.   Victoria   bldgs.    Galashiels 
Gardiner  Jn.    Dornoch,   Racecourse   rd.Ayr 
Gardiner  John,   6   Latch  road,   Brechin 
Gardiner   John,    Lilybank,    Port    Glasgow 
Gardiner   John,    38    Milnbank   rd.    Dundee 
Gardiner      John,      Public      Free     library, 

Anderson   street.  Airdrie 
Gardiner    Miss,    Forest    park,    Forrest    st 

Gardiner  Miss,    Newbieging,    Musselburgh 
Gardiner  Mrs.  Ashfield  West,  Dollar  S.O. 

Gardiner    Mrs.    Blairgowrie   road,    Coupar- 

Angus   S.O.   Perthshire 
Gardiner    Mrs.    Carse    grange,    Errol    S.O. 

Gardiner  Mrs.Kinnaird  ho.Broich  ter.Crieff 
Gardiner   Mrs.    Porteville,    Gatehouse   S.O- 

Gardiner  Robert,  59  Balmoral  pl.Aberdeen 
Gardiner  Robert,  Learig,  Carmyle  avenue;. 

Carmyle,  Glasgow 
Gardiner   Thos.   Arisaig,    Buchanan   drive; 
Cambuslang,    Glasgow 
Leonard's  j  Gardiner    Thomas    King,    Homewood    cot- 
I     tage,  Cardross   S.O.   Dumbartonshire 
Gardiner    W.,    J.P.    Ryefield,    Dairy    S.Ov. 

ardiner    William    B.    Arbury    house,    1L 
E*kside    north,    Musselburgh 
Gardiner      William      Edward,      Lealands,. 

Abbotsford  road,  Galashiels 
Gardiner-Smith    Mrs.     Llnwood.Mid-Calder 
Gardner  Rev.  Alfred,  Gowan  bank, Lochee- 

road,   Dundee 
Gardner  Rev.  James  W.,  M.A. The  Manse, 

Gogo  Vale,  Largs   S.O.   Ayrshire 
Gardner   Rev.    Joseph    M.A.    United   Free 

Church   manse,    Duff  street,    Macduff 
Gardner    Rev.    Robert,    The    Manse,    Bo-r- 

rowstounness  S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
Gardner   A.    Prospect  hill,     Commonhead. 

Gardner  Alexander,    Clutha  cottage,   King 

street,  Dunoon 
Gardnpr  A.,  J.P.  Dunrod,Castlehead,Paisly 
Gardner  Alexander  E.   P.   Cardowan,   Slug' 

road,   Stonehaven 
Gardner    Alexander    James,    South    park,. 

Kilkerran   road,    Campbeltown 
Gardner  Alex.    Clunie,    Park   rd.    Paisley 
Gardner     Archibald,      Springhill     terracer 

Clarkston,    Busby,    Glasgow 
Gardner   Arthur   H.    Redholme,    Kilkerran 

road,  Campbeltown 
Gardner    D.    Laurieston,    Inveresk    place,. 

Gardner   David,    Burnside    cottage,    Avon- 
bridge   S.O.   Stirlingshire 
Gardner    David    M.B.     Garthland     house,. 

Garthland  street.   Paisley 
Gardner    David    J.P.    Marybank,    Polmont 

Station  S.O.    Stirlingshire 

Gardner     Duncan     M.     Springvale,      East 

Princes    st.    Helensburgh,    Dumbartonsh 

Gardner  Geo.   Daisy  bank,   Lenzie, Glasgow 

Gardner    George   M.D.    2a,    George    street, 

Grahamston,  Falkirk 
Gardner  Gilbert,  Lindores,   Newburgh, Fife- 
Gardner  J.   Fore   ho.   Kilbarchan. Johnstone 
Gardner    J.     C.    Arduthie    house,  Ann  st_ 

Gardner  James,   Clunie,   Paisley 
Gardner  Jas.  2  Fairmount,  Barhhill,  Perth- 
Gardner  Jas.    Tnglenook,    Giffnonk.Gla&gw 
Gardner  James,    South  Mid  st.    Bathgate 
Gardner    James,     Thorncliffe,     Skelmorlie 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Gardner  James  F.   Lochview,   Linlithgow 
Gardner  Jas.    S.  Inveresk  pi.    Coatbridge 
Gardner  J.  9  Athol    gdns.Uddingstn.Glsgw- 
Gardner  John,   Bendhurnish,  Bonawe  S.O- 

Gardner  John,    10  Olaremont,  Alloa 
Gardner  John,    Poplar  place,   Larbert 
Gardner   John,   Wardwell,    Sandbank   S.O". 

Gardner  J.   Woodburn,   Neilson    st. Falkirk 
Gardner    John    N.    Blackwood,    Kirkmuir- 

hill   S.O.   Lanarkshire 
Gardner     Joseph,     Viewfield,     Slamannon 

S.O.    Stirlingshire 
Gardner     Miss,      Craigvar,      Kirkintilloch,. 

Gardner  Miss,   Cromal  lodge,  High  street, 

Ardersier   S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Gardner   Miss,   Horatio   square,    Gatehouse 

S.O.    Kirkcudbrightshire 
Gardner  Miss,   May  cot.   Ross  st.  Macduff 
Gardner  Miss,   78  Middleton   street,  Alex- 
andria,  Dumbartonshire 
Gardner  Miss,    Orchard   bank,   Perth 
Gardner  Mrs.  Burnbank.Uddingsion.Glsgw 
Gardner  Mrs.5  Ea. Montrose  st.Helensbrgh 
Gardner  Mrs.   Glenavon  villa,   Avonbridge 

S.O.    Stirlingshire 
Gardner    Mrs.     Glencorse,     Lon,don    road, 

Gardner  Mrs.    Wester   r>nrk.   Linlithgowsh. 
Gardner   Mrs.   J.    Ellenbank,    Needles  rd. 

Gardner  Robert,   1   Greenlaw   av.  Paisley 
Gardner  Thomas   M.    Ellrigg,  Majors   loan, 

Gardner  W.   The  Elms,    Castlehead.Paisley 
Gardner     W.     Rock  view,     Glasgow     road, 

Gardner  W.    Roselea,  Rennie  st.  Falkirk 
Gardner  W.    104   We.King   st. Helensburgh 
Gardner     William,     Bnrrowstoun,      Bo'ness 

S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
Gardner  Wm.  Mossgiel,Uddingston,Glasgw 

1502      GAR 


Gardner   Wm.    14    Queen   st.    Helensburgh 
Gardner  William,  Thornton,   Linlithgow 
Gardyne    Rev.    Charles    M.A.    St.    John's 

rectory,  Lour  road,  Forfar 
Gardyne   James,    High    street,    Carnoustie 

S.O.    Forfarshire 
Gardyne  Miss,  Middleton,  Friockheim  S.O 

Garie     Miss,     George     place,     Kilniacolm 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Garland   George,    20  Victoria  st.   Alloa 
Garland    Miss,    Doune   bank,    Church    \ 

race,  Turriff 
Garland    Mrs.    Costa    Alta,    Tayport    S.O. 

Garland      Mrs.     Woodville,     Dairsie     S.O. 

Garlick    Hiram    W.    Limerigg,    Slamannan 

S.O.    Stirlingshire 
Garlick    William,      Hannahfield,      Balerno 

S.O.    Midlothian 
Garnder    William,    Melrose,    Corrour  road, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Garner  Daniel  R.  Tillicoultry  house,  Tilli 

coultry   S.O.    Clackmannanshire 
Garnett"  G.  7  Craigie  ter.  Ferry  rd. Dundee 
Garnett      Mrs.      Oakbank,     Balloch     S.O. 

Garnett      Sydney      Harold,      Tighmonadh, 

Cardross    S.O.   Dumbartonshire 
Garnham  Miss,  Lamonfauld  cottage,   Hill 

side,   Montrose 
Garnock  Jn.  C.  Whytehouse  av.  Kirkcaldy 
Garow    Robert,    56    Alburv    rd.    Aberdeen 
Garrett    Lieut.    Peter  B.,"  R.N.   13   King's 

gate,  Aberdeen 
Garrett    David    John,     Liddesdale,    Blair- 

hill,   Coatbridge 
Garrett  Mrs.   Maryfield,  Burns   st.   Irvine 
Garrick    David,    Millfauld    cottage,    Bog- 
head road,  Dumbarton 
Garrioch  J.,    J.P.Tingwall,Rendall,Kirkwll 
Garrioch    John   T-,    J. P.    Croyard,    Beauly 

S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Garriock  James,,    Lerwick 
Garriock    Lewis    James    J. P.    Gibblestone 

house,   Scalloway  S.O.    Shetland 
Garriock   Mrs.    44   Forest   aven.    Aberdeen 
Garriock    Mrs.    Seafield    house,    Magdalen 

place,   Dundee 
Garriock  Peter,  4  Hillhead,  Lerwick 
Garroich  Archd.   7  Lilybank  pi.   Aberdeen 
Garrow  Alex.   9  Burns  road,   Aberdeen 
Garrow  David  J.P.    83   High   st.   Aberlour 

S.O.   Banffshire 
Garrow  Miss,  24  Mile  End  avenue, Aberdn 
Garrow    Robert,    Oartmel,    Riverside    road, 

Newlands,    Glasgow 
Garrow    William,    12   Chalmers   road,    Ayr 
Garxoway     Andrew     B.     Cloverhill,     East 

Kilbride,    Glasgow 
Garroway    Misses,    Thorndale,    Skelmorlie 

S.O.   Ayrshire 
■Garson  P.   C,    M.B.,    CM.   Church   street, 

■Gartshore  Alex.  16  Wallace  st.  Kilmarnck 
Gartshore   Alex.    51   King    st.   Coatbridge 
Gartshore  Cornelius,  3  Queen's  rd.Stirling 
'GartBhore    Miss,    Racona,    Kilmailing    ter- 
race,  Cathcart,    Glasgow 
Gartshore     Mrs.     The     Park,     Limekilns, 

Garven  A.  Dunblair,  Irvine  rd. Kilmarnock 
Garven    James,    Pinkie    Pans,    Edinburgh 

road,   Musselburgh 
Garven  Miss, 3   Sth.Hamilton  st. Kilmarnck 
Garven  Mrs.   26  Portland   rd.   Kilmarnock 
Garvie    Rev.    James,   Manse,    Avonbridge, 

Garvie     Rev.     William     M.A.     Ballantrae 

S.O.    Ayrshire 
Garvie    George,    13   Powis    ter.    Aberdeen 
Garvie  James,    20   Balhousie   st.    Perth 
Garvie   John,    Rosemount,    St.    Bride's  rd. 

Newlands,    Glasgow 
Garvie  John  Mansfield,  Broomberry  drive, 

Gourock  S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Garvie  Joseph,  70  New  wynd,  Montrose 
Garvie  Miss,  34  Fotheringham  road,  Ayr 
Garvie  Mrs.AUanville.Kirkton  hl.Dumbrtn 
Garvie  Mrs.  Dunsinnan  dene,  Scone,  Perth 
Garvie  Mrs.  1  Osborne  place,  Aberdeen 
Garvie  W.  Castle  view.Balhousie  ter.Perth 
Gascoigne  Col.  Frdk.  R.  T.  Trench-  D.S.O. 

Oraignish  castle,  Kiimartin  S.O.Argyllsh 
Gaskell  Francis  L.  Cambus  o'  May  house, 

Ballater  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Gaskell  John  Francis,  Cambus  o'  May  ho. 

Glenmuick,  Ballater  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Gatherer  James,  97  Eldon  st.  Greenock 
Gaudie  Hugh,  48  Richmondhill  pi.  Aberdn 
Gaudie  James,  22  Bridge  street,  Montrose 
Gaul  Alexander,  Baltimore,  Torphins  S.O. 

Gauld  Alexander.  39  Miller  road,  Ayr 
Gauld    Edgar,    Hamilton    lodge,    Hamilton , 

place,   Aberdpen 
Gauld  James,  19  Beecbgrove  ter.  Aberdeen! 
Gauld  James,  30  Osborne  place,  Aberdeen  I 
Gauld  William   Edgar   A.R.I.B.A.    32  Bel-; 

grave  terrace,  Aberdeen 

Gauld  William,  21  Albyn  grove,  Aberdeen 
Gauntlett  Chas.T.3  Summerhill  ter.Berwck 
Gavin  A.  Ardoon,  Dunaskin  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Gavin   George,   Falkland   palace,    Falkland 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Gavin  Hugh,  t>  Glebe  crescent,  Stirling 
Gavin   James,    Beckford    cottage,    Clydes- 
dale street,   Hamilton 
Gavin  Jas.  Kinnoull,  Manse  rd.  Motherwll 
Gavin  John,  638   King  street,  Aberdeen 
Gavin  Mrs.  25  Burns  road,  Aberdeen 
Gavin  Thomas,    Rosemount,   Coatbridge 
Gavin  William,  Morrison  house,  Old  Edin- 
burgh road,  Moffat 
Gay  Mrs.   Beechwood,   Juniper  Green  S.O. 

Gay  Mrs.   Ravenscraig,  Crail  S.O.   Fifesh 
Gaylor  Rev.  David,  Congregational  manse, 

Barrmill  road,  Beith 
Gebbie  F.,  J.P.14  We.Millig  sbpHelensbrgh 
Gebbie  Francis  B.  67  Prestwick  rd.  Ayr 
Gebbie      James,      Netherfield,      Avondale, 

Strathaven  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Gebbie  Mrs. 23  McClelland  drive,Kilmarnck 
Geddes  Lady,   55  Don  st.  Old  Aberdeen 
Geddes  Rev.   *Eneas,  Inverurie, Aberdeensh 
Geddes  Rev.  Francis  G.,  B.D.  The  Manse, 

Condorrat,  Glasgow 
Geddes  Alexander  J.P.  High  street,  Wick 
Geddes  Geo.  Baile-br,  Forteath  av.  Elgin 
Geddes  J.  The  Bungalow,  Duff  nv.  Elgin 
Geddes      James     M.A.,      LL.B.     Birkhill. 

Lockerbie  road,  Dumfries 
Geddes   Jas. F.Postcliffe,Peterculter, Aberdn 
Geddes    James    Lawrence   J.P.   Postcliffe, 

Peterculter,  Aberdeen 
Geddes  John,  55  Thomson  st.  Aberdeen 
Geddes  Jn.  C.  Feus  ter.  Tibbermore,  Perth 
Geddes  Miss,  9  Tantallon  ter.Nth. Berwick 
Geddes    Miss,    Viewvale    villa,    Ferntower 

road,  Crieff 
Geddes     Mrs.     Blairmore     house,      Glass: 

Huntly,   Aberdeenshire 
Geddes   Mis.    Blantyre   terrace,    Findochtv 

S.O.  Banffshire 
Geddes    Mrs.    Craig-Royston,    Pitkerro   rd. 

Geddes    Mrs.    Go  wan    Brae   cottage,   Perth 

street,   Blairgowrie 
Geddes  Mrs.  Harbour  street,   Kirkwall 
Geddes  Mrs.  27  Olrig  street,  Thurso 
Geddes  Mrs.  98  Powis  place,  Aberdeen 
Geddes    Mrs.    Woodbine    villa,    Blairmore 

S.O.    Argyllshire 
Geddes  Mrs.  J.  18  East  Church  st.  Buckie 
Geddes    Patrick    F.R.S.E.    University   col- 
lege, Dundee 
Geddes    Peter   Roy,    Park   neuk,   Colinton 

Geddes  William  J.P.  High  street,  Wick 
Geddes      William,      Manse,      Archiestown, 

Carron  S.O.  Moravshire 
Geddes  Wm.  J.P.  Port  Gordon  S.O.Banffsh 
Geoides  Wm.E.  Rose  vil. W.Newport, Fifesh 
Geddie    Rev.    Watson    B.A.    93    Desswood 

place,  Aberdeen 
Geddie    David    Watson   M.A.,    M.B.,    CM, 

13  Golden  square,   Aberdeen 
Geddie    Mrs.    The    Oross,    Garmouth    S.O. 

Geddie    Mrs.     Woodview,    Garmouth    S.O 

Geddie  W.S. .M.D.Halkirk  S.O.Caithness-sh 
Geddie   William  Spence  J.P.  High  street, 

Fortrose   S.O.  Ross-shire 
Geekie     Rev.     George,     Newburn,    Lower 

Largo   S.O.   Fifeshire 
Geekie  Alexander,   Abbotsville,  Forfar  rd 

Coupar-Angus    S.O.    Perthshire 
Geekie     Robert     J.P.     Rosemount    house, 

Rosemount,  Blairgowrie 
Geering  E.  Meadow  bank,  Cults,  Aberdeen 
Geershon  Thomas,  103  Blenheim  pi. Aberdn 
Geerty  Rev.  John,  Weir  street,  Coatbridge 
Geikie  Jas.  S.,  M.B.,  B.Ch.  5  Barns  st.Ayr 
Geikie  Misses,  f2  Bayswell  park,  Dunbar 
Geils  Miss  0.  J.   Geilston  house,  Cardross 

S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Geils  Mrs.Viewfleld  cot.Landale  rd.Peterhd 
Geirshler  Ernest,  10  Ballantine  drive,  Ayr 
Gellatly  Rev.  James,  Norwood,  Douglas  st. 

Motherwell,  Lanarkshire 
Gellatlv  A.  Temple  hall.MeigleS.O.Perthsh 
Gellatly    Misses,     Parkfleld,     Dollar     S.O. 

01  ackm  ann  a  n  shi  r  e 
Gellatly  Thos.  B.  Wilson  st.  Craigie,  Perth 
Gellatly  W-Uiam.  S  Marywell  st.Aberdeen 
Gellie  George,  58  Irvine  place,  Aberdeen 
Gellie  Mrs,  112  Desswood  place,  Aberdeen 
Gellie  Wm.  J.P.  28  Gladstone  pi. Aberdeen 
Gemlo  Jas.  Ogilvie,  28  Gray  Bt.  Aberdeen 
Gemmel    Miss,    81    Gateside   street,    WeBt 

Kilbride  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Gemraell  Rev.  Andrew  B.D.  Manse,  Aber- 

crombv  street.  Dunoon 
Gemmell    Rev.    Hugh    B.D.    East   TJ.    F. 

manse,  Thornhill,  Johnstone 
Gemmell  A.  Ponsville,  Waterside,  Irvine 
Gemmell  A.Clvde  ho.Roseneath  st.Greenck 
Gemmell   Alexander,    5    Greenlaw  terrace, 
aarthland  street,  Paisley 

Gemmell  Alexander,  17  Wellington  sq.Ayr 
Gemmell  Dvd.Carley  bank,  Both  well,  Glsgw 
Gemmell  H.  Whitehall,  Nth.cres.Ardrossan 
Gemmell  H.Argyle  mans.Argyle  pl.Rothesy 
Gemmell  J.  Braehouse,Inveresk,Musslbrgh 
Gemmell  John,  Burnside  place,  West  Kil- 
bride S.O.  Ayrshire 
Gemmell  Jn.  Dalrowan,  Castlehill  rd.  Ayr 
Gemmell   Miss,   Nithsdale,    Bowfield   road, 

West  Kilbride  S.O.    Ayrshire 
Gemmell  Mrs.  47  Bellevue  crescent,  Ayr 
Gemmell  Mrs.  3  Park  terrace,  Ayr 
G  emmell    Mrs.     West    Thome,     Sandbank 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Gemmell  Robert,  51  Barone  rd.   Rothesay 
Gemmell    Robert,     Oxenward,    Kilwinning 

S.O.    Ayrshire 
Gemmell    Robert   H.    Mataura    villa,    New 
Cumnock  S.O.  Ayrshire 
!  Gemmell  S.  H.Benview,Weir  st. Coatbridge 
Gemmell  Thos.KnockhilLBarrmill  rd.Beith 
Gemmell  T.  P.,M.B.70Alexander  st.Airdrie 
Gemmell  W.Thistle   bank,Bearsden,Glasgw 
Gemmell  William  (of  Auchentibeor),  Oxen- 
ward  cottage,  Kilwinning  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Gemmie  James  S.  351  Clifton  rd.  Aberdn 
I  Gemmil   Miss,   Auchinlea,   Hunter's   quay, 
I      Kirn  S.O.   Argyllshire 
|  Gemmill  Hugh,  20  Portland  rd.Kilmamock 
Gemmill  Mrs.  Wellbank  house,  West  Kil- 
bride S.O.   Ayrshire 
J  Gemmill  Rt.  J.P.  6  Portland  rd.  Kilmrnck 
I  Gentle  Miss,Keith  st.Kincardine  S.O. Fifesh 
Gentle  Mrs.   143  Bo'ness  rd,  Grangemouth 
Gentle  Mrs.  Taycliff,  E.  Newport, Fifeshire 
Gentleman  E.  9  Abercromby  pi.  Stirling 
Gentleman  James,  Ivy  bank,  Polmont  S.O. 

Gentleman  Miss,  17  Albert  place,  Stirling 
Gentleman   Mrs.  Booth  place,  Falkirk 
Gentleman  Mrs.  Hillcrest,Bairhill,Coatbrdg 
Gentles  Rev.   Thomas  D.D.   Abbey  manse, 

Glasgow  road,  Paisley 
Gentles  John,  Second  avenue,  King's  park, 

Cathcart,   Glasgow 
Gentles  Norman,   Athoran  grange,   Shields 

road,    Motherwell 
Gentles  T.  Parkville,  Wellside  ter.  Falkirk 
Gentry    Thomas,    1    Albion    place,    Castle 
street,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
George  Rev.  J.  Inverine, Forfar  rd.Dundee 
George  Rev. J. A.,  M.A.  62  Mill  st. Montrose 
George  Alex.  J.P.  View  mount,  Macduff 
George  Alex.Smith,   14  Hosefield  av.Abrdn 
George  Daniel,  Golspie,   Sutherlandshire 
George  David,  Balhousie  avenue,  Perth 
George  Francis,  Ashlea,  Banff 
George  James,  43  Fonthill  ter.  Aberdeen 
George  John  James,  St.  Katerines,  Mac  duff 
George  Miss,  Fuschia  bank,  Cults,  Aberdn 
George  Mrs.  2  Panmure  street,  Montrose 
George  Mrs.  8  West  park,  Wick 
Georges  Mrs.  25  Albyn  place,  Aberdeen 
Georgeson  Rev.  Daniel  M.A.,  TJ.  F.  manse, 

Bowling,  Glasgow 
Georgeson    Daniel    Wares,    Milton    house, 

Thurso  road,  Wick 
Georgeson  Jas.  M.A.  61  Carlton  pl.Aberdi; 
Georgeson  James,   Shantry  cottage,  Lathe- 

ronwheel,   Latheron   S.O.   Caithness 
Georgeson  Miss,  25  Carrick  road,  Ayr 
Georgeson  Mrs.  14  Thurso  street,  Wick 
Georgeson  William,  459  King  st.  Aberdeen 
Gerard  Lady,  Rochsoles,   Airdrie 
Gerard  Robert,  360  Holburn  st.  Aberdeen 
Gerrad  Theodore,  101  Beaconsfleld  pl.Abrdn 
Gerrard  Rev.  Geo.  40  Mearns  st.  Greenock 
Gerrard  John,  65  Braemar  pi,  Aberdeen 
Gerrard  Miss, Grange  vil. TheSquare, Turriff 
Gerrard  Walter,    Oairnhill,   Macduff 
Gerrard  Wm. Mortimer,  149  Forest  av.Abrdn 
Gerrett  Robert,  Learmont,  Leven 
Gerrie  Alex.  B.  58  Elmfleld  av.  Aberdeen 
Gerrie  George,  36  Mile  End  av.  Aberdeen 
Gerrie  George,  Tule  pk. North  st.Inverurie 
Gerrie    George    Ross,    6    Kilnburn    place, 

East  Newport,  Fifeshire 
Gerrie  Peter,  27  Holborn  road,  Aberdeen 
Gerry  James,  376  Gt.  Western  rd.  Aberdn 
Gerry  Miss,  "Viewfirth  ho. Duncan  st.ThuTBO 
Gerry  William,   East  Church  st.   Buckie^ 
Gerstenberg    Gunstav,    Aldourie,    Collylin 

road,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Gervers  Francis  T.  Amat,  Ardgay 
Gettins  Rev.  Wilfred,  Knoy  dart,  Mailing 

S.O.  Inverness-shire 
Getty  Walt.  Shanreagh, Miller  st. Hamilton 
Geyer  Herman  J.  Bonavista,  Upper  Re- 
form street,  Tayport  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Gibb  Rev.A.  G.,  M.A.12  Queen's  rd.Abrdn 
Gibb  Rev.Colin  M.,  M.A.May  bank.Larbert 
Gibb  Rev.  Geo.  M.A.  Beeswing,  Dumfries 
Gibb  Rev.  James  M.A.  49  Pitsligo  street, 

Rosehearty,  Fraserburgh 
Gibb  Alex.  191  Bo'ness  rd.  Grangemouth 
Gibb  Alfred,  511  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Gibb   Cumming,   Maryville   Auchinlee  Cle- 

land  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Gibb  D.H.Ravenspark, Kilwinning  rd.Irvine 
Gibb  David,  10  Airlie  ter.  Perth  rd.Dundee 
Gibb  E.  G.  Glendye,  Pitkerro  rd.  Dundee 


gil,      1503 

Gibb  Edward,  10  Fonthill  terrace, Aberdeen 
Gibb  F.  W.  Green  Bank  ho. Dock  pk.Dnifrs 
Gibb  George,  Bellevue,  Downfield,  Dundee 
Gibb  Geo.  M.A.  294  Gt.Western  rd.Aberdn 
Gibb  Geo.  B.  11  Westburn  drive,  Aberdee 
Gibb  Hugh,  Neuck,  Alonkton  S.O.  Ayrsh. 
Gibb    James,    Bridge    End    house,    Bervie 

S.O-  Kincardineshire 
Gibb  Jas.  Fernlea,  Brookneld,  Johnstone 
Gibb  J.R.  Holniescraig,  Carlside  av.Paisley 
Gibb  John,   1  Belvidere  street,  Aberdeen 
Gibb  John,  10  Fonthill  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Gibb  John,  Glen  view,  Kirk  rd.  Wishaw 
Gibb  John,  469  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Gibb  John  H.  23  Bosebery  at.  Aberdeen 
Gibb  John  P.Ravenwood,Hillside,Montrose 
Gibb  Jn.  P.  Viewneld  ho.Kubislaw,Aberdn 
Gibb  Mitchell,  Abbots  road,  Grangemouth. 
Gibb  Alias,  Commercial  street,  Maxkinch 
Gibb   Misa,   East   Haven,   Carnoustie    S.O. 

Gibb  Miss,   42  Evan  street,  Stonehaven 
Gibb    Miss,    Wellbrae    cottage,    Strathaven 

S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Gibb  Misses,  Ashburn,  Cedar  rd.  Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Gibb  Misses,  Glenale,  Wormit,  Dundee 
Gibb  Misses,  2  Greyfriars  gdus. St. Andrews 
Gibb  Mrs.  Adelaide  terrace,  Dundee 
Gibb  Mrs.  Craighton,  Fintry 
Gibb  Mrs.  65  Eglinton  road,  Ardrossan 
Gibb  Mrs.  High  st.  Kincardine  S.O.Fifesh 
Gibb  Mrs.  Victoria  cot.  Udny,  Aberdeen 
Gibb  Mrs.  Violet  bank,  Auchinlee,  Cleland 

S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Gibb  Mrs.  Ainslie,  Belhaven  ter.  Wishaw 
Gibb    Mrs.    John,    Riversdale,    Kincardine 

S.O.  Filestore 
Gibb    Robert,    Glenbride,     Seamill,    West 

Kilbride  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Gibb  Robert,  Mill  road,  Toker,  Glasgow 
Gibb  Bobt.  Parkside,  Dunlop  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Gibb  Bobert,  198  Westburn  rd.  Aberdeen 
Gibb  Thomas,  13  Mount  street,  Aberdeen 
GibbW. Auchinlee, Corrour  rd.N  winds.  Glsgw 
Gibb  W.  Mayville  cot.Campbell  st.Wishaw 
Gibb  William,   Montgomery  cottage,  New- 
mains  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Gibb  Wm.  Muirhead,  Baillieston,  Glasgow 
Gibb  Win. Rose  cot.Dunkeld  rd. Blairgowrie 
Gibb  William,  4  Seaforth  road,  Aberdeen 
Gibb     William     Fletcher      M.D.      Linton 

Thomley  Park  avenue,  Paisley 
Gibb    William    J.    Caerlaverock,    Polmont 

Station  S.O.   Stirlingshire 
Gibb  Wm.  Taylor,  69  Stanley  st.  Aberdeen 
Gibbon  Alexander,  Bank  ho.  Cults,  Aberdn 
Gibbon   James,    Cairnsmuir,    Laugside    rd. 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Gibbon  Mrs.  5  Rubislaw  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Gibbons   Rev.  Thomas,  St.  Mary's  presby- 
tery, Patrick  street,  Greenock 
Gibbs  James,  32  Dee  street,  Aberdeen 
Gibbs   Miss,    Strathview,    Kilmacolm    S.O. 

Gibbs  Mrs.  Fairteigh,  Bridgend,  TurrifE 
Gibbs   Robert,   Brackenlea,   Torphins    S.O. 

Giblin   Miss,  18   Montrose  gdns.  Milngavie, 

Gibson  Rev.  A.,  M.A..B  D.Glendoick.Perth 
Gibson  Rev.  Alexander  R.  The  Manse.Kin- 

loch  street,  Carnoustie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Gibson  Rev.  Andrew  M.  The  Manse,  Durn 

road,  Portsoy  S.O.  Banffshire 
Gibson    Rev.    James    D.    W.,    M.A.,    B.D. 

Carmichael,  Lanark 
GibBon  Rev.  John  M.A.,  U.  F.  manse, Long 

ridge,  Fauldhouse  S.O.  Linlithgowshire 
Gibson  Rev.  Robt.  90  Victoria  rd.  Dundee 
Gibson  Alexander,   Dunmuir,   Victoria  rd. 

Gourock  S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Gibson     A.     St.     Abb's,     Eyemouth     S.O 

Gibson    Allan    M.A.   14    McLelland    drive 

Gibson    Andrew,    10    Corse   terrace,    West 

Kilbride  S.O.   Ayrshire 
Gibson  Andrew  M.B.,  F.R.C.S.  Tayvallich, 

Baillieston,  Glasgow 
Gibson  Archibald,   George   place,  Paisley 
Gibson  Archibald  Wallace,  3  Green  street. 

Coatbridge,   Glasgow 
Gibson  D.  Holmview.Springwell  av.Airdrie 
Gibson  D.,  J.P.  Langsqail,  Rousay.Kirkwll 
Gibson  David,  98  Mile  End  aven. Aberdeen 
Gibson  D.  Petaluma.Burnbank  rd. Hamilton 
Gibson  David  J.P-    Sunnyside,  Kirkwall 
Gibson  E.  92  We. Holmes  gdns.Musselbrgh 
Gibson  Frank,  Holehouse  rd.  Kilmarnock 
Gibson  George,  Ardler,  Meigle 
Gibson  Geo.  3  Eskside  north,  Musselbrgh 
Gibson  George,  2  Sycamore  villas,  Ireland 

street,  Carnousie  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Gibson  George  D.   Lintmailing,  Galashiels 
Gibson  Geo.   F.   Gleniffer,  Upper  Ashton, 

Gourock  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Gibson     Gideon.     Netherbyres,     Eyemouth 

S.O.  Berwickshire 
Gibson  J.  Cairnlea.Woodside  walk.Ham.iltn 
•Gibson  J.  Iddesleigh,Mu(ryhall  st.Ooatbrdg 

Gibson  J.  Mayfi.eld,Clarkstou, Busby, Glsgw 
Gibson  J.  Rose  bank,  Doune  S.O.  Perthsh 
Gibson  J.H.  St. Margaret's, Bearsden,Glsgw 
Gibson  James,  Avieinore,  Middleton  drive, 

Gibson  Jas.Beeches,Newton  Mearns,Glsgw 
Gibson  Jas.  Broom  cot.  Hillside,  Montrose 
Gibson  Jas.  16  Castle  ter.  Cathcart^Glasgw 
Gibson  James,  Craigendoran,  Helensburgh 
Gibson  James,  Delcombe,  Maybole 
Gibson  James,  Laurel  bank,  James  street, 

Dairy  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Gibson  James,  Reres  mount,   High  Station 

road,  Falkirk 
Gibson  James,  St.   Marnocks,  Frankscroft, 

Gibson  James,  31  West  street,  Berwick 
Gibson  James,  Westcot,  Queensferry 
Gibson  James,  4  Westfield  road,  Broughty 

Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Gibson    James    A.    Strathlynn,    Callander 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Gibson  Jas.  B.  23  Institution  road,  Elgin 
Gibson     John,     Barncailzie,      Kirkpat  rick- 
Durham,  Dalbeattie 
Gibson    John,    Belle    vue,     Iuverkeithing 

S.O.  Fifeshire 
Gibson  John,  1  Blackness  avenue,  Dundee 
Gibson  John,  2  Carrick  road,  Ayr 
Gibaon  John,  Carsethorn,  Dumfries 
Gibson  Jn.  29  Church  st.  Woodside, Aberdn 
Gibson  Jn.  Drumflower, Victoria  av.Carluke 
Gibson    John,    Elliceville,    Lovers'    walk, 

Gibson  John,  2   High   st.  Kirkcudbright 
Gibson  John,  16  Murray  street,  Duns 
Gibson  John,    1U   Strathview   terrace,    For- 
far road,  Dundee 
Gibson   John,    The   Knoll,    Abertarff  road, 

Gibson    John   A.,    J.P.    Burnbank,    Dollar 

S.O.  Clackmannanshire 
Gibson    John    Campbell,    Kirnan,    Collylin 

road,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Gibson   John    Charles,  13    Osborne    villas, 

Cat  heart,  Glasgow 
Gibson  John  D.  9  Greenlaw  aven.   Paisley 
Gibson  John  E.  Darvel  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Gibson  John  Forrest,  Aldie  cottage,  Kirk- 
ton  avenue,  Carluke 
Gibson  Joseph  J.P.  EUieslea,  West  Ferry, 

Broughty  Ferry   S.O.    Forfarshire 
Gibson    Lewis,    Union  Bank    house,   West 

High  street,  Crieff 
Gibson     Matthew,    06    Earlspark    avenue, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Gibson  Miles  S.   Dhailing  villa,  Kirn  S.O. 

Gibson  Miss,  86  Argyle  road,  Saltcoats 
Gibson   Miss,    Carstairs   cottage,    Carstairs 

S.O.  Lanark 
Gibson   Miss,    4  Cordilier   terrace,    Friar's 

lane,  Lanark 
Gibson  Miss,  Craig  Dhu,  Moulin,  Pitlochry 
Gibson   Miss,   oo  Dee  street,  Aberdeen 
Gibson  Miss,  Dell  road,  Campbeltown 
Gibson  Miss,  Greenlaw  S.O.  Berwickshire 
G.bson    Miss,    Highfield,    Auchinleck  S.O. 

Gibson  Miss,   13  Tweed   street,  Berwick 
Gibson  Misses,  Duchal  terrace,  Kilmacolm 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Gibson  Misses,  Elangowan,   Cults,   Aberdn 
Gibson   Misses,  15   Tweed  street,  Berwick 
Gibson  Mrs.  Allan  park,  Clackmannan 
Gibson    Mrs.    Argyle    house,    Dollar    S-O. 

Gibson   Mrs.    47  Beaconsfield   pi.  Aberdeen 
Gibson    Mrs.   Beechwood,    Camphill    road, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Gibson   Mrs.   Belmont,   Dollar    S.O.   Clack- 
Gibson    Mrs.    Camelot,    Woodend  avenue, 

Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Gibson  Mrs.  47   Castlegate,  Berwick 
Gibson  Mrs.  1  Charles  street,  Kilmarnock 
Gibson  Mrs.  35  Gladstone  place,  Aberdeen 
Gibson   Mrs.    Greenhill,Shandon,Helnsbrgh 
Gibson  Mrs.    Holmview,   Springwells   aven. 

Gibson  Mrs.  Kair  house,  Fordoun 
Gibson  Mrs.  23  Main  street,  Wishaw 
Gibson  Mrs.  1  Mansion  House  rd.  Paisley 
Gibson  Mrs.  Market  crea.  Castle  Douglas 
Gibson     Mrs.     Newlands     bank,     Rattray, 

Gibson  Mrs.  2  Palace  green,  Berwick 
Gibson  Mrs.   11  Park  terrace,   Stirling 
Gibson  Mrs.  106  Queen  street,  Dumfries 
Gibson   Mrs.    5    Reres  terrace,     Monifieth, 

road,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Gibson  Mrs.  Viewfield,'  Fenwick.Kilmarnck 
Gibson    Mrs.    Woodlee,   Abercromby  drive, 

Bridge  of  Allan,  Stirlingshire 
Gibson  P.   Springfield,   Clarkston,  Airdrie 
Gibson    Peter,    Ardville,    Dalhousie    road, 

Eskbank,  Dalkeith 
Gibson    Peter,    Evandale,  Bridge    of    Weir 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Gibson  Peter,  Summerhill,  Eyemouth  S.O. 


Gibson    Robert,     Fulta,   Dalhousie    street, 

Monifieth,  Dundee 
Gibson  R.   Oakfie.d  cot.   Kirk  rd.  Wishaw 
Gibson  B.    West   Arthurlie    cottage,  Noils- 
ton    road,   Barrhead,    Glasgow 
G.bson     Richard,    Milton     hank,     Lanark 

road,   Carluke 
Gibson  Robert,  42  Annfield  road,  Dundee 
Gibson  Robt.  27  Dundonald  rd.  Kilmarnock 
Gibson    Robt.    Earnsclifie,    Auchlngrainont 

road,  Hamilton 
Gibson  Rt.  H.  156  Hamilton  pi.  Aberdeen 
Gibson  Robt.  J.  79  Clepington  rd.  Dundee 
Gibson  Robert  Young,  7  Woodstock  drive, 

Newlands,    Glasgow 
Gibson  Samuel,  The  Hermitage,  Sanquhar 

S.O.  Dumfriesshire 
Gibson      T.      Lochside,      Askomel      walk, 

Gibson   T.   B-,    M.A.,   M.B.    2    Golden   sq. 

Gibson  Thomas,  Alburne,  Campbell  drive, 

Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Gibson     Thomas,     Fairfield     house,     West 

Calder  S.O.  Midlothian 
Gibson  Thomas,   GarthUl,  Falkirk 
Gibson   Thomas,  Wallacerig,   Polmont  Sta- 
tion S.O.   Stirlingshire 
Gibson    Thomas    Hayter,   Cattofield   house, 

Cattofield  place,   Aberdeen 
Gib-son    William,     Gola,     Woodburn    road, 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Gibson  W.,  M.D.  Kirkland,  Campbeltown 
Gibson  W.  J.,  M.A.  Sandwick  rd.Stornowy 
Gibson  Wilfred  L.  Balhaldie  ho.  Dunblane 
Gibson   Wm.    Abuots   rd.    Grangemouth 
Gibson  William,  Armont,   Arnot  Hill   lane, 

Gibson   William,   Bank  house,    1   &   3  Ex- 
change street,  Jedburgh 
Gibson   William,    Bedford   house,    Colinton 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Gibson  Wm.    18  Bentinck  st.   Greenock 
Gibson  Wm.   Bower  cot.   Lenzie,   Glasgow 
Gibson  Wm.  56  Dundonald  rd.  Kilmarnock 
Gibson  William,  Gartwhinzean,  Blairingone 

Dollar  S.O.   Clackmannanshire 
Gibson  William  J.P.   High  st.  Tillicoultry 

S.O.  Clackmannanshire 
Gibson  William,   9  Howard  st.  Kilmarnock 
Gibson    William,     Invertay,     West    Ferry, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.    Forfarshire 
Gibson  William,  5  Laurieknowe,  Maxwell- 
town,  Dumfries 
Gibson    William,    Maryville,    Upper    Ashr 

ton,  Gourock  S.O.    Renfrewshire 
Gibson  William,   30  Reform  street,  Beith 
Gibson  William,  90  West  Holmes   gardens, 

Gibson     William,     Westbold,     Watkerburn 

S.O.   Peeblesshire 
Gibson  William,  jun.  Linfield,  West  -Ferry, 

Broughty  Ferry  S-O.  Forfarshire 
Gibson  William,  jun.  Powmill,  Dollar  S.O. 

Gibson    William    A.   Dalfruin,    Kilmacolm 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Gibson    William    B.    Northfield,    Liberton 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Gibson    William    G.    Craigoul ,     Robertson 

terrace,  Forfar 
Gibson  William  John,  Ben  view,  Falkirk 
Gibson    William  K.    Woodburn,    Arkleston 

road,  Paisley 
Gibson     William     Kennedy    C.E.     Thistle 

bank,   Stoneykirk  road,   Stranraer 
Gibson    William   R.    Annieslea,    Colquhoun 

street,  Dumbarton 
Gibson-Craier  Sir  James  Henry  bart.  D.L., 

J.P.  Riccarton,  Currie  S.O.   Midlothian 
Gibson-Craig  Miss,  Hermiston  house,  Her- 

miston,  Currie   S.O.   Midlothian 
Gidley  Wm.   Emmroyd,   Fenton  st.  Alloa 
Giffan  Archbld.  23  Linkfield,  Musselburgh 
Giffen  Andrew,  Redknowe,  Campbeltown 
Giffen     Miss,    Blackwood     cottage,     Strat- 

haven  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Giffen  Mrs.  Ardentinny,  Greenock 
Gifford   G.,   J.P.    Coivisel    house,   Newton 

Gifford  James,  253  Union  grove,  Aberdeen 
Gifford  Mrs.  78  Ashley  road,  Aberdeen 
Gifford   Mrs.   Auchendoon,Newton  Stewart 
Gifford  Patk.   Church  st.  Caetle  Douglas 
Gilbert    Rev.      Robert     Erskine,      Manse, 

Whitehill  Grange,  Keith 
Gilbert  Rev.  John  B.D.   Manse,  Howwood 

S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Gilbert  Jas.  47  Devanha  gdns.   Aberdeen 
Gilbert  James,  608  King  street,  Aberdeen 
Gilbert    James,    Thanestone,    Abbey  road, 

North   Berwick 
Gilbert   Miss,    Willow    cottage,    Muirfleld 

road,  Inverness 
Gilbert  Misses,  39  Beechgrove  ter.  Aberdn 
Gilbert  Walter,  13  Gray  street,  Aberdeen 
Gilbert    William,    St.  Vincent,    Old    Edin- 
burgh road,  Inverness 
Gilbertson   John,    Brindister,    Gulberwick, 

Gilbertson  Mrs.  2  Eglinton  terrace,   Ayr 

1504      GIL 


Gilchrist  Rev.   Andrew  S.  G.  The  Manse, 

Applegarth,  Lockerb.e 
Gilchrist     Rev.      D.      7     Victoria     terrace, 

Gilchrist  A.  Ivanhoe,  Bonnyrigg,  Lasswde 
Gilchrist    Alexander,    The    Firs,    Inverary 

terrace,  Dundee 
Gilchrist    Alfred    Ph.D.,    M.A.    141   Blen- 
heim place,   Aberdeen 
Gilchrist  Andrew,  4  Weir  st.   Coatbridge 
Gilchrist    Charles    H.   Kenuington    house, 

Cleghorn  load,  Lanark 
Gilchrist  J.  Lanark  rd.  Braidwood, Carluke 
Gilchrist  J.  Wellford,  Rhannan  road,  Cath- 

cart,  Glasgow 
Gilchrist    J.    Woodside    lodge,    Cove   S.O. 

Gilchrist    J.-    C.    Linwood,    Lover's    walk, 

Gilchrist  J.  The  Beeches,  Bearsden,Glsgw 
Gilchrist  James,  21  Bellevue  road,  Ayr 
Gilchrist     James,      Clenchearn,     Barrmill 

road,  Beith 
Gilchrist  Jas.    Helena,    Waterside,   Irvine 
Gilchrist    James,     Sandlea,     Lundin    mill, 

Lower  Largo   S.O.    Fifeshire 
Gilchrist  John,    Lily   bank,  Round   Riding 

road,  Dumbarton 
Gilchrist   John,    9  Powis    ter.    Aberdeen 
Gilchrist  John,  Woodlands,  Hunter's  quay, 

Kirn  S.O.    Argyllshire 
Gilchrist   John  Corran,    Clachan,    Cantyre 

S.O.  Argyllshire 
Gilchrist  John  G.  8  Windsor  st.  Dundee 
Gilchrist  John  S.  20  Marlborough  gardens, 

Cathcart,  Glasgow 
Gilchrist  Miss,  20  Fountainhall  rd.  Aberdn 
Gilchrist  Miss,  18  Melville  ter,  Stirling 
Gilchrist     Miss,     Willowbank,    Kilmacolm 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Gilchrist  Miss  E.  T.  22  Finuart  st.Greenck 
Gilchrist  Mrs.   10  Knockbreck  st.   Tain 
Gilchrist     Mrs.     Linwood,    Lover's    walk, 

Gilchrist  Mrs.  Ospidale  house,  Creich  S.O. 

Gilchrist  Mrs.  3  Stair  Park  ter.  Girvan 
Gilchrist     Robert,    Dunrowan,     Langbank, 

Port  Glasgow 
Qilchrist  Robt.  Mossgiel,  Bank  st.  Irvine 
Gilchrist  Samuel,  19  Monument  road,  Ayr 
Gilchrist  Thomas,  Ben  Corrum,  Dunoon 
Gilchrist   Thomas,    35   High    street,  Pitten- 

weem  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Gilchrist  W.  Lilybank,  Waterloo  rd. Lanark 
Gilchrist    William    J.P.    95    Middleton   it. 

Alexandria,   Dumbartonshire 
Gilchrist  William,    16   South  Hamilton   st. 

Gilchrist  William,    Westmount,   Langbank, 

Port   Glasgow 
Gildea    Mrs.    Broomley  house,    Alexandria, 

Gildea  Robert,  15  Rosewood  terrace,  West 

Park  road,  Dundee 
Giles  Rev.    Charles,   The  Manse,  Millbrex, 

Fyvie  S.O.    Aberdeenshire 
Giles  Geo.   42  Ferry  rd.  Monifieth, Dundee 
Giles  Mrs.  6  Argyll  place,  Aberdeen 
Giles  William,   117  Crown  st.  Aberdeen 
Gilfillan  Rev.  A.   9   Cross  st.   Kirkcaldy 
Gilfillan   Allan,  39  Eglinton  rd.   Ardrossan 
Gilfillan   Hugh  B.    Burnfoot,  Eglinton   rd. 

Gilfillan  Mrs.  <   Levenford  pi.  Dumbarton 
Gilnllan  T.  Clareniont,  Bothwell,  Glasgow 
Gill    Rev.    H.   Sutherland    D.,    M.A.    The 

Rectory,  York  road,  North  Berwick 
Gill   Alex.  63  Beechgrove  ter.   Aberdeen 
Gill   Alexander    0.,    J.P.    Fairfield,    Whin- 
hill  road,   Aberdeen 
Gill  D.   Craig  view,   Lovat  road,  Inverness 
Gill  George  D.   High  street,  Tain 
Gill   George    Paterson,    Balnagowan,    Alva 

S.O.  Clackmannanshire 
Gill  J.,  M.  B.,  CM.  Rosevale  ho.Langhlm 
Gill   J.    S.    Hope,  Balerno    lodge,    Balerno 

S.O.   Midlothian 
Gill  James,    141   Duthie  terrace,   Aberdeen 
Gill  James,  55   Gray  street,  Aberdeen 
Gill  James,   Sunny  bank,   Craigie,  Perth 
Gill  John,  31  Beechgrove  ter.  Aberdeen 
Gill  John,    Broomfield  house    &    Elderslie 

house,  Broomfields,  Largs  S.O.   Ayrsh 
Gill  John  P.  15  Beaconsfield  pi.  Aberdeen 
Gill  Miss,   Helenslea,   Macduff 
Gill  Wm.  S.  Dalhibity,  Bieldside, Aberdeen 
Gillan     Rev.    George     Green     M.A.,     D.D. 

The  Manse,  Carmunnock,  Glasgow 
Gillan    Adam    Lind    J.P.    Mount   Pleasant, 

Portsoy  S.O.  Banffshire 
Gillan  Miss,  13  Bon- Accord  cres.  Aberdeen 
Gillan  Robert,  18  Wellington  square,  Ayr 
Gillan     Thomas,     3     Marchmont     terrace, 

Bellevue  road,  Ayr 
Gillanders  Capt.  Edwd.  B.  Mackenzie  J.P. 

Highfie'.d,  Muir-of-Ord  S.O.   Ross-shire 
Gillanders  Kenneth  A.  East  Crown  house, 

Crown  avenue,  Inverness 
GillanderB    Mrs.    Forest    hill,    Muir-of-Ord 

S.O.  RosB-Bhire 

Gillespie  The  Very  Rev.  John  LL.D.  The 
Manse,   Mouswald,   Ruth  well   S.O.   Dum- 
Gillespie  Rev.  James  E.  Kirkgunzeon  S.O. 

Gillespie    Rev.    James    Hogg,    The  Manse, 

Duudonald,  Kilmarnock 
Gillespie  Rev.   William,   Harperlea,  Camp- 
bell  drive,   Bearsden,    Glasgow 
Gillespie    Alexander,   Campfield,    Wellside 

terrace,  Falkirk 
Gillespie  Alexander,  Helm   bank,    Kirkton 

hill,   Dumbarton 
G.llespie     Allan,    Ureallan     park,    Bonny- 
bridge   S.O.    Stirlingshire 
Gillespie   Andrew,    Glenlyon,    West  Argyle 

street,    Helensburgh 
Gillespie  D.   Albion  house,   Castle  Douglas 
Gillespie   Edward,   Chapelcroft,   Bushyhill, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Gillespie   Geo.    Helenslea,    Kilmacolm  S-O. 

Gillespie  George,   Langley  house,  Liberton 

S.O.   Midlothian 
Gillespie  George  E.  Bennochy,  East  Aber- 

cromby  street,  Helensburgh 
Gillespie  Henry,  5  Albert  st.   Dalbeattie 
Gillespie  J.,  M.B.  11  Merchant  st.  Peterhd 
Gillespie  J.  Oakdene, Douglas  st.Motherwll 
Gillespie  J.  Sth.  Harbour  st.  Grangemouth 
Gillespie  Jas.  J.P.  Bank  ho.  Queensferry 
Gillespie   James,   49  Bedford  pi.   Aberdeen 
Gillespie  Jas.    3  Kinburn  ter.    St.  Andrews 
Gillespie  J.  J.  Brierbank,  Glasgow  rd-Prth 
Gillespie  John,  19  Barns  street,  Ayr 
Gillespie  John,   Blackhall  park,  Blackhall, 

Gillespie    John,    Heathfield    drive,     Miln- 

gavie,  Glasgow 
Gillespie  Jn.  Lynfield,  Orchard  st.  Falkirk 
Gillespie  John,  10  Park  avenue,   Stirling 
Gillespie  Miss,  21  Graham's  road,  Graham- 

ston,    Falkirk 
Gillespie  Miss,    Island    bank,  Dores    road, 

Gillespie  Miss,  Oakby  house,  Corstorphine 

S.O.  Midlothian 
Gillespie  Miss,  Park  hall,  Dalbeattie  road, 

Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Gillespie  Miss,  Watermouth  park,  Girvan 
Gillespie  Miss,  Westwood,  Castle  Douglas 
Gillespie  Mrs.  Abbotsford,  Bank  st.  Irvine 
Gillespie  Mrs.  21  Carden  place,  Aberdeen 
Gillespie  Mrs.  Craigshields,  6  Newall  ter- 
race, Dumfries 
Gillespie  Mrs.  Ingleside,  Bonnybridge  S-O- 

Gillespie     Mrs.     Mountquhanie,     Kilmany, 

Gillespie   Mrs.    Nether  lea,   Bank  End   rd. 

Gillespie     Mrs.     Rosslyn     villa,     Dornoch 

S.O.   Sutherlandshire 
Gillespie  Mrs.    Whins  of  Milton,    Stirling 
Gillespie    Peter,    Barnton   gardens,  David- 
son's Mains  S.O.  Midlothian 
Gillespie  Samuel  Archibald  D-,  M.B.,  CM 

Alma,    Mill    street,   Dalbeattie 
Gillespie     Thomas,     Cummertrees     house, 

Cummertrees,  Annan 
Gillespie    Thomas,    Highpark  view,    Port- 
land park,   Hamilton 
Gillespie    Thomas    Paterson,    Muiravonside 

house,    Muiravonside,   Linlithgow 
Gillespie  Wm.   Annandale, Glasgow  rd.Prth 
Gillespie  Wm.   80  Bo'ness  rd.  Grangemth 
Gillespie  Wm,  8  Craighall  ter.Musselburgh 
Gillespie    William,    National    Bank   house, 

Castle  Douglas 
Gillespie    William  Peter,    Fairholme     cot- 
tage, Bonnybridge  S.O.  Stirlingshire 
Gillian  John,   10  Mile  End  pi.  Aberdeen 
Gillie  Mrs.   16  Castle  terrace,  Berwick 
Gillies    Rev.    Alex.    United    Free    Church 

manse,  Pathhead,   Ford,  Dalkeith 
Gillies  Rev.  David,  Orphir,  Kirkwall 
Gillies  Rev.   Ewen,  Carinish,   Lochmaddy 
Gillies     Rev.     James    M.A.,    B.D.     Abbey 

Green,   Lesmahagow   S.O.   Lanarkshire 
Gillies     Rev.     John    M.A.     Whiting     Bay 

S.O.    Isle  of  Arran 
Gillies    Rev.    Neil,    Killearnan,  Alexander 

terrace,  Forres 
Gillies    Rev.    William    M.A.     TJphall    S.O- 

Gillies  Rev.  Wm.  A.,  B.D.  Tiree,  Oban 
Gillies    Andrew,    Woodlea,    Liberton    S.O. 

Gillies  D.   Cardy  house,  Lower  Largo  S.O. 

Gillies  David,  Anderson  ter.  Ardrossan 
Gillies  D.  Winton  park,  Bank   Bt.  Irvine 
Gillies   Donald,   Church   st.   Dumbarton 
Gillies  Dougal  S.  41  Glasgow  rd.Dumbrtn 
Gillies    Duncan,    Dunadd,    Cadzow    drive, 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Gillies  Frank  H.  Thornly  Park  ter.Paisley 
Gillies  Geo.  Eden  vil.  Ea.  Kilbride,  Glsgw 
Gillies  George  D.  Wyncliffe,  Larbert 
Gillies  Graham,  2  Miller's  wynd,  Dundee 
Gillies  Hugh,  New  Abbey,  Dumfries 

Gillies  James,   Viewforth    house,    Preston- 
pans   S.O.   Haddingtonshire 
Gillies     John     M.A.     Old    Deer,    Mintlaw 

Station  S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Gillies   Joseph,   Redholm,   Bank  st.  Irvine 
Gillies    K.,     M.A.,    M.B.    &    CM.     Shand- 

wick  house,   Tain 
Gillies  M.  12  Craigendovan  av.  Helensbrgb 
Gillies  Miss,  37  Ardbeg  road,  Rothesay 
Gillies    Miss,    Chester   hall,    Ancrum   S.O. 

Gillies   Miss,  Teheran  house,    Glasgow  rd. 

Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Gillies  Miss,  7  Upper  Sutherland  crescent, 

Gillies    Misses,    Well  park,   Stewarton   S.O. 

Gillies   Mrs.  Crummock  st.   Beith,  Ayrsb 
Gillies     Mrs.     Glenburn,     Ardrishaig    S.O- 

Gillies  Mrs.   17  Urie  crescent,   Stonehaven 
Gillies   Patrick    Hunter    J.P.,    M.B.    Dun- 
more  house,  Easdale,  Oban 
Gillies    Robert    Brown,    Craigard,    Bishop- 
ton  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Gillies  T.  R.  375  Gt.  Western  rd.Aberdeen 
Gillies  W.,  J.P.  Lower  Largo  S.O.  Fifesh 
Gillies  Wm.  Sunbank,  Crown  av. Inverness 
Gillieson  Rev.    Archibald  Hamilton   M.A., 

B.D.   The  Manse,   Castletown,   Thurso 
Gillieson     Rev.     William    Phin     M.A.    II 
Countesswells  rd.  Mannofield,  Aberdeen 
GilliLand  Jas.  Airedale,  Lenzie,  Glasgow 
Gilliland  SI.  Ivy  lo.  Waverley  rd.Dalkeith 
Gillison     Rev.    Henry     Tod,     West    U.    F. 

manse,    Kilbirnie  S.O.    Ayrshire 
Gillivray  Mrs.  7  Franklin  road,   Saltcoats 
Gillon    Capt.     Harry,    Bonnington    house, 

Ratho,  Kirknewton   S.O.    Midlothian 
Gillon   Alex.  24  Caledonia   rd.    Saltcoats 
Gillon  R.  Vancouver,  Sth.Park  rd.Hamiltn- 
Gilmore  William  E.   Rielonny,  Ardgay 
Gilmour  Sir  John   bart.    D.L.,   J.P.  Mont- 
rave,   Leven 
Gilmour    Captain    John,  Woodbura    house, 

Ceres,  Cupar 
Gilmour  Rev.  James  B.D.  Glenburn,  Cow- 
denbeath  S.O.    Fifeshire 
Gilmour    Rev.     John     B.D.     The     Manse, 

Auchtermuchty  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Gilmour  Rev.  John,  U.  F.  manse,  Barn- 
bank  S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Gilmour  Rev.  R.  19  Linkfield,  Mnsselbrgh 
Gilmour  Alex. 41  Dundonakl  rd. Kilmarnock 
Gilomur  Alex.  Fernlea,  Waterside,  Irvine 
Gilmour  A.  Dunmore,  Tarbert,  Loch  Fyne 
Gilmour  Allan  J.P.,  D.L.Eaglesham  honse, 

Eaglesham,   Glasgow 
Gilmour  A.  3  Craigholm  ter.  Burntisl-and 
Gilmour  A.,  J.P.  212  High  st.  Linlithgow 
Gilmour     Andrew,     The     Vine,     Mansion 

House  road,  Paisley 
Gilmour  Arth.  Townhead,  Mearns.Glasgow 
Gilmour  Benj.   Calder  grove,  Motherwell 
Gilmour  Benj.  W.   Manse   rd.  Motherwell 
Gilmour      D.     Hazelbank,     Grieve      street, 

Gilmour  Danl.  Rosebank  cottage,  Crooked- 
holm,   Hurlford  S.O.    Ayrshire 
Gilmour  G.25   Craigendonin 
Gilmour   J.,    M.D.  The   Ciaigs,   Hardgate, 

Kilpatrick,  Glasgow 
Gilmour  J.  J.  Boyd,  Glenarch,  High  road, 

Stevenston  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Gilmour  Jas.  22  Arbuckle  st.  Kilmarnock 
Gilmour  Ja3.   Ardgowan,  Bank  st.  Irvine 
Gilmour  James,  Bellfield,  Campbell  drive, 

Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Gilmour  James  (of  Gree),  Boghead,  Beith 
Gilmour  James,    Hop&  cottage,   Clarkston, 

Busby,    Glasgow 
Gilmour  Jas.  A.  Woodend  house.  Crooked- 
holm,   Hurlford  S.O.   Ayrshire 
Gilmour  Jas.  P.  1  Heriot  gdns. Burntisland 
Gilmour    John    M.B.    The    Craigs,    Hard- 
gate,  Kilpatrick 
Gilmour   John    M.B.,    CM.    Donelli,    DaL- 

muir,  Glasgow 
Gilmour    John,     Gilfield,    Wallace    street, 

Gilmour  Jn.  Lyle  cots.    King's   rd.   Beith 
Gilmour    John    M.B.    Main    street,    Dun- 
tocher,  Glasgow 
Gilmour  Jn.  Mossknowe,  Blackhall.Paisley 
Gilmour  Jn.  H.  Fernlea,  Waterside,  Irvine 
Gilmour  John  P.  Windmill  rd.  Hamilton 
Gilmour  John   Smith,  Annfield,  Irvine 
Gilmour  Matthew,   Braehead,  Beith,  Ayrsh 
Gilmour    Matthew  J.P.   Fern    bank,  Well- 
shot  drive,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Gilmour  Matthew,  Saffronhall  house, Wind- 
mill road,  Hamilton 
Gilmour  Miss,  82  Argyle  road,  Saltcoats 
Gilmour  Miss,  Briarville,  Greenlaw  drive. 

Gilmour     Miss    Jane    M.B.     The     Craigs, 

Hardgate,  Kilpatrick,    Glasgow 
Gilmour  Mrs.  Boghall,   Gateside,  Beith 
Gilmour   Mrs.   Cairndhu,    Bridge    of   Weir 
S.O.  Renfrewshire 


GOL      1605 

Gilmour     Mrs.    Craigielea,     Myrtle     walk, 

Cambaslang,  Glasgow 
Gilmour  Mrs.    Dunivard    house,   Gareloch- 

head  S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
•Gilmour  Mrs.  3   Havelock  st.   Helensburgh 
Gilmour  Mrs.   Holly  bank,  Sandbank  S.U. 

Gilmour    Mrs.    Janeville,    Kelburn    street, 

Barrhead,  Glasgow 
Gilmour  Mrs.   Kilchafctan,  Eothesay 
Gilmour  Mrs.  The  Laurels,   Union   street, 


Gilmour  Mrs.  West  Leven  st.  Burntisland 
Gilmour  Mrs.  Woodend  house, Crookedholm 
Gilmour  Robert,  Garrion,  Hamilton  drive 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Gilmour  Rt.  15  Lady  Helen  st.   Kirkcaldy 
Gilmour    Thomas,     Cherry     Bank    cottage, 

Dreghorn  S.O.    Ayrshire 
Gilmour  T.  Montraive,  Blantyre,  Glasgow 
Gilmour  Thomas  P.  Port  Ellen, Argyllshire 
Gilmour  W.  Ailsa,  Orchard  st.  Motherwell 
Gilmour     Walter,    Oak     park,     Kilmacolro 

S.O.   Renfrewshire 
Gilmour  William,  Berryholes,  Blair  Logie 

Gilmour   William,    Garple,   Monreith  road 

Newlands,  Glasgow 
Gilmour    William  J.P.    Mayfield,    Hill   st 

Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Gilmour  William,  Waterside  street,  Irvine 
Gilmour  William  E.,  J.P.  Glen  Cassley  & 

Invernauld  S.O.    Sutherlandshire 
Gilmour    William     E.,    D.L.,    J.P.    Wood 

bank,  Alexandria,  Dumbartonshire 
Gilmour    William    Ewing    J.P.     Rosehall, 

Invershin  S.O.  Sutherlandshire 
Gilroy    A.    Bruce,   Castleroy,    Hill    street, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Gilroy   Alex.  Ballumbie,    Murroes,  Dundee 
Gilroy  0.  E.The  Grange,  Monifieth, Dundee 
Gilroy  David,  Rowan  bank,  Camphill  road, 

Broughty   Ferry   S.O.    Forfarshire 
Gilroy  David  Fair,  The  Lions,  Berwick 
Gilroy     George     A.,      Rankeillour     Hope, 

Springfield   S.O.  Fifeshire 
Gilroy    Harold,    The    Croft,    West    Ferry, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Gilroy  James  J.P.  3  Castle  ter.  Berwick 
Gilroy    James,    jun.    2    Cordilier     terrace, 

Friars  lane,  Lanark 
Gilroy  Jas.  M.A.,  D.D.  45  Don  st.Aberdn 
Gilroy  Jas.  M.B.  Waterbeck,  Ecclefechan 
Gilroy  John,  Overbraedale,   North  vennel, 

Gilroy  Miss,  Castle   Hill   farm,  Berwick 
Gilroy  Miss,  Rowan  bank,  Camphill  road, 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 
Gilroy     Misses,     Glenholme,     Whitehaugh 

drive,  Paisley 
Gilroy     Mrs.     S.     Castleroy,     Hill    street 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.    Forfarshire 
Gilroy  William,  8  Rosewood  terrace,  West 

Park   road,  Dundee 
Gilruth  Rev.  James  M.A.  Dolphinton  S.O 

Gilruth   Rev.  Peter  G.  Meigle  road,   Alyth 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Gilruth  E.Seaton  frra.Auchmithie, Arbroath 
Gilruth  F.  Donisla,  Lockerbie  rd. Dumfries 
Gilruth  Jas.  69  Dunnikier  rd.    Kirkcaldy 
Gilruth    James    David    M.A.,    M.B.,    CM 

Edin.    Millgate   loan,    Arbroath 
Gilruth    Mrs.    7    Tay   terrace,   Panmure   st 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.    Forfarshire 
Gilstrap    Major    John   Macrae    J.P.    Balli 

more,  Tighnabruaich  S.Q.  Argyllshire 
Girdwood   David,   Rosebank,  North  Mount 

"Vernon,  Glasgow 
Girdwood  Gavin,   47   Carrick  road,  Ayr 
Girdwood    George,    Belleview  villa,    Glas- 
gow road,  Dumbarton 
Girdwood  John,  5  Monument  road,  Ayr 
Girdwood  Misses,    Fixby,   St.    John's    road, 

Corstorphine  S.O.   Midlothian 
Girdwood  Mrs.  Lebanon  place,  St.  Vincent 

street,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Girdwood'  Mrs.   Rowallan,    Edindean  road, 

Bonnyrigg,  Lasswade 
Girdwood   R.  Brownlea,  Meikleriggs,Paisly 
Girdwood     William,     Dunolly,     NewmainB 

S.O.  Lanarkshire 
Girricy  P.  West  gro.  Blackness  rd.Dundee 
Girvan  Rev.  James  Wvllie,  Law,  Carluke 
Girvan  Rev. J.Arthur  lo.Broomfield  rd.Avr 
Girvan  Root.  M.D.  9  Whitehall,  Maybole 
Gittings   Charles    C.     Maules    park.    Queen 

street,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Given  David,  Inglemick,  East  rd.  Irvine 
Gjertsen  Hans,  Victoria  cot.  Burntisland 
Gladstone  Capt.  Sir  John  Robt.  bart.  J.P., 

D.L.  Fasque  house,  Fettercairn.Laurence- 

kirk    &    Glendye,     Strachan,     Banchory 

S.O.    Kincardineshire 
■Gladstone  Rev.  James  Morison  Rollo  M.A. 

Belhaven  terrace,  Wishaw 
Gladstone  Hugh  Steuart,  Lann  hall,  Tyn- 

ron,  Thornhill 

High  street,  Kirkcudbright 
Glaister  Professor  John,    Carronhill,  Mor- 
ton, Thornhill 

Gladstone  John,    Manse   road,    Newmains  Glendinning     Robert,      Frankland     place, 

S.O.    Lanarkshire  |     Moffat  road,  Dumfries 

Gladstone  Miss,   Rose  bank,  Queen   street,  Glenesk  Mrs.  Bwemba,  Bieldside, Aberdeen 

Castle  Doug'.as  |  Glennie  A.  H.   56  Whitehall  rd.  Aberdeen. 

Gladstone    S.     S.,    J.P.     Capenoch,    Keir,   Glennie  Charles,  9  Jackson  st.  Inverurie 

Thornhill  Glennie  Donald  G.  Lochgelly  S.O.  Fifesh 

Gladstone  Thomas,  King's  grange,  Haugh-  Glennie  James  H.  Sea  view,  Lossiemouth 

of-Urr,  Dalbeattie  S.O.  Morayshire 

Gladstone  William,   Craig  knowe,  Biggar     Glennie  Mrs.  22  Belvidere  cres.   Aberdeen 
Gladstone   William,    Marchlands,    Borrow-  Glennie  Mrs.  Hazeldon  cottage,  St.  James 

stounness  S.O.  Linlithgowshire  i     place,  Inverurie 

Glaister  Rev.  Richard  B.D.,  TJ.  P.  manse,  Glennie  Mrs.   62  Irvine  place,  Aberdeen 

Glennie  Mrs.   Muchalls   cottage,   Muchalls, 

Glennie  R.  Glen-May, Beaufort  rd.Invernss 
Glancie  Nehemiah,  66  Brooms  rd. Dumfries ;  Glennie  Thos.  0.  17  Belvidere  cres.Aberdn 
Glancy  Miclil.  Castlebay  S.O.  Inverness-sh  Glennie  William,  21  Braemar  pi. Aberdeen 
Glasgow      Earl     of      G.C.M.G.     Kelburne  Glennie  W.38  Richmond  Hill  pi. Aberdeen 

castle,  Fairlie   S.O.  Ayrshire;    &  United  ^Glenny  Charles  James,  Rillmount,  Hawick 

Service  club,  London  SW  |Glenny  H.  S.40  Magdalen  Yard  rd.Dundee 

Glasgow  Rev.  R. Manse,  Pratt  st. Kirkcaldy  Glenny  James  J.P.  Bucklands,  Hawick 
Glasgow     James,     Marchmont,     Potterhill  Gloag  Rev.    Lennox   Robertson,   The  Rec- 

avenue,  Paisley  tory,   Crawford   street,  Motherwell 

Glasgow  Mrs.  7  Chalmers  rd.  east,  Ayr      Gloag  James,   Institute   pi.  Grangemouth 
Glasgow  Mrs.  Waverley  cottage,   Eglinton  Gloag  James,  16   Marshall  place,   Perth 

street,  Beit-h  Gloag    John,    Coburg   villa,    Gogo    street, 

Glashan  A.  C.  The  Cottage, Dyce, Aberdeen       Largs  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Glass    Rev.    J.    D.    Burnbank,    James    st.   Gloag  M.  St.  Albans,  Bridgend,  Perth 

Dairy  S.O.  Ayrshire  Gloag  Miss,  Jock's  lodge,  Bridgend,  Perth 

Glass  A.  7  Aberlemno  ter. Perth  rd.Dundee  Gloag;  W.  Murray,  Craigintaggart,Dunkeld 
Glass  A.  Bon  Accord  vil.Glasgow  rd. Perth  Gloag  Wm.  39  Gt.  Northern  rd.  Aberdeen 
Glass  C.  C.  122  North  st.  St.  Andrews  ,  Gloag  William  E.  Kincairney,  Caputh, 
Glass  J.  St.  Margaret's  rd.  Nth.  Berwick  I  Murthly  S.O.  Perthshire 
Glass  J.  Speucefield,  Townhead  st.Hamiltn  Glover  Rev.  Wm.  Hy.  United  Free  Church 
Glass  John,  Liberton  Bank  house, Liberton  i     manse,    Whitburn  S.O.    Linlithgowshire 

S.O.  Midlothian  Glover  John,  Greenside,  Park  terrace, Ayr 

Glass  Miss,  Park  hill,  Viewfield  st.  Nairn  Glover  Joseph,  Dalgowan,  Newburgh,  Fife 

Glass  Mrs.   41  Crichton  road,  Rothesay 
Glass  Mrs.   Dinnet  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Glass  Mrs.   11  Marine  place,  Rothesay 
Glass  Mrs.  21  Perth  road,  Dundee 
Glass  Robert  J.P.  Arlary,    Orwell,   Milna- 
thort S.O.   Kinross-shire 
Glass  William,  Lochnagar,  Cults, Aberdeen 
Glass    William,    Rochdale    cottage,   Town- 
head  street,  Hamilton 

Glover  Joseph  J.,  J.P.    Hazlewood,  North 
I     Laurieknowe  pi.  Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
|  Glover  Miss,  Bank  house,  East  Linton 
Glover  Miss,  Earlsferry  house,  Earlsferry, 

Elie  S.O.   Fifeshire 
|  Glover     Mrs.     Alderlea,     Gatehouse     S.O. 

i  Glover  Mrs.   Carlton  house,  Rotchell  park, 

Maxwelltown,   Dumfries 

Gleeson  Thomas,   6  Leslie  road,   Aberdeen  Glover  Mrs.  3  Station  road,  Helensburgh 
Gleeson  Thomas,  51  Leslie  road,  Aberdeen  [Glover  Mrs.  14  Westfield  ter.    Aberdeen 
Glegg  A. 4  Thornley  ter. Madeira  st. Dundee  Glover     Robert     S.      Bank      of  Scotland, 
Glegg    Andrew,   Maines    house,    Chirnside      Gatehouse    S.O.   Kirkcudbrightshire 

S.O.  Berwickshire  Glover  T.,  M.A. 9  Marmion  rd. Nth. Berwick 

Glegg  C  S.,   M.B.,C.M.Ashville,Mid-Calder,Glover     William,     Rospletha,     Davidson's 
Glegg  James  C.  60  King's  gate,  Aberdeen!     Mains   S.O.    Midlothian 
Glegg    John,   Hall    Green    mains,    Bervie .  Goadie  Mrs.  20  Queen's  terrace,  Ayr 

S.O.  Kincardineshire  Goalen      George,      Dykescroft,      Campbell 

Glegg  Miss,  127  Desswood  place,  Aberdeen  I     drive,  Beaxsden,  Glasgow 
Gleig  Mrs.  54  Keptie  street,  Arbroath         J  Godfrey  Rev.  Joseph,  London  rd. Stranraer 
Glen  Rev.  H.   Stuartfield,  Mintlaw  Station  Godfrey  C.  T.  Corona,  Montague  st.  Barn- 

S.O.   Aberdeenshire  [     hill,   Broughty  Ferry  S.O.   Forfarshire 

Glen  Rev.  H.,  U.  F.  manse, Gateside.Beith  Godfrey  Mrs.  Erigmore,  Barnhill, Broughty 
Glen  Archbd.  Lismore,  Carmyle,  Glasgow    I     Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Glen  Archibald,  Morven,  Brownside  aven.  Godley  Miss,    40    Cairnhill   road,   Airdrie, 

Cambuslang,   Glasgow  ;     Lanarkshire 

Glen  Archibald,  Oxhill  road,  Dumbarton  Godman  Fdk.Du  Cane  F.R.S.  Inchrory  lo. 
Glen  Chas.  Eastercroft.Caldercruix,  Airdrie !  Tomintoul,  Ball indal lac h  S.O.  Banffshire 
Glen  David,  26  Wallace  st.  Grangemouth  jGodsman  John,  Little  Clinterty,  Kinellar, 
Glen  David,   jun.   Wallace  st. Grangemouth       Aberdeen 

Glen  Geo.  Yoker  holm,  Yoker,  Glasgow      jGodsman  Miss,  23  Elmfield  aven. Aberdeen 
Glen  H.   18  Craigendoran  av.  Helensburgh  Godson  William,  Burnbank,    Larbert 
Glen    Hugh,    Wellshot    house,    Buchanan !  Goff  B.,M.D.The  Linden8,Bothwell,Glasgw 

drive,  Cambuslang,  Glasgow  Goff  J.,  M.D. The  Lindens, Bothwell.Glasgw 

Glen  J.  57  Bo'ness  road,  Grangemouth         !Goff  Mrs.  35  Kelly  street,  Greenock 
Glen  J.  Braehead,  Viewfield  pi. Dunfermline  Goff  Wm.  H.  Ardgryffe,  Houston, Johnstne 
Glen  Jas.  Derby  ho.  Uddingston,  Glasgow  ,  Gold  Alexander,  83  Braemar  pi.  Aberdeen 
Glen  James,  19  Ocfcavia  terrace,  Greenock    :&old    Daniel,     Dunscore,    Auldgirth    S.O. 
Glen  Jas.  Portbane,  Kenmore,   Aberfeldv   |     Dumfriesshire 

Glen  John,  Glengowan,  Bathgate  Gold  N.,  D.I.O.,  CO.  Westfield,  Carluke 

Glen  John,  jun.  Glengowan  house,  Calder-JGold  Robert  S.  School  street,  Markinch 

cruix,  Airdrie  Golder  M.  Balmuir  vils.Downfields, Dundee 

Glen  Misses,  Hutton  lo.Bankend, Dumfries  j  Goldie  Rev.  A.  1  Blackness  aven.  Dundee 
Glen  Mrs.  24  Ardrossan  road,  Saltcoats  Goldie  Rev.  Andrew  M.A.  United  Free 
Glen     Mrs.     Balquhidder,    Bonhill,     Alex-       manse,  Glenisla,  Alyth  S.O.  Perthshire 

andria,  Dumbartonshire 
Glen    Mrs.   Carlibar,    Carlibar  road,    Barr- 
head, Glasgow 
Glen  Mrs.  Allan,  Auchenlee,  Belmont,  Ayr 
Glen  N.  Auchendrane,  Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Glen  Robert,   Glenlea,  Fairlie  road,   Largs 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Glen  Robert,  Glenlea,  Kilsyth,  Glasgow 
Glen    Robert    E.    Bonny   Blink,    Kirn  S.O. 

Glen   William,  Glenachdale,  Waverley    pi. 


Glen-Coats    Sir   Thomas   Glen  bart.   M.P., 

V.D.,    D.L.    Ferguslie    park,    Paisley   & 

Achnamara,    Lochgilphead,    Argyllshire ; 

&    29   Belgrave    square  &    Reform  club, 

London   S  W 

Glencross  Samuel,  95  Queen  st.   Dumfries 

Glenday     Mrs.    7    Youngdale     place,    East 

Newport,  Fifeshire 
Glendening  Rev.  Robert  Ernest,  8  Green- 
law avenue,   Paisley 
Glendinning  Rev.  Walter  D.Cargill  United 

Free  manse,   Maybole 
Glendinning  Miss,  5  Station  road,  Annan 
Glendinning  Mrs.   13  George  st.  Dumfries 

Goldie   Rev.    James  S.,  M.A.   The  Manse, 

Waikerburn   S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Goldie  Rev.  Thos. M.A. United  Free  manse, 

Mountain  Cross,  Dolphinton  S.O.  Peebles 
Goldie    Rev.    William    McL.     Springfield, 

Dalmuir,   Glasgow 
Goldie  A.  Woodlands.Newmilns  S.O.Ayrsh 
Goldie     A.     R.    Netherbank,    Largs     S.O. 

Goldie  Alexander,  Chapel  street,  Airdrie 
Goldie  A.  Oakmount,  Darvel  S.O.  Ayrsh 
Goldie  A.  2  Elmbank  drive,  Kilmarnock 
Goldie  Andrew,  22  Fotheringham  rd.  Ayr 
Goldie  George,  Moyhall,  Aitken  st. Airdrie 
Goldie    James,   Kingsley,    Kersland  drive, 

Milngavie,  Glasgow 
Goldie  Jas.   Lily  bank,  Aitken  st.  Airdrie 
Goldie  J.  Mansfield,  Newmilns  S.O.Ayrsh 
Goldie  John,  50  Ayr  road,  Cumnock 
Goldie  Mrs.   27  Bellevue  road,  Ayr 
Goldie  Mrs.  9  Esplanade,  Greenock 
Goldie  Mrs.   Uddingston,  Glasgow 
Goldie  W.    Middleton,   Ardgowan,  1 

place,   Levenhall,   Musselburgh 
Goldie  W.  Clonallon,  Aberlour  S.O.Banffsh 
Goldsmid  Misses,  Clune  lo.Dores, Inverness 

scot.     95 


1506       GOL 


Goldsmith  Alexander  B.   50   West  Holmes 

gardens,  Musselburgh 
Goldsmith  Mrs.  8  Hillend  road,  Arbroath  j 
Goldsworth  Miss,  15  Albert  ter.  Aberdeen 
Gollan    Rev.    Donald    C.    C.    United    Free; 

Ohurch  manse,   Nigg,  Nigg  Station  S.O.I 

Gollan     Alexander,      Summerhill,      Strath-' 

peffer  S.O.  Ross-shire 
Gollan  Donald,  St.  Catherine's,  Rangemorej 

road,  Inverness 
Gollan  J.  Rocklands,  Ross  aven.  Inverness! 
Gollan  Mrs.  Viola  bank,  Cults,  Aberdeen 
Golland  James,  Craigellachie,  Millburn  rd.| 

Gollen   Thos.    H.    Lockridge  ho.   Stewarton 

S.O.  Ayrshire 
Gooch  E*.  Forbury,  Crown  drive,  Inverness, 
Good  Mrs.  12  Bath  place,  Ayr 
Good  Mrs.  Braefoot,  Liberton  S.O.Midlothn! 
Good  William,  Portland  park,  Hamilton 
Goodacre  R.  F.,  B.A.  Trinity  college,  Glen-] 

almond,  Perth 
Goodall  Rev.  A.  22  Dean  ter.  Kilmarnock     | 
Goodall  Rev.  J. 24  Beechgrove  pi.  Aberdeen' 
Goodall  Rev.  James  G.,   M.A.  The  Manse,  | 

Pittenweem  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Goodall    Andrew,    Clifton,  Brownside   road.j 

Cambuslang,  Glasgow 
Goodall  John,  5  Bridge  end,  Berwick 
Goodall  John,  Cardenbank,  Cardenden  S.O.j 

Goodall  John,  29  East  Port  st.  Dunfermline1 
Goodall   Misses,   53  West  Holmes  gardens,! 

Goodall  Mrs.  Couston  street,  Dunfermline 
Goodall  Peter,  Buchanan  st.  Dunfermline 
Goodall  W.  Bank  ho.  Errol  S.O.  Perthshire 
Goodall  William,  3  Clackmannan  rd.  Alloa 
Goodbrand  James,  27  King's  gate, Aberdeen 
Goodbrand     Miss,     Culnaha,     Nigg,     Nigg 

Station  S.O.  Ross-shire 
Goodbrand  Miss,  33  King's  cres.  Aberdeen 
Goodbrand    Stephen,    33    King's    crescent, 

Aberdeen  &  Hazlebank  cottage,  Banchory 

S.O.   Kincardineshire 
Goodburn    John,    Kendalmere,     Caledonian 

road,  Peebles 
Goodfellow  Rev.   Alexander,   South  parish, 

St.  Margaret's  Hope  S.O.  Orkney 
Goodfellow  Rev.  G.  Newarthill,  Motherwell 
Goodfeliow  Duncan.  20  Glebe  aven.  Stirling 
Goodfellow  James,  Church  street,  Broughty 

Ferrv  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Goodfellow  Miss,  Woodclifre,  Upper  Bridge 

street,  Stirling 
Goodfellow  Rt.   Blair  cot.  West  rd.  Irvine 
Goodhall  John  P.  Daybrook,  Montrose  gar- 
dens, Milngavie,  Glasgow 
Goodlad  P.  S.  1  Gladstone  terrace,  Lerwick 
Goodman    John    S.    Lilybank    villa,    Largo 

road,  St.  Andrews 
Goodman  Miss,  24  High  st.  Kirkcudbright 
Goodman     William,     Scapesland,     Bonhill 

road,  Dumbarton 
Goodsir  Jn.  Ellerslle.  Neilson  st.  Falkirk 
Goodwillie     Rev.     Richard,     The     Manse, 

Strichen  S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Goodwillie  Mrs.  Braehead,  Braeside,  Liber- 
ton S.O.  Midlothian 
Goodwillie   Thomas,  Morayville,  Rathelpie, 

St.  Andrews 
Goodwin  A.  K.Dalhousie.Rennie  st  Falkirk 
Goodwin  F.  S.  4  Craighall  ter.  Musselburgh 
Goodwin  J.Clyde  vw.Hamilton  rd.Mothnvll 
Goodwin  John,  4  Citadel  place,  Fort,  Ayr 
Goodwin  MisB,  26  Eglinton  road,  Ardrossan 
Goodwin     Miss,      Leopold     lodge,     Mount 

Stuart  road,  Rothesay 
Goodwin  Miss, 45  Mount  Stuart  rd.Rothesay 
Goodwin  Miss,  62  West  King  st.Helenebrgh 
Goodwin  Mrs.  3  Montgomerie  st.  Ardrossan 
Goodwin  Mrs.  25  Montgomerie  st. Ardrossan 
Goodwin   Mrs.    North   park,    Hamilton    rd. 

Goodwin  Robert,  202  Glasgow  st.  Ardrossan 
GoodwinS. Longcraigs, North   cres.ArdrosBan 
Goodwin    William,    2    Collingwood    street, 

Barnhill,  Broughty  Ferry  S.O.Forfarshire 
Goold  J.  Thornwood.  Kirn  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Goold     John,      Glentyan,      North      Mount 

Vernon,  Glasgow 
Goold  Montagu,  Campbeltown 
Goran  Alex.  124  West  King  st. Helensburgh 
Gordon  Rev.  The  Hon.  Arthur  M.A.  Strat- 

hearn  lodge,  West  End,  North  Berwick 
Gordon    Sir    Charles    Edward   barfc.    Earls- 
ton,  Borgue,  Kirkcudbrisht 
Gordon  Sir  Cosmo  E.  Duff  hart.  D.L.,  J.P. 
Maryculter  house,  Maryculter,  Aberdeen 
Gordon  Sir  Robert    Glendowyn   bart.    D.L. 

Letterfourie,  Buckie 
Gordon  Mary  G.Lady, Borgue, Kirkcudbright 
Gordon  Maj.-Gen.  Cosmo  George,  Culdrain, 
Gartly    S.O.    Aberdeenshire    &,  The    Cot- 
tage, Queen  street.  Huntly 
Gordon  Colonel  William  J.P.,  D.L.Threave, 

Castle  Douglas 
Gordon   Lieut.-Col.    W.    E.,  V.C.    17   Muir- 
hall  terrace,  Bridgend,  Perth 

Gordon    Lieut.    &   Quartermaster    Thomas, 

73  Stanley  street,  Aberdeen 
Gordon  Major  Charles   Stuart  V.D.   2  Car- 
den  terrace,   Aberdeen 
Gordon  Maj.  D.  F.  19  Queen's  rd. Aberdeen 
Gordon  Capt.  A.  D.  Forbes,  Kilmun  house, 

Kilmun  S.O.  Argyllshire 
Gordon  Capt.   Forbes  (of  Rayne),  Legates- 
den,   Pitcaple   S.O.   Aberdeenshire 
Gordon    Capt.    John   Ramsay,    Spring   gar- 
den, Pearse  street,  Brechin 
Gordon  Capt.    Victor    L.    Wellesley    house, 

East  Wemyss  S.O.  Fifeshire 
Gordon    Rev.    A.    C,    M.A.    United    Free 

Church  manse,  Catrine  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Gordon  Rev.  ^Eneas  G.,   M.A.   Kingskettle 

S.O.  FifeBhire 
Gordon  Rev.  Alexander  R.  Monikie, Dundee 
Gordon   Rev.    Atholl,   United   F/ee  Church 

manse,  Kenmore,  Aberfeldy 
Gordon     Rev.     Frank     M.  A^     27     Windsor 

street,  Dundee 
Gordon  Rev.  James  M.A.  Bentinck  street, 

Galston    S.O.    Ayrshire 
Gordon  Rev.  J.,  M.A.  Culross,  Dunfermline 
Gordon   Rev.    John,    Glasserton,    Whithorn 

S.O.  Wigtownshire 
Gordon  Rev.  P.  L.,  B.D.  The  Manse,  Glen- 
bervie,  Drumlithie  S.O.  Kincardineshire 
Gordon    Rev.    Robert    M.A.    United    Free 

Church  manse,  Pluscarden,  Elgin 
Gordon  Rev.  T.,  B.D.  Edgerston,  Jedburgh 
Gordon  Rev.  William  B.D.Arnsheen  manse, 

Earrhill  S.O.   Ayrshire 
Gordon  Rev.W.Blackridge  S.O.Linlithgowsh 
Gordon  Rev.  William  Lindsay,  Athelstane- 

ford,  Drem  S.O.  Haddingtonshire 
Gordon  A.,  J.P.Ashludie,  Monifieth,Dundee 
Gordon  Adam,  21  Mount  street,  Aberdeen 
Gordon  Alexander,  27  Albury  pi.  Aberdeen 
Gordon  Alex.  J.P.  4  Cawdor  street,  Nairn 
Gordon  A.  Faithlie,  Ferntown  road,  Crieff 
Gordon  Alex.  80  Fountainhall  rd.  Aberdeen 
Gordon  Alexander  W.  R.  Heathcote,  Muir- 

fleld  road,  Inverness 
Gordon  Alexander,  17  Hilton  street, Aberdn 
Gordon    Alexander,    Nether   place,   Newton 

Mearns,  Glasgow 
Gordon  A.  Seafield,  Grattan  pi.  Fraserbrgh 
Gordon    Alex.    Victoria   villa,    Broomberry 

drive,  Gourock  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Gordon  A.  J.  88  St.  Mary  st. Kirkcudbright 
Gordon  Alexander  M.,  J.P.,  D.L.  (of  New- 
ton), Culsalmond,  Insch 
Gordon  Alexander  Milne  M.I.N. A.  5  Binnie 

street,  Gourock  S.O.  Renfrewshire 
Gordon   Allan,    Links   cottage,    Blackfriars 

street,  Montrose 
Gordon  Arthur   John  Lewis    C.M.G.,   D.L., 

J.P.  Ellon  castle,  Ellon 
Gordon  Campbell,  11  Hill  terrace,  Arbroath 
Gordon    Charles    F.,   J.P.    Halmyre   house, 

Lamancha  S.O.  Peeblesshire 
Gordon  C.  H.  Rosenheim, Glasgow  rd. Perth 
Gordon  D.  Ardoch  villa,  Wormit,  Dundee 
Gordon  David  Rankin  (provost),  Hopetoun 

street,  Bathgate 
Gordon  David,  12  Eglinton  terrace,  Ayr 
Gordon  David,  78  Osborne  place,  Aberdeen 
Gordon  D.  Rockard,  Roods  st.  Kirriemuir 
Gordon  David  Proudfoot.  2  Kirkport,  Ayr 
Gordon  Edward,  Strichen  rd.  Fraserburgh 
Gordon  Francis,  Rose  avenue,  Elgin 
Gordon  G-  Linnbrae,  Carmunnock,  Glasgow- 
Gordon   George,    Ambruach,    Kippen,    Kip- 
pen  Station  S.O.  Stirlingshire 
Gordon  George.  Ellangowan,  Banchory  S.O 

Gordon    George    J.P.     21    Granary    street, 

Burghead  S.O.  Morayshire 
Gordon  George  D.   Erchless  cottage,  Burg- 
head S.O.  Morayshire 
Gordon  Harry,  yun.  Rosslyn  house,  Bucks- 
burn,   Aberdeen 
Gordon    Ham-    Gordon    F.,    J.P.    Knocke- 
spock.  Clatt,  Kennerhmont  S.O.Aberdnsh 
Gordon  Henry  Sharpe,  The  Oaks,  Rotchell 

park,   Maxwelltown.  Dumfries 
Gordon  Hugh  Percy.  Trustn,  Brechin 
Gordon  J.  Bilmucliy,  Fearn  S.O.   Ross-sh 
GordonJ. North  college  Millport    S.O.Butesh 
Gordon  J.  St.  Winifred,  7  Albert  st.  Nairn 
Gordon  J.  D.  Russell  drv.  Dairy  S.O.Ayrsh 
Gordon  J.S.Sunnybank.  Arbroath  rd. Forfar 
Gordon  James,  Albion  pi.  Tytler  st.  Forres 
Gordon  James,  45  Beaconsfield  pi. Aberdeen 
Gordon    James,     4     Buckingham     terrace, 

Forfar  road,  Dundee 
Gordon  James,  78  Clifton  road.  Aberdeen 
Gordon  James,  32  Duthie  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Gordon  James  B.A.,  M.D.  East  Linton 
Gordon    James,    Elm    grove,    Garelochhead 

S.O.  Dumbartonshire 
Gordon  James.  156  Engine  street,  Bathgate 
Gordon  James,  Glenyra,  Moray  street, Elgin 
I  Gordon  James,  42  Grosvenor  pi.  Aberdeen 
Gordon  James,  15  Maiden  street,  Peterhead 
Gordon  James,  Woodside  terrace,  Falkirk 
,  Gordon  James   Adam   J.P.    Arabella,   Nigg 

Station  S.O.  Ross-shire 

Gordon  James  Charles  Maitland  J. P.,  D.L. 

Kenmure     castle,     New     Galloway     S.O. 
Gordon  James  E.  23  Beechgrove  ter. Aberdn 
Gordon  James  F.102  Broomhill  rd.  Aberdeen 
Gordon  J.  F.   75  Devonshire  rd.   Aberdeen 
Gordon  James  H.  52  Fonthill  rd.  Aberdeen 
Gordon  Jas.  S.  4  Devonshire  rd.   Aberdeen 
Gordon  J.  T.   Bellbrae,   South  road,   Cupar 
Gordon  J.  Allanmore,  Kenneth  st. Inverness 
Gordon  John,   Aultmor,  Murtle,   Aberdeen 
Gordon  John,  Bowmont  street,  Kelso 
Gordon  John,  33  Castlegate,  Berwick 
Gordon  Jn.  Clappan  hal!,  Marine  st.  Nairn 
Gordon  J.  Cornhill  ho.   Cornhill  rd. Aberdn 
Gordon  John  J.P.  Cullisse,  Nigg,  Nigg  Sta- 
tion S.O.  Ross-shire 
Gordon  John,  27  Eglinton  terrace,  Ayr 
Gordon  Jn.   Gordon  cot.   Culbard  st.  Elgin 
Gordon    John,    Lindenbank,  Brownside   rd. 

Cambuslang,   Glasgow 
Gordon    John,    Park    terrace,    Dairy    road, 

Kilwinning  S.O.  Ayrshire 
Gordon  Jn.  M.D.  1  Rubislaw  ter.  Aberdeen 
Gordon  John,  Thornlea,  Banff 
Gordon   John  J.P.   Town   &    County    Bank 

house,  Banchory  S.O.  Kincardineshire 
Gordon  Jn.  15  Windsor  gdns.  Musselburgh 
Gordon  Jn.  Hy.  F.  49  Braemar  pi. Aberdeen 
Gordon  Jn.  M.  22  Agnew  cres.  Stranraer 
Gordon  Joseph,  5  Ailsa  place,  Ayr 
Gordon  Leslie,  106  Leslie  terrace,  Aberdeen 
Gordon  Miss,  4  Albert  terrace,  Huntly 
Gordon  Miss,  Beach  vw.  Anstruther.Wester 
Gordon  Miss,  13  Beaconsfield  pi.  Aberdeen 
Gordon     Miss,     Blythe    cottage,    Burghead 

S.O.  Morayshire 
Gordon    Miss,    Blythwood,    Bishop    terrace, 

Gordon  Miss,  168  Bon-Accord  st.  Aberdeen 
Gordon  Miss,  2  Carden  terrace,   Aberdeen 
Gordon  Miss,   19  Church  street,  Huntly 
Gordon  Miss, Craig  Ard, Craig  Ard  rd.Crieff 
Gordon  Miss,  Dunjarg,  Castle  Douglas 
Gordon  Miss,  2  Gordon  street,  Elgin 
Gordon    Miss,    Hill    of    Fearn,   Fearn   S.O. 

Gordon  Miss,  Jackson  villa,  Dornoch  S.O. 

Gordon  Miss, Park  pi. Cove  S.O.Dumbartnsh 
Gordon  Miss,   38  Stanley   street,   Aberdeen 
Gordon     Miss,     Stansfield,    Rotchell    park, 

Maxwelltown,  Dumfries 
Gordon  Miss,  11  Waverley  road,  Nairn 
Gordon  Misses,  144  Bon-Accord  st. Aberdeen 
Gordon  Misses,  Links  lodge,  Montrose 
Gordon  Misses,  Threave  cot. Castle  Douglas 
Gordon  Misses,  West  park,  High  st.  Elgin 
Gordon  Mrs.  100  Anderson  drive,  Aberdeen 
Gordon  Mrs.  Annie.  10  Bailie  st. Kirriemuir 
Gordon  Mrs.  30  Balmoral  place,  Aberdeen 
Gordon  Mrs.  Braebirine.  Mayne  road,  Elgin 
Gordon  Mrs.   9   Braemar  place,    Aberdeen 
Gordon  Mrs.  Cairnfield  house,  Buckie 
Gordon  Mrs.  27  Carrick  road,  Ayr 
Gordon     Mrs.     Castlegate,     North     Castle 

street,  St.  Andrews 
Gordon    Mrs.    Clarence   bank,    Rankine    st. 

Gordon  Mrs.  The  Cottage,  Ravenshaugh  rd. 

Levenhall,   Musselburgh 
Gordon  Mrs.  15  Desswood  place,  Aberdeen 
Gordon  Mrs.    Ferry   house,   Beach    terrace,. 

Broughty  Ferry  S.O.  Forfarshire 
Gordon  Mrs.  Grange  terrace,  Bo'ness  S.O. 

Gordon  Mrs.   Hill  cres.  Wormit,  Dundee 
Gordon     Mrs.     Inverisla,     Rothiemay    S.O. 

Gordon  Mrs.  Ivybank,  Logierait,  Strathtay 

S.O.  Perthshire 
Gordon    Mrs.    The    Jungle,    Ballater    S.O. 

Gordon  Mrs.   15  Maiden  street,  Peterhead 
Gordon  Mrs.  Midmar  castle. Midmar. Aberdn 
Gordon     Mrs.     Platcock     house,     Fortrose 

S.O.  Ross-shire 
Gordon  Mrs.  62  Queen's  road,  Aberdeen 
Gordon  Mrs.  84  Queen's  road,  Aberdeen 
Gordon  Mrs.   23  Rose  street,  Thurso 
Gordon  Mrs.  Rosenheim,  Glasgow  rd. Perth 
Gordon  Mrs.  63  St.  Swithin  st.  Aberdeen 
Gordon  Percv.  St.  James  park,  Brechin 
Gordon  R.  l'Seafield  street,  Elgin 
Gordon  R.   B.  8  Gordon  street,  Elgin 
Gordon  Robt.  King  Edward  st. Fraserburgh 
Gordon  Robert,  Montgomery  field,  Dreghorn 

S.O.    Ayrshire 
Gordon  R\  Roseneath,  Institution  rd.  Elgin 
Gordon     Robert,     Ryefield,     Windyknowe, 

Gordon  Robert  J.P.  Union  Bank  ho.  Ellon 
Gordon    Robert    C.    E.     Lower    Pitkerrie, 

Fearn  S.O.  Ross-shire 
Gordon  R.  F.  45  Beechgrove  ter.  Aberdeen 
Gordon  R.  M.,  B.S.96  Broomhill  rd.Aberdn 
Gordon  Robert  R.  Glencairn,  Bathgate 
Gordon  Samuel,   11  Lilybank  pi.   Aberdeen 
Gordon  Sydney,  Bracken  lodge,   Downfield, 

Dundee,"  Forfarshire 


GRA        1507 

Gordon     Thomas,      Leven     Bank,     Bound 

Biding  road,  Dumbarton 
Gordon  T.  B.  26  Beechgrove  pi.   Aberdeen 
Gordon  T.  B.  Hawthorn  bank, Cults, Aberdn 
Gordon  W.  Brixton,  Seabank  road,  Nairn 
Gordon   William,   Auchintoui    lodge,   Birse, 

Aboyne  8.0.  Aberdeenshire 
Gordon    William,    Borlum,    Collylm    road, 

Bearsden,  Glasgow 
Gordon    William,    Ciuny    cottage,    BaLlatei 

S.O.  Aberdeenshire 
Gordon     William     J. P.      Culbokie,     Conon 

Bridge  S.O.  Boss-shire 
Gordon  Wm.  J. P.   Cuminestown,  Turriff 
Gordon  W.,  M.A.  42  Graham's  rd.  Falkirk 
Gordon  William,  Major's  place,  Falkirk 
Gordon     William,     Northfield,     Bothiemay 

S.O.  Banffshire 
Gordon  William,  Rerwick  lodge,  Newbattle 

road,  Eskbank,  Dalkeith 
Gordon     William,     St.     Clement's     house, 

Glamis  road,  Forfar 
Gordon  William,  72  Stanley  at.  Aberdeen 
Gordon  Wm.  jun.  202  Union  gro.  Aberdeen 
Gordon   William,    Victoria   road,    Maxwell-